North Carolina Newspapers

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'. Wa did not mtiii th pfoJiitjr f th Meck
lenburg Celebratx i time Una wk'i paperr They
.UU4)piiluiwrDetUui!jL'iQ(iik'itfi Rowan
u-'u y ' .
Tb tyW la whkb Jadg White if dernvee' by th
Via Bare paper I liUl of th kitwr ei , Tn.
ne m now icommunkatd from tlx Cbucb 4 Ui
real democrats party," and laatied nd lampooned with
(Hit mercy. It is npocted that the Gaaa Cauita will
apwiat eotar sneriAL, to try Jve Warra I Tr
OA Ijainif the f Democratic part.? uf tha iroug.
tat proof kirn. K that W U support bf Um
Pinie DankjWhig," aa Philo White aery k
writ K,'nd-ty tha awful iNhU.4W! ,K doebt
they wilt And bim guilty, end will orde him to a liy.
J alive by XWmtXj praWin Naw York which
obey tb word cttmnmend. But wt hop that Judgo
Wblta wilt Dot U discouraged. l!a should taka baart
from th ft thit, th CAUCUS, ba Igaim bim, tlta
rZ'JVLC tti M mm.
Jtirth Cmtina U th BjUimnr Came. Tka M
lowing art tb name of the individual who re atind
iaj "ttia Caucui In Biltimor deleg ln from North
Csroliaa, viif Robert Strange, It iimilun M. Smnler,
Jwiah O. Wateun, PIIILO WHITE, Jame Riiney.
J An D. Huka, lUnry F.IU, Henry Blunt, DinielTui
dm, John H. WbMU. (QUdian Drops',)
jjhn J. Lnckhut, Alfred M. SUJa, Wm. P. Fcrral I
juK a taker doten of them. From th City of llilti
more, alone, them ar about 4 delete.
It wdulJ teem (hit tha Hon. BJJ Brown, bu
biekeJout from going to theCaaeus; without Joo'jt ha
f.:ll 1 t:ttla arjtrrlly at tha w whU thing ara
join 1 in Nurth Carolina.
We diJ not Inland kny lnjuatiee to tha Town of Cam
den, or to tha good-natured, mbtu)m aoul of tha Jour
nal, by tha miooor ia wbick wojooUd bia "rtintrb
00 lha Cutton Uirktt," aoma woek amce, and of which
ba eoTipUini ' Wa bava not tba paper t hand conta
in j bia rrmirki. but think thara wm aometiiln to qua
lify oar adding "market dull," if, indeed, it wn our.
But th fnngraph from tha Observer wia given mora
m tha remark of tba editor of that paper thao our own.
We will take Ihia ocetaion, however, to aijr that Cam
den Dtoilly aSbrda at good, ar better prieea ( Cotton
and other produaa, than any other market to which our
Camera timl. , . . . ,
CoU Spring. T-Th preaent Spring, thin fcr, hai been
UeoUtt-UhoccurreJ fur many jeara jn thiaaeo
tioa of country. Owing to tiiia, the crop are extreme
ly backward; Wheat looki indifferent, Corn not good,
and the prospect of Cotton ia worm atilL Owing
to the culd aad wtt, tba aUnd of Cotton, in many pla
ce, ha been ancommonly bad. If frmt thonld ae( in early
till Fall, tha cotbHa-crepia thi partwf-NarUl Carolina
wilj be even won than .it waj ?bft1at year. ' All tltit
helua to )iaatify oar farmer with their condition, and
wiH continue to ewell that tide of emigration which
now bearing off to Sliauaiippl tuchrrjuwdj otljar P0la.
OAiaTEa tloverobr oTDUw ha callejlEogtier
the Lcgialatnn of that Suta, lo meet at Col umbo on
tha 8th of June." The bullae to ba eooaiderad i tha
ditpute between that 8 tale and Michigan, about their
boundary line. Thia diaputA'hu nearly brought on a
war between tha two contending parti. We hope it
"will bVeeJUled. wftlTBoof-vL - -i . .
1 Epi$c.Xm.nliw.1'-Ammiknrmim of
the Epiecopal Church w now in aeaslon liTPlinaocTpnia;
TlieJlL Rev. Bialiop White prewije over ita deliaer'
tiont. it beuur the 61 time that he ha officiated in that
capacity. I
, The Cpiacopal Convention (or Nbrth Carolina meet
in Hillaboragh on the 4th of Junei
VTiSarln-ttie NMhvillerTann tfnpr" q'prifo
togufeprCi7ggrmytriiBs to b4hat waaJ.., oj thi waaT cabou.iur.J
i'fiinouGwin lutUrof dictation ha failed of the
,.kga AJaJthe aceplre ha departed from Judah."
Coii'Woa or WffiMrSiemBi. At lha Superior
Court of Iredallfpun.ty, week before Iat, man ay tno
numa of Mowberry w cooicled fcr negroe alealing,
and aedtohcaiTto ba bifljja on the 19th day of June.
EV-peVker StevelnawrBsTgoVan appbrntrnitft itTa Jt q
ejr chosen Preaidenl of tha grand CAUCU3whicb
mot in; lUiUinore to iwimnate TaoTIlarea fof President
of 'Uin'Oniteu StateiThft pbly Jraw-ba'ci'ia, that
Uiere i no ssJary atlaobed to it. ,
. t - 1 1-1 -
, ; Savoral hrge rriinufacturih establishment at Pat.
tersctvin Ndw Jersey, have recently been destroyed by
fire.'"? . ' . 1 - .'1 . . .
"Tie Cri."-'The Pillowing article, from jthe Bo.
tm Atlas, does not look mndh like going over to Van
Bure'ni The Atlis i one of the ablest piper publish
ed in New England j and, we give thi eitract to lei
our Southern Whigieee the tpiritof a Northern Whig,:
- ia at inn J, wiien it 1 to ua oeeiuen jvneuier mere ia 10
ba longer an honeat, well-oriacipfedi e,nj persevering
5?pi)ition to J icksonism and Van- Burenism, or who.
"ibar th TVnstituOonn
iretn be snrren Jereih by food riieiii U.'wlutevetiftUiie
imf betide thein. rW cill on,.tha Whig Pre to look
tbie-criaii manfully in "the face, and to be prepared to
.meet it VVa calf on thos. 'wbo kddreMt the public,
through the most important 0 al jfhe mean of commur
tniptipn,un(f whue diity it ia t to present thing fairly,
. tber conv to f&oli ' ViiowWJfrejr.To Taf Before the
--WiHfilui Kill 'Wtriota, tha eorutitutional friends of
- tne country, ino irue snu real suiia or irro ctw. -1 ire
' great body of the Whigs are all rigb and all ready.
Tliey are dUpoeeit to surrender nothing.' to Compromise
- -r-, - .!oihuJ, but t( hold on W brine'iil to tha laat. But we
C;r twmpelled t aay that now of tRe-ferfuT,Wd0-'jporiding,
or tho time-erving," are likely1 to do great
! 'harm "to the aaa'wiyv ; r; . . .Vw-h
, Be it ever remembered, that the Whig stand on conv
'tituttonal principle. " The bond 'of thi union- ia not
'eI6hneas,varieior the fove'oflomce. Their bon4
hi l Ametican patriotism! and if thiii bond hall be broken
'by those who would higgle' and 'huckster with one or
'the other of the Corp or their adversaries, the Whole
eauae ofpatriotiam and the country i inevitably rained.
' We auggeat tnia mo5iaroeiiy 10 au mo w oig w we
YfjriUt and NnrtAernfitateind wa invite, thorn tore-linir
Dost m the iiwUnUtioous diaorgaaitatioM and paralysis I.
' thnwtaned dv any intimation 01 a purpoa to espouse
'either1 de of the. Jackson qtiarroL .Wa fully believe
that the Connecticut Election WM lost by. this course
'alone.' Out friend ia that State must think, put
;J a deoutve oowrse too long, and thereby left roam for
- - ----.-,--.r,: j...,:.;,.;.:
t. - .
tuwmmmmmlimmmmL.fJj.i.n,, ...
y ' ' japTur -i .1. j.. uum saiair-
tka (Wend of on of tlta JuVmm etnjidate to hope,
and for genuine and dL-tentnned Wh'ff to fcar, Ut
vine lll-OMiaidnrrid rvrtiofl of etpndicnry might lu
a deaigri of giving that 8uttru'rfW Uaa4WbiJ
pixninition. Aa pprhiMuuao(Uiit kmil mill btulai
t Vv4 (vr mLm0 to Hi can af ibe comtiiutum
nd VWco'inlry. Agiin, waai.tlierf.w. to Ua Whig
of Hie .NorUirrn and alalia ouieiuwa 10 ti
and act, ia tliia criiia, bcnur vigilajit iiUoal(
on Uia wttch lowe r of uoerty, ,
Lelln nfjh Han. IUJvrJ HrowaT (a lie GmmtiUt
' nfhtLatien yik JUam Pvblie M-tMnf,
" CUawtu, N. C, ltth My,
CcmiMia: I bavw the honor li acnowlt tha
receipt of your note of tha 4ih irvet , Inviting ma to at
tend a PuUie Meeting of the citiierM of Kowaa to ba
held on Die 19th of th month, In lha Iowa of Hal
ry, the ohiect of which aveiyoe inform ms toeoo
wlt ugiher on the prant eoodilion of tha count ry."
I reg'at that it will not ba eonvement me to raava
bom at thi lime, which will prevent me from availing
mvfir or your p Iiia rnviuiioo to ptiiicipve m in
delibentKma of tha pruwiaeit meeting. jVrinil ma,
however, lo avail mrvalf of thi occaaKM to aproa my
tincrra irrnncition at the ilnvxt unevampled pmaoeri-
ly which w ao tnpnily vwibla In "the areaem toaditioA
of the country." - '
Recently emt m, aa onr country naa, rrnrn a pmiw-
cvl eontot In which It bait Xn eneounler tha mot pow
erfully concerted an I etronjly orirnit avaiulU oa
ita erelit, it oommerca, and iu tgricullura, dirrctaJ by
a poweiful mtpf yel rnMitution, it i a auhjoct of tha
oiot mncera mLwctiuu. that it lit eom out of thtt
ennteet, aAaa mny piimKia eiliten fnerej it wmilJ.
with In lustry proiimlfd, inJ a oVprecialeJ currency,
hot, hippily. with reolu the tery rcre n tmro-
K currmry titer t$'H rrmrte.
In mr oa nion. no reull in th h tHnry of tfi rivil
dminimrtion af w Government, i to be mora highly
onrecitl than ihia. It h Uuchttha lavaliwbl
auo. thai tba aoirit of fraohrn which hn at all lime
oervaJeil our tountrv. m unronauoreC and oivoooqoirra
Ma. It baa mot aigntlly and iinprtMivety rebukad
lima who. furtreiTui of liie ntture of our free inrtito-
bona, would eiavour lo aontml tba action of our go-
varoment, and tha public will ay mean or Incorpora
ted moneyed power and it hu etublwhed wr repub-
lieaa vtem of government, I most atnoerely believe,
00 a still mora eodurutg baata thaa aver.
EnterUinina the view. to tne present eoodi
Inm of tha counuy," 1 wiJI adl, that I see in it much
to animate the hope of the lover of eow4iliidoaj li
berty, everv thine to encwraire ut in a devotod attach
ment to the Union, and nothing to indue aa to look
with diminished conodem.a on a government wincn
ha produced so man bleaaintr to th American Peo
ple, and which, I trust, m destined lo continue those
blecaung to. the remotest posterity.
I beg too; Uenllemen, to convey to those 01 my luu
krwcll!ene whom yuu repre wt on thia occiiioo, my
most reaoectTul acknowleUireinenU, am) accept, your'
solve, MMuance of my high rrojvct
hrJVr)U.U UUAtWii.,
To Mnn Burton 0i(r, T bonus C. Polk, Charlea
Fisher, II. C. Jonea, johrtChJmrjt. John Beard, juar
and R. IL Alexander, Committee of Invitation.'
. . roa ma waarraaiN coumia.
- --Tittnnin
(Wt ft Plea d Quarter ArrHon. fo tm, iSSX
The reMgnatton of Maj. John Beard; a County Tree
rtrrer, W read eatordermtto be entered oa tha mi-
nnte.""-WheTeo, lW Court adoptod jha.Mowuig
Keaonrtirawt- ' 1 -JksWaedL
Uaapunoeelr. that, tba thanks of the ma
-gitnte of Rowan County, in aeasion aaseinklad, ,ba,
and they are hereby, tendered to Mi. 'John Dean), tor
th faithful, upright, and reguhr manner la which he
ha managed Ui iaea of una bounty, ever since
he came into office in the year l&JO', sort that tne e
eloq jegrcl ve MUf II the km of bar servr, ia the eV
fice, and itill mora tbitho finJi. it nccpiry to Tcmov
mn imwi u j i ; ; ;i-. :
Rrtoltxl, That we recotnuend. him to the confi
dence and friendship of the people with whom it may
hereafter ba hi fortune to live, a a man of biwine
mmlifiiMlinn. and nf iinimnMrhsble imVvritv.
T - -r - . - -r. i
Rftolft, That the Ulcrk the Uort make out, un-
dcr the seal of thi office, a fair cony of these proceed-I
in. and transmit th same to Mj. John Beard ; alaoTTrj- 1- th.i he would -voto-to txoance with
that he cause the same to be piiWmlied in the Western
Carwinian, nd m the larolina v alcJiuian
Wa Druuma that a brief detail of th part hifnrr
and prrvent stat of thi instiluiion will be gratifying
I to th Presbyterian public. At the aeMion or rreshy-
leryrueia at rrospeci unurcn, in aisrca 01 ma nitmm
year", lha flrat Prosbytorial eteprweretaken thiawt-
ter. JLwa then resolvod that w would mane tne ef
fort, forthwith, to build up an inMitutiou of thia aort
and a Committee wti appointed to select a location, am
report at an adjourned meeting of the Presbytery, to be
held at Roc key River Church, in the latter part of April
oceeeJtinjKAjrrmbly orderr trre-oramHto ap.
aaaraa a f rpabytery, aoq reported, laat they bad looJt
datjereralplnntation within th limit prescribed to
them, (a aemirircla with a "radiuiof Bfleen mile, to the
east of Beatties Ford,) but were unable to agree in re
commending anyone to the Presbytery. Wherenpon, the
Committee, were discharged, and another, composed nf
Kev. Messrs. Walter H. fbarr, K. It. Morrison, P. J.
Sparrow, Col. Wilinm a AlUenn, aad William Dm
viilaom Eb.4appointod ia their tead, with the tbllowing
instructions: . . .
IrTo elect and awrplocition1or Ihe achnof,,
2. To appoint an aent or agent, to visit the ehurch
ea and take subscription in behalf of thi institution. - -8.
To appoint a Bjiliing Committee, whose biuine
it ha II be, aa anon aa the kulaoriptiona will warrant it,
toprepire miterialafor the kinklin
On Weilneiday, 13th of May, agreeably to appo'nt
ment, the Committee mot at the' house nf William S.
1 r .- a . .t.ti 1.. A . r " I I 1
a location, ai can ne-iipni, nuer sniemn m pecMi
prayer to Almighty .God fijt tKo! aiiiaf .nil ''grace, jhef
enurea upon tneir oeiiDerationa
l24Thrjrlcc!fidorJhe kwat ion of the institution.
trtclof land lying partly In Meckienbiiig, anTpartIV in
Iredell, a few mile to the t of Beattie Font. The
ituatioo i'htUiy, 1h naiffhborhood Mreaable- and
moral, and at a distance from all nadntaof diasipatioo.
Tbe track of lend contain 409 Acre. ' U lie Well, and
about 200 acre of it ia superior land ( the remamder i
of about, middling quality. ... J here i a .considerable
mianiitvef meadow land helonirine to it: and there ii on
it aWach erthard of ItWO haoJewrTreW'Ti
the whole' we- bare agreed to giver 1521 dollara, and
Mr; UavKlson, tne geTHieman from whom we have maaa
the purchasevhaa ootited hmrself to ake,oea title
when, it shall be called fbrjl Justice require that men
tion should be made of the er liberal terms en which
Mr. Davidson let uihft tbeUnd;- It i tha opinion of
the Committee that tha plantation la worth at least, Ki,-
2. Th Committee appointed .two agent: ,Mt
ft' R ' Motrirorl' and F5 ' J. flnarrow Mr.! Morrison
field af operation embrace Mecklenbnr Cabarrus, and
LineolnJHr. Haarrow 'a, Kowah, Iredell, and Barke r
,i JV 'lbe foliownif eenueawa were ppomta a Build.
Committee:. .. ,..,a,-i. a .
Jlev, John Williauison, CoL William S. Allison, Wit
if m n :,-' 1 v. L . ' ' , VI t 1
liam L .Davidson, John D. Graham,' end Robert Potta,
- We must aot;mTiit Wineirm,Xhkfelhd moat entire
nnaairaUy characttrtied all tbe deliberations of the Com
mittee. '.Cri -ifoul njib:) rt-o3 '.
frr.-..j . t-, , mniif riiiiMMiiais'siiiiili i'-!!'"'! 'ri- "?'
.:"'. mil j i ' '--i-ui.ia .-n-r. 1 :'i J.ji"-''"-r;iti..':
The Cillowing leatoig faaturt of the Institution were
sgrimd upon 11 th last SMins of Prwihyiery.
1. Tha Institution iMIl be ander the vuUvi and d
ICCtiun of lha Caiffd J'rrvf'jtery.
! The great nd admf Jift sT!I lVi ski.
lion nf young men f" the GokiI Ministry, and of
landing th mean of duration mora gorally among
II claw of lh Community. -' .
S. Iu privilege ImI( be accessible in parson of all
ffligious rienntniiMtion, of good moral cbartitrra.
4 Th rlitil conUlned ia the cVnpturv of the Old
and NewTrumeoU,hall eon.litui the Mpreme rule
of control in all the yegulstions of Una inMitnUm.
ft. Fur the profiM'ilua -f hasl abd to dimmish th
ekponw of education, all the atiidrnta who shall enter
this tmxrttttmnsMl W svswrvd ta-MtlwMiuaiual 1
hour, igncwltnral or mochapicsl, in the minner, snd to
lb stent, deemed pmper aad naorvaary by its director.
. fl. Tbil inatitulMfa ia digned lo fflrJ tli eotnpe
Unt ino tut Ui afiiuisilkin of an acconiplishad cla.
ical adncatkm. " " " 1
Much ta plain ttatement or what dh wen nn la
ihia msuat. ' We bv wow arrivJ at Mi amac whar -
wa miM hav th assMtanee af ell th tVsta I of our '.
Pranlerian Zmn. The auevtion aaa now to,
dotorminato-not whtshouUnUiardoJ hut,whulull
Idol Hum cllectively, anJ inJivtdually. ia Uirvwn '
th reonsib lilf ofyin, whether mi.W.tulIou tball
n or not W have never been c illod to Uetermme
I more Important menum. it involves, a w uiina,
UirM other quest ior-Shll th Preshvterisn triiub
onlinu to M nd Awrwh M VVato', North Caro-1
nst 0 shill ifdwlntle wiy Ontil It breon utterly I
extinct f ' Brethren, uk. thw aneti.m with yoa to a
Throne of, aad there detorm.oa it We eawiot, j
I a moromiaooM to whletrm.nil.on ymt wJI r-
.... , i.i.. i....i ,,.r...t ,n 1
..... ,.....T :r,., . - ... .
librrally, ami aright, toward an object, so vitally con
nected with the well-bein? of their country, ami liteir
own beloved Church. '
(Er The ddlowlng paberii ir reepectfully reouasted
to give t has sot an insertion!' Carotin Wstchman,
Southera Religion Telegraph, RJf ifh RejfisUr, Mi
ners and I trmcr' Journsl, anJ North Carol iu syoc
roa tb WBrnak OAaouma. '
Gam A lha cond Tburaday ia Aaguat ia
not far suuit, and no doubt man of yoo will ba Can
dida to (i re-election, you will of course f it 14 b
incumbent on you to aaltaif your conatnuenuj tnii your
acting and doing, aa their Rrenaisi " have
necn such ai to merit a renewal or tneir conn ience.
But yoo have learned, by enperience, thst in the de
generate time, when true republicanism seeina to be
on tb wf much may ba expected from a good stamp
speech ; and thaVin apd ofwitools and newspaper, th
very good people, tha very weet People, the very gene
rout people, maybe flattered, cajoled,' and completely
drilled, at pleasure, by lhos who, whether the have
heretorora been rederalwts or Kepubitcana, now oeciara
themselves fu Gen. Jackson, who, let hi word aod ac
tions ba what they may, Iheaa good folk will hav to
baa lieoub icaa or lb reouioe alamo, wovaoi l-
cauae b fought the Indiana and tha British; and be
cause, in his Meamee, Vetoes, and Speechea, be seldom
rail to flatter the dear erealurea htrmwlr.
It has been tha practice among; print e and ruler.,
when tliey dtaeovere' thair popotarttv to a iadanrar.
to draw th attonUoo of th people from thir fault;
aud na it, upon auma furaign-aubjcct upon which ail toe
people were likely ta unite, sucn as war, occ., ana
rmy be polaie lor yeu loaoot a sunUar updianL...BuUl
it Ton cannot fesort W ttimrs abroad, ya snost coO;
tinue to excite the people -ha anraathing at Jtome, and
probably the convention law, or the food ar bad effects
expected to result from in proposed change or tne
Constitution of th State, may answer your purpose.
For if vou ara conscious anv act of Your, which Too
nave Found, on rviomimi nome, ia not qone so popular
a vou eroected fcr instance. Pott Rrtnlatrons. then
your huaiae will ba to mouW that af&ir. If chang
ing iha aubioct wheoe'vef it ia mcationed.f It ii to be
feared, however, that the people, good Dttured acuta aa
they are, will not let you off quite ao easy 10 Uira ciset
they see that your instructinirresoluriou were intended
to drive Judge Mangtim from the Senate of th (Jailed
States. Rut whv aid vou-aiit includd Sons tor Bmw
: 0.1.,,,. vri. vni anre. bevnnr! the mud.
btlity oraTfOubt. that he would vote to xoone with
out uutniction I It ia certainly true tliat, jmlging from
trie past, you and little to h ar oa that score; but acting,
as you did in this'case, in the charctoc of " Repreaeo
taiivet of the people," and attaching to the affair ao
muciKimeoHnee-e-Ton--preerrfed -to do, yon shnnld;
have closed tne door even gaint remote poesibilitle.
Wa mut
uk Kranled, iherea. that yoo knew
wty that Mr, Brown needed no such prompt-
it titta wa,thaa( mag be forUir,mfj4,r
to a carta in ty
from tha inordinate aeal you mimftwled for the conti
nuance of bii Senatorial services; for you acarci ly had
fotinijrweelyef.atjh Capitol b;fiire you elected him
for another term of sirrenrs. Tlif re was another tliinir
yoo appeared, to have in view : you intended to cast in
oJiiirn on the'political course of Judge Manjjum, aa
S I I'M - mm k Sfc 9 m
cootraaistingHianea irora uat or air. srown. 11 m,
therefor, too plain that you intended to exhibit Judge
Maugjun. befuf . Hut pu blic, herauae. h ia ui b taluoUaad
unnmcning nrmnes stool in ih way or your party.
But Judire Manirum waa aenaibla that the inJeoen
dence of the States depended onon tha imleen lence
of the Senate of th jUniteJ jstates anOeffljdanJ,1-'
. 1 ... tA i " :! 1 . 1 !
irm siorm. ana anana yoo aiotea a aim reonunueu
uin yourselves, and the honor of tha Stale waeuDrel
served." - But what did -your Inatructioha .reuiiir f ..
Judge Mangumf Thi qn est ion ia easily answered ; 1
they placed before' him the insulting alternatlte.'eilhef
to swear Men ind tote again wh it ha had voted fr(
ar teat?. - Tbie wa the am ofUhe whole plot , T lw
proceeding ha th 'appeamnce of persecution in iu.
wont form, and it will devolve upon you to satisfy the
people that h ia not en in Tact, Tor they will certainly
require yff'to do ao. How will you do it? In the first
pliice, yow required flie . Senior; to do an unconstitu
tional act. , Porbapaoi that point the plea of ignorance
mat avail you, for you have hone "other to ofl'or. BuL
ayine nrat wierrram we w aw, snow mat Judge Man
rm' voto on Cly'a Aeanlutieoa wM wrwurJ ' If vou
dutjnsTa teLeoiimdorA
guw owevTT ,r jfH ynorem 01 inai wai.
Did the friend of fhe- Eaeeutivw in Cngrarhow-Uat.
the allegation In Clav'a Resolutions Were untrue 1 If
they did, lei Thai, be shown' also: but no, they did hot,
Could not" z'- i.".a..ia: - .
0 And aa to the House of Rrorewntitrveai they, in the
words of Jdr. John Q Ada ma, on mnolber, but net very :
fbnato ocCMion.)" dotlred theeueMion ,. Now.irert'
tlemen, if you dq not satisfy your conatiueot on all the
fbratromg peitit. jtuUmu ,
enviable, you must be coni idere a l band of ronspira
tora, whose end and aim wai th destruction of a fellow
jcitia..wiliioul a ickiMti.';.:! ..;:,. ...
iK-. w .-9.isv ONE, OF- YOUR .COS8TTrUENTS
aMt wi'jtoN rYa i J3um Jhoii,)
.it' tWI . tm ',1 1 1 J." !!( iii ,lrbltt.iisUl rl!
'I i -ivi mix:wawmcAKciHui ,; ...
if '4tlt W-i;lTfiii Si VrWiVajr" .11
Tba Row to Count Temperance Sorietv held a
meetinz b' the. Methodist Churchl'tn'thia' place, oh
Tuesday evening the 19th iwt ' The PrasidenK being
atMMnt.'lha f!han. mrmd IkkaH Biwl tha maatinn Wiaaa3
wjw prayer, 0 tbe ttev-;ir..KoUirocaor tla iuU-
r Uiarcrt .1.1 -s,X.T'Tfni3TrK:i Hit
, Thfollowing Raalution wer accompanied bv an
propriato and interesting addreeaee pom thowt gentle
men wbo offered. them:, r ', ' ' ;.
By Gen. Cook i Rtmlted. that the Temperance Re
formation nas an tntunate onooo with our civil and
political welfare. ,
' " ' '" f '. '.'"'A. : - yr': -
' I uUi'lI "2'.itK '-..i.! ." '1 i'i"..M.i"i"i ii' '' ft'1" . "'i 1 '"" 1 1 ' 1 '' 11 ' " """1
By RV. iir, MctVmaldi RiJ4, that the Tmna
ranc ctu rUim id d-fiir! lha cordUl supoort
sod the prsyr 4 t'irit'n s-yvrj rlrnomuistioii.
l!y IUv. Ut. Hptrrowf Rrutvi, that lii biUiertt
onmyled auenra of the Tsmpnrance aana. at(4
good groun toaapert it ultimata and anUr ncte
Tbea U4ulMia beuig vrlly rd end aJorud,
it ws
lUtoliii. tht lia Rv, Mesa Raihroek aad lc
I Dooald,nd alichssl Brown, E.. be Ohiihi ll to 4
'j . e ik ..r Ik.- ruii.i
rauuaatiaf of ihem, rprprctuMy, written opinion on
th effect of arJent spirit apt th human consti
tution; to be laid be for late Society at it annual meet
.Rttoltti. thit Mr, JohoC. Palmet, aad Col, S, tar
ly ba a Committee to invito mm gvutlamul to drlim
an addrraa bfor lb Society at it annual meeting,
and also to select eouie prud to read the DaclaraUo
of Independence. ..;''''
kitoltti, Uist the Rev. Vfevors. Rmhrerk, McDomlil.
and 8irruw, Gen. J. Cook.aad IU htmn-l M. Paaraon,
fc. Unnm.lla to invite any gmiHeaaaa at a oi-
" wnom mey may wuia Mvwaoia 10 u aaa
Pnl it Ua annull martmg. . :. . ,
.1 ba UnstiWUon lniagraaanu,Mnr)ayg.vtn
P'wg. iweiuy-hmr ptraona .nanovn w -r
K f. . .
- '
r"m "vTOVUU,v v r
procaedinw of thi maetuif; 1 ' ' '
. 1 "aty lkarnd to hold it Annual meeting to
rrenyiria VMM inia lown,on awwrgay.M-
f"and. of l"w wua are lespHrtlully wvtted. ,
Tbaloc.l Soc.e in County ' .re
wnd Vleirfie with a Report to the Annual maftmg
of ihl. Soe,.ty,. - J. J. BLACKWOOD, .
of thi Socisty.-
r- - -
. .. .frotm wwrnacaJtouau. - -
'1 -,.,..-.. T. . ... .. ... , '. .
Mrwaa Eomaa:, ! anm lima read the ao Buren
H3uilard,N printed at Raleigh by Philo While, who
asad to be so much .gainst Van Bura'n ; and I scarcely
sea a number in wh en h do not nor bu greit
dialik to the word Wkm: tha vary eouod of it aaema
Ui discompose nin, til ovsr. vroai 1 rtowinf hi 1 r
bp R lose from om ktrtiiitry dislika be hai to th
word. One thing i certain, noToai af th Revolution
hated tba word WaJo mora than I'hilo Who ow doe,
ind no doubt their dislike ara attributable to tb lame
eisr;V4 ta, hstrad tor Whig prmcipl. . Tb prin-
eiolea avowed by th Wblg of 1770, and now by the
Whiga of 1833, are priely th earn) an no doubt
the prirxipUeof the wboopjajsed th Whin oHO, and
those who oppose tb Whifi of ,33 ar liktaiae the
asm. -Like wiU beget like." A W11I0.
m mm r ! -- .
Froto (JU Hatienal lttttilitnerr.
Th (billowing rticl k worthi of preaarntloB fcr
future rrrnce;
Andrew Jackson, af Tnneesee, President.
Msrtirf Van Duron, of NaW'Yara, Vice Pfidat, -- -
John Forsyth, of Georgia, 8eoreUry of Stat.
Levi Wood burr, of New Hampshire, Bee y. treaaory.
Lawi Cam, of Ohio, SeereUuy of Waf.
Mahton Dickeraon, of N. Jeraey, Secreurt of Navy. "
Amo Kendall, of Kentucky, Poelmaster-Genersl- '1 '
B. F. Belr of Nw-Yrk, Attorney GaneriL ..
Jobo Bull, of Taanease. Speaker ot ta liouaa. ; , ,.
t . ivuvriurl of Ikm &1mU. ... . ..
. " . , .. ' Deeted".
M.ina, j Robert P. Dunlip,
Ne w-llmphir, Wm. Bulger,
1 115
-John Davia,
Wm-A. Palmer, ,
John R Francis,
. Joha Edwards, ,
Wm. L. Marc,
Peter D. Vroom,
George Wolf,
Caleb & Bennei, " , .
'Jarne Tbom, - 1 'f
-Littleton W. Taaewell,
Rhode Island,
Con neat ut, 1
Newslersey, .
WafyTjndi '
NortfvCamlina, - Devtd If Swamr
South Carolina, ; George Mc Duffie,
Georgia,' . t TKWiUon Lumpkin,
Ohio, Robert Luc,-
Kentuelry,(eting)Jr TrMorabeaaV ,
, 1834
.. '1333
Nosh Noble, .
Joseph Duncan,
Davai Dunklin, .
John Gayle,-
H. G. Runaella,
Missouri, -Alabama,""
Edward D. White,
The fcllowing Ubular autemeot oTlFeTJorWlr5ri'j
Salaries, th number of Senator, an,i Represent
lnd their pay perthiy, of each St.te in the Onkm,
kn from tha Amarwamaoa. fcr 1531 r.-1
Governors' Number Number
' - Balariea, Senstora.- Rep.
Maine, 1 1500 Ti ' -199
N. Hampshire, VW'"W 8-13
Massschdiatto, " 8313 63 43 ' r10
Rhode Iriini. 400 10 . 74
9 OU
- l-M
a 00
Gmneetieut, , 1100 . 21 ," 8uS
7)0 sen
New Jersey,.
lk JSV,
30()0 u
4000 1.1
1X3.1 0
3 J33 33 84
M " ,3 00
1W 8 00
21 3 60
-r 4TJO
1.14 4 00
n-i .,.
M T.Jm
S 00
ft r.mlina.
424 - 4 00
V . u
Missouri, '
iltrignlAg Softrrigns tfEv. .
Name. Title
Russia ' -
Ocsnnisra. ""
Great Britain
. Chitlea JfTL ;.T Km
Niehola 1 " " J 'Emptror
Fr-dertek VJ Kmg
Willmm IV do
JPruasi . ,
: litopoM !" J -ld
Fred. WUliam HJ - do
Anthony ;t--t":-:- da -;
William ' ' Duke
t' WHlian-i---l Jdov
Hesse-Hovborg 1 Iooia J . , - Landgrave
Baden .', r " Ch. Leopold . Fr. Grand Duke
llsas CaaIjfew,VYjllian U.i., Efectoc,
i 64
Worwmbarg jit William ; . vmg
Louia '; 'u ' do
Austria t
Spain.: yri ;
Franci ;. .Ftnpexor j...
, Lmiia Phillippa ,i; King j .j
1 61
uilll 01 MO. 1 jr. Jmi'V wm. ;?, ,
, Maria Isabella 11 Queen 4
Donna Mariar W "srM 15
.-Chaa. Emanuel :. Kjnjr - 66
Leopold II nf n CramTDuk 87
' Maria lAui-i1 5rD.,lrhM At
i Frarwi Fv as i.h Duk -J.fl69
'ml oCtsirie Itukiiw. rtVr-V:
Rutaoftha) C- Gregory XVL U ' Popn atis30
Two tHciiie
terdrnaAd King. 4 ., 20
Olho . . ... .1 do . ' Ifl
r ' - - -
Mahmond H J ' V ' Rnlt.W " ' " AO
do',., , 1. "AM''i,,."""J S!Ll .
JSince thia table wm ebrrmited, fte Emjierrtr Fra'ncla
hae deoessed, tod ii tacoeeded by bis ion, Ferdinand,
nowin bia 42d Jfaa. ilijA .'pfftfi grhJ0
- - v
' iiniT'-wniKinninn .'i m 'n't ''iMiii iii's'wi air'i, iniMwniiiTi;rwMiiiiiw.i
8000 :. 61 131
3000 - 90 .,. 115 . ( 4 00
twoo -.n i 00
2VK) 11 83 8 00
J7 ' 60 4 00
2000 - 20 -Dfy-"r- rjO
2000 83 100 9 W
YXX) . S3 i . . 7-4 8 00
1000 . 80 2 t , 2 00
1000 20 t , M 00
iooo 13 ta too
"'rf ratitf wk with Hum irinlnt."
Diahruw Itlivei Mr, 17. nl Mnd'lan,
JonaTnaa. 1 lfit in
'( f j 11 I donl car
1'J rail.' r work it?l
nothing atvmt it. In''t'"
ibim that do drink
V. t ::,wttr-
! M. n. Why do you rnUt to woik with the
that rlrmk spirits t ." .
Jo. Becaus they can't a,Jhll " ww
aa men that Am'i drink any. J orM wita
f both, and I tell yoo ii' hard pui.'mg P "?
with thai eold
-water fulwra. ... ,4 UNITED iv WfcUUK-H. , , -
In thii County, an tfta Cflth rwtanf. h IU".
mul Rothruck, Mr. CHARLW BARRUNCER,
In Lmcolnion, N. C an the 14th lntnt, hr th T
Rav. W,ll v,m C B-m. Dr. A. B. CROOX, of Oi
!!, a Cto Ma HAR.UJ UOAB, daugbtf r.a( trd,
John Jle.ofuncolntin.
rtTT- rirrtt
8AUCT,,M.y M,lt. ;
MR. ROBERT COCHRAM toarJoointodan AgentL
ba obtain lutacfiben to all or uriet of my publieaiiethV
ind to recrhand reeaipt tor "y,"
acweirt threof. 1 ! 1 lLFF GREEN. ,-
1 1 1
L'a rOCL-..t
' jv ' .MttiiH 1 ? 1st'? !
Clock nd Wlch-aiAker,
Biisvm-wiiTir, ,
f nAKC4 IhU method t rnf-ming bit FiKJe U fuLlio acncrally. that Jul Mill coo
tinuet to carry 00 the Watch Making and Jewellery
tuainea at bia old atnod, on Main btrcf,nt dour
bov (U Store of 8aaut Lttnlv V 8un,nd lukr
Ihia import unify 1 prcing hit graliiuda to lw
puWifl Ar lb pfftrvaaga bich bai Ucn Utod
on liiin ml )ip lhl anor rdiilotii alKnlma
l hra buaiM will not Jail ticK a ahare 01 n,,
Mironag U its pxoU, a Larctoforc T mikf
iii eatablishmrnt alii) mor dcaervipg f it, Ii
juat received irhrn 'lh North. wlrj ra aikctrd
by kenlleman of tail flM xnaricuc, t nry tl
tasaiv and euperior aaaoilment of -
, ,WATonro,';S7-j-s?.?a
jt . " ,,
t Fancy OoOti. ..
C0N3I3WlNfARTtrrn . ' .. ,
Silver d-HWaad and efiMiUe J)MtLjted Lm,
Plain, and llmitiiig Watchae: fJolJ, Silver, J'lsitd,
liead, Silk, and AibboA Cuard Chain ; Cold Ka) ,
and Seal j Gold, Plated, and other Cuard Kea,
Splcedid swttl fTipj Aqeimariue, it',
Pttintig,CroW, vttritrnlian, tia 'at ta.
Kinga and Hreait I"ini j aarieiy f Utttm rn
and Finger Ring; Gold Filagrc end ruber Caafi,
Catche. Uaad Begat Coral lndit Bilavr nia.
lOaar GoW, Bilvar, tnff 'Shell -Lint, arwJ VUaf
Uotieo fa ww aaaorl menl of Eluda j M uaie UN I
Silver .Plaied, and ' BeddTuraea 6ilvf Ppot.D,
Silvef and Steel tnetaelei while bud M Scav
sors t,Lver pointed Pencil Ciatt and Lead J 8ilwcr
Tooth Pick and Twetsra 1 Cantlemao'i PocUt
an4 Dirk & Xadic" Silver Fruit do. I Eilvar
uuiter dnBiKcraflCi fciiiar, piaiiencaouara
Dirku Damaacut "rbert 'Wrrt Twtat-trid braa
I barrel pocket Piitoli t ind rreal rari!1 of otlr
, Watchei and Clock repaired ,wlih nflttneit,
accuracy, and dianatoh 1 warraoled la rr(rmi and
ry andeeor made ia git; aati&clioOCtil.
paid to ow cold atwroiivaf. .. .: "t.-i-.riTT'
Tr--' Sarmbttft; Ma S31; 18033:
Sprjnf dk Hammer FtaHlontt
DECS fcare to iniurra hi friend, aad tha put!I
f-in.gnefaJ, UMuUirderata Jtialioa will aiwavf
bhanlcfully received by him, ajuUxecwtal b tha)
moat Neat, Fashionable, and Durable manMr m
rma a rwaaonaUe aa anv in Ihia section af etata.
buinav(a Jiumper of yrt ofwhich Hm hi
resided in the city of PhiladcipbiaV and from tb '
general shtiafaction ha haa bwtofor givtn to hi -iiumerou
respectable and. faabiooabl Ujatortera, to
rnerit and recerra m portion of tha patronaj of tha
public in" gttenL-rTrxyrB' . ,- -h; .-. -
' OCT !1 rtattera bt'riwelf that hit CtTTTJN'O Ii
rtaUf superior' to any done in thi State, aa trar
be tested by lha undisputed eleganc of wbica
UcafafMSaml anin Ji.j;tahlinpent. Uf
i in the regulr rxetpt of tb Report of thw F '"
abiotia aa they change both in tba large title cf
tlw country and ofuropeiJiat Uerra . .
may br aatiafied that their order will aJwaya b
executed irf the) ry lateat atykj.- t
, Ordora from a diaUoee will b attondedl ttitb, -thjyam
punctuality and care a if the cwtcacr
were preeenl jnerton. ' , V" ; ; ,
Salisbury, May 9, 183oU-Iy.
f AafjaaJaaaAaawf L.
'?'-! ii-lElopcdf'r --r
IJROM tb Subarriber, on the 'night of the 24th
instant, a bound Colored Girl, by III nam t4.
AMANDY HARRIS'. ' 8oid girl ia about ISyrafa
of age, light cofri)lecid, arid tolerablylnlelligeiit
it ii hiulilv prubabte thaTah will atiemnt To naai
perienc inlhebuainOs; i -Frbhl t'erthlfl trrcurn -aiBncw;;t
am inrlocrd to bclicvo that phe-wa per
suiulod off by aotn While man i if ao, 1 will iv
- i 1 j t 1 - . - -
ia libernl rewwid ir their-ap
may be brought to justice. 1 wilt alao cite rca.
aooable reward for in-appreficneion ami delim
ry of aUf girl to me in SalisUry. - And I cnutioa
all.jroroliarboririg her.iuil.irilLbfoTXi..
hf jaw against any who may do art. y n '
I"'.'"" '"t,
ti .? ...u
nEISuBenlwrTha hmmri "
and Boydcn the Patent for E. It. PartePa Irak
proted STKAWi CUTTERifof Uio Cmmtie of
Rowan and Davidarm, take thia method of inform,
ing the citizena of thne Countiae generally ibat
bwia noJ piparing aoatflrlala, and expect to make
a number of hei Machirjaa. p Alt noraon wish.
inTlotpbr'chaeo ah .'article d (he kind, would do
well to call at the Mahaioh Jlotel In SalisborV. or
jt Clemmorwiyill in Davidson County, where tho
upaertDep nv, imi examinithe -machine br-
thmaelve? - All order from, fersnn wiahiflg ta
fMircMa machine Wilj ,hcf Ui. inimcdiit alter
tioA;.rii-"AMP woyciL f,
Cleinmorunillii, iffy 33, SU -,.pj,
,.' Vi'.'. ,. ,.''1 "
l- r -"t-I -4r"-- r 1 1 r, ;'- v . - - 'vim..-- ''... 1 --.m., uv;;a-.""v-Mji-,Ji:-f'1'"'
"t)hynttwn sm

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