North Carolina Newspapers

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Mf Grunty t lU dmirirwii uf lU Comniiilvt on
lU iUatrj, ttptt hii ilHnorM lo tcl mii
-iih lin) A-lay P'1'!"' f 11
Iihe 8rntW U u'in-l cl no it wiibnul
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ft bill lo l"l'li itttiriMiitMiil fur dtbl in
Mr. Talbnadtft Mid Ihul tome r-cntlon hnd mi.
cfdcd ibal it btd beHcr refrrrcd lo ll Com.
jjijtlM on II JuliCi4rr. Tbo bill u .cci.rdini;.
j- refrrrtd.
Turfing, Jf 10.'
HM-acr HrtwurTtTi
f)u nvrftoa of Mr. (.'nibrcbi'tif, lb If'maa rr
jvd l"lf into CwnniilUt of iho WhuUiiKi llo
iiti of il l'nt Mr. Ciwiiier in ll rhir.
Mr. C'anibrrk'Ug tvved lli niJ"rlHrti illie
yi t protiJo fr llw eMtcitrnt, wkmtng
trwfr. tud dialwrw-iiicnl if lb" public tenw."
Mt. Htianl mottd ibe M barbur bill i" bich,
be wid. il wa erjr important liuld bo aclhl i p
a. Il iHild rrnl, ht bcliertd, contunit itmrli
UnJJr, Carobn lmg remarked ibal II mutt b otol
mm (bat Ibe bill bt bad nvivcd, bf injj llm only d
bttatUa rnaie rcmaininjt fr Ibe pMWit. hail
Idler bt tliftpnaed n Gral, afr wbich tbt ir Jt
bmincti miubl l prrl:d villi.
Tbt qurttiKl being laktn im Ibe firm motion, by
lellara, and there bring 131 voting fur il, more iluu
irmjoriiy of ibe bla Hhjh, the M liulrrw inb-iit
Treaiury bill" aaacrnrdinj;ly taken up, an ! Iiav
to bwn rrad tknuigb by (be Clrik,
Mr. Cambrrfcng, bo waa of coume entitled In
tbt floor, gave wy, al bit rrqiirkl, to
Mr. Thompson of Balh Carolina, ho moved
tbt following tubelilutes
Sinkt out ell after the word, UIU il tr.nctrd,"
rtc. and iwert i u Tbal all dura lo the (lutermiiwi
uSall hewafirr lie col Ire led in (told and ailvcr coin,
Trraniry notfii of lU TniltHi Siatet, anJ tl.e inic
of tound apeeie-pavirrg bankt uiider audi rrjuta
lionannd mrtiiciiona at may be preacitwd by art
of Congre, or by Ibe SerreUry of tbe Trr.nry j
PrmJed, Ibal no bonk nntea aliall be received n
CirnMid, eieept aueh at ibe bunk of deptmile abnll
arrte to receive and credit aa cnli.
2. Be il futthrr enacted, Tbal tbo Secretary of
ibe Tre aeury be, and bt la hereby, required lo
led t iprcial dpoailorica of the public funda, and
t tucb placet aa may bo neceaanr, anund apecie
payiflf banka, preferrinc, in all cvet wbrrn wicb
eiitt, bankt owned it whole or in part by tl.e Biatea
in which tbt tame tre aitunted.
3. Beit fwrikrr not rtei, That Iho Secretary be,
aiy) be it hereby, directed to i-ontmet with the
bankt eeleeted at dojKwiitorifi aforetiiid, frr the
lfeLeepiug, trana'er, tnd ditUireinnl of Ibe
public reenoe,'on mich tcrmTlnil lor aueh com
pensation, na he may decin right and proper; alipu
Uiing in alien?, under aueh (pmranliei ai be may
' tkiuknecoMury, llial tbo public fund iepn(iied
iih nid bankt tholl be in no cae ued in their
boincaj nofotherwiaa. :jymcut:of
Fran I lie Wilmington AirrrtitrrEtlrt.
. . ' , Jirnt 20, o'eWk, A. M. -JOYFUL
We are truly gratified to atate thnt thirty of the
rulaaki'e passenger were picked up yesterday
worriing, aboot 9 oc!ock, 13 or 20 milei north of
Ikt New lulct, by the achoonci llenry Camcrdon,
o her pasatge from riiiUdelphia to 'Wilmington,
and were Inndud at our m barf about 7 o'clock same
day. TTnir pilTering are more rcndily imagined
ibao described. We have nut time fur further
panicuiars now, but hope lo rteepatcli a second cut
. a . . . . a a
Jim of thia Entra by to-day'a 1 o'clock mail. -
Tbcst unfortanats tuffe'rers wert ihrmediatelT In
ited to the private residuncee of our gentlemen,
where we foe) assured every effort will lie made to
ootht their cares and to alleviate their tuffi-rings.
Vessels are now cruising along the roast, with tbe
hope of rescuing others of these unfortunate' being"
from a w atery grave. k
We hero annex Ihe nnmes of the thirty.
A Lovejoy, Camden Co., Geo.
Maj. Heat)t Baltimore.
Maj. Twiffge and ton, Riclimod Co., Georgia.
Edward W; Innie, Philadelphia.
Mr. Greenwood, Augusta, Ga.
Noah Smith, ' - do.
M its Rebecca Lamar, do.
Robert IScabrook, Ediato Island, S. C.
masters T. & W. Whaley, (2) do. do.
Mr. R. Hutchinson, Savannah.
- Mr. Ar Hamilton, Augu-ta, Ga. "
pt. Pearaon, Baltimore.
Mr. Filing, Edistq Island, S. C.
Mr. C. Ward, Savanmh.
&"Cbickc-v favjaJaMjtssasraiawejei
JoaepHKew YorV. '
S" Clifltbn, Canton, Mississippi.
talker and nephew Tboma Downing,
pharleaton. . .. - -v - --
JVerrenTreeman, Macon, Geo. ,
Burnt, New York.
Mn Cape, fireman, Baltimore. .
, Urneliua Lyont, fireman, Baltimore.
Ptlrick and Bill, deck hands..
,ht)'nah' negro woman. . '
' Adeline, belonging to Dr. Stewart. .
no vL We DaPP7 to stale the thirty have
rbeen ooe night among us and ore much ro.
d by a comfortable nighl'e restat leaat, ail
Irm hom vvChave heard, and it it aiuCcrely
. . . . . nuloitiyfl, Llath Waiter, who IixI aurt, Lrra .
i ! Hiinrn Bir'H'ti i i u i a
.. ii. ,.-! in !s lum j wiieio. . . . . . . .
,U dtU rf ' ' wr, . Un m tMi duly, mm 1 1,. cock, tod
,l..j-fj ll.jl it- JT tl u'.. w(f! ,,uC,rl
io rrium to ii,,r f,H
fl'btiimi r.uTn-L'i.Aic.1 ur Tin: or
OF TUB lib Jt'.NR.
We tl.tttk l highly impofU"! I j sift ialh fin!
(dare, that Kri,ilrK.n of 'irimU cUrlr
i ... i . - i . .
' ;''gi-m rwiciir in )oig it ail ihlfMUKi
was ewi.Hf b
I Or MfOM twt'l
..... - I'm ... 1 III
ihoae who I.
be dim ttu of il. mat biiK-ry '
iiie wiiur hai gMl, loo low, ao.1 ibat ibrr waa)MareliMnrily that nt Mrua wat on Ihem.
iinmiiRiii danr, .Mr. Couner, Xr. Loriiv and
uibrr fit It at their opinMm, lUt Ibt blowoeb
had letii be-ligemly brt opto thai Ibt Uxlare
had bren aniKi-J which aUrmed Ibe Fjiginet r
and ttuwd bim, in bit fnglu, lo fill I Urn ridJrol
with freak water. Tbe UhW bring healed to red.
m-af, ihia body of water wat inatanll eoomtod
into aleam with an etpaiaitt (fee wkicb Ibe mom
of h biileri were loo&rble lo ieit. It w fur
titer wihtcftf tUlcd lUl during the whole pa,
aage, within trrnlf minulti of the ealalr',
ibe atram guage nick iolraied frorn 27 lo 29
inclct of tfeam. IXe f..rl wliieH imuiodialaly
followed are gim cofrnily by Mr. Ilibbert, ai
puUiahad in our lltlri i.f ihJeih, unlit il rearhe
tbe alateinerit of lie Mi.king. 'I'lim wat not Ibe
raae, Lul (lit ImiI puiiinl mln three ier.
In Ibe bfoekinjr up, l!i whole boat wnl umler
weter, but Ufun llm mjxiiU'ia of lite ke from
the iipfx r i ut of ili" Unt, the bow and atern
en.rg-d ;. Vry .l.ortly ader lU fwardl,,,, w,
irr, n l lU- hift.lrr poriiim eltatcd iulolbtairj
iinmi ibe Inglirat p.riii of which were from fiO lo
00 peraooa; in in than two ibiedt if whoto wart
ladir end rhillin. 'I'l.ia continued wiibin Ihe
vii-w o." I hm. j mn jnc $ urun the bow of the boat,
(IVki.i whom tin aibt-meiit it made,) a boot one
tvjf, w!ir n it et,!n'1y diaapieareil. Tbe keel af
ter it w'piihIhim mine lo the aorf.iee botiuin up-
(!, when it (biod in immediate contact wiin
li.'i b for ( half liour when il wat teen oo mora.
Tb' re ti no ono or thia fragment.
We will n iw prticeed lo apeak of the bow and
1 lie fate of iIkhmi whom it contained. Upon Ibia
portion of the wreck there were original! H. AH
imriteJiately prreoded lo lighten tlieir fragmeol,
b) throwing into the era every thing oot oeceaaa
ry to eeeurt aalvalion, which jraa il greater buoy,
aocv. O.i FiKlay about 12 o'clock, while rVmting
uikmi l'ii?oreon, two aiiU wi io aen. ono in a N.
F.ater!v and tlie oiltcr in S. Wtterly direction,
itlnit 5 or 0 mi lea dialant. On Saturday morning,
early, a portion of Ibe wre. k wat discovered, abmit
5 mile distent, w i:h a amafl anil and a flg Hying,
thin remiMint ms'le a rocceful attempt lo reach
ihoee upon tbe Uw wlKm they joined about noon.
They were rW runlet, thxy attached Ihemtclvei
imi.ediaiely to their fullow ai(Tcrir upn the bow,
who niuiiUr they awell5d lo i.', and abandoned
their rail.
Tbe then proreJd to erect a jury-meat, up
on which a wpuue mil was boiaied tho wind con
tinning to blow from the S. F (in which quarter
it haJ Uen ever rinee the wreck,) Ihey were
blown tiaij Um, which became visible about 4
o'clock P. M, At siuiW't quilt a atrip uf land waa
aeon, bud trra ditcoverod. Tlie night waa paaacd
without any mnierial chance, and on 8unday morn
ing upon tlio occasional lifting of fog, land waa
jjite appnrcnl, about three or loo r miles, off, which
tlxy coniinued lo approach until they got wilbin a
half rtiilo. The wind which bad been gradually
coining round aeltled down '.o N. K. about 1 1
o'clock, and blew tho wreck along the coast, about
thn annin dittratiro from bmd during tbe day. The
wind gradually increaeed in violence, and Ihe rain
poured down during ilw.bole of Sundavuniil ft
o'clock, when it lecane calm and the rain ceated.
O.i that night tht wind eame out from tbe S. W.
On Mondav it won clear and quite ealtn.. At 12 thai
-da-1he-wmd blew Irght brme fronr the 9rW."
About 4 o'clock four vcMcta naased w ithio three
miles atnering East.
On Tnendxy morning about aunriae tho Bchr.
Henry Camenlon, Capt. Pavis, waa teen about 5
miles off in an Eaalerly direction. She conliuued
lo near until, within 3 miles when the exhausted
sufferers were discovered, alio then immediately
squared anils and bon down lo tho wreck, wbidi
she spoke about half past. fl o'clock A. M. fhe
then passed by, and anchored within a abort die
lance, Cnpt. Davis lowered hi boats immediate
ly and succeeded in transferring Ihe whole of Ihe
sufferers to his vessel, where every proper com
frt, at hia command, waa humanely furnished
lhcee unfortunato being. Intelligence waa given
1 by ihew thnnhey..riad aeen another portion of tbe
wrecV Juring the whole of Ihe preceding day, and
early Ihnt morning. The Caption immediately
bore down in tho direction designated (ensterly)
and in about an honr rame up to it ; from this he
had the gratification of rescuing Mrs. "Noah Smith
and Mine Rebecca Lamar, Charles Lamar, two
gentlemen and two negro women, in an exhausted
and worn out condition. This work of humanity
buing finiahed, Cnpt. Davis bore away immediate
ly for Wilmington, where he arrived abont 7
o'clock on Tuesday, P. M. To attempt to describe
Iho fooling of these 30 persona towards their pre
server, CaplL pavitliqjympatby.ot-thft xrowd
astenibTod at tbo landing or the mingled emotions
of l hose companions io misery who had been sepa
rnted. and here met again in safety, though in tiifr
Riring liine does not allow, nor Tinman languago
adeqiinto. ,
P. S. Sine writWig the above we have received
the followingn?ifilional intelligence i ,
i 13 more saved, among them Mr. Lnmar. Tlicy
reached shore near New River Inlet. Mr. Lamar
and aevertl others came ashore in.n boatf-thef
nthertfljllgjnejjkol to
be war town, 17 iiiilbs. All are thid to be likely
to live.' Two of these have just arrived.
Samucl Bryfey, Talbot County, Md. '
Owen Gallagher.
The.only "other namet of this 'party known, are
' -Andrew Stevens,
' G'. B. Lamar,
G. Y. Davia .
... R," S. Hubbard, Nw' York,
H. ,Eldridge,Syracqte, N. Y, .
Mr. Bennett of Miasoui i, , - .
Lieut. Thornlori, U. S. A.
B. , W. Foraliek, Ikton, t- ,ti
Mr. Merritt, tyohile.'r
We cau only add tat 59 aoulj in all have es.
caped t watery grave, of wbopj 52 have already
- r. in
!.( Il It . 1'fiJ
ul fti"f
4 tlU' if lliliimi
Tbe Rioir'l NoriU Carolina rot it V.
rwUy u m, it ttartN ih'wa kcj m dm
I' I'ptrfi amtmj( al the N L.M l t
rerlaincj lhJ out or nwie nl4 bo4i tdalrily
pio op-m S aaiiHi imwion. When (i Ibt Fry.
nil ran aVal dif.l bf and a linor
'm'ii in, ran d.n l-i lUm a ad tM-rrtaua d Ibt
mik l be Ibe JliUrnia, ( apt. r"ir"irrs, from
(SbMWater, VI ua. Capt. renJcre i.wtmrd M
lUt U rJ paavd LI morning two aM of ibt
wrnrk bf Htrai..S, oe of wbieH bt rtcsnitd
lo be be Mem thai he rta-rd tufftcientlv hear lo
Tbt Captain of lU whom r ttalet lhal abe oast.
ed aettral pant of lb wreck, but taw no ptroa
mi aay of ihein.
From ibeae faelt il it kopad llr tufferera were
removed froiaf ike wreck by eome alamUl or
veaael, at tevtre! bad paaaod in Ihe direction Ibt
wreck had drifted a day oi wo previout.
Pilut boats art atill at aea, and it is aipected ibev
t il in with ibe parte of tU wreck about 0 o'clock
ibia rooming. A.
P 1 . -a ...i'.'... 'j
Friday Erenlof, J U N E 20, 1838.
Wt art gted to poreoire that Congrrts basal length
thougbl it tipedient lo take note netaurt preveat
ieg steembuet trchicoU Tbry bsvt now under con-
one, aotburiswg the apfintmeut
of a Comonttee by tbt I'rendcat to I'M h WMfulma
of laveq'ioua to rwe4ef safe the ae of steao engines;
Ihe other, a Ibll tf peios tad peualllet againat caieleas
natigttMMiaf fkeaBtbuaia, They will, it m lo be hoped,
make tume Ugialalivo aoactntaflU thai will UwJ lo
cberk the rondwet of ketomnisadcre M iwhiuf
tbt lives of their paajregera, Tbt recurnjKt of lhct
aeckJeoia, pur tume tift.s part, has been so aiaretinly
frrqotot, and tbeir awful 3ecla ha Ibe loss el lilt so
great, tbal they call l powerful, and eSactoal
remedy. Witbia tbe paat year, the number of lives
sacrificed io tliia way by tbt ainiinal aegligance, or
perfxt retkleaaame of the oficart having dirvctlaq uf
aueU, bats lar eicceded a thousand. Itosidea many
that bate occurred dh the Weotera waters, aa the loa
of tbe ilea oWed, Daa'L (TOmm, and MuhIU,
wo have had two moat disastrous events of the kind,
iA our eoaat, tbe wreck of tbe Ihmt, and be eapb
"oa of tbo PhUmH, both regular pacbota bet waa ibe
Northers and Suulbera porta, h will reqire tbe
stMngsrro of the law with tbe penahiee praeorUowod
to tbe oflcnee, and strictly enfcreed to tweure that cart
wbicb tbt trust committed in Un lives ol passengers
The arrival of the 8team-ehtp Caaar Waaraaa
snnouaced. 8be reached New York City after a four-
teeu days veysge from Enc-laod. Tbe Hiane has alto
Tbe Cotton Market ia Liverpool continue lair.
Prices remain about tbe aame aa al the laat datea, aad
tbe demand ia pretty good. ,
All F-fiUnd seems to I aaeiwd wiUi tbe aaikclfa
lloa oi tlie grand display to be.Qtade tt tlie approaching
CoronalioB of tbeir Qaeaev-the ceremony takes place
Ibt laat of tbe present month.
It ia elated Ibat Queen Victoria had honored our
countryman, Mr. Sully of Philadelphia, with a tilth
and final tilting for tbe whole length portrait of br
Majesty in her robe of stale.
By the Great Western -we have intelligence of tbt
death of raica TaaMvaaim, which occurred on tb
l?ib of laat month, in the 83d year of hia age; Uiodia-
east "wuTcHTt-roiinaled bit ciUtewe wsia soro Uircwt
wnicn nu.m gan.rv. i .iirym, wm in some
roapccis on oi in moat aiiraonjini men or urt ageji
aai diplomallat be waaiiarwaWed-b hie eoceeaa, Ht
poMOMed great talent, and a powerful mind. His
death has produced soma aematioa in Parui la an ar
licit oa the tnbjccl the Courier Friocaia aaya : , .
He quilted life with t ulmnot that could not hart
been eicceded by the pureat copsetence, la death be
preaerveJ all tbe etpiciam (unpaMibiliU?) of 'lis life.
tie went out of ibe world like a true courtier, by uaing
flattering wor.Jalothe King, and like a true diploma
tirt, by negotiating with the Pope, with whom, as a
consecrated binNop, a married priesV anj oownmuni
eated Calliolic, be bad many accounts to setlle,"
. Since tbe tucccsHful rwtewtl of Ihe experiment of
navigating IheAUsalic by means m 'rm vensels, a
number of comptnies bsve been formed in England-fur
building sUam-shipa, and enpging in thecnterpruo.
Tle Arkanaar pepert inform na.ThmSS CreTi In
diana who havt lera lately removed Went, are already
beginningjo toanifert signs of a hostile feeling ; they
tay " as soon as the green corn i fit to pull, tbe white
people most look out"
It behooves the Government to maka timely prepara
tion, and takt efficiout ilepa for tht pi ot action of tlie
Frontier. Tbeee Indians bavo all been forced to emi
grate, many of them urged to desperation and resis
tance by injustice, bunted down like wild beasts, and
carried in chains from their paternal inheritances on
(Lit tide of the Mississippi, bsve burnt twty a bitter,
andondjing liatred for the whole rice of tbe whito
man ; and if they should be te to unite smongt them
selves, and induce the wild tribes around them into an
alliance, w may chance lo bare a wj vm ft, t
. ... i. . - i:..i ' Zt vi' 7 " i
Uiat will coat a little more, both of blood and treasore,
than the unfortunate and disgraceful Florida affair, in
which tho Government tut already expended nearly
$20,000,000, ia attempting to subdne the miserable
remnant of a single Nation, and it is yet unconquered.
Tbe Prince de Juinvilb) hit been received in New
York City by the MtPr, andeify aulhoritics wUbaooio
ccreSibhy Hfmviii'nwnii; nf
dinner provided for the occitkMi.
The bill which passed the Congress of Tcxss remo
ving tbt Seat of Government from Iloueloo to '..Im?
Grange, haa been vetoed by the President
The paaaengera tared from the wreck of tbe unfor
tunate Pulaski, have published a Card jo the Wilming
ton Advertiser, returning their thanka to the citizens of j
Ibat Town, and lino to the inhabitanti on the coast, for
the noble, and bpspiuble manner iq which tbey everted
themselves, to alleviate their, misfortune, by every poa
sible means, ". A' acepunt concur in representing
tbe accident it tbe result o( the moat culpable c,rclesa
nees m the part ol tba Engineer of the Boat, .
arm in (!,. r i(i,Hi.
and t I t r 4 I ;
A kit .irl. 4 loan v. I it ii-
li i un i;,t 4 ii Jjtr. Wul liU t
at III
Ctr We cummroct Ibis "- pu'.'. '
it. C!Ihiii' !jKrli m tba Cyrrefy, la f. j 'r '
WtUlar. Tba NlKjml M una irry tU-frl 1
tnd iKci irl Coning flutt t hUlrMe atfciaf
la laleaia, tad autwa are at If 4 worthy U aa au
tie end dwpaaMnoatt emmJftHiA.
ttr WearasmbaruadUaawiiwart WIUJU H
fill ta'ajttaaa. a. a M a
i HAn f huh, lq, a t leadMiat r a arai aa v
of I'ontmiufia uf ibe Mit lgatalur, kT itowaa
tnd Davie.
Tbe liiwt a lbir edjHaroawwt baa Bat Ure y et Vb-j
t'Uly flJ iipoe by (anroaa. TV bate wow bttot
tbein m-U bnpiaiael btt.iorM wbicb will rxweat la W
acted vpjobiCiratbry trparttei it Mei;rrlsrd,Bwt-r-
tr,by a WsahingUai awpaf tbsl lory it) tiymrm
tat miO!l J ja'.j. Il atwiaa thai mm af Urn
bit mofnbrrs ire Wouaaing tired, and aaamwa te (tt
koett if an, they wilt inoat protsMy wae a leulo am
dwpttrh la tranatclingtUirrrmaininf duttbantLcy
art accuatuoted to d." aixirr ordinary cwreaaaca.
Tbe Uat Virginia, lgaUtere ptawd aa an aWliaW
ing tbe karUroaa praltra af braedMg as twt bawd.
Jm$ K. PyUig, of New York City, baa bora
ppuioladHrcrt-tary of tbe Naty lo fill ibt vwcawry
caaumed by Hit reaignatiue f Mr. Dtcaeracw; a a
apukrn o as a gcntlemaa wall ajalined b tbestatiem.
Tbe rj-jondary liat Wtwet tbe l'and flaataw ewi
Tens baa b?en perwaoeotly aatabliabad by treaty.
Aceouala fruia tbt Canada frontier state that, a wary
bad foelwg tsiaUofl bulk sides of ibt liwe, tad tbal si
i every day becoming worat. Get. Maeoaab baa bore
ordrred lo ibt command of tbt trunps fur winds awg
p-avt, and neutrality.
Ta I'irgiaie fMtavrri if Vaaeaiaw, baa cbjaed
its aeaaion. Il reeorameeda, as owe of the taoat a
tial meat-s ( a4vtaclng tbt objecja la view, tbe ibe
JiUerent acberoes of interact Imprwtmtni goiaget) ia
tbe aUW, mwum be ptuaecuUd with twevgy. U eJae
reumimenoatbattnotbaf Coavewtioa bs beU saNrfiaa
ie tbt month of November Beit, aad tbal dalegstee ha
appointed lo tbt Georgia Coevtwtina.
Tbe Prexwiptioo Right Bill, tad ibal wwkmg fwrtbtr
appropriatiun for carrying oa tbe FWiJa War,
asaard both Ilooses of Congme..
Te lie Oaaainiiaa trt f .WiaOary
Gairruwra: Aaxief tbe Tow a Oniinanees tbrre
are atveral aaniury regulatiotie tbal shoald bU at ta
Uiae be Berlseiea. Uwe or Ibe a km tea tt w 4ttt
occasionally lo appoiot luntctm lo fo arwauad Tww.
sod eiamine the llaca-Yarosof ever Qlaew. to af
they art kept clean, and clear of all kmds as alia, Tbe
wckly etasua it bow coming on, aad tba beahh at law
Towa rreetly depends oa eakvcinr tba w
gulatioa. 1 bor, wbea tlie Inspectors ge rewwi, iWy
will find many filthy sruUls bolee bduad kacbiaai
many aceuaiulaUma of decaying swaalswoaj M back-
ytrda, end oilier things prnKioua is eealtb.
It ia well aacertained that aothing is taore set It
gender eieeaaes Uiaa IM accemoMlatK cf 4ecaywg
aubtUDcee ia tbe aaca-yards and loK of Tewm II m
a recorded fact that Ibe Yellow Fever, bt rbUaeelvW.
waa once oecaaioned by Ibe acetlie bolea ia beck-yarda;
and it it equally certain, Uwt whole fctaulea aa
towns, bavo aeen afflicted with biibows tever.woi
- W. 1 1 .1 . -
weatberieajow warm, a ad Ibe OeoomaaatUaa aad raaaav
rnlioa are rapid. There aboubl be e genera! hutrmtmm.
aad cloamnf op in owr Town.
This should not bt neglected or pen eft eiria wwek
longer. A LiriZX
Purvoant to notice heretofore givea a saeetiog cflbe
ciiitent of Rowaa waa held ia tbe Court I Iowa of Salav
tJ4-eV6fAeW4a,i44j(-t BawJ.
the meetina wai oinnised by tbe apaointaaeat cf
WtuJAH C(U)IIU s Cbairavja, aad Josn IL Haaaaa.
On motion of Chat. Flaber, Esq. a committee
ing of D. A. Davit, R. Macoamara, AbeJ Cemaa, IL C
Jooea, Tboqiti G. Polk, waa appointed to prepare, aad
report rceolutioaa suitable to tbe pwrpast of thia aaaav
ting; and on motiua C. Fwhor waaadded to law sjimn.
Tbt committee submitted tlie following reeoltfliawe,
which, after a diaeuaaton io which Mean, llewderwow,
Fiaher, Davit, and Jooesfarticipalod, were enaiaisaeaav
ly tdopted, via: -
' L 'Rt$oli, Tbtt is eiliaeiis of Nortk CsiJaaa, i
we fee) a deep interest ia tbe Internal lmaw.waa mf
tbe Stole; and while we have oar (oral prnrl Hart maw,
tnd would be glad lo see them prevail, we era aeair
tholeaa al all times willing to make a liberal afVr
of them to the genera) gimd of the State. .
2. AraWsed; That the present artottioa iLe.
Cape Fear an Wenern Inu-reatt ka North Carolasa ia
aocb, that we must cease talking and eoroetowoe eaerb
ing, or our native Slate, inatctd of ranking e tbe (bwrtb
or fifth ia tlie Union a her wealth and popqlatiea ecu
tie her io do, must, from apalby and iodiflerewce Be
her resources, become tbe least iwpurtent ia theCoav
8. Rc&olofl, That it is extremely derirable that a
Rail-Road be made from Fayeltcville to the Wram
part of the Bute, and that we bail tbe eailmg U ibe
Convention at Greenboro' aa evidence that tbe ewbject
baa not been eatirely abandoned.
4. Retolved, That the encouraging proxperis 4 tb
Weetern and Raleigh Rail-Road give promise Ut a
new destiny awiits North Carolina regard ta Inter
nal Improvement, and that the time I tot disiant vl
our tellow-eiticens will engage ia that walk wna a
rpint that will he wortliy or the cauae.
f ; $ ftggai, That our JjeJfgMtri h. Itiil ire lirH
I directed to inquire concerninp; tbe report of Ibe Eari-
nceraon the fajettenJIe and VV cetera Ra4-Road,and
tint they communicate such information at tbry may be
able to obtain to our ciliscna through tbe pubic news
papers at aa early a day as possible. r
& Revived, That IL C Jones, Dr. Pleaaaat Iteav
derson, Chtrles Parteo, CoL Robert Macoamara. Joba
Beard, Jr., Dr. laaae Burns, Dr. David MebaacCoLR.
W, Longt Rev. TJlotnaa JF-. JJavie, end JiaSa L Hafflos
niorlDlcrnar Improvement CuuventioB to be arid at
Greensboro' on the 4th of July next aad that lbey bare
power to fill vacancies. .
. W 11X1 AM UIAMDER8,Cbi
John II. Hardib, Sec'y.
From the Buffalo CemmamdnkJtertiMer.
The atearb boat North America ia just ia, hj
passenger on vhich we learn the particulars f a
moRt heart -rendering calamity Tit iretrpttum
of tkt ew and elegant Steamboat II aaaiagtoe. fcy
fire, offSiIvercrenk, about 9'ciock this taorwng,
with tHa eeiimated lose cf jtlf Ute$ !f :-
Tbe Wsshington passed the Nortk American
while tht Vtter (ty at Erie, ia theearry partef tkt
i i
J tm, tt l"
f t i -
J .i t
b l W
(rem aVaimri.a.
j TLe 3 Cav4 U ! .--;
jkaat waaer, wa.1 ka4 a,!-
w waa bt..!t at A i
t t
bit mo tl ( pf V i !
Tba Ire cau,
.t ix-ur l'. l
ark Bwf wa
be a) di '!.'
e eVfj aJ araraife bt e uieur it.
Tb- brl.rt
wat swetwrly pad akxet, aat tbe boat keatb d f r
ikiee, kaat aa a aVw aassaeare lb wkeel ropet wert
awl aC eaad slat mm I SB i nj at) Baanegebbv
w ercfu Had mm m awaaouateal, ae watLuiicboi v
eaaaa-awace) iaas taawt at) tbt) MiniBaipwi, Ihie a;w
paHang laaaief Ms aa kern a atevttd '
Te kaau tlaaf t!a warvwawg peawrwrauf ikt) Waah.
aagiaai awaae aa artriwg tba sw kmtatj wat tUri&uta
U U Cept. IVaaiw, ik cowaikr.
We kwf aaal taawal llaaC tbt) rvporW luat f
lie, aaatatrd saaaw.aawy f test taaggtraied. Wt)
kato tjraW laate tite i mm sag ttaa awkle, tb lo
vaj testify eefisiatr l trwaa Pa-vay ha tirtj. bfar.y
4 tbe awrtiaera wettj Uj Imrmi WLre Ibej left
tbe Bust.
i I -. 1
We bbtow iwraaWL saywrl Arbeao Whig, tho-
1 rVb. a Irtjwr firwaa CtfC. Uirwry.eWaJ Foil New-
U Jaaar. gtiwkg keabl actount eC
ibt) avaancsa) ad aare ka tb CWroite count ry
Caea. Ii. aaaar ibal tbe IsJiita bjw very weaceav
Ue eaal -, daat tb eery smb ttT wby lav
bt aflaed taarwa sjb ipi iraeasrw etT aWftg ef their
rtv. lb njvaseoto aaant) of
tbe M Hitdrd ladjaan, ae vertk frwm two to five
JUey mt tiarwo awnste karvw marred the Cotp-t
lbrewg tea katora aef MawassnM, and tbey bold
taw tart rrt awteaaig. Kosne at ltioa
legattl tW kaaals Weat mt tae) Meamp. aw tbe
laaal eff teat, anal ara Brvtoj wpoa uetr
bttikttai te gjw mf mmt aaawewa it.
Oft mmt lerssa. TU LooJos pa pert
ad aWwaaaau rscrttng tbe poaaiU..
m ea-aaa pgw ut koraee. Tb
rW Xr.IL.aceck, wbt) baa n-
Sprctatat aarra Ob
eValaLeo) a baaSd tnrwaa n England, art
ead kW &iatie) IVw ii mf AenI at la aAeroooo,
m ef haa mw cawjstrwctioo, altendedby
tweefkas (rwwJav 1U ibhiI ibjauab several of
slitwtt tLawkaa. aad rtaaaiaed a coo-
aaaWeiJeiMBewafW CwiUk-JI, aaaoofwvnrg and
ettrasnfisairy aaoLiy. ; ' ' "
Ff mfmmitntfCmgnm Tbe pty sd all
Ibesaawbrntawa IJaaaw, kwcbaiiflf tbt) Vic
Prrwdrwt. wbw rvtife gOCO pet aiinuni, aad ItV
ralaa-asTtVe IWaa wka receive tl5 per dv,
aisaU by UiB Madotjasa. la aawuu It) $1,11,67
atartV;. -
Near Priftaaa, sirJk at iaily aaauJart, aaJ (at
that arai ed tba yawrj iai LaaaXt, aHIgatora, aug-
aiaee Sat m wwiwreTOaa. iTilr- -
Tbe WW. w ia as. kawww New Orh
a. asal bad aaeake
are wry iatl
eaJj w r art. 1 1f tbere ke aay ifce
SuaaWia caaawajy wkack aaocw thaa ethers, prrwente
acLaiavaffcicacr;Bt it?ire Oittan. The
AaMeracaa part ef ibe ciry ie a weO pat eJ and ad
clean a envy caty aaibc tjateav ao4. iia strtl.a-v
mmitmM& titipwMmjmmw m tm4n
aay etbrr paarJt) aa tbe vmm'.rf. We viailed it two
weaka taexaaeat awn rteffy ckaraaadi with iu
We Ibabk tW it if tWar! e not only tbt)
gTaadeat laat tb aanat leartil city ia tbt) L'nioo,-
JU attic ,
t.NrrEaui wedlock. ..
. Ii Ma laiii aanfanat wat ty aaawl Msrlm, Rm.
Mr.CimCC a TAU11. aw Haas MA&U
CDY.- :
.. .. DCPAXTED mis urE, "
la tbat Caaatty, eat Ae 2Ub BaaaMts. JOHN W, io
Btaaaaf Jsitiiii I Xan tH0t,TnLljmt,9 aiootbe.
aalKawya. t -
Yevy mmUtmff im liaca&B ceoafy em the 13Ji inat. -Vr,
JtL Vt ILTOAU. Sew. az 74 jrara.
AXem KwTppIy mt Gvd., at Davitbrnt
Ca-ew la-je W,raww,(i1rril-r
JtfaraWf aaraxsnaj wwaf I mtrm mm cuatonirrs and
tbe faxUic. tbaw be w Bwar rrcetvwg Irona PbtLid.:)-
ptia aad New Ttafc. n ealena stock af
cwriHiarga3 t!be articiea awomQj kept,ia stores ia
taaa part al tbe? c naffT. llw bopce that tbe extent
tf bub tteclc, tkc caiwwki wbick it kaa been ae-
lecVd, awl taat iy kW frarew at wlick he can
af vd, awJ it tairBiBBiil a arS, will atcarw, not
eailr ike cwattaaESJBct eOi former eastanieravbot
alas mmnmmf aaJWera ie enmm mad examine for
ieaaarJtcak - lie ssaVaiisiaaeil that the decline of
GmJm al thm Xawok) akaA be ljdi Inrma ilCtO-
kw; Uad si irajrlee aaaU pot be confined to binv
en wat tW kits taaosaeYs who have felt the in-
caemaiwaassj ef ar&g Lar, anaS alaa ivy aj hm ,
aa uauda caa Sat aiattaeav TuaklU lor the very
ldaera fMsmmnpm wiach It) kae received, he kopea
by mlxcmimm a tuiirrti, ie aaaril a ceauinwanct) cf
tbetiatae. . 3t ,
Mw I IraafnaJA-jB
tX CIXOl LJ3 aM t $, whole
a aatoevtetaal,
kJYsUara. - - r:
9 5a.' Regan '
QO aacis Liverpool Sft, Lrg aucee.
3900 Ibe. fna Cattea aaaoctedi Noa -10
La. Ctaas-, a. : "v;.,,
- ISkejaNa. . ' :::,J y ...r:;-' '
StJOi lka Car LVai. ..
J lUa. fct Baack Mailer.
3UJ. LoaXSr.
SdKI Eba. af wagoa Tire Bfeukia, Scollop, Roll- .
tsL SceCiee aadi cocaasoaj bar Iron, '
tj J-dt YF. MURFIJY,

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