North Carolina Newspapers

    THE WI
tlAT i
JVnmbcr 14, of Volume 1G :
The Western Carolinian
1. The Western Carolinian is pnUi-hed every S.v
TiKDW, at Two Dollars per annum d pai! in advance,
or i'vvj D .liars and Fifty Cents if u A paid before the
expiration of three inoaih
.11. .o piper will be .hc iti me 1 n.n'i'i fill arreragesa
j, re paid, ualess at tiie iisen-iioii of toe Editors.
3. Sabscriptions .vdl not : tece.vo.i tor a bvs tii''
than o!io yeir ; a-i i a fa lure to notify the :!itors of
iam.i to discontme' -it liio end of a. vaT. will be CO Isl
- " T - J
dered as a new e?r:.aer;(ent.
4. Any person wi w.l! procure six subscribers to th:
Carolinian, an 1 ti!;. the trouble t collect and trn isim:
their subscription-money to the E htois, aha.ll have, a pa
per gratis durinr their continuance.
5. I'rsi is im!-b'.fil to the Editors, may transmit
to l '.em through the M til. at their n-k prove'ea they
git ihf iickn t foment of any rrp'ctib!c person lo
2rove that such remittance tens regularly mane.
1. A lvertise n -.its will !k? conspicuously and correct
ly insert 1. at "! ce-its ;.-r s.pi are for the first insertion,
an 1 :M ce ils for each continuance: but. where an ad
vertisement is or iered to go in only twice, 50 cts. will
b?ca irir ' l for each insertion. If ordered tor one in
sertion oily, l will in all cases bo charged.
2. I' r-io'js who ees'.re to emmie ty the year, w il !
acc'fli'ii ) Jatod by a rmsy nbiu deduction from the above
changes lor transient custom.
T CO K tt KS I'O N I K N TS.
1. To iu-ure pro n t ;ttt mi! ion to LMtrr.s a' iress"il
to th
:tors, 'i ' yv):.ta ;e ft;io:iM in all cass i- ; t"J.
Mrs. S. D. Pendleton,
A N l
II ANT - A rvIAKKil.
Has just received from c;r- YrJc the Lai est
Spring and Summer Fashions
FOit li".
K M P. l A i I G
istie flutters herself I hat. from a know U-le. of li f
bu iiteS8 acquired in ten jrars, and having mnm
arran:tMne(its with ote f the most fanlu nall
tVliilinerv tvstablt-tbinents in tli; Citv f New York,
to supplv her regularly with the latest fashion-,
she will be enabled to have her Millinery made up
in a Superior Stlt and on the most reasamstbie
Mrs. I. respectfully invite the Ladies of Salis
bury, and the a Ij anin eountry, ti call and ea
inin', and assures them she will ell every articl
iu her line uii aecom.noo'atifi terms. Jiie is pre
pired ff Cleaning and Pressing Tusenn, LetHjrn.
and Straw lioimets in the Northern St le.
Specimen- of her work, both in Dressing and
Making of lloimet.s, and Dresses, t::u be seen at
her fchop Smn of the (JIIKKN IION-NKT, t-A,
doors above .Messrs XV h-elir and lu i ns A pot iio
carv ind Dru Store, where all orders will le
thankfully received and punctually attended to.
N. II. Mrs. I, always keeps an assortment of
Fashionable Ilibbons on hand, and can supply, on
reasonable terms, those who may wish I5ounct
tf- April 11, l-:J".
AT SALISBURY September '2, l-V
Cacon, .
Uran ly, apple,
Batter, .
Cotton, in seed,
Cotlee, . . ,
J-Vatiiers. . .
Flour, . . ,
. 11a 1-J Molasses, ... ."Ml
. 40 a 4" .... Ha Hi
. 4l a ."lM)ats, . . . . 2- a 3 I
. 10 a V21 ttye ?-"
. 4 iSti'.'ar, brow n, . 10 a l'JJ,
.11 I loaf, . . Hi a
. Ifi a l.S-ilt. ... 11-2 a 1JT
" '. Tallow, . . 10
. -30 a UTi'obaejco, . . . a J0
Cx rM a 7lHj Wheat, (buliel) H a HHI
Flaxseed, .
Va) a 3-
Linbeed Oil, per allou, 1 V2
Sicrn, . . .
Brandy, peach,
Beeswax, . .
Co'f;e, . . .
Cotton, . . ,
Corn, . . .
Flax-eed, . .
Hour, . . .
Feathers, . .
, 0 a 11' Iron,
. liO a 70.Mola.sses, . .
. f0 a t0 Xails, ciit, . .
'2 a Sujar, brown,
. 12 a 1 1J lump, .
Ii a IT! loaf, .
tti a u-J Salt. . . .
l-JOa i Wheat,. . .
Ak Al a 71 Hi ( Whiskey, . .
IJo a j Wiml, ...
1 1 a -i
-M. a ai
V a 11
Fi a 17
. iir
'3d a 10
10 a JS
AT CIIERAW, (S. C.) August 19, 1-35.
Bacon, .... 6 a 10-Xails ami Brads,. 7.J
tleeswax, . . . J0 Suar, brow n, . I) a 10
Foffee, . . . . 13 a 10 do. lump,. . Ill a 10
Cot ton 17 a do. bwf. . . 10 a 17
Com, . . . . h. a !K? Salt, per sack. .2-"0 a !7.
FI ix-s..el, . . .100 a 12 I !o. bushel, . 70 a 7
Flour, country, .7"0 a K"iOj; otton BajTirlng, . 1 a HI)
do. northern, . HH a iMH! Hale Rope, . 12 a i
Feathers, . . . Ill a :t7 Wheat, ... 1
Iron a ."jWool, .... 2
JSIoIasses, . . . :W a I'SWhiskry, . . . 40 a 47
A the .Merchant's Hank of S. Carolina, at Cheraio :
Checks on New York, , per cent. prem.
do. Charleston, , per Ctnt. prem.
.August CO.
. . . .10 a U'Jl
Bacon, . . .
Brandy, peach,
Beeswax, . .
Butter, . . .
Co- ee, ...
Corn, ...
Cotton, ...
Flour, . . .
Tron, . . .
10 a 15 Lir I, . . ,
75 I. Molasses. . ,
40 a ."jO-Mackerel, . ,
lo a 10 Salt, in sacks,
tlO a :n bushel, ,
10 a tlO.Suuar. brown.
. 40 a 4."
.700 a !."
27-r? a m V
. 7."
. it a v:x
7-" h 7M loaf &. lump. 1 a VJ
15 a lfjTallow, . . . 10 i V2I.
Ot) a OfMvTeas IN) n P. 5
5. a 5, Whiskey, ... 40 a 45
A Spleiiilicl
ana of Macks
SaSilKiry, (A. V.) lo ICalriii, (A.C)
4 NlOL':s t a .brd every ftcilitv to the Travelling!
mm mmm fvrf W Mm m. V m w fW I
- V i'a )..c, aow announce that fiov hav-. c milett-d
an u.e.r ana can wun iruui -.y. pre- ; -x WhicJi IMJerale terms
ft at ,ju with a Line oj Harks .osscssimr ,t.J vantages ? To those who become rngtdar custom' rs et -.nvr
any other, if you ,e,sh to qet an u ith eane an, all ttt.;r , i:ik s (f .. . totli.lerable
It snatch naviiij' obbaine t tn it -Teal !esil ratum with i
all Travellers no htfntion u the rvml. It is so ar-!
rane-J as to crrK)iii, n its arrivals at Itab-ih, w.tii f
tlie l'.'partirre of the following Ste.;es, viz: Tiie (Ireat
Daily Line to Lilikely, rCorth-Cirufna, is-in- throiiirh
lioiii-hur, Warrentoii, a i l Hal :".x; at the latter place
a Line of Stages comueencale- v it!i the Portsmouth
llail-Uoad fir Xorfilk: by en: lu'ii; on to Jilakley,
you t-trike th I't'ter.-burir Rad-itna i; ml on your ar
rival at that place you hue the c!u:ce of two Lines
either by land to Wu.-hin 2on (' ty. via. Richmond aud
IV' .!eriek-.bur'.', r bv St-im-IVat. to Norfolk. There
is also a I j iH of Stages from Rib'iirh lo Norfiilk, via.
TarlMrou'ii, Murfre'iKroiirh, Winton, tc, over one
at' tin bet Natural in the United States. At
Norfolk tVre w-Il be no detention, ns there is a line of j
Sim - ti-lit j , t for itiltimore in cuti "Xkui wth this line.
Tais line also C'--,:iects witlionefroa lialijh to Xewbert.
I 'he arrivals at Saiislniry is rrulated aho'ther by
t!e I'epirturn of tfi lt-.linont Line South, and the
(ireat Western Line tor Nashville. Tennessee, via.
L:neolnton, R itlierf.r Hon, A.-hevdle, Knoxville, &c
Lvivesthe Mansion Hotel, S dishurv, 1TTESDA Y ami
SATURDAY at !) o'clock, A. M. a"fter the arr.v-al of
the l'l- hnont St" from the South arrives tn Raleirh
next ij-ivs at 9 o'clock, l M. leaves Raleigh TlIES
I.Y and S TURDAY at 2 oVl.ick, A. M., arrives in
Salisbury next days by 4 o'c!x:k, 1 M. allowing suf
ficient time on the road for S' E E E I' .
jCtT" The Hacks are Albany make, entirely new, and
cannot be surpassed for comfort and eae; the Teams
are excellent, the Drivers careful an-1 attentive, and
the Faro low only SEVEX DOLLARS all inter-me-Hate
distances 7 cent- p"r mile.
Passemrers from the South who wish to take
our I oie will be careful to enter to Salisbury only.
All Bundles and Packages at the ri.-k of the
April 11, 133.
The F ire from Rnfrish to Washington Ciltj
amounts to .al, as follows:
From Raleigh to Blakley, Sta;'e Fare, . . . 7
HI lkl -y to Petersburg, Rail-Road Fare, A
Ptersbtir to Ric'iuueid, St tL'e F ir . 1 .0
' It:crinv)ii i to Fredericksburg. St ux' Fire,
Fre -'r.ckabur to Was.hinton City, Steam
Boat Fire, -i
T!ir Steani-I at Fare from Petersburg to Biltimore,
via. Xorf)lk, is Pour Dltnrs.
Lectures in thi i..titntion wall be reu-
ine on the third Ma.div in t ) :ber next ,
and continue, as usual, mx n.o.diis. Tn I' Ctuie
will le d liva red by
L. A. DUGAS, M. D., on Anatomy and Phvsiolo
irv. PAUL F. FVF, M. I)., o;, the Principles ami
Practice f ur.i r.
A. CFNXINt; - AM. M. I)., on the Principles
and Pru ' n 1 .Medicine.
JOSFPII A FVF, M. D., on Therapeutics aim
Mairia Men a.
M. ANTON Y. M. D., on Obstetrics aud the Dis
rises .f Woom I Jiinl I'dalits.
L D. FORD, M. I)., on Chemistry and Phar
macy .
Tltc Terns :trc
Muf ricidation Te ket, to he taken once, S 00
Tickets for the I'oM C in se, . . . 10O 00
Tickets for Practical Anatomy, once only, 10 00
Diploma Fee, . 10 00
JOHN W. WILD. Pies. dent.
L. D. Fokd, S-crefary I loan I of Trustees.
AuisiM-i, !a., July 1, ls;l". P H
rlIIF Subscriler is desirous of p'irrhaitio a laree
number of LIKI'LY YOlJNO NLliROl'S
from ten to Iwentv y-ars t are, for which he will
at all times iye Ihe highest prices in Cash.
Persons liavinr such pn perfy to sell, ivoitM d
well t call on him, at Salisbury, or on .Mr. Joho
Jones, his acnt at (,'harlotte.
At any time, when he may be absent, ('o. R.
W. Lmig, will Ih; found at the Mansion Hotel, in
Salisbury, prepared to make purchases
All letters addressed to him or his Aent, Mi.
John Jones, will it.cet with pren pt attention.
June -J.-fh 1-35. if P.OP.KItT IIUIE.
I) Cllj:illlill I'm Icy respectfully informs his
Friends and tb; Public at lare, that he still
continues to carry on the Tailoring Business iu all
Us various branches, in the Town of Salisbury, on
Ma in-street, a tew dors Fast id fh? C urt)ioue,
adjoining the Slerehiii.-e of Wm. Murphy, where
he is prepared to make all kinds of Clothing in a
very superior stv le in the most fashionable style,
ai.d warranted .to tit well, and on very moderate
leriiis, at short m?Tice. All Orders from a dis
tance will le most faithfully attended to acrordini:
ti order. Produce will be received in pa ment
tin work. IL F.
lieinn Aent fir some of the most Fashionable
Tailors of New York and Pniladelphia, he would
take a pleasure in teaching, or giving instruction
to any Tailors wishing instruction in the art ol
Cutting; and any one wishing the New York and
Philadelphia Fashions, enn receive them by qi
vi hit timely notiee to Benjamin Fraley , Salisbury,
N. C Letters postage paid.
Salisbury, l'.io. t f
V -A
A- V-
TI I R Propriet rs of THE W ESTER X
CAltOLIMA.V wotdJ respectfully inform
the Cierks of Courts, Shenls, ConstatIe, ami
A-v. other gt-iitieineu ot business, tliat they have -
now on uaa.J, print! in a superior tyle, on the X Z
Z Z very be tpiahty of imikt, a larire biipi)iy ot Z
' -A . - a - .
A.' W
Ot' a lino t ert ru Description.
reduction will ! ma le from our regular price. x.
'.f Any Biauks that we may not have on hand, Z
'yr will in- printed to order on very short notice.
Ow rs from a distance will meet with prompt
attention; ami Islanks put up and for warned
f- v
X' v
j0 X-
. V
ii iin- 1 n-i juri iiiom .xpetiiui'iis maimer.
f v:
jo- xy
They would likewue inf jnii Merchants and
& - others, tliat, having an assortment of I incu
v Jolt I yje, l,uts, J-c., which is probably uti-
$ Mil passed by anv in the State, they are prepa-
hn! to execute all kinds of BOOiv and JOIJ
PRINTINC ma verusuriort-ttf'. Such as x-
V looks, Pamplil'ts, Circulars, l't:rt's. Da -
Z Hills, labels, Wny-liills, for Stages, &c. &c.
All orders executed with despatch.
X- X'
Salisbury, June 2i,
Salisbury, June 2i, l'io.
"j'O carry into elT-ct a IK ed of Trust from Wi!
3 liain P. Stockton to the subscriber, dated tin
18th of August, 1:U. I will expose to Public Sale,
on the premises-, on Wednesday, the i)th day of
Septemhtr, l-o5,
L m on ihe main road from Salisbury to Char
lotte; this place having Iieen known sis a Public
S'aml I' r the past forty years, a minute descrip
tion is considered unnecessary. At the same time
and place.
Fit HcjI of HOUSES ; One li-trouche ;
One fsowl HO. I) IVACKhY ;
. In excellent Carriage ; Grain ; Iloughness.
.111 the Fanning Tools, Gear, and Harness
of evert kind,
A short credit will le iven. Notes with ap
proved Secunties will be required Such titles
oidv as aie vested in me, to any of the properly,
will be executed. The Sale to couimence at 10
o lo k, A. M. JOHN SCOT T, Trustee.
Row a a County, Auu-t I, 1 35. Is
P. S. !t is n que -ted that all persons having
e .ti.iis u.i u-r said Trust will present them on or
fore the day ol sale. J- S.
rS! I A LL attend, wi:fi good M asicians, at Salis
burv, on Wednesday and Thur-dav, the 2m
and 3rd of . pc-inber et, also, at M wksville en
Friday ami Saturday, the 4-h ao ' 5tii of the sinif
tiiot;th, for the purpose; of or- a .; and estab
lishing a Military School in Ldaetry and Liht
lofantrv tactics, torctiier with Broad-sword
i i.e to Troopers.
All persons disposed to improvement in tliiss i
e ; e will please nive their altem anc, at w!:iv;
iiit: tb- Drill will rtiiiii Hi e, and be ct.t iou it I
two davs in every four weeks, for lour tunes.
Ti kms, Font Dollvks from each subscriber ;
f ! paid one half at the c n'dus'ou of e:ch four
da drill. CARTER JONES.
August 22, IS35.
.Tlcilic'tl College olS. C-troZiiia,
Queen-iitrc e t. Charleston.
Mill Annual course of Medical lntiuction in
tins Institution, vvill commence on ihe 2nd
Monday in Noveinlter next, and terminate on the
lt Satnrdav in March eieuing.
Anatomy. By William Hume. M. D.
Snrccry. IK Flias Horry Deas, M. D.
Th'ory and Practice of Medicine. By Tho
mas Y. Siiiions, M. D.
Institutes of Medicine and Materia Medica.
B Henrv Alexander, M. D.
'Chemistry. IK Charles Davis, M. D.
Obstetrics and Diseases of IFozici and Child
rtn. B'. Francis Y I'orcher, M. D.
A 'ititjmical J)nnonslrations.-y II. V, Crouch,
M. I).
Qr Clinical Instructin will be daily afTtrded
at the Marine Hospital and City Alms II auso,
which are u.ader the .Medical direction of this Fa
culty ; also, in ihe Lifirinary attached to the Col
lege", which is appr -priated to negroes.
D an of the Faculty.
William Hi me, M- D., Scretary.
Charleston, S. C, August 20, 135 plO.
Head (Quarters,
MorKsviLLK. August 19th, 135.
ITTMFORD McKENZIE. Kmi.,o? Rowan has
' licen app-'iried Aid 1 Caep to tie Brigadier!
(ieiu ial of the 7th Brigade North Ctrolina Mili
tia, and HA MILTON C. JONFS, Frq., Brigade
Inspector of the -aui', both with the "auk of Ma
jor. They will be ole ed and resjtetted accord
ingly JA. COOK, Brig. Gen. 7th Brig.
At. 22. p3
ali!54iry, A. C
?T1HF Subscriber informs the Public, that he
has purchased the above mentioned establish
ment i f William II. Slaughter, iu whose hands it
has been hn; and advauta;cous!v kiuwn as a
-I! O I! S E O F E X T E R T A I N M E N T-II-
flatters lumseK that, by care and diligent at
tention, he shall lie able to keep up the. former en
viable reputation of this House.
His T:hlc
Shall be well supplied with the best that a plenti
ful market can eflord.
v IEi Kai
ls furnished with the choicest foreign and domes
tic Liquors. His Rooms an; la rye and commodi
ous. His Beds and bedding are at all times par
ticularly neat, clean, and comfortable, and war
ranted secure against those annoyances that a rm
rder so much detests. His Servants are honest,
fait fid, ami obli;ini. His Stabler, are inferior to
none always well supplied with old Grain, and
attended lo by faithful Ostlers. He invites the
travelling community to call vucejor his sake, and
he doubts not but that they will call again for their
own sokes.
To N In are I'aeiiarer :
The Stages on Hie main North
em and Southern Line, con
ducted h Peck and Wellford,
and known us the Merchant's Line, arrive at and
d. part from this Hotel on eveiy Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday, anil twice on Saturday.
''Plii.t is to correct an impression which has
been produced nhroad, that another Hotel in this
village is the Stage-house for this Line. Seats
in ail other Stages, arriving at or departing from
this place, can be secured here.
Salisbury , August 15,135. tf
Sju'ina; and Summer Fashion,
FOR 135.
O ECiS leave to inform his friends, and the public
in general, that orders in his line will aiways
lie thankfully received by him, and executed in the
most Neat, Fashionable, and Durable manner on
erms as reasonable as any in this section of coin
try. II. IL I. h jes, from his long practice of his
business, (a number of years of which time he
resided in the city of Philadelphia,) and from the
general satisfaction he has heretofore given to his
numerous respectable and fashionable customers, to
merit and receive a jtortion of the jiatronage of the
public in general.
UCT He Hitters himself that his CUTTING i
really sueri'r to anv die in this State, as may
lo tested bv the undisputed elegance of fit which
attends garments made iu his establishment. He
is in the. re rukir receipt of the U sports of the Fa
shions as they change both in the larrre cities oi
this country and of Europe so that gentlemen
may be satisfied that their orders will always lie
executed in the very latest style.
Orders from a distance will le attended to with
the same punctuality and care as if the customer
were present in person.
Salisbury, May S, 135. ly.
IIail (iuaFtoFS,
Mot ksvillk, August 14, JS35.
rPHE several Regiments c.-iiiposing tl e 7th Bri
udo of Noith Carolina Militia will parade at
their several Muster G rounds, armed and equip
ped as tie- law directs, for Inspection and Review,
as follows : The brMh Regiment, in Davidson, on
Monday tier '.Dili of October; the 7th on Wed
nesday the 2l!; the G4th Regiment, in Rowan,
on Friday ihe 3r.l, and the 63rd on Tuesday the
27th f Oct. In r next.
The Reviews vill commence at each place at
12 o'clock. IK Order t
JAMES COOK, Brig. Gen.
tm Mcmford Mc-Kenzie, Aid de Camp.
----- w KiA 1 1 'p r m ww,
Lincoln S5AMji County,
IHE Suhscrilxr, grateful for the very lilieral'
patrnage heretofore bestowed upon his eta-j
blishment, l)egs leave to announce to his farmer
patrons and the public especially invalids and
gentlemen or families wdio may desire a pleasant
Summer Retreat that his establishment is now
ready for their reception, and that he is prepare!
to accommodate them in a style, he flatters him
self, that cannot fail to give entire satisfaction ; at
least, no efforts shall be wanting on his part to
render his guests comfortable.
Catawba Springs, June 6, 1S35. t f
Stone Oil ting:.
''HE Subscriber respectfully informs the Public that
he is now carrying on the above business, in all its
various branches, six and a half miles South of Salisbu
ry, He assures Gold-miners, Millers, and all interest
ed in his business, that he will, on the shortest notice,
furnish iheui with GOLD-GRINDERS and MILL
STONES, of the very best grit, and on cheap tortus, ex
ecuted in a style surpissin.'- any other work of the kind
done in this State. Also, Tomb-Stones, Window-Sills.
Door-Sills, &c, kept const-intly on hand. Mill-Stones,
heretofore costing from 35 to 40, he vvill now make
for 25 or 30. Gold-Grinders heretofore costing -15
he will cut for 20. Window-Sills costing l or o
Door-Sills the same. He only asks a trial of his work
being assured that he can give the niot entire satisfac
May 23, 1835. 2Gp
iviiorr. I I li l in
forms ins Friends ai u ti e
Public, that he still conti
nues to cany on the alove
business, in all its various
His Shop is still kept on
the Main-street, in Salisbu
ry, one door above the Store of Samuel Lendy &
Son. Watches and Cb-cks of every kind wi!i bo
REPAIRED with neatness, at short,
on reasonable terms, and Warranted for j 2
He will always keep on hand a variety of arti
cles in his line; such as
Patent Lever "Watches, (English, French,
Swiss, and Dutch.)
Gold and Plated Fob Chaius.
Gold and Plated Watch Guards.
G id and Plated Watch Kev,s.
Gold and Plated N atch Sea'ls.
Gold Ear-bobs, Breast-pins, and Finger-ring
(latest fashion.)
Silver Ware; Ever-pointed Pencil Cases, and
Silver Spectacles, and steel frames and glasses.
Fioe Pocket ami Du k Knives, and Silver Fruit
Knives. Pocket Pistols and Ditks.
Breast-But tons and Musical Boxes.
Gilt and Steel Watch Chains and Keys.
OCT" Old Gold ami Silver taken iu exchange for
articles purchased at hi shop, and in payment for
work done and debts due. D. L. P.
Salisbury, August 22, 135. tf
The Itank liOt and Ilone,
IV li,.Tlllo.rS:.lii1,.ri ui!ll,Afi.
be Sa'e, in s lid Twn,
next Rowan Superior
Coiirt, (tin 13ih of O'-tober next.) on a credit of
G and 12 Months, the purchaser giving bonds w ith,
approved Security. The Sale will be made with
out reserve.
By order cf the Board of Directors i f the Prin?
cipal Bio k. I). W. STONE, Cashier.
July 25, 1835. ts
irfV;---?.' "Si
& U S 1 x ESS.
'lHE undersigned has made arrangements for
Ware-House Room and other accommo
dations, to enable him promptly, saftly, and satis
factorily to attend to receiving and forwarding up
the Country, or down to the Sea-board,
Goods, JJa res,
JUcrchandize, and Produce,
As lie vvill devote himself to this business, it may
be for the interest of Country Merchants and
others to give such a direction to their consign
ments, that the undersigned may hav-; an opportu
nity to prevent accidents, delays, or other embar
rassments, w hich sometimes happen to Goods and
Produce in transitu."
The strictest attention may be relied on.
The charge which will be made for attention,
will be fifteen per cent, on all moi-e p3id.
Refer to
D. 4- J. M ALLOY,
Cheraw, August 1, 1835.
f S
p G
fc30 REWVHD.
JAXAWaY from the Subscriber, in Ruther--
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stant, a Negro Man named WARDY, aged ah ut
30 years, quite black, heavy built," ab ut 5 feet
3 or 10 inches high. On examination of his face,
one or two scars will le discoveted supposed to
be occasioned b a bruise ; he lias a very largo
foot. When he elop d he had on a dark colored
pair of pantaloons, black hat, half worn; other
clothing not recollected. lo Ins countenance he
is inclined to have rather a down cast.
Also, a Negro Woman named LUCY, aged
about 33 years, very black also; her front teeth
tolerably worn. She is spare made, and of com
mon heighth; has a good open countenance. She
had on, when she eloped, a calicoe frock of light
The altove Negroes were purchased in Sampson
County, North Carolina, (to wit: Vard of a man
by the uame of Hicks, and Lucy of a Mr. Elling
ton;) by Dr. Harrison Jordan, of Madison c ounty,
Mississippi. A reward of FIFTY DOLLARS will
be given for the apprehension and securing in any
Jail iu this State, the above Negroes. Letters may
lie addressed to L. F. Henderson, or C. C. Hender
son, at Lincolnton, each of w hom is authoiized to
receive said negroes from the apprehendrs.
For Harrison Jcrdax.
Lincolnton, N. C, August 22, 635. 4t
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