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rwiutfcTwiirba cdmplwiT wlOi, as Ins eonoeiiiMi
with th-papcr liuving Roused it m neuosaafy ttini
his accounts should bo aettled without lirtliwr di
,y. JOd. W. HA.dl'TO.N.',
August 10, 183?; - - : '
from the Southern fAlerrf Juurnul.
made tin ir way up the Edistoea, concentrated in
tMgeliela, and attacked 1 urner station, ; he re.
sistaiK-a wn gulUnt but unavailing. Ttie garrison
surrendered and was put to the aword wi'h the ex
cation of a ainglo hiho (Wrreii Ulficlior.) In
I ha: allmr foil two of the uutkrs, lather and son,
Passing from II'iyes'statioo to lha went aide, of
Ln lie llivor,'CuiiiHiighinn cr!d ut O'NduU's
iiiill." Tins he burned. The owner, HuhO'Neull.
on the tup1 of tlfthill's iinKiiitain, had in sorrow
and audui-iw witntHsod llie muw-icre of his" ihm"Ii.
bors at Iljies'statioo.r.Fro(U thu same lofty stuud
lha f rand lath-r and uncle ui the prcsetit Governor , lie saw his afl, n a pecuniary point of iow, we
i oat who has wrriu. hbaeo thm aateo at
TriiI"ACTa I THcmg roma ot tbui,td it mok-
"liiain CuiininKbam, (tr as lie was commonly
called Bloody BH Cunningham,) acted too promt,
nent a part in the partita warfare of Lauren,
Newberry and, ij.ijfi'iwiu iimi m ""
ii..iMi. not to be first remembered and firm
noticed He was a native of Iaurcna District, ami,
a distaot rehttise of Ueu'la. Robert, MWk, and
i-hn I :,.on.o..lmm. Ut Uia parenia nine w kihiwh.
His futher wu ar. old man at ine iime wneu ma
sou s career i uiuw - - y-
from tlw inrideiil which waa ine nri in n.iocapd
himself aeaimrt the violent.
Willinm Lunningnain i reprom3u ivn uii
a oian of great physical powt-rs.anuoi nue per.n.
.1 .n.rnrfi. One of liw coutoinporariea (llic
late Wm. Caldwell) used to any , - mat ne nao oiie-i
hmd Tl 'OSidrCoi'tinnstiHiftas a cowara j oui,
..M,. whoever suiU soioiu nm auow nuu
. . tirave a man as eer wmiki'o mneanu.
" About ho oninncemenl-of hostilities at h
8oulh. iu 1775, hu euluu-d h priVHte a-ddier m
the service of the Stale of South Carolina,- in
conHxuiv.coiiimandtd by Capl. John Caldwell in
Col. TUnihsou's Begiuieiil of Rangers. H" served
redit i ao tuuctl orTtw B 1 apinm
wis about promoting him, over the head of bis own
brother, Wm. Caldell who bolond to the enm-
Company, oonie ihtihi toiwuw .-
mfliron. and ieni mm iwiorw uuuri-HM.iwi, ;
. - . 1 1.
,i.iK h wa flsnteueod to bo winp wa ; aua no wc
tually luflered the degrading pumshmeiit! "-With
k.. an fiie. and vewrettnee his predinnioant
. - ' i i
feeling, ho deorted tho llajiul his country niw W'
VnAn. While there. William Ritchie ktckec
hii aged father out of tjoors. , uy mmie. means me
i,...n.A.rt rt-n. tied Cuuuinehaint lie swore that
ha would eeeli anu nave rvcnj m mo u
fih,V nni,n!ir. He sliiHildertd Ins rifle, ainl
' - t.i, 1.1 mnui MT
oiostiy tn4wH iraverau 'w ww .
Augwrtio wuiUiUeuaislnclAiuL ui Kilcliiea
owihouiajT'fiie "pTmiiccror his Tuniily.lie" con-
a t : .1.,1 ...rf ilii mu tau nu uiuuii
umiiitttea nia cuonicu buwit
iah Kim rlMaii.
llu hr first tasled blood: and like e tiger
ibe luste created a tUirst which could never be
.i.,.K,t After that time lie watoneofthe limel
..-,.;iM n( tKn Tnrv blood-hounds who scoured
the conntrv, and huuted to the death her gallant
il ae4 imlependinl ooi'nwnoiuited
loyalist. They were like Dimaoti, o"m atiu
... iXthem like him mitl aireaa
VII lav a Vltava J ' a.
t.ia.i iiui i.Lwwtnf nriiaie revenue'. Some of Iheir
"""" I - . . ,. . j....
,.nn. r .till mnomberea luiam -j urnet
Henry Parker, William KitrwMoiwtruin ivituier,
II. II Ptflr. Jaii-e Gray. William Dunaho. IaanC,
Aarim, and Curtis Mills, icu anu.wica -aurHor,
Mattliew Love, Bill Kltnoro iiuouies, aoiin
n M.M.ltrw. Ot imeol these men, m inene ran
dom recotlectioua,' we may hiiv occa4loi(, to apea
further. . uOnu of lus cartiesi fams a a ! '?"' ,M
peer, waa a visit to hwld commaiiaer, .Majoroi
1UI1L wSi had retrrod to- private, life. .11
found bim on ft Mmmer'a day, sitting "in bia 4iwn
Lou, without ahoes or stockings. amuso
himwlf b lamuinff on hta toes and kicking
' J rt . i ,
l,m.. .nt nuwluded his Visil by lulling IHtnitini
Ihifr waa ample aatnduciHui tor iaft.woippwg
rocoiveJ whila'toder bis command. ; . y.
I il. ;.r.t f L'niii. Sun. ! Iiore anjareti at
fiend-like dispo.ition. 1 uey mii mm
ptl,er. Moore gave way and C RV? " e"
lleot'lmrsouien, and both
miles Cunnlnghatn wa nt ayorora "
low conversational style irgd his Hying foeja re
double his exertjond ta esca(w; i' Piwh la rowela
u Sammy, hooey," was,!" continual wanna; no.
aerntioo. A tungfh, hko rbvcatttwdTif bw play;
hs eut hl-T Bdvernarv down, and in hw.dcaih re
-jawed aootber object of "private hjit Wi'iw
Ilia deeds f"MoooJ-wJiicnhwwwr,w
and Juilge Cutler. Bleiclief was1 saved by 'Aaron
Mills. .- Ik waa' a rule. of the company that aiier
Cuiinii'phaui had at-lecud his victims, each mem
ber might a Iccl the vhj'xis of his yengeance.
Sonvtims mercy ruled the hour, tnda soldier was
allowed tosavea frwnd or acquaintance. Bleicher:
wan known to Mill anJ was protected' by him du
ring lha mansacni. iWhcn ibe company left the
bhiody acene, it was ddertfciiiod that JM6tcber
should be conveyed as a prisoner to the next hall,
and there prohnbly bis lite would have paid the fur.
foil.- lie was mounted bi liind ,Mill.. As the com
pany proceeded at a round gallop,' Mills arectcd
that his i borne'was ovcrlMirdeued, and begun to lug
liehiiid ; huJHl back txliiml first one audthon auo
Dior until he wa entirely In the 'jWtiJXJ..
payliaTcrood a'Eraitch grown up with cane j
as he approached it, Mills said toBIetcher ! "Jump
i'ff and run for your lile." Hedid .' 'Mills suf
fered him toaia the covert .before he, cried "out :
" The prisoner has eucaped." Pursuit was in vain.
'. Cunoiiigliain waa noxt aeeii hi -New berry-J)t
Irict.' Wtit!Q he croswd Saluda (erhdps at the
Old 1 own,) ho met with and capluid John 1 owle.
e had been concerned sending oil the women
and children' of tW Tories, and bad been 'especially
engaged in driving In their cultlo. Cuuiiingbain
swore he should die in bis trade, he theiefore bung
himrwirh a'pluce of an unlaiined cow-hide.
At Knsley s shop be killed Oliver I owles ano
wo oibera. The only surviving member of the
Caldwell family of the Revolution, Mrs. Gillam,
then a girl, visited bis simp alone soon after C'uu-
party bad leu it. to see what Crtuno-
quouces had followed from the report uf their guiiM.
When she reached it alie found Oliver 1 owles and
two others, bur arqiinuiliiucca, dead. Oue was
stretched or laid out upon tho bier bench.
On bis march to Ivk'ehill's, lliye station, h"
pawd the bouse of bi old coiumandpr John Call
well. Two of his men, Hall Foster and Bill HI-
more, were hi vidottea in advance. I hey found
Mujor Caldwell walking in his garden, shot him
iwn, and charged their h'-raos m and out ol in
cardeu io houd like aport. When Cuiminuliamar
rived he allectedw deplore Iho bloody deed J no
pnitcatvd with tears that hawnuT(Tas joornave
seen hia own fither hIioI aa Major Caldwell, et
in the next instant his Iioiish by bis orders wa
wrnot in flames, and his wid iw left with no other
shelter than the heaveiw, seated by the side of her
riurderd husband. His gnllunl brother,- James
Caldwell, whnae scarred face testified to his gal
untrv in the most callani of all auiiirs, the bn'tle
f the Cowpens, flndinu her in this situation, forgot
every Ihmit elso limn venjeanre, and on the euc
ceedimr dav his sword drank the blood of two ol
Cunningham s stragglers.
Hayes was a bold, inexperioAfod, incautious man.
lis station wnsst Col. rilcohill'is in Lanreiw Im-
nci. enM of Little River and Simmon's Creek, m
the old (Charleston road from 'Rubuo'a Creek to
Oruncoburrfi. The Jelliu!i house built of. logs
was his fort. lie. was told by Wjlituni Caldwell to
put himself in a position of deeuce ; pointing to
iho amoks, ha said. Mthut is niv brother's house,
and I know Cunningham is in the neighborhood."
Haves was at work in a blacksmith shop, making
a eteat to hold a Jadr'a netrinarandlwutcd aLLal
jM;uaauggUou9vaaving tbatCuuuingbam Jiad too
II1UC1I 9CI1SC til CUIIIO will .v..vm
will not stay liere to be butchered and mounted
and fled at lull apeod. As he went out at one end
of the old fiold ha aaw Cunningliam'a company
eouiu in ut the other.
-The surprise was complete and overwhelming
Haves' and InV'iiioii aimoHt witlutut restsiance were
driven "into the houao, " and Cminingham'a pursuit
was s;fcln;that Jo1in .Tinsley 'alruck a full blow
fwrlb his-wr-CJrHaya-
way jjy the fire brand 'of him wiu) never knewto
ty or sparer - tin the next nay be and some others
of the neighbor committed to the earth (lie mun
sled bodies ol the idain at J Iu via station. - Two
araa pits conaiiluted tho graves of all wbb foil
there; and Ihere Undiminguisbed and almost un
known they still remain. , -
Cutiiungham encamped on tlte ntg"it succccmung
the massacre ou the Ueaverduin, at a place now
known as OJell'a mills. From this point ho com
menced his retreat.. His bloody foray had aroused
lha whole whig population. Col. Hammond (Sara'l)
rom the UnieJLuiininghaia.im8jd
was in hot pursuit. luimiugUain a company re
Riamed embodied .until lliev 4iMd Little Sal nla
(at West's.) It wasthere thfi late Ceo. Botler
Ending the van of the pursuit coTi I routed almiM a
lone the whole of Cuiiiiinclmni'a compmiy. Num-
vais in i ins ineaire, toe young, ine niguooni, me t summoning rraoxiitoo, and trying to feel I be ao.
Deautilul and brave i wlio once ejoict'd la your j V ratal r 4 Ibe dary laspuaed a p. mi kim, be praceed
nclie nd power, anu lived as if there . wailed, lie fiuMbe4 kaa dtscoarae, but it cost hiat mora
no grave!, where a ye. now 7, L.veutna very, etlbrt ibae any be Aire or Mw.--Jiommt erno
toinliS whose open doors are urttching away iu Walckm&h. ' , r, - " i , .
long range b fire the eyes of lbs wandering irav. rErrqfDtiUlfiirw---Mmi asotaera eoa-
eller, cannot teveal youC doom. 'Your dry booea ! aider every eiprewaea of saeassotMe aa aa ind tea-
are gone. The robber has invaded your grave, audi li of appetite, aod broerer a child erica they,
your very sbe hsve bed swet away to make j oder it tbe breaM again, ai:bou;h Ira auaute may
roomr nhe wandering Arab of the desert. 7 J oot save eupsed asnee rt pnccdio tepaat. Aa-
. odeacriptionwilbout the aid of platen, can give 1 thing caa be more mariotas lhaa Ibis custom. Ii
an adequate conception of tbe ruins of this wonder overloada and oppraawrs lbs) atooMch, excriea gri.
ful cityf Budlcienl may be gathered1 frota the pre. ping and bowd caeaplaiata. ttesjlasnaeK and tew,'
Cteduig Bi'coutit, to cmvii ce every reader, tliat Pa and oot erfrcqqeoUy leads to fatal dneases ia the -1
tra Waa once a populous, wealthy aod luxurious ci- brain. , It does hnm aba Ky wiUtdiawmg tbe bq
ty, adorned with lumpiest arches and theatres; aod tber's aaioe frora ibe real aiiarca of amafauesav '.
that it was for a thousand years utterly forgotten, It Mastoiuito.iadeed, wita wkalexcltMiveoeaa '
and that it is now destitute of a single iubabitant, of anderstaodiag waling it irgardtes) rea by iatel. u
I he moat interesting and important cotutideralioa I Itgent parents t Ibe graod wotaXnnior eaoacea tor
colinocted wUh thewiy ta,tltUiurtttftk dtfrfinrt jallrbepaiM
fulfilment of the bikh-uI, prophecies. " Jeremiah, If a'cbtld falla esAsr a atoaa aawl aratsrs iu jes, ita "
bors forced hiin to pause, and before his exlmuatod
comjianionB could , reach.him, vunitingbam iad re
sumed his rapid flight and breaiiiog into o-'lncht-dj
parties, .ho and his follower! plunged jnlolho pine
barrens arid sWatnisi of Iho Ldieto country, and by
diflorent routes reached Charleston. ' '' .
On this or aotrve. other occasion, Butlef and hia
company chaaed a party connieting of Cunning barn,
hosier and llooe. Here again riuikir kept nearly
equal jace with tbe pursued,but his coinj)ani)rM
cihiIJ tiol"Iu toTniidii "of ilieTaos "Cunimigmint's
horse sunk in a wire.' Wbiw be' was struggling
imf of il.Cuniiingliam's trusty r.oaimiiione turm-d
like lions at buy, and again Bu'ler'a vengeance for
a father's and brother's blood wo prevented from
akiug effect.
On an ithur occimon, it ia m 1, Holler atnglo
lauded iiumued CiiiininaUni uloi.e for miles : each
of tltcir horses, straining every ne rve, run in lha.
jockey style, noee and tail.. Bolir was often poar
onnuirh to have slrurK CumnnglHtu's noblo and
generous steed and thus disable lam; but tins his
umierout nature luroade, the rider not tim sieoa
waa theobiPct of his vrnieaore. i,unnin"tiatn a
ustol was often ihrown orrliix aiiouidorund annp
pod at the pursuer. At length Holler a horse sunk
in a hoU in the Woods, and before In ruler could
again resume pursuit Cunningham was beyond it.
The noblu war horse which had borne Cunning
ham thPough ao many of his bloody adventures, and
never lulled rum ai ms greaiest ueeu, oiuu in
Charleston, am! was buried almost with the honors
of war bv his hlood -stained m inter. . . '
Of Cunningham I knhw no morrr crrtainly, wive
i hat in him waa not fulfilled the scripture.' I bo
violent man d.d not die a violent death. His life
was sought mt diligently and fearlessly by the
surviving kinamen of his murde ted victims, lie
lived to a good old age and died quietly iu hia own
bed in the West Indies.
aiah, Amos, Ji.,Obadiahl and Malachi, have BnrerierarCimiaedi .
nounced the desolation of Edoni, and some of tbem atufled into na opea aaetnli. If ita temper ia die
in lanuuttgp, which Dioafgraphicafly deacrtbeathelcomuoaed br tba lose ef tor. at as lortbwKik
situatmn of Petra, " in the clefts of the rocks," and I aoothed by an csSrr 4 awdHmeaU, the aJtimate ef-
iti "the height ot tbe hill. , Mr. fcteveos says: I feet of which as to aiaia culicky pain m iu bow.
Amid all the terrible dwnuncialiota against the I ela, wtnch ara wxrf tbaa ibe acurual eiL and lot '
und of Idunien, her cities and the inhabiionlstbere- r which ia llieic taukas rwiraetUMwiik aaca aeo.
of, "'this proud city among the rocks' diMibtlesa for J pereniat dropa. aw soma other equally pteaat aa- .
iU extraordinary ami. was always marked as a sub-1 ltdote. Iraaaa tbe aauvlb aaopeaaaea tbe child '
ject of extraordinary vengeance." "I have sworal ia cryirox, andjaa aooanb Inda to tbe stotatacb, psv -
by myself, ssith the Lord,-that U 2 rail (tbe strong I rents jump to lha coaclotaoat Uaat at h eoea fur tba .
or fortified city) shall become a dee dation, a re-1 purpose ot betag 3ed, aad proceed to crasa it to."
proach and a, w.sto and a curse, and all the cities eordtngfy ; forgetuag aQ Ibe while thai the; aaoota
the'reol shnll be erpe.fiial waste. Lo, I will jnake leads aUo to the wiedptpe,aail aaay bs opea for lha
thee small among the heathen, and despised among admtsstoa of 'airtoTl luoga aswQ as oTCmxI to ,
men. 1 by lerribleneaa hath deceived thee, and tbe the stomaxaiM that ulbry atua it with cue or
pride of thine heart,' O thou that dwelleat in thalpuddinc wbca it ieoaca for tb recrptioa of air. -
clefts of tho roek, that boldest the height of the bill ; 1 tbey ma I be ruk tsf aufllicaiin tba Cilia innocent,.'
thou aliouldst make hy neat as high as the eagle, I when tbeir win as eaiy to snotk biia Vtdifil
will bring the down Irom ttience aaith the turd, J Aatcnxmf. , r - .
They shall call the noblea thereof to the kingdom 1 - Dtmxtla baa llemiaisceacea sera Tial hia
but none shall be there, and all her princes ahall literary afiqtsireaueata were pnacipadly owasa to tba
be nothing j and thorns shall come up in h6r places, I strict obaerraoce of tbe foar.fuUowiag rulea : '
oeltles and brambles in the rortresaea thereof, and I. ie direct nu attention to at literary objeat ;
it shall bo a babituiiou for dragons, and a court for at a time. ' . X - , . , - -
owls't 2, To "read tbe, best, book npoait; and wbera
I would that the skeptic could stand as I did, tba subject wu comroreraaaLto read Ibe beat book
among the rutna of thw city among tbe rocks, I on each awe. - , ; f t
nd ihere mh-ii the sacred book and read tha words I ' 3. To hnd out mea of latoTanatioa, aad in tbeir
of the inspired penmen, written when thia desolate J society to listen, not talk. ;
4. To very carry namg. aad a aysteiBalic flivuv .
too of time. - - . . .... ry?.f-f- -
Wa shoo Id tnenaga oar tbougbta ia coopoaiflf
The followinsr account of the wonderful sud deeertod
Cirv ol 1'ara a is extruded from Stevena Travels in lb
East. Pktba wbs once a celebrated .City and ia situa
tod in ibe valley ol Edoni, near the Dead Sea.
'This ancient extraordinary city is situated
within a natural ampitDeatw otvtwour mroe unlei
tu isireumfereuce, encompassed on all sides by rug
t;ud mountains five or sit hundred feet in height
The whole of this area is now a waste of rutna,
dwelling- huh, fwibieci, lemplea, aod truuitpha)
archesraU prowl rate together to- ttothattflgutstmbte
coulustou.JTf aide '.'tiflheTouWaTtiOreTcuV
atriooih, in a perjendicular direction; and filled with
Ions and o-'Uliuued ranges u dwelling houses, tein
pies, and lomW, excavated with vast labor out ol
ft.Jtt w.Ai niifl uliili lliMir Hiiinmitd nrpaA.kl
. 1 1 W .Wi IV. ivn.n " - ' - - i
Nature in her wildest and savage form, their basma
are adorned with all the beauty of architecture and
art, with columns, and porttcoea, mid pednnont
I and rangers of corridors, enduring as the inwiiilaitta
door. ' A few fluns were bredc-. One w uunmnsr
I. mii'ii men naa killed in the assault, and one ol
HnjW men waa killed inthe hoee by a ball .hoi
between the logs. ,, Ji pole 'ipjied with flax, satura
ted with tar, waa sot on fire and' thiowq upon the
houses II waa nvin iu flanies.;.,IIaB and his par.
ty on a promise "of good q-tartera, (us it has al vay
been said,) stirrendered Cuuumgham f selected
J lay ea and Maj.' Dun V Wiltta m, (a son of C l.
Wi'lliunis' who tell at Km M.ainUuis,) as his vie-
tons.- , lie Was about hanging ibem on the poo of
a fodder stack, when he was ccoeted by a younger
aai of Col- Williams, Joseph Williams, a lad of
sixteen or seventeen years, who' had from "Infancy
known. Cutinioijham. ,MCan. Cunniiigham, how
shall Vk no,ne ""d 10,1 my hcr that you have
hanged brother Daniel TV. Cunningham instantly
awote that he ahonW twit havethat melaiwhoty du-.
to iftVrCm. lla hunir biro up with his brother
stomach, was swallowed from time to time. At
lite end cf six days the little fellow waa -quite re
stored, and we rarely see a finer specimen of re
bust, juvenile hralih and happiness, than in the per
son of this hard-headed boy.. A wheel of half the
wciirhl, rollod over a dry skull, would have ground
it to powder. To the admirable carpentry of the
ntered ttootiHthy--a m
With his aword-iie. lileritlty hewed them to piecea,
VVhilo wining bt reeking aword, he observed, that
bue Xhia comrades iu culling a captive to piecea
had 'iLtobwwulba jrailyhaiideiLtohim
hi- -ohwrviii-. that il wouldn't - breaks Jamos
T.n-Uv: Maior Wtru Dmlsu and Cummids
wera tUn only survivors of Hayea purtyt James
Tinslevand bis brother were. I had. supp'aied, saved
f by" their TfiHaut kinanmti i'Jvihn Tinaley f hut wrthirr
IthrtlaKt low Years, JdinesTiiwIey aasured me,' that
4iifh;tti uoUhji. .latlr 1-JI: said their, hyes werf
save! by anollier of CmUiinglraniV partyt(whos9
name l myMrea-f4?;i. naa esocu i..7
tUce was one of the greatest cities in the world.
JerTaO : 1 3, 16: f Isaiah 24 i i 1 1, 15. .
any work,' as bepberda do tbeir iowera ia making
a garland : firat select tba cboaceax, and then duv
poae theqi ia tba aaeat proper adacaa, abara tbey -
give a lustre to each caber, L " . .
Many tnea bava beea capabta of aomr wiaa
thing, more a canoing tbmg, but aery few a geoa-
rout.tbM)C - -' -r : - - f -i '
Power of Remittance t'a the Living Shdl.K
boy five years old, a son of Mr, Maraton,a farmer
on 1-onii Island, in the harhor ot lMtoa, toll acci-
dently in following hi i father by the side of ao ox
team, with hia head exactly in the rut of the cart
forward of Iho wheol. Itelore Mr. Marstoo could
possibly snatch the child from the dreadful impend
tug danger, a heavy liny can wheel having a thick,
broad iron tire, rolled direciU over hia child bead
rising up over the space between the crown and
tbe ear, and down to the ground again' from the
templo.- l ha agonized lather rn wiH the sup- j Whatever may be iho nature of your aod.
j. sed mutilated, if not dead body lo tbe n- j an(i aitualioo of your fkraa, remember that there ia
O.i eiamination by the mot her,.! he scalp was found
to be cut by the edge of tba tire, aa though
knife had been drawn over it, yet little or no blood
flowed allowing the white bone below. "A no tn.
jury of the akull could be detected,: she closed the
external wounu wuu a etmpie orcssmg, wnicn aepi
no soil ao good, but it aaay be exkaasted by bad
tillage, and I bat tbert ia Bone so bad that, canoot
be rendered fertile by good Ullage, erea barren -
heath if it caa be ploughed aad swarded.; -v
2. The true art of fwsbaodry cofHuta ol euiier
in m frrm la a-mar aa xitir LxwL tbat arifl ma tar
thn AnirMtt in mvla.iiAMitt.ifi. I hn hnu hihilMI nm. 1 . . . . ...
-..b ... j-- - r........ . ... -f .... i exbausa your eou aa w aeawoa ta vaiica at joar r.t
aidoraweoitlusio, out it could Hardly ba cawed Uucceedirir ertwbat a jucJx atw oar "
a u.iii mill, aito uv.wivroaii v viiji.ou wiuwijtiww ij ,
a week, tie also bled at the mouth and nose, it i
is' plant, therefore, that the blood thrown from the
J work of a jieueratioji scarcely yel gone by.' Noth
ing can be finer than the immense' rocky rampart
which encloses the city., Ktrotiir firm and iinmov.
hid as oature itself, it Seems to deride the walls of
cities, and the punoy fortifications of skilful etigi
neers. . Tho only access is by clambering over the
wall of stone, practicable nulv iu one place, or by
an entrance the most extraordinary that hafure; in
her wildest freaks, has ever Iramed.T the tuftleat
iwiirtiila evi-r raised bv the luii Is of man. theoroui!
est monuments t.f arcloli-cl'iral skill and daring,
aink into insiitnificance by the cot nptrt soil, (t is,
perhaps, the, mont wonderful object in the world,
except the rtiitis of the city to which it forms he"
ontraiico.'. Burkhardl had becti'accosted. imtnedi.
ately tipon hia"rntry,by a large pirfy of Bedouins,
and had been auflfered to remait but a very short
time. T I expeoied a acene of aoine kind butaf the
mlrance of the ify tlierewaa not a crealure to die
4ula.oucpamingf : lUpmialaWeiu. wirto opim.'a'rur
wo passed jajpojj the streain 'down into the area,
and still bo man came to oppese uv 'We moved
to the exlreme end of the area ; and when iti the
act of disinouuViDj at,lhe lutiljof liwiotkn. which
stood the temple, that bad constantly faced iw,' we
aawMioe solftary Arab straggling along wilhout
hay Bpparetitljwt,V mete, waitderer atnopg the
every direction, together witTTflio reL9taTiceof flie
yean - : . , .... , - -v
3. To avoid tbia, auSer no one crop to grow twa .,
yean aucceaively apca tbe saaue piece of ground,
excepting grass, or buck- beat without tba fertiS-
ting aid of nca maoarea to support tba at reegtn ot
the eoil ; and etea thea, a cbaag of cropa will
generally do beat, excepting ooiooa, carrota, aad
4. Every plant aVrfrea frota tba earth for ka
growth,' such properliea aa ara peculiar to itself j
hi jrfaiwbeaMlowed wcorsvly fof;Jw9Jre
more yeara apoa tbe aasne gTOond, will exbaast tba
. . . - ... .... . . . i j
living pnnc.pie, vttatitywiicn t ouiy Known oy thoja fn -ecoIUr to itself; without
its name, are we to ook ,of me proaarva.ion 01 mis y, iu -o, n pdur mm ether plant ;
viinu. ii"i iuiH.u iw ""is"'" I ih . (.- im mtmJ dntac a. Ihsrlvanr lit aihH-lt
will not bear fa be reaeated eAener I hia once ia
Antodote While travelling in Western Vir- aea and k iaeomoica toaJcrooa. with tba
... . . i . i- .. i. i . . . .
gima, na opening one nay tone in a qry gooos store, eicepnoa of. taoae noticed aa above.
situated in a small village, an old lady from the Iv L- To avoid tbia MiLairasiMToerfaramaaeb
counlry came in.'. She purchased several articles I diyiMona aa wdl eeable yoa to iaaprove aB tba ya
rn ine cterK, ana ai lengin, pnservtng a noau v pamv riety of cropa your fanda saay reoairc, ia auch rega-
ed and varnished pair of bellows hanging at a ! . tor wicceasioe, as to fbraa a raatina of 9, 6, or T
she inquired what it was. The clerk perctMvmg j vetJ. lo (be saUare, qwabiy aad aitua.
ttiarine pia may was ramer ignorant, ano .ueing t t;(HI fjr Towr ft.
somelhtngofa wag, informed, her that it was a J , ,Thia cneibod will make poor lead giod aod goad
Mwjasnioneq. jan wmca ne nau lawty receivea i better. Try u, audi
iiom iqo Jastanu, ai me vaine fiuie imi uhj
bellows down and puffing with it in his face, told
her that;waa the m ide bf operation. The old lady
repeated the onoration on herself,- and waa ao de-
FTZClZTZy 1 ' tirad ibem, ar ia the arra.aX befoTe they leas
.un.iwiio mm Awparieu.. : ; yiz.; . t thU Mi, on las. .askWl.kaa ikwea
ll.i ilia nnl cliiu nor inrnrmant. IhA fninialAI1. had I ' . .
... ... .... , j, -BiM( Km. ta rn ml an.1 rati
T Defn CattermUrs-Twk atrong Soap
Suda. and with a broom ar brash sprinkle at
ttHr nttt -nur in Ihe ttmuaj afbstvtbay bassM
psledthe Jblysc
jy scow. , f.rrr -v.rr.r.r: : . r , j rc.,.:-- aia j
cution of fiov RulietL'e's imtvd t doMer diraciingioi, uuumvuhv h i" "rift , "i - " - V,tZ
Sy aShSr.y hoTorWralh. BrjiUI. no vneihen veveryincisouU k .i.J
tint wivea and ciniuren oi taa i fiachaf .red the next tnoromg covered witjt th
erw. in m win m- to n o in "" - ....... i li-'..-,
.... , , . r.: i ...j ilii.,.ni hMnir OF9.v Ji)
Charleston. 'This was.wcll calcuuieu - - - --- -
i tcommouij' ivw.,-.."")-.-'!-
hn Cummia
was too much.
an qipotntment to preach at a school-houjie in the
twighborinsy eonmy.- The tmngregarion: beingis-"
seuiblnd, while the minister was m the act of read
ing the. hymn, who should pop in but" the old wo
man with her, new fashioned fan; and having taken
ruins j and it ia not an dtiihtere1trig fact that this her sftat,1mmediatol
poor,peOoutq wawnwonty uvmg uemg we aaw iu
m- . v . a ..-".'. f
ihedasolatritr of Petra. ; Aller gdiiugat us for
a few momenla iron a instance, na came iowt;a
us, i'nd'ia'a fo w inomeots was aiti'uig down (o pipea
ami cte wh tny companioriH.-, r y;
' Amortgilie.rHiua is a circulat"thctre, cutput
of the aohd roctf, containing 83, rows of.ieale, and
capahlo of holding -81)00 pwiplcH' Although the
front piHara hav f dhn,ye tho whola Uieatre; aay
Mr. Sterens, is xn auch state ot prepervation mat
if the tenant of. the tombs .around Could once
maesaa, wilbuat aay aeeeaaiy fos ciaafang or born-
jng thaaa,. ....;- ..
T Prrtrne Cattle froaa Dim ta the iTia-
ter. W beo cattle are kept oui m in winter, it
rimmeoded as 'f . waefal. praica to rub armie tof .
aV the iot of tbe awira, whack prevea tba wet
from jretltng beiareHi tbe root and the skia aad it
is said, cmunbtitea to pmr-rre tbe health of tba
. . t e .v : A -
atHrnal, ami aerp im- imaj mwa. ooeaaca
to which it may otherwise be liaUa. knew not what
to make of it-j some smiled and some locked aston
ished, but the ludicrous prevailed over every thing
lse, and to auch an exlenrithat the minister him
self wits obliged Id stop reading, and to hand tba
book to his brother in the desk." Alter the usual
preliminary aervicea, be rose to preach, but there , TIs male Cream yiVW Bmtter pkhly im roil
sat conspictihsly the olj lady . with the bellows in trailer. L'reani wilt readily yield up tbe batter it
front, a hand hold ef each handle, the nose turned contains is tbe coldest wrwibr, if as aweb bealiog
up toward a her face, and with much aelf 'compla-1 water be poo red in, as wiu aria H to the fvamera-
eencv. nutTms the tentle ' breeze into her face. 1 ture of oew aailk, thai is, aaitk job froea tba cow ;
r,how to proceed he knew not, tori cream aojnanaged, win . requara tary utua caoro.
east hit eyes over the congregation I ing, and oo other diadanuge aeeroea, except that
meeting with the old lady At length,! the butter Will be white for a day ar two.
i I ii,. ,:j:.;. r.i,ur..,j-men asuunuinuouiu
v.- :i' ' . v "" . ' t. . . .

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