North Carolina Newspapers

r RESPECTFULLY informs his friends ami the
public, that lie still carries on the. TAILOR
ING BUSINESS at his old stand on main street,
Xiu.xt door to the Apothecary Store. He is ever
ready to execute the orders of his customers it) a
tyle at:J manner not surpassed by any workman
in the western part of the .State. lie is in the 10
gular receipt of the latest London mid New 101k
'FASHIONS, antl prepared t' ac commodate the
tastes of the fashionable at all times.
(r Cutting garments of a!! kr.ds attended to
promptly ; and the latest I ash ion. furnished at all
times to country tailors, and instructions given in
cutting. Sab-bury, Jan. 1, lb'iS.
IflcfHciHC, fftatrir:2l,
gj Faints, Oils, Dye-stuffs, Wines,
rviP Spirits, Vinegar, Xricark Cider,
Porter, Turpentine, and Fancy
Soap, Sperm Tillow Can-
$1 Ctmsr. Snd.i 111 mi it. Crack
ers, Fine Tahk-Salt and Tea,
Urusttrs of various kinds. Stationary, Spu
visfi Cigars, Fine Tobacco, Snuff,
And a ariety of I'criHJIlCry,
Jus-t received and for sale, bv
u'hi-:i:ler & burns.
Salisbury, Jan. 5, 1837. p-4
Merchant Tailor.
IS now receiving, Iroin New lork r.nd riidadel
phia, a genera! tissortment of Cloths and Cassi
meres of various colors f r winter, together with
a general and lare assortment f Steeks and Col
lars, Coson.s, and every oliier article usually
kept by Merchant Tailors. Tlu'se goods have
been selected by him in person, and can be
confidently recommended to the public as cheap
and good. Having worked at thu Tailoring Bu
siness for twenty years, he hopes that he shall
not be considered as presumptious in calling him
pelf i judge of cloths. He has .ils. jut received
YiYS 111 CVS S ,
And thf b-vo will be made up in a superior style
of fisliion, and warranted to fit well.
Ho will also keep on hand a general assortment
' 1 i:EAIY .1IA3JK Cf-OTEai,
Ail of which will o sold very low for cash or on
a credit to punctual dealers. All kinds of Cuttinr
will Ix? done on short notice. Orders for work from
a distance will be punctually attended to.
The public are invited to call and examine pri
ces f.-r themselves. He still continues at his for
nier btai 1, south of the Courthou-e, in the Iarire
Brick building.
Salisbury, N. C. tf
P. S. As ho is an .rcn ror some ot tt.e most
fishio;.ab!c Tailors of Philadelphia and New York,
he would harpy to instruct any who mny wish
to learr: the ;t rt .-f cnttifsc: garments. He also con
tinues t' di.-U;U;:e the I'ashions.
Letters hr I'asliions must be post poi!.
IV o t i c v
TV LL persons indebted to me by Note or Ac
count, are requested to call and settle the
11 II TX.-"
tame. a-ou.
Mansion Hotel,
e-1, Salisbury, ) f
er 29, 18X7. $
rpiIE Subscriber having obtained Letters of Ad
ministration at August Term of county
Court, on the estate of Peter 'i rexler, dec, here
by notifies ;dl persons having claims against said
eMte to present them for payment, legally authen
ticated within the time prescribed by law, or this
n,t:ce nil! bo plead in bar of their recovery. Al
s., ail persons indebted to said estate, aie requcts-i-.l
t iiifiko iimitediatc piivinor.t, hs tb: estate mut
Ln setih.d. JAMES OWENS, Admr.
Antjwst 25. 1F.,7. if
ildmivAstYalovs' Sue.
rgHE subscribers having obtained letters of ad
ministtation on the Estate f David Long,
deceased, will expos- to public Sale.on the premi
ses, on the fith of February next, the following
property, belonging to said Estate, viz:
Horses, CailZe,
ITIuIes S2o, SSZEKP, Goats, Five
WAGONS, one Cotton Gin and a TilliESIHNG
A set of Blacksmith's Tools, with Grain of all
kinds such as Corn, Wheat, Oats, a quantity of
Cotton, Farming Utensils, Household and Kitchen
Furniture, and numerous other articles, such as
are geuerullv found cn farms in this country.
At the same time and place, a number cf valuable
pegroes will l.e hired until the 2-Jth cf December
next, and the Tract of Land lying on Caldwell
('reck rented.- Terms of sale made known cn the
above day. WM. A. LONG, . ,
JOHN GIBSON, $ Allm r3
Cabarrus co., Jan. 19, le'S?. :2: P,t
J. A: W. 3IUR1M-2V,
JIare just rccviced and far side, wholesale cr retail,
rarHUEr- ca-s bleached Don.e. tic.
5 bales, brown di.
Ilt and Net Anker Bnlting-CSuths, a very su
perior article and low price.
12 boxes Raisins.
40 bids- and bags CofTee.
1.C00 11 Loaf Sugar.
White Hnvanna ami white Tlr.'.iM ugar.
10 boxes Window Glass 10 by 12.
30 kegs cut nails, assorted -izL-?.
SO do. white Iynd in oil.
500 lbs. Sprinjr Steel.
Salisbury , Dec 29, 1637.
rf f?
Tim Exercises in this School
wili be resumed cn the frst
-tf? lf:W Monday
Monday in ribrvary utxt
'3!fr-V-S$ Since the chisc of Use last
term, the s-crviccs of two a-
, tzzrr-rr i -- -y-
!i 7 2 l'!c and csperie; ced Prut's
Iff j . Z - mts nave im'm secured ; ai.o i
. .T. . V - t- - . lili 1 i l . 11
they will Lo in ptaco at t lc ;
commencement of the session. I he fiiends of the
lars in advance of t ;u h SY-ssion, has proun 1m:I:
!e!rimetital and incfnverucnt to the interest of the
r i -ii i ii r l
in.-tituie : ami wi.i in mure l ri"iui cniorceu.
No Studei.t will l c a.lmiiled to recitation, with-
nil liisi r 1 1 1 i . v I ' II J ivii.'un i ivmiitiin.
Wo hope that in this renui.ement, we shall riot be
esteemed cither rigid or illiberal, us it is the com
mon requirement of schools.
January 5, lS.J. pj
Iflrs. Et!tc2:io:'w School.
TirrA Class,
Embracing nil the higher branches of Female
Education, per quarter, - - - v oO
Srcosstl Class,
C(nfincd to Beading, Writing, Arithmetic, Enli- h Oiney's Ceorgraphy, per qr. &3 0
Oriental Tcintini, per coorse, - $'9 00
L -i nip-mat and Ckcr.ille work, d. S 00
Wax 'Woik, - - do. . 0 00
Frtnch. - i-er nuai ter, - o 0J
.Music. per session. 20 0'J
' mm-
Salisbury, Pec. 15. lS:Vr. tf
RESPECTFULLY inform their friends and the
public, that they have entered into copartner
ship in tha
At the old stand cf Win. Woods, near the Benttie's
i . i u
In-!iiule have, now, rMich to rncMirage them. VU lM .....i r,,..;i ri:ni!'M"i and (i:n-. 1 pain and preservative ot tlie leetn, has inuuecu
'I he annual expense of each student at the In- jj.j 'ct'd W'in4hU!fC to Phisliint, L. I. l'10 subscriber to oiler it to the American 1 ubiic
st:tn:i..n, is One Hundred I).,l!ars, payable, Fifty j Ne. y j wUv' Ua tliWl't Iloaling rxtcllsivclv I Arrangements have been made to supply agents in
at the l-egu.t.m.r ol e;u !i term, (l cbruary and July. I if Uo uhoy(J ljUS,illPS!lf a.,fl Wl lje al ;in luues cni. all the principal cities and toxvns of the L. Stales,
ft is decn.rd ifiir.ori nr:t to .state, that the r.edet . , , i . . .... .i :.k ,:.... so as to idaco it within the icach of those suller-
iiilht rto of the I;e-..iufion, requiring the fitly - - :., lt i:,... Xmlr t!se r.-:i:er nart of anJ Hcly to sutler, with the most harrassing
ryifll. . I ...... ,.C ll.. U'i..lir Voinn n-il!
0 ! a handsome profit, some explanations may bo
. - .. , i . i- i ! quisite in rearl to sales, ivc. i nev are
!..t.t lr. m.iv !! 1 1 : f ! i odit dull.irs nrr iiicnth. .J ' ' . 1 ...
-J - J ionl a i:iol:t (1 IUU
Ford Koad, in the vicinity of Oen. W. II. KcrrV, : , , rc;,i.,ce t vrrv u Jieio the crmmon White Mul
ls miles west of Salisbury. They will always ' iJ?rr' -r IM",rihment of silk worms, sorb is
keep on hand a large quantity of well Tanned Lea
ther of all descriptions, which will be fold on the
most moderate terms for c-fh. u short credit or
in exchange for irrecii or dry if
i.. . ..u - i
previous to the 1st January, lb-5?, must come for- j
k. ; .mil nnrcio ini-f , ni'" z i ii i f ua mi ii iiiu k
ward immediately and mao setllenxnf, as HO is ,
compelled to closo Ins business.
January 1 9, 1S3. '-'m
TIj'OIt tiie Cure of almost every variety offline
tional disorder of the Stomach, Bowels, Livcj
unit cpleen ;
such as heart-burn, acid eiuctati'in.
nausea, lieau i
ich, pain and distention of the Slo- j
Af Is, incipient diarr hea, colic, f! itu-j
macli and b-iwris, incioici
lenct, habitual costiveness, loss ef i:pp tile, sick i
head-ach, sea sickness, Sic. cVc. They are a safe i
and comfortable aperient for 1 etr.ahs during I Veg
nanc' ai.l sulscquent ronfinemf nt, relieving sick
ness al the stomach, head-ach, hci.rt burn and many
of the incidental i.ervius afiectr.ns. Literary nun.
Students and most other persons of sedentary ha
bits, find them very convenient. Tho-e. who in
dulge too freely in the pleasures of the Table, find
sjeedy relief from tiie tense of oppression end dis- ;
tcutioti winch follow, by taking the 1 il:s. As a
J)i:mcr Pill they are invaluable. TIi-jsc who are
drinking Mineral Waters and particularly I hose
from Southern climates and Ague and 1 ever dis- j
tricts, wiii find them a v;.!uab!e adjunct. Those
who are expo-cd to tho vicissitudes of weather, on
voyages or journeys, can take them yt all ti
w ith perf-'ct salety. In full doses, t hy are a high
ly efiicacious and safo Ar.ti-iJihous .Aiedicine.
Tliey seldom or never produce sickness at the tto
mach or griping
1 heir t Jiicaey issfrongiv attrsted by l.ertn.cates i
- . .. -, - . .
from t tie billowing gentlemen, viz : Bishop Ives,
,, ,,. ? r w i' i ?
Rev. Dr. McPheettrs, Rev. (. . 1-reemen, Rev.
B. T. Blake, Gov. Iredell, Hon. Ihnrr Potter,
Hon. G. E. Badger, Hon. Richard Hines, Tin s.
P. Devereuv, Esq. Professor Anderson, Wrn. Hili,
Esq., Secretary 'f State, Wm. S. Mhoon, E.-q.,
late Treasurer, Jus. Grant, Eq , late ('omptroller,
W. R. Gale., Esq., of the Regiter, Capt. Guion,
Guion's Hotel, Dr. R. ('. Bond, Dr. E. Crosby,
Dr. J. Y. Young, Rev. F. L. Hawks, 5cc. Ample
ilirertions aecompany each Bi.v.
Tiiese Pills are for sal-, by appointment in al
most every Town in the United Staies,:i!id HVic'c
sale and lie tail by the Subscribers, to v. bom ap
plications rnnv be made fi;r Agencies.
THOMAS L. JUMP, Gen. Agent.
Raleigh, N. C.
Ci7 1st door icezt of the Presbyterian Church.
The abore Medicine hcj! cofsfartl. on l.Tr.d
and for safe at THIS OFF1CF..
Vnlnf!c PSnnlafio: Ihv Mr.2r.
-j&ij-L THE subscriber now offers hi valu
a'e ':,n,:if ii T " de, on reas 'iiable
iVL"-.-! terms. It li"s in Rowan county, im
tnet'i itelv on the stage road from Ia-
jlisbury to Lineolnion, 12 miles west of Salisbury,
I WW mm .mm m-mm mmWm.mJIW
Of gvd land, and is in first rate farming enn
I Hit ion, situated in n good neighborhood. Fo-
I' terms, apply on the premises.
January 6. 1535. atf
To Merchants, Agriculturalists, and
II. GAERETSON has removed I. is whole-
j '. ()f js -st.j mi,cr ,"s .,ors,.al at.
tent ion or direction, or where it is necessary to un-
i . rf r i ,,, r,. r r,.i,r..t (V.,m it mrt
j ' h!e stcd''establi.hmei.ts there, and their
j qualities beinr tested to his own satisfaction, their
accuracy and ri.'anty are cxprtssly warranted.
The vendin" ol seeds is a business deserving
much greater attention from the mercantile com
munity than is at present bestowed upon it. There
is scarcely a farmer or planter w ho would not pur
chase an assortment of superior Garden Seeds if
I they could procure them easily. And as thuv j ie!d
per cent or more, at tne ew
York r:tail prices.
For convenience they can be
neatly papered and labelled and assorted into boxes
(oi-t:t up in strorg p::pe rs, thereby saving theex-j.T-pso
of m,x) each suitable for a family garden,
which will be supplied at ftoni 81 to S'Jii !iie lat
ter l eiii r M.flicient to cio; a ganh'n of one acre.
j Or tli. y can ho pvt into Ci and li cents papers,
j neatly labelled, and assorted suitable fur a retail
' deal r, each f which by the quantity will be
j charged fo i s fo allow a pn fit of c-0 per cent n
! the New i ork retail prices. Any one wislung to
f m
enngfi in the vending of seeds, and not having ex
perience, by addressing the proprietor wid have
the necessaiy information-given, and they may feel
confide t they will be setved with none but articles
of the very best quality.
-- nest; Mulberry or SJorus Jfulticaulis, forsalc
Of all the varieties of Mulberries for silk, this cp-
j pears nvt eminently entitled to preference, and
! siueo i!s ii:lriilin-:ii!i into Frariee stems i It ! r I
its su;-erioiiiy over all others. The tree is beau
tiful and of a rapid grovth, and will thrive well in
almost any situation, a levy years are sutTicier.t
lo misi- t-nnshlernlfV fields of iheni in f.! vior.
. - i
suincicnt t support tiumner ot silii
VVor,ns. The raising of silk is as easy as the rai-
s-,(,r f j- lf.nt anj Inuc, loss 1 inorioiis. F.
or a
n amlier of ears pust it has been a regular and
I profitable cn.ployment of many of the farmers of
Connecticut, during the early part of the summer,
and is emphatically a ho-mess, ol Hie ttirm'.T
i.u ...... -i. a simple labor, m which females u.i t
child en who do not essentially aid in supporting a
ifiiiuly may turn their services to profit. Every
j family 'f the most limited means can raise the
j mulb',iry arid produce cocoons, and for a trifio can
I pr enre a p iu pidct which will give them the ne-
ce.-uy inlorniation of iceling, eve. 1 he plants
can be ic'i.l so ns t'i be transported fo any part
of the Union and will be furnished in quantities to
suit purchasers, and at very modeiate rates.
January 12, li-s. .3t
jist returned from Philadel
phia, with a very
cf the above articles, of an
- ' . y w - '
j n ls .J?z? entire Iv new fashion. A large
- n.-sortrncfit i:f
Superior RAZORS and KNIVES.
He can safdv s:iv that his assortment is siieriorto
an v in the western part of the State. Ju!i and see.
Cj Watcl es nml C'rv.-ks repaired as usual, and
warrar - ted for twelve months.
S di-bury, Nov. If, l'i"
'IP HE E li or of the Pinvi!'? Reporter odors for
s:du the Washington Press, Type and office
fixtures bel.ingnig t the "Danville Observer
-rn. .vi?,.! T..., ,!,!. j,.onf s,tfn,.o t.. !
, ... ,t.: .
'as now ,is e mtv . i n-'- i"i n
: ... ,. . c . ..,i ....
'will sell it lor a low price, and on
, 1
this othce, we
rrfs:. f.f- .-. J
a creun. oi six j
I mouth
January 12,
good second-hand Gig and
Harness, in good repair.
Apply t
Salisbury, Nov. 2 1, loT.
t I.T. per-vs inb'oted
ft 1 .r .!..n.'.l. I.v
b hied to the r f Anderson B.
er er account, pre hsrel-y
noLife.l hv unless tlicy'pay the same on or before the
witnvt Davie l u;fv Court, in I eurinrv next, mat
ta.t will bo uro:i2
;t upon all dt:es it '.out distinction.
JlUKTt)N Cll.MC.i:. f ,, .
UOK'T N. CRAIG B. l x r
CO. tf
rtr wnn To . Dee. CO.
Five Dollars Reward.
TOLF.N from the Subscriber,
lesidin" in Cabarrus co, eight
les LortiTen-1 f.f Concord, n 7ho
lilY" mih
(iL.ft.jJLtf&w-ti-r.i.i of the lTih inst.ii.t. a BAY
HORSE, about 10 hauls high, and about 13 years
old. '1 he above reward vv ill be given for the re
coverv ol the horse, and Ten Dollar 3 dr the
detection and arrest of the thief.
January 19. 13. 3t
. . . . Mi-in ipi liv tHiiinil r hiishel. :inI will
- is.
rrp WO Lots in the North-east part of the Town
- of Salisbury. The Lots are enclosed by a
new post and rail fence, and the most rich and
valuable in the Town. For terms apply at tl.UOfilce.
'TMIE established reputation and constantly in
creasing demand for ibis elTectual remedy of
of all aches, (tooth-ache.) When applied accor
din" to directions jriven on the bottle, it has never
failed to allbrd immediate and permanent reiief.
It also arrests the decay in defective teeth and re
lieves that soreness which so frequently renders a
strong tiK.lh useless.
The application and remedy arc simple, inno
cent, and not unpleasant; and the large number ot
persons, in various sections of the country, that
have already experienced such delightful and sal
utary benefits from the use of the Balm, are rea
dy to bear (for the public good) their testimony to
its unrivalled qualities.
It is an Indian remedy, obtained singularly and
unexpectedly, and may be regarded bv the civili-
. T . i- , -
I lea ian OI uie " OOGi
Petersburg, Virginia, Feb. CO, ISoO. Is
.7 supply of the above valuable Medicine
kept constantly for sale al THIS OFFICE.
j UST received, and for sale at THIS OFFICE,
9 the following Invaluable Patent Drusand Me
dicinf s, viz:
tm W W erj ' mi ni W
Or.o Bottle of this M.edicine has never been
known to fail in ellecting a. p-erfect cure. At least
any person purchasing and using the Bitters, and not satisfied as to its clll-cts, by returning the
Boltie, shall have back the price, 2 per ISoltle.
Anti-Spasmodic Tincture,
For Diarrhoea, in ail of its vaiious forms, Ds
entary, Cramp Colic, Cholera Morbus, Asiatic
Cholera, After Pains of Lying-in Females; and in
this it is the Mother's Comfort, in that it is the
very best preparation for the summer diseases ef
children, that has yet been introduced into the
chamber of the distressed.
Giease, Tar, Turpentine, Paints, Oils,d:c. from
Carpets, Floors, Cloth, Hats, and Silks by which
Coat Collars are made to look as fresh as any part
of tiio Coat.
OO" Directions on each Bottle for using.
WlfiiLIArtl w.
tm m tm . mm mmmm m. mm. mm mmm,
mm ml V O mlmtm. mmi mmi
For Ulcers, Tumours, &.c.
Can r?o;e be obtained of the jnitentee, at the office
of the llahigh Register.
Single Pot, 1 dollar One dozen, 9 dollars.
Raleigh, Oeiobcr S, 19:?'d.
TIvj aliove Medicine is for sale in Salisbury at
the Store of JOHN MURPHY.
For five or six years previous to the Spring of
!o4, a Negro man of mine had been much alilic
tel with an ulcerated arm and h.and, which render
ed hint almost useless. The ulcer embraced that
part of his arm from fhe elbow down, including
his entire hand, which was literally a mass of pu-
, . , J. , ,
tliumb, perished and dropt ell.
A joint of one finger, and a part oi the
A more distressing
and hopeless case 1 have ne
ever beheld. It was
aoanuoi.eo ov his pn s.eians us iwtuiuua-, e.veeiu
. r- . t " ,
-i i i i... i.:- ..i . . : 1 1 .
iy nnipi.iaaon ui i:te .i.iiiu.
The lst medical treatment having failed to re
lieve the, I placed him under the care of Mr.
William W. Gray, in this place, who, with his
Ointment, has effectually cured the case, although
the Negro was frequently absent, for weeks and
mouths together, lie has been entirely v. el i for
the last eight months, and I have good reason to
' believe will continue so.
Raleiuii, September 21, 130.
I am now 5S vears of age when in mv 17th
year, I received a wound on n y left leg, which 1-
came ulcerated, and continued so until the first of j
al arc u las:, it w nni occasionally neat up, ana
then break out again; but most of the time, it was
in a very painful condition, the sore having extend
ed to a large size, and become very deer?. I tried
i many remedies to make a cure, without success,
until I applied CZrays Invaluable Ointment, two
I,, of Xl'ich Imveefiectunlly cured my leg, and j
I'""'"" l" " , it
1 h ive lcen made- much sooner, had I strictly at- ;
j tended to the directions for the use of the Ointment; j
but this 1 failed to do, while I took much exercise, j
reducctl it to its natural size. i lie cure would
and very imprudently ued t'ght bandages.
Mv '
-;nT j
leg has been well tor n;or than six months, during '.
which time, I have v.ud.ed much, yet it rcm.-;r.s
tlrm and free from all soro::cij or iilla nui;; a lion.
Alter having been aClicted for a period of forty-one
years, I ci-.v ep'oy the lnefit cf a sound leg ngain.
I a i .t l 1 1
JOSEPH W. HAMPTON, Editor and Proprietor.
OCT" The proceedings of the Editorial Convention re.
ccnily held at Raleigh, having been sanctioned by more
than two-thirds of the Editors of the State, we now ar
range our terms in accordance with the prices there
laid down. The terms of subscription to our paper ara
not varied.
1. The Western Carolinian is published every Fai
pay, at Two Dollars per annum if paid in advance,
or Two Dollars and Fitly Cents if not paid Leiure the
expiration of three mounts.
2. No paper will be discontinued until all arrcarcrcs
are paid, unless at the discretion of the Editor; and a
failure to notify the Editor cf a wish to discontinue,
at the end ot a year, will be consiJercJ as a new cu
Advertisements will be conspicuously r.nd correctly
inserted, at one dollar per square tor the f.rt insertion,
and 23 cents for each continuance. C-.-nri nrd Judicial
advertisements will be charged 2 per cent in re than
the above prices. A deduction cf pt?r tint from
the regular prices will be made to yearly aJvcrtiseri
To insure prompt attention to Letters addressed to
the Editor, the postage should in all cases be paid.
4 m WW m
3 r4
"VlSilES to inform his customers and tl;e pub
v lie generally, that he still carries on the
and is ever ready to execute, in a very superior
manner, all descriptions of work in his line.
G old- Cri rulers, JIM-Stones, Windoc and Door
sills, Doer-steps and Tomb-stones, arc- executed in
a very lare style. His grit for Mill-Stones is very
good. Mr. Philips also begs to inform the public
that he can execute Engravings of various kinds
He will Engrave mas b'u-slabs r eally, and granite
tomb-stones can be well executed if desired, f lis
charges shall always be reasonable, and as accent
rnotlating as possible.
Persons wishing to have work done in the above
line, will do well to cali at I he residence of Mr.
Philips, seven miles south of Salisbury.
November 3, tf
LOST in the read leading from Danville to Salis
bury, between Pattcrsons and Andreic Koon
seys, on the 7th instatTfuaci a small Morocco
1? O Y O OIL, containing CO
dollars of money. One 20 dollar bill on the Uni
ted States Bank ; one 20 dollar bill on the Colum
bus Bank of Georgia ; one 10 and one 5 dollar bilJj
on tiie Hamburg Bank in South Carolina, and one
5 dollar bill on the Bank of Columbia, S. Carolina.
Any information will lie thanklullv received and
the above reward given for the security of the mo
ney so that I jret it arain. Addre-
Carlisle, P. O., Troup Co., Ga. 2ni or tf
Salisbury, N. C, Jan. 12, 1S33.
The Danville Reporter will insert the above two
months if not earlier forbid, a:;d forward his ac
count to this Oince.
ivotece: TO 15 2: 15 TOILS.
LL persons indebted to the Estate of Ja.T.cj
Craige, decM., by note or account, are hereby
notified to come forward and make payment inline
diately. A failure -n the part of any one indebted,
to comply with tliis notice, may expect tj scttlo
with the ShcrilFor Constable. The Estate nust it
scttli d. THOMAS CRAIGE. ? .
R. N. CRAIGE. ,ur
Rowan co., Jan. 25, l-33.
And lor S.ile by the Subscriber,
JZlec'ro-Magnetic Remedies for Chronic Diseases, of
the class Hypertrophy, including all the forms cf
Scrofula, viz :
Tubercular Consumption, White Svvellinr-S
Dyspepsia, Scrofulous Sore JEyes,
Chronic Diseases of the Liver,
Of the the Heart, Scald Ilea ?,
Of the Spleen, King's Lvil,
Of the Kidnies. Leucorrhoea.
Of the Spine, Chlorosis. or Female
Menorrhagia, ) complaints.
These are but different modifications of the sarre dis
ease, arising from the same cause, distinguished by the
same diagnosis, and curable by the same remedies.
Their com men cause is an irregular action of the Klec-trn-d'ahantc
forces in the system ; tiiey may all be de
Ucted by pressure upon the sides of the veitebrae end
glands of tiie neck, w hich elicits the Flcctrn Galvanic
Systems, and they may be cured by the 12Itctro-M.:g-nttic
remedies. The latter are accompanied by a
compendious medical treatise, explaining the principles
of the discovery upon which they are founded, and sta
ting the manner in which they are to be applied. Ia
this work Dr. Shcrvvcod demonstrates the fact that eve
ry part of the human body, together with every parti
cle of animate and inanimate matter, is cither in a
negative or positive state of electricity ; and that every
motion, in all matter, whether in the largest masses tr
in the stillest particles, is produced by the attracting
and repelling forces of this universal principle. Thi
morbid action which produces disease oftl.c organs cr
lhr.b, be proves to be eccasioned by the undue prepen
derance of one cf these forces in the system, a r.d Ida
remedies restore health by subduing this irregular ac
tion to an equilibrium. By this mean?, the very sccdi
of the disease ari eradicated, and a permanent cure ef
fected, even in eases where oil hopes of relief from oth
er sources is abandoned. The KUctro-Mnneiic Re
medies are the only preparations applicable to this pre
vailing class of disease, and they never disappoint the
ciMi tide ace reposed in thorn. The symptoms of the
class of diseases to which they are applicable, can be
discovered, under the directions contained in the work
which accompanies them, without the aid cf a phvsi-
Ician, and they can be used with perfect safety and
n eXr "
- nrmciles noon v w.zii mese
pnrc . are strictly" sriei. title and
v.ith their unequalled success, as ci
discuses mentioned (which annually
anncipies n"vn v n'.:ii liiese remeuica sre pre-
as tnch, together
cure te agents in the
? consign thoussnda
to the grave, and among them many of the loveliest of A
the human race) have already eiTected rales to the
amoi-nt of Sl'dCO pr n-onlh, br tlic learned and talen
ted inv entor and among the nut cinders, are many of
the ablest Northern and Western physic.ans, fur their
own practice. CT Price s.10.
Raleigh. Jan. 2.3. 1S23. 3t

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