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I'rnih tine Xugtuta Mirror. ' ,
fait w. t. T.
Sam Sikes was forever at ma 10 go -with, hira
X upotLJwhat be called a f Fire Iluut.w ; I could riov.
er meet bim but he wan sure to have a long tulo to
'tell me of aome exploits iu that way; aud such
i were the glowing pictures he preseulud, that I bud
1 olWn (iroiiuscd to go with him "some of' these
timed." Sm was one of the most luveterate hunt-
er I ever knew, lie dulighted in uo other pur
v. Mia or pastime; aod though he pretcudod to culti-
vate a smult spot of ground, yet so large a portion
' ' of In tune was spent in the pursuit el guuie, that
hir agricultural interests suffered for the want of
"proper attention. . He lived a lew miles from town,
md tts yeu iMisstea nisjitiuiH3t. wmcu-MHMi - iture
distance from the mam ifoud, though a few acres of
com and a small putc!) ofUiLUj'gltptutahiy ,'
attract veur notice as sianoiux creuuy in ueeu oi
- the hoe, yet the most prominent objects uboul
,i5a.iu't J.uticile pectftiiied .Jayorite aiiiuse;
, lug proudest achievements occyntu a conspicuous
place on the gable-end ; some teu or u Uoun lolty
fching poles, which though modestly slowed be
S laid .ilia cbiiuuey, prujoeW far aiMv-te -ruut' ol
the little cabin; and upon iu uiwliiuked . wallf". .
ny a coon and deer skin was undergoing the pro
cess of drying. If all theao did uoi cuiivulce you
thai the proprietor was a sportBiuun, the varied
ana.dauiprou music of a bcore. of liuugrj -looking
' Wntitt, 4 tbey iasued f r( 4a full cfy t-eery
passer by, could, ool fail to force the conviction.
. . . Siio JJikes bad early found a compjuiou to share
..Mli$w 'l luck, and though he was yetgjijhe
grwu sido of thirty he was obliged to pruvide tor
wpie sixorseveu I)Ule tallow-faced responsibilities j
lso lie nut only followed the chase from choice, but
- worse ttian Sam did mu orruibbtw, took- hnn
lo account for spvodrng so many broken d.iy , Sat
:iTrdiry afternoonsfTatrry dwyir, ai Ttuf di-my
nothing of whole nights in the woods, without bring
home so much as a cat-squirrel, or a " homey
head,"- bts ready reply was, that ho wa bleeged
td do the best be could lo get moat lor liur and the
jrte "fire hunt was his favorite hobby,' and
though the legislature of Florida had forbidden
that nuMlaul tMiiiting,.ManaMiiijLjaS.
ItLtbtt UW-to Ui "-UO- CCOUOlr-.--IHOMMl 4- -llt-
.--dulgJ! ju l'reelyiu eyei .luJiialatyriM jjKrj.
1 was sittui': ouAtumgvatietaca,-aipoa the
wfps onne porch, enjoying -the cool, retieol in
aula omul tiveulng, nen wno snourtr raaRo ms np
pejiruiice but ruv triend bam Sikes. He haU come
' lor me to so with nun on a lire hunt, tie was
mounted on his milk) Blaze, with his pan upon one
shoulder and his muskt on tho olhen Determined
lo have every thing in readiness before calling on
meJietedjjone tojbe
wood splinters, winch were now blazing m the pan,
and which served the double purpise of lighting
turn through tlw enclosure, anil of demonstrating
to me the maimer of hunting by night. As he ap
proached the house, his light discovered mo wheie
1 was atttuiff. "
' Good evenin', squire I've come out to if
you're a miud to take a little hunt to night."
"1 believe not, Mr. Hikes,", I replied, feeling
entirely too well satisfied with my pleasant seat in j
tm cool bfeece, to dtMire lo change it lor a ramble ;
thro' the woods at uighu " .Nut lo night, it looks
like rain."
"Oh pshaw, 'taint gowain to rain depend upon
it and I'm all fixed ; conw come along.1
As be spake he rode close to the porch, and his
mule wade several attempts lo crop tlto ahrubUory
that grew by the door, which Sam very promptly
.oppoiied. . . " '
-I Hyw far aire you-g'oim, Mr. Stkoa ! " !
waich inclined me lo keep my seat.
" Oaly just up tho branch a little bit not bcy.ant
a aiileufvour fence at the outside. Ijookat bun!'
and be gave the rein a jerk. " There' deer a
plenty up at tho forks, and we'll have r'al ajiort.
Come you better go, and why look at him!"
and he gave the reins a jerk, at - the same time
tftat nn ami a t.i-iri. L ,,.1 nlj lint iitoilil
have been heard a hundred yards, and I'll shuw
yoa bow lo shine their eyet" " 'V; .
as he saLupon bis saddlo persuading me to go,
"biamule kept friskinsand turning in such a man-
. ' . -, . . l ' i.
utr as io annoy tttin ceoQingiy. - upon uis ieu
shoulder ha bore his blazing pan and upon his
-: right ha held bia musket, holding the reins also in
bts right hand, so-thit every ell irt on bis part to
'" restrain the movements nf his animal wao atteuded
, wiih much difficulty, i had about made up my
rnmd to go when the mule became Biore trouble
ome. . -.- . ; ,
Woe ! woe, now P blast your heart I look at
bim I" then miirht be heard a few good lusty kicks.
" Come, get your gun, and will ;you bold up
'-..your head P.. :
- " As I otilv io la nlisfv' mv curiosity.' I'll not
, lake agup, I'U leave all the shooting to you." , j
Well, any way ypu mind, squire." ;
We were about to start w beo suddenly the mule
Rve t (,md bray.and when I 4uHled to Iook,x lus
b?j vera high mi the air, and Sin alioging to
- bis neck, while' the fire flew in every direction
The mule wheeled, reared, and kicked, and si ill
,..v7.... . .w,,-. .; -.r y ; ' "' : '-X
' i i ? '- . -...' ."',.,-' '- , . - , ,...'1. '. K '
Sam bung to his neck, shouting " Look at him,
woe ! will you mind ! woe, now 1 " but all to no mir-
poso, until at length the infuriated animal bucked
to the low puling fence, which enclosed a small
flower garden over which he tumbled, Bam nmhj
ua& nfl. iogefhur.Si soon "as Sam cmild disengage'
himself ho discovered ihnf the saddle blanket was
on fire, which had bee.n (Tie causa of all the diffi.
culty. . . ' ' :,,
" Cus the luck," said Sam ; ' that's what cornea
o'jerking your drotted head about that a wav. -
t',lnst your hwyt,. y
here' my pan, just
ju vo spin l my riAcnsftftdTcarry largatrbut ire waa.iu an awiui uunuir
as crooked as a fish hook : then
there was a kick or two and a blow
with the Irv
ing pflo " take that you infernal fool, and hold
your head still the next time.' And you skinned
my loir, odd blast your infitfnal .picture take thai 1
under the short ribs now ; I've a erent mind to
blow your infernal briiina -aut this very night.
And you've. broke the squire's paletis down, you
unnatural cus. Woe ! step over now, if vou're sat
U'fied." - '-H;-. ; '
, - By this time Sam had got the mute out of the
enclosure, and gathered-, up his plunder.' The
L wJloJaC-afieuhft-UMt'lft'eOTn
ken place in the dark, and from the moment I saw
the mule's heels flying and 8amv clinpng to his
neck, it was with difficulty 1 rstraitielf my mirth;
i ixl during the solo in the enclosure J was abso
lutely compelled lo stuff iny handkerchief 4n my
mouth to prevent his heading my laufthlef
' ' Did you ever set the likes o'that I "
"'I am very sorry it happened," I rt-plied, s
it will prevent oar hunt
" No, I'll lie dad burned if it doe, tho' I ain't to
bef backed 3ut Ihat-a wayir 8juire. "ioti know
a bad beiiincn' make a giod enden," as the old
woman said, lie is'nt iHone such a great sight o'
harm no how, only bent the handle of my pan a
little and scrfttcucAa. little skin-off-one nf mrsftins,
-Otit that's' oothinff no how. So if you'll hold
Jilaze till 1 go and git a torch, we II Imva a -shoot
at a pfttVyeryetio.rrfght.
I took the bridle, while Sam went to procure a
torch, and after he had gathered up the fai;rots
1 w Itich he. had brougnl to burn iu. hit pan, we set
ivfffoT the braneliilWTno
a torch in one hand, while I walked by his side.
It was only necessary for us to go a. short dis
tance before we were at the designated spot.
7:'w7Thaf7aid Sarhf " here's as good a place as
any- so I'll jist hitch old Blaze fierr; and light our
pan. '
Accordingly Blaze was hitched to a atotit sap
pling, and Sam proceeded to light the fare in. his
-" Now; -squire; ; yoarsrlrepp"tlosTm
you mus'nt mske a racket in the bushes. You
'Hoathe way we does to shine the deer a eyes,' is
tliLii. we lioltU the pan svou the left sUoulder, and
carries tha gun at a trail in the right hand. Well
when I wants l; look, I turns round, keepinj- my
ye up m the corner'of my shadow, and .irt.hejejf.,
'"a freer' ip'Vhe" rnie xt trie ITghtiiis' eyes loot 'zact-
lrtiltetwTi tails of fire." '
This explanation was perfectly satisfactory, so
- w moved on "a few and Sim ntal.a circuit -
but saw no eyes.
" Never mind,"- suid ho, ' we'll find 'em, you
We moved on carefully and Sam made his ob
servations as before, but with no bet lof effect,
Thus we I ra velled on, from place to place, until I
began fo getweary of thi sport.
f , .thai. yout.bad -bti'iumug u iuiig,lo -cimure any
-better eudtn!?.J' ' ." "' ' :-
' 4'atniuco, so mre -vou 11 see, Vkv--
""We"' moved on ajain. I had becomn nuitfl wea
rv ami fell some way- beiiind. Sam. oimed, auJ
when I came up he remarked, in a low voice : ,
You letter keep psulty close, squire, 'c:ise if I
should hsppen to shine your eyes, you see I wolild
not know them Irom deer, una old netsy here,
to. its fifteen buck-shot and a ball, and slings 'em to
Jul I, I tell voii.''
'"T feiniefiind no more
We had wnudered alxiut for several hours, and
the skv which had not been' the clearest in the
commencement, now began lo assume the apiiear
mice of rain. I had more than once suggested
the propriety of goiifg home. But Sam was not
to bo won from hi purpise he was ambiiious to
let lue see how lo shine the eyes of a buck. We
searched on as before, for another half hour, and
I was ubout to express my determination to go
. Jjotne, when Sam suddenly paused
- " Stop, stop," said he ; " thar's eyes, and whop
pers they is too ; now. hold still.
f raised on tip toe wiih eager anticipation I
' heared tho click of the lock Sam sloou lor a mo-
., meiil in portentous silence, the next moment the
old -musket blazed forth with a thundering report
and iu tlie same itittaut was heard a luud squeal
and a noise like the snapping of thu rcuis of a
t,jra'Tj,l,Jjng jVeaclatmed Sam, a?
...... ...,..,..
he drontied cun, nan, and all, and slood fixed tu the
siMit. " I've shot old Blaze !"
So soon as he had recovered from the shock, we
hastened to the swt where hi, luckless animal was
still floundering in the agonies ot death, and sure
enough, there lay me poor nniie pan an Buigcry.
Sain slool by . him until he breathed his last, in
;hhfis pgnif l.a i.tloiBil nol a unnl mini al.
tef all signs of life were extinct then
heavy sigh he tnuttorca t '
. " Well, I reckon I've done for you now ! that's
what 1 call a pvity niihtV work. nny how."--
"." K , 'bad begmhitig doeanf always uiaike Vgood
emling, Mr. Sikes." . '
.- " Luck will run so aimetimes,"said he, in a mil.
loo tone, aa he commenced taking tho saddle off
his deceased donkey. " 1 m blamed il I see how
I cot turned round so." - - - .
By this time iTIiad commenced to rain, and we
were anxious to get home, but Sam had dropped
bis guo and paivaa the iwfuL truth Jlashed upon
. him. that he had killed the only mute he possessed
1 in tha world, and we now fouod it difficult to re
cover them. After searching about for near au
hour in the drizzling rain, Sara chanced to come
upon the spot, and having regained his gua and
' oan, we endeavored to strike a fire ; all effort, how
: ever. to produce a light, proved inefiociual, and we
. commenced groping our way through tho darkness.
t- talk wtrej-wbar'arefwt
" Well, thai's'nof the way !" '
" Why, we came this way."
" Ni, I reckon not." .,' , --
" I'm sure we did not come that way.",
" W.har doea the branch runt If 1 only coujd
see the branch I could soon find tha way.", '
" It must run down this way." : ; v
' 1 swar, l'rfi completely deluded if I had'nt
been turned round like, I'd never a' killed Ithize."
Sam came tearing through the briara with his
srtrrup-irnns dangling about him, and bis gun in
one hand, and pun in the other. 1 volunteered to
was still harpiuz on his mule, and crumbling to
himself" What will roily say now I'll never
hear the last of that critter that is worse than
choppeu' down the coon-tree acrss the sctim'
hest, and I liked "never Jo beam the ecud o'
After groping through bushes and briars, which
seemed to grow thicker as we proceeded, Sara
topped.. i ; V , --'' r
" I swart squire, thi ain'Hhe way."
' " Well lead tho way and I'll follow you," I re
plied, beginning myself to think 1 was wrong
-iJhanjnrrrrlireiiTiorT," we ploddcdOn, occa
sionally tumbliii) over logs and bruah until Bam
Concluded that all our efforts to find the way wqre
useless.' .' .' ' '
' Oh thunder !" he excluimed, as lie tore away
from a thick vjungle of briars where be had been
rearing and pitching for several minutes, " it ain't
no use to try to find the way no how, sqin're. So
lot's find a big tree, and stop under it till moiniiiV
I Maw no alternative, so readily conceded to Ina
, , , ' . . . lL -
t neMlcd down undorlhe sTictlerTT
k. For a tin neither spoke, aul
at. l. C ...,11,1. .u..a. ..I !
r 1 WW UlllglJ WO
i l: i.v .
of a i large live oak.
all was Mill, save the buz of an endless swarm of
musquitoes, who. relieved their drowsy concert by
art occasional-oi pr-AtlehgtR t "broke lilciicOy
remarking ; ; - ? , -
"I think this wHl be my last fire-liunl.
Zt wourdiifliecfT xenlTreplicd Sam,
hadn't a' killed Blaze. That's all I'miud.?
, I
1 r
"I should think a fewxsiuch exploits as this,
would euro your fire huntiiij propeiwi.Jfcm
ne"Ver Jiau sucliTucXTw forest presuiuel "
" No, not ,'zactly, tho' I've had ome bad luck
in my time too I reckon you never liearn about ;
the time tho pantcrs phiyedjiich tt trick on me T'. . !
""-' ffo Avhat' trick !" " '' X..'
"Why it was last M'-'bcftbtettme.-'DttdlfiiiKi'
I went out and camped near lake Jackson. . We!,
he took his pan and went out one way, and I wont
another. I hadn'd -been gone from the camp long,
afore 1 seed eyes.' I fotch'd old Botsy to my,
-and fet Itiose-, and I heefd thedeer drap j but some
how I drapt my pan just like 1 did to-night, wlieu
1 heerd old llraze so nee I. - -tt hile I-wa trym to lit, .whaJjitioulifXaciiJiut mora cjsi .
shinin - way down in the honor, I drapt the tire,
and loaded up old Botsy a quick as I ooolj, to be
ready for the varmint, whatever! was. The eyes
Rep'conW"cToS(!r and "Closer, and gitlin-brighter
ontf brlghrerranct -Dime-t)7;r soea-a wTioio grisi o-
eyes follerin rite.arlor the fusl, all dodging up and
dowrv like they was danein devils. I begin to git
skeer dsol raised old Betsy and pulled at the
nearest eyes but she snapped I pruned, and she
flashed and when I flashed sich another squallin,'
and growlin,' you never heerd, aud up the trees
went me eyes an amuim me. 'tiuims i, uiein
must he somethin' uunatreat, beiti' as my gun
wouldn't' shoot at 'em; so I drapt old Betsy and
put out for .the camp with all my might. Well
wpwet.. uacH.,AXt. jnoruia,'
tiiinkiahcajit inl'c
as clean as tr whistle r an btrt Ihd boTiVs and horns,
and a little way off lay old Betsy with fmrr fingers
of-buckshot -and -bulUiU,- J)ut no powder tn- het.
Then I knowed they were punters.
" Vt by they miglJ have eaten you too you
wore lucky to escaie them.' - r '
" That s a fact Dudly said he wondered they
didn't take hold o' me."
ly wet us to tho skin, now. turned to a drenching
storm, which continued for more tjan an hour
without intermission. V hen the storm abated, we
discovered the dawn approaching, and shortly after
were enabled to ascertain our whereabouts, We
were not three hundred yards from the enclosure,
which wo had loll in the. eveniug, and probably,
had nol been during the night more than a mile
from the liouse. j -'
As we steppeil from the woo-'j into thenpon road,
I could not resist a hearty laugh at the ludicrous
appearance of my companion. There he stood,
rl. .. in 1L-..II.. ...l..a !... 1 LI. nl
with his sauuie wi urnnu nmjuuut .-.,
his muskol in one hand, and hjs pan io the other ;
and drenched with raiu, his'clolhes torn, and with a
countenance that told of the painful conflict within,
he stood art object of sympathy more than ridicule.
Well," slid he wttb a heavy sigh, and with
out looking me in .the face,"" good mornm,' squire." nArmngr1,! -vphed' twrchedn-wyrm
patliy for my bnlbttutfito comrade, and reproach
ing myself for the mirth I had enjoyed at his ex
penso. "(iood morning, Mr. Sikes, I am very
sorry for your misfortune, and hopo you will have
bolter luck in future."
Oh. squire, it an'l the valley of the mule, tho
old Blaze was a miguiy one criusr. u mm a my
wife what'll she say when she seesv. tne comin,
home in this hove fial IU
iMidavMii, tfH hat nan 4
be cured must be endured," as the feller said wheu
the mohkev bit him, " But she beller not said
he with a stern look, as ho pke, "come acovert-
in' about me this inortim', lof I ami m rt huuiur
no bow" and no Shook "Iii boad, a hiuch arf fo
say he'd make tho fur tly if alio did.
We oarted at the gate, am lor his home, and
I formv bed i he sorely convinced that a bad be-
inning did not always make a giod ending ; and
quite resjlved thut it was my first and last Fire
Hunt. ..... .... - . s ,- , t...
A Good Man Many ol tha maxims of. the
nhilosoDocrs of antiquity are of much worth, and
deserve to be engraven in letters of gold. " Such,
for example, arc tha following example expressed
by Seneca i ? A g'Kid man docs his duty, let it be
ever so painful, ever so hazardous, or ever so great
a lost to him and it ia not all the money, the
nnwer. and tho pleasure in the world, no, nor any
furce, or necessity that can make 'him wicked.
Ho considers what ho is to do, not what ho is to
t wnai lie is io
' ' , -l b.iul IA. .aa.lhn-ak.thwWaCOillU-UO-OUIailtlMlf Vt ww
Srn"hin2 hot ribbet. and torments in tbe
Talleyrand w;is :aicfly hfte.) from hit rwliui-ig
(KiaitHm and HoueJ m the .lg of the t-fd, when -
punctual n th" html up'i'i t!m dial,' bis iiiajesly,
.followed by AI t Ijne Adeliidrf, entered tin; aptrt.
meiil. It wis a study both fr the moralist and
" (lie p iintor to oberva tho cnitra-tt totw.wn thee
two individuals, as seated thus si.l.j by sido, beneath
the canopy of thusH oil ureen cu-ttains, they sem-
-fid. gt'.'hj'eil, a for the compoiU"ti of nme histori
' broad.1 eioHnsive-'- fiirnhead. the -calm aod
Mil It itn kIii rl Iiiiif l.i lurn Irniil liti
Ikx.kau iVioi t.irtr unil ttUatttrv litnhm K'Kirh fvkr.
shadoweil it, civhiz to the dvi.u.'slaiemu tliat
- exproMion of cout.teni.tce whicjl
often formed tha tlie.h? of admiration W poets .t.d
artists, and then gaze upon the pointed frown, well .
arranged toupee, tho, whole outward bearing, tant, i
ait peu bourgeois of the King, who even at this
early hour 'iif the ttiornihg, waattired, tccordinj
to his custom, with the utmost precision and prim-
ne. ' V
Jespite of the old fadrd driwmi; gnwn ni mni.e. Ymt are aware that it is a vanor bath. A v
one and the snull colored coat, slid imkcbith and Timll containing stovo is furnished with benches .
polished boot's of tho other, the veriest baiUirmnJ rinr l,ko steps, one brbimi the other, to the roof j .
could have told at -glance which was the lai of tMta mM beatod on the stove, and water is pour- "
the nobles,' and which tha first citn f ''..d upon thumsi as to fill the room, which is care.
empire. His majesty was the first to brenk ailen.-.-, t tIty closed, with steam.' The bather eommeorea -js"
a in etiquette bound to do. It would bo htli ult by placing himself on the lower bench, and gradu-
n dufme the expression which passed acroa his
faatmes as he contemplated what might be call!
the sotting of his guiding star. Perhaps he could
not himself have rendered an account of tha iiext
impnisum winch tl Ww prtxkired on thenind,
,, , am sof fVj i()re in we yu iUf,,ring so much,'
(, h . b.wTremulooslue. rendered almost
(naudiblo by the extreme emotion Nrr, yoii
Jiave xoma -to-4vitiMM4heiflings-oI-' a dy ing
tmn; and those who love.hjm can have but one
wi4ivhntf seeing thorn at inr end:' This wano1
unf4-rn ihal deep, alroin; voice, so peculiar
himself, and which age .had not the power to
quench, nor the approach of death itself been able
to weaken. I be ellect of the speech, stmn as ti t
- joe?4-aiHl4Wiw-
iiiurr, in wiih:ii t wai tuiicji'i jm -muvvvj sn aa.-
pre8siot) whirh will not forgoflori by those
t who were nTcsen.Uni!cd Servirt Journal
I . . ... 1. . I. ...... o X., n,f n nvS 1 1 Maa . I Sk f. Sin. r
: -M KB n-Nti -Or'-TOB-AN1 -TUB-M BUT-
X bv sumitcl tovta,
FrH th! cnp-ftH it hih ! Let nT drink to Itic might
.('. te iiisiilioo' -x.9!it:fStjMl.r-.
And, true Jo tlie d.-alli, all iiiilliuclimj will stand
For our hnme, and our hearth, and our pwn native landt
'fi tho bright mn of June that is gilding Ui
IS gliding Ml? wni
)f-4lMKaiow that tneiuidas oTtUaJtfest;.,., VJZ" ZlT&.r.'Z'r
The broexu that it morning but plays 'ith the plume,
. . . . ' . i i . ' . .(.. i.UMk . .
Ai evening insv wava tun rro u iu"
,'l'lie corn tlial Ins riiciied.m .Summer s i(l breith,
lTar,hfflir'msir e iwipwm tlw risrvrstof ewtwt
'iien drink, in ilicir gUvy.tfiYlorRxir.4baaa
Who triomplid or fell in thai meeting of foes!
It'it fill the cup higher to drink to the friends
" ft iimrt" fa t in "dec t tm trnrthtr on ty end :
Wlinse hearths, when defended Irom foes 'that have
dared, " ' , V
Are prized all the more wheu with friends hy-ar
alia n&A I i
For better ihe wme-enp .
ith ruby mv II w '
I'd the health of s friend than the fall of s fon !
-Thouuh oriifat are the laurels that glory may twine,
Far soOr the shade of the ivy and vine ;
TTluf innfii ars uvuttut-hiiit hasAxgwwt
i)t the meetimrof ibemwrnla'aorVowatteiiilS:
- U'wy joys crown our meeting the meeting of fnoDds !
""' F o RUT V BAN 6 F o R G B T,
Forgive and forget! why the world would bt lonely.
The garden wildcrnoss left to detorm, - 1 -
If the flowers but rem(?inbareUhe chilling windaouly,
And the ficl Is give no vcphre for fear of the storm !
Oil ! still in thv loveliness, emblem the fljwer.
And prolong not again the brief clouJ or an hour,
With tears thai but darken the rest ot the day.
Forgive and forgot ! there's no breast so unfeeling -
lint some gsuile thougliU of afloelion there lie ; .
And the bt ol us all roquire someOiing conceslirrj
S:)Hf heart that with a niles can forget ant forgive !
' Turn awsy with the ehiud from those beautiful eyes, brow was no home fir such frowns lo have mot ;
Oli ! how emild our spirits e'er hope for the skies.
If Heaven refused to firgive and forget!
In IS'27, when North Mississippi was cleared of
tho Indians, partially, the Wholo of this Country
was Ihqp called Yazoo County, extending over one
hundred and fifty mifee square. The law had not
taken cflvTtbrwanro.f organization, except in the
militia." Colonol Cassou commanded iu biy
regiment - the whole county, and he was all the
large tract oftduntrr."T,lie"roahlryrac w.Vs6
bo expocled, was filled up with a hordo of trifling
bdlows, and thieve and the like. About Una lime,
there were missing two horses in the neighbor
hood, and Col. Cussou called a meeting of the cit
izms generally, to consult upon the best measures
to adopt in retnlion to iu Accordingly, a Jarge
colliiction inot at iTieliouse of the CofeiHsl, on Big
jHaih, (wlii'ie Holmes Omiirty now is,) and eallerj
the Colonel to the Cbuir. buspicion aooo tell upon
a young man by tho name of pobson, who was not
present After consulting and discussing the sub-
"jret, prqand ron, it wasagreed that Hobson should
be brought forwsrd lT'r Iriab lJan old gentleman,
raiher more Intelligent than some of bis conte miio-
raries, asked bow the meeting could gel hold of
him t- Owl. Cassou drew down his eyebrows in a
dieuifioJ manner, aa if casting about in bis miud
pt. viiMis to giving " tho opinion of the Court, and
said, gentlemen, I will issue an Ognu n Toruru
Writ, and have bim corporally before me." But
what kind nf writ is that, Colonel T" asked one
viild man witbHaution. "It is a writ," said the
Coliwlel, gravely, " to take him as wcjl where he
I int, as where he is, and have him corpirally be-
, fore u." This was satiefictory to tho rt'ieeting,
and six men were desoatched with this awful writ
" who returned in about an hour, with the renowned
JVj.1011 in airings.'. He was arraigned witnesses
sworn Wit no evidence of even a secondary na
. - r .- ....... .:.." . --'. :. .......
i' ) H'y- ''' Tl
put ou ait awollv solemn visage, and said, Isaac
Dobson ! by authority of the ninth section of laws
in tha ca, I p rntence of death upon you
to b li'i'ij by tho neck, until yi are oVad dead
raw " " ' t W
, That veiling IUn
w aa led- to liKulk-iaek, "
and huog according to the sentence of" the Court,"
aJmittiog tint he kJ stolon the horsn, and that
ha intemlod to have takawtbemtti Ued Hiver Raft
and ackno ludged the jutK of the sent'iice.
fins coun'.ry ia now well wttletl, kiMl diviuttd into
Iwxily etwmice, nit -lheitttuiiul' aTKcairiTtlia
0,,,er A 10 " T0" ! ! .
man must be tried three or four days for stealing
'"i,1,he ,,kf' ft1d ,h ST ' ,iV,
"n5 no " If"1 M IM
v"?? 1 VA f 10 1 ,fJ ' '?
. '-
s. TRAvr.itru.
- ., V
1 Russia ''BalkTke Rusaiin bntb ia iudis- '
peosaUft in kvery village, and there in scarcely a
jservant or peasant of either , whetiwir. young or ;
old, who dosjjoJLitseiL.Ctexyl&iturilay in tho
(;- Btcj;rdi till he reachee the bichest. where the
heat, of course, is greatest ; be also promotes the
circulation ofthe blood, and increases the action
of the boat upa his akin, bj flipping JumwIfaJL
uVerwRn I'nall birch "twig. Ho will often rush
out of the bath when at the holiest, plunge into
cold water, or even roll, in the snow, and return.
This weekly purification of the person piu'st teitd
gmrtly t the hralrfrof the Russian peasant, whre
lung hair and brd, and slifVo skm coat, are
hvoraUeJo vleaoliucss. YhlejsJMi
Tic . The celebrated teacher; Kabbi
u -, , j,.,:,.. .k,j..j'nM. .ki-H
public 'hooinSKictToT It people: Baring
Ins nbsouce from the house his two sons died, bothV; '
- .
of them of uncomrnoo beauty, .and enlightened in
ths.lawlllis wuttlkii4lteH to kw od ehambr,
laid them on the marriage bed and spread a white
eoverigo thetr boilte In-;the-"CTening" the
KaoiM weir came nome. ...
. " Where are my two sons," he asked, " that I
may give them my blessing T I rcp-Nted!v Jookcd
round the school, and I did not see tlinin thera.'
Slio reached to hiiniho gouleU- He praised Uie-.
Lord at lb going out of the SabbaMi, drank, and .
,, .r ml. l. .,. , ,
of the cup oTbtesaaog V
" They will out bo far ofl,"' she add, and placed,
(ooj bofore bim that ba might em. .. '
He was iii si Iome and genii .mood; and
-when he-bid said grate tfler the' UK ar," lie"T5us
sddiesed him : 4 v ' ':
' Rabbi, with thv permission, I would lain pro-
posetO'theo oneq'iestiuo."
"Ask il then my love ! " ha replied. . sr t
44 A few days ago, a person entrusted some few. ' , -
d.itsjnyxuatudy,andiKw badotwwila tbem again it ;. j. '''-'
hould I give them back again ? ". . i ;
iThia is question," aaid Rabbi Meir, which tX J:X'
tny.kifp ahould p'"! haw thought jt iicce!iiiryo,j .
JO M'a-.'El.'UllfaUJxo
Vtwtoj!-r. htaowuV''.
'KSrbM y et 1-th'WgHl it brt not. "to rcsiwto
them without acqnaintmg thee therewith," .
She ibeoletf him WihocljamWrliml stejiipiiig'
to the bedi took the wbfto covering from the dead
bodies. v,.' . '''.;"...''-.". ."'-'.
M Ah, my en-, my sooi! " thus loudly lamented
ilie father ; my sons 5 tha light of my understand. 7r
iugl I wa your father, but; weremy teachcrtiu 'C
the law. . . -....-.:.'. -. .,
The mother turned awayandwerdliitcrly.- .
Ai length she took ber husband by the hind aod . v ,
said-, "';.-".?'' - .-. .' , ' '. X
" Rabbi, diJA tboa not Uacb-me that we nuMt
not be reluctant to restore lint which was entrust." ;
ed tu onr keeping ! See, the Lord gve, the Lord
has taken away, and Messed be tho nmet of the '
Lord ! " " " --' " ' : -
" Blessed be tha name of the Lord I " echoed r
Rabbi Mcir, " and bleased be hia name for thy sake
Iihi; fur. Weil it' is wrilteo " Whosj bath found a
virtuous wife, hath a greater treasure than costly. . "
P'trls! she openeth ber m wlh wuh wisdom, ami .... - -
m her tongue is the law of kin loess. 'I'raii.'tOfU
of the Ribbins translated hf Coteri lg; s j r
IIjdrangiu.--h miy not be known lo manv of . ..
our readers thai tlus fi wer, s lthjh is usually f -
pink color may be load to come out a beautilul rich '
blue, by the nmple means of tiding ihe pot or box ' ' ' ' '
itb4 awamp J earh.-4mmo- ganteai--foaatt
prolucea tba pmlu T'ha diacover'y of prtwlu-
cing the blue was rcideotly made by a friend of
ours, by whom it was somen me since communica.
tod to us. jWe bsve repeated tha experiment thi .
season with good auccesa, and now name Ihe fact .
thai tbe lovers of variety may taka advautage ol
of it. The plant hild be stufted very early sm
aprrnjltotcafotrfr;" , ." . "
Tie hAiisomeni of Portugal. Having estab. ':
lihed myself at ihe inn, (says a recent traveller)
on going into tbe kitchen, which was Very sp.-
cious but imperfectly lighted, with b hiige chimneyT.!
and nign point ea root, t oDtervea among the com
pany a roan ot nnguiar appearance, sitting apart,
who was neither speaking himself, nor was he
spiken to, by othors. Ilis face was pain and bag.,
gard, dm eyes deep auuk, and his hair was pre ma
turely grey, lTpoo asking who ho was, I was in. '
formed that he was otio uT (lie Juobnliomeiw, a de-
vned race, who are held ii mingled hor'or'. and - '
commiseratioo; aod never mentioned without eirvv- .
lion by tbe Portuguese peasantry.- They believe,
that if a woman ba had seven male infants succes-'
sively, the seventh, by an inexplicable fatality, be. ' .
comes aubject to tbe Q werof rjarkneas, and i'
compelled on every Saturday evening to assume
the likeneseof an aasf and when so changed, Is V
compelled to run over tho moors, and through the
village, lotiowwi by a horrid train of dogs ; nor U
.ii J ..:.,.'.! Jr a.-
T -t ""' 1110 "",S :
' f1'" rM,0, hm.
jto his human siispej should, therefore, a. pejsant
.-. it I
'V 1
-. 4

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