North Carolina Newspapers

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et rt-"
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measure tolhe formation ct D .;.'ig &.uiy, whn
Ou nxrtiu" ol lr. I, i leiiiicrsitii.
Col K. vV- kng Cttllel t0 lt'e Chair, ,nJ J
fruiter, appointed Secretary
On motion of J'n Junes, Ijk-,',
l)r llendcraon W and explained. the object of the
meeting, briefly ; beaide adding some vi'ty dppruptiaio
"temark; which were continued to wine l'"f,'i by
-nlK-r gentlemen prrhtnt : After which, the following
Krailution wore read and unanimously adopted.
Kfolvtd, That in the opinion of tine meeting, a De
biting Society worthy the attention of the citizens,
sod might be of incalculable advantage to thearlicu
' img portion of Una community.
, ilbwtwJ, therefurr, That this pieetitij take the ne
ftmty meaiurei to the formation of audi a Society.
-. vii room. ' '
Rtiolixd, That the following gentlemen lm ppom
'led I Committee to draft Couatitulion, By-Laws, &.C.,
for the regulation of aaid Society, vi: i .
: Vammitu. Dr. L. Killiaa, Dr. B, Austin,-DrTP.
Henderson, John June, Eq, and MrJ-S. Johnson,
v - On motion of Dr. B. Aaalln,U'wi
tR(tolved, That the following eciitlpmen be I Com
nittee to obtain a tunable room ra which to hold tlie
mectinge-of aaid Society ; and also, lo make an estimate
uttbe probable annual expense for its support, tit: -
CtmmUtr uol. ft. vv. UMig, M. l'W, fcaq., and
On rootu'ii or air. jiio. jocea, it was .
Rrioltcd, That-.the Editor of the Juurnal in thia
slice, be requested to publish the proceedings of tin
weetuig in their respective paper of thia week...
tOu (rtotioo, the meeting .now adirmrned, to meet
.rjifl oo iitx: Tuesday evenipg at early candle lighting.
J.' J. Baiwsa, Secretary.
(D r requested to give notice to those favor
able to the ohjecta of a Debuting Scciety, to attend at
the Court-Home on next Tuesday evening, and partici
"pate in the adoption of a Constitution, By-Laws, etc.,
fur tlie one proposed above ; and also, in waking choice
et officer. . - ' . ,
dllslin BOII tltjtlLtl.
The Mwekmaryi A Tale: By the authored of
Th Poet " " The Poet'e Dealiny,' &.& Lecture,
delivered to the Law Claaeof VVilliatn and Mary Col.
lege, on the Philcumphy of Government and Conatltu-
tional Uw; uy Judge Beverly Tucxer. Addra on
Livn tngineering; uy rrolnor Millington, of Wit
lim and Marv Col eve Aiiiireia delivered Before Ilia
Siudf"t ol Williatn und Alary College; By Professor
Haimeem. ueeultorv Speculator, fta V. Iboutrhta
Female Education; By G. W, of Washington Ci
te. HmU; Hy t. C My Couatn Helen enly.a
Sketch : Ry T. IL E..Tof Virffinm. Letters from Out
.the Old QafcJfa.1 4. To the Editor of the Meeeenger;
By Align triieUillercncea in the intellectual cliarac
wrof Uio aeveral eartetiee of the Human Raees Br
Geae'a Melodic; Notice of thwl work with extract! "i
if aXieoria JUWeiier, JWultory Tboughta-eaLovej
By a Bachelor, brief; An extract, LcUera from
H0 Vork No. Il The Harpere.oewpublicationa, Ae.
fce. New. Vork; Notice of " Seje'nus, and other llo-wir'fTlie-
Chereetr of Schiller;" "Harry
Franco, e tale of the Great Panic;" " North Ameri
tan Review, for July; "The Literarr Examiner;"
WiHrextrecta. -The Copy Book, No. VIII; A Utter
from Theodore Ulrind, Jr., to his Lady ; copied from the
or.jinil, nd never before piiMivhed. . ,
oiioiiii roint,
J CE-Iipus t Colonns; From the Choral piece of So
plwcn The Mother't Rainy Day j By Mrs. fiigour
ney. Major Andre'e Soliloquy; Return Enraptured
Ifnora. .the Dying Swan by a Young Luly of Vir
gmia. To my Mother; By William Wallace, of Louis
die, Kentucky, author of " JeniMlenv" "American
Weiodipn," ic U there God ! Bv F-geria. Child-
Wi- Kr Willwnr Br rrotirhr.Trf' XmrrTthiw
rtknnaJ Storm ;; By Park Benjamia. Awator Loquitor;
.!!. -(aniea. V. Otia : 'J
Recent American Poetry; Copied from the Demo-
cratie Review. Lectures 00 Phrenology and its Appli
cations By George Corube, Eq. No IV, - Tua Ocean
Buried; By Rev. E. IL Cbapiru The Hen. ,
Tic Trtter$ of the Salisbury FtMoU Academy
INFORM the otiblic, that this IuatitiHjoo will be
optned on Monday, tho llth of OcU)bcr he xt It is
tberr rttctition to place thia S;imnry on a permanent
and repectabla bais; and no care will be waiifjrig on
their part, to reuder it, in every respect, worthy cf the
conrweitce or the luenja or eJucation, morality and re.
hgiun; who seek for their daughters a placa where i
I'llectujl jud moral, culture eombiued, will prepare
tliem to occupy with unefolnert and dignity, the sphere
to which they rony be eaHt-d. . '.
, Tbey are now making all euilable efTrt to seenre
fur Teachers, a.Gcntleinan and lady ol'hiirb analifica-
'looa.' Mcanwbile.lhey have engaged MisKiiMt J.
lUin, a young Lady, iu wboae literary quaL&cations
nd capacity fur auch a situation, tbey have pnrtect
-Juuurncr ; ma woo pas nitheno laiijiu mawe in tins,
and other Seminaries, wilb entire satipfaction. As ffo
the other Teachers are obtained, Miaa Bases wdl
Sam devote hervelf exclusively to the tnuaicaj depart-
- f By order of Ihe Trusteea. , '- . ' S 5 ,
1 X
J. i --J-'1'. '"'"T" " 1
rtin-i -f rvne iv ei.imit"t,",,"""v-'""
r ;rur&f'tK.27, ica -r- -, tf. i '
Ai Cautioned against a Scoundrel
' - - ' . 1 , '-.. -
"ETERSON ttti.von.t-rl ftnnt thii p'e'f. the
4iluOr wirbnut naiiiur ilia b.ll. or oavin?
eral agma of money borrowed, lie pietenda that
' r renciiman, and waa employed bre hi 1 wnch
IMraaft(re. his face is marked alifc-htty tilh tha smalt
!. nia hair is dark, there ia some wkJnow 00 the top
. ' . .. I
"la.iieati, he walks very nuick, catnoa h a Inly
nd uuiformlv: wears his cuat bultotMKl 00 to hi
h i he wure blue coat with pill but-
"na, hia pinialoona were of tbo same culur. He look
'he LillColntim Mlaira ... Iv.nt ttL.n miliu nl llila nli
od tb succcedinir day tok the Seluitiurv Stage, lo-
""nwtmit f him will be thankfully received by the
. r' .Clival. mcrray..?-
, Hi- SuperinteodfDt.of the Limestone
f; 1 4, , ' Sprir.g Ctppany.
' - LimeiHone Pprinj, &.C.I -V .,,
Hfpt 27, lia. . . i , -
e Kichihond EiKmiiwr ami w Vnrlr Advertiser
inj reqiiettA,) u, iv.e llB ontt itl.rtion ()ld for-
L"1 their account to me at tlte LiiiK-stono Springs,
' , VM. MLRUAi.
1 or 203 Head of Eheep,
or w inch u .r ptics will be given,
COr- A ii
! i tlio "Rowan
flrrrr..- -
- vnv.Hill. diwa we 7ii unap raj m ic am m a m-ivi i ' ' " " . - rl
Tther. He i. tU A fL ll 1. i.k.kMq ItltittiQil ; S anr.r L""!ng " .2Sr": ?-th."inw!
OlTtllE old members of Fulton Lodge, No. OD.are in-
vitcd toattind imretiiig, to be held at Maaonie
Hall, Sopteniber ibth, fo the 'purpose of reviving tlie
liodee nd iU charter. ' ; -i ,'
8aliabury,SepUa7, 1S30. " ., , It ...
. Tan Yard for Sale.
, 0T1IIE Subscriber wiahing to diaXM of' the following
A Town propertj, ofTers for sale hie r , - "
-VatrY at A " atAV remises,
(formerly owned by Thomas Mull,) situated on tlie
East side of the Town, consisting of the - . ' 1
t l .."AcrCft of Lftlltl, and
I) n riling; Ilonse, vith out Ilaun
' f" t ALSO
fiir Sale, at very low prices, a
kinds of , .. ' ' "
. Eioa.t
which may be had, either (
Si, Boger, or at the above Ta
Salisbury, Sept. 27, 1839,
BAaciso, normal
- 7 : -50 ll. Cotton Bn
an coil Blo E01
30 kega Nails, I
. 40 biigaCoffeey ")
' IS lilids. Sugar, -V'
i;00ff Iba. Loaf, do,
500 lba. Huring Ktt; )f
-a..-..a wuxiiiipuc ssjnnga,..
fHIOIbs Blister
- ' 144 Bottle Too
00IC )1iUlfP, If '
aikr(T Cover
S(!0 rha." Sole lmuef(Y'
' . 100 kegs While,
. 1 Hy J. & V, MURPHY,
saiisoury, ctepi
liriLL tytkif on-lha premises, on the
f ' thidajf dfOctober next, a Trad of
k?tfw Und, qontkintes (135 Acres, belonging to
Jka, tha llirs'ltila of Thoma 11, Dent,
dec d., adjoining the laaJs of Wm. Ileathinan, ind oth-
era, on a creau qi is.monins, uie pwciiwr giving
- bond and security
or .Miet porohase money on the day
of sale. By orde
County. '
Sept. V, 1839.
ol i
Lii! K, BlLUil Af, . m. a.
!i i )..--. -:-4t :-
StiuRsiay, Sept.20, IbW,
AKrntion! Offlcrm CIA Regiment
YOU are hereby Commanded to Parade at the Court
house, in tli Town of Salisbury, on Wednesday
the Oth of October, at 10 o'clock. A. M.. with sidearms
alWalao. oa. Thursday. the al-B.oclucxi-
witb your respective Companies tor Kevtew and lo
spoction. -By
Order of ' -
COL R. W. IX)NG, Col. ComdU .-
, , ' 64tk Regiment, N. C Militia.
J. M. Baoww, Adj'U . .
' P. 8. The Cautaiu will make Uie return on the
Jay of Drill" .." - 2L
v Hoath Tract.
'IHK HEATH TRACT, containing aii
hon.lrod Acrva of Land, situated about
3 six mile Ebt of Lexington, Davidxon Co.
on Die load, leading from Lexington lo
Fai'Ktumiia ia now orTored for Bale. . '
Thera are about 100 acrva improved, and 500 in
Wood and Tioiber. , ", ., , ,
. .The Tract la located in a very -
hod i peculiarly adapted to nmiyr- It bus on it a
an OrrlnrH. and a (rood Meadow. And inde-
j Xii.a -pendent of -ihesW daiitge4lw Bfepa.lui.
Hold, i unquestionauie. a one or two r :
'ia O' ti Y J j"wwWMW'M"
have already been opened, and sume very rick ore ex
tracted from them. ..
' The celebratHd Coiteed OoW Mine, i situated I few
hundred yards nulh of tt ; ard according to the direc
tion of tha Veins of tlwit Mine, they moat necessarily
nym through a part o( thi Tract.- '
Any nemiii wmhini?' Uj view the prciiiiiie or g:t a
t more minuto doacriplionwill call on RAon Wads-
worth, ii) Lexiiiiilon. who will give wio leniri'u imnr-
it it IV. .hJui,. Aiijlr..A IAlt,tr
ill rail
to tbe SuUfcribur, Tieutoo Post Oilice, Jones Co. N.C,
on it. it,..,.., , .- - .
WM. 1 1, iica i ti.
,..Feb. 21,iaT9.
IJROM the Subscriber about the last of
Aoril oast, a brieht aorrel Indian
Ponry MARE, very mall, about 10 or 12 years old, no
rwiural 8rh mark reeolrectel, mane ba bn trimmed
but w grown long, switch tail, pace remarkable welL
A liberal reward will be given hy me fbr said poney
delivered, or for information o that I can pet nr.
' Mocksvillo, Davie Co., J. C, A-pt fl. 18!?; - 4t
MoiYaVs Pills ami Hitlers.
. X. BITl'KUS, fo ci'lebrstcl, and so much urd by
i-atHiete4-Mi ery part f the emintrrrhrnew-re
ceived aud for sale by Uie Hobucribora
, , : CRR-SS ii. BOGEn, Ajent.
. Meara Sriiua Si Shanxlb, io Concord, ., C arc
ilarn Agcms for w txrmtr:.."-' " : -.' '' .
, P. a Ee idvtrtietment ApriJ 4,.0.' tf
, . ,.
y 1 1
$ rp
larjfe rfianyty of all
the Storeof M(mt Cress
;' U'ETtia KERN.
1 j .
0 the l.'ilh of October next, will bo g,,lJ, 00 niv
premised, plrvrn milrt went of Xalklmry, and three
niilra Soih of Neolv'a Mill, the plauialiou of Joseph
T. Dicks'n, deceased, coolatning ,
' 373 ACRES, ?
More orjnea, with a good Dwelling-hotine, and I good
many oufj-limitms sullicienl for a largru family; with a
large qiifjntitji of ch ar land, Thoee wIhj would wieli
to nurdie t'bargam in Blaoiation. between second
and third Creeks, would do well to attend on Uiedav
leuna maun mwiwn on me ny of aaloi '
THOS. BARKER, Executor.
County, N. C. Sept. f, l'j, 4t,
,TH! rT.Yrii.i,,rn, L',- iV..;. an ll,
ilic. thai ha still carries an the TA1
IN(f BUiINSS it hieoldatAiK) 00 rnairi;
next rjiiof to'the Apothecary Stortfci& ia
1 Her
rendv fo execute the ordnra f hJ;nii-imir
style and manner np Ay)it6xU
in tne weiwrgwTTii tne nWi,'; lieHs m ilw
BAvttQiiaiii Ibe latest Ixirtdon nud Nnw.T
r AirON 3, and prepe rrf to ftccomrnorbtWthe
ium'at tlie lashionabWai all times. StvX
HfT; hnUni r .11 1.:.. i.iJ; j.j .
1rcioptrv ( and the latest Kaehioua fapfQied at all
Ftinies to country tailors, and iiiMhi5norie giveDljin
culling,..',.. IShlmbur; Jan. 1, IMfyr
. " ' . .'J ..... 1
1VOULD iufurro tho public, that the still earA (to
w " the Tanning Butintm, and- io Cfnectio wijn
it, trie buu I and biiuh M AKUVU at ttioir I ail vfl.
on the 2nd Fousre. East ot the Courl-Hinie : bere
TTIieyhave oh bariff I 'q'tiahtTf brexleht &de-Leaier
and Blurting, llarnrm, Bridle, and Uppr LMitrier, Cov
ering trainer lor ixiaen-maxeni, uoree Uoiiara.
'Also a large supply of lit M)TH, of firat and tcfllA
quality; Geullemen's, Lieetif;h"ldrtu1inS,
of a superior quality ; and a largo stock oTt&rsefeitocV
of a superior quality.- '-f-:' -
. As we have procured nret rate workmen, we hare no
hesitation in warranting our work to be as well done at
my io tlie 8tte,"which wa'wiri sciriow for Cua. or
ou time to punctual doalerj. - ' '" -
Orders from a distance punctual! atwndod to.., 4 -
TWiio; f tirar rata pairofJJoot "3V i,'au4-'ietrof
second handed 11(1 for sale. v
" NrUniidol will V Ukcn'Inexcbtingoor ' wbrl
done in tha abova business, - . - - a. It C
Salisbury, Sept. 0, 1839. j 1.U
TNFORMS the public that ha baa removed frongr hia
JL rormer atand, to bis new building on the
qua re, m tha Town of Moctaville, wherw Ih will eno
- His itouaa ie roomy tod eommiaiiouei attached to
which are six Chmfur table OITifoa 1 gentloinen of Ih
Bar, all convenient to tlie Court Hoot. V Tha sutxicri.
pie saiisiaction to sucn as may ran on nan. 111a ta
ble, Bar and Stable are provided la the bed manner
that the country will aSbrd, and hi servants are faith
ful and prompt.
Felk ;i4."iJo; . ; -71 u
- ated on the Piedmont Road, leadinir Oom Halta-
btrry.ta,iiiQor4jQtttjnUf4.& ll7;.rt.ibexiimtolalto
V IX ; Mrr.-)irii"l-l"-"''a"
J500TBuA'ca Com, i 2,000 Vr oOa... J
100 do. Wheat, 3,000 UundUiof Faddtt;
a quantity of die. . ; " ' - "
1 Marc and Colt, i Blooded Filly
two year old last Spring. . " ,
Superior ,
HOGS, SHEEP, Vc. . .
. ' ... - V 'AUO . " . ' . ., .
ONE CUPBOARD, nearly new;
and other article too tedioe to
9jmL . jE.mention.
"W fAj'1 Term twelve month Credit,
Ibe purchaser giving note, with ipproved srenrily.
Davidson, Spt 80, 13W
f piIE Subecriher having located himself in tba town
PuUic,aan 'i...'r
He flatter himself that bi long experience in tbe above
Business, and the specimen of work he ha exocuted
ia hi line, will be a sufficient recommendation, ;
He will also attend to any call aiade on him in Uie
d ia aoiifi Jmh lm tail give ti.fra'u.3 WaU-Uwe
i... k....
The 1'iibiic m iwpectiuiiy requwrni to cn ana en
courage him, aa he m dntfrmmed tieiute ill work
cooiiiiUlKd to lura in the brm rxwihlc mariner,
(fy Alao, l ainuiiK aim i riminini; an auius oi wai
riages, done with wetness abd debate h.' ' 1
J. 1. KAI.LI.
Concord, N. C.. March 51, 18.19. . tf "
ri WILL sell, on Ihe moat reasonable term, my house
1 and lot in Mockavilie. VFhe tot i a clioice one, tw
in? tttuated near tlie Court-Ilouae, and ia improved in
a very suptrior nianuer, 1'hoae who may wndi on of
the iiKwt doairable aiuiation in one or the inwt oeauti
ful and intereolitig village of tNurih Carolina would
do well io examine the-premiec. v. ; - t '
y7" I will alao cll my linilome crop of Moras
Mulitcaulis, Junius Im i.Lli.u iiu.xa.
Mockaville, Davie Co., Sept 20. lia. - -4t
ami I E Subscriber has 1 or 5 bull calves, w ith the Dirr
i ham croaaea for sale, u application tie made'-snon.
' -.--v.w -R.'HOi.T.-"
Lexipf0B,Uvidr(,St2ftlK. 41
l.l la
gCaOfgaaai lm . .
1:111: KriKt:i:iut:tt! " ;
VRC iiow rgeeivinpal t'irold Stand, at Stirowalt'a
Alill, inCibariiw, a rtow and l'reili soplv of -
t following artntoa areaiiMing the lalect airiva'a:
1,70011. of Suar,
1.C.I0 d.K ColW, - -
v , 3 hliil. M l.ttM'n, I .
,80 Inisbfla Salt.
Wiiiea. Copniic Rrandv. Dve Htuha. Powder. Ac,. & t..
all of which will be dd fnw fi.r cnli, nr to puortuai
dealeni 00 Time, j JACOB MNFA'A)FF & CO.
Wa ia.l-m ' ' 2!
IIEfulltiwing details of a Hc-Miaa or a Lorrnv,
-au tobe drawn in December next, warrant n in
"dcf!riit' i( fo be UiipurdltllrJ iii the ln'iUory of Lulttw
- Tier. . irrmf 10 uie amount nave neve oeiorv uecu oi-fuh-d
tojtli bublic It is true there are iny hlanke,
but on iieetlier band, Uie extremely low clurgedJ'jjiiO
pfjr tickjcl-rtlie valuo and Number of the 0(Ua! and
' ll4 revival;of the gu4 old cuiom of tttriunl'fn lit
ecire rtir thall ee Jrmna mi told. will, we ire We.
. giro urjivcrml nliuM'r"' and etpociallr, lo.thi ix
vlrl' e dnrpwl fo adventure, We rpcomi nd
,rr mbplpvtUni beifrda. t ua for Tkkrtf wban
the FrfeesiMre Jl'soi'RIaolU only reuVlio the- W(
i boyersf haW the h-,fcilahc. therefore emphi
eallr bav&DKut kr f but at ooca remii and freka-
r;f but at one remii and trukif
!).! shall alway "rei r
Itie? to-ie addnaed and. a p.
I Vi Boiwt, Nkw Yoaa,'
meer 10t
- fl
$25,000 Ji
Prizes of
- 815,000 !! --.
$10,000!! .
Prizes of
lranU ICeal Entateand Uauk utocU
e ncAral and, most JLignifoetiU ..Scktm w
- prtirttid to thi Public ta
- - ThU ojjiherjwixtrj.
Tickets only $20...
Authorised by aa act of the Leglslativa Assembly of
; : riorida, and under tne direction 01 the Uxiiiiiimiun-
'; ; wa acting oader the
To be drawn at Jacksonville, Florida, Dec. 1, 1'9.
. i SCHMIDT &. HAMILTON, Manager.
Svtvrxm & Co., 150 Broadway, New York, ,
--;-. --r,--.'.. '. . Solv Agent.
, iL W1i combination tfuitibm
100,000 Ticket, ft ore No. 1, upwarda, tn sueeeeaion.
Tbe Deedaofth Property and tha Slock transferretl
in trust lo th I ommMwIooer appointed by the said act
or tba Legislature or t land a, fur tlte security of the
Prixe-holder. ' - - t M. "
Aiagaiiue atreetj iui teel, tocbe oil
' -' Natcbea street l'J6 feel, 0 incrwv, on
v' ) - Crsvier street Rented at about ifJf7,UN)
- nr. annum, aod valued at 700,000
1 PrixeCrty tlotel, lfri ft. on Common etr. -
1W ft 8 ia oo Camp street. ' ' - -
. Ken tod at 25,000 valued at 600,000
Jawa-D.WWUng .Moyae.UilyHninfl'the Ar--.
. ,. , cadViJN Id, ' !CTx' IroiiT
. on the Natcbet str. Rented at .
. tW0-va.lue4 .
Ztt;"r: 1TJ, w tU Iroul ou aU.Uei Ar. -
Kilted at aM.'iDO -valued at ' 20.000
Diito, aduning Hi Arcade,) no.
, '23 ft. front on Natcbet
Rented at 100 valued al
1 Prise Ditto, No. 1, North-eaat corner of
. BaainandCustonfuMMetr.40
, ft. front on Buuu, and 40 (to
' Franklin air. by IZ7 ft'derp in
' "Cutnra-boune str.--Runted at "
... .. f
130 valued at
1 Prixe Ditto, No. 24, Soutb-waat corner of .
Basin and Cutllom houaoirtr.; 32 -
- - - ' ft. 7 io. oo Buio, 32 ft. 7 iu. oo
- , . .. Fmnklw. 127ft. 10 in. deep in "
' frootol Cuatom-twiuiia strict . .
Rentwl i l,5ii0 valued at , 20,000
1 Prite-DiUo,Na9.mx4rtrjia.uKiiyal .
. ; tr. by VJ fL 11 in, deep
Rented at 1.000 - valued at 15,000
I Price 230 (baresCanai Bank SlM.kI00
aea, .
200 ditto, Com rrwrcial ditto, HM) each
lOOdillo, Mecuauic' Sl Trader' 1U0
" each, . i ' ' i ',.
100 ditto, City Bank, 100 each, '
100 ditto, dilUH-l(Xi each,
100 ditto, dittu, 11)0 each,
00 ditto, Exchange Bank, 100 each
: -200
J 2iO0
" Ml ditto, ditto, ditto, -100 cacfi, .
" 25 ditto, Ui Light BnK, 100 each,
25 ditto, ditto, ditto, 100 eaclt, . ,
M 2A ditto, ditto, ditto, 100 each.
wwWld ditto, ttYCMOw'adi TrdeTa'fft0f'a
, m . each, , ' ' l.r00
4 v J. Wittn, ditto, diilo, UI ,.
each 10 ihares l)uniana State lUnk,
100 each, each Pnxe 1,000,
each 2 shares of 100 each, each Pure
-J00,of tbe Go Light Bank, . ' 2,000
each 1 share of liiO, ot tha Bank of - - '
Louiaiaoa, ' ' CO.WW
leana Bank. . . .20.000
each 1 share" of 100, of Uie L'nion
Buk of Florida, J . ..lWWO
Ttmrrta r - A,an
" - . . TlctfH fjiOsro Sharci. .
' Th whole of tlie Tickela, with th.;ir Nuinhf-ra,' aa
llao Uxwe eontainin; Uie Prize, will be examined aod
oaled by tht Cnmnuiiiticrs appointed und'l the Act,
previou to their bWng put into the wlieel. One wheel
will cotitainiho whole of the nuniberW the oilier will
" contain Six Hi'spscd Pbizes, and the first 000 Num
ber that alwll be drawn out, will be entitled lo auch
Pais, aa may be drawn to iU number, and tbe MlU'
nate holdor of rucn J'rue will hate aoch eruiiertv
trarwferred to them immediately (Wr tlje Drawing,
Mnineumhrrrd, and wilnoul any dtiuclion I
June 7, PJoU , 8-m ,
UESPEfHTULLY offers hi prof.wionalaervice to
the Ciiitena of Silulmry, and the surrounding
i country. Ilia ofiice hi in Mr. Wt'a new brick-btnld--
tag, rrearly eppnaita J. & W.'Murphy'i ftort; ' "-'
, Salisbury, NjC., AoguatW, . 1f( ,
I f if 04;yiMr tif(i..-py
1 imnMhliaw 'itwatkAr
i tvut
1 1 AVE juM reeoivH frrmt New Ynrk and Philtideli
1 1 plna, an l U.'iwivc MtMHtim-nt of
coishtiso or
Dry iiotA; IlSrdfciire, Tinware, Crock-'
; ; ery.GKIR'KKir.S, Drugs auJ Me. s .
' ilicim a, Dj e-SStufl.t, Paints slid
f : ! Oil, Bouta.aiKi Know,
. iulib ry, &c, Aic.
In short, their Stock conwa alinoa every artirle
nror(t by the t'urit r, Mcckanie, or the Fashwaalili t
of tli town or c uiary. .
N. B. 'I'hv will .'!! low for cash, or to punctual
dealer on tuna; or m exchange for country Produce, ;
Concord May 4!h. l-a. 1 - 'tf . J
Morns J)lullicaulh .
f PIIE Sul:riu r infornis lite public, Hiut he bna for- ' "
A. sale, at hia Nuraene in l)avnle (jountv, I.IHH , a
I tree of Vlie Morua Multir.auli (and alao a lari.'R nu,n-' ' '
MOt wofd layers or cuttillgs of tlo aame, ol tlie cor- . y ,
rent year'a growth:) theM.arc nperkir locotiinga with - '
Out roots to props gate fronKi! Il prices shall be tho
market price of the article in tlie North, and elvew here.
I le aim haa a large etnek of Fruit Tren, conaifitinij of i & :
l'i'flchcs, . Plains,
Cherries, tJ'C,
Vynit selection of the beat American and European
dun, all of which are grilled or, timculaud, and in
heallliy, growinir cniulition. y.
will deliver I ree in good conuiUnn, at any reason
able distance from Lexington, my 75 or 100 unlet, (if
amount el order will lostilv it,) for which I will charge
ha usual price of hauling.. It will be well for thoea
a lio wtah lo otitam trea, to get the (italogue of the
Nureeriee, which mutaiua prices, and will be sent gratia
to all applicants, thewtaga being paid. C'ommuiuca-
lions be proroptly attoudei lo. t,
.JjataAaJjaingwnJxl. -
Lexington, C, 8epf, fl, 1S3I). tf. -
i 1 1 ; 1 1 1 1 1 .I hi . .
, ..... .. i.; .,,
JOHN C. PALMER, his another
new supply f arold and iUr .
Lever Watchcn,
. ;. ... . ,
' ? I ' Foti t'lmina i
plain Mit-lmlJioil I rem ii, do., gold j
Fid) Chains and Keya, iinn.t Pul, . :
-Fmgw Kie,sifVfr Butirr Knives. '
t. . :..-rrr-y ; ...t.. i .... " 'i . . i. .
I Picks, Fob Chajii, ftiectaclea and -
Tbimblea, Steel ind Gilt Fob Chain and Ky "- '
WA16, a verf Biia "and large aiaiurtnieul ol.Rort,""f"
pocket and pen-knivea, by ilillt rcut Mnulninhrv with
other article umially kept by Jewelers, all of whicU will
be solrl very low fiir ewri, or tin Ij six month credit, at-
ter which time, interest will be chsrged. r
VVork done faithfully and punctually. . ' -
Saluibory, May 2, ' , .Ttf ' 'X
RCSPirTFULtY take thi method tn Inform hi "
' friend and Cuatomer in Concord and its vtciimy,
that b (till continue to carry on Ihe aliove branch ol '
Rutineaaal hi old stand in Concord, South of the tr '
of Slnwra. J. F. 4. C. P Infer, where he will b fourjd
at at time, ready lo
-nt,-niake or Circuit', T
any work in hi line, . llialonr exiwneoce in the Bmri. - -
iwU.pwwIVHVwVskme toTPrt-mitlic rtrrflrif "!
fuiAuma from Philadelphia and Nw York, enables him
to a, that lb work done at bia Shop, shall be ot the
V Beit Workmdnshlp. .
N. B, He will alao teach (aa Aent) the moth an--
JjPt"Sfd eyfiern .of T. (lliMt-nl Phila4lwlH to anj gqa J
7Tlo wbflic li'mtriJCtroo'in hia tiy'atein of cutting." '
Concord, No. 2U, 183 . . .
'0.' S. "& C-
Medicines, Dye.
SuuffH, ToImcco, Sp.
Starch, Soar, Per
araciiRirra, Past
and W npfxng Paper,
I'sjier and Paint, Ma
StufTs, Punt, Oil,'
( Var,('amlle,Rice,
fuiiiin, Jtruahe, ix- -!uau,
Fine letter
Quills, Ink, Drawing
dcira, TeocriiTe, Ma- ;
Champaign, Muacat
age. Tort, Slicrrv,
nd Claret Wine, French, Peach nd Apple Brndy, ,
(tia, Monongabala and oM Whiakey, Jamaica and N.
R. Rum, Loaf Sugar, Varnivhea, .Sand Paper, Glas
Ware, Bottle, Lemon and Ginger Syrup, Lime Juice,
Tamarind, Jups Cask. P.k't Burks and Mnpc, Piw,
Iron and ConipfMitin Mortar, and rVntU'j, Candle -Wick,
Blacking, Lee', IK'an'a, DyottV, Anderson',
IIc.por,, Scoll', Couk'a, SlioBrBcckwiin's, Peters',
Motfat', Evan', Brandrrth', Pii1m' Pills, Ilouck'a , '
and Swaiin'a Panacea, Mourn and Andertun's Cough
Thopa, Snuf Boxo, Spirtw, IVppi-r Sauce, KwanJ'
Tome Mixtnre, Buck t anion Boardii, Matches, Balm of
Columbia fbr bald heads, Elixir of Opium, Swauri'
Vermifuge, and a thunsaml otlier artii li-a j itt reco.ted '
and for sale rAenn at tlio Artothecary inn. hy
, C. B. & C. K.
Salibury, Juno7,T;anf;" . if ,
MJULl"! UK1M3 '
fllilE&ibcnbef. wile o inform- hi rulmwra' - -
- and Ihe public generally, tbal lid all 11 carrica
-OB'thaJ;'.,l" ''v'- r. .-.' ,'- -'...Vii-'-. k.j mu"4
Sioiir Cuilin? liumaeMM, -
and ia ever ready lo exccuio, in a very itiperior
manner, all uSutrripiiotMof work in hi line. - .
Uo!d.(Mntlfb,Jlll-$tonei, H iyuim and Door
tittt, Door ttcpt tftid Tomb ttcmri, are executed in .
a very tare a'ym. jim gru ior Jini-otont ia very .
t'XMi. ,ii r. i inlipii hbo ixs to iiiltirm Ihe public -that
he can execute, .Engraving uf Various kind'
I IV will Kngravo marbln-alulm neatly, and gmoiia
looib i(meacii be well executed if vitrei red. Ilia "
chary shall alway bo riiinnahlp, and if aecom"
nlxlatlilg a piMbli'. , - v
. Pomoii wiihing to huve work Jone in tlio above
line, will (lii. well lo call nt fbo iTHidence of Mr. ,
Pliilipe, :vrn mile wiiHli tif SttliHlmr. - r" - '
Aiurnt 21, 1838. v if
HAVING located bunaelf in Sulubury,
renpi.-cOully tenJera hw profemiontl aer
vice to Us eitiaena, and thoee of tbe surroundinj coun
try, llis ofTu e i at -ilia room formerly occupied by Dr.
K. M. Btmchelle, where he may be found at all lime
except when stoent onrofoool dute."",,-,''
" t aliabury, May 2, lKg). . . tf
11 iii Sale, a full suit ot uniloioi,- wilh Chaff.
Sword, Dtti and SatK.. Oir Enquire al thi Ollice.
Salisbury. Sopt 13, 110. a- . 3u

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