North Carolina Newspapers

m vt fri.f m.
are candidates to represent this(Rowafi) district in the
ii'.'Xt Congress of the United States.
There will be a muster anl Tux collection on Thurs
day next, July Oth, at Captain Adam Trexler's muster
ground, (formerly ('apt. Culbert son's,) nine miles West
of Salisbury where it Is expected the candidates for
Con tcss will attend and address the people.
F.r the. oroceediivs of the Convention we ref.r to
our extracts from the Raleigh papers. At the time ot J
our las, advices, the much talked of 3'Jnd section was :
under debate the third day. Raleigh was overflowing
with visiters, who crowded daily the galleries of the
Convention. The Trustees of the University were in
session. No nomination of a President of this Institu
tion had then been made.
We are at a loss to know on what grounds the honest
supiorters of the Baltimore nomination, tan advocate
the election of Col. Johnson to the Vice Presidency.
Is it because he is supiiosed to have killed Teciiinseh !
We are not disced to question the claim of Col. John
son to the bearing of a gallant otbeer in the battle of
the Thames. But all his merit in that atlair, is simply
that of a subordinate who oxecut ! tiitliMlly the or.lers , notes of any of ,m. Fj.uiks of North or South Ca ro
of his superior in cominan 1. And granting that hi kil- j i;n:i rt.c,.jvei U1 payment.
led Teeum-eh, no intelligent man will seriously contend vlMdd not the merchants, who mav n-ive notes ir,
t!iat such nn exploit argues any fitness tor a legli civil
station. B it as regards the death of this Indian ( :uef,
tlie only th.ii ' certainly known, is thai it is uak.imcn
by whom Tecumseh teas kit In!, or ri-fn irh'-th'-r fir WiM
kill' I in the battl" of the Thanfs, though it is proba
ble he was. And until recently, we believe Col. John
son did not himself, claim to have killed him. Do
they support Col. Johnson tor any civil services ot high
merit? He has been a long time in Congress, and if
distinguished, it is certainly not fr talents or etiic ence
as a business member or a debater. And his votes place
him in the front rank of latitud;narian contruers of the
Constitution. If his Sunday Mail Rert be referral to,
it is answered, that the authorship of it was never
claimed fr Col. Johnson, although Chairman of the
.-ii'iit-".' w i c!i nude that Report.
Or, are ti iio.w-t and virtuous supporters of Colonel
J .'i is. ! to po :.t us to his high moral worth, to
h". a '. iry coa ' in the domest ic relations 1 We
tr-a not. I:i 'leu inc.-of the laws of the land, of the iu-
nt;oiis of C :rist e H i i i. and the usages of the whole
t iVh. V i-! I. !! coateaipt of the precepts of our Sa-
r, a'l.t in b i'.d Vfolilioti of Gods' laws, he has lived
Ul o 'ii.
.1 t .),'.. ;.is. s.i.oo-less conciiL?m:ige w iui su .:i an
v i-ia il ill a i i 'f such circum-tances. as our oivn
st f, md our regird tor public decency w.l! not j
.u-n-r us to l-.--.nlv!. Fir be from im the presumption j
to sit in ju.'."u.-nt on Col. Johnson. But when it is !
p.-.r-.s-.; i ... n.ri ..i ... ..... ..jtJ.e Hunting I'ark Uours.-, near Ptula-;. j.:.!,. a. At ti.
sure i v
i . i i r n , oi i .rnmuoii en iou
.ijire, ii'tiie 1. me-t a;id enlighteri"d citizens of
tii. se V life! States, t iey who feel some interest in the
virtue of t'i -ir wives an I th -ir daughters, and w may
add of their sons too, ar prepared to elevate to the se
c i'ld honor ia their gi:";, to hold up as a pattern of con
d iet b- r . r 'ii::g w th one of the highest places of
worthy amb.tion, an individual to whose domestic his
tory they caaiiot allude by their own firesides without a
blusi! , .
If Col. Johnson is to be supported because he is asso
ciated in nomination with Mr. Van Baren by the Party,
we ask the virtuous anl reflecting yeomanry of the
South, what we must Hunk oi me leauersoi mai oin,
who in selecting Lol. Joanson Jor the ice I resiliency,
traaiple underfill, public decency, who require them ; w ,lic(i apiK.ars to contaitl ll)ucf, u,f.ftll i(lt;,rniati.ti re
to sacrifice to the demon of party organization, their re- j r thc ,nlinf.mcIlt uf tM silkworm, and the cul-
gird tor private virtue an-l morn vvonn : ,s io uie n-
minitioii having been in vie iy a conveiuion -iresu
from the; People," every intelligent man of any party
krvws it to le a gross imture. A few leaders, Van
B iren himself, design ited this candidate tbr the Vice
Presidency. How meanly must an Limm an l lus as- j toms and habits of the Turks, Armenians, Jews, and
tvociatos think of the citizens of this country, when they , (;reeksas mod.-fled by the p dice of the Sultan M ihuioud.
propose f r our suffrages-, a man confessedly not distin- J y an American, long resident at Constantinople. The
guished for high talents or important services, one, i author is Commlore Porter, who has been several
whose private history cannot be related without a blush ye:irs American Charge ,r AjTairs at the Porte; arid
but who, it is asserted on dubious authority, killed a j,- work is very favorably spoken of by those who have
renowned Indian Chieftain. seen it,
I?t no man satisfy himself with the delusion that po
lilical integrity is disconnected with private character. The Execution of five Spanish Pirates, who robbed
and that therefore we have no right to inquire into the tbe Brig- American, and afterwards attempted to destroy
latter. Private worth is the basis of public virtue. We ; the crew by setting fire to the vessel, took place near
do not seek in the domest ic vices of a Caracalla, tlie soil Boston on the Hth of last month. They persisted in
.vl.icl. shall nourish the public virtues of an Antonine.
D'X?s "our neighbor" of the Camden Journal wish
to misrepresent, or is he ignorant of the true nature of
tlie question of free negro uifrage, as it was discussed
before our Convention, and as it is looked ujiou by a
jNjrtion of the people of this State! In our opinion,
there is a vast ditlerence between universal sutfrage
aad a property tjualif cation. And we know of none,
ia this State, who have advocated the right of a'l free
negroes to vote. But a very respectable portion of the
Convention, and of the people, we believe, are in favor
of admitting that portion of our free colored population
to the privilege of voting w ho are possessed of sutficient
amount of property to make them feel an interest in
the prosperity of the State, and in the peace and good
order of society. Very true, as the Journal says "the
Whigs of North Carolina have condemned," and do
still, and we hope ever ici7, condemn Mr. Van Bureu
fr voting in the New York Convention to extenl uni
versal sutFrage to his colored friends; for we believe a
large majority of the free blacks to be entirely unfit for
the exercise of this high privilege. Their destitution
of moral feeling and their dissipated habits fit them on
ly to be ued at the polls by political demagogues tor
base purposes and they ought theietore to be excluded.
At the late Convention of the State Rights Party, of
Georgia, at Milledgeville, Judge White was recom
mended for the Presideney, in to Martin Van
Fourth of J.ify. The Anniversary of our I)-i-':i ra
tion of Indepcu ience is to Ik- c-b. bratcil in this t" n
by a meeting of the Rowan County Teinnrinee Soci
ety and its several Auxiliary S--cieties. Th'; Declara
tion of In h-peti.!ence will lo re:if by C. I Torretice,
Esq., and an Oration delivered by (Jen. James Cook.
We tender our thanks ta a correspondent in ('lie
raw, fr his kindness in forwarding us the following
5urticulurs relative to the condition and transactions
of the nhove institution at that place.
From our correspondent's letter we 1- am. tint, on
the "S)ih ultimo, the Merchant's Ihnk of South Carol i
m, at Cheraw, declared a Dividend of .-so' per Share
on the Capital Stock, payable on or after 1 1 1 "Jnd inst.
Being an interest of 1(1 per cent, on the in-tadiiieiits
as they have been paid into the Rink.
Numerous individuals, snys our correspondent, are
now otlering S;13l er Share f r the Stoekof this Mink,
but no holders to le found who are v i ! 1 ! n to t.ik- thi
high premium all asking more; and that there is a
surplus of more than 1 percent, on thu capital paid in,
atler paying the Dividend.
From this, it will be s-eii that the condition of this
Hank is most flourishing; and its prosperity must be a
.-source of much satisfaction to our citizens, who are
deeply interested in the currency of its notes, as they
constitute a very la rye portion of the circulating me-
dium in this section of country. Our oorre.-ondeiit
thus proceeds:
"Probably no location in the Southern country is so
favorable to a well managed Bulking Institution, of
small ra;vtal, as Cln raw. Tliere was, during the last
season, -JI,tMH) Kales of Cotton sold at (Vruv; to fur
nish the inonev to pay fur that amount of Cotton was.
j j.jf, a handsome business f.r one Bi:k; and the
whole amount of sales of this Coitoti is to the credit of
the Bank, (furnishing the money) either in N. York or
Charleston; which gives the Bank ample means to ac
commodate merchants, and others, with Cheeks fr re
mittances, at their rates: which are 2 per cent. prem.
on New York, and per cent. prem. on Charleston
Xew York and Charleston, find it to their interest to
make their notes pavable "At the Merchant's Bank of
South (Carolina at Cheraw"! Tliev would tle-n only
fnve tf) tra,.Illt tie roiiey (of eith-r S'a'e) to the C..
shier of the Bank at Cheraw to meet the note. The
cashier attends to receiving and applving the funds as
directed, without any charge; and also receives funds
jari(i f,rwards checks by return mail, without any e'l irge,
for ,n,..rc;nnt3 who find it inconvenient to visit Yh.-raw.
"The whole amount of Fxchango Umgiit at this
Bank, since the loth of September last, is si 1, H 7,( M I.
All of wliiCii is payable in Charleston r N vv rk.
Tins enables the Rank to command whatever soeete it
may want at any time, and then leave a large balance
to the accommodation of those who mav want Checks
on tlnse places; ami in New York this Bank is allow
ed an interest on any balance until it may draw lor it."
The information contained in the above, must In of
much interest to the merchants and other business Mien
in this section, when we assure them that it comes from
one well versed in the Banking anl commercial trans
actions of the country.
C7 Racing appears to be coming pi te t!i vogue in
some of the Northern cities! mil liorsf r.ieiti.r t,nt
A u wi,, n r, o., . ,t uns
r,m not owJ. s5nce over Ulo i,,,,, Uu,a (:olr.,. . a:,j
r(j recont, a 1Mirse of slKl w.s com-,,.!. I f,r on
word, thirteen competitors started oT, we are t'dd, in
very gallant style. At the end of the second mile, all
were withdrawn or distanced except three; an Ir"jM .is
Indian named Barefoot, Stannard a Yankee, tie- victor
of the New York turf, and another. Btrcf t lead, but
as they approached the stand, Statin ird passed him ml
came in first. Time, l(j minutes and "J seconds for a
three mile heat. The sjwd is certainly fir fro n ex
traordinary one mile in more than live minutes. Se
veral instances are on record, in which trained
as runners have outstripped the tl.-etest horses.
uv havc rPCcivPf the first x f ,.. silkworm, a
T(Pri(i!ca Mished at Alb-mv. N. Y.. t sil ier nnnuui.
tivatio (ff th,. mulberry. We shall eom ex
tracts from it next week.
Constantiiinjile ami its Environs. In a series of
letters, exhibiting the actual state of the manners, cus-
asserting their innocence to the last. 1 lie two remain
ing Pirates have been temjorariIy respited.
A grand dinner was recently given by the merchants,
bankers &c, of the city of Ijoudon, to Sir Robert Peel.
The galleries at the ends of the room were crowded
with ladies. The healths of Sir R. Peel and the Duke
of Wellington were successively drunk, vvhereujxm the
gentlemen made speeches.
We copy the following from the Miners and Farm
ers Journal, printed at Charlotte:
" M w -Jlst, IT,.
"Mr. Holton: Sir: Having been nominated on
the Committee of Toasts for the Celebration, ami not
feeling disposed to participate in tlu Federal Whig
banquet on yesterday, I was precluded from oaering a
sentiment on the occasion. I now offer the following
sentiment, and ropiest you to give it an insertion in the
Journal." STLPIIF.N FOX."
Whereupon, old Fox raves for near half a column in
a paroxysm of wordy fury, which he calls a Sentiment ! .'
Hurra for Nat Lee ! ! ! "
" .Yi?-ro Stutlinr. Dr. Win. II. Mowbrv was Rxe
cuted in Iredell county, North Carolina, on Friday last,
tbr negro stealing." II ilifax Aflvtcate.
Stop, Mr. Advocate: Dri" Mowbrv is not hung yet;
at least, not according to law by the mvk; for we un
derstand that the Governor has delayed the day of Ex
ecution until some ttui in the ensuing fill. It looks
uncharitable to publish a man's death Lcfure it rcally
takes place.
0"-i - 'li't l'!i'.i'"i't. A r-Klig:oi-! el,',.:!. wa f front th' A'',;"r' St cfritr. of Junr "JH.
raided in the ranks of a certain party, souie twelve; I MJ.STivCCTl VR FiRR
ni"!ithsno, by the passage ot" what they called th" "Test j We !mve to perform the implensunt duty f re
(Ja'Ji" by the Legislature of South Carolina. I ";nn i eon'mg one c.f tlie most extensive fires that wo ever
this sulject a Mississippi editor relates- a very amusing ; w ttnesul in this town, which took place on Tn s
sery of a man who recently vis-ted his otlice. Arter J day lust. It originated in the bnil ling occupied ;is
seating himself, and rnKlerating his steam a little, he ! :i dwelling lious and store by Mr. NVoitliingtoii, on
coriimencel abusing SoufhCandina. and the ".l.iZfiVr-v," j Jbe West sile of Craveu-treet. and was not disco
in real Jackson st!e; ha declared that they were no-! vered till ulwuit two VlK-k A. ?L, when the llu.ic
thing but a band of t ories and traitors; that the Test ! h:ul burst through the roof, ami made such pro
Oath was an outr i-e upon tho rights of the citiens so' Mow that it was iMi,.,ssi!,le to save either
great, that he thou-ht those wh.. passed it ou-ht all to bo i ,lu ,u,,,0 or ,,s contents. Lvery eilort was ,ade
hung, :.nd St., p. friend," said the edit..r, "let us get j b' Uti " cor.ime the tire tMr. W o, tiling
this obnoxious act. and see what, we can make of it." tOU s V"- h"1 nn-t K ctiiahy. n a very siio, t
r. , , ., . , , . . j tune, the ailioitung hMH'.iiogs, oil lotli sides, vveie m
J he editor tli-n got a volume exutamm"- the ( onsti-' , , ' .7 , ,
. . . , w. , - . , . . ' il.iiii''s, and not w ithstaaiiioj the Uiieeasmg eei tioas
tutioiis (,t si' vera I Elates, an-i turned to that of (tt-orucm ' ' , t- -
. .. , .,, . , .. ... ot ie;nl- our wljoje ti'clivo i k tptthtt ion. we ha !
now, s-avs tlie editor, I wiil read the Carolina " lest , ' ',- , .
- the inortilieatioii of seeing h nise aner liou-e disao-
Oath winch you so m:,c!i dread; and,just to try lum. j m the ,esfruefive element was ana-ted, .
readofl the Co ,! ut ,o,t ,f ;-or. W hen he tinished, , t Vave-stieet, bv the Merchants' Bank, and o V d
the fellow like a mad-man the p-rson whocould j I,K-k--t rt-vt, bv Mi. Priinro.'s tluee-storv biiek
take tint .-itli he w,s certain must be The j ,,,i.iz. T,,o loss is XOrv great, not li'ss tlian
ed.tor then turned to the South Carolina Constitution, ; A-J.-,jMlO; and we are s-rrvto learn that many of
and read it off, "Test Oath" and all naming it the t . suilorers bad not insured their pmjH'rty.
(liorubi, instead of the Sunlt Carolina Constitution, j (.'rcat loss was sustained bv the hasty removal of
When he got through, the mm expressed his entire a- ! goods and furniture from the stores and warehouses
proval of tiiis very "Test Kth,'" which he had just a
itimute. U fire 4 violently abusetl. The editor bust in
to a torrent of laughter, and explained the hoax to the
discomtitted politician, who made his escape without
even a nod to the editor. Now, we would wager the
veracity of White man against that of ten Van Ba
ron men, that tli.s "Test Oath" ie-ro goes the "entire
sicine" lir Van Baron, Johnsoi. and his amity folks.
Ciitrivvv, (S. C.) June CO, 1SVJ.
To the F.ililors of the Wtsltrn Carolinian :
Dkk Sins: Toe LMitor of the Camden Journal ha-
ving reiterated the assertion made by you, "that Cam-
ueii usually aliords as go.d or b Iter prices tor produce
man any othir market In skUwU our tanners trade," and,
at the same tune, having respect tullv called on me for
, , .... .
me proof of the assertion made bv mo, "that (If ram
,rasa b,ttr market bv to A ri ,it per pound, I here- !
with send you a list of prices pail ia Cheraw tbr Cot- '
ton, at various dates, from the beginning to the end of i
last business se.isn. You will observe these dates and i
prices aie taken promiscuously, so ns to show, as re -:;r !
as, the prices throughout the season. I should '
send mop-, but I am under the impression what I have
,, , J , ,
sent vv ill at or 1 the l.litorot the Journal a tair chance
to e.tiblsh the cnirectness or incorrectnt s of the'
statement made by me, with regard to p-ices. i
I am so unfortunate as not to lo able to get a file of
the Cuu leu Journal. irs by that papr I .,p,, ud j
Ai-'' "',,''; ' ( '" f '";'rk"-. ,H,,.t i
nones ttte L litor of tue Journal will publisli t ieir prices i
.;, i r j ; i i I ... ' .
at thesnnie p riixls vii:-h I have ours, tue matter at issue i
wdl the,, be settled. lie appeirs d.-sirioi.s of having !
the tnitu; and if si.cli is really his wish, (which I am f
not dise I to ioubt,) he will at one- publish the Cjiui-!
den prices, which will bo conclusive either tr or aga inst :
( heraw. !
If any one doubts the correctness of this list, I hold j
in v self f h mi i id to wubltsh the names of the seller and pur- j
baser; an I shall, if I think .roper, require the same j
fours- from the I'ditor of the Journal. i
I hav no desire tor a n sti;wr cotitrover-v ; but J
such an error as you made, in your remarks relative to i
markets, could not tliink of let.uig pass nun. t i. e, ;
and that it was :ii error, will fudy ap,ar, iftiie Lh;ir
of the Journal wdl publish the.r prices at the sane. pe-
Cuttop sold in Cheraw on October 7, 1-31, at 1"
Do. do. Noveui. 7. "
Do. do. " 2", " 10
Do. do. Deem. I, " IO-
I . do. " 2'i. " IO'
Do. do. Jiti.'y 1 at l'i'
D. ilo. F b." 23, " 10
D.. do. March 31, " 17?
Do. !. A;-ril 3. " 17
D.. do. " H, l-
D. do. yiiy 22, " Pit
Do. do. " " 2 . " 20
I have said, our prices are letter than those of Cam
den fir Cott.iii. If the editor of the Journal wishes it,
I have no o!MecV n to go into a couinaris. n of the two
market - m !.e f .Mowing subj.-cts, viz: The pric es at
whiidi (Io-Is at . sold; Rates of Freight on our river;
The expenses of receiving a ud forwarding (loods; Ad
varices made on Cotton or other produce left tbr sale or
'"I"1 ' - ' ".
From ('. i nr. Our last letter from Messrs. LaCosfe
&. Mt Ray, at Cheraw, says: "We quote cotton at 17
a 20 none coming to in irket ; Flour, (country) -7 ."0,
northern, a xO ; Bacon, 0 a 10."
From the U.ileih iictzister, of Jane 30.
On Monday last, it was determined, by a vote of
K4 to 40, that in all future election of officers hy the
(Jeiieral Assembly, the members shall vote rra
On Thursday, the Convention decided that bien
nial Klections for Members of the Legislature,
shall hereafter le la M, by a vote of i-o to 3o. It
was stated, however, in the discussion which took
place; on this ipr'stion, that this arrangement would
not necessarily put an end ti annual sessions. The
Constitution as it now stands, gives to the Legisla
ture the (tower of "adjourning to any future clay."
The (ieneral Assembly is not divested of this low
er by the adoption of this provision, hilt can, as
heretofore, adjourn for a less interval than two ears,
if tin? public convenience requires, or the Kople so
will it.
O.i Thursday, the Convention determined, bv a
vote of 73 to .")!, toal dish Ii irough Representation
entirely. The majority was much larger than
could have lieen ejMcted, from previous indications.
The deRite on this question was highly interesting,
and when published, will richly repay those who
read it.
Rut the dehafe which, in interest, has fir si i passed
all others, is that which is now in progress on the
"Catholic question," as it is termed; that is, whe
ther the Religious Test now existing in our Con
stitution -hall bo modified or obliterated, or whether
it shall remain untouched. This deliate commenced
on Friday, and had not terminated yesterday, when
our paper was put to Press.
Yiat tronltl ire hare done The last Stand
ard leg.ins a paragraph with this interrogatory
44 Wh it will he do ?" meaning to ak whether .Mr.
Senator Mangurn, in compliance with the polite in
vitation of 44 the party" at the lat Session of our
Legislature, intends to resign or not ? We are not
authorized to speak for the honorable Senator, and
therefore can ou'y answer the question of the Edi
tor of the Standard by asking him another a
Yankee mode of dotng business, w ith which we pre
sume he is lerfoctly acquainted. Taking it tor
granted that tbe relation he occupies to Mr. Sena
tor Rrown is of a much more confidential charac
ter than we can boast of with Mr. .Mangum, we
wish to know, what he (.Mr. Rrown) would have
done, if he had leen in Mr. Mangum's situation?
Would lit havo resigned! We pause for a reply.
j of those in the iciiutv of the fire.
We have never seen a lire progress more rapidly
and destructively, or one which so long resisted so
active u controlling jKtwer.
''Ac Wheat Crop?. The -Wheat Crop in this
section of the country has improved considerably;
! wo have received the same 'om1 tidings' from
tlier sections; and, although the crop may ie ileii
cieot in comparison with other years, yet it is ie
lieyed it will tiir exceed our eiectations. We
! have a fine prospect for corn, and an abundant oats
I crop.
j Accounts from Virginia state, that the prospect
0flh. Wheat cropfs Verv unfavorable, and is
, ... ,r - n i . c i
doubtful whether a su Iiejencv will be made tor do
v , - . . . .
"',,S,M" " h '" hnro of Maryland, it
ls to,K! certain that halt a crop cannot be real-
ized; but on the western shore the crop is god,
and promises a lair average.
The accounts from Pennsylvania, Ohio. ew
JPrv.,.v, H; DdavMire, as we'll ns limited accounts
V - i o v . ,
from New York, are verv flattering. Sjltm Iej.
Appropriate. Mr. Van IJuren has been faco-
tioiislv dubbed the " S!ipory Kim candidate."
. think this the most appropriate designation we
have met with. Van Ibiren's resemblance to this
. i i i . i c i r i
s ipperv p'anf, atid .lohasop s hafreif of Indians and
. ' 1 ' . ,
,uVO t,,r tl"' sab!o daughters d Africa, must
irresi-tiide so the " lute" p;,rty had IVst give
up the contest, unless the Judge liecomes more
slick " than the Kim, or can pr ve that lie i not
evai-llv W hite lie li:is Im'o thou rtit to he.
(Krfor1 Fxa miner.
Altar of Hymen.
' I. t.l thr nup'inl ritr-Miii hriela.
I In h :.- ..r -. l-n
' V.ii.Mir I... l.i i. it l:mji ill lirM,
ii.l nr hi tur; k ttnir."
In Wilkeslxiroii'di. on t!ie 2oth ultiino, by John Fin
b v, iUi, IlKt.JAMKS CALLOWAY to" Miss MA
RY LOUISA CAUMICHAKL. eldest daugh'er of
'('apt. Abner Carmicha. 1, all of Wd kesl-reugh, N. C.
j In Salem, on the 2o'h ultimo, by th Rev. Jo!in C.
P. cider, Mr. JOHN V. VOtiLKR. of Lmcolntoa, to
Miss MARIA LOCISA RK1CII, of Salem. N. ('.
Ia Stokes county, on the 2-th ultimo, bv the Rev. H.
Tatum. Doct. WILLIAM WfTHF.RS to Miss ANN
AMANDA, daughter of (Jeorge Brooks, Ksajuire.
! In the vicinity of Liticoluton, N. Carolina, on the
i I-tli iiliimo, bv "the Rev. .Mr. Miller, Mr. MILKS W.
In David .son County, on the 1 1th ultimo, bv the Rev.
Joseph Pickb r, Mr. FRANKLIN W. HADLN to Miss
1RRNA M1LLKR, daughter of Thomas Miller.
In More-anton, on the 1-th ult.. bv the Rev. Mr. Mc
CutcheotirMr. WILLIAM C. FdlWIN, Merchant to
Miss MARTHA M. WALTON, daughter of Ttiomus
i .- i. " '
. .. ., f, o i ., oi ,..o: i...
Ill I in soi i ii 1 1 1 , mi eiiniiiit, it 1 1 oik io in;
Rev. Josiah Wiseman, Mr. JOHN HOWERTON to
Miss RACHLU daughter of Boyd McCrery, Esq.
That wretch who has the mother beat
That brought him into life,
No doubt the woman will mal-treat
Who beeo-ees his lov ing wife. Commvnrd.
Clock and Watch-Maker,
"IRAKI'S this method of informing his Friends
- and the Public generally, that he still con
tinues to carry on the Watch Making and Jewellery
Business at his old stand, on Main Street, one door
above the Store ot Sand. Lemly S: Son, and takes
this opportunity of expressing his gratitude to the
public for the patronage which has been bestowed
on him ; and hopes that a more sedulous attention
to his business will not fail to elicit a share of the
patronage of the people, as heretofore To make
his establishment still more deserving of it, he has
just received from the North, where was selected
by a gentleman of taste and experience, a very ex
tensive and superior assortment of
V mm m SmiW
Silver double cased and double liottomod Lever,
Plain, and Hunting Watches: Gold, Silver, Plated,
Bead, Silk, and Ribbon Guard Chains; Gold Key s
and Seals ; Gold, Plated, and other Guard Keys,
i Splendid setts of Topaz, Aquamarine, Agate, Swiss
Painting, Cameo, Ceral, Cornelian, and Jet Lar
Rings and Breast Pins; a variety of Breast Pins
and Finger Rings; Gold Filagree and other Snaps,
Catches, Bead Bags; Coral Beads; Silver Thim
bles ; Gold, Silver, and Shell Links, and Collar
Buttons; a fine assortment of Studs ; Music Boxes;
Silver Plated and Bead Purses, Silver Spoons,
j Silver and Steel Spectacles, white and green; Scis
! sors ; Ever pointed Pencil Cases and Leads ; Silver
Tooth Picks and Tweezers ; Gentlemen s Pocket
and Dirk Knives; Ladies Silver Fruit do.; Silver
Butter do ; Silver, and Silver plaited Scabbard
Dirks; Damascus best Wire Twist and brass
barrel pocket Pistols ; and a great variety of other
Fancy Goods.
Watches and Clocks repaired with neatness,
accuracy, and dispatch ; warranted to perform, and
every endeavor made to give satisfaction Casr
paid for old Gold and Silver.
t f Salisbury, May 23, 1835.
1 CT,r.RI; W.VXTEI).
N1' that is industrious ami attentive to busi
" isess, and can come well recommended. For
further particulars, apply at THIS OFFICE.
July 4, l-:io. t f
FORTUNE'S home::
For the i. itefit of the SAL1SHFRY ACADEMY
rS hv 4av it a I JSorjfaiiton, IV. C,
(hi Wtthustlay, the '2ith Jnly, 135,
Tcrmina ling Figure Sjstem.
fci:v;;NM,. ov points, .aianaciers.
1 Prize of 0,000 DOLLARS is 80,000
1 " of" :),OOQ DOLLARS is 8,000
10 " of 1,000 DOLLARS is 10,000
10 " of 5(H) DOLLARS is 5,000
10 " of 400 DOLLARS is 4,000
HI " of 300 DOLLARS is -3,om
10 " of 200 DOLLARS is 2,000
100 " of 1(H) DOLLARS is 10,000
100 " d 5() DOLLARS is 5,t00
116 " of lU) DOLLARS is 3,4 0
201 " of l0 DOLLARS is 4,020
300 " of lo DOLLARS is 4,"00
,0d0 " d" 10 DOLLARS is 00,000
0.000 " of 0 DOLLARS is 3(5,(KJO
0,000 " of 4 DOLLARS is 24,000
t ?,!iO Prizes, amounting to $1 GO
A Package id' 10 Whole Tickets will cost 840 00
And must draw nett 17 00
823 00
A certificate for a Package of IO Whole tickets
will I? - - - - 623 00
For 10 Half tickers, - - - 1 i f0
For 10 Quarter tickets, - 5 75
QF All Orders from a distance, by mail (post
paid) or bv private conveyance-, end. .sing the cash
or prize-tickets in our previous Lotteries, will re
ceive the most prompt attention, if" addressed to
.1 AMI'S I. LONt;, Salisbury, N. C. : and nn ac
count of the drawing wiil be forward, d immediate
ly after its event.
CciT" All prizes pavable in ea-h. Forty days; after
the drawing, subject to a deduction of f fticn per
Whole Tickets, - - - 8-1 00
Halves, .... 2 0O
Quarters, - - - - 1 OO
To In had, in the greatest variety of irimU'ts, rt
(Corner of Mansion Hotel,)
July 4, l-3o. td
" CJj:iBaiSJ ?VaJV respectfully informs his
I'ii, ;oi(l the I'ifldie : I l:i rue llint lie sti!!
continues to cfirrv on tlie Tailoring Business in all
its various branches, in the Town of Salisbury , on
Main-street, a few doors Last of the Courthouse,
adjoining the Storehouse of Win. Murphy, wle re
he is prepared to make all kinds cd' Clothing in a
very superior sty le in the most fashionable sty le,
and warranted to fit well, and on very moderate
terms, at short notice. All Orders from a dis
tance will be most f'aithfuliv attended to according
to order. Produce will be received in payment
for work. I. F.
Being Agent for some of the most Fashionable
Tailors of New York and Piiilaiielphia, he would
take a pleasure in teaching, or giving instruction
to any Tailors wishing instruction in the art of
Cutting: and any one wishing the New York ami
Philadelphia Fashions, can receive them by gi
ving timely notice to Benjamin Fraley, Salisbury,
N. C. Letters postage paid.
Salisbury, June 13, l5J3o. t f-
VILK12Slltiia' ACIDEjIY.
riMIK Public are informed that the WILKES--
BOROUGH ACADEMY is entrusted to the
care of Mr. Roland Jones, whose qualifications as
a Teacher of the English, Latin, and Greek Lan
guages, and whose moral worth are attested by the
most satisfactory testimonials.
The salubrious situation of the place, the cheap
ness and excellence of Boarding, and the capaci
ty ami qualifications of the Teacher, we hope will
induce a lilieral patronage to this establishment.
The First Year of this institution will com
mence on the '-2nd Alonday (13M) of April.
Terms of Tuition :
'Orthography, Reading, and Writing pr. year, 810.
I lie Sciences, . . . . . L".
Latin and Greek, including the above
J. V ANNOY, j Trustees.
A;rd 4, I - 3."i. 3m
rrHAT, in three months from the date hereof,
applici.iiou will be made to the President
and Directois of the State I 'auk of North-Carolina,
for the renewal of Certificates for three
Shares of Stock in the said Bank, in the name of
Eliza Conner, (now Eliza Simonton ;) said Certifi
cates having been lost or mislaid.
Catawba Springs, Aprd l!-3, I3o.
3 m
Ten Cents lie ward.
IAN AWAY from the Subscriber, on the ofh
r f 1 tii'll I - wt - Hi tiai. tf I 'it.r. mf ivo lii - I tta
name of ROWLAND J. HILTON, about six
teen years of age. All persons are hereby for
warned from employing said boy, under tbe pe
nalty of the law. The above reward will be gi
ven for his delivery at my residence, but no ex pen
ses paid. " LEVIN WARD.
Rowan County, June 20, 1S3". p3

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