North Carolina Newspapers

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Baked by tha MrUI
tb iiH4i ba iad l make
lhat ll rreai.Innt bad
a.:- a. - ' a ... .
ma norriu aiirniui.
d kilM hii father.
Uj failier w r.ngli'hmaiJ, who dmd many
r ago In thi city. T n hi mar If waa ap.
TalMed lAerward la a Mr. Clark, with whom ha
fl rad tbree year. Mr. Clark, when called upon,
II pj that ba wae ytng man or rieeiient halxia,
Uajkef ana iiMJUMriuua mi urn uu pc ana Try
frdicnliy,n waa wen acoainicu won nirn iince
LTkad left ki family, and had beard nothing lo
lui disadvantage, until of lata ba wit Informed
ikii ba quarrelsoma among bia frienda, tod
treited ona of hit aiatert baldly.
. Tba lotal absence ol any peraunal motive on lha
prt of tha priaoner to (omiml the deed ba at.
fitfted, baa auggeated tba idea thai ha rouat be
bane, lit re waa, however, no evidence given
j, the examination to authorise the euppnettion,
iltVmjfh aeveral person intlmafidy arquainled
silk him,' and om boarding in the same buie
ritk biingava avidenca npon ibe occasion. Tba
iVetearfnTof the prisoner when committing the
Ktwhon ha waa aeiwsd when under eiainln
joa,bora not tha slightest appearaire of phrenv,
er esrangernaut of any mtrU When asked by Ibe
fuurt if be wished tocroaa-etamine the witoesae,
0 u nke eiplanation, ha answered in the neg.
lirsar-Mid that tboae who had eeen the act could
nil the factsand at lha conclusion, whea asked
jl a bad any thing to otttir, said be Could not cm
rU ic what bad bnn (iven in evidence.
The prisoner if a handsome y.aing man, well
irewed, and pre posse suns iu hia countenauce. J
s appeared periecilv ealin and eollecied in the
sjtdst of the eicitemcnt and anttely which pre
niled around him and the President, in con.
lersing with u, since the event, observed, that
kit aisnner, from the moment hia eye caught his,
tti firm and resolved, until lha failure of his last
ftiA, when he aceined lo shrink, rather than re
We were infnrmed by Mr. Wilson, the keeper
af the R.turdo, thai be had frequently observed
Iki man about the: Capitol so frequently thai he
bid become an object of curiosity lo him that be
kkd eudVavored lu draw bim into conversation,
hi (iund him taciturn and unwilling to talk.
whether Lawrenca baa caught, in bia visits lo
tbt Capitol, th mania which hat prcrulcd during
lk two last arssicMia in the Senate whether he
become kifutuated with the chimeras which
ate troubled the brain of the disappointed and
Imtxtioiii orator, who have oV pic ted the President
at a Casar wbb ought lo have a Brutus a a
Crwnwell t Nero a Tiberius we knew not.
If no secret conspiracy haa prompted tbe perpe -
tattoo of tbe horrid deed, we think it not impro.
riwe i im i some oeiusion oi .iniciioci na grown out
af hi visit to the Capitol; and that hearing de.
aotitm and everv horrible mischief threatened to
IM reiHiblic, and revolution and ail it train of ca
hmilie imputed aa tha ececeeeary consequence
efihe President a measurea, it may be that tlie in
tuated man fancied ha had reason to become
V country's avenger.; If ba had beard and bt-
Mr. CalNMi'a speech the day before yea
tanlsy, he would have Paind in it ample hirtihca
twlr hi attempt on one who wa represented
Hike cause of the mnet dreadful ealamitiea to the
we ejt una who. atari, parfitct-ruttenoeaa and
wrupiion to pervade jho jital-uf-4be-4vern'
"WnT, iiisimuucIi that it wa scarcely wdrth pre
rvinu, if it were woenible.
" Judge Craneh saw ttnthiiig in the conduct hf f h
prisnoer, or in the evsdeace, lo suggest the idea
that tie labored under aay menial nalady. He
auiured wp an order that be should bis tailed, if he
coald give security in $00t). TV l)itrict Al
brimy said that the airociousoese of the crime at
tempted should induce hi honor to reqmre bail
in a higher penalty. The Judge seemed moved
'6?'thiiif Imt a thfi ronstitution, ho 'Mid,' provided
tUl exccHsive bitil ' should not be demnndml, he
umUi i .ol require tH4ud Cr ntore than 815001!
So, if soy of mr patriot should Hunk lit twtur
aish lltu sum to aland the forfeiture, we may have
this desperate men with new weapon of destruct
ion at the next Presidential Leveed
VV'e atleixled tlie Court, and being asked to exa
: aww tbe Iliad w ff. the ftaWUf drew jout with
I s-rcw a bull, of which about aixty would make a
pound. It waa well patched, and forced down
tight on a fun cbarirfl of excellent glazed powder.
How the cap Could have exploded without firing
the powder, i miraculous. Providence, baa aver
gwirdod the life of the auto who haa been destined
la, preserve and raise hia country glory, and
anintarfr" the eauee oT the People, le the "wlti
tode of insrancei in which he haa hazarded hi
person for hit country it.. .u. never in more im
ninent danaer than on veaterdav. when, in a fu-
eral procession, followed by his Cabinet the Se
tune and the Representative of the People.
Two Medical Gentlemenjifbigh standing in Wash
ington City, (Mesar. Csusin and Sewill,) visited Law
mice in prison i few day after hia attempt oh the Pre-
, lt'g life,, forjhe, pujrpone ofjasertaining the, rtateof
m mind. They make a detailed report of his conver-
. i. . . . . .... ..t i
II .nnm, jMU Onw no eoociuiuoa at meii own wua regara
11 ito his sanity or.insaaity. -A reat deal uf what he said
m spptrently rational eoojipk ; bat it waionly the r
-Joinlity of aadnesv, aa the fbSowing extncU from the
port of the Physiciana wiiribundantly show. - The
man Redforn, metitkmed 1n the extrarta, appeanr Wise
we brother-in-law of Lawrence, and a friend of Gen.
and we are disiwsed to lliiiit TTiaTTlilMesf
keld out by him. to Lawrence, "that he aboutd have ne
nor work, beeaase he wa opposed to the President,
cting upon a mind soured and crazed by idleness and
(appointment, waa the immediate cause of the dia.
blicr attempt on the President Ed. CarotimUn.
') m im nnv TM ItMIT.
Upon being interrogated a to tlie'rircurnetance
toonected with the attempted aaea9sination,Tie aaid
pwt, and that ha had called at tha President' house
'bout a week previous to the attempt, and being'
inducted to the President' apartment by the por
r, found him iri eonvenation with a member of
Coogresa, whorr, he bejieved to have been Mr. Su
erfand, of Pennsylvania ; that he atated to the
President that be wanted, money to take him to
England, and that h, imwt give him check on
e Bank, and the President remarked that be waa
much engaged to attend to him-r-he must call
tbrir time, for Mr. Dibble waa in waiting for an
. He was questioned whether ha had any frknda
pffwnt, from whom he expected protection. To
Am he replied, that be never had mentioned bis io-
.ui the priaoner, when
I tendon lo invnMi. in.1 th.i
.Ii i . . ' '
in particular
Iukjw bit tlcwrrot sVw fa.' ft. . J J -
U'L I . . ' uiurrogateo: m lo (!. whick in.
dured bun to attempt the rtoawaalan. of lb, p.
ne rep ui he had bn ,4J that It
Prrmdmil bad caustxj hia Urn o occupation, and urin wain of UMMITV. and ha MmiJ tk.l
Jo put fain, out of tU way ww tha only remedy
t thi svd Lul lo II, interrogatory, who told you
IniiT ha could oit ioeniifv an n L.. L.j
that hit brother-in-law, Mr. Kedfera, iM kit, tkat
kt tkoutd kare aa Marf busintu, lacai'ia m wai
orrosao to tmi I iksidbnt end ha believed Red
lro to bs ia league with ibe VnKt again him.
Again being qijMtioned, whether ba bad odea at
tended tha debate in Congress, during tba preernt
session, and wbellier they had influenced him in
making thi atlark on the person of the President,
Ira replied that be bad frequently attended the die.
coaemns in ixan Dranrbea of Mmgrp, but that
Wlr7 Md in no degree influenced bia acUun.
a a
- On bmng asked if he knew any member of either
,"""" v-wigreae, no rrpiim ihat nedtd Dot and
never etxAe to one in bia life, or thrv to hi in. ()n
bfing aaked what bsm-fh be eipnctel to bimarlf
ina ui ucaln of tbe freeufenL be anawerMl ba
ciuld nnt rum unlrai the Prraident fell, and that be
expected thereby lo recover hit liberty, and that
tbe mrchanice would all be benefited: thai the me.
clianica w.iuld have plenty of wik and that mo.
ney would be more pfcnly. On being anked why
a would be more plenty, be replied, U would be
more eamly oUaioad from the Bank. ()n beimr
awna wnai liank, he replied, tlie Hank of the Uni
lad Btatea. ()n beiiiff aked if he knew the Preai
den(, Dirnctore, or any of the officer of the Bank,
or had ever hdd any intercourse with them, or
kiww Ih.w he could get money out of the Bank, be
replied do.
lie to aaknd if he ever threatened to ehnnl Mr.
Clay, Mr. Webaler, or Mr. Calhoun, or whether
be would about I Hera if he had an opportunity ! lie
replied, No. When asked if ba would eho4 Mr.
Van Buren T lie replied, lhat bfl once met with
Mr. Van Buren in- the Roiunilo, and told bim be
waa in want of money and muat have it, and if he
aid not get it, he ( M r. Van Buren) or Ueneral Jack
eon rmiHt fall.
i He further stated, lhat, believing lb President
Ito be the aonrce of alT bi difficulliea, "he wa still
1 fixed in hi purpose to kill bim, and if hia oecessor
1 pursued the same course, to put him out of the way
alsn and drrlarrd that no awcr in lit roenrv
etmld pvnisk kin for dot ag so, hrcatim il voU
be milled by Ike Power of Europe, ai well
at of ikit rxnint r. Jit mis tinted, tknt kt kod
been long in eorretpondenet ritk tkt fWer of"
Kttrope, nnd tknt kit family kmd been wBonorrtLT
DRPBtvBo op raa caoww op Erglako, nnd tknt
mm tkould yet live to regain it nnd tknt kt eon.
nderrd tkt Pretident of tkt United Slalet notking
more than hit Vlerk,
0" Temperance. The Anniversary
MmsI -of limey 8rttlflinff nt 'Twnpwwiicff
Socielf will he held at V?eley.Chapel, on Tac.
day tie 24A taafqaf 1 tha day of simullanenua
meeting of Temperance Socieliea throughout the
.UuionV The Rev. paniel Jenkin will preach the
Anniversary Sermon. The friend of Temperance
and the public generally are invited to attend.
- WILLIAM PMUORE, Secretary.
...February 1, I8y. :.---"-a -
.A. Sfuall Snpply of , .
jEilmanacs -m 1835
Just Receired And for Sale at
.. ...?2i:a cmas."""
February 14, I8T.' Price 10 Centt.
Ebcnczcr Jlcadcmy.
THE Exercise of thi Institution were rMwn
menced on the first week in January. The
Coursai 6T13lufiiv
moo into the University of our state ; yet it will
always bo Tirid. to accommodate such Student
aa wish to enter any other College, i ne loiiuw
ing is the Course :
In the Latin Adam's Grammar, Historin 8a.
Cras 144 chapter, Viri Rome through the second
Punic war, Ca?aar 7 hooka, Sallust the whole, Ovi
dii Expurgate the whole, the Eclogue, Georgic
aod 6 book of the Eoeid of Virgil, Cicero 9 Ora
tions, Horace the whole.
In the Greek Goodrich'a Grammar, in the
Testament John' Gospel and tha Act of the A pn.
ties, Jacob' Reader 50 paga, Gives Minora the
whole, Grwca Majors 100 pagea. -
The scholastic year ia divided into two session
of 5 months each, commencing on the first Mon
day of January snd July.
'Tuition is $4, t, jHO, per session, sxordiii
to the grade of studies.
' Bollrd'caroirlMa1ile4 in Tesnectsble famiiies,
at 1 25 to 1 50 per week,
Having defoled. se.y?ral yfsri to the bu.
rress T)f Teaching, and intending to pursue it thro
life should his heallh permit, the Subscriber haa
mak rival exertion lo keep pace with tba w-
He therefore eonndenuy nopea io do auio vi iwm
I I Kl.rt iui ( r ana ' '
T OT'1TTr T" 1 Bi,iTril u tilt t
Bethany, Iredell County, N.C. )
February 14, 1635.
Earthen-Ware, China,
T. J. n Alt ROW & CO.
i RE now receivirir snhcommonlrgrest vsri-
Il ety of Goods in the ebovo line, selected with
great care by the senior partner of the firm, who
f. in F.nolnnd exDreaslv for the purpose of pro
curing the iveiecat and sums' FtukionabU Stylet.
As tbeir purchsses have been made at the low
est rates for Cash, they confidently invite tbe at-
tention of Customers and Merchant generally io
their very large and handsome Stock, assuring
them of a determination on tbeir part to offer the
beat advantages in poiol of prices and liberality
of terms. ' . . .
Every attention will be given to pscawg ano
forwarding our Goods, and all Ordera exocuted
with fidelity and pitmiptness. " "
New York, February i viooo
atT vcojtn.
r it ,rr aa my nam
Batnrdiiy Morning, Febrotry 14, 1135.
Oa Raturday last an EJecUoa wa bald a Utai.
... t
uaui of txmoa aad two UooMissiuaars le tba Buroark
m . a .
n"7 f l fnsuiag year. The (UWwing fan-
uswtssi were aiscipa : ;
Mmgieirate of PstW-Wsa. Cbawbrfa, Ess.
Csaisiiwsasrs Cut. sVUrJ W.
U anouWpartaf thissaper will be (band a
circumstantial account, fsaesj from Ike Qhoe, uf a re
cent aUsmpt lo asssauaale the PrssWMit.
Wa abhur tasusinsUoo anoVr aay eircumsUncM :
but B irs arpecially woald war feeliaga and our fttfjmi
revolt at tbe eooMimissboa of aock aa act aa was U
tempted oa the occaswa rrfrrred to. . And. sluWh s
Isrge purtast af tba Amerkaa People snlerUm ii ooi-
h'uA that President Jacksua bss dune aiarb, very muck.
lo aring our RepuUiraa lastituliuw into dsrepnla. and
even to iaipair conndeace in the perms neact of aucb
OMtrtutmna, still we eaawit think uut thine is a single
individual ra the country, of good sense and reflect!,
who woald in pallia t the crime which was medita
ted by tba siaduaa LawrewM. .
Io tbs account of this aAair rive by tba Globe, there
i a bass and iasidinaa insiaaaiiaej that the diabolical at.
tawipt rfigiaated in a - aecrrt enomrac v." ! And
aRerwards the name of Mr Celhoua a intra) sretf, aa
one who, eoaduet wa calcabiled, if But desigaad, lo
instigate aome aespniaia nifBaa lo tbe prrsrlraUo of
such s deed of horror. No one wba kauwa aay thing
of the noble .magaaaunity of Mr. Calboua, of hi luAy
pau-iiaisin, or of bis pur and elevated moral smiu
ments, ca bear of sock a insiauatioa) against bim,
bowsvsr rswole, without a feeling of deep mdtfaatioa
and unmitigated score fur the depraved tools of near-
rupt party, who would thus endeavor to tarnish hi fair
fsma, wloch ought lo be tbe pride of ki coootrr, ts H
m aa honor to tbe bumaa race.
For our part, we have ao idea that tbe attempt of
Lawrence proceeded from any other Cause tbaa imani-
But, if there waa aay oonsptracy ia tbe casa, w
would much more readily impute it to the desperate
spirants of that party which ia becoming bnpeles of
success, except by tbe demise of the President before
tbe expiration of bia tana of office, tbaa to those who
have evinced tbeir devotion to Ibe Constitution and lb
L wa of their country, and their abborrenee of all eaca
Who would b pnjfitnd si iaasaadisiely by
the death of the President! Upoa wbota would tbs
Crown descend t Would it not Ml to the adopted po
litical heir the be ir -apparent tbe Magician of Kin-
dcrhoukl AniLwbo, then, rsn find a deeper interest
in tbednatbef uW glorified s,46d cbivf, tbaa
Martin Vio Buren and those who look forward lo hi
aoceasioa for the realisation at tbeir ftordsl bopea!
We do not Heaves turbid tost WS should msinu
te that the Vice-lresideot eould be capabts of auch
atrocity ; but wa merely state the case to show bow.
moca mora puiastoiy sura a auspvcaai migni since is
him tbaa lo timas who eould not babeoefiUod by such
aa outrage.
The servile Editor of the Globe asems shocked that
the bail-bond required of the prisoner should not have
been ao large, notwrthatanding the- prokibtUons of the
Constitution, u to eneure.the dose. roftKment of tbe.
wretched maniac But we are sot surpmed at thi.
We are rather rarprieed that thta snpple slavish flat
terer of llit Majesty did aut recommend that all the
Senators in the opposition should bs imprisioed, and
that Lawrence should be .tortured ike Kavillac.
" "
Ia tbe House of Rf present tires, on Thursday the
39th of Jaauary, imejsdiatoly aAat the reading af tbe
strnal, Mr. Pickens arose and announced to the House
the death of the Hon. Warren R. Davis, a Member
from South Carolina, who departed Uua life ai 7 o'clock
on the morning of tbe aam day. . After paying 4 pro
per tribato to Ui character jot thai sVweaasd, Ms. Tick-
ens one red the usual- resrdittioiiej which arere ansoh
inoasly adopted, and a Committee of Arrangement fcp-
pninted to superintend the fbneraL
Ia tbe Senate, on same say, tbe Clerk of the Iloos
of RepreseaUtivea having announced tbe decease of
the Hon. W. R. Divia, a kpresentativ from the Sute
of South Carolina-
Mr. CALHOUN rose, nd said : In rising to move
the ordinary resolutions on this melancholy occasion.
be fell it to beoelo hwHvn rrhor as-well the
memory of the deceased, to ms be a few preliminary ob
servatioaacoaimeuiorativ of hie many excellent qnali
tiei l knew the deceased (siid Mr. Cyfonf and Intv
niatelyT Be was my near aeijHibor, and porsonal and
Dolitical friend, and we stood closcljr connected hf ties
of affinity snd the strictest friendship ; and I cannot but
say that, in passing through life, I have rarely knows
an individual more richly endowed, . His mteileet was
of the biirheat order, clear, rapid, and eompreheasive.
Combined Trith a-wWlerfal aaedky ef eipressiag ad
Illustrating nia weas, dou in converaauon ana in oe
haiejKesjrfjLncbJrogtiu eate taste, a gentle and sportive wit, and an uninter
rupted flow of good humor, that made him the delight
of evefy circle ia which ba mingled. Nor were hia
.... . . 1 . 1
moral quaiiuea was Deserving 01 raspv ana aamira.
tkm. He was generous, brave, patriotic, independent,
nd disinterested, almost to a fault - For the troth of
this picture that it ia not tbe exaggerated effusion of
friendship I can appeal to many i bearer aroond me,
who knew turn weiL Bocn waa wamasn kajsjou Vk-
mm 1 f . . .L 1- M
via. tie w now no more, ue arpanea una ue ,
cldci tlii morninfc . I wilnessed tbe departinc scene. .
When my BMst excellent friend, the Senator from klis-
, (Ur. Inn,) annoaneeo to nira bis apvroacning
thouffh the sad event waa unexpected to bim, he
received the information with fortitude and firmness,
while he thanked him for his kind attentions. Tbia
communication waa made to bim immediately after the
adjournment of the Senate yesterday. At one o'clock
v r 1 1 . .t - j m 1 1
una morning ne leu 111 10 a genua siumuar, ironi wnica
be never awoke. He departed without a struggle or
groan, lost forever to his friends snd his country.
Tlie Senate then agreed to attend the funeral oathe
next day, and to wear the usual badge of mourning;
and, aa a, farther mark of respect for bis memory, tbs
Senate tbaa adjourned, oa motion of Mr. Preston.
leaVornal teteeted arTidet crovdid
out Ikit week by molten f mora imomUuut,
' (ft" Afrie and He-Miring, . sinpijlsr d
tooortifully intarmtisg i-U le was eiliibnj in our
tract oa Hal unlay tlx 7th umuiiI. Two aumpauies
of " mover" met oa the Courtlmoaawhill, the one seek
lug a mure eligible dwelling-place in the wwtb-ws
the other resuming in the obi residence ia tins Huie,
arW having ia vsia sought better in Ur Und of pm.
Balsa" ki the west Tbe cavalcade going west consist
sd of about doaea carta, aaJ a Isrge number of wlb
disssod aad hearty-tookuig mm, woumni, and children.
white and black oovsy,ii to lha snecUtor aa idea
of comfort and iadepsadsncs - while the one rataraing
to the homes of tbeir youth counted 001 two poor old
horses, epo one of which was tumething that bad ap
parently to perform lha double duty of a bed by night
and a addla by day, and apna which ware aeaiad
a nomas and two ar three antai children 1 lb other
boras carried the remaining property of lbs) little band,
aad waa abas ridden by a woman: awe balAgrowa youth
on foul, and carrying aa sxa, appeared la b tha aula
protector of lb jnumey, who, being eaeetiooed about
U father of U faaily, repled that be died ia Tra-
r These two partise hailed and the lotense
interest with which they gasad oa each other, wa dis
tressing to toe Beholder 1 whils the difference ia their
appearance, pecuniary and personal, meda bim forget
the loss which w encountered in the removal of tbe
one, by the stronger feeling of sympathy for the die-
Iran af the other. It would reeair the sewed of a
Ibigartb todojuetiee to tbe aretv: oa) tbe ewe band, a
Urge aad prusyerou fkmily leaving tbeir boms, (Heads.
and all the endearing connections of childhood aad
manhood, to seek a kindlier dwelling among stranger
while, oa tbe other, a poverty-stricken, wo. begone
company, reduced both in numbers snd energy, return
ing to spend the remainder of their miserable live ia
the very homes which they bad previously left ia tkr
happier and better day I I I il to ba always tbut
V ill nothing ever he done to avert the dire necessity
which our cUiaen are under of leaving the State with
their substance I And will nut tbe above picture have
the effect to 'deter from a hasty movement those who
desire to emigrate to aaknowe regions, and who, praei-
My, awy have to retrace their steps ra poverty and da-
tress, aad drag out their day in tbeir native Mute t
(ttr Tribute to departed a-orfi A I a meeting
of tba laeeutive Cataiaitlao of tbe IJavveesrly at North
Carolina, recently held at Raleigh, the following
lutiona, among other, were adopted :
ofiee.Tbl Professor Anderwm be requested to
prepare a Memoir or Oration oa the Life and Character
of our deceased. President, the Rev. Ur. Caldwell, end
to deliver IM as me in the lollege-(Jhapel,oa the Wed
eeausy afternoon preceding the next AaaualCuaimence
ment, ia the pwaiiiaa of the Trustees, Pacnltv. and Htu-
denta of the Inatitutinn, who on that occaaioa wdl wear
the wane! bads of mrmrnmr on the left arm.
"Rmdotd, That Messrs. Naah and McPheeters be
appointed s Subcommittee to prepare and report a plan
for aa appropriate Monument to be erected over the re
main of the deceased, ia the burial-ground near tbe
03- The late Cold Weatker During the taller
part of but week, and the drat part of this, tbe weather
a) to have been colder than it has been known ia
thi regitsi since tlie winter of 17TO-'80il which time
the Yadkin River waa crossed oa the ice by kwded wa
gone. ia Ui Tv a, the mereury jm JTarenheit's Jer-
On Saturday tbe 7th, t 4 to 9 deg. below Zero.
On Sunday the 8th, at 5 la 1 deg. beluw Zees,
On Monday the pth, at 4 to deg. below Zero.
tf&jack j'rott nmong AtJlmtmVin under.
stand that a cotisiderable auanber of Rait have been
found, sioc tbe lata "sDsp," completely dead, from tbe
eflecu of the coki I This may be. .termed tba atate
of tbe ssi'aaW thermometer." Our town is very much
infested with Rata : aad wa snaneet ruir riliuou unaiU
be glad to bear from Winter more frequently if tbe old
grey-beatd will go ahead "-in the wtrk--tliw hepprlr
aegua among tnese doxkju vermin.
(T The Mailt. The Sortkern Mail on Mon
day brought w nothing not a single paper, from be
yond Oxford in tbia State. By the Southern Mail on
Tuesday we fmivedme Washinjtoa paper, the Telw;
graph of the 31st January I and a letter from the mm
place,dated January 30th, and post-marked the 3d of
February. ..
We know not why, where, or how k happen, but
for more than twelve months past we have received
certain papers, printed Worth of Una place, much
frequentl by the 8uuthern.tba tba Northern Maila,
The "searching operaUon h artodfu&y needed
"Tbe ice-boat "State Righta" of the Camden and
Amhoy Rail-Road Line, made toother effort vesterdav
afternoon to open lb aavintioa; aha auoeeeded ia cut
ting her way through the ice, and caused poruoo of
a 10 pas ap wiin uie ikm. A number of scientific gen
tlemen were on board le witness tbe operation, tier
effort for the last twodav were confined to a few mi-
nutea, merely by way of experiment" PhiUdtlphia
03 Just what might have been expected 1 "State
Righto" ia the cognomen under which all should sail
who intend to make " expeVimtowag
tioo whether consolidated water, or -consolidated go-
vernmehC'Ttl a chaiiDeJ naine, none eaa ait
Wbe adopt it' -r : -rz-
" Our friewl of the Western Carolinian has hit hs
tkirly, aad we acknowledge it- When we aaid lhat we
a . : 1. ,l. .1 .. m t. . 1 v. .
cwra ir imiww ujc ouiun uv uw naieign Kegiaxer
inJaking-CCrtiinjttitttRr "irlly," wa muraly-svisW
it to be understood that those gentlemen pissMssed a
rreater command of temper than ourselves t: and we
hope aad believe that they to understood us We know
that the Carolinian wa in no doubt of the meaning
which we wished to eoovey. W will catch the Caro
linian nappins;' before long, snd retal ia te." Newberu
07 No doubt, no doubt An observant "spectator"
may frequently "catch mi napping " whea w can, sap
m safety. ' But we caa assure our friend of Newbera
that they" WuTtovW t i)d us asleep when cornipt ion
threatena the ruin of our country." If they should do
so, we will sgree to submit to a course of ' Lynch-law,'
which ia rather more severe than le4nlumit" when
administered with the lenity which characterises the
Editors of the Newbera 8pecjttorjjj ;
POSTSCRIPT L.vTbe ConTcntton.
(C7Hr mm been requested to toy, Ikat.onTuetday
neat, (it being GmtrUtotk,) a Public Meeting will be
held at the Courthouse in Ikit Town, on the tuhjrct of
Ike Proposed Contention to Amend Ik Constitution of
tkt State ; af which several Speeeket may bt txpected
to be delivered on Ik question. -
SaJisbury, Saturday, Feb. 11th, lKJTx
i"iiTtRiAi. cnrtnrnNt'rM'r.
V AHlUTa I'liv, Jan. lid, 1 . '...
' Hf Pear fiif 1 TU Imuim uf bl h I Iu-a baa
boen uenbd fr le days, by lha funeral trie. .
u NiMa in honor of (lie nwmory uf Warren K, 1.
via uf South Candir. Mr. !avis, aa yuu know,
waa s. highly gilled geniWmarv a man of most
pointed and finished wit, of o licele and refined
taste, and a uniform gd humor that made hurt al
once the iintaiiM-itt and d light of every cumpany
into which he went. Hot he has sunk Mrio a pre
mature grave, asking nothing of tba world but ibe
charily uf Us silrnce."
The Puaa-OtlHe Commute In tha Sonata be at
length, reported. iTU Report is long one, and
dietloeee a ecetrt of abuse and corruptioa which is
both shameful and alarming. I speak now of tha
charwetrr of hutb reports, for lha minority report,
although somewhat palliative, discloses enough of
corruptioa) to break ouwa any Admuustratioa that
shall attempt to Justify or suataia It. I, tbertfors,
think the party in power will ba compelled lo giva
ap tha Post -Office gentry u, their fit J and lhat
Itarry at kas. will have lo go out. I am aware of
tba difficulty which lha Van Duren party will Ami
itl doing I hie act of justice to sn byured People, -CuL
Johnston k tba fast friend both of tha Post.
master-General and hi sasistarvt O. B. Drown ba
will therefore lake lha removal of his friends from
office ia high dudgeua but there U no alternative.
The misnianagenieot and ofTsrial corruptioa of I hie ,
Ueuartrnent la too glaruif . It caa na kuager ba
defended by any honest rnao.
Mr. Taney's nominal ioo to tha Puprema Court
Dench is atill undeciW. It ia the opinion horn
that tha Senate will reject his oominalMsJ. If so,
I suppvae the President will nominal ao other un
til he gHt a Sonata of hia owe reedy at nil times
lo register hia odicta, whatever lhey mar be.
iwlga of bia ouursa apna this subject from what ha
baa done ia other eases. Tha Srnat t bourn! bee
per to reject lha nomination of Andrew Stephestaoa
as Minister to England. The Prewidewl baa bmiwh- "
nated no other, although we have with that nation
subject of negociatioo of tha mast deliralo and
important character. Wa have) bees on tha very
verge af a war with France, and yet ao Minister
st the Court of Bt. Jnmest If there is any swtiesi
in Europe at whose Court w ought lo hsvd a Mi."
nister at all times, it ia England and yet the PrS-
aideut refusea to have our RepuLlia reprewented
there because the Senate thought proper, la the) ex.
errise of their institutional right, to reject lha
individual arlected by hire! I tear that lb lira
is not very distant when the Sonata will nnt bs at "
towed fo express any opinion of their own.
ll II
Supreme Court. Thomai P. Devereux, Ear).
haa been re-appointed Reporter of ibe. Supreme
Court S sod wo understand, lhat
t be ha asaocuited
ith him in tha discharge of hia duties, Wm. II.
Battle, Esq. of franklin. Raleigk Register.
Tkt People are sh v Meetins of lha Pen.
pi have beam held in Chowan and Tyrrell cuuttiiea,
censuring tba conduct of the. mejoriiy ia lha Legis
lature tut pauseiig the Kesolutmns of jnetnictloa Jo
Mr. Man rum and requesting that gentleassa ant
lo reeigtu .
Al WsileebnriMirb, A sens emietv. en the 2nd inet..
oa tbaSkh ysai J hat sgs,Mra. rLOJLi J1CJO.TT,-
relict or the lata lt. Joseph Pickett Hh baa left a
larga amllf, to which she was kind nd fTrtionaU ia'T"
every reUUoa, and numerous frnrnds, to lament tbeir
km. Uut M to then? eonaoutioa to believe that ane is -new
at rest baring lived for a number of years fa tha
cuutmuniow of the testnt Kptecrpil Cborcb nd -during
her illness expressed her resignation to the will
of her &id, and her trust and hope in Cod a her 8a
viouf. "He that believetb in mo, tbourh be were dead. 7-"""
yet shall he bve."Ceaasissirsest. -
In Raleigh, on tha 28th ultimo, aAer a Imrerinf ill
nesa, which aba bore with alraust waeasisled satieess,
Mrs. MARY MkUNMli iKLEMAX, cmwrt of Ld- '
round PFreemtn. r'-sq. She died pprfectlyresignedt
and the numerous relative and friend who are left lo 'zf'
deplore her untimely death, have the eoneolalKMi of be-
lievmg that their loa ia her eternal pin. Reg ioter.
In Lincola eountv. oa the 1st msC Mr. WILIJAM
PRICK, m the 78th veer of hi are. lis wt a Soldier
of tbe Revolution. - - ... .
In Stokes eountv. on the 24th ultimo. Mrs. RIJZA.
In Stoke eountv. oa tbs 24th ultimo. Mr. ARMS-
WORTHY BEVELL, aged 28 jesr. . . .
In Stokes eountv. on tbs 27th alt. Mr. ANDREW
CRAUSE, aged 65 years, r . ' ; ; "
(t Having made another arrangemeot tha Edi.
tor of. the WeHteril Caroliuwn hereby gives oottoa"
LnLMNJajnea B CampbeU it no longer htCoU
sorting Agent, tod bis power of attorney is hereby '
revoked. . Salinburr. Feb. 14. 1835..
ust received and for T sale at the Sign -of
1 nrsn nice.
.... Medicines, Paints, Dye
Bluffs, WINES, Spirits,
Fine Chewing dt Smoking
Porter, Nuts, Vc Vc
1 T
Salisbury," February "T, T183. t 4t",
"Larid-JindiY effrocs
TWERE will ha sold, aa Monday tkt id Jay bf
Marrk next, on the premises, a VALUABLE '
TRACT OF LAND, situsted ua tba Catawba
Kiver, ona half mile above tha Island Ford, in
Lincoln Cinty. Also, Eisht Likelv KI'.
A credit of one yemr will be fireo, upon enDro
vs wvvaia iy , . .
tz MicnAEE rnoKETr
Adm'r. lest, annex, of J. Bberill, 0W0V
FebnmryiTi&ia'!"K.v,;i. 41. , . ;
EplKropal School.
:i S iha ocremmodstions of tha Episcopal Scho4
of North Caroline ai insufficient to admit
more Pupils than thneewhom namee bavaalma.
Ay been fiirwarded to the Rector, tha Executive
Committee lake this method of informing the Tub.
lie thst further abdications, during the present
arssion, cannot be received. But that ao soon as
the accommodations of the School can be enlarged,
notice of the same will be given. By order of the
CommiHe. L. S. IVES. Chair...n
Raleigh, Jon- 31st, 1833.-.3U

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