North Carolina Newspapers

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'rortniUiii filebrttrd winning !l(ri, rjiUutupiuv
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imc4 la nubd lphi nd illltouyb lh publuii
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Loowledl of hi awnta, yH mtch k lb ntu&cikm
tDMB(tUi by tint partiafl of tb publw who !- biwn
- aKU tcuuautted vith iu chinctr n4 fwitrnU, UU
, itt M Mtroet oooliaiteo omMteatly uwl mpuJIy to
IncrcMic Tin fpw k bow duHribut4 rrfvUrly oro
jry wwl or fviuam U lb Unwo, inJ Ui
mart Mti-fkclory uwininm iro ree'iwJ (htt it will
rtntiwlly hecono out of th moat popular lnH Iba
amruj excellent ariodkla whicli iano from tbe
Amoricaa dtm. No asortioM will a aiiar4 to oat.
fctub iia pnnangt repuutioa nnra xtr-ly and if
tftf liberal aaoctw M Bwaa w WDfxn n aapacwuT
Vaiipted ahaU wtrrant, Ua future improramwit both
a mnrda typrvnpriicaJ naatiieai aa4 aubellii-ment--will
Co mala ially adraoool . - , , .
ftTbo -iflwt Playa tw! Fire thtt will ippaar
ia Dm eottrao of t year, U thetnanlvco, will ba worth
mofi than Fuor timi tba amount of -ibmcriptico. Tha
Wlowin W a liat of Uwat which karaalWy appaared:
Cbariea tha TinC
Miaa MitM.
h Blia a Unftml
R. P. Hmith.
J. 8. Knoirk
I. R. PUaehv
F. Reynolda,
C A. tkmwraat.
T. Morton ""
Tha lluncbwck.' . ,
Tbo Dip, Deep Sea.
Cheap litviflf. . . .
Hltabpearc'i Ear!; Daya.
' nprm (jnifla.
-i- Quiw Correct---r-
R. Pi Smith.
Bejsrmr of Bethnal Orten. J. S. Knowlr-
' lluabanda and Wirea,
Tha Udiea Man. . '
Til Tell Yoa What .
; Tha OoU Farmer. ,
. Vmculation.
, 'Thomu Hulcroft.
VVilliara Ei Burton.
. Mm Incbbald. .
s Benjamin Webater,
. F. M. Reynold
' OImidm Devila
Planches Dane.
Amrlwh In InJia
KtwkHMwra PeatiraL ' ,
The Ewt Indian.',..!.'.
: Friend too Gorarnor,
";t Victflrina. ,
W. T. MoncrietC
W. a Lawk. -J.
R. Planeba.
, a hi. hlUnar.
r The Omnibua.
Tha Child of Nature.' lira, laclibald. -
Tha Rencootre. . , . 1 r
The DueL . . , . . R. R PeakaJ
The SMtoi2-Ii- -WIUnynorB,r
Vklocv ,
. Jamoa KeuDfyv
Tyrona rower.
Alfred Bunn.
lly Neighbour! Wife.
Aladdin, or the Wonderful. Limp,-
ttV The Sportin. Intelligence (at homa and abroad
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- onllectad uotn tlia moat autnenue toarooa. Amnngtne
m' , Portraita of celebrated Winning Uoraea which have
wem m gircn, are
. Tba American Trottiog Ilorae, Edwin Forett,
The Iinoorted Racine Florae. Meteonirer.
Tha draurita Racing Mar, AneVaLd her ft!,
n fkmi't eelebrated Trotting .Ilorae, Jforfulk, Phenomft.
-' Tbe Iran blooded popular Ilorae ChatW Mar jaox.
Tba well knowa En.luh Race IIotm, Touch. ma.
ial: - f-a.
Tha noted Blood-borse flundig, tia winner of tba
Derby Sukea in June, 133.V - ,
- A eorract Picture of IUca Courae, occupying the
.ullh of aaven colunuukL
A complete treaties, on Ridin?, with Tofirtwi Til u
tretiont, fur tho iniprovetnent of Ladiea in that moat
; healthy of all exerci :
Explanatioa of iba Automaton Cheaa Player, Qluatra-
? tod by Ueven tngratnga. - "
03" Tha aubjecte which are particularly embraced
m uia vane niucum win oe more aimincuy anaeratood
nora me Mtowinj tuuimary of hem J - ' -,
The Turf and all mattera connected therewith,
Oq tba .Structure and Character of tha Ilorae.
On the Improvement of Horned Cattle. . ,
Rn!"i fi Novicea is Shontina;.,T.;.- rr vi
WotiKid hj Feediiie a-id. T'Tning Dfn -f-"-"--.
B oraphiea-of cluUau.l Lraea, With tJielr'Tort
, Appioved Garnea, from I luylo anil olhefn., -
Criticiaina on Play and Actor.' '
Tlie moat popular t. f t tn muta, , r
The Art of I'nrdeiiiH in llliixtrited,
A rnrM-ty of Il cipf.a adapted to IKmicfltio Economy.
, .An lipilmne of important psiii7 avenu. ' ;
. ?y To A""'it and other I'remiUrtC eumntini;
f 'I, in VA'l'Hiii 5iJH .pap andii'iieM'y,4ioiratf,lhV'r
,i'n (isj $ X iuum', ci'mtiitung ii?lit diflereiift Novell),
y Hip moet nutlmrH, .wiH be presented -to an
A : nit or otliera wlio elmll pmriire fcur namea to the
rn Acting Drama, or tiia Ci. iitlHiiisn'a Vade Me-
amt'twffiit- t!w iiKWnt'6i(a-yMrife'tTpUS
(vl) (ir each. , v '-'-.t '.V
Tlfia ioitrrial Is printed wo k!y. on largo imperial pa
' )ier, with new typo, at Three lUlara per Annum, pay.
j able in advam-e. KiwciiiM-n nimibera will be aenl to
" any pan ot (na Union, ny a'tilrn.nitf the puhlisiiera,
-roaTAotraiaX ' .MiTU & AUiXANDER.
Na3i, Athenian BiiihiinRa, FraiiV.iin Place, Phila.
5 To the Entcrprizlns I
T MILL GIVE an admirable acat fort Factory,
- or otiier watr machinery, to any neraon who
ihp In enter into ench purmiin. The acat ia
on tl.a 1 aJhio Rivrr, 2 milea below Stokea For
rj. in Montgnmerv'tmntyVvl will alao give with
it u nall qunntity of LantJ. Tlie ecito ia unir-
f r con vciitencn a&t. water powrr. Apply
m itiC treuusca, to . - y. . lituiAUti.
i. . ........ ., ... 'S; .. -i ..
IZdno cf Hacka;
ANXIOLa toiled aery fccihty lo tha Tratallinr
I'ulWic. now aaiKMoea tliat tliy bara eoMipli!Uid
11 Uimr arranj-re-aunoil ran with truth mf, H f
UM fom arw4 a Lint llutki fouruing mJnantrngn
r wn ihrr ,r ' t0 Kft "
'M'rA.-f tiring ouaimxl inai f rai ornrmm wiui
all Travfclr-o Jtttiiu tm iA rV. U a ao ar
fanJ aa to corpui)d, la IW amvU at Rtciih, with
lh drriira of Ui ftAUmmg Btaf fiat Tha Oraal
1.WV- tolcl,NirUi-(Wiua,fK'Mintljrmc
UnUuip, War rati too. and (UlifaJti at lim luiiiaUc
a f.iiM oT Hiajf nimuntcti with tha PurtMomith
lUii-llmi k AWoik i by eouttnuinf on lo Blaalry,
yoeriha tha petursbura; Bail-Road; hi 00 rcr ar
fivil at tliat phita run bara tlia choiea of twoiJoea
either by land lo Waahiogtoa dry, via. Riehaonrf and
Frederick tiorf, of by tUant-Ct to Korf'4k. Tbera
a alao lino of tUafreo from Kak-iykio aiurfutk, via.
Tirburuaffh, Worfreewbofiiiifrh, WitiUm, aV-, orpr ooa
of tha bt-t KaUiral Ruada in tha Udttod Statea. At
Nurfclt Itxita iU ha ao duUnliuo, aa thera ia a Una of
ntcam-Buato It tUluiiara hi caoaexiua wttn Una una.
Thai lino alaa aonaaeta with owe from Raligh toNewbora.
Th anivpla at' cVUabary at fesutaUd alwigetber by
the dupartiiraof tha Piedmmrt fjne Hnuth, id.'.0
GfMt Veiant Ioe fbr Kaahrlti Trtnt'Vnia
LiaouIuU kdthnrrdluo AbavilR Knoaullc, fc&
Learea tha lliiiii,'a 1 IitnL Hl iWr . TUESDA Y and
SATURDAY at fi o cluck; A. 5I.-Hr tha arriral of
tha Piedmont BUife from the BrHith ame in Ril-irti
aext days at 0 a'clflch, p. Mr-l Raleigh TUFA
DAY and HATlRD.iY at I eYlock. A. V., anirea in
8a!ibury oext aayt by 4 o'chtf. M.-aJlowiD-auf-Boient
tim oa the road tut MLR BP. ' . . . -'
" Kr Tha Ilacbira Albany make, entiiwly nrasand
rannut he aurnaaard for cotnfijrt and oaaa; ibo Teama
are rxcollanl, Uia Driven careful and attentive, and
tha Kara low-e 8E f.V P0U.A13-U Inter,
mediate diaUncea 7 eanu per aula.
bT raaaamrari (torn tha 8ueAh who-wtah to take
our Lm will aa careful lo eayT la Slwar aay. ,
Ojr All Eondlea and Patkagea at the fik of the
owikira, tvtr i ia lmmvn
P.S. Tu Lhti, from 8oiiaArf ro tUttimot U tfi
thMfn (n mnj atacr.
Jte Fare from Rnlrigk to tFathtngton City
.mmmf to tit ML a folLnct;
Proni RaTeTfh to BUkley, Stare Fare, . V . f7
Kakley lo Petrliirg, Kail-Koad Fare, X
Petoraburv to RicSinon.l, HUfn Farts . 1 SO
Btcnmona w r reuericuoorg, ouge r are, o
: Fredericksburg lo WaJiingtwt City, Hleam
BualFare, ..,.. . 3
The Bteam-Buat Fare from Petrrabarg to Baltimore,
tia. Norfolk, ia W DoOora.
FOR aAlilV
THE Bubacriber, having determined lo remove
In 111 A nuth.arftat. nfTmra fiir iha ahnvn nrru
- i
perty, with or without the Furniture. Tbe Plan
ration containa about TOO Acrea of Land; be.
Iweon 95 and 100 acrea are tow-grounde, cleared,
ditfihed, and in good order otherwise; and ia ei-
ther gaud for Grain or uraaa - there being about
12 Acrea of the latter, (via: meadow land.)
" About 200 Acrea of the high landa are cleared
and in fine order for cultivation. In all I think it
good for 8,000 buahela of Cora, with a proportion,
able quantity of amall graio.
Tba IIiHiaea want do repa iraod-are.. tiiflicienti
ibr enlertaiiiing' Wor 70 boardera, with fine Bta
blery, Carriage-house, and Threaliing Machine.
No buiUtng-of any description ia requiaite lor the
place at preaenu -
Tha nropariy. ia new waaitively -t(hni at a price
so low tost it will pay for itaell in three yearn, by
aneniron to tne rarrn ana tiouse. Persons wish,
iog lo buy bad better loae no time, pa it ahall be
uld, and the price at which it is offered will force
it initnfdiatfJy1J4ejtere my addreaaratnhia
Office, will meet prompt attention..
E(J R?E'f "S?aSl Aijian
al 6ir Bricea."r'"'r''". '
Application may be made, for pricea and pay
menu, to the following Agente, viai Maj. H. W.
Conner, of Baliahnrv ; Jamea A. Johoalon, Eq.,
Charlotte t C. C. Ilenderaon, Ejki., Linoliiloh,
andj. M Burton, Esq., of Bcattie'a'f ord, who
have thb terms aod will ni;TT.T? ;'tt;JTi '- "i i:
i - w m. a-siwnxTfj?!.-
, P. 8. Attached la the PWtotion ia a Itna'atock
of Hogl arid Cattle, and" an 'Uiitaiiliiij Crop of
UmH-amj 2,000 bushelavfciuuh may be had with
the plantation. W 8. o.
L Catawba Springs, September 20, 1833. tf
:: for is33.
IIOnACE IL tJHUlDr Tailor, ':
fl EfiS Irnva to iuform hra&iooJsyawd tWanWrc
-fritt genernl, that orders in his line v. ill always
be thankfully received by him, and executed in the
moot INeat, t ashionablo, and JJurahJe manner on
erm ns rrmsnrrable as any in this section of coin.
try.. II. It. II, hopea, from hie long practice of bia
oiiiiier: ia niimoer or vwira oi wnicn una ne
xeatdcd-iia iIh city of ' PrSiUidctphia,' and Trora the
CTieral aad)4uitKia h trBjrrerrfafbW iVfrfl lofa
nutnerxHia rwpeotable and fatmionable tiwtoniera, to
nient and receive a portion of the patronage of the
public in general. . v ' Z U
. He fWt
mTTI'rajfienof' to any" uVme tn this State,' as way
be tested by tlie undisputed elegance of fit which
atttmcLi gnrmnnts made in hie e.-rtaWitshnvnt. . He
ia in IHe rejrulttr receipt of th Rcporta of the Fa
ahioi as thoy change both in the Inrge citic w
tnw count ry; and of hurope -o that gvntlemwi
rnny ba uttiMflod that thoir ordfi-s will lwaya be
executed m the very latent eh le. . j
uruure from a distance will be nttemlcd to witb
tlie aame punctuality and care aa if the ciwtoniei
were present ia poraoo . . -
Salislwry, Stember JO, 1833. ly. 1 , :
- To Itlmliantn. nud others.
4 I. A ROB QUANTITY of execlJent white WRAP-
a. PIAG PAPER, of newspaper now 01 hand,
and may be had oa, Very cheap term, fcv apiticntinn at
; vcu tu. t : TUI3 Oi i itti
Lalral Improvf mcnt
du. rit ten's
MlVrIiIalC TU13HH,
For Ikt immtdialt llttirf ami radical Curt of
11F.RS1A or RUPTURE. r
TUB BubecrlW, having Iwb legally author!.
1 9rA la tNiid anil annlv Dr. Prirf' rflrbrated
Imprwfd Patrni Mttalht Trvu,a the fctatce of
North Carolina and Virginia, lakea plnaiure to
proecnting to the citixeoa of I bona Statea, the ad
vantagoo of ihia highly approved iod celebrated
luxtnmicnt ; kit which purpota ha ia now viaa.og
tho principal towoa of Uhw 6u(m, remaining
few wneka in each, at which lima all peraona wiah
ing fa bn relieved of the danger and incoovenieiir
uf Rnpfurw, Vid makn application. '
i lu olhrnng the TRL tW lo tha aniicled or Kup.
tufa, we do it. tpnfidently believing from I he one
caaa Dr. Price baa had in curing Rupturr of long
ataoJing, and of every deacriptioa'on one or both
aidet, old and young, and lite leatimony of me
higbeat authority IA favor of lu auperior utility,
hat if ia lb moat valuable Instrument tot their
uta. It Can be worn with convenience, day and
night,' which' fa the eatimatinn of l,h moat diatia
i i n ii. I a a . a
Swnea ourgeoae, ia eeeenuaiiy imporwn
1 a permanent and apemfy cure of Rupturr).
No cure), no nay. Tlia foot alievwd gratui-
Lj:. JAMES li.i)LlVE4,M. 'tLL
Hera follow aumerou Certiftcatea. '. -Tha
Subscriber ia authoriied by Dr. Oliver to
apply Ihia Truea on ha conditioua abpy'a roeotiod.
ed, vii-s oo tura ao pay.
November 21, 1834. Baliabury, N.Jp.
UJklD la. VOOli,
Public, thai be still contT-t
pues to carry oa the above
baaineaa. in aU its various
tfiKr . . V branchea.
&Z "i 6oop Xil kept oa
tha Mi-stratriai 8ahtbo
ry, one door above the Store of Samuel Lemly du
Son. Watrhea and Clucks nf every kind will "be
REPAIRED with neatness, at abort amice,
on reasonable terms, and Warranted fOP 1 2
He will always keep on band a variety of artt
clea in hia line ; such as
Patent Lever Watches, (English, French,
Swiss, and Initch.)
Gold and Plated F.-b Chains.
Gold and Plated Watch Guards.
Gold and Plated Watch Keya,
Gold and Plated Watch ' " '
Gold Ear-bobs, Breast-pins, and Finger-rings,
(latest fashion.) "
Silver Ware; Ever-pointed Pencil Cases, and
Silver Spectacles, and at eel frame a and glasses.
Fine Pocket and Dirk Knives, and Silver Fruit
Pocket Pistols and Dirks.
Breast Buttons nnd Musical Boxes.
Gilt snd SlocI Watch Chaina and Keya.
(r Old Gold and Silver taken in exchange for
artK-les parchascd at his ahop, and in payment for
work done and debta due. D. L. P.
Salisbury, August 22. 1835. If
THE Pubsrriber has just return
ed frni Philadelphia, where he
purchased a rich asaortmentof
aT337TSLLS7. &0
Qf the most recent Fashions.
ntlernejiXWolio)L Si) ver Leyer, '
Do. do. Duplex,
Ladies' Gold Lever and " ' do.
Plain English and Swiss .
Fine Gold Fob-Chaiui and Kevs;
'iiie Plated. Fb-CBift and Keyrr
Ladies' Plated Neck-Chains;
' Plated Neck-V. hams ; '
ai-ortment of Breasr-Pina Indtuigir
st Ring? Gc4d ind Plated ; '
i Jet, Silver, and Gilt Waiat-Buclles :
j ' n. j m-Aj. t -i. '
A ricH i
Fine Ear
Shell Music Boxes and Silver Pencils ;
A large assortment of Spectacles for all Eyes;
Ladies' and Gentlemen Fine Pocket Books ;
' Superior Wade and Butcher Cencave Razors;
PofftH Kntvea and Sclsgora(
Leather and Silk Moncy-Puraest '
j . . . .v
4JHUK9 tai&v a UI auu uiou-vuiiiuv , ,
ku Snuff Boxes, an Thirnbleal" .
Fine Plated Castors Iod Condle-ttkli,
Together with' Chains, Pistols, Seals, and Keys,
dc Alan, 8ilver Spoons and Sugar-Tonga;
He hopes that hia Friends knd Customer Vil)
call and aee hia fine assortment, and B Vf T -4Ie
will sell low for CASH, or on a short credit.
Orders from a diManre will be promRtiy filled.?
vWatchea and Clocka repaired well, and Wr
ranted for Tvtlvt Month. 04r Old Gold and
Silver takew-in exchange for JeweHtry.' '" v -"'
Salisbury, September 12, 1833. tf ' "
N pursuance of an 0,der of the County Court
of Rowan, I trill eTpotw 'M I Pulilic Saleroa t he
oaltAe iota 4a j of Dtetmber next, f -
Belonging to the estate of said Upright, together
with a email quantity of Corn, Wheat, and Hay.
A tttedit of twelve montTu will be given, the pur
chaser giving bond with approved security.
w THOMAS SMITH, Administrator. '
November 17,1833. iV-; ' p
t , $100 LOST !
A ONE Hundred Dollar Bill, pnyable at the
Patriotic Bank, at Washington city, dated
1819, Ne. not recollected, waa lost by the subecri
bcr between Morganton and' Salisbury, on the
main "stage rood, between the Jlth and 16th inst.
A reward of f 20 will be given to any person find
ing and delivering s&id note to R. C Pearson, Esq.,
at Morganton, NC,ii: '',. ; ,-.
Non21,l835.-!4 F, A. MOORE, ,
p. S. I think it probable dial there were some
two or three small bills lost at. the same time as
abxvav;v;';:-,.:-.'. --! F, A. M.
t.-.grwfjw.aiiu. iyiy)
iifiia l rsALa-D2:::i.r.r.
'PIIE Truatees of ibe above Institutiona having
- Ircted Mr. Alexirvlor A. Hall, and Mra. M.
R. Ilall.aa Pnncipala, would reapeitfully announce
10 Parenta and Guardians, that the first season
wider .Mr. and Utm. Hall's- instruction- will eom
mouce oa Momjag, the 167 tf , Sfovtmbcr ntth
Hates of Tuition:
Reading and Writing, per acaaioo, $6
Natural Sciences and liellea Letlres, . 1IU
Lenguagear - tj, ; . .. . 912 30
t Extra charge's for tha Ornamental branches.
Music will le taught at lbs usual prices as ear
ly as arrangements can be made for a Music Tea
a her.
Tba Recitation Rooms being conveniently aitu-
aled, tba Latin, Greek, and French Languagna,
logaf hoc with Drawing and Painting, will be at
tended to in both departmenta. '
CO" Hoard can be had, in respectable lamilea,
at tl 60 per weak.
Tba Truateea hope, that the oiaoy advantages
derived to their Sc cools, from location, good mo
ral society, and the qualifications of the instructor
and kiatrucireae, will induce' a liberal portion of
patronage. . EDMUND oKY AN,
JOHN WILKIN'S, Treasurer.
Rutherfordton, N. CM Oct. 31, 1833. p7
LiacourroR, N. C, OcU 23, 1935.
1 have attended the several Examinations of the
School taught by Mrs. Hall, in thia nbjee and vi
cinity, and I am of tbe opinion that the different
branchea were taught wnh great acre racy.
LiaoOLJtTClt, N.'C fjct'23, 1833. "
1 take pleasure in saying, that I have occasion-
ally visited Mrs. Hall a Scboola, taught in thia
place and vicinity, and alao the Examinations of
theastneTthe progress of her pupila gave evidence
of great attention and ability in their instruction.
Ctirrae, Iredell Co., N. CH Oct. 28, 1 35.
This ia 10 certify, that f attended the' Examina
tion of Mr. Alexander A. Hall's School, at thia
place in the year 1831, previous to bia entering
College and completing hia atudies, and lake plea
sure in testifying to the care and ability which
had evidently been devoted to the instruction of
aiipupiia.' - JAMES McREE.
fpHS Exerciaeeof tbia -Institution were resa
4 nted on ikt 1st Xoadtf in this monik, under
tbe conduct of the former competent and very ac
complished Tutresaes, Mra Polk and Miaa Doug
lass. Tha Trustees renew tbe assurances they
formerly gave, as to the great advantages of thia
School. If health, hod (reat inorat and literary
instruction be aimed at, they aay with confidence,
that there are few institutiona mora likely to af
ford them than this. THE TRUSTEES.
Morganton, N, C Nov, 7, 163A. if
'pilE Public are respectfully informed that the
- Subscnbers bare provided themselves with a
neat and easy -riding OMNIBUS,' team of first
rate Horace, lt)d an obliging and experienced Dri
ver, for the parpoae oi Aceoroinodating. H -who
may have occasion, or desire to employ private
conveyance from Charlotte to any of the neigh
boring Towns.
TtrxxiaiolIIlreyYery ReaaonaUev
The vehicle ia capable of containing araen peraona
;: " " "r -"-"V" -"r;7"".
U'"' ll'.?' ?1"
T" ZAh ,-pw,?T t "TTT?
Gentfcmen or Families who stop In Charlotti
MtaV tha f reateat convenience, and. Is so construct.
atop in Charlotte
for the purpose of visiting the Gold Mines in the
neighborhood, can be accommodated an Uia
nibua, and a driver who ia acquainted with the
country, at alt timea. B. P. BOY D dc CO.
diarhrtre. Nut. T. 1833-.- : --i-
M. B. There are two line of Stagea from Satis-
buVy to the North, end tiro from Yorkvitle to the
South.' '' " v - " 7t
Tq iCouhtry Merchantg.
rPUE Subscriber begs leave to iuform his cus-
Dtomers and friends generally, that he is now
receiving his r all supply of Oooas f which con
sistsof a feoeral, heavy, and well aelecfod assort.
Bientof , ,vi'V?"
orossiss aits. saT-oooDO.4
Hardware is Cull nraTl
Dnift and Kcdicines, C1
yVWiSIWtutmMiimt his Stock com-
Of iaea-altnoal Svary artrHe now iw cetrrmon main
thia country It i inferior to aonr in Fayetteville.
r . ' C. J. ORRELL. 4
N, B. Personal and atrict attention wiH be given
to tlie receiving and forwarding Goods j receiving
Cotton and cither Produce for Storage, Sale, or
Shipment aa the owner may direct. C. J, O.
- Brick Row, Haymount,
Fayetteville, September 19, 1833. .L 6m
Ten thousand lbs.
of PORK, and twelve hun
dred bushels of CORN
wanted at tha Conrad Gold Mine; Tor which (he
Cash will be paid, oa contract, delivered at the
Mine, in DavHiima county, North Carolina
' November 14, 1835.
" Agents.
Rcrktrlth's Antl-Dj apepfjc
1 Wdik&a
WE extract, from the Hand-bills accompany ing
, each Box, the following testimonials to' tha
cOiracj of Ibia valuable Medicine I
From tit RuRn. Ltri 8, ltx$ D. DitUfof
North Citnlimtu
V ... R aibign, March?, 1833.
Having, for the last three years, been intimately
acquainted witb Dr. June Beckwilb, of this City,
tidJ enjoyed hi professional servicea, take plea
surolo staling that. his character a a Christian
gentleman tod experienced Physician, entitles bia
leatimony, ia regard to tba use of bis A oti dyspep
tic i uia, to toe entire couiKiooce ot the pono
My experieoea of the good effects of these Pule,
for two years past, cauafre ne of their eminent
value, particularly ia aiding to impaired diaeatioa
and warding off bilious attacks. Having brew ft a
long time subject lo the annual recurrence af
such attacka, 1 waa in Ibe bnbil of resorting tor
security agaioat then, and with a very partial suc
cess, to a jiberal use of CeloenH or blue Pill. But
since my acquaintance will "tbe Anti-dyspeptic
rui oi ur. ttecawitn, which tie prescribed u tbe
Erst instance himself, I have out brea under tba
necessity of osinj Mercury in any form, besides,
being wholly exempt front biilioua aiUcka. Seve
ral members of my family are experiencing ibe
same beneficial effects. L. 8. IVES.
From Covtrnor htdtlL
Acerrr21, 183S.
Dr. Betkwith'e Anti Dysprttic Pills have been
used in my family, which ia a Urge one, with Ibe
moat beneficial eflrcta. A number of my frieuda
who have been afflicted with the Dyspepsia, and
Other disorders of the stomach, have spoken lo
me in atrorg terms of the relief they experienced
from Ibia remedy. Without Ibe evidence I have
received from others, my intimate knowledge of
the professional and private character of Dr. Beck-
with, for tlie last twenty yeaia, inatihVs me in de
claring, that be would give oo assurance of facta
of hia own experience or of prvfeanuoal deduc.
lions, of which he waa not perfectly confident, and
on which tbe public might not aafrly rely.
Froaa tke on. Georgr E. Badger.
R4LEiai, Nov. 7, 1831.
For several years past. Dr. IVckwith's Ami-
Diiueptic Pills have been oned aa a domestic me.'
dhine in my family. I have myself frrquniily
used them for the iclief of head ache, acid and
otherwise disordered stomach, resulting from im.
prudence or exees in diet, and 1 have had many
opportuniliea of learning from other their tlKru,
when used by them for uka purpoaca. My expes
rieoce and observation justify awe -ia -eat to that
the relief aflbrded by the Pilla as generally apeedy,
and alttxiat always certain that they may be ta
ken at any time without dunger or inconvaoiencc,
and their operation ia attended by no naasea or
disagreeable effects whatever end though I have
knowa many persons use theaa, I have knowa none
who did not apprwv thrm oooe who suatained
any injnry, and none who failed to derive benefit
from their ue. And upon the whole, I do. wot
hesitate lo recommend them as an agreeable, safe,
and efficacious remedy in Dyspeptic aftWtionv,
arid beliett ibetn myself to be tbe beet Anti dys
peptic medicine ever offered to the public.
(T A constant supply of these Pills on hand
and for sale, at THIS OFFICE
September 5, I m-k
Current Prires of Irodure, JLc
AT S.1USBIIRY Xomhbb 3ov Wft
Bacon, . . .
Brandy, apple,
10 a Mnlsssei, : . . 50
ttt a OtVN'aila, .... 9 a 10
30a3.VOats, r-.- a i
121 a ;ftye. . . ... T7
Cotton, in wed,
Corn," . ; .
2 J a 3 Sugar JrowB,X 00 a 121 3
I2 a Mi -foaf, . . I6a 20
r iflalSalt, . : V 1 12 a 15
. 23 a Wallow, : . . 10
sWiTobecco, : ;'-: $a20
.6 0 a 650, Wheat, (bushel) 80 a 100
. 100 Whitkey, ... 30 a 35
res there,
Flour, . . .
Linseed Oil, per gallon, $1 23
November 19.
?. . . 4J a 5
Bacon, . , ,
Brandy, peach.
0 a 11 Iron,
a auaioi
27a M)Naife,cot,. .
23 a SViSiigar, hrown.
6 a 7
Beeswax, . .
Coffee, .
Cotton, . . .
Corn, . . , .
a 15
16 a 17
65a 70
a 115
a :)
16 a 13
Vi a Uk lump, .
U a 14
14 a 141!
55 a 60 Salt.
loaf, .
Fbuweed, . .
Flour, . . .
Feathers, . .
140 a 150 Wheat,.
.600 a 700ATikey.
a 33; Wool, .
AT CIIERAW, ( C.) November ift; 1835.
9 a HiNails and Brads,. 71
ver r40-wl-
14 a 171 da . lump, . .
141 a It
Cotton, .
131 e 14V do- foaC . .
. 65 a 7."iSalt, per sack, .
.100 a Wi da husliel, .
16 a 17
65 a 75
25 a 30
10 a 12
in al
Corn, .
Flour, country,
.750 a K)lCottoo Bagging,.
da northern, . 800 a DtK'iBale Rope,
FetheTcr T7 TSRWheat;' .
trnn. ..... 41a5lWooL . .
arouuees, . . . w a a-jiwnisiiey, .
At tke- Merchant's Bank of S. CWiaa, at Ckrravt r
& CJwcka on New York, fwr.eent prem.
da Charleston, . per cent prein.
AT COLUMBIA, (S. C.)--Novembrr 20, 18?
Bacon, . . .
Bramly, peach,
Beeswax, . .
Butter, . . .
Coftee, . . .
Corn, ....
Cotton, . . .
Flour, . , .
IroiV .
8 a lOllard,
12 a 14
75 IMolajwes, . .
40 a 5flj Mackerel, . .
15 a lfl Saltern sacks,
20 a 25 bwsheL .
13 av 16 Sugar, brown.
. 374 a 40
.H10 a
. 75
. 09 a 11
14al4JSTallow. . . . 11 a 12
900 a (Teas, . . . .100 a 112
. 5 a 5i,Whiekey, . . , 40 a 45
V AT CAMDFJV, 8. C-.. November 21.
Hacon, . . . 10 a 11
Brandy, peach,. 46 a GO
Da apple,. 35 a 40
Cotton, . . .l"allj
Flour, .
75 a 90
JSOa 1000
13? a-l-O-
35 a 40
v'-t$'4 .... - " ' -
..1. .;wTSaiKW.., ;..-ii:
;-1. . --;" '"'.ir'-V'V!-""i-V ' '-":T ' . i ,i . ... Lrt- ,y (.,.'.
i jCii'1' ';1T':5" i-w. I , x 'y " ", r,,T L VNi

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