Thf Bank of the State of Xorth Carolina, at Ra- ! lfic-h, has been selected as a depository of the Public .Money. Globe. Salisbury Female Academy. We have been re quested, by the Principal of this Institution, Mr. Cot trell, to state that no more pupils can be admitted du ring the present Session. The "Proclamation," of Kino C a ecus to his liege subiects in North Carolina, is too late to hand for this week's paper. Perhaps it may appear in our next. Parson Guin, According to "Bub Short," of Geor- r;a is to be chosen chaplain to the Baltimore Caicis! Bob mut be joking, for this would look too much like ; the Bjckaneers going to prayer before they set about plundering. FOR THE WF-STKRN C AROLINIAN.! Mksrs. Editors : It being generally reported that Richard H. Alexander will not be a candidate for the Borough, at the approaching election; in that event, for the purpose of preventing all conflict in our Town, we liuniiute THOMAS G. POLK for that station. .Many Voltrs of loth Parties. flOR THE WKNTKRN CAROLINIAN. Mkssks Editors : I perceive, from the last Watch man, that our learned Dramatist is not dead; and tint the shot in the Carolinian, to wit: the tale of the Hi in:nge event, comumeu wuu ine (to nun; ueauiy name, 1? 1 .... i... . .,.. .i.....'V" . .1. ... ...... : I Hurry ii'ii ui'l i.r: l.illi vtuiiii -i - ' a - - 1.. ted; but his only served, like the to an enraged j bull, to raise his ferocity to a still higher pitch. He arrArs rather surprised that any gentleman should j Vikr- ue of a nan e so hateful as' that of Harry Lee. s to usmg Harry's name, I would only say to him, that I when I attempt to combat with that noble animal, which j cnr.vsei!i on reason and argument, I try to use the same j u-.rinons. Bit when I combat with that unreasonable, bird-headed animal that browseth on the thistle, I use wen-w.ns of a mare etfectual nature. He m ikes some verv witty, as well as very vulgar remarks about one of the"ctors; the d-fect which" lie mentions, Uuspect, l,v .., re m his vision thin in the actor, as it is well 1 . i,t , h:.s n.-ver been able tn seethe ri-ht Pmi . - - . - - - - - - - - - - - 1, s."o:i. are much tho-j of the young M.n.r.;, of" whom ..( nnv tiiiri'r i v ted 1 IV.-. in snswcnii" 1ns si v etiu- relates a very amusing story. He savs : " I whs eailet!, in great hate, to viit a young Moore; when I arrived at the sjmt, I foind !iis tliii'h baily fractured, itri.l he ri.!arentiy in the greatest agony. IJjmui my 4,hserv i::g to Jiim. tliat I was surpri-ed that, a man of his war-l.k- courage s!i 't!d make so great a noise ahnit a b:ken the'h, he exc! ii;ne,l, with great indignation. )h ! it is coif, in 011 net the ai:i i regard : if my own beautiful of Ins prancing plavs, had broken every h' jie in i,iv whole Inwiv, I should not have uttered a groan; but. Oh ! Doctor the very idea of being . I. I by a cursed Jacka- is Iixj much. HARRV LEE. W h ne "Harry Lee" will ntt take it amiss if we fl e.v ('".-' our columns to anv thing further, on either of the ono-tion. as we think he has had sutTicient ari'l spa.'-e t' combat his 4 unrea-on able " antago . as !. is !eas(.il iovi!l him. I' titurs Carolinian. 11 G EATER AL. INTELLIGENCE. WiMiiViov, Aprd 20. We henr that, or; Friday night tiie President's M .iu.-io:i, the .-lumbers of the family were di.-turhed by ;t : 1 iiiei b-nt, with all the particulars uf which we are not acquainted, but we believe is substantially describ ed thus: Tin s'e-'pofthe President was broken by the noise of some one at the door of his cliamber, endeavor ing, apparently, to obtain entrance, into it. On the President's demanding who it was, and what was his ie was trvmg (or wanted to I'md the vviv) to get out. Tiie noise having roti-e.I s-mie members of the family, sleeping in adjacent rooms, thev promptly repaired to tin spot, and succeed- 1 m arresting the ohender. On being examined, the irst impression that his object, m attempting to get 111- ..... - to the President s room was personal v iolence, entirely ( gave way b'o.-e the fict tint he was without arms or wea-rons f offence of any kind; he was an ordinary Person, of the appearance of a day ia!orer, who had, to all appearance, got into the house with a view to plun der, but miss-'d at the same time his way and his object. In order to keep tin f-ilow sate until the morning, when he could be sent before a magistrate, he was lock e 1 up in an apartment 0:1 the premises usually occupied as a stable, but at the time vacant, where it was suppos ed he would be safe enough till morning. When the morning came, however, the bird had flown; having escaped 0ut of .1 window or aperture of some sort, which w is at such a height from the groiinl tnat no one sup- j .....1 !.. .,..'. ... :i.i.. 1. Ties is the substance of the story as we have heard it. Should nn authentic account of the occurrence ap penr. differing in any material particulars from this ver sion of if, we. shill place it before our readers. We .oje some clue w ill yet be found to lead to the appre tiension of this depredator, and bring him to a just punishment. ulioial Intelligencer. Upon the above, the Boston Atlas savr: W e presume that the a hove incident led to a conver sation something to this c fleet, in the Kino's Corv ius: The King. Another scheme of the d d Poiri- i; ' .unn ,-unquesnonamy. your -ijy, most n-; q'jestionab.y ou had better send tor ivey an 1 (,o!t-. man, and tell l.iem to look out tor aih lav its. e 11 not i .11- T- . " 1, . . 1 let any one into our plans tins time, till we've got them nil cut and dried a little better. The King. Say nothing. Ah ilio. Tint was a mighty sad ailair. We'll not pour our wisdom into any hvikv vessels" this time. We wont move a step, pub- c!y, till we have got the men all ready to make atlida 1 w ... . .1 1 .1 . . . - . . .t 1 . . r. us 10 i:i- io-xi cuaracier 01 our iir.-L tm 1.1 vii-maKers. Aha-fino. Here comes Amos. I just wrote him a note a!out it. This, may it please your Majesty, is a more infamom conspiracy than the first. Tut King. To be sure it is. They wanted to stab me as I slept. They were afraid to look at the waking countenance of the Roaring Lion. AVrz.o. i our waking countenance! May it please: your Majesty, they would tremble with dismay even in i presence of the dust of the Hero of New Orleans; the ; hyer of that Monster the; and that hundred , h-aded hydra, the American System! i Amn. Your waking countenance ! Great kin?. I 1 fl7i 0.1'y surprised that the distardly assassin sliould have dared to enter into your sleeping presence. Th" King. It is very surprising, as you say; very jE irprising. But I think'vve had better not put it UiJd Pomdexter this time. We mut try some other of those fictions scoundrels in the Senate. Now do vou know L'lat I more than half suspect that fellow was an emis- Q;, ry of Judge White. .two. Most certainly. Do you know that was the first thing that occurred to me w hen I heard of the cir cumstance ? Axrino. It is very strange, hut I was saying to myself as I came along, ten to one, now, that assassin was employed by Judge White. Amos. But can't we make it a joint affair of Judge White and Speaker Hell! The King. True, Amos, true. You've hit it. Now, Ab.elino, you're very clever at all this dirty bu siness, I wish you'd just hunt up a dozen able-bodied affidavit-makers. And, Amos, you be getting ready the statement--? that you want 'em to swear to. And vvhilst you're about it, Abadino, just get about twenty more to swear to t he good standing of the twelve. Run along, my lads, we'll not le choused lor want of affidavits this tune. See to it! I charge you. Columbus, ((5a.) April 17, lS'5. Indian Outrage It is with feelings of sorrow that i we record the death of Mr. William Fanmn, a young ! gentleman of this place, who was killed by an Indian in Russell county, Ala., on Sunday last. Mr. Fannin kit ; here on the morning of that day, in company with a gentleman by the name of Comer, and, after proceeding ! on their journey some seven or eight miles beyond Fort -Mitchelle, on the Alabama road, wore hre.l on by two Indians of the Uchee tribe. The ball of one striking Mr. F. 0:1 the left breaat, entered the region of the heart; he fell from his horse and immediately expired. Mr. Corner was unhurt, and turning to the Indians, two in number, inquired what they meant They made no re ply, but commenced reloading their rirle-s which they again discharged, after Mr. C. had left the spot and re turned some two hundred yards. Mr. Comer, after co- ' ruing a mile or tw o in the direction of this place, met a ! .- . 1 -.11 .- company of travellers, who, with him, went hack to the scene ol the murder, where they tounu .Mr. rannin dead, and robbed of every thing but his clothing, some part of which was torn, seemingly done in the act of robbing him. Mr. Fannin was a young man, 1 or 20 years old, (brother of J. J. Fannin, whodied in this place h few weeks ago,) of modest and retiring manners, and, by his amiable disposition, had endeared himself to nil that had the pleasure of his acquaintance. We feci, as we trust, we ought, all the sorrow for the atlliction of liis friends and numerous relatives, with which this se cond dispensation of providence has, in a few short weeks, tilled alike their hearts and our own. Whilst recording this melancholly event, it may not he improper to call the attention of the public authori ties in Alabama, to the frequency of these bloody scenes of late, and the impunity witli which tliev are pcrpetra- ou. ji was a weaK ami munierous noiirv in our sister State to extend her laws over the country occupied by 1 . if i-.i 1 - iii" 1 1 1 .1 I ' J tu: the savages. I rave Hers are on the a most every month, whilst the of our s.., ter S ate sits snugly sconced up 1 ai 1 use Jioosa, unu ner oilier inuu luuciioiinries mam- no ! energetic etlorts to bring the offenders to justice. Tiie V 1,1 , V ,:,ult'It's e.s'-nvl1 a,id 11 &c' 11 oll liere surely than in the laws of the Mate, flit to be corrected. Enouirer. , Charleston, (S. C.,) April L, l-'.U. -V' Intirhnhj Occurrence. A small colored boy, named ntlmnij Cocksin, aged alout 11 years, was untortu- ll;ltd killed, yesterday afternoon, by 0. pistol-shot, at the shoa of Hariuan Siemer, corner of entwortli and 'hilips' streets. The little fellow went into the ,0 l'rcliase a cake of choclate, and aOer he had done so, John Siemer, a brother of the owner of the shop, who was serving behind the counter at the time, but who, it is said, was only casually on the premises, took up a pistol, under the impression that it was not loaded, pinfed it at the boy, and drew the trigger. To his utter astonishment and consternation, the pistol tur ned out to be he-ivily charged with buck and other shot, and tin- who!.- load was dejosited in the right breast of the poor child, who fell immediately, but rose again, and ran out of the shop, the blood streaming on his path, to a step at the distance of a few yards, where he ex pired in a short time. The owner of the shop was ab sent at the time of the fatal occurrence. His clerk, however, was there, a young German, who says he was engaged in another part of tiie shop, w hen he heard the discharge of the pistol; but that he thereupon immedi ately went up to John Siemer, and said, Goo I Gl! what hive you done! that Sieiher replied, he did not know that the pistol was loaded, that after the deceased had Itought the choclate, he said to him, "stop, do you want a biscuit!" and pretending to get a biscuit, he took u ) the pi.-tol to snap at him in jest the fatal re sult of such jesting has already been told. John Sie mer absented himself immediately after the occurrence, and dil not make his appearance before the Coroner's Jury a circumstance which has given ris-e to some sus picion Couritr. From tlir Southern ('luistian lb raid. SPONTANEOUS COMP.USTION OF THE HU MAN BODY. Alm-ist every reader of a newspaper has seen ac counts of intemperate person-!, who have taken fire spontaneously, and been consume !, leaving nothing be hind but a loathsome mass. Many have I bought this incredible; and none are more disposed to disbelieve it .1-. . iii.!: than the intemperate; stip;H-smg, pruu:in:v, inn 11 vns a tale invented to ileter those who are hatuiu iieu 10 this vice. Of th fact we have not the least doubt; nor do we believe that .any one acquainted with tie? science of ch nustry woidd for a moment believe such a tiling impossible. Every one acquainted with the chemical co-njxisition of the human body, knows that it contains all the elementary substances necessary to the forma tion of the most inll unable ga.-ses. I Ie know s, too, that some of these are formed while the lxly undergoes de composition. Such is Phosphuretted Hydrogen, taking tire as so n as it comes in contact with the common air, and producing the lights often seen about grave-yards, called Will o' the Wisp, or Jack with the Lmthern. I lie only question is, can any part ot the human trame, while lite exists, undergo the deeomtosition necessary to the production of any of the inilimtble gasses? In a premium essay, entitled, the Anatomy of Drunk enness, written by a Physician in England, several ca ses of spontaneous combustion are mentioned, attested by indubitable; evidence. An explanation of the phe-J norncnon, similar to the following, is suggested ny me writer. We would most sincerely advise every drunk ard to buy the book, and read it repeatedly. It will .-dual cure if any thing will. 44 Facts not to hr disputed. It is well know 1, by eve ry chemist, that phosphorus, probably the most inflirn inabl ? simple substance in nature, exists a bun I mtlv in Hie unman uoiv. I iiospnoric ntm, Hi t oiuoni ition 1111 ,jMlf tTnns ,ulwn b,,,,,. it is also met within oilier Cornfcin:l.ioIls in the tllli,U Hydrogen, another highly , , i, 'i,, r w,rtf.l : position: when these two, hydrogen and phosphon:--, Illll 1 I IKMi; l.i'.lll'Jlll 1. 11LI. I 111 1-1, IllUf lien L'H .'" are liberated by the decomposition that should t ike place after death, they unite, frin phosphorated hydro gen pass, some varieties of which take fire and burn J with a dense white light on coming in contact with atmespheric air. Hence, probably, some of the lumin : ous rppea ranees said to be noticed in charncl houses. Phosphoric either, at once among the most volatile and ; intl i nmable compoun Is in nature, may le formed by ; digesting a coin d with phosphoric acid. It is sometimes Iproluced in the living human body, the alcohol being , taken into the stomach, p issing unchanged into the cir culation, and coming into contact with the phosphoric .ACU nf filf ivy- cither in the solids or fluids. Hence. tie spontaneous combustion of human bodies, not yet consigned to the last sad receptacle of corruption, but s,.jzed upon bv the fires of an anticipated hell, while moving among the living. To deny that there have JI,ri, -.c I mk, we hrve tint seen them, i- like denying the existence of cannibalism, because we have not witnessed it in our own pers-ms. 1 he texture of the female body being softer and more easily decom posed than that of the male, may account for the phe nomenon having occurred in that sex most frequently." Jfishop Ires. It may be interesting to the nu merous friends of Ilishop Ivr.s, in this Diocese, to learn that, in consequence of the continued deli cate state of his health, a sea voyage has leen deem ed expedient. He sailed f.r Liverpool, on the l?tb ult., in the Packet ship North-America. We perceive that Dr. Dklaxcy is a fellow passenger, also carried abroad by feeble health. Raleigh Rc gisttr, May ". Duelling. It is said to le a habit in Mexico, that if any man killed another in a Duel, lit; becomes responsible for all the debts of the deceased. It is said to have a great died in preventing duels. Would it not le an improvement on the law, to make the killer saipport the wife and children of the deceased, if he liave any. From the X. Y. Coitr. and Enquirer, of April 25. THE GREAT FOOT RACE. The great trial of human capabilities, in going ten miles within the hour, for 81,000, to which 8-300 was added, took place yesterday on the Uni on Course, Long Island; and we are pleased to state that the feat was accomplished 12 seconds within the time, lv a native born and bred Ameri can farmer, Henry Stannard, of Killingworth, Con-! necticut. Two others went the 10 miles one (a Prussian) in half a minute over; the other, (an Irish man) in over the time. As early as nine o'clock, many hundreds had crossed the river to witness the race, and from that time until near two, the road between Brooklyn and the course presented a continuous line, (and in many places a double line) of carriages of all de scriptions, from the humble sand cart, to the splen did barouche and four, and bv two o'clock, it is j computed that there was at least from 10,000, to 20,000 persons on the course. The day, though tine, lieing windy, delay ed the start until 19 mi nutes In-fore two, when nine candidates appeared in front of the stand, dressed in various colors, and started at the sound of a drum. Hie following is the order in which each man came up to the Judges' stand at the close of each mile: MILKS. 1st. 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Stannard. li I 3 3 3 2 2 1 11 Glauer. 2 2 1 1 2 3 3 3 2 2 Mahoney. 1 1 .r 5 4 1 1 4 3 3 Dowries. 5 3 2 2 1 1 1 2 gav e in. McGary. V 7 7 7') gave in. Wall. 4 " 4 4 gave in. Sutton. 8 b (5 0 gave in. Mallard. 0 0 .? 8 fell and gave in. Vermdlvo. 7 0 gave in. The following is the time in which each mile was performed by Stannard, the winner. Mahony, the Irishman, did the first mile in 5 minutes 24 se conds. .Minutes, Second 1st. mile. f 30 2nd. " f 15 3rd. " ft 4 th. " 0 2'J ftih. (J 2 44 ( 3 7th. 44 0 1 8th. " 3 1Mb. 44 ft ft? 10th. 44 ft ftl ft!) 48 The betting on the ground, both before and at starting, was pretty even, and large sums were sta ked Im ttf i for and against time. Downs was un doubtedly the general favorite ; and was well known in the neighborhood; he did the miles in -1? ihiiiiiIi'n: ln Ii-iiI ki'iui i'll tr:iiru-il iimlor ln ( itlier ' "---i. . . v,. , wlio in Ins .i'JtU year, perlormed 1 miles m 1 hour - ' 1 i ! minutes. Mallard wns known to le an excellent runner: he had performed 1( miles in 1 hour ami P.) mi nutes, stopping during the time to change his shoes. ! lit: was not sober when he started, and he fell in j .1... -.,k ...:!.. 1 the 5th mile suaue over our nigiiesi quotations, vv aa paiu lor a goou M, iii . lot or two. Timfs, April '.',(). aliony, the Irishman, had undergone no train- ' ing whatever; he left his porter's cart in Water st., J rn"'lVT WF 1)1 OCK over to tl,e course, ran the first mile in less j T1 lhis5 Count v, on'the Illst ultimo, by John Coughe th.m .r minutes; at the end of the (5th mile he was i nour, j-w., rapt. GEORCE M. WE ANT to Miss. li behind; at the end of the th mile 2 minutes Iehind ; at the 0th mile he was 3 minutes behind, and ho performed the 10 miles in tilij minutes. On the 2oth of last month this man ran S miles in 11 minutes t( seconds. McGary was out of con dition; but he did the five miles in :J2i minutes. Vcrmillye was very thin and in a wretched state of health; he travelled lit miles on foot, on Tues day last, to be here in time to enter, and the next lav performed S miles in 10 minutes ; he is an ex- cellent runner, but gave in at the end id the second mile from a pain in the side; he was also thrown down by a man crossing the course in the 1st mile. Wall and Sutton ran remarkably well, but gave in at the end of the 1th mile, f r want of training. Stannard, the winner, we understand, has been in good training for a month. lie is a powerful, stalwart young man, and did not seem at all fa tigued at the termination of the race. He was greatly indebted to Mr. Stevens for his success; Mr. S. rode round the course with hiin the whole distance, and kept cheering him on, and cautioning him against over-exertion in the early part of the race; at the end of the sixth mile, he made him stop and take a drink of brandy, after which his foot was on the mile mark just as the oG minute were expired ; and, as the trumjet sounded, he jum ped forward gracefully, and cheerfully exclaimed, 44 Hero am I to time"; and he was within the time every mile. After the race was over, he mounted a horse ami rode, round the course in search of Mr. Richard Jackson, who held his over coat. He shouted aloud 44 Hurrah f r Jackson," and this be ing re-echoed by some voices in the crowd, he ex claimed 44 Don't Ik; mistaken, gentlemen, for the old Connecticut is redeemed, (alluding to his own performance) it's Richard, not Andrew Jackson that I desire to see !" He was called up to the stand, and his success (and the reward of Si ,000) was announced to him, and he was invited to dine with the Club; to which he replied, in a short speech, thanking Mr. Stevens, and the gentlemen of the Club for the attention shown to the runners gener allv throughout the task. After this, it was an nounced by Mr. King, the President of the Jockey Club, that the (Jerman ami the Irishman who had both performed the 10 miles, though not within the time, would receive "-I00 each. We are happy to stale that none of the mensecrucd to feel riiiy inconvenience from lheir exertions' every thing went oil remarkably satisfactory, nor did we hear of the slightest accident the whole day. The day was remarkably fine, but the w ind blew very strongly on the course, and considering the vast amount of money (in bets, cVc.,) at stake, Mir. Stevens felt uncertain at first how to act, and deci ded to postpone the race ; but the general opinion and desire seemed to be against any postponement, and he yielded to this. The result on this account was most fortunate. The race wat' won handsome ly ; although when it wanted but seconds to the hour, bets at .r to were ollerod, anil taken, that the task woufd not bo accomplished. It is certain, that if the wind had not Ix cn so high, Stannard would have performed the 10 miles in o? minutes. The P.ranch of the Rank of the State of North Carolina, at Milton, commenced operations in the early part of last month. Thomas M'Gehee, Pre sident, and Augustus C. I'mlcy, Agent. Raleigh Register. Washington, May 2, 1535. Resignations ami Appointments. Mr. Barky has resigned the place of Postmaster General, and is appointed Minister to Spain. Mr. Kendall has resigned the place of Fourth Auditor, and is ap pointed Postmaster General. Mr. Pickett has re signed the place of Superintendent of the Patent Odice,aud accepted that of Fourth Auditor. Globe. DONE TO THE LIFE ! Pewit Clinton, who was gifted with the Junian point, as well as with statesman-like abilities, once drew little Van's character in the following words: "A political Grimalkin purring orcr petty schemes and mousing orer sinister designs without dignity of mind, or elevation if character." Tins was said some twenty years ago! Time has confirmed the sagacity of the observer, and de veloped more strongly the lineaments of his subject. Never did a politicals character so universally strike all beholders in the same light. 7ot to get tip a National Con re ntion.ln Glou chester County, New Jersey, Delegates were ap pointed to the Baltimore Convention, bv a "large and respectable meeting" of twelve otiice-holders '! thkkk private citizens. The voice of the peo- pie cannot fail to be heard in this distinguished as semblage. I nited States Telegraph. College for Ladies. The Kentucky Legislature has conferred u-hjii Messrs. Van Doren's Institute for Young Ladies, in Lexington, the chartered rights and standing of a College, by the name of Van Dokcn's Collcue for YotNU L.VDIK.S. J5y the power granted to the Board of Trustees and the Faculty of the College, we understand from the Dai ly Reporter, that a diploma, and the honorary degree of M. 1. L., Mistress of Polite Literature,) will be con ferred u)on those Young Ladies who complete the pre scribed course of studies; and tliat the same honor may be conferred upon other distinguished literary ladies in our country ; and also that the honorary degree of M. M., (Mistress of Music,) and M. .,(Mislrcssof Instruc tion,) may be conferred by this College upon suitable candidates. Original and rPrue. 44 My opinion is," said a whole hog collarite at the close of a jvjlitieal rhodomotitade, "that Jackson is the only man who can save the coun try." 44 Your opinion !" replied an intelligent bystand er, 44 you have none, sir, but such as you receive at se cond hand. Persons in Washington City know what you call your opinion three weeks before you know it yourself." A. C. Spt ctator. i'omjdimciitary Dinner. At a meeting of the poli tical friends of Judge Mangum and Mr. Deberry, on Thursday afternoon last, it was resolved to invite those gentlemen to a Public Dinner in this place, at such time ns may suit their convenience. As soon us a reply to the invitation is received, the time will be announced in this paper. Fayettt ville Obst rier. THF COTTON MARK FT. FaiirUcvillc. Upwards of UK) bags Cotton have a r rived and sold ot K.l to IT cents market verv anima ted. ithstrnr, tf April 2 , Canuhn, S. C. We have to note a further advance !.,. , .1. .1.., , :, - , , -. , v , . , ' . , , , . , , ,1., 1 i,r in is I united. Sales have been made a r the 1-1- - - - - . . week at Hi to 1-1 cents; and a prime lot would com mand more. Corn, 1 I2i. Journal, May 2. Columbia, S. C. Cotton; the receipts of the week have been to a fair extent tor freely at our quotation-, and i shade over our highest ouotati the season, and went oil m one or two instances, a ..! 1 JULIA ANN SWINK. DEPARTED THIS LIFE, In Concord, on the 21st ultimo, Mrs. EMILIA ! BEARD, consort of John 1 Beard, in the 32nd year ot her aire. The Political Ivxamhicr. j This paper, heretofore conducted by Mr. Raguct, at Philadelphia, will, after the completion of the present volume, be transferred to Washington City, and edited and published by the undersigned. The present condi tion of parties, and the important bearing which ques tions now m agitation, must have on the peculiar inte rests of the South, render it indispensable to that sec tion tliat a vigilant and faithful sentinel, devoted to the great principles upon the maintenance of which their existence as States depends, should be on his post to ad monish them of approaching dangers that the State Rights Party should have a common organ, deserving and uniting their confidence, as a means of enforcing the true spirit and intent of the Constitution. It is not without embarrassment that the undersigned assumes a post of so much responsibility ; but bringing to tfie task a mind devoted to the great cause, earnestly impressed with the belief that the Union itself cannot be peretu- ated but by the establishment ot principles, in the sut port of which he has made some sacrifices, he is em boldened to hope that mot ot the present subscribers will be continued, and that many others will be added to the list He respectfully solicits the aid of tne State Rights papers throughout the country to insert this prospectus and asks the friends of the cause to make an effort in obtaining subscribers. The Lx a miner has heretofore been published semi monthly, at one dollar and fitly cents for a single copy four copies lor five dollars; or ten copies tor ten dol lars, per annum. It will be pulished by the subscriber weekly, on a roval octavo sheet, at one dollar and fifty cents for a single copy five dollars for four copies; or ten copies for ten dollars, payable in advance. In al cases where payment is not made in advance, the price will be one dollar and fifty cents. In all cases our Cor respondents must nay the postage. Sums remitted thro' the mail are at our risk. DUFF GREEN Washington, April 9, lc'5. resJbi 0hods! New ami Cheap!! Has just received, from New York and Philadelphia A LARGE AND GENERAL ASSORTMENT . of ra " i rs Which have been selected with much care and at tention and bought for the Spring of 1S35. IIIS STOCK CONSISTS, IX PART, OF ib:v--oois, Hard-Ware AM) Cutlery, f TT !." 1.' X" C A- A t f Ll.I 1 I and t-tr-y He invites his Friends and the Public to call hear prices, examine quality, and judge for them selves. (T Country produce, of all kinds, bought at the highest market prices. (& A lihcral discount will be allowed to all CASH customers. Salisbury, April 25, It'Sd. f ARRIVED AT FAYETTEYILLE: April 2-1. Steamers John Walker, and Henrietta, wth Dry Goods, &c, fir Levi Donnell, J. McCuistin, Alfred Hargrave, R.and It. Faneett. Evans, Horn and Co., John Murphey, II- W. Watson, Murphey and Taylor, Gibson, Fenst and Co., Kelly and Gaither, J. F. and C. Phuer, Wonnck and Goodwin, R.A. Burton, S. Hargrave, Blow er and Trov, Doricll and McLean, Alfred Dockery, If. ! Led ford, Parish and McNeill, J. and S. W. Lash. N. II.;:, A. J. Sherrill, B. U:;ey, M. P. Cope, Roberts and Johnson. Rohert E. Rives, .Mr. Pope, Mr. Freeman, and. others of the interior. FORTUNE'S HOME!! NORTH CAROLINA STATE For the Benefit of the SALISBURY ACADEMY FIFTH CLASS FOR 1835. o he Drawn at JIurlVccborough, HERTFORD COUNTY, IS". C, On Friday, the 22nd day of May 1535, OX THE POPULAR Terminating-Figure System. STEVENSON CAPITAL PKIZE & POINTS, MANAGERS. 1 Prize of G,000 DOLLARS is 86,000 1 44 of 3,000 DOLLARS is 3,000 1 44 of 2,000 DOLLARS is 2,000 S 44 of 1,000 DOLLARS is t?,000 10 " of 500 DOLLARS is 5,000 10 44 of 400 DOLLARS is 2,000 10 " of 300 DOLLARS is 3,00 10 44 of 200 DOLLARS is 2,000 lt0 44 of 100 DOLLARS is 10,000 100 44 of oO DOLLARS is 5,000 110 44 of 30 DOLLARS is 3,450 201 4i of 20 DOLLARS is 1,020 300 44 of 15 DOLLARS is 1,500 0,0U 0 44 of 10 DOLLARS is 00,000 0,000 44 of G DOLLARS is 30000 0,000 44 of 1 DOLLARS is 24,000 1 S.S.Ti Prizes, amounting to Package of 10 Whole Tickets will cost 640 00 1? 00 And must draw nctt - 23 00 A certificate for a Package of 10 Whole tickets w ill be 823 00 l or 10 Half tickets, - - - 1 1 50 Fur 10 Quarter tickets, - - 5 75 fey" All Orders from a distance, bv mail (post paid) or by private conveyance, enclosing the cash or prize-tickets in our previous Lotteries, will re ceive the most prompt attention, if addressed to JAM 1'S I. LONG, Salisbury, N. C. ; and an ac count of the drawing will be forwarded immediate ly after its event. OCT" All prizes payable in cash, Prtv days after the drawing, subject to a deduction cfjftce:i per cent. Whole Tickets, - - 4 00 Halves, - . . . 2 00 Quarters, - - - - 1 00 To be had, in the greatest variety of numbers, at JAMES I. LONGS Office, (Corner of Mansion Hotel,) SALISBURY, X. C. May 9, 1S35. td Esine of Hacks, FROM Salisbury, (."V. C.) to Halrigh, (IV. C.) M Si M M IV W s mm. mm. mmd , VNXIOUS to afford every facility to the Travelling Puhllc, now announce that thev have completed all their arrangements and can with truth say, IlVjre- sent you icilh a lsine oj Hacks possessing advantages over any other, if you wish to get on with ease aiid dispatch having obtained that great desideratum with all Travellers no deltntion on the road. It is so ar ranged as to correspond, in its arrivals at Raleigh, with the departure of the following Stages, viz: The Great Daily Line to Blakely, North-Carolina, passing through Louisburg, Warrenton, and Halifax; at the latter place a Line of Stages communicates with the Portsmouth Rail-Road for Norfolk: by continuing on to Rlakler, you strike the Petersburg Rail-Road; and on your ar rival at that place you have the choice of two Lines either by land to Washington City, via. Richmond and Fredericksburg, or by Steam-Boat to Norfolk. There is also a Line of Stages from Raleigh to Norfolk, via. Tarborough, Murfreesborough, Winton, &.c, over one of the best Natural Roads in the United States. At Norfolk there will be no detention, as there is a line of Steam-Boats for Baltimore in connexion with this line. This line also connects with one from Raligh toNewbern. The arrivals at Salisbury is regulated altogether by the departure of the Piedmont Line South, and the Great Western Line for Nashville, Tennessee, via. Lincolnton, Rutherfordton, Asheville, Knoxville, &c. Leaves the Mansion Hotel, Salisbury, TUESDAY and SATURDAY at 9 o'clock, A. M. after the arrival of the Piedmont Stage from the South arrives in Raleigh next davs at 9 o'clock, P. M. Leaves Raleigh TUES DAY and SATURDAY at 2 o'clock, A. M., arrives in Salisbury next days by 4 o'clock, P. M. allowing suf ficient time on the road for jS L E E P . fc7 The Hacks are Albany make, entirely new, an 1 cannot be surpassed for comfort and case; the Teams are excellent, the Drivers careful and atfentive, and the Fare low only SEX EX DOLLARS all inter mediate distances 7 cents per mile. 07" Passengers from the South who wish to take our Line will be careful to enter to Salisbury only. CCv" All Bundles and Packages at the risk of the owners- WILLIS MORING, JOSEPH L MORING. April II, 1-35. tf - The Fare from Raleigh to Washington City amounts to 819 50, as follows : From Raleigh to Blaklev, Stage Fare, . . . $7 Blakley to Petersburg, Rail-Road Fare, 3 Petersburg to Richmond, Stage Fare, . 1 50 Richmond to Fredericksburg, Stage Fare, 5 Fredericksburg to Washington City, Sieam- Boat Fare, 3 The Stam-Boat Fare from Petersburg to Baltimore, via. Norfolk, is cheaper.

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