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-Tin; rowriii- K'T m inurrn to rnr. t mh o Tur nv rnr rot-mino. kor iroiiimitid y it to tub statu. a iKsrmeu to thk statin m:ra mom, oh t im rnriA.- Amrnlmentt to the Conitution, Article f
1 1
salisuury, n. , i)i:eMim;it :j, ma
j ViWrr :(i Volume 17.
' mi ii rr sius i im wi."
it;: i i in i i:ri: t.
I Hi ! in (hit li f'e-r nun !. - w ii" r.ty
Jl' oris r 1 r to' . t c!'1'' '"''" l"" ,,lV.
i-ii L'lft w il l "in, mi I "r "". uii'l Hi t"il
Of tares, win. Ii I' T liii' l.i that I' "'J soil ;
I Mi : if there be Hi ri tiK-iK i txHi'i. chain
1 1 i k t'int kuHn u w nli jrm r dream L'i in.
I tin' iIhmiIiI n t. v, V M-Ii !:in lo mu-o,
On nil (In: Ii. iTilf.; rsptur It renew.
Which seem, c.irli insUm, in lu kward uiir,
'I'll.' liiKfl In niflt:il, iml its Im t riiiu;!',
Ami ii. rv ki.iii,'. U-itiKirlMit U year. I.i m.rve,
l it-lhi mi Am if l "' ' '
.VHMOKIAIiHOr' NIK. IWIM VYS. , two uia,.u.
(mt.Millis M itm.v.J
Prom this lulere-ting work, take the follow
,,. i'ir,ii l, ,1. -cuplm- ..I Hit -ffcHul'a.ji-m.iiKT
w; Mr. IIi iii ii.h :
II has been a.d ilmi no woman cnn form a
fr .MH.m.f.' of hii..mV I" '"''
,n cmthHi. ff"K "'"""i "hall
1rw upon a '- ",V 'lhrHl "i'-'
rie, "f.r oVsr.f.pii.m ' H-Miiuim, wln. li,
th.igh somewhat vknli.'sl, it a faitlilul to tlic
trulr it w graceful)' wrilli-'i.
"Kgena was Mall) dufcrcul from any woman I
hid ever -n, eiter in Italy m- I'mUimI. SIk- 'I l
ii..! rluiIe tlvwibliKrrt nK-. Oilwr woiik-ii iiitjfhl
I ,rc coiniuiimlmg, inoro vumtilc, limn- iiciiic ;
IhiI I iHvr wiwom: cx-juwilfly ftttniniw. Sin
v ., Inv. ly williotit Ix-uig ltt'ttuliliil lir nt.eiii-ol-
H. -n ft-niun'; hik) if bliid man Iwl U-in nvi
J .. f. nhs hii limxl over llm ilUfii mnU ol that, wlion u'lbrxlwl, ll'"l f-ninJ l r l'1
v.l-tm wouH lme bern juHtifioJ in V- ii'..
..tinrw, hiiJ l.rt of .inrvi; U-auty.nii'l a h r
f..,rii.n.4 U-iutv, t- be t!.o .li.iMtoc iruN ol
J r .n.nd, ii..r w.miM I'hv Ixmi .Iitcivi-I. Il. r
lunli, h.-r -.l(icHln.n, Iml an- ull, tl' ."' un wiilt
wtiii Ii uk Kil'K-'l. -"'l'i"'- '""I""' l,a',
, f.r tlM! 1-iIiit.mI. (Im- trn.l r. tlm inn-iiiulivc,
t),K In'ryic ; in hm- w.r1, the r mlul. it wh im
h.-r h facu'ty ilii'HKVitiilvfti.l'iliiily ''f,! i ,,,,u-'h-ltl
tliili"'-', llk(' UhUiib-'um, tm.oli. -l iIm-h.
Vuh ui.lXn li'ij-t-r. 4uy HMran t
rtii.fir w..u.iiiilf :!itr'WH ,,Pr ; '"'r
k....wl.-l i-xtoioivc ""-I lar.-.i'.; m- i"
Iir,l rn--!il 'f I"1'' ,,al,,r,, " l""'';,
it. hi .hi in hit.irv. nrnnery. c!mri.-r. hm.I n Iwi-m,N-irv llwt "I' h('r nvcr"
, .1 all li. r tli-miH rol.mrf.l Ml Hit .onvrr-nlimi.
It r nntiiw-nl onw uml ( ; lt'n-
no i.Ht.u in her oiiihI f-r li.l...liy. or in tier lor ....bili.Kl-o.u- u,ti!l.'.lwnh iin-tMnali.
rrih.-r rnnK(1 bv t.-nr-i"'. Hor Ntn n-Ui
jin.1 b.r WfuHiw-i lay .u the alSfhons ; iIm-
w.ilil!iin nak; l)-r i:ep at a worJ ;.l
t;..-r i.nb-ic I..T with cMnsf i o that -he "I-
I. TII.HI-K a li.lcon-hMrted .love,' and ' i renl vln
In. w.iii the wnul.' I lor vi-ice wan. f... -wivl
inel.Klv; her spirit remm led rre of an old poet
di script ion of the ..rnnpc Irrr, with itu
-Golden lampe hid m nifhl ' tfrwn,"
oTthiT.anMh ip'rrleh whew he yiomep.afwt
cr.m iH sid the cyprwa. Her tfladnev ti hk"
' i, "UiWof "'luliAt ; and, if in her drprt-..M. -idfi
rwi..hled iit!U. it wa i J t l"an i!J li'T -lar. 1
mlit desc.-ilx- and d.vnli" lor ey. r, Iml I hoti!.
never smceed in port ravine K-rm ; ! wiim a
liiu-, a CraOT, a vuriabl.i child, a dependent w
. uwiw-ilit: Italy of;hmnm
VV dd ih authnr'a toucltioi uccouM.qf A'!? -'t"?t
linurs aud titml close of h.T li e :
"Throu.'hmitlhe ivholeuf Mrs. ll'-'iia i's illness,
was visited bv vivid and delihMiil drea.m, to
hiehrnnd to tie' quietness of her slumber, she ol
ten -thankfully refurird : and in iillsvver to the sym
pathy expressed bv the few Jilinii'ed lo her pres.
,h. who were distress" ! In e the 'iinilanrt.nly
mnri' in won u sn 'i"i"si
i i i
, she woum av, " nmi
sli" had no need of pity , that she lived in a fair
nnd bnppv world of her owi, amone rl!e
thou 'His and pleasant inures, whieh were sulfi
.t(.i,rio her (heeil'uln.-ss." When haunted by iIih
itro.iio'in 's of too quick' n rnnscii-'ii e, which su'
Jresied thi'r, that her lili- antljfklents had not been
rendered i.v.'lldto (heir exin.t, she would
Console hrrseirwilh the beautiful hue of Milton's,
"Those slrioserve, who only stiind tnd wait."
'fcho spolse olien of the far-away friends whom
.!. tnlmvl. and would send lliein messn-'es of kind-
c..:i.f .rt ; she wn- nnus Uial one msb
lti.ii.r.h -should be told of the HeliMit win. Ii her
country seenes and sk. Ichee had given her that
iinnlh.'r, the fompimioii of her travrr Hours. houl.l
ti- assured that the " lenderness and atlectionaie
"jfmtii th? Redeemer' -chawl whUdt they, bayc
4,'ften contemplated msrether, was now a sonree not
merely of reliance, but of positive happiness to
ber the rtcerttuv of hrs roach. n In n'mi t.du-
Tin" this season of decline, sin-was resigned, num.
4,ler.iwtU fcludious tu-avtjid saying. .or.doin. J!JJ
Ihiii" which mibl seem "''id or done f -relil-ei, ni-d
invested by her palioiwe nnd sweetness with a dig
Uy winch 'almost raised her nbove the reach of
arthlv ronsolnlion. 'I'Jie feeling ran bo well un
demtood which made her sister write, " that nt
time it Ima almot been painful to feel one's own
incamcitv to minister to a spirit so ethpreiilizedi,"
' Within a short peiiod of her decease, the drop
sical symptoms abated; they were succeeded by
hectic "fever and delirium, the s re precursors of
dissolution. On the tw ntv-sixlh day of April, she.
closed her poetical career, by dictating the " Sab
bath Sonnet," which will lie read anil remenilwred
as long as her name is loved ami cherished. From
(his time she sank away genily but steadily, still
able to derive pleasure from hems occasionally'read
to, and on 'Tuesday, the lweVih of Miy, still able
tr rend, to, read for herself a portion of jhe hx
ewith chapter of St. John, her favorite among the
Evangelists. N arlv the last vtords.shc was heard
'fu uticrtTfr, on SalurJay tl.eaixUscutb of Mayvlv
J ii "k li'T youngest son, then adting by lir I.UiJo,
I .. i .... i i ill ,. . II t ... .1.. .........
hIhiI In. di readiiui. W hen Im told her the inim1
.. tie- t...k, fie ,nd, W I'll, d i y.Ki lik" it ?"
i',.-r lhi piie lell into a Jj.'litle nleni, wlu.Ji eon.
ii iii' d aliiKl unliroken, till evening, when, between
i!ie li.iitra of I'ljhl und nine le r spirit puiCtj uvvuy
Miihoiit a n.'li or a trtgBdft."
work'r lii" ulftv title, iiileiid-d lo sim
plify the hito.'rlo-eoinid'-rc I uh.true siit " t of
I'olili. i.l I j'oiininy, by Ttteoiionn S.ii..i:w H k, hie
pi-t hi ide IN ii (.( tr t k; -, Irom which iho loil'. ui
i ho ettract, iiihI, lhiukt a fuvurablu nj k-c i iiici
of the author ' i.'iloniiaii'e.
o tih: m:i ii rv or ri-inoivi. oni'TnT
It has ln'irn the ailthor'K object to show "lint
nearly nil ihe people in I he I'lilied Slalen will In
oiiij lied lo work, imiI, however, for fin re i.wesa
ne, nut ..r lliinys to enl, drink, and wenr mere
y, but (if ih'-y will have tlioni) for ull that is yr.iee
lul nnd b. .niiifiil- nil 1 1 ml inures u nation irtu Uf
uid great. The ib siun bun been lo bIiow Ihiil there be in the I'nited Stales an idle, vicious
spending clii-is,. (."psirtcd at tho expense of
the great body of ihe Mple. Facts show this to
Is- iIn- rase there; n single claiice at the condition
of the people will illustrate it.
"The town of S'ltickbridgf, (the author's rei
..'eitii',) in the coui.ty of I'crkslure, has b.'en iih-ii-leu.
".I. Thiii c.Miidy has Is-eu scltl.-d alfiut a hull-dr.-d
years, and is raid to be the first or sca-nd best
an- uliurtl count v m the Mate, u will, loi ine .
pie nt Hir(H.s.!, witfi sollicient accuracy, represent
ihe old free states. There are not, in each town ,
in this county more than one or two persons, at J
in.rsl, who tn iv l said to live upon their incomes, j
aii'l wiilioul lal.or. It istrue.thiil to lliecilics.utKi
in c rla i oliic-r pins of the cuon'ry, there is a i
larger proMirti(Mi of the people th in is ,er- silted j
that can live without w.ok, but U is not ureal as
lo iiHect the- slalenienls. It is true, a, o, that a j
few moie than have Itcen named in tins i.rl ol tin j
e.mi.liy f.mld live um, and without
I lls. i ; bul lo live without some regular emp.oy- ;IIM M.iul;.cturer chisels t -,r',.-t.,.. ,i.,.r n,t
rnenl or indu-irv is not reputable in lb" I i.ii'.l , !Mrt ., f.treigu lountn.s, ,.i ,., ,. -pre-States;
nnd whether inen work Iroin ne.e-ily or j WM, luvt, .v t
a sen - of duly, if they work I'nrlv, is of little mo- J ''to Bns-vi r i- nhiui. Th v cm rr i:i :.f i
meiit in lltu public The t-r-'iit e.,u: . rtl is lo g.-l l ,,, fw; tl tn fl(My ,.(r ,,.,,, . ( , . , . ,
i.en to work viiluotisly and ddioeuily, eith'-r In ! Mr rich raiitalmt avl i "( -. , r':.- ...
hemwlves or for others und if thai were the rte, j . ,-suiiiers of nine lentbs .,i n. ivl prol,' .
if we h id in the county of l'erkshiie a bii.i'lre.: ( .,.(, cr,Mer pn.srlioii, lo-s .old -..n iml
limes more than at present who could live Uism tilt. ,, if the- o - d !. tn- c: t
their incomer, go mncii the better, ami so lunch tin-,.ril C,,r lt. i bv not c.iiub,..i an-l u-- . ' ir
richer iUid happier vv.Mild Ihe (Kniplc Is-on that ac- r in fl ,,,.v r,.,, l( ,i, ,, .
count. '
We are lad so fir from having an idle c!as. t
that it is beeoniiilg less and lus reputable tots- lile, !
and lite sons ol I lie ri'li are e.iu. inen i,ir inuu-iii-
. t . . . i . i . i .
ous a much greuterexient than llnjy
were thirty or forty years Rgo. In the cine the
same is tine, with slight dillereiices. In these
there is greater wealth, aixl coiupnre I w ith the
populalion, morn jicrsoiis living on their incomes
without labor limn in the country; but their num
ber m so smill, fven in the largest, llml the idle
am iml a class; they do not make up a s-ieiy ;
thai utiluewr, .in ...every. way is yerv .itisigiiiliciint ;
they ar.i generally those gaining, dissipated people,
Ijiat uob'tdy cares for. I.alior, then, is the order
of Ine dav ia the' l:n:te.T Slates; and the taborin"
people will take euro licit it shall never cense to he .
so. They must show- their rv-peel lor Hie indus
trious, whether WcA or Hr;if tho rich bo dili
gent and virtuous, they have a great po ver to do
!..?. liwt ihe piW can never have.
f "V1flfe ipeopTe of Kiirope nect nnt-wnndf i'i-.
unexampled prosperity ol the I mtcd Stales. It is
not a new country, a virgin soil, line rivers and
real Jakes, that bring this about; tt is universal
labor ; it iscec labor ; it is not labor for a master ;
but to s a man's own wife and children ; it is the
eombiimttouof the labor of freemen in u-eful works:
it is happv, c lUtenled labor; it is labor with the re
wards of industry ; it is that men here are ls-t'in-
mn.' (though it is paint-H lo say, si-.wiy ) I... rl""
. . . ., . . . ii r,.n 11 . ... i:...l
an; unit uieyaruuii lenow-iaisioiti , .'......n- .i
natural ' (jnality, and to treat each other with a de
gree' of love and respect never More exhibited in
the world. It is this which travellers remark,
then ihev speak of the superior kindness of ihe
people. Thoseare Ihecauses which have give such
wonderful animation to the industry of the people
ol the United Slates. This, however, is but the be
giiviiug of the urssl things we shall see, provided
tho common people shall tear asunder the fetters of
t-,.!,,..., p.-.u-l:.:.i. their independence, and establish,
,,vt r all classes, tludr empire of economy, virtue,
nnd reason, as they certainly may.
" After all that has been said about the influence
of our law 'of descent upon labor", in producing a
pret drsfttWitw
ed that laws alone will never bring (his about. It
was not (he rase among the ancient nations gencr
nllv ; and in Home, where property upon the death
of tie- parent, was divided equally among the chil.
ilrt-n", 1 1 liii-- tK't'ii' fctat Bit wiiat a mirntbs 44sk
common people were, hxiw many slaves who had
no pioveriv, and lo what nn extent nearly ull the
pros riy fell into the hands of a few.
'" Nothing is more common tluin the undue im
portance which people ascribe to laws. Laws rem
edy but a few evils; laws a a dead letter unless
they conform to the general habits of the people;
to make the laws of avail, thc people must be like
Ihe laws. Wc have had laws against sabbath brew
ing, lotteries, usury, &c, but their influence has
Ikhoi slight, compared with what the raw-giver ex
lectcd from them. The people, then must mainly
look to themselves; ihev must be a law unlo them
selves ; if they can combine to make good laws, so
thev mav etien much more eliecloally combine to
t.rtmr mIsiii! what tbev wish withodt anv law :
lhv combine for good ends, none can. resist them ;
if forbad, no resistance is wantcy, for they will
destroy themselves. Com6tnaion,theii, amtKigthe
laboring; people for wise od .W they wjwt;
Ithey need no uiJ lo accomplish what they icasuna
! ,1..-.,..
bly dfsiru.
' Tio wer f i'ipln of midllmg pros'rty in
eluding I ho laU,rer for ui xh ralf wu jn-t in lh
limy ny whals'iull bo d.Mieiu nil important reM-ct
I'bey mi) e-tnbhsii the most ess.-t.tinl usg-. j
laihioiii, direct tin- ricli bow lie v lu.l! S'iid tli ir.
Mioli" y,rtnl make ...iierl v wlloervit til l..llu-.i..Ki
as lhy will. 'Ibuv Hiiisi uol, b.wivir, exjucl
to do this by Ins, ImiI bv selling n ol
wImI projs rly slii uld do. We ill!. , n m.-re en
gine to do good ort do evil, us li-i- h -eu-.tid ayaiii
-iisl iiL'iiu. It it painful mi l iliiusiii. to - e how
iiisiiiil'ritiil lhi of llie jK-oplu is, coniptrcd
with wluil it inighi, mid certainly will U .
"Thisw who desire a wi and fair distribution
of rM)rly, mul conspire to bo vo.cniical ; t"
sjvt- their wages; to pr.sluce the in -st ust-lul kucis
of property ; lotrea e soni.-lliiiit; that wi.l la-i. and
may bo ueuefleially distnlsiied; ni-te.i. of ,i .rki i :
for trash, and where n. work I wanted; :s-iewr-yanls,.
where i,o servants. B'" ! J iifi.'"ljf!?
where there ia isilhin.' tourind; .Ir.i.i i l-.r water,
where thr is no w.-r. 'J'le u.nst ee.tsf lo pro
(luce or use thai immense inii,.v,t nl jrinck1 Is, line
r.Vi genguwa, fashiisiable Inlle-, d iiu!u. a III) Hl-Mll
ous drink, (poisonous in loe ilere' m i i- h M n
now uwil) 4lth w neh 'Mir persons an- . nr
our grocene., store, cellar, kitehens, i.e.iirn-H hih;
j,,,,, ure 0n,.M rn -,.
kind .it "prop-rlv m-
lri)(lll.ji ,,r ' p.-n , Mj ; ,
t,,r ai (,,,) , yro.-iiy lln,
,.,,, u,,Mi u, (1Jluj , ,r n ,,llr ,,,
Tl i- is not lh"
S'0 .Ill
cir e. .
rl.'.l In, I, Ilif
luriv ii i .'er-
,ilM lllt tt). ,.1V huw,,, . ,. ,,,. 11,11 ,,,.
.l,,,-!,,, i,rth.e'rtuii.i,s t,,r !,,. Ir .-I,,
.. -, ,.,, ,). ( , r , i,i.'. li.,.ie-, l.iltirers
( IM : lt, t t sri-s. mid il .. r cm in lal.-,t r-. help.
M& lo pr,Nj(U.,. ,v, kr , ir,, , .rU i p,,,
,inv 1U( iV1. ..., i. .,, ,..,,.). .-, , ,.,.t
,', rt,.; ,,.) ,) ,),,. , -.,,,,(,.(- i
defeat the lust disirilsitioii ol nr-SH-riv .m l ke. n
dK.umelvpjt down. 'Hius ihev nmlte tie' re Ii richer
i,an iney sltmild In-, hik 1 0- -r !.mt lh u thev
need U';tliiis we see the p .r pltvin in1' ' 1
hands of the rich, and lliroini; Ib. ir h.-IiIj'
hard-earned sixpences and shillings '. ohinr
heaps, where th.'-re are already thousands i'iik J
sh. them rieiuiug ah tut fro n l -iv-r I . "
from store lo More, einpiying ih-'ir -p. 'rki-fs' ii
liiose of men who are t.'.i tunes ric'ier than Ihem
selves. All Ihe ('ungresses ind l,o-jibiluret i.i
the world'.' tn,iit pr.'Vedt this; the ;!. can al
d" i: . V
""This n'nwer of the people o' nn !.4ti-xrtfa,rt
and lati-irers for small wages, by i 1 m s h i .1
the great lirtdy of farmers, niaiiut'.eiii e , -w"ia.t-
an I J i il n I 1 1 bores, out IV" o s' '-' ' tt.t I
customs and liish.tins ol Ihe cu .lrv, ov r im
wealth of the rich, and Ihe cup, la! b 'w h" hit .
pnsluced, is n subject wi imp.. Hani, dial it will b.
further consisted ; hrrr'aftrr:
it v Mas. sic'.riixKV.
NVu havtt.been amoni'-t t n-"admirers of M'--
i'"Mirnev r$sb noetevK. and her nr kIiic'i-
h t
i ,
prose writer liave li..'ig:iieiieu our respeei
subjoined extract is taken from an essav of this re
ally philosophical writer. The esmv is a s-ed
tn her own s. x, but the :":h"mI conclue -n-. .;;d,
,f po9jsibls. with m re l ir- - to the
unon whom the sterner d'Ces of the l,l"' d.-nen I.
lii softening and Mvueiemng the dtiti.soi pnvaf.
life, are tin- obliiialiofs less bind ii'' in men than
on women? The fact is, that it ! ..and exactly
the saute amiable quahli. s in every . .ember ol a
lamilv, to make the domestic heart'i ihe have ol
" I have even thought it desirable that voun.' la
dies should make -themselves the mistresses of soue
attaiutnent, either in art or science, bv whim they
.l.i tn. mi i, i ri .iii1.. inli-ric slioidd tbev h:' rr need
to povertv. Sudden und entire reverses me il
uoconimon in the history of iifflueijce. To sustain :
theift without ihe means of lessening ihe'cvilsell
dependence, hen henlth and int'dbs-l are at ,s,r
ciiiumuiul, is sl'ltng hefpT)ssties' to oiir i" Wn lifflic-"
lion, nnd increasing the burd'-n of other.- When
the illustrious Henry Laurens, by the fi.rtmif! of our
war of Revolution, was hdd n prisone, in the Tow
er of Loudon, he w rote to his two dnugliters, who
had been tiurtufed in. all '-theJeoderiiirss .srid luxury
of Carolina wealth: "It is my duly i warn y'oii to
prepare for the trial of earning your daily bread by
vour daily labor. Fear not servitude ; encounter
iltf if shall be necessrs , with ihe spirit becoming
a woman of an honest and pious heart" one wh
has been neither fashionably nor uffiiehidly n-li-gious."
The accomplished Madamo de Genhs
(iroiiounced herself to Is? in possession of thirty
trades or varieties of s:cupation, by which she
could, if necessary, obtain a livelihood. It was a
wise law of some of the ancient Governmenls which
compelled every parent to wive his son some trade
or profession, adequute lo his support. . Such is
now the variety of detriments open to females as
instructors in schools and seminaries ot their own
'irtipi. that thev mav Wlow the imnuls ofiheir cen-
ius in the selection of a study or accomplisliment,
and, while they pursue it as a pleasure, can still
bn propared to practise it 'at profoasioiu Among
the pleasunt employ mants wbicb scow peculiarly
'I ' ' - u.K-omrolUble. il .hey '-re- e. r. .,,,.lH.or,,a,r.M,,'l,hatc.,mmu,ng;,ihlMonefl
KUl-l-d by v,a and ntelhgence, , will prae.-J N.tlu.e which w r.pi!'y ,0.,csl,,g to Hm-heart. thXlTyV ilZ
econ -iny. liwm- may be culled thr ' I. wu, Mt,rtU8 w(th , (m. Ul)lU , ,M.r aat-nisbuM',,., a kI returm-J n-l,eSTnv emh.'r
v,,s.. ,!,. ,hy mikeup nme.tenihs .,f the that ...e , er of VV,, B ws by r,,,ellt bv ,h.h.. i tZ lZ 1
tlieyhavi, thep .weriM.t only lomsko Iheluw.. but v.ailiif., Marions de Lilnvelle. whet, bo ao.iei.1 I i,.l,l I f I.',., 1. 1
congenial lo Im- Mings of .Mtr ei,
o ll.iuers i.ta.1 'a CO:.-, iiiiih.
S Mii'i-i,..'M(. ,, u t.Uf(i,.M M4 WM. n w'uit'dU
i.,.- i , . .
the . ,B rriomi- e,s n.iive Milt-o.
in-r i.i'nitiii'r. ni ne was . ur lo enmnui i.i.r.s.11 i.,
who, i.u recoiled, n.t ., j., sdv.MMt" limt w.,.
iiM-n ,.ould - tuudv t.'.sl," b-s f iw itt..n. m .l r.(M..H 4., in., iv,,,, !, r.-prr-ni
. N. I I,.. ... .1.1. . . I I. I. i I- .
--u ... iiimi ainu lit iii'iii 11. ill liaillllif III lifWI - r. I -u u..l ..... . I
... - . - i.ii III HIK 1'- rltl.VB lllf It-. -ip!
s.r mm hhIht si be, i.i, i. a,.... W siidea-lseM
iiiiAit UniW,
I'bu tending of ilnwe's fnsever noiiesrivl to rnt
o Is- ,i fitliug': f r the i,, beautiful.
I Iwy tb' , ((,1,-n tt4 it wei) imnaig tin ir own ein.
bl. ins, in..! i,i im a v.,i. ..f , :(n brMi,'i.s
tht-tr em f oni lliese bnt f lil',s In which they
apportion i:m v and sim-bcnni. Wnile they er.
nuieaie ine j loiin, or Hie etereais-nr.-a
ilu.l them, is tin e ist H perp- lual iik-lesi
uttered , l io work lo ! done itt ll.eirowii bear I f
r rout lb, Hiliir,i(oii of l. ever is rung rharn s,
L"1 !iu.!IJr l!, "" lender spirit b rl ttpwuid in ik--v..
Hon in linn " s le so bund perfoiui a lV in, and M'i l p,,i .." ('.iiinei le.l will) the nature
f lloueis is the dehghllol slit I v of bolunv, w bicii
inpitis new M'triicli'Sts to ihe suuum r svlvun
w.dks, himI prmrpls tx tli to nlt,bri.-uit I'iriiw a .
. iilie 'eM'ureli A know ledje oflhe plisioogv
I pi n's i ihM only interesting in itself, bul '.f (irac
lied nil.' rt. The brilliant loloru." matter which
'in y sous'ti mi's Mi-Id, mid the Is autiful ml'iieiu'es
whieb ili' Hnsi"S 1'iipiirt value lo mauv u.i un--i.'lill.
shrub or veiiid"d pl-fil, w Inch ii.ietit oilier
.ii li'iv" Iji'cn nolfi red to bl-. ii 1 1 and die with.Mit
t ihoughi.
"It is -lieeriug armdo'irsnlilarv ra-tibles loview
l!i'- tb,ects that surround us as f, iriids I 1 . ull lo
re. ii c'lon ibeir ihs cM'ine Ii leam-'e's of i 'uii.h'
er, to arinv I hem w.ih n m.i.'I liiitjr 1 1 uitellience or
n ilitv, nr ul lo e i , in, iiitniiale conijiaiiioiiHliip
-Mill Natup. Tee '"'i, d'1 ah .riii"'.s of our cm ..
v .-re disli, igui.s'i- I .In exieiisiv.. ai nnai .1
i .. i- with the pr.iM rle s of p. mils und
"-.IS, l e;i:
i I I Oil l' I I "
ill ,(e i." ,
then,. Ii an in .."acn nnd war,
!' -iM'iliis. I w-i.ild not conn
.... . !' the piii:ian ; i i
rn, i i I Iki pfi-pi'sfr'Sts
I 'nt . 'i i i to alleviaie i,e
-.1 of l': se li.yo by u simple
lli ii have ri'Dl- .1 or galbere'1,
. nli of ilia" enrsmi; ki'idnevs Inch
, , arroi'.i' t.
i-:jl,t lli'll;. s ti
H.bivon i f ' 1 1 Il
i- i lejiiimnt, b;
- .. . . i,
A .1 ioiv, t ,
inv, i , s i ii no ihe ivliole matter, lli.Hiih
,r,i , .f . ,nt'i a e'raT'i. is Hir ,.vu ov- r
1"-. It
lit ' is
t.. .,
si up-,
t "
...... M. . .. ul, . 1 Ll.l
' '.' "" I""' ' ' '
1 I nig su iiiiiei's lev'-l len. e .' '
s;i'n"e of woman h 'T.i.nrt.tlv rti1'--
rie.-ii! is.;ut'h rt bicll she will be expf
. . '
.1 '..Ji.lit iiii-n I -re lo lea n, and 1 1 n-tim
f soe w.sil I Mc.jini herself cp-di' iblv.
I'll , Ig'l to C-- ,
er, wit i im.."
on. i ! lie e c.'ljei.eii-s i n-'tlsT'tir
"i in 'ire in hi' ra'tjte ol scie
. q n rf's i i i
-' ''V S"l lKi nrsi-'ss'' i
s'lll mere is
i.-eil thai d .. -s'-c 1'ifv-s I . '-.-. lii..- ne-elnl
.n'l-oveii.eiit or . x:i e'ilish Iniell". I".,, eniovineiif.
t iM-v'tmav iinitHdhvthlln7irBitdtsev'M"csslklwiM waain,! Brj,,:1;'v sunnnorjed
in I the l''iiinlat.iu ul' these iiuahtnfs should be laid
sen- tn ymtU."
().r, DAV AND H Mi' IV Tlin LIFE OF A
T'i?tc.'i) cimviiit.
.... iiiu., 0..toU'.r 19Uu 1333. .
'I';, ik-rny rcit f .r walk wi, a -4if.'.jljir,td-hBjk .
( i w mt ; V- i,i to load . wtin mess,i'jes up' iiig (.At fiu on my ttTft'i'itamik cloth. - -
v i 1
sK"d in io call nl i oiisin
i b- r the Sorrow s of W , r
,.' r a I such ii tnibv w.n!)
In r .iith wi.i iTs, and co
h ii iii i Is'i in-i ;
II ( ! '1 1 1 ' i
-but i-i ist hu ie
,' I'
... .If
' II I.
il t i ii I
i.i I r.tiK'rsbe would t ike pleaur-
sorr ws mat employ her tongue in
i f r oor hiiinble aeriaut.
.. ....
hi i.ii'ij
II ( i
( ' m.-i i
J K l-Slf. Xll l l-Ollslll M. S
. ilrut'lful li'lv woman. Like t;
;i!l ol I n. ltd
l .lo ll'-U W"
,!' in. i Iml ran I Isiar Vui ilrcatt-
, lid" i, t ics,
liecaaw- I aui always in ilrcail while
n r . Jirennses !
rsl I sh"ii,l Lllend their -uper
sm -rlalive tie,,! , ess l,y il Ull ol fcravei on ine soic
of miv ho it, or such matter.
U'al ;e,l in, delivered my niessajre, nnd sea'ed
,,,, , 'f in ,k f her cane hoiioiu cnairs, w hile sle
.-:'.,ag.-d l'." bookcase. Forgot lo take out tttv
, .nemiisf. Is iere I el.lere.l. uiul while she liuiileii,
il,,. -lido risi.e. No si.iihot in the room.
. . i .i . i
,l iiiilows close.:. Fl
nir cat leTeil, ."itiTi' . niuisin'o to live lire nine In'l o.f, lloers. and henrm
newlv daub. with Simiiush I'fownU Hero was a
lix. I'clt tin- Il 1 of essence ofciivendish'acciMlU
trtiegi -IWeiMx-Vtt-fwiaua-ilU .taytwlicj.her.ili
a hist nhret,- ,aro.ri..l!P now
en, re.lnubthe henrth, or 11--id the carpet. Mouth
, the main tie e pretty wj-ll lillort. I o add io my
inisi rv she l-g tn to asK cpiesilons. -inu you ev
er read this book, ' "a ' a
voice m ft" rfrop torn tha liulUdn.ia.'Wli.wn.iie.
f wislo e book, aunt and all, were wun rnanm s
host in the Red Sea. ' II .w do you like it-' How
' i.i - i.e.: ul .....
Jovou like il l contmueri ine mui'iuuga.!. ."
(hw ,y bead oo tllO naCK Ol ine cnair
i. ....nurd to nrcvenl an "overflow. 'Prettv
well said,' L he at lust found the Sorrows of We r
ler and came toward me. O dear I (iusin Oliv
er dim't put your hcaj on the hack of the chair ;
now d.m'l, vo'il grease it, and take oft the gilding ;
I could not'answer her, having imw lost the p,,we.
..fsiK-ech entirely, and my clieeKs were uiMen.ieo
like those of a tlmd under a mush-rsim- Why
Oliver,' said e v persevering tormentor, uucon
scious'of ihe reason of my appearance, 'you are
:ir I know v(si are. vour face is dreadfully swell
ed,' and before l could prevent her, ber hartshorn
. - .tn.,H tn mv fitsienoea rifiminos. rs
mmith wilicl' ssed inperturabtv, the orifices in roy
3 organ xvcro that lirso my only breathing
s-i, llio rullureipbtnr. Ju Ign then, what a CoinnsHesi fu mua;
I ho g. iwrul so. I of haru'iorii created uifaolurms.
1 Loliod (or Hut disir, an. a tiearly achebeb
I . . .' 'S 111-'
Irimt f. il...
in ii.a i.... .. .... .- . i
I n'll. nrver L,i wJ.t'.L. V" I '
' homo Inortilied.
i Htfir,T Foiif mn
Frien I 4 inviip.l ....I -.r.. -
w.ih htm tn h-nr the celebrated Mr
preach. (Wilted by rs,8l,W A--lt.. hia
w mm will- III B
- 31-si.ri aa usual, lull of tounrtio, aod-h.r.
of horrors! fund tuVncw fleffsmlv ,!,,til
ror oi lioirors!-rund tlit. pew egaty .ariej
with white and nieen two or tl.rrr msboeatiy
'nkeia, and a hat sund but mi )) b..,.
The M-rvii-ca cou,Minc-iHj.erv tha
orgin wak answer, d by an ml, mil appral iroin
my imsiih i,r a hberalns;i from it. ronient.-bul
thn llm n was iui.s,ib. i,,,,!,! ( m
list for a ajiil b . Iha n of turning ,nm , f ,; , crK,
eta over Is, I nojlddo isKbuui . .ed. I
look out u, imuuValuei; but found i , i:,e plcnj.
tudsot her ort'.t-iiaisiU'. niv 'V I .1
, (bat
I (IM. f C HVri-,
i"'nn.,i i u
. - l"s
. p- .s-i iiMrail
l inv ruiiduiuia. Il' iewiaa difet mt. fh
him ihe reuclir-r bad named lilt el, ny ' lesIuj
ha.' ierlM'd Iheir utmost, u.e, 1 u iwi spit
or die.
I niswe, neir.l iny bat, and niaik
My wife ti. lamming us unwell ( .
kuijwn Is t'er,) gl up aisl follow,' ' le
yui u ie I, Oliver?' said Hk-, a l e
after u I red her bv utln, ,
an unlucky d..g with a hood ol exp.. s
cavendish. 'I wedi,' mhI ahe. M . A
spit box, in thf isiw.' 'S, do I.' W.
e-al.t ,inV
i.: 'Ar
r ' -sed
I.- 'C.'of
. SKIrftof
i hnd a
' '! I! Iiollit
i. K ,i i io.r
in moouy silence. I was .,r
the M-rtuon, bul bow c.sjli: I j-
p ii ' I ". v h mm
ie so a ..ll'-clioiiate, coiiI.miii.I ii,. h, ; f 'nn't
nM-au an. lint she imylil Lav. kit. .in .f.i ailed, mii kept Iter seal.
T. Ui c. T O loUcc. I Rul I'm- t!. e !s of hst
day are not told yet. Viler th cam, In 'tha
service along c, in e fanner Pioug- .(, ,. . Ik hail
seen me go cut of cduich and b.,pi ; ;,,u opvu
window whero I .il. " today, .Mr T"
"lUiber unwell," answered I, mid th. vs wo- an
other lie to place lo the acuaioi ol '..Imrco. " VV
bad (Miwnrfid (.leacliinir. Mr.- ,K.iry you
had lo go tail." My w,ft askul him ,,i, ni,J ,n h
came ; she miy hi kaiw I.' w uld, bul .imu msat
...-,. r. .io ii... ako .iw. witertr bv it. ('on
pltmenl over, I jiave h in my choir al ine op u win
dow. Itwu he ai', a. t.l In.iibung in hi p s.ketl,
he drew lortb h frnintaule plug ofiobac. .. od com
menced until i -i.i.i. n. " I'lteti you l( bucco,"
l. A h ftu .Hicitwiaiallv, ul ik, - Ij- u-
lM"-'-,'-l 1 1 4 ""'hes u, bis cheek- I inciita!
I I ... ' I , . .
y pue-i i who umhi more. , imi.i icnca
th I .. v an ; us II.hmJ afli-r fl.ssl l-(Miler d
newlv paiulel wi,il,'riH-em ini.) niii i.m Ve ."
I, ' bul I i i.e a darker c-jllor.'
H. .
to I."
I, o ni '.
answered I'Iouk'i share, " t., lyalhn ',,uts n v
i I' .Im's5 ill, .lul." Aou ir- ii; ni .m.l juy carpet
Willi tus tnvorile color. O.sal, If n. lit I, wile will
todeiin r. r ruier I louiih-hiirva ul' iin.ukelf. I
saw his lonv ling, rs lit iuai pariwut - fvti ,.,,
which a lolt'iccecbewcr know how in put his iliits
when lib. .ul to unlade, lie drew tbcm acres., bis
inisiili ; I trembled for lle couaequeocs, ohould
he ihmw. such a load upon j he hr.nih or the
llo -r. I'.ul he had no uiif uln. Ikua lv-wsi bra
This was t-io iinn li. I plead tucknesa and rose.
Tin re was no lie in the issertioii now I was sick.
I reiired from the tall, but my departure did not
discompose farmer J,im,:hshnri, who was uncon
scious of having done wrong. I returned in aeason
lo see him replace hut quid in his nioulh to under,
go a second mastication; and the church bell op.
pnrtuu' Iv ruining, called htm bef ,r he c.sild usti
bis plate for i spit hit for such, I was persuaded,
would have liocn his next motion. I went up stairs
a id thr. iwiujj my'!! on the bod, fell asleep Oreams
of inundation, (I m.. md fire harrassed me. (
Iheught I was burni"g and smoking like a cigar. I
then thou 'hf 'ho Merrimack hadovrrll iwu ilh Uiiik.t,
nnd was about to overflow mo with its waters. 1
cold not escae the water had reached mv chin
I tnsted it: it was like tobacco jmci . 1 ctghed
uid sf-reaoied, and awakeniiij.., found I ha I . ,vn to
sle p with t quid in my mouth. Mv wo en'.-r.-d
at iho mn-tu'nt l tnrew away try mt'iv wcrri-
II U7., if I were you, I would im un that stuff
any fuore. . , l -
I wont,' said I. Neither fig nor twist, piu-tail
nor cavendish, havo paased my lips since, uor ever
iihalf they Hhii" e '--.--.
The Paris correspondent of the London Morn
in? PosVgivca the following spirited sketch of ihia'r""'!?'"ilr..v p00" :
Taliev rami is ccrtriifily the m.t extraordiiiary
lH'ii.r ol his kind, Ihe world has produced since
the first creation. Take him in l is physical con
formation alone, and think of his having outlived
so long (he ia now eighty live) nil the great and
goodofhis time! Talleyrand was born lame, and
his fiadis arc fastened to his trunk by an ir-m a p.
paraliis; on which he strikes ever and aeon hia
gigantic caim, to the area dismay of those who see
him for the tir t time an a we not diminished by iha
!o ,k of his piercing gray eyes, peering through hi
shaggy eyeorows; in. iincnrtlily lace, ntarkd wilh
deep slams, c weiec partly ty Ius stock of extra
ordinary hair- p .rtly by luseeorn.otts cravat, a-hicH
supporia a lar.e prntrudiug lip, drawn over hia up
per lip with a'eviMcul expression no painting rould
rsmier- Add to this Apparatus of terror his dod
silence, broken OHHjIWIhj' th?.Mt aept.lchra
i gstlral raoBO-syllablea. TeUeyraodV puke, mLicK
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