r,r Pkiipem Y. The tie, ,1.1 J .ulnar t.i" (!l(1 lif'S l 01 !S COUKOU-., iii,i iiniii': .m , Tk 'I f Ol f (h it .Stiito us to l undulate' lor Hie c ir,I,,miU.U8 I'i.il.i !i-I.!i.i AJvrti-:r says ',. ,S'7fc jV.i'ii", is in tho ascendant. Doylr.siown, Ivania, promises to I another Lons.. ' No Jj'tliaii 0110 of the Monn tre. s 'H ' A.J tiiis season, and at 1 lio a!j-iurnt cocooneries .(oiiem'dlhm and a Wiif worms will bn raised. 4r'r;ifim)inent are iu progress to establish a line ' ,i :iin vessels from I'wslon to Liverpool, via. ",ifi fhtcB mt'.f l,2rU tin burden with , Tiix-s of horse puworaro Ktated to he in tho -cs of construction, with llio intention of com. .ncing ojwratimw next Spring.- CommvvwicaViows. i " ,' " - . ' : . ' ' ' ' V ' f ra the refL'ctingmcn oj the ioM Cwgreg. I wnnl District. 'j. -v-; ; I permit me Messrs, E'litors, through ynureol. ',. to address a few word to the sober and re (inff men of this district tir auch as'aro hot -waVfd ly prejudice, party, or passions, birf who ii the'-cxercise uf one of their moat sacred rights line riiiW of 'S 'or mon J pubho station,) I m tfiiulod, and controlled by principle, and Who II ihemacNea bound in the discharge of that most i tiled ap?n to decide a matter ha oath between two f ilicir county-roen. , - i . h. - , ?, t Tim duty of tcfecung a representative to serve Lii for two yw the. Congress ofjhe United Sates, will aoon devoWun the voters of this dig. Srict." The flames of Charles Fisher, and Pleasant Henderson aro before you, The question before im iv which of those then have-the greatest fiimi for your suffrages f nd in deciding who ' is the nrratest claim you will uaturally ask, who fc Charle KtMWvHd who is I'ioasant HenrteraiHi t In a spirit of fainiosi without passHia or prejudice, k us look to facts V ; - 4j : . Clisrles Fjsher was bora in the county of-Row. n ; he grew up to manhood among yoit in early :! h became your reprenet)tative in the upper inch of the State Legislature hr aftrwarda I frtqnently in the State Legislature, and dyer - latter body ho was for several yeari the prewV officer, having been selected tolhe Btaliod oft' ikcr lor his talents, and his -qualifications for r: apuittnent. tl?lias" 8Ved"ydff"o1teTr'in".'idittf;' f situations: Thcra has been no public work eat itfd to advance jpur interests i orhe. interest; , vulir ctilWrciiThul iiu which e lias taken tK d. la the Cause of oducalion and public' im ivemcots of every description, ho hay always ; :n the warm and zralous champion and yeo w, he is doiiiff more by his example than nnv i'-r iiiilwiduitl U-afouse the dormant energies -f f "people to their true interests, "by liis energetij . luarors to iniiml ictiire machinery ol every tie. triptioafiir you, and especially for your mills, and "ir cotton factories. lit a word for the last twen j five years he has been your able-your jwalotia, I your.unflinching public servant foremost in ry tiling calculated to promote your intetestii.w ' j family is here, and his interest arc all to close- tifewtiriedirittT y win that lie caii xtg BMhlflg, as' ar ptlrc.jervaflt,,.wtjich,!rilj aflcct you, wiihoui i Ufccting himself 4u an equal degree with any Now Jet os see who Duct. Henderson is: lie bnrrV.and educated in the county of Orange, ?re ho Jjecame a practitioner of mediciije. no ten ok twelve yearl ago, he removed to the my of Davie, and located himself at- Mocha V where' he premised, medicine foC aeversl rs, and-wbere : arit Physiciarr,rid a -lively HorwhhrirtmnTtThftrtffflfe" ',r rv-" .T-.-w..A- -L.Mv-..k u.ieuierwaosjyeuiJUaJua couaiy uaiv lwrhemtlrcmcJbtoWic,n served f people of that eoiihty wttlrTespectability f & 1 hey those To' fecl eomehody else in- tii pintev renuitwd there taking hit pleasure, and ftccn lt'ratsifljr fiWdlcinetihtit the lasnmTrrmer,- uucii time, he came to tins place, Baliwini relte remained until Novmnher or Decembor. 1 then went to Raleigh as a delegate to an Inter- Itvproveuicut (Joiiveniion, where Tie leniamcd tiortim and then went to hits old home in nie, jitre he rcmninad up to (hVtinie he be. i: t ennilidate for Congress. , - "X . lime thus" givent you the, most impo(ant part Im h'ntory ofvthe two men . in a 8i)iritof can i" d fnirness-liich always governi lliAseek Iter truth NoV. which will you choose t Will ' ''e a man you )iave ioowq all your lifer m rvnry interes. UU-iitilicd with yourswho served yoi long nd laitifully and who nev ias belrnyrd you.' Or will y" takejm ac- Huaots ot lji vpterUiiy atij nne who is rtcly a citizen of tho district T 'If Tou divest i" mmJs of of passaon and prejuitice if you listen e jf reasoiiand not to tlin violent invT.' "" ie oartizan I think 'you Will, not Jons c voice ' of the iKirtizan I think ou will, not Jonc ' nnve no parly jirejudiges or Jias-'ionii ja grati I hale, from t hp b ittoin of my hart,i do. 1 "f I'irtyjJ hwk . upon, tho-i udencaojE ahe Vfnwrpjiirt-t,f-titem7ie tf iho worst sins: of the '.timet, aild - w the greatest roreS porj.c..'W.nryi , tuSon "t)iQ ldwriy of nifdrcwing you upon a Tr,bK-h cstiKf iw us nW, and all" f ask of yon '.W-l.aiidTlfeot upoo- wlmt I have-fmid with " cool and calm fcelincs with which it was n. . ..-.--.f. '.'NO PARTIZAN. ' Till; Uhinfak ( abliman. . l''i)rrons : If one were to read nomine. rssnii. 1 1 in " VVatchmall,',un,. Saim' last pajwr, he "Pisosf.that 'e vero feaffv "Iii d.iniier'nTa ' vr ar, iuitwi;hstundiiig il is notorious that ' 'jKvajs leen tho most friendly nation of lrt "theoountiy, never having yol taken iiparnin :,t 'lie Anit-rjcaiH. ' A writer in the hitler of ' psjK'rs t n I k s a great deal nlioul mmo! war, and the war with tl. out "the cause of the Creeks. and ' nrs it all to 'Tee'ilator, and insinuates that heri, a i ,..'; ,I,,,rl,a(ori , prod.,, ,, Mmc ''i''g in M.i.isippi. Now the writer of trTicle, n j n nl!l.r t13fl s-.viim, the "". knew it was nitev false when he wrote knpw H had us I .u, :, truih in it as the as ;' of mi,,,- ,, ;lt jjr, Fi,jier W01Ju i. Jr! the Ciinni:-.i,)i,Prl on the Ctoctaw claims "mi,i,;, ;,y ,in2 in vaihingtou. Hut it is Micuious thai I l.li,.ve they ere anhamed 'nTnteivr., xiicy must surely presomrt as ' n tne rr ! il.ty r.f.tho peoph-, sis they do on wyb .f tttcir (,- umli-r.-cindiiigs, and the rI "; 'f i-i! h i- i; ,That cnu as rccl!e 1. .Si'Ui'.Ti aaouM.resjrt to inv thin tVr a pr,,,, , n.it .f ho u ut, bit tint mm, .. Mr. J.hk l. is been to tin! reiioernen'sof s.-iai Lie, should duseend t. the usu uf such IHl' HIS, IS t'I'il'i-ll a nutter of wonder. ' Y.-VDivIN. s) i.i. i.iiironi: l atli.'iii.uil a mu Iitbi . . fi I lV.1.1 .1... ... . I ..... ... .. viu-iiuto im; .niier oav, at wincii tlie canriittriti's lor Conresi were prrsent. Mr. llonderson first nd- t iirossfj tho assemblage (whiclt wns ciiini roii-) at some leiioih, the purjiort of which was plod'-ms biniself to sujihjrt Henry CHiV for President ri'ht or wronjand atiadiiog .Mr. I'lshor's private cmi cwns; but after speaking a great while, suid but ... little, and then gave.way. Mr. Fisher met all his opponents allegations with cool, clear explanation, mttctt to' the satisiaction of tho people, wuh the ex caption of a few. soiuoof whom havinc cornn tit ile. ! ttver addri!ssis on tlin Cnmihon Srhruil Ai-i l.,,t more paiticulnrly tv try und do a Utile something ogamst Mr, Fisher , and there are some men here in Randolph injuring their own ' popularity verj "7iiiictrby"tiiKTn'g sucir5u"aoTive part aaaui'Ufr. Fisher, and in trying to suppress the free and Re publican principle of thinking and acting areeuble to the convictions of jidgment,nd honest opinion j l :.....:. .i f.t ' . . 1 , mm mm iiiumuiiai, some iiure, went si. Mr as to any that thoso who would believe Fisher were, . fools j he slid this in my presence, nlltiding to some very worthy' fanners in his neighborhood. Dut one consolation is that such language is calcu lated to disgust, and consequently defeut a good cause, much more a bad one. And I verily be lieve that those who are trying to do most aj'ainst Mr. Fisher are doing niost for him, so futile ro -4eir argumeotsr : V A1 CITIZEN OF RANDOLPH. ; t" wEsiKRM maoLiMUN. ' ; AIesibb. KufroRs t I am a plain man aud have ' lived in this codtoly all my life. - 1 have frequently '. been struck with the violence which governod ma j ny of our elections, but I never before witnessed anything to equal the course pursued towards Mr. Fiahefrr - J hadfearcety heard his rrame mentioned in this part of the District as a candidate, before a set of biisy-bodieX from' the.' village commenced ding-donging in my ears charges, againslhim. 1 told them to wait, and let me see who were the candidates, and what were their principles, before they eould expect ma ta form an opinion a'bmit jhi "iiSilerXriBejr Mill pe'rsted' in. attempting to' "firendict; me against hurt, ;. I thouahr," however; - for myself, and was determined to wait his coming -HWt ? he pike at twr fourt, and-eflorwards pub- lished a circular-iwith both, I wna well stttixficd t jiMs:4a.-atiirV that liiiw.Jtfr?JGUbP.eajrjun and other Delegales to the-Ashboro caucus have boon ridru? about our count v. altemntiiiL' ta deceive the . attentnw from looking at Dr.- Henderson s qualiii : cations, uy making charges against Mr. Fisher. , They and Mr. 7 composition melul pedlas have floododxthe county with Pwsim's scandalous 2taper, and wIHt at) tnannnr of ftlsn rtpotlt thost M r-.- FiheTi-, tttit-wil I-not all dir. The more they slander, the more we are determined to go for , Fishor. : e will Certainly give him 200 or 250 .majority in this county. ' The carront is running ;more tor, mm every uav. . v ( , ; j 1 ours, d-A. Messrs EditmV.PP8JIj8 past week, this County has been over-spread with ito dirty sheet, y'cleped the "Southern Citizen w prWd in Ash boro' by one Swaim, and owned by thev leaders of t the Ashboro' caucus, who employ thiaeptile to throw his filth over the district. Three fourths of " the paper in question was filled with scurrilous - abuse uf Chariot Fisher, In order to thow thatliei ..l,hv,iiui!i,iv;u)iii,jija 4t-4dy -iwearf ritenhrm trmt airo cto jn:ih!rla3yii:liiDaiL' cle in . -L n.l . 1 . it , . " . 1 think of a' set of men, who," not oulv "take uikmi ' " - . . ..: T hetmrclvcilh on the people, but fMjnbtenpejgsif WJIA'PHKgi able wretch it he Swaim to assist tn his election by 1 : .. . .1... .1 . i 1 .. r... f. raduoing the char imiimit. rFor it can be proven that one of that body-acknowledged it .1 l. - t - r .i 1 a t A FARMER OF DAVIE. TJ I ' roa tub wcstcbs croumax. fi jiauujuu(ju.wu3 iasen. ua. ai Auooru,.wr. Straim. I want Mr. Fisher elected, but I would rather see him beat a thousand limes, than to nee him elected not on his own merits, but by vile slan der on his opponent. ..- FAIR PLAY. - tat rut wurrsKN cakoumax. '.' Mfjsrs. Eoitors t I was at the muster at Mor gans hut Saturday, and out of about 200 voters on the ground, there were only 6 Tot Henderson, leav ing out Hamilton C. Jones and the relt from Salis- f 'bery and esjhe talks r big -about HT)derson's n,sj jnty in Chatbam (which I duo t believe) pub liali tiiis, a the ttutb ot it can le rstablished by , : 2UU rui.tiML'N. ; FOt THE WESTXRX CAROUMAK. .- Mkssrs. F.itTORs: A splenetic writer' in the i.lasU!..VatchiDap,,luver tbe tigiiaturaf " A- Da vidson" wtug, iiwuTgcs.Trr sundry sfricturesoothe article of "At rv6(nanf in one of your lute num twr. farga.r.4latbajMrj T-. I -i. ....1.1 '4...... ...u: :e .1.. two winem, 1 fiiuuiu a nutniiig tu ray, 11 iii -rmer bad ten fined himself lo tho point at issue betwewtbenfcii ltat itmtead of mlym KPfW ffhaver'in' re'rwf 'iraset nig resolved thaf Ihey will tempting to disprove the assertion sftion of" A, Freeman " he indulges in tome Coiitcnit'tibl'j insinuations ' against ttve suppqwd author or that article; in u jtnj he reniinds me rcry much pf Don Ouitnfte and the wind-mill .for I doubt whether the author of that article is a cititen of the county.x Wii did not rted the evidenco furnished by this writer, that ". A Freeman's" shot hud struck iu the "7ightjdrrcr. -Trte thitmrirtg ofjhe oundedj., ""geons had before been the source of no little amusc- nient here. -The naturalists tell usof a bird, which when pursued, hides his head m the nearest buslf, " and imagines himself secure from observation. Such seems to have been the cause with,? cer tain rf." They have been for weeks encaged in 3tjMSworkiij. vusrqrfsrntatioii and slander din- stimulating $uck stories as Hist spoaen ot oy - a Fremnan, if not in the same words, and 00 doubt imagined that it would excito no observation from any one, excrpt tho honest farmer to whom they were telling it. ' And nov, forsooih ! when the mir ror of truth is held up lo tliqm, in which they can see their own conduct in all its naked deformity, they, with upturned ryes, aflect a holy horror at b! frtfdom with'which they are exposed. They defame and misrepresent Charles Fisher and his friends they stir up the waters of biticrner and nirife, and if it isnotieed at all, belwld t AWrtibcr . lies nr infringed upon,' Thi writer, wall a 1'lia'i iuu! a..s.iniptmn i.f "in on tri! v , eliar.u-ii i isiic. uf Iiimmi -If and " the set," U' as's vi having "hii overwhi-'miug n,j, riiy ol '"l!V aihl !.- CltlI'l-."' Tills in IB 211'Dl 0 ll i.i . . . . .1 ..I... ... ... i. . ' t' . ui.i ri'i.u us as iii" i itaie ui -- riuemu!. was. upon itwni, to iV 'tie kast of it. ' In (im, hotev' er, ha i l.flie more modest thai) smt of li.s co la inters, for I fc.-tve I'frte le'uril ui! th.e itecenrv and soheruss cl;timel for that pm y. I doubt w ticther tliey will claim tho merit of: exclusive deceuev and sobercess for the.ir eaUiliJuU: They may' well boast ul tlos, however, .lor I am much mistaken, if an iiithllii-nt putilio will not. adjudge sow; ol them to have forfeited a far more impotiunt ckardcltrii tic that cf truth. ' " - This political Doctor deals largely in quack mo diuirW, end seems t view Swaint., Pumicca with wonderful conilacei)cy. 'Thert is certainly no dis puting shout tastes. . I am je-l stillicieutly cnuver sant with such matters, to judo bow it was in tended to operate-Twhcther as. anemelie or oilier-' wisesme thing is very ceriaiu, that in this county it hits'lmd an almost uiiivernulIyX a nausoating ef feet, no much so that I do not know an instance of .1 paiiciiLUkuig a scciiid diisc, except same ibvr iu Lexington, whose stoninehs suem to be made of sterner sniff. ith regard to a certain catholicoii, or some such thing, which this veracious writbr pratea ajout, I am at a loss in what light toTegard it, whether as an drivelling umwonno, or as intiimi. ating something w hich the writer dares not openly charge something of the bush fightingjio chaVtjc teris of the " srf.' If in tfiis, how ever, asTias been suggested, the writer means to insinuuto that the North Carolina Standard is received here with' ant morejavor than it was "soma yertr ortjWO ago," lie but adds another falsehood to the long list for which the " set" are r&ipaoaible.-ifr intked. thoy- are responsible for any thing. . T (10 writer a silly nonsense alwuf the " Autocrat," and aristocratic bfnin, &o., is entirclv worthy of the source from wliich it cnianates. " TBut enough of this rf (irW oft WAifi,'-' The people the real peoploof the county will, In duo time, overwhelm him and his Federal associates id spite of all their writhing and contortions. In the meantime " let tho called jado wiuce my withers are niiwrung." A MM U 1SU I KEK M A.N. . ' FOR TUB WtSTER.V"CABbLLUS."7 " f ' "Musrs. I'oitors : The last Watchman, con tains several letters from Chatham, written in a style of puffing exaggeration.! had previously urn deMtood and expected thatmen would appear, they are only a specimen of tho systom of trickery re sorted to by hisopjionents to deceive tlw public as to .Mr. r isher s prosnucls below; and are about 9 st correct as the statomants.au tha Caucus paper .that Kowan and Davia are, gmng atrongly in feivor of D.t. Henderson- We may expect to soe, from this CmeTorlli lilt the clecrioii,"airkrudbrdTstor' ted represeutalione in the colutrmsof these two pjreraiif report to such means n prop up llieir sinking causes There aro now industriously circulating through parta of tho ' District . many a'amlerous tulos lo injure. Mr. Fisher personally. ) think you ought to mention this in youV poiwr, tliat the puhlio may f be apprised of4fai- "-"'-" ...':-rcc.- They will without doubt reserve tome of their most vindictive fabrications, ami only prottasrale them just before the Election when t hoy camiot be inetaiidiiswredby M ftj' isher. 1 ours, Ace- m firm nm iTwenra AJmuj XsVurtrri 1 .TilJYfJUUiIXVJLLe-AFFIU Y-.jltUL'C Wa regret to state that this unhappy affair hat boon the- occasion of more Woodshed. A duel ronk ptace betweon Henry A, Moore and Fielding Da vis, on the 27th June, oa the Louisiana side of the line, about ten miles below Woodville, which re sulted in the death of the former. v ' .. a They fought with nflosat a present; distance 50 yardt. Mr. Davit stiot Moore in the bft aide, the half entering about, half an Inch hetow the top i JLitu liroil Lnmui,rtwl 4 tU-Mrrt AM . - Hi Hl.w. Mft Mdore' chatlenged Mr. Davie willioui wait. wg tor he Jatter ifl fojdy- tojtit UtrnWn) puUksa4 lion in, t tie newspspert. It is but justice to Mr. Davis td state that lie was very reluctant to accept . 1. - . 1 1 1 . . - . . 1 . . .1 . r 1 - thq challcrAgeMmd pvca up to the time of hit ap. peirmg on tne ground, aeciareg tbat he was lorced into a measure which he deplored and condemned, I aiid exnressed'TiTs"' winin'ciioss 'foaccede'lo aiiv honorable terms t accommodation ; but the op posing party was determined that the light should take place, and Mr. Davis rather than endure the sneering taunt of cowardice from those who could not appreciate his motives, yielded hit bolter feel. ings and judgment to the nendisb dictates of a false honor. ,L,:cv ,. J.'l.'Jr. v . We alto regret to state that Mr. Leigh, who was severely wounded in the former affray, it ra pidly sinking, and cannot, it is reared, survive nmnv days. - . . . . From all that"we can gather from inquiry from various sources, we would conclude that public opinion in AVjlkiuson couuly is ttrtngly in favor of ,ur. t'avis, sua ins uccu wua turn tur jugtioui trio whole alfair. ' " , . . . ,V'e hope blood enough has now len shed -to calm down the angry and excited ' passions of all concerned, and that it will proceed no further." "TUoSIfe-- Tlie Tost of "pmperty ly tliefrre tn Mobile eince the first of Jsnunrv last is estimated The insurance companies have become so much alarmttd ul tbs exUting stale of- affaire- that Ihev hareafier make no insurance against fire until the corporation shall entublish a better police. nade l)crlc.lh the evening of dm 4th insl., as the rteaniboat Sampson was returning from Statcn 1 Island, to New York, having on board tome 750 oasjuiuers, whoo about midway f her trip, the 9ti!U!tt:lu')ts of iliij promt'imdeji-ck gave way, and tbe clecx, Willi the living mass it bore. fell oil in one oblique direction towards the stern, crushing be neath its weight an immense number of the passen gers who were upon the deck below. So crowded was every part of the vessel that for tho momeut no relief could bo afforded to the sulfrrers, and not until tho steamer Sun came alongsido could Ihe ex tent of tho injuries sut-taiiMid be ascertained. Il was found that an elderly lady named Miles, resi ding in Perry street, wad quite dead, as wait also Mr. Joseph Chamhert, a grocer, who resided iu the upper part of the city. v s" . Mr. Moses Henriquis, a broker in Wall street, was so dreadfully .mured as to survive only until Friday, about noon. v "' ' " . ' Mrs. Tavlor. of No 161 ' William slreet. was also dreadfully injured, and is imt expected to re- cover. .Mr. David I t alton was also seriously injured, and was taken to the Hospital. fomo twenty others were more or less bruwivl, !iit noun Udieved to be dangeroujlv sri. At the luiio of the arcidi nl, several persons fell or jiiinpud nveilxiard, all of whom were, however silely pu kt;d up by end carried to new York on board of tho steamer Im'onsrqueiiee of the deck having fallen upon the Idler ro;K s,' it whs Immd jmpiissible tosleer the lioat, and he was taken lo New York in tow of the Sun. . ' , -. ' ' ' . Tim Coroner hold ananquest upon tho bodiea of the above named deeetiaed, phich results in a -verdict of " Accidental Death.'. Mrs. Miles, one of the killed, had engaged her passage lor Liverpool by the packet iii 8;itunlav. The agents of the sleambont at Staton lob'md requested the people hot to crowd the boat, but without avail. The prwwire wtos so great that tho gates were carried away, and all who wero so minded rushed on board. UNITED IN WEDLOCK, In Ibis r.mntv, on the 4th instant, hv Jobn rsrrk'iii, Mr. t'AUKI'.R to Mis LVDlA COl'Ji Married in this Comity, on Tuesday, ltiih inst, bv AW Oowsn, Kko., Ma. RICIIAliO l.AFAVl'.ITf; t in in nr it ill I . it,-jtf ttt nnn i - DEPARTED THIS LIFE, in' Davidou county 00 the KHIi instant, Mrs. 1!AR BAY SULLIVAN, consort ot Daniel Sullivan, Aped 51. years. -' - :i ' . In this County, on 'th litis insiant, after t prutraC' ted illness, Mrs. CATHAItl.NK CASl'ER, 'consort tf . Adain.Lsjcr, sgt?l Si yesrs, 2 months and lit I dnys. , S aVvsbury Y cmaVc Acavkiuy , MttH. UUTfclUHOS IXi.S.lenvo to Infornl her friends lad Patron's (list 9 the present Academical year will close oa the ISIst Ani.i without puUk Ex&nthiulion. ' " " She will foel greatly obhed by the immediate set tlement of bar Tuition bills, lu the eontimied iiidispnsi--tmrrtrflier JiltWTkin calls' h'csvlihniedia'fely to Now YorR. snd any detention under bircuinstances so alllie tive, would ba to her a source Of eep repret ' N. B. "Tlie KAMSIIUltY FEHALE ACADEMY -.-will he re-opened' CProvldcotO pcr'uiitling ou U10 1st Monday m (Vtobcr next . . .. July, li, !. ; 2w - ', - - twlir59Wst. j:l:iTnn .SUBSCRIBER INTENDS to rnrrnih the Ciiixen of Salisbury and . vicinity with I'til'.F, on Tuesdsy's, Thursilss's and " Saturday's, and oO.oner if required, ss soon as Itecves .. can boprocurea; bo temierslus llianks Ivr fstot-pttroit-- sge, and hopes lo be enabled to pleaiui all who will - aiani pauwiire nun. t " " : . .;4- r.-i. - fifLVIty SMITH. tv July 19,1830 v ; .. , " if Iiast-notico. i A LL jrsons indebted .to. . (h Estste pfjjie' J?! Dr. il-Lueco Mitchell on account, will please settle tbe same on or befurs iho lOlhdnyof August next. Those wlio fail To do eo, noed not exect further indulgenea Application may be made fur settlement, either to Ma jor Hneed or myself. . . A-. HENDERSON, Adm'r. -r .Salisbury, N. C, July 19, 1YX J 4t wft'a,fr. lis "stp'!--! INFORMS lils fricrids snd tfie puhliitt Te1sao enlsrging his tistoblismcnt st the ..-.-. ' It LA Ll u si It IX G S ' a Davidiajii countr, andmskuiff sbisjus jiiiprovciTitnti him. He has now opened his house tad is resdy ta ro. for the better accommodsiion ot all who may eslj on ceivifin iTiose'whd iiii'v favor" h'nn wiUC'Uieir" custom, 1 and he assures tliom Hist na paint will be spared to ren der their stay easy suid comfortable, He will have more rooms than during the last Summer, they will be better fitted up, and his table shall be abundantly sup- ' plind with the best the eoonty anords, - - - -v a . The Healing Springs ef Davidson, sre known lobe at fine Calvrcatb water at ever flowed out of the earth. They .have long been celebrated for the healing and invigorating effects of the water. Hundreds ot In valids who have visited them, can besr teslimoiiy k their UEALTH-KEST01UNG QUAUTIK-S. ; ' 'These Springs are situsts Tour miles Ksst of the - Yadkin ittror, in the midst of the mountains where tht 'sir is cool, pure, snd refroahid?. Tbey are distant from Halubury aUsit H miles, snd from Islington about 11) - miles( -(jood rosds lesding from each place. ' . ,Tbe Subrcriber flatters himself Uiat tliuss who msy - honor him with their comjisny when tbey Icarefhall .. have no cause to bedissstinfied either with the waters, or with himself. His c liar res shall. In stl cases, be moderate. V WILLIAM HARMS. July 19,1639., tf -.' .4'--- -rt--.i ..,,.-. .' W a have slwsys csteenisd tbe Jhahnr Sminet" of pi;,idsiiqjA,lycxY,fiflahCal . bavs been relebrstnd for many years for their strength ening, and invuorstin? qualities These Borings art loraiod iq the midst of a range of considerable moan- ..tarns, where the sir is pare sad pieaseanU'-Wsttrtglsd to see thst Mr. Harris is fitting op the Establishment for the accouiirKxlatie.il of visitors, sod w hop? he will . receive the encnortrVcmout which the waters, and bis attentions so wi-ll deserve. - ttrtr-yfrWIlt,1 " JNOrf-HKfTltf:r!tNr JAS. It IMHXJB, . R. MAGNA MARA, .V It, W. LO.NU, JUNIUS KNEKI1, . SAMUJlAUGltAVC , . April I".!-.".). . ,,.::....., TAILORING-BUSlNKSSr 1 lESI'ECTFULLV Ukes this method lo inform bis J a. friends snd customers in Concord snd its vicinity, that ho still continues to Carry on the above brxnth ol Uiisincss st hi? old stsnd in Concord, South of the store of Messrs. J. F. &. G. l'h.lcr, where ha will be found at all times, resdy to w , ' Cut, mate or Kieculc," any work in his line. Hit long experience in tht Busi ness, the pains lie is now taking to receive tho earlietl fiuhiont .rota Philadelphia snd New York, tnables him to so, thst tlie work done at his Hhop. shslt be o the i v -a - am ,. i Best Workmanehip. ' ... ' N. It. He will slso teach s A.'-nt) the much sp proved system of .T. Oliver of Pluladohiliis, losny one w Im wixiies iiimrnenon in ins svslem of cutting, t'oncor.l. No.-. l-:t- ' Beef! B5ccf!!Z: it-- ' . , 'Vt, Onvvycvs oi" HiUs. HE Subscriber, hss an unproved patent Spindle tot Mills, by which, a null will do much belter than with the usual form of Spimlle It is so cone tructed ss to ki-op from healing or killing tlio meal in any man-.- v nor. The runner i contimnl by the.Spiiulle ss si- -ways to prrscrvo iu balauce, siid uf cour'aa there is lia , rubbing of tbe stoma, . I tli in k, by this injproved. Spindle, tbr, same walr wHI do st .least oiie-tbird mora business, aud tlie mttL ' .' of superivr quality. . ... Any person wiliii,f to cmr one of UieM Spindh ;' may ubta.u One or nior,', by tna-:tU4? sp:Heiti r (witb- in a shiirt time) to the Subscrilrt at Mgcksv.iif.linvW:' N. C. il think the probable cont wiil not CAtcfld'" $;W tor the Patent and Mimllo ready fur .n. . . 5 t Col. Wis. F. Kelly and Tbos, Foater.ia llietwlifity. ':'"; of Mocksviilo, havij. recently tried the improved ypiu-; , , die, siid aro highly pleased with it ... , - - - , . L. M. ClLDKaT. 4 , ''' " , Febrnxr; 7, lsk). :. - - , - tf ' ' f EMAINING in Iho l't-0.r!ce aH Salisbury, ' .... w . outlta itJulyy l"- .-.p....tr:- Henry Albright, R. H. Alexander,. '4, Il'tiry linker, Dr. H. 1 I1ru.II, Jacob' Uruwn senr., Win. ' , ' llurr, Miot Ellen Itaxtor, Dr. A. lo-riiard, Miss ' Jane C. Hyers, llirnin W, ( V.ort or F.V. Philips, 11 Ceorgo Casper, Ouorgo C'roiser, Josrpit Cowan, ' senr... William Crawford, E. F, Cumniiug JucoUi i Casper, Uov." Alexander Chnmhlisii, John LivCar-1 six), John fashion, Mrs. Hannah Caldwell, Clerk of- .' Ihe Superior Court, II. Dyenriatt, Charles Dunn, "; Thomas ' Estus, Miss Susan Elliott, Samuel E; glot James Ellis, John Hofmmdkor l!ller, Secrq. , taryoilli'ultou lKlgviYiiliam-FulltSr NquU W'r--V- Fry, Jacob File, John Foster, Sidney J. Fuimniing,',. Idizalieih Uheen, Dr. bam l.urepn, John dardner, - -H. S. Cormun, Warren.tJ recti, Ablo Jrolnim, Zcl- - pha Graham, Clin'rlt-a flarrU, Miss Elender Ildtl ; snji.Coo.S. Huli, Jiweph Hall) Daniol Horiibarer, Natiey Hull, Rev. Abel lloget, Asaph Hill, Plea, f t, sunt Henderson, Uev. L. 8. Ives, John Janet, Ceo.' ; Johiuon, Solomon C. Jones, Son we 11 Junes, 2, II. Cj Jones, 3, John R. Konncdvj Henry or Peter " " " Koon, llarbary Keller, John kerns, Mrs. Eliza both C Konnorlv, N'Oali Kayhjr, 2t Klitabeth Kri- , -;: dor, Mallhew II. X.ke Clouions Lancar, Mutca , , M. Lyster, 2, Rev, iieo, ,W. lnhortift, John -Singlo, Mason Lodge, Mis. Martha McLaughlin,. '' Jolm .McCaice, Thomas More, Dr. N, McCailum, .'. Edward Menmr, James Martin, Kev. Thomas Ma. son, Rat hnel SfcConneigliey, (icorge Miller, Mist J v Margaret fSuman, EK Noa, Cnpt. James Owen, Peler Peeler, A mOr Pelton, Henry Peiice,'James S. Pie leer, Jolut E. Patterson, Jacob Poul, Miss. J Eliza rharr, William IVniuur, Hon. KichouMid ,-. .:.-' lrtonralatid-RwdrwJoiffRd jary Robertson, Col. Thomas Rucker, John Rose. " man, t-apt. Chariot Ross, Henry liiilenhour, ,j . IVfaiy-'SmlttfrJo'iairT; Klizabeth Swisher,-Johrt-" SJiayor i. 2, Jtilm 8if?rdvrah Sharp, Mr. Cttlta rmo Smith, Michael Bwink, Nicholot Sbuping, . Hannah Taylor, W illium Thrift, Cupt. M.Thomp-' .V son, Samuel 'Vuruer, A. Tornnice, A. F Woolly, Miss Jane M. Wilson, Thomas Womack, Joim- - .v than Young. .' H. W. CON NOR, P, U' i -:jwlyi:M833';; , Commission and forwarding - j. :mjiu..W'A--r '".7 , " , Wtt.Mtsros;, N. C. Refer to ' - ' v - "- ' , t. . . 1 . II- 11" I : , nicanra. r.. a., at n . vi lllaluW, Joluf Jlttska V Son, - nTaftrSiign''' Rajs'T t-rf-f-.V--r-r :sa- V. 1. Ilaigh, . C. J. OrreII,s v '-' Joseph Baker, y ' r' Curtit At MyroVcrti June 21, t-3i. r Feytttmil- :-- 3m ; IlricIC; 3Ias6iiry. ,!:: TTXME KURiCRIBKR hrmg near iMiwngtonrlv- -w TJulTCbpatty'UaltWlR lie thJOliU'livillxjiter into contract-nh sy PfH, or - persons, eiUiur m iMvusonritewaior-tyabarrus -l-uuo.-. . ties, who wish houses, factories, nr any other kind of brtddniffs erected of-Brick, totmild tht-m sselenn, aa durable, and in at good style ss sny Workman in this eoontry. ;-- r :: He will slso, mould and burn the Brick, if wanted. : tta tiustt tint nwwsjfcflerico in " RilllJI.UI.MI AND LtWU I5RICK. win entitle Lnn to t nhare of public patronage. . - -"lie "would refor euiiCiiMiiiMi wihbiiiL' wortrdonc In fita Line of lluainess, to tho Femalo Academy and (lie new fire proof Clcrk't office in Salisbury, as spocimons of his work. ij, ' - N. B. Tlio wMijns work done, will ptuast leive word st the cflico of the Western Carolinian, and it . shall be punctually attended to. - Kttui.iir i ux. Davidson, ApriUS, lK',9. - -' -' - tf"'-.- : '. lAsi ol VicUcrs REMAINING in the Post Oir.ee at Lexington, -N.C.. Jull.1M9. - " Aliiert G. Allen, John J. Durnot, Iewis ftaker," Frederick Rillings, Oeorge Hodsworlh,Johu Hurk- hart, Mm. Miiry Drinkle, John Cornish, James T. Conwly, Vroleiitino Ir-ilge Davis, James Ellis, Rarhara Esther, Joseph l"arnlr-e.Jac(.Utt(xis,t h. II. Ilueronon, Jacob ilaca, Vyleniine Hace, Chris. tian Hepler, Ephraim Hough, John Hilton, Peter Ilodrick, tctir., ucorga. Hedrick, senr., l.lizak'ili I ledriek , - wit low r - Jauo- 4 laden, -M is ila rllm JIL .: 1 1 nl), M r. Lf d ford, )jjniel Leonard, JpnaUian M illit, .. Daniel Mathcrly, John W. Kane, lioonard Harris, Peter Michael, Jonathan Miller, Daniel Noun, Ja cob Raper, John Richard, lVicrSink, Alexander fihoaf,' Joel Phitlip,; Julm Tow, J. DnvidfSOri; Tai-" lor, Veedhnm Temples, (leorge Workman, Win,' Wadsworih, J. I Vests).-- - M. nOUNR.VYILLE, P. M. -" ',,'" 24 2. :;nf-':: h .-;: J . " - ii. a f 'PHEFall Session wjll begin, JL op TbiirKdat, the fciih uf Au- gout,- Such m tlie arrangement ; ol cIsrkos, that any prolably. nunibot of scbolart can rcceivo i 1 1 1 j ample and etlicient attention. 1 't .'CLASSICAL PtPARTMICNT. 1 f. J. niNfillAM. - iL : J. A.'lllNt.'HAM, . - 1 A. H. KAY. - V, Tuition $21 idimnrr, " rxoLiaii oxruaTMCTir. '' A. II. RAY, ' S. W. llCtiHEa ' I' OiT Tuition $15 fa trfiire, ' -July 4, icw. , - , .-;: - r v , gj3v CoIlckc'a lMatchleas Sanative. 4 Q'JANTITYof ths above valuable Medieirrf ou d liarid, and for solo at tho lVl-Ofiice ot Cm-ry Line, Davie County, N.C., ..--, . - Py-'OMN I.FNV, A;c!' - ' ' ..' ' "V -.( ., vf,--v..-. )

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