North Carolina Newspapers

    j ,iM,iri(l i-rVciv .rk on the 11 July, nmdo tin
fj'lottif'i nmn-ii-g mistake-and utmumief ment . :
i i upoiM AX r.-iu Victoria whs lo einburk
'on a visit to the United States about ttio 1st of Jt
'lv, and w"8 ent'cl(d lo arruve inlS'ewTork tttmit
ti-iiii the llitruta War 1.1 tmlnl.x lute
jj Florida '"r nf'iilii.rttii the cnpturn of an Indian no
j,'wbo'8,i that the Indians have only made a
Wtendod trcmy in order to afWd thorn time, ami
. i .... .i ... :r
H))JOr'U'1J l lai-io vivjf, mm linn uiejr llli.ll
JJiiten-led t' renew lionfilitie in a nwiv ilctcrimimd
'..rnrit than ever.
i' The scarcity ol any thing like news at the present
'time is abwMely distressing to us, who are, fully expuct
" ed regularly to furnish a due allowance any how. We
" nay sav with 'emphasis and truth, that there I now
! I:
itcrally nothing new under mc sun. In tin State,
' throughout, there i a very general stir op tli Con
gressional .elerdioiisj nearly :$vtof district being- a
. (rrwinslAf .contention.- Oiif neighbor to the. westward,
: Tennscr-i V eX11 ferment of excitement with
ih 6uWruaiari4 and. Ccjireii4HtllMu IJdr
-.'-JAilk.Md Gov, Cannon have been traversing ihe State
fhr several month in the canvass,- These gentlemen
aunt-hold the. properties ol honor hi. higher regard
thin did Iba philosophic Falhlaff to anticipate a fcU
reward for their electioneering trouble in Ibe uecupaii.
; tj of tiw Chair of State, and need at least to have
' d3 appn-'lic-nsiun trum the tea . " ;
" icrt tooJiguLwmning.
Mny make, the priaa light,",
The political war in that State ia waged with mer
eilessfury l'ie Editorial fraternity even '' to the
limle." Their watchword eeema to be no quarter
But death to the vanquished-; insomuch that 6he riilght
iupose that the Devils" had rovolted from their
proper allegiance, aud haying- Usurped tha chair edito
J" rial were engaged in tho work of atrife, ;7
Fmin the North we hear lit the Presents arri
val," " departure," &e., on hi way to visit hia native
.State N. York.VThe administration paper tra rejoic
. ingat bit "friendly reception,? and so on. The whig
are fuming at hi."electioneeiing tour," aa tiny call
"iCMrrCf3ar irrt
.with a curiosity lauduhla enough for itoght we know
-. to the contra ry Iq vf-l and tee the tine Bccncry and
ro n')"" ba-mties of the great Lake and of wenteWi
N.York, on bin way to the Saratoga Spring, and it
it surmised that. -Gunk Harrison wdl begi to feel a
like'eurjosity before long lo aee all these hue thing.
- Tli intelligence winch we thmk-wilhhe ninrt ih'
leresttng to our readers and wfl are core ia oynrtly
cunuinru in uitouii wincn we naveol Uie vthie
jmwihw fftnnled rPtteratlynhriw
alwiHlaut-erops. Tho otton"crop"bf: llie'South k
ki'rlilv orotundl)!?. and the aeamn' with ii. in (hi rf.
jion, ba been lal terly or fine.' -
X ' CommuncaVloi3.
"iivmib FjjiTORa r The tneariT need '-in tlna County
to carry put poliucat meatire, and to effect the elec
tion of the ppponcut of Mr. Fisher, are of a character
dialing (o thagood ecnse of an inlclUimnt comurn-
f Oity. Home have beet endeavourinjf to shake tht opii).
( 'ton and determinations of the honest yeomaujr of our
f Rrtiyf-by",prtpotA'(j Wtf ,cfrfca1aftnf ttrion mi ihftr"-'
dcrou report calculated to detract trom lite private
; ..cbvaetorf Wfc-IWfw -;
t jOiher report and atatomehta have been circulated
! 'over the County, by newsixincr and hand-bills ; equal-
4v fiibrlHHi;h -eegfmg witli-tliem the cirnr of mintrl
Ateejniwof seiNregpect -appeal to eacrt or ys wlioj
uis t)9 roul ot ntan, in rclAime ineia trrofa. infill is ot
.fered to tlie good seirtii .vX our tintymeqi..JL shall
therefore take upon niymdf the tasd ot noticing one of
the imwt onderian(lod.and degrailin electioneerin
achemes and prmi,ieot insult practid iiaw URr The
'HSoothtwtirr,J1-th8 f resent tibjert of wry frtr-nf ton,"
bsnheett hroirght In'oWlTtJilhljT'raltm
5 k nd hnwrtlvi flut aonat aam aalet" ClA)o. 1
fain ui'jie'auun'rtTwi' aiiB'.'i ui latlief, onvm Mli
tUn truth. Yen u heifina with falaelKnd, pikIb with
Wwhppdsnlf alLitajung JJut-whatj t
BionTaHtonifhinj;,' i that tlie tmployrj-t trf the Edi
tor of the Kou thorn Citiien, his chiik.abuUuia, bane
TOVfryet betrayed hun into the truth. They certain'
ly wight, "for the anke of their party, if not for that of a
moral communiiy, endeavor by raeana of some ttrala
jrmtor'rst thia hired trrvaui. to tell the truth; for I
am well permmded, t'n". nothing lets than a stratagem
ciQ ever advance Uin B Swam lo that point l the
inl zodiac marked tru'h - " -
U b!gtn on one of htsfolumna hy wyipj thnt Mr.
Fielict in one at his puhliq peoclie, ahuned the thnr
etrr of the "Southern .Citixen."; Why, we were
Vh nvjre Ihal lia paper ever had any character.". Wc
thenjht and tre.stilj undet tlie arnne" impression, that
it ias esteemed in all olher c'Kinnea thronifhoui the
dintrhu, ai it is in Mira, " ben'th infamy, and loo low
fi repVoach." ' lie sMUn in knottier pluce that a Con
stable in JJa vie has been electtoneering in the uppir
part of Ddtf'ulwni fur Oio finiinon School and "pan
Ji kimtrlfff for Or. feni,Ton," which ia another
proi!tut!on .i truth, and., we have cvidcncitQ wtp
port the atssertiiin. No, there has heen no cMieelectifin
eerinj for L'nmnK'n tVlnoU and pHaMius hiuitclf off fur
IXnL llenler.-on lu any part of thia county, hut there
rewne iu thia Ciiknty who hive henn clectiniieeniig
for Connrion SchtrnKas pretext, lot in reality "trying
'tfjm the prnptt, -hnt tt all
voiil ons Bui ahov allSve are purpnaiid at hi bna
hoMtu prnlmble i?wtt otibft elec.tiuo,. retunw
, wai.e tu bi, i,v iiw irU.iu ioie m K1(wan and Davm.
l ouijhl to know, and whte autliomy i ttntilkj
. tf'be .BW W lhpsfaWitla) wej
'11 It'll an bfdtrvpit hv mllr rttm tio rrail Ihnin. snH
Will therefore par them hy unnoticed, yet one we
cannot spire. ; lie wiys tfj-ii Ihrt. Ilnuderson's major
f f ia Davidson, ill he emi.ll, perh-s .not more linn
f'W. ae really havn ever believed that Doct
u-lklerwt,. ri-v: r.-y iq l),vu!
50 very bum 1. thill lm u-t ha fiinn.t Ml lUa viru l,-t
vou-a in, tha rr, when tlvoy ome tflooonl
to"; , Jn anothet part of thi " dirty sheet" we see
'he Edihra reus .n.-, nhy Mr". r has been no sue
tea Jul n h polltirn! carwt lieruU forej dtcuun there
2H "MouUiew Cilixen ". to represent him in hi
true cWsrf-," i,d liiis was so, he might have said,
e?!w!SJl!'prn..-M na 4''-i"r' ( f I-enlf
1"t if tins filitor's employer bad in tlnday
'r '""r,; is'""' i'"iytnd had bi'n
Willing to purchn.-HS a low nlanderer, w!kw vendible
Pwtieal ojeimms vitry t'10 uric ol ruin, lliat there
onU Aar WJi "(,i!.m 'Ji-iz-n" and a V.. Swaim
tt :tfcJud.-Aiid th s is the ninn, who iu hi attack
h "i etnl.Nnen of clirnrter, would umke us ludieve,
that he de-pise t all party I'inploynmiit and tlie secret
Pjy of iiklividuals to nrry out political im asiitc.
Mr. FiJier has lo Ml.:ces.-ful' hrrtlofuri; because
there was no ".Southern toii.i-o' to rcprer-.inl htm m
'is " tnr rliarnrit f WJ.y a hive never. s"in any
nt frse chlrno'er T'Ttrenented in this "Southern
Vrt'wn" xr,.pt, ri. iraeier of its ft! 'tor; and in
ouclt and filw. column we M-e iris ticlerS df his
JrV in n,is p,,.,ri ,r: it fa iAit p10CP,
tlM) same naoir. -nrb are liw nval lo tie
lm f(er no
J.M'U, 5nJ c iii d! lb, ruCro. Buti,.. that Ehmrand
mere lur i'a?
prisent. Htippoeing that
5 l UmiLI I... .I..J .. 1. ... .
--- '"i-iH mirv no
a the feas-' stands" in
ivul-nn i I u ,
ill p
llcndewn tiirn bvc theniwlves hoccwe di-pu'ted
W ith the rrpreseiitm:..r. n.( ( ,.ut ,im ,,m '
peop,e have jeneiaily i,i;.,le up their inimls m h,n tin y I
ttilUote tur, and aeenrdu t,e opinionn of .me of
the b.t jodfes, rVi.vr' majority will br. at the very
kt.HKl totia. With thai c will ho tili, d. and
ay, jo ttWu). . ,' f DAVIDSON,
" , -..
"!"" FAHMiMiroN, Davie Coohty, N. C, f l
- July 17. ISKV. I
v - Mourns. Rim out: Strange thiiij; have happened
-, with u at Fiiriiiiii;nHi ; we are flooded with a little pi
Ier culled the "Southern .Citizen," which belongs I,
am told, lintur and all, to tha Ashboro' Caucus." 'It
coinra here every wet-It in largo quantities, directed, I
lenrn, lii one of the Cuicmi.i member in this- .neigh
bwrhood, who attend, I believe, eery mail day to di
tr.ihute them amongst tlio neiehbora. ' I never, (o my
recnllnction, aaw that litllo apir Uftoro, or hardlyever
heard of it ' ( have'exainiud it a lallo, but cannot
, imagine what it is sent here for? il hasn't a single sub.
tcriber bore, only the Doctor! now t should feel very
much obliged to tlw Doctor fitf tils libmlity to n poor
and ii'iiorant people, a, I np.jse, he consider us, if
bn little gratuitous sheet jjave u any Iruth, or even
'Common tense, on politics or medicine, but it iseutire-
Vly tljled with fcurrilouMluise, as 1, tu jo plain, lieV
: against Charles Ktshur, whiiiii I and inany of ua here
"have known for years, and would believe in any thing
. t livlasooner than we would hi slanderers. ' -
k-ls lneifl over thwrVshbrmj' afTittr, oTthSlOT July7
my attention Was arreted by an extract of letter,
headed Fartningon, D.ivie Cmmty, June 2Ath
- Now I have lived near Fannington for twouty-nine
years, and 1 think L.know the people of Davie county,
' and about here a w,ll as Ihe'authur of that pieco, and
1 did not brtfieve lhntny umii in or near Fannington'
would make uch baro-facwd ssertions.. . 1 ahould like
to know, just flora curicfity, if hu writer dns: think,
tint any man who has kown Mr. Fisher, as 1 have !)
ur Jill VL-ar, wo4i,'4 bdievwfetu(f as he hns written;
The writer, auys tho " Southern Citizen," apiiearato
be loom jaltiaflvaJiw Mr,- f'taher,-1 imwueh fin
3taken if Dr. Henderson don pet innre stick from it
lhnn &ir. Fisher,. as ho wilb:)d before long; It is
-sticking at Mr. Fisher and sinking (lie; Doctorovery
dnt.r Ho ay, " we sliaHgive Wcnderson 11KI voleat
this place, I is-her may get len ut dcutitful." . Spir
it of truth! what are we couiinsrtu! 'Now ( believe
L I know the writer of that piece, and would advinc him,
" if he expects to figure much in the public papers, to be
t little more ttiicl, and tell all he knows as it is. A
' to the tilt, as U calls it, at M icksville.l believe 1 have
hoard tin writer suy he considered Fnhe.r as the most
: caiMble man and Henderson' friends adjuit and tav
; thul Fisher gsiuod niany votes about Muckayitle by his
' bold, and full enpositiim of the false eharWs raiwJ
-' t.Un -4-4wtoCT, Pretrirr-fe-n.rhitjiw-n;.-" -rr
tdievij reT"f5'BlrmtnniVre,!
' , . .' A FARMER. .
."-P. 8. 1 thjnk the Diictor miht asjsveJI orderihe
siipply br Hie -'iikjuiherti dtizen" for- this placebo bo
stopped: it will save (he (Sanctis t little something
and-a "penny sayed," you know, " is a penny gameuV
TUg,dsprUa.ji'.ucU uim s M . W winnw
4"!!!1' l"-?"! i. lcngUi tbtn
api'a'f SI .uflbe pr'br-Tsi-"-weett" witt pmparfpi
" "mil Wie who was privileged to have t persoual ac-
qnaintance with her (of long standing,) to pay airipf
v iriuute to tier memory. Meiiiom, indeed jioes ..the.bir.
A..ograplier tind-eo-ricrtt -object tiir'hr"labor as in the
Xpresent instance, nor can 1 for one moment doubt, but
thut, iu due time, it will call forth the exertions of tome
abler pen; but t would ttftte the present mo.iient todif
. fuse: Ui light of her example, throughout the dwellings
of your numerous subscribers, that they, seeing her good
-totk may gniand-do likewise. -,
Nature had bestowed upon Mrs. G iles talents of the
f' first orde't, which the judicious care of hor worthy pa
,. rent had enabled her to hnpeuve by an excellent elu
cation and by extensive reading. It -was thu, (under
I'ruviiluuc,)io was fitted for the wirfe" sphere at Bs
. fulnesa wbichXjn luturo life, she was destined to fill
... Early in life-kit w happily marn.-d, and in the diH
""Slff exercise" of domcslic duties' and TvirtueS,'sha"en-''
joyed the delightful prope t of rearing her children iu
the land of. her birth, in the midst of her kindred and
the friend of her yottjh. But events, beyond her cou
trol, sepirated her trum her peaceful hoino, and, what.
w.iib.; ii-aii iiii.T,mrpiniiM uio uieinucr 01 ine lanu
I tarn line antHlirr.VAud. no. fLatimr jidou tUs
.Jy Mr
stormy deep n tne tune otwar, amidst a thousand tri
J t!s separated . from her-deyoted bnsbml,-we tee a
.pres-nce of mind; and an etyvation of character dis
played, which coiuniands our wannest admiration.
The-Merchantmnii. m uhlcli' ish"e "was" broce:edTuHL"'iii
"Vi'iiericS; "was" ai tackVrind tdkuut)V.a.jirjiatet.
LTH'-i'd. for ihe'yoiittif cinhlren cake, fcrtrt pihrfbrthe-beti'
jie-suttt, e.-.-j-...;.,5-!-:i--ii..v "i -.
tit:4herTnurtrtmws-h'vwf?rw'rd hof Vcf cnif"
e.i ; sne wis not to r.-act, tne land or her aHoption, with.
tmt-lwwg nVst nvey!d trlrany,hrnrnT.irrj"aTln
people of a strange langusi.'e, the experienced a kind
iius whhoi-iade4 a-gratithdiy aslffping ftifo "
But she did rcaeli our sltiu-KS she did adopt the feel-
ings and interest of our belri.Yed cnuutryv and. iunsisv
-ittimflyi and nnifbrmfy and nobly did she dt end them
tor il was hew, during a protracted season, (m winch
divine Providence laid her excellent hmlmnd aside front
. his editorial labors, and deprived him of power to watch
- over the interest ot Ins growing, family,) it was-bors
- to assume the editorial p tn, and abty did she pertorm
it wrvices, vin while her heart wai wrnng with nn
guisli 6r the arlhctkms ot hor husband. Slid while hir
lnnd alone (under God) prtivided tot the aupport ot her
. children, sorely none but a mind of surpassing ener
gy Could have attained the trills which she endured,
and endured without Complaining I Hot happier days
dawned um b"r. Her husband was res'.ored, and her
children, reared with the tenderest eaie, reiaid that
' tenderness a thousuid.fild. . But uevcr did alia f rgel
the days of her adversity, " ,-.
. .Jicr koine was at noes tha acbnal of-inlsllesluaf and
moral excellence and the scat oj" elegant and generous
hospitality,' ' . '.''.
j ' " She knew the beart of the stranger, and how to do
it good 'land how to proooi mvtaf tmren and'TiTtu-
ous refinement in society. Nor did she confine her libe
' filtty within the booft-isof her own social circle. - She
. ' knew how Iu send portions to the poor, and to those for
. wbo-a nothing had been pccpirednd sesk jul lhof
flicted and deslituto lit their lowly habitations. Hhe re
joiced to share with the aedy the bounty which rmvi.
dence had bestowed uuoa her... II ir hand was ever
to help uicm. , va tiny plan. suggested lor tne rniiot
of the indigent or tli encouragement of merit, the
waited not to consider whetlier it could in any way
contribute to her oil advantage, or to find out with
whom the idea bad originated, or by whom piirontsen
. when this point wa settled, she bent the eoergie of
her whole si mi I lo Its accnmplisliment. Meutwl, mm
eminent degnv. sliove the seltislini-s whieh ncek'lh its
own, (lie fiifiit her hippinewi in doing good to all
aromid her. Her duties (hich w.-ro many anl impor-
i taut,) were her purest pleasure. She ddi'iised cheer
luiness and intelligence through every circle in which
l ie- moved, tot her-eoHorpi laltalentswere-oftho-hig hest
. onler, and she p Mtessod, in a remukaulo degron, the
piwerot adapting her conversation to the cap-icity of
t!io-e With whom she ' Il may lie said,
"in truth, that all who knew her, loved'aud honored her.
If in any case she hd given cans of offence (and who
. that lives ha not dona ihi!) aha possessed that ludis-
nmahlc trait nf true greatness of nid, a willtn jnestto
acknowledge her ermr, and a desire of reomc'.utiiMi,
; which, lik a magtc epelt had power m transform the
bitterest enmity into tha war nest fncndliio. It was
' thus lii s"eiind the regard of all and betamo moil
eminently useful. ' it rich was her value 10 ocie-
ty at larg ;, in her own do-nestic circle, surely she wa
l 1 n . .- .. . u.i... f ... i.m. tl.
U' V'IIU Sll li II... i IIIU WIHI lU4i niie-is IH.I u
n t feel thaLas wife a mother- .distress she had
4-uf smn1 nl flri HltiMn trsi t U'lio tliat knnw her
'worth d ies not mourVhcr death t Who that knew her
long dj not feel (in sincerity of soul) in looking pnuoipsl dniggisiJ in every town tnrougliwtt Ilia I'm
t nvirds the narrow tom'i, in which Aa now reposes, a ted Stale tnd the Canada. Ask for Moffat'. Life
,1. ,,r ,t mtmiav. mietrlisl with ihe bi'ter excla- Pit's nd Pheott Bilter; and be snre lhat I facsimile
. untie 1.1 hvnM U,-S. IU
A:',r on Iht i-of.)o,'.. 'fhe I'isrjntnq'i',
Ileruhl give thn foil iwm' plain nnd.mivurnnliej,
but not very i-iicnuiu-jm Bd-oiuit of the tute of
u'i'iirs in the di-puicd territory :
The tiieit eii'pl.ivel til this Gmuty, under the
rhnrj;e"f M ij r Turner f Milo, und Citpt. Wil
liamsoii of Piirkmiin, tu guard the trcspHS timber
cut on tlie (Imputed territory, hmJ roads. Vc.
have all returned, having taken h ive, "guns cere-, ., l he reason they civ lor leaving k thai
their provisions wure unsuitable, consisting of pork
and lurd bread only, nnd thut of the wry poorest
quality: they say that the boom bus been open
much of the. time atnee the limber coiiinieneed
running thai it was williirtMl to remain open by
night without being projierly guarded, and that
mils oftimber were rwi through, suppod tohive
been cut bv trespassersthat iv noum uuwcouhU
able taii'W much of the limber cut by tresMser
found rts way out of the boom, and W! cured be
low, along the bunk Of the river, which timber hn
tinea disnpjicared ud gone dnwo stream. Tho
ineii further hIuiq that there is' not one hundred
sticks of tiinber now iu the btiom ; at the time no.
pointed by the Lnnd Agdut for the salo of the
tres)oss timber, there wCra'a number of porsun
ho apiM'Hred.fut. tho-pwiM purekiisioff, but
neither Lnnd' Agent or any other prmn was pro.
sent to aill. The men when they left were desti
tute of money, and nmtiy 4 Ihem were obliged lo
sell their clothes, to pny ilieir bill on the rad
the distance they had to travul beinjr about one
Imndred and eighty miles. - '"-'": '
A Frenrhmnn bat iiiveiited wlmt Im dennmin
tle a cajinon clnck.' which fiststsia isf an nnlumsyi
piece, of oriliiunco with a tun glnsa tUH)nded over
il in aueb amatiner that-vrtrnn-tt' h jrsf 12 Vclork,
tho fociw bears upon the priming of the gnu, and
that discharges it. It will thu designate any titim
of-the day-tir w hich it iiitty bo act. fr.
The Su Louis Bulletin of .the 9ib inst. tnys :
Tlie Missouri river has risen verv high,' and the
Mississippi ipKisite this pluce has risen about four
feet within the last forty djjfbt buurai it it now a
high as it baa been n I any time this season. . Our
wlwrf it lilaally-yammei with bouts. - Tw Upper
WisHissippi is tailing lowly J the steamer I'avilion
reports Hi foot on the Jiwor Rnpuls,
-8. . I n " Mil"" i - I'm"! T
- In-Da-tie finirrtvrort TKiirsHo'? 1ti i
Fraucls : A.lVard, Kq"Mr. TliOMAS ORAY to MiL
In Ktokes County, nesr Salemi on- the lVth inst.. Mr.
JOHN KAUXDERd, of Davidson to Mis ABIGAIL
STAFFORD........ . ,. -J r. - ... ,:; ...
Tn RahdulpTi Count y, on tlie 16tb inst".', hy tlie R'ey.
Benjaiiiiii Lapier, Mr. "MATTHEW. KKEE.N.ot Da-
'' Oil illW iK llll niirt. il, S ..iiiuian. Il.n .Jl.'CSlL' A
1 BYNUM, Representative in the last Conw-ss. from
uurui.aruiiua, u ,ur. t,.il e.Lt.- t tlilA I , ul Hie I'a
rish of Jtapider Ia. v -; '- 5 .. ;.
m.'.i,"Ti.'ri... ." ; ' ,- -, vv-, . ti " .
In this Count v. on the 13th instant.' Miss JANE
MILU;ft. aved about O.'i Viiar-. Hhe was a member
of the Fresbyterian Cliurcti; sliewa indulgent and
affable tn bif srvatfls, rharilabte lo lh rssw, returning
tfiaid fir evU. hV Iwed and died r DructiciTlTiinstisii.
Her genilu spirit,;which, while it aouu ilihj iier iu.tuI
Iraoui, prompted tbu exeruimi of every vir'ue, hak ta
ken its flight to .nirtrlu wiib thai pure es.erice of' Vir
tue which we can scareoly conceive, much 'his puc
lice. CViinwmnK'alriK -..'..-Ti
i - ' - -t7h -iranTTf r..i
-I UdTECLlVE! ANDFOll S. LE,-, 'i
V'lf (Joz. li-Mlm tii Hythes,
'.U legs Nails, stcd H!?s, '
l'KI ketrs While ls"id.
i H) bars TireJc.1U14l Ar4J-mrrM widir
TTTin.l sSoMles Simif, , ;
3.i"''5ei Jlet Anchor B jtliiii Cluths. ,
.M.lkltl lbs. bar Load, v '
-.a4b.--l rar;- ; '
0' boxes by 10. Window (ila.
7 H!a'-M-9ff-?8't- r
Jgs.Cofllia, , ..- .;.4ituU,-Sj.garX-
a I . bmls. M .lUBWM, " iW' W(!ki'"!S itt,"" "
- ilrTwkgltfrirliyorVrat'lffl
iMl'IIE.NIX lirn'i:ilS.-Ve,',,er,,',n,Vt,o
'wiifcli'ths ttlnWtmTPhTmnJtMrn
are n iu, is satisriemriijnsijwenpjM.nMjn
SiTl'g liemah'ilTir IfieuTui every Rt.ii.eTiiTsecttnri of the
Union, and by tho voluntary testimonials to their re
luarkablc tlIieivy-Lacliaro-t-v?;ry whero oll'.'ted..,-!!
ts 1101 less trouia deeply gratify nig confident e'thaf. Ihey
are the means of extensive and ; inesti'iiublu giant
among bis sin cted fellow-creaturps.lhan from interet
ed conbi-lcM'ioiis, tint thu I'roprictor uf these pre-enn-nejitly
sticeesstul medicine isdesir iosnf keeping them
cbn7.'thjty bTftir the public eye. - The sn)" ol every id
ditKmal box and Mile is a guarant -e th it souie person..
Will ie roln'ved trom a greater oHns dejreeof nfTf
ing, and be improved in general health; tor in no case
of aulleljng from disease ran they ba taken in vatn
The Proprietor bus never kmiv'n or been informed of au
instance iu which they have failed lo du g'sxi. In the
most obstinato cases of chronic disease, such t chronic
dysp'p-n, torpid liver, rhcumatisin, asthma, nervous
and bilious ueaKiiclie, cosiivuneiis, piles, general debili
ty, scrofulous swellings tnd ulcers, scurvy, salt rheum
and all wilier ehronia if etion of tlie orgaus and mem
branes, tliey effect cures with a ripidity and permanen
cy winch tew persons Would "theoretically believe, but
lo which thousands hayV :c!rUfil,Jr()ia.bappy-cxperi-errt!B.
lr: colds and c ug.i, which, if neglected, un
itidmy. the most fatal diseaiqs ot ihe lungs, and indeed
Hie viscera in- geoeralt hesx metlieinea if taken tart
for three or four day m-vr aib Taken atAiglnVlbey
4r.a(Kitvtlrti insnneible (terwpication, and so relieve
the system of febrile action and feculent obstruction,
at to produce a most delightful scrae of convalescence
in the mor uing; and though the ual symptom of a
td-amottttty tWrrfl eVmg Wn? at,'1fie Te"ptP'
lion of a suitable dose at (he next hour of bed-tune will
almost invariably v fleet permanent relief, without fur
ther aid,. .Their eti'eel ojion fvtrof 4 mereaeate and
violeiit kind is not less rure and pt ty if taken iu pro
portimisbie quantity ; and pets-mis retiring to bed with
nnimiiry eyiiiiiunesei tne mis amriiinig mini, ytti
mamry nymiiUn
awake with tlie rnlifylng ennseiouenesa that ttit fierce
enemy has been overthrown, tnd can e.uuiy beautaluedi
In the same way, visceral turgescuce, tbotigh long es
tablished, and visceral iufhmmatuHi's however critics),
will yield the former to small and the latter lo large
doses of the Lift PUti'i and an also hysterical tflW
tiooa, hyociMidrn;iin, restlessness, ami very- many
rther-vsndtte nt thTNenrntlfiil tUt of diseaw-ii. yield
to the efficacy of the 1'kmtx UUlert.- Full directions
fur the ua-uf. these medicines, and showing Uicir dis
tinctive applicability todiflerent complaints, accompsnT
them; and lliey can be obtained, wholesale and retail,
at 375 Broadway, where numerous certificate of tbctr
nnuaralliileJ success are alwavs onen to msriectiisi.
- For additional particularsof'thealiova medicines, eo
Moffat s " uoob haaiaaiTaN, a copy of which accom
p-inie tho medicines; 1 copy can also be obtained of
ihe different Agents who have the medicine for eate,
French, German, and Sarii'-h direction can be ob
tained ou sptdieation at the olhoe, 7j Broadway.
All post pud letter "will receive Immediate attention.
PMruirnJ and mild bf vV ill lam ft Mir.1. IrT.I Itnil.
. . e- - - . . . ... -
', way, N. Y. A Idieral doduction made to those who
: nurchas to sell S?ain.
i Agt-Tho Life Medicine may also be had of the
; of -J-d.n Moflii't P-tbe bteltf Msh.bus
1. t il! lAIISP, an. I nartieoi.irlv thiteO
who In v..
used the .. MI:l)lUr.. id treatment t tV-
Yi:it AM) A(dl.
It is but a very short time wtliete Medicines have
Iwen iillrudiieed into the Fevvramt A;rnt' Districts, and
tlie pTopnetnt- llsltnr himself that during that ihtui.1,
wherevt r they have been used according l the direc
tions, they have done more towards exterminating the
disease, than all other remedii's and prescriptions com
bined, tt 'is e common excuso among " reirular prlr
- titioners," when sp'-cttlcs are introduced, tluit tlii-y can
not cure dr.-as' winch peupla are in tho habit of t m
sideriug iticurabie. Medical experience is roiilmu u:y
doing away a part of the lit of the incurable d. - --.,
and Mr. Motl'at has the b M-jiioiM of confident iy an
iitjuricing that t'tvtr ami 4r is leiw to be added to
Iho mirutior of complrfiir w hich modern skill bus cgn
- quered. . ' . . .-' ' , ......
In Fever and Ague the Lift il dictum not only give
-r quicker relief tlistii any oilier reintidy, but, if persevered
in, ellect a permnn'iil, rwrt-; s. that if the palleut is
only ordinarily careful, ami resort directly to hismedi
cms Dxn tne first symptom ot tendency to a new at
tack, il may always tie warded olE To escape one chill
would be of infinitely morn ctmiHiqueiice to the will'er
, cr than thp value of the remetfy tn reirtov t'.i.i da
' permaiienlly would center a benefit upon hnn which
eaimot ei i tnjt .Batlhly. standard. 4 -Thai
" thjise Medicines wilt elieel. what is hem claimed fiir
Ihenfi tlie Froprietoi has the testimony of all acquaint
.ed with them and their application and use in the Fe
ver and Ague; and hia object iu now addressing his
friuuda ai the West is to ropiest them that they spare
no pain m communicating their experience, and .dts
aeminating thi highly interesting information, now that
the season flir Fever and Aeue baa arrived. . '
- Il m not forthe mere purpxwe of disp;iugof a few
lor tne mere purpxwe 01 aispxuugoi aicwj
nuuarvxi pi
cickage of lh Life Mcilieines, that the nm.
Hi" appeal. , tie demand tor du Medi-1
cine is already greater than he. can conveniently ; sup-
plyf-and even werelt " tHtufficienl"Ui "a iliifl Il un busi
hess, ho would conceive himself supremely selfishit
bis pleasure wa not greater atnho benefit conferred
" upim the sutlering partoft-n community b.vau increase
in 1111 sates, man at hie own p-'cuuiarv nioht.
The Life Medicines, if properly ned and rersevernd
In, rocoiqinoud theinselvrs ; atitl it is necessary thai the
po'ilic siiould know tliatsuch locdicinesexi.-iUaud hence
. the propriety 'of advertising them. It is Tioped, th"ro-
; fore that the proprietor will nut 'be accused ot egotism
whoa h say that there is no nieil icine or mode of treat
menlextant, for fever and ague, snanpmnriato, thorough
and posttive in ita happy cllect as Mffu'$ .im PUli
' and VheniM RiilfT, , u . "
" For further iMr'ticulnrs ithe tbove' medicine se
3f offi'fV Xjoop 8"MiStff7'a copy of wticll ac4H-X'
. niua the medictnev. A Copy miy alaabeobtaiiiwlot tlie
Ld1irerent.Age.nt3 who bave ibc modicme 4r sahv-
Ffeneh, O.erman, and Sminish directions can be
. yuMoie(i 1111 ipni;siiiin i ins iiiiien, oi.i iiiwiuwtir.- ,v
0O AlLust id leltor wil recoiyejnimetliate
,ie-ii,iJi,. -.
HolnVwbalcsalo and retail by WILLIAM B- f
iJFAT. 373-Broadway, XI'. A liberal deducliou
to ttHwe who purchase to sell a train. " '
Agrnlt. The Life Nfadieinesmay also be had of ihe
imrtTBtlf Jgi IlirotighouVlho United
T o
tales and the Canadas, ' Ask for Motrin's Life Fills
aiid FImwux Hitler, 4 aunrthat r fttrolmtlff bT
John Muflal a signntnro is upon the label ot each bottle
01 miters, or box of puis.
. Fever tnd Ague is t most otatinat disease, and in
1 warm and humid climate, frequently , resists every or
dinary mode of cure, so aa to become verjr distressing
to thq person, and by .tha extreme, debility which ihe
iiieujse induces, it olteu gives rise loonier chronic com
r; am) a;( my
jh miasmata,, or lh(ialUuiarwmgfiruita V
staguant water, is the most fretpmnt exciting cause nf
tl.ts; and, one of its great peculiarities is itssus
t A',ility 01 a tenewal from very alight cause, such
as iiom Uis prevalence ol an easterly wind -een with
- -wit tlia FptttiKi ef the wrirms4 exciting -eusi,V-ln
this, Fever and Ague differ from most other fevers; as
it is well known, that after air ordinary lever namnce
MlW,wd-iHrtm mnoved, the- petaim-a fleeted not
so liiiblc to a fresh attack aa one- who was not so affect
ed, l hr.-e circumstances. render it rxlreinely difficult
to etfeel a permanent cur of ..i'emdgueiHhoirgh
-trTTCfjninfie pa'iiciit for the time being is a viry easy
ta.k. ' . . - ' -
"THUS fiuvoTbeen tlioroiighly tested, aiid proved to bo a
--wnif rrrrvntr miiicut Tr of f evsr inr Ague. It un-
dreda of hi fellow-citizen iu the West, have volume
, i!y Cemie forward to assure Mr,- Moffat ihal theJLe
"iriTicTiTare'lire only medicines that will thorauif ltly
UiiaMiiBV'st.aJMt eHrtwtTOu-tnd isegrei'abre
. xjiiw-ase..
Mm9wtoftmTmW&WRfu& ptoroT-
liw suUmi ut-TMif -wiry sneti ataa avnt wrt lull nt
uuruiicel the , j or who cried to t,? Mtprwt
Y none- won 10 tne erownru cnies snn niwns t meoiu-VItTfit---navp-wrtnTar
li.sis and depressed spirits, br they remain in their new
b-anes, diaggim; ont a weary life; t.!at, to ink-.uu.-.
:anrWC"fliit';iA'wbicli they are predisposed by that
lerrvr of the West,lhe fever anal Ag. Their hopes
are blaeled their buaines energies destroyed their
El Dorado become a desert, and tht word, made to the
ear, is biiiken to the hope. "
: ' To these individuals, Mr. Moffat would say Try
- tlie Lifn Alfdicine, and you will yet anticipate your
must sanguine expectations, for they will ceitaiuly re you to healtn." h . , -
Fever sod Ague ia a complaint which requires to lie
met at jts 6rst approach, and combatted at every ttago.
Seldom fatal of itself, it reduces the strength, and im
pair the functions ol (lie organ-, so that iiion the mani
festation of disease, Nature is unable, nuaasisied, tn re
sist the inroad.' The Life Medicines; when taken strirt-
' ly. according in direction will cure it, tnd give lo the
, weak and Uembluig viclun tf tiuteaae, new health, lite,
andatrengih. ' " . "" x ' '
For full pnrticulara of the mode of treatment, Uia
readjjUL referred -to tlie Ooou HXhVhitsu, a copy of
which accompanies the medicine. A copy may be ob
tuined of the diltuicnt igenta who lie the medicine .
French, OermanniSMDisLiirecjinni eta 1jA-4
.jlaiiieu 00. applicalwn aU.uiexuace.aj ruatiway -All
ptid letter will receive immediate attention.
Sold wholesale and retail by William a Mn,at,374
Broadway, N. Y. A liberal deduction made to those
k purcls i mA tn!tt,-te;''L
AgrnH1'ie Life Medicine may also be hH of the
principal Druggists in every lown throughout Ilia UnU
; ted Stalea and ihe Canada. . Ask fur Mofful't Ijt'e Pill
and l'henix Bitter; and be sure that a fat ai mile of
John Moffat' signature i upon tho label ol each bottle
; (,t, of 1'llls "'",."..
The above Medicines may be hod of
Messrs.-Cress & Boger,la this Towo,
who are Agents for the same.
Salisbury, N. C, July 21). M3tt. ' " tf
Beef! Kccf!!
1 NTEND3 to furnish tha Citunns of Snli.shury and
"1 vicinity with BEEF, on Tuesdays, Thursdays tnd
Saturdays, and oflener if required, a noon a Ileeve
s can be procured ; he tenders bis thanks Tor mst patron
- ago, and hopce to be enabled tQ please all who will
again patronize turn. . -
. , , ' HENRY SMITH.
''July 19, 1939 .r.' ': tf".;
AY aYtaft tor aevAcvc.
'I miuI for Sate.
V fJM IF. Siihecrib-v. as aeent for llettv ScotL
V Jame 8cult. and Murv fcil. who in.
W i tend movinsr U the West, odi'rs for'ale the
n -a -ib following Traits of Ind ; .
tiiio i met containing 415 aetrs, ihe residerceof tha
late John Scott, ait uated tie uiee fnun Sulishury, on
tjie mam road to Charlotte, N tl, having mn. h rle.ired
land and valuable Meadows, with a lri0 end "eommo
dions dwelling house, a double bam, crtlis, kitchens and
other out houses all in good fepiir a ith the, best of
iVater. ' ,'; - ' '
One other Tract of 415 acres, ailj.iining the above,
ami on bnh. sides of Cruill creek, havntg on il a lirmt 1
Mill and 71) acres cleared, and a fine Meadow at tho
ul ot tho pond. ' '. .
An a piihlio stand it is well known ; is 1 private rc-
sjdeut c il i a uVstretblf place. v - ,
A wtj.'gon, tiorsit and negroes will be taken m psy
menl. A young negro girl i wanted, lor which a lair
price will bf given. '- . : v :
tfy I ho above Lands Will bo rented or lea soil, if unl
sold, this Fail by me. , ," A. VV. Bit AN DUX
July W, ' , 8m or if.
i,.- i V. r r f " . , .- x -".
i-'L-m f 'sOl '-'vSg '. X
& i,V A i" .r.
-X .:MUK.liOT tUfco Tip
V EGS leave to infiirm her fiiends and Patron thai
. the present AraJemirui yenr will close 00 the 81st
inst., uilhnnl public Kraniiiitiimn, - t. v
vWhe will feel greatly obliged by ibe immeiliate set.
ilemcnt ot her Tuition bills, as the continued indisKji. .
lion ot her little son calls her immediately to New- .
York, and any deiemiou under eircuuitiances so aillio-
live, would be to her t mmrco ol deep regret. -
Will bu to-ppned (Frovidi uca ponuitting) K the 1st -:
Mimdny in f fctobef uexfr " . ' '
;-' July 19, l-ISo-Sit - . .
1 1 AVE on hand and offer for tale tho following arte
1 . clw chtuip lor cash or on time to punctual dealers :
. Fiua invisible green, blue and bljiek Ulolh4 - .
y.-'M" wting"i"l?'redt'.yety handsome;: , '
T'-"Bfaek ami-drab Date tor Hummer wear
8 pieces Kentucky Joansf 1(M( dn. brown IVimesties 1
tr ftvriJMmifTof'-'.ntw rsittoii.K FT
00 lbs blao eatnn Yarn, OO lb. Turkey Rod ;
..' n. , ..VT. 'atcgtii'ilMtsiteJ T7Z:''
-' ", : Johuino mntise-hule Auvllle;-
;'": . ' 8. tunllis Bellow; . .. ". r. - .
I' doz. Collina' Axeiif 1 finished Rifle batreli f it dos.
Weaving ReedB, l'lnladclphia nialtx ; Scotch and Mao
ckubo r'nutf j I box bjt cavenrtish Tolacco ; IS or 20
1 let Anker Bolting ClOtlis, Irom No. 6 to Vi assortment
of acrean wire, die t . - .
. V ; "' '" ' it.. .
Sugar, CoffiMi, 'Molacses, French and Champaign Bran.
Jijly a,-i8;!a"
Eiast SJoticc.
- 4 Lh person indebted tn the Esute iif iho Infe Dr-.
a Lueco Mitchell on account, will please settle tho
same on or notore 1111 tjiiiUniut Aiuiiitnxt. Tim
wh taitin d eev BMJtnrvrxNct'fiirthrt rtitlulgctlco
Application may ce made mr settlement, either to Ma.
Jor Snerd or niysxdf. 1 A. 1 1 EN PE R-iOIAd m'r..,
ttatrsbfiry.Ti. U July 19, lOf. .. v 4t
easf n"T? ft i ' "-'
s.. MwiJ J, Jli,t WaatlVsi
f NFORMS Kis friends and the mihrie: thnl iw 1.. nnui
1 ,"'"'rl?'ng Hit fetabl imTto'iSaTVifisiJi-.'
.nir ine.iMau.acaiMiHBmBuuti or u wo may n un ;
him. He has now opened his house and i ready tn rc- .
cpivft all those who,uny"fuvo"hiur with their custom,
and he assure thaw that no iain will be (pared lo ren -
iter -their -stay wary aiid;-comfiTrttrbtv-" tt 0"Wl 1 1 tiHV i ""
mora moms than during the last rvimmer, lliey will ba
better filled up. add hi table abali ba abuudaiitly ants.- -
plid with Ihe best the county attoril. ".
The Healing Hpring of Davidson, are known to be
as fiut Cai.VBtA.Tt water aa ever flowed out of tlio
earth. They have long been celebrated fir ihe healing -and
invigorating effects of the water. Hundreds ot in
valid who htvo Visited llieio, can bear leslimoi.y to
laese Spring are situate four rmlea Last of the
Yadkin River, m the midst of the mountain where the ...
air is o)l, pure, and refreshing. They tredistanl from
Salisbury about 13 mile, and from Islington about l.
mile; good road loading from each place,
Tbe Subscriber flatters himself that thiain alio mar
honor bun with their eomny when Ihuy leave ihafl
have no esnse lo bedissalinfied either with the waters,
or with himself. Hit .charge shsll, th all cases, be
moderate. - - WILLIAM HARRIS, "
July ID, 1839. ? - t(. ,
Wn have always esteemed the " llitlma &rinr"
of Davidson to be very 6110 Olybcato water. 1 hey
have peen celebrated tor msny years tor their strength.
nniiigj ifliinjijgQrittulgualicsriiasa Kpruig are
Located in the tunlslol a wngeid coostderRble misio---tauw,
where the air ia pure and pleasuant. ' We t re glad
to see tint Air. Ham is fitting up the Isttablisiimeiit
for the accommodation of visiiora, and we hope he wnl
res-siv the encouragement which the waters, and bis
Ariril IS, 1S.19. - .
W t it Al ivft miui vi.'cu
a. it;
1 1 KSPIXTTFULLY tttket this method td Inform lis""
1 ! friends tnd customer in Concord and its vicinity, - ' "
that bo (till to carry on tli P- alsive branch of . '
Busmen tfhh)o1rtiTarid tn Concord, South of the store
nt Meri J.F. & C Pbifer, whero ho will be found ;
at til limes, ready lu . .... , , . .
t'Hf, make r Ihenile, 4 .
any work in hia line. Hi bang experience id the Run-
nss, the nam lie is now tnkuij to receive, the rorfutt -fnhitmi
from Philadelphia and New York, enable him " f
to ay, lhat the work done, tt his Sliop shall be ol the'
Best Workmanship.
N. B. Ho will also teach (bs Aent) die much p-
proved system of T. Oliver ot Philadelphia, to any on -who
wisitea instruction in hi t.yatuiu ol cuttin.
Concord, Nov. !, ISM.. .., , ,r : 0 , ,
Goelicke,s Matchless Sanative.
i O'JANTITV nf fl.a .Iki tr.l, !.! MmIiaIiia nt.
hand, and for tale at the iWAtttice at County
I jno, Davie County, N.C., .
'-s-i Vf JOHN LUNN,-Ageiit'r"'' "5
!'rt (fiuiing ground daily, and many of the
- ytlbury, July mm, .- ... . . ,.e 01 imro, , ; " -

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