North Carolina Newspapers

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ihifi-" sVut matiiitaclutii
, b. b.i l " N"fl' Carui.ns.
' I i-j'v c' t ti' e I, it iSm w too cae; fur ever
J i i i t Mr. I'.'iarb" F'-'ier's report to tho Le
1 , 1 1 mi 'j r t, 1 t.e been i'i fsvor of North
i J, ' j r . j i"'o ' 1 '"!" wirking 3 her
i l" ( . Di Wool. "Mr. Fisher ihcw prove bow
5 t,", it mill be to the sdvictageof our'citizeu to do
! fC'' h- u'J -mora tee, jn 'H tiiey now begin
I - x&Q'-'J Vtm tst to was ten years before
1 aii "HH'"".' "" B tt"-Kite tbn never ; but we roust
j "! J -r,-i liii rninutactofies cannot by my
' -i i pw as they 'en years ego ; ft the
! ",. ""i ih !r.ifiiva dales iu tfcetr favor have
. ...i i i k.. ...
i Neierttie manufactories in' North
B5. ' ' l .t h ... -.,11 ,U . Kt
r -rant
lilla Hf"0"g v "J ti.uj; vu " a i..
principal objci m writing yoa at present, is to
-.4 to hunt up Mr. Filter's report, and publish
r joeh purt of U a you nu? think applicabte
h' 1 tbink every uUelligeotressVr that yo4
kie. on? w go oer thai report with profit, ami m
"... EditorjCorrnfondemqf.) s ,
.... FiTtrnvtLue, Mwth SO, 1839.
frohe b cwn In sparingly ihia week we do not
Wanf 1"'1,, j11 P"9 ire week worthj
4 tine.- Sccil jnerctwnUi from the country Jiero
Swk, ' ,n wnol I11 f'r "sinew h
witlam!. Several of our merchant hav returncJ,
iwrll other tre nrm at present to tnske their
mnht- TS Sprin upnly Sr otir miirket k com.
C in, (Dry dWs) anu oa theirsy, at time. . .
Sut much coito cooi'insr in, but wbal has come in
,41 at t2 Maf.14. .
Tie select of D. U Swaih as Prescient, of the
f rtttcTiil aaJ Western Rail R.w4 Company, by the
Inri of Intfi'im! Improvement, appwre to give pretty
pawi! Mtiifiction, If he wilt ortjy accept the ap.
ratiwnt, we have little doubt but the stock will be
hi should he take hojd in good earnest (at the ao
(ampUshmcnlol that object ,
Eichange.aa last qtioted, 1 cent on Niirthern eitieat
Oatrirer iomteryjrowlordef. - .. ;
Aaacxed e (five you freight list Lt the wtek past.
Amved. on SaturJay, 23rd, atcamer Henrietta with
j wwdm ptociiejttliitcierchso'i here. and.
m ftfl int'rbr. ano2 which we notice AVilliam9&
UooJ,JiV!uck4 jI'Kdmn, lhyfood 4: Little,
f.'Wadtitn Joh"
tan ncnij : wniwjiH . .
'"lit . 4 1 -.tnn
Departed, Axa, ticamcr iiennctia, wiin onai juii.
wk in tow, with cotton, flour, silver ore. Col! on
Ttse sihrr ore mcnttnncd was from mine
a Davxlmn D nnty, but we have not been able to ascer-
nia ahl Uoatue ot it , or whrt pwnofthe-jmre
attaj it thnnM to Jiela. . ,r ZZ
- The llnreit sieambnat CSrnpanyTfiaTe, tliia .week,
kueliedfrum Ihi ttiick, a new boat, the Botiiamifr!
tmfh, waitb 'ZX depth ut Hold 5 feet; will carry a
jreiUt equal to if) sacks sail, or 1,-x'O bales cotton.
(tiwonort . Rs!ira, and A. ration, were in, hainw
taonf otbVr good 'k Joee 1 letwha w, Cotvles &, XV it
BM, J. A. Tn & Co, F. Vounif. J. &. W. Murphy',
mii. Cliii of the interior of this State. .
VotClgU CW9.
fnm IU AV York Covri'T txd Enquirer, (grf 2.
TVs Liverpool Packet ship Siddojs, Captain
Strms arnveil yesterday. She sailed on the
Isth eUimo, and we hare received by her' Liver
papers of that date, and Londun of the 16th.
Beo,ai so U:e an hour, that we have no time left
Bake, extracts.""" We confine ourselves, jherg.
fcrr, tn a brief notice of such parts of their contents
h be of irrtewt her-Ed. Vwriff. -
la American securities there is scarcely any al
a t.f tT; Tnioois au'iss'r 'MhlsH'-bS' rir
sn five per cents, 90 ; Mississippi five per cents,
satliof ,-tU4 4 ? 0;iy. Yfk . iter eentv & i-
"wjiram bve pef.eeni, ia 4; ana ooutn
Csroiia five ner cents, sterlin fBarnru's Do I to
K. Luted States Bank shares are 'H 19s 6d to
" e are without any arrivals tday of interest
anvelty,aud afl'iirs in the eity, generally, do not
rre.-ny ..particular tcatureU-.Trader on the
i ile, eoMmnes rather hnguid, and we regret to
id that letters from ,the maimfacturing districts
ttQtfaifnrtory ashey were sr short time
; bat this t is thoagM, has been chiefly oe
asinned by the. unfavorable a-xpett which political
-." ..PlSU'cd lately i . arid at the apprehension
s nrsa 1$ ias wearing away, it is expected
" MiTcbeis'j'r, Leed'i, and other (daces will short
r . Tr
1 ra-T the activity which prevailed at the he
Spaaing of the )ear. ..
' - : Mansr.o, Frn. 9.
w LMmtnirgh, Eristow.Wthen tw9 tons, from
Orkans for Liverpiid, laden with l,t16 hales
ftflon, 6 bales sarsaparilla, and 23 hhds. to
stnici; on the Crow Rock Inst night and
Jto jiieces " It appears from the statement of
milsv.JUi JMeii4h8ftfjfbeten.
.!.1;H5 11 ctwrvalinn .r i itnva. artil miwioed
ii . " V, ; ' r ,ii , "j
Huir5er past eleven 0 etocje, jasi nigw, oe-
K.kx rwted top saiisthe' wind blowing
J Irom S S W, they st ruck ; the vessel in about
I so hour afterwinls, broke tip iii several pie
Mddrified Lahore st Penny holt, between Lon
7 aa,i 1. ;f,TnV-Mend.a,-tn the Southward of
barbor. The mast were cut
fter she aimck. :
' this mUnWJy event, the captain, second
009 aoamqn, two hsivs, the cnok, snd two ps.
nairve .f frelariJ,
Mr. Brown, an American,) were drowned,
rerniinoVr of the persons on board, consisting
Jt m chief mate, eleven of the crew, and one pas
i'' Pr "J"'' of thetn were drawn
e clitls opiardT70 fiaboms in height, by
of a rope ; the others scrambled up as well
"y" frail!. X pan , their-cbnhs are saved.
cargo i4 Mtrewn over the rocks; tho mate
-?n4 a good part might lie saved, but it will be
!i to briti to the surface: Feb. 10160
a I7 c'oo have licen saved from the wreck of
A aomber of bales have been washed into a ca
jj ",,d!'' IO'niey Ilend, and, U ia fearsd, yerv
will be wtved, and many more mut
7 nritt-.i u- ll)8 CHanneL The anchors and
'H a tbtajaja,J pfeces. .. . , . :, .
T 7 VV
ivr J in tiae
The vetl
f j t-trpA packet ship, Roscoe., Capt, Dela
I a7"e ,M wniin-, when on the point -of pot
,'' lJ'- pvjt n p-r. We hive, tnrrre, hut
to tie ii,t-l!lfnrej.l:e brings.
: tr"-r; l,n-u j,( a,,.j -
f si iMKlna but thnmznnat th outMrv. ... Akba. t terestinir. , - A 1 FASHIONS, and
if - . l ui,.W i,ivn lalloii (.nice Ihc il'-'i-nt i)( Mr.
illier'i muiinn, from njijiH-lnMi-ii ins tf jmliiinil
troubles. .American wcuriiius were in more active
d"ina!il. A largo boiimw hem dun m Uni
K'il StiUo Iliak aharoi at ?i. ' Florida Sterling
K mU hail ri.son 2 per ctfnt.
The arranrrvent remninPtl unct
tlt H. Nmhitig of importance in Canadian ailaira
had occurred.
yurdm Mrr??P''onc
ruiry. The political world w as a lit tlo more tran.
qiiiljjbut all gull lotifciug forward to the eTicUon.
Soma prcsmire wn kit in tho money marked mid
in Ofljrium ndtlitinnnl and impai;laiit sufpenstona
.hid tnkch place, . Among others, M. Mosselman,
of,Louvaiu. Tho diiricultiea with "Holland were
Dot yei selllcd.- Ed. Caur, - ,i .. v.
From, Ta mpa 'Ha'jf.Ahmi tho Isr. Gen Tay
kifahippiiT 25i) Indiana, consisting of 63 warriora,
women, children," and ncgroen westward. The
men wmi cowarmceiii retuaing to Die tipmi tneir
: twlivo soil. The vessel departed amid their l i-
mpptationajiad tAunt, and reproaches upon the crtn.
diict of their "warriors, among: tho negroes, is
Abraham, wv.W known aa'aif intorr. rotor, and a wi-
ley and treacherous rascal. vr , .'. .
By the1 steamer Santee, Cnpt. Poinsett from
tho S.iuth'rn p-wt, wo learn thnt tho'troop are all
woll. No doinonstmtions of tho enemy sinew tho
' atrair at Miami and that Lieut. Mackall ia rapid.
ly ircoverius. '
Con. Taylor has secured the above amount of
Indians with but little ooite and their shipment
in the first jntoilionco -receivl by. us of efen
iheir capture. St. Augtutine Ntwttof March 13.
Awful news from Gaudahiijteupwirih cf
jovr inouMi)d prrmnit aentroyea d$ me isirthqnake.
F'rom our file of Havana papers, (says jhe New
Orleans Bulb-tin we learn that tho earthquake re
cently-experienced at Martinique and other wind
ward islnnds with such fearful consequences, has
had stilt more fiqarrorimtfr4tiiidalrHinii.
1 here the victims ejtracled irom the rums' of build.
Tri!4 are alaTcJWtlTffrTXceeiled lour TrfansantftT
.Tbis tmly appalling intolligence ia received through
which arrived at frinailad do Cuba
abogt the fith uliin.o. We await the details of
this visitation with impatience. 1 : ,
1. Jl'eli jPoie Michigan . t There is nothing that
Michigan enterprizo is not rcmly .toturnlfs ' hand
to-from a wild cat Rank .to a rad-road. They
have now established, at White Pigeon, the' firtt
.BtMt Rot Suga Maoufaoti
cmiiMfy. . The burr oak land is found admirable
lor tlte beet. With her canuls, rail-roads, uhjver.
sitiew, mmH2 trade, splendid flour, silk and sugar
manofactorWB, &cr Michigan presents a spectacle
01 industry and advancement in tho usetnl aria tliat
an old State might be proud of. ' We shall forgive
her for rwr wilopecmat tone ir bank paper.' Ine
Michiganiteaare chiefly New Yorkers, and Worthy
of the Empire Ifcw Yyrk Star,
The UpurUinic Cw.-iW learofrom-the-ftal:
timore Patriot that in tho case of W. B. Stokea
Cow of he United, States, the Court on Saturday,
afurmed the judgment of (bo Circuit Court of Maiv
land, with costs and . si per centjdamages.
Tlii m the cann. it will hn reeolleetmt. in which
the jury gave Mr. Snltonatal) about $6,000 damages
for mjiiriea received by Mn.SaltoustaH from tee
-fpyetiing of a stage coach ownedby Stockton,
cioa.eao V.B, . - -
PhiladciphIa, March 20.
clear and learned charge to the jury, w.hich evi
dently strengthened the hopes of the new school
' turned wifli a verdict fir tuo plaintifb that is for
tha new school. ...
I understand that an appeal jwlll be ijakenby the
"old"8c1i"oV)nFth"e" United States, Courtsthough; I
did not leam that any thing was done in the mat-'
ter yesterday. 1 he trial has excited great atten
tie here, and I-suppose elsewhere end the re
- suit has had a proportionable e fleet ; differing ac
cording (o the diTercnt views of those who have
" tr f Enquirer.. "-'' "7 " 'T'
la Li.i;o!n County, on the 2d inst, by the Rev.
Nash, CHARLES U TORRENCU Esq , of this Town,
to Miss EUZABETH, daughter of Air. John Hayes,
or Liucoln County,
....... . ..V
Mollat's Pillsiand Bitters.
IlXEIlSLw, wBrated. and ja.tiiu.cll"3sed,bj
the stflicted tn every part of he-eountfy, is -new- re
ceivefl and ror sale ty Uie Miirtscriocrs.
ceived and for sale by the Subscribers.
p. a
Sce advertisemeDL-Aptil 4, bU it
-iV Wat)ct WarAlcA.
4 FIRST-RATE BARBER, who can come well
4 recommendsd. (nous other need aiiply.) can bay
-constant employ kf the "SALISBURiTHUTEL "
, Salisbury. April 4, 1830. . . : tf ,
v 4 second banded' secrorary (chcao) is wantM. Ap-
:JX. ply at - . . TIWS omcti-
rpHB Room, innhe rearof Mr: fraley's Tailor Shop,
Z I flyinerly occupied by Dr. Powe, is now to rent
Inquire st tins Umco. . .
:. April 4, 1830., , 'vr;"-..-''',:';a;
TIH5 Subscriber having disposed of bis property in
the town of Salisbury, it has become indfpvnsa
bly neceMry that bis notes and accounts, some of which
. are of kme standins, aliould be settled. Those indebted
t him are therefore requested to corue forward ana"set-
tle the same without delay. . ;
" Bight likely Negroes for Pale.
. T. A. HAGUE.
N. R Pern calling to settle in tho absencsot lbs
Subcnter will settlu with A- W. Peltoa. who is his
authorized agent ' T. A. H.
-Salisbury, N. C, March 21, 1S33. ., tf
Ho Joho.
"v I 'persons igdcbtpd to the Sub-rrihers, either by
IV Note or B'iok account on tha '20ih day of April
'next, sre most reepecl!'tt!ly informed that, suit will be
commenced ,ioo them unless previouly arranged.
v e tni-l rmr friends wni take no except wn to t
cour', a necttwity compels hs tnt!i in s.,'ure without
WHS;:U:R 4. nURNS.-
II EMAIN'ING in the Post-OlKce at Salisbury, N. C,
April 1. ISM. "
Nathan Johnson,
John or I'pter Jintcy, ;
N"l Kayler,
Charles Lucas
Robert B. Iyv,
Thomas F. Loweiy,.
Rev. Geo. W. Langhorno,
Clemmnna Linear,
Charlea Lvcrly, ..'
' M
Pally Mitchcl,
l)aniel Miwnheimer, .
Dr. W. L. Moultree,
Rev. ThOmaa Masori,
James Manin,
Joseph Mingea, !
Mr. Mittag, -
It II. Alexander,
Alexander Ak'tier.
Pliilltp Allen,
Cfiarlc J. Alilruli'e.
Mwa Elizabeth Allen, 3,
John Black welldcr, ' -
saoTl. Uailffet, '
Nathaniel Boydcu,
Jacob Beaver,
("oonrod JJtvhere, r ' .
Christain Uostm, " .
fSa'm'L Craige,
Canon Canadny, ' ;
iacob Correll, "
Clerk of Supr. Court, "
Andrew Cranford,
Carter Critttnlnn,
Forest' Monroe,
MrR-1 f trritla h" f Krj VPettr
Alra. Miry 0. Cownn, ,
Mi Fiirtth A.
JeM May, 3
Ms. Lydia Cozort,
Jacob Lope, '
John Clary,
MissScoU Mchia,
fleo. McConnaughey,
John W, Moyer, '
J)avid Marhn,
Edward McNair,'
o '
" Jamea Owfina,
P. ,
Henry Pence, , . ,..
Francis Penny,
Mins Eliza Pharr, .
: Henry Pleas,
Adam Rnscman,
' ("apt Charles Ross,
Henry Ridenhour,1J,
XV m. Robertson,
Win. Rutlor, i
- " .8;
Joseph Sawyer,
. Mrs. Nancy Smith,
Adam Carper,
William L ran lord, . ,
Sam'L Davidson,
Henry Do'and,
Robert I Edmondc.
James Ellis, '
Jacob Fraley, i '
VVm. I'ulka,
Jacob Fulk,
Jacob Fulenwider, ,
T. Forkner,
Warren Green,
Jesse L (Jlaaoo,
John lieenes
Jamea Moan, -
-Alias Alargaret or EHzabothtieorge Sinitbdeal,
--llKytd Xrdncr,
uaruner, wiiiiant tt.Bearboioucri.a,
r , Wellinirton Smith.
vra. uray, . , -Mm earan biiorp.i
John trrariarrrr r. Mietacrtftirewal
Mrs. Elizabeth Ghcen, '" T '
LTarr, 2,
Mrs. Sarah' How,'
John Todd,
Col. Thos. T. Hunt,
Sam'l. Turner;
Abrara Hill,
Matthew Howard,
H. Tippet,
Wm. A. Hornbarger,
Wm. Tayler,
Miss Ellenor Hudson, - - A. Torrenee,
WilHsut Harrtsr-'laiTiontmanr
Dr. P. Henderson, 11,
Henry Hill,
. RcvAilary A. TippcK
... -( .
Hannah iaylor,
o.' Hy. ' i
iilElubetn'l,'fiaro". -William
Miss Susannah Weaver.
M8 Nancy C. Hall,
jonn tieauinger,
Abram Hammons,
Paton Haske
Notim. -
THE sale of tho land of the late THOMAS II.
M. DENT, will nut take place aa heretofore sdver
lUfleo. -
i . - . - ........ ...........
March 28, J539.
noiucn u. BDikntt,
RESPECTFULLY informs his friends and the
public, that be still carries on the TAILOR
ING BUSINESS at hia old stand on. main street,
next door to tneApnttiecary atore.He is ever 4-
reauy to execute me oraers 01 nis customers in 1
style and manner not surpassed tf ny workman I
. . ,
in.Xho..wesliirn.paxtof tliStatfxr:ttc rj tn2llOt4
tbo latest London and New-York
prepared o accommodato ihe
tarteeMm tashionabls'at all ttmesr
Gr Cuttintr irnrments of all kinds attended to
promptly f and the latest Fashions fjrnished at all
limes tofoitiUryJailors
cutting. . Salisbury, Jan. 1, 1831).
250 Plough Moulds, . '
Bar Hcollep and Tire Iron, r
... : 5.000 lbs. Casting (assorted,)-.-. "..: " -2(
bis. Super fine Flour, - . - -40
bu. mountain Irish PoUtoes, . .
80 bu, herd Grass ScerL.
loTklO ibs. Islington Cotion Yarns,
1,500 lbs. Bar Lead, . "
10 kegs Powder,
10 dox. superior Wending Hoes,
7J kegs White Lead (ground in Uil,
V ' M eaaka Hiei.
V25 bWs; Molasses, , . ,
Sugar, Coffee, Nails, and Salt,
"'- by J. & W. MURPHY.
, Salisbury, Feb. 2S, 183a , - -
'fPlIE SiiWriber having purchased this
- Esubliahmerrt and fitted it in a style
for the accommodation of Travellers and
Boarders, is now prepared for their recep-
iauu, wuiaiwayauu uuiuisueu.
Willi .ftel.lttiMfcjv8
bis BAR with a good supply of choice Liquors; his
BEDS shall always be kept in fine order ; and his Sta
ples (which sre very extensive) are well supplied with
Provender ot ins nrst quality, ana attended oj goon
and faithful hostlers. ,;
... He hopes, by strict attention to the business, in per-
soil, tu give satislkctmn fo it! whn may Htvur nun aiUi
their patronage. And he only aska a call and trial.
Ixlngton. N. C, Feb. 21, l&tf). 12
P..::,rvOU30S3l "
(raoat pasifli .
WOULD respectfully inform the Cit
iaena of Salisbury and Ms Vicini
ty, that be haa established a CONFEC.
TIONARY, a fcw doors oast of the
Conrt House, In Salisbury, where be
intends to keep constantly 00 hand, all
' Caniitt,
CiJcr, &e. Jrc.
Coiei," "
. Mr. B, would respectfully inform tho Public that bo
intends opening a ,
RESTAURATEim, (after the Parisian Stylo)
in which he -will take great nlensure in arcotn moisting
his fnenils with a fine cup of r rench Coiiee, ana a y
i riety of Dishes too numerous to hisntion.
i . Kalisbury, Feb. 21. Kit". -
"'piIRsS0wiH"f h'"a received an Aiency to sell
1 '
llOO. UlS 'J
kinds of
'v4aaioailij,fV "f"r""""
'IIHR- ItACnSoter lhe Salihur 'Counw, WiTl Com
A menco on Tmnlay the 'Zltt of May, and continue
. four day.
First I) Swwpstako for three year old Culta an1
and Allien, mile heita entranee half forfeit, Tu
bu kept open until evening, before the race. '
Second ).iy. Aasoeiation I'ufae-, fLV) mile heats
-rfree for any thing.
.'Third I)au. Aiwiialion Purae, $"200 twn mile
hcata, freo lor any thing, except tlio winnertin tb
. preceding day. - " "" ,'-,
j Fourth Djy.Vatto, 100, added to tlie entrance
"and gate money of the week inilo beat handicap
.U(.'S lor-moy-viuig
PnfranM nn Mih nt tin ntiriw ilv wilt ha 1:1 nor
cent ou tho amonnt in rtako ; which, it ia believed, will
be moire in each ca thxn above stated, but by no means
leas. Tho track will be put in good condition, and the
Association promise the strictext attention to order. .
AptiM, I'm. ' tf -
Mu)crr Trees.
VS the demand for Mulberry Trees is!
much greater than can be supplied, the
Subscriber has concluded to dispose of part
of his Stock intended for his own use. They
areoi tiHi irenuine .Vorvs Alia, so extensively cultiva
ted ia Italy end FfsneHifidteh'-wTfr
k- Silk Culturo admit, make the best kind of Silk. Being
of the second years growth, they are large enough to
ba trantpl tnted, whitrli may nave two years delay on the
part of those wishing to engage in the businim What
I have to spore can be delivered at any time between
this and the 1st of March, and upon torois mnch lower
than the Northern prices, tatter addressed to me at
Davidson College, post paid, wilt be promptly attended
.... Dnviileon Cullcgn. f)rr Z tf
Ta Travellers.
rpiIB travelling eommnnity are respectfully inform-
ed that tlw i Subscriber ia now running bis line di
rect from Raleigh by way of Pitsboro'.anAAslibnro' to
. Salisbury, in amall NortUcrn made Coaches of the first
imlerilftrrngiUreigh-en-Mondays ahd.Thursdsya at
10 A. M., arriving in haln-burj jiext uays at 10 p. M.
Leaving Solisburv on Tnemlays and Fridsysat'i A.
'Sfviin!'tt Ka-Wigh next'iiys st l(f VMfWw-
His horses sro good,' and irnyt'psTttctrrirriy tartfnl
and accommodating. JOEL McLEAN.
Feb. 12, I!!). . .. . - - U. . '
V , N..RSeatafl(!Curcd at the Mansion Hotek- -
. 0. IT. ??.X33.
1 1 ESPFaJTFULLY takes this method to inlorm his
.1 friends and customers in LoncorjLand its vicinity.
- that hit UH cuntiBiica" to carry on the above branch of
xsusiness at nu nia ma no in VAincoru, orana ui uio wiro
ot Messrs, J. F. & C. Pbifer, where be will be fouud
atau tones, resuy la-.-
t'ut, make or Ktecute.
sny work in bis lino. His long experience in the Busi
ness, too pmns no is now uninj; iwi-ccivo mn rriiri
fanhitmi from 'Pbiladalpbia and Ne York, Enables him
to say, that tho work done at bis ShotH shall ba n( the
NB. Ho will also teach (aa Aent) tbo much ap-'
. ... .-- . .. v - B I
proved system of T. Oliver of PliilaiUIiiaajiEjjaft
u iia..y(n-of-uMtngr
Concord, Nov. 29, lKtS.
n in-ft.ii,n-ip,,f.
tc6'tAixrn -ar
JkJ kOOVIljkiVlVkll
THIS day the Copartnership of Wheeler & Burns
was dissolved by the cnneiit of parties; U per-
t-w-sons indeWM te-tnet um -wn e pevmcnt son
aa poMible verisia sof. - The Apothecary shop wll
be under the contml of C B. at C. K. Wbeelar, by
I ntirmi dot alicnlioa. siiJi bo rivsn.
Salisbury, 3d December, 18:19. -v '',"',"-". ,tf
C. Vh. Ai C. IV. W lIKliliVitt,
' t A VIN'tl entered into a Cu. . ' m
I 1 partnership in tbfl Cv "4
Drtijrght nusiuewt
take pleasure in announcing to the citizens
generally, that they will keep constantly on hand a
. fresh ana generaLajssortmcnl of :
Drug, . Medicines, Taints, '
Dye.Stuft Surgical Instruments,
Snuff, . Tobacco, Cigars,
. ; . SriRITS, WINES, tc. ,
torethcr with a splendid assortment of F 4.VCF AR
TIVLEX all of which they will sell as cktap, if
thtaprt than any ' other Druggitt or Mtrchtntt in the
State, ""' " - ''' '"'"'-' ''-t'"
N. B. All orders from a distance, where reference
is niven, will be promptly attended to. n
-Bblisbury.'Di'c: vr'V'''
having entered into Copartnership in the x .
11TOUID respectrully annouiico le their : friends and
If the public generally, that it is their intention to
zJl! S?J?J1 -u i -svn-Lfar jsabvAJari
, tensive assoruftcni 01 -
TmAVaTe, Coct SVWls, kt.
and, in shorU almmt every article in the above branch
' cs that can tfc manufactured in this country,
Their Shop issituatod on Main-stire', bet Messrs.
Cress at Roger's, and J. 4i Wi Murphy's stores. .
N.. B. Orders from a ditan(;fi for wor will be puoc
ttwttj attended to, r .' " " . ' '
Salisbury. Marck 7, iST.0. . tl
TIIF, Subscriber having located himself in the town
of fonrorrf, wojildjjpvr ofict Ins services to. the
Public as an
,- Orii.-iuirntal hii(I Sign rainier.-
..... .
Ha flatten. Liruself that his long experience in thea"ove
iusinei. and tho specimens ot Work ho has executed
in his line, will be a sufficient reeommrr.datioB.
I' ! ;: lie. will ftlt attend to. any call ruado on him in llio
house '"pAnJTLva BUSINESS,'."
'- and u conCdcnUe cuti give saUuclum to nu who may
employ him. '
. The Puidio is reHwotfully yequeste.J to call and on
cmirejro bmi, as he is di 'erifimed to execute all wotk
cammitted to biia in U.j t -l'(v,m,.!u a.,otnwrl
t ii .ii.'.i:. ; dt1 'j'iiu r.;n:r;;.v i: , . . ; ,
Vr V-if. 177. fria: tnl more rf.JurrJ f r : . ... !
I- Til.C FARMCKtf ItEGISTER ia p.,: l.J in
inonihly iu'nli.ri, of (i t largo octavo pajvs t-aeh, ' !
no.ttly coer!, at a year, payalilo in a.ivinc. ( .-,
tit niy bo purchased h rii of the swo cur
rent or irthriining vdu:ne, if ao ordered and paid for
in advance, st Kw'time f nuking the sulcriitin.)
in eof rent turmt.asihnRrilW bukiw,) and witt.rait l-s
or uVduciioa twf postage, or any otarr cUrga to tlil
publisher. ' ' ,
It. Subsrribw bow on the liat, who 'have alre!y
paM Ui regular subscription price of inllio maum -r
above required, for a single copy, shall liavo the pin t
lege, ujxjn sending a fxUt jiui order, of hav ing a a
omd copy of the us mo Volume, sent to a ;iy 'turn m!.
scrilier, without further chsrre, fiir tiiat volume.
III. A like privilege will be allowed to every o!J sub.
scriber who has not yet paid, hut who shall do an, a
above, before th ieue of the 4th number of die 7ih vol
ume; tluia Ul eiU'Ct rtdneintr to haff prn t lh cott of
!!!WLJ. tvtry subscriber, uli or new, tch may
chixst to 'twit of In- ftr, '! J '...
IV. If however, no more than ono copy ia ordcald
the subscript on price will, at heretofore, $r
the volume; as it ii not designed to permit any sub
ecriptirn debt, or payment, to bo made for lest than .".
Ami if art order is sent far two Copies, without comph
arlce with the cooditioasiftnexcd, only one will be m-nt. ',
V. The price of back volumes, an heretofore, is $5
for ono alone, flO tr .any ..three togcUicr. and in tho
mo proportion Xft3,31 cents for each,i for env num
ber of volumes, except vol. I., which is at $0, and to
be furnished only as part of s-fu'l teti f ''
VI. All mail payment eiwst b made in. no!c, or
thecki, of par tulue in Virginia, or of a Ciy and $pe-
tie-paying baa k of the State in which the subscriber
payments frrstibeeriptioDa.
sent tree of postage, wlneh liave been properly com
mitted to the mail, or to the hands of a poelrnaster, is .
assumed by the editor, 1
'V HI.-All letters to tho editor ui regiird tn the Far
mers Register must be post-paid except such as cor.
tiun articles for publication.
IX. It a subscription is not directed to be discontinued
beiire"the hrt number of tlio nextvohinie bus btHn
publiklieil, it will be taken as a eontinu mrn forann.Uict
tiubsc upturn fliutA cmuiui nc? with the begin-
ning ot some one VQlume, ana win not be tafcen lor ls
liun S4icr'apuUuiuin j
X. The mutual obli'ationa of -tho publisher and suh-
stnbrl, flif"llie7eari'kr"iun;incurted'as aiion aa tha
first numiier or tlio volume umssuN; and alter that-,
time, nodiscontiniianra of a tubNiription will bfl pT
miitrtl. Nm will a subscription be dixontiniis.1 C r any
earlier notice, while any tiling thereon remains due
union at the option of the editor.
-r -r-v-- -eumumj uutru,
FJifof and Proprietor, Petersbtirg, Va..
W'E. will ourchasej anamounj.of oM jCas t m gs tlmt e
old inill-ceariiie, old puts, ovens, mortars, 4e , and will -
pay one cent per pound. , CRESS St, ROGER.
J Salisbury ,,.Scpt, 6. 1S33. -
tf '
lvJL"feberro mr)loy fivs br six cood.'
Wisher To employ five br six good,""
respectable families of girls to work in
their Factory aa Spinor-r, Weavers, &c.
None but those of good trtBRfTerticed spply." Applt
cathHi to be made to V J.G. CAIRNS, Agent.'
lexmgton, March 2, 1MB. .-tf -
TI1E Subscriber wishes to infornt hia custorhers
and the public generally, that ho still carries.'.;
0a th Stone Cullins lnslncsr
anJ is ever ready to fecute,Wlcfuienor
manner, all descriptitin of work in "his liiiei
(iolJ Grindcn, Mill-Sonr, W'tmiov and Door -tillt,
Door-ttrps and TVmo-ifcmri, are executed in ;
aVJr?.rjf . rarsiatvhv- Ilia grit for Mill-Stone is very
good. Mr. Philipi also "brrgi rff1nfirm thtrpnblig
He will Engrave mnrble-slubs neatly, and granite
fomb-sionfs cart bo 'well.pxccnled 'if drslrcd. Ilia,-.....
chargos -sUa-tt alwuva Id iiijuQuaitUi'iui as accau -
modaline as possible. 1 - ..-
Persons h Uhini to have work done in tha abovo
line, "will do well to rail at the residence of 'Mr.
tif-r-. .:r .- -r'....'i: '.r eit.'.t.::2J"""" ' '"
rnuips, seven miKra iitt in c-iit. .-
-Awgust 24, 13r. : - A - tf - J,
Atetothty Magaiine,mkUiki dxiih S;cd Fortran.
-. - V - ,
ON TJjJJ fiW-ctWusTyTlSSSJ, c. ;..u.c... . .
st cond volume of the American Manmi i f Ite
rators and the Arts. This Magazine is a U ; I. rv 1 1
pancrs in this varwua depaxtmou's of Lit- r.;ne, s;.
ence, and tho Arts, calculated alike to uMrui s. ; r t
and pl.-aso tlo reader. As utility is the rhinn ;
of the age, the) Museum contains articles of V. I,--et
upon Science, Livtriture, History. iJiograi'l.y, and
Morals. Reviews and I terary enticisnis, so important
Uthis publishing age, occupy a promiiicnt place ia tl.o
work. It, also, eottins short re"iew ot the eniir
works of distinguish Aoierican auth.ira, accompamei
by portraits ',..,. ,
'1 he solidity of the Work is ro'.Ievetl by Iignter artv
cVs uth aa graceful essays, interesting and amusing
tales, criticUma upon the fine arts, legends, sketches ot
JjjtcU library fui4 stkooJc iuuslbgenco, aud poetryf -
a superior onler. ' ,
TTho very favorable reception which the work has -met
lYomftrprcsa indUe pubKc,tsiH4iiied thefro.-" '
priciora in making liberal arrangcmenU for contribu.
linna to the accono volume ; and they have accordingly
mndo large additions to their corps of regular contn'w
tors. " In the January number will be tound original
papers from the following popalar writers ". .
... Hair. trr. tl..iifclev. Rev. J. G. Mom. KCV. J. II
WestThompsoo,T. K. lIonsn.l,lLT. lUcserman,
A. Poo, Profewor Fwber of the Usisers sv of Mary,
land, Protissor Foreman, W. B. Tappsn. Mrs. Sigonr
iipv; iftlTHr tV rmrMrt rw.-Kmms;tX' f Inibv.ry . IV-" ' "
iCsi"iliese7 many oilier writcia of" "known kbibty have '
contributed to tho work, snd will continue to aid us.
In this number is the commencement of a seri.-s of
"Italian Sketches," by a gentleman ot taste snd srho.
Ismhip who baa been sojnurnirg in that classic country.
Besides these, tho future numbers i t the Museum will
contain articles from distinguished Kufupcsn writers,
although we are far more, anxious to receive assistanco
from, ami encourage, native talent. " - . ' .
Pi.Ts Portraits on steel, by a df-ting'iished
artist, similar to that of W'ahmgton Irving in the Sep
teuiber mrmber, and of J- F. trooper in thrf Jauuary
burner, will eoniinue to embellish tha work. .
T 11 R M S-Tn Aurairas Mcskvm is printed on
gosj paper, with now typo, anu makes two volumes a ,
year, of mora man ouu psges eactw . i n i" '
Bum, psyaMe in advance. Four copies wiil bo sent,
one year lor $13. We shall be happy to receive appli
cations, Jtt paid, for travelling and local abodes
with nfi:'rencea enclosed. . All communiufcuiis mu;t .
bo post poi.knd directed to the editors, n
TaotLLiMi Aokhts pretly needed n (
"" v". - . -:. Bilitorsand IYq-netors.
do ut. t. J. rovsi.i
- (Surgeon Dental)
l I 3 v f '
JLLV-e aWnt from ta-hur? !..r a

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