North Carolina Newspapers

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. ,. ' ... I
POETIC " l' ;'"' J RECESS.
l-i ft. y "
bi an a. rrrrHRiM.
Dcarcal, I'm dying 1 bend ihee down
One little mownl by my M,
And lot the shadow of thy hair
- Fail gen1!y"iji my aching-head.
" it '
Oh! raisa ma up and let 'me feel.
Once more the beatings f l)y heart,
And firct thy lips again to mine
Bciore in midnight deatbwe part.
Nsy, tremble not, but fold me, cb.
Pillowed upon thy own oVst breast,
. I lain Would lot my strtififlirigisoul
Pats forth to it eternal feat
Ehe stoop, end on hor bornting nearf,
Hit drooping liead i restingnoV, "
' While while and trembling ruiyrk, part '
And there unon hi cold white fiontA .
Willi vniy'rjng hp tbe kiss u grWn i -
-And pressed a if 'twould drew bun tick
Hack from the very gate id hcaen.
.There, like a Av'mtr bird, bii soul
Lay pjnlili? out iti qiiiv'ring lift-;
' Ami mill hie almost jifelew tnni
. , Clung fondly to ik pale young w,fi.
One look h give her, end it teemed,
.Antngel had from heaven some
- ' ' fcj ! ! . hul ai t aa tMiaaiIaraai
'i'bo troubled fbunUiii of his love. . -
A holy smtle came o'er his face,
As mixm-hghl ghiiriii! ovr snow;
, ()ne airurglina breath one fa ml embrace,
, And liti.les lie is lying now. -
,.1'he a'.lting snn, wth gold'.n liaht,, i. "
Wits flooding all. the room and bed, .
' Enlotdiiig, with bi pinions bright,
The fainting wife, the marble dead. ,
Any rnenllx-r of the aor-iety who ahull ho con-TJcrtjnf-'wvwrf
iimrr f if hiii Htt.n.-bujjii.'? 'b'"'
HftliT "l- b" cndlml Iriiio Jha sof.iiily 'wilh:
out a hearing. - - - '
No tnenibor alial) sit down to Lis own table until
he has ascertained to a certainty, what Ins neigh.
hots within three tloora of either side of hi housn
V" have to eatirwhether they .jmvc paid for Ihe eaiiM,
h$-fr-mtM-4l'f X1t-i'-flrY -tor itr-
Every mernlxir who shall ee two or three per-
" .i t . .1. . II' l A t ' O
wwi piifrmrfif in rniivprnilion. fill, ill lilfirn liimsMi !
between them iinlil lie hns heard all they huvu to sa) ,
" antr rprt the ame aewirdinglyi -
; Kvcry inember wlio sliiill si:e a gentlemitn visil-
, . ins a ttidy-mnre thnn twice, xhiill rirculnln the newe
- - x - -- that thty are pning U be wiwried; and ouid mem
Lere anriirihwith required to rjmrt all iimwier of
things hIkviI l ho geiillimisn to the l.oly, arid ditto
- abixit the Ifidy to the geritleiiiNn. ,Tli' will hrenk
vp many inutchen, and allord much good gossip."
An Utfhj CuHfomcr.-'h few ! aitire, a lady
of no prepMMi;sHiig nnpearitH'e, went into one of
uftuf JUiiUiAiilB itvTcv; i;i I' n aid way, and after ot at-1
. . ' 1 injt dowiiitho yoonif man lo the lowest price lor a
4m-Cfi. of.g tod, ( jraylli: olri'lJLrt Jifify.
1 customer r " Yea, rqiiuum, said I ho young men,
----Kthe nwtient I averiw-fir-sr-tnoiitlru;i -
A Cutting Hrdy Almritulle divine, for tlie
lncfit of the country wliere he reaided, roinmen-l-eJa
largo catiMway aii'SshalMamrc'ilayrver
looking the vvork, a certain hubleiimn piis-ed by
M' ii .i.!o . l L V i. -
CM, ooi:ior, . S"i ; inHOMioiouMii; jour
itiins and chnrilv, 1 don't l.iku this to U the high
Hi? to heaven." -Very tiuo, hiv lord," roiifinl
HiOi'ior, Ttif ifTlTia'lt l.sli'julJrTiave wondered
to tfteet your 1ordhti he nV.
fiinef ne .innif r.inpemr Un i"i,
med an
edict luutf-jrt(
anre, llmra is souietiiing cxceuiinii:v compli-
Vtllerim.' Ku'rniiti; a ri-k fr iiotbtog," as
lor's (xx ket of twoXcoiiuiiuiiicalioiis iind u piece of
rejected tioet ty
II. mil ) that a vitiate- without a Mnekrnilh'
ahop, iiiighl lo he very rWiral, tor it will nevir bo
troubled with ri or orWry."
" A peicripl'nm " Iicc,lescribe a hat!"
M Yt s, sir I A hut is an aniinul about o big iu
a stopiwe with Iudin rubber wWattnd slme-Miring
tail seen best wtth his eyes sliul, and lutes like
the ' .
A ttuinoroiii Citm'gnoxxernare'i'lttl in Eng
Itind (hejKMijde ar" lavdinOio .jrtroiij. ("IfjUiC
" thul washes llieit fiuudB at nine (Wr the cof
fee, tea. end auger of bieokhist ; t nooikfor the
' powder that whitena heir hernia ; nt diiinerXfr ihe
aalt tbat eerm their inent ; in lhe evening tfsr the
; porter which cheers their spirits; nil day lonjkfnr
the light thul enters ihetr windowa ; and at ni
- for the candles "which lights them to. bed. t
, , deed in aocitity ,. av .utiplnuiit lhxtHwu ln
. poetry it en from a deucicncy m power and a
restleesnefia of retenMon I in ooivors-iiion, ifom
. inaeiisihiliiy to the Graces, Irom art intercourse
. : - with Lad company, and a midinterpruLiium of
-. better... ... -
Aa ihero ar tome Hiwvpm wliifh yrni - lin(!rf
i amoll hut alightly to pxtrnet all tlml is plenwnt in
tlioui ami wliti-U, ii ou Ou ullierwiw, iml whtl
i uiiiiitiiMiai uri'oxiiHis wi lucre are aonio men
.with whom a alight nrquainUinee is quite anllicieiit
to draw wit all that la agrccatiie -a more mlimato
ne would he uiHn,tiractoijr ami unsafe.
lt whv4faiMonntJMiinI lnly is g"nerally jio-
- TlrxtT ' "is yow nW, dTwmblmy, armiliTig "hvpiv.
lite, of whom .you slvuul.nlewArc. Them's our
; : iitimctits. .- . - , . . . . . -
. Ills nn'mrrasitrJ t jjentWmn meeting
.on of, hit friend who wa'i iii.Jvent, cxpreied
. great concern for hi emWraMrm-ut.. Yon am
mistaken, iv rleac ir,!t was the reply r-'ti not
LUit mv ertitilort who r twJarrjr'."t "i-
i7i'tfmrt,m,rif.--V'li hat not felt the hitler-
tie of awaking (rem dr:Min, which hiivo given
hack happioesi, that never Bguln can be our?-
When dear, fiiiViiliar voices", hushed in tljo tilenco
.of denlli, hive auaiu toundud in enr eart, and lips,
', Ihul are now mouldering in the grave, have again
S" tiniledon, mil bUsased us. Muro. "
' Rather 'Tftff.Gomlnrii and man, accorJing to
6tilpN a fireek plnlotupher, ol the Megartc et.
were two ewitia!!y dillerent thing, enly, Mr.
Milpo aa riKht aeuaiuw teiiow. ana catue io
mfMt happy conclnsion.
r"M!E following dotal la. of e Scum or A 1inr.av,
-1- tube drawn in December next, warrant ue m
di-clnring it to be unparalhtUd in the history of Ixltc
nra. J'niii to tbe amount have' never before been of-
lered to Hie public. It is true there are many blanks,
but on the other hand, the extremely ow charge of
iU per "Tick-t "that value ih1 NunVber oi tbe Cp
,iui, and the revival of the good old custom ol tear
ratilnm tlia( entry ptiie thai be drawn and fold, will, ."
we ae sure, give Universal salnd'notion, end especially,
1 to the ii hundred pritt hold it, .- .
CQ" To Hume disposed la adventure, we recommend
1 early application being made Ui tin lir Tickets-when'
j tlie Pnzes are all eold, Bisiike only, remain the" first
I buyers have the brat chance. We therefore emplmti--(tally
ay ertav hot! but at orico remit and (ruit
I mil to n your orders, which shall always receive our
,1 immediate attention. .., Lctteri to be audrcssed and ap
plication! made to '-. '
' I'V) BaoauwAV, New Yokk.
$700,000!!!:' $500,000!!!
$23,000 !! :
0 Prizes of - - $20,000 !!
2 Prizes of $15,000!!
'3 Prizes of -' ; $10,000 !!
raud lteal Ilntnte and Hank Mocli
The liiciitut nd mot Maqnifiicent Scheme -
tver pre tented to the I'Mic in 1 -
TbU or any other Country.. : i
Tickets only $20
j A'lth'irid by aTn act of the Legislative Asse'miily of
Flondaaiid under the directions of the Con'iiuis-
siuiTTTi acting under tbe same.
I'ftt b drawnxat Jacksonville, Florida, iJoc, 1, 19.
I I -
.SYLVKaiLM ik Co, liO Broadway, New York, ,
oulu Agent. .
No comt'irlqtion Xuiioerg III'
IU0,(H)0 Tickets,. frornvV'o. I. Howards, in aucccssion.
The Oeedsuf Uio l'roWrty ana the aitxk transferred
in truat to the Coinmiwio'hers appointed by the said act
of ihu legislature of Florida, tor the security of the ,
I rr. ,,.
I'Uu..Ai widiWi it.aucbiiiv.4i04Mi, joa...
Magazine street; 1,(11 teet, 1 1 inches on
i Nu:bei strcet; l'Jt teet, 6 inches, on
(iravmr struct Rciitd at about ;J7,(K)0
pr. annum, and valued at .$700,000
I Prize City Hotel, VU ft, ou (omuton str.-.
1 W ft. 6 in. on Camp street
-Reiited at fAVkfJvalA at --500,00.
1 Priae Duelling House, (adjoining the Ar-
. cade,) No. 10, VI tL 7 iru.froift "
oo liie Naictiea sir. Rented at ;. '
. .:. - lHOO-valued at
1 Pr'r.o Ditto, (adjoining the Arcade,) Niv
'It, It, Iront on Malchea str.
. r
. - .Kld al lXikiUm
1 Prize Ditto, (adjoining the Arcade,) No.
;'- A.
v. -j. a). 2a IL trout on Natchea atr.
Itemed It f!!,9iU vaiucd at"
1 Priio Ditto, No, X, Aofth-east corner f
-.:lUfjt ('
ft. front on Basin; ami 40 ft. on' ;
Franklin air. by 17 ft deep in ' " , ,
' 1, 51 Hi -valued at ; 20,000
1 Prize Ditto, No, 21, South-went corner of ; ,
j llaiij aiidt'usUmi-hmoatr.;3!
H 7 in. on BiKin,:),' II. 7 in. on
Franklitu 1J3 R. llHiiudccp u- -
- - tront of Custom-houser atreet
Rented al l,5tH valued at J20JT00 '
irtr. bv l-j7l. 1 1 in deco Ken- '
1 1'r.xb-mTJi am& Uital liaiitetadtiltX)-
"" ii, ;.gb
i...atlHitth,f,ommerct-ltr,f 100 each;1" 9,W0'n
each. - : 1,'MNItt-
LK) ditto, City Bank; ijdOO each, ll),tHMJ
' i Khhlto, ditio,-a100jiLli, 10.1KH1
Itttt-ditiA'nTorttiHtT'iich; ro;iKxr
" hi) ditto, Exchange Bunk, ,UK) each, 5,000
" 51) ditto, ditto, ditto, jittMl inch, 5,IH0
' i ditto, tlaa Liglil IWnk, UH) each, 'i.500
W ditto, ditto, ditto. fcllMI each, , V',500
"' 1.1 ditto, Mechanic's iV Traders',
AlOOeach, ' .' 1,.X)
tfj dittr ditto, ditto, -1(X) each, . 100
each 10 s.iares lmmiana Ntsie Bguk, - -
0100 eac each i'r.xo M,000, ' S0.000
M each V sliares of rnltK) oach, each Prizo
.' 'AH), ol ihe Gits Light ' 2,000
each 1 share of a)l(HJ, of the Bank of
JIIO " each 1 share of 100, of the-New Or
bans Bunk,
Bank of Florida, 1 ' " , 15,000
000 Prises. " ftl,5(tO.IKH)
. Ticket $i20::::.'o Chart's.'
The whole of the Tickets, with their Numbers, as :
also those containing the I'rizes, will be examined and
.sealed by the Commniiiinerf appointed undi-r the Act,
prt'vions to their being put into the wheels. One wheel
wvl contain tins whole of the.iYumbft, ui! other will;
rnntain Rix IU sorid Pauw,' and lim 8 Hit dOO Nuin
hers that shall bn drawn out, will be eirtitled (o such
Paizi as may be drawn to its number, and the fortu
nate holder of such Prizo will have such property 3
IrausfurriHl to thitm bniniiliaU ly after tli Drawing,
untneurnbrrrd, mud without any tlrjuctwn!
June 7, im. - 6-m
Attr Foundni.
I Iriii Xemtry at ny ' mill on the South-Yadkin river
(rmerlv Pearsomi) in Davie county; wht-re we are
prertd In make al kind oi cas'.fngs such the
(unuing works of Fulton or -woollen tkcturiet, cotton
gins, grist and' saw ihills, thrashinff machines, wind
ini'lliS pliiniijr ..bliicWuJireuos, iru4 -Wvalis, rxillH-s,
dram's drtvirig wlieclt, ami, in iiort, every thing eli-o
1M ia usually made al iron found nos. . We are also .
preps red kr ''atrwiiiif shafts Ac ; and for finitdiing and -fitting
tipalt.kind of machinery in Ihjslineol busnhns.
I have employed Jacob WavmBieiKa, formerly of '
Bflltiimire,. a very skdlul Machinist, to superintend
and manage my establishinenl. Mr. VVaynoMiurg hs
worked all his life, io establishmeou of this .kind, and
is distinguished tor his skill as a Machiin't, and Mill-"
Vright 'lle will elan make calculations Ii water
wheels, mill-gearing, Ac; and when the machinery ia
obtained from oa, he will attend tn putting it Dp. , Our :
price are those of similar ethfihment at the North.
OCT Order addressed either to Jacob VVaynesburg
or mysell, at BaUbury, will bn promptlv attended to,
- - i ' - CllAttLEd FISHER
' Salwbnry.'May 21, 119.. . ' . - . tf
Goellcke's Matchlesar anatie.
QUANTITY Tf thlw vahtable Medicine on
iV hand, and
Urr, D,,ie County. N.C., .
at.-.-- . - .-.JtyJOIlN LUJJN, Ajrent., ,.
' 1 .. - Wliu. .
RESPECTFULLY takes thin method to inlurm hm
trietida and euntomtr in Concord and its vicinity,
h,.i ho nMiiiniiM in rsrrr on the above branch ol
Buiinesa at his old (tand in Concord, South of the store
,. Mi.m. J. P. 4. t:. IMiifer. Where be w ill be fouud
at all limes, reuily lo
Cut make or Tirculc,
t lis Innir experience in the Dii"
neW, lift pain ho ia now taking to receiee the tarUtit
faMunn from FhilaiUdphia and Ne York, enables h.m
to m, that the work done at his Hle.p, ehall beot the
Eeat Workmanahip.
N. B. He will alab teach (at A'ont) .the muck f
proved nystern of T. Oliver ol Philadelphia, id any one
who wishes instruction in Ins i.ystemol cutting,
Concord, No. tW, lesyi . '
The Champion of America, Winner
The aorth ag;aiikNt Ihe .South,
. . - ' J-30,000 Asioit
rnllE thorough-bred horse, LATH, bred by tol. waiie
L Hampton, of South Carolina, will make Ins first
Season at Salisbury and Concord, (dividing bis time
equally,) commencing on the loth March, and termi
nating on the 15th of July. I '
TERMS. fA), trpaul within the season, o'herwiae
will be charged ; !.30 to insure, thu money to be
paid to soon as -it ia ascertained the Mare is in toal, or.
the prttpcrty change owntri, and 50 cents to the
Groom. - ' '.,
Mares tent from a distance, will be. well attended to,
and fed-witlt -grain tr;30-ee per dayfA"giieeHlH
will be furnished those that wish it, gratis; but, in no
instance will I be -responsible tor accidents or escapes.
i HI imi
Salisbury. April 25, 130. . ti
; I CERTIFY, tliat' Lath was bred by tnejand ihat
he waa ItMlded in the Spring of lKtf. lie was got by
da.mioung Lottery, also by tsir Arcby, out ot Colonel
Singleton's celebrated Lottery, by Ihe imported Bedford,
out of the imDorted mare Anvulina : Uodomtitn waj
got by Eclipse; his dam Sylph; by Itaphestion, out of
Jittery by imports Beatoru,. Upnestioo was
got by the imported Buzzard, out of the dam of fcir
Arcby.-" " : -
' LATH ia a fine bay, without white, 15 hands 3
inches high, with good bone and capital action. ' At 3
years old, lie won the produce stake at thiamins, 2 mile
heals, beating Mr. 'laylor'e filly, Daisy, and Captain
Hrwinn's colt. Convention, mn&.otheta-Baymg larhut
nr.--JC.--Z..i.. I .1.. I L. I'LL
3 tuilo heats, at Augusta, beating Kite, and distancing
bihck litra. -Arrianexton, ne was Beaton oy uoo
Hopper lor U Jockey-Club purse, 3 mile beau ; being
very muck) ainiut be wssi drawn alter thffftrst heat -At
4 yenrs old, he iron the Jockey-Club purse, 4 mile
beats, at Camden, boating Bi; Kenneth and Dorabella,
at 3 4ieats, losing the first in consequence of bolting
SFeit IapveraT fengtlui fu advirice of the field, jiiiit before
he resetted the' judge'a aland, and getting euungled
amongst he carriages, he sustained an injury which
'occasioned his withdrawal from the Turf.
LA'Ht wasa rie hurrf the Ant clave, which be
evinced in hit trials' with Bay Maria, Charlotte Rntee,
and Kitty ltetiiraiid in point of blood, be ia interior to
nous. liet couLiiuUoni '
robust, having never been inclj, and his temjierjrfiwd.
ffia'colcirTorih'aiiclioii, apeat "Iortlieiii8olveerlrn
I tifdi JUth-umto h hiuMeUlaa-BMuiy claiiunUi public
-i;-::r5r.;::vV HAMPTONS"
jiwii.iv22a33i : - -;-
From tltit above certificate of Col. Hampton, who
kcd.aai.lwd. LA.TH trained lor tlieTurfcit jII be seen
that he considered him a Race horse of the first class.
not only from the races he has mentioned sa h-ving run
publicly, but from private trials he haeNmsde with hor -
h wtrn-h ra nw nn ilm Turf, mil running with ron.
sidcrable success.-.-It will also be observed oy hit Cer
tificate, that he considered Lath of tbe purest blood ;
not to be surpassed by any horse imported or native,
I consider it entirely unnecessary to attempt to eulo-
giso I .a tli, eitlier Ur his nfrUinnaucoa on Uie Tun or
as to his blood, since in every repecl he is so well at-
tested. . uul wU remark, Dial Lath haa not only tie-
scmided Iroin pure blood, but has Come from stock, both
sire, grandoirc, dam, and greodain, that are of the run
ning blood, tur iniitaace, hta sire Undolphin, made liis
liHir mile in 7 minutes and 50 seconds; his grandsire,
the American Eclrpse, so wtll known at tint North and
South, made bia time in the great match race, the North
against the Houth, $",10,000 aside, in 7 min. and 37 tec.;
which he won with considerable eclat, and which gain
ed the memorable name of the Champion of the
North ; hta dam, was sired by the renowned Sir Arcby,
wIkwo reputation ta a racer, &c , atanda unquestioned
both in England and America. The erandam of Lath.
Old Lottery, bn d by thegriat Soul hern Amateur of
home, (Jot. R.,irigleton, of South Carolina, has Br(.
docl more im rac. horses than any other,. macskiaJ.
the union, ima w will be seen that-there rt antW in
Iath too Uie best etudsoi th South, Humptou't and
Sinitletoira," crosrt-d With tJeu.' Coles eT the North.
The public is now presented with tnch sn opportuni
ty or improving me mood ot mat noble and ukoIiiI ani
mal, the JunJs, as very rarely occurs iu this w-othm of
country. -, ... r . , : . R. W. K
'Vo Owners ot Mitts.
imsr-awi? iiuff wf Nmmiir (in
-aw Mills, by which, a mill will do nmch'bttter than
with the mnn) form of Spindle. . It ia so eoiihtructed
a lo kvp from heating or killing the moal in any man
ner. The runner is sn eonfiiiod by the Sunulle as al
ways to jwwrv balance, md cd'coarmWrei "no"
wrrnr qfthfttonfc...- .
I ttimk,by Un improved Ppindlo, thr nine ler
will do at losnt onp-tbitd mote buamoss, and the meal
of superior quality. t': - - .
Any person wisliir.g to ue one of thee Spin.lieii,
may obtain en or more, by making applicntion, (with
in a short lime) to tho thihscriher at Mockfiville, Davie
CorN. C I think the probable o4 will not exceed
;W br the Patcht and Spindle ready for ue. '.
Cof. VVm. F. Kelly and The, thn Vlcmity
of Jlocksville, have recently tried the improved Spin
dle, and are highly pleased with it. ' '
', v V; '-" L M. GILBERT. ;
Februar; 7. li ' ' : '. . tf
Moffat's' Pills anil Hitters
BITTERS, so celebrated, and to much mmi h
the flliete in every part of ihe country, is now re-
ceincu ana tor snie ay the Mitwcntwr .
P. R. See adrertisenvent. April 4, 39. ti
V wtiviiVs tor &tc Actc r:
JOHN C. PALMER, has another
new supply ef gold and silver
-Lever Watches,
v '.. i-rr plain EnL'lifh and French, do., polJ
I Fob Chins and Keys, Breart I'm,
T4; i - i I Fmger Rings,silver Butter Knives,
U Hencils, (patimt and plain,) Tooth-
ruaHISCiTTi? - 1'icks, r ub Cham, hpf-ctitcles ana
Tbimbks, Steel and Gilt t oh ttama and Keys.
Also,-a very fine, and large aseortment ol Raanra,
pocket and peo-knive,by dill.-rent .Mann wcinre,
other article oeuaiiy oy jmnmnjn
be sold very low U eaA, or only six n.ontns eredit, al
ter which lime. Interest will be charged.. fl-
Work done faithfully and punctually
Salisbury, May la.TJ.
er Goods.
AVE inst received fromJS'ew York and Philadel-.
ii --i - . .
Dry dotuU, Hrdare, Tinware, Crock
ery, GROCERIES, Drug and Me-
44Cnet, uye-&tujj, 1 Hunt unci
Oil, Bool and Shoes, t
Saddlery cVc, cVc.
In short, their Stock combines almost every article
needed by the t'urner, Mechanic, or tire Faihionaiile
of the town or country. -.
'" N: B. 'Itiev will sell lowlbr'cii'lu or uj um
dealer on time ; or" in exchange for country Produce. -Concord,
May 24th, 119. t
IlE Subscriber wiahee to inform hia costomera
A and the public generally, that ho atill carries
"" ll,e Mone Cutting RuiiiCM,
ami it ever ready lo execute, in a yer aupermr
manner, all description of work in his line. "
ith, l)jor itttpt and Tomb-ttohei, art. executed w -a
very rare style. , Ilia grit for Mill-Stone it very
jjooiL Mr. l'liilips alw.JtogtJejtilorrq.the4ttiijiri
that he can cxeculo hnravings ol vajious kinds
Ue will neatly, and granite
trffiiKstotieH well executed it. ilcsir od. .r
charge shall always be re ago liable, and as accoin
modal in r as possible.
Persona winning to have work done in the above
line, will do well to call al the residotice of Mr.
Philips, seven inilet south of Salisburf . '
August 24, 1833.-
Is. . . w. -
SVXW0W' lH03m - i
nottcR ii. niiw,
Respectfully; inform hi rriennt ami the
public, that be atill came on the TAILOR
INCi BUSINE&S at hit old stand on main street,
next door to the Apothocary Store. He it ever
ready lo execute the order of hit customer in a
tlyle tnd manner not surpassed by any workman
in the western part of the State. ' He is in the re-
fEufaTTWPfprw the latest London and New-York
r ASH ION 3, and prepared' to accommodate the
tastes of lit fashionable at all lima. . V-
OCT Cutting garments of all kinds attended to.
pirrflyarwl Um lot r.t ash ion fjrnishnd. at all
times to country tailors, and instruction given in
cutting. - ;' Salisbury, Jan. 1, 1839.
7 A W)cr Yratc(V.
t FIRST-RATE BARBER, who can come well
1 recommended, (nono other need apply,) can have
konrtint employee the SALISBURY HOTEL
Salisbury, April 4, 15J9. tf . .
TH15-?t0 w.i.ti ntTJtxr
4. U-naUikfrbm thtrreTnolestagesv-liavehadshirisy--i
but Cotiimbos only found out tbe way lo America.
tiish nofiffalor, people
wero only enabled to paddle about the shore Just so
with the Lilo Medicines. It i but two thort tear
nee 1 first vcnliited-upo4-an unknown ocean, and I
discovered llio prt clou's btj'cT T a'a frieafcb"' of- -
i , v eKCUD10J nieaicme were indeed known
1 ,,t''' 1 ccmunencei my search, but their use was noL
f y the ose ol them, 1 have- not only passed froni the
dejected invalid, to the hale, hearty and active man of
business, but comparatively speaking, 1 have renewed
my youth. I can thus, with confidence in my own ex
perience, advise with my fellow-citizens. IWs the)
reader wsnt proof that Uie VEGETABLE LIFE ME
DICINES ere suitable to hi own easel 1 have on (ile
at my otlice, 307, Broadway, hundreds of letter, from -some
of the moat respectable citizens ol Un my native
land, voluntarily offered in testimony of the virtues of
Persona whose constitutions have been narly ruined
by the all infallible" mineral preparations of lLa day,
will bear me witness, that the lalu Medicines, and
such only", are the true course to permanent good health.
. 101 IN - MOFFAT.
General remarh ret a tit to Moffaf$ Life PilU
and Pkanix Bitttrt. " .
" "These medicine have long been known and appre
ciated, for their Extraordinary and immediate powers
I if f.i.tiirinA.' nA.rofll 1. n. 1,1. 1 1 . itaMnn. a..fR.KM .. J .. .
... -.. -lll., w VVIWII. .UlirilllK UllUCr
wrlyTeeH ttetohtltnn
j liable." ":-'' - .h-w4m k ,
In rnanv hundred of certificated instsneetLthev have
even rescued snfTercrs from the terj verge of an un
timely grave, after all Uie deceptive nostrum of the
day had utterly railed ; and to mtny tlioosand they
have permanently secured that uniform enjoyment of
health, wiUimit which life itfdf is but a partial bles
sing. Bo great, indeed haa their efficacy invariably
and infallibly proved, that it ha appeared scarcely lea
nan nvmcwioti to m-wno were unacquainted witfr
the bvautilully philusopbicnl prineiplo opon which
they are conipomidtiil, and upon which they consequent-,
ly act. It was to their manilent aul sensible action in"
purifying the r-pnng end cbanni'ts of lifii, and en
d."isiz Ihtn.with renewed tone and li?or. Uim ?
liL-ro uidcbudtir Utuir name, avltich was bestowed up
on un. ioiines)oiunoous request ol several individuals
whose lives Uipj have obviously laved. ";
Tlie proprietor rejoice in the opportunity aftorded
by the univerral dilliiinn ol Uie daily press, for plkcmr
his VEtiETABLE LIFE PILU3 within the knowledge
snd reach of every individual in the cimtminity. Un-
like the host ol pernicious nnackeries, which boast oi
vegetable ingredient, the Life Pills are purely and
seWywjr'eiaiidcontain-ncitlicr-Mercury, Anil
mony, Arsenic, nor any other mineral, in any form "
whatever. , They arc entirely composed of extraet
Irwn rare and powerful plants, Ihe virtue of. which,
though long known to several 'ndiantribea, and recent- -ly
to tome eminent ptmrmaceutkal cbemista, are alto
gether unknown to Uie ignorant pretender to medical '
science ; and were hever before adraiuistercd in to hsp
pily efiiiaeiout a combination. . :.; .
Their first opemiion is to loosen from Uie coaU of the
tomach and bowels, th anou impur'uiet and crudi.
t!eVconiBUni r lU"s ,rou"11 "'fmpd to remove
the hardj-ned Ta-ce. which collect in the convolution.of
the email mtestine. Other medicine only partiallr
Cleanse the, and leayearrch cdlectcd maaseahind,
Mterm)dne tabrtoletivenes, with ill it tram of "
evil, or tmoMen diarrha-a, with iu imminent danger.-
This fact ia well known to all regular anatom,.,. ,
.1... I l,ui..l. ft .O...L "llllO
VZailllUO IOC IMMItnil UCaLli: ), tlpUfg
prejudice of these well informed men against the urn 1
medlcineli of thu age. The second ell'cci of the V ii i
TABLE LIFE PlLLS is to cleans the kulne
the bluddcr, and by tbia means, the liver and ilie"iun
the healthful a-;tion of which entirely depend, uu J'
regularity of the urinary organs. The blood,
take its red color from the a jenty of the liver im 5
lungs belure it pic iutd the heart, being Ihuapunki
by them, and nourmhed by lood coming tv, J cj
stomach, cour6 freely through the cm, reae,
ry part of the svstein,and inumphantly immnu tbt
ner of bealih in the blooming check. ,
"The.fol lowing are among, the diatiewing variit.j
huriian disaoes, to which the Vegetable Llis Viiu ,
well known to be infallible ,
Vjjpild, hy thoroughly clean)iing'the lint 'Ki
cotld tUMufcba, and creating a llowot pure healihK,i. '
inatead Hi the stale and acrid kind; FlutuW. u.7
mution of the Heart, Lot of Appetite, Heart-burn m
Head-ache, Resilessnaas Ill-temper, Anxiety, J,,,,
and lelanclioly, which are the general muimmd
I u. 1 1 1 (..niuli K . M Hillnrul - '
I ralt-jmi, Will ,bicii, mm m imui.i VUOnUenCC Of h
cure, Lomivcncss, oy cicansi.ig uie whole hupk j
the intestines with a solvent procest, and without v.
lencc, an vioieiu puj;c icQ um uvweisconivsig,
.in.iwdDmrlaAAod-4Mdef, ey-renwriiij tt,"
luiorp acnu nuius vj nuivu unm vuuipiamui ire octj.
fvond, and by promising the digestive aecrctioB of 0
miifjia membrane, t'evert of U kinds, by retiofa."
tbe blood to a regular circulation, through wluck
process of perspiration in tome cases, and the liiorood
solution of all intestinal obstructions in others, tit
LIFE JP1LLS have been known to We Rlieunauii
permanently in three weeks, and Gout in hnlf that time
by "removing local iiilluniination from the tiiUHChea aai
ligaments of ihe jomu. .. Dropsie of all kinds, fcj ftt.
ing anu airengiuening iro amour anu uiaecer; tktv
operate mobt deliglitiully on these imporumt orgsna,
andlictrcirbaVeever been -teend a certain reniatr fc-
.t ..... It I' I A K! .1 . . f .
me worsr cases ui uravei. rvoto, v urms, oy auHodnw
from the tuiuingsoi the bowels tbe slimy matter t
which these creatures adhere ; Asthma and Conttmt,
tioo, by relieving the air vessels of the lungs tton t
mucus, which even alight colds will occasion, wlotl,(
not removed, becomos hardened, and' produce! uxt
dreadful diseases. Scurvy, Ulcers, and luveknte
Oores, by the perfect purity which these Lite PUisgif
to the blood, ami all Uie humors; Scorbutic ErujtUusv
and Bad Complex ions, by their alterative eUucl oji
the fluids that feed the skin, the moibid state of h4
occasiona all Eruptive complaint, Sallow, Cloudy, tni
other disagreeable Complexion. The use ot Uteat
Pills, for a very abort time, will elTuct an cnUiccureiif
Salt rheum. Eryaipclan, and a striking improvemcatit
tire Clearrreas of the krrr.?ommon Cold and kin.
anaayjull always be cujeifry una dose, or by ta,evn
in the worst cabes. - riles, as a remedy lor Urn am
distressing and.bjUnat-rnala.dythei'.tggtj,i)iq U
Pills deserve a distinct and cmpliatie recommeniliua.
It ia well known to hundreds in tins city, thai UV
prietorof theso invaluable Pilla, waa hnimelf alltiai
with this complaint for upward of thirty-five jtut,
and that ho tried in vain avery remedy prescribed i.i
in the whole eompase of the Materia Medics.- h
ho'we'verT'aTlfhgtli, tried fle' meuTcihb' whidi it
offers to the public, and he was cured in a very
time, after his recover? had been pronounced oat ou
1 tucaiui - v.- - -i . . -: -
Direction For Use. The Proprietor of tli VECl '
TABLE LIFE PILLS doe not tullow the but ui
mercenary practice -of the quacks of the day, H
sing persbiM to take bit Pills in large qtianuuea lb
gooil medicine can possibly be so required. TbtssPi
are to be taken at bed tune every night, for a week
fortnight, avuording to the obstinacy of Uie diaoasv
Th usual dose it trom 2 to 5. accordieir to tha tobb
tution of the person. Very delicate persons hoalk J
gin with but two, and increase as tbe nature of thee
may require : those more robust, or of very cosftV '
bit, may begin with 3, and increase1 lb 4, or ereo &F-4
and they will effel-t a auflicicntly happy change to p '
the patient in their farther use. The Pillssomfires
occasion sickness and vomiting, mougb very seliiwi, a
les th stomach a very foul ; this, hownstt nr
considered favorable symptom, -the- fatw w
find bimaell at once relieved, and by perseverance w
soon recover. They usunlly operate within 10 at 1.
hours, and never give pain, unless the bowels ere vert
much encumbered. They may be taken by A a
delicate females under any circumstance. lta,W-1
ever, recommended, that those in later pinodi f preg-
nancy should lake but one at a time, and Uiiucootia
to keep the bowels open : and even two may be te
where Ihe patient is very costive. One pill id I ii
lion of two uble-spoons full of water, mar b (hat
an infant in the fullowmg- dsmm a teg-spooafeli iw
Iwo houra liU a oporaicn.fut aUUd lxoi.ooe. Je
years of age, half a pill and from five toea, onett
,-; Tlifi PilOiX-rTER-arw TVed.tei
lliey poeeLSS Uie power of restoring the (xpirijij
of helth,10 glowlnf vior tbruihiHit tin cmalb
tionria lliePhaihix is said to be restored to life m
the ashes of Its own diasolutmn," Tbe Phojoix &at !
ere entirely vegetable, compared of root found ot.') '
certain parts ot the westera country, which will
My cure Fdveft aridTAgue ofall kidda ;v will a
fad to eradicate entirely all the effect of Alercurj
mutely eooner than tha mott powertul prcparatmai
Sars na nil, and will immediately cure the deujnnf
tion ol Blood lo the Head ; never fail in the skIo"
incident to young femalee: and will be found I cert:
remedy in all case of nervous debility and fb
of tin most impaired cooslitulione. ' At a reawe'; fc
Chronic and Inflammatory Rheumatism, tli etsurr
the Phcenix Bitter will be demonstrated by the tse
a tingle bottle. Tbe usual dose of these tutors
a wine glass full, in water or wine, and that
may be taken two or three timet a day, about bii'1
hour before meals, or a less quantity may be Uta 1
all timet. To those who are adhcled with inJif"
after meals, Uum UiltoM will prove mvaloabi,!
very greatly increase Uie action of Uie principal '
ra, help them to perform their function, snd enaU
stomach to dischargo into the bowels whatever at:'
ive. ihua indigestion w easily and speedily nw"
appetite restored, snd the mouth of Uie absorbed :
aula being cleansed, nutrition it facilitated, and rwC
ol body and energy of mind are Uie heppy rcl-f
!.'. K.r k. Mrfi...l. t' Ulll'CllKl llt'ld PILL- :
and PPtENIX BITTERS, apply at Mr. MomiH
v mct n..,.j..,.. w... v'u '.u ,k oau aB
I . n , M. ft
. lobUuied aeeolAO.ceoiAO! per Iwi
unwn " W "un,wTI.
, " mmWW V- , J
lie tee of Uie woudeiful efficacy of both, msy at "
inspected. - - - ; -
In arxne obstinate and complicated caset
and inflammatory Rheumatism, Livur Compln-'1
umm 1 1.. . , I I. I.l. tnntnSitS
and Ague, Dyspepsia, Ply, Pikjt, My""' j
ose of Mercury, quinine, tnd other drteasw j
ding, it may be toond oeceasary to Uk
i Pilla and Uie Phuima Bitters, in lb dtcei" .
1110 ase
B These Pill and the Bitters will
Cury out of tho system infinitely lister Una $ j
preparation or Srspnll, and are certai"
tor Uie rusliing ol bho.l lo Uie need, or all nolctt
ac!iea, ticdoglcurcui,Ax. All persona "B0V,J;
dicDOHcd to snnnlnrv. nnlur- . ahruilil nevtt
out Uia Uie I' i II at or Out Bitters, foe on &a
will save life. They equalize the circulate . .
blood, draw all pressure trorn the bead, restore JP" r
ration, and ihrow oil' every impurity by Iht P" 1 (
the akin. ... -.. - t
: .' ,' : '!
Person osing the Life Medicinea.areadr ,
the Pilla at night, in smficient quantities P'',Klff f
. . . a i ... i . .1... .m nt tM (
day. Also, Uka a table-spoonful of the toW
hour before each meek For Owe of a delic"
fecbled constitution, bait iheqtladtity ma b"uS
-:.'- - - -w , . ., ' ' h
nrm r. .4 c...;.k Ilrctioaa0
obtained bn application tt the clbce, 367 Broed
I ' ft7" A liberal deduction made to Uw wbdPl
to sell again. All post paid letter will recci''
diate attention. 1
1L. .Ll. t j .: k tiaj tf P
OW iw aiaivo .ueuicines nut
ar Cresi 4'-VVt,fi". Towq, Jjoji j
for the imiiio. i i
8Irbory, March 5Srim '"'.'" f

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