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V - ' will Iia ilisr-nntimioii mull nil arrearage J y'!'-'' " t . .'w oail. unless at thftdiscK.tion of Die Editor-; and a Jr ? .... .i c.. .. r . .. i: failure to notify me imiiotjuii a wmu t ui.iiuu;, l tie end at' a year, will be considered as pew cri- " A.W1i?i?mffltrwrttlMrTorTsphmoo'rd tottw iuserti'd, at ene dollar per mjusre for the firat insert if m,' Btid 25 outs for each contiiitiiince. ? Court and Judicial idvertweirienta 'will be charged 25 pr cent more than Wllwvff price. A deduction or .mj pcrxem rrmii the regular prices win ue mane to yeany aavein . Advertisements se nt in for publication, mum have the number ol time marked on them, or ihey will be inser ted till forbid, and charged1 for accordingly. Jitters addressed to the Editors on business must lie Yt fraul, Or they will not ba rtended to. ; WHEATON AND THE PANTHER. F,en.jiVh.ttBton was one of the first settlers on ihe water of the Susquehanna, immediately alter the war, a rough uncultivated, and priunine man. As many others of the same stamp and characivr, he aubsisted-WJMJfttuij?, Cultivat4gU Jaiid lol -.nuriiiTjtC; and 111 this wav raised a numerous tnn.i- y amidst trie wooas, nu in a nun aiarvwi cihmii J "t,oo7aTiTcoinpSriuve riaSediiess. ( Cut aarhejsu quenarina country rapidly increased in popiilutimi, the buutiue ground of w'heaton were encroached 'upffi"WThanr chancer wit tF I lie iitol1lt Sf-aiiiong lha deer and beam were greatly Jellied. On tins account Ulieaton removed from the Susquehanna country to Oslego county to the more uiwrttled countrv of Mie Dflaware, near a place etkitwu iislhr .VitV tlwent ;wbr : plenty - 7 lie uislnc -from wdere he- madt his hume in the wooil,, Ihroogli to the iSttwrirt'hHonij, ?vua about niiy ..time, iu was one couunueu n dernesaat that time. Through these wood tin lwl aboriginal huulcr waa-uflen-compeikd Jo ; tlw Httt-oH-oaium, tor various ncevssariec:, ai.-J -1 -.-r " j ! ... . - - - , amnng tl.c rtfl lor no ainail quaniiry vi wniskey aa tin u. a nf UAfti uitomrvrirtifa KuKtt iuiu these, visits ta the nuusl ot summer, wnn trie smooth bore oa his shoulder, knife, hatchet, 6ic, in llicir proper larea,-tre-id nCTrly iienetrated tlie distance, when he becamo-aiciui. anl havinu come to the summit of a tii'ge sometniio in the ut--'tcrnoon which overlooks the vale of the Sueqim- i halioa, he aelected a convenient place in the hno, . i . fl.i: r.t t .1 . ss.Lt was not, tor tuc. raja ot uws mm trwn t bwtst pnored hi atillry influence through all the firet-t, - wnert h lay down to rest awhile amting the Imves, after taking a drink from his bottle ol green glass, and a mouthful of cold joiiny cuke from his pocket. Iii this situation ho was soothed" to drowsiness ly the hum of insects, and I he monotony of passing U Hi L amiMi. fliA r..l'.i... n..-i..l 1. i ..r.t.k.ir. i. .... "warily fell asleep with his gun foWed in hi arma But after awhile he awoke from his su-cp,and for -u -VtmKWpTlt happened without tirring, - hett he found some - thing had taken place- while he slept, which had . Hiuwa Dim somewtwit fl.nerentiy Irom the manner -mQaiitt-ft.4.unu lwas-enttmy-tmreo-fivr, ;hf ad-W PBrxwittf leaves mi ttgtit ofl,wnrtoiTf jtd as W now uip;L uitlitT, by -the iiJilctt,WWj., .. - ft- y- " - ' ' 4 ,'1 t , ' ' " , ingonue wma, uraome wtui. aoiiiiHi. uit w-n:cn account be becanie a little disturbed in his mind, si he well knew the planners of the panther at that attano of tho year, when it hunts to support its )"ing', and will ften cover, its prev with leaves sad fermgrts whrtpslotlie bftlitirT: H(TttiCTirf.r- oe he thought he heard the steps of some kind rf Isiavy animal near hinVanditnowina if h: were - a pantlier the drslnnce lietwecn. himself and !eaih could not be far if he should attempt t rie up. - Accordingly as he nw ;iected, after waiting a fill tiinute, he now distinctly heard the retireiug lred ol stealthy panther f which ho had ho douhl Ironi his knowledge of the' Creature's ways .It .Mtttiot taken hut a few steps, however, when il gain stopped a longer time ; still Whea'ori con 1 honed his silent potutitin, knowing his 'safety do- prow much on una. fc(s ti ttie tread was njiain "rd, urther and farther olf, until it entirely die . ""ay in lite distance but tie still lay moii"ulcj a f'B"fJsgerl then he vetjjired. gently, a n? , uii!Hisiy 0 riliJ(, nM ded, aua'cast an eye m the - fiPf'e- but. could. ce!.noihing.,r,.I,je!,.jow fe up with a spring ; for his blood had l-ni tun. "Mia from his heart to the extremities, and hiick jain wuh-uncomnvMt' velocity- tM tlie- while- hi n had listened lothe step of the animal oh it he '"svfsand bruh. Ilo now aaw plainly the marks f design among the leaves, and that h hnd lieen hovered over, and that tire pawa of Borne creature i nrm it. And if, as l.e su oecle l, a I a ither waa the ani. i.W.kiiewk-U.w--ut chich accouol he made h.iste to receive it." -and to fat himself jn a ,ituat:on to give it a laste "ff the CMilentatiTthe smooth He now seized up " some pie-j (fold word whirh.tiyksiUJliid I' awu as nmrli a was Wiwl lo Ins own biitSiTVx ''y where he bad slept, id covered il H-.tcr h leaves, in the same mauner the panther had floTfi nd then sprang to a tree, w ar bv, into ""eh he aicendtH), from Whence be had a view pofxj distance about him, and especially in the th "'ion thecrcalure had gone. Here in ihe crolch , J the tree he stood, w ith his gun resting acros a "tb, in the direction of the place where he had , wen lei fcy j,e p8,nh(.r, Imikibg sharply a far t'mongihe wood as possible, in ihe direction he fPcted tlie creftturo' return. Kut he remsited tin position boi a eSort time, and bad Imrelj tbrt ram-ro) tlow the barrel of hi pwrr lo wre ilie eloirge was in her, and to examine priming, and shut down the pan slowly, so that Jt sliiulj hm m ia p, and thus make a no'ie, when hi n Indian eye, for such he had, caught a glwnpso. ' ' monfitrTKis pniither, leading, w arily, two panther ''erj t,iwnf jH Pr ii(p)pd supjicrr - . Now Dinttr were1 hastening to a climax rnpid . y,h.tt Whrnt-m or the.-pnnther should liv"ih - r wtntrr on i . nii,imr;.iin iS i!,i P, ii-nut'liaii- I ft i lirt was the same" must have. brtTitinale. IV j ring the thoughts the panther iad hid her young under some bruh, and come withtn somo thirty fitt if the pt, where She supposed -her netim u titilf lo-ping, and seeing all 4S she left it, drop, ped down to a crouching position, precisely as a cat when about to spring on its prey. Now was ' seen the soul of the panther in iw' perfection ; merging from the rec as of nature, hidden by the HLuPlll'l ji!Ll!u!o- 1'Witoaa eJatcau-huUejiU. tug cruelly on ihe'brjin, from whence it glared to bright hrror,roin U hurning pyes, curled in its Htrong and vibrating tail, pusbw) out its white clep. -lal iiHgv from ita" fcftmd and powerful paws, its hot breath glittered on the points of its uncovered : teeth, aod smoked, in rapid issura of steam from itt red and open jaws, while every hair of it long dun back stood erect in savage joy, denoting (hat the moment of ita fatal leap ' had come. Now the horrid rustling ' of its hinder claws -dk4oMHlkf H Hfrt" m , taajdf .mdjnjient ham string wereseop but half tin ioKtanl by Wjiea. tun from where he stood in his tree, when the Ire nojoo leap was nutde. Ii ittse on. a jong curve , into the air bIksjI ten feet in thehitheM place, ami from thence descending, it struck exactly, wliere the breast atid bowelsfils intended prey had lain, with a scream ton horrible fr dearriptioo when it tote to atoms the rotten wood", filling for -several fjyf iiThivft it, the air with, leaves and" light hrtiah. the covering oft he deception. But instantly the Mtff- fotmd hfrHtVhited,tmrfBeiTr a little vilh diappuitrientf when, however it re- soiiied its entt p-ture, and surveyed quite around . prev, but not discovering it, she ct a furious look aloft, among tlie Im ithe trees, when in a mo- tnfiil or two the eytf of U heaion ami the panther had met. Now f r aiKither leap, when she-droop. t-d for that purpose, bul lhe buluawaaaiiwiC'iMjbaLMrseea buckh"t if old nHmh bore t-re loo quick, as he Imtcd them exactly m the lira m of the savane .,.jMiiiiir,ijuriUedi s hunter bad slept but a short time before,4tithe, sotindiiess of a moonlain dream." " "tfiriiBd-rrmTkTd ttieTnjotTrhere her j"nnngwere Jiidtlen, which atlhe report of theun were fright enedand ran up a tree. Wheaton now came down, and fcmnd the panther to measure frorn , the end of it nose to the point of its tail, eight feet six inches in length, a creature' Sufficiently strung Johaye carried hun oil on a full run had he fallen into her power.-; He now reloaded and went to the tree where her kitten or yoBng ' panthers were, and soon brought themduwu Troro their grapling among- the limbs, companions 'for their conquered aud slain parent. "v y !'.'.'?.'.,.,n dismaiilled iberp of j heir,., bide,., and hastened awav, lest aonm other rencontre before. the nigh) should set m, might overake him of a similar characier; when ihW di-advania.ge of the " darkness might decide tlie victory in a way more , disadvantageous to the roamer of the forest. . Of this frst Hen heaton never ceased to boant, reci 4iug U as the uiost appalling passage of bis huutiiuj hi". The animal had scented him while aa!ei-D. give her young a specimen of the manner of Jkture 4tu.,,Hr-tf. thrsis Toojfiucti lor the ruind o a dumb iniai ,,e imided et least to give them a sup. 'I ' hT cTrc.uhisl a rice waa all tr.at saved bisJifej.or TheMntrTcr woultl 'l ive leaned on him at first. and with leaves as it did, for the sake nf her young. Tlie panther i a f-rocious aod almost untameable animal, whose nature and habits are tlie same as the rat, except the nature and power of this d--metic creature are in the panther immensely man-. .mtieiin.!;retu:ib.a,iid voracity isJallieiincrJ 4can iuret-.wiutt.tii4ge-r- to -AtrR-a and IhIiiv, a dangerous and ravage-animal, the terror of all other creatures, as well as of the Indian, and white mau. . " . . . foaVrnf.-Nothint? is more lovely than chris tian conridtney. Much of the poiiular inndelity of the present day is nourished and strengtht?ned by the discovered absence of this heavenly virtue r in the" rliancter of the professed people of the Lord.. It is not because Christians do not possess any of the graces of the Gospel' il is not because ikmih of the. adornment of virtue are spread over their chararter, that infidel rait against the truth . of. Cbrutiauttt: but because thev discover in the rharacter of many professed Ctirismr.3, a want of "imwwt.- -")ne'-thnff-"mrtTtdtcts "Ihe other;1 , .Tlitre w a. waot oCcorreoonuVoce iu the parta.- Prinoiple t not carried fully out. Everr now and then aomething is discovered that i just in keep- -rng with tlie uppoiri.i'ri that the man is "hypP' . rrite. - It is tins want of eotigtency that slubi re ligion in the very vitals. 1 ' The remarks are tnie in reference to private Christians, but apply with aiill greater firce to tH'iae wi tmnr ne mrrrti m is in me tJ'iiu it Hie m'v il ic H m I'if The conduct of ministers of the srosrit'l. how closely whnro tU'ey may, lla ejeaof tlio-e who would T provt"lliciii hypocfit"B a-e still upiMi lliein."" Alas ! wlio n4 engaged in sacred duties when j lurney. wh.-a.iu.B.Kt vwlie.n wiiigltng in the. pri vate ctrcl", hn' ajl are minister to fret that ' they stand in tlie prepuce of such a atern snTln ; enorable liibjinal j . Rut, if we are iiicere--if we always, remember the rharacter . we sustain, and th office we bear, then will our adversaries lie ronfmindud and God glorified. Fin$copal . Re corder. , . . . . --. : ., ; "t?rr "r Cnnrrr. Mr, Thomas Tyrell.of Mis souri, adverlie' that a cancer upon bis mif , which ha l lieen'trerttfd without sulcus by Hr. h'miih, of New H tven, and ttie ablest surgeon in tho West - ern rmprtryhnd hern curel in tlie f lWmg ttmw ; tier : tie wis recommended to use strong potash, ,mvte of the ahes i f ri d oak bark, boiled down to the cDM!eiice of mi-lases; to rover the cancer w it'i it,, ami in uhmit an hour afieriHds to cover with a pl ilur of tar, which most le removed after a lew davs. and a anv Denuwrame renmin in the wound, tippl v iiiiVreiV'tiiMh trt ihi-m ami the p!a lt-r suaiu, , il iiHi v .:iall disappear j aiif'r wtiirti, heal lb' wo'iicl will, rmui iK! ratve. - (.'a'utt r and the k .i' l.i.l t..-o i,.--vt-u-.lv i il in vain. 1 hi MIL SLICK-UI8 SAVINGS AND DOlNGS.-v ' ' CURE FOR SMUGGLING. ' There' nutliin' a'most, SuiJ Uie Clock-maker, I like so much as to ace folks cheat themselves. I don't know as I ever cheated a man njy sxlf in rrrrh life : I like to do things above board hatuUin'.am)- go strait aneau , ut(t it a cn.ip seems uem one neat lit himself, I like lo be neighborly and' faulp him to do it. I mind once, when I was to the eastward I oi duiiiui airanm uii;iii yuuiig nurse in use while I gave old Clay ,a run 1o etas. I do that most every fall, and it doea the poor old critter a thai of good. Hs kinder seenis to take a new learn every time, it seta him up so. Well, he was a most especial horse, but he had an intarnal teiiiK-r, and it required all my know ledge of horse flesh to man. age him. He'd kickr sulk,' back, bite," refuse to draw, or run away, gist &s he took the notion. I mastered him, but it was gist as much as a bargain loo: sod I don't believe, tho' I sav it myself, there tsanfothergentra HM.flJ t.i. t.t n-.A ' 1V.II itiflrn .. Md ..n ! " nmnagea mm out me. ueu, mere was a parson livin' down there that took a great fancy to that horse, Whenever he seed me admin by he al ways stapl to look at his action and gait, and aJ mired him amazni'ly. Thinks I to myself, that man is inokilaledit'll break out soon he is de termined to cheat himself, and if he is, there is no help f r ifTjjJ I see, bufloTel him. (Jiieday I was adnviii'out aTa mnSt a Wce6ff sizOiand" lie stopped -mev I Iallo4 -eays-her M f rBliclti-whcre are you agoin' in such a desperate hurry t 1 want to speak a word ta you. So I pulls up short. T 1 ery c,e ver nor8e yof 'n, says tie. M iddlin,' y 1 i "e 0008 my work, but he's nothin' to brag n ; lie am t gist equal to old Liny, ajid 1 doubt il there ary a blue nose horse that is either. ' r me eay he has considerable fine action, but that' bet ter for himself than roe, for it makes him travel easier. - - - ' ' " llow many miles will lie trot in tlie hour? said h7WctTrsays Tnrhe "nas triliidnTo Bnu'TTWel) managed, ho can -Mien-haiidaum Will you sell him! said he. Well, said I, parson, I would sell him, but not to vou the truth is, said I, ami in , 1 have a regard for ministers i the best friend I ever had was one, the reverend Joshua Hopewell, of blirkville, and 1 wouldn t sell a horse to one I don't think would suit him. , Oil 1 said he, the horse would suit me' exactly i 1 like, him a ma tin ly : what s your price T f illy pounds to any -JbotiyJxl, said I, but fifty-five to you parson, for I d0"'1 want you to have him at no price. If he nidn l suit Vnu, people would say l cheated you and cheatin' a imrson is, in my mind, pretty' much of a niece w'itfcifolbiii" it a'ctiurch1. rina'sVouTd think considerable h -rd of me selliuLvou a horse Ihaanrr finite (he tiling, and 1 Bhouldn t blame them one morsel if they did. Why what's the matter of hitul said Jie. Well, says I, mlbister, says I, alarfin' right out, every thing is the, matter of him." Ohl saidTieTtbai's all nonsense :-1 've aeert the horse in your hands often, and desire no Uoij:w.aU-saia Ihe.uU.xua..awaXJit.,AOu if be gela a chance, ta a surtainty. I will drive I li. t. r II It' I ' . .. - f mm wiiii a curu, saya no. no win ticn, nri i III put a back strap on him, said he. He will go bacfcwarrf-ftter liTiTi the win puTeaciniTmlVtlc r, aays he. ell, aayi'tr tarfiir"rike any IhTnE-nie .wont co it H Witittiinrj said he ; but you must take oft that live pounda. Well, says I, parson, I don't watit to sell you the horse that' a fact; but if you must have him I suppose vou must, and I will subtract the five pounds on one romiilion, arid that is, if you -don't like the beast, yoTc Tolkslharvou j to.sej. him.out as jm nA coultL.nnii jail eery thing of him I could lay my tongue to. s-Well, toys he, the bonie is mine, and if he don't suit hie, I acquit you of all blame. w ell, he took the horse, and cracked and boasted most1 prodigiously of him : he said he wouldn't like to lake a hundred pounds for him; that he liked to buy a horse nf a Yankee, for they r.ere such capital judges of horse fi -sh they hardly ever almost had a bad one, and that he knew he was agoin' to gel a first chop one, the moment he found I didri t want to sell turn, and that he never saw man so loath to part with a blast. Oh dear! how I krfrd in mv sloeve wheu I heerd loll of the coney talkin'sorh nonsense: thinks I, he'll live tolarn vet some thuuzs that ain't writ down in Jatin afore I dieC- or I'm. miatakened that's, all. In the course of a few days, the burse hegan in fiudjitj'd chwgtuliiarids, and he..rho)ighl,.bB'd tti,.. WJMr! o' siurl his new master was made on; so be gist took the bit in his mouth one tine mornin' and ran, ofl with hrm, and kicked hi gtg all to flinders, rnd nearly -broke the pardon's neck ; and fimlin' that answer, he liwk to all hi old tricks agin, and got worse than ever. He couldn't do nothin' with him, even the helps were frightened out of their fistta U go inti llinslabks lo him. So he come lo me one day look in' quite streaked, and savs he, Mr. Slick, that horse 1 bought of you IsTpcrFcT ffiivuTf "w'vef Ta-Wc1TC"cTnTfrtrr my life ; I can tM-athet ride him nor drive him. He gist does what he pleases with us, and we can't help ourselves no how. . lie actilly -beau all the nuruly animals I ever seed in my life. ; Well, says I, I told you so, minister I didn t want to sell him to you at all , but you would have hunt I know fou did, said he; but you larfed bo all the lime thouirhl vou was iii inest. I thouuht you didn't care lo sell him, Btid gist said so to put ml off, jo- liinviiker i had ho nice vou were in simcst: i wouldn't give ten pound fir him. " Nor I neither, snid I ; I wouldn't take him aa a gift, and be bound to kceo hurt. How could vou then, said he. have the conscience to Si me fifty pou.ids dr him, and oock'-t it so coolly I To prevent vou from buytn him, parson, said I, that was my reasoo. -1 did all I cool.) Pe you 1 1 axid v w five iimos as much a he was worth, and said all I could think on to run him down loo: but vou took nounrlf in. There's two ways pf tellin' a ibwj. said hc.'.Mr. Siick,-in ainn'sl and in jeest t vo' V'bl il as though you wer'e I t,uX ,i t-mimavrntl it hnt vou II II...ITW , I.-'. ! "! I-'- J - J i.i.. t ..ii :. . .)..,.....; ,nn .mi tv.ra.ui mt.I . ' ' . 4.. r ...ii . .! :.. linw inatiy ways von nay nave .ot winn a i -' """ . . ' . ' - " - .- ' .. - ........hi . - ...,i i .. .. ep.i..- . e .1 ...I l t 0il t Hiio I HOI I uintj hii .iim, aiuu iimi ... I ... . . i . . a 'i. ........ I .. .... ih..'. I ,A I ild von Ihe truth, hut vou didn't i way v it. ' Now,, says 1, 1 jeeljkinderi . self. Po you ship hun. You can't sell him here without duin' the fair thing, as I didtultin' all his faults and if you do, tie soul would take him as a present, for people believe you, tho' it seems they won't believe a Clork-miiker. Iiintt!iid him oil la ,l0 West Indgiea and sell him at auction.thore for whar ha will li-teh. He'll hrimr a ir01M nrice. and ng a good price, il no gels into a raoi right down gouuirme nors,o man band, there s no better horse, lie aaid jump. -,' - . v..r-.-- Now, a7, there's another hit of advice I'll give you free gratis for nothin', never buy a korte on the dealer's judgment, or he mil cheat you if ke can,' neeet buy him on youroten, or you will cheat yourself as sure as you are born. '- In that cae, said he, larfm', a man will be, sure to be cheated cither way : b'ilw is he to guard ag'in bein' lakon in, then T Well, says I, he stands a fair chance any way of bavin! the leake put kito him that's sartain, for next to Woman kink there is nothin so . ... . . ' J .. I on em puzzle the best judges saniefhne to tell their age when well vamped up, and it takes some time albre you find out all their tricks. Iloth re. quire good Iraii.in', a steady hand, and careful usage. Y es J both branches require great expe rience, and Hie most knowiii' one do got bit soine- ,lin)ea most bouufully. Well, says he, as toucliin' horses, how is a man to avoid bein doceived T "'llpJii tell you nover buy . a liorsofa lotul stranger on no account, never buy a horse of a gentleman, for Why, said-he, he's the very man I should like to buy of, above all others. Well, then, says I, he's not tha man for my money anyhow: you think you are safe with him, and don't inquire enough, and take too much fur grant ed; you are apt to cheat yourself in that case. Never buy a crack horse ; he's dune loo much. - Nevertny-a colt TheVdondiodTntTe j"you "ca ra'fiun-lM''ahtiys it's a j tell how he'lrturn considerable of a loiig story to en through with it: itwMttJis)tkisiHw4 a clock, I calculate. If you buy from a man who ain't adealor, ho aclilly don't know whether his horse-is good -oneir-not f-yoa must-get advice from a friend who does know If-ywt buy from a dealer, he is too much for you or your, friend ei ther,. . If he has no boner, don 't trado with htm. If he ha., put youmlf wholly and entirely on it, J9flO!UiiJLdjJIUilh?r do the thing genteel. If you'd a' axed me candid. ly about that are horse, says I. AT thai he looked up at me mute hard for a space, without savin word, but pressed his line together quite tnifly like, if he was a strisin' foro keep old Adnm down, and turned short oil and walked away. I felt kindor in spile ol all you can do, why, there i no help - tor it a I see, hut to let lnm.T Iw you, (squire 7 WOTHER AT HOME IJonotbejnntinualhjnd'w times necessary to censure and to punish but yo ry much may be done by encouraging .children .luaUtalUifcaS& careful to ex. ores yoiir approbation of. jrwid conTucl "flian ofi bad. Nothing can discourage a child more than spirit of incessont fault finding, on the part of its ,r -ii" Ma, A ,mr y y j J 'i " ' v u ..Mvojuious, irriun-sj influence upon the disposition both of the pareht anil tfiecKild. There are Iwo'molivea' iii- Juftifiing .huDBaa-BaUawi iJ.iojHij()deBrwJMi who would not prefer to have her child influenced lo good conduct by the desire of pleasing, rather than by the fear of offending T If a mother never expresses her gratification when her children do well, and is alwayt iconiHirinj' when. iltBt .pcijirjy. tliing airii, they are discouraged and Jinliappyi -They fuel lhat there is no uas in trying 4o- please-. Their disposition becomes hardened and soured by this ceaseless fretting. t At last, finding that whether they do well or ill, they are equally found ' fault with, they relinquish all efforts to please, and become heedless of reproaches. . . --'"BuTTet a '"mother" approve oft child's conduct whenever she can- Let her show that bis good behavior makes her sincerely happy. Let her re ward him for his effort to please, by smites and affections. Jn this way she will chorigh in her cnuu neart some oi tne nutiiesi ana most aesira- ble incline of her nature, bhe will cultivate in him an amiablo disposition and a cheerful s;rit ' t our child has been during tha day, very pleasant and obedient. Just before putling him asleep. for the n'ghlyoujnke bis handBndjsy..Myjon, -..you have, been tLmUijj0..daLlW .V'fl. happy.. Iq ceA JQU.sp .ftiouandj obdif nt. God loves little children who are dutiful to their parents, and he promises to make them happy." This approbation front" hitl molher'is tohi m a great' reward. And hnwith aTnnrelhan rordi' nary BflJictionate lone, you say, M Good night, my dear son'," he leaves tlie room with his little heart full of feeling. And wh'-n he clos his eyo for sleep he is hi that howill olway try to do his duty To th CAatr man ( the Counly Cmtrlo' Cotmfy. Sig j The Hoard of Internal Imprnvemenls, by the Act wbkh created it, has a general supcrin lendnnce over all the public improvement in' tho Siatc ; for which reason il is highly important that the total amount of produce of each county in the State should be in the possession of, and know n to, the B mrd. Such a mas of statistical information would form a text book of reference of incalculable advantage for the -successful prosecution of the f works now in progress, and, if possible, of still .greater importance to such a should hereafter be recommended lo tho patronage of tlie Slate and our citizens. '.77J 1 . ' ' By reference lo ihe'Fayctteville and Western f Kail Road, Ihe idea can be fully illustrated. The '- Hoard i verV "ii'lici'ous to enrrv into" PflL-Cl lh Acts of the Legislature in relntion to tin road ; and for that jurotie deem it of Iho-utmost impor: . In nee that tha amount of produce which is likely lo lie transported on the Cuntomplated road shuld 1 ascertained with the utmoht iiriicticalilecerluiti , i iv. It will bo recollected that. at. ihe sewton i t. in n an. kt n..it.......,A it.. wiy,and resulvcs ...-y,vv;;' , , ,:., . i ,,, u ,ic ! , I. ,.ii. il ill hii I it-1 I 1 1 1 iwii.i, il. ail l la. hi I in a. i.ii- ttitgiit tie nmtui n csaary to construct mo eaui u--g- -...w-.- vm,-. . .- r road, whenever tliri e-f fihs should !e S'lii-ri'icit l ' f"r,! mental to the former one, which author w lis bi:!. icription on the parX of the Stale of threc-f.liLi, when individual shall have subscribed two -fifths, shall also fail,' we request 'information, that tlm public may have some accurate data, ou n luch t fuund tho probable value of the stock. Theco t of thff roadhat b"en ascertained by the survey an X estimates of on Engineer J but doubt "rind iituxr (ainty exist aa to the tmolinlof -trnsjt.rt-iti..n wt)fcinKayliaca1 iT cuurst as lo the amount of profit which aa iuvoMuier.l in its stock may yield. Th Hoard are of 'opinion, t!i:.t the want of information on this point is the rlmf cnui of the failure of the subscription ; for it can not be doubted that the means of the country in. terented are ample, or that they would , epplied, if it could be shewn that tho investment would I c a good onff and until this difficulty is remoied, and the whole Biitioct laid jfliirly liefore the puMic, it is apprehended tluit cafiitalisls will cntimio backward in making invest ments in tho tixA. .. . . of country (in relation to its trade) which this road is designed to accommodate, the ordinary met hoi of obtaining the desired facts are not applioiulij to it. Generally, the amount ol exportable procure of a country may be easily ascertained at the market at which it i traded ; but the produce of thisscction is carried to the market i f Virgini , North and South Carolina, aud Georgia, and t their villages as welj ns imporniiwt-tt--w r,n rlii- - fuSeJaliroaiJ, that we must Itx4 to the groieef, m- stead of the purchaser, for a correct know ledge- its amount. And the Iloard brJieve and trust that an opiHirtunily will slmrtly fler, when it n.ay be " Uhiaiued without cost lo" the State, or incrnven. mtice to (he heople, ond, compared to tho great benefit lo lie derived, with very little trouble lo Ihe agntils who may bo engaged in procuring jt ; ai,d, the occasion shou! j m"t pssd by'tJiiinprovea, have tleier mined to ask the aid ot the timnty Courts, not ot.lv of the ni)hi iritcresiea in itial roan, nut who id tiiioiiicr conntiosr-to be preserved and used as txcasioii may rcquiro. , w-.-.- ' - . ..... .1 I 1 i 1 a jA V Itt atating the wislies of the Hoard, which I will ' do, tho mode or obtaining tho desired information will be sufficiently explained. 1 ; The Board request your County Court, at it next session, to direct th Magistrates w ho tuny be appointed to tako the lists of taxable and taxable property, lo ascertain, from each person, at the time he offers hie nsf,4h eimwfrt T.f pmloce 1ij raised iu 183S the market nf which hp soil, or designs selling it ; to keep lists of the same, ac cording to the forms herewith transuiittedtand In sottM-iMbem-to- WOterhralrmj'-witn thelax li t , " 'J wha is requested lo forward the in to ihe lIc-itJ i .. early as Kiblo. in making Ihe tr-jKiiotn)eiit of. magistrates for taking the lists, h is very (' !rul Ihnt such nerons onlv should he selected ns wuu'J ciiecriuiiy Ourlorm this eaw- il rem iimwirtni.i . tskrAH produce which tJ.rlmtiricd fr txporta- I ion beyond lha limits of the btule, s iuusJ Le rc- . turned, w hether it is taken off by tha grow cr or a neinhhoriti! rnerchant. W' hen these lists siisir have been returned to the lioard, cousnllatcd and made public, a tliey w ill be, it is evident that a JMMjiifJUA4U0-iulerftKli4.g inforatiuv4riHJio;.' 4be-spoily of tha country lo wiMtais) eoot.'M- piavPfl 4aiJi,i.voa( ,pim.hi( ,ii;.r . "5" ,.?ll'v:,. been obtained 5 and no ona, wild has spare mmwy, will ty bgor 4o at a ' k.4o-dwtcriiio..aa the propriety ""of investing it. . U the Magistrates fr laking Ihe fax lists in your counfy, shall have been appointed before this communication reaches yon, be pleased lo lake an early opportunity of hwnj lha iorms pkiced-in llwir haivlsr- Iy-attending-1 whtch btwinesa, and mnktng a early a retutn lo this office ai practically ou will itrarhctblifr'T" - Most respecllully your Iricnd and t:iiow-ciii.-n, - EDW'l). B. DI DLI.V, Gov. of N. C. an Pie ,'l. ex c.', , . . 1 i ;v cioof the lid. uf kU Lr.p. Executive Office, N. C. I , Italoigh, Msrch '22, S - ' - C. C. BTTt, Sec. v. - "" ---" From the VicXiburs Stntiuel and Lji .i.'.ii". .'. Jckso!, (Miss.) February 0, "TAtn o'clock, n mot hrillinnt audi-juce cr..,!. I every psrt of the Represcnljlive Ha'.l, to li-ir tieueral UayneiponhoutbornUimmerce ana im-provemetils.-'A regular eeting wa orjnnized t y calling Gn Quilmun to -the chair, and appointing.. .Smith nd JSL .(item ofh -..tttxfci-. Gob. Q addrcs.scd.Jhe JT)cetjng en t'.ie .rejects of .. the assembly. Some rewdutious wi-ro o'ilorrt!. when Gen. ILiyne rose end occupied l!ic omhvhll attention of the meeting for two hours. 114 tlian!. ed lho Mississippi "jioople for their hospitality, and congratulated ihem for the interest they manifes ted in Ihe cause of Southern trade mil prosperity, lie dotailed argument after ariruiiicia i frunjwt t,i direct lru3e, ami was most conclufavolii U.o prJ- perily and importance of internal i.nr rotcmc;il. He snowed lo the wonder of mnny, and the !mnv Df'pH;- w-liat- tassels we -of Ihe -Si!h--we -, tln . Northern States, and how eay a matter it wa, with combined arlmn, for the South to be- the fir it country undoT the sun, in point-or indopendci.ee oud wealh.v Gsn. Ilayno. is au ardent ' friend ,' the Union, and wishes it may.be perpetual, gnid-.l and sustained by tho gf-nius of justice and efj i il rights. I f.innot do justice, in a b-ttcr, to tl.c many points ho truda in bis excellent sjieecli its bead will be written out and puUi-hl. Y ou Rr assured, that his speech had a powerful efT.-tl ) the minds of all who heard it. ; On. Ilavn had refused trt partake of a publ!,: dinner, which was tendered him by tho orclau.a tion of the citizens and sojourners at Jackn. Ho will leave here on Thursdny next. , - -Tha f .llowing resolutions, nuVud by Mr. Wri-!,t of. Lowndes county, wcro Biiaiiiinouily a dopted ty the meeting t " . . .WnERets, The sys'cnvof itiuirect Invlo with firriim countries, heretofore, pursued by t!! SoutU- !ern arid South Western Ftats bn ten do-J ts. ofi"r . .1 .. I I.M.,.l-rii In l!-.i .' rUicni (imI 1' too i' r iiw'4''j '-' hern states, buildirti' Ut larg't i iui ih rc 1,1 Una ,. . ,, , " i ' . ........... , M-.tt.in thmr lionler. ami bV C -in CUtrati ' 11 t i.i. - - - -1 j - a

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