North Carolina Newspapers

State ISanU of iVorHi-CaroHiia.
r l P., -
t.'if i'M i;xt or
-V' v. 1
ii or e&a&e.
f pilK S-.liscriW has just returned from Phil.i- i rpHE F'd.seribcrs, Executor ofthe!n-t Will and
ddphia with a very Rich Assortment of Testament of Anderson 1'.. Foster, deed., will
1 ilches, JciccUcrij, &.c,
;() AND 30
(1 e nth men's ec Ladies' line Cn-.Ui Lever W itc hes
J),i. ii. SiUer do. do.
English, French, and Swiss tin.
Fine Hold Fob Chains, and Iveys.
La. lies' C . 1 ! Nock Chains.
Shell Mumc Boxes.
A very ric h assortment of Erca:?t-pin-, Eai -rings
and Finirer-iings.
Silver, Piated, and Jett Rtlt ihick!e.
A large assortment of silver Spectacles, with cc
cave, dividing, rcon, and d..ub'c '.umcs.
Silver Combs and I'utter-knivcs.
Silver Fruit. Knives unci Thimbles.
Do. Pencils and Tocth rick--.
A very sup' rior assort r:v ri t of Razor mn'!c by Eo
"us, liinl A. ditcher. ! hundred ol which n woo
Alo itn.rers Shepherd., Wade5i Rule her 'a Dirk, j Acres new cleard Meadow, v.- set with
Poekel. and Pen Knives Crass. The other Tract adjoin tin 3 situatew
Fine Pitted and Taper Castors nr.d CaTi.l'c-sticUs. ; tho. Fork mado by
(Jerman Silver, Tal!c, Desert, a:: 1 Tea ? j.ootss, j Yadkin, and contains
warranted sujvjriur to silver, and cheaper. j :)() -AGIvES OF LAND,
TotlSruith Turse., Steel Chains, Keys, and j WITH ONE IIFNDUF1) AN D TWENTY
Fine Pi-to!s, and PcrcMs.-don-cajM. YW V CLEAIU.D.
He invites the Vv !e to call and sec his r.s- j n.j in a hjj, sUto f cultivation, one hundred
Rcrtrnent. Those livin- at a diiUico will have , Acrf.s j thellrared laud h-in imTTii.U anl
their orders Idled on as pood trrrr if t!:e ,.,y.u to anv :,d on tla; Yadkin Kiver. T one
were present JOHN C. l VLMF.H. I desirous ol "settling a 1 ir;e firm, these two Tracts
Salisbury, N. C, Dec. 10. rim j to,.,,(iirr would make a mo t leirubla settl .nu nt.
I'l'T i .. .I 1.,.,.. r.m r'.-.Uon. Wheat, live.
Oats and is U 'Sieved by -., ! JudSc, to b? equal
t,. t,n Dinor .! itnc, liner Land lor TOliACLO.
. i v- i I. ..C
proceed u sell .t his re-i lence, I- times .orui oi
Sah.bury. and 5 miles Sath-East of .Mocksvilln,
in ti e Forks of the Yndkin, on Tia-nluy, the l lth
of Ftlrucry ncjt, between
Ainusi-them are ?.Icn, Hoys Wr mrn, at:d Chil
dren, at. 1 two first rati?
V a !L C 1LS TH 113 ,
and a rates
t the anie tiir.e and place will be sold
two h'skst viiAVzx or
IT. A 'r'vf 3
Ono rf thetn coniinir.T '3iJ A.I2t
, 1 E n.d, and 1 wenty
rv . . . ... i.i ,-rxrnii?A(ir.P bv a
mUIlSUANT to a Resolution ot the j& vicw v.,;;ild rec.ue a i:t-ru r-,::
eis of this Liank, at their last annual (.Hu.litd WtW , lho ,n! , rn n.k-om.,
tLcw Mectuvs all persons having elain.s on td tcs, the liters. -red ro.,vs f- vu.uwr
. T.aeto f..r Dividends of Capital or Profits Dejtes, or - xvluch pi0i4.o f-ii " Vi,uu":
cw of tke ! Notes ucd bv the I'nncipallJauk or iu VnM . A, ti;e late t-n.Uewov, , on. c
are earn. st!v desired to pre-wi.t theui h.r paytnem -,t..j.ce, i;ua earued. ril:.-d r-
, the Treasurer of the Hank, on or the It- e,; J ; -nir ;
m v..,.,n,lr ,.ovt. Otherwise, they wih ! ''t,!,i.un in .c;V,r i . o .. .,. :.
Ith Herd
I :itr hjnari'j. Crei k and the
Mini Bmvj:i:x
.70 aiul GO.te its orfirt rale I5o
toasi i.aiat!.
Al;o, on tlm premises is a most admirable
on an eligible stream.
Most part of t'ae Land is uncleared, of strong soil,
suitable to the cultivation of Tobacco, Corn or
Wheat, with a quantity of excellent meadow Land.
The Land lies within 0 or 7 miles of the route that
it is supposed the contemplated llail-Iload irom
Fayette ille to Wilkfbort.uh tvill run.
Persons w ihing to purchase valuable land wm!u
do well to call and view the premises. Terms
rnado easy to the purchaser.
he barred, as the Stockholders will then make a : .f- ot tl': Fn.on, tl:e work v.;ili tak
final di;dei.d of the Hard;. ttnk at uace anion- lite, ablest and b: :. -j.i;caL u
. F. PA I l Elisors , l'resuicnr
Ihi a;
, . . n rt,, ,, oq icrt SO Sm The condition o: -.iie bout!., ana tae t r.
within the State of Nortn Carolina for tnret uumt ( .m;, ;i ,:.ia the ,K.W sni.vr prt-r-s tli it there fe!.ul.t U,
the tills to be sent to the Treasurer ot the Ian, rae a.kuowiotJ?rt.d orSan ct Southern senii.uont. cle-
vo. in,! f!if- : r mv'iicoi
Jnt.esvillc, Surry C.
N. C. Dee- 2 1, loth
as, For 5
'or t.e hmrtU of,'!.- SALLSliVUY ACADF-UY,
w!io will pav them to er.7 r.
O.KU FiV.i-
if. --i . -
; va'cd a; ,.ve all the eoi:s!;ienit:oasot mere p
h.l'.oi. in whicii patriots of every party n:y eomnuir...
I toir-i!i and labor ior t!ie prrc-orvalion ef lh' Ur-;.. .,l:i:
?or;,e oxjvrience admon's-aes tat- u:i:er.-iu'nt -
obtain a al st riutie:-. wii'di will reneanerdte
OIV ii i.l-
ho- ar.d exv- -:d:tur , wiii reeuire an active ce-.;H:rat;o:i
on th' i-i rt of tho.-e 'aiio oes. re the acai--;: !;,a nt ; f
For Ulcer?, Tumours, &c.
C't?; ii' chLiiiu J of the jHittHfft; nt the oj'ct
of l!,t J!.i't'ih Jlcgitltr.
Sie.-le Put, 1 dollar One dozen, 0 dollars.
Ilal.-i-l., October Q, lo.
t hi-: iT,,iiTi.:k.ii!' : wuii ia.s vn'i. ii .j. i-
! ::!,? ;f bVS ItUI! to tlfG UU-Jll -1c
! ti-,;i he vounir men, to ortMuie co:;n..t t s
I sub-'ividuiir their respect i e tew s, C .c-, '!'
a is
districts, o Pt'y
Pi-xsiorf OrncE, Octolr 3, lOO.
The followitiir Circular Entter, addressed to t.e ,
To one doirocs d ra:in th s lot pn
.dtictive ar
i it- ...!. ifi it.t r.lrii(tit
IVnon Agents ,v the Second Comptroller f the j f'o. n c.ncc . ,
Treasury,Ts published for the iniormation o! Pen- , .
si. m.-rs, and those who may act as their a Hornets, ', , . A,
in drav'u - their stipend, L them. 1,000 ami 2,(0 SJllarN CA tol ?
To Ik :rr.iv at FayeHc-YiUc,
On Saturday, llth of February IS117
1i Xuicucr Lottery li-' drawn ballots.
Con: tiii x.-Jonir ot' l't t.i'n-ns
treasury departmi:nt,
S;co'i Co.Mi''s Orxici:.
Htpteiiiln r
The rodent for paying nonsions at
Siu : In order to rpiard more t iTI-ctually iiiraie-t t
a rejK tition t,f fra ids, as herctof ie practi-ed b ;
the pr.MliH-ti.jn of forced pajx'rs, the first three to!
1 )-.vm,T additional rules will be by the a:- i
coimtm otiic;rs of the Treasury. ;
1. In every cac where the pensioner employs ;
an aUraoy to n ccivc hi-; pen-mii, the execution i
ft T rrTTi 1 ft V I f! TJ
- X f "T"i"Ci e , 1A"A"7
UALb, Ia.Y
.1 the p:
i f
one witness, other than the magnate b h re whom
it i-- ackn-.w leiled. No im vu.t i.i to .r. ottoroey
..... ... .. tiinv-si si.j'.i'io.i lv ii VOUCIILT tilU
1 Prize of 13,000 DOLLARS
1 Prize of 0,000 io.
1 Prize of 3,000 do.
1 Prize of 2, 100 do.
1 Prize of 1,500 do.
1 Prize of 1,100 do.
20 Prizes of L000 do.
20 Prizes of 500 do.
20 Prizes of 300 do.
20 Prizes of 300 do.
20 Prizes of 200 do.
30 Prizes of 100 do.
Resides manv of 80, 00, 50, 10, &c.
For live or six years previous to the Sprier: of .
j to Mib.-.crii.e ui-a)ii application.
: nrt-fC1! a wiihiiaos.- to onit
'j tow uds the e.iitors r-alary,
r.ieio ions. It is S'l' e-teu la
! if anv. shon-d bo t.skeo, mk!.
i Iluik of Chariest. .n, to ?, ;o
; t!:e Vi sii'ont and C'asider oi
I or, as a cointni'.tee tor tht .i
! I ne "SonUirrn liovi w
U'.li'l i '
'U si:"- by
-:. ar.d
u o e
;. d
((nt ii'.i iiO
- . ... . ...
-:M,a Nero ot mine had been niueti ni.iic- ininu jv,Vnb!e in adv tic-. (
ted w ith an ulcei ated arm and l,:unl, whu'Ii render- ,t i aiim: subset il-evs-, f..:
eil I'tiu almost useless. The ulcer embiaeed that j scrii t ons to Wnsisia-ton.
part (f his arm from the elbow down, including j itori-.l fund will Le f rwir-.!
1 ... i i o l.inr.Hv n iii.-iss ..f ou- i Rank ot Chiirle-toe, ei: ;
tiefaction. A joint of one finj-er, and a part of the ; toria
bed and drottohr. A more iitressin ;
r .(!. s
. .!. n t; -r o.I
,.i0 C. of the
il lieid of ti:e fc v i.ilu rn K-
tnnn h, pet i-
w as i
oi.l hoi.ohvcs r:ie I hive never i.etield. It
abandoned by his physicians as incurable, except
Resolution ide
RcsnJ'.-nl, Tr
d by the S-;.t:
!v:r.c-ni.nt .
X tins S i
by amputation .f lie: b.a:id. '.Green's ;ro -.o.-h :o: to rove-.- .'.
' The best medical treatment having failed to re- jder t'r- ed.tori il c!. .r-e . : in-li.-ve
the man, I placed him under the care of Mr. , i:uo e..u.:derat:on the ciai: ..
U ;ii;,. V. Orav. in this nlaee. who, with his ' Puahc. nM the otitv . t o.
c- - ;
e. i - '
. i i .
.r.U'i v
Ointment, has etctually cured the case, although 1(a:vV 'l rr. 'Crl i if this S V
the No'.-w was irequetttly absent, for weeks aim ; aij ju obtain :n-r lul.Vcrib..-i'p:!d rt,-.roi- V.
months t etlier. He has been entirely we'd lor ,
the last eiirht months-, and 1 have good reason to-
:ve will continue o.
ActI::,T Pre:de
J:m. 10. :- v ;
U y-. It.M'i i
of So.::Ii .("a : i'-:;.. n SfArit
;i o
4 am fit T? Wm
i.. - ki.SiS. i
R Li:n;)t, September HI, ISdd.
I am now ." ears of ane when in my 17th
year, I ieceed a wound on y left leg, which lie-. r-.ji. v . ,t;,
i-aun; ulceratetl, and continued so until the rirt of , " ' V .V
ii. i. ii - . i i i m a io '"
it wv.1,11 ceasiouauy neat up, u..u
- . -
TS hav;: ;;
.t piifsial.
: r en .
IIos. Horses. Cattle, Shee? Farin-
L. In ail cases where the si-mf-irc cf the pen- i f4tw -o f iwit.;;!,.!.
fioner or his attorney is required, such pensioner 1 1 l ..uu cm. ivuui-
or attorney will write his name at length, if capa- Cll I'tllMlit lire, Poi'iC
Lie of s doin; ; otherwise, his signatur : may ho 1 ... r . , rTi,.i -n , I i
lv .-,rl- or oro in icl h '.- ( I wo fir-t ratn FCts of TJ!acI:2:niths' Tools, nn
L mark or cross, in wh.cti ca-e the cvci:tior. ! T. ... , . .
i,,.-t In in th nr,.rnr.. .-.I nt !.:.t , :,o . ...,.o 1 UL"U" l l'r"1
- - ' ' - - ' v..v ' j -l V, i I I
i-- Amounting in all to C253.30O.
Whole 'iiekets
Halves vO
(Joarters 1 '-25
A ceriifVato H-r n pr rkage of ?5 whole tickets
will oot o:dy 71. Halves and Quarters in the
saruo proportion. To be had, in the greatest arie
' v of iiotni-r-, at
At the Apothecary Store, ' i!;.:b;i:y, N. C.
Dissolution of Copartnership.
"pHE Copartnership heretofore carried ou in the
name nt I oar-l vV I.lliswas conipoed of to-
uiu. I'a-
1 It
,'iaien nisi
tiiea break out aeiiu ; bat most of the time, it w :;s
.-, . ....2 l..o til. . : is o i
... .. I . - t O I '.. I 1 I 1 I 1 I 111-, i I I It I I. I I .O S'i .I-. ;M1 l!!T CVt.Mll -
, -, . , , 1 , 1 ll'iUtei tills, atlil Ii- t W ill si,l! ol! tf.-lt IliUh.iN I J.I
ed to a liir'eMze, a no become very deep. I tried , ' , . , . '"- ';'
' , , ' .. ' I ecu made, be o:id !iie nsi-te t;a.;- n.i.vstou o ,!
many re.nedtes to tiiake a en re, without success, - , .. ,
;ijh:i oi ino-t- vno o:o;ii : : i i oi, r' ti I'. I':!1
until I npphed (r'ray's I 'trainable Ointment, two ' ' '
pots ol i.uve ( ibftua'ly cured my k g, and
red ic -d it to its t ail: ' size. The cure would
have been made much sooner, bad I strictly at
tended to the directions for the use of the Ointment;
but this 1 failed to do, w hile 1 took much exercise,
and very imprudently used tight bandages. .My
leu has been well for more than six months, dm in;; :
w hich time, I have walked much, yet it remutns
firm an 1 free from ail sore.iess or iidlammatioii. j
After having been alliictcd ir.- a period of lbi ty-onc '
ears, I now enjoy the benefit of a s loi aiiain. :
ronsiije is stu-ii mat lvio is no oo -i
siu. -ss known to the si;'.--!;;i is v.
amount ot capital'biov's re
As the s ilo is merely a n-;. tier of
the sruhscrilvers, iu oi..- n t-J sm-'v
who wid no sr.stain ti.e pohlk ii
Sri.-. t:Tl.o- h s : i ! c. u : ! fd
... r
i l Jf-I-f fo
a on-has.- r
it ipk'r w;;k:i
' f T r r .
New-Pern, lib Nnv., 1S!0.
liditois with whom we evehaneje, m t!,s
St..!e espetiaily, will oblige us by gu t.; th-j abce
a lew insert i..ns.
c t , di i f etc. to S oir
ii,.... i- i- ? i i i . I'll- t i . -.- i w ... r . r n'j a k s v. . . . v . . x . t i
ratn ,i Ovtn. ' i...,lMi;lir,ri. ' e 1 1 . r M rn , .. oim i icy i a u s vv i ioto ri im is. i - ' - ""- I v-v -Ai.jua3 '' -u-Vv .
v. unrssotner than the justice or notary who acts T ! , , . , , , , y , j H,.rf ntter the brm of Feard A: E.lis w, consist lEIKECIA . .. , . r,
on.etany ,n the case. ; cj r, ' d -y ii- il a'S i ; ' ' "f lltl W. Foard ,V Rol.ert Ellis, who w ill con- I I I!L ?:,"-"et iber mioi n s t'lo-o having Ncjrror s
3. No payrnent will in future be made to anv , l" V; r'J . ' tirnie the business at the Ibrmer stand. They have T 1ST renivod, n:i ' f..r sale at THIS OFFICE, hr sale, loat he is stu, ,a the hnsmos, :,:.d ,s
rT? r ,7 ,;,-rHirSO" "r1" a,trnr W h twnve month., b:,U l.juie.: mtoroVt ' . i r"('"'(l a assortment of " the follow, ng Invaluable Pateut Drugs and Me- f'.'f I -vnnsu.g a i:irfic n.r, Ur which
ta n-t a, .phed tor his per)-i -n lor more I mm one ',, , " ' ' ' -r.-m-x-' i- urvif-.v i n r- Uiein-s, viz: !;ewi;l at ad tunes yuc t;.c toahi-st t-asn pnees.
ear, without the pr!uctio of evtdeiice . fhis i !e. i SJJ" ''" UiTi! ?-v 1' ' AIE AK.-E DOOM NTI-PYPFPTIC l'-ons w,!t . sei! .-u.d do v. ed to ai e him
titv, nsP:eseribed in the imtruetions from this .1 'and other , rope ry w ol b s-IJ ata credit of (ft (f rfS Jf ( V . ; t.ot.ce Ulo.e Ibev do ; ;1.
f;ce of June 10, ISi:?, ch.ipter 1, section n.ul V' : , k 7" V M "T U,:t":r .. . . . . y Letters on this subj
f,nn P; ,.or until such ev,.hmr,. has been tran. i V ?'m ,rs !V' ,A ""--tnanued. j W Inch they wul sell nt the most reasonable prices. - v ; N c tt;Ui .;loli ; aU
notfo-i ,o the Commi-sin-r of Poto-ioj,-. :n. a vp,.. I " i" "l". ' "".""''V"1" iau u j i erms as nei io.ore. tv.tii- sii. a j i'.:,
cial direction authorizing the pavmeut has hcej, i 'U''.V win, J.m term- ot srde, ,t will bo p.t upagaiu, j Sahsbury, Jan. 21, lHT. Which if tak, m time wall prevent Hilious Fe-!
iz.v.n. and the- uehc.encv must 'M' ,,';,; l,P tv the first ; pnVfTiT.vT., t i ; vor, Jaundice, Sph eI, Agtte and Fever, and is do '
4. In cases where a certiO itc has been ,s-i:e I t' 1" Exis. ""'"tKlL l'1' 1 '
ny m: ommissionr I rMiois to th wiilvv r M1 ... w -jlLi w iw ' "i:"I
f r 1 1 I. 1 r ril HT ull rttir r or c,. I.... ... .1... tl... --- 4w. a it :
June?, l-:j:3,or under the act of Mav, 15,1.,! 771 7. T " 1'v n P ! h ' e ?
i.,nr1,.f.1fthom!.,i,.,.ci.;R,.r .i . I Dissolution 1)1 C O !a it 11 ei'S 1 1 ). 1 oik and I hd.ioclpht a, imported Iron, b.
I ..s.iiw i.i. .: ' iiioiiu ill ill. L n...l I' .v.o II.. .....,. t.. .t
n. n.
times h"
ror!-:rt tiriE.
Mr. John J 'M , e,-.v A;o i;t, w s i ;it -1J
f .-ifd s.t IV. Rovd's" ib r--. fi,i. fo.
dly the b st medicine yet discovered for that j pn pared to make purehrises. Ail h f.
m -ceased ollicer or soldier is to b- required by tla
pen..u a:ent, ttiat prooj havmg leeii ii.-c-s;,rilv
tiled in the ollice of the Commissi. hut of Pensions
prior tu the issuing of such certificate.
Respectfully, Sir,
our f'bi'dient son ant,
(Signed) ALPiON K. PARRIS, Comptroller.
- I o nk" rJU ct from the -1th .March, l-:-?.
.1 oiuary il I. ) '-iw,
rX S.ibscr.bers will pnrcha-e from one
ureJ to one iiiu.dred and i
i -it i . . i t . ...... ... ...... . . ... . . . .i . i ....
i. .....I ii.i ii : i i l -. .in- t , t i..t . r w i,,i .-: .... .... ... ... . .
v. .... ui vii.iitvii .oil oe oi o J .1 T e .. . Cil
pro-: riii-.M lue tiiost Mgorous in our laud. '. i0 " r- !
They relieve Costivenoss, Head- Ache, Dry Tongue i Salisbury, June 11, 1 S"o. tf
. .nor mess ot liieathmg, liuldmess, Dimness o ! - - - - - ..
rf,!n:Cr,.partnership!, ; uinive business at THE LARGE 15 RICK liow' 1'1' Oro.v,iuess, Resl!essiies, which will secure I '11 i TI sY,.
ien w ith caiom. !, i .
miueiai- ! - l ii-aLISii M i liLruarv"
rtiir.--. .
-"d.-cribers, under the firm of Watson V j St.Hsbury, where be is prepared to do ad kiwis J-! lor!able s!ct !' ::t '?ghl. If taken with c
'limit, m thM d ay dissolved by mufu il cuis'iit of Tailoring,' in a very Mipt.-riur style durable and lluT u ;lt l'-vt-'" anv had edicts from titat i
he parties. All '.aims gainst the lirm w ill be j fish'onabV, and warranted lo lit wel'l. Ail orders PRICE, PER ROTTLE
ettl.d by Llhoti ;;,.! pnyments of all ac- from a di.-t.mce will be most faithfully fvcitf'"
:0Uiits due them will U- mau'e to the same. agreeable to order or promise. Ml knid t f ,ut' ICX'rAv45'E
II. W. WATSON, tmg will Ik: doiio by him on short notice. (: JIt! Vi:Gi:TARiii: TUNIC JU PTEI
Good Tan-jJork,
Vi7H VZVYS IW1a ftTT .
RIPEC'I'FFIiLV i; Ibrms the Public, the cus
touiors of the old Jirm, and his fiirnds in general.
ty Wii-'on I ll!:U '" v.iilo-i i.i- own n-.-ponsihihty continue in
I ou-me, at tne . It I stano, where he w id always keep
. i i .. . i i. f i i '
II i'.et.crO siMn!y ol t,.H-)ds. ji.nd wd be
I 4
tl-livcrctl ?it their tan-yard in Sid.shmy rj.--.jin- ' h:iP: ,( "r-' nn'' "feommodat .. his old fiicnds.
sj-nng. Liberal prices will U? Kiveu o, haft vx"y, 'uu xry -Jl, 1:J7.
c.ih a;.d the other halt in leather. R H. "it-. .ri respoctrii"v tenders bis
Rark of )ou;g timlKtr is prelerrcd. t'ainks tn bis fri"tids at:d the public br the very
15 ROW N C11AMRF.RS. blr.d pa:tvnae bo-lo.ved upon the above hriii
.-"i.i.Miurv, i eoruary A, J.,7. ;;. if. j "i'e - . ooee. w i x r, ITj iin , VVou! J .irn-M-
Sleamiioat !
.. i ..... . , ..... .... I :.i . i
!y .s-!icif a r-ontiunauce ol that patrona-e to hist,uc
ct'ssor Mr. Elliot!.
J in. !J1, ld7. if
rtS Tin: NEW STEAM no AT,
Pi.ioi ej!t:.i ii r this l.iu i, i , ,!;,V . vp- rte,:.
ru" regularly between 0..-ui eio .v u and
tins place, (C'heraw.)
JAMES iOWELL, Pres. Ms. S. O.
Cheraw, I f!). 1, 1"?:30 p'.
s a a s is n- is v t" s: .ia a i4
rl'.GS leave rep"etfu"l v to olier her grateful
uckuow ijoiiM-ots to her friends and the nnb
. be. in general for the very liberal patronage bealow-
VntAvOt Air- 1 : "I 'por, ti,. Institution ,mde, hc-r care.
AJOOV V OdWU I It allon-.s her ..r.t ,.!. .o., .1....
"i-, o ..v. oi ... j o 11 o ii oil M 10 1 1 1 101 i;e. e.. ' lit;
still continues to act as A n t. 1 f.,r some of the n.r.t
(jTN Triday, 27th of Jarciry l.t!, was f.nta? 1k. ' -' that such parents aid g
X' 't:en C'heraw, S.uith Carob. u, und F.i cite- ! 'he,r laui;htei-.s nod ward:
I'll v t r A , . . , f
r o c k c t I o o k ,
fishiouable Tailors of New York and Philadelphia,
tiierelbre any Tailois v,ishinr instruction in' th:
art of Cutting can instructed by failing on in
famin Fr:doy,Sa!ihury, at the largeRi ick Row.
co- j 3 ta u 5-:' s Yra JiiTTa
"JPIIE established n pupation and constantly in
creasing demand for ibis elii-ctual rei. edv r.;
pain and preservative cf the "i ceth, has induced
the subscriber to osier it to the. Ameiican I'ubiic.
Arrangem-nts have been made to supply jiget;; in
all the principal cities and towns of ihe" Efstate--,
-o as to pk.te it with!:, the ic.uli of t!io; M.ij;.,-!
in-, and likely to sudlr, with the most hairasu,-.
ol all aches, (tooth-achc.) When applied accoi"
hng to direct ions given on the Untie, it has ul-vlt
laded to adbrd immediate and permanent n-ih-f.
It ftso arrests Ihe tUeay in defe. live tc.rth apj re.
hec. that soreness which so f.e.p:eatly renders a
strong tor th useiess.
The application and remedy arc simple, inno
eet.t, r.nd not unplea..nt ; and the large numlerof
persons, in various section,- f the country that
h ive already e perit need such delightful and -ib
U'ary ncneht.s trom fhr n.. ..r i!.. i'. ,...
- - . - ... ...... ' . i . i : .iir ' .
f5;icen, .
1C.I n lo .Mollis, -e?.
vi:gi:yahli: tonic ju rrEiis,
I'oit Tin:
j iiianJy, apple,
i peach.
!kUfr, .
; I'otfoii, in seed
Rotile of this .Medicine lias never bertiifor..
known to in t iiocting a perfect cure. At least j Feathers, . .
any p rsai put -chasing and usm the littler--, and; Fkmr, . . .
a .Mr ll-
oisi.ed as to its e'a.ets. Lv retoi .;-or :oi;
Rot'.le, fcludi h;;o iack the price, 2 per lio'tlc. j
eeu, .
. g-s a :y SaiUy . . .
-lo n ' i h'ts, ...
. lo a P.-.rk
n g.";:: oi:L::r. I .row n,
. lg a i-V - Kir; .
" I? e?U' - -
. i o Pullo-.v,
. e-0 ;i :'" FfiCPf Co, . . ,
o!;) a M-'t Yheat, (lu-bel)
. bt: AVbi.-:;e'. .
ed Ot', per gallon, xio
. lio a
. fit:;) :i u
g(- a v.-
a l.'o
Id a l-'v
-uardinns as wish to place
irds under be- entire diree-
iioii nwv l;- nrro!iimii;;itc.l.
Tin second Se-sjnu will commence on the firs'
..f l.indi l.i.f iMioi"- ini- ....... ... .: .
I . ....v, ,.. . oiiil UOI I I ' I' Vll
c;-., : ::ng a coas,derab:e s.t;., f nil!Cy. w J.ic!, ! .ntlv from tie- im e of ,!,eir ,-nt. ance. ' "
tt.r o-vn-r cm have ,y dev:i .. ;, .o..,l:t--.ti,.,. 1 t... Il. , . : .. i,.. .. .. .-
i r.t ....I., tti . ' i ...... .,. nuicnison.
. - . i i iti u 2 iuu- i:,asi oj r- Koimrv.
-y -S, 1-337. '. p-j
. ... .... ... n-yu 10 ooaro, nave oven o io oear t tor the public o-)d) their testimeir- to
its unrivalled quulitii-s.
it is nu Indian remedy, obtained Mnularlv and
moxpcctedly, and may "he regarded bv the civil,.
-.eo ,iric. as u,e most valuable dis
Ked .Mat, ol the Woods,
Mc. H.vMi'i o.x has charge cf the .Musical I)e-
Salisbury Jai. 21,1537.
lid.o y.
eovery of tla
p . , ' H. MONTAGE E.
1 evcrsburg, irginbi, Feb. 2J, li5:3j. l3
.7 supply of the above vntmUr ATfticint
kept constantly for sale ct THIS OFFICE.
.'i 3. "a fi t i i
An ti-SpciGxiiocIic Tincture,
T ..r I ! t rrl.iii-i .o . )
I AT FAVCTTi:VlLL!-:.....FcLn!-.ry 2, 1
I Or-.eon, . . . . 1 ! n irVlron, . .
i i'randv, p?'iich, . ; 5. 7o M:-his-es. . .
I s.i.:-.lo. . ;; it", v , ...
- V - . 4ll, I.. . ...
ol its various Ibrms, Des- , Cotton
-iv, C'raiep Colic, Cholera Morbus
'.- 10...- ri..-- ..1 1 :.. i-.. i .
.v.-... ....w-., a. 0. -1 ii 1 cina i. - ; jnul m
it is the .00,1:1 s Ci oifhrt in it. -' if
. ..
t -
4 . : , .
- static ! Com,
j Flaxseed, .
it IS t he ! ioiir, . .
(t v l.i .-t loetiarafiou f .r the summer ilki-K.... .. ' J eatiiers.
I'M t . "i
et.ii. iren, t.iat l;as yet heen mtioiluced into tlie
cnambor 'f the fistressed.
: 1 .
. t o n so S ilt,
too .1 ir.o N hont
. 10 n .):
10: 1 i
S' liitker,
a I-'.",
a ' Tj
ol n b"
4o a 47
b'"u ig
1 a g; 1
Oo a lip
FOii KXTK A CI ; . ei
i ;icon, .
I i?ee.wa.v, .
iCo-e, . ,
t'ott. n, .
i Corn,
AT CIIERAU", (S. C.) l'ei-..-uar- ls7.
a .". Na.'s and tha.:
. 20 a ggSu-nr,
. 1-J a ).. ,:0. h:m,. .
1 - JoV do. lord' .
. ?:: a IK .'"ah, pt-r sack,
AiH) a I -Jt !o. hiishe?
Flour, Co.;;. try, N.I a It 'do' Co! ton Bif-in.--
-1 1 -1 ...... . "
.reasr-, 1 ar, 1 urt-'mtme, Pamls, Oils, ecc. from j do. i,erthin, . i;:tj: n ( . ;;.. Koptf
Carpets, I'loors, Cloth, Hats, and Silks by which j Feathers, . . . 40 a, '
Coat Ll!arit are made to look as fresh as anv part 1 Ir"r' ' th' W o, . .
tif tiiM ( 'tat.
a ("-2 ".1 ".I'ii.kev,
K', a f ,
I2i a I j
1U a I;
lo a Is
3 i:r,
1 a g,
12 a la
Jo jils
4t) a i -,
if r n TV' ?a
t. - - ia..m . . ' . . .v.;, . 1 L
; AT COLUiliUA, (S. C.) February 3, 17.
IVicon, .... 1 ? a 'Ji! I ;::-d 20 r. 2.
lli-andy, peRch, . Ton I .Mol.isc-p,' - "U a fJ2
1Y a r.'j-V;.'., rek . . t,"0a lipi
lo a I'i Suif, in s...- -c, . v. 3o!
2-i a oOj h"e. -k . . 7.Y
15 a 17;Sni.'T-r, lov. n. . 12 a 1!
io-if lui:,?,12 a ge
. . Li a lTj lVd .v, . . . J(i a
. 1-200 a 1 iUi'i Teas, . . . 1 12 a V'.'t
ii..; 1 ,
j ..liiie; , . . . !,i j ,.n.
Heepwax, .
Cutter. . . .
o::oe, . . .
C'virn, . . .
Co-ton, . . . .
1- lour .
IP:! -i I !

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