saV r.". w. will; luut 13 pur. ff ISJM )Mr. . 4aces Me it 'M '"Ik ply t ins a ' km kan i itids- CCIU nhsv I crw (Us the rs- Ili'uMt md rUktk Jaw PCS" rnkW ens MWl thf arfA din isst" lavi1' ssitsf est WHS! (HWSH cossm d as ""i fir ittHs1 ekM If Wtf fsef utitf' ft. v m e nj lite itbn tof rhrt' lists) organized, would give a strength to the executive .,i?h.iritv. which the other branches of the Go- now protects us irorn uie imuiiiy to ran oespousm, m L..B.I! j ? but that decern reapeci ir iuihic opinion, ana ior the example of former Presents, which occasions', t lite end of evefy eight tfars, an unsettling of parties, and a partial removaAoT incumbents., who, jf let alone, would, fancy thaiall the office under the Government were their especial and unaliena ble property., The slightest countenance, there fore, gven any man or Urty, to a measure ' fraught with such 'destructive tonsequences, ought to be visited by. ao unequivooj display of public execration, f " ' .-. And whilst on this subject vpuld it not . have a jiappy effect in quieting the apprehensions of those who dread a Presidency for lifejf Congress would at ooce propose an amendment A the Constitution, declaring that no individual shoild be eligible for - third term! Such a measure; brought forward f ia Congress at this particular noment, would at ' least enable us to jud je, what ia be feeling of that , fc,dy on the subject. f Coach and Carriage Making; &c, . In Salisbury, by J. W. Kilney. HIS Shop ia on the Main Street, between the Mansion Hotel and the Western Carolinian ,.; Printing Oflke, where he is prepared t make, on h short notice, and oit the most reasonable terms, every description of Vehicles, from a stage-coach -down lo a wheel-burrow. i 03r" A large stock of ready-made Work always kept on hand, for sale as cheap as an v. IEPAIRINO in all its brancW wiir also be pramplly attended to, and executed in the very test style of durability and neatness. Jan. 17, 1835tf J. W. 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T I TSO i--For 10 Quarter tickets, w""! - i ?5 D3T All Onfoit fmm a dixtance, by mail (post aid) or by ''private conveyancoenclosing the cash or prize-tickets in our (frevious Lotteries, will re. eeive the nvxt prompt attention, if addmwiHl to 8TEVKNSUN i POI NTH, HaliKiry ; and an ac . count of the drawing will be forwarded immediate ly aRr -- .MVhole tickets, ... . . $4 Ott -a llalres-. " T"- 00 Uuarters, . . . . 1 00 To be had, in Ve greater variety of Bombers, at . !JSteveiwin Ac Points's Oflicc, (liile Row, Manmon Ibxrl,) I SALISBURY, N. C. January 17,18)3. td F. W hit and William Ilarrr jZ, ..' I ESPECtFLLY in iiuornt. the PRINTERS of !rtwiiiii,thi'rhiiv'ff hw a. been itwlividuallknown as Lelffr-Fwders that "Aer-have nown.cJTrCrtir.l.ririn 'h1 wmess, and nop rrom their united and extensive cvperienre, to beUde giv-iwll miMkdUm U M who may favou.Mm wilh orders. The introduction Machinery, in plac of the JedMw. and unbearu process of easting type by aoesioerafe ui s tK imhmii nA kh vpeau f.iodrs.) wa v, Ameiv ingenuity, and t a heavy expcWtUae 4 b a"0 th - pat nT our senior pner, rr aucc.H enmni;.k.J f arhine-Ckrt letloi a1 '"'Hl1rUI aVSAIVSSOTVSBBJ BjW , tull i-l -...i.ii.i-J its superiority Ml tVi ; ry particular over that cast hf M P0 The Letter-Foundry busine- win be carried on 7 the parties befbr nameA -oder the firm of White, IIagr.iCo Their 8pecimen-Book sihibita complete so ties, from Diamond te 14-liasai Pca-tbeir Book d News Type beiug ia the most modern and sp . Proved style. , . , White, lUger, Co., are agents for the sale f the 8miih and Rust Printing Presses, which they cm famish to their customers at the mami hvrturers' price. Chases, Cases, Composing Sticks, Ink, and eve iy article waed in the Printing Business, kept lor ale, and wrrtWhed at short notice. Old Type U ken in exchange for new, at 9 cents per pmind. F- WHITE, WM. IIAGER. r New York ;aa. 17, 1533. 6t 7 HAT iVSTITta THE CAROLINIAN. SALISBURY: SATURDAY:::::JANUARY 17. 18.1 S. THE CONVENTION BILL Will be found inserted entire en the first mire to-day's paper. It will be read with avidity by every one into whose hands a copy of k may fidL and doubt. ieM every resder will draw his own conchiMoaWito, provuiion, without our aid. Indeed, so various are the opinions eipresved in relation to this Bill, that we are almost afraid to add our own. The Western Mernbers with whom we have conversed on the subject unite in saying that the Bill is Hot what the West hasji right W-desmnd-rliands of ha Ess'itethrai i but that it is the best they could secure from them at the recent set ion. The general opinion is alao exrreased, that in any event the West will be benefitted by the proposed amendments of the fundamentaMaw of the State ; but that, should these benefit! not prove to be what should in justice be extended to. us, the People will have an opportunity to reject them when the new Constitution is laid before them for their approval or pproval. An articlo from the Raleigh Register, in another column, gives an opinion on the subject - THE CAPTIONS OF THE ACTS.4, Passed at the recent session of our State Legislature, will also be found in our columns. Those of a Public nature we have inserted in toto ; but of the Private Acts, and the Resolutions, we have selected and pub lished only such as bear upon the interests of sections of country and of individuals where our piper Chiefly PMfmlMsiUihm. may.have been over- looked and- left out, but not Intentionally on our part We also complete, in to-day's paper, the Journal of1 Legislative Proceedings. The few last days were prin cipally spent in finally disposing of bills in passing, rejecting, or postponing, A reference to the Captions of Acts passed, and to the Journal, will show the dis positions made of those matters in which our readers are most interested. OCT" I he last "Ktleigti Register" promises to com mence, at an early day, the publication of the Speeches elicited by the Resolutions to Instruct Mr. Msngum, in troduced into the Legislature by Mr. Potts. We shall avail ourselves of the earliest opportunity to lay some of these speeches before our leaders also. . (r From the "Register,'! of the 13th instant, we learn that "On the last day of the session, Mr. Hay wood, 00 behalf of himself and other of the siinority presented a Protest against the decision of the House of Commons on the passage of the Resolutions" ia re lation to aa equitable distribution of the proceeds of the Public Lands among the old 8tatea, by whom the said lands were originally ceded to the General Government (or the purpose ofpaying off the national Debt The Protest" is said to be of great length j but we know nothing of its arguments, as it has not been published. What tiw mw&ity urooibiiutCAn.Mt to say against a measure of such unqueionabl? justice la the Htsts of North Carolina, and which passed the popular branch of that body by a majority ffty totes, we are tnrwm to see; ' We are, however, afraid it is nothing better tbaaiA attempt lo'sacrifico the interests of the Sute at the shrine of Party. We shall see. Or The reader is referred to the first page of this paper fhra Report hythe Committee on the Judiciary, in our State legislature, on the subject of the law of Divorce. The reaaming in that Report, against the supediesjcy of -eateuding tire ftcititria of ifejraCsi"rs' tween man and wife, we take to be sound ; but bache- W as we are, we cnnieM ourscu incapaoie ot uocsnng upon the reasons which may impel many to seek to se ver the tender connexion ; and so we beg leave to refer the whole matter to. those whom it may moat concern. EXECUTIVE PATRONAGE. Mr. Calhouit lately introduced t jRiUowmg ,tesolul tion into the Senate of the United States ; . . -jrrfe'1iTwat a jfle to inquire into the extent of Executive patronage the cirrumsUnces which have contributed to its great in crease of late the expediency and practicability of re ducing (he ante, snd the means of such reHoctiisi; and Uiat they have leave to report by bill or otherwise." This resolution was agreed to; and Messrs. Calhoun, Bibb, Benton, King of Georgia, Houthard, and Webster, were appointed the ss id Select Committee. Q- On the 30th nllimn, Mr. John Q. Adams deli vered, in the Hall of the House of Representatives, at Washington, aa Eulogium oa the Life and Character of Gen. Lafayette. Mr. A. was spooiutod to this duty yj ' resofuttonjf the tlenfsne-WhsV4 fueLiasfiukeauf as huhly crcdiiable W.hif splendid ta lento; and the House, out of compliment to the feelings of the accomplished Orator and Suiesman, ordered fif i thousand cooies of kis Oranon to be printed. - The 8ensie erdered Uie printing of tea thousand copies. (KT J M- Wayne. 1 Member ef Congress from the State of Georgia, has been nominated to the Seas te, W the fWdewt ef the Uwtsd Hutea, to fill the vwean. J . m a a ey ea the hem of the Bupreme Urart occasweea ey the death of Judge Johnson. ; - "Sr thinks sra tenoeted to the Hoe, Mr. Ren C .1."- ia traa-mitting to ae copies of the 1 uie vmenU laaJ before Congress. Q$r Why do we not rst, aowy.J-HM the Prdew TvonAr publicauo. ! or ha. kis Po-n-Mer01 bargo upon their transmisrion by mail I yk ... . itasafkvorif some of our friends in the ean find time to inquire into this matter. Ne piN ' Wsshingtoa papers t eewr has been received ia this towa from the kW . . . ,1. nLJi Wm k... or twvernmem - - " received Boston, New York, and Philadelphia Journals, u euaU-but not even the Globe from Wsshingtoa ! We wish we knew whether the Gineral has destroyed his celebrated hickory broom." If he has not, a fine chanea now presents fcsrlf for a few whisks of that "boeuoi of Reform" at kit P.O. Department (Zrllov tkit world itrien tonding fault! Mrs claim fcr ourselves no eirenip(iQ fiijra tli untter. santcJ,--luidj, our seraicui;t this week prove that we have been more than ordinarily under He influence: but we always try to see goad cause bclbre we find mult, ind Uien to do it in such a mild wav as to pre- ciuae oflence being Uken. Some time since, in no- Being the thirty-sixth birth-day of a contemporary jour- since lucked himself up in one of .the upper rwsns of nal, we took the occaaioa to add our testimony Uial its that establishment, and committed suicide by cutting ;?JWI to.its age, but embodjedJinoKr article: Jikthnei. He had made aoua Bttle peeuoiary rraiige one htUe objectina that we bad beard expressed on all menu just previous to his disappearance, which induced handt vix. that the said jnomal was " neither hot nor eold in its general course. The remark was made by as, for the reason that the paper in question was published at' the seat of the State t Government, and, from its long standing, extensive circulation, and Edi torial ability, might do much to place North Carolina to me uoid reiier which she n entitled to occupy with her sister States. We were regardless whether the principles advocated by it with increased vigor were those which we desire to see advanced, or not : our only design was to spur it up to take advantage of the' law-1 able position it occupied to increase its own character I for energy, and thus advance the importance of " old I Kip- m the eyes of those who judge of the soundness of his nap by the sleepy spirit of his guardians the conductors of the Public Press. ' The Editors of the journal is i question no doubt eawlthis the bent of our observation, and appreciated its true bearing : for we must do them the justice to say that they have on more than one occasion since been anile o(-so hot, indeed, as to turn themselves, if not same of irneighboraUt it not be thought that rais is .Ww ,JCT..W1, mm, w,vn uur wuuupmm- ries noticed our observation, and dissented from us in the premises laboring under the mistaken belief that I we had reference entirely to politics. In order to let the reader, and our dissenting brethren, see who has made out Ihe clearest ease of the absence of ? malice aforethought" in our mutual fault-finding, we give be low two notices of our article, and shall compare notes with them in conclusion. Frm tke Newborn .Wet'"-. "We think that the exception which the Western Carolinian' takes to the juieigo. tteguaer mai n t neiuer not. nor cold v is a creature of the Carolinian's own brain. We hare never keen at a loss in ascertaining the Register's opi nions on public matters ) and, although we cannot imi- tate Hs conductors in taking matters coolly when cor-1 nipt ion threatens the ruin of our country, yet we ad mire in them the virtue we cannot imitate, and rive them credit fbr superior moral firmness and jreuuine patriotism. From the Wilmington ProvU't Prru.U The Editor of the Western CartSinian takes an exception to the RsJedmimtionof a, too grateful people, i placing at the leigh Register, that it is neither hot nor cold." The Register bss not been abusive enough to gratify the do- mineerinir and oroseriotive soirit which is cherished bv a portion of the Bank party. It has dared, in general, to be courteous to its opponents, and candid in ilii state ment" And now for summing up. We accused the Regis- ter u being neither hot nor cold-lhat that it was am niuicienuy oochiuo in urn hnw 10 moei um views a indignant Injured People have already expressed, in ve ils friends on the various subiects of State and Nation-1 rinus wave. That slwsvs a majority has not declared al policy which usually found publicity UifW(,' its co-1 lumns. Our Newbera brother has lone muck farther -u ... - w.u. . even wben ccruptwo threatens the mm of the ecus-1 try."(; He, however, talks something sbuut giving "credit fbr renuine patriotism :" bat be will see thst these warrant ns m the belief thst mi thrust was aimed at the Register's fifth rib, instead of ours. Go to, brother Hpeel how eouMst thou mafce-ws thscapsgotiW thy Mtf ;"""''''---;:'-, But what shall we say to the People's Preset That its editor intended to five as of the Carol in iaa the cut ,. , i I , .... I Wwsd we can see plainly 1 .-k,.U7 J towmpTthend Utt language. W sal sues be saeaa ey the words "mi abusive enongb tograUfy the cVsnineer- ing and proscriptive spirit" sVc snd "it has dared to be eourtowue to its -opponent and candid hssUto. ,, . , ... . , , . menu" t If M of Wilmingfee, w4l bnng the reverae of either of these positions home to , we will take it fbr r ran ted that be knew what he wrote, and will is I all kiaJnessW feelmg esj wtoosiiwtrmTinat1ie- nAr . mi.k. IU U a mJ lmekmm. kom. I with "glory,"- his asefc s compreswd with the collar I ' ' which ne oeiignis m wear, ana bis neari so cmsea lo ressoB sn the subject of the Bank, that when be wrote the above paragraph, neither of those organs had tlw slightest knowledge of what was "sew ftrfHrntei" by his bands. Out upon thee, Mr. Press! thou art aa ad we (h MMe sreeW wnhslf s -TERRIBIJ5 8XOW4BTORM.- The Northera papers euataia accounts of one of the severest storms of Snow that is withia the reoillectiua J 'the oldest ittWWieeV They call H, fmr rsrranu, "onsoftheeld-feshioned Snows." The passengers oa the rail-road between Philadelphia and New York suflered greatly from the cold, the cars being aaabie to go through the immense snow-drift that bad acce- mulaled oa the road. The fullowiag scooant of the imminent danger they were ia of perishing with eold and lunger daring one of these stoppages, will give li -r . l. i 7. sums idea of the dsaress which was experienced from this"sfi-fssbioned" snow. Coauaend as to swsj aV hM ailauiuot in the article ofsnow I aBvsawjanBWBaBat?fe!j-!jB..---y rarn up n m in a i iiiijil. i . m m mm auaaa mmm m mm m uwawsssa"- - The storm eommenced at Washington en Wednes ... . day night and continued whea our informant cams away, oa Friday night - It came with him to lliilsdri aumber.hsdaterribWjDaeney. TWy reached Burting - tna it about 11 AM., and ihera look the ears. Atl phM. The psengtrs mm we lauer city, wawn P.M. they sreee shout fear miles Irnm AmW. and m on of thossjiieep euttlnrsTwhere the groand ascends siylhal websve neverbetire known a aesaiua where on both SKice, thoy were at last kroufM lo a sUnd-slill, se httk i good he keen effected, and so muck bad feel bv a aoaislroue"''soow-drirt,' wb'ich arrestodf alt further big- engeaeWsdi" Taw whole prerewdings ana sVlibe- :- . r . . i . . x . No erlirt svailad to tVee the ears near the obstscle, though they backed repeatedly to sorb die- denee ef party feeimf and party views, that its eharae mm i wur. Li Mint ssnsMatasa. The see. Iter is a reproach to the BuUsl. whose BKsWratam and seerera. many of them bdsss, bad beea wilhowt fcod u.m li.iU.Iliiii ! mA snw. with thb tr ass, t mmvm. Jriftinv wilh lha kowhnv wnL eold sight ia the cars. It wm sroptwed that srane of the the anbrokesi snowdrifts, and witk the felling snow drives so fVirwasly ia their feces, seemed toe bard a walk, snd It was given an. Fifteen ee twenty of the passengers thea started, st about tea o'clock, to walk back shout a mile, to a little Ws which they bad passed, where they eat ep all ! Sot wita ins comswien nfesws snener. wnea tfls rt trs asd ahalle. U'Im - er a- .i j7 departed from the cars, six or seven ef those artii'Wn'h' seeing the sad condition of their fellew- wwi from tb Committee In whom was rerormd the Re Ambn'' especislly the ladies, set out ea feet for snlwtioa directing aa hvtpiry into the raiiars that tod to CkL'iI irparalleUd fktigue and suffering, Mr. Drammnnd's removal as rViperirrtendunt of our sa boot (bree boars snd a bait They flute Capitol The Commitiee go into detail oa the 7 ,i?Tc',r we sWighs, which were sent to sufcieet, snd ia conclusion siste that from the tharac- berssrered ears . ", v, ''. "rrrvwi si mef.m. irm complexion 01 ins wnote mailer, iner reuaia 1 5 o -lock m the morning, and jrom a jmsuiss expreaioa of their op.aion relaUva to a nr the aevts. TV. ml .1 ika took off the nnirtunnte finales, u ho were nearly ex. hautHed.' l?v daybreak tlie Pfile of the neighburlMmd were aroused," and. iraUieriii? m with their aleiirhs, the whole party were transported ,to Aukboy and got aboard the boat between 6 and 9 o'clock in the morning. CO" Barhartmt Technicality A Mr. Winfree, keeper of the Eairle Hotel, in Richmond, some time his fanjif..agdiriends to fear that he had laid violent bands upon himself. A search was accordingly made for his body, which resulted in its being found aa above, several days after the deed had been committed. A Jury's Inquest was held oo the bodr. as usual : and the following paragraph is aa extract from tbeirreport We shudder on contemplating the cruel technicality of language in whiclji the unfortunate circumstance is detailed. We can see but one excuse for it, which may be found u iu tendency to prevent other people from jiving a Coroner's Jury occasion to use the same un christian formality in accounting for their death: we apprehend that any seas man. Would rather live, forever, that to have it said of him that he had " feloniously and with malice aforethought" taken bis own life! But we see in this possible consequence very little excuse for outrage upon the sensibilities of an unfortunate man's family and friends: the language of the Rich-. ntond Jury is strictly legal we acknowledge, but it is nevertheless barbarous. - - - '. " Al" ,Jf W ll Ci.l7 i J CnSfelolu.: r, - tnd of nw maje afiirethouehL made an assault and that the aforesaid William Winfree then and there, with a certain knife of the value of twenty-five cents, which be, the said William Winfree, then and there held ia his right band, himself upon his throat then and there, feloniously, voluntarily, and of his malice aforethought did strike and give to himself, then and there, with the knife wferesaid, upon his throat afore said one mortal wound of the breadth of four inches, and toe depth of two inches; of which mortal . wound the said William Winfree. at the Earle Hotel in the city aforesaid, languished and died on or about- the twenty-sixth of November last, in the year aforesaid." I CABOUHUH- Neab Sauswav, Jasoaav 8th, 1833. T lie Him. Willie P. Mtngum : Dbab Sib : This is the great and eventful day (as ou know) which gave victory to the army st New Or es ns under command of Gen. Jackson, which circum- stsnee has been the principal, if not sole cause, of the net uovernmem ine present mcumoem. now we overflowing gratitude of a free People towards him has been returned, ia better known by his acts towards them, thsa by any comment I can make. Hia moat zealous friends in gratitude have been the earliest to be thrust from his confidence ; and he baa taken to bis bo srsn men unworthy of his confidence designing, ma chinating, wily intriguers. To what degradation these inrifwJ; j, hin tnd thfl ijovemment an their dimeut to U measuresof Government and mdig. MUon. aunpti usurpsiions in power sna simng NhspnaititNi to- esosuliJationi is not an and should not be Uken, as a test of the general will of the coosi- of the Pe.le. No belter oroof of this derate part of the People. No better proof of this is wanted Una the resnlotmns lately introduced into the General Assembly of this Bute, by Dr. Potts, instruct. the Benste. That a majority of the thinking and re sponsible part or this secUoa of the Bute have support ed yoa, and de and will support you, iq the course yoe then- pursued, there is not a chance-doubt-Jn lii matter you, have distinguished yourself 'f by the vote yoa thea gave, yoe made known your 'own principles, sad advocated the tree principles of a free Government; sua, m wsmri bbtv wiinvlea un reiailTS doshkr So.- Suw to a ConiUWe Go-ermJat-.y, snd, in sodomgi bavw supported the relative position of I out wh4e course, during the last ssssiosi of Congress, has beea pleasing to the fhrads of Slate Rights ; and it is graUfring to think that although North Carolina has parted witk maay of her sons of brill is nt talent, she yet has msny that do ner konor. and are fbaness as do. hjfnt-wltt-tBn4 tM General Government at the same time. I have ex disposition it is not the thins; I am after lo ro into sarticnlart : butrar connected trftki the dngraceful Act of the Ge- Srai ASSeTOUiy, JltSUUCIing yoB to BOOO UMl WniCB ladmirM and likes sm the hrf IiLiiniul whirh eve. jKician, free from a collared party, ought and would sol via: resist asurpstiona, ef any and kind, in power,' money, or sn thing els. fa this taace, you base acted a faithful pan. "Go a-head" your owa conscience will sustsin yoa ; free and inde- psndent oysnwsi will susuin you, and North Varolii old North Csmline is ant so sound asleep, but she eaa (fisttW-ttaTIt V Vcnm lntcrels:ryoo,"lff1Wch men as yaraelfl anould be sustained .tbeveteofa col lared or pigtrack majority iaihe pteemit leg'mliliire,oa the Keadutinas sbnve referred to, to the contrary not withstanding. Msny, as well ae nsysell, are very de cidedly of the epiaioa thst the great mstx of the Pso pie ef the Btato are oppiaed to Hckmm Van Bumiism, and that their voice, whea beard, will prove the fact by electing saea of sense sad independence enough to permit ao one lo act ae Loctator. North Carolina, it is tree. Is slow to anger; but, whea aroused, she w not the less save la defend her rights 1 sad be? smgwanimity forbids that she should sacrifice see of her aobiest sons, by telling him to retrace the Y he hssamde in SMmjsace wilh her true iatssest, sad the wish of her people geaeraJly. Your puhlM evefulneas m too well known to hava needed any eom- tion from even - Yours. MULTU& -?Vsm tW aTssVtfl ViUtfijjFJanutr STATE UStllSLATURH- Tbe Legislature of the State adjourned oa Saturday last, aAee a sesssDn crjfJr-Ise days. The Members generally have set eut kit their boanes, where, it is not 1 snchariubie to hope, a hirge number of them may be saftVrad torsmaiau Fos ysara susuliar with the pro- leesdings et saw agisisiura, we eaa eoascienuwisiy rations of the snrty have leea marked With such evV fd sewse M aoUtcaiasaUen save sm Jmetoajrese swnerally and ao justly commended. I The only law saacisd. of bwportsnee to the eomma- siiy generally, m ma winter may a tonrnm, 11 aswhjector menseHepnrtanee, and emandi thess- none coasmeraunw cs errrv ma in we niH we have ao space this week fbr remarks as to the beaeft. eia influences which mutt result to the Stale from the ratificatne nf this Act; hut sincerely believing that upon the lecenlino riven to it the ftitiire pnwoeritv of N. Caro lina essrntisily depends, we shall rerur frequently U) the subject and do all ia est power to arire vpna the reopto to mnction Its pnwwwins st the 1'olia. I ' MB f!RI!!UUnVrL I One of the but Reports made to the IrWatnre, l, ..J .t i ik. ..k-l. ik. e. the weight of the ressons which lave been fbr bi reinoviwhilKt jtihe same tiwe t1 "tu tee express tlieir decided opinion tiiat Mr. V. t I it' serses the public confidence. The plain u ' g of which is, that Mr. Drummond wis unjut! removed, but as the Commissioners wbo sanctioned the act were discharging a public duty without any remuneration it would not wok well to censure them. ' . Codification of lie Statute Law$.A vacaac v La ving been created in the Commission to whose hands the execution of this work has been confided, by the trtifioB of Gavin Hogg," EsqT, Governor Swain fcis filled the vacancy by the appointment of Judge Nuh. On Saturday last, James Wyche, of Granville, was ' elected Superintendent of Public Work for the ensu icg year. .'.'".: " .''-".,,(., j A lunatic, who for some time has considered him self President of the United Bute, and owg 33 millions of stock ia the 17. 8. Bank, within a few days drew checks for different amounts, which vera of course dishonored. Yesterday he called in person andpreseo,ttid a check for ten thousand dollars, which not being paid, la a fit of passion for the wrongs they were heaping upon him, he made a dash at a pile of bills, which he secured, and was niacins; them in his stocking for safe keeping, when ns was seised by a couple the officers of the Bank, ho carried him to the police, and from thence) ho was carried tq the Lunatic Asylunv JV,. Y, .aftrL. Report on the French Question!! 03- By the Sewf &r Mail of Thursday we received! the Rjcsnson Warns of the 9th instant . From ft we ; learn that oo the Tuesday preceding, ia the Senate of the United Stales, Mr. Clay, from the Committee on Foreign Relations, made a Report ea the French Ques tion. It is adverse to the i recommendations of the Pre." sident's Message; but breathes a high American spirit, and contends that oar claims epon France are just, sndj not to brrelmushe ing of 220,000 copies of the Report :T:-z---: -OiT The Whig also states that Mess. Calhoun, King -of Georgia, Mangum, Sprague, and Benton, compose the Select Committee under the resolution introduced by Mr. Calhoun, in relation to Executive patronage r that resolution will be found in a preceding column J it will be seen that the statements with regard to the Committee differ-we gathered ths other klbrmation' from the last Raleigh paper. Whichever ie right, we look for many good results from the labors of the Com mittee. I '- '' ' -" - ', "UNITED IN WEDLOCK,"" " In this County, on the 11th instant, bv Anderson E. ' Foster, Esur., Mr. BRYANT THOMPSON to Musi ' BETHANIA TORRENTINE. . . Tf . In Stokes county, on the 18th ultimo, by II. Doubt . ' 1 Esq., Mr. JESSE CONRAD to Miss NANCY JJNE- - t In Stokes county, on the 19th alt. bv Solomon floeln .. hour, Mr. SAMUEL STYERS lo Mis liAJU TI1A WALU " . . r , In Htokes coawty, en the 1st instant. CIJSBY BO BERSON, Eso, to Miss SALOME SNYDER, , r- in Moaes county, on the 1st Inst, oy Wm. A. Lash, EsqMrTJOILT SCOTT to Urn MARY SPRINKUL ' la Stokes county, on the 0th instant, by Wm. Spur ' gin, F-o ,Alr. REUBEN T. YAWTE&ea ls 1UR- R1ET M. TRANSU, of Waughtown.T r ia Rurry county, oa the lHth uUmm, at the house ef - WHliamordoii.-Mr.-WlLLUM JAOLSOU to Misa ZEALY GORDON. . " - -. ft5T A BsBBT-aasrAt Sudberrr. Ussssrhiisstto. as - . the KM uUmvarby 4he eys MrratrberrrrMr. NIV" HEMIAII BICKBERRY. to Miss CATHARINE ' . EI,nFBBFBBy,efDaaairyvfWe hope none of their; wut aver prove to be ysese bemeaj DEPARTED THIS LIFE,' ' -t uxihgbsroa uie ifiimcmwi'etiK" LEY, in the 2tad year of bis age. ' v .. la Davidsoa coontwoa Iks fkk Um. m caTHAs- rine Frank. ; . . ; RANDOLPHS & UNDEIU1ILL, : -,No143 Fttl Blraet, New York,'T- 8fre ursasr Ijr socMd by the Uefirm efKnnUfk . A jXsoswey.1 . . . ,, Respectfully inforia the Public that they keep tan uy on nana a gooa assonmeai or And solicit aa examination of their Stock br tba Suulhera and W cetera Mercbanta wbe may visit lha city, before snaking their purchases. ... XT' Urdcrs promptly and faithfully executed. New-York, Jaa. 17, 1835. &e - , Take Notice! : ' THE Subscriber, Administrator of tba estate of Daniel Ililes, deceased, hereby given notice to an persona woepioo 10 saia oeceaaed, to eome lor ward and aettla lha same without delay, aa it ia desirable lo cloaa lha business of the estate as soosj aa posaiWe. Those having claims against tht said aetata will present tbera within the time nreecri. bf taw. and diltv hutbentM-ateJ.' i ikia km" ssan-ansji a ssjsnaj-wwsfswb wt st"u I v VVI VUI Tt KUlitKF N. CRAIGE, . . Admiiiistrator with tba Will auoejej, January 17, 18 Jd. 41' State of North Carolina L iURRY-COUNTYr Comrf Heat ftnd (frarter-Sezttonti "WHIM IHI. lilt,. Ambrose Johnson, . m t OrtfftnarAttacuinent; TevTeJ 1 00 Land shd other property,"" vs. John Jackson. . IN this case it appearing, to the aatisfactioa of the Pnurl. lhal lha IVbiant JaK. l.-t 1 m W VU, sot sa ihhabiiant of this Blate t It ia therefore oy. dered, by the Court, that psblicatioo U made for ail weeks successively ia tba Western Carolioian,' notuyinc ma saia urirnoant to appear at our next Court of Pleaa and Quarter Seasiona to be held (t said county, al lha Courthouse in Rockford, oa the Jfd Mm day in February next, to show cause, if any ha has, wby the land and other property le. vied shall not be condemned to satisfy t!.e PlaintifTa debt. P. K. ARMSTRONC, Cnk. 1 rm, Janoary 17, 1835 6t Fet3 BlanJts of all ICuuh I. , . r Kept eooi.tantly on band at this OZct, h !s'rhcn."

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