North Carolina Newspapers

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Friday Morning, October 25, 1839.
; The Junior Editor of thit paper rill, Aor
&e aftaen from the Stale for i-melnoitthi.
, The Sutpenrion. As wai to hava kx'eo expected
after the suspension of the Philadelphia Banks,
""those of this eUate and all S wlh of Pennsylvania
have done likewise. All this it the cousequence
of (he suspension of the Philadelphia Bank. We
bar no doubt but that the Banka in (hit State are
as sound s Banks cad be j nevertheless, it would
be great folly in them lo keep their vaults open,
while alt the others close up, since the consequence
. would inevitably be, a drain of specie by the bro
kers and speculators.
It is believed by many .that the suspension will
be of short duration, we hope it may be so, but it
it evident from the tone of some of their organs,
who are doing their utmost to induce the New
York Banks, now standing firm, ta suspend too,
that the Federal party will make desperate eaet .
lions to bring about,' and maintain an embarrassed
state of affairs in order la.vgaihei(ich?lt9tj.
' National Bank. This however they cannot do,
" since it is plain, beyond dispjle, that the . present
;::::Tluefwo1i1i" occasioned w holly by -the. embarrese--'
ments of the UnitoJ Stales Bank of Pennsylvania,
the acting " Regulator. Bills to the amount of
; 7 millions of Franca drawn by this Institution on
a bankinff establishment of Fiance have been pro
tested. If thls Uuited States Bifli of PenhsylVa.
tbat as soon as these difficulties are adjiiNt i?a
general suspension cannot be effected in New York
and New England it will resume specie pay
meats. This Bank by its outrageous sjieculatinns
40 Cotton and politics has brought these embarraas
. toem on itself and tlie country. It stock which
,,4, .some week's ago was up lo 120.. baa, fallen in New
i'lk'W 70: and Hi note are ae tftfvrceiituiia,
tr'i.P m , the same .Ufw This, is . regulating the
' currency with it ''tengeance. Te'rhapl' the eyeamif
. its advocates wilt bo opened after a while, but
, , " none are so blind as those who do not wuh
;-, tosee." ' '
TLjLtrflnlinarT fart is dinoU-nd, that with
a deficit in the"ep6rr6f some avruiiilr 'iTwiit'T
sand bales from; the United IStates, the stock ot
American cotton now on hand in this place, amounts
to the .enormous sum of 502.000 bales; being the
largest stuck ever before kuown, and which excrej
that of last year on to day, by 74,000 bales."
The above is aneatraet-from a-Jetter oUGcdT
Ilamiltoo, dated fiom Liverpool the 20th August
. Americaa Cotton on hand, is anything but favora
bly and Bgrceable intelligence for the planters.
TW swjuut -ButuiduO.: Jcarty . et-a
wi tliaullum
supply15reait Fnf i tr; acwdm t tb aU of
ber consumptton for tbe laai nvo tnonins. i m
- fact being so, it fallows M mstter of Course, that
early consignments the coming aeason, hi inrreas.
ing the already overuflicient. supply in marknt,
-miilen4tVjMwcial IhariccGIIarml
ton recommends the adoption of some efloctual
measures to keep back shipments until February,
and points to the proposed convention of Cotton
Planters W be hi td in Macon, as the only apparent
resort. If the Convention can dcViee means lo
- ehaege the regular course of trad heretofore, and
keep up the prite of Cotton by so doing, if will ccr
taiuly be something new ander the sun.
The Soutaer Cotlo Crops. All accounts
Concur in staling that the Southern Cottoo crop
has been sq seriously affected by t drought late
- in the season, that it will fall for short of realising the
anticipations sometime since entertained, of t hea
vy ) icld. v . i
Direct 7V.ioV lo the South. W ontice aeveral
lule advertisement of merchants in,
drreclTmert TeliKVmpr
aiHHNineed, that a line of rackets, owoeu m iu.i
city, will go into operation on the 1st of February
next.torun monthly between Liverpooland Charles.
VoTWlta-wnil. vm1NKttiil.tcp.,Jct,l.
kro," and kaks like eablwhing t direct trade
in earnest, and we ahall now see who are the
wiis nf Sntuherw trade in facW nd who are
its ulkinir friends only. All approve me recom
mendationsof the Commercial Conventioua held,-
lipgness'to aid in carrying them out ty wtepping
forward to tle encouragement of the enterprising
men who are boldly attempting to pusa them for
ward. Lot our merchants go to Charleston and
buy their goods, uistead of the North ; tliey ought
to fed themselves bound to make the experiment
st lemrt. If the Southern merchsnts rill cootinue
te go to the North for their supplies, this enterpri.
ling and patrnitic effort of the Charleaton rner
chanls, to establish, direct traJe, cannot bo sus.
tained, conventions are not eulBcieol of them
set vr-s, there muxt be some 'efficient steps taken.
There is now an opportunity and we ahull see. who
are and who are not the real and substantial fiieods
of direct trade. '
It iaitwf waiMiiihinenl that WO ahoold find
any of Ihe State Bauks of the country friendly to
war-Is a Vnt'td 8iatesUank The conduct of Ihe
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tl.-l!l. ! ,.r ! .
oik, an in. , ... s .
-dram 1.. n of Vi ,:,,' : (. j;
villus Brjitfi-;-iii'nt to r, :,-.-m I
tl .f her hills i;i r,!rt
i-t .
'Ol ll I' l- i., r in-
pwt notes and tlnifi the n-U t
a (Ifrimin'iiiii.
' for ihe notes of the Siute Hank, wuh which she
draiiil th, specie from their vault, f..r ep .rta
turn. This is the oieratHHi to which the biiikinj,'
institutions have been sulijctrd to sustain-the
. sinking endit of this United Bute limk, and yet
we hear men talking about its corroding the cur
nucy, and regulating eschanges. What stutf.
, , w fkclwna in .Ync Jersey liave resulted
in favor of, :he H' bige.'-- -r;r:. i : : :;T
Those in 'eaaxycania and Ohio in favor of the
Administration. - - " ' J
. Final returus have not Lecn received from Ctv
gin, but so far as to teiider certain the election ol
the Administration Candidate for Go
vernor, by a conisidcrubfe nwjintyT" i '
Fuleral metling in iJwroa. Tbe Federalis'.s of
this County, held a netuig in the Court-house on
yesterday. We, were not a looker on," but un
derstand that it was a smaffone. The ohject of
tie meeting was to choose delegates to the llalmgh
Convention and perhaps the lkrrUburg, to save
Ihe people the trouble of making a Oyveruor and
PresideiiU . L.., . .v..
. : .,...... ;: '
Federal meeting in Ihirie, We uuder.-land
. that the Federalists have called a meeting lb be
held in Mocksville on the 27th inst. We suppose
the purpose is the same as that of tbe Rowan meet.)
ing, noted above. ''
Shinplatters. Tbe authorities in the Dist. of
Columbia, and Pennsylvania, hare given notice of
their intention, rigorously to enforce the laws
against tbe shinpLuster is Mies, with which the
couttlry ws so aUHlty fl-joJ4 during the late
suspension. Tliey are a species of wore than
trash, that ought lo be kept down every where.
By the laws of .Pennsy lvania, ; ih ausprnmon of
specie payments by Ihe Banks, involves forfeiture
of their charters. In consideration of the state of
affairs coercing the first suspension, the Legisla-1
-1ih rertrauTcian .
. They have, however, incurred the forfeit again
No. 1 of the second volume of the American Phre
nological Journal has been received. It is em-
bellind with a lithograph, and contains a biogra
- pliy of Dr. Gall, lieaido several other iutereating
articka:. : t. J-i''i ..-n
j Tliis periodical is. certainly eonducfed with a de-
grceWabintf ahd'S
. and powever Hs iwrticulardoclriues may be regard
ed, it contains many things highly iiitere'sting'To
men of science, and is altogether an acquisition to
Ihe literary publication of tbe country. .
If the United Slates Bayk bad now a few mil
hwr'efiW,pepfes nteey, from the sarptortairu
on hand, they would grestly relieve its wants. No
doubt her managers look hack with longing recol
lection and yearning hearts, to the times when
they fingered for years, millions upon millions" of
the public money, without paying for its use, a
cent of Interest : bul these golden days for them
have gone by, it is to be hoped, never more lo re.
turn. e nope iirratier mat tne poCRrre or trie
people will b considered quite as safe depositories
lrriit.ll! ' ny the. BauVnf iheUnited
rlalealor any "WrWjIaiik;-- -;
Gewl. MoDulbw hssbeeu sefccieJiya Lmoiif
lee of the citizens of Charleston lo deliver a F.u Io
nium on the character of (Jcn'l. Ilayne.
The remaiusof Genl. Ilayne interred at Afch-
-V Jle are lo he removed to Charleaton, and a momi- j
men! will be erected over them to Ms memory.
The number of contested seals in the House of
Representatives of the next Congress is eight
Five from New Jersey, one from Pennsylvania, one
from Virginia, and one from Illinois.
Fatal Occurrence. A lad by the name of Win.
Dowdy, a bound boy to Mr. Wm. Taylor of Davie
Co., was killed on the 14th inst., in a allocking
- manner. He rode w ilh a "negro boy lo water, a
ewt distance from the bouse, w ithout a bridle on
hia liorse, on returning, ihey commenced racing
their hows, when the one on which Dowdy rode,
(ell, ibrehim over his bead, and falling over on
him, crushed him instantly lo death. .
Our acknowledgements sre due to a young friend,
-sii)sW fol.alJI.!4,"fce(52L
erity foe tfie present year. It ia hTghTy gralTiy"'
ing to its friend's lo be assured of ihe flourishin
state of the Institution which the Catalogue shows.
rot the wasTEas I titousiasij
Mrssas. EniToas : You will please give Ike fol
lowing notice one or two insertions, and oblige a
Iricod awl suiisest
Thom wilt be a nvetina of the Democratic Re.
publicans of Cabarrus County, at the house of Joha
Jl.-Pfwrpmi Rrk Roscr,.na SalojayJth?.?ih rf
" November next, w here Ihe friends of Ihe prewml
Administration of the tJeneral Goverament are
particularly nHjoe-ted to attend. ; . - .
October 23, 1339.
roa the ssmu caoi.iina
. Pursuant to notice, a public meeting of the eitixfis
of Rowan county. assembM st the Conrt House w
S.lury. on thelEM of OcUs4, tor the pnrpre
of appointing Delegates to the Convents to l Mid
ii.i..i. ii l th of November. 1SW, K. D. Aus
tin, was called lo ihe Chair, and Julia 11 Herdie ap-
pointed fWrrt s ry. ' ., . , .
Mr. II. C Jons presented tbe following ResuhiUoos,
M.l.;-h mim nA and adosted.
1 Rrtotvi, That we heartily sporove we onj- oi
. ti,t inn to bfMjn Rsleigh, on the 1'itb of
November Rest, wsTeeem it oue of the DlfM vslned
righu of the people, ia their Bfimary character, and in
" - I . i . , i
b' it in n
the ( '. ,
tiit! I'm- i : v .
ty of pur, y 1 '
irinc..i. an! v :-. i l i.v: i :
Kentucky, in j w ir;i; v, .' n . s , ,.
any one, who nmy ! t- .m u. j l,y i ..
I'on, we bcrttiy ctHu.aiv svnw i.ur i
llrnultfity Tint Wo linve t!..; I'.u'. t i .
otucitv, (iniittees and mti.vniy ol' J.m M. .. .
of liuiliiird, mil wo rcuunni'iiil h.iu l t . i i
Cwoventiun, as a suitable con4niiio to m r u t r
vunior U Um; JUlQ by llid Win;' ur' '
. K. a AtSTLN, Ci. ...
i. II. IlASBit. Sec'y.
. Thia body wet at Najivillu W,Aluilay jj
11 ojclotk, A. M. - N
In tbe Kuuate"alT Tie Vnetiilerlf annearinir. Cen.
Thomas Love of Henry Couuiy was choiwn (K'uk.
er, William K Hill of Maury," Principal Cterk, and
K- V. Casey of I ayette, door keeper. y
' In the H iuw, seventy-four niembers anrtenred
and Joims K. Thomas of' Mnury county,- was !
sen Speaker, Granville g.CMtketl of Rutherford,
rriucipal clerk, L. Winchester of Madistsi, Assis
taut clerk, and P. Al. Hortibpck of Uicknma and
I). II. Carr of Washington, Door-keepers. '
All the officers elected, are of course. Van Bru-
en men.'Jenn. Telegraph. . ,
In China, they have prohibted the ehliivatinn of
1 ooacco, on the ground, that it is not necesHary to
.human exigence. There is some intention also
among the authorities to prevent a man Irom ta
kirlg a wife, for the same reasun. Tascooosa
" Sir, do you mean to say that I lie I" said a per
son to a Frenchman. No, ssre ; 1 siy not dat you
lie ; Out, sere, I say you walk round de truth.
In this County, ola tbe 22nd insunt, by Jacob 8. My
ers, Eq., Mr. CHARLES EAttNHART to alias CA
TtlAKLXK ikiVER, s.- t Ja
. In Utvidsun lninty. ee tbe 20th UMt, by James
W eoisn, Fi Mr, UENRV KINK to Miss ELIZA.
BETH MILLER, dsughter of CspLiioorgs Miller.
in tHirae County, on Tbarwlay tbe lOtb insU, by the
Rev. Mr. BrwMisw. Dr. J. t E 1JARUV of Aoliville.
to Miss DELIA IL ERVV1N, of Burke couoty.
. DEI'auteii TUld. life,
Jo ibisJl'o.intv.on the 8th inst. Mrs. ADELAIDE
ALEXANDER, wTe tOfiesrAle
too, and daughter of Mosa Jraham7 Esrj;rjeiJei
In Lancaster District, a C on the 30th ultimo. Mr.
CALVLN JOMEd HARRIS, son of Ransom Harris,
Ei., ot Davidson County, aged !i5 years. He died af
ter an ttlness of eioe days, st wuruiiuinff ferer. The
JoceMed waa a ueoiber of the Metbddist Episcopal
Cimrch. and deoarted in tha full (With and h.i..f it a
i f n.sst of- boi.-Jle .was a. Ittung man w.elljw-
lovea, ami niL'tny esteemea weere tie Tfflo ana
has .lrtt a ftitheraed motlier wita a Jsrga iaioily coa
nectiotii snd "many frieiKK lonniMYirtliefr'heavy-1'
resvemenL Vummuntcnted,
By directions of lbs Synod of N. C. the Diurches
m vMieoru j'reabyiery will be called upon in the sal
lowing ortcr, tor ositributionsfer Foreign Missions, by
Uw ttkrurjMif UiS CuuUkl tril-dZ!
Nov. 1st Steel Creek, at II. A. M.
" 'M - Profalence, da
" 3rd Rocky River, da '
".;4Ji.l'hilsdlphia, da
Olh i'oplsr lent, . da
6tli Concord Town, dow
. 7th Bethpsge, do.
8th ksnnh, da
th Mallard Creek, da
Thursday," '
1 rwooiTrt,
ltrtft-Httttr freer; da-
da Charlotte.
llih Paw Creek,
11 o'closk, A. M.
Da "; da DavsJoott Collefrei Csndle-liirht.
- Tb
ursrfsy. T4th-VntntJ - II .,'rl.-k A U
Frslsy; r'TSlli Prosnecr dd
Ssturdsy, 10tb Mutesville, da
Ssbbath, 17ih Concord, (irodvll.) da
Monday, Win Hslem, da
Tuesday, 19lh Rnthany, 'da
Wednesflay, iSHh -Tabor, - da
Thursdy,.-.lst... MocJutviJle da
Friday, 22nd Unity, da
Saturday, 33rd Third Creek, da
Sabbath, 84ih Back Creek, da ' "
Motsasy, - a'Mb Thystirs, ' da " :
Tuesday, SOib Franklin.--. - ea ,
do. "da Salisbnry,' .Candle-lighting.
' Agreeably to a revolution 'paused st a meeting of a
number of g.. legates from different Temperance Socie
ties, who met in this Towii. oo lbs 11th and 12J of
Heptembet last. A Tempers'nee Convenlioa will meet
in llm pUce, on. VVediiesdsy the 0(h of Noveiober
uext; lo which tlio diflcrcnt Temporsnce StKietis in
this Suts sre resuocifully invited lo send one or mors
delegates. 8. IJJMLy, Pres'dt of tbe
To tho Public.
pilE Subscriber Ukes ibis method of informing the
. .., ru.b'3 mat hestill continues to carry oa the bo-
ss rmral, at bis Granite Query, seven miles South of
Sslwbury, near lbs old Chailustue naut, wfwre be is
atrle to supply al! orders for MILtflTONES of the
best grit, sod on the shortest notice.
for Sale, at the lowest prices, . x
window ills. DtKiit sii.Txnoore,
GOLD GRINDERS, An. Ac. &m, ,
J. HOULSUOUSER, Stone-Cut'er.
tlisasiry, 6eZiiitMZ'ZZ''r''':"t t".
N. B- Orders foe snvof the atve wi"tL-'it ert-
cles, directed to meat Sulphury, wiil bs puiicnu.,, a:
lenuea ia j. u.
To Jourcrjmcii "c:if
fllHE Subscriber will five sUji' e n
good Journeymen t Jiseh'iiinkers,
well reco'nmendiM fur Li'1,1, ot' k.U'
Their busmsisi will betumnkesinl n
for wbicli,-(if iltey suit) be I
u r..
Islington, Oitber 11, ls a
DR. (I. I). IKin.US,
nAVI.N'G . ni..i t, .... . , .
reBpLCltul'.y Of)."r !. ;
VICtss to IIS eitiiens, and tin aot l!, s
try. His o:uoe is st the tin bywr ......
R. M. I5Hiclielle, where h may l ! i si . I i
leseiwaeaabacntpn pr-ivi'ial t
fslisbury, Msy !,l3. - ti
t..,,. . .
t '.'.o to or.
til wi:.i :i 1;
i Vi
r 0.l ami ! J
t...! .N.rflim t... v I, tie t a
l I , I 1 n
anil r;.n..i'y ih I, a s
T r- i
conuut uce j and wi Ims h.iiHPtw u. I .
and ih ii r Jn miii ir . i ti i ' s .
as the other I mi'' hers sre r.:.iiM-.l, 4 1
a'in dtvole bn-s ft i -n jl. v i.
' TI EMS OF 1 1 1 J 1' 'V '
For btgmners per sewwm of 5 row:!.',
lor U.u RudiiritMU wuh Orsuiu.!,
1 phy sud History,
The shove, with tbe belter briwl.c, is I
temry lK,
Musie os the Piano or Uu:br,
Painting, . , . ..
19 t
"St !'
10 IK
Oinameotal Necdle-vrntk, and tW 'm&Y
r U t
flowers will be slso Uoji, af dntied, si i vntn.
By order of tbe Trostees,
Salisbory, 8ept g?. Kg. x
, nuicu MJLSONUV.
rpllE SLiWCRlBLR living sxwr Les., IH.J
,,kJ. !
eon Cuuuty, Ukes tbu sseUMal to uiune IVv j
lie tbat be will enter kilo txsMract with anr fV-s:l
persuns, either se Uavtdansi. Rowwn.s Caaanvsaa-i
ties, wlio wash aouses. fcctorMa. or aar uw ka4 l
buildings erected isf Brick, Is tU4 Unsw as caewjs.
durable, and ia as goud sty Is as asy work has sb Uhs
' lie will also, mould sod burs tbe.Eskk, it wasael
lie trnsts tbat bis long eiporwnee isv 21 :Z
w ill entitle him to a stairs ef yssblic paUwasje. '.'
He would refer gentlemen wwiutif sns! Sow as bis
Line of Busisew, to the fswwle Acassy sad Ue sts
;.re.:pma'.ClCTks'.tiace' "m.tliAm.f,
bis wutk. j ; . ; v
woro. ai.u.inef oj ..westert Csrciowa, sjd it
snaii oe punctually aueaues sa .
Davidaon, April H, ISM. s -... tf-
ViAkT 'P'8 obscrflsr hnrmf psmSWI dss
f ttlfA FUissWeiflaaafttrdisie style
J H ? t for the aceowwodariosi af Tiawtkss sad
! ft'Me'www
H JJ b fon4
f Wltn the bert the inarkel s svJI;:,
his BAR with a rood supply of cbosee Lsawws; hat
BEDS ahall alnya SW l ta mM ; Sd k ins
oles (wbica sre very ealesmre sre well smlad mnk
Provender of the first ewality, sad attssseW Jby gwsd
lainiiin nneiicrv.
H1inrsB, bratnet sttetrtsrsr sAe kaaiwsasCss
son, to ieBiwfsctioa loan who assy Bjtwsjesssntb
ineir pauonage. am ae eniy swks s can a4 tml
Lesingtoo, N. C, Fea. U ISO. Ii
bagglxu; uopi.xa, ad auocEUES,
0 It Cotton Baggutg, t i Ss 4(
t csi'BaJc' 1"---.
: kegs Naiks ,
"13 bhda. Hssarr' : - ;
'v 6WI lbs. Spnn SteeL
MM it, filsser btosd.
; 144 BflUksTotne Misuww,
2U larrs Corertwf IJatoa,
fitsu las. tkde LesHawr,
1U0 kegs Wbue Lwad,
byJ. sV W. MURPHY.
-Saliabttry&ptliK).. Z ' "
Tan Yard for Solo.
tniHE Subscriber Wkthing to dsspaas at tbe Uiuwiiig
ii Towa property, o&ts for sal km
Tau Yari and VtcmVscs,
(ba-merly ewwesl by Thomas Mu?l,) srtstied ssi the
Last ssis of tba Tuwa, eustMstieg UC
1 1 Arrr of L.iaJ, avi a
, Dnrlliit nour, - ! e f .' U.
: t . . au- f ' '
fvf .Sale, ft very kw s h'-e c-ii.;
4 a"
a. -JI O Ci.
wlii. h tury be bsi1.e-::Wst t- 'ecf J: -.--.
& . r,u si c jUjtb Tta Ts.-i """ ' "
' - fr . . j...
5W...i:y,f ', 4i
L".:"l ft
!. -. 'r, as i 4 H-rft S-.x!.
.-cu, snd iry fx- t to-
u, ii,e v oc7j k aa te
J .., , 1
' ' i a f (,! rr af .
: ' ' ft i ti,mry, a
",. tJ , inrz nsvcSi SMssrts)
. , is i rr sad eiiiiw si
. n,cn lAWtaf
t tts bx-ef
!"' S . ti. stoae,
t ' ? si st e Grwi
. ..! a : -.- -'i st tbe
i Ji
! r
it e jriitts rs
1j tiw ss pv-
" - ...
,jt mxJk a aW'
r4 J Vumi, sf act
A. V.
2 or If, I
thax kvek;
a t
Sniff-, Pit.'iiits ().;,
'''? rnill-s,liirc,
litlir, lirtiJicn, .
i...' ? ', I ft .
rr 1' t ri '
H -:" " ; l.-r. j
I'- -r -.. mu .V ,;
Po4lirw, fiietjlfir
Q.nll'4, Ink, Drswing
"', Tciinf i tie, Ma-
I ". ;.;'. V Mil'.i'a'.ti , AtU'Cal
1 , i1 Ii and Au?e Itrandy,
V Li,,, e. Jvrmire and 4. '
-s 'S!l"d Piper, i;ij.a
1 1: z ..
I' it
f. - I. n 'o I. ' W'lp, Imim Juice,
4.. ).!.-.t'-U l.-k-t CvUaiul Maps. Pipes,
l i - in i rr, ni I'rntle, Ca tulle .z
i v . I.'". tiesn'a, Dyott's, Andfrnrn's, '
..s, t :.. hrws Ik-tkwnb'iH Petets',
I i , 1 i i ' ,1, I h Iiw' Pills. lliuck 's
... I'auM, i. .e and A;td-risins Cwiph
. i X. . . usl'rt huce, li"siu's " '
V- i ' 'v, I. mi-., m T.'arils VaU-bes, Calm ef 7
t.-r Ui i h a-'s I-.sir of tpium, Swaim's
,! ' i.f i it artii-h's just received
-k. ii.t e A, s. .ort nrn, ry ' '.
r n & c. K w.
(.' ! 7, l-. .'. - " " ll
. ;
rat "if wit un tv sre re(H"rt folly infcmv-
A eU
4 t t t ' wnb r n m w ronmny bis ltee dn-
r-rl tun " tw wsiy ef P.ur.' snd Aalitmro' to
SsHrVjr, s!!I! N.titm wade Cmetrae of the trst ; fcof Ra!.'!i:' n Mmiilays and Tbormlsvs at
t'J A. Ji, ar.'...'i. m Si'u-burj n'St ' s at III P. M.
L Si5;.-; n.- os Toewisyssud Krwtiysst 2 A. M"
rn.i ;t tjiiet-k iSiysst Ml. M. ;
ll sarins are tai, and drivers psnkul trly careful
srJ seoexuiw! .tticj.v - JOEL McLEAN. ' -
' JVk iZ, ' U '
N. R txs's nenjeed al the Uamiesi Iloti t ' '
-faL-i h v- .
v Teachers Wanted.
If 'AXTEDssusedistely.a JLIeaiid Female Teach.
I et , to take cterge of tbe Acwuermes at
list UoiksuaJ W well suslirled to prepare Stu
sVeis a Ib l amtrsity of Hiss SiaUf, sim! lite Lady to
uxk ibe
gja,;, taisiti as Featwe teiiutione m f fits fttstep
X. K, A awmcd Onttlesiaa whoas lad) would lake "
dsargw nt tbe FsMiabi Academy wiwikt be pteferred.-
V. " A. It. IA K I r.K.
- , . UMCEI. lilNOHAM,
LLrsiUe,Oet.lS,l"sTJ. if.
5 tvr asUVons lot S prlftg "
noiucn u. nisuD,
UESFECTFl'LLT tiJorma bis friends and tho
public, that be tnll carrtea on the TAILOR.
ING prSINE33rat bisoW raVa frMtiaslMsV
srst eW to tbe ApoILocaryyiore. lie Uever
rnit to seeute the ardors of hie customers in a
bf WState. 'lie is in Ihe re. '
and New -York ..
r AbUIUAS, and prepared la tccomaiodste tbe
bvtrm v( lbs bwsbvonaUs at all times.
Cutting jjojetiUi of all kinda artetiiled --;
ssxawp ity sad ttsa latest laahiooe famished at alt
UfflCS tcgnyolnr tailor, snd irmtruttions given-ill
. i-l a.
calling. ' ' "'."-- BmmmHyr1-lri SiJU-,
To Owners ot MvWs.
rpitt Subscriber has st impr4 pmttnt SpinMt for
Mills, by wbscls, s mil will do much better than
wish taw axial (una tat Sputdfea, It is so constructed
asks kerf (ram kitg or killing lbs meal iflany man
aer. TaV raasser as ss eon (tried by the Spindle as al.
way as putt re lis bslsscs, snd ef course there is no
1 ib.ak, by tbsi improved Spindle, Ui, same w'sler"
will sw at btsst ssie-third amre asiasneas, snd the meal
ss sepsiWyslity. :'... ..,..
--'Ae earasst -rn'miuMJC ta ase.owe of .thsaw SpmuTJiC
aw oauaw see er more, by nkakinff sppltesttiHt, (wuh-
TIF!, I.
1f mt limel to the Subscnosr at Mot ksviUc, D1e -
Ca. N-'C' t lblnr ttiejarrjtobtoss st
f" for tke Patcat and Spindle ready for sae.
TW loiloWMig awrsasw tots my Fsient Mill ffy'ndte
"m swrcsaslul opMstiosi t Cat. W. F. Kelly, Tb.. Fus
See. la fUtl atsd Basil FWee of Davis Couoty :
Gtibsyth Dwkasa) and Dktid J. ILsmsutir of Linctdn i -
Caw!a UniiiUs ef tUwss; AUooo Mmeaof David-
oe, anJ Wrtatas Ownfttorrr. wttssf IwmAiai ,".
ry ptatset) with (to prforuiaiice.
October 2S,l3a if
UCMAIMN'G ia tbe Post OJics at Islington,
X.c,(Wsi i, im :: :,: , : :r r
AveeH A!'ew,n--nt E. Hurton, (loorire Pots.
(ri. Mo Mary EruAle, CtiMlfeltur, Jenre
; -. Mr. Cthnn Dsy, II. O. reezer, Robert
!."- i-i. ,'',4r (rines. Anxlrew IIulmrtrkRirb.
ari li.s, .V.t:;.ijs I Jul, Chrut'un Ltvmgoud,
1 L'mtL Je Lowe, Reuben May,
M rnul, llenry Michael, Zehulnn Mi-s:-r,
Ihtvwl N . A Jam Ktfuog, John N. Paten,
I ijtm Fill. ViUiim Trotter, fc imuel Willis, Dr.
1 rsrts H iJiame, John C. Weavt I, Himtiel War-tU-.:''
tufii, im -:r-: si
v I tW
I T lIAVT Ii'e'y cuoipliHed snd put inofwrstiue a 1
it f ''Jry at tiiy anil oa the South- Ystlkm
;'siir' Preiauoej ui Davie 'eotibfj; Whcre Wi
n river
Wis am
rrJ s stake all kinds ot cae'uiir. such as tbe
tmmmaf works of -Ottoa or Wuolien lactones, eottoe
r -m, f 'Jt nr4 sew bhI'm, ihratiing machines, wind
p-liifiwMr kiiiclia, 'fmiLTTKui, iron shafts, putlies.
-j . .z- jhorUcTcry ltiingelre
st smsIii siada st rroa foundriew, U arwslxi
y eis4
crvttrs k fmrmtug arufu, Vc sad for ttimdjiug snd
&:! ; ail kindQ4 BMcluoery ui Una line ot buairMM,
- l -aafiJ.Jra. WytBirio, formeily of
Ejfijute, a aery skilrul larhmt, to'siiprinrt-nd' "
J aaaoairs my eeUhiiebieenl. Mr. Wsyneaturg bss . ,
wee5sll k lite rstahitahrtmnts of this kind, and
is 4mtuif uuhnl fcr hat skill aa a Markiniat, and Mill.
Wn- M. He will alas stake calculations (U water
wheels, snil-fvetm.', Ac; sad when lbs machinery is
obtaiod frnss u-s a will attend to putting it up. 6:tr" -priee
sre truae uf Similar esUMi-hinentj st the North.
C3T Orders adJressed sit her to Jacob Waynesburg
er mjsnJ, at Salisbury, will be promptlv aitendud In.
MaUMry, May St, HHk ti'
Stmttj swat EspfJilttMulf tstenttJ si tki$ OJSct.

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