North Carolina Newspapers

'1V0 t-:-?ir..Is rH: :,.:!, cditd cUa T.; Jl.:.J lA.:-, L'uli! cuxh crdor. and cn-.-j.crr.tlr.r. , CI.A?Cl)FS7i:H IMPORTATION Or rA ITERS. !fme t? --v
rcr, or no cnnr;go a: r:i.
Eight years ago,, c mme;ce, nnd tinde
all went on smoothly and prosperously. No v, hu
tmcss i.i broken up, trride destroyed, a., J Lankn-pl.
cy, distress, and poverty, stuping peoi ie in thfjfuce.
c-teemed os fcuilc than : Senator, the other ef a Rresergat va ia CV.igferts.
l-ught years eg?, the cxr trover vi cut
icre thirteen millions of dollars. Now, they me
CAer thirty-two railiious of dollars.
; arc securer:, v. c ila:.: a ' . :.arti.ti expressions el. pre- '1 :iC disgorging ol Iho w orkhousos, penitenxia- ; tl.e regions i-oi.i c-.t. t ami west or it. It is not more- Yr-V-. ccc.
, . v . , t ......... u -i... , j V ui. .. , ...... un. iii i ins,iiuu j'o u nouses (ii x-aigiatii. i: '.-y cjr suntc.-., . s .... ...i ..... n- , . .
(opinion that n I'.r.tmM.! Convention, e:r.bedvh;g j !m become so barefaced an net ol o M nmicv to ! in:,11 T i!.t, i,1:i' ion "'l therefore was
representations of t;.e People cf every hcUmi ".f iho American People, that the perrons tmgue d in I h!nn1 ah'bl TVnl ocu. w Frr Wp ?'a!o wll!l ril" 'ir 'v : "
the United bhatc.-, weald Le a true and eficctivo this dishonorable traffic feci them: el; os si'.nfe re- p.?rtincc from its Vehtixx V'htieno Srivcnnliar-; CTii-'TVnZilZ townsman, 31 r- 1.- I'ia;:::--.
inethf. ofi..Ji.i.i- at a lull cxprcssiea -f the uico tn-.r-c, and reirt therefore - illicit and tec ret i tJ.r, the fc-t o? one ct" the tvsi :mu cf Texas."" " " ! a ncav rn 'Thursday luor; . 5, in r. -
-f I A T J V: 5 T I T I V R IT A T C CZ L L ?I
I . v -
c it i :
l.: v Lt i v i fj .'i c ' in if. It v.oulJ seer.i that. 31 r. Van
P. :r ii ha at fjur. l a man Wiiliar t cr.t(i Bliuiu,
1' ir,, Mr. Vit'.l Mrcy, at present t5o!icltor of tho
Trc:- ' ,. ' i, i'. .1 1 . President G els coasiuorablv
Uouailv th-.-ro
f the n:itiot, and of sccarmg unai:inn(y and on-
cert ol aci-. :. ;
Tlicrcftrr, he if Resolved, tv'.he General Com-
I mi t tee t f ' 1 1 1 Voting .Men, t'nat in their opinion
. a m!riiu:i::oii at this iim of a carnJidato fur the? of- of Pics; lent would picinaturu and irmxpe-
Resolved, Tint sneli nnrnin.ilinn, in tiie opit'.ion
of this committee, tdionh! Ik made hy a National
Conrcii(ioi,ccnipm,i-i fi ch It-att s renrcsentiti tin:
leople of every s;f::!i;n f the cv.j.;iry.
lh NIiL UL MAN. Cliairmu::.
modes of ir.trodacinj the ragged and diisolule con- ! Kvery thin- ht-re is tre.:iei.Jcu!v hij'i. Town lets ! destruction t f his Turpei:time D. -tiih rv. f
U:uta of their nnijrrant ships into tlie bosom of our I r0 tet-t tn.nt.y k;;j t!eeji soli read:Jy lor from to coanucuce i at mne o clocii, .it; 1 by evei y t
population. TlieV are determined to p.-:so: and : .vlO.aK). Thetc is a irwKictate sized tent pitched on j -n tho protui-cs, of a corn bust! b:o natuic, .vas
infect if possible (ho social and inor.d rebtioni ofit" l( lcr wch a ;0l! "ent l( r,,fcr j rovd.-Xc:cbm cccr.
,, - , ,, . ,, , , ! month is pi: J. Cera is feo tvi to s.l per In;;-). ' -r
tins country, and thus praduahv unuenmno and Riard is &u,r;0 xv.ek anJ lhis is t3 lnrtt Altai' of H V ,U e 11 . -uproot
our tree institution. . e can give o ? rcasunalde chaire rr.a.V. I' u i' ! ..r, , , . - . r "
, tf.r ., i.l i ; . t hrisli:.
fi! arc t'l.i! t!.;:t nrvjr.uis
ei:c."-- - I ' '
r.or.r 1
J.lMH II. fj.NSMV,
i h he.-ret
Unfortunate WusUlnto-i ! We learn from a
p.:.-s'...;nr who ;.irte..i hero on Wednesday che
ats .or every vicar.t ofa.-t; in tn nwr, that i!e-trut:ivo fire had swep-t away
but uaro Vi2
vai5 d.r!"..rf-,t. p.v r j tui Ive
or fifteen buildings, t -'-ether with much
Je ji.'m n Loiinff. Tlie fuct is, .Mr. i! lywood's other property, in oar i.cihl orin- town,
at le-
ti" t.'ie p'aei-, ma.n. oil rii. ctClcc-seke's ctr.'Iy desolated by cni.llaration. t)ur informant
r f it. It vv.n gc?:eral'y b'-liovc-I tint lie wanted , slates tlat thw tiro criminated in a wandiouso he
.... . ... - cr
nn cCc ms fc-i'i'.y as Philo hirriedf, tind ur.i.'rr these 1 loniu- to .M r. Myi rs, on M ii:i sti e( t. 'l'tje whole
r:rcu-i-l.!"ce? to rek'.so ties one, rna.l- his brother of- . i- is tiifinted at or 1 0,0 J J, of w liudi Mr.
that it wis not worth ,
other internrctatiou to the iiiCear.l tranportatn-n ! txccisivelv ci.oiU .ate when v
cf the olIcourins of Europe into cut country than lode two in a fed, and by dozens in a room. M;.je.r I
this base motive, which seems to 1 winked at liv ! Her. Smith is i-vectin a tp. c.i us lietel m whie'i the !
tbrein roernrcnts, t whs; privileged ordt-rs. i "'?ers arc to Le accornn?o, atfd with Urths or banks J
no diuht, ii would Le very Lr- to t rid of ai?r t!i; ir T U .. : f, , !
the elements ol insurrection and n i no t by trat:s- P- ir. o c .-. ,, .
duced tJ the Ircs:dent, Crn. Ihusten, to the members
cf tho Cabinet, end at various times sabseoner.tiv to
l.ire. nuinber of steera.o paseie;e'3 at Perth Am- j niott of the leading men ct Tcxa?, v. ho are hero attead
bov Saturday, from v. hence thev took wa-ous and ! in- tiio sesv:.-.n of t.'onrrrcs?. ien. Hov.stcn is a n an
'i l' rd i.f . ;.-k
JLrO wrtve I.-. u..i- i" Hinca
usi ; 1 j .a . . Li.'i.ocK,
In .exir.jrto!'!, Ia .jr.'U r.:!!:; . , u:i th? :
1. 7
fenin- tieui to us. it is positively stated that the
ships John Duidap and lloLin Ho, i latded tiius a
Ia ti.e Coy cf Ualeic::, on the Ut!i in&L, "tv the He v.
Gee. V. Frecn:;:i. luc'oret Christ Church, "Mr. WiL-
i r - . v. .! .i . . ... .
.i. in . .i., ii cr i!i :ae ii.oio or
Miss HAKltti: P WILMAMti.
the railroad to Jersey city, and by 10 A. M. yes- (!y Imo pcrsen. r.t excellent, ami pes- DUiV.fl l'Ki THIS LIFE,
terdav, were snugly ensconced ia "Fulton street, hi ! exactly those talents vvhtch :::c times ! ro de-1 n this Countv, on the 31 initant, Mrs. MARY
this citv. The remainder were put in a small I cnuid horseman, hmd nnd bivair- m n:s Vi:,K, co:r of Capt. Peier J. Swiak, a-ed 41
craft called the Ploaghboy, Cantain Clinch, also to l-e'S ?!?t"n t, 7 lZn - - hT'vc l? S:k lbr a "mnber
tiii- . p-ofiio eertam taients oi no mean orer, it b net .vas a member ft 'r,- '.;, ri,rri,
Le landed in our citv. li.c Courier states that the '.ir, iP,r that !-las in a de-re- the c -nnVr ce , .TT, ;,-t-,V. Vu,rcl1 ana co"
., i, , - . ... . . i ... . " 1,a.s , a . ."1 "'V'"', :,e tmueJ taithial unt.l the hour of her ueparture, to roau
I r ship Dorchester is likewise at Amboy with iota great nn'onty cf the citizens und sehhorsot ie.vas. o rf,)V"rd tf t!"" r'-leoi
1; :c-3ceh ts suct that it wii not worth h-tvnr,r .vivers is faiu tt tuveio-i nxr tn-.iier portion.
that .somtlld was wro:i.' tboat it, Iicnro t!..- d:tfi- We deeply commiserate t ur fi 1 o-.y oiti;: ns in
t;- np'-in-T it fii'.f.h' We'd, Mr. Virgil ?.Iarcy '. "r.-.hin-i;ton, zv.l we hope that this second calami-
rrv ha it'anVwo wish'hi.-n a $afe dihvi r.mcc. j ' ui!l l,c;ili to lhue wh, 1;:ty ""'', ,u;,lu i;j1.u-
o ; natt. i:i this and other tovvns of the ."-'f.ite', in a voice
Mr. CV-ovn.-Vc notice that tn-my cf too r-.p-r3 w!,ic, xviil ul bj direg.irdetl. .Vta-icri Sj,cc
ere!..-l:tr." iho sneec'i cf Mr. Culi-oaa .!eh'..r;nl
,!arirn. the s-sn of the .-ubj-ct of th-j ! T'c- Cinrhinati Whig relates an nnecdoto, which States Bin!:. Who can read Uut rno'.-c'i an 1 ; -i ikm-Iy iiiot rates the co.-LnsU-ncy of Clem Jack-
..... ... " s.itj. 'v bih :it no liis unv iiom :i-!i-
t'-r-t n. t IP f.-r(:rrl.f. I if! ?a-3CI!V a !M ,i i.OIO Ol .
1CU steerage; passengers. She l:as four feet wa-
ter in. the huld, and is in a most (iithy cenditiou.
Her passengers were to be landed yesterday, and
aie all bound for this city. They aio absolutely
penny less.
The ollieers and passengers in these vessels say
that twenty-two more are coming out, laden with
human Lidns, oeveu of which have already sailed.
Ar. 1". Star.
Life is short. The poor pi"anco of seventy
years is not wurlu hem" a vulaui t hat ni V-
1 ho.-e wb.o know how tiie sensitive u.;. can torture
itself into madn.iss v. idi its own sespieions, will not uni:riliate 1 condoimntioa on unferttmatc
circunistaucrs which ignoiance and malice have c.
'ggora!e! into crimes cf darkest, hue. The laro pro
portions of his fh.c person ar.d his lefty bearing are ad
mirably calculated to inspire the Indians with rsp.'Ct.
In of no very rcuivoeal mar-i.etatiuns oi
In DaviJeen Cotxr.rv. v fbr? ICth met.. Mrs MARY
Mil.ldili, cons-.-rt of John Tdiller, t.-i ah i.i 7"j
? t? J ) i liV uo iv
. . . I r 1 . t I 11 I I
x . . . i , . . i , , li'L'ion to t .e liertoi .t-e, no t;:iVO me tain ioro a,
Mr. Cadiona! How mue.i is it to Le lamented ttiat , 0. . , . i i i
. , , ., . , ii. t'H) t.'iiited htate.s Ii ink note, Iron) which to lie-
thsmeifures then proposed by tint jjreat mu , had t ... . .
v 1 - - . ... duet his hi In rhan-e. money was
r-rii adopted? What rum to thousands Have , ... . . r. r, . . J . ;
r . . ' hnn, asid r lu-ed ! Nothing but specie or :
fcen cleared ? Bat no : ma in:5cral.e tinkers reject-... . . , ,, , t r it i
1 ' . , . J. N'eh liiddie s notes wouKI answer! i .m.hburii i scorn the ccunsels ct wisuom anu ptrs. tisi:;, i .,,.-.
1 wiehel-l '"o"--
a h-tde spirit hi some of'thnir trib- she sent for thr-ir i M-i"lv t;Svi Cure c" a -:::"st c ' ":
cb.iefs to come to Heu-ton C.ty. S.-vcml chiefs, he ! tierat d.sordrr ibe. Stouv-. h, V, ,v- -li-ang
Kin.r vvith therm and their wivs to the rumbor j and Spleen ; e:ieo r.. I ' -irt b'-rn, .? e; oit
of s-nv; or 150 of the Cot -il -iichy, Aiabamu ar.d tsausea, head ;.ch, pain v.w.l ci-te:.t: u of
Bead triW arrived hst s'f'V. After the i:h 1 ;i.acii and bowels ' i::ci--:-"t jhe !i i.e. 1
Is, L '
"tvt LO
111113 i.-. nwi IIUI III Kl, 1 1 1 .1 1 1 i.i ii i i . . ii nut i:i .. i-t L..I-.1 iiit 1 - - i '
... -ill- . i i - i 'Ii v."s hod m ilm open air was concluded, I wa? ...i.;. rriove'-f s- l- :- :
tersitit your iie.ghhor lies ia a splendid tomb? nt at a c.nversa.ioi hl Ulo while 1o,:,c bcVAri n ! """? V ' ' C,
Sleep you with innucenco ! Look bonmd you , one , A-lho c;urf, and Gen. Houston, wh,5l was amused ' , ' ' a, ?Ui '"V6, ;V , Ur a
through the track f tinm ; a x?S desert lies in re- at the privity winch a singular ieoucst w;s waCH, jand coi-mortatAC apenent tor x en'.aks oun?
trospcet ; through this deseit i --t. yotir lathers t!if iitv.w to" the btt.-r. It was a "proposition to brm";: 1 aed sub-crjticnt c.r.tmeoient, icl.cvi" .ek-
and betook t'lemselves to their own lolly nr.
r.css, unl the country is now reapi.ij the Litter fi nils.
"VV'" ti r. V . liounieyed; wearied with vo-r; end sorrow, they tin. City after corn hoemg shouh! be over, enc et the ncsJ at tne siomacis nvu-acti, tieart nam anu mary notes would au.v. er .-..mchbu, g ;imj. f;om tU, v,a!k of mau; mu., p,ivthcml i'mdsoioer.t daughters of the tribe for Con. II. in or- f the incidental nervous a.'!ec:i;:ns. Literary tn,
where they f.Sl ; nnd vui are to go a little further, ' ?.er u:s 1:P a ar chief! The day after tao o.j Students and most other persons of sedentary ha-
rbrpvr ui'i o...l tr,rir. rr.. VvliVf-of vn-i ' thc Indiana ?avc us a Jjnce w:l!i sonJr3 ani !. bits, fmd t'ne-n very convenient. Those, who in-
fdlowing statement of the value cf wnollcn net 1 the eradi rltid lJ1" l too ficelv in the pleasures of the Table, fmd
on goods exported ti tun (J real nntam.rhow.i , p.rr.. ,:r :,, ,riiJV 1 T oai..uou., uo. ....... , rcrtj om the scnC ofepprcson and dis-
. ' . .i i .i Lr'ue ever, moment it t.,g vv..n tnnuineruhie f (.I?e tnan a small cast iron not, partlv filled witn water .J , . . ,. . .; i i
it-vo oi.autity exmuted t this and other ...i.n.., tl..t I,-. cb.w sorrr-sv-on. b...-,th,(, tor. I r.n.l l.iv., n ...r.b in ctrit,a,o.i n-'nr f.o . ih r.f it tent ton whicn !cd;ovv, hy taM-or llic 1 ihs. As a
ciuly tVom a n?volvin- and unknow n cause, il y over
this oib vvith diversified influence. Blair.
Gen. JtuLcon'.lt is repoited that the oh! Tyrant:' ' v
, . . . ...... . i.: . i i . .ii.. ! 'ho reh
i- .n u' r. v r t i j i t;r a i i i j ' i i is .-rm a in u.ri i . -w .... . . .
.mo - ; rf.M-.ln. It vvi'l o q;vh f hit t i niiHdlilT i. Cf.T.
h .rt. We would Le sorry to hear f ary a.-ci lent that j (r()o J Ul;i.0tj H,atCsJ j, cs.s than
t si-ht bherten bis life. He s now hhe a tiger witn Imx o:.,M1o:llt,e pr.v,ortiuii of woolens is more than
i . t'i ,m. r.v nnd I ; 1 t f ! O.VS Cut otT. !iO C.1U do CO - . , .!. .1. .1 .1 .0. . .! I,.,- ........
. ... . - . , ooo-eil" 111 01 l OV !i' no. in; un: mnvi iiin ii. u j-, . 1 c, . 1 . . , 11 . , , .
, - 1 it--. v ' i i ti 1 1 ni r.i I ve t'i tt i e n 1 v w " t nec, . . . 1 . c .. .1 Jf'tscopal hchont, Uauiii. o learn that the
1 . ae lur.:i. v e w i-.'i J.mi to inti no .n.ij ..n... statement sh-ovi:i" tl.e amount of cotton imuorted i,, . . , ., , , ,
o ..... t .... .1 f..,t'--t.:ti -n into which r. :...: , ...,;,. Uv. J)r. I.mpie lias been compelled hy tho state
I 1: . .1 I i... J - - I I .ill WH.ill 1J I I I. II. I , 111 . r. I II III' Iv. I.I .w- I ... . 1 I I . . , . . , , , , . . . 1 - I
... 1 1 1 1 ; i". . 1 .i .. . e .;' e 1 l)l his heaitii to resi-n the Kectorship ot this school,
t nci-j ef h:.s nitration wnl lull. v ui. a euue imported 1 rom t!n, nrre t nan t nree-1 on 1 1 n 3 d t uc : , , , . . 1 . ;
, t , . , i- and that the Kev. M. A. Curtis, a gentleman everv
t ...i n.aa has been to tue ! t whoa. I n it ( rent lh itam s ; r. our -row- , , . , i . , ,
I . . . . i i i i V way (ia tliued, has been appointed to succeed bun.
10 ii .1 ii . o o i i;o:J i.i'u,,! u-.. n..v, i j it. w, . . . .
- ' l ui riu O i V'. l.oo. !ifhntti l.- 11..". 1 nwtur. j .
...N-w... . . . . . V. . . ...... I' I--'. .7, .I.'.. J IV. V.
(W I.n-t tirno ftir t.o .tmrm 1-r i -it m T)nurr i'lll l !CV are I P.OSC WHO C.rO
end down a stick with some turkey feathers attached drinking Mineral Waters and particularly those;
to the end of it. The songs were a sort of din-jf dong ' tVoni ifeuthern climate, and Ague and Fovcr dis-
Tli" iirrt Vfs.:'.'!f. W.
:r t
.. . f- . ..l.n.-...l ..........H... a ...... ... .-r...Til. .....1
. rpp 1 1 r c. n f r ' i p m . f !i i j' -1 -i i'jii 1 1 t r it . i i 4 I - - . 11 1 . '''-' 1 v.- ... . - . . 1 .. .
. . , ., .11 iietu me in-:. 1111110:1 worn us oeeuuiarv emoariiiss-
fie ;. -i 1 f tli next Pre- he-ved, a; irt f run the lee. oi- necessan.v created b i ,r, . - .
I'M ..1 -Ii;. ill.- 11. a 1 - 'I mor. f- I lie mivl cn-icinii 1 1 1 r... . . . 1 ... .rr. I. n.
ditty interspersed with cccasional shrill shouts, in which j
the Indian:; appeared especially to cehght. I he wo
men alone danced the men sung. The whole was
wound up by most of them L?ci--ung gloriously drunk.
The men ere sn ut manly looking fellows, with wei!
trtcts, will fmd them a valitab'o adjunct. Those-
wb.o arc exposed to the vicissitudes vi weaine-, on
v-ivagcs or journeys, can take them at all tones
willi perfect safety. In foil doses, they are a high-
rmed and well developed limbs but the expression ' ly efiteacious and sab; Anti-Iiho'js Mtuicme.
f t.heir countenances were rather sinister and ir.dica- j They seldom or never produce sickness at th ; st?-
tive of more intellect than jroe.d heart. To this de- !
scriptiou I must make o. e exception a very ban 'seme,
intelligent and manly bey with a tine, open, mteliectu-
o- iv-. n r .V li' 1 1 1
... - - ... . 1. 11 .. 1 1 1 . t .. . ......... - - . ..... . .......... . ,
- ... . i' o . ;.,..,-...!.. r . 1 I tie atjii e oi i.ritti ci: ni!...::-is nnu i!imii u.mi- . ., ...,- . 4
v 1.1.1. I,:..... .... 1.- u..-.. ",,0 ,10 1 . 1 1 ; 1 ,, ,.no! ,., ri, ,.lin , oay tne ou mot. al countenance, ot about lo years ot arre, a sen ot John
r hhc mind r .piiresrcmn rea h-.:a this ilu-tmCing . t.'t.ons oai. pu.,:...ed m toe t,,.., ihocon-e. Hillsborough Recorder, Blunt, who was formerly a truide of Gen. Jackson in the
P. ! e thne;!, i -e, vinr or l -.v.. ' 'piee oi that n. oe t ah utate Iron us 0 Seminole campaigns. HeVore a badge ot silver sus-
' .... , .-. . 1 , t!.;'iV v. Inel: S..o'.o 1 I; .i et- to onr CoirtuiiUl i , . r , . , . . nim Vil I'rnm h; nprt- that had ben nrev'P'l bv Gen
J V.!;.:. t he c -t:.;i Cues ag.mi come up, ht . t - ... i cstunony of Zcsnect. A number of the cri- I P-";' 1 renin s neck, u at i. au oui riH...e. l oik
'on.-in, ami t:.e re at.. '-'s 1 roro.i.erce and .. ion I- . t- i Jacksr-n to us father. Although rather lt"ht hunself,
t 1 j 'vafi !--.. urd ' e I.! r av. ' , , . . ,, , , . , , 7.ei.s ol Kalciyh without distinc innot party, nut- . . , . V.- . . ,1 1 .
l l' ;- .; .j 1j.-'- ;vai s pro..tal.Jv s.i listing betvve.n ; . . - '. he exerted him.-elt to restrain ethers who were vtoient
v rrff,, v ,Cor.r.,, the two corntiivs. l rmrcir.tde itien ir-l an 1 -i- 'V - 'j m their intoxication. The lrdians left us npparentl
A"..:f (.r. -,:irrrt -. . .- ........ ii.a . . . . 1 .1 .....K,...t r.r ty, to a pub.ic dinner, on I-nday last, as a ttstuno-; in 1 primer and well imnr-ssed as to the sto-n-t
c-; 'itj"
! 1 . S I.i. i 1 or "1 .- 1 i'. 1 ' ' : t
a'e-riJtht? p. utj , t:i 'ittsi, t--r tho -tllcc cf
".e .t te'. rtw .'et u
. n-"o is toe . .
lr. i
:n r 1 s n
, , r.y of their respect fur his character, and to vivify 'of the Tcxians. I l;id abueit fjrgnt to mention one of
r j ' f - 1;.. ..f 11 ....1.1 I-..;- tt,;tne-n ' thoir Interpreters, Cud joe, tin Atriean turned Indian
i f.jilv anil io.v gentlemMi pattooii ..,f a dieoer ' n" a n-H.-pumu -i mo Vvi cnnnnr, tOnnOi- a rrr-
v h
! -
t :
l' 11 pUi.llC e.: i-..m.i.v-,
he is a lb ; Levi oft!
rts wcrtay to ti.-.-'o-.-.e 1.
brM Ccorgia.
e w toei su
;t y.rnrti.-f! xt. ava
o'd si !.. :m 1 in
Governor ol Uopnb-
c, with all e'Tj
A b't'r re.-ivd f.'oet a ;
C.) ditrd Jjrie 21sf. -M' s
(.'- -11 r..mrt ; 'orn .v 1 ; l'h
nr.n hi Chora n (fh ;
1 irh.-t as tollows: !
- .1 7 : hivv.i It) t. ,
. -
i .i -u ; '! 1 ... ,1 ' , c. . t nareil fir !..-:' oecasion, at Hunter's Spring, titnonu i ','s,f,-i 7 '., never dtscriled, I believe, by e.ther Blu-
I'o ;dl t hrt w-o.- . A o L 01O- 1 r-iate'i. ; 1 , . . , -i . i "i nmd.ti ii r Cnv ier
1,1 tl lt ,' oi'.o! whom the ui:..ost .eirmony and goon wtd prevailed. o--'11 "-r
C !h--. .jJl.Jbl ri'vfj. . VJOJ.O.Jl ,, , , ; f,." . f v- .1 ' A duel was ou-ht yesterday on the skirts of the
1. . . , .-, ' . o- Mr. ( i. ..e patriarch 01 t ie printers c. North , . J . . 1 . 1 0
v.,r, . ' v.; p i; 4 t2o 1 ., ,. . 1 . ... . 1 , 1 tow a. I was pr.-sent as a f-p.'cta.tor, and stood within
;."!' ; ' ' - ' 7, ',, u 2 VH i oaua, and it nny beKratnymg to his numerous i: pacesi,f l!ie co.obatants. Thev weie cix paces fro.-.
!V-r f' 4'.',' .. j. j . j fii' ttdsot the Pi .b'-stot), us well as others, to know eacl (;tiKT iCe to free, and fired without wheeling.
,','?,z';i'' 1 .. ' '"" 0 i that ho is active, hedthy, aud in the lull possession C)n t?i-- exchange of the second -hot, one of the princ:-
1. I it 'hi I iill I Vi III - I
I 1 V -IP
l.-i !,:'.!) yards.
t.'.o:$7 77ti "
(iOO.OCJ "
1.0:$7i 1 tO
Wo '.V
00: I Ci
J t!io att.oiti .ri of tho hoo-vs' ! :!;or-
vi'.irs a ,
ni. 00 r mm t a o: v lico
v.lrii th- party "r p-JA-r wanted to go: at th : pub-!
It': mori"v, th"v came forward and certiiiVi that the j
bl.ite b:M:':s were more moiioi, mo. or .on s u.-r
tlitn th". Hank of tin United . hates. Nov they
n,r. r r.juos all agents of tlmir aotnl masters
v.!m rei in Tot !ou. I I -w is it tint tho-o men
cha"ge 30 s 'n? Why did they praise yesterday,
iud whv d thev dooounee to 1 a .
1.1 . .
O lUltt'f
hi i "; in-
Wo. hi u mixed
with Cotton, l,72:",0
IIo.-lery. 17')dJGo dozen.
COTI'flV (id''!'".
riain Cottons, tj-sr3.!;o0.l" v. I.. io,sr,9.nn3
Print.-d do., J71t7 .".",,.- I -JOdOI , J'd
Il wlerv d..., (vulu..,) I,ir,.-,M!1P d77di ;-,
Twist an I Yarn, 70, 17 10 yds. 107, UU
of his HK-otal faculties at the ay: of suvcnlv ei-ii i pals, t:i-j cli.alU-iorr, was wounded in the upper part of
so iiiucli for teuoeracce and industry. Stand-! a 'cooJ. .t leg, wmeh pas?od up over Ins groin m order
1 . . 1
I ard.
hhT t in: MO. II.
From a gentleman uovv travelling in Texa?, to the
IlJitor of the Western Carolinian.
('ii y of Hocstox. Tkxas, May 15, 1S37.
My II.: II :re I sua at len-th, ahuot al the
cad of the world, ia the new Cipm.l of the new Be-
public of Texas. Nut four months have elapsed since '-,
this spjt was a perfect wild, nt u tree had been felled ,
iie-r a cabin erected. The town i.a .v cu'itnns about t
one hundred and titty houses, hi .-ides a I.irge number
to be teemed abeut his b;vlv. No blood was drawn,
but he dec hi red himscdt satisfied t he parties shook
hind-- nn 1 ic e to tow., together. Tboro were present
same two or three bue red spectators, who approach
ed as closely as their fears p.-rmnteu them
much or griping.
Their cllicacv is strongly attested hy Certificates
from the following gentlemen, viz : Bishop Ives,
Uev. Dr. McPhecters, Rev. G. W. Freeman, Ilcv.
B. T. Blake, Gov. Iredell, IPn. H'-nry Potter,
Hon. G. E. Badger, Hon. Richard Ilines, Titos.
P. Devereux, Esq. Professor Anderson, Wni. ItiH,
! Esq., Secretary ol State, Win. S. Mheon, E-q.,
-v j late Treasurer, Jas. G i ant, Esq., late Comptroller,
W. 1. Gale?, Ksn., of tho H, lister, dpt. Guem,
(iuion's Ilote1, Dr. It. r:. T;niu, li . i. Cr.u..,Ur.
J. Y. Young, Il v. P. I.. H i ' Ks, dec Ampla ui
rocl ions aceompan v o .uii B-'X.
These Pills are for sale, by appointment in al
most every T--wn in the lloitevi Slates, and IV.' o'c
sale and Jictail by tho Subscribers, to vvlioni ap
plications may be n ude thr Agencies.
THOMA L. Jo MP, Gen. Agent.
Raleich, N. .
OCT" lsr doer ir, t of tie Presbyterian Church.
Haie'.gh, June Pdih, 1-17
Several of the Preprietois of N-.-.v spapers pub
lished in North Carolina bavin- iTonv.! n.e. hoid-
Ct.r.resi-'is now in Ftssien, and is a very respectable j ing of an Editorial Conventi- n i ; this, i r tho
lookhivr b dy Of them and their doings including a purpose ol i '-. ',; o -o re M.-ei :ion sueh loaiters,
dish of p..l.;.c.s and matters and tamps in general, I I Ul relation t '1 n . vi- i -. ;. . may be det ..ied -x-will
writ ia u.y next. Want of time now, compels i lrivrr . 0 ... , a said I'i . .oneiors havu- su--
t l. jl
coi-vetiient day, the Editors of t lie Papers at tho
seat of Government, have come f . the conelus.oa
Ctrv or Hots ton, b'cx.vs, May 21, 1S37.
P!,:rt::ir Machine. Tho New-York Planing
Machine, invented by Dr. Hull, of Brooklyn, is one
.f ihn lo.i.t i' imnr.vemcnts ol ir.oueru
D-.os not sucli iucon-dency show tout toe object . tirn, A mnrbino d" toti horse, power, will do the
is to intlime the passion " awaken on j j .ico, tojn.)lk (lf ono i, and -ftv men, nnd do it ahun-iniL-a
1 th ? judgomni? Who does nut know thaf , , ) WU( r t!i ,:i (an (t;m, by th(, haril tlluo.
ottr prosperity depend; u-.on in iimainm ho 'rapidity with whieti tlm rough hoards are
friendly nhlious with all tliawo:bi? A 1 wo- vvou.d i tl.rne(1 tuU aMi, ,no beautiful sjrfu e presented, is
adc tlm laboring man whether he icq i :ies the com- , rt.a,lv as,l,nishi1r. To plane hoards by pow-
rv.ert f.f th--tlboe to erdightmi bo; ui.dersta.idmg on an;j ,naUo tho ro,.uv moli,.n act with tho grain,
the fubi-ct of fiuugn capital. i no . ito ot lary - , a j,;,!,.,..,,,,,,, ,low f r the fir.t time
Tand wid.est Uirrow ini.e mdo-r s oi ooo.irs to , ,. , . (j jt , i this iiMuncc been
i . I'. r
-ou td' to her internal
: i '. r
Ti"-r oommi ;-ii-e.ors
1- M.i. If --''.e borro.. ;
. . i , ..
,-,-r , - -. -.. . 1..
ii-:i:., .i.i..
to r.ej?iti!t
re., r.v v it '. it! rr.v e em
ar.d l,Lr
which are m the pro-res of the bmldmg; It resounds j My Drift Fuu:m : Yesterday, Sunday, I attended tl requesMnrr a meeting in tne C.ty m U
with t!ie carpi-nter's axe and hamtner and the busy ; divine service at the Capitei. ' e had two excellent j " Vr1 -leiiday ;n o--p! i.'vt. tu w
hum of in.m variously employud, or walking to and fro, ' s. rinons they would have been deemed such in any i cordially inv;te the attend u.-e a ; o
some couectmg mr a moment m saiall crowds and then ' city in the Ciuen, thev were listened to by large an !
speedily dispersing. The brijk statu of society here, 1 attentive audiences. The discourse delivered in tho
the newness of tho houses, and llic lusty manner iu ; afternoon by the Uev. Mr. Curtis of New Orleans was
which some ( f them have beca constructed, with iho particularly distinguished tbr its epr-repriatcntss, 'lie
:!o. :i
h . h liev
tents interspersed hero and the -ro among t.'iotn, give to talent it evinced tuid the graces of its delivery, r-ec.i
the whole an appearance as if of a fair in a cuy. I I disco..: ;es must do much good, r.r d The undisturbed at
mioj.t quote Virgil's account of the bustle and aiiirna- 1 tent:, n and - speet r.utiifeste l dur.rg :cs delivery -re
tiiiti displayed iu the budding of, at- the time m proof that th- u-e 1 s roud grc : 1-v. ork cn v. lrch
ot tineas vt.Mt io the uu tor lunate injj, as l.'ter de- to cmtrciicc t!.e later o
TiiO: . J A
r. i.oiuN ..
jion mux irtuo.
anu coi i.i'- . ...-,r V- irti ? !.ir H ...i riT : --i thiit as ta-t :;s thev
o !-.,-,! ''.vh: rh!'';',rhlb'T,!iriv.'; !ii-..v uy .-.. . n.,..,. '
l,re.i d- f.dl-, nod n'l aitto'os n.b-Cied by !.c t uc- - J
i i rr-O-o
f If b
f oare e;
scriptivc oftlio scenes of hie and aetiviia o: lloiototi at
the present time than any w..rds of none to-:! ! le; t-uL :
it is i,o long eince the Latin II. rd w is in !:; band ti. ii
1 dare r.ot tru.-t my memory. It .!... t it r-ltnaf".! r.t '
. i . l... I . ' ., - . , ... ., , .1 " . i :. i .it n ..j-.!.
nit uviu ti i.a.i '.iiKiii uiiii . . .iiii i ; . .'- ii j Vi ,
rS"o tiii Se'ilioc!v-i'?s She i'.iiii
In pursu ance o; o; h- r . f t::e Beard r f Direc-
zv.A fultihuejit ol a nroniis'ViiJvca at time.
's m
, ' i olio' sod witii perfect siicocns.
hor ! ' ... 1 .. , , ......
I It lias two vertical W n.M is, v. mi pianos, or nnu:
rt7i eln I i. ' profierly speaking, irons, set at a r"'ci 1 Ihivo i or river, a" branch -d tl . San .f . .-. e . . ;; ;,d ?,
V ' , c on tin; oi ..t.u win-ei , oot ..n
''rers wi 1 cor.s..:.. : i 1 a.-tiu-as the common j wJi plane, to reduce thc
i,.:5tlmv vnl req-.-r: h;.- t- - ; , j" A in olhcr civing a smooth and even
i ; ..., an i ... , ' ' - - - . . , c;,, j:.Co tnro tint ect than can be produced bv the
i :naer, th, ro.ehao:,, the morchints, the pbvvcm, ' l;yf :i vvllerd which r.ves
Te e; is. in mv minion, ran- lv dearie-- ieh ef t t! l"te s.ispensioil Oi pa n
t! v- : p-o i;;!:es wli:"!i berelolbro and nt present too '. tho p.-.p.-fi pel nit to you the f dov o g v A alto-thcr uedrs-rvc-1. An asi'-!-i:eni is form- j . ' the r eo lltiou of the Bank on t
oi by Ho rrinh'tors of -tr;o'i-- deittamat '--.s now in ; June, l-o7.
i e, in the ! ;t spni' et i.t.ristian r r.rino". i :
' i ii .i-;en of ifneestors. whose lives wculd
:c, I havf
tirst d-. r
ti. ia
or ii!) tildes above the p'n whet the 1 t'tr t ivr t rie-'..-': .;:-.r upon t!i j cause c-f Uoligi n, aurl a suh-
empties into Calve:' n Iliy. rJ ro f.-e cf t;. t ;. n is' soripis.:.! isia prorss for the oectieti of a Church. (
i h.tii.boaie ?!:! re-'iHr photi nir.aia ? buck frtm the B .t th'- i - anotb'-r view of th" picture vh:eh I shall
Very lcspect fully,
Your df. servant
J. I). JONES, Prcs't.
UraJi:.j!y sloping bank ef the tnyi
e n 1 i b'vnl':.
pre. en
bccou:- it is true, nt'd in order To mentton the j
o cf tho o.v i .f tr-io-poTtnti. ii on our rail roo' :
Trial f t;r,y cJtild r--:i for Arson. An ie.tcrest-
ib.ivc nil dauber of inundation. Tint portion of tlie i .st . thac h ive been taken to eritrt! nt-;:ly frotn
site a-ij i cen to th" bayou was c --.e:od with heavy tim- ! this Kcaubhc one of the roer. destructive vics Ihatcn j
Ler, but the buildings alreidy ex .: J some ditnce in- chhet a nation. I speak cf G ur.biing. The Faro ta- j
fJiAtc cf tte DiTiIs of Cape Fear,
On the Mcrnins of l Jr. .rcday, ike Id of
J'-V. 1S37.
to u larre prairie v loci fcfroTcft-'S ...t to the sou'.ii. ties pp...! o.lher crimes of har.ird have ooen in full opo
Over tin1- I rairie there s.ver:.', everv d.iy.conunencinn-' ration hitherto nlglit and dav a! ir-g the mc:t public aMd
about p A. M. a most soft and delicious hree.t; it is' frequented puts of the city. To gambling lull
tho sen tr-e.e from the Gulf of Mexico. It is mere ! almost as a necessirv appendage, is attached a htr
nt le;
Thev were onen r)
. 7 - -.-.i.? 1 l! I i" I I i t." if-'ill.T I' tv o .i - , n . . . . r it it t i .ni' ind iaou oopj fe-in t o cV.r . I i . t ; I .... !--. 1 ro '
V :V 1 it' i - - . ; . r . i . w i. tn n r ! . i WfM I . Oil li I lirstl.l ' ! 1 s- i i i .i. y wn't i mo nji ii-ta i:tPii I ior irriliiiiili .g u uu ii4t-;i. ciiiuv;, wo v .i imkt , . i . - ,
0 1., Iinvf: t!:0r.irJ.t or !;;;.t-:riO.; ; - . 1 i mm I t.l t!;o JVar). At; far a.i is : Lruwii or Fu?'i:ciiI. 1 cmciit. comDanions. Those n!icc-s have teen nine!: fre- i x
.v...- . ,akiM-!-"-? tin Miprcum J.ioKia. x.uu . . - r ... .... s 2 ' hr ' i ' . . have several times soca honoralde mom-
..f5V.Ur' , ' ,r ,1 n,-,, abroad I to M.chnel Monep hot, and Michael ha two n . RO noxiilll:J tlors of Con:rre5, and even j-tdges. or
" 1 ,-. - p..':,,, ''VSi the order oniy 10, ami urn ooi.g.-r iu .:.u ir;, T)iC tu,.rm!1!lK tor d.irin- the middle of theU.vIed "Jud-e" beltine- at then.
....ii.-o ta ! ' n i ! i - ii' n k . v : , i' i.-. i . . . . .i i i . tJ - j
' ' J J old, br arson, in l timing tuc .-im-ufaio- in v-aru- (; ,v al xu ea ion ranges lietweea M) r.n.l VO dcrecs. cu Sunday, but the i;
. t r, r TTV.r-.' brid'-enoit on tlie 20th Jul v, 1 -To. i he punish- an I vet I hive f It 1:0 las-aiude. The ni-hts are coo1. ! oronortionally it a;v
At a meeting.ftue cnrriU -;-""( ' ' - i lRO, for lh. Oqoncc U death. The children are quite cool and delictus Ihr sleeping, and 1 rise refresh- that day in some ef the
Vo:;7 of ,hi' c,t' f,t ;,c',v 1 0r t. , , " ! tr,ti ornhan? and forci 'tiers. Thev pleaded guil- "1 nd invigorated in the mornhi- Tha water cf the ia the same destructive
. 1 1 1 r ir,Pr. the fo owing nremnlde nnd reso- j lt.i orpttan? a.t-i mrct.u i T.lfr,,. : UsCvl pur trj.!ijn:r an,i c,-hn:1!V n!lr. bene, forth be much cl
.ti i ii .j.i,- ... . a.- i . ia iii lAnnri oil 'inn iui iiiim uvi 'iiimi - ' i - - . - -
- - - - - . . 1 x . 1 i.. ,a,I . I l. 1 L IIH I I .1 ill 11 I Will' IHUH'I V"mio'v.i u.'.'ita.'.n
notions were aoop.eo m,o u.u ... , ; As to the comtni-ion .f the deep by tl.e
Whereat, tne .i;m;i.isnaiv.i. .........
JJ.rra as President oi toe umo o ...o
been marked bv assumption of power imt ocie-
-"ated bv the Constitution ; by a refusal to comply
th;.:, .!,; .listinctlv expressed wishes of the People ;
1 ...
capacity ol rvcU infant- t commit-the crime was a; t;i0 ,,.a:rv.s i:1 Texas contain more or los;? sab., so
' strcr.o'iv advocated in their ilctencc. i tie Court i.mch that it is rarely if ever necessary to salt tho
i i
l,y the continuance ot ruinous expon, loiumg
n b'udit and destroy the labor, capital, and entcr-Tv-i5
of the coutitrv, and by the adrption and pur
vuit of a course of policy intended solely to advance
t-jo interests of a party at the expense of all that
is valuable in free institutions, and dear to Ameri-
" And irhcrcas, We can only hope to effect a rad
ical chansre this corrupt Governcicnt by the vn-jo-
and co operation of every section of our coun
try -n great and loftv principles of patriotism, in
the selection of a smtabltxcaadidat'.: to Le support
o i fjr fag Prci.denoy -
charged the juiv on that point.
" That it was clear rtde of law that malice sup
plied the w ant of age in all cases where the party
is over seven years old. Nor was it necessary that
actual ill wiil "towards any ono shou'd he proved, or
that they had a d'-sin of 1 timing the housr., (ir
were ignorant of the extrnt of tho crime and the
punishment. It was su'nciop.t if they were con
scious that thev were doing a w rong and wicked
ac:. And it was no excuse that they were instiga
ted by another. If they committed tiiis act tor no
other object than the reward, that was a wrong nnd
wicked motive, ar.d they must abidc the cemse-COUCCs."'
CnpiTal Stock - -increased
Capital -Notes
in Circulation
Deiv.sites - - - -
In. r
rfyidenos unpaid
Duo to Banks
Profit & Loss - -
GV 7Jd
umber ot piavers was snia.l, les
eared to me than I uad seen on
cities o! the old world, engaged
1 Utliiuu. uui j; .iiiiuiiuj; 'i ni
lecked in Texas, I would lain
po.-es. it is very sii-nuy nracuisti, wntcti is occasion- houe, entirety rooteti one - xnc piesem. vuagiess, ias .
ed bv a small ouantitv of salt contained in tho s-n-1 f:f! it-p'.f lasting honor bv prohibitmrr a. I soils ol haz
DOLLA bv 1- 2,:Z0 ifioO
cl'.ddren there was no room lor ocuni , i.ui me m- the nrairies throu-li which itscoursc lies. Manv. nerlmns ard under the i-enaltv ct a heavy hue; the law was
. '.r. .- ''. ! . . 11... . i- . ft- .'.,-.
oarsed to-uay, ai.u i am tmormcu oy me tu.tws o .uc
trek at nil which teed in them. 1 he prairies in the
Statu of Mississippi contain no salt, while in those, west
of tin; Itiver, iu Arkansas, it exists in noticeable quan-titi.-s,
.-:s 1 ho. e been lrdormeil by Mr. Ae.dubon.
I think Houston isadvantagcunsiy located for health
There are no swamps m its vicinity; nnd thus far I
have been exempt from a horrible annoyance so coal
men in soi.riiern climates at this season. I rpeak of
mosquitoes. My sleep has not been murdered bv the
hum of these nightly tormentors; end in my quarters
which situated in tim open prairie about one third
ef a mile from the river, 1 have not yet seen one, though
they exist in moderate bat amply sufficient numbers
i a the wood-amis which skirted the prairie. The coun
try around Houston is yet cut very thimy inhabited
tier t:: it to h
ive a dcr.
I. -OAs. that it will be enforced. :
' The interests ef llducatien too are not neglected. J
This people are already laying tlie muneaiions icr u..- j
fereT-.t serninaries ot instruJliou at this first moment af- j
ter they have emerged from a revolution and cleared j
their country of-their foes better safeguaids ngainst !
vice and immorality than any penal enactments how
ever carefully framed, or however ri-jdly enforced.
Among the most prominent wants cf Texas at the pre
sent appears to me to be the refining induence of the
softer sex. I tome perhaps did not stand in much more
need of the Sabine women, than Texas does cf some cf
Mrvor Downiug's Lowell girls who are, I fear, them
seives in need these hard times. Texas is not howeyer
destitute of some noble specimens cf the sex. Making
.i viir ro-d.iv- I met two ladies who had been educated
population 'ler a sV:om, i'i cur old North State the wives, one cf a
Foposite.s in Foreign Barks
CC!C -
Notes of cthrr Banks on hand -Due
by Banks in North-Carolina
Ileal Estate
Debt - -
. isi.-ir-j
2 'IO
t-i, -r.ii
JOHN HILL, Cashier.
S'piiE Summer Session cf tht If-sti' -r- i wiil
" commence on Friday the 2oj v -o. ier l!u
care of tho Rev. M. A. Cuhtis, It x '. : ; ?i;e Ilcv.
Dr. F-Mnn having, cn account f ib.o impaired
state cf his health, resigned his cha. go.
Bv order of the Board of Trustees,
Raleigh, June 1-1, lS57t 3. 3-.v."

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