l...lif lli-m, an I they are I . ., , . . . . 1 ... L t!.n Pi i 1 I .ill V ofm lliifil fli I'l Ml " i .ml. H) swurraus that Ins ,f eat li.fl runs v !i tvi liiy, trcp in order, and r just as co-,i-s-t. i.t lo jififwrm pLoiatiou UW k when lliey tun. snr.ied Ida fraiu alone, The lacffM of our in. lioi- fin , iti K (..nii.int aliouM atiinuUlo hit Stfriculliiral brethren in ,ia district on Tuesday laat, and should have at lo I .III kit exampl, aa the btbor of preparation 'erupted d--ar.riptioa of the proceedings, Vd not is (xttliinj compared with the gr"al aavii.jj t (Totted. (), Committee of Arrangements fufnitln- U with MORAL DErAItTMENT. infidelity. Whatever stiecioua arguments infuJcU bring Gr aarJ.nWi.portoflhmrl.Ktfilica, lbrfa,.jln which 'im . prf Ji.m-nl in ihair character 1 1 h m.-.npriJ. Tbsv ot.,. (hair o nua lu ibe facia of agee, the fu.ulrnei.t of prbecy, the . iiice oi miracles, ana me gouu s mas o. in- b hI best m'n who have ever l.ved. . -Tbesuflkieiic ta Iba rf "f a m i al up to U K,nl dotuHi lo ,r, liny tcawpta on mrrabto ao- . lUonly,.inkaala o-Kw,Ia0o..artUH.a.cir,na "T? P"0'"1' ,M, '- viiq ineauuuen ami MrMJHOM ainxxa ui iiua.u- I li'ifl, abortiva birllta of an bour. Tba human im. . Tl. !,.. . I rad be comparer iBinengura Movtoioou oa diviua relutiua, may trt tha brofaninff of the II lv Uibta w uf hnatlian WnU under Anilorkm Epipant$i or raihor, lo tba proud Roman Emporwr, wlio look , iha linad from Jjpiler'a aUtute.aoJactdliiaowo OiUa;'J. Tbi cffltrHi 8urio alrikinijly deacriVa tho fol ' Jy and Biaiineiaof ancb mm . What aurpruwa ioc, what "almnbte n,wbat fnghtww me. ia to ana a diiiiinulivt creature, a cooli-miLle man,aUUl ray vt (lunmariag through . fe fotble orgV, trovert point with the Puprtme Being, opjve that liaelhgee .bo ..ttath at the helm of ike worio, querns wn... r..r. M.p.w..-.. dctermiiHW, appnal from hi deciamn, and even af- ... d.Jk l.-iV. ..ii4.i, r. M-t ll iI.irlrinM I .1 A !. O - .k- -.il. ,OI ! fcl ' f I uaiare o-yoou .pac,.v. .r ... I . M iPlai aaMiiiM i WW Iibi niiiflraiMfi u4al I . j .7 ' . I .. T ' . ... ; liiea I now a a rem mou pretend, inou w no an uui a MMnt, Ihoii ura tuyae whom the ,l-.lb Ito Supra,, lUy, .m h.o, i beareo of baaiena CaniMii coniain l Men of iuftJol principle ire aometime a igno rant u they are impertinent. One of thia aort wa nukini bimaclf merry lu a large company at Ihe .penaaoftWSfcr.pfure,andMIhiacom,m,.io, - .... ' i that ha Could prove the prophet Of t.ie Uiriatiana I aa na caiiea uitriatj i mimaiien, even upon ine mow - . .. j.. . . . : i A. .1 eommof aubinct. After awakening the curioaity (if the aompany, b tbua gratified it. Chriat aay (hat old bottle$ are not eo alrong aa new (allu'ling to Matt. is. l?) and therefore if now wine ia put Mlo ofi bottlti, it will break them. Now don't ev. pry tody know lhat old ghu U jual aiatrongaj pew ; Ibr who aver beard that gloaa waa ttie weak a , i m i I " . I rr for being old T A clergyman in compaoy, who biian rhAMfi inn iiuii ni nta wii. i.iiiiv ranravRn im i. .... i i, :7i. ....J I it L u II L a.. I C. . k... I IW 'WIlN rk. .p., W1, ki.nM,tiJwlik IT Km I In bate. ' whether If now that lid one J .. . . . ' '"I"6 U'He VI. 7?. M' mpon.,. h. - ... " ."j trie, ev"n lu iniioay, inai uooina ui aaiiii oy wj i , - , . . ' .r', ...l f ... of veaaela to conuin wine." Ou wh cb aide the l i , . ........i j j.m ...I, I lauuuivr uf kiln uiiiubi.t im.ip1 i tvij uiuii.hii : . . ,i . i o conceive. We may here learn that Ihe knowl- f .I : u.;..k ,1.. puul v ill uriaiiiM iMi.uuuKva hi wiikii ura p.. iv- . . .. . , p 6 . ' . I Jla minuter. , lurni aarwf arriimn am aaa. ana auiui i uiiiiiv bib aa a. ii i ua i InlHolity ii not only ahocking aa to ita nature, .1 aver ... in,ri,L aa to ii! tend-nev. Th. following ln.tanca b a confiiriDation of it. A aor- ' . -u ,k. ..ku m. u.iu. ' - - - - ' j " j j"- - j - it be in Greek or Englib t every body rm ..tM . ... JtJ .',... i wer- no,-, . ..., and refute: hui the reolv mi a a . a a i w i vaa ivi v apiiiwnui -a aa)iB trv ! 'vaii.-r iav ami uiui ' r I an oil botile u ju-t aa good and a a . . , , . j it w terrible in it effect-. General T. assumed fljot quite, Sir, replied the other: "if . . . , ... ... '..r..i aome of the mme ociiiun. which Mr. Clav look ' a j ,i m al - a" - ... I Vicwwi a aea mwivi 'iw kvwwi u . tnjnja.yu ' " r r ' -: fc-Hn, thia object broughJJ forward, be- fame a. great.,, adept tn tho-e principW. a. hi. -f-"d.'? ..rk:..:ir.k-:t, IiCin..- . .1 7 ' i . . ' . . . .i.. ..i Li,tr .t.-- rt.i.L-.. u-au."a vli.to ...-..j bo pUte. Iyuckily, be wu ao cloaely puraued, ,r. 7 . . l ui' . ' lhat be wa brought back with hi ppy to bit mas- ' , . . . .. , .-' ' , . tor a hiuiae. who aiaminaa him before anmn aelact friend. At fir the man was aollen, and would Lo..., ....... hut hi ur.ed , riva a 1 r . - - . ZT r r ' i- i. .- u i.t reaaon for bi uifamoo behaviour, ha reaululelr ' . -u . , .. , . i miu, a umiu imi av uiioh iai v, uiiiMwini jty of 1 Tutor. Ute, and that after death tbWwa tiHwrittk- . ' . . ' , , m Liln.. Z . I TTS nr?Lf. out you raacal, replied Mullet, " had you no fear .r , Jj. ,, . ,. , 1. 'llCJl i 7 j " . 1 TT" ' ..." ; "... yo grealeat terror : why ahould I (bar the least I " anrimrit - r Y . .v'"-". Mathematicians (o called,) eiist. who aay, that they will believe nothing they cannot demon- al rate, aa if the lightning lhat glances now out of Ihe corner of that cloud cannot without demonstra tion, be allowed lo eiist. either in itself, or itsjm age in my eye. , Mathematicians I bit talk in this, or in any similar way . however inalUmntically lant they may be, are certaiuly, ifn rt intelloclual ly and morally iawn, at loant troubled with mono mania, . ''.,', .;".; " I will boieve notb,ing,w, said a young sceptic riding with gentUwnaQ in a coach-in. England, 'I cannot denjonstrate, 'Qo I uuikntand you rightly birf? anid his companion, - that you believe liothing that you cannrit 'understand and demon- iathatt" "Acow.'T What has it on ita back.1" Hair." ."Of whul color! Red." -And what la lhat I " VA aWp." With what ia it - povmd t " WikJ.'' Of what cob I W hi to." - Do you believe so." Ye." But do you an (LrtianJ why the cow is covered with hair,' and lha sheep with wool; or why the one inured and the othtr white I No.' "But did you mt lull me that you would bnlicve nothing that you eould not understand ! " He was silent. All over the world ia ttte truth of thnt Scripture verified, it ia ths fool," emphatically thi root, -hat Haiti anii! in hia fuMrt tlmi-n ia iui fanfl f l fitol lhat Will not believe his own sense: (hefid thai talk about demonstration, or the need of it.'CJhoun'a remarks Ho spoke for m-arly an hour to nutke that fhintr vhirh mnnot bt made more J and a half, using no oratorical flourish., lit argu plain or craving after deni Euclid In prove th0j twenls were diciatod by truth, and the effects were living Bible or moral truth. If such a thing aa consequently great lis was greeted by the cheers . the very quintessence of folly can etist, it certain-j of hundreds aa be rlaaed. .y Is id bi,u who js emphatically mis Foot." j 'Geo. Thompson, the Representative from this r OLITICAL. '" (' (iittiaiUi lnunluiHfrr, THE CALHOUN I)l.M:a AT SANDY SPRING. M'i elttdad lla D.iir .riven lo Mr. Calhoun the (.llowmg, winch is done in a inuch mora im utile, ao'i, we d.iuM not, correct maimer, than u that duty had devolved upon u. m aill merely slate, that after the orator had com ludnd llrir remarks, general invitation was given to repair la I lie dumt-r labia, in pleasant ft, distar.1, where very fine Burbacue - J t fcf j,, wUlcU 1000 rtook. Wa havs been ore- j, . kifMi( u,, ,,be, f(W M tU p., on . ,r4.t , te ,b pr,rt;.iolw we, pred, ami aa good or(J.;, prJmd. . V Wt.C)mmti froondal 12 o'clock, w eunJucted 0 b. ,l(mL U WM oceJ ..tw UWuio. in a f.. worda, y lM Chairman f ll.a ComniitiBr, J. II. Jw i.' . , L.- .VM i wen atbered ,rou"d 'baiatingui.lied Senator-Peraoi.a wr (firrv ffom t( , nhboring diatriela, cwiupoing aBgmWy which fuf y, intelligence. and 7 v-- l " reapectabiliiy, haa rarelv, if ever N f ire, met to gnther in tin Dieirict. la tho midat A an atten tive aileuce, Mr. Calhoun aroae and commenced one of the moat kirid and powerful eflorte of' mind which ha ever Ullen to our lot to hear, lie pre iiiiai d that be ahould make no appeal to the pre. judica or paaMone of hi amiience t that he ahauld um-1. lhruttJfcaglrlui nation, and give each . . ' .. r. i cluili,e M reord, (l- .h of the Conatitoial IreM0 nmtrM , lm V . ? - - . f V 1 -" T "7-. u"""nl"""iw " ' . f fl I ,J t I.. It..! II,. f. Milutaoaaail Trea-iry merely required tU Govern- - 9 . ' ment lo do what Law and lha Cnualitution dVinan ollecl ami d.aburM ita revenuea in it own TUalJlw on-aU,tdinff Bank, and Co , , . . . . Government bad been d,- aolved, and that thia nieaaura propuaed lo make the aeparalMm final. lie proceeded, wnb-clr and rrc,We arjurm-nt, to prove thai the conneiinn waa aaraa, juii, in Dfiivm inii Um rMnurtt ant ,W' . ... ., . ' l.l eivawttc v Rtuc njr aa R(Tf n w vi vvr utr . . - . - , Dreference of one imrtitution over amHher. and that ttciilredldwlemerihtintitutii out. TK.i ii mmm rnrriioiinv in iia nvuMimrH becaiiaa to aoatain itaulf asuoat attack, the Dnk cW.1 bribe officer of (Joveroment, and member iConnre,by eecret rneana, which no one could, I .k. i ajTtjr wiincnjj ur mimiw w uui lira unrxmw fjif..crinru. mniiji.lll. kU, ,;..,. " ami aubveraive of our liwrtiea, Lecauae, in Ihe na. 'Ufa Ol lK- l.irrKr lk l.rilT I, . e- - interact wa directly Intarestcd in Dromotinir heae anti rcpubltcao en.1. and would aureiry ,pn(J j,, - fliJ K ,, WA, Fci, - , . .. i t; i i . . i , al in itaorgtn, andrederal inila teodnncie. Mr . . ' , . - . . .oiiieranu . hn oi nj, iraqiniii our ... i i i i eminent due to lie paid in fold and ill ver only, ind . .. . . f . . . ." . ica..i7r iu.iivi,, uj viiikk. "nmr, uo- . , ., . , .1 r. 1 feated tin wiae law, by requiniijr the Dank note . - . ot lloeton, New fork, and I hiladelpbia, to be re- -. . . i-..u.i;., LV a"u ---. hu co.iimenced thi uniuat connenon, contrary to I al. . .... -.a ..I I ... .1.1. . ,UVU",,U , " Mr. C, mado a few observatmna on aomo of the I iu ug vitpniiwu iv ti.o uuv imwij. imiuufig Xra hofThJoVlng awfcH Cv BIld C4S &nWW" H Tbi..ootao...,.G.Gordon..ofYugiiuafi 4 ao...,.uei..uorcoar.ot-.ugjiua ,.wt. mlriKluced the roeaaure, in 1834. Ha approved of ba Divorce then, but though! it prematura. Col Produced the mwaure m the Sonata in . . " . . , , . 1830. Mr. C then voted azauut it, kecaoae he . .... , , m , ., . . deemed it imprortimbcc fJuhaie. lie nropoaeil ' .i w if L a . ... . . . i " v' "1,ur -"""' - t 1'0"? " a better and more practKrable plan to aa- mm Ihe lUrik: aolhat Gen. Gordon waa Ihe fir . . man w no amugiii una meaaure into emigre, na , j .1 . . r.i. tin - ,,,e "V" "W "praJuced ooa currency lor l ie Government and another for the people " nut lor ba IinWera iid leaved fi.Mhe pepfc." He . . . . . . r r remarked that Una wa a preriou dofeiMion. In 1 Wh.g.acknowMgii iballhe ciiuil currency waa Ihe Utlbat it gave "nuta" to the office holders, and that the Bank currency, uncd by the peopla waa nothing but -Mleaveal" j-Why mil kl lha nnnnlai have " nnta T" 1 ha wkiira alima " . r- r . . . were lo blama for koemnz them on " leave." They alone prevent them from having the full ben- efit of the Cooaiiluliootii Treasury ; but the truth waa, that the Whig were laboring hard tore. serve matters, or rather to snatch the " nuls from the Government and rive them to the Bank. IcawMgHrnr the Government and the people the "leaves," Mr. C, concluded by a moat beautiful illustra linn of tho diuiger of chartering a National Bank. He int roduced ono of M wp'a fables. A woodnian humbly polilioned the Forest lo grant him a small piece of timber, a very small piece indeed, in order that be might mako a. helve for bis axe. The For est held a council, and granted (he apparently mod erate request. The woodsman shaped and fitted hia hiilvn, and riiturnuig. smin ftillod the . Foraal around him. Tho aie, Mr. C remarked, was the Bank. Give to it a charter, and you supply thf helve, and soon lha tree of Aiyej-icau Liberty will fall prostrate before it.. -t Mr. Calhoun, during bis speech, whilst he de fended the right and Ihe duly of lha Government to una ita own Credit (Treasury Note) and specie, in the management of ita revenuea, denied that be waa an enemy to the Slate Bank and ihe credit syateni; all he desired waa a salutary reform, in dinprosable lo ll country. He would lot Banks stand upon their own resourcea like every othen business. ; :. This is a very faint and imperfect outline of Mr. I mir.mm r ika iinarai tz.m...,i i K. : oavtt mane u nDrea-iton ii flenvefea wnere mere i I Coiif'r:Hi.)niil dmlrict. n' 'il. Ho 'n ' .iM-cially inntid, in common wtlu -hh 4" oiiar, 1 a ... I I .... ,i . i j hworciiM-d IhjWic tat,oim, aiiu aolno uihu at a dintMiee. Wlin Mr. Calhoun cla In r marUi, a fi'w voirea were hpard lo cull lur jniKr at Thowion. TW conuiiiiu-e roado no fhjcH'l to kia K-akinp, but invited him on the aland, and rrquMtiwI the docoroua am-ilin of the audience, lii l Men. Tbomnion niaile kia reinarka. The Gen. proceeded In one of hi lieat ttT-rU, and with all seal and induatry ttarted and iroiiited mi ika objaxlKNia lo the IWlitutkwial Truoaury. II, a plan waa lha cintloyniit of Htute VmU and Sjeciol I)eKitea. Ila'dpicied many groaa, rn poaitiofia thai bad been praetiw-d on the aol.lier jf nor army, and attributed thuin lo lha oir ration of the Constitutional Treasury Gen. T. frequently alluded I) Mr. Calhoun peiaqnalliuIIa read a portion of one of Mr. Ca. ajieoche, and a luttcr from Condy Kaguet, to prove Mr C. an incoimia. tenl atat'mman. Ha reiterated tho old aking, that Col. Itenlon waa lha author of the plan now advo cated by Mr. C. (Mr. Calhoun here aroae and re marked, that that matter bad better be eettled thou. Ilo turned lo Gen. T., and aaked turn the following queationt " Sir, did not Coody Kaguct bring thia ayatem to Waahinuton, and propo it to aevoral gentlemen in 1SSJ?" Gea T.annwered," Yea." Atrain. "Did not Gen. Gordon introduce thnt plan, in tho Iluuae.in 1?31 ? " Gen. T. anawered, " Yea."" Did I not in '31 declare in uiy place, that if no one elie did, I ehonld under certain cir cumatancei, deni it n,y duty taring forward thia very ineaaurw of Divorce T The answer waa again "Ym." MIIow4lien, a id Mr. C, can you ib. clare Col. Deoion the author of a ayatem, in "M which you ackooalede Gen. Gordon iiilnxluct'il jn I S3 If " Mr. Calhoun addtd the conchinion w hich be derived from li e iireniiaea. A minute and diatincl detail cannot here be given of thia ;', ie It avaa one in which lire fact of the caae, at UmM, were clearly acknowledged and eettled When Gen. T, cloaed, M r. Calhoun again apoko at aome length, lie tixik Gin. 17 argument in detail and completely demoluhcd tlieui. lie de precated, aa much aa Gon. T. could, the iinpoai liiMi practiaed on the aoldierv, and the evil which had hastened by the uN-rangcment of the Iltink and Currency, but he then brought out all the fcU of t lie caae, and proved that all of theae horrible IranaactiiMia look place before the CoiwlitutiiNml TreaMjry waa io eiiatenre, under ihe General' own Pel (lank ayotnm. If there ever wa a cane of putting the cart before the home, thia, aaid Mr w w. Thia waa a tren-jndora blow lo Gd... Ta. arirumenla. aa all .nr. fiMindnd on lhoe Iran w - .ction. aa U,e frutla of the Conatitutiooal Trtm.u ' b" on of l.en. T. deductiona, aixl the wbich he Uok, were moht vividly end lorciMy exiMMed. there never waaa more , complete triumph of a true caue. The crowd 1 wer e'eited lo a pitch of the utmmit enthunittim. ,ta". yatcm would have met with hill (nw aAvnnaln iKatm arul lhny I hut wrn - - T - - - there were aOeut. after audi a aisnal eih.b.tion of the eflix-ta of truth. ' Jl waa indeed unfortunate for General T. and hi cauae that he apoke on lhat day. Hi apeoch might poiWo. hi failure wa more .ignal. Cheer, fol. lowed every ahnft of Mr. Calhoun, and it might have been hoped from the increased offsets of the altercation which ensued between Mr. Calhoun and Gen. Thimpson, dial if time had been allowed the General himself would have confessed he wns mis taken. He said that ho was opposed to a National Bunk, and to the Pet Bank ys!em ; he was in fa vor of employing Bank owned by the States; but three or four States, however, could be enumerated thai had such institution, which occasioned Mr. Calhoun, in his final remArka, to say, that the Ge neral having repudiated all other systems, as well aa tho Pet Bank, waj atill in favor of " one of the family of tho Pets an infant yet unborn." It was a plan now proved to be impracticable, and worw, if practicable, than the Pet Bank, as its tendency was to combine both the National and State Go vernments in alliance with the Banks, and all their corrupting ctlects. At the conclusion of the speaking the annexed Resolutions, which had been prepared by lha Com inittoe, were submitted and adopted by a large ma jority of votes given. Tho actual preponderance of the friends of the Constitutional Tieasury was supposed to be 4 or 5 to one of its opponents ; some estimate the niAiber greater. The Resolutions would not have been submitted by the CoTmnittcc, if no one elsrlrad'spoketf be sides Mr. Calhoun. RESOLUTIONS. j ' Whereas, the question of separfting'the f!cal op. orations of the Government from the Banks, has by lb riluntion of offiirt, become, and is likely to continue, one of great interest and importance lo the country, and which will carry with its decision an influence for evil or for good, according aa it is determined in favor of the Bank monopolies and thoir adherents, or in favor of the people and their freo institutions we deem it important and proper, as a portion of the freemen of our Confederacy, to declare our sentiments on this great and moment ous question. Therefore. Rriolted, That the union of the Government arid the Banks, is, in its operation, unequal, unfair and unjust ; is anti-republican in ita character and ten dency ; hostile to State Rights, corrupting in its con sequences, and alike dangerous to (he liberty and free inMitutions of the country, as would be the un ion of Church and Stale. Rttolvtd, That it is the duty of freemen to main tain their principle openly anq manfully, regardless of all private and individual considerations; and we regard it aa imperious at this time; when principles ao important are involved, and such mighty efforts are made lo overthrow them. ... . . . . Retocd, That our distinguished guests, the Hod. John C Calhoun, and our other Representa tives who acted with him, in opposing thia unholy union of the Banks and Government, and giving their powerful and aealoua support to Ihe Independ ent and Constitutional Treasury have proved them selves the true aud faithful friends of the Constitu tion, and Ihe rights and liberty of the people; and lhat under such difficulties as lo entitle them to our highest admiration and confidence. ' JOHN H. JOYCE, Chairman of the Committee. Tka dinner to Mr. Calhoun at Pickens on Wed- nesday last, passed off with great order and we be- lieve petfect good feeling. Mr. Calhoqn addressed I L . I . ' l I- f .1 .ii in i no ocrmio in mvauacK on .ur. vuinoun , ana u 0,,. peniiln in i.l iin, common wnse ex.iunini..n i-i, ,lfl .ndi-ia-odeut Treasury .v.lCtn, aelimg forth Ha advanlNKM. J f,,"'K u ,h" ''"U had been urged a-ain.t it. H- dechired at the ti.ni l.n ahould not take that occuton lo le- a'Uian. iw. ii fend himaelf agiiinet the buive accunution which had been lav..l,eJ uon mm, lor ma Com ....... auealuNL and that he had no intention lo U,uk . ,i .'i I.I Iw. In mnlnin lha Oliei-! oilier, iii oiyvi wi 7-I -- . - i;.m. .nd to nrove that a eeieratiou of the govern- ment from buuks was e--.utiul lo the best iulcreiits of the country. ' We shull not attempt to toiiow mm inn.ugu ma ......enta. It was without sophistry or mystifi- cation perfectly plum and intelligUle. IU was followed, by Gon. Thompson inanaxgu- ment on the ,oher side, and inure were one or iwo and reioinder. The dicusioa lasted from about twVlve o'clock till near four. Al the close, number of voicea called fol ; Gen. Whitner, who made a sTIorl addiess, in which he announced mat ha had yielded lo the solicitatiqna ofa large num- Der Ol Hie ClllZeilSOl Ilia vwgliiamiiiai um deairooa of suimortins him for Congress. The day being far spent, and ihe patience of the people probably very warty eusieo, no comem ed bim!lf with a brief atatemeut of hia opinion in fMvor of the IndeHjndent Treasury system. It was agreed between the two candidates, that the canvas should be conducted in fuirncss end good temper. Alter pafloking of the refreshmenl provided f r the occasion, tho couipany dnqiersou. I'thdlfton MtMiengrr. V A LUA BUB TABLE. The followinc tab o. exhibttiiiir at a ainole view the time of holding eluclions, the scats or' govern ment, and the stsloil periods Air the meeting of Uie Legmluiures, of each of the several States in the Union, we" cut from otifl ofour exchange papers, and oresume it will bo found correct. Thuao of our tiubacribors who do not keep files of their pa l)M, will do will to preserve thia talilo for future nuureiae: north LaroU'M Standard. TIME OF HOLDING ELECTIONS. StaUi. Time of holding tleclmnt. Maine, 2iid Monday in September, N. Ilainpeliirc, 2ml Tuemiiy in March, Vermont, 11 Tu "aiUy in Sepleuiber, Masaachuaetts, Uud Monday in November, n.iii j Governor aud Sehator in April, Rliodo Wand, llcKU0DUt)VB- in Apr,i i Aug. ( onnectjrut, lt Aloniliy in April, New Vork, lt Mon. 'I uea and Wed. in Nov. New Jersey, 2nd Tucsilsy in October, Pci)njliinia, 2nd Tiysday in October, . Dei ware, 2nd Tuesday io November, Maryland, 1st Monday in October, Virginia, 3d Tliurmlay in April, Norm Carolina, In July and August, South Carolina, 2nd Monday in October, Georgia, 1st Monday in October, Alabama, 1st Monday in August, Mississippi, 1st Monday In November, ljumaiik, 1st Monday in July, Tennessee, 1st Tiiursday in August, Kentucky, 1st Monday in August, Ohio, 2nd Tuerday in October, Indians, 1st Monday in August, Illinois, 1st Monday in Auguat, Missouri, 1 1st Monday in August, Michigan, 1st Monday in November, Arkansas, 1st Mooday in November, Seatt of Government. Maine, Augusta, N. lluiiliiro, . Concord, Vermont, Montpelier, Massachusetts, Boston, Tims of meeting nf Legislature; , 1st Wed. in Jan. 1st Vd. in Juno. 2d Thura. in Oct 1st Wed. in Jsn. 1st Wed. May, July. Last Wed. Oct. Jan. 1st Wed. in May. 1st Tues. in Jan. 4th Tues. in Oct 1st Tues. in Dec. IstTbur.Jsn. ttienn. IjsI Mon. in Dec. 1st Mon. in Dk. Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Vork, . Now Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, V;rginia, N. Carolina, 8 Carolina, Georgia, Alabaoiar - Mississippi, Louisiana, Tsnoasbes. Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Michigan, Arkansas, I Provide ence, at Newport, illsrttbrd and Hew Haven, . Albany, Trenton, Harrisburg, Dover, Annapolis, Richmond, Raleigh, Columbia, Millcdireville, Tuscaloosa, -Jackson, New Orleans, Nashville, Frankfort, Columbus, Indianapolis, Vandalia, Jefferson City, Detroit, Little Rock, 2d Mun. in Nov. bitnn. 4th Mon. in Nov. 1st Mon. in Nov. -4th Mon. m Oct 4t.ii Mon in Nov 6iena 1st Mon. in Jan. 3d Mon. Sept bien. Last day Dec 1st Mon. in Dec. 1st Mon. in Dec. . 1st Mon in Dec bitnn 1st Mon in Deciienn 1st Mon. in Jan. 1st .Mou. in Jan. In our last number we published an account, ta ken from the Charleston Mercury, of a whale boat cnntauimg Tour Uack follows, having been met off Lurruuck Inle,t, by thearhoouer Ostrich, Captain r.M.is, arrived at Charleston. Since the publication ol the article alluded to, we have derived the following information from a gentleman of this city. - lis slates, that on the 6th ult. being on his way from Savannah to hia planta tion on one of the Islands to the South wsrd of this, in a am iU sloop, he came to anchor in Big War saw, the wind and tide being contrary ; while there, a boat hove in sight, and made towards his vessel. He soon discovered that the persons on board the boat were black men ; our informant waved bis hat for them to come to him, they did so ; he then in quired where they were from they said from the South End of Cuba thai they belonged to a brig, (the name of which is not recollected) which had been a regular packet between New York and Cu ba, but had been wrecked. They taid that the Captain of the brig and passenger bad taken the long boat the balance of the crew the jolly boat The two other boats had made for land, but that they wanted to get to the United States, and had I I aWiaaraiiMl. ii T" " sstaasl lhflMlaVasTaft fl KlIMaaTI I aajaaja aiivw vvwywai Waal 1WSI S " rTrTvT W lJlllgr- Having lieen five day without eatinir or drinking. and asked for food oflr informant had none of his own with him, but obtained a little front his negroes and gave them. A proposition was made for them to come lo Savannah, it being the nearest port, but they did not appear to like thia much said they wanted 10 go to Charleston. Finally, Ihe gentle man agreed to take them to hia house to which they readily assented. Accordingly tbey proceeded to the gentleman's plantation, where they were fur nishedwith food from Sunday until Tuesday when they made their escape. Our informant further states, that the boat con- lained nothing but the individuals and a quantity of sailor a clothing enough to have clad fifteen per sons sn axe and a hatchet be is confident that Ihey were not Southern negroes. The dcacjriptioo given us of the boat; correspond exactly with that furnished by Capt. Elli but lhat it is the same. is, and we have mr doubt lint tl, g, 1, , In Si jut. 1. 1 would hnvu brought I i.o (i II ho not boen very nun h inJinMiod-lP r that intuution on Tumday morning, and Lu they were gone. Savannah (ii.) T-n. . . wPrpiinv ft inn, Vll . UH, ULM ML tillULIM -t--C ' ' OAJjUUB'tfJLVsV: Tiii'umoat KvtiiM), SEPTEMBER 23 i-, Kowax Sifiaioa Covst. 'Ho Sujierlor C f Rowan is in Session during the present week, ' Honor Judge Settle presiding. TLf duck-H B , r J ono, and no trials, a wa can learn, of much import Judge Settle U a boxinea Judge, tod gets ilonj , ' great samnllmos and despatch, h will undone that can be guiatiea bi lo,s b adjourns, t CoL Henry Gilcn, tlie Clerk of the Court Win. ' rioualy inditposrtd, and prostrated with a dianua,! which Immay never recover, has resigned hisofib.t' Junius Kncod lis been appointed lo fill lbs uaa l Henry L Pinckney ha been rs-alectud U,,,j Chsrleston. The tote stood, fir Pinckuey CIO. h,) Lynah 573, Joa. Johnson 203, J. W. Schmidt 1U. j We are informed by the Milltdgeville patx.4' the Governor of Georgia has uauod orders Ckama ' a regiment of eight companies to be raised in tin 1 ern Counties ol the Stale, lor expelling Die Icdiamf. . ' Okcfenokee Swsmp. Fir. New Orleans was, at the last scttunaj fi'fctod by a gang ot iucundiary xUliina a ho havaky the City repeatedly within a short lime. TW tieTpt wajO'Vaade at one time, two of which in large Tires, and heavy loss of property. Picayuus eontsius an account of two mora atlra-' which were not discovered until loo lata to stop ikit' - - - - gX Ilia fl.mii. alu.rt nf an Ttnn.i.. m. and considerable loss of property. COMMERCIAL CONVENTION. The People of the Southern States seeia tokJ ving steadily, tr ough not rapidly.cn the suhpcUl direct trade with Europe through their owe port j meeting has been recently held in Norfolk, it vW resolutions were sdoptnd preparatory to Ilia Cootbv' appointed to be held there in Novembor next Fa all appearancea lliis Convention will be numeromljk tended by representatives from every part ot VirpJ and from the Eastern part ot this State. In October, it will bo borne in mind, a Conreatnl the same character ia to be held in Augusta, ia ik,. the States of Georgia, South Carolina, TentMSKt, North Carolina most probably, will be represents) ' DclegatM. ' - In Novembor, s Convention for the same object at be held in Raleigh. This Convention, it will be rx lected, wu called by the meeting held in GreraWj We hope Delegates will be sent from every Constj i the State to this Convention. While all ogr aV Stales of the South are exerting every effort tortji.. iheir trade, snd improve their condition, shall Nov Carolina remain alone in tlie back ground regtrdls- her situation ! Let hor stand forth, and with the rc seize upon the presont as a propitious momeot h t advancement of her interest, snd honor. j Some movements on the subject of a Cooventica kin. already taken place in Alabama; without aoakt,; people of that State, and Mississippi loo, will act i to act efTectnally, and in concert in this matter a il much importance tj themselves, and tlie wbols&at SENATORIAL TERMS. " " With the close of the next session of Congnsjtl: terms of hfteen United States Senators will eipin- Of thee seven aro opposed to the Administnta, stxare friendly to it, snd two, Messrs. TsllmadgM New York, and Rives of Virginis, are Coaservitim that is, neither one thing nor the other. The tem Mr. B. Brown does not expire on the 4th March, 183 a some have supposed, but oo the 4th March, t Mr. Strange baa five years of his time yet uriMoirs. Th Port sd Nam.. It appears that tjtt.fy and "thelbourt of" the kingdom ToTTfapTea are fiuTol 4 best terms with each other. The Pope lately cUia homage, snd demanded tribute from the King of Nap The Neapolitan minister objected to it, tud onintiii that feudal submission vis incompatible witk the iaaV pendenceof sovereignty, ami that kis 11 ighness, thirty ss chief of a religion whose power pertains sot k) things of this world, had no right to interfere witk tee ral dominions, ...The tribute daraanded waa ttsaiasfn thousand iollart. W suspect that the Neapolitas--vernor will much sooner yield the homage, thai p? i-the tribute. Cotton Manufacture in Rutti. Tlie manu&cttf of Cotton ia Russia, ssys a UN aeeodnt, is fcstsroiis! encouraged by the particular favor ot the Gjvernn a protection is extended, and every inducement a&rW to person, to engage in it A Providence paper tut that a gentleman from one of the first com row bouses in St. Petersburg baa lately been in that CiiJ making purchases of machinery. ' It may be anUc'f tod, from these things, that Russia will soon becoas) important market tor the sale of the raw materitl. 1 The Steam Ship Siriut lately sUrted from Enrlisi on her first voysge to St Petersburg; it is intendeds establish a regular, and direct intercourse betwwa a two Countries. j t ' Equinoctial Oalet These galjas have been vtryrs- lont off the Virainia coast; many vessels hav driven ashore, and disabled, though we have no accoao" of any -serious losses. u.:,-..'-.:;Xr':,w In tlie aort and Cit nf Now York it was set? felt,' on the nipht of the 11th instant: the atoro i some dama ge, blowing down fifteen of the hneat nto in the park, and a number of clumaeyi, no live W however. '"Q Aa far as we bsve learned no great damage bank experienced from its sffecta in this StttoSh f wrecks off our coast, tliough in all probability tbed have been some, yet to be beard of., .1 ' Long Copartnership. The artidk-s of asswiaW the North American Trust, and Banking Compsty ftnttned under the lata N Vnrk TUnkllT? law.) 7" vide lhat tlie Association ahall commeocs io Jaly. and terminate tne 1st ?iovember,2301 Very nice. An Englishman, says a N. Y. PP lately yMted the Falls of Nisgara, snd being wksi opinion of Ihcra replied, " very neat, 'poo booor, rfj neat" . -. Wo tlmik it roMT I i kia' j W i ! !I f i-a ft! Jk hi 1 ,. rtsi Tb rct Tk Jer jeri a act Ti hots D to 0

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