North Carolina Newspapers

    "Vri li' Ihe Spire of MfV.
From Ikt Nm-Ymk Eig Hmr.
I bata jus beard fibroh,;H a fri'iJ) of a sery
gallant mJ heroic ftfrwd by a young
qotlsmaf during th bieaafu! Ciofhj;rti;n, find
tiwk it i but uliC to him, ta J il l'J t fir
frail daman nature, that it aMilJ be mad knmvn :
JWnf tluog an of th atr, then pray
the devouring eWment, hi ear wf siiM th
th aroaiaifif erica of a fi-tiialn, lu whom hr iiit-
kwdiaialv rushed. and no bearing from her that br
only child, aa infant, waa then in I ha upper part of
a house already in 8ma, and w.sihl ineviinMy b
burnt up, if soma on, did t instantly fly lo iu rea
cts, ha frd bia war up stair, ntrtwithstandrnj
the rtpaalad warning oftb Bnmwi.aiHl otor spec
Utort, that be would inevitably perih in th at'
temot tad there Csind lha innocent in beJ, who, on
conscious of iff dnr-r. waa daying wilh it little
band, pleased, on doubt, at lha brilliant aeene, (for
the room itself waa then on Bra !) I la sciied it, a id
baooilv ice4)d in affecting hia escape, restored
it to tha embrace of it almost distracted mother,
bo, with frantic joy, threw her arm arotin 1 hi
ink. etclaiminp. with a heart overflowing with
'gratitude, " My Uod! my God ! thou hast not for
taken me r Aa audi heroism ta always aecom
Denied by modest v. arvl by feelinz easily overpow
trad by a arena like Ibis, ha mails bia eciip" from
- tha appbutling crowd with aa much prpcipttaiian a
poMib!a but te will, I trust, long have to ret (em
ber (and when called to " hit account" find llicm
true) tha word of ore of them, exclaiming a ho
passed,' for that act stone, you hare guined a
plttet in score. ISo reward that could ix oner
ad to hint on tarli can equal lha satisfaction that
auch deed carries with iu Bui I beg him to re
eeivethe following hasty lines aa siy tribute of grst
itude for having ennUod our nature by hi gallant
action ; I only wish ihcy were more worthy of him
aod tha occasion :
Brave youth ! thia diwd of thine Uat night
Dual honor mora thy aaina
Tbun , TTctonmit W th flyftt,
Tbou'dot raiaed thy country' fhma.
For, to gain the wreath which now I Uy
Upon thy youthful head,
Not erea envy' loo cue can my
One drop uf bluoJ wa ahed.
When, to'd npoa the atormy dnep,
Tbua walk'at thy watch t night i
Or, when in thy "cot" below,aiilp,
Thia "babe" will be M in light,"
And like " the Church" o'er thy path,
A "lo. out" kocp for thee;
And. if engaged in " bltle' wrath,"
From daoger'il kp thee free.
A " mntkrr'i frayrrt" will now, each night.
For thee aaceml on hiifh ;
And he will hive, O ! b?A light I
Her infut kneclinj; by t
Whom she will teach to lip a prayer.
And nine iu litte hand,
To bg that thou may'ftt be the cure
Of Him, " wliom all conmiaod."
The author of thi rallant ct wa a young tmn.
by tha nane of Loui Wilkin, midilnpinan, returned
a few month rincd from the ficthc.
The Cdlowing awwihle apeech w delivered by
tha Governor of B irbadoea, in opemnft tl eein
of tha llouae of Ascmblv " Ppweed on your du
tie, gentleman I have no obaerratioa to oili-r on
ny Mihject whatever 1
A reiifiou man mE iglandhaa invented Black
ing ao pious lhat it wimt ahine on Sunday.
Tha republic of Venice were once prevented hv
only one vole, from totally abandoning the city and
removing to Constantinople-
A late article in Sillitnan' valuable Journal, aav,
that in P.itter coiintv. Pi., wthin the space of five
mile, are found the head waters of the Allegheny,
SuMuehanna, and Oeneaee rivers the first flow
ing into the gulf of Mexico, the aecond into the
Chesapeake, and the third into Lake Ontario.
The italic letter was invented it) imitation of the
careless hand-writing of Petrarch.
Dog stealing is a numeroua and lucrative profes-
im ia the Hrjtish .Metrnpoiia..
Latent IiuprovruienU
For tke immediate Relief and radical Cure of
rpilE Subscriber, having been legnlly authnri.
-- xed to vend and apply Dr. Price a celebrated
Improved Patent Metallic Trau, in the Statea of
.. i- i tr- . t
Iortn Carolina ami Virginia, lake pleasure ii
present ini to the citizen of those States, the nd
vantages nf this highly approved and celebrated
Instrument ; for which purpose he is now visiting
the principal town of thoan Stales, remaining a
tew weeks in bach, at which time all persona wish
ing to be relieved of the danger and inconvenience
of Rupture, will make application
Iu offering the TRUSS to the afflicted of Rup
ture, we do it, confidently believing Irorn the sue
ataoding, and of every description on one or both
aides, old and young, and the testimony of tlm
bighet authority in favor of ita superior utility,
that it ia lha moat valuable Instrument for their
use. It can be worn .with convenience, day and
P'gh ."Mcft in J he estimation of the niost dWm-
guitinoa surgeons, is etseniiauy imvinam io el-
Joel a permanent ami speedy cure oT Rupture.
No cure, no pay. The poor relieved grntui
' . " JiMIIf. OUVElt, M. H.
Herw follow nunn'rou Cortilicate.
The Subscrih,!r it auilionaod by Dr. Oiivr t'
apply thia Truss oo tltn conditions above im mi m
d, vii : bo cur no pav.
November 21, lS3-. &ilisbury, N. C
A. QUANTITY of Foolscap, anj Wrap,
ping PAPER, best quality manufactured
at the Salem Paper Mill, now on band and for sale
N-vramherBf, 1. . 1-
Eiino of Haclrs,
Naliaburjr, (ft. t) to IlaltUU, (.VC.)
I .V!'t' to d every laeUity U B jravrning
.1 t iMc now anrnium that U have completed
ll thw.r arfnmenuan.l ran with truth f, Ht
aurril bNii aaa i ai m
turf any uhrr, f ym ? te g H a milk ftm W
JfpntcK oiKainei trial rreai w""
all Travallera no dtttmtum aa fa rawd. It la ao ar
ranged aa to eorreapiiftd, in U amvala at Kaieigi, wun
the departiirgi the fSdlowmg BUgea, via : The Great
1 JM m tt .ke v. North-Carolina, pawing turougn
V.rre(il.n. and Halifki: at the Utter place
Ijiianf litim rummonicate With the Portamouth
Rail-Koad 8jt Nnrfidk: by contipuing on w iiej,
jiM strike the Petersburg Rail-iUaidi and on your r
ivl at that place you lava the choice of two Line
either by land to Vhinjrton City, via, Richmond nd
rrierKkburg, or tv mm ii io .othhb.
m lo a Line of Huge from rUlei(h to Norfolk, via.
klurfravMhianMiirh. Winlon. ftcoveron
nf iIim h.-l Natural flsniU in the United Hute. At
Norfolk there will be no detention, a there i a line of
Sieam-ftaiU 6ir Baltimore in connexion with Una line.
Thi ImealaoeonoeeU withonafroai Ilaligh toNewbcrn,
The arrival t rkliaburv i reffuUted lngather ly
lha tirnrtiir f I he Piedmont Line ftonth, and the
Great Western Una for Naalivillc. Tenileme, via
UrHioloton. R'lllivrfofJUio. Aehcville, Kujiviilc be
fHive the Mannion lf.itel.Slii.burv,TUK8DAY ml
HATURDAV t 0 o'chek, A. M.-Ufter the arrival of
tlie Piedmont Stage from the Booth arrive in Knleigh
neit day at 9 n'rlork, P. M. leve Raleigh TUK8
DAY and SATURDAY at 2 o'rlork, A. M., rrive in
Hulmbnry next dy by 4 o clock, P. M allowing ur-HcM-nl
time on the road ft 8 L K E P .
frr- The Hackiire Alhaev mke, entirely new,nd
ranmil be onieJ fir conifinrt and eaae; Hie leant
ire escellent, the Driver rreful nd attentive, I ml
the Fare low-Wy SllVES DOLLARS U wU;r
mediate dinUnce i cenU per mile.
ftT- Paanuntfer from the South who winh to Uke
our Line will be careful to rntfrjo JSaluburg oajf.
Or All Bundle and Package at the rik of the
P. 8. Tail Linr.from SalUbury to Dal 1 1 mart u S
(hrnfr thnn any frthrr.
April 11, lli -tf-
The Fare from Rnlrigh to Washington City
amount i to $19 SO, a Jolltruri :
From Raleigh to Blakley, Stipe Fre, . . . 7
IlUkmy to Peternbtirg, Kail-Koad Fare, 3
Petersburg to Richmond, Huge Fire, . 1 SO
Richmond to Freilerickaburg, Huge F'are. 5
Frederic kidnirg Ut Wellington City, Steam-fV-t
Fare, 3
The Steain-Roat Fare from Pelnrnburg to Baltimore,
via. nr!iik, la tour lMlar$.
l)YU) Ii. YOQli,
ji:vi:u.i:it & kilver-ktiitii
form hi I riend and the
Public, that he atill cool
nuea to carry on the above
buaineas, in all it various
branches. s
Ilia Shop ia still kept on
the Main atreet, in Salubu
ry, one door above the Store of Samuel Lenity &
Son. WatcheM and Clock nf every kind will be
REPAIRED with neHineas, at short notice
on reasonable terms, and Warranted for 1 2
He will alwaya keep on hand a yariely of arti
cle in hia line ; such aa
Patent Lever lYntcllCA, (English, French
Swiss, and Dutch.)
Gold and Ptiited Fob Chains.
Gidd and Plated Wntch Guards,
G.ild and Plated Watch Key.
Gold and Plated Watch Seals. .......
Gold Ear-boha, Breast-pins, and Finger-rings,
(latent f.mhton.)
Silver Ware; Ever-pointed Pencil Cases, and
Silver Spectacle, and steel frames and glasses.
Fine Pocket and Dirk Kuives, and Silver Fruit
Pocket Pistols and Dirks.
Dreast-iliittons and Musical Boxes. - -
" Gilt aod Steel W'aich Chains and Keys.
07" Old Gold and Silver taken in exchange for
arimle purchased at his shop, and in payment for
work done and debts due. 1). L. P.
Salisbury, August 22, 1835. if
l.lnrolnton, IV C,
A...Y. J. Anew. .
R..Mary Blalock, Ephrism A. Brevird, Philip H.
Benick, Mary A. Benick, Ephrmn Black, Joshua
B'-sm, John I Bxird.
C...The Gironor of Lincoln County, Jame Cook, J.
cob Connor, Henry Carpunter Miller, Uthern
M. Cosstler, Mrs. Chetixn, Jephthea Clark, Jame
Cody Soft., Rev. M. Curti.
"fl...jaaac Dniiglaia, Mary Davi. . j
E... Alexander Edwards, Peter Eaker.
F...Susanah Fanagm, Jame M. Forney, Mersu For
ney Frederick or WiHism Forney.
Abwilem llouser, Logan Henderson. John T.
Hsllett 2, Mary Hooper, James P. Henderson,
Stephitn lluson, Daniel IIallmao,Tbo. R. Harris,
E. .S. Hayes, David Hoyle. ,
J...Andrew Jingle, Able Jonas.
K...Jacob Keener.
K..Jatnes R. IW7. Andrew Ijeonnrd,
M.,. Richard V. Weihaux, Cornelias McCor, John
Morris, Mitcham, Nncy Morrison, Edwin
MuU.n, Elvy M. Mr.Elwco.
P...F. Plylee, Ooorge Poplen, Sah L Pogwe, -
'1 .Midi let Qim kle. .
HJ:icofi Reinhardt, Jame Rhoney, Able N. Robert
son, Ely Rhvne, William Ramsey, Philip Reap,
William Roburson, Michael Riely.
S ..John Sliraimce, VV'iilwm Blade, Jainea M. Smith
, 2. David Seagle, Dai Stredwkk, George W.
T...Anderwin Townsend.
W..A. L Watts, Thos. Ward 2. Alfred B. Williams,
George O. Williams, Peter Wian, James Wetli
erspoon. C C HENDERSON, P. M.
January L 18-m 3t
To Merchants, and others.
4 . LARGE QUANTITYof excellent white WRAP
ft. PLVG PATER, of aewpe aixo. now on band
tr ' iS'' i
rilanoion Hotql-
- DA2jIQ3TTH7" it." o.v -
SUttiattk, NORTH CORNERtktVomrtkut,
milE Btihecr ber relurn liti sincare inanaa mr
... . i
I- iba ssrv liberal Datronag that lia been be-
Slowed Upon lb M AIBIW3 IIUI CU l"r ym
twelve month. Thi well known estsblishment,
ia fitted up in fery respect to accommodate re
gular or transient Hoarder, and travelling Oen-
tlemen and Families in a manner wnien no con
fident caniHit (ail to give the moat entira tifac.
lion. He i prepared to furnieh Dining Iloonis,
when required, and lome for private familtea,
arranged in the most neat, convenient, and com-
fortable tyle. tjenllemen ol the nar.wno may
alleitd Balibury Ourts, are miormeii mat ne na
A How of Olllrra,
terv eonvenient to the Court house, and unconnect
ed with any mherlniildmg.which is ready forlheir
reccptKW. Hia TAULb ue iuruncu
ith Ihe best that a plenillul marsei can
The D R w"" R'nreshmcnl interior w
rftiigcnienta having been .made wit h a gent le
man in Favettcvilte M rurnih him reguiany whd
the choicet w Hie, uiquors, oic.
To Stage Pusscngcrs:
THE Btagee on the main No.
Iheni and 8aithern Line, Peck,
Wellford cV Co., Contractor,
and known aa I lie Merchant's Line, srrive at and
depart from ihe Mansion Hotel, every Monday,
... 1 ,11 I... '11 I... lain. su. K.
1 uewiay, weooeauajr, i iiuiuj, bin iw.
The splendid Line of Stage direct to Raleigh,
Messrs.' W, At J. Lr Mwing ntractra, arrive
at this Hotel on Sunday and Wednesdaya, and
depart from Ihe same on Tuesdays and Saturdays
The direel Line of Stages lo Chera w, 8. C, via.
Wadesbnrough, W. Allen, Fjw., Contractor, ar
rive on Wednesday and Saturdays, and deport
on Tuesdays and Fridays, from this Hotel.
Person wishing to secure sests in sny of the
shove Stages, will apply to R. W. Long, at the
Stage Olhce kept at Ihe Mansion Hotel.
Salisbury, January, 1, 1838. t -f
London, Edinburgh, Foreign, and Vt$lminMert
m 1 1 K number of each work are Dobliahed eortelv.
1 am! form an exact reprint of the original coptea,
They ire isied fcxm after they are received from
turope, is ia consistent with ifieir proper publication.
Price for the whole series, compriiinfr the rewuli
numbers of the Uimlon, Edinburgh, Foreign, and West
minister Keviews, ml per annum.
Those who lake lea than the whole, the term will
be. follow:
For iliree of them $7 per annum.
For two . ' 5 "
For one " -t
These suhsrriptkm Ire invariably to be paid within
three month from the tuna if subscribing. Otherwise
an ad vi nee of 35 per cvoL will b mad upoa th ub-
ac not ion price.
eubiicriber at a distance m uat enclose at least one
half of the year's subscription in advance, otherwise a se
cond number will not be sent the terms being so low
as not to lustily any hazard in obtaining payment
Any individual forwarding (30 free of charge, shall
have five copies of the entire series of tins re-publica
tion sent him tor one year.
It may be well for American reader to understand
that although these publication purport to be issued at
regular intervals, they do not frequently appear for ma
ny weexs, ana even mnmna iro.n uie tune indicated on
tlieir covet. ' They will be m-published her as sum
afW they are recuived as it is possible to re-print tltem
in one of the miwt extensive and effective printing es
tablishments in the city of New York. . .
Publisher and Proprietor,, No. 25 Pin Street, N. Y.
In the Market!
II Y Virtue of a Deed of Trust to me executed,
- by Willinm Dismukes, for ihe purposes there
in expressed willxpitse to Public Sale, in the
Town of Wndesbormih, on Tvetdau, tke 12A
dag of January next, (he following TRACTS OF
Containing 230 Acre,
Lying on. the Gold Mint Branch, known by the
name of the Pinion Land; this Tracl lis GOLD
on il, as several pieces have been found by Mr.
Dismukes and others ; the soil is suitable to the
growth of Corn, Wheat, and Cotton.
o.i: TRJICT,
Containing 39 Acrea,
The one-third interest, the other two-thirds be
longing to Jacob Austin, and the heir of Jona
than Austin, which can be bought on reasonable
terms. This Tract contain the celebrated finld
Mine where a piece of Gold weighing 26 lbs.
was found. This Mine has yielded upwards of
i en tlmysnndjillsrs worth of fiold without the
tident thirmounTT
or more, could be gotten from this mine, if pro
perly worked by men of science, and the know,
ledge of Mining.
Containing 100 Acres,
Known as the Jesse Bnrnett Tract ; it is excellent
Land and under good improvement.
Terms of ale. Cash.
Wadesboro', Nov. 28, 1835. (7t) Trustee
- Thfe Lincoln
Cotton ITIantifhcturing Company
H ESPECTFULLY inferm the Public, that by
mutual consent, the company have dissolved
their Cu Partnership, and that they now inform
all those indebted to said Company to make im
mediate payment; and all Agents to close their
agencies as soon aa possible. And all those ha
vmg demands against, the company, to present
them for settlement to lames Rivinga.
- ; !IOKE,8CHENK,dfBlVllfOS.
Ltncolntony Dec, 5, 1835. r . , p5 i
oiwiana it A
T r-UUk i Rutkrfar4to S. Caroling
. To at cttii
TT m well knows, that smcs 1930. a
ea iwblMhed ia this, (though aadaf a d.Srraot
asine from that which tha aobr!t-rM.a.pi.;
J . 1 1. .Kmtia. HlOSa MSI
vart revioa of eosotry, We aad ""t.?
ry, inchiding lha oounlwof UocolB, Bur.s,
u- V... ir...J Hung. Iredell Wilkes,
iwiw., . , t.nsi-.l.
nd Ashe, ConUining 1 popuislKM ' 7
has been wiUtout s aawspaper, and eoinpe led to seea.
abroad what ahoutd bar seen furaistiea ai m. ,
Almost this whole regtonoT couniry so awunci m
iwUrifi t Cur Mute encompsaaed and
k. U., in Umi slaikeu wnica nirv
ii urn u. id it intereau ia ma neon sno - -
people, a lo lorm a pecniiar, aeucnea pwnj,r
tewing much ol Hie wiw eiiierprwng po, I ;-'
lh iU-weal. vcl. lempnrea in a great -
prdem"e,andniodcrBtimoftbaEast. TIkh topics, met
suresof Government, and wmtemplsted worksof Internal
Improvement, hwh agitate lha rest of the people ui um
Bute; scarcely attract the notice of ita inhsbrtants. it
o-uulry. tuu. oT great rcrtiliUtaitnouf n n.
s aeareelr bemin to be develooed. In beauty and
sublimity of scenery, fertility of sinl, aalubrity of climate,
the extent, variety, and value ol it prouuctinoa, uw im
portance of it mnufacures, and in ihe extent and value
of H mining inU-resta, it m decidedly super to sny
portion of uie Slate, Reeeiit discoveries, in wet, go lar
to prove it mining interest much superior in richness
lo sny thing hereUihire known in this country. The
ldiiutum dt lha Ainendmeuts to the Constitution, has
added fourfold importance to Uie political influence of
thia portion of tlie Nate.
Il is, that he may be useful to a people possessing so
many advantage, bestowed upon them by a bountiful
nature, by a wkening them to a fhie sense of their own
interests, by direclin their attenls In, and demonstra
ting the practicability of, some iystcm of Internal Im
provment, calculated to develop their resource, by
dimiwng a taste (it education and leamlnj.and by a tem
perate but firm and independent discussion of Slate and
general politics, that the subscriber ha a undertaken to
supply that want, of which u-h frequent complaints
have been made since the discontinuance uf tlie Ruth
erford Spectator.
In the discusmon of general politics, the subscriber
will be governed hv principle, which now-s-dsys is so
little regarded. He is no msn-womhipper. He pins his
faith to no man's skirts. He has no political prospects
shesd to consult He will not write for office; but will
support that man Sir office, whose opinion most nearly
coincide with hi own. Influenced by these reasons, he
will support Judire White fur the Presidency, ia prefer
ence to Van Buren. At the same time, a fair hearing
and a freeacces to the column of the Gazette, will be
affiirded to all parties ; but the subscriber will at all time
feel himself at perfect liberty In express his sentiments,
without control from sny ouarter. He bnssts that be is
a native North Carolinian, and will not, by any appli
cation nf party screws, be forced lo justify what he coo-
damns, or censure what be approve,,
Rutherford ton, Dec, 8, 1333.
TER 318.
THE CAROLINA GAZETTE will be published
on a large Super-Rntd Mhett. noes a week, at rvW
Utriandm half per annum, in advance, or ikrrt iottmri,
if not paid within Uie first three month. Agents pn
curii.g ten solvent subscriber, will be allowed s copy
gratia. Post Msst'is, and others, to whom thi I'm,
pectus i lent, will confer s favor by returning it early
in Jinnsrv, ss Uie first number will be bued about that
lime. Editors will please give this a few conspicuous
insertions. J. G. B.
Lincolnton Male Jlcadcmy.
rPHE Suliscriber respectfully anuounces lo Pa
A renta and Ihe friends of j with generally, thai
he haa made arrangements lo take charge of this
Institution, and lhat the exercises will commence
on. the jirtt Monday in January next. Being
whclly unconnected wilh any other pursuits, he
promise to devote hi attention delusively lo the
business of -.leaching, and will spar no paina lo
interest the minds of those placed under hia care,
ao aa lo render instruction at ooce delightful and
profitable. Great care will be' taken to prevent
inn loruiaiion oi line a no oiseoiuie naDlla, and a
punctual attendance lo the dutiea of the luslitu
tion will be rigidly required. -
Aa the opinion to some extent prevails, that too
much lime ia spent in acquiring a knowledge of
worus, tne cuuecriuer would observe lhat in hia
course of instruction on classical literature, a mi
nule analyaia of words will be taught, with their
combination in the construction of sentences, and
every thing pertaining to a thorough acquaintance
with those beautiful am) important Languages of
The following will compose the course of stu
dies, vis :
Gould's Latin Grammar, Latin Reader, Virgil,
Cicero, Sullusl, Horace, (Gould's Editio Expur
gate,) Goodrich's Greek Grammar, Greek Rea
der, Greek Testament, Xenopben, Greca Majors,
Day's Algebra
It ia hoped that the well known salubrity of
L.uicoinion, tne industrious and moral character
of the citizons, together with the cheapness snd
.HmIIhium nTl....! It : . I '
win insure io una institution,
a itoerai snare ot public patronage.
TSP.140 OP T7I7I02TI
Lnnguogea and Mathematics, per Session of 53
TT : : flfJfl
hnglisli Grammar, and Geography, . . 7,50
November 25, 1835. 6w
Stale 6t OTlVv-CatoVma ;
November Term, 1935. In Equity;
Melchesidick Robinson, et. al. )
John Robinson, et. al.. j . .
IT appearing, to the satisfaction of the Court,
Jacob Hoyle and Leach, bis wife, are not
inhabitants or this Slate: It ia therefore ordered
and decreed by. the Court, lhat publication be
made for sic weeka in the Western Carolinian, for
then to be and appear at our next Court of Emii;
ty to be held for the County, of Lincoln, at the
Courthouse in Lincolnton, on the 6th Monday si
ter the 4th Monday in March not, to plead, -
-wCr, r oomur, oinerie Judgement will be en
tered up ggaiusl tbem, aod the Petition heard ei
Ieca21835. (Pr. fee 83 i6i!)
f fruii our g aids TU Publit tVasd mm afca
TV.. KuiMrribera. believing that soma chaanel ofoaa.
munic.lHSi m wanting m Wsstera Csrobua Ihro'aluca
Ms cilifD ca interchange free It lhir opinion e,
lb varioaa auhjects of Pwlilies. Redgioa, liutsujra, aoi
the klschaoic Arts, propose lo publish m tha Ti f
UnaJnUsv, a Weekly faper utwer m soovsuiw. insj
1 1 aiai aM MbMm M
Western Carolina, but ia the we,
tby and sopuloua secUoa of thertiat wast of Kalub.
ry Iber ia wsse. "wyi ,
tha intelhge ,!, P"?1' U"1 ,ct'w
Bute, that they can, and will aupport a papers and aw
therefor are impelled to tha undertaking, fully rel;H
pon their liberality IU auch a measur of asppuriai
w may deserve. ..... ,
In pWipoaski of this kind, It U 0usl fi thost W
mska tbeWto M H"?1 P,nc,P1;
Uwugh wa are not politicians h1 1coi
upon this suhiect might be construed into a want ufct.
ikar, wa will briefly give aa expas of our political p
nxm-. As tha ftrst artkh is) our polilical Cteed,
place the accountability of Uk- bo exercM power t,
ihnm who rtvw iC We Ultsv out goaeriuncsttaW
one of limited powers, and that thost who are tatras
led with IU adminurfraiioo nave w ngm w usrea
ny, but such ss fiave been delegalea to inenj sy 04
people, and such ss ire clearly set forth in oar wriua)
Constitution. We will tlieretor oppose all enow.
menu upon the right of the peepis, m wem coma bsj
whlqurter Uiey oiay.snd will sound th alarm uke.
ever danger approaches. We will conUnd K cos
my in Hi suminiatraiion oi tsxn vuw t.i
Government, and will oppose all iamh etpendituns
of Uie public fuods, believing aa we do, lhat awaey a
the hamla of bad rulers i us nw
which can be brought lo bear upon tlie liueny m Ua
lin regard to the spprosclung Presidential tk
lion, we are decidedly opposed to tlie nomine of tU
Baltimore fnvetitkm, and will iekawly, and irmlj
oppose his elect. We are njipowd to Uie Caocaa 8t
teim let il be nmmed what it uiay. We belwv u
people, and tlie people slone sre tlie projier depnsitw
of power, and Uiat Uiey, and they alone have tbA-M
to select their public servsnla.
Ws have Uius briefly, snd esndidly Isid dowa
politicsl principles, snd we will maintain snd suppst
Ibem with firmness, but st the same time, with s
spectful ttlenlion to the opinion of those who WW
fer wilh na Our paper we intend lo be free, sad a
hackled, and will tlie ret e give place Ui we" wnttft
communicatMsis, let Uipoi cwne from what P
msy, so Uiat they be free from low invective and a bow,
which never subserve the great object we Jisva
view ia the discuMsm political, ijueationa, the Irstk,
but always have a tendency to degrade, and lower U
public prem
The dption of aa enlightened aad vigorous systea
of improvement by our State, highterto so much sej.
lected, being necessary, ss well U the propcrity k4
viduallyof our citiwns, sa Sir the State si Ur;,e, ewj
measure lending lo this end shall receive the eoni
support of the - NEWS.
We will devote s portion of our paper to Agnrsl.
tore, Literature. Religion, and sorb other metteM ai
are uully fiaind in a nuM-ellanroos weekly sasrt
Our object will be to hive something for Uie patalela'
all, snd we will lake this occasion to request those b
have leiturv, snd who sre friendly In our iindertlit
lofiivor u wilii coiuaiunicatkMi upuar anflnojecil
The psper will be issued Ihe first of March, mi
fine medium sheet, printed with fair type, st AJ wt
annum, payable upoa lha receipt of th 2nd aumket
Advertiaing al the usual rates.
8AUSBUUV, Dee. f 115.
Eilitors throoghout Ihe State, friendly to tlie end
tsking, will coiiter s favor, by giving the shoves w
hiserlions. - - ."
(JJ- Subscriptions received st this Office.
THE siita Session nf my Clnssical School, near
. BeaUics Furd, Line-In County, N. CH ail
ctuntneiice on tke frtt Mndy in Jn tuitry, IS3&
December 12, 1885. e
Currrnt Fricea of Produce, Ae
,AT SAUSBURY January 13, 13
nmn. , s
Bacon 10a Molasses,. . . St
Brandy, apple, . 25 a OUuNaihv r . - . fV
peach, . s 4IMstjv- r
Butter,. . . 12Ja iPwk, . . . . i
Cotton, in seed, . a 3 J. Sugar, brown, . OOilii
Clean, . 12 .13; Uf, . . lSa'
Coffee, . . . 16 a 18 Salt, ... a 12
Corn, . . . .30 a (Tallow, ... 10
FeaUiers, . . . a 30Tobacco, ... 9tf
Flour. . . . .6 0 a GotliWbcaL (bushel) 80 a H
Flaxseed,. . .100 Whiskey.. . . SO a
Linseed Oil, per gallon, $1 25 "
Bacon, . . .
Brandy, peach,
Beeswax, . .
Coffee, . . .
Cotton, . . .
Corn, . .- .
Flaxseed, . .
Flour, i ,
FeaUiers, . .
V a 11 Iron, . . .
a' 501 Molasses, . .
27 a 30 Nails, cut, . .
a IS
22 a VCV Sugar, brown,
12 a 144!
lump, ,
loaf, .
13 a
CO a .V) Salt,
140 s 150! Wheat..
.600 aT75! Whiskey,
aSolWool, .
Bacon 8 a 11 Nails and Brads, , TJ '
Beeswax, . .
Coftce, . . .
Cotton, . . .
Corn, . . .
Flax-seed,, ,
Fiour, country,
do. norUiern,
Feathers, . .
Iron, . . ,
Molasses, ,
16 a l"Siiirar. brown. . 10 a I"
" 14 a 1? do. lump,. . 141 a 1
13J a 14 do. loaf, . .161'
60 a 62 Salt, per sack. .275 a
.100 a 101' da bushel,
.750 a (!0(l (5ttton Bagging,
725 a 75(i Bale Rope, .
16 W
. . m a an wheal. . .
. . 4a5.' VVool, . : .
, . 40a 45lWhikey,, . .
At tke Merckmnt'$ Bonkaf 8, Carolina, at Ckert
Check on New York, , 1 per cent pre,
do. Charleston, , J per cent preo-
- sssBasassMsaaBBBB
AT COLUMBIANS, C.).iJsnnary 8, lP3i
0 . in t ...1
12 all
Brandy, peach,
tlCCSWsIX, .
75 LMolasses, ,
40' a 50Mackercl, .
, 7o0
,275 a8P0
15 a 16jSalt, in aacka,
Butter, . . .
Uai busheL
Coffee, , . .
Corn, ;. . .
Cotton, , , i
Floor, .
Iron, . .
15 a l'RSugar, brown.
, mown, , v - -
loaf & lump,
70 v
19l a 15J Tallow,
nXA ,.Jm
isju a 11s 1 ess, , ,
. a 51jWhikey, .

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