North Carolina Newspapers

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m Tk( MfaM. PM t elf
mu m mb .. v Wa IM fat' I
AM Mea (HtM IM irt4 w tto.
V Miae H. I. epvLa.
With ehernS Smile, the prattling boy, '
Who, on the vrlein'shreet recline,
Has thrown smdc his fivorite Viy I
AnJ around hit gentle lingers twines
The scattered locks, that with Uie night
Of foor spots yesrs are snowy white .
And as lbs scar arreats bis view,
, lis cries, grand pa, who wounded you t
"Mr child, His five and Mr years, ,
This very dsy, this very hour.
Since fVom a scar ofblaid and tears, ..
Where valor Ml by hustUa power
I saw retire tM setting sun,
Behind the bills of Islington ;
While pale and lifls on the plain -.,
My brother Uy fx freedom slain. ,
"And ere that night 4he fir that spake
- In thooder to our land was o'er,
Amil4 the clouds of Are and smoke, '
I Ftlt my garmonu wet with rore t
Tie since tlt dreaJ and wild allrey,
Thtt uymg, dark, eventful day,
Prom this calm April eve so far,
" 1 wear upon this cheek sear."
-, WVe thou to manhood shalt be grown, "
And I am gone to dost to sleep,
. May freedom's righta be still thine own.
And thou anil thine in quiet reap,
' The anblighted produce of the toil, . -
In which my Wood bedewed the soil I
' And while those traits thoa shalt enjoy,
Bfthink thee of this scar, my boy
"Aid should my emintry's voice be beard,
To bid her children fly to anna,
Gird on thy grsadeire'a trusty award j
And umfitwayed by war'a alarms,
R uneinber on the buttle field,
' I mfle tlie bund of Ood my shield I
AmLbe Ukmi soared like Die to tell.
What hore me an, while othere WL"
Th Pneer-Perhaps it may not be annus to
remember the Printer in my discourse. He is in
' very disagreeable aituatioo.- Jle trusts every do.
dy be ww not whom bis nwwy ia scattered
every where, be hardly know where td look for it.
Hie paper, hit ink, his press, hia type, bis journey,
men's labor, hie hrtrg, murf be punctually
I id Sw. You Mr. ' nd Mr. , and
lr. , and a hundred others that I could
name, have taken hie paper, and your wivea, and
your children, and your nmghooure have been
amused anTnformed, tod 1 nope improredrlrHH-J
if you ntiea one paper, you think very hard of the
printer or the pwt t'r it J ym bad ratnor go wiin-
Ml your best mewl, than be deprived of your new.
piper. Hive ever complied with the terms of
"your subscription t lieve-you taken ee much pains
lu furnish the printer with bis money, as he has to
fimish Yon with the paper t - Hive Ton contributed
. your mite, tot his band-work nnd head-work ? If
you mvw not, go py nun on, w unw
' nn t'nirM'MT
. -i.-.- r ivroiiyi. 4.
Police httUtgtne Extraordinary f " '
: Canst thoU driW out Leviathini With " booil-ijoe,
J will drive Cm out ul tby kiugvlou with a dn-rof Intli.'
;'. ' T r: -rvunkn
' A Ttw-boned, kratern-jawed, bow-legged, ragxedl,
' and measly looking iit&nt of twenty, was brought
-- before one of the Mk"M rates of ..Ihie City, inat
Tuesiliy, oo the alfidaviti of the lreaidents porter
fcnd gardnerIWgingtha thpnsonfpb at
teutiied to awousinate Andrew Jackson, President
. m .T .t a
of tnu Umtod tstatee or norm Aiuenca.
if ixilrte What is your naine f Lf
i -- Primmer.-' Mv name ia 1 lay nee. ' " r-
Afof.Tour Chr'iatUdr'ortlwrvTour legal
ria. Jootithao among the jfVophet, or rather,
ai you aay of them, as it s written
Pris. Varmount.
M,ifWi brought you to Wellington f --r
Vis. Shank's mare, 1 gueea.
"Mig. Diyou mean that you walked atl the way t
. Pfll "Fi CA a'lttOit . alL. i .mwmxrK:?stm.?j?::-i.
-Mug. How fcr ia it f v--t--'-'-u
M'i-What;buieM 'db-yim tttOwirt.'&to:
Prw- lilting and killing.
jVay. Mr. Clerk, write down assaulting and
killing. You are paid, I suppose for your work!
- Pnt, tlenerally, l.,,,MIL,;lJl.,.
Mm. Write down thtt the prisoner is general-
ly paid fir abutting nd killing. - Were you ever
the Sonnte of the United States t "
-iPris. -No; but 1 have been in the Legislature
of VarmiHml but that 'ere kind of btininosa dicTnt
gibe well, and I took to pork and prophecy. "
Mig Thia fellow is as crazy, as a bed-bug.
Mr. Snook (tho Preeident'a porter,) what do you
know about thia businei? ; r" .f ' ;
Sioolfs. May it plaze vour honor, I waa walk-
!--4og aWt-the huH of the-Preeidetit'e llmtse, f eytnrj
, mm I can t at.nd euttuisr jih to amuse myaoir, you
Inoiv, when the door bell rung as if all the divila
iu,iLlljeralhcoriJtndjwytl to myljlsntf hnt
' r ...
-fig y urfof tTinre, yro
;,r.t: l' come up the steps, aa ragged as, your honor,
1 corp ratin note ; and, saya I, what do you want I
. .... ,.,r 'wiattt to see tlte rreeidont, eaye m ,. But you
- ; ; iilwii't do uo such thing, says I.fBut I am a pro
phet, ays he, andl have come to at the President fo
giw me' back the letters wrote to him, about the
bWt-offmnE'nn mcrafkw. Ana what burnt oft
liuingai soya I. The Treasury Department, aaya
i .(,. : A(kj wna acrancesT said I. Tlie sacrafiee
of the fitted calf at the Baltimore Convention, mid
hev And theoi your bonorf i- iitchd the fellow a
: k!i kvaml he sung out niurther, in Irish, and the gnr
. iioiior came up ; and so, ye see, we cotch him in the
.act. ... f.....:..- '
Mag.Slr. OflTicer, can you throw any more
': lCffht tirt thia bt$nI.ii;..'::i:-..-.r...... .
Oficrr. The porter has given the substance of
all he tohl me. When I took. -Ihe prisoner out of
the h.inds of the porter and gardonor, searched
. . him thorouithly, . , . ;; r :
.Vig. -What deadly weapons did you. find about
him T
Of.X f wnd a wnodoo skewer, Very grea"y.
and a m:ill piece of pack-thread Witt) fUn-book
attached to it. . . . .
Jonathan, what did yog mean to da with
the skower f " ' n' -j
Jimalkait. I guess IM a stuck it into somebody.
; Mag. Who I ...
Jo tioiiM whole hog, I guess.
Mag And what did you una to do with that
h-hook t .
Jon. 1 intended, kind a, to bait it with 4 pro
clamation, and bub tor an otlice.
Mag. Circumstance ar very strong again
Jm h'pel to ret along br hook or by crook,
that' a. r - :
Mi. Did jroti rnrnn to kill the President f
Jon. tell you tnr business ia bog-killing. Il
would have rone against the f rain to hare stock
wooden skewer into his Excellency's body. Do
you thiuk I intended to put hook into Leviathan's
nose I but touching the mm of David,
Mag i on must so to mil, Sir I
Jon. The prophet Amos opened his mouth,
Mag, Hold your tongue, Sir)
V""-"The sons of Levi i
Mag, Silence
Jon And (saao said,-
. Mag.-r-VW gag you, Jonathan I
ft Andrew, the son of i
Mag Silence t I say, OiTicera take this fiU
tow to jail He is fully committed for flat burgla
ry, and an attempt to kill the President of the Uni
ted States, with the deadly weapons, namely t one
wow too bog-skewer, of no value and ooe fan-hook
and pack-thread, being of tlte value of half a mill
thereabouts, more or km. "7" ' . .
Tb prisoner wu according committed.
We have seldom met with a more agreeable jru
d'uprit than the following, which we copy from
the Saturday a Magazine, Pr April lit
Arnu DeparturesFot the north, Frost,
Ewj., and suite, amongst whom we noticed Messrs.
Woodcock, Fieldfare, Redwing, due, ate
Arrivals Early in the inoulh, Mr. and Mrs.
Swallow family expected to follow anon. si. D
Mr. and Mrs. 8. go ou( very little as yet.
TM Messrs. Blackbird aud Thrush have begun
to give their annual concert f r the eeasoo. Their
respective Ltdioa "are at home."
The musical foreigner of distinction, the Bignor
Cuckoo, whose favorite cantatua are so reonatedlv
encored, is said to be on the look out for lodging
in mo ocignuornoou, oi range siorys are in circu
latino reporting a branch of the Sparrow family
the Widow nightingale to bcr acat in Poplar
The Mmm Martin for the season.
Dr. and Mrs. Rook have made a great progress
in their new dwelling, which .is built on the old
TAe-JgrniArnjly, so famous in the annals of ar
1 twi ,i 1 1 m iMUimjj ' ww tiro .iiimid u,
chitecture, have lately deiTgnod aome" edifice,
which show tliem fo be as skilful as ever in that
admirable art,
Court Nrw$Qartte Extraordinary,
Yesterday, her Serene Highness, Queen Flora,
held her hret drawing room thia aeason, which was
moat numerously attended."-1 he court opened soon
aAer auoriae; Mr. Skylark was in attendance to
announce the company,
.The Miasea Daisy were the earliest visitors af
ter which amvala were constant.
r- Measra. Bugle, Broom, Lilac, Orchis, Perwinkle,
Ranunculua, etellaria, cm, all richly and tastefully
"TboHwowrou's ramTIy"oT"tne Anemomee paid
their devoirs i early,--; These i elegniitea were varioua-
ty habited f aone wore ricn scarlet UKMicea, oth
ers purple white," and green,' almost aurpawsed in
beauty their more splendid relatives.
- The Miaat Violet, on their return to the coun
try, introduced-by the Ladies Primmee ; the ami
able "aod " iniidost appearance of the firmer waa
much noticed the costume of each party was
thought very becoming, and skilfully assorted, to
act off the charms of both.
The Misses Blue Bell wore robes of azure tissue,
and were much admired fitr the sylph-like elegance
oTtneir furina.
. The. beautiful .Germander family, with their
oever-to-be-lorgoUen eyes of heavenly blue, at
The arrival of the Rose family was anxMHisly
epeeted.; -
The Miaaee Cowslip were presented. It has
been the fashion to call them the ''pretty rustics
but : tliey- were moat arackmslT received,and the
delicate Dropnetjf ot their drei w
drift red.""
The Lady. Cardamioea, costutnc"of the-finest
Mrs. Tul'Pi body and tram of crimson and gold.
This truly grand dress had superb ettoct
Messrs. Cneanut, Uak, Birch, JUmi, ate, 6ic,
ported new bright green liveries, of various
ahadea. . : " -
Messrs. Blackthorn, Pear, Apple, &c, Ate.
crowded- round their sovereign, eager to pay their
dutiful homage .They made a magnificent , show
in rich auiU of white, red, and green.
The company were greatly delighted with a
concert of vocal music from' a large party of the
- m ' .1 ' il I. . .1 :
Devi peiiormers w ins nviguuoruuou,cuniug
The Court broke up, haying partaken of few
drSpa of light and charming beverage, but not before
the Widow iMffntinimm. twno nna imneu ine per.
mrmertTDrrmonnnaVad been entreated to a4
.. r.'i ."rx'rrrrn-xrra'T.:
for the company vim i song tine weu-oreu muy
instantly complied, and poured upon theeareof her
delighted auditors one of her tnuat neart-umiung
melodies. "
from tA JVeaj York Morning Herald, ",'
Cot. Bra, we learn, ia now very much India
posed, and iahnot be' expectjd1o five 16ig,-" He is
ighty years of age i - He seat, the other day, for 1
particular Itiend of his early year, unaer ine ap
prabAoaioA bjuuWJad.JlotJaOa
world. , " I sent for you," said he, -1 sent lor you
now, because at another time we might merely
look in each other's fkcea; but have oo disposition
to talk."-: He then handed over to bis friend aeve-
Val important manuscript", part of them intended for
puoucation auer dis ueaiii,
-vAmwg tho paj
imr iournal which Col. Burr kept dunng hi tra
vela in Europe, after the unf irtunate affair between
him and General Hamilton. For beauty of descrip
tion, shrewdness of remark, and originality of
thought, we are informed, this journal ia particular
ly pre-eminent It will be recollected, that Lionel
Burr, while, in Europe, moved in the highest cur-
clea, waa intimnte with the calling politirl&ns of
Kngland and prance, and aociiitd with them in
private and in public. Part of this journal is iu
Ilia form of Ciuuliar lettars, written to the late Mra.
A Uni, of whom a styry wu recently published,
which, in C'ol. Burr's opinion, is ridiculous and im
probable. The grace, beauty, and Piling which
are scattered through these Nters, are heightened
from the circumstance of their being written to bis
bulovod daughter.
1 here is, also, we learn, a Urge number ot nigh.
y important letter from Eurpean eorreHpowh'ots
of high rank, throwing light oo hia mysterious ex
pedition to Mexico, which Mr. Jeffrrson turned so
efEictually against him as treason aguinet the Uni
ted Stale. i appears that William I'ltt, then the
British Premiur. was concerod in that proioct, and
aiiecially countenanced the attempt of Col. Burr.
Lngland wu then at war with spurn, and the un-
tiiih Cabinet waa very denirout of cripting thoir
.1 a - . ' '
power in inu oouin American poaseawoiiB.
Of that period of hia life, during which he waa
a formidable competitor with Mr. J-mrmm, tor the
w a . a . a !..
rresioency, there ia no letter or document remain
ing. 1 hat portion of Uol, IJurrs eventlul hie rems,
titerefore, on hia own perwrnal character, tor truth
and accuracy. In that rexrt, he stands on pre-
cisnly the nine footing as Mr- JWUiroo.
The letters and memoirs of Jeflhrson made
great kenaation in the world when they npieared
those of Burr are calculated, from thir revela.
lions, touching important pervids of hiatory, td be
even more intereirting.
.The papers and diKMimnnta already put by Col.
Burr into the hands of his early friend for puUica
lion after hia death, would fill several volumes ol
modern typography.
The following paragraph not only gives us a pica
sing account of one of the tnont elegant structures
of thia country, but conveys aoine uncfut hints, both
in an architectural and practical point of view :
Ators Hotel -decidedly the largest private
structure and the moat chaxle and beautiful in iU
architecture, of any edifice whatever in our city-
is rapidly progreuug to completion, for aome
dnya, the side-walk has been fenced in to give an
opportunity to of the pondnromt colunma
of grautte which flunk the yeatibule or great en
trance on Iiroadway. This precaution was deem
ed neceawary, to prevent accident to the throng ol
person who are cmiirtnntlv pn""in tn this part of
our great thoroughfare; but who, during this inter
ruKion, have run a greater rink from their prefer
ring to paw through this narrowed part of the
streot, close lo the fuuee, because it is the Cumiou
able aido, rallter than pas over to the park aide.
It is a miracle, that some have not been trodden
under foot by the cavalcade of omnibumns and hacks
which have necemarily been more crowded togeth
er here thau they are in other parts of Broadwsy.
We are- reduced that -the column is now erected,
and hope that the other will be put up u expedi
tiously. The one raised ia a aolid block, ear 20
feet in height, including its capital, and about 8)
to 4 feet in diameter, deeply fluted, and tapering
very gradually from the bar. It ia of the same
dark blue Boston granite u the large oblong blocks,
of which the entire edihee is 'composed. A re
markable feature of the building is, that there ia no
cement between tha joints of the blocks, and that
the fronts present a ainooth, handsome furnace,
without ny ornament whatever, which, with .the
symmetrical position and harmonious arrangement
of the windows, gives an air of mathematical trim-
pticilyT6"lhe" building whrcbdemonjiHTeilne au"-'
perior elegatice of this c lassie style of architecture
over the ginrbr3ad rioeiy-which disfisurw too
manr w our edrhceai 1 he-whole- too has been
raised by-the crank and crane without any ncfrM-
tng. We wish J hia building jnay be atudicd and
cupted after m a tnode) by our architects generally
it ta nign lime tiiat tne money making jouoing ays.
fern of running up to an extreine height, grotesque
shells of brick work, riddled with windows and so
ahatpofully thin in their walhv that ihey tumble
dowr) the moment tiie timbers which wpporl them
are burnt bv fire, ahoulj be abandoned, 1 he me
liic4ojjatnvtrohe which i hapirene! e-yyar or iwt
since to the large new store on t 'I i If-nt roe t, where
snyerai he were crushed under the mnt is
dreadful lesson to those who. to witinfy their cupi-
any ami lor greater cneapiNMM, cauao mee living
CiriEua to lie coluucted.''..Tuo'. nTuiliclllt auiliuiri.
. i ii.i . ' r " "K i . ' i i
iy snoii(i iaKe tne limner in nimu, ano enianuan a
board of ediln, nn the Roirmna did, or eommiasion.
cranio iiipcriutehu theerection of alLbttildinga ac
cording to id substantial plan. N.
For the LaditoA van to make Cuticots'vatn
ceua. -Infuse three gills of Salt in four quarts of
boiling WHter, and tiut the calico in, while hot, and
leave it till cold." And in thia way "the colon are
rendered permanent and will not fade by aubse-
qoent Washing. so says a lady, who has frequent
ly made the experiment herself. ,
Ifudory When, after the battle of Aumnle, in
which Henry IV. of France waa wounded, he in
quired, from the officer collected round his bed,
what had pqared subsequent to hia having ten the
field, and found that no two agreed in their narra
tives, he exclaimed, "and yet, thus it ia that history
must be written T
Pvriovi FrrdiW.---During the Spring Circuit
in England, this year, the Jury, who had doubts of
and their foreman gravely answered the uaual que.
tiony by saying, MiY0t Guilty, if he. mill leax the
town 1 1''
Power of Uglinet Mirabeau wu both the
ugliest man and the moat effective orator in France.
He was proud of bis ill looks, and counted his per
speaker. M You know not, aaid be, all the pow.
er of my uglineea."
Girard College. Some idea of the splendour
and magnihcence of the Uirard College, now erect'
m Philadelphia, may be fortoed from the factthat
the sura of one tkoumnd tkret hundred dollar has
beeu contracted to be paid for the mechanic's labor
upon each of the marble cape, placed upon the Ihir
ty "fcnrConhfhlw
outside of the building. It is estimated, that, to
complete each of the caps, it Will require the c
tinuod daily labor of two mechanics for upwards of
one year.- I be aggregate cost ot the thirty pur
columns, embracing materials, tabor of finishing.
and cost of erecting, may be conjectured, when the
coat of labor upon the caps alone amount! to fifty
lour thousand two hundred dollar.
A Splendid
8aIialur),(.T C.) to Raleigh, (I. C.)
- T33 0TO03?wS3R0t
VNXIOUS to aflbrd rfvery fkedity to ths Travelling
Public, now announce that they have completed
all their arrangements and can with truth mj, Wt prt
unt yon with a lAm of llacki fo$$euing idtmtngei
ever say other, if worn wi$k lo get on with cms mnd
tftjmlrh hiTing ouUined that great aeitarrorum wiw
all Traveller no dtHmtion on tho rood. It is so r-
ranged U to correspond, m it arrivala at Raleigh, with
ths departure of the following rJUgea, ii : The Great
Daily Line to Blakely, Nortli-Carolina, paaiing through
Louwburg, Warrenton, and Halifax; at the latter place
a Line or Stages communicates with the Portmnouth
Rail-Road for Norfolk: by continuing on to Blakley,
you strike the Petersburg Rail-Road; and on your ar
rival at that place vou have the choice of two Lines
either by land to Washington City, via. Richmond and
Fredericksburg, or by Hteam-Bnal to Norfolk. There
w also a Line of Htage from Raleigh to Norfolk, via.
T arborough, Murfreexborough, Winton, &c., over one
of the beat Natural Road in the United HUtear- At
Norfolk there will be no detention, as there is a line of
Hteain-uoau for Baltimore in connexion with this line.
This line also connect with one from RalightoNewbern.
The arrival at Halnoury i regulated altogether by
the departure of the Piedmont Iine Hotith, and the
Great Western Line for Nuhville, Tennetaee, via.
IJncolnton, RotherfbrdUm, Asheville, Knoxville, dtc.
Leave the Mjiiwoo Hotel, 8libury,TUESDA Y and
8ATURDAY at 9 o'clock, A. M.-after the arrival of
the l'iedinont8tage from the Mouth arrive in Raleigh
next day at 9 o'clock, IV M.-Leavea Raleigh TUES
DAY and HATURDAY at t o'clock, A. M., arrivea in
Halifbury next daya by 4 o'clock, P. AI. allowing suf
ficient time on the road (br SLEEP.
0" The J lacks are Albany make, entirely new, and
cannot be surpaned fbr comfort and eaue; the Team
are excellent, the Driver careful and attentive, mil
the Fare low only SEVE! DOLLARS oil inter
mediate dinUnce 7 cent per mile.
OJ" Paiwengera from the Buuth who wih to take
our Line will be careful to rafrr to Salubury only.
0r All Bundle and Packagea at the risk of the
April 11, 1833, ' -tf
The Fare from Rnleigh to Washington City
amount to 919 GO, at follow I
From Ruleigh to Blakley, Stage Fre, ... $7
HUKIpv to Petersburg, Kail-Road Fare, 3
I'etentburg to Richmond, ttUge Fare, , 1 60
Richmond to Fredericluhurg, Stage Fare, 5
Frederic kitburg to Washington City, Steam
Boat Fare, . ' . 3
The 8 team-Boat Fare from Petersburg to Baltimore.
via. Norfolk, ia cheaper.
Valuable Stand for a Tavern
'THE Subaciber, desirous of removing to the
South-West, Offers for Sale the largo and
commodious TAVERN which he occupies, si
tuated in the Town of Charlotte, North Carolina,
three door weat of the Courthouse. This estab
Imhnient hu all the necessary conveniences for
carrying on the business for which it is dewigned.
1 he Krtchen, trtaWe, lb, &,ar in get -re
pair. . Its present patronuire liberal, for the pur
puses xdt-a jTarera,. thia Huuae afjurua juany. d
vantages from its situation.' The village of Char
lotte is generally healthy, and iu condition flou-
riahing. It is situated in a pofulouf aqd wealthy
community, and Ts the thorough-fare of the tra
velling from the North and Eastern sections ul
the Union to the South and South-wet. Having
determined lo remove, the premises will be afford
ed at very liberal terms. If they are not sold be
fore the fir! of September, they will be offered
for renr or leane. WM. S. W. HAYES.
pLXhariulicvJiinn 27,
'T'HE Suharriber, grateful for the very liberal
JL patronage heretofore bestowed upon his eata-
eliahment, bega leave to announce to his former
patrons and the public especially invalid and
eeleiwn or-faiMt-wh rnnir-d
summer Ketreat that his, eatabliNhment ia noa
readjr ffir their reeeptionj and that he i prepared
to accommodaie i iliem Ta a atylei hs fluiters liim
self, that canm4 fail to give entire satisfaction ; at
least, no etlorts shall be wanting on hu part to
render hit guest comfortable.
Catawba Springs, June 6, 1835. t f
rrilL SUBSCRIBER havine purchased the ex
rlllivil PlltKl tnr Malrini ftiiinn mnA Vt.nAtr.rn
the above valuable Machine, Tor the Counties of
the r armors of those Counties at a very low price ;
the rjght of making single Machines can be had
at any time. He will have a number of Machine
Rowan County, March 21, 1B35, tf
Take Notice!
npiIAT, in three months from the date hereof,
application will be made to the President
lira, fbr the renewal of Certificates for three
Shares' of Stock in the said Bank, in the
Eliza Conner, (now Eliza Simon ton;) aaid Certifi
cates baying been lost mislaid. ,
' WM. S. 8IM0NT0N;
Catawba 8pring,' April 25, 1835. . 8m
Ten Cents Reward.
n AN -AWAY from the 8oberiber,in: the Sth
of April last, an indented apprentice, .byjhe
name or KUWLAND J. HILTON, about air
teen years of age. All persons are hereby for
warned from employing aaid boy, jmder the pe
naty of the law. . The above reward will be gi
yen for hia delivery at my residence, but no expeo
eapaid. " LEVIN WARD.
llowao County, June 20, J935. p3
For the Dmrjltoftko SALISBURY ACADEM
To Im! Drawn at jnorganton, IV. Cv
On Ytdnelay, tkt 29 J(u1y, J835,
Termlnatlns-Flgure System.
o a a a n a i
1 Prize of 6,000 DOLLARS is 80,000
1 of 3,()(X DOLLARS is 8,000
10 " of 1,000 IX)LLAKS is 10,000
10 " of 6tH DOLLARS is . 6,000
10 " of 400 IN)LLARS is 4,000
10 " of 300 DOLI-AUS is, SJjUO
10 u of 5i(KJ DOLLARS is 2,tM0
100 100 IK)LLARS is 10,000
100 of 50 DOLLARS is 3,000
116 " of 80 IXJLLARS is 3,480
201 of 20 IM)LLAKS is 4,020
300 " of 15 DOLLARS is 6,fl00
6,(MK) of 10 IM)LLARS is 00,000
6,000 of 6 MLLARS i 3(1,000
6,000 " of 4 DOLLARS is 24,000
1 8,HG9 Prize, amounting to . 1 1 80,000
A Package of 10 Whoto Tickets will cost
And muni draw tic It ....
(i 3 00
A certificate for a Package of 10 Whole ticket
will lie 00
For 10 Half tickets, - 11 SO
For 10 Qunrtcr tickets, fl 7S
QrT All Orders from a distance, by mail (post
paid) or by privnto conveyance, encloningthe cosh
or prize-tickets in our previous Lotteriea, will re-ct-ive
the inont prompt attention, if addremed to
JAMKS I. LONti, SalirlMirv, N. LY; mid an ac
count of the drawing will be forwarded iiiunediiite
ly after it event.
OiT All prizea pnynbl in cash, Forty day after
the drawing, Mubject to a deduction of fftctn cr
cent. , .
Whole Ticket, - - - I 00
Halves, . . . . 2 00
Quartern, - - - 1 00
To be had, in the greatest variety of number, nt
- rjornor of MarwiorrHntH.)
Julv 4, 1835. Id
Cash Yor Ncgvots.
'IHE Subscriber is defirousof purchrining a Inree
from ten lo twenty yoarsof age, lor which he will
at all time give the higlicxt price in Cash.
Peraona having such prupc;rly to ami, would do
well to call on him, at Sulmbury, or on Mr. John
Jonea, hi agent at Charlotte.
At anv-tiHterwben lie may be-alutent, CoL-.R-
W. Long, will b foinid at the Mnnion Hotel, in
Sahaburr prepared lo makeurehaaea
All letiera addresed to him or Ins Agent, Mr-
John Jief will meet with prompt tteit-fn.
-.JMHo Soth IS33.-tf HORERT Hl l
C ASH roil A Cta UOIIS.
rrMlE Subecriber, intending to settle himself in
the Vest, is dcirvus of purchssmg ten or fif
teen Liktly Young Negroes, for which he will
pny the highest prices, in cash. He may be found,
North Carolina Letters addressed to htm there.
will meet with prompt attention.
. 4OIIN 11. uARNER.
May 2, 135;- t f. "
1W ISH to purchase TW ENTY or TWENTY
FIVE NEGROES, for which I will give It-
Persone ;havi(uf ewh 'rny"lbr'''''nl0'-irmildv',,:
do well to give roe a call, either in person or by
Salisbury, N. C, will meet with prompt attention.
June 87, .1835. t f
Laud For Sale.
Iffjvl cree of (he Court of Equi
i f:- i
UPJ-T ty-fir-Rowan-CouHytihe--"J
Clerk and Master will aell.
at the House of I sham P. Ellis, on Ike 2Ulh dap
of July next, on a credit of Twelve Months, the
Lands, belonging to the heirs at Law of David
Smith deceaaed. in three strpanrto low r
. Oiie Tract, of 1 73lTcres ;
And EIGHT ACRES, on vkich it situated tht
Metkodist Camp-ground, called Smith Grove.
The Land lies on Cub Creek, and on both sides
of the Public Road leading from Mocksville to
OakYs Ferry,
. Purchasers will be required to give Bonds with
approved Security forthe wrrhae Mftny'tttr th
day of sale. SAM. S1LLIMAN, o.m.b.
June 1 3, 1 835. -. .p7.
rplIE Examination of the Students of the Lin
colutoo Male Academy will commence on
the 28' day of this nontaand terminate on the
evening of the 29th. . Parents, Guardians, and
rHrtrwntof Edacatmire-iw
attend. .. vry.'- -- ' - -
The Exercises will be resumed on tht 1st Mon
day in July wf . The price of Tuition per See
sion, (in advance,) for the Ancient Languages, ;
Algebra, and Geometry, $12 50. For Engliah
G rammer and Geography, $8. Board 97 per
monthT O. W. MORROW, Principal.
Lincolnton, N. C, May 88, 1835. "" p8

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