North Carolina Newspapers

    The Wclcni Carolinian.
1. The Western Carolinian m pnlI every Sa
Ttov, at Two Dollars per annum it' paid in advance,
or Two Dollars and Fifty CenLj if not paid before the
expiration of three months.
2. No paper will be discontinued until all arrearages
are paid, unless at the discretion of the Editors.
3. Subscriptions will not be received for a less time
than one year ; and a failure to notify the Editors of a
wi-ih to discontinue, at the end of a year, will be consi
dered aa a new engagement.
4. Any person who will procure six subscribers to the
Carolinian, and lake the trouble to collect and tran-uut
their subscription-money to the Editors, shall have a pa
Ier gratis during their continuance.
5. fjj- Persona indebted to the Fdifors,inay transmit
to them through the Mail, at their ri.-k provided they
fret the acknowledgment of any respectable person to
prove that such remittance was regularly made.
1. Advertisements will be conspicuously and correct
ly inserted, at 50 cents per square for the first insertion,
and '.3 cents fl.r each continuance : but, wlere an ad
vertisement is ordered to co in only twice, i i cts. will
be charged for each msertio.i. If ordered for one in
sertion only, Si will in all cases be charged.
'2. Person who desire to entrae by tlie your, will be
accommodated by a reasonable deduction from the above
charges for transient custom.
1. To insure prompt attention to letters addressed
to the Editors, the postage should in all cases be paid.
To Country Merchants.
Till' Subscriler begs leave to inform his cus
tomers and friends generally, that he is now
receiving his Fall supply of Goods; which con
sists of a general, heavy, and well selected assort
inent of
Hardv.nie A; Culicry
23i" ami 3ffcIieinc?
Without further ennumcration, Iiis Stock com
prises almost every article now in common use in
this country It is inferior to none in Faycttevillc.
3 C. J. OR HELL.
N. 15. Personal and strict attention will be Riven
to the receiving and forwarding Goods ; receiving
Cotton and other Produce for Storage, Sale, or
Shipment as the owner may direct. C. J. O.
Erick Row, Ilaymount,
l'aycttoville, September 10, 1H35. Cm
London, Edinburgh, Foreign, and Westminster,
HVXWVVaWIX kkvikws.
rill IE numbers of each work are published separately.
JL and f rm an exact reprint of the original copies.
They are issued as on oTor they arc received from
Huron:, as is consi.-tc-nt with their proper publication.
Price fbr the whole series, comprising the regular
numbers of the Imdon, Edinburgh, Foreign, and West
minister Reviews, jsS per annum.
Those who take less than the whole, the terms will
be as follows:
For three of them 7 per annum.
For two " 5
For one " 3 "
These subscriptions are invariably to be paid within
three months from the time of subscribing. Otherwise
an advance cf 25 per cent, will bo made ujon the sub
scription price.
Subscribers at a distance must enclose at least one
half of the year's sidscription in advance, otherwise a se
cond number will not be sent the terms leing so low
as not to justify any hazard in ohlammg payment.
Any individual forwarding .830 free of charge, Iiall
have five copies of the entire t-eries of this re-publication
sent him for one year.
It may be well for American readers to understand
that although these publications purport to be issued at
regular intervals, they do not frecpiently appear for ma
ny" weeks, and even month. from the time indicated on
their covers. They will be ro-publi.-hed here as soon
after they are received as it is possible to re-print them
in ono of the most extensive and effective printing es
tablishments in the city of New York.
Publisher and Proprietor, No. S) Pine Street, N. V.
Peak Sins: 1 wish you to give the following Li
bel three insertions in your pnor, viz.-
"I hereby certify, that whereas, I have charged
Jesse Elmore with stealing money out t f my pocket-book:
I hereby acknowledge that the said charge
was without cause, and do fully acquit the said El
more of the above charge altogether, b.M.g under
the impression, that to express an opinion against
nnv man was not actionable. Given under my
band and eal ; tliis 2nd Mav, 183.").
(Signed.) " V A LENTIXE CLEM MEU."
I have enclosed you the money for publication,
and hope you will not neglect it, as the tongue of
tdander should be silenced.
Thr original of this Libel has leen proven and
registered in Lincoln County Court.
Yours, with respect,
Pec. 19, 1835. P-
Five Cents Reward !
"f ANA WAY, from the Suhscrilr, on Sunday,
the 22nd ultimo, SAMUEL GREEN, an in
dented Apprentice to the RIack-smith trade. Said
Green is 19 years old; 5 feet 7 or 8 inches high;
stout built; dark hair, and full-ficed. He had on,
when he left me, a light mixed coat and blue lin
.v pantaloons. The above reward will be given
to any person w ho will apprehend and tlolivcr said
Green at my house in Cabarrus county. And I
forwarn all persons not to employ or harbor said
Green, as I intend to enforce the law against any
one who may do so.
Cabarrus Co., Dec. 19, 135. . 2
4 QUANTITY of Foolscap, and WrapV
- ping PAPER, best quality manufactured
at the Salem Paper Mill, now on hand and for sale
Novem!cr 2, 1835. tf
4 N extensive stock of BLANKS of every kind,
j neatlv printed, on lino paper, kept constantly on
and and f.r sale, at TIIISO FFICH
To Jlcrclmiitx, and other.
VI.ARGK QUANTITY of excellent white WRAP
PING PAPER, of newspaper size, now on hand
& .siLVi:ir-s.inxDi,
forms his Friends and the
Public, that he still conti
nues to carry on the above
business, in all its various
His Shop is still kept on
the Main-street, in Salisbu
ry, ono door above the Store of Samuel Lcmly &
Son. Watches and Clocks of every kind will be
REPAIR I'D with neatness, at short notice,
on reasonable terms, and Warranted for 1 2
He will always keep on band a variety of arti
cles in his line; such as
Patent Lever Wall'IlCS, (English, French,
Swiss, and Dutch.)
Gold and Plated Fob Chains.
(Sold and Plated Watch Guards.
Gold and Plated Watch Keys.
Gold and PJatcd Watch Seals.
Gobi liar-bobs, Ureast-pins, and Finger-rings,
flatest fashion.)
Silver Ware; Ever-pointed Pencil Cases, and
Silver Spectacles, and steel frames and classes
Fine Pocket and Dirk Knives, and Silver Fruit
Pocket Pistols and Dirks.
Hreast-Buttons and Musical Coxes.
Gilt and Steel Watch Chains and Kcvs.
OCT OKI (Job! and Silver taken in exchange for
articles purchased at his shop, and in payment for
work done and debts due. Lf. 1j. l
Salisbury, August 22, 1835. - If
The Lincoln
Cotton llniiiifhctiiriii Company
I ESPECTFU LLY inform the Public, that by
a-J mutual consent, the company have dissolved
their Co-Partnership, and that they now inform
all those indebted to said Company to make im
mediate payment: and all Agents to close their
agencies as soon as possible. And all those ha
ving demands ngainst the company, to present
tbem for settlement to James Ilivings.
Lincolnton, Dec. 5, 1835. p5
nnilE sixlh Session of my Classical School, near
-"- Ileatties l ord, Lincoln County, N. C, will
pominence on the first Monday in January, 183G
December 12, 135. tc
V TEACHER who can come well recommend
ed will find Salisbury an advantageous situation
for a school. The applicant should be a good
Greek and Latin scholar, and capable of prepar
ing a pupil for the Sophomore Class of the State
CO" Further enquiries can Ikj made of the Edi
tors of either newspaper at this place, and letters
post-paid will be promptly attended to.
Salisbury, N. C, Dec. 12, 1835
Truth our guide The Public Good our aim."
The Subscribers, believing that some channel of com
munication is wanting in Western Carolina thro which
its citizens can interchange freely their opinions upon
the various subjects of Politics, Ileligion, Literature, anJ
the Mechanic Arts, propose to publish in the Town of
lincolnton, a Weekly Paper under the above title. True
there are papers in Western Carolina, but in the weal
thy and populous section of the State west of Salisbu
ry there is none. We believe, from our knowledge of
the intelligence of the people of that .-section ot the
State, that they can, and will support a piper; and we
therefore are impelled to the undertaking, fully relying
upon their liberality for such a measure of support as
we n ay deserve.
In projHsals of this kind, it is usual for those who
make them, to set forth their political principles; and
though we are not politicians by trade, le-t our silence
upon this subject might be construed into a want of can
dor, we will briefly give an expose of our political opi
nions: As t lie first article in our political creed, we
place the accountability of those who exercise power to
those who give it. We believe our government to be
one of limited powers, and that those w ho are entrus
ted with its administration have no right to exercise
any, but such as have been delegated to them by the
leople, and tsucli as are clearly set forth in our written
Constitution. We will therefore onimse all encroach
ments upon the rights of the people, let them come from
whatmnrtcr they may, and will sound the alarm when
ever danger approaches. We will contend for econo
my in the administration of both our Federal and State
Governments, ami will oppose all lavish expenditures
of the public funds, believing as we do, that money in
the hands of Lad rulers is the most dangerous cnarme
which can be brought to bear ujon the liberty of the
With regard to ihe approaching Presidentia elec
tion, we arc decidedly opposed to the nominee of the
Riltimore Convention, and will zealously, and firmly
oppose his election. We are opposed to the Caucus Sys
tem, let it be named what it may. We believe the
people, and the people alone are the proper depositories
of power, anil that they, and they alone have the right
to select their public servants.
We have thus briefly, and candidly laid down our
political principles, and we will maintain and support
them with limine, but at the same time, with a re
sprclfiil attention to the opinions of those who may dif
fer with us. Our paper we intend to be free, and un
shackled, and will therefore give place to well written
communication?, let them come from what party they
may, so that they be free from low invective and abuse,
which never sulserve the n-reat object we have in
view in the discussion of political questions, the truth,
but always have a tciiJency to degrade, and lower the
pui'lic press.
The adoption of nn enlightened and vigorous system
of improvement by our State, hirhterto so much ne
lected. being necessary, as well fl.r the prosperity indi
vidually or our citizens, as for tfie Mate at large, every
measure tending- to this end shall receive the cordial
support of the "NRWS."
We will devote a portion of our paper to Agricul
ture, Literature, Ileligion, and such other matters as
are usually found m a miscellaneous weekly naner.
Our object will le to have something for the palates of
an, snu wc win take tins occasion to request those who
have leiznre, and who are friendly to our undertaking.
to favor us with communications upon any subject of
The paper will be issued the first of March, upon a
fine medium sheet, printed with fair type, at jk2 per
annum, payable ujhhi the receipt of the 2nd number.
Advertising at the usual rates-.
ziivrciw fc WEST.
SALISBURY, Dec. f, 1S35.
Editors throughout the State, friendly to the undeo
taking, will confer a favor, by giving the above a few
OCT" Subscriptions received at this Oilicc.
A Splendid
SLiine of Hacks,
Salisbury. (IV. C) to Kalciglt, (A.C.)
4 NXTOUS to afford every facility to tbe Travelling
IX. Public, now announce that they have completed
all their arrangements and can with truth say. We jtre-
sent you with a Line of Hacks possessing advantages
over any other, if you wish to gel on with ease and
despatch having obtained that great tlesiaeratum w im
all Travellers no detention on the road. It is so ar
ranged as to correspond, in its arrivals at Raleigh, with
the departure of the following Stages, viz: The dreat
l)a v lane to lilakelv. JNortli-CJarolma, passing turougu
Loufsburg, Warrcnton, and Halifax; at the latter place
a Line of Stages communicates with the Portsmouth
Itail-Koad for Norfolk: by continuing on to Blaklcy,
you strike the Petersburg Rail-Road; and on your ar-
rival at that place vou have tlie choice oi iu w
either by land to Washington Citv, via. Richmond and.
Fredericksburg, or by Steamdiiat to Norfolk. There
is also a lane of Sta-res from Raleigh to Norfolk, via.
Tarloroii'rh. Murfreesboroucrh. Winton, &.C., over one
of the best Xatnral Roads in the United States. At
Norfolk there will be no detention, as there is a line ol
Stea-n-IJoats for Baltimore in connexion with this line.
This connects with one from Raligh toNewbcrn.
The arrivals at Salisbury is regulated altogether by
the departure of the Piedmont Line South, and the
Croat Western Line for Nashville, Tennessee, via
Lincolnton. Rutherfordton, Ashevillc, Knoxville, &c.
leaves the Mansion Hotel. Salisburv,TUFSI)A Y an:
SATURDAY at J o'clock, A. M. after the arrival of
the Piedmont Stage from the South arrives in Raleigh
next days at 0 o'clock, 1. M. leaves Raleigh 1 bhb
DAY and SATURDAY at 2 o clock, A. 31., arrives in
Salisbury next days by 1 o'clock, I. M. allowing suf
ficient time on the road for S' L U E 1 .
Cc- The Hacks are Albany make, entirely new, and
cannot be surpassed for com tort and ease ; tlie Teams
are excellent, the Drivers careful and attentive, and
the Fare low onlu SFYKX DOLLARS all inter
mediate distances 7 cents per mile.
Passengers from the South who wish to take
our Line will be careful to enter to Salisbury only.
OCT All BuuJlcs and Packages at the risk of the
P.S. 77is Line, from Salisbury to Ifullimore is $3
cheaper than any other.
April 11, l3o.
The Fa. e from Raleigh to Washington City
amounts to 819 50, a folloics:
From Raleigh to Rlakley, Stage Fare, . . . J&7
IJIaklev to Petersburg, Rail-Road Fare, 3
Petersburg to Richmond. Stage Fare. . 1 50
Richmond" to Fredericksburg, Stage Fare, 5
Fredericksburg to Washington City, Steam
ISnat Fare, ..... 3
The Steani-IJat Fare from Petersburg to Baltimore,
via. Norfolk, is Four Dollars.
Lilncolnton JfTalc Jlcadcmy
''jnilK Suhscrilicr respectfully nnuouncc-j to Pa
-- rents and the friends of youth generally, that
he has made arrangements to take charge of this
Institution, and that the exercises will commence
on the first Monday in January next. Dei tig
whclly unconnected with any other pursuits, he
promises to devote his attention exclusively to the
Imsiness of teaching, and will spare no pains to
interest the minds of those placed under his care
so as to render instruction at once delightful and
profitable. (Jreat care will be taken to prevent
the formation ol idle and dissolute habits, ana i
punctual attendance to the duties of the Institu
tion will be rigidly required.
As the opinion to some extent prevails, that too,
. - . 1 I I c
much lime is spent in acquiring a Kiiowieugc o
words, the Subscriber would observe that in hi:
course of instruction on classical literature, a mi
nute analysis of words will be taught, with their
combination in the construction of sentences, am
every thing pertaining to a thorough acquaintance
with those beautiful and important Languages o
The following will compose the course of stu
dies, viz :
(lould's Latin Grammar, Latin Reader, Virgil,
Cicero, Salhist, Horace, ((ould s Ldjtio Lxpur
gata,) Goodrich's Greek Grammar, Greek Rea
tier, Greek Testament, Xenophen, Grcca Majora,
Day s Algebra.
It is hoped that the well known salubrity of
Lincolnton, the industrious and moral character
of the citizens, together with the cheapness and
excellence of board, will insure to this Institution,
a liberal share of public patronage.
r-r ! - pi -
mm mt mm mm mm W mmA
Languages and .Mathematics, per Session of 2:1
weeks, - - - 810,00
Lnglish Grammar, and Geography, - - 7,50
November 25, 1835. Gw
FOR 135.
leave to inform his friends, and the public
in general, that orders in his line will always
lo thankfully received by him, anil executed in the
most Neat, Fashionable, ami Durable manner on
orins as reasonable as any in this section of coun
try. II. II. R. hopes, from his long practice of his
business, (a nundier of years of which time he
resided in the city of Philadelphia,) and from the
general satisfaction he has heretofore given to his
numerous resjectable and fashionable customers, to
merit and receive- a portion ol the patronage of the
puDiic in general.
(T He Hatters himself that his CUTTING is
really sujtorior to any done in this State, as may
be tested by the undisputed elegance of fit which
attends garments made in his establishment. lie
is in the regular receipt of th Reports of the Fa
shions as they change both m the large cities or
this country and of EtirojM? so that gentlemen
may be satisfied that their orders will always be
executed in the very latest style.
Orders from a distance will be attended to with
the same punctuality and caro as if the customci
were present in person.
Salisbury, September 19, 1835. ly.
Calculated for the meridian of SALEM, JV. C
V SMALL SUPPLY of the aUne Al manacks liave
ben received, and may be had at THIS OFI'IfK
Price 1U ccnt-i per copy ts.
N the 30th instant, I will expose to public sale,
on the premises, if not sold at private sale be
fore that time, the following Property : All my
Wihiablc Lands
Lvinir in .Mecklenburg county, on the Avaters of
the Catawba River and Long Creek, 12 miles to
the northwest of Charlotte, and 12 miles below
Deattio's Ford, containing 720 Acres 400
cres on which I now reside, and 320 Acres in
another Tract on Long Creek. A portion of the
tract on which I live is under good cultivation ;
and the tract on Long Creek well adapted to the
settlement of two families in low circumstances.
Also at the same time,
7 or 8 Very Likely Negroes,
Three of the number most valuable FELLOWS.
and a (iianfift of GRJlIW
A credit of from one to five yers will be given,
the purchaser giving bond with approved security.
If an opportunity oilers, previous to tbe above
day, I will sell the above property at private sale,
on very advantageous terms.
Mecklenburg Co. Dec. 10, 1S35. p2
Em tlie Blarliet !
T Y Virtue of a Deed of Trust to me executed,
by William Dismukes, for the purposes there
in expressed, I will exjtose to Public Sale, in the
Town of Wadesborough, on Tuesday, the IQtt
day of January next, tlie following TRACTS OF
Contain k 21 "21 0 Acres,
Lying on the Gold Mine Branch, known by tlie
name of tbe Pinion Land ; this Tract has GOLD
on it, as several pieces have !een found by Mr.
Dismukei and others ; the soil is suitable to Ihe
growth of Corn, Wheat, and Cotton.
ojvii rm.ACri
Containing 35 Acres,
The one-third interest, the other two-thirds be
loneinj; to Jacob Austin, and the heirs of Jona
than Austin, which can be bought on reasonable
terms. This Tract contains the celebrated Gold
Mine where a piece of Gold weighing i2( Ills,
was found. This Mine has yielded upwards of
Ten Thousand Dollars worth of Gold without the
aid of machinery. 1 am confident this amount,
or more, could be gotten from this mine, if pro
perly worked by men of science, and the know
ledge of -Mining.
Containing 100 Acres,
Known as the Jesse Harnett Tract ; it is excellent
Land and under good improvement.
Terms of Sale, Cash.
Wadesboro', Nov. 23, 1S35. (7t) Trustee
j5,3 egroes :
On the first day of January next,
WILL Hire, at the Courthouse in Salisbury,
for one year, to the highest bidder, on the usu
al ternu, about
Belonging to the Estate of Dr. Stephen L. Fer
rand, deceased.
And at the same time and place, I will Rent, for
one year, the Dwellinsr-House and Lots,
with all the improvements thereon, in theTownoff
Salisbury, formerly occupied by the deceased.
Also, I will Rent for a like term, several unim
proved Lots in said Town.
R. M A CN A MARA, Administrator.
December 1, IS 35. 4t
13 C J
TX pursuance of an Order of the County Court
of Davidson, I will expose to Public Sale, at
the Courthouse in Lexington, on the i?th day of
January, 183(,
consisting of Boys and Girls, belonging to the es
tate of Catharine r rank, deceased. A credit of
twelve months will be given; the purchaser giving
bond with approved security.
PHILIP GRIMES, Aministrator.
Lexington, Dec. 7, 1835. ts
SVi.c ot "SovVVv-CaYoYma :
uVorcrnhcr Term, 1835. In Equity :
Melchesidick Robinson, et. al.
vs. Petition.
John Robinson, et. al. j
IT appearing, to the satisfaction of 'the Court,
that Jjicob Iloyle and Leach, his wife, are not
inhabitants of this State : It is therefore ordered
and decreed by the Court, that publication be
made for six weeks in the Western Carolinian, for
them to be and appear at our next Court of Equi
ty to be held for the County of Lincoln, at the
Courthouse in Lincolnton, on the 0th .Monday af
ter the 4th Monday in March next, to plead, an
swer, or demur, otherwise Judgement will be en
tered up against them, and the Petition heard ex
Dec. 12, 1835. (pr. fee 82 10.) p6
4 LL persons indebted to the estate of Elias Mil
ler, dec.'d, are hereby reouested to make im-
iiiwihiu jmij nit in. j. 1 lost; uuving claims win pre
sent them authenticated according to law, or this
. : ...:u 1 1 ,
:., rii I -ii
iiuun; win uu I'ltrciu 10 nar 01 recovery.
f r ii'i tttnii.-i .
j. i . iAjiiiij?, .dniiuislratpr.
December 12, Is 35. p3
Rcc-kiY itli's A 11 1 i-Iy spcpl ic
IP II 2i IL S o
TT7E extract, from the Hand-bills accompanying
each Box, the following testimonials to the
efficacy of this valuable Medicine :
Frofft the Rt. Rer. Levi S. Ires, D. D., Bishop of
JVorth Carolina.
IlAtEioir, March 2, 1835.
Having, for the last three years, been intimately
acquainted with Dr. John Beckwith, of this City,
and enjoyed his professional services, 1 take plea
sure in stating that his character as a Christian
gentleman and experienced Physician, entitles his
testimony, in regard to the use of his Anti-dyspeptic
Pills, to the entire confidence of the public.
My experience of the good etlects of these Pills,
for two years past, satisfies me of their eminent
value, particularly in aiding in impaired digestion
and warding off bilious attacks. Having been for a
long time subject to the annual recurrence of
such attacks, 1 was in the habit of resorting for
security against them, and with a very partial suc
cess, to a liberal use of Calomel or blue Pill. But
since my acquaintance with the Anti-uyspeptic
Pill of Dr. Beckwith, which he prescribed in the
first instance himself, I have not been under the
necessit- of "using Mercury in any form, besides,
being wholly exempt from billious attacks. Seve
ral members of my family are experiencing the
same beneficial fillets. L. S. IVES.
From Gorernor Iredell.
August 21, 1835.
Dr. Beckwilh's Anti-Dyspeptic Pills have l-ecn
used in my family, which is a large one, with the
most beneficial ellects. A number of my friends
who have been afllicted with the Dyspepsia, and
other disorders of the stomach, have spoken to
me in strong terms of the relief they experienced
from this remedy. Without the evidence I have
received from others, my intimate knowledge of
the professional and private character of Dr. Beck
with, for the last twenty ycais, justifies me in de
claring, that he would give no assurances of facts
of his own experience, or of professional deduc
tions, of which he was not perfectly confident, and
on which the public might not safely rely.
From the Hon. George E. Badger.
Raleigh, Nov. 7, 1634.
For several years past, Dr. Iieckwith's Anti
Dyspeptic Pills have been used as a domestic me
dicine in my fa mil'. 1 have myself frequently
used them for the relief of head-ache, acid and
otherwise disordered stomach, resulting from im
prudence or excess in diet, and 1 have had many
opportunities of learning from others their etlects,
when used by them for like purposes. My expe
rience and observation justify me in saying that
the relief afforded by the Pills is generally speedy,
and almost always certain that they may be ta
ken at any time without danger or inconvenience,
and thMr operation is attended by no nausea or
disagreeable effects whatever and though I have
known many persons use them, I have known none
wiio did not approve them none who sustained
any injnry, and none who failed to derive benefit
from their use. And upon the whole, I do not
hesitate to recommend them as an agreeable, safe,
and efficacious remedy in Dyspeptic afiVt:ti(nsi
and beliere them myself to be the best Anti-dyspeptic
medicine ever offered to the public.
(r A constant supply of these Pills on hand
and for sale, at THIS OFFICE.
September 5, I S35. niG
"VnLL be sold, at the Courthouse door in Salis
bury, oa the 1st day of January, 183(3, un-v
der an Order of the Court of Picas and Quarter
Sessions for the County of Rowan,
Four IVcsfrwcs,
The property of Joseph Burner. A credit of six
months will be given, the purchaser giving bond
with approved security.
BURTON CRA1GE, Guardian.
November 28, 1835. tf
Current irice of" Produce, Jfcc
AT SALISBURY. December 23, 1635
Bacon, . , , .
Brandy, apple, ,
peach, .
Butter, . . ,
Cotton, in seed, ,
CcfTee, . . . ,
Corn, . . . .
10 a s Molasses, . . .
25 a CtVXails, . . .
a 40 Oats, . . . .
121 a fork, . . .
a 3 Sugar, brown,
9 a 10
20 a 25
00 a m
18 a 20
a 1J5
8 a 20
80 a 100
SO a 35
. 12 a 13. loaf, . ,
, 10 a 18 Salt, . . .
. 30 a 00 Tallow, . . .
a 30 ToIkicco, .
.000 a 050, Wheat, (bushel)
. 100 I Whiskev, . . .
Feathers, .
Flour, .
Flaxseed, .
Linseed Oil, per galIon, 8;l 25
AT CIIERAW, (S. C.) December 15, 1335.
Hicon, .
A a ft
. 10 a" 12
. 14i a Hi
. 10 a 17
275 a 300
Beeswax, .
Coffee, , . .
Cotton, . . .
Corn, ...
Flax-seed, . .
Flour, country,
do. northern,
Feathers, . .
Iron, . . .
10 a 18 Sufar, brown,
14 a 17; do. lump, .
. 13.J a 1 1' do. loaf, .
. - 00 a 02 Salt, per sack,
.100 a 120 do. bushel.
a in
.750 a 000 Cotton BaETfrinir,. 29 a 3S
. 725 a 750. Bale Rope . . 11 a 12
. 35 a 30 Wheat, . . . H.4
4 a 5.',;Wool, .
10 a IS
40 a 4T
40 a 451 Whiskev, .
At the Merchant's Bank of S. Carolina, at Chcraw J
Checks on New York, . per cent. prem.
do. Charleston, . per cent, prem.
VT COLUMBIA, (S. C.) Eecember 10 1835.
10 a 12i;I.ard,
. 12 a 14
. 37 a 40
.KKfa 950
.275 a 300
. 75
. 09 a 11
Brandy, peach,
Beeswax, . .
Butter, . . .
Cofleo, ...
Corn, . . .
Cotton, . . .
Flour, .
Iron, ...
75 (Molasses, . .
40 a oOjMackercl, . .
15 a lO.Salt, in sacks.
. 25 a 31 bushel.
15 a 10jSurar, brown,
. 70 a 75 loaf &, lump, 18 a 22
A'n a 141 Tallow, . . . 11 a 12
9tX) a 950: Teas, . . . .100 a 121
. 5$ a 5ij Whiskey, . . . 40 a 45
AT FA YETT E VI LLE. December 17.
Bacon, . . .
Bi'andy, peach,
Beeswax, . .
Coffee, ...
Cotton, ...
Corn, ...
Flaxseed, .
Flour, ...
Feathers,, . .
9 a 11 Iron, .... 4 a 5
a 50 Molasses, . . . 32 a 34
. 27 a 30 .Vails, cut, ... Og a 7 "
22 a 23 Sugar, brown, . 9 a 11
. 12 a 14 j! lump, . . a 15
. 13 a 14; loaf, . . 16 a 17
. 55 a GO Salt, .... G5a 70
140 a 150 Wheat,. . . . alio
.0-50 a 775 WhUkev, ... a 30
aSoAYooh. . . . 10al8

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