! cited receipt in full fur tho o,(C0,000 presented as a J rential requisites for filling the first ofnoe in the nation. 1 If t - ri-VT JCSTITIA Entertaining, as we all do, our preferences f r particu lar individuals and unable to unite upon any one, we yet can, and do, agree upon one great principle we are equally opposed ti Mr. Martin Van Buren, and the system by winch he has obtained and seeks to increase his political power. What then, we again ask, are we - v complir.ient to France. As regards our own government, wo have so little i confidence in t!nsa whose counsels now prevail, as to believe that they would willingly plunge this country into a war, were it necessary in order to secure the succession of Martin V.in Baren to the Presidency and called upon t do as the friends of the country ? We i his drove of plunderers to the spoils of oince and com-1 confer, that with our feeling towards Mr. Webster, " , , , . , , ! port are incomparably greater thin those of any other 1 lie course of tho Globe shows plainly that the pros- individual, uo ;iaIi Iiever wiHjn?iv abandon turn while pects f r an amicable arrangement are not considered . he continues a candidate for the Presidency. At the the most flattering at Washington. It has commenced same time, we have reason and liberality sufficient to the nuh!:cati..ii of etT.cial documents on this subiect in perceive that others are equally fixed in 'ihcir determi- Saturday Hrni..gombcr21, 1P35. ' ac,p..io ,r ,u cmt n.ud. a ... j IZivI ' mm ip virx tii'n ((nsriTlinoV jtcntton. ) ren certain, and thus bring upon cs the worst of evils, 1 11L A.l.mjii cu.noi uu kvj.i, j Wo tnHt nmvcvcr tjwt th0 National Honor is not yet ! the opponents of Van Buren must meet upon a common la Ratified! we hive good reason to bMievc. 1 lie cnmnntted hy ,uli:i,iro;tnes3 in negotiating for five ' ground, prepared to sacrifice all but honor in their ef- maiority for Ratification, in the Counties already heard , ,," . . m,..i. ....... .vifh , f.,rts to rescue the country from disgrace and ruin. For 07" Texas. Tlie latest accounts from Texas, j state that some two or three battles had been fought ! between the Texanian and Mexican forces, in which the former were victorious against an odds of five to Latent Improvement. THE CAitOLlA'lAiV. SALISBURY: from, is .VJ&S. Calculating the vote in me comics not heard from th.it was given for and against the call of the Convention to be given for and against the Amendment-, there will be a majority of about in favor of Ratification. The following are the counties heard jfo:n naujiraiion. wjeeiuiu. Iredell, Wilkes, Surry, Davidson, - Cuilford, B'.aden, Elgecomb, - Perquimons, Wake, Orange, Franklin, - Warren, Granville, - Cumberland, Stokes, Richmond, - Lincoln, Robeson, Caswell, Chowan, Her t turd, - I?noir, Northampton, Washington, Row no limit in prompt ct to tlie expenditure of treasure and the. shedding of human blood. General Harrison we entertain the very highest res pect, and believe him every way qualified to (ill the of fice of I'rcsident witii honor to himself and the coun try, or we should not hive been the first to bring his name forward for the Vice-Presidency on the Whig DR. PRICE'S one, capturing many prisoners, and taking large quan- yor the immediate Relief and radical C re of tities of money and aniumtion and several stands of 1IEHI 1 or RUPTURE arms. The Texauians were daily receiving rein- , ,T-, 0 . .. . . . c , . - , rjrlIL Subscriber, having been legallv autie.ri- forcemcntsof men and ainuntinn from America. Pub- I . . , , ."p. i " , , . i 1 ii nivtiiii;3 iit-i'j lit viivtiii, iaitiii" toches. Mobile, New York, Philadelphia, and Boston, at wliic i ellbrts were made to raise Volunteers to so in aid of their brethren in Texas; and numerous volun teers have already srone over from Xew Orleans. Ex Governor Samuel II uston, of Tennessee, is Coaimand-er-in-Chicf of the Tvxian army. Improved Patent Metallic Truss, in the States of North Carolina and Virginia, takes j leisure in presenting to the citizens of those St;H s, the ad vantages of this highly approved ' ceh-le..,t-il Instrument; for which purpose he r- , -; -;':g the principal towns of thosi Stni-.----. it .njuiing a few weeks in each, at which time uti s rsviiis wish ing to he relieved of the dtiri:er and inconvenience of Rupture, will make application. Iu otferinir the TRUSS t iLe afRicted of Rup- - 13 1, )) majority. 1,7"W - 1 1,KU - 33 J71 - 0:57 G - Wil - 1 maj. io - m 2U - 1,1-il 1,0:51 - '2i K" - (517 k; - 5-0 1.J majority. . .r)) maj. 1,K;1 - 71 Vft - 1K l,--7 - li lfj - 4-')S at; - ifi-2 7 - :vjv 7 - .r)K rt - 14 - -l'.K 1,57 - J1 James Bruce, who for some time past has been con fined in prison at Raleigh for Robbing the Milton Post- O'CON'XCLL Tins bloated hypocrite, this insolent creature, fatten- tickeL JuJ Wjile js aU fln uneXc0ptionabiP can. i nil nil llit riiivcric-i nl Ion ilcln.ip.t rAiintri'infn. fins a "71111 ,ii.Uin ... I . I..... 1 I. e 1.;. f.,l- , i! . . i i i . . l . i iii .1 .1 i i Juice, was last wceii paruoneu uv me i-resiueiu 01 me hiirn li iirtimr nut lo; toiil hut imnnrnt r:i ! iimnies on Siin sm: nnil v din-ir-intiniKlv h. iprn thrir tnoro llinn ' ' tltis country To a parcel of Weavers at Glasgow. We two-tliirds of t.he inhabitantsof the United States would uie aoove nameu canuiuaics 10 .uarun OO" The Crisis. The length of this able and inte resting doruineiit, and our desire to ave it all at once, has induced us this week to omit much other matter of ture, we do it, confidently believing from the sue- less importance. We solicit for it an attentive perusal, cess Dr. Trice has had in curing Ruptures of long standing and of every description on one or both most heartily rejoice at the course pursued by O'Con- ylr l neii. An anomaly in any v.ovrrnmenu not a mue . .- f tl Suc .h! ca?p wr nyc rcspoctfuy to gerous to our mtitution., and deeply disgraceful to the ur?e U!K, consideration of the People tlie proprie cotintry the opinion of this corrupt foreign demagogue ty of alopting the course which we first submitted to was infallible and his voice omnipotent with most of a thir consideration in February last. It is simple and numerous class of voters, the Irish emigrants in the j"Mid as feasible ns it is ju.U Let there be nomi na IT .. , ... . , , ... .,, 1 ted in any Mate m the Union, a ticket to be called the United States. I he confidence honestly reposed by hx 4. WON(,r WeestER, IKrr.son, an.J W,TE Tick countrymen in America, in his integrity and capacity, t;L Lt the Electors be unpledged to either, and when O'Connell lias himself destroyed by h:s indecent, gra- elected, as they most unquestionably would be, let them tuitous, outrageous attacks on our institution. We re- elect the two eandidates who have the most friends in peat that we heartily rejoice at lL We want no dicta- , t!in Rector il College President and Vice-President of . n,, .,( ..ii o r rn ., tl ...i- t.i.r, - ; t', Unite.1 States. Such a course would not only meet tor, and lea.-t of all a foreign one. Hear nun. ,. , , c . ... ; ' , ' . the approbation of the great mass vt th pople, but The AMtncnns. he said, i;i thnr conduct towards w,mt ,d ((f eyPn fir irrfMtPr i,ni..rtance, it wool 1 save the slaves, were traitors lo Ike cause of human liberty, t!l institutions of the c -untry from destruction and fail detractors of the d.mocralic prmcijdi, and Idas- ay,.rt from s t)e jn,i0ih( .iirnce uf havin" suQl-red jdamtrs vj that preat and sacred tvnn- tchtch they ,1C firt., otriCC in t,,e wor,,, t(, he to a Wtrlh!c in. pretended to recognize. In reprohutf.a d that tis- trji.u.r an,i bare-fac-d political amrant." graceful conduct his voice had ben heard across th" . ' u ideaud dtep Atlantic. Like tlie ihuwh r storm in its (loriot. news ! The South may now re- an 3 '.' '. . 1,570 - Jl ' rrrr" ' the lightning of Christian truth. He uid ' huu the . , , ... : . . rc, r . ? ,i . ii .--.j- , IU instant, contains the following important item of ' State Legislature. r rotn thi! Register, of proud Americans know that nil partus in this country .... . . . 17th, we ielm that this body met at the State 'united in condemnation ifth.irprc nt conduct." , elhgence. I rom the Known veracity ot t , ,t paper, UL"' c . ' . ' I we presume tnat the truth d tue intell gence will not United States and set at liberty. This is the third cri minal, convicted and imprisoned by the United States Court at Raleigh, who has been pardoned by the Pre sident within a month or two past. sides, old and young, aud the testimony of tho highest authority in favor of its superior utility, that it is the most valuable Instrument for their use. It can be worn with convenience, day and night, which in the estimation of the most distin guished Surgeon?, is essentially important to ef fect a permanent and speedy cure of Rupture. No cure, no pay. I he poor relieved gratui- Pfintoin VT-vtitf e lnnini. liv-t li rf . rvi ' tOUsl Chaunccy, died a Pensacola, Florida, on the 14th ulL, TT ... ' , , . , . . r. . Here follow numerous Certificates. mine in coininana 01 inai navai siaiion. uy an oraer of Mr. Dickerson, Secretary of the Navy, the usual marks of respect on such occasions will be observed by the OlFicers and Vessels of the Xavy in honor of the memory of Capt. Chauncey. 07" The Rev. Jonathan O. Freeman, for seve ral years a resident, and Pastor of the Presbyterian Church, of this place, died in Washington, X. Carolina, on the 2nd instant, m the Glth year of his age. 03 of the IIou-j in Raleigh on the lfilh instant, and oganized as j follows: In the Senate, William I). M w.-ly, Ksqr., of j I'iioir, was re-elected Speaker without opposition; Gen. Cowan of Rladen and Col. Coleman of Cilnrrus were re-elected Clerks, and Thomas D. Wheeler and Green 1 1 ill Door-keepers. In the House of Commons, William H. Ihywoo.l, jr., vas elected Speaker, by a majority of Hi votes, over William A. Gnhan of ' Jill.-W-uh. Thf vote stood for Hay w hi! fH; fir-thm ol ; HI ink 1. Cuis. Man ly and Cimiri l R Free nan, f'.-j rs., of R-deigh, were re-elected Cb-rk vv.th out oppo.-.it:on, and Iauac TruUt an 1 John Cooper Do r-keepers. These are all the proceedings we have as yet received. Tin: pRi:siir:.c-Y. We call attenti":i to tin following extract from the New York Cour.er and Ku'mirer. Iy tins it will be teen how utterly mcapibl" is Mr. Van IJuren to com mand the MippTt of ihc J tchson party, even in his own State. Til" i-i'-ii v. li o supported Gen. Jackson did .o from prineijdv ; Mr. Van Riren has no fixed princi ples, aivl therefore can n ver receive their Kiipport. Rut tie mini pith of Courier's artic t lie- two closing paragraphs. We regret very much to see a determination e.presetl by the fi lends of Mr. ' Wrbs-ter, to c .r.t'iiue hi.n :is a candidate f.r the Presi ! dency, vvh'-rs there is nt the rem.. test prospect of his , success. Such a course can leive no other etli'ct than I to divide th? - ilorcs of the Whigs, and eventually eb-ct NUl'KRIOIt C)UilT JUliGH. Mr. Van Ibiren. And. as regir !s the Courier's " Uni- We hive received an able letter, not intended, how- on," or " Wi lis',, Ilarri.-on, and White Ticket." to be ever, for publication, naming John Giua, 1H ot" 'tidi and sirij. irted in each State : we con-id -r such tow n, as n most suitable person to fill a seat on the R-pcn a course utterly impr acticahle ; a ticket with the name of tne Superior Court. We know not wiu tner Mr. cf NVebrter on it could never receive support in the presu be doubted. Here it is tlie gratifying intelligence we have italicisal : "Here we hnve nullifying prints whose streams of abuse and slander against Mr. Van Ruren. charging him with being the candidate of t ie AU"it oni.-ts and the friend of their de-igns, have scarcely vet c-ased to tl.xxl the Ian i' note that fv n's have shocn that 111 and his friends l,ve SllCCr.llDF.l) IX PCTTIXG I)( . Till: nOLf TJO.MSTS, a,d hi hunting is contained in out the fanatical agitators of the mun'ry fmai their strong, h'dits. these consistent, brawling nuhi'.iers turn round an i charge Mr. Van Ruren and his friends with persecuting t ie fi:iat;cs f r 'party effect. '" A d Mr. Van IJuren h i actuary eut to rest the ab'i litionists and agitators of the country! S.n.ul d iu.t t ie peojle of the South sing pra's -s to his name for t .s act of unsurpassed and loving kin lne-s? Su;dy til"1 cannot n-w refuse their votes to him an 1 his amalgama tion compiiKni, Col. Johns n. Mr. Van K ir"!i mims' he a migiity powerful ;it:i, tluis to crii-Ii, at a single Moid, (we suppose it most hive been .lone at a single blow, as this is the only one that we hive known of his fctrikiug against the abolitionists,) a piwerfil party at The Subscriber is authorized bv Dr. Oliver to apply this Truss on the conditions above mention ed, viz.: no cure no pav ASHBEL SMITH, November 21, 1833. Sniilury, N. C Public Safe ! IN pursuance of an (Jhder of the County Court of Rowan, I will evpose to Public Sale, on the ' premises of the late Samuel Upright, deceased, i on the 10th day of December next, Upwards of !sHNl,000 per month have been received TffO AcfiTro 3ItIl, latterly at the Land Offices of Chicago and Quincy, in Belonging to the estate of said Upright, together Illinois, at jsl J" per acre. with a small quantity of Corn, Wheat, and Hay. A credit of twelve months will be given, tho pur- Vacancy ElectionMonday next, the 23rd instant, d ve(1 Cl!rilv -1 I - . . I . . 1. 1 I. 1 11 SS li has been selected as the day oa which to hold an elec tion in Orange county, fr a Commoner to supply the vacancy occasioned by the death of Mr. Forrest. THOMAS SMITH, Aduu,. November 17. 1S33. i tor. strength talents, an ! bravery of the wh U tdiould like to hear the pirticulirs ot th outn. v e laying of a Van Ruren! Giles would accept the appointment if tendered to him ; South, although the people may believe him to be an tut we most fully concur in the opini. n expres-ed by honest politician. Resides, there must be a rallying the writer, that "the suavity and dignity of Mr. point the people will vote fir no ticket u;in con tin Giles manners, his great monl worth, and extensive geiscies. Does the Courier Indieve that if such a tick Ical attainments, render him qualified in an eminent et had been formed in lj4, with Gen. Jackson's name degree to adorn a seat on the Rench of tlie Superior ! upon it, that it would have received the immense ma Court and win for it the respect and affection of the jority which he alone received ! Hardly. pe pie. 1 ne Writer lUri.'ier JllSliy atiUS I.IH WIOO- l --nvi o.niw i; n- uu io.i. ...i nvin, nun iu; Mr. Giles' opinions on the great Coristitntioml questions splitting; up of, the Van IJuren party in tlirit Si ate, the j rry- f, is a bal rule that icilf not work loth ways. that have agitated our country, have berm openly ex- j Courier says : pressed and ably advocated, he lias not descended to i " Vfiv, we would ask, was not the Tammany pirtv rnin-le in those little party squabble, which detract j JjvWcjI int.. three sections in :u, ; , and :n j ... , 1 -, 1 , . .4 v liy hut because An irew Jackson was at its head an I from the d.gn.ty of the gentleman, and sink the states- ; hlrra f:,r oM Hickory!" lts watchword! This was man into the narrow minded, llbberal, and prejudiced tjie lK.,nil o- uriion wlnch c-inented them together, and partizan." It would lie a most, excellent appointment, j placed at (ietiance tlie assaults of their opponents. Put ' . . 1 there is no such cliarm in the name of Mr. Mai tin Van fT Superior Court Judge. A communication , ;iircn t brings with it no recollections f services in the last Raleigh Standard, signed "Several Mem- . rendered to his country of battles fought ami ictor.es We have received the first No. of the Cheraw Ga zette, I'M i ted with spirit, and Published, neatly, on an imperial sheet with fair type, by M. Maclean, at Che r aw, S. C. The Gazette h rather a neutral in politics. We hope that friend Maclean may not experience the ill success of his predecessors. We have been favored with a cony of tho address of t!i Itev. Alva Wim I, President of the University of Ala inma. The following beautiful ex ract is taken fro n it : Your patriotism an 1 your philanthropy will condvne j to n !uce yon to extena your tostenng care to every I g-Kl literary institution amoig us, that it nviv triumph j over th-1 preju iices of ignorance anJ bigotry ; and that un.Ser the enlightening and liberalizing influence of such ' institutions, the great experiment ot self-government no a- unking in t!i United States, may he conducted to a hipoy issue; and may result in the establishment of free governments ami of pure religion, throughout! the world. Is there one of you who ooes not teel some ....rtl,.M ,.f" th-it v:it rpivmohditv wli:ch rets nn.in the Hit- n..rl!i. t. mk ivklrt .t -n . v i-rt,-1 .. r-fiiro .!. I .,,r'a.ln RMlM:c. ic, ,,ia the etmt d.tnn'o of li- IDDCB'd'SJi 3 ii 3aifi2'J3 lral principles, in opivition to the divine right of Kings and the hereditary cl n ns of despots ! Is there one of few of the ringleaders; f,r "sure it mut have been a j von, who will n .t a ll a stone to tne great pyramid ot blfy ti'dd on which Loru " Arthur fell, bv the hand of American hberty, wh.ch shall transmit, tor tl.ous.inds of Huoi L.C TFULLY informs the publo : . a he futs located himself m STATE'S VILLI:, Xorth-C.iro:iH.i, And occupies tlie stand formerly owned by Doctr. Carson. N. l. Calls left at Mr. Welch's Hotel will be promptly attended to. Nov. 14, 1S35. UT!LLER A: MILVEK-m.iI&TSi RESPECTFULLY in forms Ins Friends and the Public, that lie still conti. nues to curry on the above business, in all its various hrnnehps. iyL?c-j-j II.. ci : ..-ii i - ins ciiu i is sum Kepi on the Main-street, in Salisbu- ! let ine swe.ir you to .an eternal hatred of all tyranny, ' '" . iw.litirn! mi l eeelesi.istieal : an i to an eternal fidelity to Defeat tiie Win Hurenits by pluralities or -najorities and j t,K, caue cf knowle,lge, of christian virtue, and of ra t iey will -till cliiui t!i7 victory! W.ien Ititner was j tional tree.lom. Io forth, then, my dear voung friends, elected fiovernor of Pennsylvania over the two Van to the high duties to which your country calls you ; and Buren candidates though not receiving quite so many ' may Clod .Mm gl.H- orotoct and bless you." vot-s as both of them, the part- prints yelled victory! to the ends of tlie earth. A case of precisely the same nature has just taken place in the City of Xew York, at an election tor a member to Congress. The Van !u- renites run oiu candidate, Mr. Lee, while tiieir oppo- b'.MTEl) IX WEDLOCK. In Iredell county, on the 27th ultimo, by A. Howard, Esq., Mr. WILLIAM X. HOWARD, to Miss SARAH j C. ALUS A. In this county, on the '20th ultimo, by John Shaver, ters oi me nar, proposes ien i,::nmri.Mwr,wi '-"-, ''.mn.n.. " ., . . , , . . I? PUWIVP fr PI 17- RPPn i o , t;tli,l '.,,, ,w'U nnn f ,he vacancies on none of the captivating and seductive blandishments nents run two, Messrs. 1 erns and Morgan; Lee was L.. Mr JA -Ob KLDU 1 L. to M.s. : . ., i ' Iem, as a suitable person to LA one ot the vacancies on . - . , , ii;( ni.i, ... nirtr .-' In Cabarrus county, on the lgth instant, bv the Rev. ', ... ' . which are ever i in pa I ted by a a ant, Ixjld, frank, and , elected hy a small plurality, and the same part prints ' t em i r v-i'v mi ' ,,m;, our Superior Court Bench. , i , n- i . i . V- . n , 1 . - ... ... , .... , 1 L nrv ( i;? kt. .1 r. DA II) LLX i Z, ol Kuwait, to JMiss Wl 1 ! generf.us bearing, but is allied to the m.t abject syco- yell this as a victory also! U e tiiink the lugs have I ',y. .N-n M()Ypp We omitted to mention in our list, that Gov. Swain ! pliancy and unprincipled intrigue. Ii is synonvmous , rirIlt fo COu plain" of their supple adversaries in the! 'inRalei'rh on the 1 intant by the R-v Michael Jessed through Salisbury on his way to the Seat of Go- cunning ami a time-serving disunion, and ,ann.rf of ,hc in,Iiafl.. Wn, yoU never say victory , OsK.rne, JE-AsE li.iOWX, Esq.," formerly 'ot Rowan i- i .i . . will hereafter be a bye-word ol reproach to those who -' J J .1. t n , e,un i. ?,',,,,.,; vernment, on Friday the Pith instant. . . , , ., , , ' ,, .. rt , , to us once county, but now 1 idler of the liank of tne State in that J aspire to high places and seek to obtain them by the lu us "--- ' ... T i,up!'ti')V' i . .-,.,.,,,, ..r..r... rTTTTTT, . s.-r-r i . i . 1 i . city, to Miss LAvLNA M. McPHLL I LK5, daugiiter U.4dJJ Vl til Ik7 U. 1 4 & I a I I V. . t.t : niiko omcTs i scorn and ctinrmt)T ti i-vitv nirri uti. j . 1 ir in i t .mi . i .T . z? o r,, . . , ,,i t , otic and virtuous m.nd. Such is bt lined to be tho c ha- w e mi in so.,n Know who is to mi tue o;nce oi uikt- ct the late treaty are not yet settled, nor indeed does it . , , ,T 0. . . . , , , , ... , .... ., - - mr-lf-r .t l.irlm Van Itiirr-n iti ,!h.T .Ntntoa nfi.l . in fM pnl tit tlir Itranrh Mint him the oitlCOS at appear that they are in the wny to an amicable settle ment. We r.pre.-sed our decided ceasurc of the me nace contained in Gen. Jackson's Message, and we do not yet see any reason for changing1 the opinion we then gave. Put on the other hand the sincerity and good faith ofLou:s Plnllippe and his government, throughout it is known to be here, where his whole course, from a the lijosal of the legislature are tilled when the cunnmg and I ap; ring youth to a successful but intrigu- : pIV,intinent;J to vacancies on the Circuit Court bench Ill lil, 13 tt.lllll.II l Will" llll'tj in r Til I ix I j. Ml. H llfiV are his early political friends and asMK.'iafr's! the ladders bv which he rose to eminence dow 5HSt .i i i-- -- t ii . . ine Wi.oie anair very iiaDie to suspicion, are nanny mai- ii umI ' an such a man unite the neon e in his sniv vi.. .-,i ter of doubt any longer. From the most careful consi-; port ? Can such a politician rally around him tho-o i CAXDOIt AND IlO.LST OF VAN BUliEXISM. . pjour country, Uv Where i t"'ia" ke made, if one gentleman be not provided for, Bacon, . . ire ' I f-.rle i ' '0 shall see the reason why the Hranch Mint appoint-; JJwax lown as: .ion as ued turned adrift as soon as the pur- ! ment at Charlotte lias been held by a temporary super- otton Hes for which he .sought their friendship are accoiop- jntendent, UV hav inort- to say on this subject anon. (7orilf ushed ! Can Mich a man unite the people in his sup- Fl ivJeed true model f a onular government! On this altar! rv, one door above the Store of Samuel Lemlv A feon. atches and Clocks of every kind will be REPAIRED with neatness, at short notice, on reasonable terms, and Warranted for 1 2 Months. He will always keep on hand a variety of artU cles in his line; such as Patent Lever WalcllCS, (English, French, Swiss, and Dutch.) Gold .and Plated Fob Chains, (iold and Plated Watch Guards. Gold and Plated Watch Keys. Gold and Plated Watch Seals. Gold Ear-bobs, Breast-pins, and Finger-rings, (latest fashion.) Silver Ware; Ever-pointed Pencil Cases, and Leads. Silver Spectacles, and steel frames and glasses. Fine Pocket and Dirk Knives, and Silver Fruit Knives. Pocket Pistols and Dirks. Breast Buttons and Musical Boxes. r:i4 i c AT CHERAW, (S. C.) November 10, 1SC53. TV 7 j - . "V . i , i , i i i Us V7iu vtoui itiHi outci litKt u io t:.eoioit: no 9 a ll;.ails and Rrads, . t ' , . . , , , - . 1- Sugar, brown, . 10 a P2.t : art,c,f Purchased at bts shop, and in pay merit tor 14' a 1() vorK none auu ueois uue. u. u. x Salisbury, August '22, l3o. ti Current i'ricc ol Iroi!iuc, Vc. 14 a 17 I CO. Tiie Washington Van Duren Glolie of the lltii inst., copies from the last British Almanac the statement j that the failure of ninety-six Banks in the United States deration of the suhiect. we believe the French Govern- I !'-'" who when they firt gave their adherence to Jack- ment are ready to make the Treaty of lNH,a cause of ;iisiii, did so from the rure,t and mt ennobling mo . , , , , , , tives rv which man can bo swayed? Never did men war if delay and duplicity not too ban taced, can effect , ni.. mirr.r nrinr;i,K(,r,tr1niNln th tl. -.- this end. To any one acquainted with France and the : pj,, f trijs state when the great Clmtonian party, led is among the remark ble events related as having oc French character, it is obvious that th; present state of on by their chief, proclaimed thir preference fir the i curred in April iSll ; which with a liberality ami re that country is unnatural, false, and cannot last lonrr. Hero of New Orleans; and if at that time nought could gard fir truth characteristic of the official is denomina- Louis Philbne is t.x aracious not to be aware of this ,::'-VP. rc.ica wan iron, ine.r oetermmeu pun,., it trd Opi'O.mtion Bvnk History r, ' ' , . , , . ... wo'jl.l liave tKcn the acc s.-ton oi Martin van IJuren to Jiict. I he system regularly trsue by him and his . i. . i.,. . , i ...i i ,...i - - i.i'-iiiiiir s -a i ii. i ii i i iti.j ij nt ni.ii iiiiiiiT-ij nit: do. northern, Feathers, . . Iron, . . . Molasses, . . lump. 13i a 141 do. loaf, . . 16 a 17 . f5 a TfvSalt, per sack, . O a olH) .1(X) a l'd .lo. bushel, . ft? a 75 .750 a (XHi rotton Bagging,. i5 a 30 S00 a 9(H)' Bale Hope, . . 10 a 12 . 3o a Wheat, ... 113 A a "jWool 10 a IS . 40 a 4ol Whiskey, . . . 40 a 47 ministry since the 13th March. 1-31, is not likely to be I,,,nented Clinton with all tho terocitv of a bIo.xl hound, Iiii-n 1--r 4 ONE Hun '.red Dollar Bill, payable at the Piitrintie l:inlc. nt WnshinTton eitv. d.itrd aware that every evil falling this country or ex.st.ng j No nof recnllcctedf was h ,he subscri- I ber iKitween Morganton and Salisbury, on the C-u.Uoliii.liiti.UuwAiiiLJi in the haunted itnainatiuns of tho Kitchen Cabinet is - . .. a . . . . . ... . I A . A I a I i re-raced. An internal commotion w!iic!i would burl s and who bad held up the name ot Jackson to public . lurmui.i io i.i opposition ami me i;nix, uui u is fjuue t:1,T .vl.i i1,.VpP,n .1,0, 11,1, arif intb inct the King from his tlirone and bring buck the Bourbons ' scorn as a 'licentious sol.lier,' a cold-blooded murderer,' 1 a piece of news to us to be informed that the op;osition j reward of SO will be men to anv person find er substitute the f,,n of a republic ; or a foreign war ; ' hurles.p.e m,n De.nracy,' and 'a Tyrant, whose , aro printers of British Almanacs. Why did not the i Ilir anJ jeSiverhig said note to It. C. Pearson, Esq., seems inevitable. A war at once attaches their immense j i'"" 'Vt'u'' ''7.V!i!i Y. . . . .iC'"!!i . :.. .1 : . ! (',ohe 'itli its usual veracity that it was minted by I atMorranton. X. C. standing army of 4'JO.UVJ, and their large and well j ciy an,j tho Ct1Mty uf Kings, which adjoins us, n ay, ,J;1,lk Attorneys, on 1 quipped navy to the King, besides a numerous portion 1 lot our own citizens carefully peruso those "si"-nsof the I Nicholas' E.xpence ! of the civil classes. The increasing restrictions im posed on the Press since 1S31 and its final muzzling the present year, look to the same end. By giving to the Government entire control of the public ear, public feeling can be moulded at will. During war public Attention would not be concentrated to remove the frhackles from the Press provided it blew loud the trum pet of the nation's victories It is well known that Ixuis Philippe has apprehended most danger to his throne from Russia, Austria, and Prussia. A war with the United States, the model of Free Institutions, at once conciliates those powers and f'.nd- vent fur tlie restive and fiery tpirits of his own subjects. Bat if Iauis Philippe be really desirous to maintain peace with this country; he can easily lo so by acting with good faith and causing the I:iJemriiy to be paid. It now is at his option to do so or to decline on. frivolous pretence of waiting tbr further e.vplan itions. As to explanation-', we trust Gen. Jackson will not so fir forget what is due to the dignity of this country as to otfer :n .re. We thjuld even t-r.'f.T to se; a du!v authenti- t lines, arid they will bud in them abundant evidence that in this State Mr. ' art:n Van Buren is, and ever ..111.. ! 11. . :. .. win oe, in a most mirame mummy. . . arr:,in nresente.b tlie other d.iv. with another m.mm hat, then, does it become the higs to ;o as tlie . , . , ' 1 1 .i 1 t ici.tt tuitii lli.'tiSLil tJl 9 iii.ii.a ill iciiiu, uim friends of the Constitution and tiie Iaws, the enemies of Executive usurpations, and the contemners of those who would obtain high places by degrading the institu tions of our country, and the practice of the most de basing and abject sycophancy ! A very large majority of them in this State (ourselves among the number) look upon Daniel Webster as the man of all others the most conspicuous for his able iiefence' of the Constitu tion against Executive encroachments. We know Lucky we Another mammoth BEET ! We were 10th up wards of 2'S inches in circumference, and weighed 9 pounds. It grew in the garden of Mr. Benson of this place. There were nine others of about the same size raised in the same bed. 0 15$ minted l . Ten t!touaml lb. -'jLfe f FORK, and twelve hun- tX'iSS&ZsS dred bushels of C O II X wanted at the Conrad Gold Mine; for which the him to be as estimable in private life as he is tran- j Uv one Beuben Chambers, a Quaker Abolition-Atheist. 1 Cash will be paid, on contract, delivered at the scendently great in the Senate; and as devoted to the j fIe abiwcs ailJ ri,iicules? an the advocates for keeping Mine, ia Davidson countv, North Carolina. e-reat cause ot cml liberty as he is conspicuous tor the j ro n .1 ci 1 1 n 1 " ItPVIAMIV ITSTIV , , 1 . 11 . .1 : 1 i..i 10 v the Sabbath day, of Sabbath Schools, and all be- 11j. J . -i 1 AUOin,( ,.,, unrivaled talent and judgement with which ne has de- - , nvr curr r v Agents. The Dethania Palladium is a little 7-by-9 weekly, published at Bc-thania, Iancaster county, Pennsylvania, Nov. 21,133. F. A. MOORE. P. S. 1 think it probable that there were some two or three small bills lost at the same time as above. F. A. M. CO UN and PORK nd j fended the saerod temple of our rights against the as saults of ruthless, unprincipled, and ambitious dema gogues. Others, again, perceive in the great military services, thp civil qualiiications, and the admitted pru dence and discretion of William Henry Harrison equal claims to confidence and support; and a third party fir IIu: uevolent Societies, and avers that Methodist Camp- meetings are about upon a pnr with Card-tables, lotte ry otlices, II ace-grounds, Grog-shops, and Theatres," and expresses the hope that they will bo presented, at the ne.xt Court for Lancaster county, as a "public nui- ind in the purity of mind and quiet determined stunt of j ccM Reuben, thou art requested riot to send any !Iugh Lv.V;o:i Whitg what they deem proper and cs- more of thy pipers to tins olnce. Multvn in parvq. JESSE SHELLY, November 14, 1835. p3 To JSerchanl, and others. 4 LARG E QUANTITY of excellent white WBAP V PING PAPEii, of newspaper size, now on hand, and may be had ou very cliean terms, by application at Oct, 10. f THIS OFFICE. J Watches THE Subscriber has just return ed from Philadelphia, where he JL, purchased a rich assort mentof WATCHES, V V m m as m a W f Of lit most recent Fusnions. Gentlemen's Gold and Silver Lever, Do. do. Duplex, Ladies' Gold Lever and do. PJain English and Swiss Fine Gold Fob-Chains and Keys; Fine Plated Fob-Chains and Keys; Ladies' Plated Neck-Chains; A rich assortment of Breast-Pins and Rings; Fine Ear-Rings, (iold and Plated ; Ladies' Jet, Silver, and Gilt Waist-Buckles; Shell Music Boxes and Silver Pencils A large assortment of Spectacles for all Eyes; Ladies' and Gentlemen's Fine Icket Books; Superior Wade and Butcher Cencave Razors; 14 Pocket Knives and Scissors; Leather and Silk Money-Purses; Ladies' large Tuck and Side-Combs ; Do. Snuff Boxes, and Thimbles; Fine Plated Castors and Candle-sticks, Together with Chains, Pistols, Seals, and Keys, &c. Also, Silver Spoons and Sugar-Tongs. He hopes that his Friends and Customers will call and see his fine assortment, and B U Y He will sell low for C A S II , or on a short credit. Orders from distance will le promptly filled. Watches and Clocks repaired well, and War rantedor Twelve Months. CT Old Gold and Silver taken in exchange f.r Jewellery. JOiiN C. PALMER. Salisbury, September 12, 1535. tf

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