North Carolina Newspapers

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JACK UmT.ft ,
Intrrfirrnr trilk tht I'trrtira l'rm,u hit' TU T,
- - ' . . 'ii.. " ...
antra J'.ntn. JM UAiata 7', ,iiro
"mptrt, am
Va finnnml J kaon haa written i mul ekiin.ifiliinrjr
Letter Irt t political I'trmm by tha nimn of Uwm, an I
(ha It-viifniJ guiitleaaa h glvan it to the public. W
do A think it ncaary to p iMih this letter, but ws
will (ivs iu purrft ami iU U ,rf.
Tlx circmnataiices are Hillowa; Soon after the
Legialalure of Alabama rvi'iiinatej iu Ig White f if the
I'roaidattry, llit R-prea-iiUlivea to Cm;fsa from Ten
nfw, witu tlit ee"jti'ifl of two, addr.! J. V.
liiitiT, riiit(inj t kii i whether lis wiuM conaent
li run aa s candidal. Tint Judge promptly giva the
aiawer whu b ws lnv already piblihi'd, mi which,
it will bn rocollt.-ctc lam miilu I In (Vi'iwml Ui five the
u of hi name, Tiiik at mica pvo i alarm to Van
It irrn, and h Cu.ii ih'Im:hI opralijfts lo il Mirny
Ju'ls WiiiU'a prxrL Tun plan writ. In make til"
imprcaaion every wle-re lint i. n. J.iraon w inml
Ju I'h While, and in favor i if Van ll.jrnii. and thm,
through the uirtuf nr (if J n k.n' name an I will, turn
tint current aif,aiiiiit hnii. Tim Kli(nr if the Niia
pr in Ti,iiiim'-, frien lly In White, "mit tlinwih
Una artiniiMf, fir tli p irr"' 11C riMitil'Ti'-tillif it, n--ny
r mi 1 it, at J i'l if? 'I. I n it !! !'i it e'i ick
hi wimiI'I fir fnrij-t hitiM'Tf UK to iiiir fi-re iti the i-Iit.
IbKI if tna aucrrwif 111 1 lint, if he lial a'l pri'fer-
' cure at all, it fur to pn-iiui that it man in fhvor
of hiaulil, I'Mijtrie l frii-n l mi I aupfatrter, Jc'l;e '.iite.
The Ni'hville K'iMimrt," r-nx-l.i.W.1 a lxi articU
on tin iihjwl aa fulliiiaa:
" II w, then, rn ii, Jirkm prefer Martin Vin
Biren v, llu.'h K Wii.te WK Wll.l. MlT. Kll
OAS' IVSrwr. I1KI.IKVK Til k I' UK Wll.l, DK.
S K'll V.i'tW IMS - HI ;il,MTTK." Tu I'AKK
a cnvj-: I'Mtr in tiik KsriNi ki.m1.
Tt.N. oit 0'Si; ;r To I.KVD S IMI'itoi'KIt
AS'I I'StiKI'lMll.lCW Kl.n:.i.K l Tl IK
t'KSSOR; but we ; t k ti-i of bu private ati.l mt
nil f'-'lin4, of tvhirh, n a limn, h mini it cnlnely
ri'l Imiifll', an I we i.k I'fin, lm ran In; prvf.-r .l ir
tm V hi Hurei to llujli K Wmle 1
"U 'l'eall li'li"" ( illli!lTlt il, llllietiTH.Wetlte!
of t in e,ij(ie or li'iiii""', ire iom iiir nl, are in
tuvorof Muh L Wlntn ; anl rmn it tn-liee tint
tieu Ju Nm Will aeparate hi'iiwlf fni'ii lua lun-trie I,
h Ctiditl, an J hi iuicuru frm:i'K w'l -re nn rmrii
la at xtikn, aii'l every reason e(i(a that they alnnilil
think ahke. If, linwevr, we are 111 : f 1 k ' 1 . we are
certain of one lliinif, lint .nnrh a the (-. 1 of Ten-
U l-e love ti.'ll, J irl(ifj mili'Jla tliejr ven'Tlte hj
mm' tliey w.II nm er aiirieu ler, even it In a Jirtntion,
t'nl fiiri'H pnje, f r whx h h" an l they an hrmely
cnuie., e at tlin ImIIIo or ew OileiiH TMKH linr'
. Mj aikjuiu duLGi'iu Jockun r'l UiU arlieU than h
toKik tire, tiii ail lr -wkiI to l'iiriti tiwin the letter a
bive alln I.nI Ui. In tin letter he romea out phnnly fir
llm Hilliiuorc (invention, anl clearly in-l i-ntn lua
preference for Van lluren. Nn clouhl Mr Vrn Buren,
wIhi VrhaM la the autlmr of the letter.) foilillv Cllcu
la'e l thai thi okiik from h-nl-i irtern wontil at
nice iilell the diMit'erteil iril in Teli'le-we, anil make
the whole Stale mihinit to the ilerree of the Hiltiinore
t'-ini'Mi) ; hut fir oiire he h 11 without lux lout :
limt-t every piper in Tenneanee ha received thin let
ter with iii'litriiiiUon, and re.'l the alte iiit at DICTA
- TIO with a anrU hiM4iiitf fruu uuu.
The ".N'iilnillc It. ublcaii " c iiirlu lea 11 apirited
alle le aa follow :
" (Jen. Jo k.i(i. it will Ih dirovere.l, ia in fivor of a
Natiootl (Vxivenlion. On Ifna iuihect, much aa wo
Duy regret it, wc sre compi'lled to Jiil'er with inn in
"oniiiiirtl. "Wr burmriTrndf pivw portiuaoi' our fef
aamafiir ntir opposition to thm rJnnerm jnle uf
lectinir the can dilute fi,r tint biifheat olfirea 111 our n-
.'...7...., jT.;.1V filrt fil'orn- liniirrnilTtT nt
fj omltiminif nr remrk " N'ifI teir w'iH, is-ver, n
r- I . f - I f V ,. ... . . .....( ! iti .n.nln
POUl ft .1 HlOnil I 'livriiu ni 19 l inn ,ne-, u, ,ie.- nim.i.-
which pr.wluceil ill a le'-tor, ami wu are uncoincioui of
ever having conrf-rte-l wh' iM'm', in any way,
with whil we conhereil nn' irrenjaiusilile Caucus, or
with an'v lectioii it nr'liT milje.'- Harrw Wn left
to coiij-vuire hiH onoi'ini, ahoiihl hive i(iheit.itinu- j
J? concludel, from Inn wlmle life, and from the priuci
pfoa upon WftJCtl tlffflrw rir-t HwMl Utat hu uaa op-
pone4Wa CullvcuUuil Wa look iipon the People la
aovereiifrr. and as nhle In tlriik fir tl i1! -, without
the intervention iif a holy, irr.ponsiMe in it nature,
and entirely onknown to tin ( jinatitutum. lt Con
ventiona lie eHtablished, aa one of our Republic in nvli
tntioiw, and where ia the bon-ted lilierty of the p"oie !
it m leil to the incii, mlnm-f.anj iMite?Pi !'-' PJ!;
IiIiciiih ami unromeientiou-. Iilfuje aeAer. H"T!ie eTei
tivi frocliiM wiU-locjie a u b'i privihuriv and Uic
ballot box, which in now our .ureKt s-iten ml, w ill be
trampled under fool, and broken into a thousaml
The " National Hnnner,' m a 'lohtj and able eom-
.menton ahe k'tleriapeakii aa fulloit :
Aa te Tennetwee, Ucmu, ajuiidependcut in peace
a.tliey have proved lln;ioJvu LrVe.u war, bav al-.
rt-aily recordid their verdict. Th-y iro fir IIul'Ii L
White, without a division. With them Mr. Van Bu
ren never wia a favorite. Ilnniled by the influenced!'
On. Jackson's tliiii'1, he wool 1 never In ve. been
tWurlil of. And bickcl a.i he tu now by the exitim
of some of hia advocates, the embryo candidntp of the
Bultimore Convention will not pet an electoral vote in
the Tennessee college! Who will deny thin ! We
Miiaefiira ;plv.--
" But the miserable attempt of the (Jlohe at deception
jatooalmllnw to micceed ! The reitl ohjection is, not
that "thu iVa.sliville nnta thus openly tke fmch a per
aon aa CriM'ketl into alliance." No, the (Jlolie, know-
H iiirr thia to be fnlse. wuh well aware that it could not
, ' au.stainl ne Viw'rtion by Tsbaitor-cprriof-- -Btrt;-rhe
trim nbiiiction is Uitt.AanJ iV.i le prints ar most lustily
fa .I.,,.,'. Iwayiina ibn .the I)e'iliiieraey of
I dMMin-l - Ah luiJ. yiMiJUttijitftei.ire yo.i'..TtCilic:
Nashville printH Uarr to ecao mt opinion, ana w a
rl the r iti hi of iiukprnihnc of the hVreine tttnotuf
flhfj dare lustily to decry tlw I
ittrtict of the New York achool of politics, and are not
willing silently to-allow a firm and anient anpporter of
all the nrincitilea which Tenrteas;aJULJ-iit-..dvoirat9d,
in sunnortin? their favorite Jackaon, to be put down, and
succumb to one who never supportedMhose principle
until he found such a course the only road to power I
. " For thia, they must be put down, for thia they must be
tfenfflmreftY tfljr.
a nreaa should apring up in the neifhNvhood of the Her'
?- mitirpe"! ! We appeal From the decision of the Globe
I -.kto that of the People. If Tenrieiwee'a favorite candi-"-
htrt ia to Wpiwcribed, because a. wily iiidiyiduaL baa
tnirratiated himaeii into me ravor oi hc, wmiin ne
gtill congidcrg her prounoiTt boa"), v'v yhni "ing at f
i diat.anee. doea not thoroughly know the viewaand wish
fTT ea of hia ftiendgj then are we witling' to be proacribed
i f with him. The- Union yea, even the tthole Globe,
h .cannot turn the tide of Tennessee's ftvdr from Huoh
The ' Truth Teller and Sentinel," a apirited and
well conducted paper, printed at Jackson, in the Weat
, em District, ahowa the pluck of a gallant free man on
the occaaion, and hurla defiance into the ve teeth of
the Old Hero. The following ia an extract
' Let the-Preaident, if he elwses, descend from the
Kih station to which he has been elevated by the love
and confi lenee of his crMintrymen, to the low condition
of a political partizan lot bin., if be wilt, desert Uie
ra.iart4l.apopl and offrea auffiaje, anJ U.hii
. "f 'I advi.nW 4 lfrrilaililerirtlHMltiiMla of ill.b
ittrliai aft.1 .m I.. .I,!... 1 I..,, ,
I" " " - ", .. .r. w,i
ii Hiin-a bia old fneoda, and throw hia lufluenr Into the
-je. f ih.MH tth) tt ifra.jiin at lha apoila and pU
rmijw of tint ffuvruiiiiMiL llut (real aa hia mpulari
ty i powertul aa bi hirunr, b will rind that tha
raaa mil' T11 11 lie a ibey who bav U en itiaullod
and atitfmatiml aa alave and bada, byi revkb-aa o)i
itwm, M their devotwlnna b bun can Viait ludigiM
turn and deftanca to failhlea friend in power, aa well
aa ahield him, when weak anil powrrlcaa, from the
dad! abalU which calumny ami wruntf aimed at bun,
fioin every piMiil, with tji nnt rt-md like hate.
M Thu ta atrimf lang'iagn, and, eominj frmn ona ao
littla advanced 111 life, may avin tu many like pre
anuiii'i'in ; but it ia the lan.'uan 1 a fteeui'iii, and th
roiidiM'Uif of an inJPfndrnl pnti, who find that be ia
plieed aa a aentinel uv'Mf the rn'hta 1 tha p,pl.
Our duty, whlla wa Inild the ataliim w now do, alia 1 1
Ui ixTthrtuud 4o tile Ixnl of (Mir jii.f nM'iit, at any and
every haard, The letter of (ten. J11 aaun, we bouea.
ly ami couwumriienly believe to lie an uuwarrantabla
and dlil.'er.ioa llitelh relira 111 ei-cliim, and Uliloaa
i"ich an liiti nt Ion ia dmtiuctly dliHVoWeil, we ahall not
reiae to raiae imii voice aaiiit it, and to opeimr 111
fl'ieiien, however feeble, to a Ciairae ao lllirepubliratl.
We lauiiol, however, but indnlee the hope, that, when
the l'riilrnl ajiall have relle, e. more muturely 11 pin
the roiieiueiiri-a which liitiat erow out of thu puhlmli
in j hia l'eelin,' aixl wmlnn to the world, he will
priMiiiilly diivow any iuteulMtn of infliieneiu hia fel
iiiw ciiiii'ni in uieir tuoice ia nia am ti-aaor, aim, aa lar
la i leiw in hia wiwer, reUri the harmony which
aiMpicon of a on hi. iml to control ,..,.ular f. e.
nilf haa alieidy ao materially diaurbcd. We btdieve
there ia Uol atnlll 11 thi cimioiuuity wIm wieilil not bo
rejoici-d at Una event. We certainly abutiM."
The fid ia, them ia ararcely a auiiflo jiaper in all
Teuneaee, but haa come 1 Hit fur While, and it laaaacr-
led willw .it the f. ar of contradiction, thai ai-rrii out
nf (wciiy of U10 e-opl of that Sutc, are III favor of
Another thin-, i. certain, that if tie,,. Jackaon inter-
1.1.1I.II.-in the . out.,! ,y further .,. Tenoee, he
11 . . 1 . 1 . n 1 a.. t , . 1 ...ti
win mil 011 ir um' an 111a iiiuueuie mere, on I uu ill
he run down, and become odaxia to the p,-opl,
Clinrlrilun and Jlnmlmrg Uml RintA. Tlit Charlea
ton Patriot, of the 4th uxaaul, aaya that the iiH'rcamjr
tnvel and trunaporlatKin on the Kail Road, ainco the
coinineiicement of the pnwiit year, have exceeded the
mwt aantrume eTprrtatnm t(' ila pTojertnra.
The receiila of the rnad, fir the firat threi monlha of
in were A.'li'HH ; and thiaia liir ihu firat thn-e
Ul j.jlki Ui Wuru ili.L'iiJ. j
The nuuile r of pnaaenifera from the lt of April, ' hA., b llmry Keller, iia.t Mr. JAM KS (JIIKKM lo
I Sill, to the U of April, Kli, were VI,'.'H. On the ' Mi JA.NK UVKKV.
Jnd inatanl, Ml paen.r. r. went up by tUSteani Car, ' ,n ,'lnr"'" coimtr, rm tbii 3U lijm.H W W. I. Will
WilUm AdMit, jlumtT . - liAMMELL lo llm MARY
Tina liaika well. -Kvery irt of the country ia doing , j,, .',rolii 'county, on the 2nd inst . by W. J Will
omethinsj to " g ahead" except North-Curohna ; aon, l. Mr. A. N. KAI.I-S U Viae M.ViKJAKKT, el
and ahall we never awake ! dint daughter of Ca)L Jami-a Quinn.
In I.iih'oIii county, on the 3 1 nt ulL, bv the Kev S. I.
mi t t . i ,, . , Wataon, JOHN H ART, rW, of Mecklenlmrif countv,
bxlrmyrrnnrr. The late .Mr. iaT. in a letter to .. ... . . .Jvnli iv ri i .
, ' ,,, , , , , lo .Mra. IOI.M W. ld.XDSlY, of Lincoln county,
the Reverend Mr. .eum, !. ribi-a the etfecti ot in- , , , ,, . . .,, . ,. ., n ,
I In Ireilell countv, on the .Hat UlL, bv the Rev. J.
temperance in the following very forcible lantfiiairH: v,!,u..n. Dr. (JhORCJK W. STINSoV. nl lnraa
" It raliii thu arm, the brain, the heart all Die beet ter'di.trirt, S.C., to Mum MARGARET RYhltS. of In
airei'tuuiH, all the eiieriea of the mind, withci under dell county.
ita influence. " The binjuaife ta not more forcible than At ''"'c..rd, Calwrrtw county, nn Thursday, the 2nd
1Br i uialant, by the Ri-vcrend Dr. Robertann, C,(. DA.VIKI.
lm Tnf; wiw real rBoi,rru.
AlnnHi. r.ntToae: n is now generally unueratravi
n . i . 1 1 i i ii . r
thit Mr. an Huren haa etilahlihed a Imiiwh not ol
., vi . i . r ,i tu- n , ,i u . c
the Mint, but ot the ".l(i lirtrrnry, at the Seal of
..i,, c . .i L. r i it
I fiieriiniefi( in tola Ntate. IimT tlie iiiirimMA ,,! ililtiiiiur
, . , ,
the benoata of . tbeJSew-lork avewm of Utica uvor
Nlh-Cd,.. J order Uul.L p-H.ple of the Slate
may derive all the bc.iefiU from IhiabnU nfthe.jr - i -
...- f - i i .i....u ... I., i.. L...
who are tbc a-rcnts-at Rilt-uh, ami th mnt
ill hi il ,9 i.n I nil,-. n,i,n w will u iu biiv
' . . . . . I
other pjrU of the State. I hope you will- write on to VJ ...
the E-Lha of tbo Riloigh piper, to procure a l.sV of, commun.ty where ahe lived.
the Manveman.1 Ollwera at -that place, ami alau in' .OnJJlcWt instant, after an illnea of ten daya,t the
other pirta of North-Carolina, and let the mini' be pub- residence of bis father, near Morjmnlon, Burke county,
Irsherf, that all may aee. 4 ain iwmUv wire that wa ha vti.N. C. AJJS.XANPUR, fourti.ion of Col. Jainea Krwin,
-.veraJ of the aulwitfenU, or de(utiin. about Charlotte, aired 17 yeara and 2S days. In ihia diapenaation, we
MKCKI.K.N'IUJIUj. j have another inatance of the mystenotianeaii of Divine
.Yitii Huie Let the list show what office each of IVovidence. A youth of a hiirhly resp-ctable order of
tin: M.inaersiit It V m other irl.s of the Suite, Vthlenla, ami ft.TOnrtnjr pmapecta, is suddenly anatehed
(Tinn-rlv, or now' lavsTaa, nrare in mrttuhim away, leaving all Lhe loud auticipaliona of hia family,
' .. . . 1 ,. ., .' . ' c. i ... i . UI.....-I k., I... ....i, .....I.. .i
of reeeivin-. irtrrv Ac all tne mnci-a penaniui to
the lLdnich of the Mint at Charlotte yet filled up!
-.. i" ! -aH----'-
From the Rtilriiih Slar.
-. . roRflKHY. A5.U r TRICJiEttVJ:
If ia witlr h-ep iiiortificntrou tlmt-. we- fimhrmrrfprevtrtiw trr hnrrlearh.-trrttrr' rtimsrhtrrof Col.- Allen of-
.selves compelled to adopt the! term in reference
to a North Carolina press. I he period bus am
vud4 however, when it. .has become necessary to
cull thinyijiy ilif ir "nghl uaineii, and, MHfdeaaant as
till tnslt i my be, wc-wtHn-t shrink frM air luly.
We ask (be altowtion of lhe reader to (lie liillowing
article, the first- taken fiXM the- Siuutlurd of llw
'JTlli of March, the second from that pajier of the
U,l of April :
From the Siandirtf nf the
JA of March.
As a peace offering to
the old federal whijpi of
blue-light memory, he laya
at tiieir fcet a most, luborcd
report, gotten up for the ex
press -purpose, on the sub
ject of executive patronage;
mill makes a full confession
of faith in the rankest of lhe
blue-light doctrine. He re-'
From the tamf paper of
the lira of April.
Corns now, no trickery.
If the "Register" beliettt
what it states, in regard
Ui our pnifuisijig to give
" a IiLi-mI extract from
Mr. Calhoun's report," we
would ah ise a tecond
wading of our article on
the subject. It will he
' seen we quoted from Mr.
- Calhoun -"- reiiuu-lu'-ou
..." If they wished to have the subject, not from hia
the nuhlic busines transacted " rrjml. Se. w5 have
fte made tnfe, ot lure of hit tween iwo niremrnaa. - it
place at jL.were a free- has cither, from obtuse-
r perception. iv-
policy of lite government,
wrong reading to our
Ty attempted to practice
a deception in relation
to it.
" No obtiiseness of perception" ean extricate the
jiirms of etpression in the language have any defi
nitfl signification, tie is convicted, out of his own
mouth, of having attempted to disparage the most
important report made to the Senate last winter,
by pretending to extract" frorn 'il literally a aenti-
fiiieiit wliith ia totalHrat variance with cur renublin
can institutions. Upon such a transaction com-
n n . 1 1 ,1 li atituipfli.fuia. Vii kminiuu 4fiin
.n...v wwiu.v... V"
is nailed to the counter, and L"Ul-Jt
Tjlcarly edliylcTecTol' having " knowingly attempted
to practice a deception."
lie who commits crime, naturally enough at
tempts to avoid the consequences by a rcfiige to
evasion. "It will oe seen we nuoteo iroin ir.
Calhoun's remarks on the subject ! not from his re
port " shrieks the Standard when the lash is ap-
plied. Jl his rs equally untrue, w e again putuisn
in parallel columns the sentence professed to be ex
tracted from Mr. Calhoun's speech, and the rc-
Hiarh rUy made by him. II ia imiI ncOaaary to
r'ad lh"iii, lorn4ivii the StaiulttrJ, Ui aeroiiil
in-I.UH e, to uai) hfl inil'leat leruia, yf forgery aiei
rMrm t m Mr. f W
aena a Sptnk.
I, (k rny part, mut aay
that arrtifdmjf tu my turn
repliori lha trua princtpla
M, bi render thoaa who
ar cliarnd ilb tuera
rniniaterml nfiii r uiin
tfi their place, ai kaif aa
they wmtliiw to dwebr
.- gift mm Mr, ("
Anua'i Uperrk by tk
- If they Wiahod lit hiva
the puUir buauieM lianaac
led laithfully, tkf nflfrr
iKnulJ If nutdr afr, mi
int ttf Kit flitrm at if U
Mr4 ft W., Ar4
ih"ul,l hi- Me ththry of iht Uieir atuty with ability
(J.itrrnmi nl, Ac. and inU'irrity ; and I wHild
, no MHira ("runt the Chief
Majriatrato of a daintry
' to diaptacn ihmi willnnit
cauae, mi pr'i ground;
than I would permit him
to dive.t tbeia of tiieir
fieehnlda the power Ul
diveat them of I lie one, ia
calculated to make them
a aervile nxl di aoi.lent
aa the powei tu diveat
tHerr? of the other.
It ia no matter of "irnriae llml lli Kdilor of aiirh
a print aliiMild etinl lit m ini and politicnl puritv
of ( ol. Ileiiton, ami tiHial that " mi iiiun in llm nn
1 . 1 .. ,.1.1 ...... r 1 11 ,. .
a,. , , . ,. , ,,
0' Aiihh kendnll.
" ""
! f'ullim. The Columbia Tunea, nf the lrtli metant,
Mya, that the buaincaa of Uie week Wmi lare f!ir the
' aeaaon, and all lha Cotton that came to inaket waa
1 readily diaae-d of at 1 1 a 17 cerila. ...
! The poUication of the Cberaw C.arHte, from which
we hereUifi ne ohtainl the ir ice of CotUm, al that mar-
' ket, having Iwcn diacoutinueil, we are at preaenl under
' ,. n,((y )(f mklnjf t) u
,Mir u,u ()(11t.ll,m,i but ti U(U 1M,.., one (con.
.,,i.i., ,,i., , . . .j ,1 w
ni..,ir,' iim WW i Ml mil MXIHIU IK 1,1,7 IIIUIIIITi W .
hull endeavor to make arrangement for receivunf the
pricea current repnlirlr, thnnish private aotirrea.
In ihta Town, on the 17th inatant, by the Rev Sam I
Rothrock. Mr. UMtV TRKXLWl to Miaa
In thia County, on the 2nd inatant, by dain Rne
man, K-. Mr (JF.ORUK DL'KK to Mi- MAR(JA
I In (he- Knrkao' the Yadkm. (Rnwan.V m lh lilh
jCOI.h.MA to Mim M.KI M. 11 AIIA.N, daughter
j of tin.' lute John K. Miih:in, IJ.
tk'iaUTii-ii this 1 1 rr.
......... ..... ....
I , ,, . , ., . . n
In thia Town, on riiuradav, the 1 ,th instant, after a
.. , .,,.. .... ,
vrry 'verc illn, Mr. rRANChS LALDWhl.U
' . n ., , ,
conaortof David f.Caldwel, Rai., affed about 37 yeaja.
. I '
TllZi'.l.CJfJ?- I" 'hifCwintv. Mra.
' f,"1 UWRy. i.tUrt :67eara,
1 --Wt lm l.wry, deced. him wa. a w.Miiar. of
i exem pmrv piny, auu
I ' many of the fineat XralU of
w:our,?a un5'n'"n " "" . i i IT
I - . ..i i - r .....i. i
, "'"'"v t'l'i, uio.Lt. u, ,,,, unuuii:i; ti.u,
In Mecklenbiirij county, on the 20th nit, of a pulmo-
niry aflection, Mra. MINTY S. IIK.VDERSO.V, wife
of .lr. Duvid llendfiraon, aod years.
In Tipton county, Tenn., COXE.N C. PELOACII,
Esrt. . Mr. Deloaoh bad been married, only three awlu
... . X . .
Somerville; and ia ajaikeu of as a heavy loss to. the
whole community iu which he was a member
Front the .Viier' tf- Farmm" Journal.
. ARRAXGEME.NTR ' " ... ;;,':
For Ciiehratinsc the Anniverinry of the Mrrklenburg
, :.,...JL.J)vclaralkn qf IndepetuliMC, ... .
In pursuance of previous notice, a nvieting waa held
at the Court-I louse in Charlotte, on the 2nd insL, for the
purpose of making Arrangements to Celebrate the An
niversiiry of the Mecklenburg Declaration of Indepen
dence, on the iflith May next. The meeting was orga
nized by appo nting Col. William J. Alexander Chair
man, and Braly Oates Secretary.
On motion of F. I Smith, Esq., the. following Pream
ble and Resolutions were unanimously adopted.
Whkrea, it is hut a proper respect due to the pat
riotism nf our forefathers, that their acta should be com
memorated in such a maniret as to shew our admiration
for the noble fueling and daring courage by which they
were distinguished. And whereas, no event waa more
better calculated to exhibit the independent spirit of our
ancestor, than thr Declaration of Independence made
bydhe-citUejia of Mecklenburg .on the 'ifKIt Mhv, 1775,
ami nntw which celebrated, w.itli jnoro deinorj-
stration of joyful remembrance, without regard to parti
. Y" fHitl.T. cf the people of .Vorth-Carolinajand parlie-
ularly by tliose of the jountj in jKulu-ltccrred:"-lte
Rttolvrd, Tha! we will Celebrate the approaching
Anniversary of that day.
Rrtolvrd, That the Chairman appoint a Committee
tA ma L all anifuhla riin,r,kmnta fit. f l,a aluKa.i.,n
and that he appoint some proper person to act aa Mar
sliall or the day.
Rrxohrd, That the Chairman, in. conjunction with
such persona aa he may appoint, act aa a CominitUie of
Invitation. , " .
Ilrtolvfd, That the citizens of thia State, penerally,
be iuesled t6'attead-that the Major General of this
Regiment of Volunteers, and of Cavalry attached to his
Division, ami that tneTolonele tkwnmanuant in tins.
county, be rnmiaitnd to rinr nirftlrffTiffirlirr
To pursuance of the preceding resolutions, the follow-
in appointments were made :
Committee of Invito ion. William Davidson, Wash
ington Morrison, Franklin L Smith, and William J.
Alexander. - ..
Committee nf Arrangements. J. D. Boyd, W. 8. W.
ITayea, Dr, P. C. Caldwell, Maj. G. W. Caldwell, Dr.
Thomas Harris, Dr. D, R, Dunlap, Jaa. XV. Osborne,
Joseph II. Wilson, Lwoy Springs, J. J. Dunlap, Jamea
John ton, Joseph M'Connaughey, Wm. A. Davidson,
N. W. Alexander, Dr. Rufua A. Wallace, Dr. C. Mor
rison, Maj. W. V. Long, Samuel McKee, Santuel C.
Caldwell. Ir V. CUwcll, M II Wala.irW,
Car-Ki, W, W. Elma. It, Oalea, J, IL Ulaka, Df. 1'rau
cm M. Iti and ir. iif lwi-y.--. .-
Marthuil pM Iky CI, J.Jm Kbam,
W. J. A LLWS DIAL, Chair luan.
B, OarKa, HicrUry,
Tha ('.Hniiiittce ( ArraneinnU appoinled try tha
Chairman, ui purauancvof Uia rnanlutioo tiioptnl at tim
alaive-mrnlnaied liiwtiinf, acoa-dilitf to provnaia ap
riiiilmeut, held inei'tiiitf on tha awning i4 Uio flid
mat., when Jiaa-ph II. Wilaia Ym ,4 railed Ui lha
Chair, and Dr. r, II. Ru-a rfiuoatd lo act aa Nccrrta
ry. .
- tn Trvinn, the Committee, went Inw tli a lection of
Him prraon to deliver an addreaa on the irraauMi, When
il appeared Uial KraukLn I. Wiiiith, Ymy, waa unani
rrKMjaly t-ln-u. ,Mrr. Writ A. K. lUvulaofl, and
Jaiiiea Johnaton wora amamitod a CtHiiniittee to wait on
Mr, Month and Inform luin of lha appxintmeni, who re
ported hia acreiKaiK-e of tha aame.
On niothm, Jaa, W. (Wairne, K)., waa ananlmoua
ly cboaen Ui read 0a MtkUiilr iWUraUm nf In-
drpeiidriH-c, made on the 2)Nh May, I77.V Mr. W.
W. Elma, and I)r. C. Morriaoa'wero amannled a Con
initt.j Ui jiiMirtn Mr. OidjoriHi of bia appointment, who
have not aa yet reported.
On in. dam of Dr. Dunlap, tha dllowinf peraooa were
appointed a Committee to contract with wane perm Ut
lurnish a Dinner on the day of celebraUm, ail : Jaa. II.
Blake, Dr. I'. C Caldwell, Wm. W. Uaig, WilUm
(Larson, and Dr. Thua. Ilarria. .
The fol low mir -riiia were appointed a CiantnirUs
to prejaire a amiable numbi-r of Tiaiata l the orcaamn,
vi: Dr. D. R. Dunlap, Dr. Stephen I'm, Col. W.J.
Alexander. Dr J. McKmtt Alexander, Dr. Tboa. Har
ris, and Win DavaUai, Ea.
On nertkin, the following oenaaia ware apfanntsd by
the Chairman to aid in obtaining auUcribeia to Oie ho
lier Ui, lie furnished on the ia riaion, each of whom Ilia
Morrnary waa instiucUsI Ui furnud) with a notu-a of
their ipointiiieut and a aolxriKMai paper, vu: Jamea
W. ( h,lirne, lsi., Jamea VHiibnrty, rai., Richard I'eo-
p'ea, Ew , Oil. Tbnoiaa . (ireer, Mai. II Morrow, Wui.
I'oila, wu.. Col. Evan Alexander, (Vd. Z. M.irri-, Maj
R. M. Ca-hran, l-ainl II. Narria, !(., Andrew (Jreer,
l'j.. Col. M. W Alexander, John llartt, Y., Maj, (J,
W. Caldwell, lira I y Oalea, Yj, Col. John Sliain, Slaj
R. B. HouaUm, Capt Samuel Cox, ami Iavl Ihirka,
IH JOS II. WIIXON, Cbairuian of Com,
I". M. Roaa, Sw reUry.
iotii or
Tlay, 1773.
The nnmmrttv-rtri'nted lor thit purpose, reapect
fuMy tnrtt th nfewrft end Ai. J Jir o4' th KevoJuUoO
Ui unite with the cidreos yf Mi-ckleiiburir cinioty, in
cclcbraliuir al ChailoUe, the appnavcluoir Auuivcraary
ol the Mii klenhurtf Dit-laratioii of liideN.-ndvlice, nude
at Uiat place isi the 'Jhh Msv, I77.V
Committer of lnvaim.
llrclaralion of lndrpriideiirr!
in v lsi oTo l KUH t
" Ilead-Quarlers, )
Salisbury, April 8, 1835. (
TfOR the purjMiae of commemorating th Flrft
' Declaration of American Independ
ence in a niumie.r suitable to the imparlance of
thai interesting event, the Uegituent of Cavalry
under the command of Col. (Jreer, and the First
Regiment of North Carolina Volunteers under the
couuiwihI of Col. Coleman, are ordered, to parade.!
m ( hnrb'ef on Ihe WHh 4nf tf Mwettt-m-1
o'clock, A. M. Ry order if
Muj. fleid. 'IHOMAfl a. POLK.
R. M acm ANtaa, Division InsixH-lor.
RETURN their sincere acknowledgements to
- lhtir frnd- aud . itnaliiiimrai narlicularlu
to the Merchniits and Physicians for the liberal
pntronnge heretofore bestowed upon them, and
hope, by a strict and constant attention to their
business, to merit a continuance of the same.
They have just reeeiaed large and full Supply of
I're kIi Medicine,
Brushes, Instruments, and. Glass- Ware.
A Choice and General Selection of
&aTi...SnuJ1,Tobarroi Rice, Wines,
and Spirits,
Which they will be pleased at alt times to accom-
modata thai foe-nds and customers with, upon fea
sible for the quality oLanv-article- ther rnar lelt.
SaTTaburyjApriTTSri 835T
Ial R. Ilirckhead begs leave to inform his
- friends and customers, and especially County
Merchants,' ami Peoars, Ihaf he has no
a tianasome currjux oi iixuaei 10 ms
line of business, math? in the very .best sty ! of
Workmanship, which he will, dispose of on terms
which cannot fail, to auit purchari.....,.
for Ware on abort notice ; and he flatjerAixiaiaelf-i.
thaVfrom-hrs Inmwleogo'oT the business and de
sire to give aatisfiiction, his work cdnnof be sur
passed by any done in this section of country. Al
any rate, he only asks purchasers to give him a
call, a few doors Northeast of the Mansion Hotel,
on Main Street view his Ware, and be their own
judges. REPAIRING of every article in his line
will be done neatly, on the shortest notice, and on
accommodating terms.
(T Old Copper and Pewter, and Feathers ta.
ken in exchange for Ware, at the market price.
Salisbury, April 18, IttUj. tf
-7aaanT1 ' r
Cmporlntn of Iahion.
I - Mra. S. D. rndlf ton, .
i au
,,-aiANTUal .1IAKi:Uf
us Jutt rrcrind from Nnf ark tU LnUsL-
Bprinf and Bummer FaaUlona
roR ixi '
81 flatters berasiir l. (torn m know Wgti of
buaioeiw scijuirod in Inn years, and having mauls
arrangtiments with was of tha rrwt fahiooabJai
Millinery tUlabli-hmenls in IheCity of Now York,
lo supdy her regularly with the Utast faahious, .
aha will be enabled to bav bar Millinery mads u
in a Hupahor Sty U, and on lbs most itaeonaWw
Mrs. P. reajavl fully loit lha Udis tof Salia.
bury, and lhe adjoining country, to call and mi
mina, and aaaartw them soe will wU svery articl
ia her lina no aruKnanaialing terms, tfha is pS
pa rd dr Cleaning and PrtMMiug Tuscan, Leghorn,
and Rtraw Doonels in lbs Northern Hi vie.
Hirciinens sf har work, both in Drrsainf and
Making of Riaioeta, and I)r-es, may be arn at
her 8hop-8iKn of the GIU'.KN BONNET, two
diHirs above Meaairs W hoc ler and Hunts' Apotha.
eary and Drug Hiora, whera all orders will ba
thankfully received aud pouetually atlendcd to.
N. 1). Mrs. P. always keeps an aaanrtmeul of
FiahiiKiable Ribbons oo band, and ran supply, oo
reasoiiabbi teroia, thoaw wbo uiay wiah Uoonui
tf April II, IW,
Anollirr ,Vw Supply
v'. aUaaiUa 0 J VV riaial A
a naain
"ItllE.Subacrihw haa juat returii.-d ftian New-York
1 and I'hiladelpbia Willi a haiihne a-HtuHnl uf
JKVEI,IJ:RY and will --II rh,apmr
than they can be obtained in thia part nf Um tUUj
they eooaiat, in part, of tha fidlwiii, via:
Geutlemen'a C.J J U Silver Lsvetl
lduV (iold
Walt hea.
Milver KnifluJi, French, Lapme, j
ami Kwiaa - J
Fine tlold Fob ift.f fiiiard Chaiiia,' :
Fine (iuld and I'lated uard heyi;
FUud Jiag-hiikvd a A Curb CbaiiiaL
Hilver Uutler-Kiiivea and Tooth IV ka.
Silver Lvei-poiiiU.-d I'cncila ntiprovud;
fup'-rair lUiora inad by linger and BuUher ;
Fine IVn and I'orket-Kniwa
Hliell, Turk, and Hide COM IIS ;
Fme l'ISTl)l-S and Raaur Straps;
A fine artiui-iit ut Car-Ruigs Rreaat-I'ina, and
Hilvrr Thimblea, Itnnd and lrthr I'urwia ;
Hilver HMa'laclii and Hilver Hnn,
Hle. Chama, rb-ala. Key. Key Kiiifa, Ac, Ac, io.
(ty- Old Gold and Silver w ill be taken ui cicbangs
for Jewellery.
Watches and Clocks Repaired ami Warranted, and
Silver Ware made to order; and, in tart, every aitrtla
in the Jewellery I ins m kept cnneOiaUy a baud ly ,
John V, Ih liner.
Baluabory, April 4, Z tf-
RFSPECTFULLY IriP.rin their friends tod
the lubhc that ttrer have tterrwvwf frwn Hir
OldSund, NO. 143 l'earl-Stwet, New i'ork, - , ,-
To Ho 3t Cedar;' near William St .
Where they keep constantly on baud a good as
sortment of
" X nY-GO()UH,
For Sale on liberal terms, and solicit an eiami.
nation of their 8lock from Soulhuru Merchants
visiting the city -
(& Orders promptly and 'faithfully executed.
New-Ynrk, Feb.V8, 183.V H
PHE Subscribers" having been separately en.
ale Dry-Uooda iluniuCMft, have entered
into Co-Partnership,' Tor the proaocutuiu of tha
same business, uudur the firtit of
SALICOZ & .a.?SQ( .
At NO. 234 Pearl Krei, ttirnrT of Bwrlm Slip,
TlliW-VOUli, . , ,
They have availed themselves of ample room,
by completely arranging, together with the first
floor and Cellar, tha spacious Lofts of lha building
in which they purpose to keep Stock of
Staple and Fancy Dry4Uooda,
Comprising an Assortment which trill probably
not be surpassed by any in the City ;
They, therefore, respectfully invite their friends
and Merchants at a distance, lo call and examine
their Stuck of Goods; aud I hey venture lo assure
them that the prices al which they sell Goods,
taken in consideration with lhe assortment kept,
render Inducement
Yalcni Sltaw-Cuiicr.
THE SUBSCRIBER having purchased the ea.
elusive right for Makiug, I'siiigarid Vending
the abpye ,yaluable.;Mariin9,.
Rowan, Iredell, and Cabarrus, offers the same to
the i rmert of those Count ies at a very low prtee j
the light of making single Machines can be had :
at any time. He will have a number of Machine
made iir a -very short time for aU;-
"RolnuvCourity, March 8I,"l83S;TTTtf
Friday the flth day of May next, the Annul
al- Meeting of the TemiHsrunce Society oflm.
del) County, will be held at the Presbyterian
I'U. L tl.... '. -Il W.. . .
vourcii uenr niaicavine. me UiOmDers. and all
who wish well to the highly important cause, are
invited to attend. The Rev, P, J. Sparrow ia ex.
pected to preach on the occasion. - ,
April 11. 1835.' 3t
y .
" ' ''T v; ..' I, '"'
V . -

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