North Carolina Newspapers

The following verses are intended as a "hit" at the
English Medical Faculty. Kir Charles and Sir Aftley
jire'intcnded for two eminent physicians named Cooper:
"The Devil he sat on his gardcu gate.
A picking- his teeth with the end of his ta 1 1 because he'd been doing so inuch work of bfc,
lie grew sick, and his appetite oitea would Jail ;
When a Toad, who came by in a carnage and six.
Walk'd no to the idler so grave and so giiasuy.
Felt his pulse, icw'd his tongeo,and d id other wisy tricks
That are practiced by Sir Charles and Sir Astley.
Oh, o!i ! suys the Doctor, your majesty! ill !
You must take night and morning a ur.ugui. ano. it pui ,
But the Devil the Tcad 'ncath his fo)t ouickly jamm'd,
And said, I take your ttu:!": If 1 do I'll be d d !'
Then his Imlship grew worse in yam had he mod
A draught of the Styx am! a bath of the Lethe
Till, worn by bis torment, one morning he cried,
.Must I d:e like a dog! no ; go fitch Abcrnthy.
The Doctor lie catr.e, looking surly and sage,
One hand in his picket, one stuck in hid waist;
Said he,. Read mv book; and he mentioned the page;
Take a blue pill every night. Where's my lie ! l'uj
in haste.'
Then said Lucifer, fiercely, 'This crn't be endured!
You cure my disease without wishing to learn it!
I've ir't indirection how's that to be cured 1'
Rushed John: 'Live on six-jKMitc a week, friend, and
earn il.
. . p. . J. - --4 -
from the Anirust.t l(V.) Sentinfl.
Wax knocked oil', to the highest bidder, on the
iir.-t .Monday in October lu&t, the fallowing ar
ticles :
Van 1'rnKN. A scant pattern, but a neat arti
cle, suited to the newest fashions made in Balti
more, bv Ruckor, Brothers ov Company, and sent
out as a sample colour, changeable, upon a dark
White. A phin, useful article, manufacture,!
bv Rip Van W'i.iklo in his best days, and used with
the hi 'best approbation in Tennessee color, w hite,
with a fptck of crimson.
Johnson. An admirable- article for house sr
ranfs manufactured by Ilucker, Brothers V: Co.,
.Baltimore color, Jet black.
How thrjj catch Monkey. Th'-re is a curioijs
wav of catcliing .Monkeys, without hurting them
much, except that it frightens them ; though by
the wav is lu 1 enough, tor who had not much
rather le whipped stoutly, than to be excessively
The Mastcrn hunters, who know how ready the
monkeys are to try to do every thing which
see men !.), renair to the woods winch is frequented
bv the-e animals, carr iag with them some very
strvigsoapsuds,ar.J a great many pairof little hoots.
A'!:(.mi they get to the sjot where the little f.-IIows
are chattering in great numbers among the tre:'s,
and watehin"- thc:n, they stop and go to washing J
th'dr faces and drawing on their own boots.
Afi-r lulling on boots and washing faces a little
while, tiiev retire a short distanceyind hide them
selves, leaving the soapsuds and the little hxits be
hind tii- in. liown our: tiie monkeys from off the
trees, an 1 go to imitating th' in. They draw on
the sanll boot.-, and wash their faces well in soap
suds. When they get fairly at it, and their eves
l.o.r;., to Kmnr so that thov c.vt hardlv see. out
rush the hunters and pursue them. Blinded bv
the soapsuds, and fettered by the boots, they are
oori an l easily taken.
Hard Lirin. We have it from good authority
that there lives an old bachelor (?) in the city of N.
York, who is very rich and keeps a store in which
he employs two clerks. These clerks salary he
pays by allowing them extra privileges in the store.
II is so darn'd close that he sleeps in the store on
the bare counter. His meals consist of two jen
uies worth of dried apples for breakfast, eaten dry
and wit lout drink; tor dinner he drinks a quart of
water to swell the apples, and for supper lie eats
:md drinks nothing the year round.
This is but little bett r Ixiard than the Dutchman
got, whe-i apprenticed to the Tailoring trade, who
.icver had any breakfast givei him : fir dinner he'd
get a f ggmg, and for supper tlrdt which was left
from ilinn"r warmed over again. He would have
almost starved, had it not been for the cabbage.
.1 uburn AH seel la nj.
Married. In Matilda, Upper Canada, on the
ICtli ult., Mr. Israel Sifan, journeyman cabinet
maker, to Miss Grace Parlor. Since Mr. Satan
has obtained for hi use If a 'local habitation,' and a
wile, it is hoped that his " goings up and down,"'
tve, will bo limited f r the future to that section of
ihe country which he has chosen tor his residence.
Mankind are free, peace shall abound.
Since (trace by Satan has been found ;
And in full proof that oace :s meant,
Lrarl by (truce lias pitch! his tent;
No more in deserts wild he'll roam,
He's got a Parlor for his hone.
Rule in Singing. Never pronounce the words
distinctly. The ladies should, and in truth they
do generally attend to this rule, at d for an excellent
n-iwrtn. 'Plif lir:rop' ntlotilir.n i . I ... . .. I
anv id the word mbrht ,.,..',,, 1. c,
-.i v..:::. : .r":-, J .
in i iir i in; 11.1 iu ui ?oi4i,u.
This couplet, for instance
At anchor laid, remote froni home ;
Toiling I cry sweet spirit, come,
Should be sung thus;
A-tanchor laidere rro-tfro mome,
Toi-linI crysu ee tsjirit eo:ne.
ubheations not long since, the f;o!utiori of wliiHi j
,as nLtM,i.Kerss. lifnnd.r, an orror or mistake
, ,- , . - , , ,- '' oi.e ,
nd bus, a kiss or salute with the hps. (),, being
'. .
I. la i ... . .... '
reiui io a iauy , was now she ri.,j!CS(
when she innocently replied, she liked a re-buss
sweetly. j
A I urKish napor says, ' A sou'-anirnafing ro-e-'
Dusn, uud and tlossom yielding, tn the hapi.y im-!
peri il rose-garden, has exhibited signs of v'egefa. j
tion." By wliich we are to understand that the j
.Sukan is expecting an addition to his fuinilv. j
All publisher'? of newspapers nr. not such small
bugs as Mrs. Butler supposes them to I. Among !
them is no less a tersonage than the son of the !
, l . ... .... t
Moon, the grand Sultan Mahmod. the publisher j
f the Ottoman Monitrr " i. 1. 1 .1. I.,
a re enue - of 1 S Ififl f 00 " '
a revenue ot loO,uuu. ,
Remarkable Warm Weather. A Keutuc1 ian '
Fai l, when he was Smth. the weather was , hot I ?
that his buttons dropped oil" by sjoon fulls !
Useful Discorcries. Tt is found that bv mixing
lard with butter, sauJ with sugar, water with milk,
and brick bats with cotton, they will go much far-
V h !
, .
fTMIE Subscriber, having determined to remove
to the south-wesl, i.fil-rs for sale tlie above pro
perly, with or without the Furniture. 1 he Plan
tation contains about 700 Acres of Land; be
tween 95 and 1(0 acres are low-grounds, cleared,
ditched, and in good order otherwise; and is ei
ther good fr Grain or Grass there being about
12 Acre of the latter, (viz: meadow land.)
About 200 Acres of the high-lands arc cleared
and in fine order for cultivation. In all I think it
good for 11,000 bushels of Corn, with a proportion
able quantity of small grain.
The Houses want no repair, and nre sufficient
for entertaining GO or 70 boarders, with line Stri
blery, Carriage-house, and Threshing .Machine.
No building of any description is requisite for the
place at present.
The property is now positively offered at a price
so low that it '.vill pay tor itself in three years, by
attention to the Farm and House. Persons wish
ing to buy had better lose no time, as it shall be
sold, and the price at which it is offered will f rce
it immediately. Letters to my address, at this
Oilice, will meet prompt attention.
(r NEG ROES, for my own ue, will be taken
at fair prices.
Application may he made, for prices and pay
ments, to the following Agents, viz: Maj. II. W.
Conner, of Salisbury ; James A. Johnston, Esq.,
Charlotte ; C C. Henderson, Esq., Lincolnton,
and A. .M. Burton, Esq., of Beattie's Ford, who
have the terms and will make sales.
' I S. I tf.-iMiiI tn ihe Plantation is n fine stock
' f ,I(),rs ' , c t , , an ou!stamin? Crop of
Corn say 2,000 bushels, which may le had with
the plantation. U . S. S.
Catawba Springs, September 20, 1 :). tf
T h. 1 W 31 11 13 IS Tl
Or Tm; SroitTi.'.o and Dramatic Comtvmon,
Knibelished witn a multitude of Bnirravins, including
lortraits of celebrated winning Horses, Philosophi
cal and Natural jihenomena, Legerdemain, vVe.
ST is now hx ruo'iths since this publication was co:n
mt need in Philadelphia and nlthougii the publish
ers base used no extraneous means to circulate a
knowledge of its merits, yet such is the satiUcci-m
manifested by that portion of the public who have b en
in ule ai nuainted with its character and contents, that
i:s 1 st of patrons continues con.-tmtly ai 1 rapi-lly to
increae. Tins papT is now distributed regularly eve
ry week over a wide portion of the Union, and the
::ost siti.-d'idory assurances are received that it will
eventually become one of the most popular among the
numerous excellent p.-nooicais which issue iroin me
American press. N' exertions will be spared to esta
biish its perina .cut reputation more c.t nsivcly; ami it
the liberal sanction of those for whom it is especially
designed shall warrant, its tuture improvement both
as regards typographical neatness and ciuocliudmicnt
will be materially advanced.
oO" The dillerent Plays and Farces that will appear
in the eoerse of a yar, of themselves, will be Worth
more than Four times the amount of sulcri;f ion. Tiie
I a '!.".! 1 . L . I til 1 1 .
lowing is a nsioi mose wincu nave airea-.y ai-peareu;
-!,... M If.'. -.1
Is She a Cr-gand. . . ,
The Hunchback. . . ,
The Doep. Deep Sea. .
Cheap Living. . . . .
Shak.-poaro's Barly Days.
Henri in arte
Quite Correct. ...
Beggar of f !. thnal Green. an 1 Wives.
Man of Ten Thousand. .
The Ladie.-' M m. . .
I'll Tell You What . .
The Golden Farmer. .
Olympic Devil-. . . .
Bnghh in India. . . .
Shikspearu Fe.-tival. .
The ivi-rt Indian. . . .
My Friend tae Governor.
Tae ( Knrubus
Tiie Child of Nature.
Tiie R'T.eontre. . . .
The Duel
The- Si.r.ers
I le run n i
Irish Ambassador. . . ,
My Neighbour's Wife. .
R. P. Smith.
J. S. Knowlcs.
. J. R. Plai.che.
F. Reynolds.
C. A. Somerset.
T. Morton
R. P. Smith.
J. S. Knowde?.
Thouris Holt-roil.
Vi!!i on B. Carton.
Mrs. Itic.ihald.
B.Miji!:Hn Webster.
F. M. Rev nobis.
PI me!. I) u.ce.
W. T. Moncrieli:
Y. G. Bonis.
J. It. Pi" ache.
II. M. M ilner.
Mrs. Incii'jild.
R. li. Peake.
W. 15 irrvmorc.
. James Kenney.
. . Tyrone power.
Alfred Cunii.
Aladdin, or the Wonderful Lamp.
AO" Tfie Sporting Intelligence (at liomt; and abroad )
leccupie-s rt eonsiiicrable pvtion of our columns, and is!
J collected fro ui tije most authentic sources. Among the
I ortrasts ot celebrated Winning Horses which have i
been given, are
The American Trotting Horse. Bdwin Fores-l.
The Imported Racing Horse, Mes-.-enger.
The favourite Racing Mare, Ariel, an 1 her fjal, by
Be! ipse.
Bond's celebrated Trotting Horse, Norfolk Phenome
non. Tiie true blooded popular Horse Chateau Margaux.
ihe well Krio-vn Ln gush Rice IJorse, I oucli.-tone,
Vh'; l'od-horse Ilundig, the winner of the
l)y June, is.
Bxplanation of the Automaton Chess Piaver, illustra
ted by Llevcn Lngrav nigs,
'JT The f-:iajeets w inch are particularly embraced
the Yade Mecum will be more distinctly understood
ft t!l:'Ving summary of them :-
. 5 , r" u?0
i t!i'. Structure and ( .imraeter ol the Horse,
o Improvement of Horned Cattle.
n Ine Jinpn
;.,,.s for Novices in Shooting.
MethvJsh.r IY.ii:ig and Training Dog.
Ihograpiiies of celebrated Hurst.-, vvitii t!iclr Port-
H.nitn.rr. r;,:.;, r.v-T s.-n
- -":
Appioved (i.imes, from H:yb riid others,
('ntieisms ot. Plays and Actors.
Th-' nii.t popu! ir Songs, tn music.
Tiie .rt ,,r, .rdetmm Ii!u?trateJ.
A variety of Recipes ndantea to Domestic Economy.
Miio'rse oi rmrtant nas.-.T'- events.
(""it,!'l!l!'ll's I'Mri'lprlv li iv-ii'W oftho I-'iisli io:i
i i - -
y To Agents and ot.'iers a Premium, consisting
. ' '' tp ech, neatly bound of the
' ' i,lsl aznie, containing tight du. i rent Aovl.-,
hy t!" n'' '-thor.s will be presented to an
Vscni cr nef, i:,!ir ,..,. to ,!jo j
,trn Actl"- Drama, or the Gentleman's ado Me-1
r",m:t lho at"W ot o:ie yr & subscription
(-'5) thr each
Tins journal is printed week!', on large itnperial pa
per, with new type, at Three Dollars per Annum, pay
able in advance. Specimen numbers will ba snt "to
Til' r-.rt ,.f !... I... .. I .! , . ..VK.? .
-r.yuv. pw. SMITH &. ALBNANDBR.
N", 4.1 - TX. 1 I . " 1 U T t " I
..u. j, .vun.n;ii;i D'liiUiiif, i rar.j- .iu i .jce, i in.a.
ii c ll"urecI a ivacc course, occupying me Cotton and other Produce for Storage, Sale,
width of seven coumms. Shipment as the owner may direct. C. J. O.
A complete treatise on Ruling, with I ourteon Illus- 1 i ' t i ir
trations, tbr the improvement of Indies in that most T, .., e Brick Kovy Hay nunint,
l.ealthv of all exercises. Fayettcvidc, September 19, ltvto. Cm
fjTjvj A Splendid 0
Salisbury. (."V. C.) to Ilalcigh, (IV. C.)
A NXIOL'S to allonl every facility to the Travelling
V Public, now acnoimce that they have completed
all tiieir arrangements and can w ith truth say. We pre
sent you with a Line rf Hacks jmssessing advantages
over any other, if you wish to get on icith ease and
despatch having obtained that great desideratum with
all Travellers no detention on the road. It is so ar
ranged as to correspond, in its arrivals at Raleigh, with
the departure of the following Stages, viz: The Great
I aily Line to Rlakely, North-Carolina, passing through
LouTsburg, Warrenton, and Halifax; at the latter place
;i Line of Stages communicates w ith the Portsmouth
Rail-Read for Norfolk: by continuing on to Rlakley,
you strike the Petersburg Rail-Road; and on your ar
rival at that place vou have the choice of two Lines
either by land to Washington City, v ia. Richmond and
Fredericksburg, cr by Steam-Boat to Norfolk. There
is also a Line of Stages from Raleigh to Norfolk, via.
Tarborouirh, Murfrcesborouirh, Winton, &c., over one
of the best Natural Roads in the United States. At
Norfolk there w ill be no detention, as there is a line of
Steam-Coats f r Ibltimore in connexion with tins line.
This line also connects with one from Raliirh to New hem.
The arrivals at Salisbury is regulated altogether by
the departure of the Piedmont Line South, ami the
Great Western Line for Nashville, Tennessee, via
Lincolnton, Rutherfordton, Asheville, Knoxvillc, &c.
Leaves the Mansion Hotel. Salisburv.TURSDAY and
SATURDAY at U o'clock, A. M. after the arrival of
the Piedmont Staire from the South arrives in Kaleiirh
next davs at .) o'clock, P. M. Leav es Raleigh TUBS
DAY and SATURDAY at 2 o'clock, A. M., arrives in
Salisbury next days by 4 o'clock, P. M. allowing suf
ficient time on the road tor S It 11 1Z I .
itj- The I lacks are Albany make, entirely new, and
cannot be snrpased for comfort ami ease ; the Teams
are excellent, the Drivers careful ae.l attentive, and
the Fare low only SIIYKX DOLLARS M inter
mediate di.-tanccs 7 cents per mile.
Yy Pass.-ners from the South who wish to take
our Line will be careful to c-r to Salisbury only.
All Bundles and Packages at the risk of the
P. S. '";. Linr,from Salisbury to iudlimorv is jV5
cli'ap'r titan am ollur.
April 11, l?oo. tf
inc tare irom irnrmn m uingtun u
ar.iount to 81!) 50, as follows : I1ali:iuii, Nov . 7, I S3 1.
From Raleigh to Blaklev, Stage Fare, . . 7 j For sever:i, ycar ,sa!tf 1)r i;eckwith'S Anti
Rlikh'v to Petersburg, itail-Road I are, d I ., ' ,
lVtersW- to Iliclm.ond, Stage Fare, . 1 50 fl-eptic I ills have been used as a domestic me-Richmo-i
l to Fredericksburg, Stage Fare, 5 jdicme in my lamily. I have myself frequents
I re !erick?hurg to Wadiingt m City, Steam- used them for the relief of head ache, acitl and
it Fi
Tli" Fare from Pete4tburg to Baltimore,
via. NorlMk, is Four Dollars
, ll it o -
A-fl..ASLl.V 1 2.. 92m
rVW Public arc respectfully informed that the
Subscribers have provided themselves with a
neat and easy-rid...;; OMNIBUS, a team offirst
rate Horses, ami an obl.gmg and experienced Dn
ver, for the purpose of accommodating all who
may nave occasion, or ties,re io employ private
conveyance from Charlotte to any of the neigh
boring Towns.
Terms of Hire, very Reasonable.
The vehicle is capable of containing .srren persons
with the greatest convenience, and is so construct
ed that a distance of forty or fity miles per day
may be performed with perfect ease to passengers.
Gentlemen or Families who stop in Charlotte
for the purpose of visiting the Gold Mines in the
neighborhood, can be accommodated with an Om
nibus and a driver who is acquainted with the
country, at all times. B. P. BOYD & CO.
Charlotte, Nov. 7, lw:M.
N. B. There are ;; lines of Stages from Salis
bury to the North, and two from Yoikville to the
South. 7t
To Country Merchants.
fIIE Subscriber begs have to inf.rm his cus-
1 c: l ..n.. .i... t. :
ii mm iii un i. lit i i 1 1 , in. ii ut; is now
receiving his IVd supply of Goods; which con -
si-ts of u general, heavy, and well selected assort
ment ot
iT. anI .Ucdit'iiiOM, fjmt3
Without fin ther eiiuiinieration, his Stock com
prises almost every article now in common use in
this country It is inferior to none in Favetteville.
N. B. Personal and strict attention w ill be given
j to the receiving and forwarding Goods; receiving
FOR l'io.
TT EGS leave to inform his friends, ami the public
in general, that orders in his line will always
le thankfully received by him, and executed in the
most Neat, Fashionable, and Durable manner on
erms as reasonable as anyr in this section of coun
try. II. II. B. hopes, from his long practice of his
business, (a number of years of wliich time he
resided in the city of Philadelphia,) and from the
general satisfaction he has heretofore given to his
numerous respectable and fashionable customers, to
merit and receive a portion of the patronage of the
public in general.
03- He Hatters himself that his CUTTING is
really superior to any done in this State, as may
lf.;ttH,,,,v the ljn,ii,pUted elegance of fit which
... . i i- . ii i
'' pirments made m his estabhshmen . He
is , the rt gular receipt of the Reports of the Fa-
shions as they change botli in the large cities or
this country and of Europe so that gentlemen
may !. satisfied that their orders will always? Ie
executed in tiie very latest style.
Orders from a distance will lie nttendetl to with
tho same pTtnettiality and care as if the cuitomei
were preent in
Salisbury, September 19, Ij-J
lcckvit!i?s AiUi-IJyspcptie
extract, from the Hand-bills accompanying
each Box-, the following testimonial to the
efficacy of this valuable Medicine :
From the lit. Rcr. Levi S. lresy I). D., Bishop of
Sorth Carolina.
IiALEir.ii, March 2, 1S33.
Having, for the last three years, been intimately
acquainted with Dr. John Beckwith, of this City,
and enjoyed his professional services, I take plea
sure in stating that his character as a Christian
gentleman and experienced Physician, entitles his
testimony, in regard to the use of his Anti dy.pep
tic Pills, to the entire confidence of the public.
My experience of the good effects of these Pill,
for two years past, satisfies me of their eminent
value, particularly in aiding in impaired digestion
and warding off bilious attacks. Hav ing been for a
long time subject to the annual recurrence ot
such attacks, 1 was in the habit of resorting for
security against them, and with a very partial suc
cess, to a liberal use of Calomel or blue Pill. But
since my acquaintance with the Anti-dyspeptie
Pill of Dr. Beckwith, which he prescribed in the
first instance himself, I have not been under the
necessity of using Mercury in any form, besides,
being wholly exempt from billious attacks. Seve
ral members of my family are experiencing tin
same beneficial tllects. L. S. IVES.
From Cover nor Iredell.
Arui sT 21, 1S35.
Dr. Betkwith's Anti-Dyspeptic Pills have been
used in my family, which is a large one, with the
most beneficial effects. A number of my friends
who have been afflicted with the Dvspepsia, and
other disorders of the stomach, have spoken to
me in strong terms of the relief they experienced
from this remedy. Without the evidence I have
received from others, my intimate knowledge of
the professional and private character of Dr. Beck
with, for l he last twenty years, justifies me in de
claring, that he would give no assurances of facts
of his own experience, or of professional deduc
tions, ,.f which he was u t perfectly confident, and
on which t lie public might not s ifelv relv.
From ,;rnrrr r nadrf-
otherwise disordered stomach, resulting tror.i ini-
j prudence or excess in diet, and I have had many
(opportunities tf learning from others their t ilects,
when used by them for like purposes. My exp
rienee and observation justify me in saying that
the relief aflorded by the Pills is generally speedy,
ami almost always certain that they may be ta-
ttlrl 'lit ! Ill' timn li'lt Lri'lt abv iVvVM i..-i-r-iitf-r.-v
tl.olr nr.,i;,,n nlUn,ln.l !,.- .... ..o.,
j disagreeable eflects wl-.atever and though I have
i knovvn many persons use them, I have known none
lvjr did not approve them none who sustained
! any ijlirv, and none who failed to derive benefit
j ,, lhe;r US1. Aml i:po the whoIe, I do not
, hesitate to recommend them as an agreeable, safe.
and eiiicacioiis remedy in Dyspeptic affections,
and biliere them myself to be ihe best Anti dys
peptic medicine ever oOercd to the public.
OCT" A constant supply of these Pills on hand
and for sale, at THIS OFFICE.
September 5, I .35. m6
-Male and Female -Seminaries.
rSIIE Trustees of the above Institutions having
selected Mr. Alexander A. Hall, and Mrs. M.
R. Hall, as Principals, would respectfully announce
to Parents and Gimdians, that the first session
under Mr. and Mrs. Ii.!i's instruction will com
mence on Monday, the lGth of Xorcuzbcr nc.rt.
Rates of Tuition:
Reading and W riling, per session, . 86
! Natural Sciences and Belies Lettres, . $10
lvxtra charges for the Ornamental branches.
.Music will be taught at the usual prices as ear
ly as arrangements can be made for a Music Tea
cher. The Recitation Rooms being conveniently situ
ated, the Latin, G reek, .i'uI French Languages,
together with Drawing and Painting, vv ill be at
tended to in both departments.
OCT" Board can be had, in respectable fa miles,
at 81 i0 per week.
The Trustees hope, that the many advantages
derived to their Sceools, from location, good mo-
rul society , and the qualifications of the instructor
and instructress, will induce a liberal portion of
patronage, r.DMDND liKlAN,
I 7
JOHN W ILK INS, Treasurer.
Rutherfordton, N. C, Oct. 31, lSo-3. p7
Linc olnton, N. C, Oct. 23, 1535
1 have attended the several Examinations of the
Schools taught by Mrs. Hall, in this place and vi
cinitv, and I am of the opinion that the different
branches, were taught with great accuracy.
Lincolntcx, N. C, Oct. 23, 183o.
1 take pleasure in saying, that I have occasion
ally visited Mrs. Hall's Schools, taught in this
place and vicinity, and also the Examinations of
! the same; the progress of her pupils gave evidence
of great attention and ability in their instruction.
Cuxthc, Iredell Co., X. C, Oct. 2G, 1S35.
This is to certify, that I attended the Examina
tion of Mr. Alexander A. Kalls School, at this
place in the year 131, previous to his entering
College and completing his studies, and take pica
sure in testifying to the care and ability which
had evidently been devoted to the instruction of
hL pupils. JAMES McREE. ;
The Wclorii Carolinian.
1. The Western Carolinian is published every Sa
turday, at Two Dollars per annum if paid in advance,
or Two Dollars and Fifty Cents if not paid before the
expiration of three mouth;
g. No paper will be discontinued until all arrearages
are paid, unless at the discretion of the Editors.
3. Subscriptions vul not be received for a less time
than one year; and a failure to notify the rxlitors of a
wish to discontinue, ?t the end of a year, will be consi
dered as a new engagement.
4. Any person w-h-fwill procure six subscribers to the
Carolinian, and take ihe trouble to collect and transmit
tiieir subscription-money to t:ie Editors, shall have a pa
per gratis during their continuance.
5. T Prmons ind b.'cd to the Editors, may transviif
to (hem through the Ma!, at their risk provided they
get the qrkiuHclcdj; meat cf any respectable person to
prove that such remittance was regularly made.
1. Advertisements will be conspicuously and correct
ly inserted, at ."0 cents per square for ihe first inser'ion,
and cents for each continuance : but, where an ad
vertisement is ordered to go m only, "0 cts. w ill,
be charged for each insertion. If ordered for one iu-;
sertion only, .sl will in all cases bo charged.
2. Persons who esire to engage by the year, will bo
accommodated by a reasonable deduction from thenbovo
charges for transient custom.
1. To insure prompt attention to l etters addressed
to the E liters, the postage shul.' m all cases lie paid.
- -i : - -i
S -A -ft.
TIIE Propr iet. rs of T 1 1 E W E S T E R N
CAROLINIAN would respectfully inform
the Clerks of Court.-, Themis, Cenlables, and
' other gentlemen of bus-iness, that they have
vc now on hand, printed in a superior style, cn tiie
very be;t quality of piper, a large supply of
v Of olmost every Description,
- -V.
. Wliich they will sell on vcr moderate terms.
To those who become regular customers get
: all their Blanks of us a very considerable
-. : red action wiii be made from our regular price
X Any B.auks that we may not have on hnnd,
w.ll he printed io oruer on very s'iort notice.
y Orders from a distance will meet with prompt
attention; and Blanks p:.t up ana" fuiwani-d
.v in t!ie safej-t and nust expedititai? maimer.
, - - V
l-x- They would like wife inform Merchants a no
r.taers, tiiat, liuvini' an assort .oent ot lancy -'
i Job Type, Cuts, t)-c., v,h c!i is probably un- v i'-l
v I-!; surpas.sed by any m the State, t!:ev are prepa- 11
red to execute all kin-is of B iOK and JOB
PRINTING in vl very superinr fitlr. Nuchas ;
... Bonks. PamphU is, 'Circulars. Cards, llw d- i' ;'
Bills, Labels, Way-Bills, for Stages, &c. &:c.
All orders executed with tiespatcfu "
ISalilurv, June y
Calcu'aKid for ihe meridian of SALKAl, A. C.
V SMALL SUi PLY of the ame Almanacks have
been received, and may be had at TUBS OFFICE,
Price li? cents per conv ts.
'SHE Exercises of tiiis Institution were resu-
ined on the 1st Moaday in this month, under
the conduct ot the firmer competent and very ac
complished Tutie.-scs, Mrs. Polk and Miss Doug
lass. The Trustees renew the assurances they
formerly gave, as to t he great advantages of this
School. If health, and great moral and iiferary
instruction be aimed at, they say with confidence,
that there are few institutions more likely to af.
ford them than this. TIR TRUSTEES
Morganton, N. (.'., Nov. ?, 1 -:?.". tf
To tiv EnlcrprSziiajr !
J WILL Gl E i.t ao.uiao.e ?eu for a Factory,
-- tr other water machinery, to any person who
wishes to enter into such pursuits. The scat is
on the Yadkin River, iii miles below Stokes' Fer
ry, in Montgomery county, 1 will also give with
it a small quantity of Land. The seite is unsur
passed for convenience water power. Apply
on the premises, to U . ('. BFRIA;I'.
Current Lrsres oi' rodasee, .Vc.
AT SALISBURY November IS, If 35
rents. , Cent.
Bacon, ... 10 a Molasses, . . . f0
Brandv, apele, . -Jo a 00 Nails, .... 0 a 10
peach, . 30 n 3-1 Oats, .... 2" a 25
letter, P-! a -Rye, .... 75
Cotton, in seed, . 24 a 3 Sugar, brown, . 00 a 12.7r
ciean, . 12 a 13 " loaf, . . 10 a 20
Coflee, . - . 10 a 1 Salt, . . . 112 a 125
Corn 25 a (K) Tallow, . . . 10
Feathers, . . . 3M a 33 Tobacco, ... a 2f
Flour f 0 a 050, Wheat, (bushel) 80 a 100
Flaxseed, . . . BH jWhiskev, . . . 30 a 35,
J Barter,
Linseed Oil, per gallon, Si 25
AT FA YETTBYI LLB November 12.
Bacon K1. a J! Iron, . . . 4 a -I
Brandy, peacli, . 4(";. 50 Molasses, . . . 32 a 3'1
tipple, . 30 a V Nads, cut, . . . 0 a 4
Beeswax, . . 22 a 23 Sugar, brown, . 8 a 11
Coifee, . . .11a l-U; lump, . . a f
Cotton, .... 13.1 a 14 loaf, . . 14?5 a 17
Corn, . . . 50 a 00 Salt, . . . . 05 a 75
Flaxseed, . . 125 a 0U Wheat, . - . . 90 a H0
Flour, . . . .050 a 002 Whiskey, . . 30 a 32
Feathers, . . . 35 a 30 Wool, . . . . 1C a lb
AT COLUMBIA, (S. C.) November 14, 3S35.
Bacon, . . .
Biar.dy, peach,
Beeswax, . .
Butter, . . .
Ccllee, . . .
Corn, . .
Cotton, ...
Flour, . . .
Iron, . . .
10 a !2,Lnrd, . . .
75 ; Molasses, . .
40 a 50;Mackcrel, . .
15 a lOSalt, in sacks,
25 a 31 j bushel, .
12 a lolSuar, brown.
. 14 a 15
. 37$ a 40
.700 a !J."0
.2 r? ! ao
. 75
. 09 a 11
in ii ii
.?vi a 14UTallow, . . . 11 a 12
900 a lWTras, . . . .100 a 112
It lUu I lUKit'f A CI
5 a 5' ' Whiskey, .
. 40 a 4
AT CA?dCB, S. C November 11
10 a 11 I Corn
. 75 a f")
-V h 1000
137 a 1"0
. 35 a M
Tin,, U
i?i.:y, peacn,.
S Hour,
Do. a pole, .
Cotton,- . . .131

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