North Carolina Newspapers

    X -
THE CAttOIit:lzVi,
As an act of justice to the X-.rtii, which riwy right
fully demand that the' vi.'.vs of h-r intelligent an.l pat
riotic citizens on the absorbing subject of tae tmi.'s, he
mile generally known, and as miners of int Tt to
our renders, we publish this week accounts of the An-
i-Abohtion M-'Otiir's in li -trn an l I'hil i bdphia. Si
milar meetings, htve bon heM in l'ortl.wil anl a f.w
-other places; and a cill for the sune pur;io--.: f is been
in vie by a very lurire number of the lei ciii.Mis of
New York City. We hp not (li.-;x.-p.l to b- ciptbus
about th? expression of opinions on s! ivery if. t!te ;il
stract, by tlie Northern nietiu'; but we tl ,:ik th:tt
such avowals are uncalled f.-r at the pre-n' linns and
tint their reflations would be b--tt-r coiinu-d to the
comleiniuuioaof the conduct and objects of th; abol.t 011-i.-ts.
Still something more is ncce-siry to le done t'nn
the mere pn-.-ing of resolutions of rbuk mii! cem-iire
on the Abolitionists. These meetings are or tdiouliJ If;
Lul the first step in the embodying of public op'n:.ii re
piratory to measures that .-hall be e'Tectu il to pu down
utterly thcellorts of the fanatic-; ii'de.-s, indeed, such a
decree of indignation be excite. I (which we iiifbi'.ti ly mis-
lotib!) as to frown them into silence. Of the way ;n-
jMxed to arre-t the movements of the ineend:iris two
only are practicable and edectm! the leni in 1 in;' tlie ?-r-,ns
of such individuals a- shall concern-! I in the
printing or circulating of ahubtMii tracts from the V.x
ccuilveof tin State in which th.-y miy reside. Thus
course ve think mii'ht be tiied, though :it ! -t a very
uncertain one: tor it won'.! d-iv'id, in a good de cree,
cn t!ie r.rsnn;d minioti anl f-Mdms of the Hxccutive
ofr.c r-'t'the Stare fr ih titn 'i"'n?. Iirg rewmls
for th 1 H..reueni--.r the Addition Uin ilea 1'rs any
hrrrj a gre:it o;Tbi:tl'-r to merited punishment, but b
riides b.vnr e.uite inepectnal, it his insu;Tablo objec
tions. Where laws are im bpiit or ill adapted to
tlie wants or protection of the community, they should
not l violated but amended. And this is what we pro
pose as tlie ri-lit am! eF-ctml course to oal-y the Inn.!
and the tongue of the Almlitio'iists, t' to avert the
cenes ' bloodshed with d suniori wh'ch must ensue.
unless their career of delusion and madness te checked.
7,f7 the non-sl'tve-lndding States make Abolitionism
ynal within thfir own juris l-rlion, or rupiire their
Fxt entices to ib liter tip In the str.te-htt'lin" Stilts
u hen jtroprrty if' iimii-h il, nil person in any way ron
irernett in prinlintx r rirrub:! 'its' tttntlilum pnmp'.h ts
or journals. An.l Oml th( sir'jerl ht tn' pst.t bf
tci'ft simple neltet, nil tlf slnr -Inddina Sia's si on Id
lull tfu- intention of the Le isfatvrf of the non-slmr-hoblinn
Stat s to it in the usual nt'tnnir of ifi.ri? ptteh
things, mat retjiest tloir action oi iha same.
One .! consequence at le-t would result. It
would test the strength of the a! li ionisf s, an I ?hov
ts moreover at the South what L to be exovcted frcm
We cheerful'y cooy t!i" f d'o-ving Resolutions 1? re.
quested, which were a lo ifeI at a v-ry numerous nee!-
i!,o f 'tiniw ot 1; n:n "-ton. in tins rt ite. n-ll
on th-' 2 nd ultimo. We should c py the w hob pn-
cee.lings, had we room. i he address or jr. wr.gnr,
C!n rman of the meeting, L ery aporopriate to the
oreision; it is couched in language, an I eiiiUrli.M;
fientim-vits that" should ani nate the breat of cv .ry Sou
thern man at the present cris-s:
" !lcsolre1, Tliat this neeting fuMy pa r!iei pales in
the indignation and abhorrence whicli pervaie the
southern country against the reckless fanatics enrolled
fcs " A lift' Sla very Si cif t'us."
"Resolve,!, That as mnn by and extermination are
the only results which reason and reflection c in Mitiei
jnfe from their Ialmrs, their motives, like their acts,
merit the reprobation of the wise and good.
"Itfsolvcf, That the conduet of our social relit ions
and the nninterupted contmuim-e o: our norne-in: pii
cy ire sacred, inviolable, and ( 'iixkikrkd Riiiins, with
hich we will permit no interference, but maintain
them as paramount oblig itions, against all aggression.
" Hesolve.l, Thai the thanks of the country are due
to the pitrio'ic citizens of Ch irle.-to i, f.r their pi-ompt,
manly, and spirited resist mc to this imautaeris 1, da-rin"-and
destructive me..;iiug with our peculiar insti
tutions. That we fully encur with fnmi in the Reso
lutions they have forwarded us; and wdl zeilou-iiy co-o;-rafe
in "the i',ef.-:ice of our Rights, aud tiie priserva
ti'on ot the public p -ace and order.
"Resoled, Ttiat our Fellow Citizens of the Town
and Country, Iv reco nnjend d to guard with vigilance
all the channels of coiirnunication with tlie pm-sl iye
holding St'?t."s and to examine w ith rigor ail susjicious
persons and papers,"
A call fir a meeting of the citizens of Mecklenburg
county a po1 ire 1 in the Charlotte Journil of tLe 20th
ultimo. The meeting was to have taken place on the
1st instant. We extract the fdio ing remarks by tlie
Editor of the Journal, urging upon the crtizens the im
portance of tlie meeting, and of a general atter dance.
We do not fear but that the citizens of old Mecklen
burg, in will be fund ready to take up tlie gaunt
let in defence of the sacred rights secured to them by
th:; noble resistance of their fathers to Rritish fanatics
and tyrants in 1775.
"It ramot he lni.l. bv any n who his wnfrhed
the "signs of the times" in the North fir the last teilf
y-ir, and the rffrcls of t!ise signs niKi th quit t of the
South, that a'erisis threatens u-, which can only be
averted by the most prm;t nml energetic rneisuris
oir jvirt. We say no one can tf-ny thi. What nei-d
is there, thn, of stirring apHals to the p.cplr, to in
duce them to arose in their own di fevecl None, we
believe. They see the danger, ami they will prepare
to avert it, by acting in concert and with spirit, "Te
destruction come upon them as a thief in the flight."
Come, then, old and young-, to th mating on Tu s.lny
next, and speak to the Northern Fanatics, and to the
Northern People, in a voice which shall rebuke to in
inaction and silence the one, while it shall convince the
other that we of the South are determined to hold our
property inviolate, and to resist "even unto denth." any
nttemitt 10 interf re with our social or political institu
i,. I vnthimr keen you away let not political
feelings interfere to detain you from meeting with your
l.,.nilnn o..d mvin'r your sa!lCtloil lo KlKiMiri l. lor Ule
k-tv m.l welforeof all men of all psrties ! In this mat
ter, there is but o.ic question, and slioul 1 be but one
feel in t. U.-unemb'T, 'tis your dear Snuh that calls
npon her sons to protect her; anJ remember, aho, that
the recreant who disregards that call, will Jiave no
claim to the hiirh an J holy title of a lover of his coun
try r
The thin is now settle! beond dispute, that the
Van Iiurenites have a majority, on joint ballot, of one
or tiro, in the next Legislature. We nre indebted to
the indelatinble Editor of the Kaleih Register for the
following li.-t of inemlMTs, in propria personea, claimed
as Wliiirs. This lit would rie the Whis a majority
of one on joint ballot ; but when the Counties of J lay
wood and Yancey are included it will turn the scale
the other way. We learn, verbally, that Haywood
sen Is three Van Burcnitc, and Yancey two Van Du
rcnites and one Whijj.
Anton Mes.-rs. Little, Mac Rao, anJ Centon.
Ashf Mr. Ilorton,
Iliiifomhe Messrs. Rabun, and Harrison.
Hrunstrick Messrs. 1 1:!!, Hall, and Hiker.
lieiiufort Messrs. Williams, Small wmjd, and Clarke.
liurke Messrs. I tliew, I'rwin, and lVrkins.
('ahurrns Messrs. Ijnfj, 1 irrin'jer, and Hope.
Curler I Messrs. liryan. Hunt, and Il"ll.
Chatham Messrs. McQueen, and Ciuthrie.
Choiran Messrs R:il!(K.'k, anil I Joskins.
Catt'bn Messrs. Til'.ett, Mcl'herson, and Rares.
DniJson Messrs. !Iran, Smith, and Rrummcll.
I'runkliit Mr. Williams
(irnnville Mr. Raton, and Mr. Taylorf
(in tie Mr. Ilarp'-r.
(,'aiffnr.l Messrs. Morehead, Lindsay, and Gorrell.
Halifax Mes.-rs. Joyner, and (inc.
Ifirt'oril Me.-rs. liorlaml, and Rayner.
Ilyfe Messrs. S Ibv, .Moore, and Swindell.
Ire.ffl! Messrs. Younir, Km:', and liuderinilk.
Jntfs Me-rs. Il.iriison, Howard, and Hammond.
Lincoln Mr. Harry.
Macon Mr. Sder.
M'ton Messrs. Kelly, and Dowd.
Mantgomery Mes.-rs. Kendall, Lilly, and Harris.
.Xorthawp o'i Messrs. Moody, Crump, and tlary.
'as (j itttt an k Mr. Mu se.
Pitt Mi-jmk AIfnl, Moye. and 1'oreiiian.
J'trif'tintons Me-.-. Wilson, Jacorks, and (iranbury.
limra.i Messrs. l'oik, Ch iiient, and Walton.
lian.tolph Messrs. Staley, I-ane, and Ru-h.
I'ifiinon.t Messrs. Martin, Thomas, and ISuie.
linlher'a-'l Messrs. Moore, IJ-'dlord, and Carbon.
Surry Mers. (riinman, and i'lemim.'.
Stores Messrs. Moore, l', and Matthews.
Tyrrtll Messrs. MeCleese, and Hassell.
UVti'iyonMess. Reardey, Davenport, !L Swanner.
W'Uk's Mesrs. Wellbirn, Horton, and Watts.
Wake Mr. Roi-ers.
Wtl ni tgton Mr Dudley.
A' u-'i. tii .Mr. Manly.
HilllinroHh Mr. t ruham.
1 lil if a r Dr. IJond.
Salishun M r. C h a n 1 1 k r s.
.'.' ton Mr. Collais.
Mr. Williams we c!nim as well from general report
as from the mthority of tin Fayetteville Observer, the
Editor of h 'i cIi w
mu informed by a gentleman direct
ironi i ranKiin mar, .wr. . was uecmeuiv .m-i- an ,
T t t . t
it Mr. V . was decidedly Anti-an ,
jit is seen we claim Mr. Taylor, though Mr. Wychc
is returned. Iwcau-e of all tlie individuals from Gran-
ville witn whom
we have conversed, we have not seen
one who diws not say
say that Mr. 1 ay lor is unquestionably
elected, and that the legislature must so decide
rpi v - i i ,i . t . . rv..,;t.r.f In
This individual is now in the J ennessec 1'enitentia-
,. . . ,
ry fur negro.- stealing. I his, however, appears to bo .
tne least ot ms crimes; so uarmg is ms mu amy, aui so
adroit at deliberate murder ami robbery, that he has ac
quired the appellation of the " (ireat Western Land
Pirate." A pamphlet of (0 pages has recently been
p.ibiishcd, by a Mr. Virgil A. Stewart, which d:sc!o-es
the existence of one of the most daring and foul hands
of robbers, murderers, an! conspirators that ever was
known. Of this clan, John A. Murrel was the ouster
spirit. Stewart fell in with him some where
in the 'fir West,' an 1 so worked himself into the con
fidence of Murrel that he was adopted as a member of
this crew of hell-hounds, and received front Murrel a
full history of tie-ir pi-t deeds of destruction, their pre
sent number and plan of operations for the future; an 1
ji!so. .n l-st of Murr d's confederates, who are scatter
ed in every shvehoMin-r State. Stewart accompanied as rul as it is prover bial, and as the question is
him to the" head qu a. f rs of the party, which is situated i s,",,a. hundred tes a i!ay, " U hat is Lynch's
far m the interior of ti.e w ildernescountry on the Ar- ; I lt.'1i,K- well to rehte the f dlowm- a,iec
k .nsas side of ti.e Mississ.ppi R:ver. He afterwards ' ue h may .mo as au answer :
, . i.i ii i . 'r ' In Washington Conn v, I'a., nianv vears ago,
managed to have Murrel arrested and brought to 1 en- i - .. - , , . - T
c , , i . .1 ii . , there lived a poaching vagab ud, who, it was be-
uessi-e, wheie he wis condemned to the Penitentiary. .. . . . 1 , . . ... , ,. -. . ,r
' . . .i i- . . . Iieved, maintained hiiusell and family bv pilfering
This pubhcat.on has greater interest, fiom the fact that ar(ii?ijl liim
Murrel was the instigator ot the recent msurrectiona- . y i5 cRmjt yet ,,e Inanai.0il so adriotly as always
ry movements among the negroes m Mississippi. I nm j avoi(, ,ot:!ilM1. At egth a Mr. Van Sweariu
iiis own confessions it .pjMars that there was a plot in j on t(, f Uovviu trap lor him, in which he was
progress for a simultaneous insurrection of the negroes cai,t. Having a newly-born c llf, h cooceuled
from Maryland to I.uisiana. And so skilfully did Mur- i jt fauU j, neighbors for several days ; then rode
rel conduct his fiendish plots, that he had, w ithout de- i tm.r t( t,e jMKicher's, and told him that a vonng
lection, travelled through all the slavehol ling States, .
selected agents, and made arrangements for a general (
i i. . I . I : . ,
insurreclion on me itu oi ieeeiuuer ih-au hi lios
whole tour, Murrel said that he killed and rohhed only! .
stvenmenl Some circumstance which was abnit to
b ad to a discovery of the plot in Mississippi induced i
the managers there to pitch upon an earlier day. Rot, !
lio uni 1 xr :fp the cwntrv. their schemes were defeated. !
and they received the punishment due thorn for their
The. following ?re the namesof Murrel's confederates
in this State; wh-ther they be real or fictitious we are
unable to say. We publish ihem to the world, hoping
that, if real, every good and virtuous citizen will spare
t,o eirorts to ferret out and bring them to justice:
A I'entrts, 2 Mnlejnhns, D. llarihon,
M. Coonu vod, Ii. llaistin, W. Par im rs,
llHt'l' w - ---- --- r
X Hacks,
.. iSecei, if. itarnei.
J. Harris,
S. StogdoH,
S. I In Ikes,
V. Miles,
J Hackney, 4 Salomons,
3 Perrus,
4 (1 uilfonls,
.M. Johnson,
Jj. Smith,
Jt. Kclit,
A". Fanner.
(r Ahnlilinn Publications. Wo learn, from the
Emancipator, that, during the month of July, the Ame
rican Anti-Slavery Smuety primed and distributed the
follow ing number of their seditious papers:
Of the paper called Unman Rights, 50,000 copies,
Aiitt-Sba. Recorder, T0,MK)
lnancipitor, r0,0tK)
Slae's Friend, 2.VKM
Total, 173,000
" Obi Virginia nexrr tire." An election has just
taken nlace in Virginia, for a Senator in the legisla
ture, to supply the vacancy o .casioned by the resigna
tion of Cieorge C. Dromgoole, who was. elected to Con
gress, and resulted in the election of Richard Iv. Meade,
a staunch Whig. In this same District, at the spring'
election, Mr. Dromgoole, Van Buren, was elected by a
large majority. This is cheering ; and just such a state
of things as would be in North Carolina if a fair issue
could be made up. Mr. Dromgoole 's personal popularity
carried him through, as was the case in many instances
in Uiis State at the recent elections.
Col. John McLeod, the gentleman who opposed Jes
se Speight for Congress in the Xewbern District, has
been invited, by the citizens of Kinston, Lenoir coun
ty, to partake of a public dinner in that place, on the
17th of September next, as a testimonial of their grati
tude for his able, thouirh ineffectual efforts in opposi
tion to the Van Rurenites, in the recent contest. Col.
McLeod has accepted the invitation.
A letter from Messrs. Iicoste &. M'Kay, at Cheraw,
dated August 31st, says "On Saturday, the 2!)th in
stant, the first bale of new Cotton, for this season, was
sold in our market. It was raised on the plantation of
Mrs. Harrington, in Marlborough District, and was pur
chased by Messrs. I). & J. M alloy at J!) cents.
"The second was received this day; it was raised on
the plantation of the Hon. C. R. Revues, and was pur
chased by Duncan MWair at "20 cents."
We also learn, by the same letter, that the Pee Dee
River is in fine navigable order. Through the kind
ness of Messrs. Lacote &- M'Kay, we hope soon to be
able to present our readers with a regular list of the
arrivals at Cheraw.
eu Cotton. One bale of Xew Cotton was brought
in on Wednesday, from the Plantation of Mr. Robert
Aiams, of this District, and sold yesterday at ,M cents.
Columhia Tib scope of xJJ ultimo.
Xcw Cotton. A bale of New Cotton was received
in this place on Thursday last, from the Plantation of j
Dr. J. Risiiop, of Sumter District, and purchased bv ;
Messrs. Iiolleyman fc (I.iss, at 18 cents. The quality
was not the best. CannUn Journal of UOj ultimo.
Supreme Court. This Tribunal, after a Session of
several weeks, adjourned on Friday, the 'J'rth ultimo. '
The Register publi.-hes the following Opinions delivered
by the Court during the last week's sitting:
Ry Chief-Justice Ruiliu, in the case of Henderson vs.
Hoke, in Equity, from Lincoln; Decree tor Plantilf.
Al.-o. in the case of Elliot vs. Elliot, in Equity, from
Rutherford ; Interlocutory decree for Plaintiff. Also, in
the case f Chatlin vs. Chaflin, in Equity, from Rowan;
Rejiort .set aside, and new account to be taken.
Ry Judge Daniel, in the case of Franklin vs. Cage, in
Equity, from Rutherford ; Decree f r Plaintiff
Ry Judge Gaston, in the case of Dennis vs. Morris, in
Equity, from Mecklenburg; Decree according to Report,
Alx in the case of Simmons vs M.xre, in E ptity, from
Rutherford ; Decree for PlamliiK
William E. Rird, has been admitted to County Court
-J- ------
Mfssrs. Editors: "A Citizen" is informed that i
there are, in Salisbury, a Magistrate of Police and 1
Commissioners, forming a Town Council: and that in t
.consequence of the absence of several of its members.
i Mas ieen inmoss
jt his been uniossdle, till recently, to appoint a pat ml.
This, however, has now I wen done, and the Patrol is
executing its duty faith fulhi and according to
Nevertheless, this patrol, so greatly needed in this time!
nf funeral excitement and so urgently called for by the !
citizens, h is been threatened to le put down by a large
! slave-holder, who is no other person linn the .Magistrate
cd Police himself. Perhaps this gentleman is ignorant
of the movements i.f the fanatics id the North, and of
t i e t j c t s d isc liwJ by the icksburg aifair. Rut if he
. . i i ; .1 4-.i
is 1 mor ant of w hat is taking place m other parts of the
t , w knmv ,.,, Uvo imr:inr ,:,ve
.,n c,Mnrnitted in our I own witlim the part week, by
that prtion of our population which the Magistrate i f
Police would protect in their violation of the Laws. As ;
we are now so ahly represented in the Roroujh. if the
present laws do not suit the gentleman he can make,
b-'tter ones.
In the transaction whic !i his so angried the Magistrate
of police, the patrol has faithfully executed ifn duly, hm 1 (
artfd utrictly according to I saw, and will continue to
do so m defiance o! tiireats from any quarter w hatever.
.Ire there any abolitionists in this Town
I'rorr. the Vailed Slates 7V It graph.
As "Lvtich's Law" has recently become nl most
Calf hatl recently strayed to his farm, w hich ho h id j
penned, and was anxious to find the owner. The I
. i ii- i i. ti i ; . l'
poacner jiskpu nun now long ne nun ii, us si;t; aim
color, and Iwing told, said it was his, and that it
had gone off just at the time spoken of. Reing
thus detected in a lie with a design to defraud,
Van Swearingen reproached him with it, and told
him he would give him twenty-four hours to leave
the neighboring!, adding that if he remained long
er he would prosecute him.
The poacher only laughed at his threats, while
the latter went to consult with his neighlors, as to
what was to be clone. At the expiration of the
twenty-four hours, five or six of them repaired to
the poacher's, whom they found perfectly unintimi
dated. The party, however, proceeded to try him
in duo form, choosing one of their number, a farm
er, named Lynch, to bo Judge. Van Snearingen
related the olleoce, which the poacher of course
denied. The case was submitted to the judge, who
decided that the poacher should lie tied up and re
ceive three hundred lashes, "well laid on," and
then be given tveity-f ur hours to leave the place,
under the penalty of receiving three hundred more,
if found after that time. The first part of the sen
tcoce was inflicted on the spot, with such good in
tent as to render its repetition unoecessury. The
culprit made ofif as fast a his lacerated limbs
would pennk hini.
Longevity in Xorth Carolina. It appears,
from a Tabular statement, ing the rounds of the
papers, compiled from puh'.icdocuments, that there
arc in North Carolina TS white and 297 colored
j persons of the age of 100 vears and upwards.
This fact sjeaks volumes m hivor ot the salubrity
of our climate. Virginia contains JV1 white and
ii2S colored centennarians. is somewhat remark-
J able, that the largest nuniliei of indiv iduals of ad
vanced age should be. found ii the States of Alary
land, Virginia, North and South Carolina, and
Georgia. New York, with her immense popula
tion, only contains 115 porsws of 100 years and
upwards: whilst, in old Massachusetts, there arc
but 15 individuals who have attained to such an
age. Raleigh Register.
Joicc Iletli, the nurse of Gen. Washington, axeJ
one hundred and sisty-one years, is now exhibited
at Niblo's Garden, New York. She is said to re
semble, in apjea ranee, an Egyptian Mummy, so dry
and attenuated has her flesh become. Joice is a
liaptist, and was immersed upwards of one hundred
years ago in the Potomac.
In York District, on Thursday, 30th ultimo, bv A.
Hardin, Esq., Mr. DAVIS COLLINS to Mis .MAR
Also, on the same dav, bv the same, Mr. CARTER
On Thursday, the 0th ultimo. Mr. F. R. JAMES to
Miss ASENATII C. PATTERSON. All of Lincoln
county, N. C.
In Ixixington, N. C, On Tuesday evening, the 25th
ultimo, AUGUSTINE SMITH, supposed to be about
4-"i years old. He was round in the road about 12 miles
below Lexington, on the day previous to his death, and
was taken up and conveyed to the house of Christian
Secrist. He was never, after being found, able to tell
who he was, nor from what country he came. He left
a superfine blue Broad-clot li coat, dark coloured vest,
and pantaloons, two Ixxtks, a few pipers, and 82t?7 in
cash. Among his papers is tlie following certificate :
"This is to certify, that Augustine Smith has been well
recommended to me by a respectable gentleman at
Amsterdam, to be one of the greatest sufferers by the
droadfull inundation in Netherland. Therefore, I grant
ed him a free passage on hoard my ship; and, during
th" passage, he conducted himself as an honest man,
and as such, I recommend him to the attention of the
humane and lienevolent. Given under niv hand, this
the 10th April, lstt. "JOHN FISHER.
" Master of the Ship Cadmus."
In Iexington, Davidson County, on the 21) ulL, Miss
SUSANNA 1 1 A I .BRIG I IT, in the 20th year of her age.
She died in the full hope of a blessed immortality.
At Jamesvdle, in Mecklenburg county, on the 19th
inst., SARAH AMZI SOPHIA, only child of Mrs. M.
Delia Alexander, widow of the late Dr. Amzi Alexan
der, dee'd., aged 4 years and 8 months.
At St. Stephens, Ala., on the 17th July, Dr. D. MID
DLETOX DOUGHERTY, lately of Chirlotte, X. C.
iZccIi Willi Anti-Si1 ptiic
I? U IL 2i 3J
An infallible cure for Jlead-aches, Heart-burns,
and the various diseases of a disordered sto
mneh, bowels, and liver,
Price 50 cents per Box.
IROM among the long list of testimonials as to
- the excellence of these Fills, we consider it
onlv necessary to publish the following.
September 5, 1533. tf
From the Rt. Rer. Levi S. Irrs, D. ., Bishop of
ISorlh Carolina.
Raleigh, March 2, 1S35.
Having, for the last three years, licon intimately
acquainted with Dr. John Beckwith, of this City,
and enjoyed his professional services, 1 take idea
sure in stating that his character as a Christian
gentleman and experienced Physician, entitles his
testimony, in regard to the use of his Anti dyspep
tic Pills, to the entire confidence of the public.
Mv exKrience of the good effects of these Pills,
for two years past, satisfies me of their eminent
value, particularly in aiding in impaired digestion
and warding off bilious attacks. Having been for a
long time subject to the annual recurrence of
such attacks, I was in the habit of resorting for
security against them, and with a very partial suc
ccss, to a liberal use of Calomel or blue Pill. Rut
since mv acquaintance with the Anti-dyspeptic
Pill of Dr. lieckwith, which he prescribed in the
first instance himself, I have not been under the
necessity of using Mercury in any form, besides,
being wholly exempt from billious attacks. Seve
ral members of my family are experiencing the
same bene lkial effects. L. S. IVES.
From the Rer. Vm. MePhecters, D. D.y late
Pastor of the Presbyterian Church, Raleigh.
ArorsT 20, 1834.
The Pills now oflered to the A nerican Public,
styled " Reckwith's Anti Dv speptic Pills," I have
long used as a family medicine, and have no hesi
tation in bearing testimony to their value as a
safe, convenient, and efficient remedy. In Dys
pepsia, and its uual attendants, Heartburn, Cos
tiveness. Head ache, loss of appetite, etc., eke,
these Pills seldom fail of atTbrding the desired re
lief. Dr. Beckwith, long known to the commu
nity in which he resides, as a scientific and suc
cessful Practitioner of Medicine, having, by nu
merous experiments and long continued attention
to the subject, brought his Pi'.Is to their present
state of perfection, I am free to say, as far as my
experience and observation extend, no medicine
heretofore ottered to the public, of a similar nature,
and for similar purposes, has higher or equal
claims. W.M. McPH METERS.
From the Hon. George E. Badger.
Raleigh, Nov. 7, 1834.
For several years past, Dr. Beekwith's Anti
Dyspeptic Pills have been ued as a domestic me
dicine in my family. I have myself frequently
used them for the relief of head-ache, acid and
otherwise disordered stomach, resulting from im
prudence or excess in diet, and I have had many
opportunities of learning from others their etTects,
when used by them tor like purposes. My expe
rience and observation justify me in saying that
the relief afforded by the Pills is generally speed v,
and almost always certain that they may be ta
ken at any time without danger or inconvenience,
and their operation is attended by no nausea or
disagreeable efiects whatever and though I have
known many persons use them, I have known none
who did not approve them none who sustained
any injnry, and none who failed to derive benefit
from their use. And upon the whole, I do not
hesitate to recommend them as an agreeable, safe,
and efficacious remedy in Dyspeptic affections,
and beliere them myself to be I he best Anti-dyspeptic
medicine ever offered to the public.
Beeves Wanted!
THE Subscriber, intending to carry
on the Butchering Business regularly in the Town
of Salisbury, wishes to purchase a number of
For which the highest prices will be given, in
cash. His customers are notified that he will be
ready to furnish them with GOOD BEEF on Mon
day, Wednesday, and Friday mornings of each
week the balance of the season.
September 5, 1833. tf.
nOIiry W. WnlOU w ould inform his friends
and the public, that he has just received, directly
from the North, an entirely new Stock of Staple and
Fancy Dry-Goods, Groceries, and CVueetimaries. w hich
he will dispose of CHEAP for cash. Tf:s St. ck con
sists in part, of Fine blue, and other Cloths, Szftnitts,
Circassians, Bombazines, and Drillings; Yestints of
various kinds; Hats, Iionntls,and Shoes; Hard-wareT
(hteens-ware. Cutlery, and Crockery-ware, Sugar,
and Co fee ; Powder, and Lead; good smoking and
chewing Tobacco. y-c. V.
His CONFECTION ARIES consist of various Can
dies, Nuts, !tc.
II. W. W. particularly requests the public Co call
and examine his Stock, as he is very certain that he?
can find something to please all.
Salisbury, September o, l"?3-. pi
Morgan to ii
RESPECTFULLY announces to the Public,
" - that the first session of the a!wve Seminary
will terminate on the 2oth of Septenilter, lr-3-" : at
w hich time there will be a general Examination
of the Pupils on the various branches usually
taught in an Institution of the kind. She also
takes great pleasure in announcing that Miss E.
Maria Douglas, late f Virginia, has been selected
as assistant Teacher, and more especially to fill
department of Music in this institution. The hisrh
respectability of this Lady, her superior attain
ment, and her success as a Teacher of music has
been fully and satisfactorily tested both in Virgnta
and North Carolina.
N. B. This Institution rs now in a very flourish
ing condition, having largelv onwards of 40 scho
lars, and has only been in operation about three
months; in point of bcation, it stands unrivalled in
the State of North Carolina. The high mountains
by which it is surrounded, pure air and delightful
water, renders it a stranger to fevers and epidem
ics of eveiy kind prevalent in a Southern climate.
Morganton, September 5," 135. p3.
WILL attend at Salisbury on Wed
nesday the 30th of this month, and on
Thursday the 1st of next month; also,
at Mocksv die on Friday the 2nd, and
Saturday the 3rd days of October, for
the purpose of instructing his scholars
at each of these places", being the se
cond term fir each.
September o, lSoM.
For the IknefUof the SALISBURY ACADEMY
To lie Iratvit at Sali.Ji:sy, IV. f v
Oi Thursday, the 24 September, loo,
Terminating-Figure System.
AP1TAL i g
PRIZE ( if
c:: 3 2Z 2 :
1 Prize of 6,000 DOLLARS is S6,00u
1 " of 3,000 DOLLARS is 3,000
12 " of 1,000 DOLLARS is 12,uoO
15 " of 500 DOLLARS is 7,500
15 " of 30O DOLLAR is 4,500
20 " of 200 DOLLARS is 4,000
00 " of lOO DOLLARS is 0,000
100 " of SO DOLLARS is 5,000
116 " of 30 DOLLARS is 3,4b0
201 " of 20 DOLLARS is 4,020
300 " of 15 DOLLARS is 5,500
6,000 " of 10 DOLLARS is 60,000
6,000 " of G DOLLARS is 36,000
6,000 " of 4 DOLLAJIS is 24,000
1 Prizes,
amounting to
A Package of 10 Whole Tickets will cost 840 00
And must draw nett - - - 17 00
823 00
A certificate for a Package of 10 Whole tickets
will le 23 00
For 10 Half tickets, - - - 11 50
For 10 Quarter tickets, - - 5 75
OCT" All Orders from a distance, by mail (post
paid) or by private conveyance, enclosing the cash
or prize-tickets in our previous Lotteries, will re
ceive the most prompt attention, if addressed to
JAMES I. LONG, Salisbury, N. C. ; and an ac
count of the drawing will be forwarded immediate
ly after its event.
07" All prizes payable in cash, Forty days after
the drawing, subject to a deduction of fifteen jw
Whole Tickets, - - 84 00
Halves, - - - - 2 00
Quarters, - - - - 1 00
To be had, in the greatest variety of numbers, at
(Corner of Mansion Hotel,)
August 29, lS3o. td
roil SAiLTSU
On the 8ISi of September next,
I WILL oiler for Sale, at my Dwelling-house, in
the Forks of the Yadkin, Iredell County, N. C,
near Griffin's, or Albea's Store, TWO Tract3
Of Land, (if not sold before,)
Containing 2G3 Acres;
Lying immediately on the South Yadkin River
with an excellent seat for Mills, Factories, &:c.
This land is fertile, and well adapted to the culti
vation of Corn, Wheat, Tobacco, Arc., with good
Dwellings and excellent water. Also, my Crop of
Corn,Oats,and Fodder; Blacksmith's Tools; Stock
of all kinds ; Household and Kitchen furniture,
and all such articles as movers generally sell.
Aug! 30, 1835 3 JOHN LE,.

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