North Carolina Newspapers

Mi!U?Mirj', February 'iH, I M3.1.
l. hm lk Mt Ttmct.
:u,,,,oaT voca owv jiju.vrnrjJi
Heeling t article bJd MHiiiirt your own Me
e'ifiuV b Unlmd u to thru kilner I few re-
mtk tm lit habit II people of lit W Ml ! g4 lit'
; , of palruUiaiHg' (rfeijfti otrpiMif Ml Mi li fnurr U)
i ui Un'ir own Uwiiif end Mala, uy rof iyu pa
jwra, ni" tins priuled at Ui Etru dim, and
witicli obtained o Urut a patron if in lh Weal-
nt urtinlry. W oliptl o Una tabu (urvery ubtiou.
ItMM( ami one rea la, Uiat it Ml great UiKlfui y
I, i prevent prosperity and inrWnc of lit WfeAepi
t'rtkai If an indivulu J w able to pairouiM mors Umq
am trnwupaper, let him first subscribe fbr on printed
in bis on County, Town, ur Sum, and then we care
tKA Whsrs M m M tlio second. . in Una mailer
' ratiftaj that our feeling art sectional, and why irfioul
iH-r wit mi Our interest are tli interest of Mir
fullow-cilixna, and it bocowt u) then to work lo
titiian' band. There can w no taint evidence of t In
growth, prosperity, and iiiulligrnee, of any country
than lu see Ilia pica 10 a lourialiiiig and prrru
condition amonif iU inhabitants: and when we re
pwppir in a ligihing Ul, ppering our in two
Df three wwl, iu column poorly nlled, ana the pun
iher inflating Uiat be must have more subscribers, or
railing upon hi old otw to pay up, w invariably lot
upon lli people in Uiat section a poor, ignorant, am
badly managed apt, who do not know how (n manage
their own interest We, tin, have been in the habit.
ainca w 6rat beratit acquainted with newspapers, of
judging or the town by Die appearance, we men the
ixilaul look, of tho papur printed therein ; for, when
ever it M well executed, the imprison I "fair and
clear," and every Ihmg arranged in order, we take it
-, uf uNultfd that UmI papur ha a ffiajd aupport, and ihe
inhabitanta of Iho town and counlry are in a proapnrou
con liuon. VV un thia ia tlie cju, the Printer gtum to
work with a cIiih-huI aiwl buoyant aiiint; he ue h
bt enlevora to plt-ao hi potrnna, and improve I'w
apiteariiH-e an unfulne of hi paper; and micb a
a Printer nover thiiika about "writing Ibr ((lory and
prmtim on (rut
In Miliciltnir uWribrr fur our own pper, aiHne in
rl v !utl Inve to u MUh, I cm fel Hie Situnlay
Co iner for the ai-iie price vihi clurire Tor yourm ami
.jot mi ro in it t'un yiMir Pper." We kimw thia to
ti irn", tut kHnetmi'- tliouht oT ayini( "to ami
,!."' but l'i Wljf'il have been coiumiered uncivil. Tli
:Stiir.i CMirier, it ia true, ia a lartfn pap'r, ind ban
jM i nre pitrona;e that it can be alloided it two
:i in por year. A tfreal many people in the country
t I. ml ptm-r, to tlie ei luion it( all othem; ami wli
i '. t i I'H'iii w.ien they gi't it! ("an iliey linil in it
. axij? ia.Orf loucbinir t) allair of ihairown town,eotin-
f. or Stilf! Dulliev linil the rwMillof their eli-cliiMw
t.i' pr eelinj!" of their l(l'",lir''' 'be projrew n
t leir i-uiimfrnienia, and manv other mmtera which are
Ol' vital imuortance Cb them! Ni, lliev rim I none of
III.; but they do find all the fi.'lila, ilut-la, molm, inur
tier, uinrrel, accidt'nta, and uc.h like trash, which
Uki' from Maine tu Giwji. We couawhir it
fltHuinr old woman i jwprr, hi only for Ilium; who are
Kxnl of the marvellou.
We m airainxt the Courier ton becauae it ia an Eart
frq paper. We want to ee W intern litoralure and
Weetern periodical encourajred. AnillM?r th'ng we
Vulike to ee, i the habit a i;rel many eatern edit
im hare jTot into, of publiahinr long advertiaenienta
lor thoaa Mern paper, ami puthnr them mo notwe
An editor who doe thi i certainly blind to hi own
intereaU, (iir he i helping to briiiK theiw paper into
omptitkm with hi own. AH they gel in return i in
exclianife and we have known even thia to be reruw-u
- - W prMMint that bo oo will aay that a nwiaer
la of no advantage to the town or county in which it it
printed. Whr then not fcater nd cherish them in pre-
f-rence to those printed at a great dirtance from their
wl -We hnpethe Weetern people will aonn ee tne
mjiixtice thev are doing to an invaluable branch of the
mechanic rtajtj refUaing their aid and aumiort We
lio-ie. too, to ee a decree of metumal prtile and tea-
imtay eortnf mong tw, which will indue our peo
ple lo uamorf ffterr own Mrrkmtc."
kTh" a-bove remarka apply, with equal force; to
Vat whole Vetevn and Houthcrn country, vy e nave or-
hi eei urpriwNt te mm with what avidity the UltU
liitori of the wboto interior country, catr h at the long
- 4veri.roiit of Renter and Northern publicaiiona,
Alltlia earoertneaa with which they puff tlie aaid pub
l:tinnvM wortliy of all patronage ndhat, too, f
u extraordinary kinduesa of the foreign publisher in
.ed4ii! to cMjiawf with ikm I VV wiah.Uie
iilitorfof newnpaper in the -interior could be brought
tn ee their true intercut in tliia mailer : tlfey not only
fiter and enoouraga an opposition to themwlve by
tlun nniimnir thn catch-nennv nub lication which are
i ,...r..,B r rf ,
-i- arintrA at the North and Eaat, (becauaa printing there
iipgTwai iWj bat jupfiortrify w moneft
j I . but they aIo uphold a double oppoauioo 10 me more
f . iriind nd lalentedpf theVesternnd Syuthprn Mi;
tnra, wh are thoe deprived of a great portion of the
:ytmof they )urttr.cntit,?,lt0D with
put which it will be impoftiible to raiae tM ; character
if western and aouthern literature and arti to an ele-
fated stand. 'ar be from u wlsfilo depriTe any one
' pf fhe pteaaure or prriflt t6 h dftrrved from Ihe perusal
pf reepcctablo foreign joornnl ; R only desire to open
faym of he publi ao the twe whichwhibj they
"exult, will mort effectually prevent their own printer
-Trom arriinaatthst propr.rity and pecuniary indepen
deuce which foreign publisher enjoy from the patron
age of Southern and Western reader. We venture the
-ifi if ibm furaifrn naniir wii tikpn in thft
i 1 1 1 U V II lit ' WW1 L I
pectiona of country where our journal haa it greatest
t- m reulaiwnanjtAll ihft jnmajmjjujwu
X Arlneed te-fttronu Wr ahould-not, only Jje.ri)a'
V4uMto improve the general appearance of the Caroli
.ptm, but eouUriswie it three lime a week, and thu
f 'li"5L,lJ5!! new, at a lower
price than pey now pay lor u rrom anroau.
To our offending EdiUirial brethren we desire to
, kmdly.and iniprovewjicklyr i-Consider that you give
1 paper or paper in your Kchnge with-other jevejtt.
I .... . If ypnf feprnals ehotild not be ao large a thoe yon get
lo return for thero, recollect that every sheet coots you
: aa much, or tnore,than the foreign publisher has to pay
fw hi, anl ia therefore worth aa much to you- 2. If
your patronage will not allow you to employ auffioient
- f tree to fill npjour column with new matter, ml you
ci'iijot obtiin aufpeien ailvertising patron!!rp, for which
ym lire to receiv pay, to m?ike up the
. .. . a r. l. i.:-L.
- rje tJireW!r yjy
-yn WIS"-
"Tycofiluctcv1" wv w'"" 'm w" T"mr
of vour type, and withdraw your own helping hand
- 'from a competition which ia already too powerful fur
rnur means succeasfully to comhat Or, if you arc de
termined Ut puhlish large paper, and keep them filled
jip wah aVajl Mfrtj let joujLc!fj'y tlJiM
at loast beVin at home, by giving the preference to pro
spectuses for publication fo be "ismied in the sectiona of j
pountry whose interesU you are oounu orw. w uiviuuw.
"A wiuM(r-'lWii!Mii.-OM who Ibllawe.his
party right or wrong." It is said that this article was
?cry plenty about Raleigh jjuring the last Legislature;
and that it is now no very scarce about Vyasrjington,
.Vnrrirtf.! have thrr of mnrniij'e,
I'lier iIkmiIJ be im i n,r liw in Amnion. ")! injf
when nature put Ml M lier liifllitle f ltrNT, trill.
irH with fioWi'M,! im iirHrialn in'umKi tt ll
yiMithfiil ainl roiiMiuiic tlni h'h In In art iml hoi"'
ruinnier f"f the more nnture, worl'llr, mm liUU
lierinJj Vinier fr llm cM ami prnl.nt iln
wlm tm k ailJitiotuit caati ami comfort from In
K" aluil.irv " blil haa LhiV been CIlMinffed," ail
" NiniftH't auUtiiutiil in it place. Hut in
itw mtunn if falln'ig b ave ailTdrooping flower,
lii"i lli" Inru hrear it wirif w lien the earl
i tilled with filling Joveliriea and I lie aun i dim.
hmkJ jn honven, nona but Ihe widow and the widow
r hoe of blunted ami blialilrd feeling ami af-
fiMilinna, on wlimn wivr wore "tb frmlinea nf
the heart Utl Call like dew," liouM, a Ilia law
yeri mv, "join iiuu" in tliu ettua of licaolaliuri
Mini (tl'H v.
. J)ulf. Hiere U no virtue that ail'l an
noble a clmrm In tlm lineal trait of beauty, a thai
winch ei rt ilaelf in walcliiii( over the tranquility
of un iiLioJ wr'iil. There are mi tear thai give
ao mihla a lustre In tliu chock of iumxtuiictf, u thu
tear of filial aorrow.
Character,- A imnig the tsaloua and devotrrl
CliriHtiHii win) were raixl lo ilo gmid iu the world
tbrougli W'bilefield'a iiwlniinefiliilily, wa a nan
by the naiiM) of Mogg, a gruner ami large bnlchrr
in UlouccNteralnrc. Ilia clutracter M integrity
wna ao inoriMighiy aniins-intea iiuit even tne irrvii
K'imt firmer in llio ix'iglitxirlioixl uflon aaid tu
biin indoaling: "Mr. Hogg, we know you wi
give u the value of our cattle ymi are Ihe Usat
judge of Ihe profier price j take Ihetn, ami pay u
what you llunk tm-in worth. Never in a single
iiiMlance, il i kuid.did lliey rngrei llieir confitk-noe
in hi hiMMiNl y, ' hen tlie world in mi full of I hn
tiana, why ia il llmt aa iiwlum e like tin i rare ?
Think of a Chrmtinii mil iK-rlecllv Inml-worthy
win wit life fur iho ten or twenty yinraof hii pro-
lemion ha been such that In neighbor will mit
trout him where hi own pecuniary interval come
in comp-litioii with their ! nupmwe the prearnl
generation of young chrixlinn worn to aim at
chnnge in thi renixrt -fixing llieir eye on nothing
lea than a alale of lliiuir iu which the title ol
Chrinlmn ahall imply in turn thai hear il, such hm
eHiv and alnlliH-aa from the love of money, llint h
will be tnitti d as Mr. Hogg waa! V. Chronicle
Thf A'rir Trnr. Thi being the day of all th
duy in the year lor burying old grudge, recent
aniiiathie, spilt, envy, malice, and all uncharita
lileix-i m tho iN-ean of oblivion, we have, a fur a
iM.Hilf, eTcluik'dall ix.litics from our columns. For
this d.iy, at least, we are mHi-comrmtant. We fur
givo ihe Tone nnd the Agrarinnti, the Utopiun
and Ihe ranalica, with Ihe single exception of Ihe
Immediate AbolllHHiiila, J lie Lord forgive ua
but we caniHil forgive Ilium -r-Covrirr dj- Knq.
Edicatioui Kit. A precious youth in a county
in MasMachu setts, had arrived to Ihe BLf of hum
year, when his father aent In in to achool. II
stmxl bemile his teacher, lo re pout ihe letters of the
alphabet. " hut a that ! aked the muster.'
" llurrow, vociferated ihe urchin. " No, ihal a
A." "A." "Well, whut'a the nexl !" Ox
yoke." " No, tlwl'a II." " Taint B, weilher, il'
an ox yoke ; crotch all hemlock ! IiimIi ninety
think I don't know Motion Truntffipt.
Travellers' Inn,
Li:l.CJTO., (. C AKOLIAA.)
r"pi!F- Subacriher take thia method of informing
Travellera that he keept a House of Enter-
tniriment in Lexiniflon, f N; C.Y on Main Street
Southwest of the Courthouse,
Hi Table will always be supplied with the best
fare lhat a plentiful neiifhborhood can afford. II
House being capacious, and attended by servants
who are indujrtri'MJs and zealous to please, I ravel
lera can alway be accommodated with GOOD
BEDS in room with tire-placet, And last, hut
out : "the feaat TiiiWtar coHTuWJio4k HORSES
iriW alwayt receive txich attention, tn the Stable
of tie Mubvnkr.ibAl my nay lynye it with in
creased abihry tu do the aervice of the road,
jexington, March 8, 1834. y
, rWi C. WAttttlCUT"
"IAKES this method of informing the-Ladies
-lnd GehtleiheiSBf Siirtshurtrfhat heTiaa' ta
ken a Shop a few doors below Mr. Wm. Slaughter's
Hotel, where ho can be found at all lime, (Sim
day'a excepted.) ready to wait upon all who may
honor In in with their calls or order, Aa it haa
l.becn-Jiut-fl-.ej-v hoxL-liiiie-inceJifl-haa been in
Reveral of tlie Northern States, for the very ex
press purpose of completing hirnself in theT'on-
onoTaf, he flattert i TiimseinnaTTiriWrTiWnlT
bir done with aa much tale and in as good style
as it can be any where South of the Potomac.
Salisbury, February 21, 18U5 tf.
THOSE .who are afflicted with HEAD-ACHES,
11 HART-BURNS. and other distressing aymp.
tome of disordered stomach, bowels, and liver, may
find relief in Dr. Beckwith's Anti-Dyspeptic Pills,
which can be had at this Officeprice fifty
cents per box,
1 he Doctor, who once resided in this place, but
now lives in Kaleigh, has, after a long and exten
sive practice, been ennble.rl to compound a most va-
'uble .remedy .Jor.tJhS. hr,c..?wr,j pj th at-
common in ghem climates,
wftfcwjwi- ie4 adeaU live.
It would bo an
easy matter to "make out certifi-"
cates to prove that these Pills are a ".sovereign re.
medy" for "all the ills that flesh is heir to; ' but
it is not pretended that they are imi universal anti
dote. Cortificates of tho most recipoclahle riiysi-ciaoa-
nd other gwotlemen mi he shownto sub
stantiate their efficacy in the particular class of
diaeaaes above spoken of: nd the Editor of this
paper can testify that kt haa derived epeedy and
permanent tejiet, in the use ot tnem, irom a rnosj
distressioff and ,loru?-eontimied headache. Some
of his friendi riod them, at his suggestion, and ex
perienced the same bencficml effects, ' 'i -Salisbury,
Jgrje 14, 1834. tf
vamjawj: laxd-s
- En tho Idarkct !
1 1 V Virtue of a Peed of Trust to me execute J,
Irv William I)amukea.fuf the purm s there
in expreaaed, I will eiiNww to I'ublic Male, in the
Town of W'ydeborotigh, tut Tvtidaf, the 1 4 Jjr
of April ntxt. fit being lha week of Anon Loon
ly Court,) the following TRACTS OF LAND l
f'oiitalnlns; 3.10 Arrm,
Lyinir irt iIm Gold Mine Branch, known by the
name of the Pinion Land J this Tract has COLD
on it, a several pieces have been found by Mr
Diamuke and others the soil is suitable to the
growth of Corn, Wheat, and Cotton.
The iHie-lbird iiilereat, tlie other two-thirds be
loniMiiif to J.icob Austin, and the hair of Jona
limn Aualin, which can be bought on reaaooable
term. Tin Tiact contains the celebrated (Jold
Mine where a piece of Gold weighing tlO IIm.
wa fouod. This Mine has yielded upward of
Ten Tlwitiaaiid Ilollara worth of flolJ williout the
aid of iiiHi liini rv. 1 am confident this snKiunt,
or iimie, ciiuld be gotten from hi nitne, if pro
pirly mked by men 'of acieuce, aud the know
ledge of Mining.
Conttining i!00 Acres,
Known aa ihe Roe Tract. This is good fot -all
deacriplioo of grain, and well improved.
Containing 100 Acres,
Known as the Jeae Barnell Tract ; il i excellent
Ijnnd and under good improve nent.
One Tract, Containing 145 Acrea,
Known as Ihe John Holly LaiKl, adjoining Rich
ard Kodcera aud Archibald Laney ; tin i second
rale Iinil.
A Credit of Nine Month will given.
WadcaborV, Feb. 21, J:W. (3t) Trustee
II Y Virtue of a Ihsed of Trust lo us executed,
by Daniel Li'vpard, for Ihe purpose therein
named, will be Exixwed lo Sole, on SiilurJay, thr
14A Ary of Mitrck nert, on ihe premise, a Tract
of Land, containing .0 AtTfX, adjoining the
lunula of J. A. HodgeiM, Jvse Tatum, Frederick
Ford' heir, and others, on the North lido of the
South Yadkin Rtrer. Term made known on the
day of Sole. BURTON CRAIGE, Trus-
J. A. HOIXJENS, jlec.
Rowan County, Feb. 81, 1M3. 'H
Situatexl at tlie North Corner of the Courthouse,
IIE Suberriber resiectfully inform the Public
in general, that they have recently purchased
ami idkcii pow-asion oi me above wen-known Es-
blishmenU 1 hey deem it unnecessary to say any
thing in regard to the location of the Hotel, ns its
many conveniences are already known to the tra
velling public, or can be seen at a single view of
the premises : They therefore content themselves
with assuring all who may have-oceaston to visit
orlrave! through this section of country, (Sfage-'
rasscngers, I nvale Gentlemen, and ramilies) Uiat
the ac(uimnKid.aions at the Mansion Hotel cannot
be surpamied by any house in thia Slate,
W ith a well-built and well-arranged house, ele-
gam Dining and lyidging-Rooms, clean and well-
aired Beds, firat.raJe L'ookt, attentrve wnd indus-l
triou Servants, well-furnisbed Table and Bar, and
an accommodating Landlord, the proprietors of the
Mansion Hotel can with the greatest confidence
insure to all who may honor their house with pa
tronage, a large amount of comfort.
03-The Oreal WeTltdni Miff
Line, the Direct Line to Ra
tigii; and the L'heraw Limr, all amp at and depart
Irom the IMAiNSHJ.X HUl L, ; and, having an
cxUinwve him! secure Stable, and Ostlers who are
industrious and well-disposed, tra Tellers in private
conveyance or on horseback are assured that no
pains will be spared to fit their jiorae ibr duly on
Hie ruau utter leaving the establishment.
Salisbury, November 9, 1934. 6in
rpilE Sobscribcr is about to move to Batesville,
111 Arknnsaw Ierntory, and will attend tQ ma
noti-ruNKicnts. mere are many tracts 01 .Military
Bounty Lands, which, if hoCuttendod to, will be
Sold for tn x ex, ami lost.
Letters (piwt-piiid) addresseato the Subscriber,
at Batesvillo, Arkonsaw, will be promptly attended
r-oto-of- idmeotntinX'ltXZ
September 27, 1834. - - fim
THERE will be sold, on Motulay the 2d day of
March next, on the premises, a VALUABLE
TRACT OF LAND, situated on the Catawba
River, one; half mile above the. Island Ford, in
incoln County. Also, Light Likely NE-
GKOLS, - - - ;
A credit of one year will be given, upon appro.
Adm'r. test, annex, of Sherill, dee'd.
February 7, 1835. V 4t
Ov Col. Caraon't) Ce.
?jr$ lebrated Horse,
Will stand the ensuine
Season, et the Stable of
the Mansion Hotel, in
Salisbury. Forparticu
Feb. 21, 1835.
ars see nand-billi.
I'ardicn-Wnrc, China, '
Aa1U)(DAS)4 -
t. j. ii ikkoiv a: co,
(No; 88 Water Street, New York.)
ARE bow receiving an uncommonly great tari
ett of (loods in the above line, aelecleil with
;reat care by the senior partner of the firm, who
is now i Eiiglaml expressly tor Ihe purpo of pro
curing Ihe AeuHit and mom tatkioMblt ntyies.
As their purchases have been made at Ihe low
est rates for Cash, they fonftdiHilly invite the at
tention of Customers and Merchants generally to
ihejotrry. large . aud handjoma Block; assuring
lhm of a deiermination oo their part to o(Tr lha
beat advantages in point (4 prices and liberality
of terms.
Every attention will be given to packing and
forwarding our Goods, and all Orders executed
with fidelity and promptness.
New York, February 14, l3.V Ot
Coach and Carringc Making, Vc,
, In fiallabory, by J. W. Ralnejr.
1113 Shop ia on ihe Muin Street, between the
14 Mansion Iloie and the Wealern Carolinian
Printing (lln e, where he is prepared to make, on
short notice, and oo the moat reasonable term,
every description of Vehicles, from a stage coach
down lo a wheel-barrow.
(r. A'large stock of ready. m de Work always
kepi mi band, for sale as chesp a any.
REPAIUINU in all iis branches will also be
promptly at tended to, and executed in the very
bent style of durability and neatoe.
Jan. 17, .ia. if J. W. RAINEY.
FOR Hs34-3.
11 EG8 buve lo inform hi friend, and the rmlJicl
' in geonral, that onlera in his I me will always
lie thankfully reooivctl by him. and executed in the!
mont Neat, Fashionable, and Durable nmnner M
ertii aa rmiMNwhle as any in thia section of couaw'
try II. It. B. hMMt, frMH hi hmg practice of his '
biwinesH, (a numlier of years of which time bet
rtwidod in tho city of Philadelphia,) and from Ihe
generul stttisfikction lie lias heretofore given to his
numerous resSH:tuble and flutliionuble customers, lo
merit and receive a portion of the patronage of the
public in gi;iHral,
(FT IU (Utters hiuwclf tlmt bis CUTTINO i
really superior to any done in tlus State, as ma'
he toslod by the undisputed elegiuice of fit whicl
attends garmonts mnilo in his establishment. He
is in the reirtilar mooipt of the Remirts of the Fa
shiMHi as tfrny eluingw lsth in the large cities ot
this country and of Europe eo that gentlemen
may bo satiafiod that their orders will always be
executed in the wry latent style. ' .
(U. J.rf..i.. will w hIImvU. n wj,
the same punctuality and care as if the customer
were prenent in person.
SnlUiry, May 17,'! 83Iy
T'lIE Exercises of this Institution were re -com-mcucefl
ou Ihe vfirsl. week, ia January. The
Course of Study pursued is preparatory to ad in is
ion into the University of our Slate; yet it will
always be varied to accommodate such Student
as wish lo enter any other CbIlcge.".Tlie follow
mg is the CoorseT -
In the L&Uu Adama Oraromar, IIietorH-8a
l. 144 err J jhrougn fhe second
uuiu war, xsmvw 1 uum oaiiuai inn wnote, uvi
dii Expurgate the w hole, the Eclogues, (Jeorgics
snu o books ot the J.neid of 1rg1l, Cicero 9 U ra
il ons, Horace the whole, .
In the Greek-Goodrich. 's Grammar, in the
Testaroeni John's Gowwl and tWAels of lhoAp
it. r.o ; - f ar? ' .1 .
mo, .uwn ivcuucr uu pogca, virioca .uiiHirn ine
whole, bneca Majora 10( page,
j ue sctioiasTic year ia uiviued into two sessions
of 5 Smooths, each, commencing oa the first Mon
days of January and July.
TuItibnJis 14, $8, 1 10, per aesaion, according
in ik. .1. .e .....1:
hid jjniuo ui aiuuii-s, -. ...
Board can te obtained 111 respectable families,
at ft to VI .00 per weeltrx
0 Having devoted; wveraT TearslcTtnTTO
ncss of Teaching, and intending lo pursue it thro
,!e- t ,j 1 ,., .V . ....
me anouia nis neann permit, tne Shiosrrtuer has
made great exertions to keep pace with the im
provements that are being made in Literature.
lie Iherelore confidently hopea In ho able tn iperji
a share of public patronage.
Iredell CminryrNTCT
February 14, 1833. v -
Just received and for
" . JI0F.
sale at the Signof
' Medicines, Painis, Dye
fine Chewing 6i Smoking t
Leniona, Candlta,
Porter, Nuts, &.C cVc
Salisbury, February 7, 1835.
?pUE,lawhe te poreliaseXIKELY
-N EG ROESrfrorfl ten tothittr Teara oldr and
will pay the most liberal prices in Cash.
AH who have such property to sell would do
well tp call on him, or Mr. John Jones, his Agent.
He can be found at Mr. Slaughter's Hotel, in
Salisbury, and Mr, Jorioa at Dr. Boyd's Hotel, in
Charlotte. ,
He thinks it proper to say, that he is'not con-
cerned in buaineaa with Mr. James Huie, or with
any other peraonv 'JX-
All Letters addressed to him. or Mr. Jones, will
be punctually attended to.
Salisbury, May 24, 1834, A " tf "
mtT id
Tlif AVrslrrii Carolinian.
IHrtUKD Wri:KLy.t:nT;;:a,::::::;.J01I tKAUD,jpJ
1. Tli We. U rn Carolinian is miblaJied ever B.
Ttan!, at Twq DoHars per tnni -Mld in - j.'
or 1 wo Dollars snd Firty Cents if M paid befur tb,'
aspiration of three montiis, '
I No paper will be discontinued anU j 'rretrlrt '
s paid, unless at the disc ret u of the Editor. 1
3. Hulaajriptions wilt not be received ( s baa) tirrJ
man one year and a failure to notify thi fchu of
Wil to diacontuius. at the end of a vear. will ka
dered a a new engagement.
4. Any perwai who will procure six subacrilers to ii
Uroliinan, and Uke the trouble lo collect and transmit
their ubcripi ion-money lo the Kditor, ahall bate a pa
per gratis during their continuance. , ,
A. (r Prrmmt in.UlrJ lo lis VMttr, nun hwntm,
lo htm Ikrotiffh Ike Afn7,l bl rik -raWc" tkrv g,
the mhnawUdgtnmtof any mprrtMe perton lo Prn
Ihot itu h remittance wot regularly mod.
1, AdvertieniH'nui will be etaiapicuoosly and correet
ly inaerUf. at ) cent per sonar Ibr Die nnt liwrnn
and 3.4 cent tr each continuance ; but where an '
vertiwineni la ordered to go in only twice, M da. wi
be charred fix each inaertHifi. If ordered lurtuu, I.
ertion only, $1 wdl in all case be thargmt
2. Peraooa who unrlre to enirtre bv Um vr. will I.
accommodated by a reiaible deduction L100 llw Um
charge fur transient cusbsn. , , f
to loiiEsronriKNTSv V' "
1. To Insure prompt attetrtion to 1tMira addre,
io tlie blibir, the postage should ia all k be paid.
joii rnuTiAf.V ?l
rpilE Proprietor of tiE WmERN CA
ROUS IAN having f.-yey large supply J
Job Tj pt , C., Vc
Every description of Printing will be done In ti.
neatest poaaible style, and oa thr niowt moderat
lerma. Orders from a distance will be nromoll
attended to, aud forwarded in.tlte safest and mo4
cspcuiuuua iiiaintrr. e . j
a:: 1
Salmbwrj, febraaryZ 1833.
- '--
THE following is list of the Planks general!
kl'' hand, for tale, at Ihe It astern Carol
Printing Office all of which are.of the ntoif
approfod forma, printed on Tery superior par
"d will be dpoaf dof n lernie m low as any.
DEEDS of Conveyance for Land t
Constables' Warranuj Constables' Bonds;
Superior aud County Court Writs , .
u m w Execulions . J
. ' ?.. M m Sumnioiwes
Witness' and Jurors' Tickets j
, Writs of Attachment; Venditioni Exponas t
Marriage Licenses ; t
Delivery Bonds Promissory Notes 1 ' ? ; ,
. Writs of Ejectment ; Appeal Bonds;
BherifiV Bonds ; Letters Testamentary;
Administration Bonds ; Executions ;
Letters of Administration on intestate estate's
Apprentices' Indentures) Guardian Baud ; 1
Sci. Fa. against Executions ;
. f t Cm. K. U4 ;
Injunctions to Slay Proceedings ;
wnisoi fieri racias; liHsisrdv I5ooi!j R
. Cecity Court Coinmimions to lake Dcrraitionij
Bonds to Proaeculs Suit r
xyuuiuuaBiuoa -iu xtuiy , iuiiuy oomieonaes ;
Asaami ana unttery Indictments ;
Military .WactauU fur Finea ;
OCT IVrsoos deairing Blanks not lo be fiiund
the abcive list, are informed that wti can print at
oiner lorms 10 orucr, ou very short notice, aud
superior sly 10.
Suiisbury, February 7, 1835. "
Current 1'ricew of Produce, Ac
AT SAUSRURY. Fcbroary 25, 1SI5.
Taaw. .
Ilacon, . . . 11 a rMolanse, ... (Ml a
Brandy, apple; . 40 a 4."i!Nai!, .... Ha
miner, . . 1-4
Cotton, in seed, . 3
r 1cTcah7"Trnr"
Rye 75
Suear, brown, . 10 a
loaf, . . 10 a
Coffee, .... 18 a 18
Salt, , . . 112 a
Crn, ,
4' a 4rjTallow,
flour, " .
i50 OWWlieat, buLcl)
. list , wi.;.i,o.. ., .. t-Jr..
Fiajuead, . 1(10 1 Whiskey, . .'.r
Lrnsced Oil, 'per gallon, $H2-:
ninny, , ;i
Baron, . . . . 81 a I0!lron,
Brandy, peach,
m a 7(1
'(H Molasses,
. 50afJ0Naila;it,. .
. 18 a 19jSugar, prown,
. 121 a 14 . Itmh-
Beeswax, . .
Coffee, ...
Cotton, . rT
Corn, .... (HlanolSalt.
90 1
Flaxsoed, . 125 a 13(WheaU
Feathers, .-.y-v. 33 a 35 Wool,: ipri
AT CIIERAW, (S. C.).....Jpiaary 22.
bV'oswax, , . , 17
MolaiKw.. . 40 a
Butter 15 a 20
Nails, s C ..... 71
Ootton, new.; 14 154
Kice.::A- ,4W
Uirn, . . . B-r)aUti
Salt, in sacks, . 300
Feathers, . . . 25a4(
btLshel. . . 75
Oia iiwS awJ
Flour, super. fMWa ..
vieonimon, . V a
1oaf Si lump, 15 a
v, . . . w m
. 5a
fTalW, (scarce) . 10 a
Iard, , ,
Mackerel, ,
. 10 a 121!
TeaA . .va a j
,650 a 9001
Wheat,. . . . 85 a II
AT COLUMBIA, (S. January 20.
Bacon, .. . . 1 1 a 13'Tirf, . . . 12 a
Brandv. npach. "" 75' I M nlamies. . - 1 ."37
,r .-- -. : x .1
. 40 a Mackerel, jsju a ei
. 18 8 4. busheL . . 75
Coffee, .
Corn, .
Flour, .
Iron, .
. 12 a f! 'utrar. brown, . 9
. &5ali loaf&.lump,12t
. 121 a lOTalloW. . . . 121 a
.750 a SttWaasfY . .125 ,
. 4a5ijWhiekey,4;.. .-40,
AT CAMDEN, (S.C.) Fctrusry 21
Raeon. . . 14 a OOiFlour. fN. Cara)000 '
Brandy, rpeaeh.TS 1 fJO (Am"ra);9(Xra Tfi
appple, 35 a 45Iron,
12 a li
liSrd, .. . .
. l'i
. 10
. 50
Cotton, .
Corn,. .
15 a M
Tallow, . .
' 75'a87
Whiskey, . .
Wheat, new, ,.
.100 a 1

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