North Carolina Newspapers

    : M 0 It A L D F.PAUMTl'NT.
W'lirii j!,., ;,rt culled tltt'W for tit (iltl4 H,
hmi civca noi il, ,i which it in tbv Inmr!. Hurt art
guilty of thai hypocrisy wlnob is cowardice, and
tutu tioceii which is penury;;
f IliuliiU-Mrf tl.ui ktlini?' was . ..--a-
cuu:i'r m, u rn.'i'fc"- - - i -
jduli'jnl 6,iii-t,.
dreu, fg t'.cr wi h oo cf i.ii tin'.W cli' irvu, j
who lt i'l'.ii-d i le i!nr el the time four, '
mil iJ I irtln ,,!; tl.r-ir -r ne (it li J tuf4 i ........ , -J.
. . . . - - - - - . i. . - i i .-..! itdii t ini'n a i ii i rviiir - ... - .
- i - . . i i r in ill nij: il b ii:' I nrni r "ii" "t -r utiriivr I xt
"'new. 1 i-v i. uf.(3rfd and burnt lite iium lo llt . z.: i. ,,., ni their lx in?.' ' ' n x ! L . .!.
LIT . ' r L I I Jl CI BUt M w - -
ground. lnu.:Jiatd -oo ttj a!auil tu ig given ; u,'t ,jf ti,.ir mUry, they would look upon her Willi C4-! p-M-- EwenlnST.' AUGUST 17, 183 U
A prouV-nd man p Hi, UW-
liv MiW mn. uh ianriacf those eacsned. ',..,,. n.r, and afterwards, transferring
t Jim. I'lide, tif lite I intra Kiai' 1 'ragout, w4tM-Ulw feeling from the intiiouwiie ,use, wtcy woom u
1 . - " ' F . . ' ...:..:. J....I.I ..... I... I mtl.rittf I
peas in the power of eyery fool he inetits."
The lute Mr. Wirt, in a Ictfer deecriling tie ef
fort of Intemperance, say t It piralyves tit trin.
lb bntin, tlw heurt. ' AH -the U-trt kfieciions, nlll
ute energies oi me inioa wi'ner uncer ps n.nupe.
Mr, Gibbon remarks! The fft, and imlis.
pensablo, ri quisle of Jiaiiiiintaa It clear ron-
cience." - . ,
M Truth it ftlwaya eonsiattnt with itaelf, and
lteeU nothing to help it out. Jt ia alwaya near l j
hand, and tit upon ottr lipa, and ia ready to drp
out U lore are are aware ; wlieroaaa he ia trooMe.
ome, Ana. w a man a invention upro Ui rack, j
and one trick needn i'grei qmj more to nake it j
ffood." ' ': . " ' " ' 1 ..' ' ,i
A (frtoj word ian eay Abtijration ; but pot to
apak ill, rvjuiriM only oyr ailence, which coata ua
'jKlhing.f '.' .. il'-, .: .
" . He that j good will infallibly become letter,
and he that ia bad will a certainly become worae ;
for vice, virtue, and time are three thitthat orver
giapd BtjU." - . ' , '
)fll (liaAvil nrinctnbM which Ikh1ui0 toltuman
'-pature, imhe, perhupa, ia more prevalent han pride.
There arc aoriio, however, who are mure uitdt-rlta
IdAiMinM nlko ' .44 u Vw. lk...L . T ..,tli!n kill
.. ,"-7--1. . --'tr-, r' : ' ' CI
Ihcmaelrea, srtd wi)l imagine all the world lhir&e
about tbeiff too tbey aujK)ge they are the subject
of every conveiaiio, and fancy every wheel which
movea in aocietv halh aume ri'lalion to them. Peo
)lrof tlila aort artf very denlrou r knowing what
ta aaid of tliem ; and, aa they, have do ronception
(but any but glorioua thinga are aaid 6( litem, they
are citremelv aoItciiia to know them, and often
, JhiI tbiaquewioni-Hhod men aay that famT
, One day.-when Alctbiadea waa boaaimj of hia
vhirh 'generally blow tip the pride of young peo
' nm (iTmuiIitv. iSnrnlM mrrwd him In onuvrBiili.
1 V " - "I "
- jcM map, and anked him to find Atltca ft waa an
mall,' t could acaroely be discerned upon that
draught. - le' (bund it, however, Ihough with
awnui .rlilfimilttf tMaft alMrtn IvAin tw Aam'twA aakanl
pav aaaa'a f vww, w " v wv vu w v wuini
pul nil own eatate (here ltia loo autau,"
aaya he, 44 to be diKtiiiguwbed in w UuU a apace."
te; tbon,"- replied socratea, H how much you
'art eflocled about n iqiperceptiUe point of laadl
Tbi reaaooing might have been argrd much fur
ber Mill. ' For what lva Attica cnpard to alt
tUrcece. Greece to liurone. Kurone to tlie whole
world, and the whole world itself to the vat moot
pf infinite orbs which' surroiindii! What an in
sect, what a nothing, a the moat, powerful prince
fbf the earth, in the midat of th abysa of bodica
and immense epacea ; and how lillle of it doca be
DCCUP1 1..1 j. ;. v-e. 2Jtr -
' M.A nothing is more dogrodinz to the character
' pf 1 man than pride, to lulling ia morn fruitful of
pro, or n9c,a oiuii iu iiioic wreicuruuro iiiu
miaery.". A vaat proportion of tit impatience aud
fretfufnosa of fiia.fikjnd (m) Mr. Scott) reaults
- from a fulno eutinmte of their Awn uieritv and con
, 8Hfuence. . Tliia itJitcn them to cnromlcr their
finals grej!t itii'jrjriiiff.wtrirting.ttie Itraat auxout
4 )ntolerabliT, but humility leconcitt-s men to obscure
stations, mHd circumetances, and common occu
pntioita. Such men r rdy to atoop, and, in
- konotir to prefer ptbora, they do not oomplaio of
lcing; buried in aituatinna where they are oftder
yiiliKd n,d neglected. They think soberly of litem
helves, ai fliey ought' to think; and thia acur
them Ijrom manifold djsappointmecta ainvntoo$
- fo-wbicb other men are exposed. That will break
proud iiuin'a heart, which will scarcely break an
lumuio man s aiwp sua it is certain, tuattnany
of the'troublcf of life allift our pettce almost in ec
sct proiHrtjtm to the degree of our pride aud bu-
OTreifHlu. ill frtv men, weiil iu porsmt
nftbo IihImu. atd rvarbed lite place by otie Itour
by mn; the ItuIietHi ere tln gvue, but not more
ihaa blf a h' ur iu -Jjit-, but aurcenicd in
rmclimg lh? swamp brfare the trxopa could over
tnke tlteifU . Il aa at conaioVml atli'iwUe that
so small party of men aUouM enter so dent a
vamp her there .waasoiiiucb sign."-- Slaitiigt
tUlt lltcorder. ".''- :
Delivered at tiir c!iee of her Him'tlion,oo the Ui
of August, l83Hi 'f
Mv Dcjui Pcrna: ToJay cluaea our Andemic year,
reltNa from our mutual cooaeiiuA a 1'ocler and
PuptU, aod aefralea o idely freui each uVr. To
me it m a time of Stdira. , Sorrow baa bea t"T ao
quaioUoce tor mtay Jong fart put, aod I have learned.
UNt however efmrt to the eye of anitpau a scpara.
Uon may aeemyit IheeiJi provaelernaL IS1I,
to many nt you, it may beta buor of frolic and flee;
you are now released from daily ata-iy, aal the rule of
acboul, and eipect aiactr pbaaurt in lite aociely of your
frienda, Full well I koow tbecrunamted purpM ckwb
of MDimera ete.ire nut atore bf ii'ht. more lovely. tln
Utevtac yiuor youi
.nt i n 4i..(.r.'iitj,f a iwntal ser- :t CAWAKllua.w,
a eia wii"H f'ia " 1 . ' v i
vaut, and the, wtw wirorniel to be me eociaie f Ooaeraor. uuoien
equal of man, became ihe servant to wain the tact of
1... . .I .1. hu-i her. na nutltl how 4eS WS
VIV I VIM "f '
wind ear way into the Uofled oiaae of butory, we al
wayt od W tho iwme ufieTmg ami degraded being.
Nor need it be aflinned that neaul iutertortty reduced
her to the eonditioo of a slave. . It waa tier mitrtunc
to k bora a woman, and contempt aod upicioo were
ber btrthriftit io amde lronmJ her nitoeawter,
ao approving Werd C-il apun her ear, - noy (tladoaoed
her hurt, ert-ry action, and Word, yeafookv Would be
autseclcd of rviUdenpair would aeiie Hp lit wwl;.
andue ntAUl power, trwm long inactioffJwoiilJ be
Come a rtagnant pud, from which latnl .fjitialatMiS
Would arwe, acatterhig pestilence on all around; or to
eirry ui iba figur,atoial evaoofatutn would tak place,
leaving tfie rentmnr a coinplote vacuum.
Tb lufiieat hot mo intelligence that ever priced our
fallea world, if eitbie te eowicioaa graapof auperior
powar.and oitdor tb unvarying influence of auptcion,
and lutred, would give way bctora it a Ux:ke, or a
Newton, woulU grailoally Lave aunk to the imbecility
ut aetage. Kutb, 6 more than four Uiooend veaw,
wadtr lot of woman ; auch it ia atill in the dark cor
aeraof the earth. When our iboughta turn towanU
lit a eheerleia lot of woman; caa we wndi-r that eo ma
nv iirnorant and reeklea of a hereafter, nhrniWl volun-
tarly rcora the brittle thread of temporal eaiatence,
Jfoat daring . A1 u7itn.-ThI morbing.
abouj nai; past, ".iiree p tlui'a.a moat atrocious mur
der connriittoil at the market house, on the bo
, 3y of CdgHf Uoulli'Mj, a imiiye of Philadelphia, but
kr the knit few year a resident t f Havauua The
(!ecl waa committed within tbe view of several of
I he market worpPn, who were fKen aa?mbling, but
jfiC murderers were ijotdintinguinhcd. Sirong eua,
piriona, however, rest upon Jhree iudividuftls, wiih
tJioii the deceased was seen in conversation, and
- (wof whom are arree4. Anewiwry bythepro.
' per aiithoritjea is now jn progrea. Iudependco trf'
j",onjii4oraliona of iy inanity, we always deeply de
itiloro a transact ign pf this nature in our city, mn
lending f crtnte abntnd an errotwoui impreaeion of
the character of our comnimiity lor it ia our am
cere opinion, there i none in the country, mnde up
of eucb a herterngenous ma aa ours, where more
nuiet and order prevail. The notion i prcvaleut,
and we have frequently heard U repeaiefV that hu-
pan lire ia held cheap nng gi,- He aooul the id-a,
and venture the assertion, thnt man walks nowhere
more free from personal apprehensions thanamorg
ua. We are now ia the midst of a rrON heated aod
violent political conteat, in which brother it engaged
prainst hrothher oljaml long confirmed frici)dtihirH
broken up, buj jve hear of no broils, no outrages
- fnlho streets; warm auJaniawttJ d4ciwsLna are
held a every copier, hut who neea the hand of man !
e trust that our city ,lice will he nil int and tin
in, tfi piifpmt nf the pfirpctfaliri u ihe guil
ty deed, Mobile Jlxamintr.
spell about them that (nods utrooi'lr Ibaa Detilah's,
-tbe avenla) powers f thwr willing vicuna. They tell
you U.t to-morrow aball be as to-day, anj situ aoore
abiiaJant ; tjul fet ibeai oevef fervf oil to Cirgct bow
often the Brightest baSoot the' incru ag L.n be.a trv.;
barbtnger of ao overwhelming trmf, and tbe suit,
which rose tit apbmUir, baa, before it ha reached it
meridian height, been enamiJed m a night of ekaide.
No power ths hoa nuui is mur Ukely to ksad s
astray Utao the iraagwatioa. Protows bke, it auwiss
any form, or wear any hoe.. Here tt arcb-aomy diav
pirys hw rusictilees skill ta punung. lie knows eaca
la ate aod iociuuitioo, aod ao arrays beCce tbe wtentat
eye, bis mot alluring r4ieci rubtd in Uttiir riclte
drapery, tHt be larely tails to ensware the hewiL B
oo your gnard, tbea, agamst this CfrrnaJbrr, it ia too
oftea aa igoia fatoua, h:ch chevr br a dwompi, but
lures to destrec-tiuu. Be not too nneaine in np ct
two. Blighted hope ia the lot ol earth, and we wtio
bat beeu longest acaautled with it already see, ia
anticipation, a ibounnd dwappoinlaiebis, suspended aa
it were, l.ks lite glittrring swore tmm ths gnded ceil
ing of tbe tyracuB patace, trctitUtogotcr indSs
and ready tu cruh your futUsi wish,.-. Yno do noC
believe it, a i well, '.e4 !ke I).vwic is k's terror,
yoq sh'SiM reject lite eoyiyatenta now proffered to your
N'll yuu ought to be eoosiderate, ad you will sutler
me tu brins l; yiur recollectioa, two events of our put
hiitiir)-, wiitcb may help yoe to lerl how uncertain are
all our hopes of earthly good. But you ynunrlves can
not bave forgotten bow svuldculv, and nnepeeiedly,
two of oar number were Ukea fawn cs.
One drooped at the edge i our daily path, like some
sweet opemag flower, banging as it w rc between life
and death lur one short wreck, we wa letted ber eoik
tng, and then with many tear CJIowed her to the ai
leal touts, and wbiU Ut eU cbahiu lbs vaiiay Ml
ttpi the l vely bwi anosMciniis rfatain. we dropVed a
frail memenlo of our tSTtion among them, and left
hvr all alooe to sleep is her narrow boose till Ihe timr
oiiis, of the resurrection. The eJherf rUnd, a you now
vtand, to reosive the parting wortls of your teacher ;
rory health blopttnl lair opm he young clu-eij; pka
lure bea.i,e4 in Ler bright (lark rye ; ahe bad, like you,
a joyous scene in aiiltctpaUai, uvi khe wu entering up
oo tU eniMywcal faU if fpec!st;tf : but. alas! On-
kndwn atU unexpectedly to u. the angel or oeam iuki
received his cotpmiasion, and w one single day alt that
yonth and health and luveliitess were laid together in
And which if no is sere to-lay, that the but arrow
is not already sptd loiter own boAMa! Andwhoaruong
ua can aay that die feet of tbnse who cameQ one of
thcae out. shall aot carry ber out also ! Let as, then,
it n prove tbe prearct moment as if we knew we sbuuld
not "ntcct agsm. Vou bave, n-y dear young friends,
baeo given to yoor parrnla by a merciful Piuvidenee as
blesaia, more precious tbaa siker or gol.i, and it is in
your sn power to oonSna. or annul lite eift, by your
wnproveaieat or nosimpitxr jfiit of the talents bestow
ed epoo you. ju esnoot forget that of him to whom
uiucd was given, much was required, and bo who made
m iQpiuaawDt cf the UlecU entrostcd to i chsrgr.
re-'eired w- rvew-rewstt waii lta who tad- bis Low ei
mimty waad'iomwi to -see- take away 4!at hcb we
soewttsj so bave.
Thm m eoe mt valcable talent. Iui nptd Sight
admoobbrs us to waweaxte4 diligence, it earriew na
ils ewrit Win?, aa tin pa rial account of all our
thoughts, au4 words, and actnna, to the bar of retribu
tion : ear was it rer knows ta mora in gtve'to any a
arcood oppnrtonrty. Ilow important to improve it to
inr eppiDuauua n uv innne wmt : in itow muj
Wrap it in the napkin ot fully, aod prepare for them
selves the tearful doom at" the anpn4t!able sevsant 1
Cut VH1 have Sf Jof dea yoting trienOs. many Ulents
cootuiilted to your charge; think atjmt birth in a
cljrMtian land, tliiiik UK kittdnesa ot Tar inerxTn,
t' all Uw joys 4 bonte', sad Ihe privileges of educa
tion. Hut you cannot apprecaite tbese tslems, wnltmi
yHi gUoce st wliil waiusn was oestgiied lo be, and
view tbe clJinges sm has made in Iter lot. Let as hk
then, by the iwcrerf h-'hi of Holy truth, into ihe garden
of rjeo. opott the long' dark strestn ef )man ItW
as k -rolled in its troubted wrerrf from -the ltcrb--
guarit'd gate". Jon the Jfflwre ' tif tins. We can
have, even by ail the aid ihe-tScnpture gite but little
vie of tbat al.Wul gardes, which Jhfl great Creator
hinwelf planted Cs our trt parents. r C!tering fruits
of every name bung, ripe from the dependant branches,
attd flower ot every form and hue glvUened tbe eye,
sod pcrtuined the pure and refreshing breeze which
murmured among tfie Cduge, while ai) the various
tribe of annual life grazed inoniiooa up. in the luxuri
ant berbaar, or !led thcu- thirst amona U-trystal
waters thai laved tbe borders of tbat delightful resjioavi.
Andean any d'Wbt u;n f .te benevoteiit Creator Mtfigue
all ibis to promote the e nl happioessot tlire upon
w)kw it wis K'.wed1 Iwr weie tlmiied iw ihe
soriow :- or tbat the hand uf the mother was dyed in
I.L.-.I -r i, iintil .Ik fulfilment
I . in. nuM V' 1. 1 ii.iir ... .
tut Ua protM five to our 6r-prH-i4M Um
advert i l our bloeed si wui) tltat woman sa w tue ow n
of a brighter day, a day which droll yet illuminate
the while earth. But alas ! its cheering beams, bave
not yet reached tbe benighted bnd of the .Modem, and
tbe PagMi, nor yet albcied, even in christeihlom, that
atMktMsraiKa tf the evils under which riursei na SO long
been placr 4, and which it wsi calculated to produce.
Il has iitd. e4 healed the hitter water uf strife at the
dumertic tourriain,audelevated woman to the companion.
hip of the other sex; bulltow ha it fitted her for this de
value I A alave.clnl in ta tiered garrner.t, needs seme
thin? more limn lit freedom, to fit him to be aa aao-
ciate with a prince anion? bis people. So the mind uf
woman, freed fntsi the Uirclat'e under which it so long
had gruaueri, n'eecM thit merilul iuiproteinent which
give t virtue itsbrighti'st coloring, and to society its
bnghteia charm'. This Mewing, my deur yoonf frieiida,
may he yiur4; tl; n ut!y to uiiprove lite opportunities
you enjoy, and in order to slue them aright, look bsck
again and again, spun tlie wltole history of soman,
that you may feet uw tsvored a lot ynu enjoy. Culti
vate every power bestowed upon you, whether mental,
moral, or personal. Read profitable authors s certain
portMio of every diy, hot the Holy teriptwvs above al! ;
no other hook cm til you for lltst eternity toWirds
which you are hiitfcfliug. WrUe daily ; lie y who omit
this mans of iiuprjvament waste by tar the greatest
portioo of what iliey gain by tlieir intercourse with the
wU: aa ir Uts savnd nav be said U be twice
irained. Accuxto.ii yonrilves, like the follower of
r thatroraa, everv one of v n. to take a strict acoouni
every uight of yo own conduct, to see w hat you have
gain-d iu knowledge, what you have let in time, and
wherein you bave laiied in domg to ol Iters as yon would
that ihey iihouM do tu yuu. Wrthoot an silent io0,uril-
pnhnwi and eoociemioufs to this moat sacred precept,
UM-re will he no usetulurM in lif;, no peace in death,
no joy beyond the tomb!
Tlii life is a sea upon which we bave embarked.
Tlie fear of God and his holy comma ndineoU ought to
be our gutdiug Mar, and this atone ill hrmg u to tlie
haven of eternal rest But alas! too many steer by
tbs maxima of this world, which in fair weather, and
Mill waters, )ffy-riem- smnMhl ami wpefpwWy
along; but Ihe long dark nights, and tempestuous wea
ther of r'Miiin" w inter, will founder their frail barks
among the yawning arywesol the deep; or, what, if
pawbje, is yet iikire terrible, strand them among thej
breakers upon a he shore.
And now, my di-ar pupils, whet lie r of thie lat Aca
demic year, or ot any ether which I have tau.'ht, (fur I
would stfettHmsU'ly addrew, at this time, each one
whom I hare ever called my pupil,) you sit know bow
I hare been in arid out before you ; my instructions are
with you; our last great accountability is bound up in
una bundle, and must be made together. If I know
what joy n, it is thia, to see you, who are as children to
me, rui rilling yoor duties in your families, and ia socie
ty. To sew you honored and happy, is among my high
esfjearthly : atiifiuajuo--1 iuel a prnle iu your lm
pnweoeet. and I rjt?ic in ihe hope that i rctura you
HiiF 5n pTJfOW
edge, and virtae, and grace. I entreat you all, hT the
rotollection of the p, by the hope of that which ia to
cume, to bear on your hearts the memory of your teach
ers and the school in which you bave been educated,
and to recommend it wherever you go, by that most
impressive of all recommends tmes s lite or consistent
piety, aod virtue.
And now, with unfeigned sfliction, I would thank
you fi all your kind attention to my sitants and to
myself, nor would I forget that notice you hare bestow
ed apoa my orphan child. - May a inrrcifiil ttedeemer
be your guide and yoor portion fiuever ! And with this
wiiih I resign aty charge over you, and bid you a ma
ternal farewell.
To luy friend f the Villnge, who have, on many oc
easioQit, atinwiered to my co;iifnrt,'and happtneas, and
to that ot my pupils 1 beg leave to oftcr, to each indi
vidwil of litem, thia public acknowledgement of my
seasr of their uniform kindness to us all, and ss I ex
pod to Uve noopportuniiy. at (his tiove, of taking per
ponsl leave of tbern, I hope they will allow me to offer
them my kindest wishes, and lo ssy farewell.
To the paltotis of the sehiol 1 otler my think. and
respectfully solicit a eontmuiiHin of their pitronage.
The arrangements now in progrefs, fi tho accommo
dation of Ihe school, jutihes the hopn that we (hall
make it an honor to the Ktaie. I wonld enlist every
pitriolie feeling in its behalf. If il besurtained, Wes
tern North Carolina will receivo a hic h accession of
praise, when the next generation shall fill our places. .
Branch, f
M. Baiier, ,
SraaC.!Kelchor,(whig,) ; .
OssMon- D. Boger, (adm.1 - . ... f
. . Wm. llama, (tiig,) ,- U Kimmiger, ,
f3wrwer.-Dlley, -
Branch, - . - .
Sewofc Dr. J. Montgoroeiy,
Common.-W. Harris,-, '
T. PembertoO,
- T. J. Bright,
Wm. waringeu, (withdrawn)
(all wings.) ,
Hkrrif. E. Ilea roe. . , f
Censemor Dudley, -
( Branch, -St
nmle. Albright, ( w h ig) ,
" h'-eii, (ad.n.)
- WaddelW
Coti-m, .
Fushee, -
AUtim, "
Ukrrif. Hsratsn. -
tiattniaDuilteu.-!!. ; : -
-. ; . 25
. '4(W
; . ... 407
" 4fll
; - 605
- 48
1,1 IT
1! ranch.
Senfe. Frsuklm. (whig.)-
" Dohson, (adin.) -
Commoa. Puryear, - (hig.)
Buydjn, "
- - --Ogleiby, "
Roberts, ' (dm.)
Calloway, -
Douglase," "
- Psrker, , "
Sheriff'. Hampton, -
Zaclnry, ...
G'ovemer. Dudley,
Branch, -Senate.
G V. Davtdaun, (whig )
CumMMM. Ju Caldwell, - -
' J. A. Young, - ' -
Jan. It klcUughlin,
G. T. Emcraon,
" Wm. King, -
" Cautpbell, - (all whig)
Sheriff.-J. M. Bogle, -
' J. F. Jobusuo,
b'osemor. Dudley, - -
" Branch, - -
Senate. Gen.-Allison, (adm.)
Vvmmfm. CoL kiiockard, Col. fiitns, and CoL Frollin.
ger, (idm.,) sod Wm. A. Graham, -(whig.)
Senate. W. Moody, (whig.)
Common. Jame II. Fsiaon. (whig.)
Governor. Dudley,
" Branch, -Senoe.
W. N. Edwards. (din.)
ConusjoN. Eatoo and Willmma. (adm )
Geremor. Dudley, - - - -
" Branch, -Constant.
i. Williama. (whig.)
,:LATE rOIir.lG.V IN'Tr.LMGn.N'Ci;
The "Grwat Western" remind New Vurk City g
on the 5th this month, after a oynj;e of 1 1 J j j,
Lnglsnd, bringing iniolligcnce lute is the 20;h ,
The sales iu Cotton bid been dull the wouk previa
holders had refused I decline in price, and buyers ,
backward. ;. ':-r): "
Money continues to la to abundant tjuf cpiu:.,-s
are entirely at low lor investment, ifc 't ,,,
The crops throujjbout Eugland, Ireland, and Funui
are said to be.venr good. . .. ' u . ,
A bill; to abolish imprisonment for debt, is Wor Qm'
British Parliament, ind Will thia session, become a hw.
' - -THE CII ER0KEES, V , ''-Th
Tlie business of collecting, snd removing these
pie bu Ibrtunitely been conducted ao far witlaait th,
ocenrrence of any of the difficulties which bad been ip
preltended. According to uie estimites made, Ui whlo
number of Cherokee remaining in the nation the Ut
uf May, was I6,00(r-2,C00 of 4lse were aUrled 'm
their way West ward during 'the month of June.. C.
Scott after that time, suspended- the emigratioq Bnijj
the IX Sep'ember on account of the season. At Uttt
time tlie work will be rccornmenced, indbelareiitW
winter, in all probability, the Cherokee will have kek.
ed bis last upon the hunting grounds oMiis fkUiers. '
; We see it stated, that st a Convention of the Protca.
Unt Episcopal Church of MeryUnd, recently held, uW
Right Rev. Jackson Kemper, missionary BUbop in uW
Mississippi Valley, at the present, was clectud loth'
office of Bishop of that Piocese. , - ' Tf . V v
-- -.1. '... .
The last "Advertiser" states' that the number olpii,'
'sengera on
th Wilmington aud Raleigh' Rail-Said s
so greit, that thcCoyipsny wcra coinpelTetl to locreuf
their facilities for transportation. -
We were requeued by Mrs, I.luTenisos to sty thit
her School will be re-opened on tho 10th of October
hextr TTie Muslclir
clinrge of Miss Biker. If the number, of pupils ksuf.
ficient to justify it, tlie Rev. Mr. Front is will asmnia
the instruction of the class in French. Miss Nye, fror.
New York, will aist in the Literary Department, ltd
M iss Aniaoda S, Nye will teach Ihe ornamental brncbra. '
Gonernor. Dudley 221
" Branch, . , , . . . 200
Commoa. V. Davie, (adok)
Senate. J. Harper, (whig.)
Governor. Dudley, .
M Branck .
Senate. A Joyner. (whig.)
Common. M. Wilcox, W. Daniel, S. Whitaker. (all
-w wwsww Vwrwsff i
liAKl AKCl tU.
Gevfraor. Dudley, . , ' ,
Branch, . . "
Convmowl. E.S.Bell. (whig.)
A most destructive fire has lately occurred in Ilix)'
son, N. Y. ; at the time of the last iccounta soul7
houses had boeo consumed, and Ihe flames were yet nU
ging unsubdued. The whole of Front, Fleet, and Far.
ry streets, and all the houses on Still street, both aUs'
of the way down to the Mouth Bay weredestroyed.
Two fires have lately Is ken place in Now Haven,
Connecticut, both supposed to be the work of incendit.
ries; the last came near consuming a"partoi theCaf
lege building. "
Statue of IVsjAington Four years ign, Congree
ordered thai a titatue of Washington ahouldbs nada,
to be placed in the splendid rotunda of the Capitol at
Washington City. The work was committed to ths
hands of the celebrated Sculptor, Mr. GaiENovoR, who,
the death of Carteva, stands first m his fnhmim-
Mr. F. Cooper has recently received a letter fn
Mr. Greenongh, giving the information that the Statae
is in rapid progress, and will soon bo finished.- It ain't
ceruihly prove a moat splendid specimen of the sculpt
tary an. J ne pioci ot marble trum wlncn. n. m in
king, weighed, when il first came under the bedt of
the artist, 130,0006. or more than titty tons. It mi
not IS liasy Jut, the netting this Mofck out of (lie mm.'
tain aome 20 miles from Rome, and conveying it ia it
rough state to the studio of the artist, where ft lecaivM
its form, and figure. . . ( ,' ..
When finished it will be conveyed down UieTib
to its mouth, and there embarked fur the Uuited SuUa
Comma. Wo. tiuggioa. fwhig.)
caaTaarr aud joaaa.
Scns.'e. Maj. Enoch Foy. (whig.)
Governor. Dudley
Branch, . . . ,
Senate. Maj. Jaa. Kerr.
Com swa. L A. Uwyn, and L Parker.
person ca .
Gswrnor. "Dudley;-;-. -----j -
Branch, - . . - . . : -'
ftraer. J.W.William, (sdm.)
Cummnm. R. Jones, and M. Chambers, (all adm.)
11)0 London Court JiNinuil aaya thaf Mr. Stl
Jy's portrait of tho (juecn bus been exhibjted l a
purQcntvl and distinguished body of visiters Tim
Journal is in the in un good authority in the Tine
Art, and therefore the following,, tplemlid Compli.
snent Jo Mr. Sully's abilities, conte wilii posiuve
ftrce, ( A4 likenesa it is estoemed the moat ad
rninble aa jel painted ; a a work of art, it re
nutH u in jti execuiion more uf Sir Thomas
Liwrsnco than any of our own niixWn jwinti is.
, We have authentic intelligence of the murder cf
;t Junnly In Ware gounly, by Jhe Indians ciavcealtd
in the Okefynokop swamp. A l?t;cr froui that
rr uiify dnM on Ihe 21th ult. $nys, thiit "on Sun
ii ,iy mornjng, 22nd, bet ween day brenk nml sun ri,
t'i house of Maxey M. Miles, resident aboj aeveu
milea from Waresboro', was attacked by a parly of
Indiana, suppoeed to be about fifty in number, and
barbarously murdered Miles, hia wife, and nixchil-
same divine. wtage, ttey rccet'.eJ the same divine
blessing, were endued Willi Ihe sany. authority, and
appointed to the same occupation; tltey ware fktrmed !
for society ; but sock t i perfect on!y wh. r there ia
rOjUahtv j inferioriiy would he implied imperfection;
tlie slf-w'we, infinite Creator mvile them perfect, and
pronounced the oxe '. Such u ere they ia Paradise
who can think of Oieir inhocenco and their bartptneM,
and not In vie of the evils' ."ta has brought
upou our nee! Ambuion, prule, and envy, temple,!
hem lo break tbe divine commands, anitogetlter they
wjredrivea from their I: allowed home, to wander among
lite thorns and briers, with which their IraasgresmoH
bad pUnled our bt-utif"ul earth.-. Sal lot to Ujre who
had enjoyed the bliss of Paradise! hut they .were fin
tfrtr, nd suffering is a pm cf Jheir yvrr coititulion.
But our oiiject ia to' uv;u're into the egect of the fall
upon the A-raai sex, and thefery first domestic circle
to which aa open dune bivrte tn, sltews the bitterness
ot dmuortio strife, and tbe tregradalion of wbotaa. Far
he it frota me to mnmiar at the divate diopfsHatioo
rifie who waa firrt in the transgressioflL deserved to be
proatiinenl in sudbring. We ail koow how ewjjt r
Rebecca, daughter of CoL It W. Longfof Salisbury.
'1 tsarah Ann, daughter of Dr. Scott, of Kowan county
I CvrrtfunJenr of tkt A'ncarft Dwf AsWfiser.
- WwiiTiiT. Morril C. July 26.
I hare witnessed, during the past night, ore cfj
Ihe most diatreiNing srrnea thaf ever toli place in
our village. Mr. Jarcee IWge, a respectable me
ehante, nged aboot 24 yeara, died this morning
about 4 w'cloeh with- thai iroly awful dieee, 17
dropkobia. The "first symptom of the 'malady
were not.ahown until Tuesday evening, (24th irtst.)
witen h irtemis were about io app'y Warm wa
l e-. ,r. t j, , ... ...
irrionnjeti. tie anuauereo ai mo (ignt. - lie
ate a hearty breakfast yesterday morning, but did
not it rink any thing with it.
iic iii.jnnT-u u, iikj uwncr ut mo uv uiai nil mil
awur aji wwks since, a ne thought tbe dog waa G'oeemsr.
mad An evasive answer was given, when he re
plied, The dog was mad emd lam a dead ma !"
About twjo oVlock, yesterday pimrnooii, he had
sorne light spasnm, which continued ki increase un
til lie died. About II o'clock hut evening we auc
eeetled in gtt'ing a strait jacket npon bim, whon
be wamiajiM J? fhe
" Branch, .
Senate. Reid. (adm.)
Common. Caldwell, and Braswell.
Governor. Dudley .' . ,
, . Branch, . . , .
Senile. Biddle. (whig.V
Cnmavoar. Hymin, and Wsdcwofth
Governor. DuiMey; , - ' . , . ,
- . Branch,. . , . . "
Senate. Uswkiiw. (adm.) '
CoatMoas. Williams, and Ilowerton. (all id to.)
- i axson ca
Governor. Dudley, - , .
" . Branch, .. . . . . .. '
Sawfe. CoL White,
Cotttstflur."" Geo; DtToia
" P. A. Winston,
R. B. Murchiaon,
Sherif, J. II. Allen.
v'.-r"- WAKE CO.
Gmotrmtr." Dudley, .- . - i
talk as rational as ever, and agreed with. n up-
the propriety of his confinetnetiir At one lime he
cifjed out," u A'ifi yovr jngt Itti ijmtr' dogt f-n
Senate. ' Whitaker, (adm.) . - ... -.
Csmmona. Rand, Massey, Mingnm, (all adm.)
Governor. Dudley. . .." " LUii
Senate., J. Roeing. (whig.) ..
CsmawMs. CoL Z. Rush, and Dr. Wm. D. Lane, (w'a)
'.. : ' GUIIJOBD Ca
At a meeting of the laembcrfof th Mobile Bsf,coa
vened on tlie occasion in that City, on the 24th all.
Resolutions were adopted expressive of their regret fir
tbe death, and respect for the memory of their deces1
brother, Richard II. AiKXAWDxa, Ewj'.; it was alw W
solved that the members wear the ewdomary badge if
mourning for 30 days, and attend the fsneral of ths 4V
In addition to the list of Factories which we publish!
some weeks since, the rFayetteville Observer,", m
" 12. Tbe Csns Creek Factory, in Cliitham Comtfc
owned by a Company, and which his boon io opsrttioi
tor a year, or two. . r;.:,,i
. 13. The Alamsnee Factory, in Orange Ceoitlr,
owned by Mr. Holt, w believe,' ii
Sorcia Pywenf..We observe that many of lbs
country Bink of Pennsylvania, and several ol Uie Pk
adelphia Banks, as also sorgo fsrther South, eommsDcct
redeeming their notes with specie, the first via
month. The balance of the Philadelphia banks, 1ft;
BiddleVmongBt the rest, were forced into the mesf
on the 13th, the". dy fixed bjr the Governor's Prot
malion. "We. inny socio expect a general resumplke
throughout the country of such aa will ever be shied
resume at H."!'f" , ..' " j f
Branch. .
Sewole. Morehead, " C,
CotnmtAK Liadssy, Doak, Thomsii. ""
" ' :ASHECa
Corr.vumt ff. Ney. (adm.) '
. ' ; WILKES CO. .
pvtrrnor. 'Dudley, ,.., .- ,
-. Branch. . . .
fnmnas. E. Petty, and Wm. W. Pedcn. (wli-a)
'", WlbKEa SJID A8BK. - p
Scnatt. tien. Jonca. .
The following extract from the WatchmaA
a Florida paper, has been sent lo us for publicities,
The Rd will bi seeo,ay that Gov. JJnndt
has iiever become an actual Citizen of ihe Tsrri
torx-r-rr-tvTj Tl: '.' , i; '
".We eliwr've by corrcspouijcnce in tlieNo'ls
Cafoli-ia papers, jhat. the Hon. Jdhn Branch's
nrlrdste rrr UoTernor'uf thgl SlAlfl. ' ."' ' ;l
" We regret thia exaeeditiolv i we had hof
that Govl B. would bo a trierubcr of 'our Conre
twin to be held at El. iosepb, in December next-
Ilia long" experience in public life, the cbniistewyV
integrity and injlependence which have marked
politicsl career, toads it an oLjecJ of great desire
with a large and rerpecluble portiori of Jhe peor1
of thia county; to-obtaio his services in the imp
tant work, of framing a Constitution for tfie peepl
of Florida. There will bq no little disappoiiitroca!.
on this subject. We had ourvqaexpecte4som
Ihing diflereitt aod we had a right to do so. It
however, but fair to' add, that though Gov B. M
been a winter residou' in our noiglihorhood fof
VDral year past, and has a large planting inters
here, he has neycr participated in "our political
testa, oof exercised hny political righu in Fkrii
and has never, therefore, been strictly a'perinanenf
rcsideot of Florida, nor a citiMn. Our law r
iiuiung ni aeryice in me capacity mentionett, s
irienas uetcrmtned, at already aloted ta m
themselves of the defect and reqiiiftd bis syrv--
accordingly; " ', , : , . -j

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