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PUBLISHED EVERY HATURD VY:-AS311ID2ia; OBiaJl AWMaJl UlAUIPVln IPiDTOaaD'ii'aVoL 1C, No, 1. -Whole No. 783.
If rait! In Advance.
- OrTwo IMInra and I iHy tent.,
After the nplratlon of 3 month.
"raw neccM
"awe vsr atala tiwi'wi.'
The statements txpresaed in the following lines,
front the Mothers Minina, will meeti joyful re-
tpunas in the heart of many a Chriatun Mother.
Iinl rc'jK my infant child.
TivmI the iiflirinj wilt rereive;
Tli'i baft oft ua children fin Jed ;
Help mother to blieve.
Clen hr infant aoul fcom ain,
Hon rViair ! on her shine,
N Uh UtMMxl work bcfc'ia.
Which ahall seal Jiff ever thine.
Ivd, that heavenly wieilom (rive, iimthor'a ardent prayvr
That her cliiUlrcn Wf may live,
Wiellen'd ly thy U-ud-r car.
MollnTa wi vising children bh-t,
llnly rliili,l round your heard,
II -M on iida aweet promise rcl
Faith will mi-et rich rrwsrd
When, with agony you pray,
Ami tli" dew-drop dim your rye j
Then the truth divine display,
I .cad tha little wanderers niih.
J axes, oh! how rich the blesainij,
lie your ouiring will receive.
If, while llannah'a love piieiing,
Vihj with Hannah win believe.
M'l'hera! Infanta! lend your voire,
Join the sweetest srwig to rawe:
Hark I the angelic Ihm( rejoices,
- Tuuuig heal la tlld harps U praise.
Frrnn thr Chritlttin AdoiHMlt jhuI Journal.
Home years since, I wna travelling from tlie Slutu
of New Vork into the province of l'r Canada,
by tho way Cae Vincent, ami Kingston. Between
the two channel of the river Ht. InwrHiHe, we
I m sued over Wolfs, or Grand ImIuikI, w inch is but
thinly settled, it was in tlto depth of wiuter, lule
in llio evening, w lieu I culled at un inn. Aa is but
too cttmtnnn, at -pil4tU4tiT gnuticuicu
were aiding round tho fireside, engaged in conver
sion. A liltle interrupted by my coining in, ihey
nude, short pause., one of Ihe company re
named tho conversation, ami, with the epml of ww
dignalion, mid: " Well, that man ought to lie hung
for such couduct to hit wife;" lo which the compa
uy reepMided in the atlirmalive. Aa I did not knuw
the pnrtirulnra tt' wlrnli tloy - wurc couversiiij;, I
llMiunht it WM .the elaiKfc'r of Imr rooifi, and I
tr u'u eiiilanntio i. The rnmpniiy worn di--pt
rted. K-trly tn the inoniihj', I r'alliv! ori n itmn
10 the neilib irhood with whom I had aoiiie lmi
n: tulruimcl, .. a jw'nilmir.iii rode up t' the
d mr wislnug In know if I n n miuitur, aialinK
that ii woman had died th day Ind'orc, imd wished
in'? to winy hih! aliuixl the fun ml ; to which I con-
sented. and learned the lollowi'ig rnrte-ulttr:
J. II., thn inhu nan hmlniml ol tlni decraed, was
the sou of a tav,ni l;een:r on the Lthuid, aud was
early addicUsd tu habits of iutein;K;ra:ice. Ho had
IhWi uiarried U MUiJL four or tivo years. Not-
SKliillLt'lJiiliJ1'" ear' "'" dirp;itinn, ho had
bn meXgTTaTrirdatHiiliiiit till ho wa
v-- .awirriedk ; Jl 4ha vohjin" ujit .b is eg jwand
hi cunnitala, .negUx tmg hi bisnies, scalliiring
and destroying spending much, of hi timo in tho
J towu of Kingston a place imtH for intemperHnon
and guinhliuii. It was u t I ng bufiro the last of
hi property "tottered upm a siri'l card." Ho
iiad ii JJ 'lie cluTCiaifW nf .trrs -oitii h'nw Pr turn,
and his wife wna M to coutund with powrty and
despair. IIj snub-Minn one of Ihe in nt alun-
d mml orunhiirds err-.wr II ! h idi t4iMlyeernr
el to have forgotten. to proviJe for bis family, but
it had Iwcoino hu duliglit to rob his forsaken wife
of cvty liltlomf rt she might earn, or receive
from a bwvnlentTrien1."II liveW orr-tll wt
side of the island In a lug hut.- lttowl upon a risa,
exp tsed tn Ihe northern blast that swept along the
entire length of L ike Ontario. Almost perpetual
ly, the h iwling tempest beat upm tho lonely and
s'lattored dwelling. Th colli ig waves of tho On
tario were teen at a distanee, dashing tboirfoam
upon huge banks of ice, and the roar of waters and
J Storm, added to the dismal gloom that reigned
I within the drunkard's home.
Here lived tho unfortunate female whose unhap-
py fate I am attempting to describe. Sho haifbeen
married and confined to" tliTs "pfrn Tiouso of a
- - little did she think when ahi gave, herself to the
man she tenderly loved, and who promised to pro-
jwt,har7lTint hft Wji3sb3"Dec6mg to "tor the
source of a thousand woea. With the pencil of fas
cy she had drawn the scenes of future life, and they
wera tinged with sunshine. But soon she learned
that the husband of her youth was a drunkard
and what jcould she expect! ..Despair settled upon
her pale brow, and anguish rung her bleeding heart.
-NoKa ray.of Mpe Jhejtslimmwin upon her
i solitary path. AS " uosxinM iq woes, wim ner sor
rows, ner cares increased. Two infant children
-jri -tiemanded her attention and her tears, the youngest
flf which was but a few weeks old, whea its mother
I fell a victim to neglect and despair. '
J And here let simple nanratSw tell her tale of woe.
1 When her infant was but ten days old, she was un-
der the necessity of going out, through tlrifl and
I snow and piercing winds, to gather hiel to keep
I her from freezing her husband being gone on a
I - -drunken frolic She took a severe cold, and was
4 goon confine to her bed of straw, (for such it lite.
rratty xyp.Ne beget able ta walk, trrven sit p,
I early one morning as her brutal husband waa set
I ting off to the tavern to spend the day, she eKpoa-
i tulated with him, and endeavored to impress upon
i hismirsitordistrtdwidcriucalcoDxUtioii. She
aoeinej o aiiecMMl. Iliit, )! deluaivo )iojm Hhe
told him hQ mnat hava aaeialnrtce aaxi, or her aiay
in th la nil ufllia living waa aliorL Ho feemed In
fei. 8ho prevailed un liim In go for iiH-dical aid.
Un cruaaud Ilia rivur tit. IiwroiM n on (lie i e lo
KiaKalofi, ( diaiaiico of four nulea) and oLuiited
phial of rni'diciiK) at I he npolliocNry'a atore, and left
in haaio fur hia aick family. He wa returning
wilh appnriil cmrern, and waa pnieiin the corner
of the aireel. when irno of hia aaocinle in prodin
cy, looking Ibroujjh (ho window of a coiileiiilille
Hri ahop, auw lua cojnradu paaaing, aud Called
him in In lnk aomclliiiiu lo drink.
Althoii"h thia inehruilx knew that tho relief, if
not the life, of lua family uVix-nded un hi iieedy
- return, hia huljileaa family b;inj entirely alone, and
none of hi neighbor hwviug kiMvMrn of hi al-a-nre,
yet I hi iniaerahln wreU.1i, on hearing the
ound of rum, and an Invitation to partake of the
crlmaon polaon, mon forgot a miff-ring wife and
helple infant, left by him iu the jaw of death.
He entered the sink of woe and of crime, where de.
niMia in huinni, form are wont to mvt and hold
midnight revelry. Hern he remained iu a drunk
en frolic for aeverul day, during which it waa ex
tremely cold, and then) waa a heavy fall of annw.
No one chIIihI al hi houtn during tlie atorin, up.
poaing (hat he waa at home with hi family. The
lire waa out no friend lo render autiiiK:e nor
even the call of atrangi'r lo give relief. ' On her
bed of atraw, with an infant on each arm, and a
few ahred of covering, lay the auflirrer, pierced
with hunger and cold the bed, fireplace, aud floor,
were all covered to notue depth bv the drifting
On tho third or fourth dnv, he returned
with a littlo HHMhcine, aud a Imltle ol ruin, (he
anow had o drifted ii waa with aoinv dilliculty hu
entered hi liouae. All within wili aileul aa the
hiMjao of death. It i aid tho fing'ra of the eldeat
buF wa ififfJned fo mnrte, and the tear drop had
frozen upon the iufunl' cheek. Ilia wife neither
amiled nor wept hie atill flickered with them all.
In (Ilia wtualHMi In) found hia iu:glucted and k.tL1j
ing family. He wa inlotieatisl when hu ri-lurned
wet hi nHHlicinu and mm on a ahelf, and iinine-
diuiely left for his father's, (near half a mile's dis
tance,) told his mother the fire had gone out, and
his wife was al homo sick, nod wished sho would
go over and see lo her at the same time, stepping
into his dither's Imr, took a glass of brandy; 'as he
cans) out, staggered and fell, and there lie sja nt
tho uftemm . , .. ,
His mother was, unfortunately, given to habits
of intemperance, and was then under the influence
of anient afurila. However, wit Ii fire nisi fuel, she
jrt off lo VWI tlMI atsatu of dlsln-sa. Mfin tinitiil lie:
woman and children hmi-cIiIcm, bwilly frozeu, ami
npmrently in the agisiies of death. With some dif
ficulty she made a fire, threw a brick and stone in
to (lie flaiiM-s, and, while they were henting, she dis
covered 'the iMfffl of nrn." Ih-ing-PTrrdifijrly
chilled, she drank freely f it.nud IhtMightit would
do lx?r gool; Isit only Jcprinul her uf rcim.
this time, the brick and sloue had b-cnine
warm, ami !tt drunken mother aplied them to
the naked oT the ' "dying woman. I will only
odil, that in uImmjI thirty iiuiiute.s the kindest me.s.
ifm'ft uifi-T heaven eainu lo her rebel that me
f "''T ' Tlf .
It li 'l to inv lot to deliver the nmcrat iiisconrsn
of tliis.uufortuii.ite fjuinile. The feelings of my
heart, on this occasion, I uill not aitempl lo de-
Hc.rilsi. . Whon tho lid of the colliu was rcuiuvud.
and manv weentnz eres were easdnfj ntunfitl looks
en a victim lo the casulities of
intOmpernnce, I saw her
her tmpless fate) stagrf np to the-rHMRn, and, UjU
apisinrance, with a heart as unmoved, and nu eye
as tearless a the cold and lovely form on which he
fixed his drunken gaze. We ull proceeded to the
burying ground, and f felt a pleasure in seeing the
CUlfiU-Clsigned to ils raeeful nlxxle. Hut, when I
hni dismissed the audience in a Christian -rprm,
with my own eyes I saw that drunken tnnniac stag
jrer over tha fresh-grave of his Dosim companion.
My heart fnilod, and my spirits tnwwl,
ana I could not retrain iroin exclaiming in my
heart, Almighty (Jod I if it i thy will that man
should suffer iu this life, -imposo on mo what seem-
etti good in thy sight let me live in the cottage of
poverty all my days, and have nought but the bread
of sorrow to eat, and when I am thirsting on a dry
and parched desart, let mo find no water but mine
own bitter tears; and when my enemies persue me
and seek my reputation aud my life, and I fly for
protection to my last friend, let that friend forsake
mo but Ol gracious Heaven! deliver mom for
Ihe all-devouring and overwhelming fate of tho
drunkard. J. ALLEY.
Sh has. sines killed herself! .7..
V" ' (BV TL K. WUH. -
r. We are killing oumlves4n this country by inch
es, and ihaTTfof S taHmait oratr amazorrian woma
is a dreadful reflttctiou. In sooth, our late hours
break in terribly upon real comfort, sound health,
and that refreshing sleep which "seals up the eye
lids" in calm and soft repose, and ministers to real
enjoyments. We marvel why fashion, instead of
being represented in bewitching and attractive co
lorsW and snaky crest or, tindor tho silken, cowl and
wreaths of roses, skeleton head peeping out as a
In this coowry we eat ami dance ourselves to death
with much more rapidity than tliey do at the Sand
wich Islands.
I met a friend on the pace last week, who said,
" Will you eome to our party to-morrow night J"
A party? HowT Comfortable dish of tea, game
6f whist, glass of whiskey-punch, and a sandwich,
ehf M0h, no a real tearer a dancing jam a
Tggula -faro ioutsebeen preparing a fortnight. I
must give a couple every year for the sake of the
world, you know." The world, ha I Well, I'll come,
and if I don't you won't miss me in the squeeze.
Tell me, for old acquaintance lake, how much will
tho party coat f u Why, about fiftiK'n liundrcd
dollar. " l-ilieen liurHlred dollar r I rrjdigHMi
How many charming Itrluliai in ftuiin, ronrma
titnwi In duly, and &irtti in France, would fifteen
hundred ilollar procure and all thia auiu swallow
ed up in one dancing frolic I"
I determined tn gn, and friend prnmiaml to
II ' f I . '
can lor me in ma carriage, i wa reouy at even,
ml aat quietly until bine hall nuat nine ten
when, juitt a I wt ringing for my flipper, and
prcimriug, a Monarur Morbleu any, hir my night
cap, rat-tat-tat goea I he coachman, aud in walked
my friend pump and light punt on white glove
and perfumed hnndkeruhicK "Mn, air, a pn-tty
timo yon have callec fur me ; why I have bmn rea
dy inco wnven o'clack." " !'vcn o'chick ! why,
bleaa you, tho comp:iy only begin lo aaaemlile al
len and even now w are rather early." M IiarlVi
do you call it ? (Jo otit lo aa(Ml llm veiling at half
pajt leu o clock! vV'.-ll, well, I aupiiuao we must
not fie out of (he faUio o como along."
Our carriage rattle up tie of the principal
at recta, and a glare of light waa showered in all di
rection from the houxc. We fell in behind a range
of conches, aud had tu uit until our turn, and
found, on alighting, a retinue nf yellow servant tu
iilicr ii iu I lie manxion , to take our coat, htils,
sihI pn-pai ua for thai tnlrre. Kvery thing waa
elegant gaiety, faahiou, and jileanure rvignetl tri
iiuiplmnt ; beaulv, iu reapleiwient beam, ahud ita
half over tho aeeno ; plenty, from it goldtu horn,
waa iNam'd fourth in all directions ; niiiiie, s.mI the
giddy danee, were kept up with unulxiti-d vigor un.
Id the nisM't morn Imd nearly flickered tho cast.
I got home ; tiwacd and lumhlod for two or three
hour m bed, and then ruse for tho duties of the
day. .
Having occnaion lo call on an old gfntlemnn
about twelve o'clock, I Pmnd him in In parlor,
with the breakfast lublu before hi ill. " What, not
breakfasted yet Y t) yew, long ag" thin m for my
daughlers, who canio from tlie jwrty about thne
o'clock, and arc not yet up." In a few mimilea
tho young ladies entered ; but oh, how allerml!
whcio were tlie Ixannling step and elnalk gnil
tho brilliant eye, the jocund smile the silken at
tire tho well dreaeed hair, and jewelled form of
hint night culerluiument 7 I hey were pnllul and
exhausted their eye, their hair, their dresn, nil
tn dithahiVt lth with a hectic cmigh Tiotfj
looking a wo-liegoii and "spiritless a if Ihey had
juatt;iiped from tho siego of Troy. " Havo yiaj
slept weir.'glrtsT'nmirt 1he"arixlo4H parent.
" Not a wink, futher we toesed and tumbled and
worried for several hours, Isit not a wink of sleeii
oh my head, my had and oh, my tmca, my
boncs,, I'mhebly y our restk-wmesa arono froiu cat.
ing too heartily at supper." " .No such thing, fa
ther why, I only ate a little chiclien, salad, n
wing of turkey, aowe jlfy, a few mnenronies and
mottoes, a dozen pickled oysters, nnd drank a few
glasses of champaign, I lull's nil exc.Orting a simnge
J' fake or two, and a glass lemonade, during dancing,
: wi a nit ginirer swenmeais. meres Kiiuv,
I ' ' T,.".r."":'- - L.i' . rwi
ate twice as much as I did. "No I didn't, bui I
wa more select, father ; a few slices of cold tongue
a piece of a la-modo beef three pickle a few
olives, some blanc mangr two plates of ice cream
a little ilontiiis isjand some truffles hriffliona
nivT' rirnnj1, pltlHF'ake, nisi t tHnrrli'dtfritiy-tie
levenuiir. I in sure inoui care muni lor solids.
ml liil ion 1n,M-e nlnr ttiioiM'r?
y nu ilnnco niter supis-r f "low sure
wo ditlj oik: cotillion, one contra ilnnco, the
f rm
irka, and a galUstiUj
" mm... t .
wonder al neuu-nciu's, a nu issie-Bcnes, ami nenrt
scmisVaWttLslej'J'Irs rniuis, lllli i so iii'loh-
ch.-niug tl.;c iiinguliir nin-- of f.Hsl and contra-
dictory condiments in a (leTicnle' fi)Yn'afrj'Stothtn!tt;
with s-arcely siiflicumt gastric juice lo digest the
uuig of a pheasant, 'flint's tho way our girls
kill themselves prematurely ; that's the cause of
our heavy weekly lists of interments ; of the many
, ..ii ' . 'i
creoii oi our tiiumie. aiusi now many cnarnnng
women are hurried lo Ihe grave by carelessness ;
bj thebewitehmg A
ing lato hours ; by thin cloJtung, and by eating too
much I Ihc obscrvatioti mode by stranirers is,
"how palo and thin your ladies are!" Why will
tliey not liave" resolution enough to discard these
seducing and destructive allurements; why nut en
joy life soberly, discreetly, prudently T
What can be more agonizing to true affliction,
than to see the girl nourished with tenderness in
infancy, amiable, intelligent, and accomplished, gra
dually sinking into her grave ere she reaches the
age of womanhsod 1 The pride and delight of fond
parents and numerous friends, the rose which ear
ly bloomed, daily fading in the brilliancy of its co
lors, and drooping like the lily of Ihe vale ? To. see
the eye,jonce so. briliiunt, sunken, heavy, and duJl;
and the lips, once so rubby, now thin and pallid ?
ToHwitueaiiha le
victim of slow but unerring disease, not constitu
tional, but brought on by neglect, by fashion T r To
scelhevision wcde frowr the sight, vlnp by-step,
until evening frowns upon its setting glory, and the
tomb closes upon it forever f
The rtnlt of Gambting-Ve rejoice to learn,
that the gambling shop which has been so boldly
established in our peaceful and comparatively mo-
and that our fellow townsmen are unwilling to risk
their fair fame for the appellation Gambler t
toxchaiiga tlwat prospwts o
petence for the precarious andtlisreputuble chances
offered id the haunts of indolence and vice. For
khe first week after the establishment of the house
in question, the plea of curiosity availed a tnaiority
of those who visited it, but that has ceased to be
an apology, and the few calls (hat now continue to
bo made are attributed to the proper, motive. And
proud are we to say that they are indeed few
We understand that our last allusion to this sub
ject, modorafe in mariner and welt Tntehttdhed as
it . was, gave oflenee to those concerned. We as
sure them that we did not intend to wound the feel
ings of any one; ourv motives was of a different
I. "'. 'TT'r'' " " """'m-iu-imapartd
kind. If, after this aaaurauce on our part, any per
mt be so silly at In pervert the pcrformiwieo of a
duly, to a desire to irritate or wound, h i at Ii
berty tn iislulge in hi erroneisi ojinli, whirh we
wholly disregard. Al we said before, we have
seen the evil efTi-ct i-f exeessive gnmbling in l
irsMiy horrid aha pta to aland quietly by and permit
a repetition, if we have even a hope of preventing
it. One case which came immediately uinler air
nlssrvalion we will brefly rrlate. In a town in
Kumpe, in which many of (hehnppieat days of our
life were spent, chance brought ua acquainted wilh
L'harle Barclay, and, through him, with the fami
ly of which he wa a mcmlier. Charles's father
had risen, from a small beginning, tn gasl circum
stances, indeed tn comparative wealth, ami wa re
spected by all rlaaws, for hi industry, sobriety,
and integril v. Three of hi son, c.f whnin Cbnrlet
was the ohicst, were our aclioolfellowa, and more
promising youth than the young Ilarclavs we have
never known. Well do we recolhsM the day when,
with trar in their eyes and sorrow in their heart,
they took k-avo of Iheir class-mates, to leave the
home of their youth, tho scene of all the happines
Ihnv had ever known, and to become wamk rer
and out cast for the crime of a parent I In an
evil hour, Mr. Barclay had been seduced from the
path of rrclilouu whiuh h bad miraue4 iu iipwr)
of forty year, had followed some unprincipled
knaves lo Ihe gaming table, and, in a few week al
ter hi first transgression, he was a bankrupt, and
his children were beggars! Well do wo remem
ber the day (hat Ihe noble row of buildings which
Mr. Itnrclay industry had reared, and winch was
wholly his own, was, together with much oilier pro
perty, briaight,. under the auctioneer's hammer.
It wns the Inst time wo saw the warm hearted,
general Charles. The father ami his sons attend
ed the sale. Misery was depicted on Iheir rouu-
lennnces. The reverse wa sudden, over whelming,
and the strfrcrer seemed to sink-unremittingly un.
ler it, notwithstanding an evident commisMcrtition
was geiHTilly entertains! by thecommnnily. Once
or twice afterwards we saw lite wretched father;
and in a few days the uufortunnte family left (he
town. Fifteen years had clanscd. when, in 120,
wo again visilef the place. Tlie event which we
have sketched was still fresh in our memory, and
we innuircd of our acoumntnnces. concerninir the
Hardays. Hut little was known of them, but thai
little proved that the iniquities of the futher had
indeed lsii severely visited on Ihe children. Capt.
,of the stcarnaTiip" Chieftain, plying be! ween
Liverpool and Ilelfnst, had met with hi and our
old friend Charles, alsait a year lsforc, travelling
IwHwmn tw Cwmf jamaanil IlMm, Ht Ineaslur),
whithor he had been to visit hi youngest sister,
who was hired as a farmer' Servant somewhere in
tho neighborhood of Hoi ton ! Poor Charles was a
common sailor, contending with tho elements for a
precariisis andsscanly siipsrt for himself and a
widowed mother. .Veirfcrra Sptetatort r
An Amrriean HrntMt. A few days since, young
Huchaniinsjiii i of 1 Judge J. Iluohanan,) was tried
at AnnaiHihs, Md., on an indictment for the murder
of Kllis, whom tho firmer shot down, in self-de-
feticci from a mob headed by Ellis, a few week
since. l.Ilorls bad tecn matlo by tho most respect
fill rtnd ' intfi rrnrml "tnm f llm Htats tn iiiilum
tint Attorney tJeiKmil to enter a noli inrotqvi ; but
tlie application being made known to Judge lluch
anuii, (th luth,ct of the accuse,) hp, with Roman
firmness ami virtue, steruly forbade the measure.
and directed the trial to proceed. He was attend-
urtil AiintMiriod In Iliwh Kv Rmrnr W rTitnnt
ttll,j ult uTTTnSTnbtle.t-Miirrrmiders. Tk-am.
HiguistffnaTThwiderei TW-umjJ
taclc iiiiisit have bona'stfb11riWih' grey baired andJ
fond hearteil, Isit nolilo and hrm old man, sitting in
judgement in a case of life ami death upon his own
son. 1 he trial was full and fiur. " I ne evidence
indicated the existence of a preconcerted design, on
the deceased and his comiwiiions, to
mob nd mnltrent Mr. Huchan
anati : tHat he avoided
a collission with him as long as it was consistent
n4h was only oa ooaipukim and
in the last resort, he took tho severe measure which
ended latnlly.
Towards the conclusion of the trial, the agitation
of fhe farther became extreme; but was joyfully
terminated by a verdict of Nut '.uilty, which tho
Jury returlicd without leaving the box. Such in
cidents prove that, nowithstanding (lie inflated eulo
giums upon the stern ami inflexible virtues of the
ancients, the history of the present timo, if impar
tially told, will exhibit as sublime instances of ex
cellence, without the harsh and barbarous trait
which obscure the lustre of the Roman name.
Philadelphia Gaxettt.
A Hubtie Danetrk- glutton of s4ellowjras
diiiinir at a Hotel, who. in the course of the-"bat
tle-of knives and IbrluTicHoeiifi
which was observed by a lankee joker, sitting
near by, wiio uawiou out, "1 say, inond, aon t
ger, fur God's sake, for
e rest on us will starve I
Beauties of J)cspoAsm.C?mhya, a King of
Persia, was addicted to intemperance. Pnraxapes,
one of his favorites, one day after a dolmuch, re-
presented to him thai he had drank too much wine.
"1 wltf cotmiwSydTlT
never deprives mr of my judgment or-addreas."
lie then called for anotheriiowl, and having quaf,
ing youth of 12 years of age, to be tied to'fhe trunk
of one of the trees in the garden of the palace. lie
then selected an arrow, and, while fitting it to his
bow, be advanced towards the terrace, saying, "If
I do not pierce the iearl of your son with this ar
row, I will frankly acknowledge that wine has a
paralyzing influence over my faculties." The ar
row flew through the air, and lodged in the bosom
of the youth. On being opened, his heart was (bund
cloven in twain. The courtiers present, including
Peraxapes, were loud in their praises of the ad
dress of ; the tyrant. .
W invite attention to the article below, is a fair ssm
lU of -.VorOrrs fUntfry," which find In a Nsw. ,
Vors pier; and we ak thsquwtkm, whether th con.
ditisi and treatment of th Umeh Uvs of tlie Bouta is
nt a tfxxi-an.1 trine b- tt-r thaa Uit meted out to thia1 '
Wfeli lie,ITi;i helpleiai llttls wkU tltv of the North 1
How oftr-n iki wo wiineaa such scenes la ths Boulh I
Kelkan, if ever. Yt, tliers is a band of fkoatics at the
north, in ths very midat of this "crying evil," who are '
continually aitreading tlirough the country their accursed '
doctrines ( Uuj t igljt sad duty of the Northern people
to interfere with ths iksnestkj propsrtjr and inatiluUuo
of tlie riaith. Why do Ihey aot put dowa the vil at
htsne, befire they attempt to teach lessons of philaa
thnsy tn Iti peopls uf the Bnuth. ; "Cltarily beginiMtii
at bom," it is said ; but these iirinlrrrttrd friends of
our colored populatksi seem to think otherwiae. Dot,
if tliey are unwilling to preach agiiwt Northers slave
ry. f ten-fldd greater rigor than that In ths Booth,
why do Ihey not come to the Houth, where they sty the
pvd does esist In such an alarming extent corns and
fare the evil if you wiafi to hauls with it effectually
No, tliey are too senaihts of the reward they would re
ceive at lliu nanda of an insulUst and injured paopls.
who snow Iheir rights and dare defend them. Ws do
believe that, if ever Urn right of the 8ithern people
to retain Iheir Waves as property iscognkwd as such
by the Corn itul ion and lwaof ths country is touch
ed in a legal C.rin, Uien ths bond of this Union will bs
cut asunder. If, (Jien, our northern brethren value tlie
Cni'Si of the Rtatea,tnd the peace tnd htppincs of their .
fellow men, let theni frown down the seditious attempts
of fanatical crew among them, whotre kindling a firs
winch, when once Marled, will result in the eutirs con
fligrnlksi of oiir Usiutdul pidilioal syalain, iMt
rot t specimen of ths means uatsl ky Uia immJimt .
abolilioniat tt efft-ct their pttrpoae-, ws reft tlie read -
b tu trucle below, fnsn llio Columbia (R. C) Teles- ,
cope. J he lolwwng la Uui vxuicl we alludul to al the
couiincncctnent of tii j article : Enrroaa Casa "
".Winer Sierj. .1 It hill Mate. A most ss
traordinarv and isitsaircous abuae uf uaurnud aulhorilv .
over a fullow creature wis developed at tlie upper Po
lice ortice on Maturrtsy. Mr. James Mctinlly, of r ourth
Htret-t, ifMiliod to Air. Palmer, the magistrate, to send
a litlln girl ihtsii fisirteen year of age o the lliwse
of Kefnge, aa he sast ahe was so very bartlr disposed
that it wis unpuaaible to get any uud of her. Mr '
I'llmer conente4 to take the girt ind send hot lo the
House of Jkfiige or Ibo Alms House, ai JK.'jBcE-T
nelly brought tier to the 1 olice oflice. When b wis
leaving ths office, lie stretched out his hand to shake
hands with her. but inslesd of putting out her band lo
meet Ins, she shrunk back from him as if his aUemnU
torta touch her had twrrnl! 1ieT."-Mr Mcttwftrrrrira-
left the otGoe. Mr. Palmer observed the occurrence,
aiwl, perceiveing that ttie girl wu from some cause or
other in a stats of extreme terror, he addressed her is
a solacing manner and endeavoured to encourage her,
by aayintf ltai U should bs takes good care of. and
nuuls comfortable. Whilst ha waa speaking to her h"r
Uiik" 'h'cr '.by the hahd On- doing so he perceived thai -'
it was black ind bruised from tome hurt, iMfraTuier
aM ier what bapened to her hand, and she replied,
in the most piteous manner, "Oh I air, my matter has
boat me, and my back is very sore.', Mr. Palmer then
examined her person, and found that, from the small of
her bach dowe to tits call of her leg was eoversd with
black marks, bruises, and cu ta, sums uf which weisv&a.
lermg i
On making this discovery, Mr. Palmer made innui.
ries into tlie maUer, and, from what lias as yet been de
veloped, it appear that a Mr. R., tbrmerly of this city,
obuined possession of the girl, but by what mean is as 1
yet unknown, when ahe was only a few years old ; had
reared her and treated ar enmnltl !.. a
few monthsback Mr. R. left this city, and went to re
side in TTewerw;yTIriaw7icTr
gno'TCWBfsjtr3ut Mil
ins gin w wcnwif vi toe same' way tft aey state-
V, LT ... -
owner wouui nire out a tiave, at twenty shillings a
monui, me money 10 oe pain w K. and the girl to get
nothing but fond tnd raiment. -Th unfortunate tiule -girl
naneaiMjs aa extremely agreeable and rather nreUv
countenance and evinces too much simplicity in the
history ahe-gisss of herself to luase any ground far ...
doubt of iu being true. She is altogether ignorant of
her or parentage, and only remembers that she
ones lived in thseoentry. WkeojiU came koto the potv.t ,
seasion or air. inccnaiiy ne named her 'suaowsaaa,
which, when apeakinir to her. he frenerallv abrevikted
to the word Phillv, and this is ths ont name aba re.
collects to havs beea ever called by. By her ewn ao .
count she has always been treated aa a complete slave,
and since she hit been with her last matfer, with the
exception ol food, of which she sayt the got sufficient,
she has been treateVt worse than most slaves havs been
treated in this country during the last half century.
She was obliged to sleep on the garret floor, without
any thing bet one blanket for a bed and covering; and, i
as to her apparel, the sayt it waa never better than
what the now wears, and Iter outer garment is seem
ingly composed of a pioce of an old tack,"
From tts Columbia Telescope, of May 0.
froiri tlie7uhacknowTed jriid hand' of -some secret
wretch, Added inside of a Northern, newspaper, a
TarrrgTrrrrmaeft, an'wMwtg wave. .iiy hik ii ua
arts of exaggeration and cant that the institutions of t
fhe South are to be rendered odious aud horrible it-
is by such despicable stage-trickery as this, that the, !
sensibilities of our neighbours are attempted to be -y
worked up to the due degree of tragic frenzy.. : ;,
VVe would lhank tho, whose imaginations are
to tell us jtflw hejiflairs of mankind are to be car-
ried on without it, or snmethihg equivalent. From ,
the rrehat. school, to Jejpoqueror tipon the v
Held or, the wave, its necessity is acknowledged, .
and its use universal.,, Of the Abolition-scholars
who quote Cowper and Slerne so sentimentally,
how many would ever have learnt their A B C s, ,
without trie stimulus of the Birch T In this country, .
and in England, in Boston or in London, they groan t
over the unhappy (ate of the poor negro who is .
whipped with a moderate sized hickory switch, by
his jnaster. in South Carolina a country distant
from theirs and all the while these same philan- g
thropists every day unconcernedly see sailors and
soldiers the heroes of Lake Erie and Trafalgar
e .. "

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