North Carolina Newspapers

    I V, . r. it.viJ !l')iiffo j' y rn f !! Ij'
' h Aujju' i IK" emit hi nothing of materia) In-i-retl'
the t' counts of Invaawn by tha IiiJion ft ikcauu
I I rrniit1t i "I proved Ja'u alarm "Trmijudily
Ih-u.U in every eccli. of h ft.yubllc," M)t the
t i ihtr exacted that In (ha event vf the French
,ei(ii! k-in invaa.neof the country would
again fUxiipti'd t; the .Vetirtns, 11 tiny have bvvn
4y faced to unilii among 4 thotwwlvet and bruih up
it mili'try a little no eppruhvniMi amyn to be en
.i;Jliowevtr,of the C'ia quencof auto ta stent.
The erf throughout tha country ire Mid to prom wo
Ttii twiiliful Riil!ic is not w behind some of her
Jer jieililwf iu tlit warmth of olitieel ditoiiwkm.
jers ii now healed cuittont a-ting on tin qumtmn
Preeideutis, Wa ice 1'ronnivnUij election.
i - il.. .Iih ill fjil. flrivwin. Iftlfe iLmlit aiwma In
tUCC iiw "" 7- V- ' 'i "
ift of tlte election of Gun. foiner to the Pretideney ;
, b oppoiod by Uobert llaon. .
TU Citv of Huuton i Mid to be in a state of im-
ovemtnl in ill moral condition, a well i in bjijm nr
;iod population. . .
David G. Burnet it recommended as a Candidate for
0 office of Chief Justice, to fill the vacancy Dece
rned the death of Judge CoIImgaworth.
The tire in the woods of N. Jersey, which Im been
lict4 bj the papcra at existing fur some time peat was
iha lute account raging with incroascd violence 1
.iiinaoi Drooertv hate been consumedthe confu
tation extending over a apace of country twenty milce
UnatMod Mr Won in breadth ; the timber chiefly
me and cedar. The New York Htar, Mya : "The
...i.nfamoke are aeon twenty mile off", 'and at niiht
L .ir ia filled with a lucid blazo which dima the moon.
Jb wood, and gran are eo parched with the drought,
L the ftainee apread with lightning-like rapidity, pre
liiting at night a acene of unparalleled tublimity.
, houaca, and thotwanda of corda of wood are dc-
(rojed, and it ia foared a number of pcrtona hemmed
by the flamee have perwhed.
Emancipation ia Jamaiti.Un the 1 at of Auguat,
Le emancipation of the negro apprentices took place
tke Inland of Jamaica. f root alt account, tbia oc-
Irrence bu been the eauae of new troublee to the poor
nteri. before ereatlv herraaaod by the apprentice ya
Jin. The N. Y. papera contain extended information
a late data from the Uland. The negroca were at
Yri inclined to be peaceable, and quiet, btit being urged,
U jnatigatod by unpnncipieo iii;e men, not to laour
thoot eaurbiUnt wagea, they had become diaorderly,
Ld refused to labor at all. The Inland remained en-
rely aocultivatod for 10 da ye, in conaequnnce of
ia the cropa 01 augar are falling to the ground, and
$ dropping from the treee and rotting. If thia atate
afbiraeontiDoea, the Ialand will toon become a waste
ie St Domingo. Hore, that moat humane, and cliria
ia futernity, the Abolitiooiata, may tet a fine illuatra
M of tlieir propoaed achemca, carried out
A Cue for Ik htttyr. One of the Siamese twins,
r. Chang, hat been lately arrested in Boston on a
large of assault and battery; hie brother, air. ng,
iry properly refused to be arrested with him, and
reatern in eaae he it molested, to bring an action 6)
line imprisonment Thia will fiiroiidi a knotty caeefer
le eipoondera of the Law, in Busting.
r. p.... t.. 1.. ,1.. 11 ik k. r.ut.
nee A. Brinele. Eia., Mr. JORDAN WISE to Mies
In Uni County, on the 1-ith instant by Uie Iter. A.
Lockridge, Mr. JAMES E. ANDREWS to Jiaa
la Dividaoa County, on th 18th of July, by Jamee
irckhead,Eaq., Mr. STEPHEN G. MILLER, to Mwa
lly SKEEN. Alao, in the same County, on the 25th
9 NBA CODE Y. Aim, in Davalaon County o the
Mot August by Hiram Ward, Eni , Mr. CHARLES
jAV'13,toMlat ELIZABETH 8M1TII. Also, In Da
wson County, on the 5th of Aiiffnst by the Re. Wm.
Psnan, nr. YY1LUAM LUTtlEK, to Utsa XMANCY
FUN. Also, in Davidson County, on the 10th f
ia RACHEL RILEY. Alao. in Davidson Coun.
, oa the 28th of August hy the Rev. Benjamin Ia-
EWBY, daughter of Mr. Rix Newby.
lo Concord, Cahirrua County, on the 17th instant,
AVID STORKE. in the :)l)th rear of hia aire.
be deceased Was a son of the lata Ret. Charlm Ntnrk
I Jung, and auxienaively -k new for- Wrnmgs and
leli llu l;u..l i. . ..i. r 1 1
Ped in the mercantile business, but. for the part four
r me irara na liaa lumn rMullit uT In iha
ttte of iliasiaaippi. In the course of last Spring he
ft PontotOC. and cam nn In NrlK Pjirr.liiia nn vim I
hit fiienda. He wat on the eve of aUrting back to
.isMMispi.hea he waa auddenly taken with the die.
u which, in tha course of four daya, terminated hia
'"wigience. n
Thedeceaaed 11 ramrkKU kiB I In A IwlinM
N friendly disposition. Ua seldom made enemies,
" au nis acquainUncoa soon became hia friends.
1 till Uduatr and MnAimnpa t,a nramnl in thia
NH He lived greatly esteemed by ail who knew
O T uwi"y nttc4 by a long Hat of irienda
V .in 1 urns. .
I M U GransteAFtTette Countv. Tenn.. on Mondav
C!" Augiit after a severe and protracted ill-
L-r- rtuur SHAVERpf thia Town, aged aboj
AT FAYETTEYIIXE....Septlmber 5, 183a
I - fi
a lflti
Molasses,. .
Sugar, brown,
3oa 42
7 a
12J 1
. 8a"
lump j .
"loaf, . . 19 a
Salt . . .70 a
om. . w
.75 a 80
47 tfcVi
. . . . 40
Wheat new,. .lall2i
Wool, .
20 a 25
AT rriifn I 111 a .... . . rw w rtnn
if , i. Mt,.
. 71a
. 18 a 189
. 40 a 50
.450 a MO
u a
Oata, . .
.121 15
Rice, . .
Sugar,. 4.
. itf a 101
. 75 a H? J
"try, .650 a 756
. 10 a 121
,2.ri0 a im
Steel, American, 10 a 124
'"i v. ' . . . a . i- i
.; . .;. w a ua
. 5a
.111 a
. 22 a
English. . . 00 a 14
German. . . 12 a 14
Tallow, . . . 10 a 121
Tea, ; . ; . .100 a 137
. 37 a N)
Tobacco, ma'ftd. 10 a 50
The enp,r.l!,-lr. p.i,onVB, fum ttnj miim a
he country, 1. tl L,,rt .WlHlcf m,tuyth u
M rmU.e.. Uy 'l,ttf rm,,4 tuibow. ! I
Kjti 1 ling from Urn Jk, . h, th, u-ean. aIhJ a.Nl.bming
all muireata sod eU.-. t4 tl.a pa,. of mt Hi iuhli
It Id Itia l.,r..l ... I .1 . I 1 . . .. '
.. inrl,r., iimnmm U( UI4II
Ihegeiwral charaHrrc tlio Cmii.-r ia will known.
It eolllinae Contain TmUm Xrrm;. II .... . 1 ! v.
myl arlKliw on 8ci.ivii, Wwhanica, A?ticulture,
Vi , 7i . 1 mmm'"Jt -w I'UbiicatMMia, HlHjie.iic,
J he bilk Culture, llonHMtie Intelligence, llotlth, Kdii
Catiiifl. Aonmuiiutiii. I !...., at..,
ainj Miweliaiiy.Tln Market, HmiHtroua IWical A
tll'lM A tlt kll ..ll.u. .ii I .
iwi ,imiu;r viariiMHMJ 10 a KilllxTfai
fuman Jinnnt- 'uruialiing altngfther as vaat, and we
brieve, aa imxreling a variety a. can be Uod in any
othr Journal Mwucd in the World. ' '
Our errangeoiente enable ua to draw from the whole
ranae of the current Litrature of Kumi, and our Cor
rwonndwiia at home embrace many of lU beat WriWra
of the Cuuntry, ,
Tbiaipnned Fami!y paper iaftricUy neutral in pol
tics and n-liwiun, and the uucuniDruniUinir
all Quackery. ,
eHW t)K A STORY lljQ
IV airoua U add intereat 10 the column of the Cou
rier, we offer c premium of MM) fUU, G tl.. tm,mt
tory that may be stmt ua before Die iirat of November
next to be aubmiltod to the decision of the following
gentlemen, well known in the Literature of our country.
Juaeph R. Chand'cr, Robert Morris, Orenville Melleo,
laiiimi urrmi, tt.
To tlMi writers who may ennd ua Talee, which may
not Uke the prize, but which we may wish to publuli.
we shall aend an entira anl i,t tb i uun at VkiUiL
phitt, by the celrbrated Wild, embracing Twenty of
ui jirotniiH-ni witiuingeoT onr crty, aecompanicd try
letter and IWical Illuatratume.
The price of the Courier ia onle irX includinrr tha
View of Fsirmount and Uirard Colfetre. tot PAR MO.
A'o. 70 Ik k Street,
Opposite the Exchange, Pbilad.
For t20 we send Im copitiat.lhe Courier, for a
yar, and the Wurkt of CapL Marrvatt and Mr. Bui
wer, rmbraeing eighteen A'ovrft tf the -matt popular
Work! of the W rr
For a 10 Bill we tend Five copies of the Courier,
with the Works either of Capt Marryatt or Mr. Bulwer.
' For a $5 Note, we acrid to any subscriber, tha CoO
rier,or m year and the Taveirf y rievi 0 VkdMpkia,
by Wild, eutire.
Editors with hom wo exchange, at well aa others,
will place ut under obligations by eopyiuir the above.
To all who do so, wf shall not only feel gratified to
send the Courier, bat we will, on their sending aa a
copy of their paper containing it immediately forward
them, by return mail, Twnof tke moat beautiful news,
of Fair mount and Oirmri College, that have ever been
got up. To those Editors to whom we promiaed the
ifnum vtewe, which we published in the Courier, on
their noticing the fact on a conv of their inner, wo will
send Ukmo of Fairmimnt and uirard Cidlega inatead,
at a trifling regard for tlioir polite compliance with our
wianes. .6
NOTICE is hereby, given, that application will be
made at the next General Aiwoinbly, to aboliab
juries ot Hie tounty t-ourt or Kowan
September 20, 1838. tml
THE Patrona of the Female School at Lexington,
have tiie uleaaure to inform the public that they
have secured the service of Slisa sab A. crriAKxa,
for the next rear. Six or eicht advanced Punilt
can beJakeov into tha School. The superior qualinca
lionsof Miaa Stefrti, and her popularity aa an Instruc
tress in the niftier brancnea or an Academic course, re-
rommendeda her School intlhe strongest manner to those
who wmIi their daughters instructed in a thorough
course. The He hoot will commence on the 1st or uc
tober and it ia very desirable that entrancea should be
maun at that time or tory soon titer.
The Terms will be such as are common 10 Institutions
of the kind.
September 20, JS39 : .1. 3L
A LL persona Indebted to the Brtate of GEORGE
- MONROE, deceased, either br Note or book ac
count are requested to call end pay th same wilh.nit
delay, and all those to whom the said Geort Monroe,
dee'd. are indebted, are requested to present tlmir ao-
counU within the time preacribed by Law, legally au
. Mil. 1 J t : .
loenucaieo, or wis nonce win ue pieaueo. in oar againai
their recovery.
' JAMES OWENS, admr.
Sept 18,1833. - ' - -
THE Subscriber has been eugtged lor enwardaoften
veara in theimnroved plan of BUSHING MILLS,
nd other Machinery when worn, or heated. By hie
kethod. Irona of sillier upright or boritnntal Gudgeon,
as also the bush for the Spindle and Ink, run much
lighter and .steadier than those on Die old plan. T: e
great trouble ot wedging ana repau-ing me opiouie,
Cranks, and Gudgeona are aaved when run on, or in
these Bushes and Inka.
An oeraoo wiahinfl- to procure machinery of thia kind
can be supplied by making application to the Subacri-
ber by letter, at Mncfcaeilie, Uavw eoonty, s. Kj,
L" A. gilbert;1"
September 20, 1839. .
A-S" Tl.a iSiituwilisr UMiiitd rrr an nno wialiinir in
formation on the subject, to Dr. of the Edi
tors of the l.aroliniin.
Yvfottc 8ac.
raiTii? ..Wrikar will aktll at ruihlie Sale, at Lie reai
I . . . . . - i n
dence. 00 the main roaa letuing irora mown a c-
. . . . . 1 .t7 .1 1 t ....
ry, to eaiem, on monoay me 10m wwwr nvn iut
tiitah!ai Prn. liivr hi(4 lloir. Cowi
and Calvea, Faiming Utenaila, Household and Kitchen
furniture, together with many oioer aniciea 100 womna
' September 20, 1838. '
THE House and Lott situated on Main street, be
tween the residence of Mr. Crawford, and Mr
Ficher, will be rented until the 1st January next
For terms apply at thia office.
U ANA WAY fMHfi the Hubavribrrnn ih liiih of Au
Ku4 laat, an imli-nuH apiirt nln to Hit Tanniiij
IJlMIIM-M, B.IHrJ Juil.N lOW f. Kit. The Mid b v ia
aiKiul Vil years and aix ohmiiIis old. about ba li-. i ii.iub
inclxa hiy h, and had on. when he Iff), a bin ikn f
fain rwinial.i,tnd a black hat aith a emill rim. The
public la hewjl.y forewarned from hrU,niiji r eM)i!i).
ing said boy, aa I will eiilite the law aauial all who
do an. Any prrxm brmi'ing the said boy to me. thai)
receive the above reward, Ut nn thank.
Rowan, Sept ail. KJ1. 3t
'PHE Suhacriber bi'ga lm'ye to i
- Kalubury al ita ticinily, IU
inform the enur-i.aof
IUI he has etrfiimfnenl
the Utitclirriui boaineaa, and will
be fnind it lb Maikt UiNwe av
try Monday, Wed in aduy and Fri
day iiioriiiiiya, with aa fund B.f
ae tha Mnuutaina etn illi.rd. and
will acll at Uie fidlowing prkea: .rn.qurt r. choice
piece, I ) i hind-qiiirter.choict pieces, 51 , bv tl wfwlf
quarter, 4 and 5 eonta. -
' A. C, McIXLUNa
KaUbury. Sept 20, lMi 3t
4 hi. persona indebted to the Subscriber are reapect
fully requested to come fteward. on or before the
244 day f Auguu next, and make payment. The
Muiwrntmr wiu iwii gratified tbM notice is heeded,
but must inform all Uk whom it may cincern, that af
ter the day above mnntinn they moat settle with John
II. llaruio, tq., or air. iHvtd Kerna.
Saliabory, Sept 20, 1W. . 3l
U ANA WAY from the Hubacnber on the 2h in-t.
two indented appn-ntieea to the lilackabitlis B11-
aineaa. named UYKIUK. MII.IJH and ALLISON
MILLER, 1 wdl give one bushel of Cjal for Die an-
prehenaion and delivery of said hoys to me, or one half
bushel for either of them ; but will pay no other charges
nor offer any thanks to those who may do it All per
sons aro hereby forewarned against harbouring or em
ploying uie saiu uoys, aa 1 am aetermmoa to enlorce the
law against any who may do. so.
Davie county, Sept 20, 1838,
NOTICE is hereby given, that I will apply
next General Assembly of the Hia to of N01
to the
rth Car-
olina, lor an Act to charter a
Yadkin river, near Haifa mill.
Sept 20, 1838.
Bridce over the South
rTHE Yadkin and Catawba Auociatitm Jlaeet, will
X begin at Salisbury , N. C. on Tuesday, the 0th of
November next when the lollowing puraea will be
run for.
Fir it duy.A Piwt Stake 2 years old, one mile out
lubscrlptton : (A0.00, To chaw the day prwinua to the
Race. On the same day 8 year olda, loila heata, sub
scription : f 100,00. To close the day previous to the
'lil day. Two mile heats. Pur-e : 200,00
3d day. Mde heata. Purse: 150,00.
4'A day. Bast 3, in 5 mile heata. Purse: $100,00.
And Uie entrance money of the previous days added.
Salisbury, Supt 13th, 1838.
HpIlE Subscriber wishes to inform his cualomera
:juMljlie public generally, that he. atill carrie
8fone Cuttins Riisiiif ts, ,
and ia ever ready to execute, in a very superior
mu nner, all descriptions of work in Ins line.
Gold-Grinders, Mill-Stones, Window and Door
nillt, Door-ttept and Tombatonee, ar execuied in
a very rare aty le. Ilia grit for Mill-Stones ia very
good. Mr. Philips also begs to inform lb public
that he can execute Engravings of various kinds
He will Engrave marble-elaba neatly, and granite
tomb-at ones can be well executed if desired. Ilia
chargea ahall alwaya be reasonable, end as accom
tnudating at possiUe,
Per his wishing to have work done in the above
line, will do well to call at tlw reeidence,Hf Mr.
Philips, seven inilea snuth of Salisbury.
r"AugusT24,1838. 7 If '
THE Subscribers, Adminisiratora of the Estate
of Jok Furr, dee'd. will proceed to sell, on
Tuesday,' the 2d. day of October, next, at the late
residence of the dee'd., seVCII llfjtiwai, a
woman and aix children ; tlie aaoie being property
TeftTiy aaToTu divrstort-arrwrigst
the Legntees. A reasonublo credit will be given
to purchasers. ' "" y
JAMES iYOUMd, yrrr
Cnbsrrua co., Aug. 80, 1838. ' 12:4t
just, returned from Philadel
phia, with a very , , .
Fine Asworlinrnt
f lltaa atrwaatasi aa as thaa rC n
ui ativ buwtu as iiviv) vi wh
S entirely new fashion. A large
'f jLr1" f sawioiBtii i -p ,
" Superior RAZORS find KNIVES,
lie can safely say thai his assortment is superior to
any in the western part of the State. Call and see.
$3" Watches and Clocks repaired aa usual, and
warranted for twelve months.
Salisbury; Nov. S,183TT
IN pursuance of a decree of the Court of Equity
for Cabarrus county, at August Term, 1838,
I will sell at the late dwelling house of John Furr,
deceased, on Tuesday the 2d of October next, one
Tract of Land, on which (he widow of the dee'd.
now lives, containing three hundred and six-ty-flye
Acre, adjoining the lands nf Alexander
Kiinmons, William L. Meek and others. Also,
one other Tract, containing sixty tWO Acres,
adjoining the lands of acob Coleman, Esq., Peter
Earnhart, and others.
The above Tracta of Land will be sold on a cre
dit of twelve and eighteen months, the purchaser
giving bond and security.
, WM. BARRINGER, c. . .
By R. CvCabson, dep. tf.
Concord, August 18, 1839, 12:4t
J its
The ia aa extraei from a fortheomlnff work
of Dr. I'trtora, tin dwrovuror of the cikbrand Vgo-
utiiw Arili liilhim 1'iiia.
"IIxaitii, wealth, ami enjoyment, are the .three
prime obfocUi of lite. The w jiruier are only sought
at a means to obtain the latter. Man seeks ftr wealth
at a nutans of eiijnynwnt But vain la soch purauit
without the ooewioti of health. Without bodily vcr
and atrengtii, neither the physical nur Uie mental nei
ther the loner nor 0a outward man is capable ot any
aehwveinent whHher of wealth or of enjoyment
Mm ana in corpm aw so a sound mind in a sound
bot!y ia the una qa rtos tii tbfolule requiiite for
tny efficient eft ft in the attainment of human enda.
The mind may be active, but if lite body be feeble, then
ia Uie mind active to little purpose, '"fiujoymeut ia not
there j end the fittest laid piausara rendomd sbortiva
by the ahattercd conditio of our tenement of clay.
But say Uiat a man coo Id obtain wealth tint he could
acquire the gold of Opine, and biing borne all the Irea
aurea of the mines of Uolcraida, yet without Jiealth,
where would be hWhapptneas! ile would be misera
ble in the uiidatof h.ajfoldand hia diamonda: he would
pm away id wrcicliodootai and despair and be would
exclaim with the wise man of old, "All ia vanity and
vexation of spirit I" Ilia limbs are racked with pain.
and he cammt rest ; hia appetite ia gono, and hs loalhes
his tout; hia stomach is oppreaaed wiUi nausea, and be
turnaaickeniiig tway at the bounties of a munificent Pro
vidrnce. He would five all ha la worth nay, all the
world.ifhe had it-for then. lor.butlieaUhyman'iapputits.
Ploase five me." said a hunirrr wretch, toa wealthy.
rR eble man" Please give me sixpence to buy me a
morsul r.f find 1 am alinost turned 1"
I would give a thousand dollars tor your tetits.
id the rich man. as be banded tha hunirry ens a dollar.
Of eo much importance kt turalth
a to the
1 snjnynent
of Itfo!
But whereto, methinks I bote '.be reader ask, sub
serves thia bomily oo so plain and backnied a subject t
Do we not all know the value of health t Do we not
all attend to it aa one of the chief) if not tha cbiefest
concerns of our. mortal ex late nee 1 Do we not employ
the means to attain and preserve it ! Do wa aot lay
out money do we not foe physicians do we not follow
their advice do wa not swallow their prescriptions t
True moat true - gentle ra-dur.lhou dost all things,
we dare sty, and more, bull, wa cannot believe our
homily 00 health to be altogether unoecoaaery. Aa in
morals, so in physio is it requisite to have M line 1 poo
line, and precept upon precept." Men in health forgot
that they may be sick ; and mea ia aickneaa do not al
waya employ the most judicious means to attain health.
Very true, Doctor men do not aa you aty, alwaya
pursue the right road to health. Now, 1 know of some
people who are alwtya dosing themselves wkh physic,
tnd running to the doctors and apothecaries every day
of their lives. Tbey Uke, I verily believe, a cart load
ot drugs in a' year, and yet they are nut well after all.
Do you Jtnow the reason 1
Why, yes, in my opinion, there are two rettnns. In
the first place, they take tod much medicine, and in the
second, they do not Uke the right kind. 1 used to make
the aame mistake. But lately that is to say for two
or three years past Pye hit upoo a better plan. 1 Uke
Dr. Patera's Vegetable Biliuua fills, and 1 doriva more
benefit from one dollar laid out in them, than I used in
paying Btty in any Ibriner pursuit of health, besides sa
ving a world of nausea and disgust in swallowing an en
ormous quantity of medicines. Do you knowDr.Pctere!
Very well.
"And have you ever token hia medicine t"
"I have; I were a blockhead else."
" They tell me he is none of your quacka, who on
dertake to mend and regulate the human machine,
without so aioch aa knowing of what parte it consists,
and how they are put together. They say be under
stands anatomy and physiology, I think you call them;
and is aa familiar with botany and cheiniatry aa 1 am
with the road to mill."
M You are right informed. Dr Peters is no empiric
He does not undertake what he does not understand.
He was regularly bred to the healing art He has
spent years ia th acquisition of knowledge; be bta de
voted himself to the study of the human frame, and the
diseasea to which it la aubjet and now he ie applying
hie sequwitions to tha relief of tuflcring humimiy..
He dots not put forth the absurd claim so often ad
vanced by the inventors of patent nostrums namely,
that of curing all diseaaea with a tingle prescription f
Such a pretence he would deem shoot ss difficult to
wallow, aa to Uke the nostrums of tlioae who put it
forth. There is no such medicine. There is not and
never was, a panacea for all diseases. The veorrtax-a
iimois nixs pretend to no such miracle. But what
is infinitely better, they eOect whatever tbey undertake.
Thev keerrthw word of -promise to the stomach, sod the
prima via which th-y make to the ear and eye.
And that indeed s no sugni reoomtnenuauun. ut
ire the complaint, to which these Pills are adapted few
nor far between. The disorder! arising from a morbid
atate of the Hie are, unfortunately, many, distressing
and fatal. A large proportion of all the fevert, espe
cially at the South and in the marahy districts, are
owing to thia cause, from the distressing ague and fe
ver, which almost shakes asunder life eod limb, to the
fearful " Yellow lack," which seldom quits' his victim
without asundoring soul and body at be tokea hia leave.
Conversant from hia previous practice, with disease,
in all iu formi, which originates of the disorder of Uie
Bile, Dr. Peters wat firrt Ted to employ bis kuowledga
and experience in the preparation of a medicine which
should prove efficacious in thia large class of diseases,
which should should relieve the aching and dixxy head,
and restore the nauseated and loathing stomtch, at the
aame time that it prevented those, more fatal effecU
which are so apt to follow from their imprudent neglect
For thia mimosa he Dre Dared, with much care and a
jtiitt adaptation to the purpose, the Vegetable Biliout
fills, which he W nappy 10 say, irom long experience
and the abundant testimony of those who have employed
them have answered, more than answered bit most sen-
iriiina aincrtntiona.
"It fa nut hn owD mem asseiiion inav yotisrsrwsii'M t
r.- . . 1
upon to believe. . It is not the ipse dixit of tny aingle
man tnougil ne waa aa groai aa uaiu 01 myyiam
that you are to pin your faith upon. . Neither al
though it is said in the sacred volume thttj? by jbe
mouth of two or three witnesses shall all thinga be es- . - -- ,A twit ion. in m amall a niimlwr
uuiwiteci aio jvw w w:w.w ... M......
only I "A cloud of witnesses" is before you. They
are too numerous to be easily overlooked ; they are too
intelligent W oe careiessiy uuani , nicy miw iw ictjiw
Utile to be eligbtly regarded. , .
Unliauino li iMatimnnv nf thnafl whnaa
experience is the best of the truth they atrt Dr.
I'eters naa inrown togemer in uie ioiiuwhi jmaoa, a
few of the many hundreds of testimonials received from
every quarter when his pills lit come intouse. They
are left to speak for themselves. Tbey are the woiMa
of those who ipetk what they do know, and testify
what thev have teen and experienced." .
Be careful and enquire for Petera' Vegetable Pills;
they are sold in Salisbury by John Murtihy ; id Lexington
k. I P n,l in Pharlntt hv WilliamaaV Bovd.
of whom they cm be had at the N. York Wholesale prices.
f If It f t ' f f!...
J M.t it M ii j a . , 1 ,.,!.,
rj 'pUN AWAY fiMit t!i anUrr.l.rr I ItOi.'I.N, who el it
y 1 the!; i hot Ua u!,i, tlf c. u-
f fcf wltatevrr, ami it in he!i,;ted Le Hill , n-
J yS) I d"tof to nmka hi way ,i U Hi((, ot
I (J I W ,,,1'r,'l bright fi!i-
m J.J lallo, sluot six fl i t IiimIiI a ai'i lnt.a.
7 fulir man. avt-rj shout 42 .ira: 4,.. ma
fore tooth miming, or a wls i ti.iii hia t t
tm th; haaa star on wia4 hiacliork bnrKit.ttii.ifd
by a burn adu-n voonif, and the mark t tver rot nn
one ( hi thumUa ! hs is very lutd of sin, ita, at4 M.t'8
drunk, i veryuutragiMHM, IJms baa woiktf m s 'l as
yard fin 2(1 years, and ia a very ot4 Tanner ami tur
ner. Ile is alios gwaj coaras Ma Maker, am.' carrtvd
away Ins bails with hint. .
I will give the above rewtrJ fs the anpft henaHii and
ronflnenu nt In jail of Rol in, so that I g.H l.un tuani.
Any p-wsun spprHnHMltn said nrm, will pleaas ad
dres to me at Oxford, North l andina.
Oxlbrd. B.b Pept.,l38. 4 1 if
. iioimci: 11. iti: aizd,
1 1 ESPECTFL' I.LY Il.fofiiui l.ia arul tha
I ntjl.lifi. that he still came mi Iha TA II Jill.
I NO liUSlNKBS at his old stand on main street,
next door to Ilia Apothecary Store, lie is aver
reaay 10 execuie me oruer 01 ins euatoninrs in a
..-.1- . , . . . .
yie sua maimer not aurjmawu rjy any workman
I the western part of tha Slate, lie ia in tlx re.
Iiilar receipt of tha latest LmkIoii and Nf w.York
r'ASIHONS, ami prepared to accommodate the
laataa it ika at all linui.
D7 Cutting gnrnienta of all kinds attended to
orcmntlv t and Ilia latest I aaliioris fjmi-lii.d at all
times to country tallies, and itstrwritons given in
..:.... ICIIIt ..... I 1 lAua .
vuiiiii(a iraiiwHirT, on, 1, -ij,-.
THE Stibscrihsr ukes this method of Informing his
frtviuta and hia Ba-wiaa aaJ ll.a Jlui
f eocrally, that he baa returned to hia old stand Mtlio
" Town of Llncolnloa.
Ha returna hia thinks for the liberal patrooaes hereto.
fore extended to biro J and bopet by a cooluiuttioo of
bit former attention to his business, to merit IU contin
uance, WM. SLADIi
September 0, IW
1MIE Subscriber olTers tor Sale the followinir vahia
ble property. Ivins? in the town of 8 i ATKaVILLC
North Caroliua. Five adjoinins Iu la said town, 00
which is the "CAUIX HUl'bla". Alao, directly op-
waa 1 tat aai i.l 1 f. alail aa lvaar aa 1 rtt swatt si in i nee tai at lw I
s a-sass iwivi mm a as wviitiiiiii vir vaiatis f-tas aa
Acres, on which there is a good Biacksiaith Shop.
100 AX1U1H
of good Iind adjoining tha Towa J Iwvnty-four Acres
31 wnicn are onuur gooo cuiiivtiion, ami seven Acres
of excellent mrodoto. The arable and meadow Jjenda
ara anrloaMl. tha mat ia is timber. Alai. nair Ar.rea
contiguous to Uie Methodist Chruch. The fiwr Acres,
together wnn tne aoove 01 one ana ntii,ara ins
property ot James r iiarnin. ,
L'.. n-mm .....I. tj, Will m II. .hia tTm -I Ik.
- Village noHV r vv. sones, m u -Mgia ituhii
or to James P, Harbin, opposite Eaglt Hotel, in lb
...... . . I . n , m . . u t. 1 II. IM
Town or BUieeviue. , , ,
September 8, lKld 6t
Cheap, thf ap, we ry XJri I
Qf( PeeCcott,
iVU 21j pjoce, brown Domestic,
SO do. Kentucky Janes, " -
48 da Northern Linseya,. ..
, 2tW Negro Blankets, . 1
15cws Fur Hats, , . , . '
8(1 dox. Heal akia Caps,
lJWMI Iha. Hemlock leather.
fldox. flne Calf Skins, ' '
2150 pair coarse and floe Brojrana, tt
4(1 do. Seal and Calf akin Boots
fit) do. Carrvall lUuiee,
0 bhda. ilolassot, . ... . - .
10 do. Sugar,
60 oart tuW,-tocethff with a general
assortment of all kinda of GOODS, just received and
for Sal Wi wbolessJa or rettil, by -..z-.-
I, 61 W. nlUKl'MY.
Salisbtiry, Sept. d, 1888. Ct
Ymato lcjiietiammcnV.
INFORMS his frienda and tha puh.
lift llial lia liaa laLan tha ITruiaa
m iivt -
merly occupied by Uol. wm. r. Ivel
Iv. in tha town of Mockaville. Diivie
crmnty.-wttTi ihrvtevmof keerring-PRI VATE KN-
TERTAINMKNT.. The House ia roomy and
comfortable aud io the business part of the village.
The subscriber pledges hit best exertion to ren
der satisfaction to all who may call on him. Ilia
TAB LE will-at all timet be supplied with the
best tha country affords, and hia BAR stocked
with tha choicest Liquors. ' Ilia Stables are ex ten-
tive and safe, will be well eupplied with good fro.
ender, and attended by a first rata Hostler.
Mockaville, Feb. 2,1838. If
RESPECTFULLY informs hia friomlt and tha
public, that ha ia still at his old business of
annul imitsa Rmilk nf Rjilinhorv. nnd slfOIlt 1 a. Klilfl
from the old Charleston Road, whore he it prepar-
.a a t 1 a' 1
ed to accffftiWHiaw tnone wiMnins worn in nm itne
. . a t I t
Ile now has on hand ana lor ante, a goou tuppiy 01
M f f.ISTONF.S. of various sizes and prices, from
anaworkmansnipi awo wiitiT oiui, irom
. an. . . . v a ar at ja ja 1 m. . .a fff t
. ' . . , nrfl t rutir elf I u r...
92 to f 2.00J UOOK SI irom vv to wkiu.
from f5ty to seventy-five cetilajTOMB STONES
from S10 to 613; GOLD (up than) GRINDERS
$10 a pieco.
The Suuscriber Hopes ty cioee aiiention to ousi.
nesa, and his determination to furnish none but tho
hunt article, and on reduced terma, to merit and
roceivo a liberal portion of public patronage.
ate. ' ." ' A 'SWA t0fS . aW- '
Uowan County, April ia, teoa. . , im
COPAL Varnish, English Talent Japan Varnish,
Cabinet Sizing, Japan used for painting, Var
nith for Paintings and Drawings upon paper, &c,
made, and will be kept constantly on hand for sale,
wholesale or retail, by
Stutosviile, Iredell co., N. C. 12:3t

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