North Carolina Newspapers

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1. 11,9 V.V.1, 'f Cur ,',,, nq M hJ.!wIi'.1 every 8v
Sji ii i ,Y, ltTq I '" -f Snimm if pin) in hsnee,
rTw D ili! and I i '7 C. h! if not paid LSl,r tin
'lifxhuti of tl.ri'K rnoe':, I. .
I, r,'.i M--f n;i La d.ji'iiimiol until ill rrenze
re end. !.'! ctjfrt ;.in of th I-Sittff
3. tijWri-i'.' ra Lfl reeej tr a bs time
one yuri snl fohir I" notify the lldiUwits
Wi-h Li d,C'i,'v.n at fie did of I year, Will bo Conni-
shord fieW tn-'irmrirnt
4. Any prwn w Itowiil poiriir six subscribers to the
Carohu;ari, and Uku the trm'i! Li collee; and tminunt
their sul y-ript ion-money to llie EJitors, iU!J ha p-
jw ersti during their conuoiiattrw.
ft. rT I'trwni iwb-htri to th r.ilitnri.mnv trantmil
to iUm lhron;k the Mad, l th'ir rik prtwulr d thry
get th mi kmiklimrnt of y rfpsrluUt frrv la
fron that tuck rtmUtunct leal reywany ssaue.
Trim or DvrHTtlJ(ii.
1. AJvertie,rwnti will bs conspicuously nd correct-
1 in'ii-t,it .VI cmi!i pi'rimr Firthe first tnsertton,
and 3 ! J cent Cif ech eofltiimtnce: but, liMt in ad
vertisement M onj.ovd to fo ia only twice, ) Cl will
ba chr- d It evh insertion. If ordered fur on in-
nni..n mitr. il will in all esse be crisreed.
'1 IVrtii lin n-itir to en:."i?e by the year, will be
arrounnUtvl by reain:ilo Uihiucuuo iroin uieauofr
t'lir'i fur iriitn'nt uatutn.
to ( oiinroinnf
1. To fnwire profnjH atirntinn to fatten di3nwd
from Iht La'limor t'armrr mud Vrndener,
;r an Arrnu, -
To th of At old Statf$ farticuMtf,
Among th many wax, cooe) inoTcra to
the Ve-t. win h daily pa thronh tin town tu
Ofio, on TVJ.'!y, attended by thirty fivo persona,
-twent v-mt of hrn were upon it, t!i otlipra f!!ow.
ei on fxft. Tlfy were fivo fnmilioa Irom th went,
rra ihiro of M idland, who haJ uniteJ in charter
ing a iin-lo wnjon. Ilia upper loading of which
was UtlJaig piled to tlio hciM of 12 k-ct from llif
ground, on t';. top of which 1 woiiion and child,
ren wr re pert hed. On thn next day, f -ur fdinilioa,
cont yninj 23 x;non, with a aifiglo wajon, follow.
tJ from tlie tamo ncightxirlwod." V'keelitp Cat.
We know not what effect mrh parnympht have
upon the f !us of othen, but (or ouranlvea, we
can in sincerity and truth, ater that they caus
rtho I! W)d to cmiro thronjh onr vcint with- more
than icy-ciildiijH. U'e lovo, we trust, our whuls
country with all the anlorofjnuinf patriotism; but
tall human afTrtioni hire ttwir gradca and do
j;ri' j aro our rf .--d it! with retpct to ihnt
particular membt-r of the great A mrrican family
of Slates, in wliich it w aa our humble It to be born.
Tor Maryland, we cherish an afP-ction whih we
'will not name: anJ. although we Hmc with all
the warth of younij k?a in tl advance of any
member of tha confJcrar.y ia the march of pro
pcrity and greatncM,'. wliwt we iefl any evidw
of the downward chitm ff tiling in the M old Uiir-frfin-.(lmt
glurioii culaxy. whose chivalry and
Uo-fl waa the price of our freedom oi it to be
fuund in Iho piranph which f irm our text, we
ctiH' it nuke lit k k at.hwuU- What ia the
epeclaclo pre"iitej 1 In 1 tro short aixty-f xir
of our citi."iis, fro:n llie m.oo ncighlwrhrw-d, aro
teen paiijlhrmij;i a ik town on th Ohio,
wendin th-ir wiy't the fir W'H, or aonllvwcst j
'and'liow' miiny inprertf- wn" wiil f.Uw,.ixir" una.
giu iti'Hi f nnimt cinreive ( fur it i but a few mouths
enico, we heard of a geulleumn from ouo ofthe low
er C'lunties on the western ahoroof rhis Piat, who
wm ! ' 1 nn a-nt fir thirty.five fi 'lilies to
rti it da Wc.-t, to ax'k out an riiiMo location fir
ihem t,i c;r.; -rate to. H it hy do they leave t'v
eon 1
o! r
y i i t "V i'
r . t i i
,t lulling oi ineir cniij
irt 1' the il heh-tui
their fvufailwr. iJ-U f..riCtit(ura-af ny do
they (L -ert th.i-o ..icrcl fitiei, in which their an
(-.,! irf nnd then;-- !vr?r hnvn-so of:en, nnd so long,
,. J i ;!,. If auih-'tH a-.J t'.eir prr.ypri t.- ll.m
viho 1. - 1:4 iu ii!'-rry 'd i t in j'l-tu e? II no :iv n f, !.!, thorn haunt i, noil, an I tle'c
fuif, no lorefT nnv Ivdd upon tlifl a.T ctionst Do
not o iatioiH of early In Jo not tlitwo con
nexions, C,i ii.r J in the M-it '.;-tMe of their cxi-J-nce,
ver Cfew th.'ir ru'm.NJ do not those EnJ rccol.
lectioiH of earlier nn 1 more I.i -'ing friind-,hirn ro
Ciind t'.s' in of the t'li-icp h'il'ow e 1 scenes which were
once so dc-.r to them I. If fcT'Ctrntw, ieh a we
cf th
m. t!i--w i n I.mI rr human nature t. not
i tirl. 1 d.t not ril.tni lo KDon thn th uroits
..... , ,
: w '. -5 eyes nro cast townrdsi thn setting
v ' -.t v. e ( ! ;'; hAr to j she h more otcMnf to.-'n
... , ('.. . if ) s ."iefS ))"s s'r sl over their riii'iili,
"! i - -.! i e I; I'i it (ill I. V Vet be wr'l
fi lilnio t threatens
.Ml J ii i.I b i..'.',t ill
,l,the in hi.
i c ft', i n u . , .i. i,; I' U of
os'.! r i,.rl, 1 1 i'.i Ii !j wu: r iJ. .iiii ! :, rnny L ear-
md fir L-vxit the L , 'e t p .i .t (4 tie ir ori
tiuiifti!:ieiA, Sil l that, Uxi, ktaCo4hlill Ik ill b Uf
no comp'iriwxi with tha inert iv4 aiiiimut aiti va
Ion of the pro.! ice which nmy L riiJ from a
f iven quantity of bind. If thil be practicable,
ahiHild mt the whiHiMrrmgaof ptriotinn tne tcne.
rat km fr ancient and present a : ! t ionaM ho
tiea which bind man to the place of bit birth
ihoulj not theii adm'K.i .h lum to mnka otiO n.!,;n,
one grnrroMi elTort in it U half 1 This question is
so simple a not to admit of d bote ve ry Tittu
oua and ennobling unpad of the heart responds a
warm, a amcere. and ardent aUirmatire. ihey
call upon ua, one and all, to make that efPrt Who
it tlicre among us, whoe drtuiw it bay hava beeo
to have ben born in one of the old r'tatea f tfiose
Fuca which laid the fmmlation of human btx-rty
no nmtfer how humble bia spherw of life that doea
Dot fcM-l the diNlinction an enviable one? When
we any this, we mean nothing disparaging to the
new Ftatea tlioee tigoroua arid patriotic oriont fif
the old stock for God knows wa love them all, iq
siorrrity and iingler,es of heart. Tlieo let each
and all .f thaa whom we aJdrese, turn with n
(tewed auction with renovated regard, and an un-
werin detorniiimtion, to make anoilier manly ef
fort, oi which shall be alike worthy of ouraolvel
andofourrcupecti.aBtatea. The rotation of crop,
wherever tried, with tha aid of clover and plaster
ahrne, in many intance, have wrought wotnlers
ix the wsy of on liorating the condition of tha aoil,
and where lime, and an economical and discreet
huNbamling, and application of thoan manures nro
duced on eatateji, have been adiled, the improve
nieut hia born still more manifest. . Lime, it will
probably be eaid, ia costly it ia costly, in one
tense to all who ha ve to purchase it to many
hot localitice are remote from t!a depositea, its
obtninment may be said to be impracticable t but
to thoeo who live within a ditanr aeeeesibie to
navigation, ita first cost, whethnf that be twelve
or twenty. five cents the bushel, ia not, and
should not be, an object; tor it will pay an interest
of more than an hundred per cent. SSo, eluo, would
the marl prove cheap to such as can procure it, so
a to have it delivered on their fie Ma, at thrw pri
ces; and we have been favored with the perusal of
a correspondence, which shews that, in some situ
ations within the marl districts, it can be delivered
on the landina of many gentlemen, at from 6 to 8
centa, and in some aituattona more favorably loca-1
tod, at 4 cents tha bushel. Tio one acquainted
with the fructifying propertica of mart, will que.
tion the correctness of our asoertion, when we state,
that, by Iho application of from 100 to 200 bushels
to the acre, aceording to the degree of exhaustion
of the aoil to which it ia to be anidied; iu ! of
yielJ may bo raied from its present depressed
state, to from 20 to 30 bushels of wheat to the
acret in fivorablo"eamB, that of corn to from 8j
to 10 bbhand other articles of proluce in like
proportion. The first cost of either lime, shells,
fuarlaft. or ahos. aUould nui ocicr any larweciroiu
trying their eflVraey, where they do not exceed the
nrice namet, as there can do no question oui iniu
the invi-ttment would prova aafo, and of lasting bo-
m ht to lum who lieiv maKO it
tons l-hnd. Now York, pay from 8 to 10 cents
a bushel for leached ashea, then have to pay freight
for fifteen or twenty milca of water carnage, and
the expense, of land trnnportation from five to six
miles, and still grow rich. The mmlui oprrandi
of solution. By itte'B'Wof tlv aho they
make one acre produce what tl forninriy rcqoired
thrre to do, and thn- they save the expence of cul
tivation and of la Won two acrea, tojjcthcr with the
interest on the Taluo of the land.
Cut there r another fell ojxm to those who do
sire to remain a fiU rich in promise, and which
t-..!; id t ;! i. :.',((. An . ie ii iy In ,
full gruwo, 'J feed 61'),L'.;'J wormi, and tinwn, as
Z:0 cocoons, ara vj ml to a poui I uf s.lli, will
make, if proj-erly att'oi !rdt-, Hi) hs.,whii h, when
reeled, at the very .urrrf euliulatiun, wutilj U
wortn tt per lb., equal to t7'-!!l. .Nuw b t us s-t
hat would be the evjx use attending the f elm?
of the Worms, , The eipf!rinore uf r.uropo, at weil
as that of our own cwntry, show that two prms
are coin!"' tei.l to feed ene miHum of rormi the
lfrsf we k, 4 the iteonl, 8 the third, and from 10
to VD thu remainderol the time, wliw Ii 1 thesnkt
of data, we Will set down at two we-k more. This,
we wwh it recollected, it the calculation of the
number of bands requisite to attend to l,(!!)i),0u3
worms, but as we wish, in all cbarge aguinii the
culture, to be rather over limn under t!m aniount.
wo will las tit &40,uii) wurnt with the tpene
of atmoM twice that number for attnndniits. And
now let US se boW the account Will Und
n tar..
the 11 . m 1
cut six).
I m M l,v
iy, ao. . I,
.itrs, it I, l.'
in ev-ry ( . ' ' i i . i,
i i..n uu.'j, are t!,i-re t'. 'y re
;-( livn r 1'i'y to rue it rii .'i in,
t i.r tvun!f
i u i:. I t L.-
i !, I i it. In
b .0 1, 1 1, i i,i
, f y J I :i" II , I
. I ir In
1,1 (' !i.
ifV.Vv bsve Ijf'u .- i .!! v
i $ a s.a a
o " a
r. r r "tr
- ij i. ia --
, -i r.'
i X '
. n .
m W
n '
I 3
t "
PfSM " '1"
0 1m
IPS S?ff sgs-?'-?
hotild eratifv even the most exorbitant thirst for
Iho accumulation of wealilu a'lu lo to tha
Sim CfU'i'KK a la:i..;-j' w Lii'li, if wtlbcanucf-'
ed, is calculated of it4f, to make every owner of
a small firm eemfTfii&'e, each holder of a hrge
ono ricl wo o.5. both terms ia their, broad and
most qui j do s"P.r-o. As we have before rcmirkcd,
by the adoption of this as a branch of hn-hvvlry,
those very worn-out fields which are now driving
thopenpl.iof New Jekset, 5lAri.iS!, Virginia,
North Carousa, and Soitii Caroluxa, to seek
homes among 3trarier, and encounter all tho hard
ships and privations incident to new and border set-tlo-nents
may bo converted into so may mines of
wenkh. We nk no man to go into it as an exclu
sive business we desire no one to rik tho support
of hU family upon it ; but we do a -k we do conjure
every ono, who still clings with au ction to his first
7 iho iul.1
.: ,-,t'.o h,
e 1 1 the
v 1
I i '
t r i
to his 1 ui'i pi tee, to e'"Ti'T' to it ai a ; ir
.flil I,i t f "iv . 1 1 r 1 1 W 'j
t'rt, tf,nt'Mni sri s n o'ire"-'ry,
In 3 t'.t n and commence the v til, ao tho in
H KMico of tlieir c.xntrjdo rnny bo f It and followed.
Let Sho,0 Mho Can ,ot ulllud to R-,r.kC B3 W.'fJ U
tho fVrr.., buy one, two. three, or four ounces of the
4"w tho V. h,!o or Itihm .'1 'herrj,nnl
. . i i
i t n r ot I ifl tu i 1 I r t l lli-J ll' S. iJl I
lhre,then, we have, as the clear profit resulti ig
from an acre of ground in the silk culturo, after
making tho most literal allowance f r all nossibln
charges Bceruin r after allowiii . S20 f r an acre
Tiio farmer 08 0f woro out land, which, in many cases, would not
bring one fxirth of that worn, and but seldom more
than a moiety, after taxing one acre with nearly
the expenses of labor f r two, and after putting the
silk at th lowM or minimum value we sav after
dealing thus hardly with the produce, we have a
cf. .d pflp, M 6n6 'acre lu'us'VpprV.piiated, Vf SoS'
6YJ." This c.'ilcul ition allows 3,ti00 eocoona ta maksf
1 lb. cf reeled silk, whereas, tha experiment of 5fr.
Clias Frst of PlainfieU, Massachusetts, proved
that 1,213 yielded him 7j ounces of ailk, when
reeled, being rather better than 1SJ o'mees of si'k
to 3,01)0 worms, or of one pound in a fraction less
th in 2,527 worms. This experiioent was upon a
small scale, it may be ani.l was upon
1. I . fl . ' , ' "I . ' . ..
smuu acme; out, uv, unccaneivigi.
lance, and a proportionate increase of attendants.
tha same 'reiatr "mi 'hf to roa!'u-d lo tua extouf of
many- were - Vt' do not wi to cwent the fift
from tha agricultural community, that thoeo who
enter ioto the silk business mut imitate the worm
in its toils. He whoexpects, without exertion dur
ing their feeding, to realizo profit from their I ihirs
had better not engfige in it. Cut if he will give,
during the very limited period cf their probation
here iy five weeks due rii!tincf, be will, in
deed, reap a harvest Worthy of his garner.
- The calculation of f od fir the worms is based
upon the production of 10 3 full grown trees, placed
on an acre, 23 square f et apart but tho aame, or
a greater quantity of leavsa might be raised on an
aero of land, planted in hedges six feet apart, the
f 1 jetr ttf.nt fnwinjv; thetrr.;,. if: tiii ZiHs.
w "re pu -died ahead by manuring and clean cukiva.
tion. "'
1 1
' I
1 1
r tl
1 ('
1 t .
v v
1 1'
1 " '
1 r
o c '
.t re a hit
nj, a 1 1 hi euh, u
-r", vi r 1
V s 11 I t u . 1 pi". ,i
r q 1
t t t I
r to b s a'
1 1 I . o, 1
and ,,
. C; .OT ( Ir. -
: : t t it
.'yofl, 1
1 r 1 f 1 ' '-, '
r, ti-uni too nun, her
serf-' . '..r I t 1,
th 1 1 1 ' 11 ' 1 ' s 1 f
it 1 U
t ' t d f
n not t
r. ;
." 1 i. 1 .
i . t
f t
1 .
1 t
t r
' VI
1 r
t 1 1 ,
M it
if V -'l 1
. I
i r ,
1 ,yl
1 1
1 1
1 i
1 1
1 1
I ' I
1 c 1 e, r
V(l'' k
lC iMl
l' S 1 '
t til
1 1
V', !' '
t 1 1 fc' y
I) ll' t Mil
rt'I.t' 1
v w
V have sp-dcen of worn out Ian 'i bring olspt
ci to t!.8 C-!;-u of X'.o 10, "j! fry I, , 6J wo re.
pent, that the evperience of Europe frhows, that thin
ui'ty or pnv( ,,y lund.s, vie Id a nufnnient which
-t, in., t c 1 Mo a
t ro
r r p-w
S t i f
I Ut I . I.
P Mir vm
r v r "
trees, or 11 h
ho le; t 1:1 a
years, l v en
tl" 1 1 '
ne ' ! 1 ii. t U u
,1 t
1 e t 1
I i S W ! '
o 1 , 1 ,
1 ir, t J ; Ci
wilhont t . ir L t f 1
. 1.
11 r
l ft-: '
f t
r r
r f
hC.l I
t it ! v t;
1 Tt
or t
r c
i ir f I
1 ' .
1 v
Mac' '
I or I,
n-1 v
, t s Ii-
-ition. (.'lover I, 1 1 iT-ji t
1 1 a 1 y 1 11 hit
I ) k ti t 1 y :
i ' 1 1 in ( f 1 r 1 1 r i
IH Ki II s
1 t n' 1 Icr
rows, sot:, .?, v
t - rr I
v '1 ;
in to
t lilxs
1 t
r r
Pr in I tit fjrtheriiij its culture am the 1st ol
March nft,nj almo.4 h.i!y we n fi..:.. t,f ih
roiii''iii'S about Liii- finned. Tie - ,:i r
as they should be, and w Would app'-.d to the J n 1"
of thn niiddle and southern t'!ti-, lie k. ar, I
climate are so mm h U-tter suited to the cult ore of
the mulberry, not to M our eastern and noiih- rii
brethren outstrip u in tins lucrattva tram It of bos.
bitndry, but rather j-.iri with them in the g'-iH-inus
rivulry of brothers, fr the p,hn of vii tory. And
may we not U-re ak every s-ncuhurah.,t, Bving in
those Btats immiMliatidy mte rested, to at-p f,rard
to the rescue. In a b i -.' which rq.ially run.
cerns all, n'Hie should indul In iiid.,11 tr, 0 tS
fvehng. What we auk,, is, thnt aome
geiiiloinen in each neighborhood, will tuke an aelive
part and give an " tu to th ball of the revo.
iutioo" it needs but a liegluning, and he who shall
be f .reiiKt in this jjlonous work of rer'iention,
will deserve to live ir) (he f ,ndest reeoiht lions of
his countrymen, Tho orr'iilio of wwi'-tie f,r
sgrieiillural purrxwes, wlerever lliey hive been
f rme l, have conferred t!e,ings, and we e- j it
upon th'xie who psrs iu!"iienca to rxert it oi
f.r iw i the time when tlieir count rv ftne 1 it.
Ml I- " 11 " 1 '.. "IS
. iVom Yiy'f tikrtrkft,
Mocbaaweialkof rmtursthreare p1seswhisie
we f-cl that our previous cooceptiuns bsve been
dim and narrow. He who crxxm- the Alps, will
experience this seriHfition, mingled with a certain
ty, that thousands of pointer and poets, an I mil
honaof others, live and dio without even u-pct.
in the iwiwcr of scenery over the mind. Our
iouniey rros the Hologn was, to us, a ' iv mt
mora bia forever. ()ur recollections are of gran
drur gloornv y a sinews awful solitu do et.-rfiid
sublimity. There w ere moments during tho ascent,
of a kind sxran-rn and rnw to me. Whoever ses ks
"sou thing new under the sun, if ho has dwelt
on a' plan, b-t bim ascend a tcritnUe mmmtni,
and li will find it. Awn, amszeineM, (loom, won
der and rapture, Curing wiucn you cannot suuio.
coinhiuo to t-lev ute )ou. The rw l uo, anJ
up a mad stream, whifa with foam," thundering
all day by it si Jo amid sbpo and chilX funj.-u
and valics then a plain and a poor but, nr a rag
ged town and some beggar. You pause and rr 4 ;
end then, sjain, up and up winding and turiiin
sometimes thrmii'h tremeiidons ravines somcfiiiu
by magnificiuut water-fufts wnnetiui" ahmg gi,.
dy and yawnirg gulf yet still always up a il up.
Then the face of tho earth change, and the grass
fif nearly awny, and the nnke I, everlasting ns k J
lift their cray barks through t!io soil. The torn-
pest of six thou and years have biii,-u ,;: t l.m,
Now, the rid through a ort of er-
.etuuea, broken and acatiered aUit now lhwi,;'i a
lKig dark gallery, wet and dripping now at tho
brink of A tremendous precipice, which jouf ima
gination, would receive as the summit of any mom
tain; but, anon, tho toiling, panting, sweating
horses drag you around in an anlo of rock ! and
lo ! above you overhang other ch.Ts and other moun
tains in theky ; pi!n-e!!s and py rami ! of mnv
and ice ; and, so near their awf d heights as to star
4,'o yu,4he La "in rus yi bi.-'u-rv J yoab
Iwvft not that il is your.pjthjU'l . Ur above you
and yet it ia. - - -
Tho earth is now totally change !, and Iho tem
perature and atmosphere-, and heavens are changed.
You wrap your heavy clonk around ynu in tho bi
ting Cold. Dark clouds are rolling rlunniilv over
your path, and tho white snow shift- bui-a!h you.
and tho winter wind shake violently the cl .-ed
gHsei- your cnrrinpe 5 an-t, as too r'i'i, fi.s
mouutinir and bendins Ui) rfttd ui, turns lour fe e
mw to the-right now to-the b'iivs catch,
below, auch awful g!eamir.s of sublime scenery
such dim, and d. pih of azure such firms of col I
bluo, lifted and built up around on in the eternal
-ilence, and shrouded in the mist and storm, that
your very sou! is hushed and chilled, nn l you feel
as if death, tho king of terrors, bad here fixed bis
home ; and, were a spectre to stand in your path,
or to lean and beckon to you from bis car of rolling
mist, you would behold him without starting, for
your imagination, can scarcely bo more excited.
A cataract, which, on the plain, would dra w all To
rope to it as a fashionabla resort, is here no euriii
sily. Its lonely thunder swells and dies aay in
the interminable solitude. Twenty times we thought
ourselves 8t 'the h.-i-ht oft hie aiupendons rd, end
yefTti.r'Z'iij coui,e'epj""ireJevVr iitouniuig Cir
before us, up and up, till t c.1J e,v e di .
and the darkness of niht overlooked us; and o
WOf COfh.l,.y &,d i.u.v,i,.d i.l liiuVV, Wi.I
clouds rolling around us like a mgy occaa.
I . I ;
in h,
lie 1, - f.
"At a
" i t
I '
1 1
i rr-i
1 e
rt.'. '
' 1 !-.! tVi
, 1, 1 I; 1 I r 1
r 1 I y a 1, t v,
! r .
if t'.-ol I ill ly (
1. , I hy t: y ii,-ii,-.r
' . ' re.-u, !. rv, n (' - 1
" I - - , 'r- .:-n
i 1 en !,.'.), .-, I ji tr , '
wl.i. h is t.i n.irr it. ;
V.'b !..': ; in", ,;,-...t a
,r con-, ,.-o.j w, - f .r,
rn-'d any 1' r 1; r
tU'e n uiif-s, t' in our si.i
Wol, or'-ni',',.,;, t
10 their nie-jiori. S, I
con, i-n'i..ttj ('.. Ir ro...,-r
a 1
t :n
I It, I', i
f r t:,? j '
y it r . -tt
.1. . I,
' 'I , r 1 . r f
r 1 -
' I : r
I,' 1 Si"
eoi rr 1 -
t-vtrn ;l f
oe t'li-iu."
KI.I'4 w
i iu
i ro
1 1
ll.ea r.
'I n ,.
b- :!,',
tiii.i' :.;
w," iv.. k;
I to Iuke of ( '! in
III., wjs !irii An
Uth,lul, h r,
Lin--" Tii r.
Hutu Moineii'
:m "I
s 1 of ( ;
1 f , !
',1 A '
-1 Car 1,
n, (' t a
, . ', l!
i I :
1 : ,'in,
0 M t ,
: t.. 1 ;
- e, a , I t I
'M 2ht, i; el;
no I! ',:!, . ., A
W",l !,: ., J',
Iiaino 1) t-ll .1 ,
"t lioorg.i 1 redeni k 1 l.-ir:.- ., r- ; .
Kite Mi. in n ..'ii, a. id In 1, 1 1 1 i t, ,
died tho d iv f both, liu I !',. t ir-r I,.,
b'ts linn liirre m x.t'i. Tl.'-re t-i . .
Ih'-n living hy tho k, ', 4
duiiht.-r and only chil I of ' - J , f J ;
fitlu-r U lug ih ,1 1, is h. ir pr 1 ) , .,, 1 , 1;
h ll.r.s. f.lie wtis Ix.rn .'-l v V !
4 liviw, (July 15 M,) i, Lr 1
titer, the I).k-I..' K",t, ii h
tt'm with the u .i:,!, I ,
of hi-rihr! -ho r'si ! i- n,. n.
is a highly accom; !
clurms, and it p..p.,,!:,r i
ino imue 01 ,mxs x oimr.'t f .,;,.
The terms, their ap;;ire,it a id
the throne will bo .h.i-. ., us e;
f-rmer to designate a n or d..n.h
big rnonirih, if one. Ii bviiojj 1:
p i d c ;t the 1,. an:..t t',;,i, a,-, ,.,.;
h!ied law f.r tha d. ,irrit of tl c
km-' h is lm hrir uf 1 ; f on 11 I, ' -.
of Wi' IV,. ; ii , 8! 1
hind, Duke of ii'.i --'ex, , ; ;..'
litter vice r y f ." .vu r; Tl
are the Prince.- An .11, i :.,
ami Auie'i-i, I'.:. 1,: rh jt., 1 ;
former of tl. a l'n:e i f 1
tha laiter of the I .'.j I? ,
1, i 1 1. ;e.-n r..,. 1 : v .
prim e and prim---s i f t
trui-hrd by ihw t,t!Mf II'"
r. fi'
I f,..
' to (
.f c
1 1 ,
1 11
. .-' L.iaill I l'lor , ,h 'tfn! r , var
con-iiituilon . ,,, , :,..( im-ii 1, J l y 1 , :' , ,, a deii.i.M of tho d rv:., M ,1 ,
cally Culled, may soon e ;-e r 1 ; i v !
thclh it;.,h N',i!,(,n b, I,:, !' to I, m a
If tho IV. Vk'toiU s:...i,ld I, -1 ii I,
."eent iiel, t'" r i-i ;; r ;j , K , .
Cui..i-i.'4ii. and hi IhiiKiy, !,. I, 1 s a
(Jeorg, .f (hui.b:,'., .ifi:..,y v;;h.
Next is the Dukeof ..iiifx, w!i,, ,. ( :', ..
suecee.1, hi n;rri,igi hiving ,1 ,
rarhainent, ai i:.' ,1. ,N, t n t.y I) ' a
bri , v.h 1 b 1 , 1 ' , :... r j 1
Thu luAtij oi1 J... 1 . ..
Tlie Allowing is a nWription of the j-Wnmbere
r t the.rn'ih'.si.f j!:e a:. ".-:''';-.,:...
" I acnded the wiialmg road whl-. Ii le-tds f,o.;
Cl :irl.)Me;vi!'o to V- ''ice'l,). The J "l - '-( to a
circuitous n - ' i,t of about t .10 i- ' 4 10 t' .0 1 i t
t -re moe'tt iiot to the-frn fc 1 th " of J. r.
son. On entering tho eve which o, into t' e
r ,i! :re, nuiiK'.ro:.. p:',!.s ihver-o hiv;:n..ei I'li: -t
) s, winding throu;.;'l I'ai;;f.l to i-e o.n.
i. t of the hut. ' From the rv.k on l.h-h tho Ie.. 1
s' i ' , a gru'i 1, pearly u;ilimite.-l vi.-y ; - - i r,- -i
f' 1 t ...k wfy .'.:$ bill and f r ' v ,'. i v.VVh
1 1
- 1 '1 out on r,,'."r m.i
11' ,:e, .. ,-' 4, t
'V 1:1 tho ! 0:1. I
. 'v 1,-Me.,-:. No
Co! mad.-s
it r 11 I- i
! tO
1 .,
1 t I V t
f l I J
i'--r fc-.Hnnt:
Inn s is no
!! ;;. o-t ft
of jgr-t:.'
f? in it r-.
rh o
t I t '
I 1
a son Prince ;.
2"lh, 1 13. Itisrxe,
ti'tn a-i'l rr.rrrv i f
to (';:-: el '..,, !.,,,,,;- 1
ti.h llirotH, tho IV 1 ':-
- -1.1 f--:.:,',-:;,-:.t of
llrun- ? i. k, I r, 1.
Uf Will V0 t!iS lu. ',. ...
long as kiegi 11, iv l i
time yet to com", C,
if (',
1 1
f :
t r 1 IVi
ml.,, .
ii is t-
) (1 1, a ,1.
t I 1 !
t I, ut 1
'vfi it y.
' ! ) i
t f
ru'tVnee pf?irri-l ,-.. ;.. V.f.-
ofHcer of i'tato I ' ! - !.- t.) ('.,. f
I'..,hn. . s, I. is j ; t vie lu'.'d a ly vi h
never seen I ;J'iro !' irri ' ( h f
tho country,) n I who 1 I m .
1 I
1 f f !
beauty as t!e) 1
iiiarri.-i '", tho t.
1 I
of 1
t .
1 r
1 1
r 1
le 1 1 1 r
t 11 1 v r
,"r;e'- 1
I In '
ban 1 1
I'm; -sr.
yd t:
.' -
; h t
1 y
1 1 it.
!. "Ii
: ; m
,: ' 1 I
n. 1 he v : "
'.-t 1'. f. :
it (
r 1
, n . --
e i; . -
f (Si.S
i .
... : 1
, 1 " -)
1 to
m:r ,
1 m n
1 I
; a
n 1
ir . i
... 1
r 1 f
0 to
t ,1
r: !1
., i'r,
I -1 :!
a C
!v I
r a i
t )

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