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    of the Treasury should require it. Ti." term pw
posed bv each'of these institutions weu- nearly the
saun varying 'nly in this particul ar : tint the
Bank of the .State pro;--J to reeeiv the reim
bursement of the money, at any lime wiui it mijht
suit the convenience of the State to make it, or in
other word-, that the Public Treasurer should be
at liberty to fix the length of t ie eriods for which
the loan shou' 1 be made. Determining, however,
not to exercise the authority given me by the reso
lution, until driven to it by necessity, I refrain; 1
from tikiog any further step- in t!ie matter, until
bv the timely declaration of dividends of capital
made by the State Hank and Rank of Newborn, on
the shares owed by the State in each, the Treasu
ry was so repleui-hcd as to remove entirely all ne
cessity fr further action upon the subject. The
sources, however, from which such opportune re
lief w:is brought to the Treasury, during the past
year, are now nearly exhausted ; ami it has been
determined by the State Hank, that no further di
vidend of capital shall be declared until the expira
tion of the charter ; at which time it is contempla
ted to make a dividend of the whol of its means,
and bring its affaiis to a final close; so that all
hope of revenue, from that quarter, will le cut off,
until after the ri-st d iv of January, loS. Whit
cour; th" Bi'ik d NevlT;i intends to pursue, in
reg iH ! the riual ci -se of its concerns, is unknown
t i :h l"oar;rn?nt; na certain calculation, therc
fr. (M i mad"? i receiving aid from that source.
It is per.-" .-try "vid nt, tlivi, from every view of the
p..:,t it it of the Treasury, that a loan will be
require 5 it a very early fenod of the ensuing year.
Tie i n ! it ;i --!vicv ' be birro.ved will d"pend,
in a grep degr e, eo u th" cir u.ust iuc", whether
or not an ad Idioe l appropriation shall le made
to e i u th" -v rk i,; o the new Capitol, and to
whit in !";t ? Vi-ii nt i -i.'-sti in i determined.
a m" s on it
in av in for. ned
as to the r-ina!ji:
aoi vi i required.
Lr 1! r 1 res 'ufi'J i passed at the lust session of
tf H 1 -rti Av- noiv, directing tho lublic Trea-
m iV' " ! ''!! in: '
Co ;r ," is iods, .j
II !
given lor
v ,: 1 on f urth of the nriuci-
pi! .i ll i i'-j.-vs. d i; -nil n d o pu.i on or Ivf r--
tfie 1 -t i iv of !);!. nfer, Is:J, I proceeded at 10
early period. d"r the lj ur-i,.i.?ot of tiie last ses
sion, to noiifv every in livid i d purc';iasn of th
Cii'ro';e;-. L ttidn, wh-.s !.nds non .ined unpti-l, (
th" purport of tii? re .i itioit rcf;rred to. and reiprrst
cl tunir it i.nediate aiteotion to the subject. I re
gret to siv, tost but very few of tlinn have, as yet,
avi ii.' f 1
y.T. j, t 1
vriv. s 01 in n'.-ms 11 i" an"o-i, uov
nrii'j.'w win r n resp ited tiie co'.mty
. i . . . . i . : . ., o 1 1
of Mac ':i, in the last f egi-i ilure, that an error has
beri t .iitt-.d in t!i-i ',.tin A of the resolution ;
th it 1: sh vd I have been l3d," i osteal of " H
So." I iifutioo this circuuistancc fr t!ie purpose
of direetii; your attentim to tlie .subjee.t ; as in
the ev::at f u pr ,vis. t ljag made to the contra
ry, before the 1st day of IV'ceinVr U'xt, I shall
iecd it to be my duty to proceed u.uLt the resolu
tion as it n w exists.
Another clause of the resolution ah'jve mention
ed, authorizes the Public Treasurer to institute an
inqutrv into tho s tl veuey of the Cherow I :;,ls
How doe; and if he sii uld tiuok proper to com
mence suits on sue 1 f th en as nny U; deemed
doubtful ; or peri;:.t i'm'iii to b renewed un
der in pr viions . ' f 1 re .1 iUo-h on t h-tt sui
ict, i)ks';1 in 1-.'J. fois rinuirv J b-'u in-
h'itnfed but the n -nit
not Md vd.'l.iet only as-
c;;: n k' I. S soo.j is it .s!ia!l b', I o d vu leavor
to e :r"is': the hscret.i .i, vd? 1 i i me iy tiie re
6.) ufj i.i, io .i h n in i i ier as will best promote toe
int t .f t:-..- Stat?-.
15. .t i Act f t!i" vi'-.ieral e.;ib'., rn-fsed at
th- l ist a 4,
d " An Act direct mg tlie
c- ;v "V-in-e oi
Vn ':;!:i, t ' Ki
it i , . a I J i :
t'.- ii uo is a lOining the towm of
; l';iairm..a --f M i. --ti county c iurt,"
d it y of i iv- -t-iv.'r.ior, to rune a
grii t in ,!su?:J to t i : said ( i iirman and his
suv-c'.ir in ouiee, f r the la. ids lescrin.'d, wheue
er 'ly n execute to tV St.ite binds witli secu
rity to th ; sntisfaeti n oii!r Public Treasurer, for
the pavm -'it f 'nre;; do- ars p ;i acre, lor each and
everv acre of said la id, p.iab:e in four annual in
6tahue.:ts. U.o J r an .tner ;r vi-i-n of tae Act, a
surev of I he land his been ma.l'; nnJ fmr sever
al o ids, b'ari ig date til. l-t day of February,
Ir'Jo, tor tne su n of I .vo hundred a i l seventy-fi v.
d o'lars a. id t ve ity-fiv i cents eac i, hav.j been exe-
cured, as requin. ! ty the Act, by the Chiirman of
Ivlacon County Court, with security deemed ample
by the Public Treasurer, and are no.v on file in this
Toe st ite;n.nt marke 1 C, accomanying this re
port, will s!io.v ne a. ot" Treasury Notes issu
ed the several Acts of th" L'gi-liture on that
subj -:ct the amount at dillereid tii.i?s redeemed
an 1 burnt by tlie Committee of F.o-.nce; and tin
am -l it v d unredeemed. Of tnis lader amount,
viz. 85'i.5U O'-i it is Udieve I that at least two
thiris, p-j'-ups three-fourths, have bc-u l-st or de
stroyed, .'dost of the bills which are now present
ed at the Treasury tor redemption, a-e so exceed
ingly mutilated, as frequently to make it difficult
oven to tell th"ir denomination ; and, almost impos
sible to, detect those that are counterfeit, anil those
that are composed of various parts of bills arranged
and pasted together. The withdrawal of so large
an amount of change from circulation, within a few
years, has pr odueed serious iuconveuence in the
payment sif small sums of money ; which has not
yet lecn overcome by the etlbrts if the IVmk of
the State, to furnish a wutiicieney of specie-change
f r or li iory circu!afion. This iuconveuice has
bee j particularly f-lt in the trans u-tions of tins de
p.irt:u .it during th last year. I i"t of the Trei
sury bills no-v o'F'red fir red notioa, are prseuied
in -teull amounts, and n-t unfrequeidlv in a siuj.1"
bill at a time. It is rej'cff d!v suggest
ed!, adc'ther the Public Treasurer should not b"
authirized to incur a sm ill expense, t procure
fro.n the United States Mi if, or tNw here, an
anion it of specie change sii.Tieient to rediem these
bills, and to ficilitate tin busirvss of receiving and
paying in ibis department gene rail v.
The suits hretof re pending iKdwreri the State
and the Hanks of Newliciii 'in ' Cane Fear, were
deci ld at the ,t ter n of tin Court, in
fav :r if tlie Hanks; for tie grouuds upon which
Ine derisi u was made, I beg Icavo to .-efer to t!i-
rt.jort of the eisj itself.
The tax of twenty-five cents per sni are, f r the
last year, i-i.posed ly t!i" aim . id 1 charter, on
the Stock held bv individuals in the Hank of Cape
Fear, amounting to STT7 ."id, has b" n paid ; al
though th? amount was not r--e-i r-J icit-l after the
ncco-i in tor the fiscal year wer- c A divi
dend of eleven per cent h is ! -i -.'i lared for the
year, ending on th firt dav of November, instant,
on the St ck held by the State in th Huncomhc
Turnpike Cornpauy, amounting to ijoGO, vjhich
amount h als b"en. reeeiv?
the first of the present month.
Such liank exhibits as have
department, during the past year,
ne.xed, and such others a3 mav
tlie sitting of the Legislature,
The statements accomo unvin" this report, ( mark-
t v.. a . II '..,..Jn J.;n iw. iTu.,,.1 to rootnin !
all the information on the subjects to which they
I I Will & I IV I'll ' "in - - - - - ,
' . .... i i
relate, required to lie furnished by the act regula
ting the Treasury Department.
In conclusion, it is deemed but an act of justice
to the Sheriffs of the several counties, to state, that
they have, with great promptness and punctuality,
accounted for and paid into the Treasury, within
the time prescribed by law, the whole amount of
revenue with which they were chargeable. For
this faithfulness in the discharge of their duty, they
deserve the highest commendation.
All which is respectfully submitted.
S. F. P.VITERSOX, Public Treasurer.
Mr. fJuinn, of Macon, said, that in looking over
the IJenirt of thr Public Treasurer, be found re-
fornnri undo to :i l!ts ibition miisspH tho ,t scs- !
iti ir t!ie I .orri sl.itti p.. di rerliii'T th:it olllfer to
commence suits on all bonds given f r Chemkee j kr,cw Personally but little, either fr r against.
San Is, on which one fourth of tiie principal and in- IIe ktl(;w ,"ll' that ,,e wa on a Rrticular side as
terest due, sh ill n d b paid o i or b;f re the first reg ivdeml politics. He protested against ma
day of Icemb-r, I S3.-,. Mr. (lui m said a ma- f : ,er:,! H'tic the pivot on w hich an election
terial error ha I b en committed by the U igr M-hg ' kl H " ,u! J l,,ni- 'a 1 of exim.uiug
(rh io e;,p,.lti ,.r ih .t .. , l..t ion. .t -., ,ed I "f? ,l'; principles of can h dates, to ascertai i wfie-
tV' lA.. rUJatur... the time snocind w;n I) cemh.-r. !
ls3G, i ioea.1 of l-s.T. H theref re m ve 1 that
the Co .i:nitte-3 on (".her ikee Lands Ik instructed
to report a Ke.soiution making the one, adopted at
the last sessi.m, confirm to the true intention of th"
Le-i-.'-i,ure. Agrd to.
Mr. il ke rn ov'.f that a mssago Ik ent ti the
Sen ite. oroo vsjnj to bal'of immediately for (ioveru
or of th" State lor the ensuing vear, an I nomina
ting fir the station diehard D bbs Spaigiit, the Se
nator from Craven.
Mr. Dudley said, it was with extreme reluctance
he opposed any m tion of the gentleman from Lin
coln, and he trusted that, in now moving to lay bis
proposition on the table, he should not be consider
ed as acting disresjectfully.
The on Mr. Du 1 ley's motion was announced
to be A s 37 N es o7. S the in diou was lost.
Mr. itavner ni ived to amend the motion ;-ub-
milled by Mr. Hoke, by striking out the word ' im
mediately," and inserting "on Thursday next."-
And sup;or?ed his motion at some length.
Mr. II ke said, tiie gentleman who bad just ad
dressed the House possessed a most exulerant fan
cy. He had said a gool ileal about chivalry and
magnanimity, but really he could not see what they
had to do with the simple prooosition bef re them.
A very substantial reason, be thought, why the
elections should all be made, was, that those leing
over, th Legislature could then proceed to despatch
the necessary business, fre of excitement, an I go
home to th'ur constituents. 1) mht had liecii ex
pressed as to the vievvsof the gentleman nominated
by him on particular subjects. Is there a man
hep, said Mr. Hoke, who des not know the ji
nioiis of U-c!rir I I)obls Spaight on public matters?
He nail Ix en in public life for twenty ears, and
nvrr fit c-filed bis sentiments. He jcliovcd he
knew all his principle. :md he was sttisfiel with
tuem. lie assan-d g 'nt'.eme'.i h me mt nothing
unfiir, he wished nothing unfair he thought if was
w-l unders'o k1 that this election was to come ou
Mr. KlXfJ said, the gentleman from Lincoln
stated that it was well u rierstood the election of
(lovcruor was income on to-day. lie would ak,
by whom was it understood ? It might have ben
by the lea lers of i he party with which that gentle
man acted, hut certainly the understanding was not
general. As a free man, lie protested against the
application of party h .rntx.i, whether it were to
serve political friends or opponents. The gentle
man however was so lesirous of despatching the
public business, that he would consent to no delay.
The party to w aieh he belonged, arrogated to them
selves, he ldieved, the exclusive merit of attending
to the public interests. .Mr. Ivmg said, he recol
leetcd distinctly, that the election fir a United
States Senator last w inter was precipitately brought
on fr the very same reason, viz : that the public
business might In despatched. Gentlemen were
invoked to give an impetus to business bv having
tin election over. It was done, and in a few davs
we had a beautiful exemplification of the manner
in which the public business was to be despatched.
A string of Political Resolutions were brought for
ward, disgraceful to the State and to the party bv
whom they were introduced, which were debated
for several days at an expense of some xKOdO or
3l2,0(i) to the people. This was the way in w hich
"th" public business was despatched." And lie
had understood that another political dose of like
character was now in preparation, the one admin
istered last session not having proved stromr cnouirh
for the purpose intended.
With regard to the gentleman nominated, he felt
for him great personal respect, but he was a poli-
tical racer, whose notions he did not like, and he
com i not vote f r him. lie imputed nothing de
rogatory to the gentleman from Lincoln, but be
could not hdp remarking what a sudden revolution
his feelings h id undergone with regard to his can
didate. He knew the time when he was far from
bing a favorite with him.
Rut, said Mr. King, I deprecate this precipitate
action. What is to le gain" I by it, as the gentle
man from Hertford. (Mr. Rayner,) has emphatical
ly asksd ? If the party are confident of success,
they can lose nothing by a few days delay. Are
we to le f rced into a balloting, merely to gratify
their pride of power, and to allbrd 4h"in an oppor
tunity to exult, as they h ivc already done, at victo
ri"s not achieved exclu-ively on party grounds?
Such baste is a departure from established usage.
Are we to have no time to enquire into the fitness
of candidates ? Is ri opportunity for deli!er.itioti
or consultation to be allowed us ? Or has every
tiling beu arranged out of doors, and ail wo have
ti do is, like Iige vassals, to register the decrees
of th" junto ? A a free man, be protested against
it. 'The annals of every Legislature in the Union
might be consulted in vain for a precedent to justi
fy tins mode of hurrying on elections. He did
hope, however Ihey might djf:.r in their ideas of
the qualifications "f candidates, that tho election
would be at Ica-st decently conducted.
lr. lloxe. 1 as! Dai
ever, reminds me of the story of the man and the
great black dog. that he heard always trotting just ;
t . - '
behind him, but which never came in sight. It j
was all fancy sir the workings of a disordered
imagination. So with the gentleman lrom Iredell, :
in regard to the Mangum Resolutions. They are
everlastingly present to his distempered imagina
tion, and uo doubt in his view are infamous.
Mr. CLING MAX said, the chief reason ad
vanced for bringing on the election now, was to i
save time. It there be any sincerity in this nrgu-; election on party grounds, .viv reason tor wisnmg me v.u i v
ment, why was it not brought on 'last week ? It j a ostponement"is simply this :" It has been rumor- authorising the entrv of unsurveyed lands acquired
was known then that there would be a vacancy, led that Judire Martin intended to iesign, and if so, j by treaty from the Cherokee Indians in 1819, re
and that it was to be filled. We bad to adjourn . it will probably bo made known in a few days. ; ported the sanie without amendment; and the bid
from day to day, because we had nothing to do, and If that event occurs, gentlemen who would other- j having been read the second time,
so far as a savinv of time is concerned, it would wise be candidates, will not compete for the pre-i Mr. Cuinn explained its object. The lands re
certainly have savoured more of economy to have sent vacancy: he might prolmbly go himself for j n raining unsurveyed were refuse lands, which had
attended to thU matter then. Wliv had" they not : the nominee' if he found out that he was w. 11 u d-1 never been br aight into market, because it was
done so? Has any new light burst upon them i tied. 1 he West is not disposed to come m con
since that period ? In this country, said Mr. C, ; llict with the East, if there are two Ju lges to be
it is jerfectly idle to talk about going for principles j elected; an 1 it was to prevent this collision, that he
and not men. The onlv wav of nusliimr nrincinles was in fivor of a ir.ore distant day.
is bv jrettiri" out men as candidates who are identi-I
!..! itl tl..i llr i C.f. rirtiiii t r i up i ir
. He went for certain nrincinles :
himself, and he
! believed this election would affect j
them one wav or the other.
Of the nominee, he t
l,1r lh" ar ' lavor of measures calculited to i
elevate the condition of the S'ate, it is en u ;li for
soui" gentlemen that they belong to a certain par
f v. Great questions are now agitating tiie con dry.
There was one particularly, and he did ot a! u I"
to it now (or the purpose t discussing its menu, (
inasmuch ash? had laid ties Millions on the fable ;
i!i refreuvo fo it. He meant the proper disp-isi. j
tion to le made of the Public Lands. Iln .vas de
sirous of kno viag the opinions of the nomine" on subject. North Carolina has an immense iu -
trest in the settlement of this questioi, and the
Governor of tie State, as he is incline!, may "ita"r i
4i . w? l i ...J :r .
promote our wishes, or throw a stumbling block in
tlie way. It is the duty of a Governor to atten
to measures of State policy to develope an 1 f .!' r
our internal resources and leave President-making
to others. He wished time to enquire into tae
principles, not the political pr"fereuc s of the can
didates. Iiv Thursday, the day meatione.l, lie could
make up bis mind. Suppose, in our own cne, a
candidate f r the Legilature was to come out b"
f re the people on the day of H -ctio i ? Is it not
certain he would fx? beaten ? O a g?it the members
of this II iii-io, then, to pay less ntte-dion to consi
derations of propriety than their constituents ? He
shoul I vote f r the p stoouement.
The motion to p-tpoue was negatived, and the
Hoijso proceeded I tae election, w lie'i resulted in
the choice of lr. Sjiaight, as before stated.
Tuesday, X:rrmlfr 21, 1
O a motion of Mr. Waugh, the Committee on
Internal Improvements were instructed to inquire
into the expediency of so amending the road laws
as ti compel the County Courts to assign, in pro
per proporfi the ban Is who an; required to per
form duty in their respective counties.
; p'f uteri. liv Mr. ills m, a bill autho
rising th" Governor to issue bis warrant to some
one f the Ju Ige of the Supreme Court, command
ing him t fill any vacancy that may occur by
death, r"ngoation,or otherwise, of any of the Judges
of the S uperior Courts of law' and Equitv, of this
State ; and by Mr. Wyche, a bill to provide for
the payment of the tnstalme its on the shares re
serve I to the State in tiie capital stock of the Hank
of the State. Il"al th first time and passed the
last mentioned bill referred.
Mr. Manly said, that those gentlemen present,
who were members of the last Legislature, would
recollect the eventful history of a bill introduced
by him to establish tiie Merchant's Pnok d New
ben. It passed info a law, and the li t ok has g me
into ojH'ration ; and notwithstanding the nunrr'iis
difficulties it encountered in the outset, it was now
of fair prop rtioas, and m as s mnd and healthy a
condition as could be expected. Toe Charter, how
ever, contained one or two slight blemishes, which
it would requin the plastic, hand of" the Legislature
to remedy. One of these was in the clans.; author
izing the Stockholders, at their annual meeting, to
elect seven Directors, five of whom shall Ik neces
sary to transact business. In its practical opera
tion, this regulation is attended with great incon
venience, as it is frequently difficult, csecially in
me more stcKlv periods ot I he vear, to form a
i Hoard. It is desirable, therefore," to am-ul the
bill, as to authorise the appointment of nine Direc
tors, any five of whom shall constitute a quorum.
Another detect in the Charter, which required
correction, was this ; IU- f.e nmvi;,)iN of the ct
incorporating the Hank of the State and the Rank
: of Cae.I-Var, those institutions were authorized to
j iue Notes of the denomination of 83 and upwards,
1 while tiie Merchant's liank is restricted to issues
of js-j and upwards. A little reflection, he thought,
would convince every one, of the propriety of ma
king the issues uniform ; fr if they were not made
so, tlie cutlers of the Merchant's Bank would be
continually drained of sjecie to make change, a
large quantify of which is need"d in commercial
communities. So long as the Rank of the Shite
pursued its present policy of issuing no notes under
So, the Merchant's Rank would not require any
alteration to protect it.
Mr. M. said, as the Amendments to the Consti
tution were most probably ratified, this was jerad
venture the last time that !h" of Newbern
would be represented on that 11 or. He hoped,
therefore, lofore his constituents were disfranchised
lefir" night fell on Athens that this act of
sheer justice would le done them. Mr. M. then
submitted a bill to amend the Charter in tlie par
ticulars specified, which was read the first time.
Mr. Clarke moved that a message be sent to the
Senate, proposing to ballot immediately for a Soli
citor of the 2nd Judicial Circuit, and nominating
fr the appointment E l-vard Sfaelv.
Mr. added the name of St"ihen Miller.
Mr. Clarke said, there was ati 'th"r situation to
fe. fi'led, which he wished to bring to the notice of'
the House. He alluded to the vacancy on the Su
perior Court Beach, occasioned by tho dsath, of
Mr. Clarke hoped the House would not sustain
this motion, unless some good reason tor it coma
be shown. On yesterday, the cry was, let us get
. . .
through with the important elections, an t then pro-
ceed to the despatch ot business. iiu cirtuniMju-
ces alter cases. He presumed delay was now de-
sired for the purpose of organization
Mr. C.nimi ronlid. The mmtlemati used the
word organization. If he alluded to tmrtt orgam-:
-1 - f
zation, I know of no
one who wishes to place this
The question on the proposition to amend was j
i lioi dfd in t!if ii fTi r 111:1 1 i VP nnd n llO-iiT rr w:is fir- !
decided in the affirmative, and a messag" was ac-!
cording sent to the Seriate to ballot on Thursday ;
for a Jud je rice Judge Sea well, dec, winch was
concurred in bv that Ik1v.
VrJncsIii'i Xorcnbrr 23, IS33.
Mr. Polk preseute I the tetition of Flibeth
M'Caue, praying to be divorced from her husband.
R ;.,-.rr:..j.
Mr. Wyche, fr m the C immittee of Finance, re
ported a res :uti n, requiring the Public Treasurer
to or H-ure pe-i ciiauge tor th ; redemption oil
Tr isury notes; which was read three times and
or,,or,..i r., t engross I It subs.qu dlv passed
,,. JI.s-, ne i was .ir-'rd t.i U enrolL-dl
?:. .1 liv Mr. N .r.i. Kill i., n-e-id
an ajl ot I - J J, tor the invasion ot Uiwan cru ay.
Iiv Mr. V mgh, a bill co iceruing th-r County
iC,Hirts j this State. These bill were read the
! c1Pt ,:,., fu c.rv. i .ra filf. .hle 5.d t!.e ii
. ' .
nanvd refi'rred.
O i motion of Mr. Cooper, of Martin,
lli'.io!eI, Tnat the Committee on Internnl Im
pr eve n its be instructed to inquire into the expe
diency of amending the Road La vs, so as to com
pel all overseers of public roads to repor: to their
resective County Courts that may happen after
tlie 1st day of January in each and "very year, the
length of the roads over which they are ov-rscers,
and tiieir localities, and the number of hands sub
ject to work on said roads; and that it shall be tiie
duty of the 'ourts to apportion the hands on each
road, and to compel the Clerks of the respective
County Courts to make mch entry, and to transmit
his order to each overseer, within 30 days after
such order is made and that they report by bill
or otherwise.
Mr. Guin a, of Macon, from the Committee on
Cherokee Lands, to whom was referred so much;
of the Public Ireasurers Report as relates to a
mistake in the enrolment of a Resolution at th"
last session, in which that O dicer is directed to
co nmuce suit on tiie bonds due for the purcase of
Cn r ok"e lands, made a detailed report, accompa
nied by a Resolution directing the public Treusu-
rer n a to commence sua i hereon until uecemoer
1S30. Read first time.
A message was received from the Governor,
transmitting a voluminous Report from t!i" Com-
rnissioners anooinfed to revise and digest the Statute
Law of the S'afe.
lcen rea-l,
Tiie Communication having
Mr. Graiiam remarked, that the sublet of the
Reort jut received was one of great importance.
There :ppear"d to lv some difficulty as to the pro
per coui.-e fir tiie Legislature to pursue in refer
ence to it. O le view presented in the Governor's
communication, was to have a number of the re
vised Statutes printed in a cheap form for ore illa
tion and examination, in the interim of the Legi
slature, but to postpone fina' action on them until
the next session. Another view which had occurr
ed to h'mi, was fr tlie Assembly to take up and
j (Kiss on as many of the chapters as convenient, at
j this time. He 'moved, therefore, that a message
le s"ut to the Senate, proposing to print th?
verpor's Communication and th" letter of the Com
missioners, and t refT to a Joint Select Commit
tee of b-th Houses, the entire Report. Agieed to.
Tiie Rill to amend the et chartering the Mer
chant's Rank of New hern was read the second time. I
T r. moved to ctrd.-e nit en niird tC tho KIM '
as give, tlie power of issuing Votes under the de-
nomination of So. Mr. Ma dv . no -sed the motion,
l . I i i i i -
and repeated - .;" arguments idvan---" ' bv him ves-
tcrd.iy o;i iutrfrtlucing the bill,
king out was decided in fhe n"
Toe vote on dri -
king out was decided in the n"gative, SS to 34.
The bill then passed its second reading.
Thursday, November 2f, 1S35.
Hugh Wuddell, the member elect from Orange
county, rtrc James Forest dee'd., appeared, was
qualified, and took bis seat.
Mr. Graham, from the Committee on Education,
to whom was referred the Executive Communica-
tion in rel ition to the Stock reserved fr the State! Belonging t. the Estate of Dr. St-phen L. Fer
in the Rank of the State, reported a bill to allow! rad, deceased.
the Irusteesot the u m versify and the President
and Directors of the Literary Fund to subscribe
fir such number of Shares as may be convenient
for them to take not exceeding 1,500 Shares far
the firmer and oOO fir the latter. The bill was
rea I the first time and ordered to be printed.
Mr. Watkins, from the Military Committee, re
ported a bill to amend an Act passed in 1??25, di
recting bow the Regiments of Militia in this State
shall hereafter be reviewed. This bill makes jt
the duty of Reviewing Oificers to review at the
usual Parade ground, and repeals so much of the
act as gives power to Captains to muster their
Companies only twice a year. Read the first
Tlie bill for the more effectual suppression of
Gaming was taken up f r its second reading, Mr.
Pippin moved to amend it, so as to make the fine
on keepers of Gaining tables 8500, instead of 8200,
as prescribed in the bill. The motion being sta
ted, Mr. Manly said, as a member of the Judiciary
Committee, it was proper far him perhaps, to state
i the reason? vvhicii governed tho Committee in in.
calender month : and again, others might occur,
of such aggravated character, as to deserve more
signal notice. Rv leaving tlie penalty unlimited
the Ju he will have the power to go, in the way of,as high as figures can carry him, and in the term
of imprisonment, to the full extent permitted by
the Common law.
The motion to amend was rejected without a
i -. i i:
count, and the Dill passeu us seconu reaumg.
Mr. liur.m, trom the Joint ?n?ieci UMimimre ou
certain th-v w mid not bring the minimum valua
tion of 23 cents jer acre affixed on them by tho
L."i.:is!ature. The Commissioners appointed by
the Estate, had surveyed and entered all the la id
which would pay the expense, a -d had
till left
iho.isoids of acres in the more niountamou
thousands of acres in the more ni.?untai
u survccd. This bill was to enable such citizens,
io! that section, as chose to do s t enter these
lan-'s whir a b ate bad refused to i nter. i he
people of that cm dry, Mr. (JuLm sai .-re har
dy, industrious, and e iterprisifig, and if th :' pterin"-
hand f t'i-- Legislature were extended !o them,
would make that portion of the Stat" d -nri-hing
and prosperous. Not to ps-s the bill, Mr. Guinn
said, would I" totr.'at tiie citizens of Hay w d and
Macon with great injustice and neglect. Tho bill
passed its second reading.
Friday, Xorembtr 27, 1S35.
Mr. Wvche, from the Committee on Finance, to
whom was referred the bill to provide fir the pav
me .t of instalments on the shares reserved to the
Sf.;tc io t -e Slock of the liank oft!: State, report,
ed the same with sundry amendments Ordered to
lie o i tiie table and be printed.
Mr. Jov.eer, from, the Committee on Internal
Improvement, to whom was referred the bid to au
thorize a subscription upon tiie part of jbos State
to the Capita' Stock of the Oeonahiftv Turopiko
Companv, made a report thereon, recommending
its passage info a law, with an amendment. Where
upon the hi!!, as amen led. was re id the second and
third times, parsed, und orderd to 1 engrossed.
Mr. Graham, fp ui th" Cnmnittee on the Jur-i-ciarv,
which was in.--trncted b Resolution to report
a bill increasing the Tav : Pedlars, ie;,orted a
billt regulate th practice of hawki-'g n d ped
dling in this Sr.Tt", which wis rend th" ot time
and ordere 1 to he nri tc '. Th bid pr-'. i i-s that
no one -hal' v ;-;te m lh" S ne without r"ri-.!-sion
of the County Coiir t b - grant" 1 oidv o proof
of good character, ar 1 th" nee'icnr to pay f r the
privHeo-p a tax of -dollars. Per sot s r,e.;djirtr
with ut regular lie-ic", to be fl ,ed and imprisoned
en i.vlic'meot and
C i sctioo. f
t T - C .1. . . t
m r. 'rsm ie" same ' ooimme, to vvpom a
R"s oheion was referred, i:i-truci the-;) .t jn.
quire iato the ex?edi"-;cv ,f m : hog th Road
Laws, reported agai'i-'t sec'i onvii'lu.rvt which
was con-nirred in. Th" C -mj-nitt"" state in their
neport, t.-u u is inevn" o": t ?o ; nk" any c -ange,
unless the w hole sv-deoi : - revised, f r vhi"!i tb.-r
is not time this session. r.f fl;e cmn'eiiits
on this subject, the Com do,.-" think, aris ra. hep
from a want of the ri I administration of th
i ws
itlran from defect
in the s sen,.
TUE Subscrib'-r begs leave to inform his friends
j Ff ? ds th ,i,,,e Pio' Complete
auJ l,,t of cIothes in entyjour hours, in cases
J of ''li'PI 'rericv.
' r . -
' ornmcn are waraea, wno can
lume "Ae" recVi,.VV. . ,
J ill-Ml r O. Ilt.MlllwtVJ.
Concord, V C., D. c. .o, l:3.o.
On the first a j of Jnn-jory ticjf,
T WILL Hire, at the Courthouse in Salisbury,
for one year, to the higlo.-st bido'er, on the usu
al terms, ab ut
And at the same time and place, I will Rent, for
one year, the Dwelling-House and Lots,
with ;!! the improvements therei n, in the Town of
Salisbury, f.rm-rly occupied by the d ceased.
Also, I will Rent for a like term, several unim
proved Lots in said Town.
R. MAC NAMARA. Administrator.
December 1. lS3o. 4t
TZiifi'd and l,A'V Valll
4 LL those indebted to toe late firm of Murphy
c Moss, ,ire requested to settle the same by
the 1st day of January next: those failing to do
so, may expect to find their accounts and notes ia
tho hauds of an Odicer aft -.- t! at da.
December 5, 1?35. p3
Calculated for the meridian of SALEM, X. C.
Vo.MAL.Li hUlTIa ot tiie above Almanacks have
been received, and mav he had it TUlsa oppipi.
Price 10 cents ner copy t?.-

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