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SALISBUItY, N. C, MARCH 21, 183a
The Western Carolinian is puhlistted every Tmus
at Two HtiUr pr annum if. paid ia advance, or
Two Pollswsnd Fifty Cents if not paid before the ex
piration oHIiree.montlis. - ' ; ; '
Nu paper Will be discontinued uoul all arrearages
ire paid, unlt'BS at the discretion of. the Editors ; and a
failure to notify llie Editor of" a wish to discontinue,
it the end of i year, Will bo considered as a new cn-
m- bo conspicuously and eorfWtly
:. ...t .t one dollar nor wiuatc for tlie first insertion,
j - Sir each contiiiuHnci. A Courtund Judicial
li.HiwnMitt will be chawed 26' per cent more than
(lie jbove prices, A deduction t0$i per cent from J
Advertisements sent in fbrpublicsTirmrmtttrt have tt)e
number ot times marked on them or ihey will be inner
' ted till forbid, and charged for accordingly. , ,:,
" - I 1 ... .1.. I.K. ...... k..,.,..o n.not K
fott poiJ, ot they will not be attended ;
; jyllfSCIjlJiANEOUS.
Ettractfrom " Htfrner ArurtJe,'' or the AJventurti
"JITTaS adventurk trinidada Hj
Lie caloric; norm attacked, none seemed to fear an
other. I sa several poisonous snakes, that were
overtaken by the Unites on the oanks of the pool,
turo round, and with stupid ragej attempt to fight
with thi fire. A they felt it burn thejr extremi.
ties, they erected tlteir ; ''slender forms, opened thiSif
wide juws, elevated their baneful fangs, and darted
ot the fkrnesf in a few moments tfiey werf reduced
to black cinders. ' - ' , . " v ;'" :
- As the cnflngratipn spread its pyramidical arms
above the steaming and muddy waters my 'situa
tion wntntiuost ins ipportahlo ; yet I thauked Prov.
idence for my duliverencs; It was true I, was in
JPiVlMtiwy JbutJuXLiBilca-awurtd we tajrd a hettn
AUflngLb. Hia.wuidt wiuch was blowing with vio
lence, remitted, and shortly afterwards died away
' the flames shot up in a vertical direction, and mv
aching eyes were blessed with the appearance of j
. the cloudy sky. 1 lie fire now burned with a stea.
' dy roar for about five minutes, when another breeze
sent the flumes over the yellow lake I stooped
-uniill my chin touched the water, to avoid the
Jieat f finally, I ducked my head underneath for a
second to cool it, when the wind lulled, and I, with
rnr-handrslrtteed wnieroveMheitead of tnv nroun;
--4ng4ir8e 'Hie fire1 slnckened, and in abut half
nn hour alter I ba'd taken refuge in tho porenniiil
lake, it had burned out, But the surface of the
, earth was calcined like a brick, and too hot to be
-pnsffid 0 wr by thejitot of any aninml. - If the fain
did nol full, I had the uncomfortable prpitpect -of
siM!ii(ling many hours in my present situation, and
markable palmists trees, which grow in a row; here, : with my prsuttLotnpany of reptiles T who, al-
. rt i ..?II "J .i t . . i . - i ......
fastyootTyc9BCTos'tiie-aTarinai nnn votr- wtirjr- tnougn mtw at prncn witn-ncjjneirrorsrglit
-ecwvel)lun poiuUrfjana a Su Hefifl-YBOorrTecomiitence nosuiities. , , . .
em mou'oiutol, which teruiinati s in the plains. I made nty horse wade its way to where stood
Here the difficulty of the route commences. -You the branchless trunk of an old crooked savanna
; have 1o forco-"V"ur way tnrouKn 'he fot-tatl trt-e, whichptcing In tlie niTduTe
pra and the tusk rushes, which will cover your, j escaped burning. I buckled the bridle to this tree
useful books and a supporKT A''Hic--fM
which brings at his dir tke m-mf.jn vLkIi
gives him the history its srii. ttatia a, lir.
r mer as this will fulfj fcis duties t Iti etmttj aal
Lis fellow men, and is the -iiaffnrt atoi ii
iiidepeodent .among the best tfat
Just in Time.K young physician having" tried
in vain to get into practice, at last fell upon the fol
lowing expedient to set the ball to rolling. " He
sprang upon his horse once a day, and drove at
lull speed through the village. Aftef an absence
ot an hour he would return, and carry with him
some ot hif instrunieiita thinking if. he could im
press his neighbors with the opinion that he had
practice, they would begin to place confidence in
his ability. A wag, who more than suspected the
deceit which he was practising determined to know
the truth. He accordingly kept his-horse in readi
ness, and the next time that thedoctqrgallopfid
by his" doflr7 Sprang BSIiisysleed and placeii him.
self on the younff centleman's trail. Ttie r do for
saw the man following at his heels, but did not, at
first, evince any uneasiness. At lenirth. however.
he thought it advisable to turn downs narrow lane. un(i jHle i the sinsoqascVwerslan. If sUHnfiesJ 'mrtttuentaa superiwrs, and we but their aent,
he Mpowiil to dittingtiUh between tlie ;iT:ci j! an I
the B.iifical ttcU of the officer, as J.j'sul.ject t!.f
txmerti pensf restraints, without interfering i!'i
the. krter, said t!tat it would in praetk render i:i
elective the aJmitteJ riht of the iioveniuieut t
junii x officers for the abuse of their ollki J
psrfc. It may he , but Utile or no evil can re-soil.-
W aat!r detect of n!it thus Guverunw! t
swy EiW umfer, in such ca, is am; Ix.niHJe v;
'fty t1iwyiwee'ol the Sues, .which t m
tiimtteil Control er the eWctra( ri-hisl f i
tifuewV whether officers of litis (Jeriitiwnt or wt.
Orchard Cro. This rassn ar".i t "f sep t
cultivated on sccoiiiit w its nrxipw tosrteeL;
Horses, cows, and sheejsest ft-rrit--A it. Wi
valuable on account of ,t ecI3i aftrt-SeJl. Is
lof seed, which s not easily hate. sL'ltse l-u"TBTw P""'? tmereroaui u.S ttu.1
hardy gra found WgbJy mU n sb lam u.v
.t. ' ...a ,k; u. . rti ' j .ju rt i election be impaired. e musr sol f.r. t
comes sarly, is soon maturei. sl tmtmt jwt1 fclatw '"j FVle $
- ... - ' . . . . . nnJitiiMir and untl hut Ihpir meot
; ' 'S Cail you please direc mo to tho road acVow?"v
ihmiiredl. ' . ' ''-; '' ' ' A .
: CertaititvrM said Dnimlow. Pass through
. yooder caniico (small pluntation,) and then keepUn
a northward, direction uiilil you ciime to four ra
nclf and horse ; hut steer by the mountain in a di
tect lino, for tibmrt three miles opd a half, and yotr
: will cormroift at Jho: i'ttrony, which you inay easiJ
'Jp swim, and gel to St. Joseph. I would, howev
er, advise you to borrow or uuy a ruttass, as you
juay mctt wilji snakes in ihe wajr. . I would lend
.ou-mitio, bul l svaot -it.,wyeU; laving io--survey.
in the woods to-morrow. ; i ou can tiuy a cutlass
of any or the free people almut here. - r
w .! . i.i f t - : ' J -.1
I inaniicu nun iiir nis minuie uireciiim nnu u-
't-..TT i ,----" ". -'""' i"" '. i j..
Vice, w e separaleJ, and I nowenterea a aense.
amss of vegelationf the liko of wlireh-i never be
held. The inundations of the Carony, the im-
dense fertility of lU land, and the intertropical
Hin,' produced a growth of rushes each thicker than
iniausarm, and from tilleen to eighteen leei in
leight. " These grew so close, that : it was with
jifat lator rfly horse could force bis way through
tbera. The difficulty of our progress bjscame so
i reat, that recollecting Brumlow's love for quiz-
. jfJas lrtjo rcmTn;)fvwever,'f still pro-
Kcded at the rate of a mile an hour, hoping every
minute ta come to where the vegctution was less
Vgunt ic and dense." Having, crossed from Alta
. Iiracla to Essequiho, I feK nshmned of turning back
from a journey of four or five miles ; for 1 knew
by the form of the hills, of which I sometimes got
- t. - . - "'1 . ....... "i-
t glimpse, that every Inoonous step me norse mane
bwtight mo nearer to St.;Joseplv;..jriio.,.poor beast
fairly groaned Ouder nil exertion amid the. tongti
tusk ruslies. which aeeme J to prow taller and taller
: rinfs lieixeriecf wiTh ssioiiWimrrira urentTrambf
offallow-deerush past mo, for those animals ne
-wheri tnrnlieriin-TTinirtartr
.Jirvrr .iifV7I tHma wmfe V-lemwt -past
while I went to reconnoitre, in order to ascertain
; where I could most" conveiiiently throw water on
: iie cah'iued erili, to get room w myself and horse
on terra firma, until the rain or dew of evening
-should aumcienjjy cool the ground . to allow our
pacing over. ' I had not left the horne a minute be.
-..fore it ottered mmghMd
cutlass, atidi ran to its aid. ' I found that an enor
mous mncka well, or boa constrictor, of about twen
ty five feet in-length.lind cauiiht the nor heasf in
; its fold ; a part of the reptile was knotted around
tho old tree, ana two coils were about the beast.
.The serpent had passed, his body between the fore
legs of the horse, and was in the act of seizing it
by the throat, whn a thrust from my cutlass
pierced its eye, and entered fight into his head.
i he fury of the mackawell was now turned on me
it elongated Its bodrso Jthat six or seven feet of its
jieck were clear of the bore, which, however, it
showed no disposition to rlinnul9h.ri It raised its
'"" head above me, its double onguo quivered in, i
mouth,- the jaws opened until (hey seemed to be dis
located, and it breathed on cie with, its infernal
breath, the odor ot which is unlike aught else I ever
smelt. It hesitated to lower its head for the attack
I stooped into the water ;' it also stooped, until
itideinir if within reach of my arm, I rose and made
a cut at it. which divided its lower iV
Tlie boa now turned from me ; I made a blow at
Ihd part Which was" coiled round (he tree, and di
vidod the tail from the rest ot its bodv.v I hi
lieemetTiJ twa" roTrp-xJe graceT"tt"ppeared to lose
all power ; its bleeding head felt into the water,
"and ihjLWHJTnrsff-iUered wrtemHhing -ber
The pursuer followed on like an evil genius'; but
the doctor was not discouraged, as another road
lay a short distance ahead of him down which he
turned. The other kept close at. his heels, and
the doctorgrer impatieiit to Tetarti holrteTThere
was no house by the way, at which he could afford
anypretext for stopping. . In' the" mean time his
saddle bags"Were with bim, find he was" otherwise
equipped for business, so that he could not return,
in the lace or his neigt bor, wuhoutexposing the
secrets of the trade in the most palfahle manner.
JiVery bound of his steed earned bun farther from
bis home; and the shndes of night began to . fall on
hill and tower. Still the sound of horse's hoofs
were thundering in his rear, and he was driven to
Cais-wif send r but just as ha turued the angle of a
wood he heard1 a low moan. A man lay prostrate
near the fence of a meadow, and blood gushed from
fearful wound in his arm. He had cut an artery
with his scythe, and was in danger of immediate
issotution. The young doctor sprang fnlm his
horse and stanched the wound. Bandages, were
pplied and I his life saved. 'The pursuer had also
throw a tiimse If from hfa
ctan tiea tne last uauuuge, ne looaeu up in nis nice
and said How lucky neighbor, that 1' was" able
j ri ve jusX .in time
A he-woiKlermg speetator-wat silent --with awe-,
and after assi'ting the wounded man home, he told
uch a miraculous tale to the wondering villagers,
as secured to the ; young physician, a reputation not
only for skill, but also for super natural prescience.
Thus did the merest accident contribute more to'
his advancement than, years of studious toil could
have done ; and the impertinent curiosity of a wag
gish neighbor, opened for him a path to business
whicn the mos( innuentiai patronage migtu never
have been ableto provide for him. . ;
"f.. i.jj.. .i i j t . i t . a -snil that is the rwht in ouestioo be abused, or tho
or iiHJUi-r, u Milium ucrianair .-wssix icwiarw ,-. , j . '. , ' .
X-Farmtr'B dfciarf. ' I frttaum ,f impaired, it is they, and cot
jei o mmt srwiniT sutkr, lti wn, ot course,
45wfftifoTt naie;:K'
reciion; yef 1 heard no dog bnrk, nor any sound
sf ichaJo. "An alco (wiltTdog) or two, and se
"veral facoims bounded pssf, but seemed nol in the
pursuit pf the, sgout.cBV-AgaiiCas.jnyJiorse pro
McJedThs put his hoof on a tortoise j the slow an
imal drew his short legs and small head into its
Vfnugh shell, over which a wagon might have pass-
I d without cracking it; and no sooner was the
n,..v iifu itu iiiu luriulDU, lliuii i .
Trrern a snort and a'trTonn,-t" beiTTOe1iee J from
-rtie airanininz convuisioos.oi. mo ser item, sun'msii
they" were still about il uutil 1 divided one of the
coils near the saddle with my cutjass, and the rep-
, tile's severed body fell writhing into the water
i A welmehowerof rem such-es occurs
occasionally in Trinidad during thd dry season
now full ; the burning earth absorbed it, while
hissed and sent up clouds of steam. 1 got my
horie.ou of tlie, pool, but be was too much ex
hausted to carry me: 1 therefore led him to the
iv nv in tlin aamn itirai-ti.m tdnt the number of 1 " fitrmiv river, where I LathMl him and mvself. tto
Animals were coin". " A flock of nuank, or mush- " ing into the water with "my muddled clothes.
BO;., and several In pes, now ruhod by, grunting I Crossing tho Carony, I came to the plantation of
Ma q.ftki'ig. -Presently a large tiger est, follow, f- (he Worthy Cardn de -, a gentlemaii born in
w by six or eii?hl kittens rau oust nm and I now (Jrenada, of noble r reneh blmtd, whose father to
. . " . . .... -i . ..... -.. ... .1 . . . i .. .
perceived a liirne Ima. Constrictor gliding among ..the right side ol the civil war oi tnat isianq mat
" is to say ,1 he side that was eventually succesMu
When he that evening found that I was a country
man' of his, hospitality was warm it the extreme.
' This was fortunate; for my savanna adventure, and
the broiling and stewing which I got in the muddy 1
- lake, bronchi wi a .light inflHmiimttiry lever, whirh I
confined nie to the house of the worihy Uarou fn
tli rualies.-1 grmped ny eutlass, and-di-mounted I
wo' tend myself trom the enormous reptile ; out it
on, followed by several other snakes; it
wither wished to, attack nor avoid me. . What
wld all this meant - Was I in my propersenses,
pr .were all the animals of thewland at peace with
ch other, and ahHil to meet id irrand QjbsressT
I "remounted my horse, who, to my amazement,
snowed m the track ot the unre boa. ana, al
though tlie fetor berist1 was-jndl, it olonged" for-
I i atr Vi Vt jtufar of the evil and tlie remedy
REMARKS OF MB- CAlWX, ttT tfc slicy of iBe SwU'-&riianJs it. thev may
- 1 - il ,.-..T--y i-
I3-Sn;ifft Cnrfi?i'an. on fkf Hit is ny( af l i,iftri"-'' pf "JM -wwfTTnl'y pieuse pn we ieie-
mtter oj ctrtum littoral ttpwm t aditemn - - ,Cvt,.c, i..u
X . 1. t j , ,m irn inn thvir en!nil nf inrtiii'iwp in '!r .
,M- f 1 T"" tm ; and; if H be wrcerv, to W them e-
pcditical skhoul wbtck regsroa Oli a ymt ne Ote . r k, - , ' - ,, .
patronage Of wis Gn.erStia. .ri til tl f the njfht of sot rage; To taose who are
less its patrdbape the better, eonuMftociV m, si 5Uti' reted aud eemprtrnt to joe
jecu for whicVi the Gwvenumtfl wns wutM1. TUa'f ai set on tkte subject than we are, I am f r leay.
thinking, I fiavt made n KiUnokl mm al taj an-, tire ieiw as U what ought to be done, ami
ance, ! uie w iweive s wtpms jtm, -jtwbh bum ta appuctton t the remeor. t.ntcrtnininjr tti-
not for its object, VJecify m jnd.TwJy. Wggf ' rvi, La m fcfeWHtr tkrFlff.(-yTFff t niT F 1
my mind Va uppirthi Bill, otirwttirtel wcf . 7 , - v 4 ,
iU object Aug WduTtoutltUre tecP PJ.
,. I shall, witltout further, reresrli, -eBcteel , tejss- zmt C tlienrare otners suCcictitfy derisive, to com
consider f pel a t wUhholil myVipi-ort, were it p issiblo to
- This bill proposes tuifict tLe ftesaJH f fii-l rtniBie th toostitutioiia otj etioo. So far froci
mission, on ftlajrgtfeltH thjiafLoersief .m-C1iaw: wsrfrkie the sHronae uf toe- President, sbou'.-I
ver"nment, who hatl U csmii&iB. ieMns-a 4a4-st-sr!iW'fir i-Bmnfff v :r, "
'Tfffrwii Irt now the
either of tlie Geucral w "SifctGi"1! nmwwjtft wtf fc-1 al'most an!imitei power nf rem'iii; the oi7t:er f t'
oat alMinftushlhg'IsdiMrVi llriJr!ZcasS aioil Hal. ki Gasierament power, Ue abuse of -hii-!
4,iiO"fesslbeccitotwnainiW3 oo the. r-art f ,t? c c! a:r.! rr t
That, again, involves a pnr, avs4 w3 swse yiasv whtb tfM mover af this bill belongs on the grouu.!
ral question : has this Gsmwranw b me. .W , tat st was ea4cu!ad to iocrcae uo4t,!y, the un
to interfere with tbedetforJ risJfVjtewNif e aoii jnf.w w-e of J.haf,j4e pwlnictit vf tLts Go-crU-
of tlie states l r Maiiessv-.vis tMt m the remcmy ttas-Diij irntjw
' T.ihertv will not descend to a neonle. a rteonlc
' .. , j,. .. . I..A . J - -
rnust ""rais'e i.icniselvea to liberty ; it is otesning
that must be earned before it caft be enjoyed. That
nation cannot be free where reform is a common
hack, th it is dismissed with a kick the
has brought the rider to his place K That nation
cannot be free, where parties are but diflerent roads,";
leading to one common destination, plunder, i hat
nation cannot be tree, where the rulers will not loci
In considering this general no, i 'hkl -
some, m the first pi see, wtiat SMtte ua 4V-M-,
it belongs to the Slates erparaidlf ta ictmiat
who shall, and who shall sk, eeere tVe tijAf rf
suflragS j t1t sfxxtad, Jkrt lWftitSfte.
in like manner, to regulate, tlml rig i ii4t
pass all laws that oiay be secessarf ss' wnsse afes
free exercise, on the woe kaaJ, d M fmenl i
, abuse on the othej-. -, I et &4mr t
tion, attlch oo one in ibe lesst aner.M t v
institutions, or familiar eiia 'ibe cnwtirssir3, mi
venture to question, that as (t i riftwurere rws
eerncd, thi$ rtif hdont wtUtj Ce ti 5Svfir
the entire txcluvim ef iht Gncrat Gjrwwctt.
which can ia na wise tcedi er sseer&es nX at,
without transcending the Imilf cfTe
Thus far, there eaa be i ASiwsife f ?-.'
people, until they are .obliged 1o feel with But i iuzea o,ay be sW as ojt ef ii ti
the people, and hen H is too late. - 1 hat nation t- cfn
cannot be free, that is bought by its'own consent ;
afld-vld-agAiwtit j-her4i..tua-rQguothaL iA an
rnei is kept hi countenance by the rogue that is in
rufllfisr and -m hereifrom brgh to-lnwjlmnnrhea
... L-t,.wKr.'.':!Tt-Yi'"T.V'IT.' "
tO"tiw iaceyr-ujcre. is-uoiutitjj iumi uj ??tr.
tma'i ind'flothiiig contempttbie but povertyt ' wtere
both patriot snd plnceniari, DercciviDg ihar'tiHthoy
can do every thing, are prepared to do every thing
for' money, t hat nation cannot be free, where the
fernmeoTj which brings op lie iqawtfi,li ft iW
right to make it penal for vm t stst lielmtl'
power la. contnil r&Jijlwiut&xii&xl V
cutevu i te ptit restrictions on iue re mv,i
sewsrf T serj rever.. To make ft fV !.'.,,
as st s now tlte right of the PreKi'lent to rrti rr,
and as iischaryeg thus hih duty he i ma iiVi'.o
sll jViit witaout fiaiit awn or appeal. The fu e
n Hi a. ruMJ woiilil b Mrhi-ivi !v in Iii li.i': !.
ietbr charge with, tW oflS-nce of o:p"in f
1 esi'wjrrw'f foe admim.itrition. t tin : v f t
V ' - - . ' .
S te iurr!ii fwart, dukibt how the law w..uul la
stucweki t I it Bft eertain, tluil it wou'.d ha i?" 2'
riiypairced saicat ail otTtatrs who si.ou!.l v ii
tare ta oppoe.JtiO either in. lite icJutal or i i
Cwii'eWs witk rumtipnir Uug inJulonce a.,. I
tit toward tlwwe hfiippArted bint 1 A tn
jfce stew, wilmt prulongir.g t)e diM-union. w ill
ifreifc.- SlumlJ'. there be a Presn'-'ut of iich ex
atVeil virtue amb! pfwiutisrw as to tonka no iitHr.i
M'iuo "le'tww frigid aid I, t'n: Lw would be
perfwetiy useless ; buVif ont, it woulJ be mude the
fteortenOTti.yg rcmwai ct alt.irn'r fnay ""
for instance, make it rjewif ia t clV!!fyty.fftc foWlssiBS ;r
'3!1XK''t ;&&l lscfi J JX VU ljciokli the toover of. the bill.taa.
4 this propo-itinn is nut k-sscViirthiistvs;-! a vi-", a seems n aw, o ougnt loiaae we yery
henever the uwvernajent isr a saani: f rwstie rwnc, aoa inwwa m mauig u iub uuiy
with power, which may be ttsea to tie tary ite( ib rrewilenf to- remove, he wtght to imwvsc
lenr"SV"f eJfi"ltres sticks te it-trsrclow as-thetow6rsl"br tfte " ft aet w seatnctintM ass tlie power of rcmoverr to divet
curse of Elislix to his servant Gchazi : where ru
lers ask not what recommends a man, but who f
and where those who want a rogue, hare no occa
sion (o make, btil. to choose. 111. hope there is oo
nation like this under heaven ; but if there were,
these are the things that, however great site might
be, would keep such a nation from liberty, and lib
erty from her. These are the things that would
Such a nation could begin to feci only by
tearing alt that she deserved, and finish by sudor-
ing aU that she feared, y
The woes of human Ufa, are relative. The
' r i- L l:U
irusing eiwriiooe waiefr eished vney "' y 'fkT'urHi
Inimaf was covered with feam.' ' A breeze
"ook the heads of the aizaritic rusheb.-. What
Oft'ild those roaring and cracking sounds mean
M that emokc, too t -Gracious heavens 1 the trntft
flashed on my mind tho savanna had been
tonfire!,. . ,; ' ... '..,
t My suHiiicion at onrq pointed to Sinithson, and
IHS ri?ht in nie' e.n y"8," T furn;ard.
twelve days. My fine Creole galloway took a cold,
and. died two days after our escape from the fire.
of iVoAcotr. In Nephen it
i tnci
fnii rrT ii re.a,
The flii'ht of th-various
lowing paragr.iph relating lo the character of this
extraordinary oecfl !, ? . . . ' . -
Russia is mttclnasifi ffrwndllL.doea not
stand liefore us covered with' crcat men's-deeds.
A few centuries ago, it was overrun by wandering
tribes of barbarians I but what is there in those
was at
explained; thoy were rushing from Ihe de
fing element - Il-tjies of "encape amidst this
Temeiwo mass of inflamnmblo-vcgeiaMc; matter t
Miot jyet I spurred iny liorse. It was rioed
the poor animal seemed instinetly - to know
"r danger befure I did. and plunged through the
.-neii with ail -the-strength-tiff-was iiu-ter of, U-J
"g the same route as the rest or the animals.
"o. on, gttod steed ! If the conflagration, which
hjars and cracks with a denfoning sound in .our
rt catches us before we get from amongst these
pursed rushes, we shall be reduced to cinders in
kw seconds. - I closed mv eyes,-on account of
M stroke which Mlled onw:arcl, and which nearly
ed me. .Tho flumes pursued u on the wings
ind; Uit, roercrful. Providence, 1 see a
Jnanca of deliverance .before me I The rushes
urease in siz, and the gnmnd becomes humid
,nP diivomirtg clement pursues us. W e wer
vcd I A few. depurate plunges of tlie horse
r'?ht us mto a niudJy perremiial hike, to which
a 'he aniniRls of the savanna had sped, or were
i nog, liar we t n five, tf'conds . luter, the
I'M.ruig ti crnckhrii ttim s would have eaucht us ;
11 as, my horse plunged into. the middlo of the
l'L Whirl, ,..' I ..T.I. 'l. - .1-
n I'uiii'-u niuji Biiiumis itiiu-iit-riHsois, 111c
"r'! 1..J...I.. . I .1 I
iifti '"":, pif-a over our neiiug ironune snu-s
n'''' I oisitiounled stooJ to my bteast in
"T -t!cr,hicU'ste'tmeI front i4ie heat -the
Tauda which stands forth on, tne pages of history,
. crowrted with the glory of their ancient dissds, that
for extrsortliimry daring, for terrible suhlimtty
Bnd undaunted patriotism, exceeds the burning of
Moscow.- Neither Marathon, nor Thermopylae,
nor the battle of the Horatii, nor the defence of
Cocles, nor the devotion of the Wecil can
virtd when tune slidil cover wuu usoim ana quiei
--.dories that bold and extraordinary deed, the burn
ins of Moscow will be regarded, as outstripping
all that we read of Grecian or Roman patriotism,
and the name of the Russian governor, Kostop-
' cmn. if it be not to I.mii a name to band down to
il posterity, will never be forgotten," -
The oor pittance of seventy years is not worth
being a villian for. What mailer is it if your
iieiglilior lies in a splendid tomb T Sleep you' with
innoeenee. Look behind through the track of
- time ! a vast desert lies open in retrospect J through
-this desert have your fathers journeyed 5 wearied
with tears" and sorrows they sink from the walks
"of man. You must leave them where ihey fall;
and you are to go a little, further, where you will
find eternal rest. '.Whatever you may have to en
counter between tho cradle ami the grave, every
moment is biir with innmoesiilile evunts which
; come not in iii;re'iion,.biit1)iiri;!:ing forcibly from
a -revolving' and unknown rao-ie, fly ot-er the orb
with diversifn d intlueure. Uhiir, ,
Imi ili riirht. tmt tl. l it in is b:l H Ktescof I k rtttfv M . rlace llieoCice boulers, with
Sits abuse, as far as prsctica'i'e. Dj it sstsst hpdbtf jetarly snUnes, berpoJ the reach ofthe lx
borne in mind that a citie aeltCTtwe f"r, they ild, ia a short hnie, 1
one in beeeming Federal tsSirr.' Ttker:Ta4 tout "ir3 icictive as'tliW inrp'ropoie to'iiimke
ment must, arrordinglytaVe sgcol care, n suV t&eok .Taeur voice, I promi, would thei te
jecting him to penalues,for tbeatotf , sroxof It rui at ekcteioa, or Uwir perj.,ns I
powers, that it does oot interfere ist stay wsr sikif swsit aa trf soils
his orivat'e richls as a otitea. oi wiadi are, sel Eat rpp"W the immediate ol jret of t!. !-..! sc-
force upon such tl nation first, a government of ". haa been stated, under the sxisMsssMft et sJaeiwieiJesW, tai the otTice holders w,! - red -r-expedients
; secondly, of difficulty ; and lastly, of States. Put oo'eurJi care as tWio '-r 'im iwfsktiy stient snd fitsinse. it might even thrn be
danger. 8uch a nation could begin to feci only by . bill or the substitute ftrvyesed ty rsatssier. es twu.1! "Vtlr it wouM nme say di uiuuttoii n
ther oiake any otstiuruue eusu we asMr us i u kiu.iw-w w ptnnsgoer erer-ejus. u
pjfuial S(f prirelr meM f At tj-tr at st'ar, a.tiei. jret t :f( seduce tUe iiiiaeots of the ciT.ce
Tbe broadest and twaa cif rimcmtc tkrM .are &t They wju!J became the most in-i'n,,"-used,
comtre betiding ani satiertnj al a4s eaot fe-rtino of the eor.i!rmntty r as Li as elect ioi.s
sailor springs from bis warm oouch to limb the p,er s iu-imom. if aa t&an ibmU twy saiiM. sini, the m k-n P-rtf i kl'e cors lC
icy topmast al midnight without a murmur ; while cxn(TH j M- ea.w MT f rtsst--",'-r "U rue ia'lrnpnrtawre. The stru?-
.i L .. I. .. . - ,.l.n. C tk. ..I , I t. . frl .1 t . -' . . , ,
;ita ricn nimtiinui cumj-iaiuB .-.M.jj g,dentt who was a candidate ie3rtAaa, av j g . t,t power netwcen lite ins aiui me outs woo..i
which disturbs -bis evening's repose. In the time j. favormMa or .urfaroraWe. er M W?t aai mn aiate in tie leatK, iu vknce r intensify, br
of peace, we announce the breaking of lw" mijuiuu ulnliBu l lnVsiiTsiiiiiiBi. all sai,ar1iiii1in l-nd'TNi sm i)ni"iic.imrTiiifjf r.f iT.b hnll-n mfhr-
a melancholy eyent' if patrona, the atak contended ftr,
of the slaughter of our neighbors and thiusands of I, II. as eertainlv as tf be Lai Krxv r4 1"" . iU reru.a mxinuun-hed. Uuih sid. s, t!,eo i:i
of bisoflklal power to beat Aroa" j a .the VsJa !M-e ef power, wroulJ turn from the i m
dom of election. ; That a bill, ctfAssajsitj; swea J stse anii s.lent borfy of iiicumhents, and court t!,o
broad and Indiaeriorioatst imwiwAaajfjsiiewBSs t5 ' !. .el te acttre corps, that p;uitcd to auppldnt
powers of Congressand etAUles ta tit tyt t W ; t'laii ; a;il t"te result would be, aa annual wtp
electoral rights of tbe cttireo, fce'J snder t2 aa- j ef f fcrrwr, after every election, to make room
thority of his Slate, and guaraotjed hj lie seesit k iwrl tSa? totter, and tLat ott ahichever Vt
of speech to all, is toe clear, after bat kes fceest wooii be row ion. m'ah a seneance. The wheel
said, to require additional iQuslratialw It CBflsf ereati font r -und with surh velocity that any thin
pass without the enlarging tl asm sf tW Gsv t liSe sfabte ;tte m f jptilicy would be impoanLla. .
vernmenl by He aWitlgsteot i lite' rUs i ivt tetnporjrj omipinf, that mfjht-be ihrowa
.;i;in " , "''.'""'' " t iat aks) Mr tlie whirl, would seize the nto-jtcoti
But, it may Ve. jt iilini1i list Ihesa nrr asVtinT,-amTrTfhriTiitr-fitf'liri Tirtube, before he.mi'l.t
where tne irovernmeni itas f!5?"H"a.iB uumxs .K.Mjwii - - tm T5trr,
nenallies fitr acts of a nriesiie cbsjr,'wr f ewfk 'i owg'tt be cIVJ J :! ! fo:ior,not less cor-
the eonstitulion lias "ien it im rref'Til, , Snri ao i ririn? tha oo' illu. 1 .
-devotedly is tbe fed, and i's hpat lSaaa,n rtp.. these) decite f.!.jectis, I cannot give toy
instances rferred lo-4abe dMOAasi, caao4 a ' v?jrt t the ball ; hut 1. wish it to ba distinctly
denied: but aU An:h eases aie 'AtflwrssAtJ fr laniiersteod that Mwuhhuldiiigit, I nei;!i-r retract
dei ts of Travel in Turkey Russia, cVc. is the fol-Ube enemy, wa clasp our hands aud shout " glorious
victory l".
r A Furwl Xi'e and DufiM. If we were ever
envious, it was of the farmer, the intelligent, in
dependent farmer, who owned bis' hind, his house
mud burns i who was fmo "from" dohu and whnse
family was growing up prosperoubly around him.
We have seen such a farmer'; and, in truth, we
know of do man so happy, and no business so per
manently profitable, none that" makes Hie owners
so independent. An independent farmer has his
house to live in ; it is. Ins own, he has earned it by
rtre iatKrinfis ow
filled willi weproduc barns
with the stock reared and the hay raised upon his
farm--. Ilia cellars are filled-with the oecessKies
Bii4 luxuries of life. Alnnsd every' thing necessa
ry to feed him and his family grows around him.
He may raise liis own porki fatten and kill his
own sheep, eat his own poultry and his own eggs,
live upon his own homemade bresd, weave his own
cloth, raise his own wool, knit his own stockings
through the agency of Jiis wife and daughters,
makeltis own butter and cheese in short, live
and dress comfortably without going ofl his Own
holinstead. Thii is no fiction, and it is the fact
that the farmer is the : most independent man in
tho community. ..,.'.' '. ' : , ";
P.ut in order to bo happy, and to mane nis me
that under rotisideraUon by Itoes toe urae to wmxlitj any sentm nt 1 have etpreea in re! t-
mislaken. In all of then,tieas prHtwVis! set,;.twsj t &e patrooageef wis I hava
in tho first place, such as Vre incwBalA8 wk ieuted eer since the comns-ncement of this di.
the ofTtrial duties enjoined j as ia Aetstst'til !V epia, the report t made as chairman of a sd.ict
proliihiii'mtdommwartMtpisw 13.1, and wLic'a his
articjes similar to those tlwit are aaade Ifasr esUodl .. Iee so Crrj-iently referred ta in d-b i'c by thw
duty to purchase, ia order ta preretafra! ret tV ets tie cv-M siile of the ehamtieT, and I t s !
-public," "And in tbe next, the arts ft .1?! iV' actmng wlikh I wtsiklomit, if I had uowH c'raw
yolved only civil rih", slwgig ta rV .r it, tot at'icH, whkfv tioio and le'lfctioo wfi!d lo
an' iwliyidiia!, and not ptJitieaj'rtfWa.stiwsi Wr !V.v ' d-4f M a-.ld, to atrengtlicH the grounds I then
to him as a fcitizen. The fcrmtr te v.f 'jit'J at iuw '."Tuere is not a aentenre in it mcn ti-
.,.,rl .s U ouiyht to be. he must be intelligent- . pleasure, without dredjc
:- - .It iU m,.n. ol knowltMl.rn. esicwllvl ler he cannot aurrender itUcrt u-.r i. Xjv xrt5-iu
ll inj.-wi'iii " ... v. - -i-i - r i' , . ,
grare,.Matvc Ii tL stewa I bavepreseotcJ cn the p
thni hind of knowledne which relates to his own
profewtion, - H must use the means which God
Ima niven him i 10 be haiipy himself snd contribute
to the pef and comfort of those around. In jus
tico to hiini' lf; he will employ bis v'oi""S in t''
and eitintr up a wcrel trust Wfl'l ia tt.-a, if tie ', . . t ml At here, Mr. Presideiiti ter
State of which be is a !, f (t'l f :,& m$ a fir a this bill is concert;'
- good ; nor ran this G'vemT rWattJ if x. g-nerat q-teoa of phtrona-e is at
der, without trariNrf-o.:-; i'.t ytmi-n i'-'i"."" J, i:T; urt.Scr e;:r sytem rt
fi, r; . 'i ' -r - ' ' -" ' ..." .."'" - '
;'.;itff n:y rs
; but as tlie
i times on? of

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