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m,. of the Report we ropy entire
;i co":!u!c with igi"tl, lha siguifl
T- Y which will not be l"M upon our readers
Xl m,ri,y n,VB n"w Pr",,Ml account
,,a l.Hta, of the investigalimie th)f have brfn
called W rrwkfl. Many important euhjoels olher
Ln mail contract and extra allowances, remain
tfDt examined, partici.larly tha Incidental accounts
,ire IVpartmetit, and or ro-twineee, ana me
important of ell, tbe condition of the De-
H.Th Committee were not authorised to Report
l Dill, of to pmjMM ey course for. lha. action of
iU ;HMi,4mucli ki wowla trie minority loci
ibtmaulve warraoied in offering n opinion as to
Ut that eiairse should be wlieiuer 10 revise ine
p-Oflic Laws alone, or lo oxercis the eonti
rational power if the, House m the grand inquest
4h nation. " .
" (8 A LIS DUIt Y:
fatnrday Morning, February 28, 1 833.
Tbe connexion between tlx Patron of lHa CanJ
nian, and tb subscriber, u iu Editor, ceases aith this
Actuated by a wish lo promote, aa itiuca 1 n can,
Ua welfart of hi fmniljr, and bolieviog Lhol thi. o)jct
na Im moro eflcctually attained nlanwhero, tlj anbacn
Wf baa d(i-ruiind to laa Haliabury ; and, of coorae,
Ut Iranaft-red bit preaa to odiar banda. I
But, in diipraing of it, b tmata that b kaa not bco
Biunimir gf wbat bfl owea to tho cauaa b bai advo-
jttedand to thmo wfto hav ao liberally awttajpcd bin
in ki huoibla eflirta. lla bopna, anJ belierea; Uiat tLa
fririxli et fht principtea be baa dvfcndvd, will hart
lo afgral Um etMMga.
, In takinj hia leave of the Carolinian the aubacriber
would not do juatico, either to otbcra, or bia own feel
r(S were be not lo acknowledge, (frmiefully, the eour
iory ba h3 receired from bia brethren of the Preaa (re
aerally, ern during an excitement of unparalleled
ararnith, which waa weii calculated to en kindle aniinoai
lie between political oppanenta. And if, in the name baa in any manner wotiivled thefcelinfraaTothera,
ke bopea it will not be imputed to malignity, bat to hu-
J JI '. -
iwn in arm 117 nr maovernre, ana ne eiia RirgiTepeaa.
1 To the patron of the Carolinian, generally, he ten-
'' t hi aineere thanka, and bia ardent wiahe ( Uieir
I Tu thoae of them who.reaide in Rowan, and to tt of
I ii f wnda there, fur tbeir constant mnifoatioM tf
j ii'tkiiKTB to bim, and confidence in hia principle, he ac-
I knoaledge himself under obligation which a grateful
keart can feel, but language cannot exrea, ,
I " There are few things," aaya Dr. Jolauon, " not
nrelr evil of which we can say, without some eino-
m of nneanineaa, rki t f tmtfT ' ""
The anbwilia km w. -A ' at thia f0
mrk,' yet aeblom more keenly and more deeply than at
(hia moment, when he is about to bidvrfieu, not !duii
indifferent, but to die place where be waa born, where
1m ha pasaed nearly all hia life, where still resid ao
many eeteemed friewliS and wher are deposited the
norlal remain of on loero di to bim llian
bisown existence. .
. N'eVer, whila bo nxiaU, can be cease to fed attach.
j Tiienta of the dlrnngert nature to the plnce thuMicia
Irt with many of Uic diarest recollectmna of hia life
W, with the utOMsrt. sincerity, be can ny of it
L " Where'er I roam, wliatevef realm to see,
My heart, tintraxcird, fondly Uirna to tWre.v"
' (& Those penmna wim may hav, hereaflerioauao to
write to the subscriber, will please address him by nmme
mrrrh. and not a Rditor orfila paper; a It will be
0 w
perceived that be has no longer any connexion with k.
vCr. We call the particular attention or oar reader
tn a jsHter, received by tbe last mail, from a member of
Vntrfr, irora in is bum.
that, notwitlnjtanding the gross cor
ruption nvth PosUXRec Department bronghl to right
by ihe-TJWe-eriination, our correspondent, who has
good oppertunii i for judging, believe that the foul
sore har not TW b w probed toTtaxorer and the infer
ence ia aaiictioned by the impudent refusal of the head
V that department' to subuiit hi books to thai iiwpec-
toi of the Committee,-"""! " '
But thia ia not the only important and interesting sub
ject of that letter. '
It will be seen that the rash nee of the President has
brought our country to the very brink of a War with
Francef-and fo whatt For -imuntonaneo of our
:country's aonoti Such ia th pretext but it k
idle pretence,1 -ff there be any iehonor in-the: matter
It must mttach"tir Frarar, forwrHhholdingT-jostdebt.
Lla private lifo, on who has been injured in his pmner
fij ia not dishonored by tlie refusal of the wrongdoer
I m 1 :....! . L . 1 1 r . 1
Iiw nmae rcsuinmin ; mil ne won refuses umonorm.
So it j with nations. T'And, in either case, the inju
red party should Consider tb question of war a one of
pecuniary interest only, and should calculate the cost,
and the eonsequerices, before the war begin. .
It the aonor of the country were concerned it would
m a different maneri Honor i a thing that cannot be
'oaMlfi IPM .atop
to calculate the cost of defending it 1
, We also give an extract from another Letter, jnst re
wived from a friend in Washington, which suggest
(hat our present critical relations with France have, no
wubt, been produced by a forty movement, to operate
uton the approaching Pn ential clfctinn. We think"
it highly probable, for ruauy reasons.- Tbe Van Buren
Party, who look to Ceni Jackson's influence for their
prAmoUon, are anxious that he should have, -the credit
settling the French ctaimav It was shewn by their
utly and ratal rejoicing, when Rives's Treaty was an-
! awinced, and it is more strongly evinced now.
ine same man wno wrote me rrociamauon, wnicn
me near plunging as intoa civil war, is now oar Mi
Sister to France we mean Mr, Livingston.
In his anxiety to get the credit, for himself and his
taster.' of settling tlie aflkir with Fktnee, be wrote .to
Ue MuctvlATj of Hat, last November, urjing tl p
priory of mt I'rIii4, M h kl
warlike tuna, (r tb purpa v( trming U French Par
liainent, (Cliamber of IVpntie) Tb Prewdant ti
lowed tb bint, but lb FreiK hinen rnof ri4nd
and, now, if lh two House of Congresa will onnsant,
waslisll auun have war, and another National Dubt,
and mort widowi and orphan, and ow peoMtmera
all to ewell tb glory uf Andrew Jacks!, and toeecar
the orcoasioa of hi beWved heir, MsrUo I
" War i 1 pro which, were their subjects wiae,
King Would aot play at,"
!or War It lb very ahunent ui which Kiora. anJ
Tbror, and Crown are gtMrtod it i oAs) teaorV
ed to to divert tlie attention of Uie people front the aba.
ax of their ruler, tod lo keep those pegpl in hondag.
And if it be unwise in thus who are already tmbjmt
of a King, to go to war U hi "sport or proit," how
much more Culiah fur a people, living at laast wider
uie jurMt of Kepulilicaa Uoveroment, to risk, fur
light cause, the baiard of losing even those forsia, amid
the distraction of war, and of sinking into aa undis
guised despaista.
We hope that Congress will mat esnsrnl to bach our
King Andrew is thi crusade.
On Thursday the &th instant, a meeting waa held In
the Courthouse at Oreenaburough to cm sutler lb sub
jeet of CoovenUon, - -
Tbe meeting was addressed by John it. Morehead,
Raq., who, in his peculiar and eloquent manner, urged
epon the Citiiene of Gailfurd county the propriety of
availing themsefveaof the present opportunity to amend
the Constitution of Ui Kitle.
A Committee waa appointed lo prepare aa address to
the People in favor of Convention.
W are glad to sec the intelligence of the West act
ing promptly on this important subject hut the People
must turn out generally, M the West, or w aha 11 be
thrown back into a more hopeless stal than that froa
which we now hare a chance to escape. If wt fti
through our own apathy, to effect a change now, we
bare little cause to hope that we ran ever afterwards
succeed, except by iolrnct, which every patriot most
On the 7th instant, the President transmitted to
the House of Representative a Message, accompany.
ing despatches from our VI mister la France, in rela
tion to the Treaty.
The message and document having been, read, Mr.
Adam (Hi late President) made an' animated speech,
in which he had much to amy about "Die honor, and in
terest, and dignity, of tbe nation," and -cone bxiod
moving their reference to a CominiUee tkk uutr-
lion Is rrpori forthwith.
He waa understood, by all parties, to be in favour of
war; and wt Immediately complimented by the Jackson
men fur hi patriotic surrender of party prejudice to
sustain the President in his determination to uphold the
honor and interest of hia Country.
At the very time the remark of Mr. Ada me were
made, hi friend, in the Legislature of Massachusetts,
were trying to elect him b the Senate ; but from the
tone of the last Boston Atlas, we would not be surpri
sed to hear that hia pr ipteek had caused him to be
beaten hy a large majority.
bo general waa tue impression that Mr. A. " voice
was far. war," and aw much inllune was attributed to
him, at least In New York, that- French gnoda took a
sumto rise torra, upon oe arrival of hi speech.-.lie
heard of thav Tbe next' Saturday he concluded coin 6
remarks, denying hi intention to advocate war, and
plained bwobjeel m Aitt following; hiimored man;
nerx -" ' -' -
"He trusted that tbe merchant would consent to re
dic,(o their lortne level, the prices Of Ilieir lustrings;
ailka, and ribbons, for the ornament of the ladies dress
es, and ant disturb them by very unnecessary sggrava
tion in price. He would be very sorry to be instru
mental 10 taxing the ladies for the ornaments of their
It I my remarkable that Mr. Adam waa under
tood, even by hiowncdleagnes,asjrapmnringthe war
side of thequestion. His speech, therefore, must have
been something of a mixture of Ebony and Topes,'
illuminated by a few scattering reya (ruin The "ughP
house of the akiea." -
0J It will be seen, by two articles in today's pa par,
copied from the National Intelligencer, that the Post
Office Committee of the House of Representatives have,
in their Reports, confirmed the statement which were
made by tlie Senate's Committee, in relation to the
abuses and' corruptions of the Pbst-Omce Department
The Committee, in the House, cannot be charged
with party prejudices they are, for the most part, the
President's devoted friends : Mr. Connor of thi State
is their Chairman. - ri-sA'w-i,'r-''' ,tj- v..v- .-.t- ..-
Will the President now keep Mr. Barry and his con
demned crew in office! Jai poor Reverence, Obadi
ah B. Drown, to be considered a sutocieut sacrince lor
the whole sett) W shall soon see: It has been pre
dicted that, if th Preaident does remove his fkvowite.
Barry, it will only be to put him into a mora lucrative
office. -- "
OO" Mr. Calhoun's Bill, to reduce the patronage of
the Executive, baa passed the Senate; 26 Senators vo
tingor, and 15 agstnti tf. We are pleased to find
the name; of rarer Jut Uen ine n rwitH tho twentyy f
wl wish tojeatrain eomi
liabieto'w wraptry-TBeo
Mckean of yennwlvania, and Wmrof -Tennessee,
shewed, by their vote on thia bill that they had some
Our Senator Brown stock to Jackson trace as true
a a dray-horse. Even Benton could not .vole against
the bill, but aWed the quest km by absenting himself.
The Committee appointed by the Senate to examine
into the affairs of -this very important Department of
mass of corruption, so clearly proven, that ot a sin
gle individual bad the hardihood to defend it,
A Bill was reported by the Committee (a synopsis or
which was given in the last Carolinian.,) for the re-organisation
of the Department,' so aa ,to guard, more ef
fectually, against future frauds, and facilitate the mean
cf detection, shoutd any be attempted.
So irresistible was the proof that a reform
n vis ne-
. 'vr 1.1
esBary, that the bill passed ummimomdy.
A Public Meeting was held in Charlotte.'Mecklen-
burg County, on the 17th insuint, at which Resold-
tions were passed, warmly urging upon the citiiene of
the County a general attendance at the Polls on the 1st
and 2nd daa of April next, and voting for Convention.
Tbe meeting was addressed by Wm. J. Alexander, J.
M. Hutchison, and D. M. Bamnger, Raluirea,
07" W are glad to find LUl Judg WhU ha conf
ut, 11 r! only be one step, fhmi smonjf the tlulatrous
triue or UMrfuuhJacksua men.
He ha taien the de
cided step ; Wt bna keep 00 in his course tot bin shew
that he has Ui nerve to oppose even tin ivieMt, the
imfdUMt AnJrtte, hn convinced of Ui dangerous
trmJenry of bw meaaurea, ! W hi in act once ukit ia
accordance with hi early priori plea, and show that he
ia worthy, if be should not attain, the highest reward of
political integrity.
Mmmrnli la Ttasrsse. W perceiv from the
Uf Tennaasea pa pert, that the Poop! are moving la
all qmrtcn of tiiat Bute, upon the subject of Ui Pra-
sidancy. Meeting have been held in the Counties of
Knox, (Judge Whito'l residence) Madison, Rhea, Hen
ry. Davidson, and suaiaujlhervat all of wbkh, Result!
Usns were onanisnoualy paaand, ansninating Hugh L
White of that Btato for the PresidrsKy. Tb meeting
In Knoxviile was held on Monday the 9th, at which
time the Thermometer stood at 6 deg. below Zero, and
waa eertemly culd enough to eosf the ardor of ordinary
men, upon aa ordinary occasion j but if thia i lha way
tliesa H'kif men are going to proceed, tha Vaa Buren
Collar gentry had aa well a nock autaVr.
Wt learn from the Chsrlestoo Mercury, tliat a most
destroctiv fir occurred in that city an the msming of
tbe lAth inat- Upwards of fifty hoosei, lfid(fding Ft.
Philips, the oldest Church m the city, Wk?r ditrnywi.
This (hurch was built in 1T23. The organ, which was
destroyed, cost fUHM)
Resolutions wer lately introduced Into tha Mary
land Legislature, iasrrnrtiaf; the United Slates Se
nate to confirm the nomination of Mr. Taney to a seat
on the Supreme Court Bench; but they were kicked
out by a vote of IM) to 19 1 The 7or of Collarism is
aluvast extinct in tbe Maryland Legislature; w wish
we coeld my a much for North Carolina.
Asm Worm. After several daye of very pleasant
weather, we had a sudden change, on Thursday eve
ning, and a heavy flail of Snow during the night Tbe
Snow is still foiling as onr paper at gg to praam, (Fri
day morning,) and kr now about three inches deep.
(& flince we wrote an article, head! The Iat
Humbug'Whieh traa published in our last paper, we
met with the following letter to Die Editor of tlie Uni
ted State Telegraph. W commend it to the atten
tion of all those who wish to know the truth in regard
to whom the credit ia due for the extinguishment of the
public debCof the United Bute:
To Ike Editor of the United Acre TeUgrmpk:
81a : In your country paper of Saturday last, you say
"It ia known that the proposition for a sinking fund
was introduced by Mr. umwlva. And in the JN at ton
al Intelligencer of tlie same date, it ia said "It is but
just, however, to say that to Albert Gallatin belongs
the honor ul lh original suggestssa of 4b plaa fur the
final extinction of the public debt, 00 which Mr.
Lowndes plan was built," fee. Both tbe Teh-graph
and the Intelligencer are in error in regard to this mat
ter, which both will doubtless correct whenever it shall
be made to appear.
Tbe original ' proposition for a sinking Kind was not
Introduced by Mr. Lowndesl nor was ' the original aur-
rent ion of the plan for the final ssliactkm of the public
. j. w. .. fj - - - 1 ' jr ti tha lairs,
ytxrwill find that the 'sinking ftntt,.wsj established
under Geaeraf Washington's administration. In the
very law indeed, which provided foe . funding our old
Kovoiaimnary eeM, (see Art of Aogtrst, I7WJ provision
was made for its rradnsl reduction and final extinction.
(with the exception of the three per cent stock,) bv the
payment of two ier cent, annually, ;of the prmoiplrof j
vm oeot - 1 ne sinxing rune was increasee in amount
from. lia to time, with the inenwaed ability of the
country to pay, until, by the ant of !Wth April, 1W2, pas
sed no doubt in conformity to Mr. Gallatin's Report to
Conirreaa, referred to bv the Intelligencer, tbe annual
appropriation of seven million three hundred thousand
dollars wt made for the payment of the interest and
reimbursement of the principal of the public debt Du
ring Mr. Jefierson'e Administration, Congress farther
mcreasee um annual eppfopraaxioa tor ine aseve pur-
WW,--to-TighrTnilrionriB'ntdlaT; Aftemarda, wWe
Mr. Lowndes was in Congress, tbe fund waa still fur
titer augmented to tlie annual sum of ten millions, bo
account of the increased debt of tbe U. States, rrowinr
out of-the late war.
From thia exposition if will be seen that, rf any par
ticular individual more than another, i entitled to the
plan " of our nnlnng fund, that individual is Mr. Ha
milton, cor first Secretary of the Treasurr, aided. II
he doubtless waa, by able and hrtelligent con temporal
rtea, My object, however, in writing to ron at thw
time, is not to pas any encomium on him, or to datract
from the merit of others ; but aimply toicorrect an error
into which both yon and tbe lntollurencer had inadver
tently fallen. .."""-""aia:j'"" " t-1
But, while I nave my pen In my hand, allow me, ill
yon please, the privilege or saying a few worae about
uie riaicuipus paraae wnicn parusana ana oiocKneaas are
freooently -making, about the-iwymg'rjff"thelioblic
debt ascribing the most of that merit to the President
I cooM hardly believe my own eyes when, f saw m your
paper not long since, an account of the meeting or Mem
her$ of Congreu, at the Capitol, with Mr. Richard M.
Johnson for their Chairman, assembled, a it would
seem, for the very patriotic purpose of laud ine General
Jackson, and his administration, because, forsooth, a
large amount of Uie public debt had been discharged
uumig uwCTimminii iwtti in ouica . u no; w wiuer
. 1 . : L 1 it er . r. ' i
ina - represenuiive government naa made such alow
progress in tha world, whan, area our meoiheraof Con-
gresa will deseend to party purposes to iruch abgurd alid
rid ioulous mean to throw sand in the people's eye - - -
Why, nr, neither the present President nor hi ore-
oetworsThad any thing mora to do with paying oC the
public debt than either you or I had-oxcept so far aa
they may have paid more taxet than either of ua. I
tnvone of those old fashioned folks, who, from pruden
tial inojrvea, keep an account of my outlay inn 5 and I
can assure yon, that from the beet data I could get, I
cannot for some years past, reckon my annual tax to
the federal Government at less than four hundred dol
lar. A part of this sum, of course went irinually to
the discharge of the public debt In proportion to the
amount of the federal tax which tha prmli&miii
just in tbe same proportion has he contributed to the
payment of the public debt, and no more. No sir, the
People have paid the public debt thus soon, in conse
quence of the very heavy taxes which have, br a sort
of disguise and legerdemain, been imposed on them.
And notwithstanding the extravagance of Congresa and
the administration, the accumulation of money in the
poblic treaaurythus drawn from the people' pnr.keta,
has been so great, that even the three per cent stocks
hare been paid off a measure not contemplated, I be
lieve, by any of those who aided in the establishment
of the sinking fund. I consider it, therefore, a down
right impudence, and aa insult to the anderstandings of
the people, for any administration to be taking to itself
credit 00 account or ine extinguishment or the public
debt Tbe money for that purpose baa been drawn
from tha people' pockets, and applied simolv as the law
directed it to be applied. How long will thw loathsome
disease of man worshipping continue among oaf
WasNikuTosi, February HHh, lb&.
To I A EJitf of It s&frrs) CrWias)
Dsaa Mia : J smd you, by to-day's mail, tl Report
of Ui Committee on the Tost Oil ice of the Hou of
Representative. I 'cannot say that it lays bare tint
I'ust Oflk IWpartuiciit, for it Is very evident that, great
and numerous aa are ll abuatw diaciusad by that reptsrt,
there ar still concealed ia the recesses of Ut Depart
ment abuse still at)- onormraja, lhe removala from
afice, made by the 1'uat Master General, hav not
been examined iuUx Tbe I'ust Master refuasd to al
low the Committee to investigate hi conduct upon thi
deUcateand Important part of bi administration, Thua
were tha representative of Ut people relusnd In pri
vilege of looking into lha conduct of one of Iheir public
Tbe news from France thi morning, la of tha moat
ustfaverable character. The Message of tha president
had reached Pane, and prodaced, upon all classes, very
renarai resentment. I a language neki ay in puoiic
Journal waa, however, very sensible and very dignified.-
Tb menaces of the President are well calculated
to defnaL entirely, tha passer. of tha Indemnity Bill;
out, Mioweo, aa 11 wui ae, tj u umeiy ana taascwas
report of the Boaate, w may still hope tor the success
of tb till. Indeed the opposition anade hereto lite
coura recommended br the Preside!, will, libeUeve,
bavt the edtx-t to coaciliato the rrenrb Cbatobar ef
Depuliea, and induce titer to pass the bill, winch other
wise they would indignantly reject. If, however, such
should awt be the ease, and the Preach people, influen
ced by a feeling of wounded pride, should again reject
tbt indemnity, the incvitabls consequence wui tw in
open rupture with lb trench natm. Ueplors It a
w may, I fear w bare been placed tn a siluut
where it will be impossible to avoid it It ia said that
the President will sand a Wmr Mroooto lo Congress
ia a few days. Congress, however, will do nothing at
this ssion which auy lead to a rupture with Franca.
They will 'wait to the 'hope that each a calamity may
be avoided by amicable negotiation.
Tb sutiMtct of LxecuUv patronage as.sww-undargtv
ing an able and animated discussion to the tvsoalaw
The Van Buren party ia that body resist every attempt
to curtail KxscuUvo patronage. They are, however, ia
a small mimirity. On thia occasion Judge Whila has
done himself great credit, and has shown himself aa in
dependent and conaastent politician, Hw speech waa
ly, parmtie, and eloquent It will doubtless s
published, la the mean time I will merely say that he
went full lilt against the New York system, deprecated
removal from office for opinions' sake, and claimed for
Congress the right to limit and restrain this power in
the hand of the Executiv ia any way that it might
think proper. - Ho eery properly remarked that gotti
man would not disir such extensive powers, and that
a eesf mas ought not to possess them. Tba Bill re
quires the President, whenever ha remove from office,
to giv hia reasons for such removal when he nominate
a successor for tha office thus vacated, if thia bill be
come a law, no aaaa will hereafter be lernoved from
office unless for ansae good and sufficient cahse.
Ia lha Hons of Representative, the Bill regulating
tha depositee ia the Slat Bank baa been under cons.
deration for several days. Tbe New York party, who
have clamoured so much for a specie currency, have
not rejected an amendment requiring the Deposit
lanka to keep an amount of specie equal to on fifth of
the amount of circulation of such Bank, and of tha depo-
siles, boUi public and private I The hard money men
are not willing to require of the Pet Banka aa amount
of specie equal to on fifth of their liabilities. Tbey
bat a bsen for the last twelve aaoolh dVoracaling the
rag system, and yet when a proposition t made to re
quire the nanxs to teen only tmijyin of specie, compe-
rec w 1 in me amount or depositee and notee la circula
tion, these bard-money men reject it such ia tbeir bv
cons latency 1 1 . , 4
Extract apLLttUr f tU Editor, dmiti
Waajuswroa. Fabruarir 2d lXLI
Vfkm Btm : I wratw yoo aome days aeo. at lenirth.
on (ne ttatfrcf Dulitical aSirra here ao. far aa I could, nn-
derid um. rJinca then Bolliirig hae -occurred of
wcryi um saie amveia rrorn irranea,
from Which it appear that the receirjt i.thm a.vtni'.
Message there, baa throwa all partie into a hrrmeotJ
ab express arrived here to day with despatches from
Mr. Livingston-conten have not yet transpired ; but,
report says, they confirm the accounts in the French pa
pers. -1 ne rrencn u mister here Is recalled, and pa
PorU offered to Mr. Livinirston. Tbe feeline here
very high all acknowledge the folly which ba brought
upua as uiese nimcuiues, ana many very seTiouaiy fear
that there wilt ba ata casac to ascsse a war. Tbera
remain but little doubt, but that the oosition with.raa.
poet to Franca was taken to produce political .results
opposite 10 wuat waa expected, lots Franca War,
real or otherwise, must greatly impair' the popularity
of the AdministratirirwJacXsimissi w tailing to pieces,
and-thif iftlrwlirdl7ttw wTOTrahceeill
greatly injure the whole Country, but especially tbe
"uuw. vwnmerce coi on, we rana anties renewed.
sae a new national See. - -
Ia Rowan Countyvo the VXh inoU, by H. Bringle,
Esq., Mr. JESSE iOGCS, ef Orange-ovny, to j2
In the Fork of the Yadkin, on tha 21st hut, Mr.
- aa, v-ia 1 iAiLi, lormerly a ettisea of this place.
In Iliintsville. Surrr Cannl.a UJ
w. f r.M . r, ,;r . .
wi. w.iflnu ix-ii-ijin, u ta aota ysstf of his age.
nE8PECTFULL inform-thnlif-fttit.-i
the Public that they have Removed from ih.i.
To No. 51 Cedar, near William 6L.
VTbera they keep constantly on land a good aa-
aonmoni or
FoT8aton iibernl terms, and solicit an'exami
nation of their Stock from Southern Merchant
vvmmg tne ciiT
05r Orders rromptlyan? faithfully executed.
nnHE Subscribers having been aerjaratery n.
gaged for several years in the Whole
sale Dry-Goodsj BaaineftS, hare entered
into Co-Partnerahip, for the prosecution -of the
same business, under Ihe firm of ,
They havejsyailed themselves of emale room.
by completely arranging, together with live first
floor and Cellar, the apacinua Lofi of tbe buildine
in wiiicu mey purpose 10 Keep a rKOCK Of
Staple and Fancy Dryrooda.
" m sTirpsssTB. oy any e im tyrrjf
Tbey, therefore, respectfully invite their friend
and Merchants at a distance, to call and examine
their ftoctt of tioods? and they venture to assure
them that the prices at which ihey aelt Gds,
taken in consideration wit h the assortment kept,
render swltteejneiits-tarchaers rarely oflercd.
glert Hates.
New-York, Tab, 4834 2n
1 k Jk. .
at i
'ON tha WaterecUtrer, ton nnUta Cam
den, Booth Carolina, cof.taining upwards of
000 .CTC3
Nearly every Acre of "which it naceptilla of cut
tivatiudi Three Hundred Acres are cleared. Al
lachadilo the abova, ia also about
1000 Acres ot Vino LanCL
ON ihe premises, -in a healthy situs
lion, are ell tha building peresaaiy '
to a plantation ef tbe aite. And at
! eonvenieot disunce,' on a hit b heal
thy equation, is commodious, comforts Wa Sand
Hill Residence.
Ia the Tow a of Camden, sevsral of which are
vary (Jeairabki mutation tor bueioea.
Three or Four Trtcii of Pia Lavnd
Within five or ail mile of the Town of Camden
- Term, foe any c the ariore property, shall be
oriad aa aecommadating a purchasers rould de-
k. a. av a y-v Skff
aire. . u ruun.
Camden, 8. C, Feb- -28, 1 t
r- THE 8URSCRIDER Oflhra for Sale
-A- io the .Forks of the Yadkin. Rowan Co.
Aummis uther advantageaavhich it baa, it ia well
applied with jood water, and ia convenient to se
veral never-failing Mills. .For further particular!
apply 'to 'W tfliera-F. -Kelly, al Mocksville.
av. M. AtLLI,
Howan County, Teb. 28, 1839. 'tin '
BY Decree of tbe Court ef Chancery for Che
raw District, (cVnith Carolina.) in Ihe case of
C. D. Wallace va. E. A. Ellerbe and M. A. El
lerbe, I will Sell, at the Market in the Town of
Cheraw, oa Mondaylk ZlM doy 0 Alartk ntf,
Belonging to tlie Estate of Thome e F". Ellribe,
deceased. Purchaser will be required in pay five
per cant. In eiah, and lo give Bund mortgage and
personal security for the balance, which will be .
payable in three equal annual inefalmenis, with ,
interest annually from the day of sale and to pay
for convey a noes.
H EORG E-Wr DA RG A N,-cr. tc,
.Cheraw, 8. O, Feb. 28, 1835. ... 4t - - -
rpWO MILE JlEATSTfiri Porae of 14007
"-vwilj b "runTovar the Satwburv Course, on
a oursuay, mc jena aav 04 jiprii neat, between 1"
Thorough-bred mare BLACK DUTCIIES3,V
Tenneasaa, and UIIARA, of N. Carolina. m
medmtdrr ifler the Racer th Celebrated florae
iCEFORM will appear on the eouree for nan. '
tion. ; THE JOCKEY n.lin '
8eliabury, Feb. 28, 1833. . . tr
XUe Thoroush4rcd Yotinr Hone
TfJILL Bund the ensuing Season at my Stable
JJL:l JJeeUie'ef ord, sLinooln Crmnty; N. Carb."
lina- and .perform serviee at dtlO the fVasns a i t -
to Joauptvand 3 tbe Leap; 50cnta to the groom
is each case. tParticular attention will h ..A
to Mare deft with rthe Ilom, but no fiabilily for
accidents or eacapea, . Tbe fleaaon to commence
e ve laf 0 fare, and rend id Ike If 0 July. T
Whlteatreak waa rot tvia
the imported horse Bluster, he Kv irl.n.i, . . '
of Whiskey, and out of a High flier Mare,
Ewp4y aegaau,rhfT dam by Squirrel
gaaui 1 iwaa got by eipaVent W n Bospj, w
Mara,eia(ef to Crlai JrineeC.i,f dam-r
f.meHne-,raa got ly Highflier j Vr dam by Miaa
Limofl'a Sister Warden, be Afaichem f?iil. .
tWtLftiLjEclioaf, out of a Calash Merw h HJL
horidam, Ueraa, by Matchem Jtegulua, and he by
the Coddphia Arabian, out of Cieanm ftt.M
It band .high by Alexaodec. Orlando's g. g. .
graudam by Jiutxa, out of ose by SweelbriarJ"
and own staler to the celebrated horse Macedonia.
Lafayett'a dam by the celebrated bars Dungao.
Win lSTREAK waa out of Fris ri : ;.
s jmt rmporiouy itoaejV4Md ifrom the rn.
J?W J,7,prey- Fox avae raised by
Col. R. Walker, of Virginia, iwho eoid she was a
finel blooded mare of the wbore slock of horses.
. Whiteslreak run one fcace, at liarrrille. Virffi.
ma, Tree r..r. all horses, tor 100 Barrele nf Corn
Corn nl 14 per barret tie DISTANCED THI?
JliLU . 1 , ..ngle -rmirt.IIrJLJ.I)ttvia is r
pinion Ihnt hut fewiofsee in the
him, as to speed hi hot um not tried.
nnueaireiUi is yean, 6d, and 14 had high.
pi ; . . .I,0-R AC A' BURTON.
February t8, 185. v tf
Ercf Dcscrirxion of ' .
Eiffuferl In the rcry tict ,vlf
'uxJfM-iSJf T LasaaiaarF ff , 2

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