North Carolina Newspapers

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tl, loJ TaU, fuvinf in tkm Htiliiy or inue
Mt,r butb-lIiToii-L nTt ! Rimui-
(taM Of BU too miltUl fur UmHXJ, JH t(Mnl
m Lnwpf Om tUflv of the wvrk. And uf HMligm'xju
parti I, tnoiifh M pol!M!l nmtnivr of no mrta
niclo Maifaal and to eullil lh ixwnj pucO
ol "4 ialetU of oar eoonijy
.Dm U'ttai ppcr, fuf meret rtwnillo drmnd ouch
ufk tnd not on kluiM. but many. Th pntilie
tiiad foerh tod imtitrd aitll, from rt)t H'U-I
UitraiTb nurt, aKiai influence of Liimluro k
lai, to IUjr tbal forcr, tnJ mvii thai ImtatHin,
Vm and (4ly at riulf triad i TVy annuld be
dmta, by MxJifnant rebuke, ot 'ab(d by nJtcule, into
Ibttr biuflf tuunia. Jrooranca fcirda h over kn
mom prfrwtiuo ol our ooople: Ettry aprinjr aliould
It art m anuUin, t trouae I ha aolichtenN, and lo nv
art tbeir naaiber ; ao that lha rwl enemy of pnpu
Jar tuemmrnt mar do lunger brood, lika a portenUiua
doJl, oter tha dilmieaoT uor country. . And U ao
ompliah all Uieaa and, what mora powerful Knt can
bt ampJnyed, titan a pefioJxil. oo the plaa ol lit Ma
ararer; II uiai pian a mil oarrwo oui ia yrmKwi
The Huvtm peculiarly rwinirea aoch aa agent In
II the Union, South of Wasliiogtoo, tbera ar but two
htenrj periulicaU! Northward of thai city, there
art probable at lea! twenty-five or thirty ! la thtacinv
tnat Juat.bed by tha wealth, Iht leisure, the native
talent, or lha ncntal literary luate, of lh Nouthern peo
pie, frxnpercd with lln of the Northern I So: fit
ia-wraith, ulenu, and Uate, wa may jiwtly claim at
MMea uptnlilf with our bretliren; and a donieotic
bxtitutiofl exeluirly our own, beyond all doob'.,al
foma if w cliooae, Uice lha loiaura R.-rreadinand
KTitiaK, shicb they etijny.
It waa from dix-p aenee of Uiia heal want,thaV.the
word BoBtaraa waa aiutrarted oo Um nam of tblt p
radical: a iid not with ant deaiiro tonourudi local pre-
jodieeor to advocate aupuoaed local lirloreat Far
IroM any ruch Uiought. it u the Editw'a fertenl wWi,
lo aea thaJMtJ aod South huond aadamely loeotUcr
rorarer, in the rtlkm band of mutual klndneaa and af
fiction. Far from medilatinf Aoii bt the Nunh, he
bat already drawn, and ha bopon hereaHer lo draw,
asocb of bia ehoiceat matter theoca : and bapiy indeed
ill be deem himeelf, ahoald his paj", mng each
region know lha othor bettor, contriouta in any een
Ual deprea lo dnpel lha lowering elouda that nn
Ihreatrn the poace or both, ami to bnghioa ana aircnyiu
eplheaacrod tie of fraternal W. . r
. Tha SouTuea LiraaABi Mmmmm baa now eonv
plclcd id rostra volume. ' IIuw Gir il baa acted out
tha Uea hera uttered, is not for the Editurloeay. He
belierea, however, that it falla no! farther ahort id" them.
thaa bDmaq weakncaautuaily ruakua i'rurttct laiunon
rf Tarary.
Uocembcr, ' AN J M US.
IVinj; in L Gunyrt during Ihe month ftf June,
I waa tempted by Ihe Itent ol Iho lowlHim i twine
in Ihe aea. ,1 awam .nut to eome rocln which Uy
quarter of mile from th ahora, and liter died
lo oick un soma beautiful ahella. Aa I cot near
lha hot lorn I balanced mvsclf in mid water, lo ob
acrvea most beautiful phenomenon. It Icing noon,
and Ihe aun croaking the equator, near which Binndo
JLaUuavia.hta beams were re Heeled witn eurpasa-
Ljnf apleodor on rlie surface ol ihe water, which
wefe2"!tnion into nuDlini! wavea by lhe til any
breeze: theae little wave were reflected cmi ihe
jnndy bed of the tea, which reflection ahowed like
k Wiving and ahifling net of burnished silver. , I
aw lha net with pleasure,- at retched aa far aa my
y$e" .could pacb,'aiva my owd aiiailow, an il were,
Wiercepled iu ; Suddenly Ihia waa oversnnuowen
bythenKM ternfio obiwt. I itvwantiy caw my
eves unwa
Irighl above
H nalu. w w - Vl,i:ah in those aeas. un-
dor tbe kppetUtinn or ehovel-noSttd shark, least
e itm gWrioa aloft, and observed hit g "? W
that iJUed at once stupidly dull, and fright fully
.-r..... , Tk;.unm ken waa uirecitu
.IMIIWII',11,,, - 1,1. " - n . L.,
uponme; its greedy mouth was oprtmnj and hut.
liuff; aa if iu anticipation of awallowmg me.. 1
awam atill under water, to-another place im
could observo, by the ahndow' of Ihe rnmwter, lhal
M atill followed, me f upwards I dared Ht loK.
but in vain tried to dodu my lormenlor, whore J
.topped,ho itoppcd. and Ro where I yruld,till ht
shadow fell uiKin mci W lial was to be done r y
atrength and" broalhere Jo ;gg ',? r"?'t era ion. to comei
1..- ..LP. was mno3 hie 1 and nenerwiuu .
.ui. 11.1.1 lltll " " 1
I ri warn In mulia fiir lh i lWt )f nerditioll.
? - I aauk i. ih l.d f the bav to arm myself
vme cotkh ahelU: these might hive been ot son
. J. "
- --- --
Uw.'cMild I have .vained the surtnee 01 ina wi
k.M in which 1 might have hu.Vd iliear at;
. ;' wwrmmia bead. But no, Ihe alia ju
retl,at I could not long remain below, or.d be
oVier'iiind lo rai( It itm I ri-. ri(.'ily a ray
of bU'Mi tfw thui acr m Unughtd uun-l
I wa Uaul rk Ht tta l a anult rU-( through
Hi film, wliHb iir lU had of (H Uf had a
lxfinifalji4' diulliarlM I had .fln gni
i Ail id wt-f a)i)i drara f.r aJrniua ail l
ha chan I awam, ami wan Ufi aot drU.J into
Ihi rMriaMiiu pari iif il
! I did lhi, 11k btJMH Bh beeamaj. I' late.
war of my nxi.anjrr J ami from tit preir if
! water, i iirauM aeo.iiiia Unit n tunk down
Inwards ) but lha ! uf ,fa trunk ma l'
quu li lur bun, even in bia own rtemffnt. 1 iavd
throujjh lit ImriS'mtal ptMae, and in a iiwtafil
I wa Ui)d up ihrnujgh lha irriical cavity of lha
ruck, and u ti lha aortam i,f iho wamr, kIummI
aurf-atM), lo inliiU th birswd air. Hull ih pjr
euiojf e.drril T.illowwJ il bud alo (ntr ltalf
lhruujh tU apmura of the rra b.M wlther Ihia
waa Ion ainaH eaa ly in admit it enormous h-ad, I
know 4 ( rerttii, I am that Ida hark di I n-.t m
Hmi ch ft ft KHne uimuloa alter ma, lly line I in
I aloud vpHghl upon tha Mrk,oa which there were
Iwu or Hirer f..r of water, and a few rapid atepa
bfrnilii iihi out of immediai dnnirrr. 1 bud Hl:d
pan of tha rik which raa out of ihs water, al
tboogli (rdiric bul bad f -itinjj, it being as sharp
M Ilia b ade of bt oar. O.e Ihia, bowaver, I
o4,aa lha nMiaiar amerifd from ihe paaMjte.anll
puhwiuj na a mad ruh toward when I M'iuf,
Ihi I wraa out of He element j it raNn. iia huge
bead, as if to aatertain lie re I waa, and in Ibis
Instant, I burled ona of I lie conch shrlla, which I
atill brld in my Immla, at bia head, with torn rf.
(etas to a on lh fUh. It txtw lay nnHmn
ayq.uieni'i aasti I, j threat ih edgea
of lha rocka Irom cultinf my teH, was ourrfw l
kneel, aiui partly toaoppirl myaelf with mi hands.
I now erreived the fUb pUliint lha water upon
Ihe robe, till ihey wera in a foam, Ihe (art waa. rt
as high ImIo when wa both came up, and aa Iho
water was f( receding, il could rwd get off for
want of depth. Home minutes bad elapaed era 1
perceived iia predicameni, for my attention waa di
reeled lowa.rda the ahor, In which dac I called
for eucceas, using; every erUmaiiNi of dialrvaa
thai I rvrolleclrxl. At length tha flh became Com
pletely hiijh and dry. and I perceived lha danger
of my Into mortal foe, but fell on generous pity fr
htm. I now fcarlowily changed my unwaay posi
tion, and atood upright on Hie flat parte Ihe rock.
I waa loo much eihnusted by my late adventure,
In essay swimming ashore and saw, with joy, a ea
one, approaching me. - One of three mn in her
proved lp be) my old friend, Joae Garcia, who be
ing inrormed of my lata ecpe, railed out "EMiita
Maria I it ia rf capita art mrrta. m harbor
master) thai is on the mck t" 1 mutt inform Ihe
reader thai I hove he.irdof a large and well known
shovel-noeed shark, called rf capita drt putrio,
hn, in the lu of A duayra, was a well known
a Tort ItnvalTtMii waa i Jamaica. Whether
my late fin vaa the identical tl capita del purrto,
I cannot lake upon myaelf la any, bl and Ihe
two nien in ihecnnoe, treated him with littlo cere
mnny; lliey beat the helpleaa ahark'a head with
their puddles until ho was again stunned, and fin
ished him by cutting oil Ma I ui, and running a
matcbeli ihmoglt bis bruin. rVarwT J4rnoV.7'
v" . - ; ' ; . -;
napdij:om, - . v;f
Aa regarJe CnglawU France, Roeaia, and olher Eur
" pean Stales, (frung a suppreaed namige from bilb
' French and Luglian edilKMia of Uuut Lai Cars'
i Journal.) n' ' ' ' '
' " In lea ibnn Iwenty five years from ibe preienl
time, anid the E-nperor Napoleon to me, one sy,
as we atood viewing the eea from a rock witch
overhung iho rond , . " - " J
" The tchiJe European tyriem will It clantrd :
Revolution vill iucrrcd rtudution ; until ever! tin.
"tion bocomea irq'tninied with its individual rights.
IK'peiid upon it, ihe eople or r.urope win nit long
submit lo be govermd by these bands of petty
aovereiLMiathcae Aristocratic rabiivta. ,'. '
" avis arron ia ,ee ttb!iking the onler of
noblt in Franrr, but I did il to Rive splen(tur lo
the ihroim, and refincinoiil In the nrannereof the'
people who were fat ainkinj; into barbnriti aiore
the revolution. The remiiiis of the feuial sys
tern will aiith before the sun of knowledge.
" The people haw on'y to laow thai all. potctr
emanates from thrmsttva, in order Id assfert iheir
righta to a ehure in their rcspcetivif governments.
Thia will l th ense rven with the bomra of Uus
sia yea, Las Cases1, you mny live la see the lime
-but I shall be cold in my jrrave when I hat col.
loasnl but ill-cemented enipk will l plil into aa
m:iny aovereigntios perliup Uepuklic as there
are hordea or trihea which compoiaJl it :
, Altcr a. few more rcfl -ctimia on tlie future pros.
mwl l" Kurone. bis ll.iuwtv tr.u cHSiuueo ;
I ' i .
v. , ,
JWeee will a a-fO more arirniiw rrvrrn vvrr u
mM'im than that korrihh dell trhick enpetopri the
0 ..... ka ! ih'it nnm time.'inw
111 any couimy "" ' " . ". "
snred as ninny fust ami pfiwonm 10 me
vernmen,a'the,re are individuals who receive in
terest for that money, so cxtrnva nntlv squandered
to crush li'ocrty in other cmintri.'t.; But. eren that
mutt hnve an end ; aome acciaenmi miTK -
ignite tktf eomhuntihle muss, and blow the vhole
system to the dtcil . If this mighty debt were due
to foreigners, these ctmning island-irs would, not
bear the I burden en hnurj but would, on some pre
i ot other, break with their "editors, and lauh
hi their credulity 5 but they owe ibe money to 111
i.',uli inionii themselves; nnd are, therefore,
likely to enjoy ihe pleasure of paying; the iiitorest
tia trt a debt: These Bourbons
;:,k'ihink to innintain themsnlwa on my .throne, by
; .rvAuitnT tnrtt!iv m ..i-.j.- - -v
' !, Ill VI '
, , . ,. 1 . u.i'ii IfinciiM m ni'Si uiiii i'hiit; ours.
. ' i.Vaon the nest and futo
i" . , Iimlhi, wf,!l in aunnose
I ... ..... .. i,
it I w ,(4(,ri),(()i , j knpir
- h Mal fltc,-(,n fuf (hdr
1 ia nurt'
fiprtxf la tnluil vpm iktm IUU hki
Ikatt f i'.?Jaiul boveiar anfully orurrei. No,
oo I my euhp-ri b Iki sharp aiM-d to pr rmil the
prooeriy asiiivUiJ fuf ihnrrhildren tuba nrl.
ggd hi pay Im Huawaoaaod foghh for ioia ling
tlioi, and it lha irctxfeiiooof lh Yitlle rvr 4a
m I 'IV sri'aiffa r j tpaw F t W a vwr w .
imbfctti, k new Intuit tkrmf Tly will.altera'
. i
time, maika ccMopartarms Uirri (hsirt aod n
tiK-y wiU rollt, thai the aipnws of my gotrm.
miil wera d- ffiV"d It impa4 during ibe year
that mi wart roaf t'rmnct aiiar that I b ft ber
n4 mm Nbih.Ui in debt but that I ettricbrd
every corner of ber territory. Boch compliant
will no4 be vary favorable lo the l-iUoaj ikt
Frrnrh will raf first tnd thrif dtbtl ftp thur
unmLltrt,t my Aralxii steed wuld any atranftr
bo aboubl dare m imiunl him. 'IVn, if my aun
be in r iixeiica, be will l4 aea tad on lha Ibnma
amid the arclamalimi if the peoide if ha U n4,
Inner trill go ck to lltpubUe fof en ter
hand witt dare It mh a aceplr which il camM
wo Id. TU OrUam branch, though amiable, rt
loo trtnk, hate loo mtuh of the other Rovrbont, tnd
will ttrt f ie aoaar fate, if they 00 not cmMaai lo
live aa wui4 cinteos uudr whale var change takaa
Mere Ilia Emperor pained a fe momenta, iliea
waving his bawl, be esclaimed in aa animated tune,
bis dark rye braining with Ibe to:ban of iw
pi ra I ion -
Franca one rnor KepuWi. oilier muni nee
..... . ... .
will h.ilow her twniia 1 uermana, imaMiw,
Pol, iMiMna, Danea, Hwixles, and Koaaiana, will
JTt'iin in Ibe eroaade tr liberty I Tbey will arm
garnet I heir aovereipia, who will be glad a make
cotirewiiona of some of trwtlr ria-hu, la order In
preeerve a minor authority over them aa tuhjeetif
they will gTUt them representative cbambera, and
al)e lltemaelvea I torwuitutHaial kings.
a limited porer. Thus the C-udal nttem will re
ceive its death blw 1 like the ihkk mist on that
ocean, it will diaaipete at ihe first appearance of
the sun or liberty ( lha) wheel of revolution will
not stand at ill al Ihia poll, ibe impetus will be in.
creased in tin-fold ratio, and tha root ion will be
accelerated in proportion. IVtra a peopU rerorrr
a port of their righlt, m$ men, tkty keeom elated
wuk the tie'org thro hare ochiered 1 and, Waving
lasted Ihe eweets of freedom, they become elamo
roud for larger p-rtMo. Tbua will tlm Stales
ml principalities id Europe be in a Continual elate
of turmoil and ferment, perhaps for ame years
Ike the earth, heaving in all directions, pre
vim lo the occurrence of an earthquake 1 al
leigtti ihe roitiburiUo matter will bavttvutj
trtmembnia evploainn will take place ' '"
M The luon tf EnglamTi ktnknptry vill wfr.
tfrtod the European world. Overwhelming Kingt
ijnd Ariotorrvoet, but cemriling the Democrutie
inlerette at 1 jfWa. .Trust me, Lm Taaes, that,
aa from ih iiri planted in the eil which eocnwi
the aides ol Etna and Vesuviui, Ihe most delicious
wine i obtained so shall the lavs, of which I npenk,
prove lo be the rmly soilin which Ihe Tree d Lib.
erV will take firm and permanent root. May' it
11 Hiriah f r aei I Yru, perhaps conaider Ibeae
snntimenU wmngH and nnnsuan 'hey are mine,
however. t tent Remibliean bul fate, tnd the
oppotilion ef Eornjte, madrnit in' Emprrvr ff! I
am now a spectator of the future 1 '
. , From Dockingkon't Leeturet. t
' V . C. THE "SIMOON. ? ; ' W.:
I have anid lhal during two months of the year,
the South winda prevail. The ordinary nnme of
this formidable wind la Si woo. : It it Called in
Arnhic 8umyed, the wind of lb desert, and by an
oilier litle. which sicnirH-a the wind of fifty dnys.
It is remarkible fir its suft'c.itin heat, and no
lens an for its enervating efll'eta 00 the constitution.
No inhabitant of a northern clime, who has never
travelled in these count r tea, can form any adequate
idea id Ihe power of tfHmoon in completely on
airinging Ihe bnmafi ayrem anTTtpprewing Ihe
frame with a painful ene of lanjimr and latitude.
It nrodurea a state of fnPttnwhich evplains pro.
verb common amonir the Hindoos, u it ia better Id
nil than to stand it it letter to lie than to sit j but
to sleep ia lies! id all f a saying which very well
PKemplinee the grammarian a degress or eomrmri
son f powtive, comparative and superlative. ; lur.
ilia the pre vain ore of Ibis visitation, Ihe chief ob
ject with every body is to wear away Ihe lime
These qualities in the southern wind are occasion
nd 1 ita ttaaeimr over the vast deserts which lie
south of Eevitand Nubia. 80 great in Ihe heat
which it contrnrtt while naming ever these bum
in wastes, that it feels upon your chwk like a
blast from the mmithof a furnace. It affix;) alike,
nil animal life. Both man and beast wither under
iU power. Those who can afford to live without
inVTcfTver employ ment , sTitirtTieniae vi up tnd ro
lip" within the mrart aocret wtrts of iheir houses )
while the poorer clnsaes, whose necessity obliges
them lo labor, do" 1! m such a retnetanl arot siiij-
wish manner, that I do not believe there is aa much
work done through all Egypt 'daring the two months
in wliicb these winds prevail, as in accomplished
(n mm week at adiffcrent season of Iho year. 'In
crossing the Mediterr lieaii flea, the Simoon loses
a portion of its heat, in conseqiH-nce ot wiucn 11s
dburioiia effects are in some dee ree mitiamted reaches the shores of Sicily rind Italy,
where it is known bv th name of the Riroeco, or
South Ivmt windv. .The 'Italinna.jind Sicilians nre
. n(T.rted bv its nrevnlenre. that they are disabled
from doing-any thing with the accustomed spirit
of surcpus ; and an well is this facl.understoiri, thai
the prevalence of-the Sirocco Inrntsnes n mana.
iiivetrutie forefaiiiires nnd i "defect of all kinds,
If a poem prove flxtt. if a plV Jms no plot, a picture
no composition, s"ntunriferace. nn amt'ry epis
il no ipndprness: live rmthr ehrti tliiiir slioul-
,W mi,! nsh. "what would toil have il was done
in ihe Sirocco. -Ifamoiiff tlie vivid and cnlhusi
aiic Imlinns. and nfler traversins half the length
ortho Mediterranean Si'B, this wind is still able 10
produce such effects, you may jurtje what it must bo
ia I'ypl, aliera it cornea fieab fnm lU fs of 1
d-il And (fam, if in lvpt f a elfUts be h
aa I Uata oWnbed, what mol Ibis whhJ be wUft
anc'Hioicrvd on 1H4 eWrta iliiwlir! I his
myarlf, 00 threat uccao'rfw, Wo aiHd In tf-
Acta in MM h a iiain 1 aod so trnfid did Ibay
- T " " - rm aa---w ' w -
fWf, that, ahligH in tailv I.C 1 haw 'u
a . . fa ...aa .a
g'r in eliooat every shapa, I ba beheld IhMIiio
latir so appallmg, , .
I was vvr1akes) by tU 'K"oxiO when cring
the desert in a caravan. Tb firvt ay axpioma uf
Uf aijiruwth waa a udJaa and ippreave bal ia
Ibe air. Tbe iusUM ihia wa f li, my compauion
loo well uoderatoud wlul waanredicUd by II, turn,
ad their eye with 01 axurd toward lb airier
fiom whence tbe wind arwcdd, when weperceiv.
td lurid aircak of reddtah light upon tb boitzon
and wow, nut only ib Arab were struck wiib ler
rur, bul tlie ainmata wtiKk acorfn pamrd ua appear,
ed equally csrkoa of the tppruacbiiig daiigi-r,ir.
ing auWltiif signs of wrrasioeaa and diairvas. A
ball was utsiamly aoaiodod, and under lb order 4
Ibe pruice, as be is callod, or kwdor, as thuuld
Irnn bim, tbe raravaa fufd in bow. Tb math
od i4ccomplisbiru Hit arrangemeot waa singular
and imprtv, rcwsmUing very much th man.
iimo volutions of Beet of Irsoaports, when threat'
enrd by aa enemy. All lh camel wcr imme
diately unloaoW, Ihe riders of the dmnicdarra dia
mooiUod the women tnd children wtr fathered
into Ihe centre, th camtl wer then moored (I
kniw no ter-n to tetter describe lb operation) in
lines cMMHsting ol a bund red each, brad lo tail, hav
ing their two UC lejra bent aid bovnd with a lbo
and lliotr bodies placed aidewat lo the wiikJ. As
lb wind approacbed, tbeamaals, by a ting uUr in-
atincl.burHsj ibeir Duatrila ia th sand. The peo
ple placed Ihemselve udder tbrir te, and all llf
arrangcioeiit having been ibwa in4 ted, w r-
cnained lu our place vjrlulaj tb dreadful Mast Me
ed over us, - Tbma in lb company who were 1
weak beallh, became faint, almost to nuSalion.
iho atmuspber al ImirtaVcame perfocll v opaque,
and ao filled viib send that yow could not srs tbe
length of a cameL Nay, at limes, a man could no:
se biaowa band. Il was then that I rcatiad for
the first lime, th full force of the Scriptural phra
darknewi that may 1 folu" -Tb darkneaa of tb
moat pitchy night I tver passed at ava waa not lo
b compared with il. The son wat utterly ob
scured and when Ihe darkness related, a vellow
bate, filled lb atmoapber in every direction.
i ber were many Women, and children in lb car.
avea, wttote terror waa iiidtacriUui. ' J lie irxsH
dob-ful shriek t and groans, mingled with prayer
for mercy, lillod our asart. ' n wer every awmonl
apprehenaiv tb it the sand would accumulate, until,
bnoomiiig higher than the camels backs, il would
shelve over and bury lb persons of Ihe Mjde who
had tskeo aMirr behind I hem. ben Ibis lake
place, every body rises,-aud lb camels must b
moved further to the windward, wher Ihey are
moored again.- Bul Ihia ia a ledious operation, and
rattewpted during Ihe intensity of th storm, must
be fMlul Jo beasts and men. On th irciiin I
hav iteacnbed, Ihe blast continued fnfTut eight lo
ton hour. .id H lasted two hour iuoer, We must
all without doubt, have perished, aa a convoy would
pmnder al tear-" ".. " " . t
. V h lt I wa at Damascus, a caravan from Mec
ca, containing fifty thousand souls, was thus over
whelmed, and only aittecn oerson. who were on
horseback, escaped ibe catastrophe. Tlie Pacha
immodintely despatched a large detachmeot of
troop to Ihe spot, to av ibe goods from depredn-
tion, who, arriving at the melancholy scene, found
th face of Ihe desert encumbered with, heap of
the dead. ' ' ' , . ... .; .-.-
I consider these storms of the deseit much worse
than storms nt sea ; and wer there printed jour
nals in those countries, as ther are in our a, we
should hear more frequent accounts of their terri
ble consequences." Aa it ia, the intelligonce does
hot reach Europe, but is well known, in the Coun
tries adjacent. ithout doubt it must have been
in this manner lhal the expeditions ol lamuytoa
and of Alexander, fof Ihe discovery of the aource
of Ihe Nile, perished in the deserts through which
thowere prosecuting their march,; . -,
The proprietor of a email hn'ia in iho Itue da
Haul Moulin, in th Cite, occupierithe u.iper part,
and let the two lower stories to d iff.-rent tunnuta.
Having from time In time lost various valuable ar
tide belonging to him, he began to fear lhal he
waa unfortunate jn the choice of tenants, and even
atlength entertained eiitmicinn of hie own brother,
who was one ol them. ' I o lee.nse ni relative who-
ad oroof, would, he inatly felt, bring disgrace upon
himself, and be therefore lri'y gave bim notice,
not many days since, lo 01111.10 the meantime he
act a tp'-'" " lrip '" lnn f Mt
plate, ao contrived, that any band wntcn rnifjni at
temnt lo aleal it." would he caught in the act, nnd
the Ihiof held fat-" The 'night before the brother
wa lo remove, he waa awakened by the cries ot
the" suspicious proprietor! and hastening up lo bis
npartmetit, found him caught by his own snare, his
hand grasping a silver fork and spoon. On" inves
tigation it was ascertained lhal the proprietor wa
the pnly perpetrator ol Ihe w-vcrai roownes upon
himself, which ho had committed in a stale of som
nambulism; for, on beingaflerward watched by his
brother, he wa seen while in bia sleep, to got up,
tiike his own watch, and go with il lo the common
newer, into which he threw it. " On searching Ihe
following day for the watch.'sll the missing articles
Were found in the same receptacle,
r Ao Irish cemlcman of the name of Man, resi
ding near a private mad house, met one of its poor
inhabitants, who bad broken' from hi keeper,
Th nmniae snddenlv stooped, end renting upon s
large stick, exclaimed, "Who are you. Sir!
The gentleman' was rather alanned, bul thinking
o divert hi attention by a pun, replied j "I am a
double man, I am man by namo and man oy nmure
"Are vt)u bo," n joined th6 dthcr "why I am
n an br.,U m)lf, an s ! i!l flM, tao.
i lla lUu ki a.d Mr. Man d..waaidraa ini
ffr dtsi. Two pffia i.f frv'l"rt a;
hav died withi a Wf in d uf It nt.rr, at
Cheltenham, of intaroal bkry Lfn(l,t oe, 111 lLa
ihoi of an enitutttii drf al prcti!tMir, l y l!,n
leeafcivsai of cijjifs.
I .' 11 ' 11 " .'ii i
"1 '
t . fir ,lk (liuritl.
In f tiding horses Hxii groin, th proper qua' ,
tiiy of ' reMlivt kiml w regnlsted by weight,
for id this proportion r h diu rent kindtcudaid.
red nutritioiM. At (if eianij.U, wa giv to a boia
r day half a Usbel of oala. tb we.jhl of whicti
m 17IU., od if wa wiab, to ehnnga to uhcr grtm,
as brlcy, rv, or Indian coro, the nrn weight mSI
auffktf and lb ris sr niutU besvier than
us Is, 1 proportional rs quantity, by measure will
sufi. Anoiber ruk, dvetoed imMrianl, is this,
that wbeoetrr heavier grain it suUtituied for oala,
a quantity of fio rut straw should be addad, at a
ubatitut for Ihe busk of ll oala. Tbi indiicu
a mrrw perfrdigp4ioa of th grain.
1 0 prartic of giving dry grain lo borse
palurd, or fed wi:h irren cut cr. i ccudemn-
ed for ill gram tbua given, is never perfectly di
gesiJ, 00 account of lb rfktl of lb watery juice ,
of grass Ujd digeatiin. Wk-m dry grata and
gree-o feed are given, a much interval should b
allowed brtweeQ tb dry and grt-n food as circum
stsucr will permit. . , .
Vo Tbar consider ft lb. ( meadow hay equal
in nourishment to 9 11, of oatt tht bay improro
by age, if well kept, and is ovust outriwut Air bur-
sr wbeo a year old 1 that ihe ond growth iant
sijoall nounaliing and thai bay should not b
rily eiwared jo fiiaku r, th frOkbrna f HI '
sciHil bring peculiarly graTify hiJh tc and cattle.
In Ilollsod and t landers, fkrm hore are uuu
formly wmW during summer. A bone iaoic4
to cotum from 81 lo 100 lbs. of green food per :
day Mb occavtooal grain. . Ao acr of cluvsr, t
two cutting, will giv iwrlv Ion of green food l
sod bene half an acr of clover, fed green, will
suitic fr a bor Kiur mouth. - , -
It is also a general practice in FlarvJcrt, and ia
ilensivcly adojHed iuUrvat Iirilian, loconvsrt tb
entira food into autarr nni, that it, to mil the .
cut straw and hay, the graiu and lb roola, or what.
ver is l' constitute th prvvcntler for lb day, aod
lo feed altogeiber in Ibe manger, in regular sue.
sea. ' Tb veto ef thia mod of fording 1 alh grd
to eooaH : . . . t , ,
"1. In requiring a trxre tborotgh mastication -of
tlie fiiod than v. ben it is given in lh common
wsy thereby aiaitting diceaiion, and consequently "
promoting the nutrition of the animal for il it ml ;
only true that old borve lose much id" the power of
mastication, and that young and greedy cattle era
apt lo devour a eoimidcrable part of their corn en- r
lire, when it it given alone, which pasting through
them in the s.ime stale aflorda no kind d nourish
ment, but all animata are known lo derive nourish '
ment from Iheir solid f'lod, in a certain degree, in
proportion lo tlie care with which it is chewed,
M 9. It is consumed lo less time. t ,
' " S. Uy 1L0 mixture of Ihe materials, aome pro
portion ef which, at damaged Lay, or c?raw, ntighf ,
be refused if given ecnamti-ly, aa eoual contiiouii
lion of lb whole is secured. . ; , ,
"4. By its admi.ting of being mora resJUr"
weighed, or meatured, than whengivn separately
il cao be mora accurately distributed lo each homfi ,
on which ii may be observed, that more injury is.
often done to horsea bv allowing them an unlimited
quantity of tack-meal (uncut hay iu the rack.) than
even by sitting them to a scanty allowance t for the
will not only pas whole mght in eating, wbeo real -would
do them more service, bul, by thia extra or
dinary distention of the stomach, its poarert ar
weakened, and their general health ia injured.
"a II prevents waste, and consequent y roe
fcrther." , ; ' "
Mr. Wbgiiia, whose dail vbut ineaa extends I
tbe feeding of three hundred horses, estimate the
se ving by tbe feeding entirely ia ihia way, ia th
manger, at one stxtb. ;
Rye i considerably emidoyed al horse fved 111
America, particularly in Pennsylvania. It gen
erally coarsely ground, and mixed with cut straw
or chaff, snd moistened, by which lh tnasi 1 is in
corporated. - ;.'-'.'"'
Barley i extensively used in the south of Europe, 'j.
in Asia Minor and fn Persia, for fording horses,
for the reason, prolmldy, thitt jVXf, being jndigea-.
oua 10 colder cliti atet, do not grow well in these
countries. In the first of theae countries it is nm '
formlv fed withdraw, 8ii bushels have U-en found.'
nn trial, to be equal to eight bushels of oat. Bar- -
ley contatiiH twetity per cent, more starch than oats,
5 percent, more saccharine matter, and Tl percent.
less husk. . VI: - ' - '' ; '
British writers have furnished aa with fslinialc
of the annual expense of keeping farm horses. One '
of these before ur, gives the aggregnla expense of
s two-horse team and driver a about 00'. ($100.) .
This include the interest on the cost of the leant .
and implements, 13701. and 1Q per cent, for repairs
and deierioratifTnNWe statd this fuel fof tbe pur.
puss of calling UiejcaderY attention to it. It im ;
porta, lluit allowing for Ihe days when iho team
cannot labor, and assuming 200 working days in a
year, that a team and driver should earn more than f.
$1 50 a day for 200 days in a vtdr, to pay cost j '
aiid that all they fall short in doing this, is absolute., '
ly loss Mi, Ibe owner. - The keeping, in Hritain, is ,
p'ropably ""higher however, than it it with us. T Vet
we are persuaded lhal a few among us duly reflect, ,
upon the cowl of maintaining a horse-team in a plight t '
requisite for doing good service. . In Britain leant
of good horses is considered adequate to (ks) cylfi .
vtttott of 40 to 60 aoT in ItUag r.rorr ' :

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