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SAMSDUilY, k C, JULY 13, 163a
NO..Y, or MIL. XIX.
, the Timne naiDM,
- Towttdt lb tlose if chilly afternoon, in lb
Unr irl I Iravsihsg to new-
ll.n.n.1.1 U bom-bark, im rued was Solitary
I " . a. A i t .....
ted ruf . end wni aiong mruuga tioomy pin
fufrata, abrupt and stony bills, I alopyej tl
as inn, try bnch UiiWrng, stsodwg a Mil
ktrk from the '"J
In ihe o&rning I roae early end took k4
from lbs window, M tl prospect ass ry vu
tiling. Aisr, " I'M w" ymam pri v, im wru
. bus wss bnaily engtrej in digg teg a grave. I
sasard on where lb grave digger wee pursuing kit
peciiMlkrfk 11 emered ay morning salulaiiott
tWClf SOOUgb, bUl CWilllH-O Ml left! UpS) bit MI.
lit wss man of about Cfir years of sge, spare but
eimr.2. " f "' sunae elxwka, and esr
ma linrsele-ul lb mouth which argued t prope.
n la indulge ia dry ju, though llt atarntiaa f
MAn onpli mortiinr, ir, to work ia lU
tftn atr.
i.1 I.
Ibal r(aru(n Ilia tuHi tltall i4 rtan,
rrplird h jr-lii'f f, Mill Uiil ) inf bia
raJ1 M lratli alalkt abroad, fair an-l loul daya,
and that follow ir) il fuudVpa, mual prf j-are fur
Ua dad, ram or iIikki.
A Hf Uncboly occupaiiiHi.
A 6( "n ' nmrati S"i would find
hWdire in il. Draroa an aure. wuuld
illmjjlif be in my lac now."
Thi vrava it fr Iii iii"," rtulei le ra
dlirer, luJiinK up (roio bitoccopaiMin wild a di
niiU- thai i ink led hiiaIUw cbrka and dialurled
bit ilifunkcn li-a. IVrraivmg ibal hia rtXTfinirnl
wai nl infeciioua, 1 rMinivd bia twiAoy niriii
and ilut to aiduotialy, I In I in a aWl lini lit ha.1
knlloaed ilia lal rfli( ulare of Deacon (.iln
cwrt. TTii dona ha accudd from the Umm-Ii
with I lik'lilnraa thai ati.'prwed m. and walking a
few pcft frro Ida im-w ftatv, aal duwn upHi
lufnlattinr. and brrkoned me to appniach. I did
" Ynunf man," il l., action and Rrate
dipji-r, if ha ia nna who baa a zeal for lutcallinp
bfroinea amm lliing U a hilorian, ainaxiiy rrmtiy
a curioua lain and tfranga Irgond ronreriiin llm
ppou!e with whom hf Ima lo do, living and dad;
fori man, wiIq a lade lor hia yroWmt, ranm4
pmricle for lb Iai4 fapoae f hi f illown, without
taking in inlerrM In thHr atnrv.'tlM inaunrr of
thw drath, and Ibe enncenw of ihelr rrlativi who
lUlow their reniaina ao fearfully tu ihvir gravn."
Tbrn. nuliHl I. lakin arai boMl IU Iff
tatrt"miliiiika you could relate aoiii iiitereating
Ainin the wiibtring amilr, that I had befor
ntwpnrd, .mated over the fuce of the eexloa M he
" I am no tinry lellrr, atr, I di al in furl not fir
ttim. Tea, yi-a, rHill rhroiiicle me atrnnge
r mt. Isul ot all llungf I know, there w nothing
itrangfr to me than the inf luntholy hiatory of the
three bridi-a.
"Tliree bridca!"
"Av. Diyou aee three hillocka rnrnter, aide
by ai'lei Thertt they a'Tp tnd will, iilL the bat
trumpl cornea, wailing thnmchlho heart of lb
lone hil'a, with a lone ao efrangeand alirring, that
the d ad will at art from Imir graves at ita nrst aw
fit mite. Then will come the judgment tnd the
retribution. But Id my tale, lywk There,' W", fur
yonder hill you may obaerve a lilile il iled houae
t attngghng fiwrln frrmr,-ndi fuWTnuntcd
ipplfl treea 04 Iho ascent behind it.
Il is aailly out of repair now, and the garden is
ill overgrown with weeda and bramblea and the
whole place baa a desolate appearance. If the
find were high now, you might hear the old craiv
shutter flapping against the aides, tnd the wind
tearing the gray shingles on Ihe roof.
Many years ajrn, there tired an old man and hit
in, who cultivated the few acres tif arable laud
which belong taj it.
I he father was a self taught man, dceplr versed
in the myaterieanf acience, and at he could tell the
Dime of every fl-iwer that bloaanmed intlie wood
and grew in the garden, And used to ait up lata of
Bighti aliiia hooka, or reading the mystic story of
theatarry heavens, men thought he waa erased or
bewitched, and avoided him, and even hated him,
at the ignorant ever ahun and dread the enlightened.
8n they all deeerted him, and the minister, for the
old man difTred in tome trifling pointa of doctrine,
tpoke very aliizhtlv of him : and. bv. and bv. all
looked upon the self-educated farmer "with eyes of
aversion. He inatructed hia son in all hit lore
the languagea, literature, histery, science, were un.
bided lo ihe euthusiastic aun'of the solitary. U
at length died.
1 cannot D&int to vou the e-rief of tne son at this
bereavement. He was fur a lime at one distracted.
He sought to bury his grn f in thirst for fame, Af
lariribirst waa gralihed, he began to yearn for
' the companionship of some sweet being of the other
ae, te share the laurels he had won to whisper -
wnliioo in hit ear in moments of despuridncy,
to supply the void which the death of hit old
lather occasioned. He would Dictura to himself a
refined, intellectual arid beautiful woman: and aa
mty still be done, h AA not dMiwir or mvtn
Jo Ihisvillaire lived three sisters, all beautiful and
accomplished. Their namet were Mary, Adelaide,
aa Madeline. I can neiei forget the beauty of
three young girls. Mary waa Ihe youngest, and a
irer haired, more laughing damsel nerer danced
P a green. Adelaide waa few years older,
dark haired and pensive, but of the three,
Madeline, the eldest, possessed Ihe most fire, spirit,
ultivaiho and intellectuality. Their father was
' man of taste and education, and being somewhat
boTt vulgar prejudice, permitted the visits of the
Uro of my story. When ha fbund an alloc tiod
Htrj and the Pwwt.aedil
fck"W UrtiMi Um asr snarruc. and
rm m im s4,iary mmmm lbs
Viwe M SIS SOTCUMMW wn, Mr, 114 bunt tSHIIMd
a M asprarsnc tubus and ukt. Um
""w w Ibe gerikn,, prvuMl ihroik
4 rarcM c.lnvai. Liable mm km ik
Utile parlor M ihe .;. and imjiv a ii.os wuuld
the bwe(tr mm kr ihe sard ! i mkm
4 sweclaU, brssikwd by cborsl vukee frora
lU collage. If the sjyalariaut silrl sud his
m were neeitcl4, what eared they ! Tkeiraa.
dcarieg and mmiImsI iIKikki smoW tUir hems
links feradi ImiI oValb cam la liJwi. Mar
t il audoViily irk, and after a lew buura etckaves.
airft, in Hie arms ufbrr hu.bamL
)4ya and montht paaad on. tnd the only aolare
M in u rrarcu was lo w I wnb Ihe rami Iv and lalk
.1 . . : . ' .
ilU b one. At ttiftb. lo Adelaide, he .nd
Ins WKbiwed beart. KU came lo the looe boma
like the de, Uariof the 4ive branch of aeace
and coo-oUiion. Hut tkir brtJl was not one of
revelry and minh, for a sad recollectm broodad
over ibe hour. Tel they lived lianpy ike bus.
Land again amilod, and wub a new owin, ibero
rt apm Uwmied la iheir garden. V beu the
rows withered and ihe leaf fill, in lbs melhw ttt-
lumn of ths year, Adelaide loo atckroed and died
like her ai.iar, in 1 be arms of her buUud and eft
rerhapa you will lliink il atranee, thai after all
the wretclnxj aurvivor stood at ihe allar ini.L
Ilia third lriW waa Madeline. I well remember
hrr. hive waa a beautv in ihe Iron mnm ot lha
word. Ii niay m trani;e In vou, to hear Ihe
praise of braiHv from aucb loa as mine 1 but I can
not avoid r initialing upon ber. Sle was a rvd
creature, with a tall commanding fornt, and raven
t recall, thai oihJ, dark and clouJ Iike, over ber
liouldera. She waa a ettieuUrlv tifted woman
and powod rare inpraiin. Mm loed lh
widower for bia power and faine, and sIki weduVd
a si . . u
niir. 1 nry wre marriiMi in lhal Uhuich. II was
hi a euminrr afternoon I rerollrcl it well. Du
ring the crreiriy, the blackest cloud thai I ever
aw, oerpf-ad the heavena like a pall, and at ihe
moment, aln the Wide pronounced the vow, a
cUp of ilmouVr ahook the buildinj to ihe centre.
All Ihe femal-a ahrifkrd s but the bride made ber
. . .
respMie with a firm voice aa she gated upon ber
brnlrirroom. He marked a kind ofsmoberence (
Itcretpretaiorie as they rode komevanl, which sur
priaed him at ihe time. Arriving al his huitae,ahr
shrunk upon Ihe threshold, but this swift he timid
11 y H s innHK-n. hea Ittey were aim b clasnnl
ber hand H was as rokl as ire. iff lookey iota
her face MadVlna."aai) he, "arfcat eneaat
ibitj jrnur cheeks are as'p-ile as your Vfdding
gown I J he bride uttered s frantic ahriek. M 91
wedding gown 1 rielainfd she M no no-ibis
is my aider's aliraid I The hour of confreaton bv
rrived. Il ia (fod that imp'U me to sreak. To
win you ( have bwt my own soul I yea, yes, I am
murdcreea. Site smiled upon me in the joyous
Roclioti of hr young heart hot I gave her lb
true I Adelaide claajied her white arma about my
ktr, but I administered the poiaool Take me
to your arim! I have lost my soul for you, and
mine vou must be I
She spread her white arma," an id the sexton,
nsing m the f tenement of the moment, and a ami
minif Ihe atlituue he asrnlied; " and inen con.
tinned he, in a hollow voire, "at that moment
came the thunder and the fUtli, and th i guilty wo.
mnn fell dfid on the floor. iTie countenance of j
itMsractwtnretsrrasedeH iheltonwrehat hmMu
"And the bridegroom, asked I, "ihe husband
of the deal ioy er, and the victim," what hat become
u He ttandt be lore you I " was the thrilliog an
Almost everv one wIm hat rendered a great acr-
vice lo mankind, ly striking out inventions, whose
objects are misconceived or impoifeclly understood
by Ihe world, lias had to complain of Ihe neglect
or coldness of hia own generation. Even his best
friends are apt to suapect his motives and under
value hit labors. The real recompense, in such
ircumstances, as ia all othora, is lha euosrious
nessol doing one's duly. Fulton, the inventor of
the steamboat in North Amerira, which, in a few
years, has. produced such an astonishing change in
that vast country, by connecting together lit moat
distant Slates, auatained the. mortification of not
being comprehended by hu countrymen. He waa,
therefore, treated aa an idle projector, whose
acliemcs would be useless to the world and ruinous
tu himself. At a discourse, deliveied si the Me.
chanica' Institute, Boston, 'in 1829, by JudgnJBto-
ry, Ihe feelings of Fulton, upon tits first public ex
periment, are thus rela'ed;
"I myself have heard the illustrious inventor of
lite steamboat relate, in anwmmated and affecting
manner, the history'of his labors and discourage.
rnents. When, said he, I was builJing my first
steamboat at New York, the project was viewed
by Ihe public, either with indiOerence or with con
tempt, aa a visionary scheme. My friends, indeed,
were civil, but they were thy. They listened with
of incredulity on their countenances. I fell toe
full force of Ihe lamentation 01 toe poet,
Trutht would you leech, to save t sinking land, --
All ahun, noie aid you, and lew understand
As I had occasion to pass daily to and from the
building-yard, while my boat was ia, progress, I
have often loitered unknown near the idle groups
of strangers, gathering in little circles and heard
various inquiries as to ihe object of this new vehi
cle. The language was uniformly that of scorn,
or aneer, or ridiculeTha loud laugh often rose
mr expense : the dry Jt 5 ne wise eaicuiaiion ,
'v.- .a aa.
o( toaeea tDAexpenditurea j the dull but eodlesg re-1
printing p Unwrw
u.f.I S .1 - I m ft, a t . .
'a. Cr.a my palU. b Wix uf wst Ul po
liteneaa. veiling ita tjoubta, 01 biding it r'proacbVs.
Al tsegisj Ibe day arrived When lU tscrimenl
was U bs put iiibs opera! kns. Tu mm il was a moat
trying tad inlerswting occaaion, I invited many
frwsidt IA go mi board In w(oa I be first succaaa.
fwl Ins. Many of I kens did me the Uor lo at
, as a snaiier 01 personal respeet I tail il wat
manifral ibal Ibey did it with Mluctacct), fcsring
to tej ine partners of my snorlifktlion, snd avt U
see Iriuifiph. 1 was well awara, that, ia any case,
there were many rms-ms la dowbt of say own sue
cwaa, TW marlunery; waa new and Ul made j
ajtaay pant taf it were conatrweted fey mecbanirs
arMreustMisrd to such work ( tnd.sneipey-fad difQ
rulties might reasonsldy be preauu-4 to prewnt
Ives from other cauara. THs) snooietil ar
ivsd in which U word wss tu be given fr the
vesaH bs move. My friends were it) s soups on the
aWk. IWt was amirty nviu'd wjik Ut among
them. They were sitenr. and sad. and wesrv, I
read la their kt nothing but disaster, and ajmosl
repented ol my eflorts. THs signal was given,
and the b-wl rrn yed 00 a abort die-anre, and thea
stopped, and became ssjinvoveable To Ibt silence
of Ihe preoeduig motnenl on aucreeded murmurs
of diaconieoi, and agitations, and whiapsis. and
hruga. I could hear distinctly repeated, I bdd
yow it would ke so, it ita blith at heme t I ih
we were well out of I elevated my .elf upon a
plai C fin, anil addrsaand lha asaemMy. I staled
that 1 knear not what waa the nutter ; but if they
would b qiiel, and indulge me f.r half an hour,
I would either go att or ahaod-m ibe voyage for
that lime. Tins shorl reapita was C"cedd with.
out olijnrlion. I webhtw.eiaminedlhenMrhiwe-
rv, ami diaxnvered that the caue wis a slight nal
sdjitatneot of Mia of the wort, la short pe
riod H wae obviated. The brail was agaia put
motton, batonnliooed lo move no. All were still
incredulous. .jSnne aeeroeJ willing lo trust the
evidence of their own sensre. n left the fair
city of New York ; we piaaed ihrevgh the roinan.
lie and evervarying e-enery af Ihe bighlajrida
ww descried the rlutrrig bousrt f AHny J t
reached ita shores 1 and then, esea) 'hen, when si!
seemed achieved, 1 wat I hi victim of diwppoiot.
menl. Imagination eapereeded ihe rod tence nf
fart. Tl wat then doubted if it Could e done
again or if done, it jvas doubted if il could be
made of toy great value."
JYsat (JU HVsrrr Mmmgtr, ft fund, 133L
aooui ine year AaCrnwlUwsn
embarked U a barge at ibe Pall of Ibt ' thiu, (where
lNjwvitie ikiw auiHis,)aviiii a party lo desewod (lis
river. I be boot having atofiea; it Ibe 1 elfow
Banks, on the Indiao tide, soma distant belowi Mt,
Kowan. borrowing a ntla niaoe ef th cbmpauy
stepped on short sod str4k d mbj the Uatom, prob
ably rather in pursuit of amusement .hao game : for
a.-t a . . .
iromnaving aiwaya onen oi a teeble CoottilulMm
and averse lo sciion, be knew rxt how lo
rinV, and besides had with him but uVearnle charge
(H amuniiioa wnicn was in ine gun. lie uncon
triousty protracted hit stay beyond what he intend.
ed 1 tnd returning lo ihe spot where he had lanoVd,
aw nothing of Ihe boat nr Ihe ctMiinany he had
loft. It being a tirrmt hostility with lha Indians.
and suspicions or their approach having alarmed
lha party ihey had s ,i ,aW-anaiiw4JowsKne
stream with all possible haate, not during lo linger
fhf their tompanioo on aJiore. MrfR. now famd
himself alone on the banks of the TMiio, i vaal sisWI
trackless forest streching around hi 11, with but one
charge of powder, and himaelf too unskilled in the
use of the rifle to profit even bv that, and Ikblt at
any rnoment In fall into the handt of the savage.
The nearest settlement of lha whites Ymcennes,
now in Indiana.) distant probably about J 00 miles.
Shining his course 14 near aa he could calculate
for this ha commenced his perli-wa and k-HMlese
pwjrney. Unsccustoiued lo travelling In Ihe forest,
he soon lost all reckoning of hia way, and wander-
ad about at venture. I iipellnd by Ihe (.Maims nf
hunger, he discharged hit ritbt at a deer that hap
pened to pass near hi n, but missed !. The third
day found him still wandering, whether toward
Vincenres or from it he knew not etausied, fain.
hed and despanng. cVveral times had he lain
nwn, at he thoiight to die. Rouaed by the sound
of a gun not far distant, betokening, aa he weii knew,
ihe presence ofihe Indians, ho proceeded towards
the spot whence lha report had proceeded, resolved
aa a last hope of life, lo eurrender himself to those
hose tender mercies he knew to be cel. Ad
vancing a short distance hesaw an Indian approach
ing, who, on discovering him as the nrst tmpulxe
wat 00 any alarm with both lha whites and the In
diana on the fronliera in time of hostilities drew
op his rifle to hit thou'der, in readincm to fire.
MrvBlP?gdJliaJjUJhM find the InJian, with
a French politeness, turned the butt of his also.
They approached each other. The Indian seeing
hit pale and emaciated appearance, and understand
ing the cause, look him In hie wigwam a few miles
distant, where he cooked for him for several dava,
tnd treated him with the greatest hospitality. Then
learning nf him hy tigna that ha wished In go to
ing, took hit rifle tnd
a tmnll stock of provisions,
tnd conducted him in safely to that settlement, a
distance from hia cahin of about eighty miles. Hair
ing arrived there, and wishing to reward Well the
generous Indian to whom ha owed hit life, Mr. R.
made arrangement! with a merchant of the settle,
ment, to whom he made himself known, to give him
three hundred dollars. Rut the Indian would not
receive a farthing. When made to understand by
Mr. R. through an interpreter, that ha could not he
happy unless he would tccept something, ha replied.
pointing 10 a new Mantel near him, that he would
. a ' t . . . .
take that, and Added, wrapping hia owo blanket
P-uiMiaj m in r unon rniiy, nsver tm a am"!
MMiraging renairk, a briaM lf.' mf a Warm
round hit aVatklera, wbea I Wrap myself la
I will ibink of vou." .
Wbero wss there ever a while man, thai even ia
a lime) of peace would have aa bafrleuJsd aa la
diae r
Fim Ms iouikrrn Uini) Jonrasl
Cxtract from "Paltro.". aew wutk by the Astbor
Of Temasasst -
Tlwre ia after alt. only a certain auaotity of pow
r in the world, and the ias of i from one liM airav
plyaiunemcet ilitr4mlerloanthe. Ourlsirmnts
Uf the oWayed foe a or lha ruiixsl amiiira, grate
ful enough to ihaamiil of poetry, are not even
cail m reality. Tlieee eveota usually result
from airtrie leading necrwaiiy, which, drphfable
emsjgn at lha tune, lha foresight of a benevoleut
rruvidcnce di-Igna for some lasting and general
benefit, (y,f regrets are most usually pmcirelaia
air sorrows, in hall (be number f case, in advance
of their orcaatiMi, aial iinagutaiion, in Ibis way, loo
lrqvjetitiy usurps Ihe province of eiperienre.
t'baage ia lh sutjer of lament for ever wild the
men who are lheialvre stationary the men iw
feceiea. but never trtnainit, ntiinions. lonovstion,
tirretimes niinioaI taalwayt w good import, aince
It Naliestea menial activity Ihe lck of which
the worst fbelure in the bitorv of aVn tnd nations.
Even reeolotfona, the horrors of which arammmil.
aide, are injurioua lo plaeea ralher lhaa tu peopk.
1 ne great bulk of mankind grow wiaer upoo them
anif,! he diaruir-ryufa new abiding place likeihada
eovery nf a new truth, mual always alTtrd an added
empire lo thought, and a wider realm to lha wing
01 liberty.
Maimeri ia Mismri. k member elect a Ihe
lower chamber of ihe Iygilaiure of this, Stale,
waa last yea pemuaJed by soma wags of his neigh
bourhood, thai ff he did Mot reerh Ihe 3Uta House
al 10 w'rkk on the dny of Aasembly.hs eoald ix
be aworn and would kaaa Ma seat. !! jnirrxxli-
Blelv miNMiled. witti huntiflw fmrk. Viftd ar hn.i.
kaile, and bputrwd till ha got l4tbe eWr -tf the
nenale lloo-e, wherw he tiitchexl his fl4g. A trowd
wete in the chamber in the lower House $01 k
groon-l floor, a'king.atout with their hats aw and
smoking rigsra. I buae he passed, ran up stairt
into the Senate chamber, set his rifle against the
wall, and bawh d out, Strangers, where ihe man
Ibal aeart ine in f at lha asms tune taking out hia
credentMb. Walk this way," ssid 'he clerk who
wat at the moment igniting a real rnneipe, and
he wat aworn without inq urv.' Wbes) iheTwIU-r
sssse u count notes ha foutuj that (Were Was pa '
Senator too many present ihoejiisfaka waf anon
discovered, and Ihe huntsman was be
did not bebmg there. "Foul M I with year es
bread P ha roared. M You cant Hunk thia child no
how yea can fit at I am elecuvJ to this here Le
gislalur, and J'll go against all banks and eternal
improvements, and if 1 her a any of your oratory
gentlemen wants lo get skinned.jesl ssy he word,
end III light upon you like a lugger on a wood
chuck. Mr onatituents sent me here, and if veju
want to fl. mt this two legged animal, hop 00 just
aa soan as you like, fir though lm rrom Hie back
country Pot's little smarter than any other quad
ruped you can turn out of this drove. After this
admirable harangue, ha put his bowie knife between
his leeth, and look up his rials with, M Come here
nld Suke, tland by me I " at the tame time presen-
ted H to the chairman, who bad seen such people
hefire. ' After siime eip.istulatii. the nua was
jiertuadi-d that he belonged to the lower chamber,
eon which he aheathed fait knife, flung hit gun on
haviuiouldur. and. with a prof Hind congee, remar
ked, " (Jeiiilemen, I beg your pardon. But if I
didn't think that ar lower room waa lha groggery,
may 1 be abut. "
Tie Font of CireumJanctt But all was of
no use. It is a m tsl ezreirious error, and one
which too many fall into, to tOppoee that what one
man csn do, every other man can do likewise,
that what one man hales, another must hate, and
what one man lores, all ahould love. The mis
chief is; we forget that every man it differently or-
gams in other words, there two organi
sations exsctly alikt in the whole of animated na
ture ; consequently it follows as a matter of course
ihst no two can love and hate alike ; hence the vul
gar but true phrase" What is one man's meat it
another man's poinn,n a aaying which ia but lit
tle understood, although assented to', and often
quoted, by the many. My father aaya to roe one
day, " Here, Tom, here is money, go buy thee a
nurse anu can, ana try my lonutie in mat calling :
I see a good many du well at that occupation, and
why mayn't thee P Well, to it I goes, tooth and
nail, for 1 was determined to try every thing.
Well, down 1 goes to the wharf with my nag fully
equipped, amidst a whom posse of the carmen tribe.
Uut here my confidence forsook me, and I found,
mat where I made halt t tmn.1
peers took two or three; and that uulest I could
undertake to cheat, and lie," and cozen, aud bully
fur a livelihood, my new calling would be a mere
dead letter. Twat evident my genius was not suit
ed to the task, so I gave il up in despair, convinced
the more, if conviction were, wanting, that we are
really and truly the children of the circumstances
"Wwual organisations. Bock I tnttnd to Write.
The' Persians relate of one of their Kings, that,
being one day on a hunting party, with t hawk
upon hia hand, a deer started up before him; he
let the hawk fly, and started it with great eagerness;
till, at length, the deer wat taken. The courtiers
ware all left behind in the chase the King, thirsty,
rode about in quest of water,' till having reached
the foot of I mountain, he discovered some tricktiog
down io drops from a rock. , Ho took a little cup 1
outiif hia quiver, and beht it to catch the water,
Just when the cup waa replenished, and ia waa lift. I
aMaMaapananaMa-MM. mm., w-,
inf it ap to' bis mouth, lha hash shook t ' pun -f f
tod overael lha cop, Tbs) king Was veied al it
accident, and again applied lha cup to a crevice i
Ilia rock.. Wkwa the cup waa rrtlrtihc J, and ha
wat lifting 11 i kit avajth, U hawk cUpped Ml
aiings and threw it Wa tbej ecord linas. 1 La
king, swjrseed, flung the bird wnk a . htWatgsinH
lha giismd, ibat II expired. Al ibis trxuet the
UWe-dcckfr CaaJfl" ap The king bavieg ss.:
a great mind la teste the water that tricked
down the ruck hut being t impatient to was) t 1
it waa aiainodlacti d by dxe, ha ordered ihe uU
derksr to go to lha lop etHw rurk al CJ tbe cp
at lha fwmain head. The uUavdotker, oa rewctf
ing ihe lop of ihe reel, faitd en imtnrasa serpaot
lying 'deed, and hit s-asonous Lam tmiuis witb
Ihe water that fell evar. He drst ceded, relates
the fact to lha kiag, and presKnled kim with a ea
01 roui water out ej mt own naoa. As th king
lifted the cupta hit lipa, the tears gwahad from kis
yes j he related la the iablsdecker Ike adsawtursj
f ihe hawk, and reproached hiissielf deeply O ita
ratal eooeoiieoc of hie anger sad peectnitanry.
During the remainder nf hia life, ssy lb Peesiaes) '
in ihnr figurative style, tb arrwwaof frgrat coav
tinually rankled ia hit breast. :
im art the cersW Wa have ofUsi thooehl
that flittmeiioq of pursuit was) the rork apas) whiet)
most minds hsd plil in earl life, ' Let the) voofb.
I his mind ;" a ktavkUe pn4otmtmM there
is scarcely a casein a multitude af common powers
of intellect, in which he ceukl Dot go ap lodistioe
lion and emiewftee. That snaa is k-arnd wb4 rat
concentrate his Waoing uposj the pursuit of his Ue,V
If be cannot thus draw in lha raiiuficettoa of bia
kmswlwdge what is his kswwladga good sWt lit
may read Hebrew, Greek, and Latin cos verse ia
Ihe Oriental longuea, and be perfectly (smilWr wit!.
all the philosophy of sniiquity, and yH he iocspa' !a
H stnsiruclint7 1 house, aniline' a shin. dr.l,n , j
aerroon, blending a law soil, or Cultrvating a farm.
Thai man is lrarne.1 who cart bring hw koowled :
dows) lu a practical utility sadit hasrverstnirk wa
a af Use utmost; importanoa, that lha youth p f
rostMry sw-jid be first impreswed with the idea 1UI
hi only it learned who anderstaade correctly ibe
details oThis bn prole.. Te he Uaraeaf it ia
not fecesesnr to k now very thing, bat lha ra ,
woo konwt til thai can be toaroed apoa toy laods. -Ida
pursuit of life, is a learned ansa, sjotwiibataaj ;
he may be ignorant of ibe cVtaile of all othera .
Soma men and ihair il strikes us, 1s tba great at
rorof ihe day in which we lira are learned is) eve
ry ibing in general, and bra prafooodty iworaM
in particular nf all pursuits, professions, er trade.
pj useful emrdoymttSajftrratai Owrtrr ; . , , ,
a6ricultural department.
. Tmipa
Now it thw aeaerxi cf lh year wbea) farmers
ought lo begin to prepare their ground fur Tr.
nips. Sume farmers aiwaya clear ap a peica of
new land for a turnip patch," and tow the ia
broadcast 1 This is not a bad atetbod when yo
have (he land, and where care ia lake to break
Ihe anil thoroughly tod mil it welL
8ome fsrmert sc tlesee4 and tbeiitWsA theni '
in. I nit It a bad plan. Il there should be sa.
I raina and a good deal of cloudy weather fur 8 or
10 daye after the seed are sown, ao at to give ih
yqungptaate a xbmb takwT0ot,'lhur,p!an wlU"'
do 1 but if t dry tpeilof wiisiheaucces)d, tbe seed
will vegiitte tod scorch out, that is, lb hot sun
will hill the young plant, it having ao deep root la
sustain it. Very uAaa when lha tender plant ia ha -thia
way scorched out, the blame is put on tb fly,
where it ia properly chargeable to the shallow
planting The proper tod only safe Vsy lo put b ,
turnip seed is to do it either wtth n Ireai tooth
harrow, ot with- a right sliovel plough. They will
not come up at eooowbert covered hi thia way
but when they do come ep the hot tua will not hill
them for ihe want of root. Broadcast it the most
usual way to sow turnips ia the Southern State,
but ia the old countries (hit vegetable it genera!!.
town' in drills, or ia rows about 14 inches aparU
w hen they come up and tne leaf geta lo the sits of
dollsrlhey are thinned out to one every 6 inches. '
Thia is (lie most productive way to raise turnipa.
If the farmer intends to plant or sow hit turnip
in old ground, il ought lo be well manured and well V
ploughed and harrowed until! th ground ia mad
very fine, and a lop dressing of manure and asbe
ahould be applied, ao as to give quick growth to .
ie turnips at tb start, which isilt efloclually pr. :
vent the- ravagea of the fly. Turnips town io old
ground are not at palatable Cue thf table aa thneej"
raised in Tresh land, but they grow very large tod
for stock are the same. ; "
Whether turnips are town broadcast or ioT drilhi -
they ought to be thinned out at the proper lime. -
When the vines are dona growing and are torn
brown, the aed is ripe Jlhen take the ball
string thein - with a large needle and atrone
thread, hang them up in a dry place, where they
ill gradually dry and mature without danger of
injury rrom trpet. In the month of April soak
Ihe balls for aeveral hours ia water, then aqueet
inem to separate-ine seed irorn the pulp; wbea
washed and dried they are Gt for towing in rowe;
ml bed well prepared art the srarden they wiT
sprout in a fortnight they must be attended to lik 9
othir vegetables heo about two inches hih
they may be thinned tnd transplanted iota rowa.
. - t. '' - -
; ,. - -. A
"" " " "" ' " 1 " ' " ; ; ... , i; . - - in '1 "T -v-"''."1" ; ",. ". ' ''T''

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