North Carolina Newspapers

A 62
J ret
of yesterday, feeing the consideration of the reso
lutions instructing Mr. Mangum; andf after, consi-
derabledcbntet I he Senate adjourned without taking
a vote ou the subject.
Messrs, Lindsay, Latham, and Brummell, were
appointed, on behalf of thia House, the Joint Select
Committee to which is referred the Governor's
communication respecting Bull Hughes. .
e H. Barringer, from the Committee on the Ju-
diciary, reported, thai it k kexpeJieiit toaiiwud
the laws relating to insolvent debtors. Concurred
in. : :. . - ' - '-
BilUpretentedlSyMl. 3. L. Smith, a bill to
regulate' the County CourU of Haywood." ByMr."
VVken-bilrartoriMtBe"Cou of
Haywood to appoint places of public sale. ' By
Mr. Blalock, a bill to empower the County Court
of Yancey to lay a tax to encourage the destruc
tion of wolves in that county. Which bills pass
ed their first reading.
. Mr. Barringer, from the Committee on the Ju-
diciary, rerirted against the expediency of amending
the, law so as to require persons, who deuy the
execution of any note or negotiable paper under
seal, to. answer upon oath as to the execution of the
aamei Concurred nu
.Mr. King presented a petition from certain iti
tens of Iredell, praying the passage of a law to
: prevent obstructions to the passage of fish in Fifth
Creek, in said county- Referred.
Mr Monkf who" voted yesterday in the majority
on the question Df rejecting' the .Merchants' Bank
of Newbern, moved for a re-consideration of said
vote; which was agreed to. The bill was then
read the second time, and passed yeas 62, nays
52." '
-The following engrossed bill passed their hist
reading, and were ordered to be enrolled : Autho-
rizing Jolin suuuertn ana rat rick tiennessoe to
erect gates; tolgive exclusive jurisdiction to the
Superior Courts for the counties of Anson and
Montgomery in fall caw where the intervention of
a jury shall or may be necessary ; requiring the
register of Guilford'.to keep his office at the Court
House in said county.
Friday, December 18, 1834.
Mr. Kendall, from the Committee of Propositions
" aikl llricvaiices,re 'George
it. Oner, of liuticouibe county, to credit; which
was read three tunes, ami ordered to lie engrossed
Mr. Moye, from the Committee on Military Af
fairs, reported a bill to alter the boundaries of the
first and second Regiments of Burke. Read three
times and ordered to be engrossed.
Tlie bill from the House of Commons, for the
better regulation of the town of Lawrencevillu
and the bill to prevent obstructions to the passage
of tish up Iliwassee, Nottaly, and Valley rivers.
in Maeon -dHHity t-were- read the- third tuncy and
" ordered to be enrolled.
The Senate then resumed the consideration of
tlie unfinished business of yesterday, being the po
litical resolutions from the other House, the ques
tion still pending on the motion of, Mr. Martin to
'strike out the original resolutions and insert his
substitute. Mr. Sawyer submitted a resolution th;i
the whole subject be laid on the table, mi the ground
that it is entirely extra legislative, and beyond the
legitimate Taction OfThir Senator TmV resoiutim
- was reieeted, 35 to 27." Mr. Branch then resumed
his remarks, and sisike for about two hours. M
Carson then took the floor, (after offering the privi
lege of replying to the friends of the resolution,
aid apoksi until andjnunimefit tokpjaceithctrJt
terminating what he had to say. r " "i"
BUU ptetented By Mr. SeawHI, a hill supple
mental to the act to incorporate the Cape Fear
adKm:, and rettee Kait Hood Uompany. 4ly M
Flemings av bill-for ihJjetterrlftioB-f thV&K
perior Courts ol liurke county. 1 Iiese bills were
read the first time, and passed.
"---M ft iHidleyi -frwn-th-Cemwwttwe-w Finance, to
whom the subject wits referred, reported a bill to
, provide for the payment of the instalments on th
, J hares reserved to the State in. the capital stock uf.
the Bank of the State of North Carolina : Which
. vas JVfttl the first-.titiw, passed, ad ordered be-j
t t ----- printed. .: ....- ..
1 Mr. King presented the petition of ..Mary Sloan.
- widow oTCapt. John Sloan, a soldier of the Revo-
. lotion, praying To be placed on the pension roll of
i . the Stute. Referred.
The Speaker laid before the House a petition of
: " ;.Jotm Brown, ageut ana attorney in fact of tlia-do-
viser of William Catbcart, praying to have a grant
r.mium$ fwr IW.AM atfestf land m Buncombe count
4 ' ty, or that the purchase money, with interest there
.,.,..of ba- iwfufvlod f which was referred to. & Select
. Committee, consisting of Messrs. Battle, Haywood,
K. II. Alexander, fotts, am) Vhithcld.
t. Mr. Jordan presented the following resolution ;
. .. Reioletd, l.hat the President and Directors of
f tlie Cape Fear Navjgntion Company be, and they
are hereby, directed to report tlie amount of capital
tock of said company subscribed and paid for ;
and what opposition has been made of the same ;
, reniains unexpemled, and what
. - amount whether they have any available funds.
fey "fftofc ABOTWWMrt i Bi.what .ibuh. fl UMB cm
eisti wliethor an
iy locks, (Li
tins, or sluices, have been
reeled on the Cape Fear "river between Fayette-
what point on saiu river, ami me corns oi ine same ;
wlwtlMr any improvement has been clK-cted in the
laavigauonflf th Cape fCTrrh-cr: and, if any.ta
what extent; whether they have any boats or en-
ginc in ope ran on on tne cape rear nver, tor
deepening tlie channel of the same, and removal
of obstructions and, if so, under whose suiierinten-
.dimce and direction at t hU prosout . tuue ; wucthei
any lolts have boon collected, Co whul aiiKHint, and
when they commenced collecting the same ; whe
ther any of the tolls so eollected have been expen
ded on the Cape Fear river, in improving the same,
'and to whnt amnaut f land Krhrtber any mX the tolls
so collected have been appropriated to the payment
of dividends, and to what amount.
Tlii molurion was read, and, on motion of Mr.
Marsteller, referred to a Select Committee of Four ;
-which consists of Messra. Marsteller, Jordan, Hay
wood, and Lvon. '
Tlie Pillowing bills were reat the third time,
passed, and ordered to be engrossed : To amend an
Act incorporating the Frankliu Gold Mining Com.
ny to amend the Act of last scamon to incorpo
rate the Bank of fli State of North Carolina;
and to establish tlie Merchants' Bank of the town
f Newborn. The last mentionod bill passed by a
! 64 to 54.
' : Tlie II' sise went Into Committee oft the Whole,
Mr. Marsteller in the Chair, on the engrossed bill
prohibiting lotteries and, aflur aonw lima apont
therein, the Prkr;'reime,f the chair, and thelpartof the Act of 1633, entitled AnActtb repeal
Chairman reported said bit! tothn Horn with sun-1 an Act rmsscdwl13.eiiUlU
bill read, as amended, the third tune, and passed-j
yeas tti, nays 4.
reus .Messrs. All)! ill on, It. It. Alexander, u.
Alexander, Allison, Baker,' Barringer, Battle,
Bedford, Bell, Blatchford, Blalock, Boddie, Bras-
well, Brummell, Bynutn, Byrum, Carter", Clurk,
Cotten, Craige, Davis, Dcyton, Foremau, Fori,
W.m.. u i. lf.:..t. tf:. J...J..I..U n ...
lawkins, Harper, Hartley, Haywood, Henderson,
Henry, Hoke, J. Ilorton, Houlder, Hutchison,
rion, K. Jones, VV. Jones. Jordan, Judkins, he-
I nanKjUreJl
Loudermilk, Lyon, Manney, Marsteller, Martin,
Matthews, Monk, Mullen, M'Lean, M'Pherson,
Ousby, Perkins, Perry, Poindexter, Powell, Pugh,
Riddick, Register, Roebuck, Rush, Sanders, oloan,
G. Smith, J. L. Smith, S. Smith, Stockard, Scan
ner, Slade, Tatham, Taylor, Tillett, Tomlinson,
Wadsworth, Weaver, Welch, Whitfield, Jacob,
Williams, Williams of Greene, Witcher, Ziglnr.
Nay Messrs. M Cleese, Seawcll, Smallwood,
and Waugh.
Saturday, December 20, 1834.
Bill pretenttd By Mr. Durham, a bill for the
better regulation of the County and Superior Courts
of the county of Rutherford. By Mr. M 'Queen,
a bill to provide a fund for the establishment of free
schools in the State of North Carolina." These
bills were severally read the first time, passed, and
the last mentioned Ordered to be printed.
Mr. LiOwry presented the petition ot Joseph
Wilson, of ISuncombe county, praying to be re.
stored to credit. Referred.
The following engrossed resolutions from the
House of Commons passed their three several
readings, and were ordered to be enrolled : Reluting
to a Map of the Cherokee lands; directing the Ad
jutant General to collect the public arms.
lhe bill to amcud an Act, passed in lr22, for
the division of Rowan County, was read the second
nd third times, and, on motion of Mr. Beard,
amended, passed, and ordered to be engrossed.
The Senate entered on the orders of tho day,
and resumed the unfinished business of yesterday,
the question still pending on tho motion of Mr.
Martin to strike out tho original political resolutions,
and insert his amendment. as a substitute ; and, af
ter some time sisnit in discussion, tlie Senate ad
A message from the Governor, communicating
the annual report of ..tlie- Treiwuruj-of tlie lUwver-
ty, and informing the Legislature thut four va
cancies exist in the Board of Trustees.
Mr. Barringer, from tho Committee on the Ju
dietary, to whom was relcrrcd tlie bill to prevent
JiixlitMts'br the Pence from issuing a cnoias ad
satisfaciendum on the judgment of a Justice of the
Peace, until the return " no property is made,
reported against the expediency of the measure ;
whereupon, on motion of Mr. Poindexter, tlie said
bill was indofinitoly -postponed. -
Mr. Marsteller, from the Committee on Milita
ry Affairs, reported a bill altering the number of
conqiany musters from two to four ier annum.
Read first tune. Mr. M. also reported a resolu-
tioii directing the distribution of theM Military Tar-tics
in the Executive office, hich wai ordered to be
The Report of the Committee of Privileges and
Election, in the case of the contested election
TfrolWllhtS JowiToCla
the samo Committee.
Mr. Matthews presentnd a resolution proposing
an adjournment of the two Houses, sine die, on the
'ylh in st. Mr. Haywwwl moved thntwtt rcitulion
lie on lhe table, which, was negatived, OA to 41.
solution being laid on the table.
" On motion of Mr. Matthews,
rZeQZEtd,jrb?iJjCini Jdidary
bo instructed to impure into tlie c.sili!iH:y of so
tillering the laws of this Nnte, as to sutwtitute
some .other punishment in. lieu of whippiug. white
iiersons; and that said Committee also inquire into
the, expediency f' establishing -a -Penitentiary in
this Btate. . .
- Tlie bill to repeal tho second section of an Act
passed in 132, making additional compensation to
the' Secretary of State, was taken up. Mr. Poin
dexter moved for its indefinite pittHMa!iiHul, which
was negatived, 09 to 'M. The bill was thereupon
read Urn aocond tunc, and psssed,
". " Ninday, -December 22, 1 834:
Petitim iwrnnU i. By Mr KendaU, the peti
tion of sundry citizens of Misitgomoiy county,
praying to be annexod to the eounty of Moore.
Mr. Lockhart presented the following resolution,
which was adopted :
Whereas it appears, from the report of the
Treasurer of the Literary Fund, that the mouui
thereof is lodoquBio to the, purpose ol a system ot
general education: and whereas the Stnto of North
Carolina is destituteofnative civdnd military
RemHved, That tlie Committee on hducation be
instructed to inmiire into the expediency of atpr.
of establishing a proit'ssorship of civil and military
engineering in the University of North Carolina,
far.lha. auruisn (it.unJnif ting nuliva yuullia in
those branches of education, so that the' practical
Nervicea of the professor or professors and students
shall lie devoted to making such surveys as the
legislature may from time to time erder and di
the State : and that the committee have leave to
report by bill (Jr otherwise.
The following engrossed bills passed their three
several readings, and were ordered to be enrolled
To repeal part oT the Act or last session, better to
iiromote the administration of idstice in Macon
county ; and for tlie better regulation of the mili
tia of Buncombe county.
Tl Senate entered upiw the orders of the day,
and resumed the risuiidcration of the unfinished
business of Saturday, being the resolutions in
structing Mr. Mangnm. Much tune waa siient
in discussion, and the Senate adjournod without
arriving at a derision on the subject
Ralph Gorrell, the member elect from Guilford
eounty, to supply thd vneancy occasioned by the
death ft iBiwm Adauia, appeared, was quaniwa
and took hi iraij . ' ,. .? ' -
Billt nrrnrntTlv Mr. Clark, a bill to esta
Wish the Merchants' aisl KlrnH'l, Bank in the tiwn
of Wasluniitwu Bv Mr. Msrstillcr, a bill to amend
the St"te fo.
By Mr. Davis, a bill to repeal the Act of 1833,
altering the name of Kinston, in Lenoir county.
Which bills were read the first time, and passed.
Mr. Marsteller, from the Committee on Military
Affairs, to whom were referred certain proceedings
of a court martial in Iredell county, reported that
it . is not expedient to legislate on the subject.
Concurred in. ' - ;..... .,
Mr. Battle, from the Select Committee to whom
was referred the resolution relating to the sale of
the Cherokee larHJsjported favorably thereon ;
said resolution was read the third time,
passed, and ordered to be engrossed.
1 he resolution reported by tne Committee on
Privileges and Elections, declaring that "James
Seawell, Esq., the sitting member for the town of
rayetteville, in the House ol Commons,' was
taken up, and, after considerable discussion, adopt
edyeas 79, nays 42.
'Way. December 23, 1834.
Mt Kerr, from the Committee on Military
fairs, who were instructed to inquire into the
expediency of abolishing the present militia sys
tem, c., reported that it is not expedient to legis
late on the subject. Concurred in.
Mr. Hawkins, from the Committee on J'unlic
Buildings, reorted a bill to make an appropria
lion for completing the Capitol in the City of Ra
leigh ; which was read the first time, passed, and
made the order of the day for Monday next.
Billi jn-tsented. By Mr. McQueen, a bill to
improve the navigation of Cape Fear river above
Fayettevillo. Read the first time, passed, and
made the order of the day for Tuesday next. By
Mr. Carson, a bill directing how femes covert may
hereafter be privately examined when conveying
land ; also a bill to make good and valid titles to
lands granted to eulry takers in certain cases there
in specified. Read the first time, paswtd, and re
ferred. By Mr. Lockhart, a bill to amend the Act
of 1741, for tho better observation of the Lord's
day, and for the more effectual suppression of vice
and immortality. Read tho first tiuss, and jsissod.
Mrr Baker presented the following resolution,
which was adopted : " " "!
Whereas it is well known that the owners of
large tracts of land in the western section of this
State, by concealing the extent of their claims, and
misrepresenting its value to the receivers of taxa
ble projtfrty, have withdrawn from the public
Treasury large, sums of .money justly due for taxes:
Rewhed, That the Committee on the Judicia
ry, in conjunction with the Attorney General, lie
instructed to inquire whether such lands cannot
now bo subjected to tho payment of the taxes thus
On motion of Mr. Dobson, a message was sent
to tlie House of Commons, proposing to bnllot for
Councillors of State, and stating that the following
iiersons are in nomination: Peter II. Dilliard,
ilcurv 3kiuuurr Peter Cliugcuao,-Daniel-Turner,
Win. S. Ashe, Allen Rogers, Sr., Lewis, I). Hen
ry, Oeorge Williamson, Oeorge Wv Jellnes,
Alfred Jones, Isbani Mathews, Jonathan Haralson,
and James Iredell
The Senate entered upon the orders of the day,
and resumed the consideration of the resolutions
instructing Mr. Mangum. The delmto continued
until a lute hour, when the Senate adjourned with
out disposing of the subject.
The Senate having ccsicurred in the amend
ments to the engrossed bill prohibiting Lotteries,
the said bill was ordered to be enrolled.
EUlt prettnted. By Mr. Craige, a bill to gnjnt
to jhe Meckleuburg Uojd. Mining .Companyau
nmeiHieo cnancr. ny ;ir. euver,a 111 allur
ing the time of lioldiug the County Courts of Bun
combe und Yancey. By Mr. W'alker, a bill to
authorise the rnmVinfl of n tnrnpika-wnwt -Wr-Hgyr
wooil county, and to incorporate a company for the
purpose. Which billswcre read the first time, and
On motion of Mr. Waugh, the Committ-e on
Internal Improvements were instructed to iuouire
into llw xptUMeyf-8 emending the rend laws,
as to compel tlie County Courts to assign, in pro-
per proportions, the hands who are. required
perform duties in their respective counties,' so as
not to require the same hands to work on more than
one public rood.
(t motion of Mr. l.uinn, tlie Committee on
Finance were instructed to inquire into the exne
diciicy of leniu th&.cuiMut of the ' IVrekee'
lands purchase it at tho State price without a mib-
lie sale - and also of apiminf ing an agent fir the
sale of said land, whose duty it sliall be to receive
the bunds givnn by the sirchawirs from the com
missioner, and retain them iu that county for pay
ment. t
Mr. Monk presented a resolution directing the
Secretary of Slate to pnr-l ..ttio copies of
Mr. M rtac s Mnp ol the Mate; which was read the
first time and assed.
Tho House resolved itsulf into a Committee of
the Whole, Mr. Iisig in the Chair, on the bill
concpun" a Cimvenfitm fnanioisT tTn; Constitution I Iwxrd for Internal Improvement lo report annual
ollie State; and, after some time sjient therein, o fccncraTAiiSeniWy, tTiey have at different
the Committee, rose, reported progress, and objaiu;
t'n relation lo Mr. I'otU'i RrmUuliont, in anticipa
tion of lhe regular Journal of that Wy.J
npon the orders of the day,
being the Resolutiisis to instruct Mr. Mangum.
Mr. Caldwell submitted the following Resolution:
Whereat, the General AsscmUy has been in ses
sion for the space of3S Jays, without passing any ge
neral measure of importance : And whereas, this
General Assembly has been engaged lfldays in
discussing and acting upon a series of Political Re
solutions proposing to instruct the Him. Willie P.
Mangum,our Senator in Congress, withmit any
final disposition of the same : And whereas, said
Political Resolutions have not only consumed a
large portion of the time of the Legislature, but a
large amount of treasure, exceeding the sum of
110,000 and have also had the effoct "to expunge"
harmony, good feeling, and deliberation, from the
councils of the State: And whereas, the Gstvcn
tion. Revenue, and Assessment bills, and other mea
sures of deep ami vital importance to the poopby
now remain upon the table, neglected and undis-
ptNMHl oi,
Resolvid, therefore, that aaid Reeolutiuus besus-
ponded, and that the Senate proceed forthwith to
mre pertaining to the
of North Carolina.
This Resolution was negatived, 32 to 27. Dis.
cussion then ensued, and the Senate remained in
session until 2 o'clock in the morning, during which
time every expedient was resorted to, by the friends
of the original Resolutions, to take the question; and,
by those opposed to them, to prevent its being ta-ken-ilTJi
for adjourn-
moot were submitted during tne silling,' ucsiues a
variety of others, to postpone the orders of the day,
to take a recess vc; on nearly an oi wmcn ques-
of Mr. Holmes, the Senate adjourned Ayes 29,
Noes 24. . . '
Friday, December 26, 1834.
Tho Senate entered iiKn the orders of the day,
and again took up the Political Resolutions, Mr.
Martin's motion still pending. Mr, Wilson, of
Perquitnons, took the floor, and spoke until about 4
o'clock. He was followed by Mr. Edwards, of War
ren, in some explanatory remarks ; and the question
was then put on striking out, as proposed by Mr
Martin, and decided in the negative, 34 to 26.
1 he Senate then adjourned.
Saturday, December 27, 1834.
The Senate again took up the Resolutions of in
struction to Mr. Mangum, the question pending be
ing on their second reading. Mr. Wyche moved
to strike out the second .Resolution, and insert the
following as an amendment :
Resolved, I hat, while this ueneral Assembly
does not approve the course pursued by the I'resi
dent of the United States, in relation to the remo
val of the Public Depositee from the Bunk of the
United States, it regards many of the votes of the
Hon. Willie P; Mmignm,"omrof the Scnntors from
this Stute, in the Congress of the United States,
as evincing a feeling of hostility to tho Administra-
ion of the present Chief Magistrate, wholly in
compatible with a correct disc bar go of his duty as
a Representative of this State, and particularly so,
his vote in favor ol the Resolution declunng "that
the President, in his lute Executive Proceedings in
relation to the Public Revenue, has assumed uiion
himself authority arid power hot conferred by the
Constitution and Laws, but in derogation of both."
mr. nogan cauen lor a envision oi me question.
It was accordingly first taken on striking out, and
decided in the negative 3:1 to 2t...
Mr. McQueen submitted the following Resolu
tion, 89 an amendment ; which, on his motion, was
ordered to lie on the table :
Resolved, -That whilst, in - tlie- pinion of -this
Legislature, our Senators and Representatives in
the Congress of tho United States are bound to
yield a respectful share of attention to the opinions
expressed by the Static and districts which they
resiiectivcly represent, yet it believes that the right
of instruction resides in the jsjople alone, and not
in the Legislatures of the respective States, further
thuu the clearly ascertained will of the people may
be embodied in any Resolutions adopted by the
kpgrstature or a Sovereign State, instructing a Se
nator in Congress to vote in a particular way on
any question of National policy. '
Kesolred, further, I hat, in the opinion of this
Legislature, the Senators in the Congress of tlie
United States, being bound by the solemn sanction
of an oath to support and maintain the Constitution
of the United States, they alone are responsible for
their acts under the said Constitution, both at the
sequent ly, a share of discretion: must be Vested in
said Senators to pronounce on the constitutionality
ot all measures submitted for their consideration
and action, which should be controlled, by rjothing
beyond the operation-of those checks which are
already, wovidi.bylbo, Fedoral CuwtttutKmrand
that the people coiiscqucauy. possess the right of;
instructing their Senators on questions of National
pojiey connected with their . ownimnauliatft Jute-
rtistganOoTupon questions of Constitutional law
The question then recurring on the adoption of
the first Resolution, it was decided in the allirma
live 41 to 19: " . "
iv die Question, shall the remsimng Bcaolatibta
bo adopted, the vote stood as follows :
i4yr-Messrs. A rrington, Baker, Brittain, Burns,
L-oopcr of .Martin, Cowpor of dates, Dobson, Dur
ham, Fdnxsmton, Edwards of Person, Edwards' of
VV arren, hnnott, Flynt, t lowers, Gavin, Hawkins,
Holmes, Howell, Hussey, Kerr, Lindsey, Lockhart.
Mcbauu, MuutgouMry of -Orange, Moore, Move of j
viiwiiv, uiuiujf, cieiM:;r, Dieuneus, it
,der,,.Wmiaker,.Whitebuftit 33.
A'u v' Messrs. Barco, Bateman, Beard. Brancn.
Caldwell, Carwm, Dowd, Fairly, Harrison, Hogan,
Keudall, Klutts, Little, Lowry , M'M illan, M Queen,
"c" illiams, Mast, Montgomery of Hertford, Move
of Pitt, Parker, Phelps, Sawyer, Sberard, Shinp,
. eiiinuiio, it iiwhi, iiycues.
So the said r"- m6 Sonate.
Of the Hoard for Internal Improvement, to Ike Gene
ral jtrmWy of Ike Stale of North Corolitut,
In compliance with the Act which requires the
time nvnniinimiled yriim-i iiiMir...itutrlm llt
atlfuliisi of the (ieneral Assemblv, but no one of
tliese nH:omiitendatisis has been recently adopted.
In this report transmitted last year, the opinion
was advsnrmt u ttmt no gfoersl system ofim.
proveiiK-nt can lie etJwted in North-Csrolina by
incorjtoratfHj comimntes. Anoiner year s expo.
neiKO has tended to confirm that opinion. Of
the many charters granted to" companies to com
struct, raU-waik,by. iiw last aud. previous iUcncral
Asscmbliea, mate but a part of the Cape rear
Yadkin, ami Pocdce Rail-Road, from Camphcllton
to rayetteville, seems likely to be earned into ef
fect. Every successive failure in tliese attenmpts
has me ellect to discourage public expectation, and
to create the belief that all such enterprises in this
state are impracticable, or inexpedient. But
little examination into the character and situation
of our population, will show that the fa i hi re may
be occasioned by causes other than tlie difficulty or
mexpeuiency oi tne projecieo works.
In the first place, we have no surplus capital
seeking investments. Tlie few moneyed capitalists
among us find ample opportunities for investment
in Bank stork, or in loans to individuals, The
greater part of the stock in Navigation and Rail-
Road Companies, which has been heretofore
sulmcrilied, has been taken by agriculturists
whose patriotism prompted them to contribute
something to any project, having for its object the
improvement ot our country WUa them, profits
on the stock was but ocondary consideration
and for thia.reason, the construction of the 0 1
anA,,,n!riir" of the (JompanyfipjdjLjioi
pecjg'( .To tM-ciipy muchuf their jtirne ur aUctl'"
Residing on farms scattered over a considemtli.'
tent or country, they. C6uld not often assent
together to consult about the work, if they .
disposed, lo do so. Indeed, it is often difficuh 1
jihd suitoble persons fortPresident and Direct X
I'll E ... -
uviiiif suuicioniiv near Men h ha. ..j .i: . '
of improvement, to give, that attention which ;
requisite to insure success.
to J , miu Ulc
- In :the second place," we" baveUZT
among us seeking employment. Our farmers
prohtably engaged on their farms; our mechanic
areTnakingormyTtr-their shopsror labouring Ji
it, AHA 11Krk hflv All nMMM A,. 1. .i ?
they are familiar. .
None will, therefore, forsake their regular bus!
ness to embark in a hew pursuit, without a pn.
xl of extraordinary gain. In this state of foL.
if proposals are made to construct any public work
no bidders appear, but greedy adventurers,
generally fail if they undertake, or men deterroij.
ed not to undertake for what it is worth. So Uron,
has been the ojieration of these causes, that scarce,
ly an instance can be found, except in the constr,
fion of some of the roads in the western part of
the State, in which a public imroVement ha been
executed by contract in a proper manner, and at a
luir price.
numerous lailures and heavv irsmx
sioned by ignorance atid mismanagement, io tha
early efforts at Iiiteruul Improvement, induced the
Li-gislature to direct the Board to employ t civil
engineer ; which was done at a high salary fur
several years. But, at that time, the State tas
interested in several .Navigation Companies indifi
ftircut parts of tho State ; all of which reqnirei
the attention of -the- engineer; Ilis5roeisr"
thus divided, a considerable part of .the idvaiftv
ges to be derived from the employment of an .
guteer was lost to each Company. It should not
muit'iure, vk b iimuer oi surprise n none SuCCtet Veil.
Io secure the requisite skill, energy, and ecwsv
my in the execution, and to avoid the numeroui
and perplexing delays, and the heavy losses occa
sioned by divided plans and inattentive supervision
it seeins necessary to nave one principal engineer
with suitable assistants to each rail-road orotW
employ meiit. The construction and necessarr-
prearutory works could then be let to contractors
in dilforent portions ; and the Superintendent of
I'uhlic I orks should bavo a general supervision of
all the exfieuditurcs, and receive a compenaatioa
sufticient to command his efficient services. Some
such arrangement as this will be necessarr.
whether the Stnto umlcrtakes any enterprize alone.
or in connection with private stockholders. If the
State should embark in any extensive system of
Internal IniprovenicnU it rmy be iiccesgary toia--crease.
the efficiency of the Board, by adding toaie
member to it who could devote more attention Ion
than the Public Treasurer, whose time must occes
sarily lie taken up with the duties of his office.
Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., iVot. 10, 1831
At a called meeting of the Bible Society of Weci-
lenburg County, in the Brick Church at Charlotte, Dr
Dun lap was appointed Chairmsn.-"The meotlnv vu
tlion aUfBstwd hy tlw-Ageat-ef-the American KM-
Hociety tor iMorUi-Uirolina, oa the great nWrjwi of
sending the Bible, translated into their own langoifs
to every accessible foreign land atnonf the kolW--WLersapou:
lb fiJIowiag resolatktns were nrwoiii.
and, after some remarks, were unanimously woptei :
lir mused, I bat me propoution to sopplr the war 14
with tho Bible, 10 a definite period, should eomwrni
the admiration and secure the co-ope ration of tbost
wuo"fovWieif leiiovrTtteu:" -., .
2. JfrnW. That the iiresainir and extcnsivsioBwai-
ror Hie vvord or God io foreign hinds, and the pccular
facilities afforded for its uistribullon at tlie present tinK,
give abundent encouragement to those whoaMH widiw
flflgagaia thia aotoiwiss, .........i " '' ;i . .'
a. KMolved, That Una Society will aid, to the ex
tent of iu means. In this great and rood work.
4. Rr$olvcd, That the friends of the Bible, thiwrW
out this County, be respectfully requested to turn aa
cmtHins to aid. this object in. whatever way tuej BT
imhre snost erneditfnt. - vj.i-.:"' - - -- -r
At a meeting of the citizens of Charlotte, beH
the Courthouse, on the evening of the lrtth inst, whidj
was- organired by the appointment of John Irwis a
Chairman, and Joseph H, Wilson as Secretary, theft-
lowing Kesolutions were severally proposed and aocea-
ted, via:
- Rrmltcd, That John Irwin, William Carson, aoJ I
D. Boyd, be appointed a Committee to take up a sue-
Bmption for tlie beneUt 6f the iratTcrerr by
with power to appropriate the money received a tkt
rrmv dtn mwt arivMible. -
Rrtoltrd, Tliat the Commissioners be reqnesWl
take such measures as they may deem nncesltjj
jcHnpel me aUejUuicc tfffa&i'
ktZtlvrJ, That the tAsnmiaiioners be reauestc'
lake such measures as they may deem necessary w
tain Fire Buckets, ladders, Fire Hooks, and Axe,4
Ui sink Wells, for Uio purpose of aiding tlie ciuiew
the extinguishment of Are.
Saucm. N. C, December 2fl
ORANGES. A AWiy. Among the articles
ferud in our nMrkctLut woek. wajsitjce Seine Ortnpi
wliich were raised bv a irentleman in Isv'iJisTpoullV"l
1 . -.-- V --it r" ; TMriwui I
i rc&iucni aooui iwuivo union umu uiut
tleman staU-s that the tree had, for three years in
eeiion, produend about fifty oranges annually.
Tlx, fruit wu aniMormnco. to an P
In this nta.-A Tnun tho (Vr H.ilh anil SI FOodM Or
IfffS IHWAHittg IrA Wi Wi.ti' IM PlltlTlll IHIIH t
nf Uiia delicious fruit-
May his tree be more productive hencefisth, and e
ced the present crop in every way imsginabl.
Several srntlemen of our village have flounf
Omngc and Lcraon. tree, butihoy hve, J!.1,
the pltwsure of reaping so rich a harvest from on
in one season. Farmers' Reporter.
MURDER. A letter received from Germant
brings as information respecting a morder """rj
in tliis county by a prisoner, Joiiah Reed, on the M.
of negro Sam, the property of Henry Bmuki, fcV
who had been committed to jail as a runaway. ,
. The letter states that both were together "
apsrtmenU On Monday evening, the aUnn that IW"
had murdered Sam, reached the jailor, who, oa exass
nation, fisind the negro lying on the floor with b
broken. It is supplied tliat Reed struck him wj
plank which he tore from the ceiling, it being vwj
bloody, and Reed considerably so.' . , .
A Jury of Inquest was hrfd over the Wj r
which returned a verdict of murder committed oa
body. Rerd appears to be deranawL f-
Salisbury, May 17, 1, '
lirE are prepared to execute every kind of F""
' ma vory aiqierKir style, and our charges wi
ss reasonable as any. fcr Orders from a da 1
always meet tlie must prompt atlenttun.
- kave
of A'
ry ol
65, i
of tl
be r
. Tl

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