North Carolina Newspapers

    i I:
from (Af farmer1 Homier.
Masta. Hoit-oasi Whn, ft f day
freemen of 8t .In C siuty, living in ' ie'''y of
rJ.lem, mH at ihi p.!l- awn-Jin to 1 1" propositi!
of our Ut L" lisUturs, in rJ r to sigify wtitnir il
ilMHr !! H w Ilia cours of ibe present
M i iter, Convention should m-t, ftr lit purpose
of fra ninj a m :ai Constitution, under wcb r.
triili hm a it lis pleased Ibe LegiJstore to pre.
scribe ti llicircistitoent. il ! lively feeling
of roortifkatiw and regret that I perceived bow
the m rfive it iHt fo cituiiM, a voted again! such
C mention, wr either altogetlier unknoen, of,
when k wwi, tht t!viy wee misconstrue! a il a
tuUil II rail a toy nuroU1l "'""a' 10 ,h"
minntyi that c ml 1 oH giv lliif einwul to such
C nvs.ifi hi, it will, I oVmed Imperii
n-fit, eV'i ia ywr hinv I iinuunicto lo my
fiil...ciiieu the uiiiif'iaby which myself with a
ft friun.1 to .11, " recorduij our vote
anifwt IN prip-wed Cotiswotioa.
' When, in llie y4rT6ioo aftemur Declaration
of Irtdepemlinefi, our prysenl it Cswiiiution 4
framed, it will b generally known,!!! f l"r!U'
western pirt pf Nortli-Carolma wa nuW very
thinly, e rtlnm almost wilderness), dotted only
hn od iber by In habilatiowof i fsw f,r nors
and huiitBrmTXii lhereml rlwtaraf Two-"
at thai tun belonged In the ehsrts reel linw w
Wall, thmigh I presume entirely unexplored ly :i-
i!izaJ man, ami eontsiuing only the wigwai!"
fj 4vag and I'm haunt of wilJ b. Te
li niti illMt momiettk MuAtr weru, in f imnneiwa,
tlmii'y elniu4, Iwo or tlinn, perbapa More, of
h proirt cogiloaconi''ilinj ai inai linn a ma
fionV ?,"r hapomwd, tlwt ainra that lim
, t!i frw p-putaii in il'iBtero couirtwa iocrea
A in a much more rapiJ raUo lhaa in th aairtorn
CwnliiM, which waa ow'wfl, I prewmo, to ibo tut,
. that Uhj number of alarea iu lbs wwt ia oomparably
airull lu whit it b in tb ea-it, where chiefly Ibe d
aua tdaiita of the fir mUlkr of Ibe Slate own, in
iany cl,1trtiVBfle tracfl of land, nnf hundred of
tvea to eullirate them, of which we in h awe
f rf uiwloiy Iwf vary 1 w io(anca atwmg ua. Our
landed pr"mrt ia much mora aqually didd il ia
ctiwlly, (wrwbf I ) 0.)d we could eay mrraltg)
.eullivatfd b free uen f bodily labor, or the earning
, of our bread bi tl-edt of the brow, ia iwt cm
" ' ifered dicrO'laable or dogradinjr, mmg ua,aa it u
frjunr1y in vbcee where aJauM ecluiveljrlare
art employeii.
Tbia rapid incrwiae of population in the weM,
rendered il from ti me to time nuceeaary to dtfi'le our
e Witt", which to frequeolly occurring, occaaioned
,l "our a4taru Uolltam to take bambrag at ur grow,
iuj priperity they grew jealoua Uo-lof tfte well
grounded apprahonaton,tbat the pmkNniitanl power
to regulate the concern of lit til ale accordiug to
, ilieir Cuicy.bilbertoeicluaifely enjoyed by Ibe eaat,
might gradually alip bio the hand of tba weat
- - tbattlutely dirgrding the principle, oo which
alone rrppoblicaft gmwrnneat ean oootimta to ti
U any U(flh of time, Eq-alUf of Reprt
la linn. ' UureaaterqbmnrenMaanefinoifWiMm
anoti'n reluctanllr to ft divisioQ of eurne weatero
, tnnty, eonlaining, ia auute inatanceav lhouauKU of
- iiwrHHunra. io limn oa iuo uiihwu m ji
loraUe ttrn eounty, containing perhapa only a
lU hundred frwh'ler. -TW PU l a pua
cssrd bT the Bait and etercwod wilfi rulhloaa msvt.
rii. has at la it become auch a nvMaitruoa cryuig
avd, thai tha w paid into tlie Bute Trwwunr
by aome of th' eattera couiitiea are even not uiH
eomt to defray the daily pay of Ihe iooiJibora aent
by thasa. ooujilim la iLoJBUhtMro Et.JI
eaiiensea o loeir DupefHr uouns, i pifreiwoo, i
.; atnnd m"nlr Ibe aauw prIicHml. It wa mainly
"Ihi inlolMraUo grievance-, TiXT the preponderating
inluenca of lo east in our Legilatun, justly ac-
atiirelabiut aitty years airo, but sinco in4 unjust-
' y maiiitaitm whon the free poulation of the west
far e0BoJ h trt p p il iti w of the east, and some
ol!mr miikir goliMrt, niacovcreo oy no ffrwwn
nf li n. in nor (Vxixlihllion. tthirH roused in tllO
... . . 1 i i i . :
oxoole of tha we4 tU ootivictiou of thd heceaiity
tot a CiMiventi.ja, for the purKae of amending our
CtMwtimt'i.Mijr in which HvioHW I (ully and unre,
" irvoJIy particiiat9 with inV v7e4tcrn broth ren.
Riil lh Conveuti.i which I conaciniitiou.djr can
""giv fny huinbla cjnent, twiM bean uurericted
ooi 'Oiitra'it.iitttiHt oflwluckbd by tiniitatraws, )
. , acli'J by a ael of iwn .who cannot even pruW'
;Xitt.jilwJu iifiba Btlority,umtrr, which iny act;
e l, when tliey pnUeiHlod to preacnlio to the aovur
eiu peoulo, to U" amblod by tlieir dlegirtea in
ponveutKNi, on what aubjocU tbey bavo gracioua
idve to diilibwrute, ant im what others they are
jntriMw!y commanded to keep silenc. Haw
meo, emerging; freh from the ranks of a free peo-
ftBj HctoJ, r hope, on -account otthoir aujairior
'arnrngrtotuIirjieiK'e.and angiicity, invested barely
,with tbe.aujhority to enact laws, in ordof to carry
fti! Jho curreut b'itne? of (be State Government;
pien, who themsolvea, in tboir imrtriction act, ac
knowledge tha nijla of the people to declare by
' its vote, whether any convention ia to meet or" not,
how thetw men, almost m the same brent h, after-
to preseribe i tdTtVia prpterowwvention asaeinbled,
wht .'they are allowed Jo aneuk, ittoi!f iiicotn-
. " ' preheiwible to my weuk uiidontanding. It cer-
"' 1 laintyrtnese few yearwwlr baa boaiiioo muck-mural
fuahionable thrtn formerly among our publie men
'to flutter the people with their uaalieiiable rights
and reserved privileges. ". Popular sentiment, the
will of the people, the aovorciijnty of the tiiate,
have been the fruitful themes on which veniKHia
. innumerable hava been delivered in stentorian tone,
and homilie been ung io the hL'he'if Btrain. T A'ld
tliia has been. done bi none more loudly lhnn by
very n,en who, either themselvi committed v
Vunt " eiic"rM nliieii'u)''on''tne' libertres f ttifilt ti Jo'W"
cttizwi, Of -dftfended mmilar:nen
. initted by other, whom thy conaidered their su-
periora. And this eharge, I aimreheud, ia exactly
applicable to most of the wi-w men of our lint Le
gislature, who cither framed or even cny.ited to
that odimw convention 1ayt Whoavor ''recollect
that most, if not all, the restrintions contained u
tlie eaid ww, were proposed by the eastern mem
bar for the avowed, undistrtiised wirp(se of retsio
in, even in the pro)osed convention, the undue
weisht anioyed hitherto by them in the Iegwla.
ture f whoever will undertake the trouble of com.
' paring the population of our 65 count ies, hcc wliivj
" ', to the last census, with the limited number of 130,
as designated by tha restriction Uw, must irreMrti
,y bncomo convHiced that, by a convention limited
-inaueb'a mantie'rihowetit rcanTn"T"iy ROliN
if any thing. 4ut it ha tccti aiMj-ed by some
jiiond of he convention, thaf we cuimiq' loose any
fMif?, and tHat, wU( Utile perhaps f f'n
fiinol li arrjiiid with grliil". A (tril cm
proiiiiae,il U mid, IllUtt iimo;i! Jti8 Prom If Wll
aa the mU rn nn-iiilmra if lli wnivBiili'Hi. I wil
inly airv, llial viir.Hiiuifig irit in prial
aa wall aa in poblie bfe iamitliiii a ry d"aira
U and amiaUfl ir1ie. I5-I, I tru. he ge-
rurally adimiKid, that in m rl aa wull aa in polU
llire ar aioe principb a an which w emnpro
tmm ould bi Tali pWdT t h'of thwur Minciplwi,
( bm, ia epiali t rprMUtioii arnrtbr one ia
lb nailinbiK etrictly the p-i.r of our public imm
wiihio Iba'apber oWribml by law, which tmh prio.
ciU- in Ibe preaenl caae ap.wir to b Wtinialely
bUmM wgihi'r. ConfiJono ewiiwwlly rpawl
in miMic Nfiii, U wrtainly no rpillcair virtue
ail il U h'tvoa a pwl, willing In continue to f n
j.iy fretuioin, lo wlch piblic mn inmid wilh
imuMrv oower. wilh a wl-iu eye, aoJ to check
lbin iin(iidil'ly, wlmn-r lb"y irarHgrwai llwir
proper bmilaj we kiww it iy our own apeneoce,
that aa frail, onaid.and iciii bfinra, we are only
loo apt to alo power eiilntUd to ua, when we
find it uncontrolled. '
A Convenlion, in order to be an efficient one, and
able to give the leiat aaiUfaction to the wrat, niut
U inveaiod wilb the riht to chooi one of two al
tenialivpa I either, to aHuw lo each mntnljf anch an
additional aumUr of rupre-unlalifoa aa it may be
utillnd lo by it population, which would give to
aome of the woafera countiea trvm 6 to 9 drk'gnlfte,
i and. conamiumitlr. would incrnaie III numU-r our of
Ir-iUlor to a ory inconvenient f. wioea rcn-
.'. . . . i
d'-iiKg tlie legwlaiure artill more eieiiive or m
otuiT allernaiive, which conaiitt in uixJinng the
irt WMiiimtlad noarlprf year peat by our legia-Ulurr-t
a number of eaatero countiea ought come-.
quootly be again eondutawd into a ainlo oo", ao aa
to equali in aue degree tlie large weatero coun
tie iu population, .but lh application of both
If him reiiHMliea, which alone could cure the evil ra
dically, ia reo.bred impiaiible by the rentriclion
law, which tiiU oo every (ouuty, even the ioumI
incorMnditraUe one, rrtaiuing one ipreontative,
and limiting ibe whole number to 120,
Were the- pfopMeJ couvoiitioo even coduwnod
with auperhiliiun wiiHoio, and eninialedg"nerally
and MMlividually willj the rwwt fervent wih to re
dreaa every grievance, we mut eipect of ooonw,
thai limited and bound aa tbey muitt remain by tho
law, that, after I painful labor, the eooatitulion
which ibey will ualiar into the world, cannot but
bo a rickety, niiaerable, and sickly creature, which,
if tha people cma be gulled into, it acccpuoce, may
perbape be careawd and fondled a abort time, but
which certainly, aooner or later, whn il inionml
doCHcttand real do&riuity bucoine generally known,
will bo rejected with acorn and dutetutim. Tlx;
oaw constitution will pot, cannot, ou;rht n4 toaatiafy
thfl west i tba injustice of the east will continue lo
be felt, compUiuta and recrimination will not cease,
a the main grievance muat be left without redreaa:
we shall, before many year elapse, insist on. ano
ther oon rent ion, ia order to frame a new constitu
tion, and the good people of North Carolina will
preaaottoueotaecineiiioBraoijour junioo.tne. cu-
rloua unenviable spectacle of I riming, in tne course
of a law years, at (east two, perhaps more ow con
stitutions, or playing witb conatilutiona nae cnuu-
roa With tbnir buublca. A consniuiion, I anoutci
suppose cooalitule, Ihajundameiital . law. of the
Slate, which every officer, the highest aa well as
tba. lowest, is compelled by bi oath to support.;
even our legislator, when framing new laws, are
Iniperiouiily turd by the ;prineipl laid down in
our CoOJMIIuuotl. 11 l consetueuiiy our uuir io
regard It with feeling of profound respect, and ao
lemnawe, to manage H,-wbcnYwjuiring alteration,
with tender circumspection, and not to undertake
any aTlera'tiooa TWIUiouf Vi : imsiTurgenr t)Meiryd
. ... . . . . i I
Any law, -by being orten changed, losses will ev-j
ry change,- even oy a truung ooe, saioo oi. ua. uio.
ral force, which It ought to posses over the com.
muuily, and iu enactor instly incur tho suxpicion
of fkkloness, levity, and weakness of mind.
If, therefore, we are to have a new constitution,
14 it hs such a .perfect one a can poibly
vised by the eoaeen.ttteAwjs.
us not be aatisfied with onwmtseraHepatchwwk,
which in a short time must be torn in piece and
then ba nmo jelled, again. convention, in onler
to frame only a tolerable constitution, must not be
prevented by any mean lo apply boldly the pru-
mug kutfe to every dofect, which is anjicknow-
But what are we to dot what will the gentle meek
advocate of compromise say, if the east ia not wrll- j
ing Id oo U lull juwica l - t lis njiinniy m aiun
nls ono, and can be pointed out in a few word.
Let v$ trparatr. Let us imitate the.exainpktofJ
Tennessee, which upwards of forty years ago, ao
tnatod by certain riavance, Ae exact sjiocihcaJ
lion of which is unknowo to me, separated from
North Carolina- and declared itself an imiependent
State. "Why cannot we form the State oT :wesl
Carolina! It ia only a peremptory declaration of!
this linnorL which m my 'opinion will bring our
eastern brethren to their proper senses, and render
them willing to grant us the long domed justice.
I havr-already hinted somewhat atnother ao-
foct in our system of jrbvernment, which in my
hrrmWenioni!lit4oWmodiod, iixLtha Jfi,
presentation of slaves, which, by the regulations oi ;
th M(LegisiriuiiarRw
many engralteu on our state M)uuiuuon. u mny
reauniptioH ot ft slavehotiier
to- know, that three fifth of bi luves are to be
represented in the State-legislature, a they are
most unreasonably in Congress; though but even
few intelligent slave-holders will be found willing to
defend, ly serious arguments, the Ju stice of tho jo
presentation of elaves. But certainly every free
ihanTnof oWnliijtslavekrihusf deeply tart Interested
he In cense to protest, both by word and deeds,
: . 1 ...
mmhlf frte punBlmM, considered as property
in law. ' - " 11 ':"-. -
Finally, I drwin it noeejsary to mention another
point, which - seem to mo. to demand imperiously
the attention of a free, unrestricted Convention, yu
the irra ltial ahofitiori of slavery. WThever consi
ders sirioiwly th? fct, that in a few year slaves
will m1 to exUt iit the British West Imlie,and, in
einnquenc, almost certainly in tho French, Danish
and Snama'i Idand t whoever is acquainted with
tha Hooinphicil situation ot the west imnes, ana
w 1 . . . . a . a
their tvar vicinity lo mir most southern ahore,
nvwt come to tha irresistible conclusion, that this
cseatinn of atavery iti the West Indie must exer
cise a powerful influence on our htve. If no prr
ibeci, a relield mil to theiiS TfiiFf heir smduafjflaiar
tion and filial removal of their chain, wa certainly.
c time not very remote, shall hava our alave-wr,
a wutl aa the Rnmana aiwl Siciliana bad tlwirs-
TlMifinipt',f of rpirlnoaoil Adu will bn
imttatmr by mm cn'wrrrd wi.W, and the fairt
pofiion ( the Union will be devastated with fir
aitd sword, ,
i 1 forU-sr to tnd my rernarka, by stfaking dif.
fuily on the unsnisimabl tiros for bol'ling the
(Miveiilion, wbrni lbs VK4enca of party spirit has
reached Ha uiimat heighth, wbioh violooc certain,
ly inrapv-itiit mrof difRfol pdilicl paHU to
t limine lb toinlanvutal defkitncie of tboir Con
stitution, in ft calm, dipaaiortat manner.
fliose, MMra. lvlilora,r lbs principal reaaona
winch iiKluced ne to vote against the restricted
eonveuti m protioand to ua, and they are herewith
submittoil to tlie candid ind iixlulint pulmmit of
your ra br. AHCLKI'IAIll-a.
r-'f.-r ii Ti "Tin" '" -
. l.VUTO.N, I.N 17M.
Voai th lifntf Xlrt. Mmlk WuilmgUiH,bf Utorg
Winking ton P. Cut! a, Y..,itf Arlington.
It wa iu 1754 Out an olhcer, attired in a mili
tary undreM, ami attended by a body servsnt( tall
and wilitane a bis cba-f, crmxl the ferry called
William's, over the Painmikey, a branch of the
York riv On Ibe boat loux biug the southern or
New Kenl si'le, the soldier's progress wa arretted
by one of ibuae persiMiages, who give tlto beau ideal
lot' llifl Virginia gentleman of tlie old rrgiints,Jho
very soul of kimlooiM and hospitality. It was m
vain tlie soldier urged hi business at vVilliaiiinburg,
ifiixirtrtiil coinmunicatiofM to the governor, &c. Mr.
Chamberlayon, on whose domain the inihlarie bad
just landed, would haruf no eicune. Col. Wand
in'ioo was a nam and character so dear lo all the
Virginimu, that bis pacing by one of tho old tal
lies of Virginia, without calling and partaking of tlie
hospitalities of the host, wa entirely out of the ques
tion. The Colooel, however, did not surremler at
discretion, but stonily maiiiuiiiiod his ground, till
CbaniberUy ne, bringing up his reserve, in the inti
mation that he would introduce hi friend to a
young nd charming widow, tlwrn beneath hi roof:
tlie solilier eapitututed, oa condition that he should
dioe.'only dine, ami then, by preisong bis charger
and borrowing of the uight, bo would reach M il
liaiiKiburg before his excellency coijjd shake olf his
morning slumbers-Ordei were accordingly issued
to llmliop, the Cobxiul's body servant, and faithful
follower, who, together with the fine Iigtuh char
ger, bad Wo bequeathed by -the dying Itruddock
to Major Washington, on the fumed und fatal held
of the Mononguhelu. limhop, bred in the school
of Kurnpean discipline, raiM bis band lo his cap,
a much a to ay, u Your honor' orders shall be
The Colond now proceeded to the mansion, and
wa introduced lo various guext, (for when was a
Virginia domicil of ibe oldou time witout gueolsT)
and above all, to the charming ' idow. Tradition
relates that Ihev were muluully ploaned on this first
interview nor is" it remarkable ; they were of an
age when impression are striHiest. The lady was
fair to behold, of fascinating ninunera, and splendid.
Iv endowed with worldly bene6t
1 lie hero, fresh
from hiaearTTIiitlds. redolent of fame, ami with a
form oo which "every God did seem to set bi seal,
to give the world aasuraiicejf a roao.
The momiiig passed pleasantly away, evening
cameL with Rishopt true to hi orders and fitn at
his-part? buiding tha iavorita charger with the one
hand, while the other vu waiting to oflbr tbe rea
dy stirrup. Tbe sun sunk in the horizon, and yet
tlit Colonel appeared not. And then the old soldier
marvelled at his chief' delay. HTwas strange
'iwa psming strange surely be was not wont to
be a single moment belood his appointwcoU, lor he
al. a a I - f !l t ... . a I ik.
was tlie most punctuul of all nieu. ..Mcuntimo, the
host enjoyed, the secoe of the veterah on duty at
the gate, while the Colonel wa ao agreeably em
ployed in the parlor ; and proclaiming that no guest
ever left hi bouse at aunaet, hi military visiter
was without much difficulty, persuaded to order
Hishop to put up the horse for the night. The
whew the enamored-aoldter pressed wkh- his ssur
hi charger' side, and speeded on hi way to the
seat of government, where, having despatched his
nnbliebutHne, he retraiced hi steps, "and, at the
White House, theengagement took place, with
preparation fbr the marriage.
, A.nd Tfttucn hath, the Uographer hfard of that
marriage from grey -haired domestics, who waited
at the board where love made tha feast and Wash
Infftrvrfwaa the gtiest."-And rare and high was the
revelry at that parmy period of Virginia'a festal '
age for many were gathered to that marriage, of
tha good, the great, and the gifted, while Yirgina,
jvith joyoua acclamation, hailed in hej y outhfuljie
ro a prospenaia and nappy Drioegroom.
" And so you remember when Colonel Washing
ton chine ft cmirtin of your mistress !" said the bi
ographer to old Cully, in hi hundredth year.
' Aye, master, that I do," replied this ancient fa
mily servant, who had lived to ee five generation :
u great times, sir, great times 1 Shall never see
the like again ln M And Washington looked some
thing like amart, a proper man, a proper man,
hXsJU'l'lyj " -ieyer a0"' ,ne "i6! B'r new the J
11KB ni mm, inougn t nave seen many iu my uay 1
attiall8ft-tralght 1 Ahtsiry ha-wa-tike-ao-one
else l-Many-at the wedding but none looked like
the man hunselfl strong, indeed, must have
bften the iinpresMious which the person arid man"
nor of Washington made upon tho rude, " untutor.
ed mind" of this poor negro, aince the laspe of
three qimrtor ofji.eeiiturjrjbad not aufticed toe
face them.- - . ;
The precise date of the marraige the biographer
has been tjrmMe to diseovert having ia search
ed among the records of the vest rv of ot. reter
Church, New Ken,' of wh'ich lhe" tlev. MrMun
. -..I .. .!. . - . A -. .!.-! . ! "I 1 I . . I If
A soon lime siinr innir inarnnge, nionei ana inra.
Wkshington removed to Mount Vernon, on the Po,
tomao,and permanently settled tKcre."
Another Vr$ulint Concent. We are happyto
announce; (saya a Duplin paper,ythatTheTlu"ltev7
Dr. England, Bishop of Charlostan, arrived yester
day (Sunday) in Cork, by the Victory steamer,
frn Urwtol. - we nave thr gratification to atate,
that the estimable prelate enjoy the best health,
and proceeds in a few day, via Liverpool, to
Charleston, South Carolina; accompanied by aome
ladies from the Ursulirm community at Black Rock,
who propose establishing a convent of their order
in the vicinity of Charleston. The venerable j; re
'hitelleiftTvemy thelathor of the faithful, and the various congrega.
tiona.conoected with hi legation, -
. Vest tk '(( ;An ftiorfmn,
-J. A.UT-'t ;il (.'t'HTOMKR.
It it most astonishing," said Richard Mervyn,
aa ha reliiKtjislM.'d the atteniHi to rise from the gut.
lor at the corner of Hixth and Frmt treeU it
is really astonishing how ion this dreadful climate
of America brings oa old age. I shall never sur
vive lo get home ami write a book about the place
never. Hers am I, six feet two, without my stoc k
Ing, sprawling in a dirty republican gutter, without
being aide to help mywdf out of it. IVrc's a lamp
winking and blinking ia my dice, a if it want to
laugh, and would, if it had a mouth and a big
brute of a dog just now nosed me to sea whether I
wa good to sat. What a country I what gutters I
and what liouor ! I only took nine swallows of whis.
key, and what with that, and lh prematura old
age, I verily believe I'm assassinated I'm a gone
Mr. Mervyn now clamored ao loudly that assist
ance soon came.
. Hilence liter I What's the matter f
Matter yourself I'm being done, or a some
people say, I'm doing. Tbe nwrch of mind has
lril, and llichanl Mervyn is too deep for him
self. Help me out gently there. Aint 1 iu a
pretty pickle f This is whut the doctors call gutta
trrtnn, isn't it!
WImmi I wa at school, the boy would have
called you a irutteral.'
They would'iit have known much grammar, if
tliey did. I in a liquid hj me drip.
Oh ! ho!' said the watch, ' d.xit try to tie funny ;
I know you well t"! sigh, now you've wiped your
f.ire. You're ibe rhnp thiil listed me up in my
box oore, ami when I Isirst ojx-n the il'mr, you
knocked me heels over Iwud, and legged it.'
That's me. I did llint thing. How do you
like tlie up and downs of public litu t Is'ut variety
charming V
If it wasn't that I'm a public functionary, and
muwi't give way to my fts-luii;, I'd rrack your
cocoa, and eaite my iiuihI by doing as I was done
by. I'll make an exaiupbi of vuu, however. You
are my prisoner. I lull j) cotuhn to the wutch 'us.'
That' the .Dutch for ; being tuck up.
. . ' Well, givo ua your arm. lKn't be afraid of .ii
mud. (fuller mud is very wIioIimkhiki. Look at
the pigs, bow fat it makes 'em ; and if you like fut
pork, why shouldn't you like what makes pork fat ?
80 so titi-udy. Now I'll tell you all alxsit 'lo
I her night, I was pacing ymr box iu a friend'y,
promicuu srl of a way, I thought you were
asleep, or hni run down, and I turned the key to
wind you ii. If a watch aint wound up, it cun'l
either keep gmMl time, or even go.'
Well, whal el-e T
Why, then I watched the lox, and when yoo
came mil, i bixeI the watch. 1 hut sail. It grew
out of toy utilising itirtpoition.
Ha! very obliging. Now it's my turn to wind
you up, and, lo do it in tho some way, I'll lake you
before the watch-maker, to be cleaned und regula
ted. You go too fist, but he'll put a spike in your
wheel : he'll set you by the Stale Houe, and muke
you keep good time.'
Why, walchy, you're a wag. Why don't you
say that I was a horizontal, and that you lifted me
up like a patent lever t You're wide awake now ;
but that night you wer'n't up to trap, or you would
have caught tuc. I caught av weasel asleep that
liioe 1 put fresh salt on you for once.'
To add one more to hi vagaries, Mervyn now
refuned to walk a step further, and,' sitting down on
a step, loudly avowed hi resolution, declaring his
name was not Walker.
Whether your name is Walker or not, you
must go.' .
Not without a go cart you can't force mo to
go -I'm a legal, lender, and you must, take me.
liavu't I gut an ollka, oral least a public sihnWton,
here on the steps, Mr. Charley Rattletrap's? If I
must go, it shall be on the .Yaukee principle of rn
tation bring a wheel-burrow. Reform me out
Persuasion being useless, the ofllcer procured
assistance and a wheel-barrow, ia which Murvyn
-80 we go,' eaid Marvvn . I Charley ! ronkiryj a
barrow-nii;ht of me. Gently over the stones, I
don't like bumpers, except when I get them of por
ter. Thi tlie way to Wheeling hurra ! carl
before the horse I'
When arrived at the watch-house, Mervyn in
sisted upon being wheeled up glairs, and styled the
place a ourrow-niaj cuaiio. l
I'm aoKxlest man,' said he, 4 and no stairer. .
If I cant ftnve a 'Tideup,-1 thinkr myself entitled
to draw back.'
So saying, ha attempted to escape, but not being
so nnnlile with hi lect a with his tongue, he wa
soon caught, and lugged back, being, as he said.
like goldsmith work, beautifully chased, - illing
hand make short work, and in consequence, the
unsavory MinHtor was soon carried up aloft, and
next morning, sober and penitent, paid his tipscy
fine, and hi ca rriage hire with a doleful countenance.
True, every kord T If you want to make a so
ber man a drunkard, give him a wife wbo will
scold every time he comes home then storms at
bet-IQft. BiHnocIt'Tom over tlie skillet handle
wto the kitchen with a broom stick. .' .
If ou want to render your husband unhappy,
blame him for every thing he doe, right or wrong,
scold him for doing this or that, before You know"
wnemer ne 010 u. .
If you wish your eons to become tippler and to
pers, make it a use ardent spirit in the
morning before dinner and when cold and wet
end also when heated or fatigued, and occasion
ally recommended it use fa their presence.
L And, finally t If yoii . would. always hava aicteftr
eooscfentr; be an honest man and a Christun ,' and
I '" - - .-o".. j.!.......-. . !.,,. .
, When we cast our eye upon the coutles multitude
of youth who are daily sporting in tha sunshine of
neyttyand feasting upon the luxune and vamties
of this sublunary existence, we are ready to enquire,
ia thi their continuing city f When we behold
the female, say with' the bloom of youth, and ar
rayed itfttis eoetly habiliment of earthly grandeur,
gliding with cheerful countenance and nosieles
step, through the piddy mazes of the dance; we are
anxious to know if one reflection is ever directed
to that bright world, beyond the grave. The youth
of both sexes are so generally addicted to tha con
cerns of tlie present life, that death pale and sick
ly death seldom occupies a passing thought.'
Think not, O, youth I that your days will Continue
forever, white Burrcunding objects daily fade, and
wilher, ImJ dir While you this iey sjwrl and re.
vel, and mingle In ibe scenes of a Uiy world, d ath
may beextrnclingrowardyiwliisky Lamt" .To-day ?
your cln ek may b wrm with the glow of youth ?
your eye burn and sparkle wilh iuli Ihgeoce your
limb may posse the vigor ami activity of Iba '
Antelotw, a ha bound from cliff to crag. To.
morrow, tlie glow upon your clieck may be dijU.
cod by lbs pallid due of oVtlr--your ey may be
closed and your JimL cold, and at uXnd itraight
ened for the grave. Ti wilh Ibe rapidity of tha
lightning' flnh thai death can work. Then H
ua be prepared for every change let our thought
be engaged by olijecl beyond lb visiofl of mortal
man, ami thus bo ready to meet ondismayed, that
great change, which ia the lot of all.
Larly arrival of the Sea Serpen'. Our cast.
ernamuluurs have commenced I heir summer amuse,
incut a mouth or two earlier Ihaa uuul, as wo
leara from the lloston sJlers, tlial Iheir stoisliug
lion, the St rVreut, bus sln'sdy nuulu his advent,
and his first apiearencu for I he seajHMi, on the Clou,
center board., was n'gulurly annoaiM-ed some ilays
simrc. ('uptnin Shibles, of tho brig Mohegan,
having "diktinctfy mmmi" liini si Huiurday lat,
uhoot ten 1111 U-m from Kare I'oiirt. The Curtain
ami crew are ipiile certain (hut it was the veritall
Sra Heqw-nl, ami there is nothing lurking Isit lli
usual ullidaviU to wili.fy his "adiiiiring fellow ciu
iwi" tluit he has artu.illy arrived, in gixsl fitilh.
I lis old frii'mls in difC'reul jmrU of I tie cismtry
will be gratilH-d to bnini lliut he lias grown yi'iy
mHiHid'Tuhly sim-e his Inst vi-it bring at prcwulk
from '.'(Ml lo 'J.Vl fii-t lnig. lie apx-nr, tmi, lo ls
iu "excellent voire," as they sny at lis () rs, for "
wiy the "alliuiilit," every licit.- ut bis beudabovu
wuler liu umilcu hoimu like a ulrani engine.
. A drnf and dumb Ojjire-tctker. J. Jifohu
Flouruay has insoed an uililri-x to ihc voters of
Clark county, ., aikiug lliein tut their snlliuges.
He is" desirous of reprrgi-iiliug that county in llio
Slule IyginlUlure, and, ncrordiug to the indorse.
iiM'iit of the ILirlford Tini' s, iu vIikJi piiH-r wo
find the address, he might by nil rvans to tw rfrc
ted; for the Time tills us that he is a grulltvi u
ih4 only di;af und iluiiib, ImI an ar I -ml ailimrcr of
(no. Juc k si id as the editor know I from having
been a fi-llow boarder wilh ihe cafiuidalo while ho
was at Ihe Ik-af ami Dumb Aylurn, at ll.irlforil.
J he circumstance, that be is depritt Jof ss-Th
and hearing, qu.ililii's 1 1 i 111 xx-ulu.rly, ae think, for
Ihe arduous it'spouMhihly of ui-ling is a Ja kwn
n'linx'iitative ; und iPlie hud Im f ih-i l to have been
born blind we shmild wonder ttill lesj at bis ixtrtmli-
ly fir the Ihth iiik! his u'l. : niiiue '.v umild, in
case, have more c.xciimc I linn moM of (he bn-llueii
for overlooking the mud acts of our " repuhlicuu " 1 1 has la-cm matter sf axtnuuhiiit'iit
for a Iimm' Inn'', how it was ik -mI . for auv imliti-
dual, m t ahs-ilutcly deaf, dumb, ai. it blind, 10 li e I
aught liut disgust for the pn-wnt rty uismcr:
MiHirnny has gieut claims, and it 111 at Im' uckikiw.
ledgnd that he tiroes them with sini tilar force. He
uvi: 1 ottbr uivselt' bv medium t fa tree Amen.
can unshackled l'reH, for the mdep 'ident and con-
scicutiou of ull w!io i.ceai me, though,
" deaf as a while oak poHt," also in a good cause,
inrlcxiblo like that -same oak, at th r period rd' acorn
bearing, and fil to toll in MiIIedgv'ille w hut is good
for Clark, and ought to be done in (leorgia." Ho
declares that lie is " atnlMiesw to do good. .
.one, men, can extraorJinnrny o( 11 tf me; but the
emlriHtfed jirtap- si I iis in I jmrtrtr a, or t hw wpoinrif -concerted
und!riator of the pe: jurious, for only
Kiverty' sake." Let Mi. l'im.ay be eli-cled J
H cerlninlv scorns to have a grnxfrdeal of Benton
clspicm'0 about him, ami e litPibt not can make
as good an evteniporit neniis-preHi , i f you come to
thut, U4 the Hon. Iuac Hill, uf ".'w Humphire.
f iwr. and f.iiq.
From thr .Vne York Drily 1 htrluer.
We have been much gratified at receiving the
following letter from Major Downipg's friend, Capl,
jJtwopoy, of ilia Tww-i'llius ) smUwe give -it tu our - "
radera with as utUtdeluy as pioy bv.j
Lkktiekou II ah noun, Miirch 20, lSIlo.
. Air. Dwiuut: I put iu here yesterday, and I sup. J
pose if there's been one, there's been fifty, ami I
itiiirht suv ni'dier a hundred iiciImiiis 011 eoard the
13 , 0 1 ------
Two Pollies, iiiquiring of me if it was really Iruo
that I took out Majur . Dowoini to Paris.: Twas
lucKy lor me mat tne major, cm leaving the j wo
MiiUa!B.,f.Ig&jaiti wJhith.I.frjjiBdi,
and hunir up, tlie iransum locker, and, snvs I. there.
gentlemen, look and satisfy yourselves; I can't stop
to answer every body's ouestions. But this I w ill
sny, before tlie Major's face, and behind his buck, a
more agreeable up and down sort of a -man 1 never
broke a biscuit with I've kig'd a good ninny yarns
of hjs'en, but as he spun 'em put lo nie in confidence
like, I dont nie in to tell any of em, unless ho
comes out with some of mine. He seemed to bo
a leetlo hip'd once or twice on the passage, and
says be to me "Caitain, if I should not live to
see home again, I should like to have yoq s Mr.
Dwight, and give him this bundle, it contains very
impcirtant pers, which are not to be made puhlio
ft4?n-5-" UiIC?1 !?,!'J bwr thai the
Major naa tjoiie otherway's thaiT well, Ermo know,
nnd I will permrm my promiie.
I hope, sir, it wont be considorod out of the way "
or vain in me, if I should ak you to put in your
paper the Major' letteY to mo above mentioned
Your friend, SOLOMON JUMPER,
Here' 1 the Copy :
HiTtitDTi5ftWTiTfiscrJaflr30, 1835.
"To Captain Sniper of the Two Pollies Presetin
Daaa 0jrm I ,1
tight I&morrow morning, for reasons best known
to royeelf 1 but I hope I'm not the man to sneak off.
and notjayJJhanWouJforJjra I qa. I
yer palayour nobody, but, Captain, if I know what's
whatrvtMi'ra tha man" of all nihr irt "iti"Tii,
Pollies, the vessel of all craft, which I shall alway(J I
one to cross me ocean witn ; and whether the tie
neral send out old Iron-side or not, if you happen
te be here wJtel! ve the re
fusalofme. J, D0WNJNG,"
, RtrfgnaHon. Mr- , a. covetuou man, lost
his only son, an event which overwhelmed him with,
sorrow. .The minister came to comfort him. and.
in the course of conversation, remarked that such
chastisements of Providence were merriet 'm dit
gaie that, although in the death of his son, he
had Buffered a severe and irreparable misfortune,
yerundoubtedlywjBwn reflectionsjiad "already
suggested to him some source of. consolations
YeaV.exclaimed the! weeping father, "James was
a sioftsVrovj eater ! M
N f n "ck w 1 V- " " 1,5,1 1 7r
':i':.-- f
t:', ' ' il -

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