North Carolina Newspapers

V '
raw! in crowds'! who ased to meet til lor.ely.
Where i he itl moonbeams trembling lit tha shade;
I An !, foe the vows then interchanged, now only ,
Are tiie conrte,ee ot tssbion paid 1
meet in emWils! -where empty mirth m lighting
The flashing eyeshot reaches not the hesrt ;
Where Pleasure brims the cup, wtth smile inviting,
And luret her victuuA With syren's ul
We meet' in rrowJ! ah ! xw unlike the meeting
Our bnamnM knew, in tnose sweel by-gone hours, .
WlienTime'ssittmnrtBeem'donsmibesms fleeting,
"""""And youth's light footstep tiud stone on flowers.-.
We meet in crowJ? as Grangers, cold and sadly,
Who ne'er bad Diet, aud ne'er may meet iam ;
We part ! and in ech bosom, deeply madly, .
Rankles the wooml that aiust for aye remsin !
. A awlnmrd Fix. The Detroit "Spirit of
"76". tells a good slorv of one of .the Michigan
Senators, who hiring occasion to travel to New
York, f -und it convenient, Tor reasxm which can
rawly be divine, when it i remembered that the
provision of tir n-Hi-imprisonim-iit law do not ex
tend to citizm'of ul her States, on stopping at the
Aster House to enter n the register the name of
an erquaiiitsnre instead of hi tiwn. In a short
Jime he was inquired aftnr by the Sheriff's officer,
ami pointed eat an the per n whose name he hud
assumed. In answer l the officer, he assured
hun repeatedly he was iu4 the person that he
wanted, and that in jest h had jdv "put dtiwft- the
nam of an acqnainiance." H Well, air," said the
Sin-riff u pray what is your real name P After
a Itttlo hesitation tli cognomen was given,
i "h u all the tiime you will have t t-onm."
Why, sir? what do tw mean". " I have a
paper apamst you, by that name loo." So away
tliey went.
America Ligenull) in trading if -The
..very ftrs iibjncl f the AmerHun lifter a law haa
been p-i?rt is to And out how tlicv fan evade it.
Thia eiercises tmir ingenuity f nnd it i very
. amuwng to observe how cleverly ttey onictime
nitueit. At Itnttiniore in ein(iiencc of the
. prevalence of hydrophobia, 'the civil authorities
paed a hw, that all d'H ahould be muxxfed-, w
rt'her the terma were, " that art tloga ahould wear
muzzle," or the owner of the dog not wearing a
j muzzle hldJbJtronjHt MpJnd.fineiaiKl the
- regulation further st.iM, tha soy body convicted
" of having removed muzzle from ofl' a dog should
, be eevereiy lined. : a man tiiereinreiiexi a muzzle
to hi dog'a tail ('he act not ataiing where the
muzzle id to he pjuced.) ..t)iie f llie city nflj.
cere peieeivin this "g with hi iihizzIh, at the
wnnj( end took oioii of the dog, ami brought
It to the town hall. It mnsler being well known
waa iM'utunfifd ami appeareil.. Ilu proved that he
complied with ilu) acr, i:i hwiug fixnd a muzzle on
the dog, and further, the olticera having taken the
: munle nil- the ilo'tt tail, he inii(ted Ihnt he Hhoirld
. be hoed five dollar for tloing. Captain Mar.
ritrt"d.wThc p?fft tf inwntTtoK fhrhlrh r
the present see H ao miirkalln and which some
peraotM would dtginfy n the-pit ot" refnrttrt ii
Mppily hit ofT in the following lines from the New
York Herald:
' IIiw well it w th mn snd moon
Are placed se very Inch,
-That 0.1 preMiiimir ' can nich,
To pluck, them from the sky.
If 'tweiw nnf so, 1 ilo believe
That Mxue n-fhrmiig
rmtifwrffi a't'tuprm tnketfrrrn down;
yhuue wurld ith gat L
ComintrtirK srwrJ.. I. western edititr lately
. had the audacity , to announce to hi subscribers
th:l he would not take in piyment for his paper,
j either wmflchurks, dried allies, terrier puppies,
. tow, birch, broinu! axe-handles, wood or vec-ls-Lle
Hit hi eutocribem, wi'h that sturdy Hide.
pcmlence which eoch-priipter generally" pli7re"
fixetl to pay him in any thm; else, and he now
aye h ia ready io take thtuosllhe market prices.
A public meeting is to be called to see whether
ll is best to pay him at all.
. Tiro is ii tt Rm.- Among the Il.xisiers they
call cotton threi4 Bor,Ti term which few Yankees
nude rat and. 'A fur fat brunette one day atep-.ied
- into ib store of a young merchant, and biHighl a
dress of the clerk. Alter it was cut off, she ad
dressed herself to him Well. I reckon ynu'i
throw in (he aWs-T . Certainly replied the
cMm, wnn me m-tn mreu-neti in utiihter; " we
turow in he hns there he it you're very weh
. come to him T
When KW-'Witliarn'' !!. travelling jhrmigh
llirvtver, he wm charged very exiirbitnntty for
erv thing ' .'Among other items, eggs were put
. Xjiwn in his bill at 6ve shillings sterling esch.
' 'Vh,ble me," e id the King, "sreeirgssmrVe
bert.r "No, sire," waa the reply, " bot Kmjj
. . re-N . .. -Tt -' - -: . .
. A jury w!a wre directed to brinrg prisoner
gtjilljr U)nt his own con f,-ioitj returned a verdict
f not giiili$T"'Ttoi joifie demamleS the w-aioii.-
May it pleasi? your honor said the fremmi, ihe ti l
low ts an great e. liar that we cannot believe him
"Johnny, suil an acompli-hl daw, I wish
you woulil bnng me the Kicaard-tioiiiiry, fulaartv
-mw4 1mm sn s- 'lhwisry i n . ,
A Frenrhinan gaseoimding"nver the inventive
rmiujt tif hi eiHirttrv, d, " HV invented lace
. rJ-!:- A.r" id hm fitrftamt
Clnrr. MuUkiuli Cigars are rovle at Ger-
vTtantwwii, Peoo.. not ot ihe halves ot-4he- genuine
room 4. Aa editur there puff tliero...
1 An Irishman was oWneJ to feed his "pig one
day lo repletion and to starve it ihe next.'. On be
ing asked hi reao fir doing so he aniif, " Oeh
sure and is'i.t it that 1 like to have baeM with a
strike e'fat and a atrake o'laiw ejiu):y ooe after
tother." , ' -
The loltowiog is too good not to b ropied.
is fnim that remwitnrv of rood thinrs the N
Atlas: " tVe won't indulge in fwrrirfanrK'iparM'n,'
as the hen peeked husband said, when the pa rami t
ldd him he wotiM be joined (n his Wilis in anohrr
world eervr to sepnraie fnra her.-" Parson," rn'v
fie, " I beg you wouldn't mention that circumstance
gain. ' " : '-..-'
'J Will nn le r ssi'l Tom in J..
No, I
- -
rpilE next KeaBWHiof the Female School of M ib Sa
I tan A. iNitAHN wiltcoiniuencfon the lrtof Oc
tober neL Five or lix advinced punik would be ta
ken into the ichool, aid board can be had in respecta
ble. & mi lie at moderate prices
The underpinned can confidently recommend tbia
scImmI to favorable notice, believing that the qualifica
tion of Mm Htsrs are of a superior order, to leach
the elementary is well a hijtlier literary branches,
Her diNiipline and mode or instruction differa very
much from that usuallv enforced and Practised in our
Southern schoiila; iuL.beuij,iif.iDitiJ-4ud porDtll
chsrscter, leave the jmnd q-iembarrajaed ana iree w
act upon ite appropriate obiecta. An experience now
of two years enables ua to place full confidence in her
abililie a a teacher, the correctness of ber deport
ment, and the efficiency of her system.
- SV. R, HOLT,
Lexinpton, Davidson County, Pf. C,
September at), 1139. .
DZclns. Houcchc,
HAVING received a new supply of GROCERIES,
takes pleasure in Baying to hi friends and the
public, that they can now pHt bnreains indeed lor cash
lie has all kinds or Isnuiy provimons, such as
fcugar and Cotke,
Sony aM Candles,
Oranges, ,
i 1 KaisinM,
s ''.-, Almonds,' r , '.
Sweet Cracker,
Newark Cider, (
Iemon Syrup, i
, i Wines and
cod rub, )
, Mackerel,
.Ancliesiiini, .
Lime Juirsei
Albany Alt,
of i ha, bfl qmlitien, and of the latttt importationi, ',
Sulwoiiry, June V I"33U --V,
"PHE Subecribef, as atrent for Hetty !3cott,
' Jme Scott, and Mary IScott, who in
riJ tend moving to the West, otter tor sale tlie
W lollowing; tracts ot Land:
One I met containing 4.3 acres, the residence of the
late John Scott, situated five miles from Salibbury, on
lthe.main jBrtl..VUJ.!HLrJ?iV-i.!!?5'''sI much cleared I
tann ann vaiuaoie (iiauows, wnn a large anu couuno
dioiia dwelling houc a double bain, cribs, kitchens and
other out houses all iu good repair with the best of
. One other Tract of 415 acre, adjoining the above,
siid ntr both side of Crain creek, harms on it a Grist
Mill ami 711 acres cleared ; and a tine Meadow at the
head of the pond. . -. '
As a public stand it ia welj, known ; as a private re
sidence it is a deaireablf place. ,
A waggon, horses and ncfrroe will be taken in pay
ment A young negro girl is wantod, hr which a fiiir
price will he given,
0O The above linds will be rented or leaned, if not
sold, this Fsll by me. A. W. BRANDON.
' July 20, lC'ta. ' -r.-'T 3m or tf.
, flHE J3ubscriher.ha.vinz. purchased this-.
$ m MiM K. FjeshUHhinent ami flltpil il in utvlA
" theeccomniodationof -Travellers and
(ypZZ2-uJ IVmnlers, is now prepare for their recep
tion, ilia I ABLE will always oe turnisheU ,
With the beit the market can afford;
his BAR wilh a good enpply of choice Liquors; bis ,
BE1K4 sbnll always be kept in fine order ; and his St-'
bles (which are very extensive) are well supplied with
Provuniler of the first quality, and attended by cood -
grtiTTmtrmtt tirsmersr
Ue Jiopeav.bx itriiAttenlioriJaihe.Jbu;ineik.Dcr--
m;W jjiviiii'actiBilo.-siii w) mayjavor Kim with. -
(heir patronage. And he only ssks a call and trial.
A-NIIKKW JALUt;i.hLtill.
Uiingtrm, N. C, Feb. 81, 18U9. . 12
HAVE on hand, and rrilend keeping's supply of the
beet Anchor Stamp Doltins Cloths,
comprising all the various Nob. used in this region el
country Where sll who. wish the article can be sup
plied in quantities to sun purcnaseni, ami on reasonable
terms. iu-
Wove Wire for Screens, Sifters, &e.. kept constant
ly on hand. HALL & JOHNSON.
rogT or hat hoi st.
Fayetteville, May 17, 1S;I9.
To Travellers.
rpllB travelling community are recpectfully inform.
X ed thai the Subncriber u now running his line di
rect from Raleigh by way of Pitsboro'4na Asliboro' to
Salisbury, in small Northern made Coecbee of the first
order; leaving Rslnigh on Mondays and Thursdays al
10 A. M., arriving in Salisbury next uayaal 10 P. M.
Leaving Salisbury on Tuesdays and Fridaystl A. ti,,
srijsio ia Raleigh, nest days at W P. Al. ; " Z.
His horse are good, and driver particularly raraful
and accommodating. ' JOEL McLEAN.
1.1 ' .1
N. B. Seats secured at the Mansion Hotel. ,-'.-
i; - 'Mm foundry.
1IIAVB late'y completed and put incineration a large ,
Iron foundry at my mill oh the South- Yadkin river "
I'unnerly I'umiii) n Imam ewinlyr mimt
prepared to make all kinds of cas'.mgs, such s tho.
running Works' of cotton or Woollen faCtnries, cWtnn
trin. irritat and eaw mills, thrnshinir machines. -mind
fmillv plnmer-bhicks,--gmireons, iron shafhv puliies, -
arums, anvmg smeeis, anu, in sooir,vory inmg else
that is 'usually mde-t-rroe foundries. ;W'e are also
prepared for Tuning shsfuv&citod for finihing and -fitlinir
upall kinds ol machinery in this 1 ins ol busimK
I have employed Jacob W vitigo, formeily of
Baltimore, a very skillnl Mschinist, lo sopor intend
nd uxim.ire my establishment. ' Mr. VVayncsburg ha '
worked ail bis life iu establishments of this kind, and
ia diKtingjiished for hi skill a a Machinist, and Mill- ,
Wright He will also make calculations Ibr water-whetUTnill-geariRg,
eVe and when the machinery kT
obtained fnsii us, he will attend to putting A lip. Our
prices are those of sjtmlar esUbliahmenU t the North.
j. ruers uiin-rseo emier to Jacob W aynenourg
m..It fUl. - .11 V.. .1 .. 1 J
nuiiru l-rwin-D
Salisbury, alay 24, )19.'
Vll.llll.IAJ M
PROM 7a,()00 to 100,000 ot the-
OCr Apply at this OiScr.
4 - September 20, 1ST0. -T
"i fl.
fROM,n, N. Cn man by mo nanie
V li. REYNOLDS, yho y he is Lg Imhman
he employed by the undersigned as the driver ot a
Hack, belwtfon Uton Court liouc and the Limestone
u m r. iu ... wnt on the lath of,
. . 1 D
with a Hack and two horses to Lincoloion, N. t'., to
have suine alteration and repair made on liie m- ,
be was fumUhed with
to defray the expenses of the proposed repair and a!-
teralMMis. 1 ' . . , ," ", , .
II. r.h I. nm. Ivored the ItaCH, mil, pre-
temJine that he wished to visit a friend, borrowed a sad-J
tile and saddle-bag, blanket and bndle, and look one or
the horaea which he drove in the iiaca, snu uu u woc
heard from since. ' ' ' ' . ...
The said KCiKOLUS is anoui o ieet o or t ionic
high, between Stt and at) years of ge, stout bodied, a
lean complexion, with black hair and whisker; he
steps short when walking. He staled that he had beea
employed by Mr. Laccy of Augutf as trainer of
horses: be has been pronaniy a siage
line between Raleigh and Columbia. The horse which
he look is cbesnut sorrel, witch-tail, rijrht eye out,
t!r hsiirta hreh.nstariir-the forehedi hich -wrtbeeed,
crert-fallen, stout bodied and compact made ; U yew
old. - ' - - '
- The friend of honesty ire appealed to, to aid In ip-
prehending tlie villaio- .... . ' - ,
will be paid for his apprehension so that he can be pro
secuted, lor horse stealing and a . j. :. .
will be given for the delivery of the horse at thia place.
' Superintendent of the Limestone
. , . bprmg Company.
Limestone rprings, n. Kj.,' i ' ; ' 4t
September WO, mX
: TiaiVonug Busics9.
STTllbe Subscriber keep constantly on band", t gener
al al assortment of
for Gentlemen's wear, such as Cooti, Pantaloon, and
les, of gd
well made, and fashionable lie is also prepared to cut
and make clothing in the moil fathionable end durable
itylr, and warranted to fit." He, tlsn, keeps t good as
sortment of Cloths, Cassimereaand V eatings ot the first
misliliea, selected by bimself in the New York Market,
all of which he will sell low for Cashi
N. Bv- He still continues to teach the artof Cutting
garments on the most approved plans ol the best 1 ailors
Lin Ni!W York and Philadelphia.- -
(XT Cutting lor customers uone on me snorurei n.
tice, and orders from a distance attended to with de
spath. ftt" Hi hop will be found in Mr. Cowan's
larpe brick building. ' ' BENJ. F. FKALEY.
DayidBon, nd the adjoining Counties.
rpiIE Subscriber hss now growing 14
JL Ktslks of the Twin Cotton, which
was originally brought from the Island
of Cub, if be is rightly informed.
Ike 14 Stalks have Wtil crown Pod at this time,
which will make good Cot mi... The Sulk are much
taller than the common Cotton.. The drat limb that
cornea out at tlie joint, grow out 4 or 6 inches in length,
then forma, and the Puda cluster on ihe end of the limb,
from three to five in number. The second, or lateral
liinb, come out il the joint with the first growth, some
three or fair inches m lengtli, and thee tonus two Pods
Guud imtires ssv that the staple is much finer than
the conrmon tJottne." KmtheriBore, the tteethem Agr.
cultunst say, that it m a much finer article, and
wilt command 4 or Scent mere in a poond-titan- the
common Cotton. Tbi is not sll, it will yield at least,
one third more to Ihe acre. Several Gentlemen have
seen it, and are highly pleased with it
Any person who wishes to purchase some of the seed
can calf and examine for "ihcriiseTves, but for the con
venience of those who live st s distance, I will get
several Gentlemen who are good judge to examine tfao
.JLXviileon Co,, .I'rn.Jl
The Ctath Tract.
7TWE a hove TRACT of LAXD advertised in another
part-of thiep8per,-ieetill-
and any one wishing to purchase can, by paying two or
three hundred dollars down, have the chance to pay the
balance on any reasonable time.
it. AU3 ruv, Agent
Salisbury July 5, 1-m ' tf-
Cress & B6ger
HAVE on hand ind offer for sale Uie following arti
cles cheap tor cash or on lime to punctual dealera:
Fine invisible green, blue a4 Hack Clolbs;
Stin vesting, figured, very handsome';
Black and drab Date for Summer wear t
pieces Kentucky Jeans) 101) do. brown Domestics ;
10 do lied-Twkiuf s; 3,000 lbs. Spun Cotton, S.F.
50 lbs, bluexollon Yarn ; 50 lb. Turkey Red ;
lo keg nails, sseorted ( - .
. 4 genuine mouse-hole Anvillcs;
2 smiths' Bellows;
1 dot. Collins' Axes: IS finished Rifle barrels ; 3 doz.
Weaving Reeds Philadelphia make; Scotch and Mac-
caubn Fnuff ; 1 box best cavendish Tobacco ; 18 or 20
11 let Aoker Bolting Cloths, from No. 5 to 9; assortment
oisccaa wireatc,. .w
Sugar, CofTee, Molassea, French and Cbampaiga Bran-
Tdjr, Wtneeirf-ditfwerit kinds t-Holland Gm,-4.-,
jmy xn, lajui ... u
'IMIE SuWriber, in conformity to recent instructions
. aw leceivcd from the North Carolina Gold M ine torn-
puny, taker this nifiiwl to iiifurm those interested, that
hereafter sll persons found trespassing upon the follow
ing Tract of Land, belonging to saut Company, sitna
ted in Davidson County, will be prosecuted according
to tlie strict letter of ihe Law. . -
- JOHN WARD, Agent
' Da vidaon, April 1 1800. - 7" " ' tf
J f LANDS :.J . ' ..;
Tract, No. t cemtsining tj83 acres, lying on the lour
. .'. , ,; ' " mile branch. ' .
3 containing 902 acres, lying on. the w-
-- . ters of tb Flat Swamp. -3
containing 3.B0O acres, lving on Lkk
. ' creek. Flat Swamp, and Yadkin River.
iit . . - 4 conuinmg l.fioO, lying on Flat Swamp
" i " - -, A containing H)7. lying oo Ijck creek.
" ' :' 7 containing 1,412, lying on Flat Swmap.
, . ' 8 containing MO. lying on lick creek.
9 containing WI, lying on Lick creek.
, ' '' 10 containing lW7 acres, lying on Ijck
,',','." V, ""..."creek and Flat Swamp. ,
" 12 containing, l&A, lying on Lick creek.
. , i. licontaining 1,317, located on four mile
branch and Jacob creek, adjoining the Lead mine. :
. "Scgtoea ;W sxTAled:
IJ".V1R cash price will be given for Negroes. Apply
at Col. R. W. Long's Hotel, Salisbury, N. C.
I May 17, 19.- tf - .
u Thk Rnri;Birc- " has been publiahed iu Washing!-.
Uli, North tarulitia, mr six numiii, and will Iw miu
uod so long as suHicmnt paurouogo is received to defray
the expenses of lis publication. It ha now upward of
four hundred subscribers, d U is believed that if Uioo
friends to whom this lropi:ctus is sent will make lit
tle exertion, the number nuy be doubles). For tlie su
port ol our paper, we are compelled to rely almost eu
iirely dptm tmf subscription list, as the adviftmng,,n,m is slmusi exclusively in the hands of tue
Whigt ; and they cherish towards our press Ine better
hostility, ' . - ' . "
It n important that a Republican press should be
sustained al this place. It is peculiarly important to
ihe Republican party of tin Congressional DUtrict
This town is about Uie ceuire ot the OistncL '1 he im
portance oT the press may safely be interred Irom the
malignant and hitler persecution- ure-have- receive
Irom ihe lug tor. our enori to esiaoiisu n. n -poriant
to the whole Republican party of North Caro
luis. iil this rre should be sustained. Tliere is "Ko
other Keouhhcan tmoor published id a circuit of 00
. . . i.i ... . . I.-. . .i ... I
miles f aira rrre except rau inwr-i "-n --- T
none.wiUim 7a milea. i is no iw-pMuiicsn ipcr
published iu the Newborn District. We are liianklul
to our friend in that District lor the aid we have al-c
ready received in extending our circulation, aud hope;
they will help us still farther. iW- ( '
Tbu name ot our paper lodicalcs lis character. It ;
is a warm advocate of the old Jefiersonian doctrines aa
set forth in the Virginia and Kentucky Resolution ot
17W. It is the iiiyTif foe of mnujtoli,' It wsgee .
no tiall-way opposiuon, but " war to the kudu and tlie
knde to the IiiIl" VVe will Dot compromise on this
point: tireresif may be compromised, but principle! ,
never. In the contest now going on between Hie
mmiey pwer and popular liberty, it Will be fuuiid aa
heretolore a zealous, ana we nope, an emcieni ouvo-.
cate of the nglii of the people. Jit will advocate fret
trade and the rightt of labor, and oppose the union of
Bank and State, a not less corrupting thsn tlie union
of Church and State, ll support Uiu present Admin
istration,' and will continue to ilo so as long as the Go
vernment ia administered on sound Republican and
State-Rights doctrines. '
All sectarian and irreligious matter will be carefully
excluded from Die columns ot " The Republican."
Otir paper is published in Ihe midet of constant per.
snnal danger : iu tact we aro almost weekly the subject
of pertoual ' lutoult.
v e hope those to whom this is sent will make some
effort to procure subscribers. Our term are Three
Dollars per anuum.
- 1X7 Ws do not expect profit of one dollar beyond
the Support of Ihe preoa.
" " " Editor sod Proprietor.
September 20, 1S39.
TIIAKEN up and committed to the
Jail of Rowan county, on the 15th
instant, a negro man who rails himself
the sight ot his left eye is injured, sua
that he belongs to Otorge Cooper, ol
Fairfield District, S. C. The owner is
requested to come forwsrd, prove property, pay charges
and tske him away, or be Will be dealt ith as the h w
directa ' JOHN II. HARD1K, Sh'tT. .
Salisbun.JuneSl. 18!. t
fjnilE SUlklCRlBER living near Lexington, Daid
' son County, takes thia method to inlbrm the Pub
lic that he will enter into contract with any Person, of
person, either in Davidson, Rowan, or Cabarrus Conn
ties, who wish houses, factories, or any other kind of
buildings erected of Brick, to build them as-cheap, aa
IdtKableysed in a good-sly lea uy workman in-lhia
Country. " ' ' , - "
- lie-will else, mould ikI Wrothelkkvii eiaaUd.-.
He trusts that hi long experience in
will entitle bim to a share ol public patronage.
He would refer gentlemen wishing work done in his
Line of Business, to the Female Academy and the new
hi work.
N. B. Those wishing work done, will please leave
word at the office of the Western Carolinian, and it
shall be"ptmctxratty ttend6d"t&:- ' 4
To Ownets ol -MVU.S.
"piK Subecriber baa an improved patent Spindle tor
m Mills, by which, a mill will do much better man
with the usual form of Spindles. It ia so constructed
eittrkeep from neaiiny-or killing tlie rvteal-tn y man -
ncr. The runner is so confined by the Hpindle as al
ways to preserve its balance, and of course there is no
rubbing of the (tones, ' .
I think, by this improved Spindle, the same .water
will do at leaat one-third more business, and the meal
of superior quality.
Any person wishing to oe one of these Spindles,
may obtain ooe or more, by making application, (with
in a short time) to the Subscriber at Mocksville, Davie
Co. N. C. I think the probable coet will not exceed
$."10 for the Patent and Spindle ready for use. "
Col. Wm. F. Kelly and Tho. Foster, in the vicinity
of Mocksville, have recently tried the improved Spin
dle, and are UgUy pleased with it'
u w. uu.iit.iir.
Februar- 7, 11:10. . tf "
PI IEN IX BITTERS 7V uni vrrtal estimation
in which the celebrated Life fillt and Phenix Bittern
are held, is satisfactorily demonstrated by the increa
sing demand for them in every State and section ot the
Union, and by the voluntary testimonials to their re
markable efficacy which are every where offered, ll.
is not less Irom a deeply gratifying confidents that they -
Jarclbe .means, ot extensive and inestimable "good
among his afflicted lclloMr-creattirea,thsn from interest
ed considerations, that ihe Proprietor of these pre-emi- "
nently successful medicines i desirous of keeping them
ifaWfbc'forinii puW iTy i'TTiaWe oTOory ad.'5"
dilional box and bottle tea guarantee that some persona
will be relieved from a greater or les degreeot suffer
ing, and be improved in general health ; for in no casa
of suffering from disease ran they be. taken in vain.
The Proprieuir has never known or been informed ol an
iiwnoe in which I hey Mve failed o do good. lr the
niosl obstinate cases ot chrmno diw-sne, such a chronic
dyspepsis,. torpid liver, rhenmatiein, asthma, nervona 1
and bilious head-ache, ciwlivwua, piles, general debili.,
ty, scrofulous swellings snd uleens scurvy, salt rhcam
ami all oilier chrome arlectsms of the organs and mem
hrsnes, ihey effect cures wilh a rapidity and permanen
cy which lew persons would theoretically believe, bnt
to which thousand have testified from hspiiy experi
enca. In colds and exighs, which, if neglected, aiiper-'
induce the most fatal disease ot the lungs, and indeed
the viscera in general, these medicines, if taken but
for three or four days, never fail... Taken itnight, they
so promote the insensible perspiration, and so relieve
the system of febrile sctioo and foculent obstruction,
ss to produce s most delightful secae of convalescence
in the morning; and though th usual symptoms of a
Cold should partially return during the day, the repeti- -(ion
of a auitahledone st the next hour of bed-time will
almort invariably effect permsnenl relief, withmii ra
ther aid, Their effect upon fevers of a more acute and
vmiem aino is not less sure aud speedy if taken in pro
portionable quantity; and persons retiring to bed with
mfltimmalory symptoms of the most aWnnng kind, will
awake with the gratifying consciousnnss that th. nr.
enemy has been overthrown, and can easily be subdued. '-.-
lu . wuKant wrgasemM, thwighr Joog. es
tabludied. and visceral inflammatiotis, however enticst,
win ymio tne former to small ami the latter to lar-re '
doses of the 7v JWr; Snd so also hveriel sff,.".
tjont-,hypocoohittrm( rcttlesmcfsr, nd",tory man.-
other varieties ol the Neurotical claxsdf Jw,, ,
U) tho f tlicscy ot the 'ftrnwr iillrs. flu . '
tor the u' ot the meilicmes, and showing T
them; 'and they can be obuined, ulHilemle ii,,!?'
t H75 Brdwa;Wf9 riuiiier.ui.&rhfl....
Unparalleled sticcess are always open to
' - ' lilfOICIBt
.MotTnt's " Goim Samabitan,' a copy of which aJ
pnnic the medicines; a copy can also be obui
tlie different Agent who have the mcdicm. (
French, German, and Miariiph directi;ns can k.
taincl on application at the office, 1575 Bunds,,
All post psid letter will receive immediate attrM
Prered and sold by William, 0. Multitf, 75 BrJJi
way, N. Y. A lilioral deduction made to tho, 2r
purchase to sell again. v .
flllilll llinH 1 TlHrllflli.l ni fl, I III. . wtl'K .
. -i--.-
Agt nn i nc ijiio wouicines may also be lnJuf
prinoi(Mil dnijfifists in every town throughout thaU
led State and the Canadas.. Ask for JlutLt's U
Pills and riienix Bitter ; and be mire that a t -T
of John MotCtt's signature ia upon the label of etch J '
tie of bitters, or box of 1 "ilk ,
THE WEST, and particularly those who k..
used the Llt E MF.DICISES in treatment of ?
VEIt AiD All IE. x , T
tt Wfcttt"W" VCfT WHrr'4 44Wrl 4MH4)4 "TrtTTjM"rxTfJWl
been tniMtiuceu mm me reverano Ague Uiatrtcts,
the proprietor flatters himself that during ttiat fsrn
wherevr r they have been used according to thtsj
lions, limy have done more towards, extorminauiwtfr.
disease, than all other remedies and prescription,
Oineu. it is s common excuse among - regular
titionera,H wlien specifics are introduced, that they
not cure diseases which pe, the habit rtvn
sideting incnrsbln. - Medical experience is contiowii
doing sway a part of the lift or the incurable duet,
and Mr. Moffat ha the happiness of confiderit!i .
nouncmg that ttver and Aqut i now lo be timajh
.i Z t i n i
me ntimucr w cuuipiaouo uin nuiuiu iu om co.
quered. ''" '' . ., . ' '
In Fever and Ague the Life .Shdicin not only gin
quicker relief than any other remedy, but, if perwefsl
in, effect a permanent cure; so that if the patient
only ordinarily csreiul, ami resort directly to tmoet,
cine upon the first symptom or tendency to i ney a.
tack, it may always be warded on. I o escape one chj
would be of infinitely more consequence to tlsxufo.
er than the value or the remedy to remove (h iu.
perirmnenjly would confer a benefit upon hin tlmi
cannot be estimated by any earthly standard, That
these Med icme ill rrieel what ia here rJtwi U
them, the Proprietor haa the testimony of attiofuim.
ed with them and their application and in to tb IV
vcrand Ague; end his object in now andtrsufki
friend at the West ia to request them that tl7 ,
no pains in communicating their experience, u
aemmsting this highly interesting iu)orDiaiioii,iiie''
the season for Fever and- Ajfue liai arrived.
ll is not for the mere purpose of disposing rfi
hundred packages of the Life Medicine, that iWpt
prietor make tins appeal. The demand for hiilta
cine is already greater than he can conveniently a
ply; and even wore t insuflicieiirTiT St flbrittiltb" hsV
his lea sure waa not greater at the benefit confins1
upon the auflenng part of the community byiniocwi
m hia sales, than at hie own pecuniary piolit ,-;
RKnTwe- fcWe -Medieinwsftf properly eeed tml pi'wnii
in, reoommend themselves still it is necessary tlal
public should know that such medicine exist, tin bra
the propriety of (dverticinv them. It is hoped, tin
'"lire, that "Uie prriprfeUir wiiniW
when be says that tfiercis no medicine or mode of U
ment extant, for fever and sgiio, so appropriate, tl)r(i
and positive, in its happy clt'ecU as Moff'at't LifttSi
and I'henix Uilter.
For further particulars' of tFie above, bh1icid i
Mottit'a Goon SAxarTA"i, a copy of whiehiwn-ita.L
nies me meuiciuu. .a copy miy aiBODOorHamcgitiin
different Agents who have tlie medicines tor sale
CO French, German, and Spanish directional!
obtained on application at the office, ,175 HrotWsvy.
00" All poif paid letters, will receim itaswtia
SoW iWale end hy WJUJAJI US
FAT, 873 Bruadwar; N. Y. A liberal dsdsctwa mail
K4fiesirlie nMpfhase tyy-eH- iwffr'"W'
Ag-cRff.The Life Mediuinesuiay nleowe had of li
priucipal uruzEwtj in every lown throughout Uw Unttee
States and the Canada. Ask for MulTat's Lift K
and Pheniz Bitters; and be sure that a fac umiM
John MoHat's stgnsiure is upon tho label ul each ten
of bitters, or box of pill .
Fever and Ague is a imwt obstinate diwue,ui
warnt and humid climate fruenUrepist.qrw a
uinary muuu oL cure, su a to becomttLvery iluizmK
Vl lhe pergon. jtntl bvtho cxlreme.jdxhiljly.,iid
diisi.wiJucef, it oium gw rise tocatM-r chronic r
..I. -x'ii...i. .:.-..':'".-i 'f',-i.k-.m.:. - - .
piaiuio. maiaii uuasotaia, or llie euiuvia arising in
stagnant water, is the most frequent exciting ctu'
this disease ; and one of its great peculiarities
ceplibility ot a renewal fnnn very slight causiaso
a from the prevalence of an easterly wind smoiC
out the repetition of the original excitinir am. s
this Fever and Ague differs fruiu "most oilier fcv'eff, I
il is well known, that alter an ordinary fever hum"
occurred, and been removed, the perso'u affecti-d
so lame to a iresn attack a one who was uotsji&a
ed. These circumstances render it extremely ite
to elfecl a permne?if curt of Fever and Afue, Uwtf
lo rrtiene tue patient for the time being is a iy n
TERS have been thoroughly tested, ami provni
positive and radical cure of Fever and 'Ague, U
dred of hi follow. -Citizens in the West, have volufU-
rily come forward to- assure Mr. M-jtlat ihat ttw I
Mtdtcne are Uie only medicines that will Uvreat
ellecl a removal of this most tedious and dinrrta
disHsae. - -
Others who have emigrated to that rich ana
suig portion of our Country men who went oat t
hope, and con lid cut of winning a competencs t;
luxuriance ot the sod ; or who carried to lb
of our settlements the oiercanltle or mechanical tf
rience won in the crowded cities aud towns of Ite
er States, have either returned wilh shattered emo
tions and depressed spirits, or they remain ratt"'
homes, dragging out a weary III ; at last, to nut
der some disease to winch ihey are prtdinixoeil '
terror of the West, the Feser and Ague, 'ilieiraft,
fre blasted their business energies deststryss--'
Cl Uorade become a desert, and the word, aiMem"
'earrtt' Brt'Jii'K ftatiiX-
to uiese individuals, Mr. llnlTat wcjild say.
the te MrUui nes, snd yon , ill yetsntici(ii r
most sanguine expectations, lor ihey'will etiiawlC'
store you lo healili. "W
Fever snd A?ue is a eomnlaint which reeiiiteik-'
met at its first approach, wf ewiltled vf
Beldoiii fatal of itself, it reduces the slientli, "
paira the tunctions of the organs, so What upuo tw v
testation of disease. Nature u unable, unawixoi111
sist the inroad. The Eife Medicines, wliea tksf
ly according to dirrctimi will ewe it so tn
weak. and tremMingTRtim of disraac.ue hril'
and strength, ' , '-'
For lull particulars ol the mode of "
reader ia reterred to the Gone SAaaalTta, a P"
which aocompanins the medicine. A copy
taioed ot the different agent who bve the a
fur sale. - ' v -..-.'. ... .
' French, Gorman, and Spanish direclions can
tained on application at Ine nfhee, 375 BroaiiJ
All poet paid letter will receive immodiatesiw'
Sold wholesale and retsil by Wllim B. Jluft'
Broadway, N. Yt A liberal deduction "DiJ a "
who purchase to sell again. , --
Ag-ers-The Life Medicine may alsft be W '
principal Druggists in every town throughout ,
ted States ami the Canada. Ask for MollslsU''
and phenix Bitters r ami he sure that fL
Ji)hn Moffat' sn'iiaturo is up n the label of eK'
of Bitters, or b , .,,!' JMls. , . ' -f J. i '
The abore Medicines may be "f
Mcbbts. Cress A. this Toi
who are Agents for the game '
-.Saliwhury, N.c, hy 2(5, iW.r--Tt-y-
1 ai
. I
-' f
- t
. '.. .... k

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