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. I,. INK TNIIU) STATES IH" THE CONsriTt'TIO , NOR H0!:...n;., ,r TO 1 HB SrATH, AEK EI.SLttVLD TO Till. I VTL fit -i
" : ri:-..pi.e .t'tiI.'.VMfetle' Consf 'wtMi, Arlitk X.-
C, JULY 19, 1831).
Tr.RV'i ii:' "!:, 'l.l ma.,'.
'fho Western Csrohiu.ta i-i ji;i!ilif-!i.'il every I'm
Bt, lit Two ladiat "'t nui.u ii it paid in advance, or
J'wo liiln r-j n il! fifty tents :t' iic-tMind before the c.x-
piMtionof three month-. - . " -
Ha paper will be disomtinticd until "tl arreMogca
pre paid, uii!ew t tl"lis" return of the Editors; ami a
failure to tiittii'y the I'.litors (' s wish to discontinue,
el tb end of a year, ill ta considered as a new en
gagement. v :''". , ' .. ,; y i ,
. Advertisement Will be conspicuously ari'd correctly
inserted, It one tJollti r per square fur tho lir-t inserton,
-and SA ecntu fiir e-o:lt cttiuuHtcr Court suit Judicial
advertisements Will be charged 25 Hr cent mors than
the above prices. A deduction ot '& per cut from
the reeulif prices will ,b made to yearly advcrt'i-vr.
" Advertisements Knt in tor phbliettion, inns hive the
, number oi tunc market on Ihein, nr tlipy wilt be inser
ted till forbid.and cliargod'.Cir accordingly. .
.Jitters addressed to the Editors on business must be
post fid, or tlicy will not be attended to. 'f , '
..From Drake's Talcs vf Iht Qutm Vily. 1 '
".. ... A numerous and peculiar race of modern pnii.
H tlomen, may be ibund in tho valley tf the Missis-
gippi. A naturalist would prububly d:cribe lUtn,
I as a genus of bipeds, grcgarimu, rirnphibiousf and
-t micratnry. They sddoin travel "solitary and
nlone," are equally at borne on laud or water;
ana like reriuui vullurcn, ppnd niot of their win.
' ters tn Mi-iippi a,.d Louisiana their siitumum
; , io the. high .latitudes of Kentucky and Ohio.
""Theydresi witlr Ium!c ariO"rirgaiice;-orr"j;oI(l
chronometers in their pockets; and swear with
' the moat ent!t!l preciBion. They are supposed
to entertain an cic(m! ablinrrenvtt pUhe prevail
ing temperance lanalncisin ; and as a jimttet of
' conscience, enter a daily protest against it by sip.
ninff mint bileo " hotiirn hrctitktitrtl. iiirii..1'
ping " mint juleps betoro breaklast,1' bail storms
at dinner, and, old " Monongahela" at fiiiht.
v- These -gent lemon, moTeove r, treat rong-ndvoea tfs"
c of tne race-path "and fliB cock pit ; and with n be
nevolence which lliey hold to le truly commenda
. ble, pat roiiiw modest merit, by playing chaperon
, totiioHO wealthy poling meni yM st ntit on the
" pilariningo of 1 1 lo. betoro he bavf b-m fuilv-iftr-
1 .. . tnited in- it yleauire. .j Ivvoty wli-re'-4brniot?t
the volley, this miselt'X! gentry are called by the
original, if not. Hhogetiier- classic, cognomen of
.''. Black-legs.' Tfie, history . of .' this euphonnus
epithet, or, the reason of its application to sodis
tinguisbud a vuriety . of bumniity, is unknown.
The subjt!Ct is one nf ciiiinidernhle interest, and
worthy the c;irly nitcntiod of ,t,lie Historical Socr-
.. . fy, to which it j fOKpue.tailly eom mended
' It waS the fortune f the . Stenmhiutt Sun Ser.
- - - pent of Ciiiciunatt'L commanded by Captain Hnake,
- an hur return fioia.'ew Orleans 111 the spuug ul
1 . 1837, lo number amenu her cabin patcuers sev.
eral, highly n-sprc.tublf I'.liick-lcgs. Duo ol them,
5!aj.r Marshal -I l! H" : ri'i. t ' 1 L'.vii oftt.e "iM
Dominion," bejoiigt.d to tho " I'aultJliii.'.rij 'ichooj;
and indeed, had, lor souiej'iats past, bore te-timit.
'" iiy, to the merit if BulwcPe rom iiices, by rnakins
the hern of rne,"6f Ihcin, tiigfeat pretbtypo." In
stature the Major, wa over sr? feet, tuusuidnr and
finely proportioned. I lis slat's in dres, was on-
ly sorpaitsed by the courtliness of his mnnners, and
tha ready flow of his cenver-MtlmnV In what cam
- -- -- paign h hsd W'Hi. Jiis 4aireis i!m givw- him hg
" ' military title, is unknown. ,'It lias bVen i cotiiiciu-
rrsuitcd from the hnurmit br of Wack wlus
1 1 rx, wlnctt oifrvn.hi'' 1 h-i 1 " - "
""tin ccrtiilu dav nlbl (iinnef.-ihe tadiA bavih.i
retired to their eatnn fiir a s.i'i'a; ftio'-g.afiimi
ssusuulsat down toeaiu,ehe-. bdJ bfiCV-r-jiiinj?i.
' , breasting tl.g .current of tha rir at the .ratevif
righuhttols an hour.. Capiam S h ivioj
-i. r- hoiiimj ptso 10'Tl),' was lam to join in a rnVicr ot
whint; and it so liaptorn:'( Jhnt ho nnd the Major
were sealed at the sums table., TUi uanio at the
siiggrstion of Major Montgomery, wss soon chang.
' ed to " l;" and, played wulv varying success
-. until at length," a pool of cwsi lorahle magnitude
, had .accumulated. At lenglh tlie gnme waster
'; niinsted. '1 he Ii :kl6 jjimIJom dind. 'd her pre
ference f r the .'l.'i ir, by ieriui:tj t him to win
the "pool" amounting- to i.ear tttrec hundred dol
ars. His succus proujeed n. ouiward. si;rns of
jiy : he acomod, indued, almost sorry ti Iwcompol
bid to take tho money of his friends; and with
much co-ppo!fro of maimer, prop ied to cnntimM
Ilia play; mnkhig ut tha same tunc, a very plite
tender t( his purs.), to any gvi! at thfl lalile
who might need a temporary ioau.. . ' ,
la the group of r; there w:m 9 tall spin
dle legged looking' fi.:l , fro.ji the Western Ke
icrve in Ohio, v io h .id Icon to (l.n S.ioih with a
lot r cli"ese, for Ihe mantitl-.ciiire of wliifh, that
thriving New JvigLmd col,.,y is beo.oming "quite
fsniuus. This chei'Ho.niooJ;-:r Jifidji 11 wati'hing
t!ie ganio from tho bemo" , ,Tiid af lnt fi.xmg
hii eyes tijion t!m womiii, n ", jr, snid j-f alow
J.ine.if voice, siiiiej I 1 a .1:1 I-i, !1,; ..L.duTi.:et'V
" ell, now, that a riifht d uvn sin k a",v how.
" ai! Maj..r, looking tip, . fiood t! r ' -.;'. ..f the.
"f'.mpany '.tur.ied up"n"hiiii. K.niting tils brows,
- 4)0 mid sternly, in reply. ' - ;''""
" Lets hava no mure of your Va iki e iot;rti
. I ienc." , . ,. ... . -i : - .
" .. 'Niw7'5ns!er,wiiii1iuo. "jo:n,'n-t, 10 his
drawling tne, ft. id with prof. .king eo'.-e-.- of
; manner, " you Imd'ot i.ul,i to h i the n t re l.t
tlesjirckled p.s',..i, ,.;, j,',,v j,, ; , nii.g t -k m
, '.J-'our. coftl bleeve. - - .. ...... .w..
This reiimik, nccompanie.-J wiih a konweig
- - winlt of the speaker's e;..:", ii,:ai"lly "n;io;f .l oi-.d
t'ne .Mnjor into a "Voii: ; f.-nthquake. F;,ri-..:ior;
.. " 1'pon hi f. ct, as if b"ut 00 U.m1 s ..i e:.n.t4-, he
bawled out nl the top of his vr.iee.
' : " to V o-i meim to iiisitui.-ife. vim V...
you inf.
n nutmeg li. i: I h ive
I ..8 Voo, ,
l'!,"' cud of totcrn fr.on 1 ;.
I lo the M
J ,. 1 i oh trop.-turl
' " Why, ...r
W ho j,, novated ti
""W ; I- it if vo rf
t t .r,,
! I, h:
r""''! -I'll tell v,o ,!
''"' r J...ia,!..evn, l,e
'"r 1" ''1 "f n.onev.'
1 Vol! ut il ,",(-
1 t
i-i if 10
l oil n - j I
'lij r, in
''''- !
; ' w i, nt f
!'"P4 b I-1 i.'-oo in r
me Is:,." :
wilh the
hi antagonist ; Int Jonathan caogyil t!,.. descend
ri'rn'm hi In -left hand j sod m urn planted
doxtor li i. with, eomi loru'tlo iuipnU) mi tlm lower
caj it til'! Majors brenst Vkim remarking,
; "I iy Mister, m ike yourself skarsa there, or
joo'll nt n '.i ist the end- r,f my arm."
' Unfortunately for the reputation of M ij,)r Mont-pomi-ry,
nt this momtiiit a cant (III from hi coat
sleve and with it, fell hi courage, for ha mm
ed"i!iid.!vrilyf iiiiiid on thetalilo touueure the Bptiils
of victory. Tha C.i;t;uu, howcvoriad sayfil him
"Hnrtroublt!, liivliig Itimseir taken up the money
for the purpose of returning it to those to whom
t riglitlully boiiHijred.' 1 tie Mor fiodinir thnt
hi winumgi and his reputation were both depart-
' ing, became more highly excited, and uttered dire j
nu nnainemas nguinai 11109 who migiii uare to 1
question his honor.
- t is, perhaps,' generally known to the reader,
that the captain of a steamboat on the western
waters is of necessity almost as despotic as tha
Grand Turk. Tho safetjt of his boat, -and the
comfort of his pasngfirs,in performing a long
and perilous trip, require, indeed, that such should
ba the case. Between port ahd port, he is some.
times ealled to act i llie-riple etirmctty itf legisf
jittur, juiijjo aim r.t:tuiioin!r. it i rum.jriHi, pur-
haps withmit any foundation that in cases of great
etiwrgoncy, more than one of thes commanders,
have seriously threatened a resort to tlie salutary
' influence of the " second section.", lie this as it
may, travellers on "our western Vtats Will consult
their fondort and safety, by deporting- thomselves
according 13 tha gentlemanly principle. . We
tn row-e-ui
aim fr-4w publie geiteratly ; anil
in IbV fulnCJS of our benevolence, commend U to
the especial notice of tourists from the " fast an.
' chored Isle." ''" ":':; J:.. S:tXL14.
' Captain Snake rhade no .reply to the impreca
tions of the M ijor, having far too much rasped
- for ' his . olhxial station, to permit himself o be
' drawn into a personal conflict with one of his pas.
.aengcrs.. Stepping-to Uia.xabuuloorT4is clear
- nbnll voictrwas heard above "the din'of the Ma
jor's volcanic burst of passion, and the loud whiz
.' of. the .Sea. SurpcnL... Jastantly . the- tinkle A the
. . pilDls iMuLrespoudud ta Ilia order (if his command.
isrf and the boat lay to near the lee-shorn. ' Again
lli. piwil 11 iri'-i . vnien vn liftunl. . .
"Jack! man t lie yawl ; Major , Montgomery
. wishes to go on shorn I" " , '
" Ayo, aye, airUV .; . "y-' .:
The Majur lookod around in utter asbiiishment.'
The ('optnin -again called out" 1 r
" ' Steward t put Major Muutgomnry's trunk in the
yawl 5 he wishes to go on shore I" '
'. Aye, aye: sir!" . - - C -f-m.
The Major turned towards the' Captain, with, a
; face .indicating a t!iiu";!edJcuUog of 4tur aiid dis
"may. He kud seen tor) much of lifu in the West,
hit to undei stand the fate that awaited him. Be
.' fira be. could inako up hi niiod as to -the host
misle of warding oil Ibe imitendtng catastrophe,
I t Jsek bawM out " the yawl is ready sir," and the
- steward enoJ, " tho, trunk is on board, sir. . .
Oeijrtatri Snnke bewed formally, and witl) court
teous,4wt-ingulafly enrphatic nmmicr," 8ffid t '- .r"
4 " Major Montgomery, the yawl waits.' , ;
The Mtjor, however, retained hia position near
" the card tabhr, nd began to remonstrate against
such very; eJtceptiiMiable treatment of a Virginia
gentleman, jvhose character had never been quns.
',. Honed. , Ho concluded by a broad intimation, that
on the arrival ut Cincinnati'!, he should 'holdUie
tuptuHi pnrstMtai1T''jf!wnii flte fawi of
. In Mt.Llu. liia fii.ituu..r.lUSd. Qma.
- Ivtwi d ti.i m't-t pntr.iuodlv( sV(l luriimg toward
i- .i e .i... 'j -i.i.,s.i -
" Steward, csll-the. fireman to assist Major Mont.
g iuitv into the yawl ; he wishes to eo 011 shore.
Tliu-te.iiH)tal)fe' Major in the vain hone tlmt the
pas-t.uii'ors would sustain the contest, now threw
!ifrii;lf 611 Ilia" reserved riglils, rail "up the flag "of
nullihcation, and lerociously brandished his Bowie
kinfo; at this moment the firensifi made his arc
. II ii" ur ' . . - .
p :arauce. lie was a 1011 grown rventiicKinn, oorn
on tho celir knobs of the Blue Licks, and raised
oo sulphur water, pons and possum fat.' Like
many of his countrymen he was an aspiring; fellow
fir he stood six feet four, in his moccain, and ex.
hihiied currea.miidinz dcvclopement of bone and
uiucle. Halless and codiless, with named arms,
. and a facs blackened with smoke and ashes,' ho
'might have passed for one of old ulcan s journey
men,' who h id been f irgina thunderbolts for Jupi-
tor, in some rrgia infcrnalii. He stalked careless,
ly up In. tha bellicose Major, and before the latter
I . was awnre of tt, aoisnu the hand tlutt held the up
" raised knife, and Wrenched it from him. ,1 ht net
in-ttant the M tjrr found himsolf fairly in the braw.
ny arms of his antagonist.-II9 itrttgiled stoutly
lo extricate his elegant, person Irom such an em
; brace, bit in vain.. The fireman, displeased with
, the restless dip tsition of his captive, gsve him pno
of those wsrtn fraternal hugs, which an old bear is
"6uno btMlotv Upon en unmannerly dog, that may
venture to sunny his retreat -from a farmer' hoj
T""-".'."This loving tq-jecza t omptctely mnllified
, tho rcbelhous filing of tlm Major, that ho suffer
ed himself to lo pa.sivelv d into the vavi. The
Cfiptarn's smll Voice was nijain lieal,' 4""1 " :' ".
44 Pull away, my boys, M tj--r Montgomery wish
o t go on shore. . ' , v
The oars dipped into ttia water, and the yawl
iT?TqtiicMy liTTTSf weach.'-.' l'in!rnKii Was
x loudy and d irk ; a drizz'ing rain was falling ; the
cotton woo 1 ireos sum a iu icrai aitect ; no ves
tiu"' of a iei two habii.ttiiKi' coul.l ht --rt
eo uootl
".jetliff 'i .'!';,, a.'11'. l'iv 1 ti r i I w it-i . t'.io Mii.
f-i.ijii wor-? ha -tening o.iwar !, a3 if lo c scape from
Fiirh n c' wtmr nl.ico.
Mi, ,.r i,..i-i,eer .intf.d llnl nfler
- - .
' M ,jor In ! i.een displaced by being set on shore,
he would bj a.i -Hfd to return ; but those who en
tertain-d thb opinion.'koew very little nTthe char-! s' r',,'ly ''' he echo of our gun died upon the
nru r ol So ike. That Major Moutgome, y ' when a great Mack banner, boa ring no do-
,::l iiv. a'u'.iek-lej.w ms in his eitim-.tion 1,0 vervlv,, ';' ' 1 " ' !l' lho lcru "f"1,ie fgr.
i-tir ;
f-r h.i hold that in this republican
4: -.i I irv,
l," a
f ot. i! ion.
d lids ilentoorstio aj.-e, every iii tn has a
uualieimhle rtht trtoh""" l;i" own oc
i'. it a 'tor having h en p i milted to plcy
' l.'o' 'wiMiihoCi
p' nt, that the ,:1
hi',', -r'.y i.iM'al, I)-
111,-.. i Uii
Mi'; o , .- i.'r-,' ti
lt n i,..t to l.e t
it iin of li
fe-t ruiiiiin S i Ser-
.or s
shfuil 1 !i
it n
.1 then,
catiabt at it -:his mis too bad
. i ,l,lo! Tliero was fmielbing so
r.,i -ioiiiil in such co-idurt, that
The rial tourhed the 't.,r'
Li:VrteJ of i's iru-ik. The was hastily o'is
.'I', !;os ct "r. af-
!!y back upon
(!lW)MliuU In
imn, the cop-
' firi'itMii, Iik1 a h.iad to at-i-u Major Mont i
mery on blioi.' " - '
.' The huge Kentuckino uow br-:..' in to approach
the, who, having nu pnrtimiUr reliish lor an
other fmteniui 1m;', sprung tu the bouch, ami sunk
to hi kn!C in mud.. Thinking forbearance no
Nget.A virtue, he poured .out ..on the Captain a j -
torrent 4 abue; mid, with wrsthful onthn, threa
teucd to publish him ami his tily wiail crocnini
steatrter, from Orh-nna Point to the alligator twanips
of the Haliae. The Cautain made no reply, but
the fireman, roused by hearing the opprobioui
terms applied to niS.Deloveil Sea CKrpent, called
out in a voice, that was echoed fiom shore to shore
- ' 1 Sfiy, Mr, Jackf-knaVes, it ItMiks rather , wol-
fy in theHe parts.' " . 4 . .
- ? Shut votit mouth, vott scoundrel, retorted the
Mapr, boiling over with rae. ' . i
it - - :...j .u. r.
'i-wnjl Birnuur, vihuiiiiicu inn orni'lil wmi
provoking grxid humor, ' would you swap them
buffalo robes on your cheeks for a pair of "coon
skins VL
The Major stooped down for a stone tn hurl at,,
his annoying (be, but alas, he stood in a bed of
mortar, and had no resource but that of firing an
uiuer vniiojf 01 luivrn. . '
: 4 Hallo ! my hearty,' rejoined tha fireman, 'when
you want to be rowed up 4 anlt river" agnin, just
lip me the wink; and remember, Mr. King. of.
Clulis, don't holler till you get out of Ibe woods, or
you II frighten all the varments.
During tho colloquy, tho young chcese-murchsnti
siuuu oil too j; 11, hub vt ton until u sueiti Bjieeiuiui,
.l . .U 1.. -C I . ... . -I,.... ,... ! -
but at length, as il auddtttily shocked by the dread
ful profanity of the Major, he raised his voice and
bawled out, ' ... . ' - " '
4 1 ny, Mister, if you waa away down east, I
guess squire Daggett would fine you ever so much
wr swearing so wKkeslhal om-.-l -.-rtr; :
(he pilot bell Imklcd,' the wheels rCHiimud
their gyrations, and again thelnaje4ic StraBorpent
-- Walked the Wfctcrs like thing of BlaLL..'..'
?oimthii with a lKtk in which the eolemn and
comic were curiously blended, turned hi eyes first
Trtwnrtfs the captain,; therf ' ojM"OtcnJlrVnd ti-
claimed, .
Well now, the way those ere steam captains do
things, is nothing 10 nobody, no how. "...
"-"And thus terminated one of those little episoo
in tho drama of life, not uncommon on the wes
tern watera. .
. 1- .
: While our country was yel in her inftney and
but a short time previous to the eommeneeftient of
1 tin t ever memorable struggle which terminated in
tun pnlitionl sejtaratton pi the colonies from the
mother country, there crhised oil Ibe West India
Island, n rover by the name of the Black Bucca
neer the name, give him from the color of his
vessel, whose exterior was painted black, the bet-
Her to be acreeiied Trnffl" oitservatnin, when the
Government cruisers obliged him to eoek shelter
ammig I ho creeks and inlets of tlie Islands. '
Kumor had widely disseminated the daring ex
ploits of the notorious Buccaneer, wh.oso illicit oro-l
ceedinge.were principally, tf not exclusively direc
ted, agaiosttha fljgof Oreat BntninvUnpanil
leled success had hitherto attended the most des
perate act ninref thin "trvwra nd hinurneriiircsp kngih calletl tha .atteatioa of .iho ' .British,
P"irposq pf .Jfteeipg tha .ocraq of ope who provodw
irrcat a acnuroe to the interest o ureal Britain
and its dependencies. The csmmsnd of this vas
sef was- int rusd W atvw porie;e4ttnttorf end- vr
sailed for tlie United States colonies with orders to
let no'Jiing itf4erlere--iith--ur time- er-ltHyr-jntil
the object ol our expedition was accomplished.
' At sunrise on' the fifth mornjng sultMiquent to
our departure, we discovered, a vessel to the lee
ward. Orders wore instantly given to bear down,
when about an hour's sail we discovered her to be
a echooonr low in the .wmer, and ehapinjf her
course south westerly. When she perceived it
was our intention In hail, she wore and lay to, as if
waiting our approach. . : it,.... . .
As we drew near I had an opportunity of exam,
inins her rnuiulolv, and every one on board asser
ted that she wa the most beautiful craft they had
ever beheld. Her tall spars bad a graceful, though
no more that ordinary make, and the delicacy of
theif lemter was Only equalled by the proportion
ate tracery of tha cordage that enshrouded them.
The bows were exceeding sharp, and be.joke the
utmost fleet ness,' and the cut-water rose wan a
graceful curve, gsmmered clear by the bow-sprit.
Bui one leature deteriorated from br extreme
beauty, and that was the dark Color of her hull,
which was slightly though imjiercepiibly relieved
by a atreak of ro that marked the lower cham
bers of her channels. Evert the masts and yards
were of lingy color as the hull, and Jhe only
trait that broke the gloom of the had gear, was
tha now white canvas Hist fluttered aloli. l"et,
amidst a'Pthi "ivanty, there' was something sus
picious iu her apicarance probably imparted by the
fencbricty of her lin., or porhapsnendercd by
the recollection of our errand.
As rncafod'lii'rTlivrTTirior'iHS
hear 6Th
rved seaiining us with apparent interest. Yet
inll she lay in the wind's oo, her tojail thrown
tUlltlit t'e' wsiiii na fiimeMiK- u M 1,1 .ta ping;
u .t. I . . . ,.,.11 ,t,
on the ocean. Yteare dashing niJe tho spray,
aiid every monie'm obi aiiiing il-i iutorvaf.
Whn we had arrived wifhht iai!, wtr vr.-ol
the'woro roillu and KHstN me cross 01 D(. Ii0orie
........ ... .
j'id fired a gun, that the at range vessel might sat-
i!V ns ot tier r.n'ion, ,v (.Iiuwiiik tier
;an.i r .rantiy run to me cx-.-utny oi me gati.
44 Ti.? I ; 1 k 1'. ici diiecr, sliouted (lily voices
simultaneously 5 m l tho echo of their words suc
ceeded by b f srl.,', though hi iff silence. When
the mometit of s-irpnsa was over every man in ac
cordance wilh the orders of her commandant, pre
pared for notion ; il- ' ins were lonh d and run
out of their rej,i,. ti-.: ports, thi magazine illti
inina'od ; the logiierh' 1 ! . i;-'it I, iho decks ch' m.-d
sn l cvory thing prop 1 ( r t work of death.
" Wo must board,'" t .nj our ouiiniimW, nfu r n
quarter (f aa bour'a t n.u. . !!r- iy whi( h i
tT rmn)i( i) hii l't, luolvi'd i
the bcrint, ami iwinit''-'' h
t ike n-fuge iutlie camtbrcwk ;
tain borotiiin imputient, cnd on
int.. '0 was Mii
.I by fiihi'r piirty.
I w'aiid by to I., u
lie w.n vb' ' a
" I t!!, away mr.i, ai
Srapi-j." The lam
K.'inht yard arm tn v..
freebooter thnt ! '
; ! we
i -1 it;!-
J firm, v
I it.
i t.
"i'lie .ii ... -i M.'ie ..1. t . ii-.;n
notorious rlw. r.iin ; tlioy' tpm
headed 1 tiunr
upon our deek
and fiercely a lulled our sea-men ; for a Ions tint
the victory remained undecided, hut tho buccaneers
began to fuller, still they fought band to hand. nd
- tth the inl'ui
1 frenzy i)f iui-u who had i.e-
rienced an opposition they did not anticipate ; but
till the tars of old England met them with all tho
coolness experience had taught, so essential t
victory. . By this lime one hall the asniiduuts lay
dead upon the deck. Their 'cheering shouts were
heard, though, faint and almost drowned by tho
clash ol arms, and tho groans of the wounded anil
dying. Again they faltered and retired apace, but
then the voice ol their commander was hoard
above the ruthless din urging to another clloit ;
again they formed and rushed madly upon our
men, but they met tlm suiw pertinacious epponi- j
lion as uetora, and tliey ltroko once more nnd ro.
treated. At this Critical moment, when the initios
we're i retreating step by stop from our quarter deck,
twir chieftain rushed forward, and cutlinS a pas'
aa8e through with hia Werdfprung ! .nSi the
liatcUway, and ruslimg into the li:iit room -..'..l a
burning lamp ; (hen shivering it 1V..111 tho portion
of glass that separated it front, the 'magazine, he
entered. Those upon deck beheld tho strango
movement with wonder that can ho bnttor'iuingin
ed than described, and both parties dropped their
. weapons to leurn U10 issue of so strange an adven-
Our commander, accompanied' by a few officers,
descended, aiid (he sight that inot theit agonizing
(jaze was truly terrifying; tho buccaneer was
standing amongst the powder with a lighted lamp
in his tightly clenched fist, hit face was blackened,
a stream of blood gushed down his cheek from n
, aabre-xufin bi toru)M.d J wilh k oil brows ami
, resolution stamped in bis countenance, he stood re.
' garding those who began to crowd to the li'jjht
- tOOm.--t't1 ""'.:' " ; "' - ' --y
p.. - pianu uacK, snouiou ne, 11 you regard your
own aafety stand back, for by mv soul, he who first
.advauc4t'..als the
- There was aoroething an resolute in the lones
and gestures oflhe pirate that these around rece
ded spaco, still continued to gn?.e with blanched
checks and trembling limits upon tho daring furtn
of the determined buccaneer, ; '. ':
44 Listen I Ycnrs have I embed in these seas but
never havJ assuiilied a vessel, but those that wore
me ueiesteu ensign 01 tyranny mat now Boats tr.
your cad ; fortune has hitherto favored me, and I
. have been a scourge to your hated kmjjdoui ; to
day fute has declared it otherwise' ; but though do.
foatod I have still the moans of purchasing my
freedom. . Sow Btitains, it rornuio with you to
grant my release, nr sufletjho rleaih your rotiwal
must certninly bring.". : . ' V ' . ,
44 (lur orderi were especially to cspture " y'mj,"
returned the 'Commniider'cvaaivolyV'aiid'yoiVtro'
now In my power. - .
4' Am It", said the buccaneer, glancing with a
- aigmficancy, that could nut. bo (Mistaken, upon the
. .leedly1materiaJ that lay open before him.
jj. " Will your own safety prove no lamer to the
- execution of your hellish acbemo 1''. . . ;y
14 1 would ask you ir, Britain, resumed the
- 7;,i,e4J,, ." more --to b-preforred-tr be.
.,. hanged .auudsUtbe ctflk and cibes -of -uniity inu
;yicloii"br,'ov iatetievJby his own bands.
- end puiT.hnie wtth.hts.(th-lhe doftetion of his
victorious enemies t liehcve me, sir, there is 1
discrepancy between wlf-dcstruction here and per-
ishinij igruimuiiously it the extremity .ofilia yard
m i . -. .... ,
L..'lY'our life .may. yet bVeaseJ'-aeiJ 4li com-
x manner. - . , '
- 44 Were the prospects ever an flattering, I would
not submit 10 the ordeal. , But it ia useless to par
leywill you sulTor rue and my crew, who have
survived this conflict, to proceed 00 our courso I"
44 dit condition that ; V '"... , : ,
44 No Conditions will I accept," interrupted the
; buccaneer, 41 it i I who have power to namo con.
. ditions ; not you, sir, Britain I you rest in my pow-
er the live of all on hoard are at my w ill what
ia to prevent '"my firing tho magazine and revenge
myself by destroying my captors 1 I've seen the
day when my 011 life would prove no obstacle in
accomplishing my revenge, did aui:liau epportuni.
' ty aa Ibis oiler, no more than the smallest particle
of sand against the inroad of the dashing wave.
But do yoll accede to my purpose
"There is no alternative,' said the commander,
after a pause. 44 Your desperation has ballled us
even when we exulted in victory you are free sir."
44 And crew and veasol 1" . r
44 Is as subject aa eer to your ommand."
. "Have I tha honor of a British officer to that
clleot I" ''-."IX; "'" . ' ' "
L. 4,,You havc,aaiil Uio co' iiandar.
44 Knough ! enough 1" exoiaimod the Ixircnneer
and Sscending, he gained his own vessel, and was
soon lost sight of in tho distance of the wide fx
, panded billows. '
Years have flown by, and tlo' memory of the
buccaneer had lontf Ceastid to mi.uiy rnv ttond.
..,.,. ,i ...j . , ,
... !.
l i t mirii't'Hi. ituiiKiT mill nii'i a niiirtnii
come the hero who had nobly tlisiilavod the
prowe.-t of Aon in a' on tin; very coast of ttreat
Britain. A boat was s.-eii eidliiia from the Iri-oie
an olhoer was seen seist.-d in the stern, a live
miiMiiur po-ed throiii'li those HiTtt cr-iwded Iho
wharves tl.o I-.t Mri.nded, and l',.o! I..n"es l-aped
on idioie. b .t wh.t sits mv .!:,: .Iimi-..! in I.
svas my s-io i.
.t'g in tie' . oitensnoo of the f.mimit,
P. .n llotiice Ki, .hard, ! " stern, l!ioo.
ig hstk of li'" '.. ii r,t,cr,'l( rr. ,
il ii
I.1 rcM, r.CTlt)N.s t)l' Till: AI.1IAMI1RA.
t,v iiiK Aci'ii'tt or tiik sKsr H-smia.'
I luring nstimn - r' t.-iilei i io the old Moorish
i ',' ro of tho A!o on a,
i, of which I have alicadv
r ' il iiui.ierous an . '..
rt-s umcb of my liim1
, to the Puli' e, I used to
in the Itt-a-i'ifi' iH r.f thn
victory hsd been achieved in the British rhant .,! ; cbitttfe.l in this fated hall of their calamity by th
by tlni renowned Paul Jones, who was 'then oo the hps ' 'ytni-li b-auty.
Coast, and htiurly i'XpecIo-1 ; i port. . , J .A... mir the subject of which she liettled, ssj
- ' The report i.f gun hum p..n ih-btee, mim) -1"' - .Mo!,li::n h.jr.uid old foshituio J fpimu.!,
.lofty hip .is?-ei to t-ifr tho hail.r. .The j C'iitt.'-v whicii mado a strung impro-M.-u on me.
'citizens fl M-kel by lhoo .,i : tn tlw beach to wo. disclaimed all merit of invention, however, an I
thti (mini tin r
' Jevuied r:i.'e.
bhraied iti
Hi t1! it was
- ' ' ' ; i r -f I,
e!y yt np;
feai.s el' .1 tvr vl. The
nun were-
th'- j.' ileo-y of.'
(..' which
1 -hi-'i n (! 'y
:.'. 1 ll.,J jf
arblo paveuient
IIO.V throws lip its kill' ' i ', ir
fii;hoe.s, n I v, !.., t. .
tiranad.1, and u deep ht.tin mj he n
isMid pointed !y too of the pile as n '
m;uio;try re-.... of Ih-j miwri'. I ....e r".
f'd'-.l U with tiia sauto ileieriiuri.'l l'i.''i w U
vshieh I liavo regnrdedt!i" traditional sluii.sot P.,,.
ziii's blood mi the 11 r of the chainlter of tiiu in.
fortunate Mary, at II ilyrood. I t'onnk no ..mi lor
endeavoring to enlighten my credibly 011 Mich
points of popular belief. It is breiiking Up tho
shrmo of the 'pilgrim j it is rohhmg a poor traveller,
of its .historical illusions, and what a were fag you
nmhe'of it ! . . ',.' '' " f"
l'ur my putt, I gave my self -op, during 'my m.
joiirn in thu Alhnmbrtt, In all tho rtmnoiii.: sndf.i.
bilious traditions connected with tlm m'.e. I lived
1,1 tlie iioual ol an Arabian lule, ni 'l hut my ryes
ja1 muctr as posmblo to every thing that called mo
hack to very day Itfei. nd. if. there .is' .nv num.
try 111 r.uropo wticre 0110 can uo so, it it m poor,
wild, logcudury, pronJ-spiritnd, roinuiiiici ipim,;
where the old magmiiceiit, bar ha tic spirit silicon,
tends against the utilitarianism of uioderii'.civi.
lizaliun. ' " ;'. "'. " " ," ""
In tho silent and deserted halls of the AlliamlW. ,
. 1 1 ,
j surrounded with the iusigma of r ,V.I awav,aud tho" .
still vivid though dilapidated trace of oriental vo-
Inptuousncss, I was in tho "mng.,hl of Moorisli
Mury, aiid every thing spoke uml breathed of the
glorious days of Granada, when under tho dominion
of tho crescent. When J at,iu tho b.:i of tha
Ahencerragos, I sutli-rcsl my mind to cot jure up all
that I h id read ot that illustrious hue. Iii the -proudot
days of Moslem domination, the A bene, i- '
rages wore the soul of every thing noble and chi.
valroiiH. The veterans of the f,umlytwlio s it in -lhe...Uoy;i.l
Council, y t ro the fnrooiost to duvne
those heroic enterprises which carried dismay into
tho tnrritories of the Chn-tmn; and what thu fa
ges of the -family deviw.-d, tho young menlof llie
name wore forntnosi to execute. In all services of
hazard in alt adventurous forays and huir-breadth
bswfd, 4iO-AUhc frJi'fl,-vti!i mis. it iu the
brightent laurels. In those noble recreations, too,
pbich beat so clow an afliuity to war 111 the tilt
and, tourney, the riding at the ring, and tho daring
bull-fight, still the Altenccrm-' s carried oil the
piiliiu,, Nouo Could equal them for th5 splendor U
their Srray,-tho gallantry of the devices for their
noble liarmg and glorious horsemanship, .Their
open handed muniiicenco made thi ui thu idol of
thn populace, while their lofiy magnanimity and
pern ct taitn gamuit mem goig.-n opinions irom tlc
generous and liigli-nanded. Never were ihoy .
known to dec y iho iM-ritstf a rTb-r to I . nay
the (Joiifidini 1 i a tricnd mid loo " wuid of an
Abenoerrs;'-" mn a zruaraiitviW Utter uJouituJ
of a douht.
- And thuir dovoUitu to tl.e fair! Never did 'To-.r-i'di
beauty Consider tito fame of her churins estab
lished until alio had an AIen;orraj.'o lor a lover ;
and never did an Aboiicorra;j provu n , remit tt
hia vows. - Jvely-tiranad.t ! ( '.ty of deh-h-s !
Who ever bore the fuvonuf thy dam i ..-
proudly oo their cue, or championed them t
callantly in the chivalrous tilts of the Yivsntn,
Or who ever made thy moon lit balconies, t'.
gatdena pf myrtles, and roani, of orBii;'csi,x'iu...,.
and .ponif gramitos, ffcspctiA.u tender '-
nudes ?, '.ii'r..t.rL''? .r." ' ' ; "
-I sMnk with euOiusiasni on this th... ; i'.r u is
CtMiuec.leJ w .i(. I'nd ru'cullitctiori bf ol i0 ( I t' " '' H'li.
est evenings and sweetest etonfs llint r I coitr.
...t r.t .' . .
vujajrp'Hiu vii3.uiau& iu wjti. j. ...i ...
t'paiiiarils ia lo sit don inths h -auulol .-.nnm. r
crcmiig,.aid last en to h i.hh.rfial ht'Ir is, sod talcs
sltout ll.s wars of Iho Moors and Cliriiru,s, ami
the M bucnas audanz'is" and 41
l l.e
" good lortuiios and grt d cxpl.vii
i I ii'. nly
warriors ol yore, It is worthy ad 'r-inatk, m!
Ihatbeiny ot these sttngs, or romances, ns lie y rr
calleu, 'celebrate the pr... and ma.Miaiiiinity i i
war, and tho tendem- a.. 1 lidehty in love, oi'thn
Moonsh cavahots, otit o tii-ir ino-l I'.rnii.l.i1 !y arj
haled finis. I'.ol i . lui s hava rl i;... , to fvn
guish the big'ttry of -the z 'a' ,1 ; end the n'i.-e il --,
tested warriors of Giau.i ii are now I,. Id up ,y
Spanish poets as tho mirrors of chivalno. vnluo.
Such was tlio aiuuscuient of the ' in qties.
lion. A number of u ter i too I ,oi , i
the Ahciiccrragi's, lixioiinig to - f tho t , , t
gifted and fascinating beings that I hud ever met
with in rev no -s. She was J o'i" and !v to
ilful, and i ..'it andcliieioal full tf f---, nod spirit,
and pure cuili!iHi,i jiii. fciio wore t! . Uncifnl An.
dalusian drcn-; touched the guitar with ;!.
el.itpienca ; improvisod with won !, -rlol i ici:,; . ,
and, as she became excited by her thoi-., or l v t
rapt attention of her autlitors, ww,!.! our f.rtli, m
tha richest and muliciioos .suiiios, iee.. mm tn
couplets, full of striking dnscnptiou or tJ,r,t.n n;ir
ration, and compo' l,"os I was a cured, at f o mo.
niatit. Most of llinso were snggestod by the ' ico,
end related to tho so -iont glories of i',r.- i, and
the prowess of lo r chivalry. Ti e V ..-(-rni'-s
j teri; tier lavoruu ne roes ; .ie i o u v..tinan a ai!.
! nnrnlioii of tie: ir gallaiit court. -sy so l lii.;hsi' I
'. h"t;j; vya I'iacl.i'U. Jia ! i.s u I ,. .
1 1 the praises of that generous but devoted
a"1 " "r"' m,'rt!ly ''uion into vcr,o a p -pu.r
i tradition ; imI, indeed, I bsvo since found the nm".
i f'" " i""""'"! at the end of Cuiule's IL-.iory oft
v ' I'-'miimiimi ot tne A raws, auu me t-i
!', 1!- I .
! '"""eu in thn lorui o! (in oj
Monlcmsvor. IVom the-.-
'forth, and endeavored to fliit
!,.-.(!ri in tl,n Diai, i ( I
i es loivo di an 0 it
fl It nccor-liu r to rtiv
ncoHoction of tho version of the I
I miii itr.'l
bill ii!iis : wlnit'can s-ips 'v t
I 1 1
' t t ,
that look, that firm, that m li .
cal rit ct to hor r'-aunt, nod In
htt ! In. l -
evi i v i . t i
hreut tites iliiiiriil i..; I y ' 1
loti, tins loci o trav
of hor inspired numlio
' r lii.'i-t her rr o, i-- t . r
mutely abode ntlinn , ,s .-.y it t sr.-.
iii'lulaencn which ts-liti..,-, to h r ! ri.-.i.nt r -llappy
shotibl I lie if it C"ol. I aaiilo ,i io I., r i
jono km I recollection of the I -1
, j'tureor, for hm grattt"..-::'!
v c ro
A hence rr
the ti
that '
treacl. ,.
" .v tho

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