North Carolina Newspapers

yBLIMHEl) WKHKLY: JOHN BKAUD, Jr, Editor and Proprietor
XumUrfrom the bttnnin, 7CO: No. 30 OF THE XVth VOLUME.
Salisbury, Rowan County, N.C.
Saturday, December 27, 1831.
- 5
utj, f
raine not with te f liltvring word,
came not with a aptr,
' fit UraadwhrJ weapons in bis hand,
To M tW lovalv frar.
Tin MwM of youth u oo bis check,
A ad sparkled in bis eye j .
Jul afiroudiid in hi. yiwlhful Mil
Were thoughts ot dorpnat dye.
n mppkw ant with (; nor sought
IV. battle's at-iny beat,
-Where the eweywW and ttisrcnrirrncror find""
A rorv winding inWt;
()h! bVtb-r that In csnlail he
Had hurl'd death's falal blow,
Tit M aua'd at woiaaa'a IruatiMg Wet
TIh) abaft tint laid her low.
IJi- rariw to her with gentle wdi
Ami win I'd love', witching mmlc;
ttii could If dmmi 'neatli all liw Vow.
Tlicre lurk'd the taint offline,
for none could tmik on liim and tlunk
TUt bit biu would deceive :
Ami none could see her anjrel form.
And tli ink that ahe must g rivu
Hut aoon, hi. aoliiina oalh. fulfil,
ll loft ber to her doom i
Hm rock'd if wrong and falsehood led
Th guilllaa. ti the tomb.
Mm- atruggled on, but dark ind drear
I far young life crifpt away;
ril amw each hope prove faUe by lime,
. - acb Imk of iy decay I
Kb U44 SmC yt aiWiIy, .
As Bower. beneath toe blaat;
FIte Voaihed rsi murmur, shed no tew,
Out kv'd hun to the hut:
She cursed not he destroyer hiin
Who cloaed not her aiure eye ;
Khe lov'd whim death frnaw'd at hot hmrt.
umkr r ircunutaiw peculiarly jrntifUl
Miy, I aiNr U fore you u rcm:w the
lfli"-. of IkIcIiIv nxiuinul tu 1 1. Ji ....
The Weateru Carolinian.
tiki or rrBLirATiux.
1 Tkt Weatera Ctroliniaa ia published every 8
V.Dit. at Two DolIara per annum if paid in ad nine,
h Two laJUrs and Fifty CeiiU if not paid btSre the
tiBiratiur of thraa aionUia.
2. No Daner will be dincootinuod until all arrearage.
in mmL anleaa at the diacrvtkia ol uio buiior.
I 1 HuhaeriiitioiM Will not be received a lea. time
i . ... t . i . j
t!n one yew; and a failure to runny me riiu.r or a
ft to discontinue, ai me ena ot a yuai, wiu uc mw
smt u a new engagement.
I i Any per who will procure n autwmhera lo the
Vinhnan. and Uke (he Wwabla to eolloct aad tranaimt
im aulMcrlptkm-mnney to the Wiior, anaii nae a pa-
W (ritia during their eoot'muanc,
I k frr Prrml i4Mt4 tathr Mito, Hmumit
hiim tkrmf k tke Mil, at hia iial mnnidri thry Krt
awn ,nBn " a j
TtiMt r AiiTiiu3r
Jot. HhoIii's Inaugural Addir.
(7raiiVvn o (4f AVaur, ami
of tkt Iloute of Commomt
in oiiHiM!fice to the Mprwauon vour will.
J ....
lo my
the atditinii
t.l.l ..r ii .i... .. ' . .... . .
l Iim I Maowlrnto. At an imtioHaiit in tli
affiiira iwf jlieJUitg &uJ liiowia. (iutiutuuuuU, tU
i4rKiaiaiure wn 0 CaU iiw from Whkly
ililh-n-iil Niruila, to thin aim ion. The nlucUiiice
and dilli.l-rre with wbicb I eulered upou itadutn,
lurreaard the aiitiHy 1 fdt fo au. li a tenniijalion
of thflin a would ju.tify, if not (lie flatteriiirr auti.
cmwIioim of my friend., tlio rcamablt. expocUlioua
the jmllic. I thatik (Jo.1, however, I hut I wit.
IM perunUed at any moiiMmt eilln'r to belicfD or
dVre (hat my arlmmintratioa would give umverwl
atifHCtion. no of th; rmrlieat nuiiiiiui wWu-U
wa. inipruited on my inoiuory taiiirlit me that he
who pleaaml tli.-m iwmt. waa not alwav. al.t. -t
of fivirt faithful m-rvunt of the eolc. With this
jwineiple lupins imi, 1 have endeavored, by a rigid
adherence toduty, lo ancure tlio annrutmtion of my
own coiiiicHtiKe aiKi to d !M:rve the (avomhln mli.
mnlim of hntrw im-n. Tim find iioiiit haa bin
aftaiimd, ami I have far mircMM in the ae-
cmd, m to lie MiiKtuimxl, not ly the high tide of:
any exciU'iociil, out anuriMt n curnm. L'jHlcr
mck urcMiuataiicca, the o v whrrh terminaffi niv
jNihlic career, will bn-ak upon a lighter heart than
that which withrfrewme from the qietlrf, prtrate
in". 1 .kill retire, I trurt, without anuuoaily to
ward thoae by whom my rnotiv? have been mia-
conceived and iiii.repreaeiilfHl, and with feelings of
Vuzw-m-uxuriir-wkn h ttom can
liet apfirariate who have exnerienccd aimilar fide.
lity in try ing viciiMitudea.
1 have deeiiMNl it nut nmppmpriate to aneak thua
much of my friemla anl iiivaelf. For mv coonlrv
...,i .: u... . 1 r
loo cruua uenuUMU a wiucr
range of obaervation.
In my communication to yon at the commence.
mem ot tne mmhoii, I pre-iaed fi)r your coniiide
ration, the particular reiaUooe which Mbaiat be
tween thia State and the Federal Government. The
more I reflect upon thia aubieet. the more deenlv
am I impreatwd with the conviction lhat the price
01 nueny n eiernai viciiancei and that power
alwaye atwaling fnnn the many lo the few. Let any
iiihii eiaiiune, impartially, the hiatory of the Con
federacy and of thin State, and form the eoocluaion,
a ne can, tnat me power and patronage of the Ge-
ioriiiiiciii are nH aangcroua to public li
berty. ay, mora let him acan attentively the
characters and condua oT public, men. and mUo
himaelf with the conviction, if he can, lhat (he
famegeneral integrity and patriotic devotion are
now exmutiea, wnicn cnuracterizeo: the early dava
of the Rcpoblic The intelligent individual who
mmtk aiiaTaTa nmlMllf llllltl aa.tlVaaT.aT ai'liall i HI a at ta-aaW. lal
iaaaaaBaaaaw w---ajeTTTtaBrT,a-wTeww-- a'fvll-'l I w ai f 11 ayf tr Tf CV bt
'kAlmaaeta H1 4m eotWiicUOUIllf Hd Correct-
? uwerted, at 60 cent per arpwr for uie nrax meercro,
la'ad 334 eenU fir each continuance llHTt; where aa a
L..-:. 1 1 J . 1. i-,. UI Kllll
5 chnred or each inaerUon.
I J. h wbo'diilre toWpg DW year", wip be
kwaunodated by dodiictkal from theibuve
ilmj fur trtatient custom.
I T tti.M twmnt atimition to lUert addreflied
jto the Etlitor, the poatage ahould In all caaoa be paid. .
ON Satvrdag tkt 3d dny of JanunrjrVA
ne'anltf'niiWnrtM m eredil. ai h
dwemng housB (rf VVctfimrn Cowan, deceaeodrne
Likely Negro Man, and a Woman.
These Negroc belong lo the Eatate of the aaid
deceased, and are eold to pay in ueoia.
1 t fa mm tim and place
Eatate wiU be ItireU Ut fori yoarr r
Tfie terma of credit, and other particula,w.ll
-bi known on the day of "tie.
u Admin'r.
lecemlier 20, I'm.
wai euertained, upon the part of thia Bute, lhat I ua, who neither eineel. nor ileatra bv naiuful and nameJ. wwal.L-Mul ir... .1.1 .1.. 1 ..
. ' a . , .a . ' , r ' - - ' "t w aiaieaj va t ! kkaU lll(aU IQ
c..niratively amall ahare f lb taxei pud by tier kborioua eiertkm, lo aecure tither tkme or comiw- ef the enauing year may not d.r materially from
cjtiaena would be required by tit Federal Govcrt- lenee, but 0 mp the mmt reward which awaita that average. 8hwiU they not ao ddler, the re-
, . , , I - , , . 1 u lunmiK win prvuaoiv correepoM la)
Hie revemie which accrued to the Dohiftl ire. 1 Kiv it aa an oi-inum which U the rwult of Mbatance with that of the mat vear. an l.e
ury duriiirr that vear liidn mn. ihan i I mm l-l....; ..J ..t. iL. -;r..i ..... I :. . t . .1 j . . .1 ' ' . ..
' 7 .,',7 :. , 7 I ' '-"'1 r""" " cnangna vj mm wdom airwMni 01 ail
iiiIImkm and a half of dollar, w.ich waa eqwivaleut ranoe ofita truth, that tim power and patronage the imiortalionetawhea compared with the abort
i c!nitrm u rf "rvemyeat tmto on every of the General Government muat lo rclrkiod to average. IWauae (be claawee and value of arU.
iimIivkIuiu of every caate in tie I'nitAd fliaara narrua.r Lmii-L t .;il kui inA ... rUa r... ....... .lu i- t . . n
TJit fcUtr ftmiufi ra.ik rtl himl.ctaH-t probaMy be SmiTaranJ thrrate dutiei on
like niai.nor, waa but nuwte ceule, or preciwly My view, aa to the beat rneaaura of reform al Ihem will not, by dialing Uwa, be eawntiatly al
one fourth of the levy by ibeTederal authoritiea. nreannt Wilhin Mir mark, arum r.wmnuinu-i.liwl in IhuI lilt 1 1.. SI. 1 .J l-v- k 11 '
.... . ' . r . , . I I . .... . .... ...v w.m v. wiuiwi, n. A iJ
,,iw.r,fL!,.7er" 1 ,U,r1lCUW,,l, tW"ry tanff U r?JU-. U "venue frr.m lh .ale oT public Unla ha.
fiventy.uveiniIlio re,iu.mi that thia ailjutmnia been ealinuned .1 b.lf . .n,J.'l .1. ' .. -
- wiimiww aawa w iMaatf lirw
Estate Sale of IVegrocs,
. AC.
AN tkt frtt day f January next, I will aell lo
l tlw higlieat biddrfll Uo. Couflhpuse in.g4:
lidbury, for canh,
I Beronging to the F-Mate of the late Dr. Ferrand,
And on the day, itiMtwIiately after 4h ale,
I will Hire Out. for 0it ? nr,
On the uHi(i term-r, ; the rerrminmg Negroea be
ongmg (o aaid Latate. Also, at the same time,
Wtll to Kented 4Jut lor one year -December
13, 1834. tds. Admin'r.
JVegroes for Sale.
OnTkvr$daf the dujof fumiturfikxt,
Uetween Thirty-Five and Forty
elonging to the Eatate of Joseph Chambers, de
ceased, late of Rowan County.
(KT Thia is, perhaps, the most valuable lot of
"egroes ever ottered or sale in this section 01 tne
country, the greater part of them being young,
very likely, and of good character.
A credit of 12 months wilt be given, upon bond
and security, with interest after six months.
December 18, 1834. tds Admin'r.
Ilaulill, Circular, Card, Vo.
Neatly Priulod at tins Otlkc
endowed with aphiloaophy, tle mimmowwio of which
m h m avt impire. me wun. wtauotn, wuuhi atki
greatly tmy-smn of happliiese. 1 earmot conaci-
enikwly refraiiij getitlenren, from urging upon you;
at torn time, the dulibcrate coomderatioo of this
uu welcome tdpic ' "Our 'F alhers' procluiiiied, with
prophctid' forecast," thai a frequent recurrence to
fundamental principliut, would be eciitiul to the
preseryatioa of hberty. ... ...
Iliere was no one of the Colonics which, in the
early period of American history, suffered so so-
erely from Executive nnnrtik) as .North Carolina.
The jealousy of absolute power, produced by thia
circuiuitanet eonwtilutcs -trie -rrwet strihmg -trait
in ftie cliarac cKizens; and it vwiWy irh-
DreiWCit OjKMVouf iiw(ilutii). If save birth to the
war of the Regulation, animated the patriots of
Mecklenburg at tin first dawning of civil liberty ;
clothed the Executive Department with no other
power than the attribute of mercy, in the forma
fronTf Ihe ute C
tioa of -the .wise, diatrtwt, the exemplary caution,
witn which the federal Constitution was constdoT-
ed and adopted. It was exhibited; in no equivocal
character, in the proceedings of ewry department
of the Government, in 1790. The assumption by
tne ucnrrw n . r th Apht rif rh St t
to the amount of twenty millions and a hair or om-
lurs, and the iiuiKNttion of a duty of seven and
half per cent. 011 foreign merchandize, were sub
jects of severe animadversion in tlie Annual Exe
cutive Mowiic Tliiitcouiijiuiiicuti'ui resulted in
a solemn protest on the part of both branches of
the t.eneraTAmbTv;"'lTir6aih airvporf the
Constitution of the United States "was scornfully
refijHiBd Ihc use of the State prisons denied to
the r ederal'Cotirts and trie anthonty of the re
(feral Judges contemned by the judicial tribunals
of the State. 1 do not allude to these facts for the
)ur)ose of yielding to them even the feeble autho-
buL to illustmte from mix ..own noMs.iha.flisnosi
tion which prevailed to confine power within its
prenbed limits, al the rjeriorjwhfin Washington,"
. . t - - r - -
wawcontM rtiixI, the price af ur kbertica. we have shall not be disturbed. With regard lo the mihlic . 1 ;. .1 T " .
TJJtTT rT donnun however, the que,, preit. iu- ll4 with o, million more than ,h. amoun. lor 1 W3.
... .,, .. -iu:i iiio cxiiciiRm which reiieweu arce ! 111 we, iiac improvKMtii aiwriii- estimate would hava hmn mmA .lill l.j
prevailed Hk,,,, could bavjantkipatod. the ,rfoct thriU, having exhausted our ready funds, ,r,, Ui Thi JZ f 1..! : Z'fZt,
complacency with which wfnowcmitemplatethefx. our real estate lo nasa into the amis of ireody al- rol-U J . l"n" " .77 ,7 " t
u-ingH,cyoftlGovcn.ientf Buflbr me to coav venturers 1 This queation nnM be oW.deJ Jr d- hy tnmt1 Z ' '0 m'JTZ
tmue this history as concifcly as I can to the ire-l vour-elve. and voJr comdi.nla. and, en- !k.1!...1i hr purpoaea, and not to
. I period. In 1 00 f ths year of. the aumi- doavojed lo -.U, it (airly, I connnend it wiUkxiI rge' ., on la You nded Z Z Z 1 of Z
n.s.nitionoftheehk-rAo.ra.,)thenation.lmenue furtl remark to your progreaiT for Lm S
was emiaJ to a ryniiai;. i.f iS A.AU. ..i i ,i. ... i.... .n . .i... 1 g utrrrtm w' lime evinced the
..rty-lwo ce,s,hut of th, Btate to fiAoen cenla. I yield to no in admiration of the 7,1.1 Z ",L .s 1- JJ'L
In lhio. fat the clow of Mr. JeiE ,-,'. A,lmii. C.r .J- TV T. . "Y . " .
tratkm.) die national levy had Wlen to pne d.dlar pos of it. it is only ,HH.ry Iha't , ,7. Zmrl wJu ?o(L.TS.Z
and il.irtv t. i .i ' . -j-.i. a..... . ..i I Ll.h 7.t i :... r ""caary wants ol our growing population
y mm vi tira unmtv n iwoitv i nun uo auminnaerea wun us vimnii anq poniy i akl of Iha am nrania f.. l- . j . l - . I. Ibiui .1. .1 . . . ... f ..... . .
iu i?iu.iiBiM Kiuni vnr n .nr. . i iumiiifi in 11. u ii i. mill nn n. i .: ! i :, . . '
j .M . . ' . " I. :w "r . r-. ifirnri wnica ineir nroduca ,l.i..i
f S Administration.! the nmnortion waa aa am I vinim lh(-rpfon nn nwrilnt iwhiIikl I
A.n.b'.. -att rr. ir fi ; . Vrr-; - , t -a "''""' "- ' r J. 1 " mmw ino IDroaa.
T mU:'rJ r"" ,0.l'!ine!n. tow ' "The revenue from Bank dividend, ha. been
VT'l. " cina year ot ueneral Jackaon's AasemMy, to aupport, maintain, and defend, the eirtiroated at aomewhat leea than Lerelu.W in
iiumnmniii aa am wmt-m -4 1 wwaaaat 4 4 , ai -t. tl. a na a! " - - - - L.J ai.. I
v,, viaaaa iu Hnrvi t iuiw I inwniiinHm wi ail t va.nirrii' wn wun ittc wnLi I 1 rrwiarnrttwruM hx bmIm waT M L. i. . i
to twelve centa. Ia 17W. we uWed our. nation to viehl to nil its retirements heartv and Tl 1 1. ;.7 t.T n.r ,17 "TT
in an attitude of almr-l direct V-rtili.y to cheerful ,5,ediee. I am W ready ,o lake the Z TTi ra,'"" r" 1
overn rnent. because we were reoui. oaths prescribcxl for mvaiaduSulioii. and euterftn V.a. .1 j , . -
050 dollars, and oa which the Treawrr can now
receive no dividend, applicable to general purpo
ses. It might, pertis ps, be advisable lo deduct 1
slill further sum lo meet any contingency like that
ri.:r"'ii7.i ,;.;Tf:r,;T.:: ,he y." ih. united 8t.te.
the General
sa44ewifihfiler ti'swi the arrowntWlhrpyirheUTi OfTiceT"
nerai treasury winch we yielded lo our own. In
1 mt), the national exaction was lo that of the Stale, NATIONAL AFFAIRS.
as nxlrrn to one. It is impossible to reconcile
these facts with the idea of an economical adinini-
tftrti.M J I.. : . e .1.. ! I I . I
""" " oua w lira wciicnii wuverTimefii. 1 1 umbi-w. im i hwwimw unn B...L Ik r .I.:. rv
If it be conteiaW ,ha, ,1, caintry ha. . fencer, laeT r J KSfi oK,ll i&T;t
in population, and that a nronorf mlu trwrrM nfl Marl, hbim An UM 1 I t . ' . .w,,,l "J
1 . , 1 . . . . : I " r ' 1 warming 01 11s intention, aeiaed on about 170 041
taxation waa to liavn nn mnlu- I.Owl ii . ..1... . I Tl.. . ,.r ,L. C. i ..r .1.. r I ... ., iwwmu vtt avovi JiUji'll
. . r. " , --ri 1 . . i .... v...7 v. m. . rnu. j ooiiars 01 1 ie estimated revenue from this 1
b lire iuci,iupon i no auie 01 ine rinanrea. reeenuv lam ne.iB.wi h :ii.k..i.i r .1.- n .i..
1I..1 hit ik- j- . I w..u .iuvw me 1 uoiio 1 rcaau-
... "-u..j ln in.iruM.inni wirai iiw ioiw VHNurnna. occumea near eiffiii eoiumna o. ina 1 rw.
ana im was someiiimg more than as three to National Intelligencer. From it, we learn that, la another part of the Renort we ha. tU CJ
one-lira increase of taxation was more than nine The balance in The Treawrv on 1st Jan. 1834 w.. L.ilT Keport, we have the U.
-TH ...I - I
hi .to. mo aame principle, moreover, which 111. 702.905.81 1 .1.. .: ie. .. .
u - . 1 - r 1 1 awiai aiixj y rawi uriiyrv uiun ni in a nmriaNfl
would rcqtiire us to anticipate an augmeutahon of The rcceipta of the first three quar- want, during tmr enauinr rear for neLnturL
hLT . ' "'L0Ur grWmg riHT"m' f r,',nd ,h wl'"' receipuof and of the probable receipt to meet them, it ha.
- - aiau nMiiru ivrniu I - a uw aVWUI UIMIH1I VI lni AU.Uil . I ft I .afaa nMH aaf ft taut lhal (L 1 a ..1" I
gard to our State fiances. During the saim pe-l ' " ZZZC2ZZi?l
nod, however, although the popubuloo of the State Making an asffreffato of 32.327.023.25 at.;t.M. T..t. r.t.. at o. , L Tu
WW bcarly oouWod, llie increajw 1 revemw was a.nnmtiiuraa f ik-, . I -m .. . . '
but orMvaixth. Aatonhihina' aa these results may I J.uJ at w- MJlglHOfl ai .u. ""STJ 'r. bT r"
seem, at the fin glance, Ihey may be accounted I - ' - 1 " -". ponion 01 our lumis, then and now
for lllton lha nHWt nliviml. nrirwinlna iJt ....I. I ll'L- L 'ii 1 . . I 00 band, at lb. fedueed mm Of Ofll almill ti .
1 . .. ... ..n(.,r.uw w inii iNiniii. 1 n nirn aill i.. u. . ... i ,. .... a -... . - - . 1 w . .
The fiscal sy stem of the General Government is i.t J. S of . 11 s,i jnatoad of l ,400,000 .. heretofore It-
indirect in its oiiemlion, and that is eflectod insidi- From lhi. k k- ' ' ' out may M acairable lo Con b res. to
pvauiwicu.M. uw nw waiK in aaraness. it us
state the ca agaiiv In I70JI. Ihe XTencnd Go-
vcrnrncnl levied a contribution on each individual
in Ihe. Union of 78 cents in 130, of tl 9.1. j
; availabtc,'ejUntad at
Leaving a real balance of
The State on 1)10 other, haikl exacted 19 cents in
1 790J -and 1.2 cenf W i930Wlrjr d Wlnnf. WlU
ness trn tnerrase instead of a diminution of your
levicjt Rernuse, gentlemen, your opratiMM are
sien and understood. Ynn annmnrh with f mm.
wine fontstens a rnianled reservoir.-while rrfhnra
Mve unforbidden access to the secret sources of
tlie foimtain.
Aim is there to be no end of these thinrs T Ne
ver if-tlie- Status of ful -4lir- wa rights
la the estimate, of the. year haw
been tncluoVl the renwiinderC.;i
the public debt, which, if not ac
lually paid before the and of ihe
' yaarjha. a fund rrrcpurod ready t
W meet it, ao lhaf on the 1st d
January 135, tlie entire puhlio
. debt, which in 1H16 amounted to '
123,000,000, dollars, will hare.
bocn dtschitr
and dignity j lieedlesa1 of tha Wue of the xhecks J T1wmaie'M the yoaf 1835.
provided by the Federal Constitution, unite their I are as follows :
efforts to destroy even these safeirards of our Ii- Receipts from 6.000.000
berties. At all events, no such prospect 'ufpresent- Public lands. 3.600.000
eo ro us now. it tins been announced to the A me. 1 Rank divuluiula. ami
rican people, by the highest authority, that even at 1 MisccllaocOus receipts. (
kf. j... i . f 1 4. j.
nun uuy, ui a. jieriou 01 proiouna peace, wnen
tlie national debt ia.eaJinguitihed to the utmost 1 , -jwaissm t'iO.OOttiKhi -
farthing, that more ihan lwenty rnilliow 1 are nocce-1 Which added to t baiauce 00 lat 7
sary to meet the ordinary expensca of the Govern. I January
ui uiese iwenty minions, iortti Carolina
o,.oo,4,a ported. But it may be deur.hU i r
Linowi IhaUhcni kajiroaiiect, during tU ensuing
Vear. Of nllfV-in tymm fi.wk.. i
1,1,001 funa-Tnt wlti frjtiZ:
1 1 1 '? Of tn annoiiilnuwil r'ann ... .
5,58(J,232,34 by new compromi-e, and by mora rior.--
1 .wiewKiraT wnere property exirs, o '
as to reduce further the wrwte arrmf from fjO.-"
1 as a jk xt iiii ruin 1 1 a 1
i " '"'i"? ! ng n mi. nope m realized.lha "
"" "aiiiou arauaoie oaianefl will Ia that ....
be increased. A minute analvai. and
.l-.L !.... . -V v..,lM,
V. 'r&rryrrl . JTWWilIf Loon con.
pleter, and will be submitted in the supplemental
Report ooo to be Liid M Oongre-., oil Ihe pre.
sent mode of keeping and disburain. ik. .5ju
Kywuaw . But.ou4h.rt her hand t,f.
l.k.i .. ik:. 1.1 . "" -
- 1 eausea, il slioufd be remembered, thai, nn ik. ai L
day of December, 1635, another reduction of 10
P" murti .T 'M''ng lawa, be made from .
a part ui the piesont tariff, and if ih .....1... 1- .l.
ra - ' ' - "viiniifl lull Miff
Treaaury, by a year front next January, ahould -
. 1 l " one or ,wo millions, ii could
"7 J 1I"N too wa Jar su-
Wtgr ttft a reduced rate of imnnat. Bn-t.;
tifltia. the nrnkahU anal f k Tl .'.
6.586.232.34 ...A . r. T . " "oo. At all
..., ucu ia ma uncenainry on that auk .1
joflerson, and Hamilton, presided iu the Councils of
our Country,
It is not difficult to perceive the origin of the
excitement, which then prevailed. It had been
contended, by the advocates of the Federal Consli
tution in the Convention which rejected that in
strumcnt, that the great object to be attained was
the establishment of a Government comietent to
coiM)uctouiL.irjtiu:courj. with foxoicn nations, and
exercise other delegated- powers, necessary to na
tional prosperity at pome, and character abroad,
which, in the nature of things, could not be exer
cised by individual States that to these great
purposes the attention of the General Government
would be confined by express limitations, while all
powers connected with their interna) government
and police would be reserved to the States that
the General Government, claiming comaratively
few powers, expressly and clearly granted, would
not only wield them with greater effect, but with
less expense to the people, than under the Confe
deration. I shall not repeat the reasons slated in
my Message, to prove that " at that period no doubt ,
s . 1 .... ... . i 1 itiiB uiiunrji ra iiim rti ku,.l a
contnwiies more thru, a million, while you, the Wjl) give, D. the tota of jneaiuv $258832,34 U.1 ; tna 'LZ., 71 "7 1 l-" unu
. 1 r.L n . . "l im capi.
lal of the Bank Slock be received, yet it is not riw
T" a ten in ol the amount to annwi-r nil tlm
wrpose of the State Uovcruimmt. Hut if twenty
millions are nocessary now, what sum will suffice
in esse of a foreign War, or tlie commencement
of a national tytttm rf" Internal Improvement 1 f
A trystem ofluternal Improvementa, which pro
pose. to lavish "thl trtsiire W fh
those sections of Ihe Union where nature has
been BioBt prodigal of her bounties and leave tn
utter destitution those whone aituntion the most
imiicriously require relief. A system which would
improve the Hudson and the Mississippi to almost
T ! . I II. a .
iaviog prooaoie oaiaoce on I si possible to for-, ih. ''V." 7. .
Jan.la0f , 5,002.690.82 1, .JiU, .iT 1
Should, however, the total amount of former ap- nrchand or Vr Tle. of iJkTVT"' l
ronriations that will ha ooiiarwlin- ik- 1.. ITr! "IT:?. or ',r ,u,e ?f laid, and fonae.
ditures, arising from those unfortuoale
Whrcn jjl nouona m li.l.i. a. . 1
djapoaedio auatoia tha &ith f treaties vindicate
Iv. ....n.. 11..J r... .1. . l .. . ' ..' ... .nrcawj in OUrArfn ilr
' ,U""J v""0",'" urH,8 ye"ri ine would w.yy eipenditure., arising from those iinfi.w ;.T--
oe an apparent deficiency on the 1st of Janunrv lima Ia Mkn.k .11 ...1 ..... .
iQ.n ' M--fi - " - - Vil" .wwifi wmmmm.m,MAm
1 ?" lln'"rt proceeas as loiiow.
"1 hi. estimate of receipt. formed on the their nuhlie j . 7' . .'r "nu,?w
.:.:. .i... .l- ...I... . . . . i r ve- t " rrawci. emcrentlv th i
uppo.,,,0,, ,ai u,0 luuD Di import, curing Ine commerce and citizens. Nn f,.Hi,.. j
ensuingTear. and especial v of thosv navmo-A; l ik T..;ir .:i .1 . '"""vnon 01
. tn e .1 ...". I . . lurinor renuclinn nT
Washington on the Tar, and Plymouth oulhaRoa. "m ,0" ,"L 1 nnuKllour W lpruden
noke. A national system, which rnakea no provi-112 nv ' 1-,, f m , n red
mtaijra xa . a .a aw j
provi-1 i.- .-miKi ,Ir-; -,J - , - I . " . vr uivrcase m (M 1 anrT i. now
morromie WesfernTorTor nineland internal trad k.. iTtZT": !,ffirwi !'. and not
: 1 1.... . V
siofnr any poi
tenths of the Eastern, section of the State.
with a view to questions much agitated hereto.
I do not
mere collection
startles me,
opinion that
men to secure that
afforded by a sin,
rnent necessary I
iioTh pur inese powers ana these duties, gentlemen, f we re in domestic,. nd t22.874.295 in foreiirn nro. Zah isS M .ZZlZ-?"" .
l. a '..l ., " r 1 --1 ."..HmiKui cnanres snouni ha Un:,i .
and Ihe occasional increase or i,i .e
ravnmu. ,kUk . . . " ' "
. -.v , vuicume. Decome proper for
SmiM i.i. Tk- '. "" ". " . . ",rv'? -""u,u connecied with ani.
to the evils which a rcdu. f wki,h 'o 7( oV rr.rr?:.T-V ccl r w "wcMre. Th Tariffi as ii the,
. . . -,ii vvwi-ivi aw a w amaxs i 11m ai arrraawaa 1 a sai iianM.A . ihAj..a. ':-i a u - " "
1: 1 ,: . 1 . 1 1
1 iu au oiiutti ururanion. ana inia cireiimaianra I
hesitate to admit that it is not the pled with the ireeaaiL. .J
of larxro 8lim8 uf monnv. wl.irh Uia j...;- "I. 1 Vo""1 nB' " PPrnauonaf policy to be pursued a. t k.
I am one of those who entertain Uie Ulul 2lii eoearierof life. - On
governmcnU were instituted amor Ua aeseni '
protection which could not be tion mpfi1,-i1m Sii CZ T. ""u ,Mmot TOd ill mere . '
gle arm, and to effect the improve- pas, year. haVeon veragebeea a&l T! .Ehurf Z tTZT "t c"ce,,
lo the wellbeiwr of -the comn.imi. nTa Lo Tk- .. j..?!'.!?" "T1 11 1 H f f "eullur-, and the revenue, thai a nolicv.aknnlJ
iMJioriir BDDrnnriaieiv ana necuiuirv tn vnu. hva 1 j..... . 1...;
. 1 J 1 . . . . ' z.' ' " uomg tom wren wun me precentnir vear.f ed.
not been dcleiated. and Im nufMu ru,ft,1.l I : . a,.'a.. . . . " i""Tcu
o ' vv..B incrcaao 01 ro,o.)o,l, ol WHICH S3,B02,390
elsewhere.' wew in articlea domeUc and 12.852.922 in
11 can scarcely oe necessary 10 advert particularly th.M of I
. if A .1 I F " -"vw IVWIW MUIV IMJIPII mWL
pal,mble to the observation oT every one. It has cor- in article, of domestic products, and 2 2,31 714 bv the ActofJl w-'h i sf. 11 i" now dJu,
mpted the press, brought the patronage of the Go- in those of foreign. "'3,7H .t""'188. 'N ;ear 1842, tx.
,T v, ..8. pi ui ipe uo. no iimie oi iokm, .;: m.t . V Z6"'
VGrnmcnt into connict with the fmMnm rl Alawttin. I ia i-.:n a . . . . ICCP " respeci ia sucn new remilaiirm t.
j . j V .vhv., -n win ums ne seen inai tne importa of the renuired from tim J " Tt T
and created associations of persons whose interests last year varied in amount 12,055,209 frorn til Hrfiffi??!? ,T ff lhe due nfo'f
are directly at variance with those of the great averie of the three nasi La'. ,i.tlTJ! .V of that Ac.' other chmJ
.1.. it :..:i.i . i . .... . i . i imr.nK i lira, u now ucciirmii'M m ...:..r.. .1 .
. wiiwiiw not io,per-1 duties are be hevod to have varied nnuk to., i. Mr ik. "" ww great
body of the Peoi
ccivc that there
wmm befi,reodincatiouef without i departure iTotn th . .piril
..... ,

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