North Carolina Newspapers

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of her he had already Kill lu bt-f l4 Uim
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their rncmy M be nN.r-iU ,u!a br4
wtlh fury miI th wn.J. F, three hour )i.l U
ltUM krrp n? running f jkt, nre.i-.Iin- M iN.
UifPclMMi of hii troilrj (,or iniuriMfJ
intnn ri-liiKj.ji.J, iMlf pri,t U(,,, Uetl,v,
even of l,r i,.i,L. f l,n Cll. n lu Libr'r. 1
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CunlinitrJ fiom our Uil
TVr w tiu'.liin.niorv d-Uuclivo of rit'.l
Krgmria in In! lUii Iho mucluary hirh licr
tkurclx (Jirl la llio nxMt ttrm kui of cnini.
pU "m:. wilbin lirr aiwt limy tf: mfe.
t t)-.fnItf cna.r, iiicu it (! jrd llic murJurrri
ftuf cocapmj (tJ it (iiiiiiriilict llm idea ofllifl
iirociiy f criw, ' il in't ImmIciicJ of
rticlH-' f J ly lt prii;l' ImihIk, Mbil( tiiMiiv
turtinf itwn tnipl lU lamrom ll,(JUi i..(C.nei i.,l ui..l.-r bt Wrf Hint Km murdwr ...-..!
JjUtIiiio iW lo tlt jxirul of the cliurrh of I a
Vffjii Marm del orio, imJ fr ilirro diM ml
ailiidi'i hfl rrinmo Iitp, bfinnff dm mjIIcii n
prr i bri tier of lior I hi ttJ dcnlr)fl , fur
kDrw llat he ii necura from dangf r. To l
Mlipl rult of brel be
a rain; f tH the lriumilinf rernnfl, but hn
luti alo lU rid ! Ilia lu rwt mrttt nalsiril.
Tlx ) f ',r3' conjurMl up -ach dour hiimp
ire i(n rif lurror In In liiriiipriwi iinaji(!n.
lion. Omcii'iiff, likfl a nfjium, cluu ujxhi In.
ttmtt; H rrlliTiiiin, hhn a luw, mil- mmaui ol
nwllrn kad, dnpin .mi In licmi, lo
kU anl cij;li il down ! I.i.-cliviiy u ln'm U.
inoi(rtabb ho liuliTmirwd on bratin tlio
arf(,-l dngrr rhUfr than riMlur ih agiy h
; ami on lb f.irlb night llwl from liiiMitclua
n, wcafKsJ ll vigilanre of lliuf wUi nalrhrd
Ci him, and emlcavortd, on iliu irkountuin of Ra
pIlo, to arck for the aoliict' mid ucicly 'f bia
Ilul J"inni win not llicrc. Ilr m dm olirtHd
tni ra!rululinf lo tndanpr liii brollipr'a raft ly b
jowin biro, nine be iiulit Imj wglflip.l.amlaclui!
ftw bp pmi t amliortupn, who wprn mj thp
Icrt rapture the murdprpr, mid deliver him in
lalha hatdaof j'ilirr. Tim pxciIuIioii ifiiiii!i
(t the town wa iinprrrrdcntrrf. Tim fitn.tiy of
Vtu pre pewially U lomi, and in.uiy of tin.
farmer adinircra of the lautiraof I hp hs ! Cn.
hinra bound thrmwlvta, by a grrifml and .,U imi
enatpacl, to arent hr death "
Libertino wrx)reii th rcngh tho dnv, ilm moil
f rrtrhrd of bamiin being. The rrawitK ol n;i
tin hp eoiiH atiHfy with the chenui lying mwlpr
ibr lrre, anrt he could ollnv hia rwrphiriff at
tfc wmntain irPnm ; but what emild eool thp burn
n; f..rpr f hit honrt hi brain I He drendod,
Ptilmot hmjed, for the Bight of hia brotlx-r.
He bpjan tn fnipv that h, too, had dwrt'-d hi n.
il'fr winding up hia apint to iIpt idp o ai d
bfuJ hi. I.uttl ! t't I.I.kkJ ,4 faifot 1,;, fc;w,
citaluit, .r 4 b In Lather mwty. " ' .
AtllMHiii. 'liwUlirr il IB i:i.iafi that
the itMi(il4t J re iihiiNi Ihu i lakrn aud
lwri. ...fn ib-of UmUm, tU .avd'anwa,
ho Id witrwwd hi orriKfu lean, aft w lithe
'Hitrary, and aratJ a tt.urli l I he ,nftvf fia
loan. Veoce aaa ri.j-.imd them, ami the evlhor.
iiit i roiiauiirtj li. ther, m or.h'f Ihil. by alrala-
K n, lliry M..ahl arcomiitia:i that Itliidi fo; bad
(tthe hp!lh dnd which Kot iilin.u(.fl h,:i I
twd the juIp or hopp of pnrdor.
Al thp dn rewnded, ihI ti!j;lil thnnr her t' .i
oy toanllf over the pnrlh, lie Ix iix.k tmiiiw If I
x of tho htitp (of ajbirh lliere maor in'ilip
Kir!) mhere the chemut ire b'Niaed, previous t
Vir importatinn into the tom. for the nurtmne of
fermg emitertpd into flour, or for foreign conaump-
ma. .... .
H'itb a coiIppiV- leevee, am) h etraw be
nl aootit Hie b'lildiii;, k form"! a VJori
hieh be thf hit fovcrfd limbs j and, brinp ex
Uustcd from mental railii-r bodilv exoriinn,
t hist he alt-pi. A gpoilc rnsilinj frein witlmui
Lrouscd hi in about inidui''bt. Ilia ffitiltv con-
kiPitop, in rvorv brpep and Ipnf, fullv dopictpd nn
pifnjinjj rnpmy ; and ho atnrted from
whpre he bad lain-himwlf, and placed hia hnjron
ike irifrfpr of n Mil "Be it man or benct," he
kirlaiini'd nloud, " lware !" A penile wliino, or
rlpf hnrk ol fPPmiion, anae4him-lo nbdraay
ftn hand; ami t'orlri, t fine Sr." firrnard dr, rtie
liilhfiil followpr noil nioswni;er of liin brother.
iepwl- opoH him with evpry mark of rec'tnrtion
id pleasure. He perceivpd a ii!let tied round
(He body of the dog : be difphiced, and openod it.
In ronlpntN were inont, wine, nnd (what lie va
1'ied more) n letter from hia brother. With hia
'lint end steel ho struck a liL'hf, and xet lire to a
Npof dried leave, by which hn wns enabled to
decipher iu contenin.
Be n your guard remain if, much an possi-
U in concealment. My comini; to you would no.
iv diieover ymir retreat. Carlo, each nihl, xluill
I mv messencer. The whole town" ia on the
w i.ariPfi ny .Hiipri 4 de-jx-ialp aa bim.-ir, tl.P
n-lrrali into ihn town to pr -gro;hcr'i I, and
ref.Hjiit the rr.ti;t of th.-ir rtprtlni. o.
Lihcrlino f.-li if ta..liii.irul rpiiM.r in havioj
pill ao u h I,!,.k hirifi II (av. ,0
argurd will, hii.M):f, pf.-acrat.niKl(aaaueb,
""I.! h'.a will.,,,
hii(-pm!pr .n. Thrnw null
j will f -ro. it. circl.-i,-r,Miii, ,Urtppdu2 ruuiid
Mcli wi.i.-r."
Hot a f.-w.W, r ratlr a few b.ajra, bad
p... d. moco LiUrtiiM, ,aJ , 1,,,, fc,er(,,wing
nh S.N.. ib.Ni;hia (..ward. all iiHmkiod. One f4
tnl turn bad poiaoiHsl all. Fate, like a mil Jpw,
bad round tU virluoua harveal, aud the crop a
trrrdi f , r
At niyrit, throuh the faithful Carlo, Librrlmo
rept ied aiiMhrr b-tter from bia biothrr, an I an
ample aopply of omiouri n. l!ut a roiurdtive-
ly iruiii nuintM.r .1 ho. f.-llow-tuwua i . u , n.
patiied the btat niiiii,r,n ., ,j- (l,,e., ,JlZJ
"oiiowin .M), who.,. pieviotia tolhaf-rm.
HV of Ihn Ikxil of c-. ,(., .., ho W(.fl1 ,u
tltliu t!ic puiwiiMiAi-Iw HilVUmntrm
oengn ti.e ra- i, r.v ..u-rtiiHi had cnud in
liiaiHire bap") a. I u.Mi.d f,lv. Lilvrtino re
r..i.-u linn o, ihr w.rj ; Uu he, rf all other.,
on.i lorn. -iiv l-, ri i,mi ,1. ,r to boo, and Im cimjI.I
n.M m his ht-.-irt a.ld !ii;n l . lh.- niin,U-r of llie ip.
turn: oiiio i,i ,rC ,,,., ,,.,t.ri w
1 1 - 7PU-. d'ani,' . I tin ii-.-i,. ,.id approsehed,
' ' "C ' "i' in a maalerly IIp,
:u , h.i.. v. cmdoiis y iltl j iJiciianlv ma.lo their
advaoeo to i, rvi- ,Jt., i,r( njj,.j oy anfra
biiMHjboiin.U win la.,it Ihp lliokel, that, in deapite
of a l hit elliiria. LiU-rtiuo f mud that, in a few im
mppN, h would be driven from Hie aheilrr of the
wool. ry bia pun he ahol fm,r of the monnled,
wddirra; arid then, everv olhpr honp fnllmr ha .
solved or: aorkin itf. tv in flight. Hp bur from
.i4 w.mhI, n l, ai tiia tiiiiumt aicp ', endeavored to
uu, .1... -iof ...,.i,n. Adoloho M
I hero were, at lhi time, tan botbr in lUe
pfiii, unP,orjuiiij( th. ir apuipurn i f aobtary con.
o.h-io' oi o-r a o-irifi rol.lry tlw?y bl ramimilpj.
I'Ih y were cmiiderr' rfTipi.-of, and th-y brean.e . a . . . a a .
K in ine iiau.j. of t',e polro l'i aprure
the rapture of Libutiii . I'mJoin. aotl a vrr
j fnhlp rrwaid, wa'a a Iiuii4tixi Lk rral to
"i"'i- liutrurtrd by than empbrr, iliey
iKhi Hip w,k), whrrtj i mn nghily aurmiaed
that 1-iU-iiio.t bd return. .1 dre"d Inlltrir .ri
hi aliirp, and, fu all apjam.irp, men wn hadtf
i.Tiru nir rM-aW ,y tbiron adroinn
I.ilX'rliiio tiii-l ihi-m : ro.i.idnruor impii
j Iho cii waa dt-apt ratn a bit own, he frored
mem not ; anJ, alicr a f.w dav. a bond of aptMi
f 1 1 i!it i.i
'o il ;ri op i,n
an I, caplp like, rmlntvored
" Dmard! murdr-r !
r-r ! turn
Your juif rcVenge Thcy itwrtgimnrTT ifflrr.4i-,ww?t',lM,J -hv-woa-humt The-vawju.
Kt. o-morrow a laie Dotty win commence a
"rcli for you ; if you are in ihe Rnpnllo forest,
?w ran elude their search ; or, by a running fight,
nake them pav dearly for their temerity. The
Mzza., our former friends, are now vour sworn
'nd irifwt inveternto cncniie.. The Fronch author-
ilieiireover here from (ieuna, and aeveral gens-
l'rmea have nlrendv arrived. In thehovr of nrcd
I mil not fail you. JOANM."
J.ilierTino hud no implement for writing : heen-
clmcd. however, n nuiall portion of powder and a
billet, to signify thnt he might require ammuni
ion, and sent the faithful dog, by a aignal, homeward.
He again renicned himself to alccp, but dreams
f Ibe most fenrful import harassed him throughout
the night ; and with the sun he arose, and endcav
"Rd.hy exercise, to ahake oil' the and Irtiprctsiwi
had left on hia dialempered mind. -
W took hia station on a point that commanded
ll outlet from the town, and where he was effect
wHy concealed by a projecting fragment of the
tot. About nttm o'clock, be oerceived that a
tatBfdefaiiTeTioa'y we're wilidTng their wey up The
?"Te.track which led. to the mountain. In flight.
Ft mtmiylurce'tlM howlo oveTfomenTieinc
N'i'y of numbers bv the.strength of a single arn&
matter of doubt, and, for tho moment, of
dwmy I at first he almost resolved lo oppose their
M entrance Into the forest, which they could on
' efTct in single file, but he saw thai he must then
ntually be overpowered. Ho therefore deter
mined on concenling himself among the treeg.and,
V bovfiring within gun bot of the party, and oc
iooally knocking off its leaders, to endeavor to
Mrike nich dismny into them as would induce them
J relinquigh their pursuit. By the first discharge
".brought down the two leader- of the parly j he
nV rim r-.- Iikf a man!" be exclaimed, with fury.
Liberti:,o, f..r a momont, atopped Adolpho en
dravored lo tinchnrge a piol at bi -.
fl iilwd in Ihe pan.
" Follow tne not, Aoolptin! Yon I would not
hurl. JivAk 4 U I." a..y.tii..ii "me-toTtlH
wretrluidiK-aa, 1 lo-.od yu b.'l nurl den rent. Rush
not th'in heidlo'i tn yn-ir tletrociion !"
"Fiend! oniir,!-ror! hvrxvriti'! be (hit yoiir
nnawfr." Antlari'n he i.ipffcctaatty cndcavoml
W.har! hit i. 'f l. The gen irrmei were
now iH!iin ni d!i ii'i.'li'p from the wikkI, following
tho d.';s, wh pr- a! f ill rr. Liheitinn turned
indfled, iK-wi'-Jercd. Ha knew not the direction
ne ii.Ki Taken sail 1 1 1 M caiu lo a y a wninj precipice,
formed by ti. two mountain of Kapallo and )e
Ilhun, jh vifO'-WtMit wuh. aH4ieut.
toepprtl th- jt.i;i!c4 nerve- Jji draih was now In
front and i.i hi irn1 to di live r hiiiiscif up to his
enemies. was a.u:e Idler lu him than tleulh itself;
ami with a pMdi'.lo wlwh iltsMiir nlono could
have given a uliieient imp.Mii, Liliertino cleared
the y.tMiiiiig abvND, and fell almosl brealhleNann the
p.lge of the adjoining mountain. . Adolpho
rnrklrjily endeavored to follow him : he failed,
and hishody fell froni projecting 'rock to rock, un
lit it reached tho valiey below, so distorted a mass
of inaniioate fh'h, that it was impossible for hi
nearest friend to reeonnine it. The bloodhound
and the homo of tho gena-d'umea alike refined
the leap It never was before, nor has it since
fill ip bad bpfu aealed bet ween them over
the generous sinct with which Joaimi atiU con
linued to supply his brother. ' W'bffl tlicy fch ibeir
gr.Nind curp, ,No!a fpolini otta inofuio ron
triud lo engage Hh attention of Libcrtini), hile
I'.aptiita, bia biother, dea.:enjcd from fi inmin
lain lo statu lb j pu-greui lliey had Ireaajr'madr,
aiMt to make arrangpmpnts for the csptuA of their
vipinn. It waa agreed that, at Jiighl-CJI, a btxty
.f dinniHii.tml p-iiice ahouM atklum toeinwelrea
within (he wo.v!, tiy await a signal to UJina la by, ; nn.t ttiat-LtVrhnnr-immrW-lw-wwd
andspcured when u 4u the intl'iencf of sleep
i great waa ihe lorroi tlut hia auccessfyl dcflncc
had occaanuit'd.
If ho alept, a huwle w.n to be the for their
approach ; ahool l be U diaturbej by it, a reinaik
wns in bo made, in loud liHetUnn llat weaihr.
to itti.'ra clue lo those without, and y prevent
their irfiiiiwtitifM .nlMnMi. '
llaplitta bad retunitd lo Liueriino tntki broth
er ie so short a lime, that no suspicion of jreachery
ver entered bia mind. Hiasptrita,howrpr, were
thnt evening more loan ever depressed. I la full.
ne anew not wtiy, a presentiment of covunf evil,
he exprefat.l as much to hia compniooa, who
laughed, i J cutieavored lo reason lorn ut of fop
in; which might otherwiae have itiicnnipted hia
loep, and fruatratpd their wcII-UiJ firgrm. '
Carlo appeured in the but at the, wcutomed
time with wine and provisions be, too. betrayed
iiHjuietudpf be showed a reluctance at Veluroing
home J and, nrt teavlnjf the bouse, trovW in ao
nntn'tni a manner, mar Liioerrmo waa I'MTVitli'
'" -.ii.iJnce. Nicola hod Dapiists, pronuuu- , I
bis forebodings childuh in Ihe cxireop- ; .
JUler Jtiait.rciatbjtuAiMik .iWnilvcs te
rest. 'I lie brotuera feigned sleep: but it was long
ere, by the deep breathing of Libert ion, they von
lured lo put their plan in executix. At last, how
ever, they were convinced be slept. Bojttitta
crouched toward Ihe half opened door, and gave a
luic shriH whisllc . Libcrtiiio uwnke,
" U hat iioiae waa that V he hastily demanded,
seizing hn firearm.
' Nothing, my friend lwa only 1 who whis
tle I, liecause i could nol sleep. "
1 Jikpd it not, replied the drowny man.-
". J iaar- you oat a nosae wiifiout ?' ..r-r-r- -"
It was tho polife.' Tho second mgnnl wna lie
cesarv. Haotisla, in a loud voice, exclaimed p-a. Alt this m trv but yauntir.
dered her, itx! nmrdured my p-mr tnya.
They are in lrav j an .hi mr frw grsf bsir
wi!J imnlo with h-ir tlutl. 1'oo.ler ibiswell,
IU-rtioo, aod repniil, while lime bo g ivi-a you.
t leave yoti, Mobsppy boy, la your rruW.iitW
AW ir ail lhi6r Iryf, mul ta biui-
tir. - I then am a villain iiaJ. d."
Hi nieditatittiM wera interrupted try the arrival
of hi brother. The stout heart of Joaani melted
befira bun and, wringing the hand of the tin.
twppr r-nw-mrr, he eictatmed
' I looajht not to brinj yoti lo ik'n, tpy Imther T
"Hpeml 14 oor'irtpptio In pr and fruit loaa
liiutU.Mi, J ainiii. have inorh.very much, of
tmjvHt in aav in yog,- rvturn. J Liborlino.
" Fpnk on !
trill nettr fall mm it lit hour of mrrdi
tbeati were vour wurda. .llmt hour, niv brother.
is ai nana :
' Tell ute huw 1 can aid you.
Jow can yp hae a bi of eacape V
I tl rMMfcHble
4)M Kaeani " r
rape! Why? an
ina golf has reeelvnd the appellation of Salto
drW Vomo. and a slnnj i en-cled to (Mirtrny to
travellers nnd posterity 'tho astonishing fuel.
Part of the mountain of Dellhu is snered
ground, liclonging to tho church; and there, fir
some days, -Jliiliertitio remained in sifety ; but hi
brother's dog chiiio nut. There were no chesntit
trees to-afTord him Mistenuncc, and he was coo
stiainrd to feed on the wild berries he found around
him, which were ill qualified tosupporl hisexis'nnce.
Il was on a dark and a stormy night he left this
miserable mountain. Wrapping bia clonk about
him, and concealing, as niucji us possible, his arms,
he- ventured to enter jnto the town, and, at mioT
night, present himself at his father's door. It was
opened by Joanni.
" Una vent. ! I.ihcrtino is it posiblo that you
are vet alive ? I "had mourned ytvu a one Ip.I
and followed to the graven body taken up at the
foot of the Prnti du Rhun, winch was believed
generally to have been yourself." ! 1
Libertino chained to him that it was that of
the il -futed Adolpho '
1'Ih iiiistnke is loriunatc. "TTiHr puriTiTf
w ill be, prohublv, relinquished. It litem live on
I fear the very witll!.. Away
until I can ar.
Mill as
'I'm Ihi( I h wind itu tlwmy aiiu
nena-d'ariiies look the lout, and reuwi.ti :
" Tis singuhir," muttered Lim-rtioo, "but my
mind is nut of tune." He t-irtvd over noon hit
Icafv bed.'anJ u-:iin, ufl-T a time, he slept
' A whis'le, nmrc enth; than th" first, whs thru
given bv Jhtpii.-!. Toe. police iu.-ih:J i.i ojmned
their iiarkcued Iiy til: Icii it a body upon L.ler
tino, and had boond and st-eurii him IhI"oio lie was
cnnhlrd to make the alilileal reiitnep. Hi
companions were alo seized for the time, in order
thn -the pu4 they had Jiijifn 15. JiLiiiipilifel'IJ
nol bo known to any of Wn rt iativrs, wIT lingTif
be inclined In revenft their perfidy, N.)t a word,
nor a sigh, escaped Liliertiuo; but he saw through
the maraMivring of hia false companions, and fixed
on them a look they could neither misinterpret nor
misunderstand : and, in a blind hair, he was east,
loaded with irons, into llic strongest dungeon of
tho prisun.
We will not annoy our readers with the recital
of the ledums formula of nn Italian trial. Liber,
lino was placed at tiio bar; and, on bia own ad
mission, was pionounced guilty, nud condemned .to
expiate his crime Him the m ail'. Id.
After the fr-otf-mi', the conduct of the keeper
of the prison in liaTy changes favornLly lo tins
ic.npo'.iry comfort of the condemned. Libertine's
ir.u..s, were struck off; ho wns permitted to see
w ir hi if his eoowitaaiM.aa as would vinil him; nnd
rested he, ctN)ti-imiluuuly u I'm
for what f No! I care not fur
Ibi prison j and ran I ever reite Ihe hideous dun.
gvi of th-v imnd f My thighu are torture. My
doed of blood weigh J-eavily on my soul and yet
mm nvn iuiiv, KipiaiPiy revenged :
He poka in a subdued and auttuial tmie. 'Xo
a'.oi drew near, and haletied with attention.
O l you it oVpod lu make me bmv. I coon-
p you not how lo fio ihe deed I wish ; boi pronv
ie me, t.y jour hope of salvation, thai it hll be
' Name il, and I wrr- w
" Il i4 enough I believe and trust in you for
ion have never failpd oic. loi know (be two
ipwlt ,VfMb aoj Ltlud. 1-mbir the pr pf j
oeing ooiiaws like my a. It, they mva'W my relreal
stole ujxjo my cooiideoce partook the foo.1 yoti
sent fl.r my' They walked with me
rwidtilPd with me parte k my shrltpr and be.
Irayed me I rorW asasf laer Mrr Irarff "
All tin wa aid with a solemn, fearful energy.
The eyehda of the wmtchpd prisoner wore diattm.
ded, a be gar. dsmiou.Iy on bis brother and,
with supprrawul breath, and clenched leelh and
bamU, awaited I ho rpply.
M inn, it shall be done, ere euneet to-mor.
raw; 1 will convey lo yoq their stony beans, or
periah in the alleaipl."
" GooJ, kind Jwurmi. Then shall I rest, and
die in peace I"
"Early the ensuing morning Joanni was at the
eottavo, to which the fixdini had returned', lla
afldclrd not to perceive tbeir confusion al hit oo-
trance, and lock a seat familiarly at the table.
M So, mr bov. von then have e warm I ilm hlnwt.
Yea,ri Drptiitr.trtinterrrwfreihe txdlce
ilhJt'rCuritiir our poor friend. nur bmihr ih.i .
Ahl poor Ltbertteo,- tt t alt over wtlil him.
Tliere is not a chance, nor a hope, of bia escape,
I saw bint yesterday lie spoke much of yotr
friendship for him, and knew well your liuuewt
Th brothers were rclinved by his apparent sin
cerity. " Will yoj nol pay him a viail of consolation ?
Ho wiB lake il kindly."
We should endanger mir .own safely , re
marked Ntctdaj 'nd should bo ourselves recap
luted al our entrance.
J .M Wy brother . bs tt hia hrl Bpoaaoniog yo,
and 1 would not thai ho snouiu ue msappoinieo now
at the very evo of hi execution for ho is tu die
"To-morrow!" they both exclaimed.
" Ves, tho sruflolding ia even now erecting. But
a thought strike inc by wnich we enn accomplish
hi wishes, and secure yon both from danger.
Where is your old mother ?"
" Sho is from homo !"
" I he better for our project. She is tall j her
clothes will easily bo mado to tit vou. Get them
iiislaiilly I will arraugo ihoni. , Wt will lake the
outskirts of the town by tho river, whore we shall
be less exposed to observation. Carry you cache
llatjoii of wine one we will bestow on the jailor.
i hirve pwmd tti-taka ihe'xu)r Sy hom'j.rnade
loaf; the last of which he ever will partake."
They cave an unwilling pHiaenl ; fearing, bv
their refusal, lo excite suspicion in Ihe breast of
Joanni, of whom prowos ihoy wore aware, and Of
whoso anger they would fuin avoid being the ol
le llipm, Hh a drrpsnd hrsty sound to !b,t
linn,,i acaopnda holfctw in l,e U1, t.t l k
hi p!ed lleir )tt Ireiubhng heaits.sfMj n.i4 l i.
wy h prtin.
Itark, act o stoo r xeliimed hi hrftt'e-r,
"Yea, and ymr wialrra are IU -
j-nedfhe bfi " Ih jiold il,er eoward heff''
I.tupniiKi g4 on ll.eui with t -, ,i, ri '
itd eye
"Ilk eiKigh, my hrothor j yen w;;j w,
now caa perish like a tnanP ;
I eanoot alietij nur recutj,,. Lihrntnn. 1
muat fly taalanltv to artKj jotec tum i il ta. i..
Un now that I muat take my last lung baitt. I
would have had it otherwise, M a he can combat
gainst fate." T - ,
H bru.hed a startii.l tear from hia fp'i .k I
lha two briMbers by nature, and in crime, etubru-.'-1
and farted is iPt bps igooy
fun sounds of rrectiog a acsTJJ art . U .
tutHMnotige .sWp inib r tpecting tictim. L i ,
ertiwi Mver f lrd bi eyr mere in Ibi wort t . ,
fel, on arriving to fake bun la Ibe place nfr"i.
lion, the jailer were snrpriard at the f.wiito l- fid '
cslmurai be evincrd. and jtf more at Ibe s n..o
that oruummwlly lighlkd tip bif C altirer.
ceremofiiea which ai-compaor as ;a!fl i
etreaiMHi throw no lit lie light iij thBCOliaiejitM
and ehstacier of lira prttU. . ,
''rat ram a proceaswunof pfieat oo of ib-m
carrying a crociili on a pvde bang with black.
Than f .Mowed a Cooaiupraliip and .iik
of Drt Mimrrienrdtit, covered with long gowrls fnn
hpsdlo foot, with holce iiniiWiatelv lit fur the
fire, through which Ibrj could see every thing par.
fwrtly but could not I rtcognie4 by iho pcct.
lore. All of ibem carried lirhiod lore he, aud mi-
iiy.of thaw ahuok Ua boitwt, iota which lha wmlij.,..-
he wasurrrpd. but in vain, to avail lumscll of the
consolations and instruction of but priest Iho
padre was ttuniea admission,
A few davs had nddod years to bia aiipe,arinc-
tenwawdof hia Btiitdrcw,-ha wait liereaycd-'fndeefT
" I come not, ' said he, " to curse yon, litlicrti-
TOjTiTr lo-atM- tylhjweight' ftf g?'?'?'.' hctt-eiMtid-
SgHTTfif rtigTmWaliw
range a p!nn for removing y..u to another country.
Jonntii will ncrcr fail ytu now, my more than ever
Afier partaking refreshment, Libertino prepared J.
to leave. ;
" Where is fur father?
" Gone 1 , His heart was broken ; but he bleated
you before ho died !"
I.Ihnrllnn nikhpd from the house. His lipwlv
acquired hardihood had not totally rlestroved ihorl thotightyou unjust, -and honed to conquer I
aoftcr Relings of his nature ; and ho wito had iiw-1 ingi which might, had you married, been deal
girl who once you loved sho who was the support
and solace of my old ago she whose body 1 fol
lowed, with a broken heart, ,to Ibe grave my
child my Catririiw froni undegerved renrnnch.
Joanni affirrtw that she and that unhappy French
man deserved death at your hands. It is false.
She was true to you as to the Virgin she adored.
You exacted a promise from her I was indignant
nt vour suspicion;, and, by the authority of n fa
tiier, fatally insisted on heir joining in the dance.
and hoped to conquer tool.
W ... .. . ... ... ..
Joanni issued lorth, wjjh one ol Hie brothers un
der either arm each dressed in' woman's attire.
For a moment he stopped at his father's house,
and entered alone lo procure the lonf and wine.
The brother were contriving a retreat, when his
sudden return rendered it impossible. "
Crime, my fair girls," nid Joanni, feigning a
humoUMhnrcrared6n-hi1fee!in hand;
Carry yo.i this, friend Nicola," giving him a small
barrel; "and you thii, Bsptista," placing on his
shoulders a heavier keg of wirw. " Now, en
Joanni walked between ihcm he turned the con
versation on hia hrothor. " He fought manfully,
The first who visited him wa Andrm-Mazxalhiit the d I himself could not stand against ucb
r i i i .u.. i I.' ..l:f.u..f..l ,!,! j f!,im llii.iL- (tint tirt writ lielinuert
f,.rfnl nddrf. Kami! think that he was het roved :
U)flhe brother $ thrvulc frvm him)" I would bu
ry tlii. faithful-poniard -iu the iaitors' hoarliiT-
thus f thus !" said he; sinking forcibtV Ihe wen rum,
The disguised men measured their length upon
Tha ground. "Traitor! execrable trnitors I tuke
jour reward. : c . . .. -.. . - ,
Baptista died with an oath on his lips. Nicola's
life leriouialeti while he waJ vnfhly endeavoring to
deny the charge. Not a momont waa to be lost
with his knifa, Joanni cut their hearts troni their
lifeless bodies, filled the barrel and the keg with
tones, alTixed them to the heels of the murdered
men. and at a signal Carlo dragged them to the
river, where they tank, from Ihe weight attached
tud put money lo defray the expense of masaosf.r
me aoui or the criminal, Tbi U cimidered tha
very cilreina of charity and even tin moat m'r.
gardly aorplic throws hia mite into lha bote.
Immediately after Ibe came Libertino hi in If,
sled in a cart, with Copuchio fiisr ou each anln
of hia. TUa4lanla to the executioner, drewnl
in scarlet jackets walked by tha side of Ihe ran.
Tho proreanoo having moved round Ihe oca Hold,
on which the guillotine was placed, Liljertino, with
a b ild step, descended from tha cart, and .walked
upon ibe pisiform, lie disdained (lie protTered
uppoitof the assistants, and tha prayers and ror '
olaiiotia of the profess rs, but netiiioaed that ha
might be allowed lo address a fw words lo the as.
scmhled multitude. His tequest wattrantrd (and.
in ckutr and manly voice, he spokt t -
u My follow countrymen, liaton to mv word
they are the last 1 caa ever offr lo the ear of man 1 1
I am here to expiate my crime, and appease thtT
odended laws of my country. . It is just. I am re
signed. " Lova waa my eemr j"ntrMnrf yny rf.nvtj.
.11 n . -....tM ... is, - j,
betrayed tne. Aak your own hearts, if, under urn-; -ilar
circumstances, many of you would nol ihua
have acted." .'
After a pause, he continued" I waa pursued ai .
an outlaw. I sent thirty-eight victims out of Ibi'
woild before me.- Tbittifesaedlyrl ant a aw- -
-drer, and a monster f the blood of forty ia on tey
head. But I eweappd theesvonl to fall by-trsmcW -ery.
Jai Ibe moment of durtre I look two wretche -lo
my bosom ; they butroyed me la my persccu
torf or I slimild not have been bcfoie you now.'
Ytt I luincnt it hot.""! repeal." I die" Contentedly t
aud why L.becauau J..havo. been revengej Ho .
stooped upoo tha ground fur the loal ha had earned
with him. He tore it asunder, and bold above hia
head the huails contained in iU . ;
"These theso were the fulsn hearts that did
betray me ! and thus and thus I am avenged.
Ho lore them with bis toeih. The multitude stood
mute with horror. They were at length wrenched
forcibly from his grasp by the executioner.
" My executioners ara impatient. . I ga.lajucot
my fate. Let the betrayer ever meet the betray
er s reward.
This meagre translation give but a faint idea of
a speech delivered in hie own forcihlo language,
and with inexpressible energy. ' Ag iia did he re
fuse the consolations of the priest. ,
" I have oo hope t my crimes aro beyond par
TTelald hisTa'T upw Uiehlock'-fiiii gulfT"
Inline descendrtd it rolled upon Ihe platform , the
vessels of his mt k poured out their blood with lha
force of wnter-apotila a fr convulsive nioveinenla
of Ibe limbs, and all was still ! . , '
The populace beheld this awful scene io n seri
ous and compnssioniito manner. Hi Crimea they
abhorred ; yet when they Raw in him a poor con
demned man, on the very threshold of eternity,
their animosity ceased. No rancour was display
ed, nor insult offered. They viewed him with the
eyes of forgiveness ond pity and joined a rues' ly "
in nrayersfor Ihe repose of hi unhappy douT. '
Evew-Andrca-, who wb in tho rtwd,- -with
an exalted vuice exclaimed "Adosj sporo
che I'anima sua sia in parndisol" -
We have little more to add only one being yet . . .
ekisls who look a'-parl id"llll ipKilltlg (rdcdy.
It is Joanni Genuchu, 'He is at (his time tesident
in London. Hia sddrea may be known at tha '
A lion Office to any one who-may have ilia curios
ity to enquire. Ue is supporting existence by the.
merit of (he law. : He is the forger f paisporls
Ihe inventor nf shipwrecks t end the vender of let-
tors bxcIi a CAmpasKH 4owai Js"71te alT-elec iej
taken charily. He is bordering on bis eixtieth
year, and living with a Welsh woman, who pafs
as tiiswif , and who i as hardsiwd and abundoned
as himself. . . .. , . .
Should he ever hear of these pages, he will be .
surprised at this accurate detail, which waa glean- ..
cd and indited on the spot by
As Lnqlisu f k n n.tKn.
Never give up your opinion though yon know you '
are wrong: it shows that you bv no ltJppt.rHjenlw.

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