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gtntie enterprise an J prosperity of our own metro.
poll, and ee ully o noble sympathy c tprccd
by our citizen in behalf of Tim. t
TliO hcnlthof the- bravo Houston wai drink with
great enthuaiam.
The following were among the Inert given i
I'y the President. Ten! in her future civil
Course may ahe be a distinguished forpntico ami
mtenlv, u ahe i already renowned lor her valor.
fly den. Ripley. The champion of Liberty.
The brightest ornament uf lira pat the aurual
pledge of the future.
. .. UyjUciuIlairultoo. . Tbo.lillcby wluch our
friend in Ten have won thai country the title
of civilization, liberty, and valor, over ignorance,
Intolerance and tyranny.
By Mr. Peyton. Teiaa, a bone of our bone,
and floh of our AWi. May ahe bo uiulod to us
by indissoluble bond of Union.
fjeiier of aMlogy were read from Col. ('arena
anil Mr. Hamilton of Tu, who had both been
obliged to go out of lown ; alto from the Recorder.
Cot. lywn in vary eseellent apeech, in which
he described the cauao of lite war in Tea, anil
her present condition, made a touching alloanm lo
I lie doith nf the brave men, Fanning, Crockeil,
M.Iain, It.i m, and other, whose uinei ornament
ed a Iriuinphal column represented in a trunapsr
eiMy w!ih:Ii hung on imki h! uf lite room, anal where
ihe deathleM record f tliflir dil wa aeen liorne
lv the. (imlileM of Anveriea, of f.une, ami of liU'rtv,
encirclniK in a Iniirrl wre.uli nilli the uotionnl col
or of Teia ttii.l the I'iiiIdiI Sialf I In; name of
(ienernl llmiatirti, tin) immortal aunyi r oi llu'w
laurdi'reil lirriM-n.
lUdiiihl the rliair of ihe President wit the Tel
inn Klaudard mi a IiIimmI red firld Midi n Liri' vtlnle On nu ll aide of II in nnjrtfu' fold-i liuiijr I lie
AiiH-rii-itn colur-i, lo whom; ln-a i it i lit I full I ofa.un
hl no I iovrrnor Hamilton fi-i -liugly allud.d in Inn
ajx-trli an riHilaining "ample hhiiii ami vcii! " to
hold ihi-rnii nnollirr bright alar in Ihe prothl cmi
alrll.illnii wlui'li now uliooe iimhi it. TiciiM'ndoiia
cli'-era were rlictml by thu remark.
Iiimi CoIimh-I I'tvia ullodi:d lo I In" liaoie of
the brute nun who lii'l la-en lajliheml in cold
NimhI Iiv the Ivr.inl-Siinl.i Ann, he mkc nit feel
inU of vomit; K !- , mi l mhii'iI to the mlvcr
.-k of ihe war worn telcran, Ihihi. alnilini:
enioimiH of ihe tmirioi iiridc of the .iilier and the
nllii-linnnK' Htl Ikt, ma la: rmn't ivcil but not de- .
A i;n al iiumlar of volunleer ionta were given, i
wlueh will Ic here.ilW Miliihed. Tle iliomir
w.i go! iii in Mr. Milford'a I'1'"! t le. The com-
ptmv m'm r.iti'il ahout iinduiuhl.
t'ruw lh: t'htirtitlmi l ri ury nf July '
1N0IVX DKIMtKIU'rloNS on nu: sr. I
joiins. i
The liNMirr (Viori'i l.irv, I 'apt. ill ft. i
arrived lu re teterd.iv Irom Jai kniv il!e, a. I .i:
having made lier awae in the rxtr.iordiu.irv time
ol -.'l hniir from Hint pluce, and I" lnMir from tlw 1
Itur. We are indeUed to 1'npt. W ie f..r
the Inllovt uij inliTvatiug informal i "i hn h w j
ivupoMl from the lo lunik of the I . S. Steamer ,
I'.taavoiw. li:rK.roa.iiiiigalima the St. John. ,
I 'apt. IVrk rehirl!i lliat on the io.tiiiii ol the ,
lOlli of June, tviiih; in the St, J.dint river, lie di
covered a boat coming from Col. Hallow'a planla
lion (Hi Ihe West side of St. John, with him on 1
board, wounded, alno Dr. Simons, unhurt with a
tLw.iu'.i.'ntci. lu a .sll'irt HUM- alter, ihe deluigt
of Col. Hallow ami Dr. Simon were pero-ttnl to
he in flame. Capl. IVck'tlien ran over to (leorge .
A xwit Klemninii'i plantntion on Ihe'olher aid"
of the river, took off their familie and neMe aifd
pr.M vied mi to Ptcolala. On arnv iiio there he re
iv.rte I the. alaive oeeurfeticeu to tlie eolniiuindin'
imli creek L intt'wpl liic luuians ll met iuaii.i
nttempl to rroa. lu ihe eveiunj; hIhhiI o'el.a-ti
Capl. P. returned to Col. Hallow' plantation a ,.i
found Mr. Colt' binldinj adouiinS thottc. of Col.
H.-m f1ante.---VV'hiotrhe andrna ol Col.
Hallow' lellow. who had been captund by
nnd had eeanl from the Iml.H.w h,a ftp-
nearance, and reported that thev were in number
I ' - i i .
,'ltl stroni' then hnek ol ihe negro Iiouh thai a
n ii no " i i i , ,
1 1 1 t..t l-.v.L I.L .... iLuuil lL. 11, t atLll !lf.l
. i -1 i .i ;T " .1 1
. , . , ... r , i , . i .
.. i w Si IkIiiw mwl nieiiot lo ilelrcn
all the eilleiiienion aid river. Lieut .1. LT'ni;le'
h iddlit!' wrrenl(i btiriit. In addition to tlie almve.
Cant. W. state that M. Pxillman was shot at hi
plantation hy the ImharM, nnoitt -l mitt -Irtnrt 'as to the political nueinpimn m im .-nan. bihi- ope
Whitesv die. and stabbed in three or f.ur tdares 'cnl'v t!u. pnrt of the Stale. From several of the . oiin
with a knife hi wife and children made their on- ties in the Wc.-t hitherto consi.lcred tloii'ntfiil, m have
cafve. ! l ho most confident as-unnces tint a siml victory is
The account from PJnck Creek are truly lo- j nntjcipitfil over the monrret -parirot' Van Hurrn tVd
plorable. F)t'ttl-tiro died there ill 10 day, from , (,rn A!v!ifionit. ' We are clearly of opinion in
Measles and Iharrluva. i(lirnrt Legislature, in the Mnatorial hraucn the Whts
There were -Mil reported siek at Fort Drane, I wi, ,,a,rv ,-a( .-, r n sn(i In ,l0 H,Mie
nmnn vflmm wer .i out of? Oiheer. ; Jm (() Vi floprin pr0(,prr, f,,
On return of Cant. CrKKV delachnient Iroin i , , , .11
tm n 1 01 "',vi , them, will not everv freentan vvlio levere the sacntl
nmiectin" the ha""a"C wacaons, vl'lli inst., thev 1 . . , , . , , ,
prpi(Ciinr nu 7 1 . 1 - trust won for htm and confided tn his keeping hy a no-
Kiw a number il Indian trail iiroeeeilin.' towanU . . . ' . .
SilH a inn."" I ' 1.1 ...!... ii.-it riprw nirr nt htirrtv nnit in
. .1. '11... t.l. ...... ........ n, no. illon It I
miles of the detachment.
The schooner Mvtnm, V.,., was loaduif at ,
Jacksonville, with the inhabitants and their biig
for St. Marys.
from the CliarUlltm Mercury of July J.I.
,Ve rerritTr last cvenmrttie-Au.oi
of t estcrdav moruinj;, together w ith other esteru
i.iiHr, from which wc copy the following :
M ILLKDIlKVlLI.r, July 10. h
leavma now in the service, ofour troops. Col. Heall s
Ueirt. and and Maj. Allow 8 oattailum ol Mounted
M.m WWn tliesc wiTl be discharieJ, seems, from
all wc can learn, to tw. doubtful. The Indium in
small parties still continue to commit depredations.
The band in the Chitkasliatchie swamp have not
vet been taken, and are siippoised still lo be in that
swamp. And finally, lien. Jossup, we understand,
has issued an 6rder,' requiring all the Indians, with
out exception, to come in by a particular time, for
emigration ; threatening to consider those who do
not comply with this order, as outlaw and enemies,
and to treat them as such.
From the reluctance of the Indians to emigrate,
this order, il is imagined, may probaly produce
further hostility, and Jessup, it is supposed,
will find considerable dillkuliy in co.iauinmating
his designs. Recorder.
Montgomery, ( Al.) July lfl.
About three thousand Indians left rW wharves
Thursday last, on -board- the steamuoais ijcwis
('a ami ItriJian, f..r tiMir ut tinx J home nrr
(tie MiMiwinpi, under charge of Lieut. Il-irry td
the United Suic A nnv.
From I lie inaitapu isia season of the year, and
the crowded ui of ihe limit, il ii but raton-itd
lo etipoct, that I ho Indian will, an ihe rout, uiPr
much from dieae. We forward In mtrh n
riwult, but Impe for different one. Adnrtmr.
Prcviou lo I lie departure uf the Indian from
ihi pint onto day mice, many rriuudiiijrb-tii.
cot occurrod. , Upon lite requisition uf ih Guv.
cmor of Georgia, preparation were making lit
chain and fimer audio Iwolv ur fifloen f tbeae dr.
lifted wretche that there emitd be nu erupe, when
one by a auddtn and energetic clTtrt, aoccood in
(riling from the graap uf lliuae in whuw mrwm
waa raiaod a hammer, and inllictod a very .
verc Uow upon the hood of one of lint gu.inl gave
ihe war-hoop, and limn look lo flight ho wan mi
mediately alio! down iload by a Mobile volunteer,
and another bayonettcd and died in alew hour.
Oil (lie nme evening three sttccoedt-d in cacap.
ing'from the guard one wa on Thurvlay brought
into llic low it under a r real and while pncot-ding
through lint at root in a wagon, look a large kmle
and cut Ilia lliroul and inataiitly tipired. Hmh is
the (li'wr4lMMi of these bring rather than tat given
lo the civil aulhoriiic of Georgia. Ibid.
hit ji mm
tar ro
Snliirl.-iy Tlomiii?, Jul) 30, .HUG.
f oil l'KI-llK.T.
Ill (.'II I,. U IIITi: Or Trr-K.
join tvm:ic viH..iu.
i:i)v:u it in iiiiV or w,tti.M.Toi.
AU'IIKI) WKUlk of Kutherford I'.Hinty. .
Mi.Kst Mnriir.i.u..i' wmv.
WII.I.UM J AI.KWNHKIUof M-cklenlnir-,
JOHN till.fX. of Itowan.
JiMIV L rnsKI'IIK, of Ibwkintrhaui.
I ll Altl.KS WI.Y.of Wake.
Wil l i l W. CIIKKKV.ol Ik rlir.
Jull M. MOUKUKAD, of toiilfool.
Jl)l ) TOOMKIl, of t'uiillarlaTi,l
JKItC.MI Ml I'KAKSM.I. !' Muplm.
Ill VI I.I.IK I'KUKV. f Franklin.
J WIK.S S SMITH, o) Orance.
Hl.orT tOI,KMN, of l'noir.
Ji III I.. IIMI.KV. of I'
J. O K. WILLIAMS, ,.f Ikmilirt.
Tlie li.ll.ivviii.' geiilleiiieu are the faiiiUlatei. for the
l,.':!..liiri' in llnwan.
S' nttlt lien. Thoinis li. Polk.
I "inaMfotM I'harlea Kinher, t"lo.'ill, Iviil'u II.
K.ljvitrick. anil William I). Crawford.
Tlierr i hut little dilFcrencc of opinion lielvvcen any
ol iwr V. ' m 1. 1 . I tt i . on lioneral PolnWa, ami none on
l.wil iii-ft.-i- .-ill of them are Anti-Van n.ireii and
frit'iiiilv to i iii.iiiu of the county.
Fielihw Si:!Or and W. C. Havvkiruare the caruiidaUa
i;,r ihe SlieniPi. eflii o Tlic aame may be anul of the r
opinion f of the county candidate. In fact Rowan in
hnrmoniznl, and Ktehsrd iKihl Saij;hl uuy k.k nut to
..aliu.wl a united yU-J.liromi jijail! If Ml on the
, ltt lt Anjut.
i j - -
y. ;,rM. .nrP prmnr.d to furuich
Ticket in the rominu election to nv amount
f tj.' ralVsl fo". -hr-r .pmilifv ofOi Kir i"
, Tlt lit.,;w,, ,H. rll,k olV r,.siiy , llpj,",j )r,ors.
. pi,Mws,.rs ,, ,!,, ,. Slate to
, , , ,, , , , , , . .
torvvar.l u uiiine.liatelv alter it Inke place, a rtnteinent
. , . , , ' .. .
oft ho resul o the election m their rcMH-ctivet ounlio,
ani the !' itic ol t he ueeefiil famlidafeis.
.0.7" Tin: prosppct.
A.-i the day of flection approaches all doubts vnui.--
I' till. ' J J
peaceful possession "f the rieht of prepcrly, march to the
the ll.h of August i and aid in down
eorrimlion. intriL'ii.. nn.i ii'-urpiiien. 1 nis is an mi-
------1 r- crisis in the nll'wrs of North-Carolina for ma
MV consideral ions; then I. I every lover of Ins country
reflect that it is lint impossible lint h i vole may save
our State from political degradation and internal rum.
Totme Poi.ut! then, freemen! To the Poli! and fail
not to'e! your voices !if nfttrd in c.mttnnnatirm nf Tfirvw
who court your, favor only to get olhcc. An.l fail not
to vole for )IH)LF.V for llovernor. With such a ninn
as General Dmlley at the helm of State, a W'hi ltris
hture, and -! ,(,JO,0M in our treasury, vv;c may look
W'e publish in this paper, the Treasury Circular, r
lative to lac purchase of Public liiiJ.-., in order that our
readers may know to what an audacious extent the
Administration is thrusting lis powerful arm into the
private concerns of individuals. Iy the provisions of
ihts circular (ion. J.icku attempts to control the dales
o( the Public domain,, assuming to hunVif tlie right
to determine what persons may and who nnv nut pur
chase the Lands which by law urr .tffered to iveiy one
without distinction. This despotic exeriition of power
is cloaked undei an utterly" false, hyp.M-ritiea', and nio-t
insolent pretence. Were the provtsioi of the Circu
lar calculated to effect the preten.lrd ohjeef. of prevrnt
mg the Lands front tailing, into Ihe hands ol S'prcu'i
tws the course of the President would be no less arbi
trary and tyrannical. Who oj what ha confined
him the power teput down speculation 1 WT n c ! d
Ue derive the power to regulate h"' trade ol in.'o !.i-
; alb! But this .pretence is as fahx. as H -v cirf.i p:. e
I ;,". i . ... .i .i . i . ...
j'v w uuvhiui iii mo wrgr aiwruiavaa arv
lo derive the grot leal iuljnfiiii the new reiila.
tuMta. The rilont of lltrae oporilam Will iIihmi juatify
IImi procurement of rpecie, which t ariree m I hi) new
Htale, and the lime i4 Uie new rrguUtaxu takmf
clluct, ahow Uut llicy were Jeained la benefit wcu.
lalor partH;iwting th arcrett of the iiliniinatrafion.
Ikil t main otyt I of Ihia Treaaury Circular ie In cur
tad the aal(f gf the puMic Iaifl in wder to Jnninith
thu aurplua revenue lu be divided tmonj; the Htate
ifording lo Ihe )iatribution Ddl, Tina Hill which
- --- , - - , w j'n I T r'M T e tamnn w Minit mtrt I
hi. oriftn tbeljlolie,itUekinglUaupwrlei ttilhtliei
Utaligiuty ut a bafllnl depot.
In till circular the President inanlenily tiwume to
proUict the actual aetfler the cultivalor of the and.
Are the hardy yiisnanrj of the L'nilrd Hlatea ao utae
cure am) unr.ii-tiij aa lo need the oulat retched arm ol
aiiy'individual 1 lkitho pm net-duther proteclwin
npial lawal
Of the effect nf iheae regulation in deranging the
f uffemy wo Jiall k hereafter, '
H.m h ig one of the acta of an administration wre
iKwauriw Martin Van Rurrn baa ilemnly irimian to
carry out- will the citiuma ol tlie South upart linn 1
I'mler ihia eXtrtordinary ami corrupt ailuumatration,
we have wen no measure adopli-d of ao prrincaHia and
evil a lendency, a a circular recently laaunl hy the
Socrrtary of the Treaaury. Hy merely reailing the
circular, without any knowil;e or refb-ctaai nm the
tale of the great hnmneaa of ieculatHin in Ihe public
la mli carnod on tn the Kaith ami West, and iIum; en
gn(rel in Una apYtilatKHi the recent act of Conprea
(Iir il ntrilsitin 'he prorcoda of the anl.-a nf thcae lamia,
and the cotirae uf the liovernmeiit on tin measure, one
niielil be led lu the U lief Uat 111 the iriMiiulgatMMi U
tlua measure, the I'ren.lent aial Ida adviai-ra were ar
tualiil by purely hoiient motivea. But what ia the fact !
Here ia a circular iuel by or.h r nf the l'rrlenl, f.rf
bi.lihni; Ihe rivei4 uf any thing but giJJ ami iarr in
M)uii-iit for (Hiblic lamia, Nirportiug to be to put a atop
to prculattiti ami frjixli in the public dianaiu, by puk
he iiieii, Ji I lljiikt, and other. Tlie cfTi-rt of thu will
I-, lo put a atop to l ho aalea if the public lamia, yet lo
c.ane into marki't, winch will cut off the vaat revenue
arming from the ale uf the publie btxla, end " be anamg the Stale, thua defeating by cunning
artifice and wicked device, a im-asure, which the fwrty
in CougrcMi were roiualliil to paa. la rt not oIivkhis
ilint the sale of the public laml lo a great client I
mutt Cramr w hen nothing will Ih- receivnl in payment 1 hitn'.'lt to the conatitulmn of tltat (Kaciation. Mow
from piirchamr Isil gold and filter, for there i not a 1 whal are the doctrma of tWI Why we aee theru m
iifTi.ieiit metallic currency in the country to supply I'1" Virginia and Kentucky Rreolution. The man
tine deniand, evn were it pnawihlc tog.H it i rnenl ' j -tho ecta that theee Keaolution do not teach Sllt
Mere. then. 1 one of the evil conaiipiem-ei ..f tn rlt.rtun,aM cither be a find or a knave. If he earn
culir -tlie great la-nefit fo lie derived fr.un the r.Tenl t''11 the very language of the Resolution U-ach the
I. 1 winch ha cvrrnd rcjoicua' Ihrouglaail j doctrine of Nullification he 1 stupid ami fool. If he
II. . :r, and vv Inch wjH o mil. inan.led in ju-Ih e ; M-'" ,l nd yet trylo skulk around it, then he laclearly
to the (Mil Sate. i at one blow fr.tiu tlie Ki nilivc ! 1 v.
prorated. Tins is one of the wicked desig.ib ..r Uiia But of "e thinjfwc arc certain, that whether (iorern
lir, ,,iar or Maighl was or waa not, a Nullificr m W, he
mther object of this e. 1 tin , F,,r Ihe last 1 " '""'""''"'er now. He ia now a aupporter of Martin
three tear, ihe vn.l treasure of the r.H.nlrv lui Uen I V,n ,U,"'n ,n 1,1 '", C,",I,0 ,,f exlMvaBance and cor
,n ihehan.lso-.rre...,,vl,leollice.hol,er,,..r,nastring'rul,',',',ml c "re c,'r,,", ll't no Nullificr could do
of corrupt pet Rank, that have not .mil Una mo- w"lm,,t l,r" mS T" r"1 to the principles which
n.-V for s,vuhting themselves, but have Uncd it mil ! Wio"K 10 '"uc,, ,'ni 1"'!-
to the minions of Van Huron for the purpose of buying
up the public lands. I I icy have purrham-d largely,
prelmbly, lo the w hole amount of the public money in
the pet llink. The recent actof Congree for regu
lalnux ihia money 111 safe flanks, undue tlie control uf
the law, has taken eui of Ihe hands nf these public
robbers the mentis to carry on their scheme. Now,
the rftift of this circular will be, tn give thcae apveu-
later of tlic Government, a chance to escape txp.Mirn,
.1 u liiln nlln-ru nr., rtr... ..nln.1 Cm.,... I......u.l.. I I '
'"'"'"V" ",l'-'trefa;- large ..Nan,.
ihe lands already in Iheir ptaytession il is shutting the
win ilc land market to all but a ft individual wIhi
1 -. . I. C . .1 I... . I. t i.i . . ... .
, ..-,-n Mvor.i, , ei iMnas,aita me ret nana
ilirniwl.,. ... Una tury ciixiua,tJ,e charge .a nude 1
...... ...r oeen engage me ,
public lumls 111 Mculation.
Itui, vt icked as is this circular, in its object, it is no
Ir-swenk and absurd, as a public mensnre. Supame
cuu Ihe objects uf ihut Circular , lo bo as staUul,
lor preventing frauds in the sale of the Public lands.
....1 ...,..... iL. 1....1. c .u. .... .1.. v i i
v, .. .....,..,. ,,
captiahNt. !-by de.nandinff all payment for lands to be
mule in Gold, and Silver, what would be the result !
Wbv, capitalists in the Kistern cities, who wish to1
,',,. 1
-n... ..!.... ,. In... u ill k..l,A ,.. ...........
-in,,,i'o ,1, iiiii'in w 10 ,..'1 iinuiu. i,p sis lu :
.' , ...
froin the f'astern cities, to the land offices in the West
tMhe amount of everv dollar in the Banks a run will
be liiaile iian llieT!overnme"nt Tianks, and all Titliers, to
the amount of every Bill which they issue, nnd the re
sult will he a string of broken Banks and a worthies
currency, unless the Banks curtail their issues to a great
extent. Besides, as soon as the spice is paid into the
IjiiiiI Offices in the South and West, thu Government
will lie obliged lo convey l luck by wagons or otherwise,
to the eastern cities to keep up the credit of its deposite
lkinks,and for other uses, thus opening a wide stream of
expense to the Government. How is it possible in .Mis
souri, for instance, to obtain specie to give in exchange
tor public lands, where they have no Banks at all, their
currency being supplied by the Banks of other States!
In Mississippi their Banks contain hut a small amount
of specie, i and Uie inevitable result of tins circular will
be tlie destruction of all 'her Bank. In every aunt ol
view, this movement nf the Government is unw ise, 1:11-
polilic, wicked, and destructive to the best inleresls uf
the country.
With these comments we will now submit the cir
cular :
To Rt ciivers of Publir louy, and In the Depomte
TaVtafav Urr tRTrriT, Jiily II, 1830.
In conseqiieuco of complaints w hich have been made
of tin in Is, sHciilatious, and mouopcuVv 10 the purchase
of the public lam!, and the aid w hich is said to be giv
en toellict these objects by excessive bank credits, and
iliiigi'Toris, if not partial, facilities ; through bank draft
an 1 bank dctnitc, ind tlie general evil influence like
ly to result to the public interest, and especially the
safety of the great nmount of money in the Treasu
ry, a ml" the sound condition of the currency of the coun
try, from the further exchaogc of the national domain
in tjus inn ini r, and chiefly tor bank credit and paper
inorti-v. the I'rrsidcnt of the United State ha given
direction, and von are hereby instructed, a Her the loth
..f Augtu't next, to receive in piyment of the public
br.iis nothing except what is directed by the existing
'TV, vt goM Bnd silver, and, m tb proper ees,
Virgin' land scrip-' provided, that, till ihe Ltth of De
cf nit'erwxT, the sntnn indulgences herelofitre extcmhd
)i't( the kind nf money -received, may be continued Ibr
any c'Mhhty of laud not exceeding three hundred and
........... .... . .., .K,Cotcniani0f Clma, who ia nob objectioMWe on
up the lands, they may hive the whole matter info their , . .,... . , . . tt . - .
wemy acre loradi purihiaer whoiain icliial in ttler.j A a.,, .,,
or Inmt M r'denl in the rt.aie where the ealeeira! Mt. Kmrna I A. many of your retire
' Vorder to in-ur. ihe fk,.,ful tteru.ior, , .he- ,m to" '' w e-'KKled wuh ihe Melh.
imctama, all Kete.vrra are a'rrtly ar.ilnb.ted lJ.n. , hlMI"Pl thurch, and w.ajld be glad le learn
accepting U Und aokt, iy draft, certihet. or other , m"mt 'c" oewt from h) Uertaral Gmfcr.
etidence of uMiey or ilep.mie, though (iiraiiecie, unleaa ncc, I lurntah you IImj nioal important putnta of
aigned by Ihe Treaaurer i (I I'mted rttate. in con. ! infonrtalmn, from letter received ihia morning
lorimty tu the act of April l -jii. And each of Umm (torn lli.hop, titled Mav 13 1
otticer ia required to aunei tn hia monthly return to k,.., lUverlv W'auirh Ri-e W.lUa r;.k fi n '
Ih- Deprf nl the amount ,pold and of lver I JVu' rl 1 A U fc I i . . I n 1''
lively, aa well a. the b,IU received under lite U-reJLg , " Ke' A' Ht",,n b Bwh-
ricritHm; and each deKKitn bank ta rnpured toanneil'1 a .. , . a i r
to every certificate flittn uitiU a dtjcti.k ufuioiuv I he
' " m f . "
""i" " ctuany paw in inuo, in auvor. inn in
Uiiik nutea. All former iimtrut iionaon thee auhjecla,
r icept a now modified, will be conaulercd remain-
nig in lull force
- i . , ,
i ue pruiripn, onjeru 01 me rreaiuent in aiiopting
withhold any roumenanc, f.e.litf.w in the power of
Ihe lirternmel tlie inomiady of the Miblic laml 1
111 the haml. of culaliira and capita I Ws lo Die injury ,
of the actual aulllera ill tlw new Htataa, ml of emigrant. 1
in ararch li nc buutcm. la wtJl. aa ia diamuraa. Uta '.
, 1 ... . k , . .. . . 1 1. . 1 , 1. . . 1
. .,,--,, rirni.. n, uana nun iw taiua OBiiw, t ,
which (Imw resulla are grneralltr aunmaed to be pro,, yIMjr iilimart vigilaiwr .a rxptirl, and relied on.
lu carry thu order into complete riiyiiimn.
Srrrrlmry nf Ik 7V'ter)f
We perceive that tin) newapaM-ra pulilohisl in New
bern are engag.-d in a eiirvcry naprrling Oovertt
or Hight'a political ruiciplra, in ami alait Ihe year
K'W. The H-c(al.rrallf.l((ea that hia Kacellency about
that time, waa a Nulhfier, ami ainon other pnaifa re
fera lo fbirtm Caige Km. Personally we know nothing
of the maltrr, but wo have taken ihe pains In make
sue enquire concerning the f ict. Whether Govern
or Height wa a Nulhfier ur not 10 IO0, we have lb
authority of Mr. Craige, atsl aUiof Mr. Piaher Ibr y
ing that, in ami about that lime ho(Sjight) waa one
of a parly ol Gentlemen ls were endeavoring lo start
a new weekly paper in Rtbigh, Car the ptirpoaeof sup.
porting the rettblican principle of IX, and that over
ture were then made to .Vir. Craige then conducting
ihe Western Carol. niantoreiouve tiiat paper to Raleigh,
Mr. Craige was tJien oienly and warmly advocating
Nullification prim-ipli-a, though, perttap not by the
name of Niillifwalsai, but Mute Right.
Wc aim arc a--aujrod that about Utat time, or prrhap
a year or two earlier, an amociation wa formed by cer
tain member of the Igialalure fir Ihe purpose of aup.
airtmg and maintaining Ihe doctrine of 'UH in North
Carolina ; ami, that IL I). Kpaight'a name wa ngtted by
There can be no doubt, that an attempt is now being
made, by mean of ihe distribution uf the ofliceaof the
govuruinent, to buy up the vote uf tin Stale for Martin
Van Ihiren. We few weckr tmce, anmninccil the
apKuituient of that brawling jaiitizan whiper-in of the
Van Ihiren force in tints Slate, Italia I). Henry, of
Fsyettv tile, to an office, with salary of 1,0(10 a
We understand tiat another gentleman, Col. Ininiel
J()ni(- nd Tirf ycophanry'tb ttirj
party, and esjiecially lo a certain rei rnua of the ir
ty, has received the appointment of Assistant Postmaa-
... Genora. Wllh . -i... of . vear. The
concU(l of lo the apHntrheril of a 1
Po-t.naajtor at Concord recently, w ell enulJc him lo tlie
notice ol (An administration. Col. Coleman' rctvnrd
has been as sure and as sudden as his change from a
warm white man to that of the Van Burcn oracle ol
Cabwima Co.- However, we believe that in Cabarrus,
all narties are well satisfieil u ilh Llui auiaiintuieuL .J"
' - . i
Coleman: Tlio Yam because their rlizan has been
fcwM . Wh fi(J rf a
now? reweadr.
... , , ,1 ... , , .. ; n
Rut two is not all. We also learn thai Gen. W illiam
, .. . ni J I , i .
J. l-owan, of Bladen, has also received an appnintuienl
I in Uie Poatothce Hi-partmenl with what Salery weean-
4 not say, butdf eounte a fat one, or hr would not accept it.
Thua it will be seen that our gfnrinut rulers are be-
ginning to extend their benign favors tn the people of
North-Carolina offices shower down upon tlie faithful
among us most profusely. And is any intelligent man
at a loss to know the reason ! It i$ an at tempi to in-
fuence the elretimxn, which me j'it at hand tn Mia
State by met no of the offices of the government tn
stimulate the parly, nnd tn win over the doubtful and
wavering. Of this there can be no doubt. Was nol a
similar course pursued toword Virginia on 'the eve of
the spring Flections in that Slate in 'II., ami also in "M;
and has it not been the means of chaining (for Ihe
tune being only, we hope) Virginia to the car ol Van
ll.iretitsm ! Then let the l'eopln be on their guard
let them bewaro-V the aeddcuou meanrTUed by a
ff rtit ' ijv'f iifiMifl Jwy-ffp votp of 'Free in
Arc the People of North Carolina ready to be bought
nnd sold by General Jackm,a he would sell one of
Ins slaves! we hope not, tliough wethmk that hi course
would indicate that such wa his opinksi. It the free
men of North Carolina go lo the Poll on tlie 1 1th day
of August next, ami cast their votes for titose wlitf will
lend their aid in hurling from power a party who will use
uch degraded, insulting means to gull tlie People.
03- Cnnrmartmt. Bishop Ives visited 8L John'
Church, in thi place, on Sunday last The Bishop had
eervice'lhree time during the Sabbath, in the morning
of which six Children were baptized, and in the eve
ning Six individual were Confirmed. On to-morrow,
the Bishop officiate at Christ' Church, Rawan.
OT Great Man hai Fallen "The Philadelphia
papers are in mourning on account of the death of the
venembl- WILLIAM WHITK, Bishop of the Kpisco
pai Dioceac of Pennsylvania, which occurred on the
17th ultimo, in the H9th year of hi age. Bishop White
it is said, wa al the time of his death, the oldest Pro
testant Bishop in the world, and ha ordained every Bi
shop of the Episcopal denomination now in the United
Slates, with but one exception.
" "'""."'!'" "7 1 "TJ WUJuiiU A lmini
a I V 1 , .
y.- vw,o ytuvgrate anu
He. .Tliomaa Maaon, ami Re, Geo. Lane. Br.
Il.adt Ageuiaal New York.
Ir I i..l 111. .j. i D ti 11 ri h
F",',"r" v yv V '"T AdvocaW-
Kl'' ' """hi, and Rv, Leroy Bwormatedt,
'"" UTttit at ( litcinnali.
Tbo li.xvk Iti'ltUMlof y At New OileatV ia broken .
li t 4ttltfttl whether any other depuaitonr
. . ..... ' 1
will uC Cwtulialieu.
8ti new (xaifcrettcee bare tuten formed, lo wil :
New ieraey, Plack River, North Carulina, Erie,
Michigan, and Arkaitaaa.
Ralrixh and C,m Rail-Rood.-Wt arc jrali
fiod to loarn that, under lite di reel ion of the alia
and energetic PrratoVnt, the operalKm upon Ihia
road hate commenced, with a determuutlion to
prutcut0 lite work with ihe utntoat trigor and ac
tivily, to il conipb-littti Workmen have bttm for
aoirtciiinc employed in quarrying rock lor the niira
of iho bridge acroM llie Kuanukfl, and the erection
of Ihein will be commenced immediately. A por.
Ion, of ten nulea, from Ihe river lo Liylclon, baa
been localttl, and ia now ready for contract; and
many haml can meet with etuploymeiH, on that
section, ai lilieral wage. Th rottie frtna LtlX1
ton lo Tar River, has been determined at,, pejHiiif
Ihruugh Wurren and iho border of Franklin and
tirajiville, along the Chalk Level Kide ; and the
aurvcyom are imw engaged in locating thia part tf
lite rood, which will be ready for coulmct in a
abort liiite.
A cottaioVrahln portion of ihe imtaltnenl uf H
per cenl., ha been already paid, and pay men I uro
now daily mailt!.
"very thing lima far ia encouraging, and calcu.
la ted lo inspire full contVlence in the peedy and
am ceaaful accomplialiment of the enterprise ; and
the public api riled imlividual who hate interested
thcuwolvea in (hi undertaking would do well lo
turn their attention lo an enlargeateni of the work.
A road through the tt ufie of the t"lutc, from ibe
Weal, to connect w.fh n at ihi place, w.mld not
only greatly benelii the Hock -holder and ih.scily,
but would on the uumt brilliant pnatpccl to ihe
Miblic at large : anil cannot, therefore, fail lo re
ceive the aid of the Stair. .Measure lo secure
tin desirable object cannot be loo soon adapted.
I'ulmrrtiM Count 'y. The follow mg are the candi
dale for the Stale legislature in Cabarru county, t u :
Srnalr. David Ling. and Chrutopbcr Melchor.(hoth
for White )
CommOHf William 8. Harri, (Whilel tnd Na
thaniel Kimm, (very doubtful.)
In this town, on Frnlav tin' l-'ilh int., Mrs. Sl( Ml
IIKNHflRSON, rcliciof Ihe hie lion A Henderson,
ajted H7 year.
The deceased wa endowcj With Irjits !lit attached
her friends moat warmly tu I.i r. and uuJi n.' eneniie.
I She waajuiaUivkind-t il-Hl,tf.t!v eiftud a Ah ua -l.
i. t ii : . .. -,
lumi jw. is, ijiiuiu, ami 111 every ining sue utu nraatu,
plain and un-uE c!ed. IL-r detolion 1.1 heir friends wa
mil inited : in truth, the diseax; with which ahedieil,
wa no doubt greatly aggravate! by exrawuru in ttend
mg to atrk relit'ona, three of whom have just preceded
Iter lo the grave. - ......
In the Foikanf the Yadkin. (Rowan,) on the 25rd
ulimuviUJiIl.uatli:AUJlJiA very tapoctMbla
and worlhv citien, aged about I.1! year. "
pirenlirc Wmilril.
T TWO Hoy are wanted at Ihi Office, a ip.
' pn-nlice to the Printing buinea. Active
hoys, from VI tn HI yttr of age, would be preferred ;
and to such Ihe greatest cfl.irU will be made not onlv
to imbue then, with a laWotigh knowledge ol tlie pro
fcsfcion, hut alno lo qualify them Car any busincaa in af.
lor lif.v Parttcular reward will be pasl to the cultiva
tion of correct moril habit. Application should be
made immediately. July, 2!.
THE meeting which wa held al Salisbury onjtbe
4th of July lajl, having resolved that an adjourned
meeting of the citizon of Rowan, shall lake place
at Salisbury, on KHh of Oct.djcr next ; it is earn
estly hoped that all lltose who have ihe lea at regard
for their posterity, or thai of the community in
which they live, will give their prompt attention
to the subject, and come to the rescue of the Stale
from the charge of proverbiul indifference to pub
lic matters. Matter of great interest and impor
tance will then Iw acted on, and a full attendance
is IhcrdVire requested. (Signed)
John F. McCohkle, Sec.ry.
English and Classical
"plllS School ia now opened; and any persons
who wish to place their children in it, may have
the ojwrlunity. J. GROUT.
. Salthbury, July 30, 1930.. ..
Cotton Gins !
8amuc tacy
HAS on hand, arid will constantly koep for sale,
Stool and Iron-Plate (Cotton Gins, contain,
ing from thirty to fifty Saws, which he will
Warrant to perform aa well as any in the State.
He will also keep for sale Gin Saws of Steel or
Iron-Plato, of good innlcrjjrtl jnd workmatxbip.
All persons wishing work done in the above line,
are invited to call al his Manufactory in Salisbury,
North Carolina.
Orders from a distance shall be faithfully and
punctually filled al the most reasonable prices.
N. B. Person having repairing lo be done in the
above line, are requested to send iu in in due lime.
SalitdMtry, N. C, July W, 130. 3tn
'. - -
,. .

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