North Carolina Newspapers

rUHD AYHKiii'JANU AR.Y-1 7r:l 8 3 5
, 3 The following trticle is going the round a of the
newspapers, m something creditable to the piety of the
lth century. - We conks oar inability to iee in it ny
' t'ling belter than the most inexcuasable ignorance of
A .. . ' . . t.. W nature of our auty (owaras Dout our neaveniy ra
ther sad our fellow-men. Only think of a creature pre
suming to dictate pecuniary covenant with Jbegreat
Creator of Heaven and Earth He in whose bands are
all the corneri of the earth, and whose claim to slf we
possesseven our lives is uvtuiouUble!! It ts mon
strousit is blasphemous ; and we feel indignant that
such circumstance should be paraded before the world
as an act pleasing to Almighty God, or creditable to the
man who conceived ft. We took upon the pecunia
ry Covenant" thus got op and formally signed by Mr.
Cobb, as nothing more than a miserable attempt to tribe
- tha ." Lord of the whole earth" with silver and gold.
in order that His favor might thus be propitiated.onti)
Mr. G, could accumulate what? daily bread fur him
self and family, peace in the enjoyment of his religion,
and happy entrance into Ilia feat at last! o, none of
.these 1 but filthy lucre to the amount of JiJy I fcmsmo'
raWfcrt TothoseWte
fries" k to be purchased by such mesne, we refer
thetase of Simon Magus,' in the New' Testament
j . Cnirn, whether hi thought or deed, Is t Virtue that
we" greatly admire, and we wish to exercise it towards
au men; wiv wnen we see lis neeventy principle so oe
Ibrmed by ignorance of its first requirement, we cannot
but express our horror of the perversion. - ,
1 . JFVoss ihe American Baptist Magazine.
. The late Nathaniel R. Cobb, of the Baptist Church
Boston, (who early made himself a life Director of the
American Tract Society, by a donation of 174,) has
left sn example that honors the cause of Christ. " Leero
inf fur public profession he had not; but he had bu-
lineti talents, and with them he resolved to glorify
- In November, 121. at the aw of lafe-faree, two
ZZ.Jeaji after establishing himself in business, end littte
.jnors than one year after his marriage, he wrote and
subscribed the blWwinjemarjUbUocumeja
may perhaps be termed ;
7 Hi Pecuniar Covenant with Oof
.' fBy (he Grace of God, I will never be worth more
than fMUm ;
' ,By the Grace of God, I will give one-fburth of the
nett profits of my business to charitable and religious
purpose. '
' "If I am ever worth 20,000, 1 will give one-half of
-- mtuett wofltsT and IT Tim ever worth KHMKKl, I will
give three-fburths, and the whole after 0,000. . So
elp me uod, or rive to a more nulhful steward, and
'jetmeaside. "N. R. COBB.
. "November, 1821." 1
. . To this Covenant, says the American Baptist Staga
v tide, be adhered with conscientious fidolitr. Hedis
r . trtbuted the profits of bis business, with increasing ra-
- - tie, from year to year, till be had reached the point he
- had fixed ss the limit of hie property, and then he gave
In the cause of Uod all the money which he earned.
' At one time,' finding that hie property had increased
Vyond 30,000, he at once devoted tho surplus, flftfiOU,
a foundation for a Professorship in the Newton The.
.'. 'ological Institution, ,.; . ' . : .
On his death hed he said to friend, in allusion to
4. the resolutions quoted above, By the Grace of God'
.. nothing tin by the Grace of Uod, I have been ena
bled, under the jnfluence of these resolutions, to give
Inwsy more than tt0,000. ' How good the Lord has
- twiitffiMl 1 :
T . - ' . a a a ... . a. a r f aIA
- put Mr. uooo eta not wan mi oemta acquired a-m.
JKH.balura Jie-bstran to Uot his money e religious
-It -war in lJt while" he" was vet yojinir. and
: ccKupmuiely a. poor man.Tecend esUbliahed in bu
' tineas, that he resolved ts give one-fourth of the nett
Lnracseda of bis business to benevolent purposos. ' It
was then uncerUin what should be bis succews; but he
fcl I it . toe. hit duty. to. begin .tuen..jriULihft..resululion
to moreass the proportion vf God should prospor him. '
IIT'iere'ireJmMii.Chrirtis.W'.wbo lhin.Jht if lbey
eould accumulate a certain sum, they would then be
generous. They jay tha fjiey must prst nske provi
" sum fur themselvss and llieir fsmilies, ind then they
T-wtt distribute tholf oionerTHHsrally.. "Mr. Cobb ilid
- not act thus. He, from the. beginning, cave a large
-proportion of his inooma, sal trusted in (Ihaa-waa.
. .. aver should be neceauary bunseir and nunily would
--. Mjsnppliejj,;
- - Ibaaderl Yon know but very little (bout the1 life of an
K-lrton anaf it W ot worts while fit isl6 try hi tell
yoo what sort of a life he leads. Paper, ink, and types,
feAont describe it . Pencil and paint may be essayed
in vam. . To know bow an Editor lives, you must be-
as an Editor. But we say to rou, as we have
said to almost every one who has ever thought it worth
while to edvuwwith us npon Uie suhjccV-dy'nt Jry it,
"we'bfwMxJl oi " Stick to this Iaprftone?Vie shears, the
sledge, the hMdsswiibe; plough' the. plv.r avea
bra tawyer. and whiotl tut t client, and -you" may
ehancs to "go ahead " but, as yoe value quiet and con-
1 aistsney, as yoe wish to hive Comfort by day, and rest
-,,hy night, do'nt boss' Editor" J ' " '
' '1 Do you ask why! Jusitliink fbr a moment whst an
; alitor mut4 do, and what be must not do; and your
fitestioa will ha answered. . . -
f ' " lis must publish all the news, and he must not pub
. Iiih any thing that is not iKimled on fact .... , ....
t Hs mM endesvor to nine the stamlard of puhlic mo
." v rata, but he moot not attack any eice, or error, or in
f fnnily, la which any of his patruns or friends are sub
,- . , .. .
r . He musl write, whether he w gloomy or glad some
r sick or well r whether tlirmercury turns h'vzh or low :
whether politiesl prospects ere fhir or foul; still write
, as aiost; a o4 M.anuat prwluoe someihinp that w pretty
-. - - er impulsri or he is deerrH stnpid fi-llnnf. .
lis aaf itf ml isKjivr i iirnt n hjiylad v him
. lnmtion,aeUer he ess read n or not, let has space
i be little or much at tos very tune, and in Uie very
taanner thai be is requested. -'-!
. ! Hs must remember and daily eiecuU sfl erdera. ver
pal of written that his kind jatrons are so obliging as
to ilrrlare.-" 1 i - - -
7 Urn must be literally "all things to all men." and trv
In Please every body, or be meat "take the resporoub-
. hty " af aoUaf .aatia principlet. sasraue as indspesdsut
enutss; lab to uphold Uta rights ana liberties, and to
. J" Improve the moraM, of bis 'couuirj; dutormincd to by
T " honest in the worst of times; write like i freeman,
". and tot) like a slave! wesr out his eraas snd-tveee. and
; - I oally hireself; and leave to his cliklren, if he can keep
. - one, a id accumulate lbs other rood name and a file
; . . . . ef old papers. ' . Wrtkhettet Jlcrald.
- fc-aV t4- -1 f easaassfj 0 aasas ' " j
yOot oarf Bar.kt tori.- The rnnirirnnnial fever is
, racing to art s! irming,extent in our county at pre
, sent. newil linn a number of cases in enottje
I H'lumn, which have proved fatal. It is thought
by Ih'va) best acnuaiuteo: with the nature of lh
i disen!, to be highly improuVnt to venture within
speakin finance or s luffjf especinlly if site be
. . ' sfatv . Tt tf.
ferity ami young 1 rsrrm tcray rtrriev.
j TVo Heart killed hf Moate-Mr. Mouse, of
Irnlmna.caine npoo twt bears the nther morning
it s one and was sltacked bv the othnr i end after
personal rencontre, succeeded in srelrsrur, Brain
with t tomehawk. V, .,
I mourn thee yet I do not weep
. That thou art mine no more ;'"
TTorelHripjrpI my W"fTms Slerp "
in silence as oeiore. ' i
A common loea might tears bewail,,
Hut not s lone like thincr
Ami words might nerve love's fancied tale,
, But never love like mine. .
I wronged thee, and the silken thread , '
That bound jour hearts in one,
(I'hrough years of grief and anguigb fled,)
"llast eever'd thine is gone!
No others in thy gentle eye
Love's tender truths may see,
And I shall, gaze like them but spy
No look of love for me.
The smiles that once were alfmy own,
Must be amrtliers pr'Hle; '
And tears that flowed for me alone,
Now flow, Sir all beside.
Nav, nay, I blame thee not! the wrong,
I-suit, folly all are mine; .
. For thou baiidt lived and suffered long,
. Ere change of soul was thinv
. A,'.',..' : ..
Iioved one ! no tpar is in my eye.
Though pangs my bosom thrill ;
For I have learned when others sigh;
To suffer, yet be stiJL
Panmon, and Pride, and Flattery strove,
Tbey made a wreck of me;
But, ah ! I never cesned to love,
... I never loved "but thee! -
My heart is with my early dream,
And still thy influence knows,
Still seeks thy shadow on the etreun
Of memory iHia it flows ;
Still hangs o er all the records bright.
Of moments brighter still, -Ere
love withdrew his (tarry light,.
Ere thou hadst suffered ill
Tis vain! His vain! no human will
Can bid that time return :
There's not a light on earth can fill
Again Love's darken'd urn;
Tis vain ! upon my heart, my brow,
Broods grief no words can tell ;
But grief itaelf is Nile now,
Beloved one ! Fare thee well!
From the Philadelphia Uatette and Intelligencer. ..
JUit as profitable to lauek as to cry; and though not al
toifether pleaded with Uie result of the late election. I
am quite sure that a long phiz will not mend Hie mat
ter. The follies of "the party' will afford lotsof fun;
and if rule ri lopt's is your motto as well as mine, we
may, if you chmwe, ride together.
Now white and now sable, now foul and now fair;
Now mild and now raving, now here and now there;
ore voices than Slenlor.;.and still, to trepan us, . !
Than Proteus more shapes, and more faces tlian Janus.
la. . . ' .
I d bow to thy linage but how shall I make onel
Thou now bear'sl one form and anon 'tis forsaken.
ThfMi now art a lion--Ah! hark to that roar!
But look at thone earn thou art lion no more !
TImhi now art s hero, all stiff, grim, and awful,
And now art a kitchen bay, cramming thy mawfulL
r. en ne wual inou will still I pledge thee luy beart
But, tor pity sake, say wust Uie d I Umm art !
lS35llI0r&0. -
. The Vrlcrii Carolinian.
ISSUED WEEKLY.::::::::bv:::::::.JOHN BEARD, JR.
1. The Western ('amiimajije. nuhliBhediYcry. Sa.-
Toaoav, at Two Dollars per annum if paid in advance,
or Two Dollars and Fifty Cents if not paid before the
expiration of thre iiKinthi; " "
-S.-No paper will he discontinued nntit alt srretriires
ire paid, unless Hat the i discretion of Uie Editor.
than one year ; and a failure to notify Ute Editor of a
Wiifl to discontinue, at the end of a year, will be
...... . . .. . - ....
dered Hi t new engagement "'" "
4. Any person who will pniciire sis suhecribers to the
Carolinian, and lake Uie trouble to collect and transmit
their subscriptiun-money to the Editor; shall bats a pa
per grsus oirrmg trtetr tmuanee.
b. 07" JVrsons indrhted ta the Editor, mat transmit
to him through the Mud, at his rik mmwided them wet
'sfcsJ fSsveVaBHstfaBafJRa
inm sue remuiance was regularly ma4e.
1. Advertisements will be conxpicuouidr and correct-'
ly Inserted, at fsl centi per square fi Uie nrxt insertMei,
and X? cents $t each.opntinuance : Out, where as ad
vertisement is ordered to go in only twice, 50 cU will
he charged fir each insertion. If ordered lor one in
sertion only, f 1 wilt in all cases be charged.
2 Persons wbo tieaire to comae, by the year, will he
accommodated by a reasonable deduction from the above
chajgesfut tnuisienl cuatiau. ;-
rlr.To insure imimpt attrmtlon'to liters aWrNl
to Uie Editor, the piwtage should in lljcsses be paid.
University Hotel,;
THE Subscriber informs the PuUie that he has
nnftfMid a Ilnnaai ef
- r " v wa mm lllMU
Cbnpel Hill, the .cite of the University of North
Caroiinaw He has taken the buildings and" tots
immediately ortposite Mr. Wtttsa Hotel, ind has
erected large and commofli(Mi Stables, which will
be attended bta faithful Ostler, and nluntifullv
with-PioteinJei. 1 ,-'
him: ha assures them that every exertion will be
made, by biro, to please ind to mccommoftate.
Jsnwary 10, 1634. -J - - ." 6l
.V. VAst ot VifcUcrs x
;rr. At Iiinglon, X. V.)
Jane Brinkley Jolin Cslloway, jlubhard E. Doothet,
Peter tester, Jivepb hvaiia, ckimiet II. Faraba, Nanev
rv f tar if a it . .
rieuia, v uiiaai a. uatuniore, A oner itarrett, Ileery
Uortinan, Jolia Jarratt, Nathaniel Lann-r, Gfnrge Mil.
ler, JJaUtew Maory, Christopher Owens, Jaa Palmer,
Urury I'oeple, Kebeeca I'eepltw, Jiacph Roth rock. Ha.
mual V otioru, iJautiel Warner, lr. WakeSrld.
Lexington, Jin. 1, Wft St.
rou ui:t,
The Slure and Ware-Room attach
ed to the Mansion Hotel. This boom
is in the verv centre of husiiieas, snd is ceosidored
one of the very best stands in Salisbury tor any
kind of business, rosseonon can be had iminedt.
ately, and rent will be moderaitv - 1
Salisbury, Nov. 8,1 83 U - , tf
A List of Letters
JANUARY 1, l-fi. - . UtMK : SoWriher. respectfully inform the Public I
A-Dsniel Acre,V Uliam E. Adams, MUesW. Aber- J.
E.CoL EL Brevard, Chri:4iaa Bullmger, A. J. Bur-
mnr ah. joon r. uunon, iiiiam ikiarawirn, lmim
. 1 .. w, n ' .-. m . I. . .r. 1 1
Bi-ain, Sarah Bexter, Levenia Black, G. Blunt
CDavid Crouse, Moses Cknmser 2, Jacob Cander,
Csndor7Cthsjiue CUrk,' lleury Cawble, John Cam p-J,
DDaniel Delinger, Jr., John Duky. . '
FHenry Fnlenwider, Daniel W. Forzabarger.Wil-
liam ru len witter, Ileugh f lelda, Lmkh t Tnley.
G01ier C. Greea. Geuve Uiuiirta and Jonathan
Collens, Samuel Galea. I
lLtl W. Harris. Jacob Harry, Iloffmaa & Rhyne, I
James P. Henderson. Uwn Henderson. Eohraim D.
Hsrr, JaclUfweO. Peter How.SrUwUewiL
. - . ar
J.-.Samel JarriU, David Jobnsnn, Wm. K- Jormenn.
K-Mulw Kirtoev. WUlni 1L Keefaia. John fcl-
lion, Jsne Kerr. Sunuel Rer.
L .Prwkrick Uwis Daniel Ltnety. John JutaV I
Frtnci J. Lawson, Latac Low, George Leonard, Alfred
I I.r. I ..m.. I.J. h I ..11 I .
M,.,r. torre Morrow. Jleltc
rAnaeraio i simin. unraui rarriHi
R J.ihn Richard. John RirA. Thomas Read. James 1
Rohertmn, Alfred Ranwour, Michael Reidhsrat 2. I
o lianiel Mmld, Moms bhiply 2, J. ntepnens, 1
Michael Snerrell, Jacob Beagle, Tbuons C- Smith 2. 1
Johft Siedey.J.iliii R.rmv.
m ueary n uuainaun, inomaa . ..." miamsno
William P. Webb, Umon Woodfice George Wfl-
boy, Maxwell Warlick, David Woice, Robert Mc
Night Willsnn, Jsmes H. Tiite. Gmrge Wacaser, J as.
Wells, John Wacaser, Sarah IL Williamson.
Lincomton, Jsn. 1, IfXi 3t
Entirely Jcw Assortment
Ilritannia Warr.
ne Soar a bore Jolt Mirphyi Store, and twa
doors bclav lhinttl II. Cress s.)
THE Subscriber has nnt received, from Phila-I
delphia. an assortment of the above articles,
and promises to sell much cheaper than tbey
ever have been sold in this part of Ihe country.
J His new Stock consists, in part, of the following I
'arfictes: t
Patent Lever English, Swiss, Ai French Watches, J
ST f"k , a i . rf- s 1
ur Kings, (latest lasiuuo,) set witn cornelian, i
Agate, and Jet ;
Fine Breatrt Pins and Finger Rings, set with Ca-1
meo, Jet, Pearl, Agate, Jasper, Enamel, A me- j
thvst, and I opaz ;
Gold Chains ; Gold and Plated Watch Keys ;
Plated, .Gilt, and Steel Watch Chains and Keys;
Slides and Rings ; Ribbon Watch Chains ;
Gold and Plated Watch Guard ;
Fiue Music Boxes, with shell
Silver Pencil Cases and Tooth Picks ;
Superior Stiver THIMBLES, ait sites ;
Silver Spectacles, with Glasses tor all ages ;
Superior Pen knives; Silver Butler-Knives;
Watches and Chicks repaired at the shortest
notice, sod warranted P.r TZ mootbs. Jewelferyl
and Silver Ware msde to order. Old Gold and I
Silver received as cash.
r joirr cr palmer."
Salisbury, December 27. 1H34.
I .
Lands for Sale .
-4 IlY Vi1" of Decree o( the Ilooorable Judge
vww s imwj vr savae vsua j e
wiU sell.
On the Hlk day of February, 1835,
- J At. Uta place where.. S-iintr I Guy Utely lived, the
LAN Ik whereof the said Samuel died poseeM-d,
JU)ntainill 2JU 1-2 Acre.
A.d on ihTli.7
ideMl.f Ale-utiW.Gyr sdjntivas the whore
m-rntiotird, ihe LAM3 whereof the said Alexao -
der was seised at the lime of bis death.
Containing 283 Acres.
A e.-xlit of one tiki two years wilt be giren ;
bonds and approved security required.
VND, by Virtoe of a like Decree, I will sell, at
lie IGtk day of Fthrwy sr-rf.
The LANl whereof Jnsrph Albea was aossess.
ed at the linre of his death, es4inr of
A Trart of 17(TAcre!,
adjoining the lands of Elijah Campbell aud others:
One Tract of 230 Acres,
adjoining the lands of John Belt and others : and
torty Acres
Remaining of the Home Tract,
Twelve months' credit will be given : bunds
and approved security reemred.
rrr . JOHN MUSHAT,T.w:nr
i. .
January L 193. ,
ffJnc6tntori A catlrnn.
rpilE ExaminatKM of the SlooWs under the
care of Geo. W. Mossow will enmronce on
the 26th of this instant, (Wednesday.) and ten
naie ine nay km lowing.
Psesattesiid Guaidmu grf pintttitrTy"reqi
ea to aiieoa.
The Exercises of the Academe will be res.
med oft the fir aopAfleJarVT -"
N.B. The price of Tuition per Sea-ton (in ad
ranee) tor the Laugusre and Mathematics, wiU
be tit 60 for English Grammar. Genera oh v.
and Arithmetic, G.W. id.
LinciJiiton, Nv. ?3, 1934. 9
KT To "f mp-nooL" nakfrm.
"It TT. are in the wrkly receipt of a large aesjber sf
' NHWspapera from almost sll eeartets of Ux Unt
tnd Kut, m exchange far the Carolmaia, aad wxmM
L l- J I .1 . 1 r
v Kiaa hi na.c wm laaeaoo oar aaais at a rrasiiii'
ble orire. Thev nmii nnrm.U. J to
point ef literary chsracter, and ef every aW- r'
tics, and a-ould furaiah the curious with s-0T
of oonveraaUoa sad wooOenwnt. rti7mj
aewsewngera, Ute Uterati, sulitics-aa, jl VT
others having oecastoa te aewuspers, will T "
vsntagwws to spply fnr them m THUi"nCIi'
, Saiistwry,Dopssberl3,lL
Situated at the North CkHierof tlieCourtbouee,
-.-.-i lbat they have recently purchased -
Und taken p.k of the above well-known Ea-
Mithmml. I Mr eD 11 OOOCaiJ ktmi w,
, , , ,. f , , - - - iuh.u vau w us uui UOCC-. -Once f
win-.-. - -- - i
. . Mamvra mn iim aiiini it. iitn uunh m .
n6ny cenventencea are aireaoy bwb iv iiw -1
b, nftet kcTVJ
p rnises : They therefore content themselvea
retnim : I ney inereiore Whc.
iik .mnnf all who mav have occaswo 10 viau i .
tttmiinK iKi BMtinn of rounlrv. (Slaire-1
j m itna
in Him 1, ' --- . f 1 1
Paseensers. Private Uentiemen, ana r amines 1 wi
" " .. . , r Z,tt- .L I
th. .mrnod.tion. at the Mansion Hotel
be turpaaeed by any bouse in this State.
surpassed by any doom n mis e,
With a well-built ana well-arranged house, ele-
w ith a well-built ana well-arranged h
n;: .! f fna.Iloom. clean and well- T
. rw. fi.r.t (k. attentive and indua- "
a.iia, aimirB asf-m- a
7. -Uj T.U- .mi R-r and
M"" weH-furniahed Tabl and Bar, and
anaomrnod.tiiif wuwiora, me propne,or.
Manaioo Hotel cmwMM r-i m
tasure to alt who mny honor their house with pn-1
I . m, -F r. r
fi- (erpBcksALWenfonTa Stage
cr. avtaWjb-Ajaaa ... - H iw
regularly arrive at and depart from the Mamnoa I
Hotel, several times each week : and, having an
ekteoasave and secure Stable, and Ostlers who are
industrious and well-disposed, travellers in private
MtMmvmmMr r.hjirk aiv inml that no
f on horeeoack are asmim! that no
P wM "P4"? to fit lhe,r hce " dMJ 0,1
ine roaa alter leaving ute esiamisomeni.
Salisbury, November 8,1834 6m
Travellers' Inn,
rTHE Subscriber Ukes thu method of informing
Travellers that he keens a House of Enter
tainment in Lexington, f N. C. on Main Street, 1
South west of the Courthouse.
His Table will alwavs be supplied with the best
(are that a plentiful neighborhood can aSird. lbs
llnuite being capacious, and attended by servants
who are industrious end ceatous to pleasn, Travel
icrs can always be accommodated with UUI u
BEDS in rooms with fire-places. And last, but
not the toast important consideration, HORSES
triW efvays wrtee such attention, in the Stable
cfde Suiinbert that they may leave it with in.
creased ability to do the service of the road.
JOHN r. MAnKl.
Lexington, March 8, 1 834. 1 y
fj j . - . mm . m ' superwr to aej amne m tnai sectioo of confttrr,
QUb tRnillB ftt JsflQtllresjooshJeleraasasaay.aJadswsr
Samuel Craisre & Co.
Retfully inform their friends, and the public I
in general, inai l itrri r long capccicu supjiiv ua
- Hae a t lat brcn RcrriTedtJ4 i
t .Ll!-.---rtr::7- u-n I fna a dUace tiisak
xi lueir ouire, ai rosters iiiui.
Their new assortment is fresh from the Northern
Cities, and will te found to -consist of
.(inweries, Cutlery 'f&ci
J Which, together with their former stock, makes
I their present supply
Vrrrliai-se and Drwiniblrr
j OeF IVing determined o sett cliesp for Cih or
1 Ciauttry rruduce, or oo the usual credit to pone.
tusl cu-o.-ner. they hope to merit aud receive a
continuance of the patronage which they have
heretofore enjoyed at the hands of a liberal pub
lic, s. c dt ca
Rowsn (V, Nov. 29, 1834. if
r-SAITOATT. ....
npiIK Sun-rribet is about to lnove to Batesrille,
in ArkaitMaw Territon-, and will attend to me.
j king purchaiwa, srllin land, snd paymg tases, tor
I Msvresiileots. There are many tracts of Mililare
Bounty LaiMls, which, if nut attended to. will be
sold tor taxes, and hs4.
Letters (po-t-paid) aildrewcd to the Suhs. riher.
I at Batesville, Arkarwa w, will be pnmiitly attended
Latt of LimcolmJna, JV.C
September 27, 1834. 6m.
'n.HEii!OTtr rrtW a valuable Trrt
of LAND, containing H 1.1 Arm. Kin
This Land is of an excellent quality, well adapt
ed to Cuttoa and all kinds of Grain. A eorsnder.
able port toe of it is low-ground and meadow.
- ne lmprovernfbtAnitia!Wn.
iMLiirg and all aeoesaary out-bouses, are aew
ana convenient.
ftfcTbe terms will ha atsds ssawtotheareha
ser, and can be asoertainrd by atVirranng the sub-
, senber, at UcatUe s t ord, or the Catawba Spnaga,
lum-vniice. .'JAMh
cVptentber 6,"TB34. ' " .
. . a. V t a w r
'PHE S,thr.Vr w
1 NEGROES-com le'.0'"."1 ye-r,W. and
will pay the hTJ ' ,
ait ik.. jave h P"perty to sell
AU who,'1, ""ry lo meu WOUM do
wvll to 1 on r" ' ,r- Jonn Jooea, his AgenL
lie " Mr' S-aaThaw'a Hotel, ia
3,,,- and Mr. Jones at Dr. Boyd's Hotel, in
fitM r Kit
He thinks it pmner td sav. that Iwt i nns
cemed in buineak with Mr. James Hu'te, or with
any wner person.
AO Letters addressed to him, or Mr. Jones, wiU
be punctually attended to.
a , , " ROBERT Hf IE.
Salisbury, Msy Jt, 163t
. .. ' ' . " f BI
,5,; m n, jvlwi, XCtZZJ"'?!
i ... 1 l. IV I. n '
cenis wr rxn. j i :.,
. t ' j.
rv., tJ- i LLJ u a- i . .
practice, bn iabW to cotnoound
. , , . . .. -
J ? . . lr c
in sTaisnii r uc rnnaur si i sn ai n ar i
e c , mm,;-
era M S "I
aire orvans. aocommcsi in iik. .1 .
r .1. s
W "Z
cates to prore thai these Pills are a "soverei.; J
. f M - r -..v.. . .
. 3 ' .1.. . "
n ia wnmw h
ra rTlT' " -w.a.
0o,e' truacf respectable Phy i
be o. JIT
.,4- f 1 an.1 ihe VJ
J thai la d-WJ
1 - - 1 wJI sir.i
iZa SZZ??'
am uiniwivw um nicruusB. sUai r.
. ,. awsn naisf Its aaame kM.fw-al iftKwaa
I .
J FOR 1954-35. . A
BEGS leave to iniunn his friend, and the 1
'in Mrrl lk.1 nnbn in tU V.r- -1.
be thankiull y received by him, and enroled k iU
most NcatyFtsdisomble, and Durable aaanrjtr-.4
terms as reaansnbte as any n this secuoa of rr
try. It. Ik R. bnpra, from his long practice rfu
buMneas, (a wrniher of years of which tifif ie
resided in the city of PhiWleblua. and fk tU
general satwfictiua Ve has heretofore gives U
niitiuni.M fwnvtilJii wul C 1. L w. 1.1.. - . I
merit and receive a porusa ofthe pabooae ef ttf
public in general. .
07" II Batter trtnwelT TCl7rnXG m
really soperior to any done n th State, as i
Detected by the uodtspntcd elegaere of at
attends garments made in bis establishment.
is in the regular receipt of the Reports of the
Ismons as they change both in the large cities (
'bis country and of Europe o that gentk-net
may or sausnea inai ineir oruera ana Biway
executed in the very tuest Style.; .
tJruWs from a drawee snB be artendrd to t
uie name punciuwiiT WMmt carw as H uie Ctfci f
were present te perwsa.
Salssbary, May 17; 1334-1 y
a-ivvrtTrav - wv :-.: , .
U ' f1" V? wf '
kenii,lwt be has JZrswsW kia &U to the L
lyoining the store oCNr.Wsa. Uerpiiy. at theeue.
aer of the Coerthoe, ia the office of Mr. alattLn,
ute jiaia sueet waere ae as oretares to do eitn
ptio.ofsi. theJiBei
saVsus Iiiinrsv4aie
E P. rernUriv reeaves, froas the Northers Cirt,
Ute Reports of the Fuhkaas as) they vary; an4, aw
fau constantly hi hat employ a auulirrof workara iW
are brat-rate, he esauiied to assart the put-! that 4
wori eonejyjjiavwiaseartlt helissnlile aes i
(iaraMa saaoe hy his workssea unU in uB camn
warranted Safe the f ilaair. -r- -r-;--;v:r -
CutOng-Out, "j, prrsiins lo mte thsir winkstaw
'uiW itemed, hnth it nitlar
out and ankmg eai work. - - -
OO" Produce received ia pert pay for work. ' '
'-. TV. Tsalsss, IV-JA ieaeectfyw wtCawsrlsefWl
that be is Agent for.the Inventor of the 1-aJcst JUa
oi i .BUic, waica aa now smaivt amiverstlly sac4 at as
North, aad Ul he null give, ss-tiactka IB toy mi als"
aw in an ani va rnsspsssetnsa. -j. -
Salt-hurv, 1K34-- ly R 'FsWIXT.'
s ' ,
AT S.VLISBURV laanary 8,1633
. liiaim-w:
t ell a 4-i Nails.
. . 50a
Brandy, anpler-i
7T eai
4aOata. . . . .
. l-'i Rv .... 75
Cuttua, ia seed.
e !
k .li
. 3 Sugar, browi.
.li t kmL
Coflee, .
. lSalS.X ... .o'. Ifcstt.
. 41 iTaltow, -. 10
Feathers, . .
30 a SXToaarco, . '. . a9
50 1 fJOft WTteat, (hjtel) a M
1UU . iUluaaev. -tits'.
Liaseed Od, per galhja,
ua i-j i rem, n- -
A ... 1
. J a TO Molanm -.
50 a W Nails, tsV,
. HalSe.r,brw.
. i?l alt; ' hu. .
.11.111 U
. 65 a Til .""alt, . .
. fts&'slWTnryi .
. S a 3 Wot, ,f
tea 17
18 s
HsCTO, . ,.. ,lia 16Meai,(saJ ;S
ixaswiT, ... ii iiiisaie" . al
Better.. . . . 1.1a9ll.U ' . Al I
Coffee,. . . .l4aKOats.fW0 J
, . - mt,l
Cora, . . ,75attSaltsrks,
FWr, sepefU
lene, ...
dtkerel." '.
.2m I ' i-ri 13 s
- 3 i L.jt rrrtl.'
.M.roKr-v. 'laiia
JBM lak. vvnt . . to a He
AT WLCMlIA:. CjIIJsseary
11 U
Brandy, peach,
ITf'llaJL .
Butter, . . .
Cnoee, ...
Cnca, ...
CrtVav. . .
Fkmr, . . .
Iron, . . .
V ht lans,
. 300aS
i.i a ai
1 1 . . in a ur
.75ali kftJw-lw
. He 151 Tallow, . . . 12"
.730 s Wi Teas, . . v j
. 4 a 5p"hkry. . 40
AT CAMDEN, (SlC) Jaseary 16V.
ij . rat n . t rf.irmo (
Baeos, . . .
Brandy, prarh,
Beeswax, . .
Coflee, . ..... ,
Cotton, . ' . .
Cora, . . .
FlaJtyeed,.. ....
Fksir, . . .
Feathers, . .
BrmaJy, peach,
Cnttoa,. .....
Cw, ...
FcaUtera, . -
73a00 (CwjiaJ0sII
a 40 Iron, . .
BilMi .
1-U a I7T-anw. . . .
.MrjWhsakry.. . -
yiaVVhesA aes-JUtt
fa' tl

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