North Carolina Newspapers

' i.v.rUK.MX IHT.TKRS. The unumtat estimation
in which lue celebrated tA'e I'M and I'knax VMiti
are held, ) ttia(uclorily ueiuom-tniUil by jroj iiicri n-
7TWB8rronM'IineururFvKVy awi nt t"
Union, mid IjJ the voluntary testimonial to their r.'
Ii4rkitU3u Vflic4cy w'uicii are eery where nli red. It
I not lea from a deeply gratifying cunii jcim.; that tlit-y
are the mean ol extensive ami uiestiuialile good
among tiia til .tied lellow-crMiturea, titan from irilt-real-ed
considerations, tint the I'luprictur of these pr-eini-DCDtty
successful medicines is ileum wis ol keeping them
Constantly belbrd Uie public 17. The sale of every ad
ditional buX and buttle is a guarariU-e ttit mju.- persons
will be relieved jroin arrester of Itss decree ol sui.'or
ing, and be improved in general health; lor in 110 cm
, ot suffering from utease tau they be taken 111 vain.
The Proprietor h never known or been informed ul in
instance 111 wlncti ttn-y nave fiiiled tu do good. In the
inosl obstinate case'lp ot chrome disease, such a chronic
dyspepsia, torpid liver, rheumatism, istlimx, nervous
nd bilious head-ache, cubtivtnesa, piles, general debili
ty, scrofulous wellni and ulcere, 'scurvy, nil rlieuin
nd ill other, chrome atfecluma of Ihe organs and mem
braae, they effect corya with 1 rapidity and perinaneii
cy which lew persons Would theoretically believe, but
to Inch toutisaiWs hatta testified from happy expert-
ence.,.,, la c)!J and chvhicb,.if.lglctcd.uf,Hir
iimIucc ilia :ik1 taut diMtaaos.ot the lungs, su4 indued
the viscera in general, fnesa medicines, if taken but
for three or tour days, never fail. Taken it night, they
. ao promote I ho inHcnaibli) pertpiration, ami an relieve
, the system of (etirilo ad 1011 aim feculent obstruction,
to produce 1 imwt delightful tunae of Convalescence
in the morning; and though' the nrual symptoms (if a
cold should partially return during the day, Iho repeti
tion of a suiUhla d'Wj at the nest huurol bed-tune will
almost invariably ellect permanent teUt f. without fur
theraid." Their eliecl upon teversof a mure acute and
- violent kind is not les aure and speedy if taken in pro
pnrtiunable quantity ;-and poison retiring to bed with
inflammatory aytnpuimiof the nv alarming kind, will
. awike with tho jfrstit'yinjf coiuuioiiaiierU that trie fierce
enemy ha been overthrown, and can oanily beiblM4.
" In the Mine wy, tificcral turgtwerlctk ihnngh long ea
- tubluilivd, and viacerat inflamiiiatiuiiii, however tntical,
will yield the former to auiall and the. latter t arjjo
doeca of tho Life fill; and ao aJ hy -rtericn I uH'ec
tkme Jjiypocondriociurn, remlemneax, am very many
other varieties ot trie Neurotieal clanof dWaHe, yield
. to the clticacy of the I'hrrux tidier: KuH directioaa
11 ir ine uae 01 iinne mwncinei, ana nirawuijj uieir aia
tinctive applicability todillerentcomplaintmaoeoinpnnT
- thewand tliey cm tw obtained, window k and- -r eta
at 375 Broadway, where nuuieroua cirtiticaten i( their
unparalleled aucceaa are alwavn op;n to mapectiou. v
For additional parlicularsof the above medicine, ki
MorTat'a " Goon S.mxnrThii" a copy of which acevni.
pniea the meHteinesr a tppy can alm flODbtainnd of
the different Ajfttni who have ho uadktnet fur aalft,
i rench, Gernun, and Spanish dircctiona can bo ob'
taine-l on application at the olfiee, 375 Bfnadwliy. .
A)U$nsl tJ letlera.B'U) receive iiiiirjc!V!e'titi.oritip9;
'rrejMrel'ab:raldTbTv''ifli4uf It Moitat, Ufa Broad
way, IN. Y. A liberal deduction made to Umw wIm
parchae to aell a'ain. ' . 1
principnl ilmgri;ii m every town thronjhrJtit. the Uni
ted Stale anil the Canada. Aak for Moti'al'a Life
I'll! and I'lienix Uiltem ; and be aure that a fae auntie
ohn flroffit'rnfalOTirit wprni thelaWf f eacti tot
tie of bitters, of box of Pillau
1 - -t : :
TUB vVKdT, and iwrticulnny Uiuae who have
- wwlltw Ut'K MKItlLlAEU in treatment of ;.
It la but a very abort tune since theao Medici net have
.bpi'yfintnxlucjiU intottie tyotnipt Aoe Uiiitricu atid
the prop'rieuir iiouers ui dittclr tliat ourniff that ocTki.
tioiia, thwy hvnt.xtv more towana TXturroinating tn'e
diaeaae, man all other remudiea ami prescription com
bined, it u a coiuiiKin excuao aiiKing u regular prao
titMmers wden ptoiriu ara mlriui:ed, llwl Uiey eA
Tiot'trotD tfirJMia-wincii ;)wptfarwtrrofrtbttrTf cofl-
aidennir incurable. Medical experience is coutiouallf
doing away a part ot' tliu lut ol llio incurable diMMSCa,!
nouuetuj; thai J-tvrr ana A.n a t now to be auuod lo
the iiuiiioer of couiplaiiit wliictt imxtcru ekjll hua wu
uiiered. - - .
In Fever and Ague the Lift MtUiciutt nut wily five
quicker relict tsn any oilier remedy, mil, it peravvefuu
111, ellect a pti'hia-H tt cure; ao uM if Uie patient ia
ouly urdiuariiy carvlul, aua iimimu uirecuy 10 lu uiedi
tliiO upon Tlie lirel Jiuptoiu ol louduiicy 10 a new at
luca, H way alwaya Oa Wiirdedott lovvcape one chiU
" ffonRftne-orillhiimly unite uunmwi'ieme n-tH9 iiltfTt
vi Uwn tltevaiueut tut? rurucdy-'lo ruKjvi Uieuiauaae
permanently wwri;onrcT I . licatrtrtTimttirrivtliCtt
' tiie 'MoUic'uwi "will, i tfocl lii la Here Claimed lot
tlHjin, Um froprietui Ou lira leMHwaiy uf all aciUaitit.
-ed- wittr mew ami iHoir appltcaUou aud una in intrt'e
verami Aue; ami jhiaiojt'el 111 now audreaairig In
ineutia at Hie H t u, 10 request tlioiu ilut Uiay pre
no pniim in comtnunicatiitg tneir experience, aud dia-M.-iii.iialiiig
Una mgiiiy mteruating inloriuaiioit, now that
t.Hi a:aaoii lor r oer and Ague luta arrived.
iriajiuLJiitJiitiuiLiui:voi ttl upwugof .AjftAVVaVieapee psoflt of sno beyond-
Iiu.idrud pjckiigea ot lu Lda ileiicuits, llwl iiie pru-
pnulor make Una appeal. 1 ha deinuDd tor 01 Jdetl
eiHi-a 1. already greater ld.111 iw dtil conveiieiiliy aup
piy; and even weie it luaullicieul to atfoid hint buai-U-ms
tie would eotKotv tiiin:tf aopreuiely ai lri.-tn, U
liia uuiaMira waa uut. grcalct at Uw beuehl cuulierred
upon LUi) auttctuig part uf (e coutiuumty by an increase
111 iu a4le, Iimii at hwowu DTCUillury ulollU
Tha Lilii Aiouiciiies, if projicrly used and persevered
in, roeomiiieiM Uieuiaelvea i all it il M ueceawtry tliat Ui
pu 111c aoould (now liwUuuh mediciiHiaexiat, and beove
Uio propriety ot' aJveituin Ulenu . It is hoped, Ui-ie-
turu, tbat tlM propriutuf Uol be aocUiM ol kguliaiu
wuuil huauya tiiat Uiere la oo medicine or aiode ot treat'
meiitexUnl.luf lever ud ague, aoappn.ptnle, thon tun
and positive in us tisppy euecta aa Mffm't Lift i'uu
and i'luuu itilltrt. . ,
For further particular' of the above medicine ee
MotlU'at Gooo SaaiT4!i, a copy ot which accompa
nies tne (iiedicine. A copy rta ,y aiuubaolKairted ol uie
different Agent who hav tue uimncine tor sale.
t'witWi, .mitis, aiat sipitwaMiaUMttMa aa-be
obuined on application at the .office, 31'i.Ufoadwaiv.
03" All pol JmmI luttvra wiil receive unua-uiale
attention. ' .'..'
--'Has wh-jieia'iMiirTrfM'nmTi,''it-apr.
FA T, 375 Broadwar, N. Y. A liberal deduction luauit
to those whs purciiaan to veil again. - (
Agrnl$. i't e Life Medicines may also be had of the
principal druggists m every loB tUriMiytiout tno United
Matwand tire Canada. -rt kir Alotlat's Life-fifis
and Pbenix, Bitters ; and be aure that a he aonile ot
John .MuHjt'a alalia Inre 1 upou llio label of each aultU
- nf hirttra, nr h.v nf ptllg- '
JL Fever and Ague m a uiuat otaumate disease, and in
warm an j humid climates, frequeudy rosista every or-
"oTffirryiffotfrotlfmxwwirre dmtresaing
to the person, and by titer extreme debility which the
disease uiduces, it oiien gives rise t'tlier chronic cixj
oUiiils. . Aiarsh niiasuiala, of Uie efilcvta arising tiotn
atagnaut water, ia tlio most frequent eieiting cause of
thi disease ; and one of its great pecuiiatitMsa is lis sus
ceptibility ot a tenowal from very aitgtit caui, such
aa from Ih prevalence of an windmi;ji wilh
uut the repetition of tiia original cxeitmg .cause. In
this. Fever and Ague differ irom must other Mere; a
it n well known, that alter an ordinary lever naaouca
occurred, and buen removed, the peiaoo affected m not
an Utile lo a Iruaa attack aa ooe w bo was not ao affect
ed. Tiieae circuuwuoce render it extreniely difficult
10 effect a jNTSMiitenf cr of Fever and Ague, though
to reacre the paUciit for Uie time being ia v-ry eary
taak. . ' '
TERS have been tborHighly levied, and proved to be
yosiis and radical curt of Fever and Aue. Hun
sdreds of hi fellow-crtis-oe m the Weat, hava soUinta
iilr emnriljfwjritoawure N.rM L'lpit that the Li
JWerfiene are Uie only Bicdicine Uwt will lAirouy
fleet a removal of true moat tedwu and disagreeable
'(Hrae. --- .
(!:,"! '!.) Invo ? 1 1 1 . - 'i ;. 1 f . 1
illS poftinn ot li'ir furln," i en
hnj'ie, and tin;, e,it t i.--.i a 1 -i 1 , 1 . -
liiiuriaiiLC vt t .'.,..,1 i t.
(if Olir Pfltlt'mefl"! t.:r II '. ...
rmnr.o n.n in ti"' 11:
p? Slatea, l.avu ciimt r i
turns deprej d , 1 r : 1-i v
lifnif', drni-iritij out ii w ny din ; 1 1 I . 1 -.' 1
der nm ill WISH III Vtl: II lh.j a: 1 I 1 i .1.
terror of Vw VwsMiii Jir wJ A I !. .1
are hlakteil their biwiiie. ener: .. il " -ir
El Dorado hecome a d- rt, 11; i ue. wnr.1, to t .0
ear, ia broken to tue li'ipc.
" To thene itulividunlr, Mr. MoJT.t w-nM hv-"Try
the Life MrdU i, end. you will yet ent.-cinata yir
imt aannuino pKM'etatbnt, lor ibey ni.l ccitaitily nv
atnr ynn to health." " '.
v Fever and Ajjne it a complaint wti ch reqnirca In he
ni"t at its Brut apnrnaeh, and eMiitiltei at every a'niie.
Seldom fatal of itself, it reduce the ttictisth, and im
naira the functions of the organs, no that opon t!ie innni
fartstion of diHeane, Nature ia nimble, utiaiHted, to re- .
int the inroad. The I jfe . Medicine, w her) taken strict-
ly arcofdinf to direction will cure it, and pive to the
weak and trembling vkttm of disease, new hcullh, life,"
andatrenortli. - ' ' v ; ; ' :
Z-Tot full- rmrViettiw n? thu ini?p of trctilmciif, the i
reader ia referred fo the (j(Kio Paharit!, a copy of,"
which acromrmniea Ihe medicine.- A copy may be tib
tained of the ditlerent ajenta ho have the tneilu-ino '
for ale. tj. : .. '-., i .
French, German, and Spanish Jirecttnna can bo ob- .
tained on application at the office, 875 Broadway, '
All punt mid letter will receive immediate attention. .
Sold wholesale and retail by William & Moffat, 375
Brmdway, N. Y. A liberal deduction made to those
who purchase fo aell ajaio." ' ' '' " ,
A4r?f The Life Medicinea may alao be bail ' the ,
principnl Drurrinta in every town throo(fhout the Uni
ted HfatP and the Canadaa. A"k tor MotTat'a Ufa Pill
and Phenix Bitter; and bo aure that a be ainnleof .
John MotTat'a signature ia upon the label of each bottle ''
of Bitter, or box of Pilla -v 1 -
The above Medicinei may be bad of
Meiers. Cress tV Boger, In this Town,
who are Agents for the same.
"' falwfy. C- July gq 1839. V : :
,;,TttH UVaP13TiliICJL?i.
MTaa Ktpvinicaa" ha been published in Waahinj
thn, iNorth Carolina, foir ; aix month, and will be contin-"
Ded to long aa authcient patronage i received to defray "
the expenaea of it publication. It ha now upward of
four hundred autwcribers, and it ia believed that if thoee
friend to whom tin Proypeclua ia sent will make iU'
port of our paper; we. are compelled to rely a I moat en-
lirely upiai our aabacriptina lint, aa the mdvertuing
palnmaga-4-alnt axeluaivaly ia the haod ol lh
H'Aji ; and they cheruh towanla our prea the better
bosttli'y. " ; ''
It ia important that Republican pree ehoulil be
uauta4ji"tnia plaoe, Jt- i peeultariy wwwrtant tee
the Republican party of thi Contrreaaional District
Tbia town ia about the centre of the District. The im
portance of the presa may aafely be inferred from the
nialijji.anl and, bitter persecution we have received
from the Whig for our effort to establish it It ia un
(Kira'ffl"t3"Tfie" "wb6l6 RepubfiMrT pirtf of : Niirtjj CaroT"
lina, that this preaa should be tiiatained. "There i no
other Republican pane? publiahed ia a circuit of 00 -
tHte;J vl' i aajicept tha. larboto! .'rrenn,' .triers J..
none within 7a miles, vlhere w no Kepublican paper
pnbiiehed in the;.Nerfbi!r Diatneti-VVV are-thenktuf
to our friend in that District for the aid we have aj-
roady received in extend our circulation! and hope
they will help u still farther. .
--The name of wot --paper indicates-rta character. h
is a warm advocate ol the old Jenersoiiien doctrines aa
t kiriti in tlie Virginia and Kentucky Resolution ..ol
tTiWrrrrtfte mnjurrtng-fbtDf Jnmitfpoty.1rwa?ei;
no hall-way opnoaition, but " war 10 the knife the
knife to tho hilt." We will not compromise on Una
point: infertsf may be compromised, but principlci
reer-in -th contOBtnow "going on between the-
mmry potrcr and popular Ubrrly, it will' be found aa
licretolore a aealouvand we hope, an efficient advo
cate of the right of tlie people It Will advocate free
trade aud the rigarf f labor, and oppoeo tlie union ol
ffon mid Slate, aa not less corrupting than the union
ut .t'Aurrk and Stair. It ai in noi la loe nreaeiit Arlinin
istration, and will continue to do so as long as tnejo-
" rr.-... . ,
vemmmt m admmielered on- sound KepuoiMjan and
SiilB-KigliU uocrrine (
All sectarian and irreligioiia matter will oe careimiy
excluded Iniin t ie eolumna oT a Tliel&yuliTicaSw
Our paper ia publiahed in the midst of constant per
sonal danger: in fact we are almost weekly the subject
of personal iu(.
V hope those to whom this is ent will make some
effort to procure subscriber. Our term arc Three
Dollar per annunk
the Mipport of tbe presa. .
Editor and Proprietor.
September 2ft, lSSk
t4 Boots, 6a Shoes.
the m
U'ttl'LD iotoroi Uie public, that they still carry on
the 7'aanmf Rurnwtt, and in connection with
it, the IHfOr and bllOK MAKKN'U at their Tan Yard,
on the 2nd rquare, Eat ct the Con rt-l louse; where
tbef have on baad a qir mity of excellent Sole-Leather
and Skirting, Harness, Dridle, tnd Upper Leather, Cov
ering Leather for Coach-maker, and Horse Collar.
Aim a large supply of COO TS, of first and second
quality; Geiitlemen's, ladies', and Child ren'a SHOES,
of a superior quality ; and a large slock of coarse Shoes,
of a superior quality. "
"Afe W pTatureif nwrttfivbTifrrierr, We"hiei5
hesitation m wsrranttnour work to te as welt done s '
any lo the State, which we will sell low for Cast, or
on tune to punctual (Ml
. Drders liutn a iii.-iance punctually attended to.
Also, a riot mte pair ol UmA Tree, and a sett of
soooud ha ruled Las' for hi I e. " '
' ' ; - ; DROWN & CHAMBERS,
N. B. IMeawillbe t&keq in 'exchange tor work
done in til above basinex , 11. Jl C.
.Salisbury, Sept. 6, l?:i'J. ' , . - . 15t ..
1 1 AVIN0 received a new supply of GROCElUESt-
ti, takea pleasure 10 saying lo his friends and the.
pubJiCtlrmf thy.C"n now Iwrtains indeed fir eh
lie lias all kinds of rauiily uroviMoiiaVtuci) a. .
' Sugar and Colli e,
"Jbnrp-a, "'
, Lemons, . JJ v
' Raisin, ' .-. "
. . , Alini)nI, ; '
Sweet I'racker,
, Newark Cider, -r
' I virion Syrup,
H'inea and -
Froip ani CximIIch,
C.hI F.i. . ' '
llrrioi, "
f 'riliiie'',
A.rI.,-: s
I.101" Juice,
.Albinv Ah-,
of the brat qahtte,nwf nf Utc larf importations.
Falisbnrf, June 2 tWL i ., tr
Moffat's Pills and Bitter;:.
X BITTEKS, u eelebrali d, aid so much n.-l t y
the afflicted 111 every part of the conntry, is now re
ceived and for sale by the S'llsTril-era
, Measr. Spaiisoa 4. Sn?ikLE, in ConcurJ, N,
lan Agents fi the same.
...p. S... See drertMctaeiiUa.Api A 4, ".". tf
J 1
. f ,
. .. v. :
1 V 1 1
. , 'l'i:n.:i,e, Crock-
Iriij and Me
ii,;;, I'iinita and
(;;:;h i:.;t
mil s, l
Oil, I'.otita n'iii Mmjcsi,
h'adi'Sery, iVc, &c.
In abort, l.
ir Mock comprises aimn every aria-ie
needed by the l rmr, Michamc, or the t uhunublrt
pf the tovv 11 or country. - ' - V-
,N. I!. They will w ll low for caah, or to punctual
dealers mi time; or in exchange for country Produce.
L'oni 011I, May 2 lib, l-iid. Un .
:,;'v b. it. ??,:s3 ''' '
II ESPCTFUIAY, take thie method to inform bia
1 friends and customer in Concord and its vicinity,
that he still continue to carry on the above branch of
Business at hi old stand in Concord, South of the atore
ol Measra. J. F. Sl C. Pliiler, where be will be found
at all titnea, ready to V-
Cut, make or Eicculc,
any work in bis line. Ilia long experience in the Busi
ness, the Mine he ia now taking to receive the surliest
fashioni lram Philadelphia and New York, enablee him
to aay, that the work done at bia Shop, shall be oi Uie
' , ' AND " ' ' ' ' ' .
Dest Workmanship.
N. B. He will also teach (a A'ent) the much ap-
proved system of T. Olive of Philadelphia, to any one
who wishes instruction in hi, tystera 01 cutting.
Concord, 0. 2U, 18U& -
JOHN C. PALMER, haatnother
new supply of ifold and ailver
Lerer Watches, .
plain English md frenchi da,- gol
Fob Cboina and Key, Breast Pins,
Finger Ring, silver Butur Knives,
, 5r rencus, (.paieoij auu iiaiu,; 4 wu-
-3 Picks, Fob Chains, Bpectacle and
Thiiiiblea, Steel and Gilt Fob Chain and Keys- -r--Also,
a very fine and large assortment ol Ramra,
pocket and pen-knives, by different Manufacturer, with
nmallv kent bv Jeweler, all of which will
be Sild very low for ea, "or only wV'niobtJw clediX-i
ter which time, interest will oe charged. -
j Work done faithfully nd punctually.
Mortis Multicaulis.
r"UIE Sobacfiber inform the public, that be baa for
L sale, at hia Nurseries in Davidson County, 13,000
tree of the Morus Muiticaulis, (and also a large num
ber jq( iQoH.Iyemor,CU Wings of the same, ol the cur
rent year' growth;) these are superior to cutting with
out root to propagate from, ilia price shall be the
market price of the article in the North, and elsewhere.
He h-4iaj :f kfge-atock uf iVuitTraea,Mnaieting of
Vih Peaches, Plums, Lr
ShitBZhl fat.
being selection of the beat American and European
fruits, alt of which are grallcd or Utoculaled, and in
I will deliver Tree in good condition, at any reason
able distance from Lexington, say 75 or 10Q miles, (if
amount ot orders will justify it,) for which I will charge
the usual pneo of hauling. It will be well for those
who wish to obtaiu trees, to get the Catalogue of the
Nurseries, whicb contains prices, and will be sent gratia
to all applicants, the postage being paid. Communica
tion will be promptly attended to, : -
three! lo lxingron, v. V.
1 1 . ... r n c a ioki
j iwmpi,,f..
Bra ,
UAVE on barrrxand offer for sale the following arti
cles cheap tor caah or on time to punctual dealer:
Fine invisible green, blue and black Cloths;
Sstin vesting, figured, very handsome;
Blaek and drab Date for Summer wear;
8 pieces Kentucky Jeana; . 100 do. brown Domestics ;
10 do Bed-Tickings; 2,000 lba. Spun Cotton, S.F.
.10 lbs, blue cotton Yarn ; 00 lba. Turkey tted ;
".""15 letraiianiTasaiirted';
' 4 genuine mouse-bole Anvillea;
' 2 smith' Bellows ;
1 dot. Cull ine' Ale: I finished Rifle barrel: 3 dot.
Weaving Reeds, Philadelphia make ; Scotch and Mao
caubo t'nuff ; 1 box best-cavendish Tobacco ; 18 or 20
Uut Anker Bolting Cloths, from No. 6 to ; assortment
or screen wire, &.C. AWO
Sugar, Coffee, Molasses, French and Champaign Bran
dy, W'inea of different kinds; Holland Gin, &c., 4c.
July 26, 180U v tf
sua sirj33jJiioia3
1 1 AVE on band, and intend keeping a supply of the
1 1 best Anchor Stamp' Bolting Cloths,
comprising all the varioua No, used m thia region of
country. V here all who wiab the article can be up -
... y .
plied nvetttttoJH-fjvehwrB, w
terms. ateo
Wove Wire for Screens, Sifters, &&, kept constant-
Iv 00 hand.. a, jouio.-
Fayetteville, May 17, 18!)9. . tf
The Heath Tract
2tVlE above TRACT of LAND advertised in anoiher
ii pan ,sf tins papal, as atiU
and any one wishing to purchase can, by paying two or
three Luudred dollaira down, have the chance to pay the
aatec on any rCTStmi'M.vtme.. .. - - .
, B. AUSTIN, AgenU
Salibury,.JuIy S, l3!. : tf ';.
T Wrapping i'apcr, &lc
riIIE Surwcriber bave just received a larre easorV
I nier.t of brown and Cidored WRAPPING paper;
!n-.!i r with a largn quantity ol f ASTE BOARD,
wIm h they idl'.'r at wholesale or retail.
June 7. 1-3V 'If
i j;!U)M 75,( m to 1W.000 ol the -
' l,e T- a
C7 Ajr'y t tins t;::.ce.
r, a. ; -
miiMuMJifim niB'isL
r i;;:.TH TRvrr, cMitainim?
huu,:.. ,1 AcreifX IjiuJ; situated bmit
h X n; !H f t id h'i efmi, IMvurwin Co.
' 'on Uio load luil.i'g'liom LfXilijjtott W
Faveltevillo ia now ollered for ule.
There arr about lDt) acre improved, and 500 in
Wood and Timber.
Tho Tract ia located in a very
-a ' m1 mmtmm
and is peculiarly adapted to farming. It haaon it t
nan Orchard, and a good Meadow. And inde-
pendent of these advantages, tf.a proajiect tor j
Hold, is unquestionable, aa one or two
bave already been opened, and some very rich ore ex
tracted from them. r , .
The celebrated Conrad Gold Mine, i situated a few
hundred yard south of it J and according to the direc
tion of the Veina of that Mine, they must necessarily
pas through a part of thi Tract. .
Any person wishing lo view the premise or get a
more miuuto description, will call on Rigdoa VVada
worth, in Lexington, who will give, the Jteaireii iotor- ,
muttony or sny person wrshmg tororrmrct for tlie-same,
will call on Dr. Austin, Salisbury ; or address Letter
to the Subscriber, Trenton Post Office, June Co. M. C.
Feb. 81, 183i). tf
rpiIE Subscriber having located himself in the town
JL of Oncorrf, would now otfer bia service to the
Public, as an. '.
Ornaiuenlal and Sign Painter.
He flatters himself hat bia long experience in the above
Business, and the specimen ol work be baa executed
in bia line, will be ajwrricieirt recommendation.
,lle will also sttend to any call made on him in the
and is confident be can give satisfaction to all wlto may
eoiploy him. ,
The Public is rcspeetfullf requested to call and en.
courage htm, as he ia determined to execute all Work
committed to him in the beat possible manner. .
Kj Also, Fainting and I riinruing all kinds of vV
riagea, done with ncatnea and despatch. -
Ooneord, N. C, March 21, 1839. tf
VubWc ISoUte.
WE Subacriber,in eoofurmity to recent instruction
. teceived from the North Carolina Gold .Mine Com
pany, take thi method to inform those interested, that ,
hereafter all persona found trespassing nponthe (oUpw-.,
ihg" Tra'cla of Lnd, belongmg to 'aMr'tpany,,eltlt'
ted in Davidson County, will be prosecuted according
to the strict letter of the Law.
.JOHN WARD,-Agent-N-
Davidsonj April 18, 183a U . V
Tract, No 1- containmg rj acreF, lying on ifce fcor
. mile branch.
' yv 2 coouining 902 acrea, lyipg on the wa
J tow tbe Flat Swamp.
1 '3 containing 3,800 acres, Ivingon Lick
creek. Flat Swamp, and Yadkin River.
' apireontaining 1,850, lying on Flat Swamp
' - fieontaiomg W7, lying on ijck creek.
' 7 containing 1,412, lying on Flat Swmap.
1 8 coouming 600, lying on Lick creek.
IMeefltainiBg Wl, lymir-oii'-Lick creelu .
J1 10--eonUmmg -107 orea, lymg on lack
crueB auu rial nwauip.
" 12 containing', l,:ir3, lying on Lick creek.
" 12 containma; 1,317. located on tour mile
branch and Jacob creek, adjoining the Lead unjie.
ITtilhe Subscriber keep constantly en band, a gener
al tl assortment of SI
for Gentlemen's wear, aucb aa Oats, Pantaloon, tip
rest, or good
well hade, and fashionable. "He ia also prepared lo rut
and mare clothing in the mo fathimahh mn4 iurabt tJ j
miyr, auu ii raoLou ui 111. im, aisn. Beep a good as
sortmtnt'of Clrhva1rncYiriJ YcsliK
ijoaliticsi aerected'by binwelif 111 Hie New fori Market:-"'
au or wnicn no wiuauu. 4ow jot-uah, :
N. R - He atill continue to teacb the art of Ciittinrr
garments on tbe most approved plana of the best Tailors
in new lora and Philadelphia.
tET- Mining lor customers done on the shortest no
tice, snd orders from a distance attended to with dt
apath. (KT Hia ahop will be found in Mr. piwan'
arire brick building. DENJ. F. FRALEY.
lTstmTy,-MaT-2nm tf
INFORMS th public that he haa
former aland, In bia new buildi
removed from hia
buildinp on tha n,il.!,
square, in the Town of Mocksville, where he will eon
tiia uouse is roomy ami commodious ; attached lo
which are aix eomforUble Offices for gentleinen of tbe
Bar, all convenient to the Court House. Thai fjfkaaH
ber pledge himwlf 10 the most diligent-exertion, to
rive antisfaction to auch aa m rail nn him 1 1 nr.
v. j MMim a
1 ble. Bar and Stables are provided in the fmi
ful and prompt.
Feb. 14, 1830.
n. u .
- - ht'ULl-l'UUING. 7 -
rpiIE Subacribr wishes lo inform hia customer
and tbe public generally, that ho iil carriee
wine . . .. . 1
and ia ever ready to execute, in a very eupennr
""'"""i uooviipuuiMuj wura ui nia line,
Void tMnderi,MUl.Slontu VimAmanJi n
lill; Door.$trpt and r-x.onirt, ar executed in
a very tare alyle. Hi grit for Millstone ia wirv
good.-- Mr. Phitipe alao beg t0 inform the public
that he can eiocute Engraving of various kind-.
tlrwitt EDftfaVe marMn.'aTBl- Fi.-if- Ii -HIV.
tomb-torma can bo well executed if "desired. Hi
cnargee ahall always be reasonable, and a accom
mnslajliBiai aksa, auu.ILt- "
i-uuiiii mm puoniuit)
Persons wishing to have work done in (he above
line, will do well to call al the residence of Mr.
I niiipa, seven miles tmith of Saliahurv.
AUgilSt 4, tf ' '
for which lair price will be given,
vr APP1 ,l e "Rowaa
Salisbury, Sept 6, ISMi ti" '
Negroes rWanlcdr
IJAIR eaah price will be gi
at CoL R W. Lnng'sfk
ven for Nerroea. Anl
mm i..W ,.-... .,
!eclic!nes, Pve- r '
Suulfs Tolwccn, p. j
Starch, Soaps, Per t
rinuiiMi, PaaTB ;
and Wrapping; Paper,
Pajier and i'suiti!, Ma ,
t :
!a'a, Purt, lu rrv,
and Claret Wine, Frem.h, Pesth and A,
Gin, Mommgabala and old Whij-M-t, J4ia'iu '
E. Rum, Ijmf Snar, Vanoflies, KmJ i'th.r ", 1
Ware, Bottles, LeiiHio and Gifipev Syni, l,,.ie' j
Tamarinds, Jus.', Casks, Pk!t ttks and .Map, "'
Iron and Composition Mortars, anj I'tstle, -Wick,
Blacking, Lee's, Dean', DyottV, Anifn 1
Hooper's, Scott's, Cook's, Shop, Beckwttir, p,
Moffat'a, Evann'. C.-andretb'a, l'lieli IM1. 11 .
and Swaim'e Psnacea, Moore and Anderson's (',K'
I hops. Snuff Boxea, Spirea, Pepper Sauce. R,-,, '
Tianc Mixture, Back Gamnn Hoards Matches, J
Columbia for bald heads. Elixir of Opiuu Sui;.
Tcxniifui.'c. and Uiuuafljul ulhet inklea iusttK,'!
and for aale caeajr at the Apothecary aijn, by
C & C. K. v
Salisbury, June 7, 1S3JK 1
To Traulkn.
f HUE travelling community are respectfully rnS
J- ed (hat the Subscriber i now runiiing hia lm
reel from Raleigh bv way of PiUboro' and Asfitmro' Is
Salisbury, in amall Northern made Coaches of the lira:
order ; leaving Raleigh on Mondaya and Thuradayi
10 A. M., arriving iu Salisbury next days at It) P. Ji,
Leaving Salisbury on Tursdaya and Fridsysit 4. V
arriving in Raleigh next day at 10 P. M.
Hia horse are good, and driver particularly careful
and accommodnting. " JOEL McIiXY
Feb. 12, 1839. ; tf
N. R Seaia secured at the Mansion !LbL -
Teachers Wanted.
T ANTED uiimedialcfv. ia Main ami Fim.VT.i
er, to take cbarse of the Academies at u-
Tha Gentleman to be well nullified tn nni ( -
dent fbr tbe University of this Slate, and Uie L.,,
teacb ,'Mie.,..'...:' .-: ' :T:"r':r;r'--.
uauslly taugliUtt FetnaW Iiiatuutione b thiatu
' N. R A 'married Gentleman whoa) ladt amnUhL.
charge of the Female Academy would be preferrei
.y ' - John clement.
' Mocksville, Oct 1 183a t
icyt TasVnows, tor Spt'mg t
uon acii ii.nrafv
,tn.M,p,i-i'iii v ' - - ' ' ' . ,
Ucar nv i riibiii tuorma his Irienni arul 1!
DllbllC that hft atlll rarnea rul ila Tltli
ING BL'SlNl-3 at hi. old stand 00 maioitr.
ml. iofif.. Jq thfl .A Wn,rX,? itjttsf
ady l execute the oniena of bir customs ia 1
style ind "manner not BurpaMrd; by kny nirlmu"
in the weatern part o( the State. He iu'wibe.
gulnr -receipt of lb la teat Lowbm and HnoH .
r ASfllONS,' andprcparwl "Ut-tecatMbdiat'tSM
tastes of the fashionable at all times. ...-.
frCuuingBrenU-of eU-kiuda attended t
promptly ; and the lateat raahioii farnisbed at iS
times to country tailor, and instructions given it
culling. Salisbury, Jan. 1, 1939. '
To Owners ot MVWs.
IHE Subscriber baa an improved patent SpinSt
-- Mills, by which, a mill will do much bviM S
With the Usual form of SnimlUa - I,
- I - - ' UAIWKV
a to keep from heating or killing the meal in ant au.
... ,J , runner " connneu py tlie npindltna.
A, rL . ' ,-Tr'j.""M,.y.i.jcur!w.tjerrn
rutbihff Bf the' alonei ' A '- J- ' '
fird'IryRt -irnprov'gndWthr; wne'i
wtu aa ajLjeasi. otie-iinrd more Iwanaesjai and Uiewai
of niperior quality.
Any person wishir.g Uj use one of theae 8M
rosy obtain one or more, by making application, (atta
in a abort lime) to tbe Subscriber at Mocksvilje, Ui
Co. N. C I think the Drobahl Kit ..11
lor the Filant and Spindle reedy for one.
The filllnfaVilltT nOraaVana kaa avaa t..a if. II O .JI.
B r.-7"" HIT eiiriu ill 111 OLKIXiW
ter. Jaarnh Hall and S.m'1 P..-.. n
f -.- - - " ut ei, WW-,
tiilbreth Dickson and David J. Rauis.,ur of Liocula;
narie urinith of Knwan j Mooraof DJ
son. and William fVa tJ H.,rrm .11 .j-,k
fy pleaaed with its perfurmance.
. . , . X1- GILBERT.
October 25, 19.10. tf
To Journrj nten Coaca.TIaktr.
fPHE Subscriber will give steady emplrvmenttoiaa,
food Journeymen Coach makers, who caa euiai
wen recommended tor ItabiU of anbriely and Nslusw
Their business will be to make and repair Caches, ti,
tm H.V. .V. i.r .1 ..:. l - it . .
tvi wiini, yi, uicy auu; ne w,n pay iineril wajri
4Wl. v, hahki.
Lexington, October IL, I8a. If
A VINO located bimsell is Salisbtrf,
vicea to its citiiens, and those of the surrounding en
try. Hia office ia at the room formerly vtcapieii J I
R. M. Bouchelle, where be may be found al all Us
exeept when absent on profeastonaf dot tea. : :
ratisDury, stay a, twj. If
'JYew Foundry.
XIIAVE lately completed and put ieoueratioa sbv
Irou foundry t my mill on the South-Yadiie nf
(formerly Pearaons) in Davie county; where "
prepared La niaka alt kinds el sa.t.mra. ansk aai-Itf
mnoinr work ot cottin nr a.-,n... -inrwa. eutua
(in, grist and saw mills, thrashing machine.
mills, plumer blocks, gudgeon, iron ehsfls, sul.,
drums, driving wheels and, jn short, every llim
that is usually made at iron foundries. VVa art
prepared- hr- 'rrwTnffTrft,oic.;Btid f x fimsbiflf
fiUmg opaJl ktofeaMrW th lineal ..
1 bave employed Jacoa Wavanaiao, forniy
Baltimore, a Very skilful Mtcninist, to uorris''
and manage my esubliaiiment. Mr. .vVeynesborf W
Worked all bia lite in establishments of thinrJ
m durtinpuiahed for his skill as a Machinist, s -''
Wright, lie will also make calculations fcx
wbcela, mill-gearing, aVc; and when tlsi maclnwn;
obtained fmrn un, be will attend tu pu'trng H u '
price are those of similar riiblummeuts st Ui
fcr Order addreswd either to Jacob Waji' t
or myself, at Salisbury, will be pmmntlv stti-m!
. CUARLri risHtK-
Salisbury, May 24, 18JJ9.
B ?oeryooaiiL.:wtlJC f
Jon nti .Ti .cf
Xtatly and Expeditiously eitentrd 0 (ait
tf -

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