North Carolina Newspapers

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' Mr.
l.l -IIT, -N. Y., '! I' f 'A 'i 1-A'mO,
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the 6Vrn wmiU 1 e ipnto w illing to occupy tho
r),.,i,:oii(ial chair, but we presume that (lie people
aienot over-onxiou for another military liro. t
, L, 7iirri', however, is openly in the field,
t,dif agrees ,rt ru" there will bn a brace of
itiBtn.' How tunny more candidates there yet may
no one can foresee. No douty the people will
t lyne a chance of selecting frtmi aome half a
i y n of them. Scott, we think, now makes the
'f'Jt. f c ourselves, we intend to stand unc.ommit-
f. . .1 ' .11 ... ...i .u. r .
CO UllllI limy urn in urn, uu uku in or mu
jt one of the- whole, -that is, if we can find out
ch is the bebt.
The Maine Troubles.- It will be seen from the
(ioing Mtt of Gen, Scott, that the Main difii
pilWi have been amicably adjusted for the present,
ind of course, all danger of war, lias pawed away.
Tbe cou ree of Ihe"" Ad i nifiistral ion on ihisquent ion,
ks been prudent and wise, and merits the meed of
prai from all who wished to aee war a?ertcd.
The British" Minister, Mr, Fox, has also acted a
very judicious part' in the aflair, and no doubt will
rfceive the approbation of his Government ;
. Ilid Quarters, Eastern Division, U.-S. Army,'
,; ' fkvavsm Me, March 21, lt&tt.
I'The nnderaigned.a Major General in tho Army
rfllie United States, being specially charged with
umtiininB the peace and saloly of their entire North.
xmd Eastern frontiers, bavins cause to apprehend
k collision of arms between the proximate torces of
JieW UrUnswiCK nu mio Kuaia ui imbiuc, u ma j7ipu
mI Ternlurf which is claimed by blhr has life honor:
s the sincere desire of the United States to preserve
tin relations o( peace and amity with Great Britian
telitions which might be much endangered by such
ntnwtrd collision to invite from His Excellency, Ma-
k General Sir John Ilervey, Lieutenant Governor, Stc.,
Tlwt it is -not the intention of the Lieutensntnoyer
W of Her Driiuinc Majesty Province ot ivew liruns
ick. under the expected renewal of negotiations be
jwd the Cabinets of London and Washington on the
Kbiect of the said dimmlcd territory, witliout renewed
instructions to mat eneci irom nis uovernment, to seen
intake Military possession of that territory, or to seek,
by Military force, to expel therefrom tbejjrned
poc, or the troops of Maine. ' . ' " .
Should the undersigned have the honor to be favored
mil such a declaration or assurance to be by him com
nSnicated to His Excellency the Governor ol the Slate
4 Maine, the undersigned does not in the least doubt
that he would be immediately and fully authorized by
WGuvwrnof ol Maine to eommunrca te to Hir Em'N
fcnrr, the Lieutenant Governor of KeW Brunswick a
corresponding specihe declarauoa, to tnts ,e,lleeu- -
Tint in the hope of a speedy and satisfactory settle
Dt by nermtiation, between the Government of the
Ended States and Great Britain of the principal or
Vnxhry question between the State of Maine and the
Primes ot New urunswick, it is not the intention
A the Uovernor - rn Maine, without " renewed n
ttroctwns from the Legislature of the State to at
tempt to disturb, by arms, the said Province, in the
awtssicn of the Madawaska settlement, or to attempt
to interrupt the usual communications between -that
Protinc e and her Msiesty's Upper Provinces ; and tint
k willing, in the mean time, to leave the question of
fuseseton and jurisdiction as tliey at present stand ;
Hat U, Great Britain holding, in fact, possession of a
Mrt of ssid territory, and the. Government of Maine
.iteming her right to such possession ; and -the State of
Hsine holding . io fact, powession of another portion of
ttic same territory, to which her right is denied by
Set Britain. . i- ' ' . ,
With this understanding, the Governor of Maine
nil, without unnecessary delay, withdraw the
miliary force of the Slate from , the said disputed
twilory tei
avtng-only -under-- Lmfr-Agt!flt"ii
innll .;;! " ,l. r-.iw.j " ,i l
toll cmpowe,lfl .protect the Umbef recently
flit an1 In nrovunt diift liH riAnrakHal lrnai . ' - I
. w f ; "- -V,,.-.. .1
,Jto,inr(Kal tstuaiM.4bAJegowfrfrM
coarecter have been through the undersigned, in-1
indersigned, in
ft removed, and
wstot ie controversy will be at once removed, and
flnie'allowejitthe Uiiitbd Stales and' Great Britian
sett le amieahle. the creat. oucation of Lmit4
J ue uiiucrsiiicd bas muoh olcasure hi renewing
JSJUul4icellnicy Bf John Ilaryeyrthe'BssUrarice
hit ancient considtratidn and respect.'
It appears from an official statement, that the
frwpriations mado by the last tession of Congress
w Ihe year 18.19, amounts to the enormous sum
33 millions of dollars. -This at the first glance,
startling, and looks as if the Government was in
k high road to ruin.. , A nearer view, however,
fovi that it is not quite as bad as we af first tup.
rd. Bv examinina the official list, we discover
tat nearly halfo( this sum fqrfha no part of the
ylaf enpenses of the Government, but is made
f items of extraordinary expenditure, to called,
caotri distinction to tbe ordinary annua char
f!,.,n Govcrnrnent. . For example, iq this sum,
included an appropriation of ten millions of do."
,r"ol)0 used, if necessaryln repolliiig" ariTinvat
tf Maine-rBut llie'danger of war has now
S"VBover, and the money will not bo required.
jtarjtem, is up wa rds of se " mi llions, tor the
office Department. This sum is wholly mis.
out r.f .oi. .: J :',i.l T -
. ".int7, n paiu urci iiu mu , luuvuijr,
impropriated back again by way of checVof
1 i"y "i -
t( from the ordinary revenues of the country.
flier item is, the appropriation for carrying
flonda war f'-A not her, for removing the
wet, and supporting tbctn forgone year,
' w of these appropriations, we trust, will be
S8" renewed; so that, deducting thse sums
m il fbtal amountnd it will leave the regulsr
Vitare at from 18 to 20 millions. This, to be
- -uiicining oeiier man it nas occn curing
" previous years, but the rum is too large
M believe that this novcrnment ouuht not
' 'i'-rid more than 14 of 15 millions annually at
1 . "'ttl0t,and the people ought never to rest eat-
j Ul"il the exnenses are brought down to this
i " - I
j ;nj. Truth and justice however, should
, ' 111 Pft mn ... I 1 J . ..I ,1. ," ,
Mu. iiim'r mat it ooes noi.nuoiiy aepena
xia ttive to make this Ri roBM. He can
1 bc-Mire by exercising his influence,
- reliirrj mainly depends on Comirks ;
tnakcy-ihe npjiroprintiun, and there is
eh''re tli" evil must 1 nrrfs'il, Wq
' ol t!i"ii members of Cin;;rcM e.' lidiiie'
.s h-l), ii'i
11 liie !-inii, nr
v. re$ i'i ) !
in their cirrul.irs, nuil," n
(ichiiiciit slid rcfunii, vho
Ii.' -l iij; ' ..I I I hi thiS III vii' -k' , I A.' r !' ;! st'ty
t '.-. Ii t.'.iy wiiiil, I i nyi l'i r. A'nt in I
HI''--!imii iii.iie in ilio people, inn! ; i tl.-t r uiti n
ti:m to tlii'ir Iri'iinmtn (IniVs, them wou'd he
creator prosperity in the cmiiitry, iiml more polui.
cal iiitej-rity in the government. ' ' '
Gin. Bryan $ rt mgntttioif.W ore rerjue.-jted
to state, s-tys the Itutherforilton (iazetle, tltnt the
Command of the 10th Brigade, N. C, Militia is
.now VMcunt, by the resignation of Gen. E. Bryan.
- :
The Whig members of the Virginia Ltt'gislature
held meeting in Richmond, on the Vb'h March.
" After duo deliberation, the meeting come io the
conclusion that it wq$ inexpedient at that time, to
dmignalt who they would lupport for the next
Preidencp. In this niatier, the .Virginians are a
li'tlo more cautious than were the Whig momboraJ
of our Legislature. ,
Rapii TrateUln'g.fivoen myi pass from
Augusta to New York, a distance of 910 miles, in
about 00 hours, or less than Tour days. A. soon
v ,
as the Wilminnton and Hoanoake ilail-Koad is all f
completed, the same rout will ta-Weiy in 80 '
hours. ' ..; ' ; ' " . " ,
Connecticut Elections.-The Wbigs haVo car
ried Connecticut throughout. EWsworth't mojori
tv orer E.8enatorifci,-forttwrnor;'ii'-.bo4ilc
"ori-. , n - , ... . Vyadkinat VVnkesbnro, where, if it terminates, it W
2,i 00 votetk fhe Congressional majority is about Ujv, th0 o tlte inountainnua region of
Wardens of the Poor. At an election held jn
"ihisTowrirAprirTstV 1850; the following gentle
men were duly elected Wardens of the Poor, for
the County of Rowan, for the ensuinff three years :
Isaao Burns, John Kerns, John Coughennur, Danl.
II. Cress, Jas. C, VfcConnaugheyj JrViliiani Bar
-l?aur.juid k f wtMlofJJddshftt!)cn. z
The Iludsuft River N. Y.' hai' been navigable
- for Boale as high op as tha city 1 of Hudson for
several dava. but a few miles heluw Alhunv. npor
... -i.. t. s ii. j .1- , j '
lH" u""--'.u8 " ' wo o. 01 tne ; Cabinet-maker of Tennessee, and has ken used for
River has been so blocked up by ice, as td throw the I some years in the Treasury Department, tf the person
water back and create a new channel on the' east! fho "" "ticlo wiU only shew Mr.; VB.
Aa- n u u k- A., '.w.-r' Tttntwd w,Uwul o"'! h 'fi-
v . , - V" T " vv.vvA.fw. .""wsafhfl histriends, the article can be bad tor nothing,
win reiurn duck io tne original oea, on tne re mo.
J yj of jhfl ice oti:oiitiouo..o .occupy its present
' chantibu" '.1' ' - - - ' .-. ..
Observer,' No. -3., ia received, and snail ap.
. . - ' i .. . r
pear next week, , . '' ..
. ::. ....L'
if.'-- - it "o
B .? Ukitw States, j
.Lil':. Urcn S
'.At a meeting of Uie Board bf Directors of the Bank
of Uie United blatcs, held at their banking house this
j morning after the iirdmary business of the day .waiTmaiy others, think if a test wss made in old Rowan of
: COinplelfiOr-NrclioIas Biddle, Esq PresidebL COlllinuni-. ihu hiimi'iaii. tha Writ nf m smertinn wnuld bn
. csted to the Ajard his intention of resienina- his plsce
in the institution, and took leave of his Colleagues in a
onoi Tiitniicuiry, umit mi ncH wiiy oynis usua4 lencity
' of expression, but singularly characterised by an elc-;
qnent -pathos, which was wholly lrresmtihls among Xh.:
; oiu anu trieu iricnua, nis teiiow isoorera lor uie last
Upon Mr. Biddle's withdraws!, the following letter
from him to tlis Lfirectors, wss presented end resd.
" To Ike Board of Directors of ihe Bank fthe V. 8,
. - 'I Gentlemen I execute a purpose which, ss you are
aware, have long meditated, and which i intimated
toUw stochuohicrs at tiioir nwt- meeting, unrjer - the
now niiriCT-um 01 reuring imm uie aireeiioii m me
h i. 0w more Uian twenty years since 1 en."
... . .
tered Uie service. I hey hsve oeen vesrs ot intense la-
tered the service. They hsve been yesrs of intense la-
fe, niiTer )A ch,ne in groceries Domour last ntmta.
relaxation and repose which approaching sge snd pre -
1. riire
" the tnonT appropriate : mohienl at which I could be best
relaxation and repose which approaching age snd pre-
ppropriste tnomenl st wlncli I could be best
sparedTbut hnjieTWi Wheneveniiave anaghV the
tirement I so oiuch.oeedd, smne'diffic&lly in which
ihyVryicejwss deemed useful, .always inteiTosed,3qi,.iflr.niarliclJs wsHiupple4 with-greees tjtre
dissentions connected wiih the Bank for the )asT ten
yesrs hsve ceased all its extraordinary cjlorti for the
protection of our national interests sre ha'ppily ended
and the Bank has returned toils aecustomed. chana;Ij...of .mechaala from the country baw baon 4a this wekr
oiousiiiess in peace, i wr inererore witnaraw at
lenirth without incoovenkhce, and I doit more resdi-
Aly, because I leavyibe auairs of the institution in a
state of greet prosperity, and in the hands of able direc-
, tors and oftoeta. , ".'." A--""- -
-' This seperation from friends with whom I have
been so long and so agreeably associated, is among tha
most pninful acts of my life; and I pray you lo accept
, it parting, my sincere wishes for the perrons! welfare
of yon all. . N. BIDDLE, President
Pbiladclphis, March 29, 1839." -. - : - - -
lro, T,,lt wswrsas CASOUHUB.
-.'f . A aa u. ' -TT A..
Messrs. Editors : In my first communication I in
advertency committed a very considerable error, by mis
placing a single word. I stated that the County of Da
vie contained 17 square miles, whon I ought lo have
- said 17 miles square. There is a great difference be
' tween 17 suusre miles snd 17 miles qure. With this
correction, 1, will i)ow proceed to finuUi wy.fibwwvaUons
in Divio Cuiuly.
- - Io addition to the Water Powers described in my for
nicr communication, l uiay add tbe following: (ol.
V Wm. t Kelly's, oft Boa f Creek i Joba.Vauefua im!
Joseph Hall's, on the Soulti Yadkin ; John Loin's on
"J)uichinau Creek; Joseph Haines' at Fulton; George
Sheck aud Nathan Chatlin's on,smaller streams. -
Two or three of the above are most e'xtelloal powera.
At the junction of the South Yadkin, with the mam
strei h, is a beautiful elevstion nf grmmd. wherf tJin
tew o ol Clinton was Iocs ted hut unlike Palmyra, or
Balbec, no monument is left to point where it once
stood. Tbe towa has disappeared and the cotton weed
and tbe coin-stalk wave over its departed glories '
"" But 1 forbear Of dvertmg- to the trracr that tried
men's purses, and exhibited,) forcibly, the folly of " by
. gone days." I trust, however, that those follies are
past, and that better times await good old North Caro
lina; when wisdom and etpmence will guide her iu
lure efforts in the plsns of Internal Improvement; when
the East and Ihe West, forgetting sectiuosl feelings and
, selfish considerations, will unite in the lUil Road, by
which the productions of esch may bs exchanged, uiu
; toally and profitably, for the other. ; - - '
. It is time that the old North tiute should begin to es
timate Die talue "f Rail Roads and the facilities which
. ihey ofler. The lime wss when the people doubted the
policy, but that day ia part. Tbe enlightened wisdom
v of Uie hlale has dispelled the cloud tint hung over thi
question, and adopti.1 the' policy. The Improvement
. ball is in motion, and we are persuaded that tho enter
' priw of the citato will never suffer it to stop until the
' obi'tt ha accomplished. .
l'he queitiiin then is, not so much on the expdtenryj
of the ma'ure, ss where shall we commence !i whieu
, of the plans remmmended by the Convention of ;t8,
snj ty the I'i.-lature, (ihull wo curry into
- cf.A.t Ci-sl 1- W hich will iieial r;il. until t. ! pr,-pnri-
" ly, wwith, 'id Inp-mifia of the p"op!j ! ' The snwt-r
is readyI think it is the Yadkin and Ci;e Fear Rid
K'led. Tlii is Hi' (i"k in t:i prcit iliain of Iitr;.al j
Imnrm-enient whu:li i.j to cotirn.-i.t the ri-wmrei-s nf ihe!
AVuittUU tke lli.U- .Tli4!wl. 1 1
. i :' ,- ii. i: ' i , - i- . !" r t ' f
i i.-.', .. . r . f , . , i r i .!, ' ' ('. .( i.
-i ( !. , , ' ,.! t. . I y-!:, ' ! :.
''!; M i, u' ii i. 1 1 1, 8 1. -i k:..v ! v ! I.. t ,;
n!i rj.f.-, v, .; (r r-l.tx -r ! 'Crr tl.-t nl' r i : no
ln'f.iiiij.'.i -I Mil lit. It is ill t'.i'.n llii'll I'. I tlivi ii,.';- t;t
Hint I will cnll ymir nltenn-m ( a rmite tl r n Unl U.m-I,
wl'i.'ti in n ii:illfij by hhv citli.T, in the Yv- -rn pirt
i.f North Carolina ; I r I't-r particularly to' the
whirh iliviili's the walorii of the Yadkin.
This RiiIl'P eiHiiiiM-nrcS at Clinton, or the fork of the
liivcr, nosm' tliriiiieli ttie Ii'iio leiij'Ui ot j;avie In a
North-wt d.reethtn, a dtnnceof 2 miles, and in its
fmirw, separates the waters which run into the main
Yadkin from those which fall into Ihe South Fork. At
some places, this Jlide is very narrow, as at Mock
ville, in otheis, it spreads out and becomes quite a plain,
That portion of it whidh nature designed for Rail Und
purposes, remain uninterruptedly iho sam, having at
no one point any considerable elevation or declination
which 'niiffht require any material graduation., -
. Afier paiwinif the Davie line, it'tontinncs nesrly Uie
same direction for 10 miles, wln it terminates near a
spur of the Fox nob, about ii miles above llamptonville,
in Surry. A valley herelntervenes which pursues the
direct line to Wilkosbofo', on a perfect level, for 6
miles. Here the route is sgain interrupted by JJ or 4
small streams, for the distance of 3 miles, when it
again falls into a Valley, formed by the Brushy moon.
Uina, which) w both sWee, pretent t magnificent ap
pears nee. -
The mute pursues this valley for 12 miles further,
when it arrives in sight of the town of Wilkesboro, to
gain which, it is only necessary to ascrjnd the banks of
k vrtiivii
Cub Creek
,f Brsnch o! the Yadkin and Faycttcvillo Rail R4
be ever constructed to Wilkes or its vicinity, this, no
doubt, will be the most favorable route. The obstacles
are fewer than any other yet pointed nut, and the line
more direct In its course from the divorcing point, it
will pass through the rich County ot Dsvie, a part of
Iredell, nd Sorry, and penetrate the rich tslley of lite"
State, parts of Tennessee and parts of Virginia.
V htt a glorious, consummstion this would be; it
would brinff the shores of the Atlantic, with all their
pearly riches, w i thin two or three daysof the fertile and
May the day soon arrive when we shall see this
object srcomnlished, and Die State redeemed fror
beautiful regions ot the Alleghany mountains.
from the
demded epithet of ?Old Rip Yin Winkle
Messks. Eorroaa; IoWrve inyoiirpapertfiatsome
one advertisua A second handed Secretary (cheap) is
wanted. -
Mr, Van Buren, I am told, has such, a piece of fumi
tore to di-pose of, doe-cheap. , It wssade bv the old
and thanks to the donee.
m n
roa thi wurraas
! ;Mtsa.' Eorroas: I ootwedia the Watchman of the
1 29trV ultimo, a considerable hulofv uoon the circular of
, the Hon. Abr.ham Rencher. '
. That Paper asaerta that tlie wbigs in thie region of
icnuntry ar unanimously in favour or Wr. Kencher s
4tej0,Tto.CongTemI at tbe request of msny of
tha ot of old Kflwsn bcrr leave to inform lha Public
throuirh the medium of your Taper, that the Editor of
the Watchman is much mteUkeB.. I for one: with
nmspH ouere. would A nt be woll fcir the Editcw of
tha Watchman to consult the freemen of this psrt of
the District oerure be trtcs upon bimselt the reaponsi
bility of apetking so unanimously in their behalf the
Pi,-m 4 to prnr ktWfywj thwCjLstittition,
should prove the palladium ol Truth. A VVlilU.
Editors' Correspondence.
FaTrrraviLLa, April A, J"j39.
f- Business baa been pretty fur this week; flour has
come in rreetyrnd"Baretnoay7iarne;-
pne .louiauu ss es lesi moacco iv ror passes ,
bscoo 9 a 101 ; lard 10 a 11; flitter (scarce) 15 a
m.1 . . . v '
20: oats 50 s MiJttirilto.w.lxJ1
20: oatoSUaM:
tions. tSuga.f, ftW. C
o ll.coR
molasses, New Orleat
tions. Suirar, New OrloiovSl aiUvPofla Jluaaad
eofiee, Cinu
1,12113; rice Ms 13)
molasses. New Orleans, 40 a 4 V do. t'uba and. Jlaru-
re-iflkir3ija 40twk saltt2 50 a 2 til salt, cearse.
bushel 75 cents, . . - ;
; Spring Goods, and our market will aflrd to merchants
-from the country a very good opportunity of making a
j very oretty selection for the Sprinff trade. A number
: and oa tne wiioie we anticipate we wiiida lair oust-
neas m oor place this Sprinjr; " Von will discover by
the freight list annexed that a Very large quantity of
goods for the interior country sre coming out through
this place at the present. The facility with which
goods are brought up the Cape Fear at present prevents
any dolsy sfter goods resch Wilmington. ..
- We understand from the latest Raleigh newt, that
Gov. Dudley and Ex-Governor Swsin, E. L Winslow,
snd Wm. II. Haywood, bad associated themselves for
the purpose of procuring tbe subscription of the stock
of the Fayettevillo and Western Rail-Road good.
Arrived,. April 1, ateamnr Henrietta, Capt. Rush,
with baits Nelson, Diligenqn, and Messenger in tow,
with full cargo, freight sundry merchants here, and
also for J. Newlin, J. & W. Murphy, E.McCallum, J.
IVi. Worth, T. A. McRieves, Reaves tt Co., Wm. F.
Walts & Co., Stockton & Huggins, C. I). Wallace, J.
Wiscmsn 8i Co., A. H. Lindsay, A. Hart, Riedman &.
Rauusiy, J. Mtlwer, G. Hart, Henley V Son, K
Si D. Bowman, E. W Oghurn, G. Brooks, William H.
.But la in, Jd-SloanGlitokersoo, P losheck,
Cave ii Holland, A. J. Hill. J Sunley. Judith Ellis,
J. llinthaw, F. Y.Hng, J. A Young & Co, Grfgo W.
Browji, Ltah Si Brothers, Daniel Freeman, Cow les 61
VVikxut, and others f th kMriofcsi ttrt--.-.-. !- -."
Ipsrted,.April 3, steamer Henrietta, with new boat
Benjamin Rush in tow, with cotton, flour, cotton yarn,
Ac. Also, on 5th, boat Diligence, with Cotton, (lour,
&.e., &c. ' ...
(Jur river hi Sn very good order for boating jatjhe
pfeent time.
: Southern Literary Jlejisenseiy
' Da, T. W. WHITE, EJUor and Proprietor.
- orioisal raosa aaneLcs.
1. Frarments of a Journal Excursion t lsuter-
brunneo in Swiixerland; the valley of Sarnam; lake off
Lucerne; the Drunig mountains ot tho oiierisndt;
view from tha summit of the Righi; the unfortunate
valley ofGoldau and the Romberg chapejof William
Tell; the spot where the tyrant tieslcr was killed;
meeting with an old friend and acquaintance; interes
ting history of Iird de Vaux ; Henry Montague; Mary
Leslie ; Olivia de Tracy; excursion on the lake; the
storm; providential roue of the party; Montntrue's
sdveniiira in the ganlon j the apparition ; death of Oliv
ia ; extrsiirdmarv slide of the mountsinj srrivsl st Lu
cerne mvKterloiit diwipisrsnce'of friend; hero, and
the b.-tiUfliI valley. By a Virginian Lady. . . , ..
'2. Home as Found; by the author of 1 Homeward
Bound," "The Pioneers," tc Rtview of thia hew
work, with cxtracUT- ..
- X Ginfosaions of a -Novel Reader, ilufluenre of nov
el reailinjon tho mind ; Ihst'indiilgerfce in it will en
..rvto lb min i and de-lr-v its tU-i for hi'dirr and
more Hniid atuinmiits; that the exilement of novel i
r, ' t sk'M .a'T A f Wdwi.b'S it Ivavrs
i.t I
; ' hi
i -
fi liillr'i
t!.n ei r...
t' TH 1 ! I.
gmiriil t
, 4. '!!,.
man l
s - ,,r , f:.-e, r- r ! ih- 1. ..ry, - i
! h ii.!m!.i,. s Vf f,' t Mi:-', s'i.1 tru-t .!, ,-i
ul ins niur.iii.iu, li.' cui!'.! ot rin-i:1 ! , .
:i I.-.. t-inluUiT' d lui .i;.t !.!.'. l'y a'Vir-
I'. t A Ta!, in ve;i chapt. rs. TUu wh
hien: the disiMnlrd : tl.e voonj painter, &c.
I!v a Y
(j i ) IT L-iiiy ot v ir'"ina, ,
5. Noti s of a Tour fVoin Virginia to Tennessee, in
1he month? of July and Auui, KW; lV Kev. lh-nrj
Uufliier, l, D., t'rekident ol Wahhinalon Colle-'e,
irjcttm, Va. l.'hapter HI-From liouisvill.- ta(West
-Tenticse!. (To bo continued.) " ' .
tf. The llndgewstir Treatises. On the power, wis
dom and goodness of toJ,is tiiaiiilexied in the creation
of animala, anil in their hintory, habits, and instinct.
Bv Rev. Wm. Kirbv. M. A.. F. 1L Rector of Ilir.
ham. Notice cf this work, with extracts: by a citizerrt
ui ii); in in.
7. A (iood Resolve. An extract.
B. Currente-Calamoisitieti, JVo. IH; To the Editor of
tbe Menieiiger, from the author Of" 'J be '1 ree AriicU
; with numerous poetical extract, on various sulgects,
tsstetuiiy arranged, liy James r. Uti.
9. Recollections of a Retired .Lawyer. Recollec
tions Nvil ; liyncbV law. t
111 JaniM &lf-lli,M.ll.' Fju, ' k,l ITnrl'Krtitrm. Va -a
Notice of sn " Address delivered before the Alumni As
sociation of the Collece of New Jersey," with extracts.
11: Notice to the reviewer ol New Views of the
A)lsr System." ' '. '- ; , ,
fw ..oiNMivti, rorraY.. t"-i'-'-j.- v:
: 12. Sur Les Etats Onb D' Ametique; a poem, pro
sentcd to ))r, Franklin while Mm inter from the United
States to Franco.
' 13. 1 Have not Lived in Vain. By the author of the
"AmreeU." Dickinson College.
14. 'Hie Discarded.
Tl5VTo the Rose. 'By If. M. SL " 1 " " "
' 18. Sonnet By Uermion. New York.
- IT.- A Motliers Evening Thoughts. By Mrs. L II.
oijrourncy. . . w
l'i To a Idy, with a Bouquet By Park Benjnmin.
New Yorkr February ' " ,.r.f
19. The Idiot Buy. By Miss E. II. Stockton, Phils-
dolphia. .'v..';, ; ,'.."".'- ; " .' - -
Title end Contents of Messenger, page 1 ; To Rea
ders and Corresooudants. List of Agents.' and Condi-
tions of the Messenirer, psire 2; Payments made since
iwements page 4 ."..
. We have forborne to copy the' annunciation,
first mode we believe at F ayetteville, that Gover
nor Swam had been placed at the head of this en
terprize, because we know it to be premature.
We have now the pleasure to state however, that
rlie board of Internal Improvement have adopted
efficient measures to secure the earliest piudeut
and practicable demonstration in favor of tins great
B"WorBr,ant thariticse' Ldfl i'ndnieuwHrily Tiiyulvea
nf t rmnA i n I a linnm an tKa AritamimliAn fC lt
is j iwnivumiu v'lfsiia ..its- u vi gsttt-s.nwii va
AUniversity. -Raleiek Reeister , . .
r:. a ;a,L: :
' -At; Medical Board of "Army Surgoon? u lo be
at JCew York on the 15th of May, for the purpose
of examining applicants for appointments in the
medical staff of Ihe Arm v.
.""lit this County: on The 4m"TnsUn.t. bfSncriIr.
Kn, Fq., Mr. JOILVR." TTIOR3T to Mies JANE
TROTT. A v . ' .
i Ou the 9th instant, about half pail 0 o'clock. A. M
at the store of Messrs. Cress 6i lWcr of this olacs, by
Ii; W. Long, Fq , Mr. HARVEY BLUSTER to Mias
8AJIA11 MKNESA (AH iwtif fwBchorjtl and
-Cotton Factories. A , -.: " -
T- .1 -'-! .... .. . . ...
MARY CLARY. Aged 93 years. , V
u inn vn-imir ui, Ull A UWI1. on iUQ t UI lOHUIHl. SirM,
. r... . . . 9 . .m
In this County, on the 1st instant, of a" nulmonsrrt
" J! ti l Iff 1 niintl n Mi k i m.rt -. . . '
uimmw, rare. D. L.IZ..1 OJi 1 1 1 r L.t,.Ul.Ut WHO Ol Kobt.
--f-Fleniiiigv Eeqm-thT 45tlr7ear of hcriTrr Mr.
. Fleraimr was a member of lb Methodisr 'Enincoosl
Church, apd gayesvidpnee that her peace was made
mortality. (Comm.
UstyTircless,y di:tlio inih ult, Mrs., MARX: H1LI
jconson w wr. mmuet nut. . Mic was an mUiliigent
and worthv member nf the Sorictv nf Fnoiwl -
A- In this Town, on the 6th inst, ROBJJMjp.Jjn&nl
--on or-TflOBTA: iragrre.i
j uus nas a woruiv citizen been called noon, within
a few days, by the over-ruling band of Providence, to
resign to the tixnb, not only a son, but an amiable and
i auecuonaie wire.
efflHE undersigned wish to contract with some suit-
- able person to erect in the vicinity of f?Ii4ury
Brick building to be owd ss a Steam Cotton Factory,
of the following dimeuaions : fO) feet long, 40 wide in the
clear, exclusive of the cngiua House, Hires stories
high, rock foundation. Wsll to be of sufhcient iluck
news to insure stability; roof ot tin. . . ... -
Persons wishing to undertake, are requeste I to mke
immediate application in person or by h'tters, to either
ofHifl undorsigned, ss a contract will be ilowd slwut
. tlie 15th May. Proponals msy also be made for fur
nishing materials, and for erecting the building sepa
rately. - - - M. CHAMBERS, Presdt. ,
imiau ij, tivwtii, j
Juni MiarnT, Directors. x
D. A- Davis,
-Salisbury; April 11,1839."
REMAINING in Uie Post-Officeat Lexington N. C,
April trim " .- , ""T t r'r a-
T: Phillip Allen, "-""Jarties Iwdofi,
Beldon Arm ld.
Mary Ich, ... ' ,
Martin B. Brainard,"
Jacob Bierly, Sen.
(Stephen Brinkly, . t
.George Myers,
Alexander Michsel,
Daniel Malhcrly,
Ann Urinkly,
Elizabeth More,
Alex, or LcwtyCriTcr; irimrHf.ufrr
James Cameron,
John Richard,
Andrew Crouse,
JohB Collet, -
: Joseph Iavis, .
Michael Happen,
Kamuel Frost,
Miss 8. Graham,
,A. J. IIsm!cti
'' April 11, iho.
Matthew r'kecn,
: James Bvnieegood,
.A Ihivid Bwinj, . ; ... A,-;
' William Trotter,
peter M. Wood?, .A
' '; Aaron Wommack, p
Mrs. Mary Wen.
- .tt
f Police "
THE Rubfcribers havn just received at their store,'
. in Miliedgevdle, N. C, a large assortment of
Dry GoOda, Groceries, Hats, Donnet,
Shoes, Glass, Crockery, and Tin Ware,i
All of which will bo sold low fr cssh, w unrlerwntlen
psper. ' BURRAGE Si I)FUN.
MilWgevillc, Montgomery County, t
.'.r '.... : jApiJ u im ' if-
l-oflickc's .NanntiiT. .
rjIlC Sub.cfil'r having ri'ceivej sn A;;r
icy tj y u
tho above Medicine, and also, the Medicine, new
offers it for sile at the Mutod prieei.
' 'Fulion, March 25,' "
ireha.-e. any ain..u;.t fT old IVi i'i J ta
muv in- hri.oj -ill lo it- ; vi o doitl c.i'": n rcv.ty
ci!,l liu'.l ;''riH ,', lit.) p.- w i -. ii.--rtsr, K r . ' -..! t t
.1 I' ill' 1 1
Ir.u-.'. i.:i,' fi. !,,(. nn iv
1 1
e.l li ii f 1" r I
i fi.Mi, ll0..ffi tv wiy .f I
wiry, in Hum.t .NortiH-ro ma.1
orili-r ; lesvin;.' Itile-tt on Muu.:;.y and 't'Li.r
lt A. M., arriviuij in S'aii !.,uy m-'xt (;nys at I V.
Lraviiijf Snlitmr cm Tueilnya ami I'mi'iysat .1. '! ,
arriving' in Ui!ei'h uexi ihiv si 1-1 1'. M..
1 ' His hurt are gmnl, and lnv..'rs i:rtio.,'-irty cir. ' ;
and accommodating. Jt.'1'L Mrl.K SN.
rvn. vz, i-.y.i. ,
N. R feita 6tH;iin d at llm M id ion 1I..-1.
C- ' " m'wmti
RESIT.CTFULLY takes, this method to i:.!,lf,
fricnils sod customers in t'pnrotd and i vicinity,
that he still coin nines to carry on the ahme braucii of
rkinesn at hi old stand in Luncord,' South of the store
ot Messrs I. &. 11 phihr, where ho wilj be f.m::
at all riinei, fiaJy
A t:l, inaLe or r.xcititc,
any Work in his lirieV His long experience in the 1 w-
ness, uie pains lie is nn tiikiii-r to r nn tlierarfwaf
futhions from Philadelphia ami New York, ciidhh.- him
to say, that the work done at his Shi, shall he of the
.4NO ...
Best AVorkinauthip.
N. B. lie Will also teach (as A 'ent) the much an-
proved system of T. Oliver of Philadelphia, to any ono
mini wixiii's inwrueimn in nis rvstem ot cutttn".
Conciird, Nof.'Si), lsi.
THIS day Wie Copartnership of Wheeler & linns
; was d.nsolved by the ennxent of jmrties ; all per
sons uidi Uod to the Firm will umke payment as mnn
as poiiihleer(itirisot The ApUliecary shop will
be under the control af u H. ii C, K. W heeler, by
whrra due attenUon will bo given." ' V
: ' - A- Nlir.lXr.!l i. DI'ltNS.
Salisbury, 3d Dt4ceniWr, lf .H,
r ffAVlNG entered iulo atV . , f -
ffft I partnership in the
take pleasure in announcing lo the ciliren , K-"J
generally, Jhat they will keep constantly u liniij a
: ' rrean ana general assortment ot
j- Drugs, Medicines," "r: Talats,
Dye-Staffs, Surgical Instruments, l
fEaufl; 'i, . Tobacco, : Cigars, "'
; r-spmrra. wini-, &e,,'.,.j
tojretlier with a splendid awortment of FA&VY AK
T1CLE8 alt of which they will s.-ll as cheap, if not
ckeitpet then say otAer DruggUt or Mrrchanti in lLa
Slate, . . - ,. . . , - '
N. B. AH orders from a distance, where Hfercnco
ia givcn.will be promptly altcruled to.. -
Salisbury,-Oec. 3, 18;) j. if
n BincKiiEitJ-jmrtrrzMAS,
baring entered HiUtopartnerKUii mi the
ITTOUIJ) roepeclfully announce to ttiefr friends and
1 1. ..the public tcnerily, ihat il is-lhcir iuteuliun to
keep constantly otr band and tbrtwle, a Jafe Bui cx
. - , tenaite assortment
0 ..WOTO, VOWViCV OUUS, ivt.
I i, 1 . , , , ,
I .1J m AI.n- l,nn, Mugtrv mrtm Irt in llirt l.r.ri. I.-
yid, in short, almost every article in the shoi
es that can be manufactured ia this country.
Tbeirtfoop issituated on Main-ttrce, LS'.voon Messrs."
Cres ti Borer's, and J. St W. Murphy's atures. '
r zX7Wrvtfam ft wi . rfftsm-s for work will pa f iinc.--
tuslly attended lo.
yjjabbttrjAlMcLZ. ASaa-..- a-tf.. r
THE Subsc'filiecJiaviiijj locatul himaelf in the town
f Concord, would uow offer his t rvices to tlie
Publiu. a .r - - .-
'"OrnlirtelilalliiiaSlsis" r'aiiU
lie flatters bimsclf Uiat bit long experience in tho above
Business, knd the specimens ot work be has executed
inhis line, Will be a sufficient recommendation.
He Will tttfb attend to any call mads on iiim in t'.n
and U confident be can givesatiefaction to ail w ho may
eniploy him. .
The Public is' respectfully rcq'ie.c-J lo c '! r ! n).
rourags him, ss he wdleiuiinod tn execute v - -'i
Committed to him in the bent pos- '.ie n.-ini' r.
OCT Also, Psinting a ad Trmim z alt k: tt Car
risgos,done with nostness and do-; ' u.
1. v. i: r "V.
. Concord, N. C March 21, 1AA .:
V A New .CowItcW- a v.
. 7 7 0 0 ...-1
yOULDre-pectfu"v n. ' m C'.t-
izrna of fcUludswy ai.d i-w h-hu.
tv. tbst ho hasestahli-ii'id a fU.Nn.C-
tlONARV, a fv iIoms e t ! t'.e
CMirl lloie, in Kalrhnry, w l."in h
iuU'liJ tO'k.0! O L-.'i. ;.ii;!' V 10 1.
kinds of
-Fruiir -
Raisins, -
Jl .
'j'ii'.'S, .
Ai i'ii r.f,
intonds opening a
RCSTAURATLUR, (after Hie Pur A ,
in which he will t-.l great pleasure in .
hisfiienda with a fix euf of I'retflt OA; a
rxty of Dikhes ton liiriii roiis lo iiii'iitioii,
Nilishiiry, Feb. 21, l:t .
cst ii!;cKivi;D and m t sAi.i; .
.' )0 I'unijjlt M.kiLIs,
ilir JSooIlep and Tire Ir i,
,n,0()0 l,s. 'astins (nrted.)
' Vt bis. ihm-i lisi Flour, "'
41 bu. iiMiuiitain Iii'i Potatoes,
J!0 bu. Iiefd lirarSee,l,
A ? C,t! W Ihs. Ieiinptoa Cot ton uitH,
-A lKMj. I!ir Lead,
It) kens Powder,
It) dmt. superior Wtc.Iin 1!"
7. kc?s White InJ (;roii!vl
- ; ' H rasks Rwt,
"-.' 'i"i I.I..U Jh At-. :(..',
, ' ' urar, tV.Ue. N-ii!--. si
" " ly J. A W.
FilL-bury, IVh. Ch, l-:-0.
mi mi W - W i.
. v
l A
i ?
J tl
r, ! 1 ..le.-a to emp". v I..- . m r -A
r. ,.,! i ! ,. - f iuuA 1 1
( tl," .r l',u tofy ii ii: i ii-, Vi i-j'-rn, w
. ..... v ' - I C . ' ' ' '' ' ' - -
t'."T r.t i..r mi -e
... ,
a I hi o'u:e ,

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