North Carolina Newspapers

i-in an J pub!l; phit vf oor c,."..n; th-;:i b t I'uni
h'low itori tins (k:oj.i:.'i:i b- rusb;:e.r '-ril in tins -Teat
schem?-- it h their interest ati-i lh-;r Au'.y to act to
the crisis. wo loir not thu th- :.:::c:p ttion 4 the
fWends of this work here an J elsewhere, will bo fully
act by the citizuns uf our county
A memorial from the Grnu I Jurors of Washington
County, District. ot'C .!u:no;a, was profiled to the Se-
i-ts to prnMeilv u.i ier ttjc LoUcl.uui oi the Uni-
led Jjuteo the uni vwfui u..J danj.-ro.. character oJ
these incendiary ik ..i.o .o nn-a on Cot.-re U,
J 9 -
rej. cl or u .i t j lIe.:o wuen pr:ntcd. A mo- j
tioa w k- to un eMr.i number c! c.o.ei ot th i !
memorial wi.ieh by oir. ilorri of O.iio i t
the course of the U'.Li'e 'x v.i.s ut jt.on, to be c::o;.ei;!iy
respectful uutiiii'.d in us Tiiib tiiel.oii was
v irmly opposed by IS(joil L'fj.zu of SurtL i',
find t-ome otiicr. ir. opposed fo aii)
course wiiich would tc::J to :;it?tiou on tne atil.j'.cL'
1 le oeprecated ah ixn.-asur-j .? wii.cii imiit lead to ex
cAeoien!,' ecc. ile though I that the pubiiCin.ntl bolh ui
liie Xorth !! na lout!. v. us i:ia lieaiLby ctjU: on lh.a
fcnbiect.' Jvieaniy as v.e think of lied ton I Jbowu's, uu
lierstatidnii.', v;e . ill :i t yet Lclieee that he has tiny
rt re rmiiii;r tJje u of tdaverv in coniinon
with the I'ar.atico at the Xoi'th. fl it with the certji.;i
p;oot before i:nu of the rav-ii ao.I alariiiinjj spread ot
the abolition tlelaio.i in be Xortlicni States a fact
cert'tiod from the rc;;rds of their doings published t-y
t!e ato!itioiiista them -el es and copied nuo tne newe
jujeT.s of every tccuoii of our couuiiy a fict obvio'jj
from the altered tone of the press at the North, even
of a portion ot the ttess there formerly oppjsed to abolt
tuju ,i f..ct not jrio is to every iinu of eoiiiinoa hitelk
"ncc m lhe ;. iulry ".nd tiiore ttitn all, a fct t'.-rcd
u.vm the kno. vi. !'!. ot Mr. o.-nator jI.- jwii by t!ie le
v !o Hiients of f 'eiir.r on luis Mibjcct !:iide uiucr t ie
erv rijf oi' t!.i Capiiol in tuc other bra:. en of onr i;--tional
LegisSuture with t!n se, we repeat, an 1 otuir
p.-oois of th'j teirful proore.-s of abnldioii doctrines i.i
tt.o Xorih, ineeiin-4 Mr. li.owii attur) corner an I ti.i
:ny him in I he i.iee, it mi.-i an tiiiii-oil decree ot
: .iu;t.!io:i lor even hit rea o.iin,; iwcrj to pvo Ii;;n
t r'.n tor hours ty and right feeiinuheu he asrt Wis
r. I:t' " ti: it t!e j i! I.c uei'dat the north is iu.ihw!tly
.-: V.e on this su' ji-et." X iy further, bis friends can f il-
defend t!i' io;iely of hiS CO'ir.-e on Ulii .-'u'y Cl OiiK
::: r to e:.p'.n; f iio:!.il ition ot him to the jvs s&ion of
. .-. . H it h.j id harne-s-.d to the t ir
i f V'a;: lv.ireii. is joined to bis iAs.
We re:td in t'.te lli-toiy of OM, t'u.ttli" k:u-
a-i.1 of b.r.-v'-n cuntrics were f ecej to fnili-tr
. , . i , i i . . c , , , i . .
..... .. !. . i.. i .1 t'...,o .,.r:,.s r. !...
f . oils v, II j uai v'.!-,'!- v.. ...... j
v -re draw it along the.-Arrets of the imper:l city. It I:
b..-rn re.-erved tor tiiis are to witness the Senator of
Sovereign States theiii-dves spfintaneoiu.Iy
the cur of a lueky lotrigu-r ovr the pvonlraled Iiirt:
ttaior. of their country, g'.oi)i:ig in their degradation
and exulting in their ruin.
Rut how shall we characterize the course pursuer, on
this occasion by the Hon orabje Robert Strange, who on
a subsequent motion to print, as in th custom in snch
ces, a certain number of copies of this memorial for
the use of the Senate, voted with f tir other? n gainst
printing the memorial ai all! the memorial of the eit
izens of the D;triet of Columbia, to Congress a.-kin'
jild ag'.inst the nefarious attempts of the ab liti-nis's to
plunder tle.-m of their property find sac ret! riglits gmr
antced to them tn tlie most s-olemn manner by the Con
stitution ! .Mr. Siruiire has voted, not against print tntr
tii.1 petitions of fan ities calling en C ni-ress to viel'tte
t!ie rights of others, but !jis vote rihf'y con-id'red ha
b:eu ivor :ed aiin-t a full Iiear.rf beiurr I'l n t th-?
prayer of c.ii.":ns tbr protection iu their ui .ale proj'vr
t ; Htid lcii;'il!e rii;:.ts.
na'e of the Uuie;d Stitts, a fjw !is .--ince, c:uipl.nn- j I:- Hentoii to gratify the wounded pu.Ie t-t u vindictive ! ineir l'resi.leni, that at least threo-LIlhsol t!e whole
in-r 0f the pctiUono of varioul inhwdu .U in the 1 '-vrant- l,e come in this country ot LUkI- jrjl' J J.".'"! c!i iua bo necess..-
.irve'.olt',-.' oravn- for th a-litwu of slavery bou5ht liberty, when an American citizen is to be ffross- r' construct K.d Rail Km 1 from the town of il-
biaveiioioj.ij, oi-itta, ra.nj ior in-a.Mjui.ji.oi iacr , . . , " in'nt'n to eld n, on the Roanoke Utver, it ive lecn
i.i the Diatnct :ui:i ' forln t!;e ri-i.t of the muiuuridl- !'-ttd by t.ic opplcation to them of ?uc.i epithets ..uU-crtbed for and taken bv individuals or crix r ilious
His a re.M.b ncc at v asnr.ton m near view of the j .. (ivnuKmin of the .u r.,:tt.:
IVthral l'attonj!;-, his a scent of this modem cup ofj The resolution wh.cii h is j :st been adopted, js in
Cuce 0 i'orp.iied h:s servos and benumi;. i h:. faculties t ;;ccordmce with l!ie uuiiotm ti--a ;e of j.ejrisiaiive
he euiuioi iiiscern th? portentous eioud f;atberin-r dies, it is tlierel'ere lhe r:uit ot CMUite.-y, and n-lof
at the, or appreciate the an thi o, ..truct;o:i it PUculac .n r:t in U,e oihe.;r to whom it rlites.-
.-; ... 11,, tt, ns the res!iil'-n anno.. iue.-t;-i'njii!i::tu;iol loose
threaten:- to over.v..eoii t.ioir itt;tj.:us Wilhul ! oe-l rc;atto3 wucli h tve suhsisieu IkIw. cii iue Senate and
. r -r 1 f c. f if t Stilt Vin It iron's l: I r:- I . . ..,.. - tt r.i.r it ciirit, i.m: lii I.i it n cfrivi-f ..-
c - - - E ' t
to t;.e l'rts.iieiic. i'i- b :!p'' iuio the front rank ot ser- ' at.d sveophancy t!ie u.o;. t ut of t;t!;!ti h:& s'iut in j
the Ken ib4. are hi her nn;- with h; disregard of j
....... . 1
trie Utv.r-.ji Lian.i v.o- .... . t.... ... ....
. . ..... .-1 .- . . .t ii;., .iiro'i. r.'i in .... 1 1 w .t..ri
ront Senators as such a charge woidd indicjie. iiut. '
tiic.r cor.uuct. iiaj most t.f the consctpieuce t f real, de- (
liberate, co;d blotxtled treachery. It has a tendency to
lull the nooo'.eot the South into a tital security ; it
, eace i.Uc", when there is no peace. And d.d w.; not I
it act, i I
believe thai their con inct on thioccjsion was j
ed iy the denhnj sp.rit of Van B.irenisin which J
.w-:. ,t i-:irtv. we should beheve that ti.e stale oft
the eubhc mil d'ontnistuhject" was not onlv not Mjund public inn. u o.i i. ii. ..... '
ut the Xorth, but even huspect that it was rotten in
fome tinbhc muids at the South. j
The Coneeoitte appointed to inve.-tite the trance
. ao a-.i.or ii iv I rrefiiri
"reuni the questions as!ied fy tiie Com mtteo con
rcru private afirl The Committee having l. n
.orklbv Mr. Srn-kcr Polk.tx Ad...iuistratio:i,or Whit
ncy men, to Tiirke tippisition, the request was "ranted.
Rut when the week expired, h? still refused to answer.
and asked Curdays more it was granted, i be Commit
tee have also had Air. Secrctiry Woodbury before tliexa.
It is said in some tf the Wasiiinon p ip. rs ih-.t clrea
Iv enough b t3 been el:citel even to asloun i the Van
liureo members of the Committee; and l foro the s s
ion cloos, cnoujh will have been di&cioeed to make t';e
verv utoclta and ttonoa to exclaim 44 Corruption, thou
Moariter." t:,e South the extent ofthistbin3er!iproU. of h.s scns-bioty U he:, it pb.-ased the Se -
We ne;e Mr. '0 however the credit to savvvc' note c:Al ,1,? l" U,,s l"'nir' 1 wu ' l u,wwarc ot
, ,ud;ouliie vvliicn i.nv .rote-z it, anl ti...u express u a oif-
trover 1.0 ,:;cUn,sstrCcy ,n L. course j fi,cnce , :ny ,0, wu:cn su:.seTu ot exnence has
Th- ,ot,e uiltnoore caucus to Mnaple::n .-ore,, ,n- UndoJ ouy t A Hut .t is u source of u,.h Srat-
, .- . . ., . .. 1 i .......... I II J loo ... .... .s. r,ll.--l!ri, llllli 1 I!) UIU Ol'll.llV, v j ot.' Ill" k A J SlU '. I t.VJ OI I Of! I k"iri fS
this is toured ot him ty the p-,rt he .muu.o. tllteol:; yet, in .c: nuk. 1 c, .not see tiw,e trror.-, I Wore of opposite politics. Xow how dolhr oct TheO.nio
W e wi.l not curiae on 1, hnnvn anj Uc uerl , p fhey Il2Ve b , cov.rca t,v.,.. uy ,,-ni by the m:m- uith a barft lnnjority in flVnr of :.,r. V,n
Stran 'c vvdliil, del. berate treachery to the i.i:cresU ol j tie of yout cinrily. 7 . , ' . . J J . . . , . ,
hJirtituts.n the matter ut ,bobtion. We will " i wuth nave just ern.i,ted. I fhrully Bitrrn .obtained, too by jrerymand.? aave elected
l,'ur u , i. i t , 'be:.- may nr.-lo, i.,si bi i, tits to onr Country. A a an Buren , fan t t.!i Lntted Mtes Senate i.i place
not teiievetuat our iiddture ins chosen t;vo o cor- j - ' - ...,r ,L ,n '.r P.i.or wi tho Stte. in X,,,,!
tlous of the al-Je muiv.uua. .o. -f ,,,,.,,1 ot t:e res .ure.s. u. auo i.nvs.eai, oi ui s ; Rppri;sor.mivcs with the Van Burcn pirty. . ;t
. .... !... r.T.L-j hit,) I ii it ;n fi ofi L- I l.,.t iin'.ii.iW, SL:le. A iii! V I. ri SUCeOS.S f..l.lll ; .. ' . . .
. . I ..... I -.,.. flrri.. - I l.oeirt.
inent anu ir.e i - L'n -p; - - ; - ! sible that lie has deserted I ;-in the Carol, na (
Wh-nev has been e ore the Uoinmittee, Lut crow n tii no: ,e , mo i (.i , o., o... ..on ;-ain- .... , ... , - r,.f:
or two. W ti-'"- l-a utt- ,.,,.,..., I 0ic nrhte that we .uiin-l ' land ..f our M.-r-, ,.r, ol-1 or.pUm the matter ! U e ak for inf -nnation.
l t.. cnvver anv eoiesf ions, vvitt-out a wetK s tune ( prau . i-i.o v . ..... , . , , ... j
ret.-svd to answti oi . .... Lr.. n.l tinvahl- ! : but lliit we leave it to our child-
'IV.. ,,-... .t.... , .. I I ..-.I .!.. . '
,,f the United States, on the tiitrht of I he passage of his :
j f,,m0us ExpHnm? Kesolution, is enough to li.Uhe soul '
jf every independent free Aineriean with inni-nation
- i. i an i ihjii ijji- M mo : oi ill .! I'i (
alarm, and hu.ndiutioa mdi-ni ition at the -ross insults '
:fered to American citizens by a bloated slave of pow-
1 r, alarm at the that such a breach of decency
and order id tolerated in the councils- of our nit ion, and
' frjiniliatioii at the tie 'Tad a lion of that once noble and
ptriotic body, now veered about an used by Thorn:,:-
U3 "L--"t '"'"""'m auo uiai u o, ui iuu nemic
U'fthe Union, by a man who u put there as ther-
la,tl of lhe ! And f -r what oil. uee ! WI;,
i . .1 i . ....... .i f . .f . . . ,.,
v"" MiswuiTr.r, u.q ci.ancr oi uis i.o ny,
i(0in? struck down and Witerut.,d by the rutide hand
oi iiesj).jti.-!u, ue could not rupiire?.? h;s uu!;jnat;on an !
indignation which the e.vpu.i-r ra will ere long know,
j common in the breast of every h onest patri- t in
America. This wad bis o.ilnee; and for this, ho was
in stilled in the "Toe.-t manner by a Sen itoron the lloor
of that sacred Hall, and then dned before his i.ccu-f-ers,
without the privilege of defeu !inr himself a
privilege o ranted to the -.ueuiif ?t criminal by the liv
i .f the land ! How loni; will such scenes be toleratetl
Can it bo possible that the pipl. of this country will
longer submit to such outrun upon the Constitution.;
u;mjii their vital rights, sttd upon (!iTT.ry and civiliziticu.
44 Illuo wind awl cruel, vrr cirri.'.'" Jolm II.
Whet ler, of Hertford c :i".ty, in thi- State, has been
apH-i'itel by the I'resMeiit, with the advice and consent
of the Senate, uper::l,."r: !:int it the Ilraucii Mint at
Charlotte, X. C. This will bo woeful news to certain
h'jriry cxpeeftnts south an 1 we.-t of thi-. The mere
fact tfiat Ja.'.9 !Iutch;s-!, h r r, 'Ttting- the
al.r, will hi to him. we nr.vnme. a matter ,
. . it..
no Sreat ,no,linca,o i-but tb,t ,.. j 3s y n defuM
by such a man as John H. heeler. U: mier.or in tal-
t , after llsfpiire Ilutchivm h is r:nJeretI such sinil
arid wonderful aid to Mr. Van Curen in thLi State.
How uugrattful ! we'd piit tlie tnrty.
ckor;ia is ri-:ijk::m !:)!
It will bo recollected thut at tho etotr-r Ccnijres
ional Flection in Heor-,-;a, the State Right- p-irly .-.uc-ccctlptl
ir. electing but one of their men Col. W. C.
I)avvon, t!iOi:gh the o!l was close; and n tier wards,
at another election, to fill tlie ict of a Van IJureu
member who h id re-ign t, ''. Diwx.n vv ts le.-ted
over his Van Dunn opponent by a'.otit l,.jd(l vote
Immedi.itely after that eb-.ti.n the State votel by
alut l.vfj tor Wliite atniu.-t the .joi!rx; thus
j-hutvintj u tteady gnin t o fi:e S:atc Rights side. R.--centlv,
another election h is taken p!;.to i-i that St tf
: hi tun iiv in; j." i.i ..... i u lij.j
.. i. ...... - j. i t,..
resignation Oi ..Jr. io.Mi..-, an I.ure.i ; (el. Julius
tJ. .1 ori!. tee ei ioe teoi i.ior.iuioi "oui ....;e U.:'iiis
men in the St .if, n as beu i ! ' t - ! by u war Is of 2,J.
votes over i.'.i'det!, Vun. Well L'o:t'. Ceor j'a ! Here
is an exam; le tbr X. .'ar l;: a. S e the fiiiitscf th
labor4 of !'! ' ttc Ri'lda As.-i-iitious which are fort.i
ed iu cvi!) . ittu'y m Jie'St.-.te, to tii-oi-e lijjlit arnonj
the I'eopie. Woo'... :t not bo well tor the fr;end of
State R.-hts. ii Xorih Carolina to ibilow t.his example?
MR. sp::.Ri;:i. WADiyuT!
I'liO f-'liowin Re.-.iteioo, inlioiiuetd i-y n political
opponent, is a well nunted couipimtent U the amiable
ami accomplished p uker of tlie ism rate ot our late
L.0 udature.
The Senite having :t through witb the- ;.usin-,
"Mr. Mo:H.dy r.s-;!iled t ite f oio.viu rt-olution:
44R.dve.l, unanuiioU..iy ; 't the tbiiitki of I be
Sena;e be givc.i lo too it.-oorjhic V mihie, lor
the abie, oi-nif.n aiu liopirtia! nruni. r, ni iiO
has li.stfi afti he iiut.e;- wi the Chair, h.r.n the pres
ent session.
44 L'jkiu this res.'lu' ioti, tiie r;,i. stioo b i:nj iil by the
Clerk, it was .eiopi. e u:i.i:i;i.f ni.-.y. Tho iJou. ji; .K-
cr ni'iJt llie foiiov. lOpj and appro. iriate address
. . ii . -
to lite ronaie, ami u;.'j oi.i- a mo House siue ate,
i I I II t'n it. ill uivt-ii ii- vi v-.o w v i 11, u hiii
.fint.on, th it t.-" t.atuci of tlie i-enule tow-.-iVus me,
ins l.een in-ok--d y
curtesy. 1,
'1 nerou- lor'tearurice n:M man'v '
...Hon tin-- 11.' , ion-- ;.o. arcu-
e- , ..
ii u:e to liie Ireeeeiij f.Mif
o l V 1
.-.'nti. ir.;:-; 11 10
"-""" '
me tiii'ui i
po , to e:..i icf.eriAC toai era.
-ii iii v.tur in our hearts the precious re-
membr.n:-'. , i.:bL v.c owe a delt to the illustrious men,
nt whose hands we received Use Civil inslit ittons of this
countrv, v.hjc b we can never rriMy. but by di.ctu,
oi- livis lo honor nu.l to i uhlic ot-ndness. lofiethus
js i.,.!;,,-..;,! .. th il we cherish towaros e.,ch
l(tiu;r mutual nod ftat-rnal tbrtiearance.
hithertodi.'trractd .or coi.ntols. and retnrhd our march
to weabl, nnd t .rue. Ja.1 ii, emulate tne ben. t.cfor ot
aie i. nt Rome, ,vho.-e boast it w it the cem.nt nce-
. p,vt.niI,it.,;l j... f;,i:i ,,. c fv OI- Lrtrk .
, -s .piji-iiion, le leii il t f .ver'-b. L. t us -ujr&l-
Ijtt.tlv to lb.; work ot ml i t. l i 'op; mv etnent ; presa ome
tiKn"our co::sii'uent-. n our r. turn To ihei.u, tlie i:upe
riotts necessity of su.-:; ;n ey. and entry out, in their
fullest extent, tie? mei.-ur.-s now adopted kr tlie devcl-
rv-r- Thr Ku l.o,t.l II 7,-. Th.s r ha-icccnt-
Jy chan-ed hands Mr. Ab'ott has sold out his h:df of
tVeMiblisb-ncnt. Itisnowclitetlby Me-rs. Plea, an'-,
Gallaber at,! MosehUiree of V,ri,iai ,'s r,o!,b,st
iae Wbii; ii Second to no paper iu the Union, as jr.c-
... ....... . ..rr,. ..: l.lll It'll mo'.. .Ar.'l.l.. . I ... I :.!. O ...i'A 1 l.. . . . .: o
Hansen, mi iue . . ...... i .. i ! ... .. ,o ........ ..i i. . .1. I
i ren. ojiUlCnr, Iimeu auu,i L.;iu,nui uif tirui.
"4 It remaitts only that I should thi-ih 3'ou, o I tlo
most sincerely, not only f. r the fi it' terms of tie
,i...t three.! and honored I'uTiu-r.'iout the earth.
rt .i uiiv.,!! '
Ml remains only that I should thank you. c J do A lire broke out at SL Johns, X. R., on the I J:h ul:.. the owner can huve by desenbin?, cm app.ictne, Sers, -M. " ' , , Iv ,
, ..:r.-U. not on v f br lhe Ilittprinir terms of the .... , ,., i ,.. h.o uWnber 5 miles East of Salisbury. i A'so Rr.Cers , Se.ephcrd s, U adetx. I.utcher s Dirk,
..nw. .j. ---- j ii. . " i ; ; , . WiX 1 rr.tTC: TWELVE HOURS, Ul liie UC in OI lt lOWO, w r,r. . T .. wi,:" I .w' Pah Knives
resolution, but for t!ie manv w hieu. tu liv, o- , , , . , , ,,A CllARLLs lrsl.. r,.r;vt;t, at-u 1 en lim. s.
' . .. . . i i . . i nnO rriiuii'iim nJw.nt rnr I,ii,,.lrr,l mu' lit '! ...; .' .. ! .... i.. . i t It ' . 1 " 11 ...
uallv ami coMtctive.v, you nivo t v;.oeu ,o 1,1: 011,0 - - - - - 1- ,,,P.. ,1 i :7. T -i J' t: e 1 ohioo nun i a 1 viismrs a-in o;ino;e-icks.
toasKot iimi, in nnsv...- ..iv- 1. ik, o. :i 1 .... v o. ,---.0 .j . ... - t i er ii citer, i aoe, leseri, aoa i en-spxin?
all, that He will rest -re you in health and sah-ty toj..y. :dent of the New Vork Kxpress, vnx im uen o ; inchj- i IjAST XOTIC -lil X wanented sirpeiior to silver, and cheaper,
ous firesides an! happy friends. i dlnr tu;kk TiiorsAxn nviiKHLS of Flovh. The whole I t t . :...u.(,l i. e,., l-'otn ,,1 l-t ; t v.. r ;.
tmrda talents, honest boldncet?, and independence, it . Jailli:d A. Klt., of Iredell, Dr. John 1 Mill, of V.ihniii
i tht paper tor Southern readers. I ton, and Joha L. Henderson, of Granville. -St -sr.
1 I f I :lO lialeiLn Aiiiiii.Viri;. riT'.vf.' Iiv 1 n, r,
" " " "J
r!1Jli, contain the interna. Improvement Act winch
h.,s caused so much rvjo c.nj- airiourrotir c:tizr.s. We
arc '"KIy brraf ,n'Hl locate that the ohjectioiuhle pro-
' s" luI!s1' " ' W t!ie Utcr of Ut wet !;, and ar.ti
ced by us in our last, i not in tin Act as pubhs.ued in
the Standard. The clause alluded to it, as follows:
Whoever it thall be made to appear to the Board
of Internal Improvement, by a certificate under lite cor
porate of the Wilmington and Ilaleizh Kail Iloul
CotniMny.Mjrned Ly their Treasurer, and contiter binned
and tint at h'nst otu-tburto of Mich private subscriptions
of not less than three fifths of the whole capital as afore
c ha; actually been paid tlte Inndsr.f t!e said trca
!.urT, and tf?t the ronriiiulof ofsaid suhscriotion i.-, ei
ther so p-ii:, or is made bv s 'Ivont pcrfiis fully :i!!e to
5iv, and the said Hoard sbr.ll be ai;d they are hereby
authorized and re.-piir-d to subscribe on beii tlf of the
State br the ro!o.unin'r tvvtt-lifllis of the capita! of sai.-4
(om;viuy, nnd s. id subscription on the p.artcftho State.
?"! 1 1 he xi id iii manner following, that i t s:iy, one
ILiltl Kiriut, i.f- riX IIJ1.1II PUtll 1- I LIU. ai'"
af jres.;i 1 at th .' ti ne of subscription, one other fourth j
upon n like certineate, that another fourth of sucii pri
vate -t:b-rriptio:;s bad hen a:d by the sibserihers, tb
next fljiiilii r-on a like certificate, nnd the residue- upn
a like certificate," &c, anJ the same to the other
The fdio'.vlnj comuni.iic.ition, we ;ave received
from a plniu unpretending Farmer, an o'd R publicar ,
and "an old Wii:." He writes in very plain term:?,
but we give Lis communication ss it is, to let these
v!o!abrs of the cou.-titution, nn J of Senatorial dignity,
see what the plain Farmers of the country think of
them. Editor WsUm Carolinian.
FO.l THE Wnsrt RN ( ROl IMn.1
! . , fcV -vou.' F
Klne the L.'ect!n to..t VwU irave taken iovn me i :-i-.r,
iSid nol hte , r,nd I tho,,ht that I
! .. o i ..ti ...... ... i.. . :. -.i i.t.:.... o..... .in .i
w kji i tii j i' iivm3i it. aani u. ti j iJ'j;u ui.f vi.....
never to give up the ,y.p ; for I nin op.e of th.c old fat-ii-
ioned fellows w !;o aliu think that whilst there is life
there is hope. I wots the mere anxious to seethe Flair
is it always frhowi-o me where to look fhr the I'ditoriat
nmarhs and the most impirta-it new s of the esy. Rut
t mce old ."ort!i C'arolina is sunk low as to be represen
ted n the United St-.tes Senate by two such subser
vient tools as now repre.-ent u, who show by their ac
t iii tliat they aire prepared to tr:i:nlo under t'e ir 111-
'...:!o;vei foit sacred sifeinrd of o ir liberties, the
I'nited Sta es Coutite.tion, to tl record all law sr.-1
j.refi pt r.nd follow wherever their m ister I'ds an,! -'o
wt"tsoever lie bids them .'o since ties is tlie ootid i
fi'Hi in'o whxh old Xorth "arolina lias fallen, I have
tlioitoht it v. as wril rtiou.'ii tti t tko d toe VUn, it
i")' hi I. s;.ilr at least in disUnt f r a while. And n
pl-n-e fliercot I have thought that it won! 1 hr jiroor-r '
.. .IiO two f the rnest hideous things eu ever d.-d v
m human hharw let: Hi w;l!i4,Tl;e Xovt;; Cirol'nn
I !:. uners," Robert Strange Redfo,- 1 !-ewn ; ntid
tltcTi b.ave it as a beacon to direct your readers where
to ioek fir the imput-ini tie-v.s -f ho Hv, fr depend
upiti it so lonj as we are represented !; tueh tnen a?
drei-.rd oatlis, law an.! the Co:it:tut ton, we tnav !.)-jk
out tor lmrHr ',nt n.'v.s from tht iii irN r. Should von
thiuh with sue and conclude to ni;ke the rep-esenta-ivn.
I iro;ose that you r present thio in l!i--ir re. pr
ritlon, tji j.', is; vv itli a lr.r.r collar tin wjlh this inscrip
tion: Cs 4- O
O -
g .11 y Io :r:
tn -
o -
Tb" friends of StMe R'T!jt., mny !o thankful tlint
ttiis man turned rrnrs;aa'ct ps ho d' ! in lo'-i. We
then thotijhi be Indonsred to the Republ'eje pirtv. Tl.
reader will probably Lke to know :ov !, vo'ed itt the
late contest. We'll tell you as the Riciitrnd Whij hn
i'. Wlion he went up to vote, be hnn.led in his ticket,
and posted otl'ns tpnek as ; but the wi-o
w:is a little curious to know how be vote;!, calb d out
as the Judp,e (the renepade tias been rewardetl by i.:.
J;icksn with n Jivle-ship fir his desertion of bis pri-i-ciples)
was ehppiiijr through the crowd 4'1.. vv !o oh
vote, juepc lor 11 r. v.... ourei, wjmi- ' one r
He anweredj'ts
he went 44 tor ltf-, o S t,a.'i .,,..
olLcrs. One end out not caeht yet :vn c.'Wit-
I t?l1 lo 11,0 Mr. nno-r-a n,e a.:, tn, bigness.
lh"ht a l,,rJ- IIow ut,or'-v cont. . : ul
PROFF.SSIOX rrr.v., m Af".TICR.
0r muJors know how clani.,.;, xh, V.m Ruren
. . . . 1 1 . 1
1 , o
party have been for the doctrine t Instruction how
tlbcv I:
; u vi 'xsv "u"Wi 'il-tIS- ''-i?;ut lynr, .unfits nm:
''ttV Otii?r W n.n delators lb' noluiii,jr en to their seats
air.unst Van Raren by 1(K)) mnjority ! Tiiib is con
sistency with a vcnjniice. 1 it not reader I
Proscription for Opinion's fakr. Gen. James Owen,
a t-.t . "Mil A i &
r.ifc to h; iiir n iiT r: i .i nr I. r i nr I'.ri .t w .i
inineton tor ttie last 1 or is ; ars, lias rrrrntly teeii
i f'liim t 11 ni iiMivi- i if.'tii i'i j 1 . iiii it'll i'i a. ii iitt't i i'.
a Van Burcn pnrliz in. Tiie only renson that can be
nlb-dired in truth for this removal, is that Gen. U. id a
Thr Hon. Jamr ilraham. We have heard it men
tioned that this gentleman tshould have said, that if this
; State voted for Mr. Van R.rer, he woidd support that
renlleman's administration and we see him now vo-
tnir on almost every party question in the House of
o.tunated nt between two and taiee millions of
. . ,
, :n lKr f- t 'ror.-.The follow-. rj? Centlemn
tn, i nt-oriir ii-inf i v witli
,,C r:.. (.f r.,, V,V. . .lames W. Rrvan.of Carteret,
I w i m.fJiitir.'Sriiiif. tuuLrii iuv m k ,.n'v . -
it f
.V'...... 1).. .. . .
muuu-m, w r J ill i.ii:. .
our njrent at that ,-tuce. and ibr .!::,-, t'ouuiv. Hi,
receipt will be valid in the coll-.'ctb.a ot all su.njj d;.:e
us in thai county, or any other part of Aiih-on. ler
sons in tint cciiua wishing to uaser:be for the Caro
linian, can hae liieir names forwarded by calhnj on
r. Cochran.
; :
Conrrnsinnnl Dwti rum's. We ate nnder obdigf.a
tion to t!ie IIo-i. Messrs. Rem unit an! lK:;:iii for
various public Documents; they will pieue except ou;
thanks for the favors.
Santa Ana. It is said that Gen. Santa Ana, while
at Washington lud several interviewn with the Presi
dent, and un.'ed strongly the jHjhcy, interest and duty
ot this Government to recognize the independence of
Texis. And rumor from the Capiiol says, that a mes
sage to this eiT. ct v, !l be sent to Congress by the Pre
idcnt before the close of the present ss&ion. A recent
tilobe states, that lien. Sunta Ana, Col. Almonte, &c.
hiu left Wahmti n for Xorbik. where t'ney were to on ixxtrd tin American ves-el for Vera Cruz.
We are glad tlie American siil is freed of the mo;is,', r,
nd would equally rejoice if Tom Humbug ReViton,
ma .ua s ovv-sjiiu boii, W US seill UUtT J1U11.
Post-OJlcc Drpfirtfifut.A new Po-t-OlVict ha
beem estaiiiihod in Stokes County, called Vienna, and
Thomas V. Iivell appointed Po-tmtster; Also a new
lVt-li'Kce iti Sarry Comity, eatle.1 D we!ton, and The-
ephiius C. il.v.i ;er a;)joi:i,".l Postmaster. Ueonre Wil-
key has been appointed lkort master at Favesvil'o, Lin
coin .'im i:ty, and Obed Anthony at Calhoun, Gaihbr;'
i'tfitt ihf llulv is? It. 'Star.
. wrVr Curt 'i'-io Ji.doro;? l,ner rr.aV t!io C1
k-wtuj ftUtttne:;v ot la, t.ircu: b.r the b.nn- Itnn
ivr town-
v, ..
e ; iK'Mtsl.
N vsii,
So- r 1 j.e,
1 ' tiKijN.
il o ir 11 i
' R.;!eii:.
j IId:bvr o-;:,
Wlini::e- i.i
licvt.! ?::;' J.irncs Ir virl, and V:;i-!i i t.
Rattle, LVpitrt s, Ii ive been appoint, d by lb. ii f.-e
to stioeruilf tlie p
Iiealio'u ct 1.5
t.verv ! 01 lue
ill be tbrnib'o -d " u
Henry Cloy has l--en iina-.tnuisly el'cteti Prc-s-idotit
of th AoiOtieuo Co'onizoti .i S;ei.fv-
Nicholas H; hi!. has heeti tnnf:itnu.jy re-elected
i'rt.-sident t.f !ie Han'; f the United Sta'es, iir
Tin- eosuio: e;ir. Tb-e II. a;- i of D.rectofs is
ovt iuatei!ally ehanije.i.
Jude I. M. Yotin, (V. il.) hrts been eieef
o to the Seriate of tlie United States, from the
to'e of Illinois.
A. Moitt:i, Ksq., (V. I.) has Iren cb-ett-d
by tiie legislature d Joiii-iuna, United States
Senator i.i pbiteof Jude IVnter, resigned.
Puttd R ucounlrr. The Au nr-fa (fits,.) S'Uuif!
says - We have just leeii -!:oe.i a letter frtvtn O ben
bus, dat'.-d tith December, which snys: Atwut J't o.i
jiiif's :.';0, I w.tre.ed a qt.:rrcl l.t tv.'-n Col. Febx
Invis a:.i a Dr. Sullivan, in wire!, Suilhan drte- a
pistol and attempted to shoot I.evv.s; as he fired, Lewis
drew a larj-e Rowie knife and stabbed him to the heart.
He now lies a corps did not hve iko minutes."
In this t'ounfv, on the JtJ:h ult . by A. Roscrnae.
Ri., Mr. laXiuiiALT KEI CHRV to Miss JAXE .M. J
Li Iietltil Cotmtv, on the Oo h tilt., bv John McCo:;
nel, F.m , Mr. I'HH.Il' (). Kl-'LLRV," of Lincoln, to
Mis MARY AXX WHITE, of Iretk II.
In this Countv.on tho 1 lth ult., Mrs. El IARETII J
l-MSHKR. cof;.4.rt r.fnmr,n F.sher, t.?ol tU vears.
Cluster Piatt
i TirWPrPTPHt.l.V ;f ,r.,,o i!, U.t;n., e...
3 , . , , . ...
tiewifts el Xi:ieurv, th;it lie will nnKe his se
cond appearance, THIS KVhNING, at the alan- '
si-... Hotel.
Suhsbury, February 1, 137.
I'fllU ivdwerirers will pire'.a- from one lam-
dii d to ' hundred and twenty vva-on loads oi
Good Tan-JLSark,
delivcrcil r.t their tan-yard in Salisbury the ensuing
sprinp:. Litlwral puces vi!l ia ijiveii one half
cash and tne other h f in leather,
i'.aik of vcung tin d. r jor fenetl.
Sahs'tury, February 1, LJ7. oo tf.
Steamboat !
I .
Vitv:'&H (I li'av)T"M Tl' -
- '
1 I'.ui ! ovioesslv fbr this River, is daily exporter,
and will run regularly between Ueoretovvn ana
- ... . .
Ibis place. fCheraw.)
Cheraw, Feb. 4, 1
rX Friday, 2Tl!i of January last, was fontjd Ie
? ' tweon Cheraw, South Carolina, and Feyetfe
vi'.le, North Carolina, a
Pocket H o o k ,
containing a considerable sum of money, which
- .
C J A. n
; .JTJi j4, lCar..i, dec M., either hy note i.r ae
eoimt, arn again requested to come in-
stanfer and selth. the s.,me ; no.loneer mdul-ene.-
r.,n evicted. Persons bavin- claims noi ,s
subseribiir. JIHIN 1 OAli. n. Agent,
lebruarj -1, 1 3-JT,- :W 3vr
ie request of '!r subscribers
5 "a, 71
I t.xsiux tin u i:, Oee.o-r J, lQori
i'etisioo Aiitlti :y Iht. Sico'!'! V.;oioilidei -t the
i'r.-u-Uiy, i p-iohsiied Kir tile i. ror.o iU' Vn-
:o::ers. i.o I tli se who inav act a Uuir iii'-'i -iey?,
a di.iV. i;;ir their stipends t:- to - r..
JAMK6 L. CliWARl).,
Commissi jucr of Pensions.
k-'IX'OU L'u:ttvl il(iLLI.,i '5 Ofi It K. )
'Foe nirrst for payiti"; p'uisioos uf
Sia : In order t- ;ijitl more ttb e ii.ailv against
t rpjvtition tf fraatls, as heretofore pr-icnted by
the production cd' forced uioers, the tirct tjiree fol
lowing; udditiooa! rules wiii bo eintrvea ty the ae-
ctuntio2 oflieer-: of the i reasiir.
1. Iu eveiy c:sa wii-re thti pensioner employs
.111 attorney to receive his pension, the r-xeeution
nf the power must he m tlie presence ot at ient
one vvttnOss, other tl'.ii; 1 ii- ru.iistrnte LK fore whoui
it 15 nckiH-'.v';. (!'!; ). No po .r-et to ills ettoinev
vtll be tt 1 tawed uotes s :; poj-ud by a voueher ttius
2. la a '.I 'where the s'mfnrf of the p n
'toner or his attorney is require o d, such fvensioucr
or -ettorttev will write his at le;iitl, if ratea
ble of so .irn ; o herv. is , his sitiautre ma v be
iy ronik or truss, in winch ease t,e execution
oust lie in tin; presence of at ieast one e. -op.-te::t
witness, ot!er than the jusli. e or uotary wh-o acts
oiiieiaMv in the case.
o No pa u;cnt v ill in lot 5 re be ro ide to any
P t.siont r. either in perst or by ar.oreey, who
has ii.'l appiico for his p o l. n for more ib iti one
y'itr. w.ihoiit rho prtHbieti.- o of ev oeot co ei i:-s iden
I'.'v, as pres; 1 1 1 i-t! in the instructier from t'ois ;f
fice td jone It), I S3 i, chop r 1, s rtior. and
i-Tin 1 ; nor until such evio'eoc ' h is 1 011 t;ut;s
o.itt d to the 'loioissiorie r ? I'. ' h i ! a spe-
iul clireetioii autii;-riz.::ig th. p . ; o-at iws been
iv 11.
1. Itt cases whom a eertif ete. has beeti isi.ed
bv the Coinnii-shmer of IV-tstons to ioe w idow or
bibtrern of nt: tncer r sohher umier th act of
June 7, l:i,.r uoo'-r the act of M :y, 15.
t o proof f th; eiau tiship of !i;e -M ec utt to the
eased oSlVer -r -
In; refill;: fd ov tf;e
ms'.".'!s nireiit. t';af i.;-.-f h-iv:r.jx tcvu r. i-pss.iriiy
:i'e d ia the nftico , ti;e Co nasisi'. er IVusioiis
p'ftor tvj the issuitiT 4 such crr;ibca(e.
lb s; eCtilli'v, Sir,
.;ir fiirih-nt servant,
(Si oped) ALCON K. PA UillS, CoieotmlSer.
To into rttbet fioti! the -lib March. 1j-o7.
Jonuarv '2 1.
s: M A J4E
'jrtKCiS ! :nt: nspef tfu ly to otlcr n r crntcful
M':;:nm!i"i:!!:Cii:s to l er friet.-ds and tiie i t. b-
l;c 1 ; u' o. 1
lie verv
leni! ;.i;'.roaao bestow-
1 -
ed up-.ti tnc insM'til.oe. iiiiflei tier ea;e.
It nllorr's iter jre-.t pleasure lo si;te fhat ample
nrrat-aeeieiits, iu ir . ; ct to hen rl, have lutai in;; le
s that such pater. t o-id -ti-ir-'ians us wish to pb ce
th :r nu:::;l:lrrs and words u:.o.r Let enure tiircc
ft;.;t ni;;v l.e r-ecou r,y Jo.
t ue sec ;ul Session w ii,
of 'iiirid:, lot pr.e.ils ui:i e
ourrneeee ot; the first
at any tune pa nig
o:dv frtun the time of tlieir ntiaoco. !!t:Ri'.vxfr. assists Mis. Hatchio-
Si.?ii"ror Icjs charge of the ."'lu-iea; De
iitli v J.
Jon. 21, 1-oT.
Cleiunionsviflo Acndomv,
f sin.' r... ,t..v' . .r inm;r.
j I IJii i I llOlVt. il.tC till 1 tJ't ' ..-.. m.....
! A- tt-.t fii r tJint thr 1 v-Tf tf t UK 111 -titut.f fl
were resiioetl tne 2d iI tins ins1, int. Ii is sin: un
der the direct ion of .M r. V. W. lsc?o ;i and Miss
K. J. W. oajccu. Kiforts are eons:.t..t snakii.T'
to render it mor worthy of putroane, aod v.e feci
much pleasure in savin-; that no previous sest:Oii
hr.s coimncoecd with brighter propei ts tf .' the
present IJ "J .It
Ciemnior.svU.iC, N. C.Jan. 1, 16oT. .'1 -it.
5" . - .
J ;-';vAe, ! it
ssort:.i i:t o-r
iIin Subscriber has ju-d returned from Phiiu--
tlclphia with a very Rich Assortment of
IValchcs, Jewellery, &c.3
roxsisTtNc or
Gentlemen's Lathes' fine Gold Lever Watches
!),. do. Silver do.
i , . x i i i c .: ...
, tv.islisii, i- rt ncn, nnti ow es
Fine Gobi Fob Chains, and Keys.
Ladies' Gold Neck Chaius.
Shell Music Boxes.
A very rich assortment of Breast-pins, Ear-rins
nnd Finuer-riniis.
Silver, Plated, and .lott Belt Buckles.
A lare e.ssortnient of silver Spectacles, with con
cave', dividinr, rer n, and detibhi tas&e.
Silver Combs ami Buttrr-knive.
Silver Fruit Knives and ThituUes,
Ho. Pencils and Tttoth Picks.
. A very "superior assortment of Razors rnn.le hy Ro
I I K I I. . f
ers, fcliopneru, auti aut- .v iureter.
r with Purses, Steel Chains, Keys, and
F. tft Pistols, and Perctissi.n-caps.
He invi'ts the People to call and see his eg
.-:roont. T huso living at a distance will hare
ile.r o-dors filled on as pood terms as if the t
Me present JOHN C. PALMER,
Salisbury, N. C, Dec. 3. 1333, Cm

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